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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hanuman 3.0, a.k.a. Lenin, Sets Lanka Ablaze to Defeat Nithyananda's Fraud & Sex Cult

Modern Day Hanuman Defends Dharma Against Modern Day Ravana (Nithyananda & His Cult - Pure FRAUD!)

CALL TO ACTION: All Devotees of the Divine and Defenders of Dharma, Pass This Video to EVERYONE You Know.  Also GIVE SUPPORT to our modern day Hanuman, Lenin Karuppan, a.k.a. Dharmananda. Protect him and spread his word.

Well there, Sri Nithyananda.  Do you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, remember the Ramayana?  You know, that classic story between dharma (righteousness) and adharma (unrighteousness)?  Yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we often compared you to a character in that very epic.  Sorry to say, that you 'Swami' Nithyananda, seem to be a perfect fit for Ravana. Why? Well, let's see, there's that anger, greed, violence, power thirsty, ego, oh, yes, lots of that, lies, and you name it, you fit it.  Oh, yes, and then there's that lust thing.  And, going after other people's wives.  How could that possibly slip our minds?   And, what a coincidence, Ravana even had an evil brother just kind of like you have, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  We mean anyone whose brother is in charge of the accounting and is willing to lie about your age, well, we consider that not to be with dharma.  On a side note, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, where is your older brother?  He has been missing from this drama from day one.  Doesn't he believe that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, were born on January 1, 1978?  And, does he actually believe that you did all that wandering in nine years now reduced to just six years but really just zero years because you were in the Ramakrishna Mission the whole time? 

You know, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, wasn't Ravana also known for building big, big, big cities to glorify himself with big, big, big, temples, to of all deities, Lord Shiva?  We think that is right, but there was a big difference between you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda and Ravana.  We think Ravana was a bit more sincere in his worship.  And, 'Swami' Nithyananda, wasn't it Lord Shiva himself who came in the form of Lord Hanuman that really defeated Ravana and his wicked cult in Lanka?

Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we would sure like to see an updated version of Lord Hanuman come down to this planet and do the same to you.  No offence or anything, but what you have done is really wrong.  You, know, enslaved people into your cult through mind games to work 24/7 to build your empire, drugging and tricking attractive ladies to give up their innocence or abandon their husbands to give you a little sexual pleasure, summons god-knows-what from all of your graveyard worship, robbing people of their land and wealth, leaving them nothing for their old age, breaking up families, violence, rape, murder, and smearing Hinduism and Vedic culture as if it was a cheap commodity or some form of personal toilet paper used only to benefit your self.  Yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we think you've been a bit cheeky lately.  At least it smells that way.

But, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what's this over here?  Why isn't this one of your blue movies that launched your porn star career? Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, how did that happen?  Oh, we get it now, one of your cult members woke up just like we did.  But, wow, Sri Nithyananda, this guy didn't just leave your hell-hole-of-for-ashram and try to start his life over again.  He stuck around just to expose you, and he sure did a great job of exposing you, maybe a little bit to much exposure, but certainly a great job.  'Swami' Nithyananda, who was this person?  Oh, we see, it was Sri Lenin Karuppan.  Wasn't he your diver?  But, now he's driving your crazy!  Oh, what irony.  A lonely driver can bring down a huge villain, that's you, Sri Nithyananda.

And, what 'Nithya xyz-Ananda' name did you give your driver who is now driving you crazy?  Oh, you gave him the name Sri Nithya Dharmananda.  Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you really must have meditated before giving someone one of your special brainwashing-identity-robbing-cult-entrapping names.  We thought all along that one of your caretakers just had some Excel spreadsheet and randomly matched names like we seen her do so many times before at your programs.  But, then again, if there's a big time donor, you know, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, then we know that you give that person a special name to flatter their ego like Ahimsananda or something like that to ensure a steady stream of major money and support.  Yes, money and their soul, right there in your pocket, next to your, ah, wallet... just for safekeeping.

But we digress, Sri Nithyananda.  We do mean to say that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda seemed to get it right in giving names at least once, but don't let your ego swell so big there.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  But, giving Sri Lenin Karuppan the name of Sri Nithya Dharmananda was spot on.

