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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, Show Us Your Birth Certificate, Please

Which Day Should We Celebrate Your Birthday, Nithyananda?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, another question that we have is concerning your birth date. You said that you are born on January 1, 1978, that’s New Year’s Day. You also said that you got your enlightenment that day too? That must be a very special date, indeed!

Sri Nithyananda, could you please let us know the exact time of your birth date? You must know it, because you gave it to the astrologer that said that you would be a sanyasi (a renunciant monk). That is very rare. In fact, Nithyananda, you said that the astrologers gave back all the money they collected that day because they predicted that you would be a sanyasi.

Is there any reason that you have not published this reading? The Ramakrisna Mission published both Paramahamsa Ramakrishna and Swami Vivikananda’s exact birth times and horoscopes for public scrutiny. Could you do the same?

We would like to independently verify that you, Sri Nithyananda, are destined to be a sanyasi and not just an engineer degree holder.

Also, Sri Nithyananda, some close devotees recall that you said in June 2004 on a train trip from Banglore to Dheli in route to the first Himalaya tour, that your biological birthday was sometime in June, 1978. Nithyananda, you said that you just rolled both of them up (both your birthday and our ‘enlightenment’ day) into one day to make it easier for everyone. Why that is very convenient of you, Sri Nithyananda.

Nithyananda, after that trip, we never heard you say anything about your birthday being in June again. Does this mean you still respect your mother? Our findings show that the City Birth Records of Thiruvannamalai (your hometown) mentioned a different date of birth for Rajasekaran, a.k.a. Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Does this still mean you will become a sanyasi?

New Information as of November 3, 2009
Unlike Sri Nithyananda's birthday, this blog can be updated. But, if we provide new information, we will mark it as that.

Sri Nithyananda, do you remember telling us in your book, Glimpses of My Master, Nithyananda, first 'first' (original) edition December 2005 on pages 87-91 that you were born on January 1, 1978 at 0:30 (12:30 a.m.) in Thiruvannamalai? Why of course you do, because you cannot really change this information now that you committed to it on print. Sri Nithyananda, looks like you listed all of the other 'enlightened' masters and sages that were also born in the Tamil month of Margazhi (December - January) (pp. 88-89). Were you riding on their coattails? Why on page 89 did you also mention Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) as one of these sages? Do you really think that Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) is on the same level as Ramana Maharishi and Vivekananda? I imagine you will say, "Yes." Your 'enlightenment' sure has some interesting insights.

Just to make sure your credentials were really up-to-par, did you, Sri Nithyananda, as outlined on page 89 say that you were born on Ashtami Day (the eighth day of the waxing moon)? Did you not say that no other than Lord Krishna was born on this day? Therefore, the reader can naturally draw the conclusion that you must be either Lord Krishna or as great as He? Wow, that sure is a coincidence. I bet gopikas (milk maidens) will come running to you now.
We see Sri Nithyananda, you did update your second first edition book of Nithyananda Vol 1.  In that updated version, we see that you changed your birth time back to being 12:32 a.m.  Good editorial move, there, Sri Nithyananda.
New Information as of January 17, 2010
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, we actually got to see a copy of your canceled U.S. Visa. You know, Sri Nithyananda, the one that got canceled with prejudice on April 2, 2007 on the U.S.-Canadian border. Bummer. We couldn't help but notice, Sri Nithyananda, that on that visa, your birth date was stated as March 13, 1977. Was that a Friday the 13th? Because, we think you're one scary dude. Why the difference, Sri Nithyananda? And does this throw your horoscope off?  Were you really predicted to be a raja sanyasi (king of renunciants)? And, we couldn't help but notice that the Rajapoly Polytechnic stated that you were an alumni from 1990 to 1993. Wow, 1990? Really? Why that would make you a tender age of 12. And, you might not have even had the 360-degree head-spinning 'spiritual' experience that you always mention on your holy guru credentials. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you must be a genuine Paramahamsa to be able to do all these things at such a young age.
Homework Assignment:
Since Sri Nithyananda did not post his astrology chart at any of his ashrams, perhaps someone with expertise in this sphere could help us verify once and for all that Sri Nithyananda is telling the Truth. Based on his birthday of January 1, 1978 at 12:30 a.m. in Thiruvannamalai, could someone run a horroscope reading and see if indeed, little Rajasekaran, a.k.a. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, was really destined to be a sanyasi (renunciant monk) with even greater things in store for him? This will certainly help clear things up once and for all.

