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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nithyananda's Scare Tactics, Scared Antics, and Royal Bluffs

When Divine Powers Fail, Get a Lawyer, Security Guards, and Threat Again and Again

Hi Sri Nithyananda! It's time again for our near daily session. [No response.] Oh, Yoo-Hoo!, Sri Nithyananda. Anyone home? [No response. Hmmm... maybe we need to call him in the language that he knows.] Nithyanandam! Nithyanandam! Nithyanandam! "I'm over here.", Sri Nithyananda says. Where? "Here." [I look in his sleeping quarters.] Oh, my gosh, Sri Nithyananda, you really do have siddhis (magic powers)! I hear you, but I do not see you. "I'm here. Under the bed." Oh, Sri Nithyananda, why are you there? Isn't that were your lady friends usually hide if someone comes over? Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say female devotees that you have convinced that you are really Krishna and that you have come down in this lifetime to liberate them. Sorry, sorry, sorry, Sri Nithyananda. I'll get the story right next time. So, Sri Nithyananda, are you alone? "Yes, I'm alone."

Then, why are you, Sri Nithyananda, under your bed? I know that god is everywhere, but this kind of takes it to another level. "Very funny." Sri Nithyananda, are you not scared, are you? [Long pause. No response.]

Oh, Sri Nithyananda, we think that we know what happened. You must have used some scare tactics that didn't work, now you are scared? Is this correct? "No.", came a soft whimper from underneath the bed. Are you sure? Let's look what was posted in this blog just a few days ago:

On Sunday, November 15, 2009 8:45 PM
Anonymous said...

Someone I know still goes to the temple in Montclair. This is what I heard from her.

Nithyananda has received several life-threatening mails (both regular mail and email) which match the profile, style of writing and content of this blog owner. They say the blog owner identity is well-known given the blog content and references. They seem to know who it is. They are pursuing legal action is against the blog owner for the life threatening mails and for the content of this blog. A threat of physical harm that they have received they say is a very serious crime. They are expecting imminent arrest of the blog owner. Although the identity of this blog owner is well known to them, it needs to be legally proven it seems. They have a subpoena in motion to identify and take action against the blog-owner. Some 223 (or some such number) both criminal and civil violations have been identified and listed against this blog owner. They have listed crimes of serious nature and it is believed that these crimes would warrant arrest once the identity is confirmed by the blogspot site (is that google?). There is talk that there is also room for class action by various disciples and devotees of Nithyananda on many of these counts. Based on what I am hearing, I am suspecting that there will be multiple lawsuits on these counts. There seems to be some pretty serious actions taken on this front.

Regarding me, I reserve my comments on your site and on Nithyananda. (Don't want to get caught in this crossfire). That is not important here. I felt like letting you know.
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, that looks like a serious scare tactic to us. Do you really think that anyone is going to believe you, Sri Nithyananda, that the person who posted this is 'just someone who overheard a conversation at your Vedic Temple in Montclair, California'? Are you, Sri Nithyananda, sure that it isn't one of your henchmen from your inner-circle? It sure seems that way to us. You know, Sri Nithyananda, once your validity goes, no one is going to believe you. Just like no one really believes that you did nine (9) years of wandering in just four and a half (4.5) years. Then, all the other great stories, like your birthday on January 1st, your 360 degree vision, your Osho statue carved in a cave, all of them, are just no longer Truths. They get downgraded to myths. But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, there's lots of great myths out there. Let's see, there's Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, why there's even the Chicago Cubs pennant winners. Sri Nithyananda, there's still lots of people out there willing to spend a whole life time chasing myths. So, you're career isn't exactly over.

Sri Nithyananda, you said that you received threatening emails and letters from someone? How about if you post these correspondences on your website or even the Guruphiliac Blog Forum, and then everyone can see how threatening these missives are? Then, perhaps the owner of these correspondences can take responsibility for them, and you can direct your attention in a positive and constructive way. You, Sri Nithyananda, can have a 'lost and found' section on your website and highlight these matters. This seems a much better method than simply threatening people on a blog post. That doesn't seem like a good use of your time. But, then again, you are the 'enlightened' healing master, so who are we to question.

