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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) & Deccan Herald Take Away Nithyananda's Enlightenment; Expose Him as Fraud

RKM & Deccan Herald = Cult Crushers; 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Without His Fraud Stories of Fake Enlightenment

Summary: Throughout this blog, we have shown that Sri Nithyananda Swami (that's his legal name) has deceived his followers and the world.  He is not enlightened. He's a career pathological liar, a psychopath in saffron.  The on-record testimonies from the Deccan Herald and the Ramakrishna Mission prove, without a doubt, that Nithyananda's whole spiritual wanderings and enlightenment stories are nothing more than just stories, and that Nithyananda made the whole thing up.  He is nothing but a spiritual con artist. Pure fraud.  Although Nithyananda can seem very convincing, no words uttered from his mouth can be trusted as being the Truth.  This is fraud at the expense of Hinduism, Vedic culture, and most importantly people's trust.  Sri Nithyananda has proven to be the embodiment of adharma (unrighteousness).  Sri Nithyananda has created emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual damage beyond belief. Nithyananda, along with his whole cult operations, needs to be stopped and punished. 
Hi there, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  How are you doing?  Oh, yes, we can see that you had a very rough week.  Get used to it, kid.  Well, we hate to give you more bad news, but do you remember our post of:
'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Wanders in the Ramakrishna Mission for Five (5) Years
Oh, yes, how could you forget that.  Well, looks like the Deccan Herald which are Indian News Distributors, must have read our little blog, and got some good story leads. 'Swami' Nithyananda, we really love the Deccan Herald; they carry the best stories about you.  Will, yes, we admit that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, won't really like the stories, but we do.  Just search for 'Nithyananda' and then all the Truths just seem to pop out.  Anyway, The Deccan Herald did an article on March 4, 2010 titled "Sincere Monk Goes Astray".  Wow, that was just two days after the big scandal hit.   So, it went pretty much unnoticed.  But, sorry, Sri Nithyannda, we noticed it.   In that article, it talked about you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, and how when you were still just Rajasekharan you were not able to stand the rigors of the advanced training at the Ramakrishna Mission (RKM).  Actually, our findings were that you went up to the RKM Belur Matt, and managed to pick a fight with one of the senior monks there, and left in a huff.  (Read our post titled "'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Expelled from Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta")  Anyway, most of the Ramakrishna monks who we communicated said that you left on your own.  OK, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we're glad that you were able to leave on your own, if that was the case.  But, it looked like from our research that you might have left the Ramakrishna Mission as early as 1999.  But, it wasn't decissive, because, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, didn't really make a big impression with anyone there while you were there.

Anyay, the good reporters of the Deccan Herald decided to contact Swami Abhiramananda, Manager of the Ramakrishna Mutt in Chennai (Madras) and this true swami was kind enough to confirm the dates, on record, that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda were with the Ramakrishna Mission.  Swami Abhiramananda confirmed that you were there from 1995 to 2000.  And, that was the end of the article.  Oh, yes, he said that you did go to the Belur Matt near Kolkata and then left the Ramakrishna Mission.  And, he also confirmed that all monks have to pass successfully for ten years before the Ramakrishna Mission will  given a ‘sanyasa name’ (a renunicate name).  And, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, didn't make the grade.  Sorry about that.  And, that was pretty much the story.

Wait a minute, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what were those dates again???  Let's see from 1995 to 2000?  Repeat:

1995 to 2000!!!

Wait a minute, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananada, 1995 to 2000, why that completely cuts into your years of wandering which you reduced from nine-years-of-wandering down to seven-years-of-wandering and further reduced to just six-years-of-wandering, but we really figured out that it could have only been four-and-a-half-years-of-wandering?  That confirms that during the whole time that you said you traveled the breadth of India, by foot no doubt, that you really were in the Ramakrishna Matt as we suspected all along.

And, when, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, did you claim you received the ultimate experience of 'enlightenment'?  Was it not January 1, 2000?  Which coincides with the birthday that does not match up with your passport?  Oh no! 'Swami' Nithyananda.  If Swami Abhiramananda of the Ramakrishna Mission is telling the Truth, it doesn't matter when in the year 2000, because your 'enlightenment' day lands on January 1, 2000, so as long as you were at the Ramakrishna Mission in Belur during the year 2000, it would be very difficult, almost impossible, to be at the banks of the Narmada River in forests of Omkareshwar in the state of Madhya Pradesh , as Sankara did more than 1000 years earlier.  Does this mean, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that your 'enlightenment' is a sham?  Repeat:

Does this prove that your 'enlightenment' is a sham?
Oh, no, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  No wonder the other true swamis excommunicated you from Kumbh Mela.

And, how about all of those stories too, 'Swami' Nithyananda?  You know, the ones that you always told us that made you such a rugged he-man of a self-enlightened self-made, really selfish 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda?  Does this mean that Mahavtaar Babaji didn't give you your name after all?  If he didn't give you your name, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, where did you get it from?  Was it in the inside flap of a book of matches?  And, we suppose all those other stories like wandering 18,641 miles then upgraded to 70,000 miles, fending off bears, wading through a roaring river with your eyes closed, healing your own broken back with the palm of your hands, hiding from tigers,  seeing a bunch of bees fly in formation of a honeycomb that stretched from mountain peak to mountain peak, sitting inside a big Buddhist bell soaking in all those vibrations until  you became soft enough that another monk was able to tap a piece of wood right into your third eye chakra, lifting boulders with your advanced telekenis meditation techniques, stumbling across a village of 300-year-old people, camping out with the Baba who never ate or drank, but smoked pot and turned the ashes into gold, completing your pancha tapas (fire meditation), staring into the sun for a whole day, not touching any money for nine years, and meditating for three days at the Manikarnika Ghat in Benares until you got the 'death experience' of being one-with-the-ghosts?  Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we think that you're getting that death experience right now.  The death of anyone ever taking you serious again.  Anyone with a brain, that is.

And, then it seems doubtful that you moved into a cave near Mahabalipuram (in Tamil Nadu) for nine months as our body settled into the new 'enlightened' you.  (See our our posts titled "'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Fabricates an Osho Statue Story" and "Nine Months for Nithyananda's Full 'Enlightenment'".)  So that probably means that you did not carve that Osho statue that you gave as your gift of 'enlightenment' to Mr. Popat and Mrs. Kalpana Jain after they donated a cool two million dollars to your Montclair Temple.  Is this correct?  Would this be seen as fraud?  Does this mean that you have been downgraded from spiritual leader to just plain old cult leader, amongst the ranks of Reverand Jim Jones and Charles Mason?

Oh, no, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, what are you going to do?  Are you going to try to bribe the Ramakrishna Mission like you tried to bribe all of those politicians, newspapers, TV stations, and government officials?  That's going to be really hard, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  Those people at the Ramakrishna Mission are really sincere.  They don't need anything from anyone.  They already have everything.  What are they going to do with all the money you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, swindled out from other devotees?  Even if they received one dollar from you, Sri Nithyananda, they would probably get sick because they have all transformed into sattvic (pure) beings.  Remember, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, these people all have been screened and have done the work to be where they are.  They are wonderful people.  They speak the Truth.

Hmmm, 'Swami' Nithyananda, maybe you can fall back on your original 'enlightenment' story, you know, where you said that you received 'enlightenment' after reading the Gospel of Ramakrishna straight in one 10-hour stretch. (See post titled "'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Firefly 'Enlightenment'; Where It Lands, Nobody Knows")  Otherwise, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we're going to have to think about a career change.  Lucky for you that you graduated with 'honors' from the Rajagopal Polytechnic College in Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu.  You did graduate, right?

