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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Fails Mechanical Engineering College

Life Bliss Engineered Failure

Is it true, Sri Nithyananda, that you failed your engineering college? You will say that ‘No’, that you got the highest mark, a real genius. I remember you said that in my very first program I attended of yours. You were just beaming.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, fair enough. Would you kindly help verify your academic achievements in excellence by providing us with this information?
  • Could you, Nithyanada, please mention the college name, the location with the address, your batch number, and your subject major?
  • Could you, Nithyananda, please mention who was the principal at that time?
  • And, Nithyananda, could you please give us a few teachers’ names (for references)?
  • Why you are at it, can you mention a few names of your classmates?
  • We would especially love to hear the name of your former classmate who went to you for blessings after you achieved your ‘enlightenment’?
This information will clear up the situation, erase all doubts in our minds, and give you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the legitimacy and recognition you deserve to continue your legacy of being an 'enlighted' master.

UPDATE!We since have learned that the Rajagopal Polytechnic College in Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu, testifies on its website that 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, a.k.a. Rajasekaran, attended the Mechanical Engineering program from 1990 to 1993.  There is a slight problem here, for little Rajasekaran, a.k.a. Paramahamsa Nithyanananda, would have only been twelve years old at that time.  You may read more about these findings on our blog post titled:
Guinness World Book of Record Holder: 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda as Youngest Polytechnic Student
We still question if the so-called Swami Nithyananda ever did complete his degree based on all of the other inconsistencies in his biography.  Our research showed that 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda did attend the Rajagopal Polytechnic College in Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu, but most likely did not complete his degree. We need stronger proof than what the rajapoly website offers.  (Remember, the Rajagopal Polytechnic College in Gudiyattam has a strong incentive to claim Sri Nithyananda as an alumnus.)  We'll keep you updated when we find out more information about 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda and his alleged college years.  Stay tuned.

Sri Nithyananda, to help our readers understand how ridiculous your timeline, your college years, and all of your events that you claimed happen really are, our friends at put together this handy graphic:

(Click on Image to see the details of fraud)

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult.


  1. Nithyananda's engineering diploma story sounds suspiciously like Sri Sri's lie that he received an "Advanced Degree in Physics" at age 17. In other words, as Nithyananda himself likes to say: B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T

    The REAL story about Sri Sri's "Advanced Degree" told by a former insider here:

    I hope some insider comes out with the REAL story about Nithyananda's hagiography as well. Perhaps Ram Ramanathan would like to volunteer, since he helped construct the legend.

    One more thing: There's a video on YouTube where Nithyananda speaks somewhat innocently about how Hitler said "beautifully" (his exact words!), that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. I hope someone can search and find that video before the chelas read this and take it down.

    The actual quote from the fuhrer: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it"

  2. My Dear friends. Are u not suffering? thinking bad about sadguru and with bad intentions. Why are u talking bad about a person who intends to help humanity? Ask forgiveness for him and he will forgive you. Your pain and suffering will end.

  3. this blog is created by christians whose conversion activities have been hampered by Swamijis good work

  4. Calling the blog writers Christian is a cheap way to distract people away from reality!!!

  5. To Anonymous "FEBRUARY 1, 2010 5:38 PM":

    You mean Christain missionaries are now using "Jai Maa" as a slogan and appreciating our legends like Ramakrishna Parmahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi etc? Have you run out of logic?

    By the way, don't you think the Nithya volunteers behave more like missionaries? You know "Please spread the message about Swamiji", "Please try to get as many participants as possible for his programs" etc, etc.

  6. <-< You mean Christain missionaries are now using "Jai Maa" as a slogan >->

    My mind is in a smokescreen. I know this guy is Hindu, I am just a big Dope.

  7. there is a video of him with an unknown heroine sharing some wonderful bedroom tips

  8. hmmmm....dont know wt to believe nd wt not....addn to his academy now it is some video that s speaking ill of him..........

  9. Is this the same swamiji you are talking about who was involved in the sex scandal they re showing in SUN TV last night and today? His face is so clear and it is confirmed he is the one in video. Too bad such swamijis exist today. I m a hindu and i feel so bad about such people exist so cooly giving interviews. Mugatha pathale theriyudhu... seriyana fraud payal..

  10. Bangalore: A sting operation by a Tamil magazine and a local TV channel revealed the spiritual leader Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda in an alleged sex scandal with a Tamil actress.

    Though both the channel and the magazine have not revealed the location, the pictures show Swami Nithyananda in compromising positions with the actress.