You see, 'Swami' Nithyananda, there are very few people that were trapped into your cult that were able to 'wake up' and realize that you were not only just a fraud, but they were stuck in a cult.  Those few people that did wake up usually ran away and tried to restart their lives without looking back. In the case of Sri Lenin Karuppan, he not only woke up, but he stuck around while awake in this horrible cult mess.  Then he risked his life, you heard me right there, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, he risked his life and put himself in harms way to catch you commit all kinds of crimes on video.  If you caught Sri Lenin Karuppan video taping you, Sri Nithyananda, we bet that he would have had another mysterious death falling from some high unknown place, and you and your cult henchmen would blame it on Sri Lenin Karuppan with some lame story like:
"We warned him that he should not have attempting doing acrobats on top of the water tower during a heavy rainstorm.  We guess his ego was just too big for Swami's energy.  Hey, we even have a coroner's autopsy report, which we wrote ourselves, that proves that we are completely innocent and that it is all Sri Lenin Karuppan's fault.  Case and casket closed."
Yes, Sri Nithyananda, Sri Lenin Karuppan really was brave to risk everything.  And, did he do this for money, fame, to impress some hot yoga chick?  No, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  He didn't even do it because he was jealous of you, although you and your public relations (more like public retaliation) spokesperson would like us to believe that.  Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda, speaker of revised Truths, you've done your absolute best to discredit him.  But, unfortunately for you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, too many people know Sri Lenin Karuppan personally.  They know him as being sweet, sincere, honest, trustworthy, of character, etc., you know, he is just about everything you're not.  And, so when you go on a rampart character assault, all of your fingers get pointed right back at you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  We just have selected fingers pointed at you, but we'll resist for now.  Anyway, you came up empty handed again.  Perhaps you, Sri Nithyananda, were clutching on to something else.

You see, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, this is a big deal.  We certainly have been under your attack and have received your legal threats, etc., but most of the time, we've done our sparring in the comforts of our living room, far from you and your cult.  We also had some time to wake up and assess just how bad you were.  Sri Lenin Karuppan, on the other hand, woke up, and immediately began to fight back, right there, in the dangers of your own territory.  We are just amazed.  Sri Lenin Karuppan not only recognized what was right (with dharma), but he acted on what was right with no ulterior motive other than to uphold dharma.  We are not qualified to say if Sri Lenin Karuppan really is Hanuman or not, but we are very certain that Hanuman's energy and intelligence worked through Sri Lenin Karuppan.  Therefore, we salute him as Hanuman 3.0, the updated revised version of Hanuman.  Whereas Hanuman used his own tale (and that must have hurt) to set fire all of Lanka, Sri Lenin Karuppan used a tiny video recorder that spread like fire over the internet.  We are just amazed and impressed, and we really do hail our Hanuman 3.0, a.k.a. Lenin, as a hero in protecting dharma, Hinduism, and Vedic culture from a hijacking-kidnapper, that's you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.

Get Ready to Help!
So, all of you readers out there, who believe in dharma and identify with the little honest guy who can bring down the big villain, please extend a hand to Sri Lenin Karuppan.  He is going to need legal assistance and needs a safe place with food, shelter, and basic living accommodations/needs, etc.  This is your chance to show Divinity that you do care, and that you do want dharma to win over adharma.  So, please open your heart and extend a hand.  No, we are not going to promise you 'enlightenment' for helping.  Sorry, someone else already has done this and it is wrong.  But, we will promise you the satisfaction to know that you have stopped other young ladies from being sexually traumatized and raped, that you have stopped other people from being swindled, and that you have prevented further hijacking and erosion of our rich Hindu and Vedic traditions, etc.  Later, we'll give links on how you can help.  Just get ready, for Sri Lenin Karuppan really could use a hand right now.

Jai Bajrang Bali Jai Hanuman Ki Jai!!!
Transcript of Video and Conversation:

Nakkeeran’s Interview of Dharmananda (9th, Mar, 2010)

Nakkeeran: Hello

Dharmananda: Hello. I am happy to deliver these truths to the world through Nakkeeran. To tell you exactly, in 2006 I first join Swami as his disciple. Before that in 2004 I attended his meditation program. After that I did many of his programs continuously, one after another. I became deeply interested and from 2006 Aug onwards I became his direct disciple. Until I left recently in Feb 2010 I was living in his ashram only. I was following his teachings and practicing them. I was there because I liked his teachings. The reason for this video is, last year in November, I started hearing many things about him from some people. I was shocked by what I heard, because people see him and we also see him only as god. But the information I heard was shocking, I don’t even know how to say it!

This video incident has happened before but there was no proof of it. How to tell the world about it? So many youngsters and women are coming in every day. There are some who have been affected, but they are unable to talk about this openly, because if they bring this in the open their personal family life will be affected negatively by it. Because of that fear none of this came to public view. If that mask has to be torn, this kind of video is needed as solid evidence. That is why this video was taken and released.