The graphic below nicely summarizes the inconsistencies in self-titled 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's timeline and how he has taken the world for a ride:

Thanks to the creator of nithyatales for creating this graphic.

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 99: Ninety-nine days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 121: One hundred and twenty-one days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Even now, Nithyananda is so casual about what he has done. It is all about him, himself, Paramahansa, his social work, his 200 + books, his 7000+ hours of lectures, his contribution to science, spirituality blah blah . . . He reflects ignorance, delusion, stupidity, insensitivity, interia, Tamas, desires for fame+name+money, untruthfulness, lies, misrepresentation, hoodwinking, veiling, insincerity, - everything that goes against the very grain of spirituality. He is busy scheming, conniving, planning, manipulating, fudging - As Sri Aurobindo rightly says - "A schemer is always tripped by the unexpected." This man is still to see the worst. NITHYANANDA WHAT IS THE USE OF SELLING YOUR SOUL AND GAINING THE WHOLE WORLD? You wouldnt even understand these precious words.

  2. To the Blogger,

    Have you contacted major news channels? All these centers in usa closed down? I am in Seattle, WA. Their temple priest lives close to where I live in Issaquah, WA. In all of his temples his picture is above god's idols. This is weird. Many people who work for Microsoft left their high paying jobs to join his order as swami. One Swami Who used to work for microsoft no longer works for microsoft as he is in the montclair ashram. What needs to be done to close their centers in the USA? Whom to contact? Where to report? is US authorities under ignorance? when they kicked out osho why not close down sri Nithyananda's ashrams? Any info?

  3. Superb... I think you deserve a noble prize for breaking the ice over Nithya"premananda".
    Damn Sun Tv has taken all the credit

  4. We've come to our previous conclusion, now haven't we?
    The only question is if the issue gets raised in the future interviews. There's a lot of wiggling to be done.
    "...fending off bears, wading through a roaring river with your eyes closed..."
    I really should read this some time. Where could he write THAT?
    And also, how's nithyatales doing? Has the website been shut down for good?

  5. They haven't broken any law in USA. Osho was kicked out of other illegal activities. USA govt. can't do anything about centers in USA.

  6. $2 million dollars? Wow..Looks like the investment did really pay off as he described.

  7. Expose Nithyananda,

    You have given a definative proof that Sri Nithyananda Swami lied that he is enlightened. This is a great sham and an insult to all Hindus who got deceived. Furtheremore, the Western devotees and deciples could not expect the extent of his lies nor could they verify the facts. Now that facts are verified,the news should be available to all news channels.

    Thanks for proving this important information for the second time.

  8. Good work here.

    Can we get Ramakrishna mission to sue Nithyananda and spreading rumors.

    Also since Nithyananda claimed he was Vivekananda, Ramakrishna mission has a strong case for booking Nithyananda for impersonation.

    I will update my post.

  9. Why Swamiji, why did you cheat us so much, we now know clearly without doubt that the video is true, your powers or speeches on enlightenment are false, you have lied to us, you have manipulated our lives, changed our lives in a wrong direction, separated my family, what wrong did i do to you, why did you spoil my life like this. We are all in deep turmoil and dejection...

  10. Dear Anonymous commenter from Seattle, WA:

    If you notice the picture you mention in the temple, it has Swamiji bowing down to YOU with the message "Tatvamasi" - "You are that". So the picture is to remind you that you are god too.

    Second, Nithyananda Vedic Temples are all temples to gurus in the guru parampara, starting with Sadasiva. Which is why you will see statues/pictures of Hindu gods who were gurus at some point in mythology, along with modern day gurus.

    all said and done, lets not forget to take the positives, from wherever they may come.

  11. To Anon at March 15, 2010 11:06 AM

    Still it is arrogance of Nithyananda to do that. He should be at the feet of Shiva not on top of Shiva to show his humbleness not arrogance. Wht is why he is getting punished in this life itself..

  12. To the Anonymous @11:06am who said
    "Tatvamasi" - "You are that". So the picture is to remind you that you are god too.

    Yes this is true, as long as you pay hefty amount to get blessings or get fake(stupid) meditation ideas in Nithyananda's terms you are God

    Nithyananda in this picture is saying I bow to you o fool who come here to get fooled,

    This is very very positive... lets not forget that :)

  13. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, anon @ 10:01 AM. Most of this blog post is a repeat, but the big news is that the Deccan Herald and the Ramakrishna Mission legitimized the findings. So, it is on the record. We did not want to reveal our Ramakrishna contacts due to privacy concerns. But, now it is official. In print. Sri Nithyananda's fraud can be footnoted in Wikipedia.

    Jai Maa.

  14. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon @8:55 AM who wrote:

    They haven't broken any law in USA. Osho was kicked out of other illegal activities. USA govt. can't do anything about centers in USA.

    Well, maybe. Maybe not. Sri Nithyananda draining all of the funds and taking them back to India has multiple possibilities of wrongdoing. From money laundering to misappropriating funds, etc. Also, these centers were key in propagating his fraud. But, don't you worry, the authorities will do their job, and then we'll see. This might take some time. Please keep your Manipura chakra in check. We doubt that any of the devotees will be ensnared. They were defrauded too.

    Jai Maa.

  15. But he can say tatavam asi not from above god but from below god. if I was to be treated like god then he wouldn't be hanging above me in picture. he would be below me at my feet. :)

    this fake baba just wants to promote himself above god.

  16. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon 6:33 AM

    Thanks for the post. Most of Sri Nithyananda's wild stories were from his early picture book Formless in Form. Some were in an early pamphlet Yet To Be Discovered. Sri Nithyananda then embellished his wandering stories in his lectures. If you listen to all of the YouTube lectures, you can probably find them all there. Unfortunately, we spent more time with 'Mythyananda' than we really care to remember, but we do remember all of his stories. Yes, we were good students.

    Jai Maa.

  17. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Can any of our readers read Gujarati? Reason is that we received a tip that Sri Nithyananda just has been arrested in Haridwar, and that it is in this Gujarati site:

    We could not find any other news feeds that confirmed this tip. So, although hopeful, we need confirmation. Thanks!

    Jai Maa.

  18. I read from that site what he claims is he was studying the negative effects of sex with tamil actress. :)

  19. yes that's truth

  20. You guys still don't think that the video is morphed? Look at it carefully. He doesn't seem to enjoy the act at all. He continues to do what a typical married man likes to do after few years of marriage..i.e. watch TV.

  21. It doesn't say he was arrested by cops. It says that he was located by journalists..

  22. From this Video, we know that Mr. Bhakta Gunda is still with Mr. Nithyananda. Check the Mala on Bhaka's neck. No Nithyananda's Pendent and white Dress.

  23. youtube video shows the journalists trying to get him to answer questions

    he is apparently going into silence meditation. Lawyer's advice I guess

    you ran out of the hotel like a rat that was smoked out.


    Karnataka Police receive the file but it is in Tamil. It needs to be translated to Kannada.

    another 20-30 days to translate I guess!

  25. Karnataka Police finally got the file. But it is all in Tamil and they need to be translated into Kannada.

    So another 10 -20 days to translate I guess

  26. "Enlightenment" ReporterMarch 15, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    In a stunning admission Rajasekaran (aka Nithyananda) said that he was "experimenting" with the lady in bed to find a super fast way to "enlightening" poor mortal souls like us.

