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Friday, March 12, 2010

Fraud Protection - Part II: Nithyananda's PR Machine Shifts into Low Gear

More of the Same - Nithyananda's Cooking Class Continues with 'Independent' Five-Star Chef, Rajiv Malhotra - Today's Lesson, How to Serve Up a Stale Tale

To be continued...


  1. Visitors of this site, please clarify the following point :

    As per Indian law, having sex with a woman who is already legally married to another man, is legal or illegal.

    And also please tell if it is moral or immoral?

    I remember, one of the 10 commandments of the Catholic Religion is not to have desire for another man's wife.

    And India's 2 great epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha are based on the theme of Ravana having desire for another man Rama's wife and Thuriyothana triggering the Mahabharatha war, by stripping another man's wife Throupathi.

    Please check if this is right or wrong.

  2. All the comments on this blog need to be consolidated in one place. Currently, the comments are scattered all over.
    Let us think about the strategy. No point fighting among us or against them. As someone said, let us all focus on stating facts & your personal experience, observations & things that you noticed were odd at the temple/ashram. Just facts. Simple facts. Let us be very objective.
    What kind of social service has been done in USA? Healing is the only thing I can think of. Free meditation workshop ever? No!
    Free medical camp. Yes, only couple of times in 6 years.
    He always refers to other social organizations as "so called social organizations". Has anyone observed that? why belittle others? That is not what spirituality is all about.

  3. Now they are talking building and maintaining organization, its no more preaching dharama. How to maintain positive cash flow to Dhyanapeetam. So they are hiring Rajeev to do that.

    People like Squirmish Nithyananda should be hanged or he deserves a public sham of donkey raid around the town.

  4. Question to Rajiv Malhotra: Sir, how many pills do you take a day for your Mental Retardation? and Did u forget to take one before this Interview?
    Please be frank with your answer

    True Devotee of Truth.

  5. namaHshivAyA|

    How come the 360 degree vision of the scammiji and the ability to look into past and future lives did not work for him this time?! He claims that they were simply not prepared for attack or even be aware that they could have 'enemies'...thats a sharp u turn for someone who makes his money through the build up of a mystique which makes him an all knowing master.

    The way they talk about the video and say that nothing illegal has been done 'by two people with their clothes on' is a big u turn as well from the morphing and vengence claims. It seems as though they are trying hard to blame the whole thing on an ignorant society which jumps to judgements and an unethical media.

    My god,the guys perception of 'reality' is twisted. I, as a practising sAdhakA of my hindu dharmA sure hope that the end of such scammijis is near.

  6. What deos he think of himself; are we Indians a bunch of fools for him to play psycho tag game.......why not just arrest Rajiv Malhotra for protecting a criminal if the Police is indeed still looking for the crook. There is slimit to such stupidity....

  7. Rajiv Malhotra:

    Lesson 1 for you: When you want to be an interviewer, ask a question, straight, simple, which will reveal truth/facts quickly and SHUT UP. Let the other party speak. People want to know what the other party has to say. Not your spin.

    Also, go and interview people in software or some such mundane stuff where you made living. Do not enter into subjects where you have no full grasp. You are enquiring into Sociology and Religion and Religious sentiment, customs, traditions etc. It is not your field, as is apparent in the recording.

    If your goal is not fact finding, having high status and access means nothing. Oh! Yes, you get to speak in all Nithyananda programs, just like Popat, as a propagandist. Please review your actions, you lose credibility in your own field.

    Just because you have money, it does not mean you know every thing or you are correct.

  8. So from ur 2nd interview with Malhotra, u say that u were in the Ashram when the so called
    "war was waged" on u.

    So u were given protection and a safe haven out of the Ashram and u r now given the help
    to remain in hiding.

    The attack was planned and organised and your "Divine Power" could not stop the "attack"

    You say u did not get any help when u did "1000s of socially accepted work", and now for one negative thing they r attacking u. Don't u realize, that the ppl. have given donation, believing that u r doing great
    spiritual work.

    And finally u r coming to terms with the truth about the video, when u say "u were
    experimenting", and "re-thinkg ur future course" and say when u r in body "it happened for all masters".