Sri Nithyananda, to help our readers understand how ridiculous your timeline, alleged birth date, and all of your events that you claimed happen really are, our friends at put together this handy graphic:

(Click on Image to see the details of fraud)

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. I've personally seen Nithyananda's passport and his actual birth date that is listed on his passport is March 13, 1977.

    1. I'm an astrology enthusiast. Based on the two probable birth dates/birth times given for swami nithyanandaand, in this blog, I made two horoscopes, to see which one likely belonged to a spiritual guru. The horoscope with the march 13 date is truly spectacular. The ascendent or 1st house with a moon and neptune conjunct in Sagittarius showed the native to be highly learned in spiritual philosophy and religion. The native is a mystic, intutive, spiritual figure whose greatest longing is enlightenment. He has great sensitivity to others feelings and a tendency to sacrifice for others. Mars in aquarious in the 3rd house, show's that the native has a great desire to learn and great capacity for intellectual pursuit.he will have a quiet and brooding way of displaying anger. Sun conjunct mercury in the 4th house form a buddha-Aditya yoga, that bestows upon him very high mental energy and communication ability. Such a native will be a great thinker and animated speaker. A Venus conjunct ketu in aries in the 5th house gives him a pleasant appearance, conservative approach. Ketu''s aspect on venus makes the native not interested in material luxuries and sexual pleasures. Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th house, makes the native generous and patient and a good teacher. The native may have weight fluctuations or throat related minor illnesses.Saturn in the 9th house of higher learning gives him a strong understanding of philosophy. The native is certainly going to scale great highs in field of philosophy and religion later in his life. A rahu in libra,in his 11th house, gives the native a life purpose of bringing about spiritual integration in all lives that come in contact with him. A conjunction with Pluto here gives the native a tendency to work diligently towards this life purpose. Finally, an exalted Uranus in the 12th house gives him a great power and intensity to heal the world. He is shown to have strong intution, clairvoyant abilities, ability to communicate with outer realms, eccentric appearance and ability to handle energy. Meditation will come naturally to the Native. Uranus here is likely to bring out of body or paranormal experiences in his lifetime. To summarize, I have never seen a more glorious horoscope in all my years of studying astrology. I feel this is an extraordinarily learned and intelligent person. From the study of this chart, I feel the author of this blog is somehow misinformed about this swamiji.Thanks, anupama menon

    2. OM Namah Shivaya,

      I have to give you a boat load of credit for acknowledging Sex Swami's real birth date. You have gone to great lengths to say that he is a super being.

      However, I kindly ask you to look at Nithyananda's behavior and your predictions. There is a mismatch.

      Keep on working on your hobby. You might get it right some day. Until then, I would go on facts rather than astrological predictions either from yourself or from those you associate with.

      Jai Maa.

    3. Hey, armchair astrologer. So you think Nithy's 13 March 1997 birthday has Ketu and Rahu as predominant points in his astrology chart? Figures.

      Don't you know that Ketu and Rahu are both demons - just like Nithy? Ugly demons.

      You might recall that it was Lord Vishnu who beheaded Svarbhānu (a deomon) when the Devas and the asuras (demons) churned the ocean to get the divine nectar. Svarbhānu got in the same line to drink the nectar with the Devas to obtain immortality. Lord Vishnu took his chakra and cut off the demon's head before the drop reached his body.

      Svarbhānu's severed head became Rahu, a head without a body. This demon causes eclipses of the sun.

      Svarbhānu's discombobulated body was swallowed by a snake and became Ketu.

      Both demons, Rahu and Ketu, wreck havoc into souls.

      It seems very fitting that Nithy's astrology chart (according to you) is dominated by these demons. That helps explain his behavior.

    4. Secret Finally Revealed on Swamiji's birth chart. I am student astrologer (My Guru: Kapil KRS Channel). Now I do have intuition Power which I utilized to arrive at this conclusion. Before that let me respond to previous comments. The person did not arrive at correct birth chart. He said Moon being in Ascendent in Saggitarius. No Simply Wrong. Heres why
      1) Remember that swamiji (Rajsekeran) was born on Krishna Ashtami (Public Truth) Declared in his satsangs. Anyone with common sense can now arrive at correct date using this information.
      Dec 31 1977 - Not krishna ashtami
      Jan 1st 1987 - Not krishna ashtami
      13 March 1977 at 11:45pm - Not krishna ashtami
      13 March 1977 at 12:30am - Yes krishna ashtami
      12 March 1977 at 11:45pm - Yes Krishna ashtami.
      So as per doctor his birth time details is 13 March 1977 at 12:30am or 12:32 am.
      As per Swamiji's video on conscious birth his birth time is 11:45pm. Hence as per swamiji his correct birth date is 12 March 1977 at 11:45pm (Krishna Ashtami). Now vedic astrologers please use the date i have suggested to post your findings here. (Use place as Tiruvannamalai , Tamil Nadu , India. )
      Remember I am using Lahari Anmysa , I tried KP/Ramen still the Moon appears in 2nd house (not ascendent).

