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The Nithyananda Dog and Pony Show

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Nithyananda's Criminal Trial Starts December 3, 2014. On July 2, 2012, a U.S. Federal Court found the Nithyananda Foundation guilty of Fraud with damages of $1,565,000 U.S.D. Peaceful Spirituality or Blood Thirsty Cult? Nithyananda's supporters are willing to die for his crimes. The untimely death of a Canadian citizen in Nithyananda's ashram.  An accident or murder? Nithyananda is not who he seems to be. Behind the scenes, Nithyananda's smile is quite different. Some like it spicy. Nithyananda is known to offer chilies, human hair, and marijuana seeds in his midnight fire rituals. Nithyananda the 'renunciant' was caught money laundering over $6,000,000 USD into his personal bank account. Nithyananda managed several hedge funds while in the U.S. on a religious visa. Spiritual practice? Tantric techniques? Or just plain sleaze? Sex Swami Nithyananda: Self-Idolizing and Cross-dressing Nithyananda's Healing: This won't hurt a bit. Your Soul is now mine; brainwashed and devoted to me. Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977? Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977? Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977?

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Sex Swami Nithyananda Launches Kailaasa Nation in the Sand

Holy Beach Blanket Bingo! Nithyananda Declares Sovereign Statehood of Kailaasa!

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda, have you been surfing lately? mmmmrrah mmmmrah! Oh, we get it. Hard to go surfing when you're now the prime minister of an island that is not recognized as a sovereign country. Lots to do, we're sure.

The new Sandman strikes terror in Ecuador's tourism.  Nithyananda's flag pole is fully erect and levitating.

So, this is the real thing? No more India. No more Himalayas. No more holy tours. No extradition treaty. Looks solid to us.

Standing tall and erect, Nithyananda towers over the local landscape.  The Republic of Kailaasa lays the solid foundation for a refugee for all Hindu criminals to escape from the reach of the law. What could possibly go wrong?

Gee. You, Sri Nithyananda, figured it all out. The state of Kailaasa has passports. Would your followers for the right price be able to get a visa to travel to the astral plane? Way cool.

Passports from the Republic of  Kailaasa.  Better than 'get-out-of-jail-free' cards.

Those diplomatic passports will come in handy. Will you be sending them to your child-beating, child-slave-driving henchwomen, Ma Pranaypria and Ma Priyatattva? Since the judge declared them a menace to society, then you, the holy avatar of tar, can sping them from the 'big house' by declaring diplomatic immunity. Right? Of course, you, Salamander Nithyananda, will need to present signed copies of these passports. Hmmm, kind of hard to do if they are already in jail. We know, Sri Nithyananda, why don't you enlist the help from your big supporter, Manjula Pooja Shroff, Kalorex CEO and MD? She is really good at that thing. Just because the Gujarati police arrested her for forgery doesn't mean that they would ever suspect her of doing it a second time? Come on, Mr. Nithyananda, it's worth a try. Besides, you need to get these ladies out before they crack and implicate you even more than you have been implicated in kidnapping, child labor, child abuse, and child porn.

What else is on the list for starting a new nation? Let's see, there's a constitution. Lucky for us, the very smart (alecky) people at Quartz India, specifically, Manavi Kapur, was able to translate your Sanskrit version of the official constitution of the Republic of Kailaasa and translated it in simple English for everyone to Read. We recommend that you, Sri Nithyananda, take a look and see if it is a true and correct translation. [view the Kailaasa Constitution on Quartz' website]

What else is going to be needed? Oh, a flag! Why you, Porkananda, have one already to hoist.

Hoist it high and erect.  The pride of the Republic of Kailaasa is fluttering above you.

Sri Nithyananda, we love your idea about how we should cut out this flag and hoist it at our temples, schools, car, anywhere. We took your idea and mounted your new Kailaasa flag on our trash can. Now it sticks up high above the ground so our neighbor doesn't knock over our trashcan when she backs out her driveway in her minivan. Very functional. Thanks!

We noticed, Salami Nithyananda, that you did ditch the 'paramahamsa' emblem in favor of adding some (more) bull into everyone's life. Why was that? Did the crazy Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) people threaten you with a lawsuit over your not-so-original duplication?

Original swan logo from the cult of Osho

The not-so-original duplication of the Osho logo by Nithyananda's enlightened graphics department.

What else is there needed? Let's see, you Sri Nithyananda, already have the official animal, the bull. We couldn't agree with you more. Then there's the national bird. So many choices! OK, Sri Nithyananda, we see that you settled for the Sharabam. Cool. The national tree is the banyan tree. Yup, it might even grow there. You have a national flower, the lotus. Say, Nithyananda, do you smoke a lot of those same lotus buds during your wondering days? Just asking.