    Minor incidents of protests from various parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been reported after the channel played the story on Tuesday, following which the police has beefed up security at all his ashrams in the state including Tiruvannamalai, which Swami Nithyananda visits often.

  11. i know of ppl who are coming down from US to attend a SINDHU river kumba mela. starting from 8th march costing around a lakh.
    These are the ppl who would not spend on tkts to meet there parents who are here, but can spend soo much of money on such things.

    This is what happens if we forget our roots and Religious preachings by our Guru's

  12. I cant belive when I saw the clip.I was really admiring and appericating him for what he was doing.I myself think that I have got benifit from his sutras that is sure and I think so that it is real knowledge which he has got from vedas.I will hold to his knowledge which has really given benifit in my life and forget swami.

  13. Thank you for creating this blog who smelled the fraudlent activities of this person last year.

    Please delete the word "Swami" before this fraud
    name.He is below normal person with interest in worldly pleasures,so he is not deemed to be called by the name.

  14. shattered ...such ...***** take the entire people for granted ..

    very sad

  15. this bloody samiar along with other samiars are all frauds!! survival model of these fellows are to fool gullible innocents; these fellows are not alone but a bunch of professional marketing people; it is like business of prostitution; People should be aware of these unscrupulous frauds!!!

  16. the people of india come out of this swami's tricks. every one has his own talent. so nityananda might have speaking talent about vedas.But we should not confirm fim as good person by his scriptures. trust in your own. no need to meet any swami for peace or anything else. if your own to be peaceful you will be successful. with our money they are enjoying so they will be peaceful cause they dont care there parents or relations. so people of india use your own knowledge ok

  17. Goo that atleast he's exposed now.I hope he can't do much damage to people from now.But therea are real ones like SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV.Deeds like swami nithyandha creates a bad impression on Really Spiritual people like JAGGI too.It's just sad but what other choices do people have if the person whom hey trust really does some nonsense like this?

  18. Many such incidents have taken place already but still we are closing our eyes and blindly following people who speaks good english and who presents them selfs professionally in front of the gathering, unless otherwise we start to give respect to simplicity and straightforwardness, these kinds of weeds will appear again and again and again

  19. hahhaaa....
    As usual another foolish swami preaching but no practise.
    These fooools don't know anything about yoga.

  20. Nityananda is genuine and the video with ranjitha is fabricated. Have you not seen 'Avatar' movie? You can create any image without any image. He is real. SunTV is anti-Hindu. Karunanidhi is running his family cycle and nakkeeran is one full-time criminal. Knwo the truth. eality will come into light very soon.

  21. Any swamiji who appears to be charging more money for the speaches / programmes can be treated as not real. when it comes to they are fraud or not? if they are not real then it means they are fraud. It doesnt mean that a swamiji appearing with girls only the bad people. Same thing also applies to those who are money minded too as it oppose their own words in the preachings. So there are many swamijis who are slaves to females and money. Both are same. Dont deceive by them. At the same time dont loose the faith on spirituality. It is a small mistake choosing the wrong master. Learn from it. May god give stregth to all of us to face this incidents and give us energy and will to increase spirituality in us. One simple equation i can say to justify whether a spiritual person is real or not. If Bhakthi is not composed in their speeches, he may not be real. Because real master try to use bhakthi as boat to cross the river rather than telling inrealistic things to jump directly from one shore to another shore. Think guys.....

  22. Truth will come out soon when underground business with Nithyananda and Dhyanidhi Maran group compramise on Land settlement in Mysore road ( I heared its around 200 Acres some one donated).. anyway followers I was like you once.. god showed me light to come out...Im also true hindu and respect real Guru's.. those who are supporting nithyananda can you guys answer to the questions answer in this website..

  23. Dear all Readers,

    I am a hindu and would like to give my 2 cents on this conflict. Well, first of all people need to be blamed not the guruji's.. think about it guys, Hw is he different from us?.... After all he is human and needs everything like what we need and sex is one of them....

    There is No big Guru than U if u think peaceful and make right decisions on right time. U may not need any advises. Well I am not saying all his speachings are wrong or right and am not making any judgements either......
    All I am saying is that no matter who says 2+2 equals 4.... its always true.....

    if a beggear says ,if guruji says or if its being said in USA or india or anywhere.....