    Somehow by ur own act u r coming out to the truth.

    I am not sure if having intimate relationship with another man's wife is moral or immoral or legal or illegal and for this u expect ppl. to come and hug u for the great act instead of "attacking" u.

    U r so divine, why can't u foresee the threats and attacks?!!!!

  9. After having experienced the Inner Awakening program and reading most of Nithyananda's books in addition to following along this blog, I'd like to share my perceptions and understandings for me. Nithyananda is not a fraud or a fake but a man who is having a spiritual experience. I have spent time with him in the ashram and being acutely observant I saw much both profoundly mystical in nature and human. After my experiences I chose to take my mala off because I realized that the spiritual things that were happening to me were coming from inside me not from an outside source/form. The awareness that we create our experiences was clear. The awareness that we are responsible for all that happens to us both good and bad was clear. The awarness that there are no victims and no saviors and that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world was so very clear. We are all here expressing both the human experience and the Divine experience. Everything that has transpired is beautiful...I am grateful to be a witness.

  10. hahahaha!! He is very funny...this fellow is calling himself simple and wants a golden throne to sit on. i happened to see his birthday celebration on Jan 1st 2009 at Bidadi, he was wearing a grand dhoti with 10 inches zari border, a big garland around his neck, and 5 of his mad followers were taking aarathi to him by holding a big soolam in their was so funny i laughed and laughed...but he is calling himself simple in this second interview of his chamcha :) Beware of his guy please do not get carried away. Hats off to Lenin and who ever is the owner of this blog! May God bless you !

  11. These guys are paid to take interviews. what you think will ask him the right questions?

  12. I really want to express my gratitude and appreciation to you guys for all your efforts in exposing this FAKE and shameless swami.

    I read in some regional papers that this guy is setting a stage to declare that he married Ranjitha few weeks before that video was shot, and that she already got divorce with her husband..I think they are making all the required 'payments' to get this story straight.. And if the brainwashed foolish devotees fall for him again.. only the real GOD can save them..

  13. “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

  14. Saakshi TV tries to make a clear point on video doctoring..

  15. cmon..what is going on? How come no comments yet?

  16. Blog Owner... We are waiting for your article.
    Also let us know why the whole enquiry seems to have slowed down ! Why isnt the official lab report on the video coming out ?

  17. He married Ranjitha? wow..
    Let us all think about getting him a wedding gift!

  18. I heard that Sun TV recently (in one of its 30 minute weekly program) showed a detailed report on how forensic experts analyzed the video and why they think it is a original video and not a fake one.

    Does any one have a recording of that tv show (or) links on youtube for that show , please post

  19. 1. I have seen so many comments discussing - what is really immoral about having a sexual relationship with another man's wife. Here's my take on it:
    First and foremost people are forgetting that this is not the only woman he has molested. There any MANY other man's wifes that he has abused. There are SO many victims of Nithyananda inside and outside of the the organization. How many of these girls is he plannign to marry? All of them! And then live like a polygamist. Wow! thats a great step from being a brahmachari.

    2. 'consenting' adults - That again is a big misnomer when a cult like Nithyananda is in question. The press, media, police - none of these are able to understand that this is a cult. From link above. these are the tactics cult uses:sleep deprivation, partial sensory deprivation, psychological harassment, inculcation of guilt and group social pressure. etc etc. The idea of 'consenting' adults changes when cult is in question. Ranjitha and others have been brain-washed into doing the sexual activities as is seen in the video.

    3. As far as feeling sympathy for Ranjitha and others is concerned. Its for you to decide. If you want to blame a brainwashed victim for the act.

    4. There are many girls especially in Bidadi who are under-age and uneducated too. He just makes them believe he is krishna and forces them to behave as his gopikas.

    5. Nithyananda calls it "experiments that society did not agree with". So Nithyananda, you are agreeing it was YOU in the video. You are also agreeing that you DID something that the society does not agree ith. "Experiments", I loathe at your choice of words. What book did you get this experiments from - that Kamasutra and what did you think your ashram was - a Brothel!