Nakkeeran: What did people tell you about how they were affected? You say women were affected. Was it physical?

Dharmananda: Yes. Women have been abused through their body [sexual abuse]. The worst part of all this is, they are not even aware that they are being abused, to that extent they have been mesmerized. That is the sad news. “I am God. If you are with God, you will also achieve my state”, this is what he has told them and kept them mesmerized. Because of that, they don’t even think there is something wrong in this. They don’t even realize that they are a victim [of this abuse]. This is the problem. Only because some people mentioned it, even I came to know about it.

Nakkeeran: So he claims himself to be an incarnation of God?

Dharmananda: Yes. “I am Krishna. If you are with me like the Gopikas, you will also achieve their state”, this is what he tells them and mesmerizes them to abuse them.

Nakkeeran: So he says this is a path to enlightenment?

Dharmananda: Yes, he says that. He says this is a tantra technique, that’s what he makes them all believe. I was shocked to hear this and I realized that only if this is proved with some evidence people will believe what is going on. Even after giving all this evidence some people still don’t believe it. If I had said this with mere words, nobody would have believed me. That’s why I decided that I have to collect evidence for this. Legally whether this can be punished or not, only the police and government has to decide. Whatever is his true face, I have showed it [to the world]. Now its for the law to decide.

Nakkeeran: Is there any hidden motive for you to defame Nithyananda like this?

Dharmananda: Definitely not! I don’t have any hidden motive or agenda for this. People must know the truth about who he is – this is my only intention. There are so many youngsters from Tamilnadu, not only Tamilnadu they come from all around the world – young men and more importantly young women; and in addition there are many families that also come and join the ashram. I do not want any more people to be affected like this, that is the only genuine good intention with which this was done. There is no other hidden motive or conspiracy behind this.

Nakkeeran: What is the reason for this video to be released so many days after it was shot?

Dharmananda: Due to certain safety, security and legal reasons it took some time.
Nakkeeran: There is an allegation that he was blackmailed with this video for getting some money.

Dharmananda: No. This is entirely a false accusation spread by them. If I wanted money, then this news would not have come out at all. This accusation itself is wrong. If I wanted money I could have directly talked to them, I could have lived like a king. This news would not have come out at all.

Nakkeeran: How true are the scenes in this video? Nithyananda’s people have been continuously claiming that this is a forgery.

Dharmananda: The original source CD, I have submitted to Tamilnadu police and government. Let their lab report become available. I am saying that this is definitely original. Let them prove that this is fake, then legally whatever punishment they give me, even if they give me death sentence, death by hanging, I am willing to accept it. I know this video is entirely true. It even has date and time on it.

Nakkeeran: There is an allegation that Ranjitha and you conspired together and created this video.

Dharmananda: No. No.

Nakkeeran: There is also an allegation that you were accused in the Magnetic Therapy Bed case.

Dharmananda: This is false accusation. In 2003 there was a company that was promoting Magnetic Therapy Bed. They had many lakhs of distributors. I was also one of the distributors who was cheated by that company. I was also a victim who lost money. There is no police complaint against me in that case. This is a false allegation meant to defame me and show me in bad light.

Nakkeeran: In the middle of all this, you said you were afraid for your life. Was the ashram such a place where you had to be concerned for your life?

Dharmananda: Yes. Ashram is about 40 acres land. In that Swami stayed in approximately 2-3 acres land. In that area nobody can enter, even ashramites, disciples, no one can enter. Only those who are chosen by Swami can go into that area. It is a high security area. For example, you can even visit American President’s home, but it is very difficult to go into Swami’s quarters.

Nakkeeran: Will only specific people be allowed there?

Dharmananda: Yes. Yes, definitely. Only those whom he chooses, ladies only will be allowed there.

Nakkeeran: Is that for doing service to him?

Dharmananda: Yes. Only those who do service to him are allowed there.

Nakkeeran: Who selects them?

Dharmananda: Swami. Only Swami selects them, no one else interferes in that.

Nakkeeran: After this video was aired what kind of feedback have you received?

Dharmananda: Many friends and relatives although they could not contact me directly, they expressed that I have done a good thing. Many people from around the world, including some ashramites, feel happy that a person who has been fooling the society, a womanizer in the disguise of a Sannyasi wearing the kavi cloth, is exposed. Many emails and phone calls appreciating this have been received. People have been expressing a strong support through Nakkeeran and all other media also.
Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 94: Ninety-four days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 116: One hundred and sixteen days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. No wonder this ?former MLA? and/or former Karnataka Advocates Association president K.N. Subba Reddy wants to file PIL to block new tapes of Filthy Nithy from being aired on TV channels.