    Hemust have many statements like 2+2 = 4 which is true...... onlything is that u dont know it earlier and now u know it.... thats all

    No one is god on this earth....No one can do mayas, the other day i was watching a swami taking out a gold linga from his mouth... common yar.... hw to believe this... gold is a metal and need to be extracted at certain temparatures, and at the same time some one has to manually work or use some machinary to make that raw gold to an ornament,,,,, it's quite evident that if some one is taking an lingam idol from stumoch is purely non-sense.... Anyway.....
    He might be sprinkling money every where to cover all his mistakes and get more followers....

    Guys.... It all boils down to us... the very core people who can make or break.....

    we do not have a right to comment on him because he is after all a human .... Given a choice ...who in the world does not want to spend time with celebraties....

    Question urself !!!Did u loose any money or time on him.....K,, Lets say U did,, Did u enjoy his talkings like a movie u go , were there any times he make u laugh (like bramhanadam) ....

    Thats it.... Did u learn anything from his speech (like any 2+2 = 4 statements u heard, with some good examples which u neverknew earlier ... awsome ) thats it.... You need to leave it..


    I am a software engineeer and i get experience on working SW programs... Business domains... working in different Geographies, Working with manycomapnies... etec etc...


    Do you know How these swamies or Guru's are made,,,,,

    Haaaaaa,, Its very simple,,,, People we make them.....

    he speaks to 10 people initially
    understand their minds
    20 people next time
    understand psychology of their thoughts
    their decision making capabilities
    etc etc..... He gains experience by talking to 10's, 20's. 100's 1000's million's ........
    His confidence levels increase... we teach them everything as to how to to be cunning... how to manage different set of to manage expectations... How to manage anything........

    The bottom line is ...... Poor Guys.......
    Swamijis are made by US.....

    U have made them and u are destroying worries....
    But why u make them in the first Place.....?
    Think Guys.... Spend that time and money with ur kids and familes.........

    So u dont regrett later.....

  24. What beats me is how can a person get so much knowledge , confidence , poise to be able to fool so many people or is it that he may have been realised / had stuff but fell for lust like so many in past. Is it posibile to fake to such a a scale.

  25. I REAlly feel sad for what has happened.if the issue created is true he deserves punishment. if not the media should think before spoiling anybodys image

  26. Hai commentators,

    All the interpretations and misunderstandings about Swamijis are due to conflicts between different religions. Hinduism is the only religions where even gods have wife/wives. In this religion alone God may be man or woman. All the rishis were having dharma paththinis. That is marriage is the way to achieve enlightenment. Hinduism teaches that all the souls to try to stop rebirth by deserting the wordly desires (including body desires). This rule is applicable to all including swamijis and even gods. I can quote from the history. The great saint Vishwamithra indulged with Menaka and gave birth to Shakunthala. Devendra indulged with Akalya. Even it is believed that lord shiva fell in love with Mohini avathar of Lord Vishnu and thus Lord Ayyappa was born. Jamadhakni rishi's wife and mother of Parasurama Smt. Rohini devi (am I right) was moved by the adoni of a Deva. Do u understand What I am trying to convey. There is no defined characteristics of "Swamiji" in Hinduism. All souls will bear the fruit or suffer according to their Karma. Non one is exception including the God. The best way to see the swamijis is to see them as Professors and not Godly man. If our college professor commits such mistake, shall we forget his teachings. Let us apply our rational mind and pick up that is useful to us from the preachings of such self styled god man. Let the Godman suffer for his karma.

  27. To Anonymous @3:23 AM

    Om Namah Shivaya.

    Nice try in attempting to pull Divinity down to Sri Nithyananda’s level. How can you stoop so low? Thank you for showing us the mentality of brainwashed cult members. They will still find a way to think that their criminal is still a god, and in the process, they will expose the extent of their weak and corrupted spiritual foundation. Their willingness to trash Divine in order to prop up a criminal is criminal. This is the true stench of Sri Nithyananda’s teachings. We don’t buy it one bit. Indeed, marriage is sacred. Humping married wives is evil. Therefore, Sri Nithyananda is not sacred; he is evil.

    Your comment proves that Sri Nithyananda has made his cult members very sick, sick, sick. Do realize that the list of ladies that Sri Nithyananda has ‘patronized’ is a very long list indeed? Sri Nithyananda would exploit just about anyone he desires. At least that has come to an end, but the scars in many will remain. Sri Nithyananda is a true home wrecker.

    If you want to make a fair comparison within the Hindu scriptures, next time compare Nithyananda to Ravana. That would show that you have at least a clue of what is going on.

    Jai Maa.