    6. Rajiv Malhotra says no-one asked the western devotees if they still support Nithyananda and they replied -no one asked us. Rajiv Malhotra, I am telling you there are so many of us who have left the foundation. Why has the press not come to us to ask why we did? We too have lived in close proximity with Nithyananda - both men and women. Forget the press, why dont you come and talk to us and we will tell you the inside stories and our "experiences" with nithyananda. Nithyananda's foundations PR is not trianed, but you are a trained man in researching. Why are you not seeing the other side of the story.

    7. "nothing illegal between 2 people with clothes on". The clothes were NOT ON in exactly the needed portion. Rajiv Malhotra, what other proof do you need. You need a blue film from Nithyananda to believe the activites that could have gone by after the lights were shut. "clothes on". sexual relationship is not just the intercourse. The kissing, smooching and the oral - everything is sexual.

    Go get a good dictionary to see the meaning of words and get a brain too to understand the meaning of unwritten words and unshown scenes.

  20. Nithyananda sex practicing celibacy
    What a hipocrit

  21. Hmmm..things dried up so quickly here.

  22. Hmmm... Swamiji has been "experimenting" sexuality with spirituality.

    The whole sex tape episode is going to explode to the extent of Clinton - Monica Lewinsky case.

    Only after that Swamiji will come out to the open to accept the truth.

    Hmm... let us watch the thrill. Let us see how far it is going. Great entertainment for us all.

  23. does anybody knows where Rajshekaran locations is right now?

  24. According to Section 497 of Indian Penal Code, Adultery is an offence punishable by upto 5 years of imprisonment or fine or both. A person is guilty of Adultery when he has sexual intercourse with a woman he knows to be legally married to some one or has reasons to believe so. The husband of the lady should also have not consented to such a relationship.

    In that case, Nithyananda is indeed guilty of Adultery under Indian Penal Code. I think the complaint should be made by the husband or any other concerned party.

    Therefore, Nithyananda's statement that 'nothing illegal' has been done is wrong. I have never been in favour of such a law where only the man is guilty of adultery. But seeing such a case now, I dont mind Nithy being put behind the bars based on that law.

  25. nithyananda do you think that Rajiv is supporting you or against you?

    Because he is making you look like bufoon and idiot (not that you need lot of help in this regard).

    So nithyananda do you imagine he could be other side camp trying to set you up (i.e. lifebliss style)?

    Remember what you said, every thing is imagination, imaginary and imagine, so every thing possible when you imagine, only trouble is image very bad now.

  26. Just remembered an amar chitra katha comic book read during childhood titled "Krishna and the false vaasudeva"

    Here is the link and description is below:

    "Krishna and the false vaasudeva"

    Paundraka Vaasudeva had his name common with that of Krishna Vaasudeva. His sycophants led him to believe that he was as strong and powerful as Krishna. How he fell into disgrace and disaster is told in this story based on the Bhagawat Purana

  27. Nithyananda did you say experiments or sexperiments?

    Nithyananda it might not be so simple to suspend the sexperiments all by yourself the most fool proof way to stop your sexperiments is to put you behind bars.

  28. Its such an amazing act!! ’swami’ doesnt even seem to be even listening on Mr. Malhotra, he just keeps nodding anyway to glory. Neither of them have their focus on the other person while talking or listening. Its also interesting that they dont speak about the ’scandalous video’ in direct terms, but speak about the PR of the organization etc etc. All that is spoken about the video is very on the surface and just admitted that the video is true.

    Nithyananda doesnt come across as an enlightened person in this video, not that i know how one behaves when they are enlightened but he comes across like he is complaining. Sad. Most watched Guru on YouTube, impressive huh?! Try being humble.

  29. A Yogi/ Master/ Guru especially one devoted to Shiva who is Rudra would have to demonstrate fearlessness. He would have NO FEAR whatsoever. If the public kills you, so much the better- your chance to be a spiritual martyr and be greater than what you were in your life time for posterity. Oh Sir Nithyananda - how can you be a MASTER in the ranks of Swami Vivekananda and utter the word FEAR! It is better to keep shut and be thought of as stupid rather than open your mouth and confirm it!

  30. Expose Nithyananda,

    Can you please read through blog post I just put together on various Indian Penal Code provisions against which Nithyananda can be booked.

