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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guinness World Book of Record Holder: 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda as Youngest Polytechnic Student

Boy Genius so-called Swami Nithyananda Attends Polytechnic at Tender Age of Twelve
Summary and Update on January 21, 2010: The Rajagopal Polytechnic in Gudiyattam, where the self-titled Paramahamsa Nithyananda claims to have received a three-year degree, had on its website a picture of 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda and text claiming that he attended there from 1990 to 1993.  Problem is that little Paramahamsa Nithyananda was only 12 in 1990.  As expected, the Polytechnic removed Nithyananda's picture from its website after we posted this blog, but the text about Sri Nithyananda's alleged years of attendance are still there at the very botom of the scrolling Flash file.  (Do not worry; we have plenty of screen shots and HTML code.)

In addition, the graphic below nicely summarizes the inconsistencies in self-titled Paramahamsa Nithyananda's timeline including his 3-year degree at the Polytechnic:
(Click on Image to see the details of fraud)

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Wow, we need to thank a blogger called 'Transforming1' on November 23, 2009 from the Guruphiliac Forum who tipped us off that the polytechnic school associated with you is the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu. And, look, right there on their website:
Screen Shot of in December 2009 before Paramahamsa Nithyananda's picture was removed and replaced with pictures of the founders of the polytechnic.  (Source: )
Is a picture of you, Sri Nithyananda, OK, you have to wait about a minute before the Flash animation scrolls up but, trust us, your head pops out from down below and there are these words:

"Alumini of our college is feeding noon meal to poor and needy students."

[ Then an old, but dashing low-res scanned picture of you, Sri Nithyananda, creeps up from below the surface, just like in one of those Ed Wood horror movies. ]

"-As an Alumini,Swamiji Nithyanantha has donated magnanimously
Rs.100000 (Rupees One Lakh) for Noon Meal Scheme
Each year he used todonate huge sum whole heartedly. We proudly register here that he is our Old student, did his Mechanical Engineering(1990-1993."

"He handed over the cheque to our principal in person."
Sri Nithyananda, does Rajagopal Polytechnic College offer courses on English and web site design? And, Sri Nithyananda, is that how you spell your name? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, we never guessed. We mean that you take every opportunity to brag about everything that supports your super-natural god-like-state-of-everything including getting the highest marks in the class (Formless in Form p. 29) Anyway, we know you like to brag, so we're just shocked that you passed up this opportunity to say that you were just a tender age of twelve when you attended the polytechnic school. Let's see if we have this right. You, Sri Nithyananda, were born January 1, 1978. And, the website confirms that you attended from 1990 to 1993. So, 1990 minus 1978 and we get 12-years-of-age.

Wow, Sri Nithyananda, Rajagopal Polytechnic College in Gudiyattam was nice enough to provide the information when you left the school, which was 1993. So, that means you were there for three (3) years. And, must be a proud degree holder. But, Sri Nithyananda, when we fit this into your time line, it still doesn't add up.  Let's see, if you started your wandering in 1993 and got enlightenment on January 1, 2000. Why that's just six and a half years (6.5) of wandering and not the full nine (9) years of wandering you always claim. But, wait, there's more. In your book Glimpses of My Master, Nithyananda, original first edition December 2005, page 157, you, Sri Nithyananda, said that you left your parents' house in Thiruvannamalai at age 17 to start your wandering experience. How old were you, Sri Nithyananda when you 'graduated' from the polytechnic school? Let's see, 1993 minus 1978, that makes you a tender age of fifteen. So, after getting the certificate that you are a super-genius for completing the engineering program with the highest grade - a 'Distinction' from the Rajagopal Polytechnic College in Gudiyattam (The Formless in Form, p. 29), did you, Sri Nithyananda crash at your parents' pad for two years, visited graveyards, and hung out at the back of bowling alleys? When you got tired of that, did you, Sri Nithyananda, decide to start your wandering? So, this model doesn't quite make sense... but at least now we have some new 'concrete' dates.

Sri Nithyananda, when are your dedicated bloggers of the parallel universe going to answer our simple questions about your time line? It should be very easy to do. In fact, once your version from La-La Land gets posted, we will no longer be able to speculate what new fantasies will manifest themselves.  So, we hate to spoil our own fun, but your information will end all of our speculation.  Until then, we'll have a field day, at your expense, of course.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, what was your secret in getting accepted in the polytechnic at such a young age? Did you cover you body in holy ash so no one could tell you were just a twelve-year-old? Or did you transform into some super-hero like the time you once claimed that you became Swami Ayyappa to your teacher? (Formless in Form p. 22). Hey, Sri Nithyananda, have you ever thought about wearing a cape and some tights? And, perhaps some cute little orange boots? Sri Nithyananda, you already have that Osho logo with the swan on it. That could be the emblem you place on your chest; you would be all set. We bet the ladies would really fall for you in that get up. Anyway, these scenarios for you getting into the Rajagopal Polytechnic College in Gudiyattam are not that likely, even for an 'enlightened' healing master like you, Sri Nithyananda.