Looks like you included just about everything needed to start a nation. But, wait a minute, Nithyananda, do you think about a nation fish? Yes, you're on an island. Now a sovereign island. Did Ecuador surrender the standard 200 miles of ocean around your nation? That' standard practice. All that fishing revenue and potential natural resources is a big thing for another nation to give up. Not to mention the airspace above. You, Sri Nithyananda, can mine any commercial plane that flys over your airspace. Hmmmm, better read the contract very carefully that you signed with Ecuador. You, Sri Nithyananda, might just be a vassal state after all.

Just the same, you, Sri Nithyananda, will need an official state fish for the Republic of Kailaasa. May we suggest the narwhale?

Something about narwhales captures the unbridled spirit of Nithyananda's Kailaasa.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, so you don't like that one. How about traditional dolphins? As know better than anyone, ladies love dolphins. The more dolphins, the more ladies!

Dolphins, the symbol of love and recreational tantric practices.

OK, OK, too much competition. Yeah, those dolphins can really go at it. Not safe for the little kiddies, who will be too busy making fake social media profiles to include your 'like' ratio. OK, and they are not really fish. Mammals.

OK, let's try something else. How about seahorses? How about seahorses! Yes, seahorses espouse the spirit of propagating. Soon, you (de)grating one, will have hundreds of them. This will set a good example for your chosen breeders like Sri Nithya Dridhananda, a.k.a. Jordon Kremyer, the Blissful Athlete. Didn't you ask him to have at least ten-odd (very odd indeed) children to fill your mission with? Is it not his homework? You bet we hope that he does this only at home and not in front of the video cameras that the little kiddies can view. Perhaps that's the only thing he knows how to do. Let's see in his own words, shall we?

Practice Makes Perfect. Homework for Dridha to Make 10 Kids or More

Oh dear, Sri Nithyananda, Dridha is going to get pretty tired after the third kid. Lucky thing for him that he can just drop off the kids at your gurukul and get back to business. Still, this going to take some effort. Can he outsource the job? Is there an ayurvedic fertility pill ready? We know, Sri Nithyananda, you are much more concerned about taking pills that go the other way and doesn't leave you with a legal settlement for child support.

With all this consideration, perhaps the seahorse is ideal for some of your residents, but not all of them. Does Dridha still live inside the ashram? Oh, he snuck out. Unauthorized. But, he still is active on YouTube and sending us nasty messages at our workplace. Yeah, we traced his IP. We guess that even though he officially defected that he still wants to prove so badly that he is still part of the gang even though he doesn't want to be part of your energy field anymore. Sad.

Seahorses are fast to tangle and fill the sea with their offspring.

Another thing about seahorses is that the males are the ones that get pregnant and then give birth. We don't know if this is the message that you, Sex Swami Nithyayanda, want to give to the world. No one can expect you to be raising kid when you are now responsible for finding hidden cameras, hiding kiddie porn, and running a nation. And, don't worry about coming up short, Sri Nithyananda. Not all rulers are twelve inches.

But, back to seahorses. Wouldn't it be cool if Dridha could just open up his pouch and dump all ten kids out at once? We bet that he's in such good shape that he won't even get stretch marks.

Seahorses.  The only animal where males get pregnant but unlike Sex Swami Nithyananda, they don't go both ways, i.e. A.C. D.C.

O.K., Sri Nithyananda, seahorses are out because they might make you take responsibility for all the little nithyananda's running about that we are not supposed to know about. So, instead of thinking in terms of all about you, why don't you, Mr. Nithyananda, think in terms of your subjects, like Queen Ranjitha? Isn't she your successor? Why don't you think about naming the official fish of the Republic of Kailaasa after her?

Pucker up, for a deadly kiss from the Ranjitha Blow Fish.

This aquatic porcupine has some unforgiving little pricks. Deadly.

Sorry, Charlie (and Rajitha), StarKist only wants Tuna's that taste great (not just smell like tuna)

And, Sri Nithyananda. There's the ordinary tuna. We know that Rajitha is an extraordinary lady, but there's something about that tuna that captures the essence of Rajitha. We'll meditate on it and inform you the moment that we figured it out.

Say, Nithyananda, we're running out of fish to suggest. But, wait a minute! Why didn't we think of this before, predators! Why you have a whole haram of first-class predators like sharks, giant squids, barracudas, and more. Nothing sets the tone for the Republic of Kailaasa than a shark about to eat your spouse, children, and life savings in one chomp. And, those unfortunate souls that don't sport an official Republic of Kailaasa passport will be scared to enter the water. Bingo. We think this nails it.

Heartless predator, Ma Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda, is ready to swallow up your life-savings in one gulp.
Now, everything is set. The Republic of Kailaasa is set to be the perfect world for criminals of all faiths wanting to be enlightened and wait to the statutes of limitations runs out. Perfect indeed.

Nithyananda's Kailaasa; a Perfect World Indeed!

Have Compassion!
Although Sri Janardhana Sharma was once deep inside this cult, it appears to us that he has recognized his mistake and woke up. More importantly, he has committed to taking swift and strong action to stop this cult and reunite his family once again. This blog recommends that Sri Janardhana Sharma is not only forgiven but everyone should support him and his families with help and prayers. Jai Maa.