Sri Nithyananda, this blog comment that was done by one of your henchmen was it a bluff? Do you really think you can follow through and do all those things that you, Sri Nithyananda, told that person to write in the post? [More awkward silence.] Sri Nithyananda, there's a couple of problems here. First, if you want to threaten someone, you need to threaten someone who still has something. We imagine, Sri Nithyananda, that this person doing the blog once was a close follower of yours, is that correct? "We think so." OK, if this person was once a close follower yours, do you think he or she still has any money left? Do you think he or she still has family left? Do you think he or she is still married? Do you think he or she still has a career? [Even more awkward silence lapses.] Sri Nithyananda, you don't need to say anything. We already know the answers to these questions, but we just wanted to get you, an 'enlightened' healing master, to think. So, if this person doesn't have much of anything, do you, Sri Nithyananda, think that he or she is really going to respond to some threats of having things taken away for him or her? These threats, Sri Nithyananda, work much better with people who still have something.

Sri Nithyananda, another problem with using scare tactics like these, is that you really need to be able to follow up and take action on them. You see Sri Nithyananda, this is not a poker game, where you can bluff. In poker, bluffing is perfectly fine and that is part of the game. But, in spirituality, you need to keep to the Truth. Once you make this threat and tell others to make this threat for you, what are you, Sri Nithyananda, going to do? Oh, now I see why you are under the bed. Hmmm. This does create a problem.

Oh, please realize, Sri Nithyananda, no matter how loud you yell at your ashramites, how little sleep you deprive them, and no matter how much you threaten or scare them, they now see you as, well, ah, not truthful. Sorry, Sri Nithyananda, I know that hurts. But, they will no longer respect you and quickly begin to leave you in spite of making them financially dependent and all of those years they have invested in you for their 'enlightenment'. The game might be over. But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda. With your bluffing skills, you should easily get a job working the poker tables in Las Vegas. That is, unless, you, Sri Nithyananda, cheat. Oh, yes, there are issues there too. You, Sri Nithyananda, might need to work on that aspect too. Otherwise, your legends of being a myth quickly get downgraded to just a yellow-belly-liar. Sri Nithyananda, even we hold you in higher esteem than a yellow-belly-liar. Well, maybe just a little bit higher.

And, Sri Nithyananda, do you really have a lawyer? Wow, we never heard of an 'enlightened' healing master with a lawyer before. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna at the very end of his life did have a doctor, but a lawyer? How does a lawyer help a full-fledged renunciate? Are we missing something? Wow, that must sure look good on the resume, Legal Council to God. Why if I was a lawyer, I would love to have that certificate. And, where Sri Nithyananda, did you find this lawyer? Was it part of a security package you purchased that came along with the security guards? You know, the two burly men that come up to the Bay Area, you know Milpitas and San Jose, wearing the suit and tie, and are always by your side? And, rumor has it that these security guards were with you in Los Angeles before you left to India? Sri Nithyananda, do you really feel that threatened? Didn't you, Sri Nithyananda, once said that if you feel threatened by someone it is because you might have done something to make that person feel like threatening you? Is that just another fancy-smancy way of saying that you feel guilty for initiating all of this? And, we might even say that did you bring this all upon yourself? Sri Nithyananda, did you do anything wrong to someone, ever? Say it ain't so.