    Looks like these advocate lawyer fellows had their own sex racket, so now they are either protecting their own kind in Filthy Nithy or Filthy Nithy has bought them with money.

    Karnataka Advocates please file another PIL against K N Subba Reddy saying that for protection and welfare of society it is very very urgent that the entire Bidadi Sex Den is shut down and Filthy Nithy is put in jail for 2 life terms.

  2. Also , many idiots imagine , just living in Thiruvannamalai guarantees you instant moksha. And insist ROTFL....Bhagavan has said so. And hence the " rape of Arunachala to rapes & sodomies , looting , murders , AAALLL get overlooked by this Benign(sic)idiot called Arunachala.

    Talk to the hiiiigghhhhhly qualified. Will mutter " all brahman , everything brahman..."

    No wonder Shakespeare warns:-

    " The devil cites the Scriptures to suit.......".

  3. I attended one of His weekend programme While visiting my sister in Singapore. I was really taken up by the lectures given in the US available 0n You tube.
    Today's Press conference was a "kite-flying" exercise[Testing the water!]to Pave way for Swami Nithyananda to face the press and his devotees--The moderator Brought perpheral issues and incidents
    to deflect or dilute the Main issue--I would expect they would only focus with Laser sharp precision with the main issue alone-At this particular juncture. that is the Video Presented by Stalin.
    It is also my opinion , Stalin would not have done it on his own initiative alone with the altrustic motive as he claims to be.He must also divulge the full true story-to allay the fears of any conspiracy theory.we all know that the video is genuine .
    What i am puzzled is how come Swami Nithiyananda who claims to be have the power of seeing 360 degrees and also able to read thoughts of others mind allow this video recording taking place under his nose without any suspicion?
    I still believe he might have had some "Engligtenment" experiences and good spritual knowledge in vedic tradition and sharp verbal-rational Intelligence.
    I also believe this incident does not in anyway nullfy his teachings and Techniques he expoused--After all they are not his own--He only Gave interpretation of the age old verdic teachings and found some techiniques by "Mixing up " the old ones.
    In my humble opinion --He is a Cerebral/Spritual Narcisit but not a Parahamsa as he claims to be--Sadly He may not aware of this by himself and believed truely with his grandiose Ideas of incarnation, God Etc. Very Sad indeed.

    May God Bless all involved in this sad Saga.


  4. Dharmananda is the true hero in this! He stood for the very name he had been given - for Dharma. You can see his bravery too in saying "they can hang me if they want, I wanted the world to know the truth". What a brave soul, may the real God protect him!

    Those of who have been affected been this violent fraud criminal Nithyananda, should write a book with our experiences and praising the greatness of Dharmananda so history will know what happened from another perspective. Otherwise, they will only see his goody good videos and his books and they will think Nithyananda was a great "Guru".

    Dharmananda ki Jai!
    Dharmananda ki Jai!
    Dharmananda ki Jai!

  5. Why is this Lenin fellow hiding? Why can't Nakkeeran have a video of this same thing? How do we believe that person on phone is Lenin? I am not against you people. Neither I am trying to support Nithyananda. I know you can give the same argument that Lenin is worried about his safety & security. But video interview can be done in a safe place & be posted.

  6. Nithyananda's one more new blog

  7. Pass this website to Temple management in your area.


  9. To Anonymous at March 10, 2010 9:51 AM

    Why can't the same logic be applied to Filthy Nithy? Why is he hiding? and giving interview like Bin Laden?

    Why can he not Filty Nithy come out on streets and face the public anger and reaction???????????

  10. Just cut and pasting message posted by Anonymous at March 10, 2010 1:02 PM, just adding heading and title to previous message posted by another friend.

    Latest Pics of Filthy Nithy getting Oil Massage:

    Also one poster had very humorous observation, if this Filthy Nithy crook has 360 degrees vision and was all knowing how come the Filthy Nithy crook did not know and could not spot the spy camera right under his nose?