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Special thanks to our super video YouTube stars, Ma Praba Nithyananda or Ma Nithya Prabananda or Kothari Ma Praba Swamini or Ms. Sharmila Devi P. or whatever she calls herself these days. Thanks for inspiring us to go forward to continue the battle against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda until the end. You are a real savior.

Monday, November 25, 2019

BREAKING NEWS! New Criminal Sex Complaint Filed against Nithyananda & Cult

Ex-swami Files against Sex Swami. FRESH Criminal Complaint Filed against Nithyananda & his Cult for Abuse, Fraud, Violence against Children, Child Exploitation, and more Sex, Sex, Sex with All Walks of Life!

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. In a few weeks, you and your team of really expensive top-notch attorneys will probably able to cool off that latest complaint by Sri Janardhana Sharma for kidnapping and abusing his children. Managable. Perhaps. But, very, very, very expensive. Definitely.

Maybe you, Salamander Nithyananda, can buy him off with all the money that you used to have. Maybe he will take an IOU. Rrrbbbbre-rrrbbbre-raw. OK, we agree with you this time. Sri Janardhana Sharma realized that family is far more important than some jewel-dripping blabberosaurus Swami that has gorgeous women (and some men) and maybe a few kids closely by his flank. But, you Sex Swami Nithyananda, sure do look good. Or at least better now that you lost some of the ugly flab. Hey, but your head is still there, so it hasn't all gone away.

You know, it's probably a good idea that you lie low (not low down lying - your good at that) lie low in your South American or Caribbean hideout and sip Mai Tais out of coconut shells and just let all this news tire itself out. Soon, some other big scandal will hit and only a few low-level police officers will even remember the thing. Just like a bad dream, right?

Regardless, you, King of Bling, couldn't take another blow right now. But, since you have so many mystical powers, a cache of high priced and high-powered attorneys, and a legion of trolls that are willing to die for you (and they will - or at least go to jail for you - that's been proven already), you Swami Shim Sham, will have this taken care of right now.

We just heard, Porkananda, that Ma Nithya Pranapriya, a.k.a. Harini Chellappan, will remain in jail for another two days. It looks like she learned all the common criminal tricks from an uncommon criminal (you) on how to obstruct justice while incarcerated. Let's see, she's been giving out wrong passwords, faking samadhi, talking in slang English with foreign accidents that the local police cannot understand, and certainly doing more tricks and possibly turning tricks; you know, raising money for the mission. Is she downloading new enlightenment techniques just like you did (and will)? Maybe she will become a rival and start her own criminal cult. Dangerous. Sorry, we digressed.

Oopsie. What's this here?

A fresh criminal complaint against you, Sri Nithyananda, and your cult has been filed in Karnataka. Isn't this just the same one filed ten years ago? We know, Sri Janardhana Sharma probably just filed the same one that he filed in Gujurat a few days ago. Nothing new. Hohum.

Oh, no, Sri Nithyananda. This looks like a whole new case that exposes EVERYTHING that only an insider well entrenched your once-empire would know about. Yes, there's sex, sex, sex with women, men, and even some children. That goes with your name. But, there's information in that fresh complaint about your holy smear campaigns, fake criminal and civil counter-cases, slander, defamation, swindling, cheating, financial fraud, and all the stuff about your poor misunderstood enlightenment techniques for children like starving them, beating them, making them beat each other until they are black and blue, locking them up in steel cages, kidnapping, work-work-work, used as pawns to cheat donors, and of course, sex, sex, sex. Oh, but we said that already. Sex sells, doesn't it, Pornomahamsa Nithyananda?

Well, don't take our word for it. Look at this video below! Do you think it is a hoax? For your sake, Avatar of Tar, we sure hope so. Stay tuned.

Have Compassion!
Although Sri Janardhana Sharma was once deep inside this cult, it appears to us that he has recognized his mistake and woke up. More importantly, he has committed to taking swift and strong action to stop this cult and reunite his family once again. This blog recommends that Sri Janardhana Sharma is not only forgiven but everyone should support him and his families with help and prayers. Jai Maa.

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Make a difference! Sign the Petition on! Let Prime Minister Modi know the Truth! Put an end to this child-abusing, sex crime-ridden, money-grabbing, spiritual hijacking cult!

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Special thanks to our super video YouTube stars, Ma Praba Nithyananda or Ma Nithya Prabananda or Kothari Ma Praba Swamini or Ms. Sharmila Devi P. or whatever she calls herself these days. Thanks for inspiring us to go forward to continue the battle against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda until the end. You are a real savior.

Sex Swami Nithyananda's Child-abusing Henchwomen Arrested

Latest News about the Arrest of Ma Pranapriya and Ma Priyatattva and the Abused Children of Nithyananda's Gurukul

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. You, Oh Great One, said that you don't use your supernatural powers to know what's going on and that you don't communicate with anyone who are still part of the empire that you now publicly renounced. Cool. Actually, you said that you get all your news from videos and probably the internet. So, although our readers have probably seen all of these, here's a list of videos and news articles that we compiled and will keep compiling because it's pretty darn late. Yeah, we don't want you to miss a thing.