    Seeing the brave admission of Rajasekaran, several others who are "mistakenly" accused of wrong doing also came forward to admit to public what their true intentions were:

    1. Ken Lay of Enron - "I was just experimenting, how to funnel all the people's money into one single account. There is nothing wrong about that, is there?"

    2. Bin Laden - "I was just experimenting with bombs tied to people and exploding in public places to see how quickly I can send people to heaven."

    3. Bernard Maddoff - "I was just experimenting, how people could be impacted on their path to moksha, if they became too attached to their stocks and bonds."

    4. Disgraced Ministers who had had fondled altar boys - "We were just experimenting how to get these under age boys quickly to a new level of purity."

    So you see, there is nothing wrong that Rajasekaran did!

    Hearing this good news, most of the close devotees and disciples of Rajasekaran have put the names of their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and yet to be born daughters on a waiting list for Rajasekaran's SESP - "Sex Enlightenment Spurana Program" which only costs $50,000 per participant. Despite the high cost, the program is so popular that the next available slot on this program is in the year 2020!

  27. Does his admitting of it as a sex experiment have a video? I saw it being mentioned as news on Polymer TV yesterday. But dint see any clipping of him sayin it. Can anyone link me to the video of him admitting it?

  28. seems to be frozen on charges of abusal !

  29. as per

    He wants to start afresh..Will he still call himself Paramor Hansa!!!

  30. Thank you for your excellent and relentless work in providing a forum for fair and correct exchange of information on the whole affair.
    During the 2nd visit of this man in US , way back, Few wise men , who came to attend his lectures/programs, commented that he was an absolute “phoney”. Not because of his records or timeline. But sheer lack of depth of his knowledge. He was inconsistent and he was just vomiting few books he has read. Since those contents were from ''realized” persons, coupled with the fact many have not read them, they appeared to be his own words and masses got impressed.

    They were “greedy” too , as if he is going to lead them to Moksha. All he made them was to waste their time, drain their purse, turned them into fools and self hypnotized idiots. But an idiot who realized he was an idiot is intelligent and is no more an idiot. Thank this forum for making many , wake up from their state of “trance” and see the true face of this “scam artist”

    I am quoting this based on what actually happened. Even during the last visit he repeated an old story as if his own life experience. He is has descended to such low levels to make people believe him ,( to be an extra ordinary guy, which he never was and would ever be )and buy what he sells.
    This is how it goes.m He said he really believe Vinayaka will eat what he feeds and when he was young he adamently waited , Ganesha came and ate the food. But that was a blatent lie.
    I am cutting and pasting from this site : Here is the link :

    Nambi Andar Nambi lived in the 10th century. When he was a boy, it became his duty one day to perform puja at a shrine to Lord Ganesha. Being young, he expected the God to actually eat the food offerings that were made. When He did not, Nambi started crying and imploring Ganesha to eat. Finally Ganesha came and ate the food. Nambi's father did not believe this and came to see for himself. Once again Ganesha came at Nambi's behest and ate the offerings.”

    This is a very old story and every devout household in South India knows, this. But this Self proclaimed , safron-clad fake, has the guts to tell the crowd in US as if it happened in his life and the drooling crowd believed this.

    Even when this was pointed out, many did not believe he was phoney. He has nothing original.
    All borrowed , he puts half truth and twist the other to his favour.

    All the songs sung are plagarized devotional songs. Pathetically Narsistic. I was waitng for RK mission to break the ice. I do have connections in RK missions and their confirmation , he was thrown out is true. This is real beginning of the end of this character. This is of much more importance than the vido scandal.

    You can cheat one person one day, 100 persons , another day, You can not fool every one all the time.
    One can not mess with “Dharma”. “Dharma” , takes its own time. While he rejoiced telling lies, when he was wrecking homes, when he was taking innocent followers for a ride, “Dharma” was watching , “Self proclaimed super swan “was not aware , he was spinning his own noose.
    But when Dharma acts, when it strikes , know well it is “Terminal”. Once again, thank you for your tireless work and in providing a forum to bring truth in the open.

  31. After seeing the 20 minute video the popularity of massage is fast increasing. I heard that there was a joke " If a fake swami can get it why not me'

  32. So this fool is going to dip himself in the Ganga to purify himself! What a joke. So he know he is impure! Does he know how impure he actually is for having defrauded so many people with his fake enlightenment story, breaking up families, destroying careers, ruining people's retirement savings so he could fulfill his gold fantasies?

    Ganga will need purifying after this guy steps into the river.

  33. If any of you readers have contacts in Tamil or other media, can you please point them to the timeline graphic posted on this site and also give them facts such as his 9 years of wandering being fake etc. They will do a nice story on this on the news so all people learn that his biography is fake.

    The TV news channels would be glad to go to the Polytechnic, RK mission and have some interviews with the RK Mission folks too. Then our Nithyananda will have to do a lot more explaining about his "mystical" biography.

  34. Hey we seem to forget one important fact that can justify this "9 year wandering". How can you all forget the theory of relativity??!!

    Sitting and playing with a hot girl for 9 years will feel like 1 minute while walking in the hot Sun for 1 minute will seem like 9 years.

    Swamiji should put this in his website to prove HIS own timeline. Then, critics will shut up.

  35. True, some succeed in doing good to many for a time, by giving a new trend to their propensities, but at the same time, they bring ruin to millions by the unconscious suggestions they throw around, rousing in men and women that morbid, passive, hypnotic condition which makes them almost soulless at last. All those, therefore, who ask anyone to believe blindly, or drag people behind them by the controlling power of their superior will, do an injury to humanity, though they may not intend it.
    Therefore use your own minds, control body and mind yourselves, remember that until you are a diseased person, no extraneous will can work upon you. Avoid everyone, however great and good he may be, who asks you to believe blindly. All over the world there have been dancing and jumping and howling sects, who spread like infection when they begin to sing and dance and preach; they also are a sort of hypnotists. They exercise a singular control for the time being over sensitive persons--alas!--often, in the long run, to degenerate whole races. Ay, it is healthier for the individual or the race to remain wicked than be made apparently good by such morbid extraneous control.
    One's heart sinks to think of the amount of injury done to humanity by such irresponsible yet well-meaning religious fanatics. They little know that the minds which attain to sudden spiritual upheaval under their suggestions, with music and prayers, are simply making themselves passive, morbid, and powerless, and opening themselves to any other suggestion, be it ever so evil. Little do these ignorant, deluded persons dream that whilst they are congratulating themselves upon their miraculous power to transform human hearts, which power they think was poured upon them by some Being above the clouds, they are sowing the seeds of future decay, of crime, of lunacy, and of death. Therefore, beware of everything that takes away your freedom. Know that it is dangerous and avoid it by all the means in your power.
    If we have succeeded in attaching or detaching our minds to or from the centers at will, we have succeeded in Pratyahara, which means, "gathering towards," checking the outgoing powers of the mind and freeing it from the thraldom of the senses. When we can do this, we shall really possess character; then alone we shall have taken a long step towards freedom; before that we are mere machines.