    This is to counter the claim by swamy that he did nothing illegal!!!!

    Let us extend this from moral field to legal field because swamy is spreading canards!!!

    You can reprint by blog post at your site with a reference to my blog.

  31. If the marriage is solemnized, the devotees would have to keep Ranjita's picture next to his (Sakti) and worship the DAMPATI (Holy couple - like Radhakrishna, Shiva Shakti etc.) What a promise of upliftment . . .

  32. Nithyananda what is so great in getting hits on youtube?

    This is common well known tactic used in shareware software industry. This is done all the time in our shareware apps industry to promote our apps to show up on first page of shareware software download portals. Always quality apps are somewhere in the backpages as those people don't rig the download hits.

  33. Nithyananda's new twist!

    Swami will avoid 'experiments' unacceptable to society from now! Godman said they were just ‘experiments’ that rubbed society the wrong way.


  34. Rajasekaran!

    Most watched Guru on YouTube some time ago, because you rigged the open system by asking all your (then) blind devotees to log on and listen, for some time each day, as a daily religious practice. You projected as if it was in their interest. But, the fact and your single motive was to dislodge Deepak Chopra from that # 1 spot.

    But, your sex video was a natural Hit! Even though your stand-by-crook devotees have campaigned asking others not to watch the video.

    All devotees were motivated to watch it. How can one miss sex leelas of their Guru specially when they have all been brainwashed all along to the contrary!

    Don't manipulate people. They are simple minded. You are in NO way simple. You are all knowing GOD, (fake) raja sanyasi! also Shiva, Devi and Krishna, all at once. You can even initiate mediums! Experiment Sex in Orange clothes with multiple married women. Today your face resembled a loser's face, not that of an enlightened, Shiva, Avatara Purusha. We can not accept you are simple. You are cunning no spirituality. You can even lie about your date of birth. Simple folks do not know such level of manipulation! Only you can do. You are special; You are Unique!!

    You are the first ex-communicated Guru and Most watched Guru having sex with married devotee woman. Let us see if you still remain as Most watched Guru on YouTube!! He!! He!!

  35. Someone made a good point here. Never occured to me that Rajiv could be part of the conspiracy...hmm..something to think about.

  36. The future of the happliy married Nithya Swami and all the happyily remarried orange clowns:

    After he comes back from his hiding our Taliban Swami will have a big bash in one of the five star hotel (Leela Kempenski) in Bangalore. Where he will announce that he is the reincarnation of Krishna-Fakeananda and has marrired his Rukmany-ladies and is proudly announcing it to the world.

    He will definetly add that there are more wives he will be taking in the future since Lord Krishna-Fakeananda did not stop wth one.

    He will be elegently dressed in Rs 2 Lakh Kudtha and will be sitting on the Golden throne with Rukmany-ladies(Ranjitha) on his lap. All the VIP's will be attending the big bash with WINE Whiskey and Dancing Sevakis.

    Now the Orange Clowns will get really jeaolous of this whole situation and go back crawling like dogs to their MASTER and express their frustration about them selves.
    Lord Nithya Krishna-Fakeananda will ask 'What Do you want?' The will will look at him like sex starved dogs and say "What about us Master? WE WANT SEX TOO."

    Lord Nithya Krishna-Fakeananda will grant their boon with 0 degree vision and rename his ashram NITHYA LEELA SEXALAYA.

    Thus the Saga of the Nithy Leela Sexalaya will continue in Kali yuga in Bangalore.

    More devotees will come from all over the world and life will be lot more better for Nithya and his Goons.

  37. Court summons to Swami Nithyananda

    SRIPERUMBUDUR: The Nithyananda sex scandal case took another twist on Friday as District Munsif- cum-Judicial Magistrate, Sriperumbudur, issued summons to the godman to appear before the court on April 2.

    Advocate K Selvamani filed a private complaint against Nithyananda under section 295 (a) (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious belief) bypassing the police.

    Selvamani submitted that the saffron robe has an innate religious sanctity in the Hindu ethos, and Nithyananda’s involvement in a sexual encounter with a woman while donning the holy saffron robe has offended the sentiments of the Hindus in addition to denigrating the tenets of Hinduism.

