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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comments from blogger 'Swamiji is God' about 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda

Update: Shortly after Nithyananda's sex scandal broke, commenter to this blog, 'Swamiji is God (SIG)' realized and admitted that Paramahamsa Nithyananda was no Paramahamsa. 'Swamiji is God' wrote us a nice post and admitted that we were right, and thanked us for our efforts in exposing the fraud of Nithyananda and his cult. 'Swamiji is God', like many of us, is a sincere seeker who got taken in by Nithyananda. This is our story too. So, we're glad to have helped. We are leaving this post and 'Swamiji is God's comments up as an archive to help others see and realize the Truth. We hope that
'Swamiji is God' is able to carrying on his/her spiritual journey and has not suffered too much emotional and spiritual damage from Nithyananda's fraud.

Communication with 'Swami' Nithyananda's Other Side

Om Namah Shivaya.  We had some thoughtful comments from a user named 'Swamiji is God'. Instead of just posting these as a side note, we decided to dedicate a post just these comments. Therefore, all of the comments can be relevant to this post. Here are the comments:
Saturday, January 23, 2010 5:53 AM
Swamiji is God said...

Nithyanandam, the objective of your blog is to educate all about the wrongdoings and lies of Swamiji and his organization, correct ? This is to help people inside to realize that they are following a "fake" Swami and should immediately withdraw from all his associated activities, correct ? I am a devotee of Swamiji, please can you answer these simple questions logically ? 1. If he was really in RK mission, and not a divine person, how did he end up in Bidadi(from Near Erode) of all places in India and that too with the land being donated for free with a Huge Banyan tree in its premises. 2. How did Sec Ayya get cured from Cancer just by a touch from Swamiiji. I am from Tamil Nadu and I know people who knew Ayya before he met Swamiiji and they told me he had cancer and was on the death bed etc.. and that they did not know he was alive until I told them about Swamiji, they had come for Kalpataru and were shocked to see Secretary Ayya not only alive and well but also driving Swamiji's car. They knew ayya from a previous organization and they told me ayya was too weak and sick to even drive a car 11 years back and now he looks so energetic like a youth. How can you explain this if Swamiji was not divine?

I understand lots of the statements on the dhyanapeetam site/ books might be 'exaggerated', but not all are lies. You have like 10 falsified and exaggerated statements, whereas devotees have 100s of stories they can vouch for, like healing, miracles etc.. How do you justify this ? I am for open and honest discussion. There are probably 100 people max who have left/unhappy, and at least 2000-3000 people still connected to Swamiji and happy with the mission. Are you saying the majority are wrong about something which only the smart 100 or so have "Realized". Hopefully one of us is convinced that we are wrong. If you really do not have any animosity towards Swamiji, and you are really trying to get the truth out, then post this and justify the hundreds of people healed, thousands of people living blissfully. Just a few exaggerated statements does not nullify a 100 truths. I pray to Swamiji that all of us attain, experience and radiate 'nithyananda' - Eternal Bliss.
And another post followed that:
Monday, January 25, 2010 8:40 AM
Swamiji is God said...

Answer to Anon above if my post is approved ! I agree I am a devotee of Swamiji and I also agree with lot of points on this website. I have even seen the personal side of Swamiji. All the gold etc. is only a front, he is actually very modest in private ! He eats only in steel plates(even refusing to eat in a silver plate in a devotee's house), sleeps in modest accommodations etc. But what I have realized is that Spiritual Masters, no matter how chaste they are, or how careful they are, they are always criticized because of their actions. Let me quote a few examples, Yogi Ramsurat Kumar, a well known saint in Tiruvannamalai once threw a stone at a devotee when that person came to him with a problem and asked him for a solution, that person's wish was fulfilled ! Internet/ blogging was not so popular then otherwise he would have been labelled a mad man and there would have been a blog like this attacking him. Buddha had 6 of his very close first disciples leave because they thought he could not deliver to them the ultimate truth. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was thought of having some psychological problems and hence his visions of kali. See each master had varying levels of difficulty dealing with society, but when all is said and done they are revered and worshipped and they have long gone by and their ideals have been polished for society, but a big BUT, when they were in the body, they always faced criticism and hardships from society. Jesus was crucified, Osho was poisoned etc.. So what I want to conclude is that we in our plane of consciousness and thinking, we can never judge an Avatara Purusha's or an Enlightened one's actions based on our understanding. And one more thing with Swamiji is with the advances in technology enabling faster transmission of data, every small discretion is glorified and spread faster than fire. To conclude all I want to say is Buddha was criticized by few when his disciples started leaving him thinking he was fake, but in the grand scheme of things say like thousands of years later, the people who connected with him, benefitted and got enlightened, but the people who criticized, history never remembered them, but Buddha still lives on. So in our story in the grand scheme of things, in a large portrait that is the size of maybe the whole world, Existence will exist through the human form through masters like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad, Nithyananda, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramana etc.. and all the people who criticized or spoke ill will not even be the size of a pizel on that huge canvas. Those who catch the master will become one with it !!!!!
And, our reply:

Thanks, so much, 'Swamiji is God' for taking the time to write thoughtful questions, which we'll be glad to try to give a thoughtful reply too. We are not looking at this as a 'debate' where there will be a winner or not, but we're looking at this as a way that we can exchange our views in hopes of getting a better understanding.

Yes, you understood most of our objectives. All of the contributors to this blog have had extensive experience with 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Some of our contributors were even in that first batch of mass 'enlightenment' that occurred in Los Angeles, June, 2007. We have found that Swami Nithyananda really is not what he seems. We would like to let others, who are new to Nithyananda, know our experience so they can make a more informed decision whether to follow him or not. And, as you mentioned, we would also like those who are already very involved with Nithyananda and his mission reevaluate their commitment and see if they really want to continue down this path. We also have a wish (but realize that it is just a wish) that Sri Nithyananda will reform his Mission and emphasize compassion to Divinity without tearing apart families and stop all the other well documented grievances that we have written about.

"Swamiji is God", we are going to skip the order of your posts. Hope that's OK. You wrote that you acknowledged that some of the Nithyananda's (biography) stories might be exaggerated and that we might have written material that was either exaggerated or not truthful. Actually, this is key to us. We did not exaggerate any of our findings. You mentioned that we had at least ten (10) "falsified and exaggerated statements". Please let us know specifically which of our statements are in question. We will be glad to address those. To the best of our knowledge, everything on our site is true. We have even removed some posts that our sources were not able to verify to our satisfaction. So, just let us know, and please be specific. We'll be glad to discuss. We will admit that we have written our posts in a very bantering way. To be honest with you, that is to both humor and heal us. Our experiencing has been painful, and we rather poke fun at it rather than get real serious about it. Based on our feedback, we know that we have a lot of loyal readers who just love our humor (they must have had problems too :-). We also know that many current insiders are not going to appreciate our humor at all, (although this might be useful for churning purposes). We know firsthand, that no one, who is deeply committed with Sri Nithyananda and his Mission, will leave smiling. Before anyone leaves, there will be some energy and lots of 'churning'. We also want to use humor as a means of showing Sri Nithyananda is just human after all. He is not a God. So rather than pound on the cap keys, we use wit, smart alec, bantering, and a lot of Truth. Those are our weapons. We also have plans to post another site that quickly outlines our key points  in this blog with bullet like succinctness and without the humor. Don't worry, loyal readers, we'll be back with our usual banter in future posts.

Speaking of the Truth, we really wanted to show that Sri Nithyananda has projected an image much greater than he is or even much different than he is. So, by exposing the Truths of the inconsistencies and downright fabrications of his biography, to at least us, prove that Sri Nithyananda is not an avatar waiting to liberate us all. These lapses and creative stories seemed to be done to self-promote himself. Is this the behavior of an enlightened master? We say not at all. If someone lied on their resume, would they still be able to keep their job even if they were competent? Usually not. The Truth is the foundation in which everything else spiritually and sattvic (pure) is based on. If that foundation is wobbly and sinking into missing gaps, then anything built on top of that foundation is going to be distorted, leaning, and not inhabitable. That is exactly the case we see with Sri Nithyananda. At this point, any story that he gives without verification could be questioned as being just another story. This includes his ability to give 'enlightenment'.

We recognize that there will be those who believe in the personality of a charismatic leader and the promise of some brighter future over the Truth. Although we admire the faith of such people, we recognize that this is a very dangerous path and has led to the ruin of many individuals and nations. So, we use Truth as the corner stone of our foundation. We are bent to get to it, and then expose it. If people still want to allow their emotions to overwrite their logic derived from Truth, God bless them.

We are not impressed by the numbers game. A whole nation was once mesmerized and willingly followed Adolph Hitler. Did that make them right? Try saying that to the seven million Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals that were systematically killed. The United States Constitution is based on protecting the rights of the minority from being trampled by the majority. Conversely, we could use the same logic to say that out of total population of spiritual people, only a few thousand are aligned with Sri Nithyananda and the Life Bliss Foundation. Just the same, we would want your rights to also be protected from a 'majority rule'.

We are glad to hear that you consider a lot of people inside Nithyananda's Order to be happy. We hope that they are happy for the right reasons. We have seen what happens when people carry false certificates of 'enlightenment' that are not valid any where else, give up their sense of identity and family for a life where there responsibilities are lifted, but still they do not feel 'light'. This is what we call living in self-denial or in La-La Land.

Yet, it is not our job to check up or even question the ashramites' happiness. We just want to make sure that those insiders are aware of the process going around them and to examine exactly why they are happy. And to the people who are interested in living in the ashram, is this happiness worth breaking up your family, possibly divorcing your spouse, ending your career, drastically reducing contact with your parents, brothers, and sisters, giving up your identity, mortgaging your children's college fund or even your retirement? At least, we would like people to enter the ashram knowing what may happen to them, and what has happened to others before they join. This is much better than later regretting what happened after it is too late.