  11. Good!! it is really good to see this
    the person like RAJIV MALHOTRA interviwing the
    SEX scandal swami.
    but here the quection comes like, the person like RAJIV MALHOTRA dosnt remember to ask the first or last question about the SEX SCANDAL VIDEOS
    this seems or gives an image that RAJIV MALHOTRA is really good thinker as he talks always on hindu identity etc..
    and as he is the part of ARSH VIDHYA PEETHAM naturally swami dayananda saraswati its really shame ull to see this that, this person is partial, like politicians
    so, may be he forgot all this incidence happend during this days because of ONLY SEX SCANDAL TAPES WHICH WERE AIRED ON TELIVISION OF THIS SWAMI
    In the press conference of ashram also we noticed that the offcial spoksperson dosnt have any interests to talk about SEX SCANDAL TAPES AIRED ON TV CHANNELS
    So dose this means either ashram or this very eminent researcher - Rajiv Malhotra say now or trying to forget the main subject of this case? or they all are justifying this SEX SCANDAL BY THIS SWAMI ? WHICH IIS AIRED BY TV CHANNELS
    if it is justification then really we need to salute such a eminent thinker like RAJIV MALHOTRA too...
    this is regarding 10 th march 2010 interview of nithyanand who is involved in SEX SCANDAL IN HIS ASHRAM

    just now watched video released

  12. In latest video Filthy Nithy does not even address... In latest video Filthy Nithy does not even address all the predatory sex and perverted hedonism.

    He is only trying to protect his dearest wealth and assets, by trying to beg Karnataka Govt not to attatch his assets and shut down the Sex Den at Bidadi.

    Also on YouTube:

  13. Ah, indeed, there's a new video... How come Nithyananda's got so much free time?
    And, more importantly, what's that confidence coming from?
    Hope this will be examined in the next post. (I feel like I'm hooked on that; I'd like to see the grand finale to the story, but can't quite grasp this may come to an end for a long period of time...)
    And, the face he makes at 4:49 is priceless. That's what years of experience can do.

  14. I agree. Rajiv Malhotra should have asked tough questions there. This video hurts the organization more than it helps clarify things. And he should have kept his emotions hidden instead of sucking upto him to show that he is a neutral observer.


    Finally one godman comes forward to speak against these fake swami. Ramdev asks for death penalty for sake swamis. All other godmen are quiet because they are scared their own clothes are pretty dirty!

  16. Lenin missed one more recording whihc would have been much easy to record than the bedroom scenes.
    He should have recorded how Nithyananda personally beats his brahmacharis. One he beat a brahmachari so hard that the stick broke. And the brahmachari under heavy delusion saved the stick as blessing and memory from the master. Such is the level of blindfaith and tortures at the ashram.

    Nithyananda has been personally heard quoting in the US that "i never beat here in this country because of the strict sueing laws. You fellows come to India and I will beat you people nicely".

    Once he beat a brahmachari in Bidadi black and blue only because the bedsheet was not spread properly. Now we know why he cared so much about the bed being proper :)

    What kind of master is this. Beating disciples black adn blue not because they did not do their medidations but because he didnt set his bed correctly.

  17. Mr. Nithy is roaming freely? Wasn't there an arrest warrant issued?

    Pretty much all allegations - legal ones - have been answered in the video except the main one - the moral one - his relationship with Ms. Ranjitha. Is he trying to be a gentleman?

  18. This Rajiv Malhotra guy was patronising Triky Nithya. May be he will det some room service from the devine ladies when he visits him in the future

  19. In Leneni's interview he has mentioned that Nithya lone will selct his prey for sevas and the female will walk to his chambers in the night. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?????????????

    We all know it is impossible for a female to take food and walk to his bedroom with out going thru many layers of security (Lenen mentions tha security in the interview). Even the big donors cannot see Nitya when ever please. SO THERE SHOOULD BE A MIDDLE GO BETWEEN. WHO IS THPS PERSON. Is it one or a group of peole.

    the reporter conveniently did not ask this question. Looks like LENIN is protecting some of the other PIMPS. He should come out openly and name these people.

    [editor's note: we edited out specific names in this comment. See our comment below.]

  20. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Editor’s Note: For now, we really don't want to name and shame other victims of Nithyananda's sexescapes even if they helped perpetrate the crime. With this in mind, we edited out the suspected names from the comment above.

    We really want the focus to be on Sri Nithyananda. He is the criminal. Those that help in the marketing, sales, and public relations of this blatant fraud are fair game. There was a time that we would diligently protect Sri Sachitananda’s name from coming into any post or comment. Unfortunately, he has crossed that line and become the cult’s spokesperson. Therefore, we regrettably felt a need to change our policy.

    Yes. There are plenty of go-betweens that acted as the recruiter, contact, scheduler, and food supplier to Sri Nithyananda’s bedtime romps. We know who they are both in Bidadi and Los Angeles. If the sex crimes with Sri Nithyananda continue, then we will name the potential go-betweens and call them for what they are. Pimps and Madams. But, for now, we'll protect them and their identities. These folks have been brainwashed and are physically and sexual abused too. We don’t want victims to suffer more than they already have.