    The complainant also prayed that the case be taken up by the court without referring the matter to the police.

    Magistrate S Guna sekhar after examining the complainant as a witness and other relevant documents found that there were grounds for a prima facie case.

    The court at its discretion issued a summons which will be personally delivered by a messenger at the Nithyananda Gnanapeetham ashram of the guru at Bidari near Bangalore, which is his headquarters.

    Selvamani told Express that if the swami is not found at his headquarters, the court may invoke the necessary clause to issue a warrant against Nithyananda.

  38. It is funny to hear that this idiot is attending kumbh mela. He is hiding like a RAT in a hole and releasing vodeo's like one of the most wanted terrorist Osama Bin ledan. I got angry when i listen to this b@st@rd(this may be my 5th or 6th time i am using this word in around 15 years of time). He is scolding the society. Society gave him money, wealth, luxury life, the POST 'GOD' and even some ladies gave him .... But still he is scoldingthe society. We need People like lenin. We must support whole heartedly to lenin for releasing these videos. I very clearly see the marks and psycho-moteric skills in the scandal video. This is 100 RANJITHAANANDA sorry NITHYAANANDHA. How may videos are still there mr F*c.... Master. He was telling in the video. It seems he is not going to try many future ideas he had. What did you have...Did this mother fucker had idea of trying all the kamasutra techniques. I guess he already did one round of test. I like your blog. Why can't you USE the RIGHT TO GET INFORMATION ACT. Where you can ask the trust to answer your questions and publish it to public and media? I really sincerely appriciate your hard work in analysing this fraud.



  39. This f**king idiot had a death experience long back..and he is above all fears according to him and his LBP1,2,3,4.....Why is he having a fear of getting killed..Hang him the middle of the street..

  40. Everybody...

    Please post this bog address in many news articles comment section as this is the time to do so when lot of discussion is happening in the web,in many blogs and news comment sections. Still in many websites, there is no mention of this blog. Please take this seriously and go and mention about this at many Youtube links and other comment sections, especially at more Indian websites of media outlets..

    Just google "Nithyananda Sex Scandal" and you will get so many links and news articles..

    Let's save innocent victims for the future as this will die down and we need to link them now!

  41. So, Bhakthananda, I am sure you are reading this: you owe me an apology atleast after sweet talking my family into this cult, you didnot even bother to contct me regarding this matter....atleast let me know your you still support this b@st@rd?

  42. Holy Cr@p, these stupids still think there is something called 'Future' for their Cult?

  43. Hi Anon who said " Anonymous said...
    The future of the happliy married Nithya Swami"..

    That was real funny man! LOL on the floor..

  44. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, Nadunudi / Narayana, for offering us to use your material in our blog. That is very sweet and sincere of you. And, yes, we might take you up on it. Problem is that there is such a backlog of things to write about and action that needs to be taken. We'll try to get a post on it.

    For now, readers, please see this OUTSTANDING article about the many legal challenges that face Sri Nithyananda. EXCELLENT Reading:

    Legal Challenges in Nithyananda Case

    Jai Maa.

  45. Court Notice To Swami Nithyananda:

    Special Programme On Nithyananda Scandal Issue - Part 1:

    Special Programme On Nithyananda Scandal Issue - Part 2:

    Special Programme On Nithyananda Scandal Issue - Part 3:

  46. Did Swamiji forget his age again?? In video he says he is 33... but he was born on Jan 1st 1978.

    More proof if someone needs it:

  47. Sir i really want to knows where Rajshekaran locations is right now?

  48. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon @ 11:54 PM. Sharp eye! Yes, in North America, that would be an issue. In Southern India, it is acceptable to say that you're 'going on' an age, and then give that as your age. So, Nithyananda saying that he 33 is consistent to his lie. But, we really doubt that he is 33 and really doubt that he was born on January 1.

    Jai Maa.

  49. namaH shivAyA |

    Here's the latest in this sordid tale -

    nithyananda has accepted that it is him in the video with ranjitha! But, wait for it, he claims to have been in a state of 'deep samadhi' when the video was shot!

    check out the clip on Times Now TV.