In the same way, the cult followers of Reverend Jim Jones of the infamous Jonestown all seemed happy right up to the very end. Reports were given that mothers happily fed their babies cyanide and watched as the babies foamed up the content from their mouths; these mothers then happily swallowed the poison. Reverend Jim Jones' followers really thought that they will all be heading toward salvation or 'enlightenment'. We do not believe that Sri Nithyananda has any wild dreams about doing something that horrendous, but our point is that the foundation for doing something like that is there. The same sort of mindset seems of "Swami will take care" seems to be well in place.  Any body who expresses doubt or questions the word of the master is quickly told to drop it. We have seen firsthand followers surrender their identities, thoughts, actions, etc. completely to Sri Nithyananda. Our message is Be Careful!, and constantly check your internal compass for anything that might be amiss. You (who are over 18) are responsible for you. No one else is. 'Feeling happy' and 'doing the right thing' do not always go 'hand in hand'.

In your second post, you mention about how Sri Nithyananda is modest in private. It is our experience that he can be modest, but often these home visits are to 'seal the deal'. We have also seen the private side of Sri Nithyananda. We've witnessed yelling, violence (but only in India, because he's afraid of lawsuits in North America), and extravagance. We seen him make decisions to fly business class why sending his personal assistant to fly coach, order the most expensive cell phone with the most gadgets (Sri Nithyananda's direct criteria in ordering a phone), staying in posh hotels and not in devotees homes, demanding to be driven in 'regal' SUVs, not simple economy cars, hiring bodyguards, etc. Even in his public life, having such elaborate customs and an unnatural love for gold, which includes several gold thrones, is a little hard for us to say 'modest' and 'simple'. Yes, Sri Nithyananda can be quite charming, simple, and likable when he wants to be. Unfortunately, we have seen a big difference between his 'public' side and his 'private' side that this consistent difference cannot be accounted for by just a bad day.

Yes, we agree with you, 'Samiji is God', that all True Masters certainly had parts of the personalities that would seem as quirks. We really are not interest in those aspects or other one-off incidents such as the one you mentioned about Yogi Ramsurat Kumar. We are looking at 'across-the-board' consistent actions from our personal experiences that lead us to believe that Sri Nithyananda is not the Divine Saint he markets himself to be. We will admit that he is a brilliant orator, an outstanding lecturer, and teacher. We could even say that he might be enlightened on the intellectual plain, but unfortunately, lacks common sense to even make up a consistent time line story. Sorry to say, Sri Nithyananda does not seem enlightened to us in the most important aspect of compassion. He really does not seem to have feelings towards those around him. It is all about him! When his followers become 'hurt', it is because they either did something wrong or 'Swami is working on them.' In this way, you compared Sri Nithyananda to Jesus, Buddha, Paramahamsa Ramamkrishna, Lord Krishna, Mohammad, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramana Maharshi, and Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh). We only believe that Sri Nithyananda is on par with Osho. Osho, as you recall, was a gifted speaker who had a huge following. Osho loved material object such as Rolls Royces, had ulterior political motives, and expressed zero compassion to his followers. He left a legacy of confusion and lost lives. By the way, Osho's health was always very poor, and we do not believe he was poisoned by George Bush Sr. and the CIA as his followers would like people to believe. As with Osho, Sri Nithyananda lacks the compassion that true masters have.

Speaking of criticism, we have heard firsthand many times about how 'Swamiji' Nithyananda gave scathing attacks on several masters. Sri Nithyananda had criticized and/or belittled Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, the whole Ramakrishna Mission and Vedanta Society, Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation, and others. (We'll save the details for future posts.) So, Sri Nithyananda really should check his own behavior first before criticizing those that have shined a Truthful light on him and his operations.

We are also happy to claim that we are not doing an anti-guru site. True Gurus who are committed to the Truth and do not have any inconsistencies from their public and private lives.  True Gurus are dedicated to helping society without any personal gain; they are wonderful and rare folks. Yes, they are all around. Some have gotten famous and some are very low key. We give them all a free pass on this blog even if they have some controversies associated with them. We are only interested in exposing one person, who is not a True Guru (in our humble opinions), and that is Sri Nithyananda. That is the one guru who we are qualified to speak on due to our extensive direct experience with him.

Towards the end of the second posting, 'Swamiji is God' you questioned our motives of why we are criticizing Sri Nithyananda. Let us assure you, that we are not interested in fame. We have no plans on writing a novel, no fantasies of appearing on Oprah, (Oprah Winfrey is a famous TV talk-show in America) or dreams of marketing coffee mugs with our picture on them. We just want to get the Truth out so that others may know before they go. And, if we had this information available to us when we first met Sri Nithyananda, we might have made different decisions. So, we want to let people decide.

Yes, we agree. In this digital age, news travels quickly. We remember that 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda made goals of the number of people that he wanted to 'enlightened' back in 2005. He set a big number which was over ten fold greater than the number of souls Buddha enlightened because he said that there was no '' back then. So, yes it goes both ways. If Sri Nithyananda kept to Truths and lived a Truthful life, blogs like these would never happen, and Sri Nithyananda's message would be broadcast across the internet without critique. (Or at least no one in our team would be doing what we are doing now.) So, yes, technology can distribute information quickly. Something can rise as fast as a rocket, but the gravity pull of Truth, thanks to technology, can bring it right down. Once again, please let us know what on our site you think are lies and exaggerations. We'll be glad to prove that these posts are True and that our pull of gravity is real.

'Swamiji is God', we'll now go back to your first post. You mentioned bout two of the 'miracles' that are often attributed to 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. The first one regards obtaining the property in Bidadi, and the second one regards the healing of 'Swami' Nithyananda's Secretary, Ayya, a.k.a. Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami. We're very happy to know that Sri Ayya is alive, well, and healthy. Many of us have personally met him, and we know that he is hardworking, professional, and fully dedicated to 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Mission. We are also happy to know that he creates wealth in society and employees many people who are able to have a livelihood based on his efforts. This employment has a wonderful knock-on effect, and spreads very wide especially in India. We only have goodwill toward Sri Ayya. The details about Ayya's healing experience are in question because we found so much of the other stories from Sri Nithyananda to be just that, stories. For the sake of this article, we'll assume on good faith that all of the stories concerning Ayya's healing are true. We will further attribute that healing not just to chance, but to 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's efforts, although we have well noted examples of when healing did not occur even though it was promised by Sri Nithyananda. Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda's healing can happen, but it seems so inconsistent even when it has been promised.   (See posts "Swami Nithyananda's Record at Healing Part I, Part II, and Part III, also of interest, Paramahamsa Nithyananda Turns Away Those In Need Out of Greed).

It would be very hard to claim on a physical level that the healing of someone's body is not a good thing. Once again, we're very glad the Ayya is amongst the living. On a spiritual level, we are not so certain if healing is always the best thing to occur, especially for the healer. It is our understanding that karmas must be transferred when 'spiritual' healing is taken on by another. We remember hearing 'Swami' Nithyananda time and time again saying that he heals 'safely' and that he is able to take the karmas and dispose of them properly. We sure hope that this is true. Otherwise, Sri Nithyananda will be suffering lifetime after lifetime (assuming when he gets a human birth again) of all of these karmas. Based on the exaggerations of Sri Nithyananda's biography, his own fallacies, such as having his U.S. Tourist Visa cancelled, his Bay Area Temple shut down for six months, etc., we really doubt that he has the capacity to 'dispose' of these karmas correctly. We also seen a deep desire from 'Swami' Nithyananda to look as 'divine' as possible, so dealing with the messy aftereffects of karmas from healing might be just an afterthought to him. So, we do pray that Sri Nithyananda is not collecting karmas during these healings, and that everyone will be fine. And, yes, anyone who feels that they have been healed by 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we are glad that you are well and amongst the living.

The source of 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's energy is a delicate subject indeed. We know that Sri Nithyananda goes to great lengths to appear to be a very holy man erecting very large and grandiose temples with 'biggest Venkateshwara in North America', etc. As we said in earlier posts, we feel that this is a facade. As far as we can tell, the source of Sri Nithyananda's energy seems to be from dark tantric practices. In this field, someone cannot have Divine energy and still practice dark tantra. Someone can practice one, but not both energies. The reason we conclude that Sri Nithyananda's energy is of this dark source is from all of his stories of graveyards and ghosts. We have never seen a 'master' so enthusiastically embrace graveyard worship before. True Lord Shiva is everywhere including the cemetery. Lord Shiva is NOT exclusively in the cemetery.

Here are some of the statements on Nithyananda's own media that support this claim:
(When he was a teenager) Nithyananda would often meditate all night long in the cremation grounds of Tiruvannamalai absorbed in the vibrant silence of Arunachala, and at the break of dawn, he would return home.
[under 'founder')
Sri Nithyananda would often lead tours late at night into the cemetery. In his own words:
Some of the famous graveyards of the holy town of Tiruvannamalai were serene places of meditation for Nithyananda. A couple of years back, as we walked as a small group with the Master in the wee hours of the morning(that means very late at night, past midnight) in Tiruvannamalai, he took us to these graveyards and showed us the exact spots where he would sit and meditate.
(Source: Nithyananda Vol. 1, first edition 2006, p. 105)
In our post, "Paramahamsa Nithyananda & Graveyard Enlightenment", we disclosed the technique in Nithyananda's "Living Enlightenment Program" where he took his followers, did a fire ritual in the graveyard, and had them run around chaotically? Is this some sort of 'soul matching'?