    The hypnotists in a similar manner, by their suggestion, excite in the patient a sort of morbid Pratyahara for the time being. The so-called hypnotic suggestion can only act upon a weak mind. And until the operator, by means of fixed gaze or otherwise, has succeeded in putting the mind of the subject in a sort of passive, morbid condition, his or her suggestions never work.
    Now the control of the centers that is established in a hypnotic patient or the patient of faith-healing, by the operator, for a time, is reprehensible, because it leads to ultimate ruin. It is not really controlling the brain centers by the power of one's own will, but is, as it were, stunning the patient's mind for a time by sudden blows which another's will delivers to it. It is not checking by means of reins and muscular strength the mad career of a fiery team, but rather by asking another to deliver heavy blows on the heads of the horses, to stun them for a time into gentleness. At each one of these processes the person operated upon loses a part of his or her mental energies, till at last, the mind, instead of gaining the power of perfect control, becomes a shapeless, powerless mass, and the only goal of the patient is the lunatic asylum.
    Every attempt at control that is not voluntary, not with the controller's own mind, is not only disastrous, but it defeats the end. The goal of each soul is freedom, mastery--freedom from the slavery of matter and thought, mastery of external and internal nature. Instead of leading towards that, every will-current from another, in whatever form it comes, either as direct control of organs, or as forcing to control them while under a morbid condition, only rivets one link more to the already existing heavy chain of bondage of past thoughts and past superstitions. Therefore, beware how you allow yourselves to be acted upon by others. Beware how you unknowingly bring another to ruin.
    Swami Vivekananda

  37. Please let's stick to the topic of Nithyananda's fake enlightenment and how he has cheated the world with his lies and deceit..

  38. His ashrams looks deserted.

    follows a news link on ibn live.

  39. Hunt of Sri Nithyananda is still going on..


  40. "Sex Swami" Nithyananda Tracked Down: IBN Live Report

  41. - Ranjitha new version on Nithyananda Raasa Leela Scandal Video in Telugu

  42. The enlightened one will never claim he/she is enlightened.

  43. The fu**ing researcher Rajiv Malhotra is coming to US in a week..any plans to welcome him in a grand way???

  44. Nityanada case may go to CID for investigation

  45. Maybe he is shaking his head like that when he speaks with somebody because he reads that persons mind, or maybe he wants us to belive that...
    I dont know, but really... how could he read my mind exactly word by word , thought by thought for so many times?!

  46. This Rowdi Swami has stopped using Kavi and got back to his white uniform. I think he is getting ready for an exit whih seem to be coming soon. By the time he reaches South India he will be wearing a three piece suit.

    Good luck Rowdi, you probably need to be in jail along with Nithya since you were his principle male assistant hanging out with him at all times. May be you got some left over dishes from your Master.

    Would love to see you and your Master with a jail shirts on.

  47. which rowdy swami are u referring to?

  48. For those Ashrimites who used to live in the US Ashrams:

    WAKE UP. DID You guys know about the Room Service activities of NIthya. How many of you are victims and how many of you were just watching thinking it was devine SEX.

    You need to come out and tell us you stories in an annonymous way. At least by these type of announcements you can save and open the eyes of some of the crazy ones who still belive that Nithya is the chosen one.


    Yes. In these two videos, Bhaktananda the famous Rowdy Swami (or the main one of the twins or quartet) is seen in plain clothes. Obviously, he does not want to catch attention of many people.

    The second plain clothes man who is seen along with bhaktananda, the main Rowdy Swami is S.K. Tewari the guy on whom the hotel room was booked. He has been the chief marketer in the Northern parts of India. He too removed his kavi cloth on the neck/shoulders.

  50. Z TV News Video: Nithyananda escaped from authorities

    Bulletin # 4 - Self-styled godman goes missing March 03 '10

  51. I could not find the original letter that was released by dhyanapeetam stating that the video was morphed. Looks like they took it down from theIR website.

    Here is a new video posted by them

    I really pity Meyyirai (person in video). I wish somebody can make him see the TRUTH.

  52. Sri Nithyananda Twitters Part 1

    Devi by day, baby by night

    Bhakti rasa during day, shringara rasa during night, hasya rasa on Twitter

    Good boy by Day, Play boy by Night

    Holy by Day, POLI by night

    Teacher by day, teach her by night

    Om Shanti by day, Disco Shanti by night

    His Holiness by day, his horniness by night

    Karam by day. Kar ummmmmmmmm by night.

    Bliss by day, kiss by night

    actor by day, actress-by night

    Ved Vyas by Day, Vatsyayan by Night

    Dignitary by day, John Terry by night

    Sandalwood by day, Scandalwood by night

    Ujjwal by day, utejit by night

    Hymns by day; Hymens by night

    Havan by day. Havas by night.

    Kaavi by day. Kaami by night.

    Chanting by Day, Spanking by Night

    Ram Narayan by day, Baaja Bajata by night

    “Radhe Radhe” by day and “Radha Radha” by night

    Hari-Hari by day NDTiwari by night

    Mere bhagwan by day. Meri bhaagwaan by night

    pyaar impossible by day, pyaar is possible by night

  53. Sri Nithyananda Part 2

    Rudraksh by day; rakshas by night.

    aastha by day, ftv by night

    Ramleela by day, Only Leela by night

    Sister by day, Bistar by night

    raamleela by day, raasleela by night, march ahead all mighty knight

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    Padmasana by day, Pushups by night

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    Messenger by day, I Seek You by night.

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    Pray by day. Prey by night

  54. Twitter part 3

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  55. Twitter Part 4

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    Eye opener by day, Everything else opener by night

  57. Yes, Deccan Herald is indeed doing a good job on Rajasekharan...

  58. Rajasekharan's supposed college of education -- Rajagopal Polytechnic College ( has finally struck his name off its website's homepage. Wow! That is some recognition. It will be interesting to find out how they conferred diploma on him and that too with "first class, distinction". Way to go guys!! Please disseminate among one and all....including that bunch of obscurantist, superstitious followers of black magic and black art....

  59. "Rajasekharan's supposed college of education -- Rajagopal Polytechnic College ( has finally struck his name off its website's homepage"

    Actually, that's not entirely true. If you click on 'Alumni Register' button on the left side, you will get a scrolling text on the right side that says,

    "Alumini of our college is feeding noon meal to poor and needy students.
    As an Alumini,Swamiji Nithyanantha has donated Rs.200000 (Rupees Two Lakhs) for Noon Meal Scheme
    We register here that he is our Old student ,did his Mechanical Engineering(1992-1993 to 1994-1995"

    So now they've changed the dates, but it still doesn't add up - so now he started when he was 14 instead of 12??

  60. removed link to Rajasekharan long ago. Also, in one of the recent newspaper interviews with his grand mother and uncle, they said that Rajasekharan completed his Polytechnic in Mechanical and worked in Chennai for a month. I think their statement is more reliable, than our speculation, until more direct evidence is provided by rajapoly.

  61. Looks like all the excitement is slowing down.
    I watched the Dhyanapeetam site, looks like there are poojas going o over there. Good Videos are coming out. If anything has to happen to this LBO wee need to intensify over negative campaign in USA. Some of the RAPE victims have to file charges against Rajasekeran and the other helpers who faclitated the women to be victimised. Unless something like that happens here we will not be able to stop the momentum in the USA since there are some fools who are still mesmerized, and pissed off at the sex incident. Some of the senior devotees in LA thinks this incident is a nuisence incident and they want to go on with there longterm plans.

    What do yu have to say fo this "Expose Nithyananda"?????????????