    Thanks for your understanding our position on this matter.

    Jai Maa.

  21. I have also contributed to Dayananada of arsha vidya anaikkatti all with good intentions. Agreed , he teaches Vedanta there & all those schools , colleges , Veda Pathashalas etc.I really looked upon him with a lot of respect once upon a time.

    SO WHAT ???

    I asked myself that question when I saw him felicitating crook SSRavishankar on his ultraopulent silver jubilee bash in bangalore. I was shocked.

    Then saw him felicitating late hatha yoga teacher pattabhi jois who had both his hands on female ( Whites) genitals. Yuck I felt((

    Recently , Dayananda had come to the buiding where I live. Thank God , (as has been my idiotic autopiloting wont all these years) DID NOT go to see him at all. No cheque for a heavy amount sitting atop a plate full of fruits & falling at his feet with that craven swamiji aasirvadam pannungo....booohooo. HA Ha .

    I felt so defiant that I languidly drank my coffee before brushing my teeth , got up pretty late in the morning.

    I am sick of all their preachings & constant whipping up of indooismisindanger.

    Forever begging for money for saving this enigmatic indoooism. Why can't he take money from SSRS , kalki avatard , nithy blahblah...Start mutual funding among you avatards.

    As if you Swamijis are the Creators sustaining this Universe ??? Stop playing GOD.

  22. Anon @ 3:21 PM ,

    I am so shocked . Such a cruel despot is still nicely alive & smiling...CHEEE

  23. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To anon @9:51 AM. We appreciate your participation in the forum. Please keep in mind that Lenin's life is in danger for exposing this fraud. He doesn't have finances to hire body guards, he doesn't have a network of corrupt politicians, he doesn't have connections to wealthy and influential people, he doesn't have a big bank account to pay off the media, he doesn't have a legion of brainwashed following to protect him at every step, he doesn't have bulky video equipment and a crew to film him.

    Lenin just has the pursuit of Truth. A willingness to protect Dharma and expose the worst of fraud. Lenin is being hunted and harassed by Sri Nithyananda and his cult. Therefore, even if it was logistically possible (which it doesn't look like) to be filmed, it might not be in his best interest to be a 'public' figure while corrupt and savage beasts lurk on the hunt.

    Our message is support this brave man. Don't even think for one moment that you can discredit him. He is the embodiment of Dharma.

    Jai Maa.

  24. Absolutely !

    I am fervently praying May Arunaachala Ramana protect Lenin Karuppan always !!!

    What a noble character !! Unlike many who so glibly patter ohthesewomenare so bad in kaliyuga bilge , he states the truth the women were drugged & raped.

    Please do not fall for the money & qualifications of rajiv malhotras of this world. It is Ethics. Virtue alone triumphs !

    " Ozhukkam Uyirinum Aumbappadum " Thirukkural)

    " ஒழுக்கம் உயிரினும் ஓம்பப்படும் "

  25. Swami Ramdev seeks death penalty for fraud BabasWednesday, March 10, 2010,13:50 [IST]

    Shimla, Mar 10: Enraged at the increasing number of religious gurus being caught in sex scandals, Yoga guru Swami Ramdev on Tuesday, Mar 9 has sought death sentence for fraud 'babas' who indulged in wrong doings in the name of religion.

    Buzz up!Expressing the need to keep a check on fraud religious gurus, Ramdev prescribed a minimum qualification to prevent everyone from becoming a 'baba'.

    "I am talking to leading religious heads for this," he told reporters here in the presence of Himachal Pradesh Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal.

    When asked if he would like to be part of a body like Press Council of India to keep an eye on "fraud" religious babas, he declined saying that there are many qualified persons to take care of such issues.

    The statement came after a sex video of Swami Nithyananda created an uproar across the counry.

    In the same week, a religious guru, Icchadhari Baba was arrested by the Delhi police for running sex rackets in different parts of the country and even abroad.

  26. Dear Blog owner:

    I see you have edited the names I suggested who were the go between PIMPS. I dont see any logic in it. If there names start appearing in the blog a sense of fear will start coming up and they will come out and join the Dharma gang. As long as you are playing favourites you are becoming a hinderence to your own objective. Youer past relationships with these men and women is stopping you to push the envelope.

  27. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We finally finished writing this post about our hero, "Hanuman 3.0". Enjoy.

    Jai Maa.