Loyal readers, send us the links of videos and articles of the recent events that you think are worthwhile, and we will do our best to get them on this page. Thanks! Jai Maa.

(In Hindi)

(In Hindi)

(In Hindi)

(Video with annoying commercials)
(Video with annoying commercials)
(Some brainwashed parents of brainwashed kids file counter-claim)
(When the not talking, the younger of the two 'missing' daughters looks so sad. See for yourself.)
(Local news from Trinidad)

Sorry for the rush job. We'll work and add on this post later. Just send us video and news clips that you think are worthy of posting. Thanks! Jai Maa.

Have Compassion!
Although Sri Janardhana Sharma was once deep inside this cult, it appears to us that he has recognized his mistake and woke up. More importantly, he has committed to taking swift and strong action to stop this cult and reunite his family once again. This blog recommends that Sri Janardhana Sharma is not only forgiven but everyone should support him and his families with help and prayers. Jai Maa.

Take Action!
Make a difference! Sign the Petition on! Let Prime Minister Modi know the Truth! Put an end to this child-abusing, sex crime-ridden, money-grabbing, spiritual hijacking cult!

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Special thanks to our super video YouTube stars, Ma Praba Nithyananda or Ma Nithya Prabananda or Kothari Ma Praba Swamini or Ms. Sharmila Devi P. or whatever she calls herself these days. Thanks for inspiring us to go forward to continue the battle against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda until the end. You are a real savior.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Sex Swami Nithyananda Speaks Out about His Cult & Recent Gurukul Arrest

In His Own Words, Nithyananda Swami Comments about the Arrest of Ma Pranapriya, and Ma Priyatattva and the Future of His Cult Nation, (the nonexistent) Kailaasa in Exile

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda, wow. Did you see all that fake news out there? Ngrrrraba. Ngrrrraba. Oui! Oh, dear Pornomahamsa Nithyananda, our Grunteneese translator says you can't get enough of watching all about you. Gee, you say that you're in samadhi in the Himalaya Mountains, but you plugged into the news and able to live broadcast your never-ending lectures all over the internet. Technology! It's even more amazing than you, oh, (de)grating one, Nithyananda.

Nithyananda's sanyasi, now dressed in red civilian clothes, correctly point out with fever about the 'fake' news about Nithyananda and his cult.

OK, we better get your side of the story out in a hurry! Oh, lucky us, you got an hour-long YouTube video out complete with your Jafarananda snake staff. Wait a minute, we thought Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swamini was your chief of staff. She's a snake alright. But that's not her in the video. Just way too thin. And, it doesn't hiss.

We want to get your word out so that everyone will know that you, Porkananda, and your cult are not child-abusing, sexual harassing, serial raping, defrauding, money-milking, religious hijacking, brainwashing, thug-bruising, violent cult. After watching your video, we're convinced! We will add our comments later, but let's hear it in your own words. And, we're sure that all our loyal readers, Mr. Nithyananda, will be so convinced and swayed, that they will all give you a big thumbs up just as you, oh grated one, deserve.

Nithyananda's Kailaasa, the Lawless Nonexistent Nation of Violent Criminals, Sex Predators, Swindlers, Tax Cheats, & Child-beating Absconding Abusers

Stay tuned, we will have plenty of comments to add. For now, you can leave your comments below.

And, don't worry a bit there, Sex Swami Nithyananda, we downloaded the video for safe-keeping just in case all the auntie and uncle conspiracists take down your video and make it private.

Oh, what a joyful day! We get to watch your hour-long video, Pornomahamsa Nithyananda, and listen to your charming voice a second time! A real pleasure. Right off, we see that you lost some weight and that your beard is nicely trimmed. Is it because Ranjitha doesn't know how to cook? Or all the exercise that you're doing from all the sex you're getting while you pass the time in your pseudo-cave at some five-star hotel in Ecuador? Or is the local Taco Bell just not up to your high standards? Oh, it's the stress from all the worrying. Did you wipe your computer clean of all the naked images of the underaged children you made them send you yet? That's a lot of work! We know, Sri Nithyananda, you should read your book, Guaranteed Solutions for Sex, Fear, Worry, Etc. Did you really write it yourself? It might help you during these troubling times.

We have a question, Nithyananda. Are all those rudraksha beads heavy? And that chandelier-quality bling? It might be hard to keep your back straight or are you just naturally crooked?

Back to your video. Yup, the same prayer that you insert your name over Lord Shiva's name. True and tried. And your classic crocodile grin. @1:58 OK, your Kailaasa nation has no territory or border because it is in a spiritual place because you have no land. And, you will later ask for land anywhere even though Kailaasa is in the Universe and Cosmos. @3:34 And, since you, Salamendar Nithyananda, have to function within the law within the nation that the organization is registered. And, then you go on to say that years ago that you have 'disconnected' from even the Indian laws that your hellholes in India are registered. So you admit that you ignore all the Indian laws for years and that you operate as an outlaw. Cool. James Dean would be proud of you. That's quite a self-disclosure, Mr. Nithyananda. Are the authorities listening?