In another post titled, "Paramahamsa Nithyananda Spreads His Dark Tantric Bliss - This is NOT Lord Shiva" we mentioned one of the more bizarre occurrences that happened in an Acharya (teacher training) program. More recently, in June 2008, at the Vedic Temple in Montclair (Los Angeles) during an Acharya (teacher training) program conducted by Sri Nithya Medhananda Swami, a young male participant became 'possessed' and tried to kill himself by jumping over the balcony at the hotel. (We'll dedicate a separate post just on that.) In another post titled "Paramahamsa Nithyananda Performs a Red Hot Chili Ritual; Fire Away with Dark Tantric Magic!", we showed some of the more unusual things 'Swami' Nithyananda places in the fire ritual and explained some of the possibilities of why Sri Nithyananda was doing this.

The influences from Sri Nithyananda gives us yet some more clues of what kind of siddhis (esoteric power) Sri Nithyananda learned and how he used them.
Moreover, he (Nithyananda) didn't have to suffer at school! If Nithyananda had homework and complained to the Yogi (Raghupati Yogi), the teacher (at Sri Nithyananda's school) would fall sick the next day!
(Source: Nithyananda Vol. 1, first edition 2006, p. 98)
And, yet another unsettling clue from Sri Nithyananda's upbringing:
Often when Nithyananda missed school, he would seek the help of Thatha to escape punishment from teachers. Thatha would make sure Nithyananda's attendance in school was marked.
(Source: Nithyananda Vol. 1, first edition 2006, p. 108)
These are mildly disturbing and almost amusing stories of Nithyananda's childhood that define the 'science' of dark siddhis (esoteric powers) and its application that could be used in the future.

Now, it might seem like a 'miracle' that Sri Nithyananda was able to see the land in Bidadi from Erode and that someone just happened to want to 'donate' it to him. We see this as possibly a misuse of dark siddhis (esoteric power) that has been carefully cultivated from the graveyards. When these siddhis have been mastered, controlling the thoughts and even actions of others is possible.

Getting back to the source, we see all of Sri Nithyananda's powers along this line, for no Divine influence would want to co-exist with such dark power.  The price for using this type of dark power is clearly mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita when Lord Krishna says:
Demigod-worshippers go to the demigods.
Ancestor-worshippers go to the ancestors.
Those who utilize ghosts, go to the ghosts.
And my devotees go to me (and are not born again).
(Bhagavad Gita: 9.25)
We imagine that Sri Nithyananda's ability to heal also comes from this same dark source. Therefore, recipients of Sri Nithyananda's healing, indeed, might get negative consequences as a result. We just don't know, and there is no way that we could prove this. But, for anyone that gives late night tours and performs rituals for/to others in the graveyard, we cannot think that this is any holy act.

In summary, 'Swami is God' we realize that you are probably not going to agree with us on many (if at all) of these points. Regardless, we have our major reservations about the legitimacy of 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's claim to being 'enlightened'. We have discovered major holes in his biography that shake the essence of his ability to be even remotely be seen as truthful. We have witnessed followers (including our own actions in the past) who are more than willing to do unquestionably whatever Sri Nithyananda tells them to do. In case of any reservations, we've been told to "drop the mind, doubt, and the ego". Otherwise, it is our fault. We found Sri Nithyananda to be very ambitious indeed, and hence willing to legitimize his 'holy' claims at the expense of the wellbeing of others and even his own karma. We sincerely pray for him. Conclusively, Sri Nithyananda seems to be focused on graveyard spirituality with the mask of Vedic traditions. Although Ravana built great Shiva temples in Lanka, Lord Shiva, in the form of Hanuman, brought the whole city to flames. It might take some major fire to cleanse the negative influences from such a city. Finally, we have debunked the true and tried techniques that Sri Nithyananda uses to discredit us by saying that we seek fame and that we are out to badmouth all Masters, etc.  From our findings, Swami Nithyananda has been the one that has badmouthed and belittled other enlightened masters and has deeply discredited Vedic traditions in a quest for his own power and fame.

In conclusion, we cannot help but think that Sri Nithyananda is leading others down the wrong path and that he is creating huge karma for himself and others that will take thousands of years to burn off. For the good of all, we really do want this to stop.

We hope that we at least addressed your questions, and we look forward to more dialog.

We welcome comments, but we would like everyone to be at their best behavior when posting on this page. Both pro and con sides, please think in terms of understanding and not in terms of contentious attacks. Thanks.

Jai Maa.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult.

Day 52: Fifty-two days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 73: Seventy-three days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Devotee: My spouse is not connected to Nithyananda

    One of the Maha Acharya: How much is your house?

    Devotee: $x.x millions

    One of the Maha Acharya: Give divorce. You will get 50% of the money. Give that money to foundation. You come and live in the ashram.

  2. In the recent US marketing season/tour, in the program called "Kalpatharu darshan', where people are made to pay $ 250 and made to listen to marketing stuff, a recruiting turf for Inner Awakening ($ 6000 program) etc. when one of the participants asked Sadananda, "Are you enlightened", he said "Yes" . . . . . Nobody asked any thing further. Probably they knew, there was no point in talking further. LOL.

    Let me narrate one incident which corroborates Sadananda's enlightenment. In one Himalaya tour, one Tamil lady from India who came on the tour, made an agreement with the Khacchar owner 'owner of donkey used for travel to Yamunotri', to pay Rs. 1500 or so. After the trip was made, she escaped without paying that fellow, and the buses came off to the base/hotel. The poor donkey owner could not let it go as Rs. 1500 would probably make a fortune for their life. (People who traveled will know how hard their life is.) He along with 2 of his friends came to the hotel by searching and locating the party, traveling in the night, and spotted the lady and demanded the money.

    Sadananda and some other goondas were ready to beat that fellow as he insisted for his agreed amount. Finally, poor fellow had to go away with Rs. 500 or so, because he could not fight the enlightened man and others!!

    This is Sadananda's enlightenment. LOL!

    Also, it is possible that he got cured! What do we loose? On the stage, he said he regained his normal life!

    But, in his US tour it is known that he stayed back in Los Angeles, some time, because he can not eat the food that is provided on the tour by the hosts etc. He wanted only the Tamilnadu food which is suited for his health condition.

    Many of the IA participants who are exhibits in the Kalpatharu, say they were enlightened. I suppose, rather, that they were told 'the state they are in' is called 'enlightenment!!

    It will take some more time before they realize they have to start all over!! At that time, they may have to repeat 'Enlightenment' course!

  3. A disappointment from "Swamiji is God". I have been eagerly waiting for his post hoping that he would give more credible information so that we could clarify our doubts but I guess not. I know he means well and I wish him the best in his path. I will reserve my comments later after going through this pile of information. To the first poster: I did hear a few cases. I know Bhaktananda(aka Rowdy Swami was in at least one of them). Which city did that happen?

  4. -Does anybody know what kind of cancer did Ayya suffered from? A rational mind's explanation of this healing is conspiracy. The blogger conveys that the message that this healing is just fiction - just like the enlightenment timeline. If it is fiction what is the motivation. Surely Nithyananda cannot be having some kind of mental/physical hold on this person.

  5. Hi Anon about the $x.x million home and divorce. Are you kidding?

  6. I am puzzled at how a Nithy disciple at acharya program (teachers training) can get possessed and try to kill himself?

    And of all places, this happened at the Vedic Temple at Montclair on more than one occasion?

    I am sorry for the possessed trainee. Still, I can't help seeing this as soem cosmic joke! Really, how often you hear about possessions in the USA?

  7. Expose Nithyananda..

    Here is the summary of your post of why “Swami Nithyananda” is not God from this post and previous posts

    Swami Nithyananda uses mass enlightenment techniques with use of brainwashing techniques and drugs which is unheard of in Vedic tradition

    Swami Nithyananda giving and taking away of Kavi at his whim as if it is a game
    Swami Nithyananda Biography exaggerated for marketing purposes which has inconsistencies and downright fabrications of his biography with falsified statements
    Swami Nithyananda projected an image much greater than he is or even much different than he is.

    Swami Nithyananda, so called “god” Copies material and logos of OSHO and other Gurus enlightenment carrot gurus. Why would a God copy material? Copies music and meditation techniques.

    Swami Nithyananda breaks up families by divorces, ending your career, drastically reducing contact with your parents, brothers, and sisters, giving up your identity, mortgaging your children's college fund or even your retirement and celebrates divorce of the disciple. What king of God is this?

    Swami Nithyananda has severe yelling problem, violence against Indian devotees by caning them and throwing objects at them. Swami Nithyananda wears extravagant 20,000 rupee suites (Very colorful- Watch his earlier videos) flies business class, so he is not as simple as this blogger claims.

    Swami Nithyananda has unnatural love for gold, which includes several gold thrones, is a little hard for us to say 'modest' and 'simple'. Comparing himself to other Gods and saying that he is Shiva, Krishna and other Gods. No concrete proof of miracle.

    Swami Nithyananda is a very whimsical person, today he likes one follower, tomorrow that follower is out of his circle because of a very small thing and creates tension and continuously plays mind games on one follower against others.

    Swami Nithyananda really does not seem to have feelings towards those around him. It is all about him! When his followers become 'hurt', it is because they either did something wrong or 'Swami is working on them. This is not a God quality.
    Swami Nithyananda is a hypocrite as he criticizes other masters in private. Swami Nithyananda’s healing is based on placebo effect and takes credit for it. Swami Nithyananda agrees that he has business secrets. Why would a God need business or business secrets? Swami Nithyananda energy seems to be from dark tantric practices.

    These are more than enough reasons to prove that Swami Nithyananda is not “God”.

  8. what do you think about his ananda Gandha Deeksha?