Come to think of it, it must have been a bit hard for you to have all those experiences in Thiruvannamalai while attending the polytechnic in Gudiyattam at the same time. Didn't you, Sri Nithyananda, claim to have that 360 vision at the age of twelve at Arunachala Hill in Thiruvannamalai? Were you on summer vacation at the time, for that happened in May? And, what about all those other stories with you allegedly palled around with Mataji Kuppammal and circumventing Arunachala Hill for a few months everyday, etc. And, what about those stories in high school, you, know, Senior Secondary School, Standards IX to XII? We already mentioned one of them about how your teacher became your devotee after you transformed into Lord Ayyappa. Did do an accelerated program and completed Standards IX to XII at age eleven? Wow, that would be enlightening. Do you have any proof of this? Why didn't you mention this wonderful achievement before? Ah, we get it, Sri Nithyananda, you're just one of those modest types.

So, Sri Nithyananda, how did you get all of these experiences at age twelve? Did you commute from and hurried back to have all of those experience? "Aghhhhh", Sri Nithyananda, our Gruntanese translator can't figure out if you mean 'yes' or 'no'. Anyway, we just checked on Google Maps.

Google Map from Thiruvannamalai to Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu
And, Google Maps says that it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes in optimal conditions to commute from Thiruvannamalai to Gudiyattam. Now if you are taking public transportation, then that would increase your commute by at least 30 minutes. (Perhaps as much as an hour and a half, but we'll give Sri Nithyananda a break.) If you had to walk to the bus station from your house in Thiruvannamalai, that adds on at least another 15 minutes (minimum) and probably the same with getting to the polytechnic in Gudiyattam. Add the wait time for a bus and your looking at least two and a half hours minimum from door to door, that would mean five hours every day, but most likely even more. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, no wonder you never had time to study.

So, Sri Nithyananda, we hate to call you on these inconvenient discrepancies about all these confusing dates, but we would like to perhaps offer an explanation to why these dates just don't match. We already know, that you, Sri Nithyananda, really have a thing about looking youthful, you know, your appearance and image. So, we imagine that the temptation to fudge it a bit is always there. Now, we have seen a government issued documentation that really states that your birth day is on March 13, 1977. Wow, that's nine months before you said that you 'descended' down to this planet, but we know that in India, the date of birth records are not always so exact, and that that difference alone wouldn't raise too many eye brows in the Indian legal system.

If you want to cheat on a handwritten document and fudge it a bit, probably the easiest number to 'transform' into another number would be the number '2'. With a similar pen stroke and a slash in the middle, you can make a '2' into a '7'. Let's, Sri Nithyananda, do an academic experiment. Let's say you were born in 1972 and changed the 2 into a 7, so you can claim that you were born in 1977. Is this what happened? So, let's go back and see if you were born on 1972, does this fit the evidence, Sri Nithyananda? Hey, that works, you would then be 18 when you entered the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu, and attended your engineering program. But, wait, if you stayed until 1993, then that would have made you 21 when you started your wandering. So, we imagine that perhaps shortly after attending the Engineering Program, that you got bored and flunked out. Maybe it was an all-boys school back then, so the extracurricular activities were a bit limited in scope. After disappointing everyone, then it made sense for you, Sri Nithyananda, to leave home wandering rather than be a slacker at the graveyard. Of course that meant that you were at least 18 or maybe even 19 when you left home, but at least you could have gotten your 9.5 years of wandering in before you experienced your alleged 'ultimate' experience of 'enlightenment' on January 1, 2000. If that revised date of 1972 held true, Sri Nithyananda, then that would make you now 37-years-of-age, almost 38. That might explain that clump of gray hairs you had a few years back and why you now look so middle aged these days.

Now, admittedly, we don't have any hard proof of this theory, but we do see the dates you allegedly attended at the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu, and saw your copy of the government documentation that had your 'other' date of birth on it. So, that means in order to keep this legend up, the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam had to be a willing partner to make sure that you were 'credited' and a 'graduate'. Are there any clues to what might motivate them to do such an act of educational transgression? Oh, back to Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam website:
we see right there that it said that you helped "feeding noon meal to poor and needy students." and that you, Sri Nithyananda "handed over the cheque to our principal in person." For the amount of "Rs.100,000 (Rupees One Lakh)." This comes out to a little over two thousand US dollars. (On December 7, 2009 that as $2,145.69. Why that wasn't very much, Sri Nithyananda, in exchange for keeping your myth alive. Why that's not even half of what your charge for the 'Inner Awakening' program. Did you have a more private 'under the table' ceremony during your visit? We suppose that the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam did get to place your picture, Sri Nithyananda, on their website, so now it is a famous 'in demand' place that young people can attend and feel your energy on perhaps one of the chairs there. We're sure that you will draw in new recruits like hotcakes, there, Sri Nithyananda, unless of course, you go to jail sometime for all of your crimes, then we imagine that the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam, probably will remove your picture from their website.

Once again, we do not have any hard proof of any of these allegations, but obviously something fishy is happening here. So, for all of you investigative journalists, you might want to pay a visit to the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam, and see the poor students being feed their noontime meal. If nothing is happening, then we're sure you will hear something like "Eka Dasi" (a traditional fasting day) or the chef is sick. If you're persistent enough and make an appointment, then the chances are high you will be treated to watch all the staff eat a meal and hear complaints about the low pay of working at a polytechnic. Why you are there, you might want to check the records of Sri Nithyananda, then probably known as Rajasekaren, and see exactly how old this boy genius was when he attended the Rajagopal Polytechnic College, in Gudiyattam, for his engineering certificate. Sri Nithyananda just might have been a little bit older than twelve. There's only one way to find out.

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

Day 6: Six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 27: Twenty-seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Hahaha..this is hilarious. the parallel universe blogger along with Nithyananda must have entered deep samadhi after reading this..