  50. Guru Puja...$300
    Paada Puja..$2000
    Romancing the master..Priceless

    New "Master" Card commercial.

  51. Nithyananda/Kamananda Scamiji telugu Report at:

  52. Swamiji Sex Scandal - Romancing With Tamil Actress.. Telugu news report:

  53. Nithyananda TV interview

  54. As per law of karma, nothing happens by chance.
    What ever Nithyananda is going through right now could be
    1. Past life bad karma
    2. Current life bad karma is so much that nature flushed out in this life itself

    Yama, Niyama and Purity are the foundation for Sanyasi or for a spiritual organization.
    If any one skips these basics, it will be like constructing a house with weak foundation.
    And you know what happens when the foundation is weak.

    If a sanyasi/sadaka does not stay in Brahmacharya - Ojas, Tejas and Tapas will be burnt to ashes.
    Hope Nithyananda realized his mistake.

  55. Yes, it is me in the video: Swami Nithyananda
    Saturday, March 13, 2010,15:06 [IST

    Bangalore, Mar 13: For the first time, the Swamiji Nithyananda has admitted that it is in fact him in the sex scandal video.

    Buzz up!The spiritual guru, who made this shocking admission while speaking to Times Now TV, said that he did not think that he had done something wrong.

  56. I think all the ex-Nithyananda devotees should congregate and create a youtube video to talk and detail the abuse's experienced.

    Lets face it the media is not looking for you guys. You would have to go the media. Moreover they are facing heat for airing that video.

    Let us not hide anymore behind a blog. Lets get out and record and post videos on youtube.
    What have we got to lose?

  57. Rakasekaran (aka Nithyananda) has not quit delusions yet. He said in the video that he will stop his experimenting.

    I want to give my opinion that. Here he is not referring to his sex activities as his experiments. He intended all the other social experiments such as keeping himself above all gods of Hinduism, making people do his murti puja, making people do his nama japa, giving sanyasa (though fake and various kinds of sanyasa), separating families so that they can be enslaved in the name of enlightenment, taking young children away from parents and engage them in cult activities by branding them as 'Swamiji's children', and making them as fit for future propagation only, building grand things on his name, do every thing as 'Nithya Grass Cutting', 'Nithya toilet cleaning', Nithya Brothels', 'Nithya Cooking Centers' etc. Topple other gurus and be # 1 so that his image will be above other humble saints. Destroying all south India swamis by giving them just flower garlands and also Doctorates etc. just about every thing he was devising , so that he will be in news. These were the experiments.

    His Sex activities were beyond experiments. It was Krishna and Gopika leelas, though he could not do openly as his goal to become more holy than Adi Sankara will be rejected by people.

    He and his followers are ignorant idiots to take Rajasekaran and Adi Sankara names in one sentence! Just that simple.

  58. Did you guys see this?

    Trance ??????

  59. Nithyananda spins his sex with deciples and devotees as "experiments". How sick can this be!

    Wow! Even now he does not accept that he has done wrong! Very sick ego person. What kind of Godman is he?

  60. Diabolical Scammiji Nithyananda's new twist!

    Nithyananda was "experimenting" sex with his deciples that trust him and give their souls to him.

    When will he say that he made a mistate by cheating millions of people with his lies?

  61. Here is a Trivia

    How do you keep your spine erect if you are spineless?

    Looking for answers..

    Then we will post best answer on yahoo/youtube

  62. To Anon - March 13, 2010 9:59 AM

    Thats a good idea. But the ex-devotees here do not want to be brave and accept that they have been scammed by a diploma holder and would like to stay behind the annonimty of the blog. Meanwhile Rajasekharan go around screws around all they do is watch and vent here.

  63. Nityananda said that the girl seen in the video tape was his devotee and she was looking after him, taking care of him when he was ill. He said that she was serving him since a long time. She was volunteering and serving him, taking care of him when he was sick for a long time. Nithyananda added that she was, she is and will remain a devotee.

    Nityananda said he became sick last December and the actress volunteered and served him. He was physically unwell and was consciously in a deep samadhi. Lastly Swami Nityananda, who's in Haridwar said that he believes that he does not have any lust and he was 100 per cent sure that he does not need any other person.