  9. Ayya is coming to US soon (Jan-Feb) for promoting Inner Awakening! and possible threaten devotee into somehow making it this time of "Swamiji" will never visit your city again. I heard from inner circles that they tell shamelessly advise that if it is your spouse who is stopping you, just send a divorce notice and he/she will come around; if not then its not worth being in that relationship. How nasty!!!
    Ayya might be a sweet old man, but he still is a shrewd and aggressive businessman. Please do not fall for the free invitation to attend Ayya's aka Swami Nithya Sadhananda " discosure. It is a well consealed trap; please do not fall into it because by the time you realize it it would be too late!!!

  10. To anon January 27,2010 8:29 PM
    More on "$x.x million home and divorce" -
    The posted conversation happened.
    Luckily "Devotee" escaped.
    "One of the Maha Acharya" is still with organization and is one of the "top".

    I lied to my close friends about "healing" and signed them up for Kalpataru, thinking that "marketing" like this is part of sadana or Guru seva.

    I hope there is a way to rewind/remove karma accumulated from all those actions ... any advice?

  11. I am waiting to post, I have lots of thoughts too, I just have some work now, will do it in a day. If all posters use some alibi instead of just writing anon, then I can try my best and give them specific answers. Nithyanandam.

  12. To SwamijiIsGod: Let me just give my opinion on this statement.
    "There are probably 100 people max who have left/unhappy, and at least 2000-3000 people still connected to Swamiji and happy with the mission. Are you saying the majority are wrong about something which only the smart 100 or so have "Realized". ?

    Sadly, you are way off here. First of all, Spirituality is not a "numbers" game though I have seen LifeBlissFoundation do that. You know , things like, "Our Youtube videos are the most highly watched in the Spiritual category etc" and that too made by Nithyananda in one of the YSP sessions that I attended.

    Just 100 people max unhappy who left Nithyananda? I know at least 20 myself in my area in US who left disgusted after they saw the "marketing" and other "non-spiritual" and questionable practices. And I think fairly, more than 3000 are connected to Nithyananda and on that you are right.

    Also, you need to understand that we "volunteers" had to do marketing for Kalpataru, YSP, NSP, IA, LBE etc. Do you even have an idea how many people rejected outright our marketing tactics? More than 95%. I was shouted at by members of some spiritual organizations for degrading the Hindu religion. I can't understand why a Master needs to be marketed. He should be like the "Sun" who attracts all life by his sheer splendor. And marketing with "LIES"? I can give you example after example of the lies (like why the organization needs to charge such exorbitant fees, why the Kaplataru fees suddenly increased from $150 to $250 etc). We were told to "LIE". Very little came off from facts. We had "sessions" and had to brainstorm how to explain to the people about the fees.

    "smart 100 or so have realized". Well, that is gratitude, isn't it? Gives a whole new meaning to the "Sahasrahara" meditation. As a member, I have spent the last 4 years of my life and have spent tremenduous amounts of my time and money on the organization. Sadly, I did not pay much attention to my children having to work so much for the organization. Instead of taking them to "Disneyland" etc, I took them to LBP, ND sessions and marketing sessions. And I was applauded for that by some of the Acharyas as a good dedication to Swamiji. Fortunately, I was quick to notice how other people with children started slipping off and get back to "normal" routine. And even after all this, I hardly got a "ThankYou" but always got reprimanded if I could not participate or help in some sessions. And your statement rubs salt in our wounds.

    Though I believe you are a nice person and have deep connections with Nithyananda for which I wish you best, you need to understand that it is not possible for us to convince each other. We have different perspectives and have already made up our minds based on what either of have gone through. I respect your dedication to Nithyananda and the Organization. But just as LifeBlissFoundation deems fit to propagate its agenda (now you admit that some books may be exaggerating but you understand that people have paid money for that and they believe in these books as they come from a Spiritual Organization), it is our desire to make the other information available to people who are newly interested in Nithyananda so that they may make more informed decisions. Ultimately, truth prevails and I am not scared of that.

  13. talking about kids......well how true and how heart bleeds at the thought now; When I was connected with the cult I was also stupid enough to take my kids to the satsungs and meetings and putting flier in those tender hands to distribute to any "desi" public gathering to market for the CULT for Nithy's US visits. I don't know what karmas I collected by this stupid acts. My child had no other public association other that meetings with the crazy bunch. How I was stealing the childhood from them! Please , if you are reading this , don't involve your kids, don't use them as an instrument to meet your spiritual "greed"....don't steal their innocence, don't steal their childhood....let them grow naturally...

  14. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time to jump in. Thanks for succinctly making a very clear list of why 'Swami' Nithyananda is not God. We do want to make one clarification on just one point. Unless there is some new information, we question the point about drugs, specifically:

    "Swami Nithyananda uses mass enlightenment techniques with use of brainwashing techniques and drugs which is unheard of in Vedic tradition."

    Yes, we agree that the ‘mass enlightenment techniques’ is unheard of in Vedic tradition and it is nothing short than fraud.

    In regards to using drugs, we question this. In 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's first batch of mass 'enlightenment', he did use something that looked like marijuana seeds. And, the participants felt very dizzy for some time after that. But, other than that, from all our sources, we have not heard of 'Swami' Nithyananda using drugs to induce 'enlightenment' or any other state. Could you please give a specific example? Otherwise, all your statements are spot on, and very Truthful.

    We will go on to say that 'Swami' Nithyananda's meditation techniques and tantric power often create an addicting 'high' that leads to an 'experience'. In the case of meditation, we will say that this can be a good thing, for body/soul are reacting to Divine energy and/or cleansing. This is good, and we encourage everyone to do some form of meditation. But, unfortunately, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's meditations do not give 'Divine Knowledge' or 'Wisdom'. Pranayama, which can strengthen the will power and body, is nearly absent and even discouraged from 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's meditation techniques. In the case of tantric siddhis (power) causing an ‘experience’, we know that this is very, very wrong. The source of this ‘experience’ is dark and not Divine. So, our point is that 'feel-good-experience' minus 'Divine Knowledge' is in a way, like a drug induced experienced, leading followers to want more without ultimately helping them achieve the Path. But, to say that 'Swami' Nithyananda prescribes drug in his 'technique' to give 'enlightenment' or control and trick his followers is just not true. We would love to be proven wrong, so do give us examples. Thanks.

    Great point about 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's 'Ananda Gandha Deeksha'. We'll dedicate a whole blog page just to that. The title will be something like,

    "Swami Nithyananda's Healing Initiation, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly."

    For actually, we do see a lot of good in this, but there's also a lot of bad. We'll save this for a future post. Stay tuned.

    Jai Maa.

  15. Marijuana seeds are considered as drugs in USA. The active ingredient in marijuana is tetra-hydro-cannabinol. Somebody has to confirm if there were seeds of Marijuana used in first mass enlightenment?

  16. Hey "Swamiji is God"

    You are asking others to post their real names but you are not providing your real name and your spritual name here. Your words seem to come directly out of Swami Nithyananda's standard textbook question or may be from him directly! Did he ask you to pose these questions?

    First you provide your name and when you joined the mission and full details.

  17. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Shanti Shanti Shanti Om. Please let's keep peace on this blog. Banter fine. Wit great. Smart Alec A.O.K. But, let's save our energies for exposing the Truth and not accusing others with ideas different than our own. No one needs to give his or her 'names'. Anon is fine. We believe that 'Swami is God' sincerely just wanted to address specific posts. That's all. If we thought that ‘Swami is God’ wanted to trick you, we would never allow the post to reach daylight. 'Swami is God', please just say “anon @ [time stamp] said...” That would be best. We’ll all be scrolling up and down, but will remain happily anonymous. Thanks for your help.

    Yes, marijuana seeds are classified an illegal drug and you can get in trouble with the authorities for just possessing them. These seeds were used in the fire ritual (not in any brownies), and there really weren’t a lot of them... so the fumes were not exactly going to get people 'baked' (high). We cannot positively identify if those were pot seeds or not, but they sure looked like them. We think that this was part of the tantric aspect, and that none of the 'enlightened' participants had an increase in THC in their blood levels as a direct result of sitting down wind from the fire ritual.

    Hope this clarifies things a bit.

    Jai Maa.

  18. I heard that "Swami Nithya Sadhananda Swami" will be visiting Dallas, TX. Anybody from Dallas here.. Would be good idea to visit and experience first hand what's going on there....

  19. So Ayya is now coming to recruit devotees. I wonder what the rationale was behind this decision. Hmmm...

    You know what you guys should do? Stand outside the venue picketing with placards showing the revised timeline graphic :) :) It is perfectly legal, and will draw attention :)

    Oh and don't forget to ask Ayya all the important questions. I am sure he's been prepared with a new official story to tell.

  20. FYI: Marijuana seeds don't contain THC. Yeah, the seeds are illegal, but go to your local Whole Foods, and you'll see you can buy hemp seed oil. A good source of Omega fatty acids :)

  21. Congratulations. If you search Nithyananda in google the second hit is

    Guruphiliac: "Nithyananda Is Not Who He Claims To Be"

    And this blog is #10..keep it up guys..these 2 links should become the top 2.... :)

  22. Some time ago, the Nithyananda Cult had a huge campaign to ask every known person in their fold, to log on to YouTube and listen to Nithyananda Swami's video discourses. The only goal for them was to dislodge Deepak Chopra from most watched 'Spiritual Guru Channel' sort.

    It is not because many new eager spiritual seekers were impressed and started watching that Nithyananda videos became #1 on YouTube.

    Now, this blog will overtake that viewership.