    Common wake up Nithyananda Devotees. Cant you see this myth of your Master. He is just throwing dust into your eyes and deceiving you outright.

    This is enough to expose him. All that aura he creates is just a gimmick to fool you and a true spiritual aspirant should not get carried away by experiences he can provide you. That is pure deception in the name of spirituality.

    WAKE UP and WALK OUT...

  2. Ha Ha......It is the first time I am seeing a Sri nithyanandas age gets reduced in his books like 17 years...then 15 years and now according to 12 you know what I have also find one more secret...As Nithyanandas age is decreasing his banyan tree which he claims to be his is increasing...In 2007 he calimed it to be 300 years old, In 2008 then he claimed it to be 600 years old...Know here you go in recent ad he is caliming that you can enjoy 1000 year old banyan tree...WOW..... What a great link between decreasing and increasing age...This is the first time I am seeing a miracle of increasing and decreasing ages....Great MR Nithyananda.....This also should be applied for guiness book of records.

  3. I am not like nithyananda organisation....I will provide proof of how his banyan tree is growing old day by day.....

    In page 73 in your book ‘Formless in Form', you mention that tree to be 300 years old.

    But, on your website, you, Sri Nithyananda, claim it to be 600-year-old banyan tree.
    Website link

    Now here you go .....This is for guiness book of records
    Website link which says this banyan tree is 1000 years old....isn't amazing wow......

    Website link
    To be precise 16th photograph....

    This is really amazing sri in 2010 what will be the trees age ..Let me will 2000 years old...and what about your age.....may be 30 or 29.....I will leave that to you....

    This is how we prove that everything is fraud and made up to prove divinity....

  4. To Expose Nithyananda and Honestseeker

    Yes..Nithyananda organization.....

    Do you remember you luxirious 4 room apartments suite stay in toronto and vancouver....Your so called swamis have to spend lot of time to find luxirous hotel rooms because you have certain specifications of rooms for your enjoyment.....

    You always have options to stay at empty devotees house which can save thousands of dollars but you always refuse and make a point to spend thousands of dollars on your luxirous stay.....

    Why a enlightened master who can survive in 6 by 3 feet space needs a luxurious presdential suite in five star hotel.....

    Why a enlightened master needs a special suv vehicle to be rented for thousand of dollars....

    Especially when your charitable website boast that

    by 260$ you can have one month medical services
    by 250 $ you can have mobile dispensary
    by 500$ you can feed 30 people for a week
    For 100$ you can buy study material..

    May I ask you why you need a luxirious suite and spend thousands of hard earned dollars when you can use that money to support the above claims from your website...

    Do you come on honeymoon vacation to north america and spend time in five star hotels...

    This is where the hard earned money is spend

    1) On golden Rudraksha malas to be wore on rowdy and arrogant fake swamis
    2) On Golden thrones where thousands of dollars are spend
    3) On Luxirious five star hotel stays
    4) On Business class flight Tickets.
    5) On Expensive suvs rented vehicles.

    and yes even in bidadi ashram everything is temperory makeshift places created out of asbestos sheet which cost few thousand where is the pile of thousands of dollars collected from usa and canada....

    If the money is really spend on charity there is no need to gather 3/4 poor kids and do a photo opportunity and showcase your so called diolouge( Out of great compassion kids are offered tuitions)..did you only find three kids out of thousand of poor kids in per your website..

    Yes Mr Nithyananda and bloggers dont go in deep samadhi....Answer this questions...Know we all know your one has the right to ask sensitive questions in your mission..and we dont expect any answers from cowards and frauds.

  5. Wow.....At the age of 12 Nithyanada attended for his degrees course..Thats great....

    In India the minimum age requirement for attending jr kg or education is 3 years...

    Its simple math

    If Nithyananda was born in 1 st jan 1978 ..only in 1981 he could join jr kg and then sr kg. ( so two years are spend in jr. kg and

    In 1983 only Nithyananda could join 1st standard( grade)...

    only by 1993 he could complete his 10th grade and then

    then three years polytechnic which nithyananda can complete in 1996.( Raja poly offers only three years of poly technic course after 10th)after 12 th grade its for 2 years....

    So according to if he was a student from 1990 - 1993...

    If Nithyananda was born in 1974 we can take this as truth as he should be 16 years old to join polytechnic in 1990.
    oh I am confused...

    So if nithyananda completes his degree in 1996 his age should be 18 years old.....

    But he claims to left house when he was 17 so.....oh again I am confused ...and then when he did walk length and breadth of india for nine years...

    oh Again I am confused...

    In 2001 he got enlightened.....oh I am again confused.........

    I need to seek help from nithyananda..

    tring Tring ...Hello Hello Mr nithyananda can you hear me ??? can you explain this math please?????

    Please enlighten us Mr.Nithyananda on prove your claims..... I beleive masters dont need to lie about there birth and education...

  6. To Expose Nithyananda

    In Nithyanandas autobiography Book name Nithyananda vol 1 ( Glimpses from the biography of Parmahansa Nithyananda) In page 161/162/163... he mention that at age 12 he used to take help from his brother who use to drop nithyananda in cycle to school. So its very clear know that nithyananda did not attend polytechnic college at age 12..ha ha...( Even if we take in to consideration the website which says that he attended from 1990 till 1993. Nithyannada has attended this college from 1990 - 1993...But I am very sure he was not born in 1978.... To join college in 1990 he should have been atleast born on 74 or 75.It means he is know atleast 36 or 37 years old.