  28. It is OBVIOUS in that oil massage Ranjitha is " in custody " a choiceless victim.

    I can't bear it anymore. May Arunaachala Ramana send His சி**வ க*ண**ங்*க*ள் , பூ*த க*ண*ங்க*ள் to IMPALE all these lecherousanandhas along with their supporters.

    All you navarathri celebrating , Lalitha Sahasranama chanting pios indian women please do take a look at this m0th3rf@@k3r.

    [editors note: Now, now, OK to be angry, but please keep to at least nice words. That saves us time and guarantees that we will post your comment. We had to guess that the Indian script might have been some body part or words not used in polite conversation. Thank you.]

  29. I agree with the last poster. Why hide their names now. As if there names have not appeared on this blog before. I agree with moderator that the ashramites are definetly brain washed and are following a cult. But neverthless that still makes them wrong! They cannot just go on supporting Nithyananda and do it thinking they are the best and are doing the greatest service on planet earth.

    You can edit the names again from this post if you like. But I would like to re-iterate that I am not speculating. I know for sure that one of the pimp is - Nithyananda!


    See the last comment recorded today..Some crook or Nithyanada himself is assuring he is currently in the process of getting the truth out

  31. Ravana was a shiv bhakta, you are one?

    Ravana knew veda, you memorized all scriptures ?

    Ravana took the garb of a sanyasin and stole one sita, you nithi, doning the garb forever, what for? We already know the answer.

    Ravana let his entire empire fall down for his ego, you are doing it already (your stupid supporters will perish supporting your naughy actions)!!

    Thanks, but no thanks to you nithi

  32. Dear Blog owner:

    You seem to be in a la la land. The crimes committed by Nithy will be shared by all his inner circle. They have helped him to do what he did. These people are called co-conspirators. If you still want to protect them and want to blame only Nithya, the you have been mesmerized by the followers.

    In a bank roberry even the guy who is driving the get away car will be punished.

    Nithya might ne a MASTER MIND but people like
    Sachit, Medhananda, Bakthananda, Gopika and Ayya executed the plan. Unless they start talking you dont have much of a case against Nithya. You cant pick and choose your targets.
    If you continue this path very soon you will be soon listening to the lecture of Nithya in Montclair.

  33. Dear Blog owner:

    You said in your previous posting that the inner circle ashramites have been brain washed and have already been abused. My symapthies for them.

    Your logic is flawed. For example The MASON cult had followers out side the prison and when orderd to murder people, his brain washed cult followers executed the orders. Was that ok for you?

    This is the same situation. You are very very wrong. follow your dharma not your emotions. I know you have been preaching dharma like a saint for the past few months,

  34. Dear Blog Owners

    I read a comment from one of the readers that Dharmananda's voice in the interview is fake. I know Sri Lenin for the past 4 years and i can assure 100% that it is his voice only. There is no doubt in this.
    ex-cult member

  35. Dear Dharmananda

    I am an ex-Ashramite and i know you personally for couple of years now. I respect you a lot and for the work you have done, there is no words to praise you. I know you will be reading this blog. As my humble contribution for upholding Dharma, i can offer a few hundred dollars every month for your living expenses in Chennai or Tamil Nadu for the rest of your life. You can ask one of your friends to leave a comment as a reply to my offer, and i can contact you privately starting with a mail conversation. WE are all with you, dont worry, i have no words to thank you for the job you have done, you are the real Hanuman of kali yuga. When i woke up from the Cult i just ran away from the Ashram, but you on the other hand wanted to save Hinduism and Dharma, Shame on me, god comes in human form as the saying goes, i believe it and see that truth in your form. Shame on me and my fear on not even able to reveal my true name.
    ex cult member

  36. Expose Nithyananda

    How can we start a paypal account to help Lenin fight Nithyananda?

  37. I don't think Lenin needs any money. He was able to get hidden camera with satellite phone fitted in a purifier. What people should be providing to him is concrete proofs of other alleged mal-practices that some people claim to have observed.

  38. To Anonymous at March 11, 2010 3:13 PM:

    There is NO need of any paypal account, what is required from all of us is to FEEL, FEEl, FEEL and pray for others.

    What is required is to direct all the anger against the Filthy Nithy Sex Predator and the Sachit, Bhak, Medh, filthy sex predators.

    What is required is NOT money, but protest, protest, protest and force Karnataka Govt., and Indian Govt to shut down Sex Den at Bidadi and Montclair.

    Please remember Govt. will only protect Bad and Wicked people and nobody cares about common and innocent people. So you have to protest, protest, protest, and force Govt to shut down Bidadi Sex Den.

    If anyone has contacts, friends or relatives to Karnataka CM then please send emails to Karnataka CM.