  23. PART 1
    Sorry for the late reply, hope what you read justifies your wait. Once again, if my post is approved:

    First of all I want to make something very clear to you, I am not an ashramite/ Organizer/ Acharya but I have volunteered a few times only recently. I am in no way asked by anyone to write this or justify Swamiji to this site. I am doing this of my own accord without even the knowledge of my parents who are also devoted to Swamiji. The only reason I asked to write an alibi(I did not even ask you for your real name) is so that I can answer questions to the particular questioner. I am not an insider nor will I ever be, I am just trying to answer these doubts etc based on my understanding of them. I also know Swamiji only for less than 2 years and I have not lost my identity or changed my name legally. I AM JUST A 23 YEAR OLD HINDU BOY FROM TAMIL NADU WHO JUST FINISHED COLLEGE A FEW YEARS BACK AND NOW JUST WORKING AT HOME. I HAVE NO AGENDA OTHER THAN MEANINGFUL, COURTEOUS, POLITE AND PEACEFUL CONVERSATION.

    Let me now begin - Nithyanandam !

    To the owner of the blog, I did not mean to say that you had exaggerated your stories, I said "You have like 10 falsified and exaggerated statements, whereas devotees have 100s of stories they can vouch for, like healing, miracles etc..", meaning 10 false statements made by the ashram, not by you. Regarding your bantering way of writing I was in no way offended, how can I be offended you were just publishing your thoughts and had every right to voice your opinions. The following post might contain some material where I too have tried to be humorous, please bear with me. I have no prior experience in writing.

    I would try my best to answer each question put forward by the commenters, once again I am not trying to change your opinion or change your mind, I am just trying to justify a few things again in what I understand from it , so let me start.

    You say Osho is Materialistic, but again I beg to differ, He always used to say the only reason he accepted these riches and adorned them was to prove to the common man that these are just objects and not part of life, you just use it and drop it, you should not get attached to it. When he left and abandoned all the Rolls Royce cars he was in no way affected. Just see how a normal human would react if he went from having a 100 cars to none. He would just go mad and loose his mind. So even though they use materials like us they are unattached. See you can be a sannyasi living in a forest and still crave the material world, you are not true to yourself. Whereas a person living in the material world who is detached mentally from all his possessions and nothing binds him, he is a sannyasi mentally. Osho was the second type.

    What do you mean by a true master, have you seen a true one, who sets the guidelines/ yardsticks for a true master ? Is there some form of deciding authority ? I am not trying to poke fun at you, but just ask yourself do you really, really know a true master. Unless you become a master you do not even know what is true and what is maya? The only reason people discredit blogs like your(even if they might contain some truth) is because of bloggers like Jody R of Guruphilliac, who I think you have an allegiance to. He not only criticizes all the master humanity has known he abuses them to the core. He has destroyed hinduism and abused all the masters that I have heard of. Just search for any master and he has some dirt on them. Maybe he is the true master and we need to surrender to him :) Do you not agree with me on this one at least ?

    Regarding the graveyard, it might be a one off incident, I have not heard of it at all. We do not go to the graveyard to do nithya dhyaan and guru puja, we do not go there for NSP, BSP, etc, we have a beautiful raja sabha :) It is like you taking one small incident and creating a big incident from it.

  24. PART 2
    "True Lord Shiva is everywhere including the cemetery. Lord Shiva is NOT exclusively in the cemetery." What amuses me the most is all bloggers say, Jesus was never like this, buddha was never angry, Ramana would never shout, Ramakrishna would never criticize anyone like this. Have you met these masters personally, have you seen then, have you interacted with them personally ? Have you seen their personal side? What you know about them is what you read in books, but one big part of them, their body language and mannerisms is never revealed to the public. It just says Jesus had 1000 followers(for example) but it never says Jesus sent his disciples to gather more and more devotees. What I am trying to say is that comparing Swamiji and judging him with previous masters is a stupid thing to do. How can we just say that Ramana never shouted at his close disciples, or Ramakrishna never made lewd jokes to people in close circles. All this happened but since you were not there and your ego was not hurt directly as is the case when Swamiji does something similar to you, you say "ohh he was divine but Nithyananda is not" The whole argument comparing his personal side with previous masters and enlightened beings is foolish(according to me) because you are comparing apples to stones. What is published for previous masters is also not the same to what they were when they were in the body.

    I am guessing you are a born christian, so you do not entirely know Hindu customs and traditions. I have seen personally rituals being conducted using red chillies and only Swamiji gets criticized because he is a "human" masking as a divine. I will give the name and photo of my local priest who conducts homas using red chillies, you can dedicate a separate post telling everyone how he is a fraud and is running a cult :) You can also advice them to stay away from my pujari's "fraudulent cult"

    What is this "dark energy" or tantric force that you talk about, have you experienced it? I have never heard anything of that sort. As far as I know everything that exists and everything that is is auspiciousness. Everything is divine and causeless auspiciousness.

    1. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to eat fish, he called it Jala Pushpam(Flower from the Water).
    2. Swami Vivekananda used to eat Non Veg, Drink alcohol and smoke.
    3. Seshadri Swamigal (from Tiruvannamalai) used to chew some food and spit it in Devotees' hands saying it was prasadham.
    4. Jesus fed an entire village with just a loaf of bread and few fish, he could also heal.
    All the above statements you accept because they are not in the body and only when Swamiji wears Gold, it is a crime(even though almost all of it is gifted), or cures cancer(it is a placebo)

    And last but not the least my concluding statement. When you want to judge someone based on the legal system of a country whether the actions they have committed are right or wrong, a person who is qualified(lawyer, judge) is the one who is competent to assess the mistake, because he has studied the law and knows. In the case of Enlightened masters/avatar purushas, who sets the standards, is it mere mortals like us ? Unless and until we get enlightened and experience the truth can we judge another person whether he is operating from the higher consciousness plane or the Human Plane. I know you have heard it before but I again would like to state, "WE CAN NOT JUDGE A DIVINE PERSONS ACTIONS FROM THE HUMAN STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS".

  25. To Anon @ JANUARY 28, 2010 12:10 AM
    1. What do you mean by brain washing techniques? Let me tell you who actually brain washes you. It is the advertising companies and all the big brands which brain wash you into thinking that your life sucks and you need a new TV/ car/ house/ phone etc to make your life happier. That is plain outright brain washing along with lies and deceit.

    2.Swamiji taking away kavis and giving them back at his own whim. So should I request Swamiji to take your permission to do it from now onwards ? People have chosen Him as their master giving Him every right to guide them on the path of self realization. Whether they get kavi or black colour it is between them and Swamiji. Has any one person who was given or taken off kavi complained about it ? In what way is it of your concern and does this prove or disprove his divinity? I would say NO. This is just a non sensical argument made just for the sake of making.

    3. All master speak the same truth in different forms, but the truth is the same. Does this mean all the masters were copycats and just plagiarized material from the primary guru who said it first? All the meditation techniques ALL in some form or other are mentioned in Shiva Sutras. Does it mean all masters copied it from Shiva?

    4."Swami Nithyananda breaks up families by divorces, ending your career, drastically reducing contact with your parents, brothers, and sisters, giving up your identity, mortgaging your children's college fund or even your retirement and celebrates divorce of the disciple. What king of God is this?" Has he in any way or form asked any person directly or indirectly in any manner to do any of the above. Give me one example. People do all kinds of things when they are happy and connected saying that they are doing it for the master and then later they change their mind and accuse Swamiji and fight with him telling him that they did all this only for him.

    5." Swami Nithyananda really does not seem to have feelings towards those around him." This statement itself goes to prove that Swamiji is a master. How can he be master if he was emotionally connected with each of his disciples? He is their master and has to guide them and the best way to do it is how he decides.

    Hope this answers a few of your doubts. Read my previous comments for more clarity.

  26. To the parent who is concerned about the kid's karma. Kids are innocent!!! They do what they are asked, believing they were doing it for good. I don't think you need need to worry about their karma.

    If you are concerned about the karmic effect of recruiting for the cult, please tell those you recruited about what you know about Nithy now. You can also help to expose him to the public.

    Jai Maa!

  27. Sri “Swamiji is God”

    You can easily tell from a person's simple behavior whether a person is God or even a good human being. Let's not say that we should not question Swami Nithyananda because he has self proclaimed enlightenment and godhood. What king of God would be a God if he or she is in constant look for greed and power? Swami Nithyananda again and again has shown that he is after money and power and has not shown the values of simple sincere fine human being. I'm not asking Nithyananda to be a great soul but show simple respect to fellow human behind the scenes not just in the front in programs. It seems you were not in the inner circles so you are naive. If you had inner circle experience you would have experienced Nithyananda very differently. You would have seen other side of the coin. What kind of God is God, if God has to beat you to pulp to make you do things for him in the name of son and father or whatever. I don't want that kind of God because, he can't even be merciful with his devotees. Again, you said since there is no definition of God or enlightened masters you just have to believe and follow him regardless of how he is behaving with others. This is a silly argument for this yuga. In this yuga a master has to make sense in public and in private. Gandhiji use to do what he used to preach. But Swami Nithyananda is different. He says one thing on a video and he does something else behind the video he says " it is the enlighten master ways and you can't question, we are a different breed". You said "In the case of Enlightened masters/avatar purushas, who sets the standards, is it mere mortals like us ?", I say I'm not asking for great standards. I'm asking for simple standards as tell no lies to public and be truthful and don't exaggerate and don't ask your devotees to lie and exaggerate. These are proven facts because all the posters are from inner circles and you are not and you have not experienced in his inner circle. That is the problem here. You are also very young and with good attitude but people who lost everything to Nithyananda know the facts. Even if Nithyananda behaved like a simple soul and human being they would not have any problems. But, they saw him to be extremely cunning and does whatever he wants for the benefit of his mission, I mean change time tiles and exaggerations, splitting families.