@4:02 Gee, Nithyananda, you say that you completely withdrew and that you gave away all your land to the trust and not part of any organization and not legally bound to anything. Answerable to no one except you. Cool. So no extradition treaty can drag you away, because you were asleep at the time and a spiritual visionary @5:42. So, Pornomahamsa Nithyananda, you're no longer a self-proclaimed Paramahamsa? Shocking. And, @6:00 you start batting your eyes not because you're lying but you are letting all your devotees know that you will still like to practice tantra with them. Such a flirt!

Then some shifty edits occur as you took a break for more tantra and came back and claim @6:40 you claim that you are a "peace-loving, happy, blissful (HOLD THAT THOUGHT) Hindu organization (that is) practicing authentic Vedic organic Hinduism in whichever country that Hindus are allowed to live and practice their religion". So, why don't you, Nithyananda, move back to India and reset up shop there?

@8:10 you state that you're only interest is to do spiritual work and initiate people into living enlightenment (at $15,000 USD a pop). A real renunciant.

@8:20 "In spite of all these ferocious, aggressive, vengeful attack(s) going on me (me-me-me) and our sangha all over the world, I'm only concerned that atma linga has reached to all our ashrams and branches (which you publicly renounced), so that I can do my atma linga process (a.k.a. smokescreen for ghost worship) and initiate people. That's all I was concerned." And, then you, Sri Nithyananda, go on to say @8:50 that this process will happen even though there are all these people attacking you to make sure that the atma lingas don't reach the ashrams on time. Is that your biggest concern right now, Mr. Nithyananda? Really? That's quite noble of you. @9:20 Rest assured, no one can stop you and your noble cause of initiation. What a relief.

@9:30 you, Jafarananda, promise to give a piece of the atma linga to every one of you (clowns still holed in Nithyananda's hell holes) so that the initiation process can begin. Wow. Brilliant. You, Oh Great One, found a way to keep your brainwashed followers waiting at your ashram. How do you, Sri Nithyananda, keep a bunch of morons in deep, deep, deep suspense? Just wait until the atma lingas arrive. Soon. Very soon. Maybe next week if we're lucky.

Nithyananda's faithful now has a reason to stay put in his ashrams. This is only a test.

Wow. @9:50 you, Avatar of Tar, reassure that you have given up everything! Your ashrams. Your bank accounts with over $6 million USD. Everything. Say, didn't you state this before in 2010 and 2012? And after your impotency test in 2014? It seems like each time that you, Sri Nithyananda, are in trouble, you come up with the same storyline. But, this time, we believe you. We know that you are going to give up all that property, wealth, money, and possessions just to help save the world. Yup. Can we know why there are Google Ads tacked on to your video? Do you want us to click them and miss your words of wisdom?

@10:20, all you, Sri Nithyananda, need is a huge diety to stare at. Nothing else. A blowup doll won't do. And, forget yourself and be in samadhi. Say, Nithyananda, in 2010 after the scandal broke and you were explaining what happened in the video with Ranjitha, didn't you state as an excuse that you were under samadhi? Will this be the same samadhi? Well, then, perhaps a blowup doll will suffice. Just pucker up and add hot air. No shortage of that.

Smile for Nithyananda!  All he needs is you to gaze upon.

@11:48 you go on to say about your first commitment. To be available to Paramashiva is to be available to receive His blessings. But, wait a minute, Mr. Nithyananda, we thought that you said that you were Paramashiva as well as Kal Bhairav, Maha Kali, and just about any other deity that you can think of? So, you are making yourself available to yourself? We don't get it. (Hold that thought.)

Sex Swami Nithyananda is always committed to himself.
So, what about the recent arrests and rescues at your (now defunct) gurukul in Gujarat? Oh, at @14:00 you, Mr. Nithyananda, explain that people are afraid of your super-conscious mutants and projected their fear. So, it's all those police, cheated parents, and media are at fault for not understanding that only enlightened children can take beatings, sleep deprivation, food withdrawal, forced meditation in confined spaces, and creating lots of fake social media accounts and then enticing people to part $15K USD for your enlightenment courses? After all, these are super-conscious underaged mutants with extraordinary powers that we're dealing with. Not exactly ordinary human beings.

@14:00 You say that we will not do anything bad. Relief. Kidnapping, abusing, exploiting, beating, and sexing minors is only good for the world. Right? We now understand. Only love and compassion. That's it.