  28. I also saw unedited video of this epiosde...I cant come to conlusions. If you see carefully he was quite for most of the time with his either his face away from hidden camera or lying on his back with the lady moving here and there. Avatar like morphing possible. based on inputs from the TV channel or magazine we cannot conclude. I am not giving clean chit to Nityananda either. Unless we come to know of his land related disputes we cannot sy anything. But under the garb of 'investigative journalism' bedroom actions have come to living room. Sad indeed...I pray that people are not fooled twice...once by swami's and again by media...I hope you all remember CNN IBN handed over the CDs publicly to Govt after their sting operation for 'cash for vote scam' soon after UPA Government came to power last year...Will the news channel and magazine involved will come out in the open to explain the details of sting prove how genuine is their 'investigative journalism? Lets wait and see....

  29. I have heard him speak.I have also listened to his meditation technique.They seem powerful/ logical Where do u think , he would have picked it up from.

  30. We need to come up with the total number of people he seduced. Not their names. My guess over the years at least 25.

  31. To anonymus at March 5, 2010 10:13 AM

    Surely 25 if you are looking at the extend of whats shown in video. What else do you think primary care takers of nithyananda do. This is how he keeps them busy.

    But if you look at lesser extend then there are 1000's he has seduced over the years.
    If you walk by his ashram you will see him constantly hugging women. Thats why cameras and videocamera are banned in the ashram.

    To the anonymus at March 5, 2010 5:55 AM
    Surely from Osho. Dont you see Osho is his biggest inspiration ever in all ways. Just that he will not accept it in public.

  32. This is probably the end of nithyanada, but there are hundreds of them like that, etc etc.. All of these somehow use yoga in a big way to entice crowd (how yoga is superior to tai-chi is unknown). They start in India, but use it as a base to extend over to US and europe where the real money is. Not really sure why but California, US is a major financial center for all these goons...

    As long as there are people who look for shortcuts to enlightenment and peace, there will always be such babas to make use of them. Spirituality and these guys are far far different. Somehow i don't really sympathize with his followers who are cheated - sort of feel that they deserve to.. there is no excuse for ignorance.

  33. Bring your check book folks and be truly enlightened! All those "intelligent" followers. Southern California is full of them. Many people who want to be separated from their money. After all, nothing can be good if you do not pay a fortune for it. Intellect vs wisdom, wisdom which many “devotees” do not seem to have. Why is it, throughout history, that so many “criminal swamis” are able to extract exorbitant amounts of money from both men and women? People leave their families and life styles to follow these "fakers" until they find out they have been “taken”. “Taken” not to be truly enlightened, but to “the cleaners”. The beat goes on……and history repeats itself. Good f’n luck folks consider yourselves screwed for eternity.

  34. I find it rather humorous, as a friend left for the swamis ashram back in December of 2009 - a fool and his money, I mentioned, in an off hand manner, because of the John Edwards scandal..."just wait till the swami has a sex scandal." Well, from my mouth to Gods ears. When in the world are people going to learn, true enlightenment cannot be bought.

  35. Very Interesting !!! Very Interesting !!! Arent you all realize that you are already enligntened to breath and talk the very story itself . Know you are him . Including and excluding whats Happening. Nithyananda is other you .

    God is you and cut out ego and see him standing everywhere . All religions and all visions and notions all true. For false is also in the truth as false. Its all there as a dream. Get back to him . Who is Nityananda . Another noun . God alone exists folks in and out of everything . Cut out everything and get on to see it everywhere .

  36. Om Namah Shivaya,

    (in ref. to comment by 'human form' @4:59 AM)

    Now we know that Nithyananda's cult has gone off on the deep end. God help us all, especially them.

    Jai Maa.

  37. he is an a**hole. so much so for his f***g assistants. i'm truly disappointed.

  38. If all this is true which it appears to be, someone should appeal to the US consulate not to allow this sex addict to come to the United States. Probably he should be deported on arrival immediately.

  39. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Great point. We have written the US Embassies and Consulates several times now. We would encourage everyone to do the same. We'll publish a list of embassies and consulates in the near future for everyone to write to.

    Jai Maa.

  40. Why are people so much for these swamijis . Guru on the way to self-realizaion is not a must at all . Janaka Maharaj attained enlightment while having fun and inundated. There was no Guru for him , so are zillions who gets it without the Holy "Guru" Notion .

    Swamis and Gurus should be used and should be seen as the only for/means for a Good satsang.

    and see God in Guru as much you see in yourself and all beings inert and non-inert .

    True Gurus will come to you when you really seek them . Its just a notion . Like a Guardian angel.