    I wish you the best and ask you to keep your eyes opened.

  28. If any devotee surrenders to Guru then it is the Guru’s responsibility to the wellbeing of the devotee. That is the duty of the master. Here we are talking about using devotees as slave labor with no regard to proper food or sleep.

  29. Nithyananda did say and do directly and indirectly the below to many devotees. Many people that came out including Expose Nithyananda can vouch that here who have lost family members and ended up in divorces.

    4."Swami Nithyananda breaks up families by divorces, ending your career, drastically reducing contact with your parents, brothers, and sisters, giving up your identity, mortgaging your children's college fund or even your retirement and celebrates divorce of the disciple. What king of God is this?" Has he in any way or form asked any person directly or indirectly in any manner to do any of the above.

  30. May be so called enlightened master Nithyananda can do the copying directly from other master's logos and direct quotes and copy music with out permission but in this present world you are not supposed to do that even though that material may be already there. There are still rules of engagement. You have to give credit to the original person for that quote.

    3. All master speak the same truth in different forms, but the truth is the same. Does this mean all the masters were copycats and just plagiarized material from the primary guru who said it first? All the meditation techniques ALL in some form or other are mentioned in Shiva Sutras. Does it mean all masters copied it from Shiva?

  31. To "Swamiji is God" -
    Lets agree for a moment that we cannot judge a Guru based on his attachment to Gold, Woman and Fame.

    How about "Enlightenment"?
    Several of these "Enlightened Disciples" mentioned that they are not Enlightened and escaped.

    1. What is your "understanding" of Enlightenment in general?
    2. What is your "understanding" of Enlightenemnt in Nithyananda group?

  32. No body is asking the Master swami Nithyananda to emotionally connect in attachment. All we say is, it is a simple human courtesy to take care of your devotees and ashramites. Nithyananda should not show emotional and physical violence to somebody who has completely surrendered and left everything and everybody to join his mission. That is a psychological abuse and people who left here have experienced it in first hand. I don't care if he id God but in human form here he should have common decency and still follow some basic human courtesy.

    This is against law and he can be arrested regadless of he is a God or not.

  33. Yes, people have complained about kavi giving and taking away Kavi problem.

    This tells us the whimsical nature of Swami Nithyananda. It tells me that he does not know nor he tests enough before he gives kavi. that means he want to show off how many kavi people are there than to see if kavi is given for right reasons at all. he has to wait many years like other gurus by time tested ways before giving kavi.

    2.Swamiji taking away kavis and giving them back at his own whim. So should I request Swamiji to take your permission to do it from now onwards ? People have chosen Him as their master giving Him every right to guide them on the path of self realization. Whether they get kavi or black colour it is between them and Swamiji. Has any one person who was given or taken off kavi complained about it ?

  34. Hello "Swamiji is God",


    Sannyasa is "one-way" route, as per many Gurus and authoritative texts.

    To get some understanding about Sannyasa, you may start with this book.

    "Sannyasa Darshan" from Bihar School Of Yoga by Niranjananda Saraswati (Swami Sivananda group).

    In one of the youtube videos, Swamiji said "You can go to different gardens, pluck flowers you like and make your own garland".

    Hope you would look around and go through such nice books.
    I am sure your opinion on Sannyasa is going to change.

  35. Swamiji is God

    You have only seen the youtube and public programs side of Swami Nithyananda not the real behind the programs Swami Nithyananda. Please join his ashram in Bidadi for two yeas and tell us your story. All we are asking is experience him in inner circles before you argue with inner circle experienced people. Your experience will be quite differrent.

  36. Hi Swamiji God

    You said " All the above statements you accept because they are not in the body and only when Swamiji wears Gold, it is a crime(even though almost all of it is gifted), or cures cancer(it is a placebo"

    Who said we accept your statements. Swami Nithyananda can prove one cancer case under a doctor’s presence and we will nominate him for noble prize and give him millions of dollars. Till then I don't want exaggerations. I'm sorry to say lots of stories about Jesus were changed again and again many centuries ago. If Jesus would make that claim now we would ask for proof because now there is way to test scientifically. 2000 years ago there were not. So for sure we need Swami Nithyananda to perform this healing and cure at least one in three malignancies before we give him credit.

    Instead of wearing gold and sitting on gold throne if Swamiji spends money for a decent dorms in bidadi we will appreciate him. Instead he wants to show his opulence and no care for ashramites basic necessities

    Please don't tell me it is a test and so on.

  37. I'm sorry for your ignorance "Swamiji is God" for your statement "I am guessing you are a born Christian, so you do not entirely know Hindu customs and traditions".

    In my 25 years plus living in India and USA many born Christians are better Brahmins in Hare Krishna Mission or Rama Krishna Mission then born Hindus or Brahmins in India. This is very low kick from your side. Please give more credit than that to this blog owner whether he is born Christian or not.

    Infact 50 years from now there will be more Brahmins ( Self Realised Souls not by birth) in other countries than India.

  38. To Swamiji is God

    Explain the divinity of Swami Nithyananda as you said "Swamiji gets criticized because he is a "human" masking as a divine".As far as we are concerned possessing some siddhis and empowering people is not divinity. He has to really show not just preach.

  39. Please, for heaven's sake call him SIG, when I see the words 'Swamiji is God', even as a reference, I get sick. UnTruth can be more dangerous than Cancer.

    Don't let someone brainwash you, slowly.

  40. Swamiji is God

    You said "I am not an insider nor will I ever be".

    Sure, you don't want to be! Why spend $6000 dollars to Living enlightenment or give 10% monthly earned income as Ananda samaji or join ananda sevak slave program.

    Why don't you join the ashram at Bidadi and show us what you are saying about nithyananda?
    You say all this as if you are a neutral observer but you really are not!

  41. My dear Swamiji is God

    If you believe so strongly about Swami Nithyananda's enlightenment, why are you wasting time and working? You should join as ashramite and receive enlightenment. What more you want in this life than enlightenment?

  42. To "Swamiji is God",
    1. You stated, "All master speak the same truth in different forms, but the truth is the same. Does this mean all the masters were copycats and just plagiarized material from the primary guru who said it first?"

    The problem is that Swamiji says that he has "downloaded" a particular technique, that it has suddenly come to him from Existence, thus claiming it to be uniquely his when it absolutely is not. Everything about the meditation technique is exactly the same - what you do, the order in which you do it, and even the exact same music that is playing in the background as you do each section --that is directly copycat from OSHO and others.

    2. Regarding divorces,etc, you said, "Has he in any way or form asked any person directly or indirectly in any manner to do any of the above. Give me one example."

    It is well known in inner circles that in Los Angeles in 2007, Swamiji deliberately set out and destroyed Ajara's marriage. Ajara is one of 3 brothers who are the only ones who know slokas being Brahmin by birth and learning them growing up. Thus they are the only ones who travel around everywhere to perform these functions in the US. (By the way, no one who is in Nithyananda's organization is encouraged or taught any slokas or pujas (other than guru puja) - I ask you, is this really a religious organization?)
    Because Swamiji really needed an unencumbered priest who will run around and do his bidding, Swamiji directly made Ajara (who was a newlywed) divorce his wife, after specifically telling him NOT to return her phone calls for months (she was in India, Ajara was here in the US). And there have been many more as well, but I'm giving you the one concrete example you asked for.

    3. As far as the other person who commented,
    "Swami Nithyananda really does not seem to have feelings towards those around him." I believe that person meant that Swamiji has NO compassion towards anybody. Believe me, when even the first Indian ashramite left back in 2006, it bothered Swamiji very much - Swamiji was obsessed and kept asking every couple of hours his other ashramites if that person called or if they're coming back. So, though Swamiji does NOT feel another's pain or have any sympathy for them whatsoever, Swamiji IS attached to them because his ego does not accept that anyone would want to leave his organization.
    Did you know that ashramites get like "admission tickets" for meals every day and when Swamiji is mad at someone, they don't get a "admission ticket" and aren't allowed to eat!

    4. Swamiji giving guidance would be great. Unfortunately, he is too busy playing emotional games where he pits one devotee against another, humiliates them in front of other people for no fault of their own (being a bit overweight,etc), withholds attention purposely until that devotee caves into his demands (donating more money as he expects, becoming an ashramite as he has asked them to be, etc) - (Yes I know many specific cases who Swamiji has done this to), beats young Indian boys and men until his thick stick breaks and they can't walk for 7 days and he does this for simple things like when they are late 5 minutes. On top of all this, Swamiji BRAGS about this stuff to other inner circle devotees!

    If this is your kind of "God" - good luck to you. My idea of "God" is someone a bit more decent and humane. You obviously haven't had any inner-circle experience, trust me, if you see what I’ve seen, you wouldn’t want to be near this megalomaniac!

  43. Mr "Swamiji is God"
    It is interesting how you said, "bloggers like Jody R of Guruphilliac...He not only criticizes all the master humanity has known he abuses them to the core. He has destroyed hinduism and abused all the masters that I have heard of."
    Jody only exposed the TRUTH about these so-called "masters". So now it's Jody's fault just because these are bad people and Jody's blog simply publishes the information?
    So when someone gets raped, it's the victim's fault for identifying the rapist and it's the victim's fault for getting raped in the first place?

  44. To "Swamiji is God":

    You said "only when swami ji wears Gold, it is a crime. Eventhough almost all of it is gifted".

    1. If some one offers liquor, is swami ji going to accept?
    Are you going to say "Oh, somebody gave it for free and swami ji took it"?

    2. If some one offers a girl, is swami ji going to accept?
    Are you going to say "Oh, somebody gave him the girl, so swami ji had her"?