  66. All praise to Raghupathi (the retired State Bank clerk, who was described as Patanjali incarnate by Rajasekaran (aka Nithyananda), for his teachings on trance (Samadhi)
    Rajasekaran (aka Nithyananda)

    needs a woman in Samadhi?
    enjoys oral sex in Samadhi?
    watchs TV in Samadhi?
    smooches and pets a married woman devotee in Samadhi?
    reads books in Samadhi?
    attends phone calls in Samadhi?
    needs and gets oil massage in Samadhi?
    travels in Samadhi?
    collects money in the name of Kalpatharu darshan in Samadhi?

    The speciality of this samadhi is that it comes handy, to fake to get out of legal tangle or when future Dollars from devotees are at stake.

    I love this Samadhi!!

  67. "I do not have any lust 100%" - Nityanand

  68. He says he was sick in Decemeber. Surprisinga!
    He conducted IA from 2nd Dec to Dec 22. Then he was busy with his Jayanthi Celibration. Was he that sick that he needed this girl to feed him & give him oil massage? beats me!

    He also claims that in 5 years of his public life he has never missed a single event(discourse) because of sickness.

  69. he had claimed to have healing powers and that his ashram had a healing lake(Vaidya Sarovar). How then could he fall sick ?

  70. I guess Nithyananda wants to escape from going to jail. This entire Samadhi thing works out best for his legal argument. Hopefully a judge will see beyond this bull5h!t.

  71. Post scandal, Nithyananda’s commerce takes hit
    Chandan Nandy, Bangalore, Mar 13, DHNS:

    Self-styled godman Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s source of funds in the United States - Life Bliss Foundation, which masquerades as a spiritual organisation - has been badly hit after videos showing him having sex with a woman went public on March 2.

    Consequently, some of Nithyananda’s principal associates in the US, men who ran Life Bliss Foundation and some other associated organisations have also disappeared from public view and are at present lying low. Life Bliss Foundation is described in its website as “part of a worldwide movement for meditation and healing.”

    After March 2, an important fallout of the sex scandal involving the 33-year-old self-styled godman was that several of his devotees quit the ashrams in Tamil Nadu and Bangalore.
    The Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam’s so-called spiritual and healing programmes have been discontinued and online purchase of products, typically “energised by the Master”, at is not possible because the link has stopped working. Besides, on March 11, online purchases could not be made because the website said “PayPal transactions have been removed now due to technical reasons.”

  72. morphing?

    Nithya, the only real morphing done was when you morphed teachings from various scriptures and masters with Osho Rajneesh's psychological bullying techniques! UNDERSTAND, JUST UNDERSTAND.


  73. Bhakta, Medh, Sachit, Ayya, and other inner circle crooks time for you guys to go get a real job and work your asses off. Enough of feeding like leeches over other peoples hard earned money. Now get to work guys.

  74. Nithyananda of late as you say that you are in a learning mood, thought of sharing this nursery rhyme with you.

    Johnny, Johnny,
    Yes, Papa,
    Eating sugar?
    No, Papa
    Telling lies?
    No, Papa
    Open your mouth
    O Ha! Ha! Ha!

  75. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, unfortunately, the rate that these people you mentioned above @8:54 PM are going, they will indeed get hard labor in chain gain. Perhaps a furlough program if they are lucky. Covering up murder, money laundering, fraud, and a list of other crimes are serious offenses in any country.

    Jai Maa.

  76. nithyananda is saying he dont want to blame anyone then why he is blaming media and society?