  63. very interesting article by rajiv malhotra. for once he has surprised me :

  64. Mamamiya Comedy With Nithyananda Kama Kridalu
    This is hilarious.

  65. Life threat to Ranjitha from Nithyananda disciples.

    Ranjitha relatives get threatening calls.
    Police suspecting that Nithyananda disciples planned to kill Ranjitha.

  66. If there's any shred of hope that Nithyananda is the real deal, he needs to come out with incontrovertible proof right now. The more he hides, the deeper he's digging his organization's grave.

  67. This snippet from Why Swami Nithyananda Must Resign Now - Sex and Morality by Rajiv Malhotra.

    Interesting video blocked.

    My sense is that he did practice Tantra with a very small number of persons, and I believe that he even entered into written legal contracts with them to make sure that both parties were clear about the arrangement. The reason for this “Non-Disclosure Agreement” was to make sure that someone who willingly approaches him for Tantra does not later accuse him of inappropriate physical contact. On March 9 (about a week ago), I did a specific video interview with him dealing with this issue very specifically. But this video was blocked by his ashram leaders even though he personally felt that it was a good idea to show it. I gave up arguing in favor of showing it, because his ashram management took a firm stand against it. I still feel that this was a blunder they made. Swami Nithyananda is very forthright and clear in that interview – I felt that it was the best interview of all the ones I did with him, but it was never made public.

  68. Indeed, Malhotra's a bit deeper than one might have expected.
    He makes a few valid points, but it seems the main idea is "they were all against him, all along; what else could have happened?"
    And yet there's a lot that not even this article can counteract. Let's just drop all the sex stuff and think of how many criminal charges are left.
    If they're fake, that should be easy to prove, isn't it?
    Anyway, the inability to give a coherent answer to a few questions on one's biography raises suspicions no matter what. True, that speaks volumes about the competence of the organization standing behind this.
    One more thing: the article implies that similar events may occur with other Hindu gurus, and that they're probably directed by Christian organizations. Does that mean, once again, that millions of people are doing nothing but trying to get rid of Hinduism on this planet? What are these conspiracy theories all about?

  69. Many Nithyananda centers are being operated in
    Residential premises, without permission from the sub division. Nithya yoga is being conducted for a fee is this legal? Can the owners be Penalised For these activities, also
    money as donation has been collected & sent to La ashram / or bidadi. people were made to beg from house to house in the name of bhiksha & the money pocketed by the thugs in bidadi. it was supposed tobe for charity.


  71. Alright guys, he has come out in open. Please read Rajiv's report. He clearly seems to admit that he did it. So this thing comes to the closure. Let us move on. No point wasting any more time on this thing. Let us all now focus on our own spiritual growth instead of fighting.

  72. I heard Poppatji quit. The guy who gave a cool 2Million dollars. Is that true?

  73. I read couple of thing in the Rajivs article mentioned above. Hope the authors of this blog will clarify. Otherwise Rajivs comes though as an honest , but somewhat willing to beleive nithyananda that he is a tantrick and he was "experimenting" tantra with Ranjita. He also claims Nithyananda has signed forms from Ranjita about this.

    Something Rajivs article falls short of:
    a. Does not question how "SIDDHI" is equal to "ENLIGHTENMENT"
    b. Does not question "CULT" behavior of the organization (though he mentions that organizations fall is because of it)
    c. Does not question the inconsistenies in Nithyananda's story(dates and times)

    There is lot more I can go on. But I'm interested in the comments from the blogs authors on the following paragraph

    There were warnings given to individuals in the ashram that their phones
    were being tapped and that they better leave to save their own lives,
    because something horrible was about to happen. One friendly man based in
    Pune who runs a magazine and is a devotee of Swami Nithyananda, told the
    ashram a week in advance of the attack that some such catastrophe would
    happen. He named his source as a man in Bangalore press club. Another
    publisher in Hyderabad who distributes Swami Nithyananda’s books in Telugu,
    called three times to warn that a graphic video would be released and gave a
    precise time for this to happen. It was also reported that an American
    devotee who had fallen out of the ashram was working in association with
    Jody Razdik who specializes in guru bashing at a prominent web site. He was
    being helped by an Indian based in San Diego, who was once very deeply
    involved inside the Nithyananda organization but had turned malicious. The
    only man who has openly come out as the main accuser was an ashramite who
    had a falling out when he got demoted due to his conduct. It was recently
    reported that he had a prior criminal record against him but nobody in the
    ashram had checked out his background before admitting him.

  74. Based on Lenin Karuppan's complaints, Karnataka police on Thursday filed criminal cases against Nithyananda at Bidadi police station. The fun begins now...
    I checked and verified with as well as the college, the scrolling text to the right of the screen beginning with "Alumni..." has indeed been removed.

  75. We can go on disecting this thing forever. But is it really worth it? Is that a true spritual thing to do?

    I would therefore sincerely request that this blog comes to an end. Yes, you have proved your point beyond any reasonable doubt and we commend you for that whoever the author/moderator is.

  76. TAnonymous said...

    To the Moron who wrote this:

    'We can go on disecting this thing forever. But is it really worth it? Is that a true spritual thing to do?'

    You must be one of those idiots who want to sweep evrything under the rug. Listen my friend this blog will be there for a long time until Nithya and his gundas go to jail.

  77. I agree that we should close the blog.

    The job is done so no use talking the same things again and again.

  78. What do you mean "fun begins now"?
    Why do people enjoy someone's agony so much? I still don't understand why those comments are getting accepted by moderator. That was not the purpose of this forum. or was it?

  79. Check this blog for the complete Tamil report on Rajasekeran a.k.a Swami Nithyananda

  80. I read in Ananda Vikatan (Tamil weekly) that one Foreigner and her associates, who was attached to the Ashram were the main persons who arranged the video to be taken. I also read that this Foreign lady had done this with the intention of exposing Nithya. But from Rajiv's investigation it appears that NIthya has covered his back. May be this person was not aware of the legal binding between NIthya and the other participants and it would have looked like double standard from this guru.

    It was not Lenin. It was not a one man show at all.

    Also if what Rajiv Malhotra is saying is true about the legal documents, then folks should not waste time talking about the sex thing anymore on this blog.

    regarding the embellishment stories by Nithyananda.. well that merits further investigation.

  81. Thanks to Rajiv Malhotra's interview and articles - loooks like Swami Nithyananada will come out on top.

    Looks like the entire scandal is based on misunderstanding of Tantra and Western (Chirstian) concept of sin.

    However the issue with the timeline of enlightenment still remains.

  82. Those who have not seen...

    Those who have not seen, cannot understand. I have been to Life Bliss meditation and allowed to gaze upon the blessed radiate face of Swamiji. Oh, how often I think of the scroll of photos showing his spiritual growth. The picture of his first spiritual experience meditating on a rock at such a young age. Pictures of him as a thin young boy meditating in at about age 12, so different from other boys at that age. Pictures of spiritual experiences as a teen and a young man.

    Many times I sat gazing upon those photos and though “how fortunate is Swamiji to have had a professional photographer present every time he had a spiritual experience.”

    And then I realized how far away I am from true enlightenment. Because no matter how much time I devote to meditation and contemplation, no professional photographer has materialized to take my picture.


  84. Former devotee KishoreMarch 18, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    To Anonymous who commented about "professional photographs" - so very true indeed. Most of these photos are professionally done. Including this one that is allegedly after his "enlightenment" - that one is a totally professionally done photograph with good external lights (as in flashes, photo umbrellas etc). I know this as a photographer, you cannot achieve such lighting on his face with such bright sunshine in the back of him.