So, Sri Nithyananda, what is going on here? And, please, don't just blame it all on Kali Yuga. That excuse gets kind of old. Sri Nithyananda, could you even imagine the enlightened master, Shirdi Baba, with a lawyer and bodyguards? Why didn't a group of assassins once come to 'get him', and Shirdi Baba calmly faced them. And, these thugs soon recognized the Divinity within Shirdi Baba, His Grace, and His compassion. After a short time, those that were going to harm Shirdi Baba just broke down and became His disciples? So, why are you, Sri Nithyananda, going just the opposite direction? No one is coming after you, except with a few Truths, but nothing more... and yet, you get the whole protection package of lawyers and bodyguards? What next, Sri Nithyananda? Bulletproof dhoti cloth? You already forbid guns to be brought into the temple. But, I'm sure this is not what most normal seekers bring into a hall of worship. Let's see... Puja tray. Check!, Flowers. Check!, Fruit to be offered. Check!, Automatic weapon with several clips of ammunition, Check!... Sri Nithyananda, there's really no need to be this paranoid. I know your temple is in Los Angeles, but it really isn't that way. People are generally nonviolent, especially if the spiritual leader has peaceful thoughts, never cheats anyone, is not greedy, pours unconditional love from the heart to all, etc. That is you, Sri Nithyananda isn't? At least that's the impression we all got from watching your YouTube videos.

Sri Nithyananda, more good news. You know that early this morning, this blog reached over one-half MILLION page views? And, as we type, we are over 520,000 page views. Why most of these page views just happened in the last two weeks. I know that you, Sri Nithyananda, tried to get this little blog shut down by clicking the 'report abuse' feature, and by complaining to Google, etc. Sri Nithyananda, this is just a little blog. Are you afraid of just a little blog?

Sri Nithyananda, is it true that you launched a bunch of strategic tactics to silence critics in India and had some success with that? [More silence.] Sri Nithyananda, did you have your devotees file court motions in remote areas of rural India so the owners of a newspaper that exposed you, Sri Nithyananda, as not being so Truthful, would have to go to very far inconvenient provinces to defend themselves, even though the people who filed the motion didn't even have to show up? And, as one of the contributors to this blog mentioned did you have all of your devotees write this newspaper with insufficient postage? Thereby, forcing the newspaper to pay for the remaining postage in order to receive any mail at all? Why Sri Nithyananda, isn't this called 'dirty tricks'? Did you learn this tactic from your idol, Nixon? So, does this make you, Sri Nithyananda, an 'enlightened' healing master of dirty tricks? Come on, Sri Nithyananda, isn't this like manipulating loopholes in the law for your own benefit? Are these actions of yours with dharma (righteousness)? Isn't telling your followers to send mail purposely with insufficient postage breaking the law? Sri Nithyananda, the correct postage needs to be on the letter. If you tell people to send letters, and tell them to do it using less than the correct postage, that sounds like you're massively telling people to break the law in order to help yourself. Sri Nithyananda, is that what you are all about? We think, Sri Nithyananda, that you might seem amusing to people who like to break the law, but to people who like the Truth, you seem to be oppressing them. Do you, Sri Nithyananda, really think the Truth can be repressed?

And, Sri Nithyananda, we realize that one-half-million-page views is not the same as one-half-million unique visitors. What this means is that a smaller amount of people are coming to this blog, and those people are constantly looking at the every page and checking to see if new comments are written. That means that a crowd of less than a half-million is frequently viewing all of the pages and comments in this blog.

We imagine that some of these people viewing all of the pages and refreshing those pages to see if new comments have been added are some of your inner-circle disciples. We, Sri Nithyananda, do not have any problem with that. In fact, Sri Nithyananda, we welcome this. Each time one of your close followers constantly 'refreshes' the page and reads every word that is written, the years of brainwashing and other engraved memories of you, Sri Nithyananda, come out. During this process where Truths are colliding with your years of your collective 'programming' as well as with all that time and money that the devotee has invested in you, Sri Nithyananda. This is might be a 'big bang' of consciousness. Wow, that also might be called 'cognitive dissonance' in psychological terms. You, Sri Nithyananda, might have coined it with a label like 'blissful mental owie'. Anyway, many devotees are going to be at odds with themselves once they see the Truths (repeatedly) and compare it to all your brainwashing. Who knows, they might even start doubting you and maybe even questioning you... and in extreme cases might even start quarreling with themselves. Shameful. Sri Nithyananda, will you then ban all of your followers from reading this blog? That will create a paradox. On one hand, your brainwashing might not become undone and still be in tact. On the other hand, your followers will know that you are very afraid of a little blog and that our postings and comments are terrifying to your very existence. If I were you, Sri Nithyananda, I would stay underneath that bed until this whole thing blows over.