  77. How can we help Lenin karuppan, His sacrifice should not be in vain,I am afraid these cheats will bribe the Officials & get away . I hope Lenin is safe & has enough to live by.
    Why is Shiv Sena not doing anything to protect the people from such cheats.How can shiv sena allow Pune center & Mumbai centers to operate.
    The city Coordinators of these two centers have Valuable information about this nittty nutty Rajsekharan/Sexsekharan






  79. Dear blog owner,
    I am seeing total devastation in some devotees and it is very scary to see them calling this so called swami a God and that he will emerge to be "3 times more powerful and it is just his leela and he is just playing and he is the existential energy".I think there are going to be some suicides and nervous breakdowns when their eyes open to the truth. There are meetings happening in people's homes and LA ashramites are on some kind of a campaign,contacting all devotees in the guise of finding out how they are doing.I donot know what more they hope to get from these poor brainwashed devotees.Now is the time to act and publish all the names of the senior acharya's and that they are directly responsible for all this carnage as much as their master.They know all these activities for a long time and took part in it willingly hoodwinking the public. The thing is that they have not stopped doing it even now . That is despicable and cannot be allowed to happen. They will be responsible if any untoward things happen to the existing devotees who are still cought in the web. They are sounding almost paranoid and I know some are going to loose their jobs because of the stress of being shattered and friends and spouses are not able to extricate them . Somehow we need to cut the communicating line from LA cut and they need to face some legal repurcussions for continuing to feed lies and stories about MR. Rajasekharan.Please let us regroup and see how this can be achieved the onething we can do being here in US.This way we can avert tragic things happening in the future which is going to be inevitable.May the universe take care of it's own.

  80. This is specifically addressed to swami's ,mahacharya's of LBF.
    We know some of you very well and donot want want to see you suffering the same fate as your master.Most of you had a strong spiritual quest to start with and thought you found the right master ,so charismatic giving out truths which were very palatable to a contemporary audience. Now ask yourselves some hard questions.Is your life agenda going to be promoting this cult and getting cought up in misguided loyalty towards someone who caused somuch turmoil around him.Or do you feel that there is no other option left open to you?
    There is a choice an option you look at even now at this stage. Truth has a unique power of protecting people who adhere to it. Say the truth as you see it,you still can turn around this life time and go on the right path . Please stand by the people who you led to this swami and by helping them ,heal yourselves.You all are intellectuals and are capable of unclutching from this cult.The freedom to think ,and act according to your will is the real freedom. You are not going to take this choice unless you think hard with an unbiassed mind. When you turned the other way when things were happening is not right and if you have to suffer the consequences it is still ok.But get your will power ,discrimination back and you will gain self respect and also the respect of people around you.Existence has taken a compassionate hand here and even cut short your master's leela's ,before he can do more damage to himself or others.
    Please follow the path to Dharma and do the right thing.Was that not the original intention before you all joined this Swami.Even he can make this hard choice since he also started out with wanting to know God from a young age. some where along the way he took a wrong turn and existence had to point out the right path again.
    May peace prevail to all anguished souls.

  81. Nithy a spiritual Madoff

    I disagree with Rajiv's assesment that Nithy's ashram is poor in crisis management. Even the best of management schools would not have prescribed a better crisis management solution that Nithy has just announced.. Nithy to go in a prolonged silent meditation.. while announcing this, Nithy is prompt to have a rudratcha mala rolling in his hand. Just a day ago, Nithy gave an elaborate, beating around the bush answers, made big statement that he will be in Bidadi on March 15 and will meet the press. Getting a sense of hostile press questions, he soon discovered the extended silent meditation to heal people's hurt feeling.

    I simply admire him, just with an incompleted diploma degree and few years at Ramakrishna Mission, he has admirably messmerized millions of people. Nithy is a spiritual Madoff and a corporate Ramalinga Raju running a successful spiritual ponzi scheme;

  82. God's health was bad hahah

    People who really a hindu and aware of real sprituality can easly understand who is nithyanandha... the one who heals others cancer needs a dandruff shampoo the one who can heal others need sombady to massage his legs to remove pain and go for futher more ... he was sick and not physically well few days while every thing was happening against him.... oh stupid nityanandha politicians support you.. but real hindu and real people who are into spirituality will never forgive you and cannot be brainwashed by your words... you will not have real happiness in your life any more real people will not be with you ... your face clearly express how cunning you are... you are a criminal...

  83. nitty r u innocent? whats ur say ?

    U were sick.
    U were in samadhi.
    U were experimienting with sex.

    What a disaster u were, u fumbled u jumbled and u got caught in ur own trap. Atleast u could have stuck to one answer but u chose to bungle. ha ha ho ho he he he


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