@15:00 You, Mr. Nithyananda, say that you only found out about this whole attack against your gurukul (which you have publicly renounced) AFTER watching the video (just like all of us). We're glad to know that no one is calling you and disturbing your samadhi. We're especially glad now that the police have confiscated the phones and notebook computers at the gurukul. No tracing whatsoever. But, wait, didn't you, Pornomahasa Nithyananda, say that you can see everything through the same cookbook of powers that you promised to transfer if someone forks over $15K USD for one of your enlightenment courses? Do these powers work any more? At least for you? But, now you have to get your knowledge through YouTube. Hmmmm. This might be a tough sell for your next online program in December. That's just around the corner.

Then @15:30, you blame all of the kids losing their supernatural powers on eating the outside food that they were forced to eat. Does that explain why you lost your supernatural powers to know and see everything?

Blame the recent events on bad pizza.

Not to worry, anyone. @16:12, Sex Swami Nithyananda, you assure that you can reinitiate any of your kids their powers if they lost any powers. Just keep on waiting. But, will you be able to do that for yourself? Obviously, there's a need. Then @16:35, you, Mr. Nithyananda, go on to challenge the legal authority of 'force-feeding' the gurukul kids with outside food. Good call. Now if they are detained, the little kiddies will go on a hunger strike, but based on the well-known malnourishment at your ashrams, they already have.

@17:20, now you, Mr. Nithyananda, blame the legal structure in India and refer how in 2010 that you were arrested for rape when there was not one victim. But, there was one victim that came forward. So, same thing. You, Nithyananda, think that no crime has been committed but there was a crime committed, perhaps many crimes committed, but you won't acknowledge that perhaps because your lawyer said to keep your mouth shut, which is impossible. This gets rather confusing to us.

@20:45, You, (de)grating one, explain that your arrest in 2010 was an attempt to poison you. A true victim. Assassination attempt with heavy metal! wow. Was it Deep Purple? Now, it was blue kerosene, the kerosene allocated to the poor, which you must have bought at a discount to 'cleanse' yourself. Gee, Nithyananda, we thought ghee was the proper stuff to poor in a fire ritual. Not kerosene.

From blue movie star to blue kerosene (that is allocated to the poor) cleansing, Sex Swami Nithyananda finds a way to be impure and obscene.
Yes, you're right, Sri Nithyananda. @21:45 you state in India, no one is answerable. Correct. How long have you been absconding? Over 19 months now. When will we get to hear your side of the story sworn under oath? You say that you have so much evidence of assassination attempts on you. Please, please, please, get these out in court now. The rape case against you will be dismissed for sure!

@21:16, you, protective father on earth, give an appropriate disclaimer that your 'sons and daughters' that once attended your gurukul are not your biological 'sons and daughters' to spare them of a DNA test. Cool. So, how many kids out there that are not in the gurukul did your father? We bet they can fill a minivan. Maybe a whole bus full. So glad that you publicly renounced them all. Should you really say 'my' and 'mine' anymore? We're confused.

Then you, Mr. Nithyananda, make a huge disclosure @23:30. "All kids cannot be trained to lie." Wow. Then only some kids can be trained to lie. Those are the ones you want to invite up to your bedroom.

@24:53 the conspiracy plan is revealed. [LONG pause for a BIG smile. Pan left to right.] The first step was to separate you from the sangha. Hmmm, didn't you run away after the framing of the charges? Then, constant assassination attempts. Yup, you said that already. And, the 'gang', you mean police? 'sitting' inside the campus. Tragic. Oh, these infiltrators have committed crimes and then try to blame you. Diabolic! Then spreading media abuse! Just like that Nithyananda Truth website and Nithyananda Truth Facebook profile? They are spreading lies and false news for sure. And, then @26:46 initiating witch-hunting investigations, which led to these administrators (henchwomen) being arrested and forced to confess through torture to the crimes that never ever happened, even if the evidence on the computers confirms this. And, then these so-called 'victims' are forced to implicate you, Nithyananda, to the crimes that did not happen but are supported with evidence, which was probably planted by the infiltrators. It's very clear to us now. Conspiracy. 100 percent.

@28:25 you, Nithyananda, claim that the gang is using Ma Nithya Tattvapriyananda and Ma Nithyananditha (the missing sisters) as a weapon to file false cases against you. So, that totally justifies kidnapping and keeping them from their heartbroken parents. And, you said that not all kids can be trained to lie, but maybe some can be trained to lie, can this explain why you forced Ma Nithya Tattvapriyananda and Ma Nithyananditha to make contradicting and revised statements about how their own parents are criminals and about their parent's friends who tried to rape them? Shocking. But, seriously, Nithyananda, you should get them to make up a believable story the first time so that they don't have to revise it. This is the true art of lying, which you, Defender of the Truth, are such a master of it.

After a heavy sigh, @30:02, you, Nithyananda thank Ma Pranapriya and Ma Priyatattva's parents and family for standing tall (and being arrested and taking the bullet [or arrow] for you, Nithyananda). Nithyananda, you then say that Kal Bhairav (not you) will protect my kids, (but not biological kids, who are full adults and will be tried as adults, but you have publically renounced them and everything else earlier). Nithyananda, you go on to say, "They are taking it on their chest for me." Well, that wouldn't be the first time. You are a true guru! So important that your disciples need to take the fall so you can still continue your live streaming and marketing initiatives to get as many cash-paying participants to the next $15,000 USD enlightenment program this December. True selfless sacrifice. Will you be sending catered food to the local jail? Pizza perhaps?