      Rashi Chart for Rajasekaran or Sri Sri HDH Nithyanand Paramhamsa
      As 16°Sc 12' Anuradha Sa
      Su 28°Aq 31' P.Bhadra Ju
      Mo 2° Sg 08' Mula Ke
      Ma 0° Aq 44' Dhanishtha Ma
      Me 25°Aq 16' P.Bhadra Ju
      Ju 2° Ta 32' Krittika Su
      Ve 0° Ar 47' Aswini Ke
      SaR 17°Cn 10' Aslesha Me
      Ra 1° Li 15' Chitra Ma
      Ke 1° Ar 15' Aswini Ke
      Day: Sat Sunrise: 6:25 AM
      Tithi: Krishna Ashtami
      Yoga Pt: 3:59 Aq Yogi:Ma
      AviYogi:Ke DupYogi: Sa

      12/03/1977 11:45:00 PM Zone: -05:30 INT Internet: 802 beats
      Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu
      Longitude: 79E04 Latitude: 12N14
      Lahiri Ayanamsha: 23:32 365.25 Day Year True Node

      Please note Ra, Ke & Ve is bad placement .Rest planets are placed well. As of 24/02/2019 he is running Vimshottari Dasha of Mars/Mars/Rahu and going thru sade sati (peak).

      Truth Seeker of Highest Integrity.
      Blessings to world let truth reveal itself

  2. what date did the records show? why not publish it if you know?

  3. Yes, Definitely publishing it would be a solid proof if you have records. It will increase the credibility of your blog and also open people's eyes.

  4. what you all gtting by doing this...i cant understand..accept him if you benefit sumthing from his teaching if no just dont comment about him and try to change ppl mind by talking bad about him..but anyhow i think you're wasting your time by doing his bcoz billion of ppl is at bidadi for him also to get his darshan...stop doing research about swami's dob which is not use for my kind of devotee's...Nithyanandam

  5. Anon, I agree that his dob (or the age of his banyan tree) is not so important now that he is caught in a much bigger lie.

    He claims 9 years ( or 6 years) wandering India which turned out to be a total LIE. He was hiding in a Ramakrishna Math all those years while claiming to wandering years on foot!

    Keep putting your head in the sand! Be a blind follower slave for life and you may be granted enlightenment upon death. Bloggers exposing a huge fraud here.

    I wish a blog like this was available when I was first recruited for his programs.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks fast_rizwaan, we agree with you. Celebrating someone's enlightenment is much greater than celebrating someone biological birthday. Since we doubt that the so-called 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda is enlightened, just like Osho, we feel that there is nothing to celebrate about 'Swami' Nithyananda. Perhaps we will celebrate the day he goes to jail. Now, that's something that Osho did too. Hooray! Justice exists.

    Jai Maa.


  8. i think you're wasting your time by doing his bcoz billion of ppl is at bidadi for him also to get his darshan

    Oh really, so thousands of devotees was not a big enough lie so you have now started saying 'billion of people' coming for darshan. This is what Nithyananda teaches you to ignore all facts.

    Just in the recent Bhagvad Gita program in Chennai, Gnananda said to the audience of a few few thousand - "it is embarrassing we have such a small crowd here, overseas Swamiji gets waaaay bigger crowd". Yet another blatant lie, because the most crowd Nithyananda gets is in Tamil Nadu and yet Gnana says overseas the crowds are bigger.

    Guess what dear friend I live 'overseas' and here to get 200 people for Kalpataru is becoming increasingly difficult.

    I will say this in Tamil since you seem like a Bidadi ashramite "America le ee adichindu iruku Swami vanda. Chumma kadale poo suttitu irukkange ungaluku ange".