  7. To Expose Nithyananda and anon I agree I also have read that book

    In Nithyanandas autobiography Book name Nithyananda vol 1 ( Glimpses from the biography of Parmahansa Nithyananda)

    one more information in this same above book from page 180 -184 ...its written that till the end november/ december 2005 Nithyananda was in thiuvanamalai. So Nithyananda started his journey from 1996 onwards so if we calculate 9 years of wandering he should have wandered till 2005.....So nothing match up.....

    A great joke for our readers...In this same book in 110 page its written that nithyananda was always late in math periods in school.

    No wonder why his math is so poor he cant even calculate basic numbers.....

  8. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Great catch, readers! Yes, we nailed Sri Nithyananda for his incredible (and, we do mean incredible) aging banyan tree on the Nov. 1, 2009 post:

    Nithyananda's Tales of Fraudulent Anecdotes, Trees, Other Tall Stories, and Fraudian Slips from the Cult of Nithyananda

    But, we were unaware that since Nov. 1, 2009, the sacred banyan tree aged yet another 300 years! And, it is now a 1,000-year-old banyan tree. Wow, Sri Nithyananda's La-La Land makes Alice in Wonderland look like one of those documentaries that you find on late night television on the educational channel. Perhaps Cheshire cat is moving into the tree right now.

    Jai Maa.

  9. What about providing these details to the local press in US as well as India. We can provide proper references in the books published by Nithyananda Foundation to prove that all that Nithyananda is telling is a PURE LIE. His enlightenment is a lie and he is nothing but a conman out there to loot the gullible disciples.

    Can someone take this initiative in India. We will write to the local indian newspapers in the US to publish this.

    This is expose Nithyananda completely and hopefully will throw some light into the eyes of innocent devotees and future devotees.

  10. The Nithyananda Clarity Blogger has entered into deep deep Samadhi. Mr. Nithyananda Clarity blogger, please answer these basic questions else just post it on your blog that your Master is a big time FRAUD and a LIAR.

  11. Also print screen the website page so that even if they change it we can use it later.......rowdy swamis bhaktananda, medhananda your time to nearing to an end.....u all arrogant rude swamis..I want to spit on you.............throw them in to ditch.........they have spoiled hindu tradition and culture......

  12. If you have details about land grab, child abuse, donor fraud, breaking up of families, and other info in India, this is one good paper to write to.

    You don't have to be in India to write them, all you need is having the info on what is happening in India.

    I am sure there are other Indian papers you can write to.

  13. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We can understand your frustration with everything that has happened. At the same time, even Nithyananda and his 'rowdy' swamis are still human beings and deserve the love and grace of the Divine Mother. So, we ask that you focus your attentions on exposing the Truths, coupled with some good old-fashion bantering, getting people out of the cult, and keeping people away from this cult. Spitting and throwing people in a ditch or even just wishing that are not exactly dharmic behaviors and will result in karma. And for all the less-than-stellar record Nithyananda and his cult has, spitting and throwing people in to physical ditches, to our knowledge, hasn't been done yet. Let's keep it nonviolent and fun. We'll have a greater impact that way.

    Jai Maa.

  14. Nithy & his Rowdy Swamis are probably more upset with this blog than being thrown in ditches. lol

    Do you know why Nithy's swamis become rowdy? They are sleep-deprived and sex-starved. Have compassion on them.

    Nithy had pushed too many not ready for the swami life to take it up. Most of the Nithy ashramites and volunteers are good people - honest seekers whose spiritual aspiration was subverted by Nithy.

    Once they become swamis with golden malas, they are very trapped. Medhananda and Sahajananda were good people before their transformation by Nithy. Bhaktananda & Ajar may be rowdy even before they become Nithy swamis!

    Nithy and his cast of characters.....I pray even the Rowdy Swamis come to see the truth about Nithy.

  15. Bhakthananda has a team of beautiful ladies taking care of his needs when he is in NYC! These are brainwashed dames who spits out what he coaches brainwashing more unsuspecting souls. Why, these ladies are good at luring married men, slowly but steadily causing tension in their families which if not taken care of will lead to divorce and disasters..its the poor kids who loose a normal childhood..please do not entertain Bhaktananda...he will ruin your life too...beware of these ladies as well..they will strike back soon when its time for next round of money laundering!!!

  16. I was on a Himalaya Yatra with Nithy. Some of Nithy's cooks run away. Any idea why the cooks run away?

    An old Indian friend said that these people should be glad to have a job for two weeks and get a paycheck. Something just isn't right. Was Nithy trying to deprive his hired cooks of sleep or did he yell at them like he did his ashramites?

  17. To Mr. Parallel Universe Blogger

    Please don't evade our basic questions.If you think your Master is not what this blog claims he is, then please answer the questions. Otherwise don't beat around the bush by posting irrelevant posts. Just answer the questions.

  18. To Mr. Parallel Universe Blogger

    First, why are you lying?
    Second, why has the price for LBP come down to $ 125 now vs $250 last week?
    Why was this "action" taken?

  19. Just FYI for the blogger - no I am not interested in defending anybody here - but for factual clarity.

    In South India, one goes to Polytechnic after 10th grade and not 12th grade. But despite this, the dates/timelines don't add up.

    Perhaps there is an explanation for this in the wonderful "fact vs truth" world. Maybe you can elaborate this to your audience.