Now would be a good time to practice that levitation technique by Nithyananda's enlightened jailbirds.  Ma Pranapriya and Ma Priyatattva cooling their heels in the local jail for child abduction, child abuse, and abetting to sexual crimes against minors. Source: Loco Guano

@31:15 after another long sigh, you, Sex Swami Nithyananda, tell everyone in your sangha to be grateful forever to Ma Pranapriya and Ma Priyatattva. Then @31:10 tell that these two jailbirds will be deified in all your temples (which you publicly renounced) with marble statues. Wow. Normally it costs a cool one million dollars to be deified by you, but just for going to jail for five days and taking the heat off of you, they too can be forever remembered. Say, Nithyananda, didn't you promise the LA ashramites in 2006 that you will deify them with big marble statues and that everyone will be worshiping them? How many of those original ashramites are still with you? Bhaktananda Swami, a.k.a. Gopal Reddy Sheelum? He shared the women's prison with you for 53 days in 2010 and is also Accused no. 2 (A-2), remember? Well, he was hawking real estate now acting as a consultant for Oracle while he tries not to be extradited. Siva Vallabhaneni and Ragani Vallabhaneni, A-3 and A-5? Siva's career is over and Ragani is wasting away from cancer. Did you offer in healing energy to your original madam? All the other L.A. Ashramite left you long ago, except for Ma Praba and Ma Shantananda, a.k.a. Suman Kris. Both are still stuck and looking very frumpy. Beyond middle age. Will you at least keep your word and deify them too?

@34.24, Nithyananda, you make a pitch for your devotees to donate a few acres of land so you can build a new ashram since you renounced all your old ashrams. But, this might be a tough sell, because all your devotees now know that you will probably renounce this ashram too, which will nullify their enlightenment certificate that you gave in exchange for this land donation. But, then you set up a condition where you, Old Truthful One, will not be harassed or abused. Hmmm. That's a pretty tight list. No one is presently occupying Antarctica, except for those penguin watchers. We know that you have been banned from entering the United States. Blame Ma Praba on that one. Where, Nithyananda? Can you be a pioneer to Mars? Other than Antarctica and Mars, we're out of ideas. Perhaps the bottom of the sea? You can build an aquatic dome and live amongst the squids and denizens of the deep.

At 35:42, Nithyananda, you give some great scare tactics about how much time and money it takes to battle in the courts with the current legal system. How many cases did you, Sri Nithyananda, file against Lenin and Aarthi? About 60 total? Yes, if anyone knows about burning donated money and wasting it year after year is you. Well put. An authority in the matter. Yes, Nithyananda, since you ran away from the country it makes it even harder to bring you to justice. Finding the right lawyer and making the lawyer understand the case takes a lot of time. True, those lawyers will get a windfall as they bill by the hour just to become updated on the case. Who does that for your organization (that you have publically renounced)? Of course, it's Ma Achalananda Swamini, the inhuman barracuda lady. Nasty. You can live under the sea with her too.

Then you go on to the attack by the media, which is only interested in eyeballs and profit. True and tried.

@40:15, you give out your location that you are in the Himalayas. Must be cold in the Himalayas this time of year, late November. Why are you, Nithyananda, wearing a shirt and half-dressed like the tropics? Must be all that fire meditation that you've been practicing. And, what reliable and fast internet connection there is in the Himalayas. Must be beamed by satellite. No need to search Ecuador or Trinidad. You, Oh, Truthful One, are in the Himalayas. We have your word on that.

@42:50, Nithyananda, you say, "I want to assure you very clearly, we will only practice very puuuuuuuure, absolute, time-test, foolproof Vedic, organic Hindu traditions. We will not do anything (that is) violating human rights, violating the social standards of human rights. We will not do anything illegal, immoral, wrong things. We just want a peaceful atmosphere where the spiritual practice of Hinduism and continue where me and the gurukul balasants can stay... safely."..... with the exception of child beating, child pornography, child abuse, forced labor, poor food, sleep deprivation, and occasional room service in your private quarters, Nithyananda. That's pretty straightforward. And, at 42:29, a big blue banner with large white font flashes to email: (operators are standing by.) Yes, Sri Nithyananda, that's the only permanent solution. Give you a few acres of land where you can practice your special brand of spirituality that would lead to arrests in any other nation on earth. Cool.

@44:15, you, Mr. Nithyanadna, have great news! Your body is overflowing with energy and the highest power manifestation that will be able to initiate people to levitation, manifestation of powers, and next-level powers, whatever those might be. Falling coconuts off of shaking hands? Yeah, that levitation stunt in 2011 didn't exactly work so well. But, this time with all that energy and power, it will be a cinch!