  45. Nithyanandam, I will attempt to answer most of the questions in this post. Swamiji always says and we devotees also notice that his shouting is also done out of pure compassion. Why does he need to get angry with the disciples and shout at them, they are the ones who are with him all the time. He does it out of pure compassion, because they have a particular quality or behavior which needs to be corrected. I have seen Swamiji shouting personally, and I realize that he has no ulterior motive, it is done out of compassion and necessity. Is it easy to manage around 250-300 people of different backgrounds and egos without some form of discipline.

    Let me clarify one more thing here. People come to the ashram for their own personal growth and self realization and in no way they are coming there as a sacrifice or something. They are choosing that path and come there and ask Swamiji to guide them. They have taken that choice. Swamiji is a teacher, who will guide, correct, admonish, praise, shout at, bless, teach and do what ever is necessary to raise them consciously. People tell he should not give and take Kavi, so should He ask for their guidance before doing it? What is this ? This sounds so silly even discussing it. He is a teacher, a guru to whom disciples have come and asked for enlightenment. The relationship between a Master and a disciple is unique and incomparable. The disciples did not come there as a form of a retirement home where they are spoken to kindly and their ego is stroked and where they can die proudly. They have to undergo rigorous tapas and training and live intensely to achieve and radiate the self. People who come for programs just want the benefit of that program, so they are treated well and sent off. You can not treat new people like your disciples and your disciples like new people. Who are we to tell someone how to run his ashram or treat his disciples? People are just making statements because they have too. See how He treats ashramites is between Him and them, that does not in any ways prove or disprove His divinity. You can either continue a disciple or leave if you feel that He is not a master, BUT you have to realize that you took the decision for everything you did and you are responsible for all your actions, you can not blame anyone else.

    To anon @JANUARY 29, 2010 3:11 PM
    I asked Swamiji that I should become an ashramite, He said, "No do not think about sannyas now". I totally have faith in His words and trust Him to the fullest knowing well that He knows what is good for me more than me.

  46. I am also sorry about the comment about the blog writer being christian, but it is inevitable. The point is most of the blog writers are non hindus who comment on Hindu Culture. I am born Brahmin, but I do not associate myself with it, I believe in Brahman and that is who I aspire to be.

  47. "Swami Nithyananda can prove one cancer case under a doctor’s presence " Please read the book 'Mystical phenomena scientific data' it contains the results of various test performed on Swamiji under controlled environments.

  48. Hi Sig - Let's call the guy Sig, good idea.

    Sig, If you are a neutral observer, you would not be using the name "Swamiji is god" as your screen name. Nithy is no more god than anyone of us. I dare say that most people here are decent human beings, Nithy is not even a decent human being. He is a cunning abusive psychopath.

    I am so glad for the Guruphiliac story "Nithyananda is not what he claims to be" is showing up 2nd in Google search for using the word "Nithyananda" alone! It is a very personal story from one who once believed in Nithy totally and contributed much to his mission. The family are among the most kind, generous and religious people I ever met.

    Please do a search for "Nithyananda" and read the story if you have not done so yet. It is a true personal story.

  49. Correct me if I am wrong (any inner circle folks reading?), but Swami Nithyananda has NOT done the full *traditional* viraja homa ceremony and formally given sannyasa as understood in the Shankara dashanami tradition to his so-called "Swamis".

    If these Swamis of his were to represent Hinduism in any official capacity, they would be laughed at for their complete ignorance about basic concepts of Vedanta and such.

    Or is this "neo-sannyasa" part deux?

  50. Nithyananda the Lying SaintJanuary 29, 2010 at 8:00 PM

    Nithyananda's Kavis and Sanyaas are a total joke.

    He has given "poorna" sanyas supposedly to his top most disciples such as Aiyya and yet they carry on their businesses they had prior to Kavi. Same with Sachit he had kavi to at one point and yet he carried out his businesses. I guess these are like modern day "swindle and cheat" the world "convenience" kavis.

  51. Nithyananda's Illegal WifeJanuary 29, 2010 at 9:50 PM

    Hello fellow Nithyananda "devotees and disciples". We have published a brand new story:

    It's Good to be King!

    Here you can read about the gold fantasies of Pramahamasa Nithyananda the humble renunciant monk that he is :-)

    You can see your donation dollars going to great charitable causes!

    Enjoy and don't forget to be "unclutched" when are reading the will need it else your blood will curdle!

  52. Holy Scoundrel and Fraud NithyanandaJanuary 29, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    Instead of wearing gold and sitting on gold throne if Swamiji spends money for a decent dorms in bidadi we will appreciate him. Instead he wants to show his opulence and no care for ashramites basic necessities

    The folks over at Nithyananda Tales have just published...

    this story

    ...on Nithyananda's love of Gold and his more than 6 Golden thrones with pictures. You will see the humble saint in these pictures.

  53. SIG

    part 1

    You said “The only reason people discredit blogs like your (even if they might contain some truth) is because of bloggers like Jody R of Guruphilliac, who I think you have an allegiance to. He not only criticizes all the master humanity has known he abuses them to the core”.

    Let me tell you that from past 25 years the ONENESS Movement gurus came to USA and western countries and started looting people in the name of Enlightenment. These gurus destroyed Hindu Gods and demanded praying to Gurus. These gurus told in USA that devotional people will never achieve enlightenment and that they should follow meditations and achieve enlightenment. All other techniques are inferior. Then they sold these programs for a very big fees especially the multi-level once. Once they recruited they use the volunteers as puppets because the volunteer does complete surrender and he has nowhere to go and very soon do all bad karmic things for the organizations. In the name of surrender (Which is Swami Nithyananda’ constant mantra) the BRAINWASHING starts. There are way too many gurus. You have to realize yourself first, that the person you like has become God and give respect to him and pray to him to show path of enlightenment or to real God. But Swami Nithyananda demands in his temples that he is God and they have to chants his mantras to all deities. Many people have recorded this. See the difference? One is you realize that Nithyananda is God, and other is Nithyananda tells you that he is God and demands that you pray for him! This is why Jody and others figured out what fake Swami’s are doing. They are coming to USA to rip people off. Yes, there are thousands of Gurus out there. Only few hundred are being reported and criticized by their own ex-devotees ( Not the fault of Jody or this blog owner), so don’t say every guru is being criticized. You may not have left India and experienced this phenomenon. Every weekend there are 40 to 50 guru programs that go in LA all claiming to be God. For me if somebody claims to be a God he is not. If you have a big marketing team and a propaganda machine like Swami Nithyananda, then he is not surely a God.

  54. Sig Part II

    Don’t get me wrong. You are criticizing Jody and this blog owner but, have you ever heard Swami Nithyananda criticizing other Gurus! I was amazed by the way Swami Nithyananda was criticizing OSHO, Ramakrishna, UDk, and many other gurus especially after copying their material word by word. If swami criticizes and chastises it is ok but Jody does it is not? Because Nithyananda is a enlightened person, so he has a right to criticize, hah! No, no, no! We don’t agree to your argument that Jody or this blogger are doing anything to Hinduism, in fact they are helping us understand both sides of it, and so you a person with good brains can go with these masters and ask questions. The minute the Master says “drop all your questions”, please run away from that guy like Swami Nithyananda says, because asking questions is not against surrender. See if you ask a good question you get black listed by Swami Nithyananda at his ashram and he will start rumors against you and starts creating tensions against you with others.

    It is the fake self serving swamis that are creating information to this blog spots. Most bloggers in this blog were in very much deep inner circles of Swami Nithyananda before we said this is not for us. We had given him everything. You may say he did not ask it. Not really! Nithyananda has ways to ask you continuously with his followers and innuendos saying that “see that devotee is doing more, see this person has put the property papers in hundi, see this person Sachit gave me his one crore plot in Hyderabad, see this person has gave me this university. He will stop talking to you after you have surrendered and you have given up everything to give more! Next step is pushing you to become ashramites fulltime by giving up your job! Step by step he takes control over your life and your family life”. This is what I call Brainwashing! Mind control of a person who is mentally week because he has already surrendered completely. This happened to us, and that’s why we are telling others to think about it before you go all the way in to this.

    SIG, I probably think that is why you say you never want to be “insider”. Because you will have to do the smallest micromanagement things asked by Nithyananda.

    More in next post.

  55. Checkout new posting "Its Good to be a King" in
    Very funny ... could not stop laughing

    It is well known secret that Political leaders are keeping money/Gold in some of the ashrams to esacpe from Income Tax raids.

  56. Dear "Swamiji Is God":

    Swamiji told my friend "Why do you work hard?
    I will give you sanyasa. People will touch your feet and give you Gold".

    Result: my friend ran away without turning back.

  57. Sig, here you go again!
    Part 1

    Swami Nithyananda’ Brainwashing words again.

    "Swamiji always says and we devotees also notice that his shouting is also done out of pure compassion".

    Now, this is complete non-sense. If Swami Nithyananda is an enlightened master and God as you portrayed to be then Swami Nithyananda does not need to use the above statement. In the name of pure compassion when you’re the ashramites is working for 18 hours to 20 hours and you in the name of guru-sishya relationship abuse the person physically and mentally beating them with intentional disregard to his surrender status is COMPLETELY NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR, even if you are God in modern day. Swami Nithyananda is playing with fire. Soon, there will be lot of complaints against him in India also at Bidadi and he will sure get arrested one of these days.

    Swami Nithyananda can't do things against law even if he thinks he is God.