  20. Dear blogger,

    Perhaps you can send your lists of questions to the swamis, maha-acharyas, acharyas, enlightened disciples and Nithy himself. Someone may help you with the questions if you asked them directly with humility.

    There must be some mystery in the enlightened universe that is beyound your ordinary mind! lol

  21. To the Anonymous person who said
    "There must be some mystery in the enlightened universe that is beyound your ordinary mind!" Yes, what we find totally mysterious is why in the face of obvious facts and absolute proof of Swamiji's fraud do people still fall for his lies and deceit?
    Well, I guess there are always those kind of people in the world - those that choose to follow a corrupt leader who will lead them directly to hell (Hitler, Charles Manson, Swami Nithyananda, etc). Even Ravana was worshipped as God in Sri Lanka.

  22. hi whatever,

    Very True of what you said, but remember that most of us here were Nithy's devout followers at one time. It takes seeing many inconsistance, greed and emotional crulty before one realizes Nithyananda isn't anything he claims to be.

    Please give the fools some time to wake up. Many will escape in due time. I was a fool once, reason couldn't persuade me of Nithy's being a crook. Now I don't believe much of what Nithy says. He mixes ancient truth with his falsehood to his purpose.

    The Anon must be joking and poking fun about the idea of "the enlightened" as beyond comprehension. Nithy often said we were not to judge enlightened masters, as they are beyond our comprehension. (lol = laughing out loud)

  23. Joking aside. It is worthwhile sending the questions to the swamis, acharyas, ashramites, etc. It will help wake a few of them up.

  24. Wow! what a potential! plagiarism at its best hahahah

  25. Aha on the mysteries of "Fact vs Truth". Beloved Nithy has stated this many times that there is such a thing as "Fact vs Truth". So has the other a** Osho. Another things stolen from Osho ofcourse.

    So let me enlighten you on this "Fact vs Truth" concept. Nithy (and so did Osho) say - we ordinary mortals are usually concerned with facts, facts and facts all the time. However, in the "Cosmic law" there is something that is a "Universal Truth" which may not always be factual. i.e. just because something is a fact does not mean it is a "Truth" in the true "divine sense".

    So with this wonderful argument, a Master can do anything - such as swindle, cheat and get away with murder, because in "Truth" he is doing you mere mortal a divine favor of removing your karmas so that you can escape this birth-death cycle.

    So perhaps these factual inaccuracies in Nithy's biography are really meant to bridge you to the divine world, where Truth rules supreme and facts are irrelevant. Without this crucial spiritual training of ignoring facts, how are you to recognize the Truth?

    See, as long as your are stuck in facts, facts and facts you will never grow up into Truth and you will continue in your "Maya of facts". But because of Nithy's divine intent to bring about a new era on planet earth, he is being a Martyr and taking it on the chin for you. See the sacrifice he is making. Although he is being ridiculed - it is a bit like he died for our sins you see. In the same manner, Nithy is taking these insults for our sake. We will all collectively thank him once we have "crossed" over to the permanent bliss land - where we can live in Truth and swindle, cheat, rape or whatever we would like.

    Now that, this is all clear for you mere mortals, now let us go complain to every Law agency on this planet so Nithy can experience the "prison facts" of this planet when he is behind bars.

  26. Thanks to the Anon of "Facts vs Truth". I heard this from Nithy before. Thanks for reminding ....

    If asked to testify in the court of law of our mortal world, Nithy's ashramites and the enlightened ones will take an oath to speak the truth - they will speak the "truth" as their cult master had told them: Don't trust your eyes if the bird is black or white, trust what you master says about its color!

    To be a true disciple, you have to trust the "master" more your eyes or your other senses. Your senses and your mind can only give you facts, only the master knows the truth. That was Nithy's teaching. I heard them more than once. What a joke!

    I can always tell the court what I saw and heard. I don't know Nithy's truth of his alternate universe. It seems his enlightened cosmos has time-warp and space-warp!

    How all the fools accept this kind of twisted logic! I was a bit of a fool once, but not foolish enough to become full-time 24/7 slave sevak with no time to meditate or adequate sleep.

    What is amazing is that even Nithy's cunning twisted teachings ware copied form Osho and others. He also copied the business model of TM & Art of Living. TM started commercial guruism in the west. I am learning a lot about cults.

  27. This blogger is a fake...I sent in a post awhile ago with my name and country ..and they/he/or she..couldn't take what I said and didn't post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so...can dish it out but can't take everyone is saying ...YOU ARE THE FAKE AND WHERE IS YOUR PROOF YOU ARE THE SHEEP CRYING WOLF AND SOONER OR LATER YOUR BLOG IS JUST GOING TO LOOK LIKE YOU NEED A FRIEND TO TALK TO AND you HAVE A DEMENTED WAY OF EXPRESSING YOURSELF by putting this ridiculous merry go round of saying the same thing over and over again..insiders insiders insiders...are you a paranoid person?? not everyone that bloggs is "an insider!!!" if you really have proof then do something about it...oh yeah...go cry wolf again! where's my blog that I sent in?? huh..didn't want to post it? have to scrutinize everyones blog...why,,that's sounds familiar...put them all on ..YOU ARE THE CONTROL FREAK THAT YOU CLAIM NITHY TO BE..and oh by the have to be nice now..just like your blog says so...have fun in cyber court...