@45:38, you, Jafarananda, state that Kal Bhairav (not you) is protecting us. But, you, great chameleon, always said that you were Kal Bhairav. Once again, we do know who is doing what? Are you are are you not just a Kal Bhairav imitator?

Nithyananda? Who is this clown? One moment he claims to be Kal Bhairav, the next moment says that he will enlist Kal Bhairav's help. Repeat. I don't know what to believe.

@47:01, You, Salami Nithyananda, claim that you are being attacked by Hindu phobia people and also being attacked by another group who suffer from Hindu-nation phobia. Just like that, you, Avatar of Tar, have doubled your enemies with just one slur of the tongue. A miracle!

With Nithyananda's enlightenment, you can double your vision (and enemies) just like drunks and their reasoning.

But, you're right, Sri Nithyananda. These are not their enemies. Their enemy is criminal behavior, and what they think that you have done to those children will never be acceptable anywhere. In their eyes, punishment awaits sexual predators that abuse, exploit, and harm children. These are their enemies. You need to convince them that you are only doing good. That's a tough sell, but we know that you can do it. Perhaps.

@51:01 you, Sri Nithyananda, sound like Richard M. Nixon. "I did not commit any crime." And then you said, "I am not afraid of anybody."

Really, not afraid of anybody? Then why did you hire bodyguards to stay outside of your LA Ashram dwelling, No. 5, ten years ago when this blog just started? Were you that afraid of the blogger and his snark would somehow enter your third eye during your sleep? That sounds like a good way to spend donated money to protect the best Kal Bhairav imitator on YouTube from the blogger; that's you, Sri Nithyananda.

@52:26 you, Great Peacemaker, say, "I want all the devotees to know that when we are attacked, we should be ferocious. After winning the game, we should be humble. That is the definition of living enlightenment."

Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you just went on and on and on about how peaceful and law-abiding you are. You keep saying how we are attacked. So, your devotees should ditch the peaceful part out and start being ferocious. That sounds a little precocious. And, perhaps a bit pernicious. Almost vicious. So, what do you expect your living enlightenment graduates to do now that you're under attack for assassination attacks, false cases, arresting, poisoning, character assault, chopping up your body, and more? Fight fire with fire? That's how we take it.

Oh, you will fight back with double satsungs every day. One in English and one in Tamil. Boy, that internet connection in the Himalayas has a wide bandwidth. Reliable too. @56:00 so glad to hear that you are safe, in spiritual bliss, healthy, and in samadhi, while your administrators are going to jail for you. We will sleep well at night now. And, you finally let on about your weight loss secret. You're not eating. So your body is very happy. That's great to hear! Have you considered sewing up your mouth to help you meet your eating objectives? If more is better, then we think that you will be in absolute bliss. Just a thought.

Wow, since 2002 you, Porkananda, have been under attack. That's quite a track record. Then you go on to say @101:45 that the reason that you are still alive is that you have great work to do. All the deities under the sun want you alive and that they are all protecting you and sangha (which you publicly renounced.) Yes, you have big contributions to give to the world (which you also have publicly renounced). We cannot imagine how important this is.

@103:20 more praise to Nithyananda's gurukul balasants (which Nithyananda publicly renounced). You, Nithyananda, said that they are proving that you are manifestations of Parmashiva. Hats off to them. But, Salamander Nithyananda, will they still snitch on you if they police haul them away?

@1:04:40 you clarify that you, Nithyananda, do not communicate with anyone from the ashram (which you publicly renounced) other during the public satsang. Of course, Sri Nithyananda, you already told us that you got the news from watching the video clips on the internet. So, we believe you. Otherwise, you are just in samadhi and not communicating with the world, with the exception of the videos you confessed to watching in your spare time.

@106:03, you, Sex Swami Nithyananda, make one last dig at the implants that are at your campus (which you publicly renounced). Wow. Didn't you pick these out yourself?

Sex Swami Nithyananda complains that there are implants still bouncing around his campus.

Say, Nithyananda, didn't you and your enlightened officers hand select, initiate, placed, inserted, and promoted these so-called implants yourselves? We heard that the true shape of these implants is only visible inside your bedroom. Who will be checking and rooting them out now that you are gone? You need someone with a firm grasp on the situation. You, Great Avatar of Tar, can scan people over the internet and taught your close disciples how to do this especially when they give a small donation of $10K USD, but when it comes to your own backyard (which you publicly renounced), you don't know what the flip is going on. Is this because of more bad pizza? Poison? Head trauma? Too much tantra?

Say that everything will be OK because we want to believe in you! Please! OK, we are protected by Kal Bhairav. We won, we are winning in the present, and we will win in the future. Great! Will there be a prize or at least a trophy? We can't wait.

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Special thanks to our super video YouTube stars, Ma Praba Nithyananda or Ma Nithya Prabananda or Kothari Ma Praba Swamini or Ms. Sharmila Devi P. or whatever she calls herself these days. Thanks for inspiring us to go forward to continue the battle against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda until the end. You are a real savior.