Just in time!. There's a new threat of a lawsuit from one of your inner-circle in our inbox right:
On Tuesday, November 17, 2009 5:45 PM Anonymous said...
Swamiji organisation follow all rules and regulations to the core....they have strict benchmark in usa nad other countries to follow all legal rules and have left no loop holes.......No doubt I heard that a big law suit is on the way for this blog owner.....and many devotees are also planning to file law suits for writing a blog without any proof or substance.....I dont know what will be the fate of this blog owner....surely he his ruining his own life.....may god bless everyone....
You, Sri Nithyananda, just don't give up. Is that why you made it to the title of self-proclaimed Paramahamsa? OK. Fair enough. You and your devotees that are undergoing cognitive dissonance file your lawsuits against us, and we and our readers will file our lawsuits against you, Sri Nithyananda. We'll make sure the Truth gets out, and that everything, and I do mean everything, gets exposed... even those things that were only exposed to you, Sri Nithyananda, in those more intimate moments.

Sri Nithyananda, do you really understand that if we go the route of filing a lawsuit, that you and your inner-circle will be subpoenaed? And, that you and your inner-circle will have to testify under penalty of perjury? And, if you and your inner-circle are proven not to be telling the truth, that you can be arrested? And, that everything that you and your inner-circle will say, will become public record, which will be available online? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, now will be our chance to ask you all those questions such as which day really is your birthday?, When (if at all) you earned that engineering degree?, How many years did you actually wander?, etc. This will be a field day! And, then everyone will know. Don't forget, that we'll ask how much money you take in from all of those pricey programs and ten percent donations, and where all that money goes, and how everything is spent, etc. We'll ask all about your sanyasi (monk) initiation and how many people that you declared as being 'enlightened' still think that they are 'enlightened', and I bet there will be a whole lot of people who were once 'enlightened' with your certificate ready to testify against you, Sri Nithyananda. We will also ask you, Sri Nithyananda, about how many divorces happened because of your teachings, how many families have been separated, and many followers have been impoverished. We will be sure to ask questions about all those ladies who delivered food and then stayed in your private quarters alone for hours; we have quite a list of all those ladies, and we'll be asking you to account in detail of what exactly went on. Hmmm. This might get steamy. That is what you, Sri Nithyananda, will have to look forward to.

Just to make this fun, Sri Nithyananda, we are sure to invite a lot of newspapers, which we know will love to cover the story, especially the ones you cowed back in India. We'll be glad to let the reporters stay in our homes just so they are comfortable and able to really cover a good story, and get the Truth out. Oh, and why we are throwing legal spears at each other, we might even name some of your big donors in our lawsuit too, so they also can feel your bliss. But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, please don't go into samadhi right now. We'll only do this if you do this. After you. That is only polite. Sri Nithyananda, you and your followers, you are polite, aren't you?

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. If Nithyananda goes to court it will backfire. There is lot of illegal activity inside the Ashram.

    For e.g. lot of full time volunteers (priests etc.) are on H1B visa. H1B is a work visa. People should hold religious visa to be legally working in the temple. That itself is enough to lock doors for Nithyananda Foundation in the US.

    Also an investigation can be carried out to see how much of donation money is used for charity. All financial records should be disclosed.

    Please continue the blog and bring out the truth as it is. God is on
    our side and Truth is on our side. There is noting to fear.

    Going to court will be a disaster for the Nithyananda Foundation and they know this very well. These threats are empty and without substance.

  2. wohooooooooo... way to go my boy... Bring the truth OUT::

  3. Does Nithy now have security guards in the USA too? I thought that was in India only.

  4. What is this "guru mudi" now....sounds familiar!!! as in "Irumudi kettu" of Sabrimala Temple!

  5. Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha

    Bravo ... ExposeNityananda,
    Dharma protects those who protect it.

    Let's protect Sanyasa tradition and Hindu Dharma from "Miracle" mongering Gurus.