    His entire story seems to have been a well orchestrated "marketing" machine that went wrong somewhere along the way due to excessive greed.

  85. Hi - I have created a new video for current Nithyananda devotees to watch and use their own innate intelligence and see what the Nithyananda org is.

    it is not bashful, arrogant or hurtful. Just a few simple questions.

    It is located here: Nithyananda Devotees - Message for you

    I hope you watch it (if you are a current devotee) or send this to current devotees if you know any still.

  86. Wake up you idiot! What timelines are you talking about? How low can you stoop? Stop your logical nonsense. He has lied! So what? Do you have b*lls to go into the society and fight for the culture? Will you be able to collect the money and feed people? Can you educate children? Can you talk on vedic culture? Can you speak on Shiva Sutras? Can you speak Yoga Sutras? Can you heal? Can you inspire? Can you fight against conversion? What a b*st*rd you are. Put up your face and ask him a question. Dont put up a blog and hide behind it. Where is Ramakrishna, your Maa or Vivekananda? Are they here to help people? Did any master achieve what Nithyananda had done in 6 years? I challenge you to come infront of everyone or just shut up. What the heck do you know about the tantra? It is high time you shut the f**k up or dharma will really take care! Jai Maa! Jai Nithyananda! Jai Guru Parampara!

    [editor's note: we modified the bad words with '*' from this ill-tempered Nithyananda supporter. Everything else in this comment has been left alone to preserve this brainwashed logic in its entirety.]

  87. @above comment:-
    Are you crazzzzzzzzzzzy? Go to a psychiatrist ASAP. You need help this instant. May God Bless You.

  88. The comment from the crazed Nithyananda devotee shows how deeply this person is in the cult.

    First these fellows tried to defend the biography and the gold greed, then denied video was real and said it was morphed, then Nithyananda said he was in Samadhi, then he said he was "experimenting" in bed, and now "Tantra" to the defense! :-)

  89. Anonymous said...
    Wake up you idiot! What timelines are you talking about?

    Sounds like somebody posing as Nithyananda's followers. Just to get some action going on here. Don't know what I am doing anyway. Post this or not - don't care.

  90. In the name of speaking Vedas and Sutras and few small photo ops Sri Nithyananda is cheating and deceiving this world. All his teachings are copied and we have them available already. We don't need this from him who is a liar.

    We don't need this kind of master to represent Hindus or sanatana dharma. He is tere to make money and golden thrones. We see what is happening in India already! He has done this to himself. He has to face the concequences and he will!

  91. Ok latest news on nitty . YOU WONT BELIEVE IT !



  92. I think that's a different point here: "no matter how bad he is, I can name a dozen good things he did and I can name a dozen famous people who don't seem to do as much good, and maybe that will convince you."
    The fun thing is, sometimes it does.

  93. To Anon at March 18, 2010 10:13 PM

    You said "Do you have b*lls to go into the society and fight for the culture? Will you be able to collect the money and feed people? Can you educate children? Can you talk on vedic culture? Can you speak on Shiva Sutras?"

    What are you talking about? Nithyananda did not do this for society or culture or for fighting dharma. He did this to fill his coffin with money and for fame. Read this blog completely my friend. This Blogger has proved that Nithyananda has used people and their money to make his huge empire. In Bididi I have not seen anybody doing healing on each other. there were very sick people working there.

    Tell us your background with Nithyananda and how many years you were at inner circle of Nithyananda?

  94. @anon March 18, 2010 10:13 PM
    U piece of nithya 5h!t, pimp mf, get out of the house.. in India many people are feeding doing service but without publicity, a 5h!t like nitty has done nothing for the society, to the blog owner , iwish i had this jokers email. I will tell him to come here and try speaking to the person whoerans the lowest wage, that person will spit on this nitty supporter. This b@st@5d is a pimp 5h!t eating pig of nitty and he dares to come here and post . The blog owner should remove the post.

    [editor's note: thanks for the comment. Please remember bad words take time to edit out and delays your comment to be posted. Next time, please edit them before posting. Although we know emotions are going to run high on this blog, please no physical threats. Please understand that the churning process will take many forms including that post that you commented on as well as your post. It's all healing, but we don't want any scars. Thanks.]

  95. To the loving blog owner, i was the one who posted the above, iam sry i was very angry with the post of the nitty supporter.. The good news is that the supporter will have a blackened face after he reads this article

    A request to nitty supporters ... u are fighting a losing war, the latest news will shatter all your hopes on nitty the god. Repent and reform , do not try to support lies you will also face humiliations. This blog and the owners initiative has been the most successful.. I think this is the first time in the history of false gurus that we have concrete proof of fraud. Surely the prayers of the blog owner has been answered. A commendable effort ! 'bows' 'claps' 'wistle' 'flowers'

  96. Hey Nithyananda Supporter,

    First answer the question of the link below:

    Now don't say " so what". If you don't mind Nithyananda's lies than you are a crook like him and you have no place here because you are another CULT supporter and cheater of true seeker. There is no partial correctness in Master's doings. Enlightened master has to true and transperant. Please support truth not lies of Nithyananda.

    When you support Nithyananda atleast be intelligent and polite. I see you lack both.

    Nithyananda Devotees - Message for you (March 2010)
    To all current Paramahamsa Nithyananda devotees, please watch this. This is NOT scandalous, this video is just presenting a few key facts and asking few important questions and giving you an opportunity to see what you are really in.

  97. Seven charges against Swami Nithyananda
    Express Buzz News Report

    BANGALORE: Bidadi police have taken over the Nithyananda case and have registered cases under seven sections against the godman, including rape.

    Police said the charges were slapped on the basis of details filed by Central Crime Branch (CCB) police of Chennai and Coimabatore and also statements given by a former devotee of Nithyananda, who surrendered before the Tamil Nadu police earlier this month.

    Based on these statements, police said two cases have been registered with other accusations under sub-sections.

    The sections included cheating, rape, defiling place of worship and public nuisance among others.

    As the FIR was written in Tamil and was transferred to Bangalore on Monday, the city police got it translated on Wednesday and re-registered the cases in Bidadi police station on Thursday.

    This follows the statements of Nithya Dharmananda alias K Lenin, driver of Swami Nithyananda, who claimed he filmed the godman in an alleged affair with a devotee who was identified as Tamil actress Ranjitha.

    Ramanagaram police superintendent B S Beesnalli said, “We learnt that the accused will appear before a court in Sriperumbudur. No disciples have been picked up for questioning yet.”

  98. To Anon Nithyananda devotee,

    Even killers, murderers, rapists and child molesters have done many things good in their lives. That does not give immunity from illegal activities. Once a crook lies one important fact like enlightenment then we consider Nithyananda as crook in others. So, before you support cult behavior, think twice. If you want to a real spiritual guru then be truthful.

    This is a lesson to all future Gurus. Be truthful from day one if you claim to be God and follow dharma of the society also. Don't think you are beyond law or sociey rules of present times.


  99. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To the anon who tried to publish a link to the latest Life Bliss propaganda on YouTube, we are not posting the link. Those interested, can view the video of 'Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Ashram Resumes Regular Activities' at the Life Bliss Channel on YouTube.

    Interesting to note that in that video only about only 20 devotee bothered (out of the whole ashram) to come for arti even with a photo op (@5:28) and then again a brainwashed devotee can be seen doing japa next to a statue of Nithyananda (@5:51). In spite of these nuggets, we're passing on the propaganda.