    Please pass the word around and discuss with as many friends and relatives instead of simply keeping quiet.

    Money is irrelevant, send lots of emails to Karnataka CM and Home Minister.

    Email of Karnataka Home Minister:

  39. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks everyone for your support. Yes, Lenin really needs everyone's support in this hour. Very urgent.

    Yes, he needs:

    1. Money
    2. Access to a lawyer - legal defense
    3. Safe shelter (his life is at risk)
    4. Prayers. Never underestimate the power of sincere requests to the Divine.
    5. and yes, anon @3:15 PM, Lenin needs witnesses to come forward.

    He has been taking this alone. Nithyananda and Nithyananda's cult has been relentless, savage, and very cruel. They will stop at NOTHING to eliminate Lenin and all the evidence he has brought forward. This is Lenin's hour of need.

    We are working on a PayPal Account. Any better ideas, please come forward.

    Key contributors to this blog are also contacting the media in India and letting them know that we are willing to come forward, in the open, using our real identities to disclose the evil fraud of Sri Nithyananda. Everyone's help is needed.

    Jai Maa.

  40. "Actually, I have learned a lot of things from these attacks, about life, about humanity, things that I had never even imagined or looked into before ... I have decided that from this day on ... [actually, I had already decided], not to experiment with things that are not widely accepted by the society." Hmmm. Probably a good move. And on the lack of BASIC PR from LBFoundation, "They are not shatriyas." Hmmm... Calling all of this a "blatant attack" that required "so much money for all of the media coverage, the police, etc ..." and saying that there was "a force" behind it. What are you--Luke Skywalker? More like Darth Vadar. You have lost one Shatriya here who is only working for the Truth now. Om Namah Shivayah. Jai hanuman. EVERYONE check out the latest buffoonery on the LBF YouTube channel. Jai Maa.

  41. True Saint Verses Faking a Saint---23 Red Flags of Nithyananda
    *True Saint practices what He preaches, but Nithy does whatever he wants to do.
    *True Saint will respect Free Will of individuals, but Nithy does only respect his decision on that person.
    *True Saint does not force devotees to do anything, His energy itself persuades our hearts to do many charities but Nithy forthfully demands services and money from disciples.
    *True Saint can channel into our heart and souls and can manupulate Chakras and brainwave to help some difficult circumstances but Nithy only manupulates our mind/brain waves and Chakras for his benefit only.
    *True Saint is compassionate and store house of mercy for suffering humanity but Naughty Nithy is only extraordinary passionate for Money and Sex.
    *True Saint is not in need of Money or Sex, but Naughty Nithya is addicted to Sex and Money
    *True Saint is transcended of sexual identity but Naughty Nithya is transgender!!!
    *True Saint is devoided of Ego, but Nithy is super expansive with his vicious EGO
    *True Saint is always peaceful but Nithy is the incarnation of anger and violence, when he is enraged.
    *True Saint's beauty and presence is beyond this material world but Naughty Nithya loves godman and DEVI Fashions bit too much.
    *True Saint is never competitive nor jealous, but Nithy is the most competitive and jealous person whom one can get to know in this entire world.
    *True Saint is never arrogant, but Nithy is totally vein.
    *True Saint never talks ill of other saints even though they are bad, but Nithy talks so bad of others in jealousy.
    *True Saint never beat disciples till black and blue but Nithy seems that he even put devotees to death--suicides and unknown cause death when needed for his pleasure and alibi.
    *True Saint decision is alway's GOD's but Nithy's decision is only his own.
    *True Saint loves everybody equally but only discriminates the degree of human evolutions i.e. good or bad humanbeings but Nithy is prejudiced against certain nationalities, ethnic groups, religions and put women and gay women a way down compared with men, gay men and transgenders.
    *True Saint respects and keeps laws and social systems, but Nithy does not.
    *True Saint only uses white lies when He does not want to hurt devotees but Nithy uses lies for his own benefits and he really believes his lies are truth.
    True Saint delivers devotees out from delusions but Naughty Nithya is the Delusion.
    *True Saint liberates devotees from addictions but Naughty Nithya, the Horny Hooker hook’s devotees with addictions.
    *True Saint does not need that many statures but Naughty Nithya, the Male Witch needs uncountable BooDoo Dolls.
    *True Saint gives money boons for needy, Nithy is the NEEDY and GREEDY.
    *True Saint brings you Gospel—a good news, but Nithy brings you Ghost Spells.
    *True Saint takes you to the Promised Land but Nithy put you only into the La La land.


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