  6. Nithyananda Swamigal (this is for google search) has little to worry about current ashramites being subpoenaed to testify under oath. They are well-brainwashed.

    Some would die for him, more would lie for him. They may not even see it as lying - the *word* of their "enlightened master" is the ultimate truth. It doesn't matter what their eyes tell them.

    Remember about Nithy story about Krishna & Ajuna? Ajuna would see a white bird as black (or black bird as white) if Krishna says the bird is black.


    I have a question about the Montclair Temple: does it have security check for visitors or is that a joke? Personally, I have no desire to visit the temple the way it is now.

  7. Thanks for the great article. I hope this will be an eye-opener for many. I totally agree with you that these blackmail and threats is coming directly from the insiders and ashramites of Nithyananda. Or to clarify, Nithyananda has personally said some of those words and asked his henchmen to write this as a comment. We have seen this happen on earlier occassions! I am sure Nithyananda has daily sessions of reading this blog and asking his inner circle to reply in comments and planning what to do next. Others, not in inner circle, will be asked to NOT read this blog :-) special intstruction from the Master. I was hoping they will say that on their website ...." do nithyadhyan 7am everyday and donot read blogs explaining we are cult " :D

    To the person who states "writing a blog without any proof or substance....."
    1. why has Nithyananda started an organization without providing any proof of his enlightenment
    2. why is nithyananda not telling his henchmen to tell the truthful answers to valid questions about his date of birth, years of wandering etc and silence these questions once and for all. Instead all he does is send them to this blog with threats. Makes you wonder, which side is truthful - Nithyananda or this blog????

    Totally agree with the other comment here that any lawsuit will backfire. Too many underhand thing happen at the foundation for them to risk a lawsuit. And if they forget it was a law that shut down Osho's shop in the US. Since Nithyananda has done "extensive" research to find out why Osho's foundation collapsed, they will NEVER file a lawsuit against this blog to bring upon the SAME collapse for themselves. They cannot afford to let the dirty truths come out in open.

    Keep up the good work on this blog.

    And lets hope they DO file a lawsuit, because that will not only bring out truth and help people escape this cult but will totally close the doors for Nithya in US atleast.

  8. Isn't there also a lot of Canadians that are in the LA ashram illegally (without visas)? If Nithy ties to slap a lawsuit, you could probably use that against him too.

  9. Yes, lot of full time volunteers (priests etc.) are on H1B visa. But if confronted about that I think the organization can easily claim that they are just volunteers working for a non-profit, Isnt it? Ofcourse if they have H-1 Visas but they are not working anywhere else then that might be an issue. Also the donations in the name of charity if investigated can definitely cause problems.

  10. Un-subscribed Nithyananda NewsLetter

    I Un-subscribed to Nithyananda NewsLetter and deleted all the old NewsLetters from my Inbox.
    Let "Purity" be the foundation for our sadana.

  11. To be fair, there is no law against H1B visa holders form volunteering.

    The legal issue with the Nithy cult is not the visa of the volunteers. It is the deception it uses to obtain huge donations, its fraudulent ways of marketing traditional meditation methods for outrages fees.

  12. hippie, agreed there is no law disallowing h1b visa holders from volunteering.

    1) BUT, a priest of a religious temple cannot be on H1b visa. He has to get a RELIGIOUS visa!
    which Nithyanda foundation has to process for him (they need to spend some money for it! you know why its not done till now !)

    2) wondering how a fulltime priest in Montclair vedic temple can work for some other employer who has processed his H1b. Only possiblity is that the person who has done his H1b is a Nithya devotee and is not expecting him to work and thereby not getting paid while being on H1b. There goes the law....phweeeeep.!

  13. It doesnt matter what we think is right or wrong. All I was saying is they can easily bend the law and prove that these priests have valid H-1 and they are just volunteering for the organization. Infact some of them might even have greencards or be citizens. Those folks cant be touched.

  14. If the priest is on H1b working for some employer then the employer needs to produce pay stubs and pay IRS the required taxes.