    (English translation - "they are fooling you in the ashram, here in America, when Nithyanada comes we are just mostly twiddling thumbs because of a lack of crowds")

  9. Hi Ranjinii, you may well even feel his energy when you go check him out. I did.

    It is probably harmless if u don't give up your job to become an ashramite. Please be cautious about doing anything drastic such as changing your name or sign up to contribulte 10% of your gross income.

    Please do check him out, see all his golden thrones while his slave ashramites/sevaks working sleep-deprived and living in over-crowded dorms.

  10. Ranjini, while you are at Bidadi, please find out about Swamiji's wandering years. How many years? From what year to what year? And how about his years at the Ramakrishna Mutt.

    You can ask the ashramites and the acharyas there. It is unlikely you would be able to ask the Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda himself.

    It would be nice if you can share your observations and answers here. I am really curious.

  11. Hi All,

    When you have time, please check out the Jonestown documentaries on Google Video.

    I found the similaries with Nithy eerie: The deceptions to get donations and followers, the fake healings (was Ayya really healed of cancer or if he is a co-conspirator with a concocted story? I don't know), the sleep deprivation, the verbal abuse and brutal beatings and all that happened before the final massacre.

    I hope a good Tamil Journalist would go under-cover to Bidadi to find out what really happens there.

    Dear Blogger - have you received the videos I sent you?

  12. I dono abt all these. My sister is a deep devotee of Nithyananda & I've moved to hear her great experience. Coming Monday am going to Bidadi with my sick daughter to get his blessings. [e-mail address removed. Originally submitted on February 16, 2010]

  13. You too Nithya! Cheating Guru is very big sin! Yes! Certainly! what about cheating millions of innocent Disciples! Why is there so much contradiction? what for all this hipocracy? Still you are teaching ( what one should not do!) It is the bad karma of the people to cheat and get cheated! But, I am dam sure that after this 'experience', you will change a lot and will become a simple and natural human being!

  14. Quotations about cults:
    * " person's cult is another's religion; all religions begin life as cults. An alternative definition is that a cult is a religion which you happen to dislike." Anthony Campbell 1

    * "Cult is a word without much use outside the realm of religious mudslinging." Philip Kennicott2

    * "When someone uses the word 'cult,' it usually says more about them than the group," J. Gordon Melton, founder and director of The Institute for the Study of American Religion. 3

    * "It's easy to tell the difference - a cult is someone else's religion. Corollary:

    * "A fanatic is someone who believes something more strongly than you do." Jim Heldberg 4

    * "I have often thought that the difference between a cult and a religion is an IRS ruling." Ron Barrier

    Cult Intro

    The term "cult" is generally used as a hateful snarl word that is intended to intentionally devalue people and the new faith groups that they have chosen to follow.

  15. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thank you anon @NOVEMBER 18, 2010 3:31 AM for your opinion on cults. We think that you are trying to convey that it is very subjective to what is a cult, and therefore, Nithyananda's cult is not really a cult. Very well, we'll dedicate a whole blog post about that in the future. Just in short, there's the 'us' vs. 'them' mentality of cults. There's the rallying behind a charismatic personality that cults have, there's the deceptive practices of putting the beneficial things like meditation and yoga up front, and the scary things like sex tantra with under-aged girls complete with NDA sex contracts out of sight. There's the initiation practices of cults to take someone's identity, there's the pressure of the cult to give up someone's wealth, name, or career, there's the pressure to break up families, etc. All these things are signs of a cult. Nithyananda and his cult all show these signs.

    World recognized religions that focus on Truths do not require or practice these aspects. But, we'll go into complete detail, so that you and other like-minded people will not be confused. This way, you will definitely know that Nithyananda runs a cult. Perhaps this will be the first step in helping you get out.

    Jai Maa.

  16. - Says he was 27 in 2002. This was the first article ever written about him by the media. - Says he was 27 in 2002 (bottom left corner links to the article above). This is his old website, now archived. It shows that he approved of this article by the media. - Says he turned 27 in 2004. Another old website of his now archived.

    How old is Nithyananda? He claims he was born Janaury 1, 1978 making him 39. One of his revoked Visa Passports said his birthday was March 13, 1977. The two top links above indicate he would actually be 42 and was born in 1975. Nothing adds up.

  17. The Madurai Bench of Madras High Court on Tuesday warned controversial self-styled god man Nithyananda of initiating criminal proceedings against him in connection with his plea to enter into Madurai Adheenam mutt, a 2500-year-old Saivaite institution in the Temple City of Madurai.

  18. This is a must read for it shows how they still milk seekers $13000 per person per 'programme'.....


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