  28. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon on top of this post. Fake? Really? Could you please be so kind as to reference what you feel is fake? We only post things that are very genuine. That is why we even posted your comment. We think that you are very genuine. Genuine idiot. But, your state of stupidity is not fully your fault for all the anger and resentment that you expressed. We know that after being brainwashed and when reality hits your senses and you begin to come out of it, comments like yours are to be expected.

    We actually thank you for honesty. We couldn't do a better job of discrediting Sri Nithyananda better than a true super angry devotee with no grounding in reality. Bummer Trip in La-La Land. I'm sure one of Sri Nithyananda's marijuana fire rituals will make everything dumb again. Please remember us the next time you hand out flyers for the Life Bliss Program and tell everyone how it changed your life. That ought to do it.

    Jai Maa.

  29. It is interesting when Buddha says it is through equanimity (balanced reaction to happy feelings and sad feelings) that one gets enlightenment, our man gets you in a blissful state through his meditation and tells you to stay there. In the high and blissful state, you lose your sense of balance and reality. This makes daily life difficult and enlightenment is a far cry.

    I also want to understand about the Inner awakening program for $6k at Bidadi. What is so spectacular about it? Why are people paying this kind of money? Any insights will be appreciated.

  30. Sri Nithya LavadakanandaDecember 20, 2009 at 1:56 AM

    "I also want to understand about the Inner awakening program for $6k at Bidadi.What is so spectacular about it? Why are people paying this kind of money? Any insights will be appreciated."

    The program is "super spectacular" because the 21 days are required to really get you into that enlightenment zone, according to Golden Boy/Nithy.

    Besides the greatness of the program and your guaranteed enlightenment, I am told they put up quite an entertainment show to boot for you....including Golden boy performing many of his theatrics to mesmerize you and give you the divine experience.

    But most importantly....per this blog here:

    courtesy of the devotees of Golden Boy, they explain, that they are really taking it on the chin in terms of a loss.

    With the 3-month program they take a $250 loss (this is for suckers who paid $8000). And definetely with a 21 day program they must be barely meeting the expense it takes to host you in "first class" accomadations in some lousy ass dorms with 40-50 beds per dorm.

    But anyway, price is besides the point. It is 21 days in divine bliss in the presence of Golden Boy who can't do simple math and is throwing blatant cow dung in his devotees eyes.

  31. Buddha says it is through equanimity (balanced reaction to happy feelings and sad feelings) that one gets enlightenment, our man gets you in a blissful state through his meditation and tells you to stay there.

    Indeed. I spent many years enjoying samadhi states through meditation, including Nithyananda's programs, only to discover they were a detour from my path to awakening.

    These so-called bliss states without REAL wisdom (NOT borrowed ideas repeated like a parrot and added as yet another layer of hard conditioning) are a sure recipe for dissociative disorder and dysfunctional living.

    Even Buddha after experiencing the highest 8th jhana realized he was still suffering and not liberated.

    Was the Buddha a dimwit, that he took so long to be free, whereas we have these Nithyananda-anointed "jivan muktas" popping up like mushrooms after the rains??

    Nithyananda in his meditation programs and instructions does not even teach how to arrive at RIGHT samadhi.

    Nithyananda, it increasingly appears, is just a savvy businessman enjoying the adulation and the Guru trip. The devotees, looking for answers in the wrong place, are along for the ride, and too lazy and complacent and blissed out to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Buddha had this to say as his parting message: "All conditioned things in the world are impermanent, transient. With vigilance, strive to gain your own salvation."

    NOBODY can "give" you enlightenment. All you will get is doses of shakti, which are impermanent. Devotees, ask yourself, is this what you base your conviction on, a transient experience of the senses and mind? Your bliss originates in the body/mind, after all. It is a conditioned state, hence impermanent.

  32. Very well said Orange Clown. Hope this adds some wisdom into the heads of brainwashed Nithyananda devotees.

  33. Who needs any more unkind greedy enlightened crooks? Look at Nithyananda, Bhaktananda, Ajar, etc.

    To quote Jody of Guruphilia: I choose a kind person over 100 unkind enlightened masters.

  34. Ma Nithya Swindle-anandaDecember 21, 2009 at 7:03 PM

    hippie said..."Who needs any more unkind greedy enlightened crooks? Look at Nithyananda, Bhaktananda, Ajar, etc."

    NL said....Dear hippie what you fail to understand is that the "Master" and his "enlightened" bunch of cronies are "working on you". If only you did sadhana "intensely enough", if you "really badly wanted" enlightenment, you would have gotten enlightened already.

    Till then my friend you have to "work for the Master's mission", really put in your sadhana. So just by the Master's grace, he will awaken you right after death. Not before death....because you will not be able to handle the energy of enlightenment. So in the meanwhile slog for Golden boy, attend his $6000 IA program or the $8000 LBE program. I bet the next program is going to "spend 6 months in the energy field" for a mere $15,000" - and that too they will be taking a deep loss, because of their infinite compassion.

  35. Wow. So convenient for Nithyananda. Enlightenment only after death not before :)

    I can also open my shop by giving this promise.

  36. Ma Nithya Swindle-anandaDecember 21, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    "jivan muktas"

    Yes, yes, yes. I have heard of this wonderful thing called "Jeevan Muktas" and my sources tell me Golden Boy is initiating folks into "Jeevan Mukti" like mushrooms as Orange clown said. I have had the opportunity to meet a number of these clowns too over the last few years. And boy "jeevan mukti" is overflowing through them. It is so goddamned evident.