    I am sure all this is not happening. So its illegal.

  15. Why worry about the volunteers (priests or otherwise) when they are bigger issue at hand? One priest may be a bad apple, still, the real legal issue with the cult is fraud: cheating donors and taxpayers.

    The dharmic (moral) issue is breaking up of families, corrupting the aspirations of sincere seekers and making a mockery of of the sannyas traditions.

  16. Keep up the good work of exposing the criminals.

  17. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We would like to chime in, if we may. Seems that there are many ideas of what could happen to Sri Nithyananda and his organizations if he initiates a lawsuit against us. Although we all have good knowledge of what might happen, the final decisions will be made by our lawyers, the authorities including the FBI, Immigration, Customs Enforcement (ICE), the IRS, etc., and the presiding judge of the legal system. We would like to thank everyone for giving Sri Nithyananda and his followers a taste of just some of the issues that will be scrutinized.

    Once again, we are ready. But, we will wait. Sri Nithyananda and his organizations will need to file first. Patience, restraint, and preparedness.

    Yes, subpoenaing the ashramites would be very helpful indeed. They will be their own worst witnesses that this is a brainwashing cult.

    And, yes, that was a great analogy of Irumdi Kettu, the two pouched compartment. We imagine that Sri Nithyananda would have punched a hole in the side that contained any money and valuables in it, and that the earnest seeker would only discover that all these things were missing when it was too late.

    Jai Maa.

  18. I like your blog, thanks for bringing out frauds like Nithyananda(bogus swami) to limelight, keep writing... Pls don't be concerned with lawsuit, even if it is... they can't do a thing...

  19. Very Interesting blog~thank you for your courage.

    1 1/2 ago I stopped going to the temple, realized something was terribly wrong, could not put my finger on it at that point.

    Now I know without a doubt he is leading the blind and desperate down the wrong path, fleecing them of all their possessions without any conscience.

    These followers are desperate for enlightenment, and and a connection to divine as was I. He has taken full advantage of this need,by speaking words that connect them to him and then by misleading them, by making himself the worshiped divine form of God, hear to rescue them.

    His famous line" I am not here to tell you I am God, I am here to tell you, you are God"
    but worship me,and sing my songs, and give me your money, that is quite funny.

    Many that follow him have good hearts and good intentions, but are lost in his trap he manages to make himself the new crutch, promising them that the next time, the next workshop will lead them to enlightment.

    He is leading people not to themselves but to him, biggest lie ever told...Guru shows you the way inside, not to himself.

    Definitely a wolf under disguise.

  20. Good work you guys!!!! Really ENLIGHTENING! Hee hee...

  21. This blog is quite old- but I too was ripped off and harassed by both Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Swami Nithyananda when I went for help from RS. I do believe SSRS sleeps w his teachers and is guilty of sexual harassment and rape- by his actions. Swami Nithyananda is even more criminal if you aren't aware. HE LITERALLY TAKES MOENY , DOESNT DELIVER WHAT HE PROMISES AND EVEN DOES THE OPPOSITE- PLUS THE HARASSMENT IS NON STOP. He's done horrible things - I would sue in a heartbeat but I don't know how... or what lawyer. HE IS GUILTY of a lot of things- I think he changes facts around, gangs up on ppl, runs away and hides a lot of evidence or makes up new things... I don't know if he has won or lost but I would love an update on his legal issues now- both of them... I wish the harassment would stop, they did horrible things to me as well...

  22. He is playing the old tricks - if sessions court rejects, go to high court; if they reject go to supreme court; if SC orders sessions to continue; again give dismissal petition to sessions who would reject it; then challenge again in high court; then go to supreme court and the circle would continue for God knows how long till some one blinks.. And for that, he used the tactics of Accused # 2 having a failed / damaged heart that needed replacement and that too in Florida; and he can never attend court without which the court cannot order charges to check whether they plead guilty or not... Such dirty tactics when it is clear as to what he has done and how the other side is being made to run from court to court with all the false charges they have been accused of...


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