    Jai Maa.

  100. I think this will be my last post to this blog.

    Not to belittle the work done by this blog. Over all the blog has done good for Dharma and also exposing the sexuality envolved in Tantra.

    I am not saying that's what Nithyananda did. But who know's his approach and mindset towards sexuality embedded in Tantra.

    Just as I became aware and most of the visitors to this blogs do - there is a lot of sexuality in Tantra. The approach and mindset towards that is all matters. This is in sharp contrast to the western Christian philsophy which believes that sexuality is the original sin. I guess all religions are not the same.

    And to all the emotional bloggers - both for and against Nithy - and to this blog owner too - Get a life . Don't you guys have something to do. Wife. Kids. Feed the poor. Nama Japa. Meditation. etc..
    Get a life
    You are not getting anything out of this. Just a lot of stress.

  101. Crime: Nityananda faces charges of rape, unnatural sex

    Weeks after the sex scandal involving self-styled godman Nityananda Paramahamsa broke out over the TV, the Karnataka government has acted by filing a slew of charges against him, including that of rape, unnatural sex and outraging religious sentiments. The file also has the case of a thriving internet sex racket which the police `downloaded’. There is also a strange case of a class IV student poisoning her classmates because they were outperforming her in the exams. Read on.

    Nityananda booked for unnatural sex, rape

    Bangalore: The Karnataka government has finally given a nod to the state police to file criminal cases against self-styled godman Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

    Following government orders, the Ramanagara police immediately slapped five criminal cases against the godman, who is presently at the Kumbh Mela in Uttar Pradesh. He has remained untraceable since last Monday, before which he was seen with some American-based devotees in Hardwar.

    The cases filed against him at the Bidadi police station include hurting the religious sentiments of the people, rape, performing unnatural sex, cheating and criminal intimidation. Some of the cases are non-bailable.

    The police plan to seek the cooperation of Lenin Karuppan, alias Nithya Dharmananda, who had claimed to have secretly filmed Nithyananda in the company of Tamil actress Ranjitha at the godman's Kallugopahalli ashram.

    Karuppan is reportedly under the protection of the Tamil Nadu police, but there are conflicting reports in this regard. One report indicated that he had vanished. Karuppan had submitted a detailed complaint and a copy of the unedited CD to the Chennai police. The police is expected to examine Ranjitha too, who is apparently in hiding somewhere in Kerala.

    Police is likely to launch a manhunt for Nithyananda, once they have spoken to Karuppan.

    Full report at..

  102. Fresh FIR filed against Swami Nithyananda
    DNAFriday, March 19, 2010 9:44 IST Email

    Bangalore: The Ramanagaram district police have formed a team of officers and personnel to trace tainted godman Swami Nithyananda Paramahamsa, who runs a dhyanapeetham at Bidadi.

    District superintendent of police SB Bisanahalli said that a first information report (FIR) had been registered against the swami at the Bidadi police station, based on the ones filed by the Chennai and Coimbatore police.

    “The fresh FIR was filed after the FIRs registered by Tamil Nadu police were translated into Kannada. It was filed under sections 295 (a), 420, 376, 377, 506 (b) and 120 (b), based on a complaint filed by K Lenin of Athur in Salem district. In his complaint, Lenin had accused Nithyananda of misbehaving with women and forcing them into performing ‘indecent’ acts with him,” the officer said. The police team will be headed by deputy superintendent of police (Ramanagaram sub-division) Devaraj.

  103. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear confused Nithyananda Devotee @3:04 PM,

    As you know better than we know, we did not expose the sexuality in tantra. We exposed the sexuality in fraud. Along with the lies in fraud. The violence in fraud. The greed in fraud. The lack of compassion in fraud. Nithyananda is pure fraud. We really don't care two voots past a manhole about exposing any thing about tantra. You obviously missed the point, but more likely you're trying to create a smokescreen so that Nithyananda can lurk again in the shadows.

    Likewise, your weak and ugly attempt to be divisive and drive wedge between Hinduism and Christianity is pathetic. Understand, if you care about Hinduism, you will do everything in your power to ensure that Nithyananda gets a big long lengthy prison sentence. That fake man has done more to discredit our religion than any nonbeliever could have done. Nithyananda is a spiritual terrorist who has hijacked the richest and most complete system of Truths on this planet, and he sold them all so he can plunk his tush on some 24K gold thrones and entertain some married lady in his bed.

    And, yes, we are forever in debt for your priceless advice that you even put in bold letters, twice. How unfortunate that we cannot wish you the same. Obviously Nithyananda has taken your life. Good luck in getting it back.

    And, finally, we hope you keep your word and let this be your last post. But, we know Nithyananda devotees like to lie and cheat, so we won't be surprised if you come back and scrawl some unintelligent deluded nonsense again. Perhaps your word is only slightly higher than Nithyananda's integrity... by just bit.

    Jai Maa.

  104. To confused Nithyananda Devotee @3:04 PM

    Don't worry about us. By the way why are you here? Are you stressed out about your Guru/God Nithyanadanda? Don't worry.. He will for sure pay for his sins..

    We are going to miss you!

    ....... NOT!


    New twist to Nityananda sex scandal
    M R Venkatesh, Chennai, Mar 18, DHNS:

    In yet another twist to the sex scam involving Swami Nithyananda and Tamil film actress Ranjitha, godman’s former aide Dharmananda alias Lenin claims to have taped his voice telephonically when the former sought to buy peace with him.

    . . . . .

    The magazine in its latest edition has put out what it claims to be the purported latest audio-recorded conversation between Swami Nithyananda and his former disciple Lenin, after the godman’s recent revelations in a television interview that the sensational tapes were a “distortion and extrapolation” as part of a larger conspiracy to “frame him”.

    . . . . .

  106. In the recorded conversation referred above, Nithyananda seems to have offered to 'touch Lenin's feet, and offer him any no of crores (10s of millions) of rupees and/or offered to make him head of any ashram etc.

    He seems to have mentioned that Vivekananda had relationship with Sister Nivedita, and he himself was not much was he in front of such great weakness etc. Someone who has access to latest Nakkeeran magazine should publish complete English translation. It will add to Nithyananda's glory. Also, if anyone is celebrating based on Rajiv Malhotra's article, this will reset the reality meter.

  107. Rajasekaran (Nithyananda) falling on his "disciple's" feet - that would be a scene to cherish! Nithyananda begging him and trying to pay off with crores of rupees!

    What a divine "lila" this is turning out to be. And this guy is supposed to be "enlightened Guru".

    I hope this at least wakes more people up or they are going to continue in the blindness that Nithyananda is some divine avataar.

  108. Fresh news. A case has been filed by someone named "Gurucharan" son of an ex-MLA (MLA is kind of like a State representative in the US) - the case is against Nithyananda for bringing a bad name to Hindu religion.

    Watch this short video:

    Fresh Case on Nithy

    For Westerners who may think "what is the big deal for a Guru to have sex", you simply do NOT understand India at all in your spiritual adventures with India/Guru tradition. To you it is like a "fashion" statement like doing "yoga" and "meditation" - nice exotic buzzwords.

    What Nithyananda has committed is the fraud of biggest order. He has disgraced millions, defiled the Hindu religion and destroyed the Guru tradition (even for genuine Gurus). You simply do NOT take the saffron robes lightly. It is not a toy like Nithyananda treated it. A saffron robe indicates he is a celibate monk. He should have simply not worn them if he was a genuine person. Instead he use the saffron robes for convenience while he carried out his greed filled activities while clothed in saffron.