    Devotees/disciples - if you are reading this. Please do yourself a favor. Take a piece of paper and write down the year of Golden boy's birth, then put down the date of his entering college, when he graduated, when he started wandering (1995), when he attained "enlightenment" - year 2000. And see if it all seems accurate per his biography.

    You know Golden Boy has said 9 years of Paravarajika. Ask yourself why the websites now say 6 years instead of 9 years. Golden boy is changing the information.

    If that still does not convince you that something is amiss....then check this logo of Osho's sannyas world -

    If that still does not convince you - do a web search for "Osho swan logo". If you are still not convinced that Golden boy stole Osho's logo and that he indeed had a "vision" of the blue swan logo - then I will have to personally declare that you are "enlightened...err....completely brain washed" by Golden boy! May you live in eternal blidness to obvious facts.

  37. "Wow. So convenient for Nithyananda. Enlightenment only after death not before :)I can also open my shop by giving this promise."

    LOL :-)

    Nice one Nithy. I heard you apparently wait and catch the person's soul the moment one dies and take away the soul's karma and get them enlightened.

    Wow, so you are waiting on the other side of life for us? I suppose many such thugs like you will be on the other side....would it be easy to recognize you? Oh, right, what am I will be loaded with your "bling bling" Golden jewellery so it will easy to spot you I bet.

  38. What sadhana? You mean slavery?

    Working long hours 7 days a week with little sleep, w/o compensation....

    Good luck to getting your enlightenment after death!

  39. Part I:

    Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time for a round up to address all of the unanswered comments for this post.

    Great catches. Just for clarification, it was in Nithyananda Vol. 1 the second first edition of December 2006 pp. 161-3 that had the information that Sri Nithyananda received help from his brother riding the bike to school up until age of 12. Technically, Sri Nithyananda could have turned 12, and then off to the polytechnic school, although this scenario is highly unlikely. The date of November 2005 on page 180 (same second first edition book) was in reference to the passing of Sri Nithyananda’s father. He died on November 12, 2005. Sri Nithyananda used that as a marketing ploy and renamed that after the Buddhist Holy Day, Maha Parinirvana Day. (See post: “Paramahamsa Nithyananda Revises Vedic Holy Day Plus Bliss Bites Back”. So, that would be a ‘legitimate’ date and does not disrupt Sri Nithyananda timeline. It was also pointed out that on page 110 of the same book, that Sri Nithyananda wasn’t good at math. The second first edition that we have just says that Sri Nithyananda was late to class one day and then goes on about he transformed into Lord Ayyapa to the eyes of his teacher. However, on page 108 (auspicious?), it did say that Sri Nithyananda often missed school and received ‘divine’ help to cover for him:

    “Often when Nithyananda missed school, he would seek the help of Thatha (K.S. Narayanaswami) to escape punishment from teachers. Thatha would make sure Nithyananda’s attendance in school was marked.”

    So, although it didn’t say that Sri Nithyananda was poor in math, but it sure seemed that he could have learned something if he went to class a bit more. This lagging in education is confirmed from a PDF file called “Yet to be Discovered/INVTFIN” created on October 30, 2003 and posted on the website, on page 37, it sated, “Rajasekaran went to a regular school at Thiruvannamalai & was a fairly average student.” It is also mentioned that Sri Nithyananda often missed school due to his all-night meditations in the graveyard but we don’t have that reference available to quote. (We will post it as soon as we find it.) On page 172, same second first edition, it stated that “Sri Nithyananda was 17 and had completed his diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Gudiyattam.” Well, according to the polytechnic website, he was just 15 (in 1993). So, at age 17, yes, Sri Nithyananda had completed it with two years to spare. Factual, yes. Misleading, you bet.

    For the record, Sri Nithyananda claims that he had his 'ultimate' enlightenment experience on January 1, 2000. That's a full year shorter than the poster ‘anonymous’ stated (January 1, 2001), which tightens Sri Nithyananda’s timetable even shorter.

    Yes, do let the press know about Sri Nithyananda, his cult, his lies, his crimes, and everything else that exposes him. You might make it more interesting for the newspapers if you 'make a story' out of exposing Sri Nithyananda’s crimes. For example, "Is the cult of Nithyananda the next Osho?" will certainly get a better response than just facts about another spiritual huckster.

    Yes, the newspaper,, looks like an excellent place to start. But, don't stop there. Let the world know.

    It is our experience that there is actually a silver lining in Bhaktananda. Once again, it is Nithyananda, who is destroying the families (with perhaps some concrete contributions from Ajara). Anyone who is representing Sri Nithyananda, will have the potential to wreck your family as much as the next 'representative'; (this includes Bhaktananda). It is best to focus on stopping Sri Nithyananda and not to spend too much energy targeting his messengers.

    Jai Maa.

  40. Part II (Recap of comments)

    Om Namah Shivaya.

    Yes, Hippie, we heard about the chef's running away during what we believe was the 2005 Himalaya tour. There were two sets of cooks. One was from South India and the other from North India. I believe the North Indians escaped. We do not know the specifics, but it doesn't surprise us. The tour, like ashramite life, was crammed with very little sleep... and that was for the participants. Imagine, if you were forced to work under those conditions that would be even worse. No sleep. Purchase food with minimal budget. Cook for everyone at all-hours. Then listen to 100's of 'gratitude' complaints. After the third day of this poor treatment, I'm surprised that the chefs didn't rebel. In the 2004 Himalaya tour, our contacts mentioned that the chefs worked long and hard with minimal budget. At the very end of the tour, Sri Nithyananda told all of the participants not to tip the people who made sure we were fed. They defied the odds and delivered meals without three weeks of sleep. And, Sri Nithyananda treated them with a 'cold slap'. This is the true nature of Sri Nithyananda.