  41. Nidumamidiswamiji said All Gurus are not frauld unless they are caught and exposed

  42. India is known for spirituality and it is such a shame that these so called swamis end up in sex scandals and still claiming to be spiritual if these swamis want only sex they have to visit red street and stop giving discourses and the people how can they be so stupid always falling at his feet even people who were thirce his age also fall and take his blessings i think some sort of parameters should be set for such swamis they should have certain tests and agniparikshas before they are called swamis or else allow the swami to be married and still follow this profession and the media is showing these clippings again and again and gaining lot of trps.

  43. THis is a Holy Business running into crores, And it is a vicious circle,as long as greed and lust are there in this world it will keep happening again and again , no one will be able to stop this nonsense, we may hear more complicated issues in future god knows

  44. To
    Om Namahshivaya. This is in response to your angry retaliation by concluding that my mind is polluted. Peculiarly, you could not controvert the instances shown by me from epics. I am not supporting the self styled swamiji. If you wrongly think so and make ugly comments, it will not affect me. The only answer is "KARMA". Every body, including me and you, should suffer for their respective Karma. I only said that Nityananda will suffer for his Karma and in Hinduism, the marriage of saints is not banned. Pl. read my comment again and try to understand its true context.

  45. I had seen nithyananda's speeches on DD podhigai.I had a feeling he was a phony.So I used to 'off the TV whenever it was telecast.He sounded as one who had grasped the Psychology of human Behaviour and was peddling that as a "Mantra" ;it seemed like a cult.So ,I wasn't surprised when the Scandal broke-out,only shocked at it being aired so publicly[Had the misfortune of seeing it the first thing in the morning when I was looking for Suprabatham on another Channel].It seems that you had a jump start on knowing the true story,before all of us.As they say Satyam Eva jayathe. Hari om.

  46. To the Anonymous who quotes from epics:

    This is a common confusion among most Hindus and obviously among followers of other religions. Please see the analysis below

    1. First we have to compare being of same Yoni i.e source. So, we should not compare humans with Devas, as we do not compare humans with pisachas etc. Even Deva paid a huge price, i.e cursed to Gowthama rishi to have thousands of Penis (?) all over the body, and Devendra had to hide for centuries. Here with great penance he could get out of the curse. Where as Rajasekaran did not do his 9 years parivrajaka as he claimed. So, there is no comparison in tapas. Now, he went to Kumbha Mela to take 'Maha Mandaleshwar' title amidst all the scandal.

    2. Out context as you referred to the word is 'Swamiji' is related to Sanyasa ashrama of Hindu or Sanatana Dharma. For the characters you referred you used the word 'Rishi'. There is an obvious difference. They are not the same.

    3. You also used the word 'dharma patni'. Ranjitha is not 'dharma pathni' of Rajasekaran. She is a pimp or prostitute and Rajasekaran has promiscuous relationship. Also, she is not sent by Devendra to destroy Vishwamitra's tapas. Also, when Vishwa mitra realised that he lost his goal, he re-started his tapas and finally attained his goal. Where as Rajasekaran is doing all to cover up and destroy evidence. Is there any comparison?

    4. One who has all control over mind and all other environment is called Swami in Sanskrit translated as Master in English. Not who is behind a Cinema actor and many other females who are married to other men. Even if that woman wanted illicit relationship the SWAMI must have taught her the right conduct.

    5. Similarly there are other explanations for all other events. None of them are Sanyasis. Shiva was not a sanyasi but he was like a sanyasi self-absorbed, if that explanation satisfies you.

    6. Also, what is the contemporary society customs? Can a so called Swami do contrary to society norms. Krishna in Gita says 'NO'. Please read correct Gita translation such as Sankaracharya commentary published by Ramakrishna Matha, not the commentary of Nithyananda who can not even read and understand one sentence of Sanskrit, leave alone giving a synchronous commentary which is not contradictory to Vedas at large.

    7. In the epics if you want to quote, refer to Yajnavalkya who gave up his TWO wives and cows and took Sanyasa, and taught vedanta to one of his wives who wanted liberation and not wealth.

    8. So, this kind of analysis on establishing what is dharma is not easy. One needs through understanding and should have support of Dharma Sastras for every action.

  47. Punish if nithya violated law of the land as Sanyasi and dont spare whether he has done violation knowigly or unknowingly as ignorance law is not an excuse.

  48. After this Nithyananda's sex scandal, I would think news media would see this blog and ask the hard questions? Too much hope on my part..


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