    And now glad to see this case having been filed!

    So for Westerners, don't be so heartless like Nithyananda; understand and realize millions have been hurt by what Nithyananda has done. He has misused the trust of millions and brought immense bad name to Hindusim itself. See these videos all by Western devotees from LA:

    LA devotees speak

    This just simply shows how naive you are in thinking, Nithyananda spoke well, gave you few boons, so he is "God". "God", "Guru" is equally responsible for as other human beings in respecting some societal rules and basic dharma and some respect for facts (Nithyananda clearly does not qualify on any of these counts including his fake birthday, biography, lies etc). You fellows can carry on with these foolish "Nithyananda forever" videos - what this shows is simple how blind you fellows are ignoring all facts entirely to support the cult. Because you simply do not have a backbone to admit when something is fake. You are scared to accept that Nithyananda could have defrauded you because hat would mean you would have no crutch to lean on, so you go on fooling yourself as to how he "transformed" your life.

    And whatever the ultimate outcome may be for this, please do realize and have some compassion for the millions who have been hurt by Nithyananda's activities. The sex scandal is just one part of the total fraud package that Nithyananda is.

    The sex scandal is really a BIG huge deal in India for a saffron clad man.

  109. Please read this well written Deccan Chronicle news article:
    "For the lay, Nithyananda’s transcendental lies"

    The atricle covers several of the data points that this blog and many insiders who left have been pointing out.

    Nithy's drooling lap dog, sorry I meant Rajiv Malhotra misses out on many problems Nithy has created but side tracks under the guise of Tantra, organized conspiracy etc.

    Real funny part is, he goes to Sri Sri Ravi shankar and talks for like 60 minutes and then uses comments from that conversation to support his views in the article. What a joke !

    It is sad that Rajiv fails to understand the difference between someone hearing about an apple and somebody who have really eaten it.

    People like this blog owner and many others who have spent enormous amount of time with Nithy know in a much deeper manner on how Nithy has caused damage at many many levels(social implications, break in relationships, careers, emotional control, sucking money, etc etc.)

    It is an irony that a Sex scandal break out is needed to wake up a huge mass of people to these fallacies, incosistencies and fraud.

    Any way, good to see that main stream media is slowly waking up and able to see Nithy's bigger foul play than just this sex episode.

  110. Dear all Healers,
    Please use your God given intelligence and ask the Ashram Brahmacharis the following questions during this weekend's meeting at Bidadi ashram, if you plan to attend :
    1. Why Swamiji- Avatara purusha is not coming to this meeting and clarifying all doubts - especially in the Sexscam episode in person even after 2 weeks has elapsed and adopting foolish Bin Laden style interviews and confusing/misrepresenting himself and ashram in public?
    2. Let Swamiji's mother or his brother speak to you all in person about the actual birthdate with copy of certificate and why there are anamolies in his passport (13 March 1977) and where is the diploma certificate and why there are goof-ups in College website ? Also, ask them or Ram Advaith to clarify how many years Swamji stayed in Ramakrishna ashram and why it's not there in the books co-authored by Advaith or Swamiji, which demystifies all the wandering years life and enlightenment stories at Manikarnika, Narmada riverbed...etc
    3. Why did Swamiji fool one American donor Jain couple by presenting Osho Statue -set to be carved by himself in a cave soon after his samadhi state and got 2 million dollars, what happened to that money ?
    4. Why do senior Brahmacharis - Sadananda, Sachitananda and others still carry on with their businesses in US/India and still wear Kavi dress -which should have been renounced fully now and where is all the money collected ?
    5. Ask for all the Ashrams statistics of inmates/people of all ages - why 98% are youth being allowed to stay in the ashram, so that they can be treated like Slaves with hardly 2-3 hours of sleep everyday and cheap and free intellectual manpower is being squeezed and indoctrinated with ashram's ideas using mind control scientology techniques by senior swamis ? How many old/sick people are made to live inside the ashram and provided free food ? Request them to parade all youth in the ashram and ask them to go back to their parents/husbands/families back at home if they wanted and see the grand results right in front of your eyes !!!!
    6. Ask how the Ashram land was grabbed by fooling people - the first Dhyanapeetam function was held in the Southern part land of the Banyan tree owned by Lawyer Nagaraj, who was fooled to donate and last minute walked off on the day of registration on seeing some foulplay, then somehow got hold of Chettiar families in Shivajinagar and then got some land to be donated on the eastern portion by Sajjan rao family -that too registered solely in Swamiji's name - why is he so greedy and not registered in foundation's name ? When was the remaining piece of land grabbed and how - again registered in Swamiji's name alone ? - Also, ask why the Banyan tree's age got changed from 300 -> 600 -> NOW 1000 years old and is the story of Swamji's previous life samadhi over there true or not ?
    7. Ask Swamiji's brother - CFO on why is the Dhyanapeetam foundation charging huge sums of money from devotees as fees for various programs and not issuing fee receipts insteady giving donation receipts, where is this money going for free services to poor people or for Golden thrones or for indoctrinating youth armies (LBE recruits) to bodyguard ashrams as free and cheap slaves and breaking up families and so many divorces to be unjustified ?
    8. Why was devotees hard earned money collected towards Karnataka flood relief - not handed over to NGO's so that it's properly accounted for and recept given, but instead given to Chief minister directly at his office with no other normal devotees there in person except PRO and Pranananda ? Is this not a shame that senior Ashramites are publicly hand in glove with Government and also with police by doling out now huge amounts of money to get out of this thick soup due to the 6 criminal cases registered now ?

  111. For all the Nithyananda devotee fools trying to use "Tantra" as an excuse, what do you actually know about Tantra? Have you read any scriptural works on it?

    I know nothing about it, but one thing I am sure of, is that Tantric sex is probably very ritualistic, meditative, and deeply sacred practice.

    See Nithyananda's video again, if you have not. See how he pulls Ranjitha's hand towards his "paramahamsa bird", see how he strokes his own bird, see he gets a BJ while watching TV, see how he strokes her, see how he throws his legs over her.

    Does any of that seem remotely meditative? Does any of that remotely seem sacred the way approaches it? I can tell you this much as a grown man. I have more sacred and respectful intimate moments with my spouse than Nithyananda was in that video with Ranjitha.

    You are fools for giving him the benefit of the doubt that this was some "Tantra" he was practicing.

  112. To confused Nithyananda Devotee @3:04 PM

    Now Mr. Rajashakeran will be in jail in 30 days. Now is the time the devotee should take his wife and grown up daughters and offer it to the convict so that they can keep him warm.

    Dont come back to this blog after rading this.

  113. This one is hilarious. This is in Telugu but real people are having fun at Nithyananda's expense. But it is well deserved for a fraud like him:

    Mallik Comedy - On Swamy Nithyananda Sex Scandal

    Watch it from around 4.20 mins even if you do not know Telugu, you will still enjoy this part.

  114. Anon @ 12:05 PM ,

    " I have more sacred and respectful intimate moments with my spouse than Nithyananda was in that video with Ranjitha."

    Precisely. It is so obvious there is not an iota of LOVE or respect involved. So full of carnal desires , violence & duplicity yet UBER audacious in donning saffron setting about " guiding " others.

    There was one Mukthananda who also raped many guileless women after winning their trust calling it tantra. Ditto with one Keshavananda.

    We the people are guilty condoning this as 'tantra'.


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