    We noted before that the Life Bliss Programs in the LA region were set at $125.00 and the programs outside the LA region were priced at $250.00. Since the Life Bliss website does not list any offerings outside the Los Angeles region, we cannot confirm if the price has 'suddenly' dropped to just $125.00. We know in the past that Sri Nithyananda would like to charge the maximum he can and still fill a program.

    Yes, thanks for the information that Sri Nithyananda could have attended the Polytechnic in the 10th grade. We still doubt that Sri Nithyananda was only 12 in the 10th grade, and as the poster mentioned, nothing adds up with this guy.

    Yes, Hippie, it will take time for followers of Sri Nithyananda to wake up. Word on the street is that many of them are doing that just now. Doubt if Sri Nithyananda is really ‘enlightened’ has set in. Do be aware that the commitment in terms of time, resources (life savings, credit ratings, and all assets are gone), broken careers, burned family bridges, and a lifestyle of other like-minded people all work against to seeing and acting on the Truth. But, in time, they will come out. Be patient and forgiving.

    To the 'Anonymous' person who said... "Wow! what a potential! plagiarism at its best hahahah". We haven't even touched Sri Nithyananda's acts of plagiarism. But, that is a huge goldmine. 500 books in just six years, and a lot of evidence that points that these quantity works are not so original. We'll have fun with this one.

    We loved the comments about 'facts vs. Truths' Unfortunately, there were plenty of sad 'Truths' as well as 'Facts' in what was said. It takes willing participants to become brainwashed. Once someone is convinced that Sri Nithyananda is a Divine figure who can give 'enlightenment' and other 'boons'... and has 'experienced' one of Sri Nithyananda's 'feel-good' sessions, then watch out. Facts and Truths are only going to be seen through Sri Nithyananda's propaganda vision. These are rose colored spectacles are tinted ‘rose’ from the blood smeared from the followers' being. Brainwashing is not a pretty business.

    Yes, thanks for mentioning another one of Sri Nithyananda's brainwashing tools. Trust the 'master' more than your own senses until the white crow is perceived to be a black crow solely based upon the master's suggestion. White crow or black crow, when the droppings hit the eye, perhaps the brainwashed senses will realize what it really is.

    Jai Maa.

  41. Part III (Recap of comments)

    Om Namah Shivaya.

    Not that we are defending Sri Nithyananda, but in general, most meditations are very helpful, even Sri Nithyananda's meditations. Yes, Sri Nithyananda lowers a devotee's guard by not focusing on the ajna chakra (brow center) during most of his meditations and Sri Nithyananda discourages pranayama which helps strengthen the mind, will power, as well as help strengthen the body, but with that said, his mediations in the Life Bliss Program and even from the Nithya Dhyan are beneficial. The problem is that Sri Nithyananda uses these meditations much like a pedophile uses a puppy dog to lure children. In the Nithya Dhyan, the last portion of the meditation is to have 'gratitude' to the Master (we assume him) and then recites a corrupted mantra (total disrespect and vibrates low) that substitutes divinity's name with Sri Nithyananda's name. So, at the very last portion of this meditation attempts to capture the meditator. We have a problem with this hijacking, not with Sri Nithyananda's meditations in general. But, yes, this is true that Sri Nithyananda focuses on meditations that bring upon 'feel good' experiences and not wisdom. So, do the meditations (without the corrupted mantras or being hijacked) and balance these meditations with activities that also bring on wisdom and a strong mind, e.g. pranayama.

    Yes, we agree. A seeker needs to do the work to achieve his or her own enlightenment. A guru can help keep focus and on track, but at the end of the day, it is the seeker's efforts and Divine grace. This takes time and commitment. More than just three weeks and wheel barrel full of money.

    Thanks for the reminder about Sri Nithyananda’s Osho influences. Yes, Sri Nithyananda's biggest idle is Osho. We dedicated one blog post just on that along with a very similar looking Osho logo "Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Influences on Nithyananda = Osho 2.0" along with a post about how Sri Nithyananda's first act after receiving 'enlightenment' was to 'carve' a statue of Osho, " or at least that is what he claimed to do, "Nithyananda Fabricates an Osho Statue Story".

    Absolutely correct. One of Sri Nithyananda's real lures is to give that final stage of 'enlightenment' to his true devotees just at the final moment when they 'cross-over' from life to death, just like Sri Nithyananda allegedly did to his own father, "Paramahamsa Nithyananda Revises Vedic Holy Day Plus Bliss Bites Back". To faithful followers, this is 'worth' hanging around Sri Nithyananda and being his slave for a lifetime. But, with Sri Nithyananda's treatment, death will come much easier than 'enlightenment'.

    Jai Maa.

  42. You guys are awsome in bringing the truth to light. KUDOS!!!!The post was hilarious.

  43. I just went to the La La Land blog and realised that there has been no more updates since December 14th 2009. Looks like they have either given up explaining or gone into cyber hiding after the video leaks.

  44. hi, I had a question about how to understand that these accusations on these emails. Whether they are correct or just ways to make this swami look bad. Also has anyone tried a blog on Mr benny hin who does miracles with curing people who were never crippled ;)


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