    You said, " it is done out of compassion and necessity". Again it is not. If Swami Nithyananda claims to be God and divine he has to exude that divinity where by people follow him with that divinity. Beating the surrendered ashramites only shows that he wants to be in control of their mind, by beating them is not the way to teach or show to the path of enlightenment. The minute Swami Nithyananda does that he has lost his credibility as teacher. If he wants to stay in India and if it the norm in India, beating the disciples, than even that has to change. If you can't make a disciple change by worlds of a "healing enlightened master" like Nithyananda, then Nithyananda should ask them to leave the ashram. But he should not beat them with sticks in bidadi which is against law.

    But, I think Nithyananda doesn't want them to leave because he has to show how powerful he is. This beating own people and killing in the name of punishment is done by mafia worldwide. What is the difference between Nithyananda and Mafia then?

    The law is clear to Nithyananda and all. You can't beat adult disciples who have surrendered and talking shelter under you. They may be from rural Tamilnadu who are devotional with no education, does not mean you can abuse them with sticks and verbal mental torture? Where will they go then? They have left their families and surrendered to him in India at bidadi. I see that is why many runaway in the first week who come in to "one year free stay at dorm and experience spirituality and Nithyananda" program. I see most of the bidadi deciples are from rural Tamilnadu who left Tamilnadu and came to Bangalore for a so called God because of propaganda by Nithyananda’ machine.

  58. SIG Here you go.
    Part II

    You say "People come to the ashram for their own personal growth and self realization and in no way they are coming there as a sacrifice or something. They are choosing that path and come there and ask Swamiji to guide them".

    But, in reality the Nithyananda propaganda mission is giving that false image where people are coming and joining his mission. Slowly with Nithyananda’ brainwashing techniques they lose their identity and depend on him for basic survival. That's when Nithyananda will go for the jugular by making you small and belittle! By then you are trapped and can't do much. You are stuck in the organization for years. Instead of spiritual practice you are doing money making programs and making Nithyananda rich. This is all a con game that is played in USA again and again by fake gurus in the name of enlightenment.


    We have all heard your statements above directly from Nithyananda when were with him. These are not new arguments.

    Why do you think more than 10 Acharyas and more than 2 maha-Acharya left the organization? It is the most shameful thing for Nithyananda and his organization. After five years and after supposedly receiving enlightenment these Acharyas and maha-acharyas have left!

  59. SIG

    I know now you will say we don't know the definition of "God" and why should Nithyananda can't ne violent to change the "I don’t know, please change me and I have surrendered to you crowd”. Please, we have heard from Nithyananda himself all these things you are saying. I also know Nithyananda will say that we mortals can't understand the supreme ways of “enlightened master's vishwa rupa secrets”.

    The difference is you have not experienced his other side of Nithyananda and we have as the inner circle members. So, first join the mission as full time devotee since Nithyananda is your God and come back five years later and give your side. You are 23 years old and you can’t see or have not seen as we have seen Nithyananda. Believe me we have told the same things to others to recruit others and they have lost so much Tan, Man, Dhan in this organization.

  60. To SIG,

    This is my first reading of life of Sri Ramana Maharshi and I am glad I read it. As I was reading my heart beat faster, a overwhelming feeling of goodness, kindness and divinity was conveyed by every word in this article.

    By no means is Sri Nithyananda comparable to Sri Ramana Maharshi.

  61. Thanks to guys at

    I really enjoyed the article "Its Good to be a King"

    My god! If Nithyananda uses 1% of this gold money for the basic necessities of full time devotees it would be a good deed. Forget doing great charitable things.

    I heard in LA ashram the Nithyananda deciples have to ask his permission to buy Tooth Paste like basic necesities. I can you imagine this micromanagement?

    What a shame! Swami Nityananda is so uncluched from his deciples that he does not even care for them, all in the name of tapasya or test?

    Nithyananda's ex-acharyas and maha-acharyas, please speak up and tell us more truth.

  62. SIG

    Do you really think us for fools as you are asking us to read another book written on swami Nityananda? you said "Please read the book 'Mystical phenomena scientific data' it contains the results of various test performed on Swamiji under controlled environments"

    This is all a big lie like all Nithynanda's propaganda machine. Ask Nityananda to submit one more time in US at a Hospital and we will know the real truth.

    Nithyananda is scared of even a cold virus and that's why he takes Airborne and other over the counter meds before he goes in air plane

  63. SIG

    You are the perfect demographic fit Nithyananda wants! A very young person with good english writing, good education to join and brainwash others. Please join him full time to shows us what you are really made of. Do you know Nithyananda hates older people especially if he has to hug them! He calls them old rags. But, he will love you because you will surely work for him for 16 to 20 hours a day.

    once, Nithyananda is done with you, you will be left with no identity, no money.

    Looks like you found your God. I'm happy for you. At least later when you are 40 years old you will look back at this blog and reflecting on your comments.

  64. Sig

    Do you notice no body is critisizing other gurus in this? Only Nithyananda! Why do you think so? Because, they have seen the ugly side. Others are trapped because they have no where to go. They have given up everything. They are stuck and they keep on telling themselves that they are doing the right thing. If they can't tell this to themselves this, they will lose their mind. So, they have to continue to keep the status quo.

    But, people like you are very young and fighting for your god is very nice but not eligible to dicuss all the you say because you have not experienced the real NITHYANANDAM that you call!

    So, experience first!

  65. Swamiji is God

    What a comment on Jesus and Ramakrishna you made man!

    Nithyananda has told us in 2007 mission training that Jesus was a dropout of India enlightened guru. Nithyananda always criticized Ramakrishna mission for many things. Now you are quoting Jesus and Ramakrishna when your so-called God himself criticizes Jesus and Ramakrishna! What an irony my friend!

  66. Fraud Master NithyanandaJanuary 30, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    When Swamiji wears Gold, it is a crime(even though almost all of it is gifted

    Dear SIG - you made the above statement. Really, almost all of it is a gift? Very nice indeed!

    It would be great if we can see the photos of when he received these gifts. Perhaps like his 6 or 7 golden thrones, all his other jewelry is also gifts, right? It would really be very nice if we can know who gave the gifts so we can personally thank them for giving Swamiji so many wonderful golden gifts.

    For your sake, <a href='">Nithyatales</a> has made it convenient and listed out his most prominent Golden possessions. Perhaps, since you are so close to Swamiji, you can do him a favor and get the names of those who gifted it to him and also pictures of when the gifts were given so we can all collectively shut about it and stop talking about his gold obsessions.

  67. I think the time has come for this discussion to end. I just wanted to share my opinions and discuss it. It is getting very personal now and I think it is better for me to stop posting. Anyways nice to have this discussion, you are entitled to your own opinion and I to mine. I am ending it with a prayer to the supreme divine power(who/ whatever it might be) to guide us all to live as God ! Once again thanks to the blog owner for dedicating a separate post to my comments, I did not in any way expect it to become this big.

  68. Part 1
    Dear friend "Swamiji is God",

    You are 23 years old and you already deem it fit to convince us of something that even your Master has failed to do so? In 23 years, you have already gained enough material and spiritual experience to convince others? I will give my viewpoints. I have given some as an anonymous poster but let me use an alias to post some so that you understand that it is coming from one source.

    First of all, you very well understand that this site is dedicated to exposing Nithyananda from the experiences of many volunteers and participants. You greet us with "Nithyanandam" and we are OK with it despite your being aware that we find it offensive. We give you space to put forth your viewpoints with the hope that something new comes out. Do you think Dhyanapeetam or LifeBlissFoundation would give similar space to the crowd that disagrees with Nithyananda? I know the answer, the real one!
    I have been a volunteer for the past 4 years and I have read a lot of his books and heard a lot of his CDs. Most of your arguments are coming from there. If they were your original thoughts maybe I could debate. Now I will give my viewpoints in a few threads and move on. I was waiting for your post hoping that it was an Acharya or a MahaAcharya with your alias of "SwamijiIsGod". But with a 23 year old just spitting out information from Nithyananda's CDs and Books, I don't feel the need to participate in this thread further other than to give my 2 cents on some of your comments.

  69. Part 2
    Dear friend "Samiji is God",

    1) Ayya's healing:- Do you know the argument on this will never be conclusive? If you wish to argue objectively, then you would need to speak with measurable results. Nithyananda needs to meet cancer patients, the sampling needs to be taken and then the results studied. And the success rate needs to be repeatable and measurable. If this is subjective which it is, then it is between Ayya and Nithyananda. Of course, the faithful will point in 1 direction and the opposed in the other. The points of conciliation are negligible. I mentioned in a previous anonymous post where I had just finished watching "The secret". There are 2 cases in there. One in which a woman with breast cancer beats the disease with visualization. And the other where a paralysed man does the same. In both cases, the doctors had deemed it as a hopeless case. Though I am happy with Ayya's healing and I agree that it is possible that it was because of the healing power of Nithyananda, it will be a subjective matter as to how exactly he beat this disease. But against a backdrop of so many cases where there has been no healing, one can only say "We don't know for sure what really happened with Ayya". And we all know in India, how many such cases are heard. An opening of the newspaper ads and we see "Thanks to SaiBaba, Our Lady of Vaillankani, Muslim saints at Ajmer" where quite a few similar cases are heard.

    2) Judging Nithyananda. I hope you understand that all we are doing is studying his statements made and verifying facts. Many don't match. When you elevate Nithyananda to the company of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Ramakrishna etc, aren't you also judging Nithyananda? I find this comparision amusing if not annoying. And if we disagree, then you state that "We shouldn't judge Masters". I see no point in discussing this further.

    3) "Exaggerations": At least you had the honesty to agree that the information provided was distorted though you don't agree with the seriousness or the degree. Exaggerations are harmless but LIES are dangerous. Nithyananda LIED. I don't know about you but I have been with the Organization for 4 years and I clearly remember his anecdotes about his wanderings. Now I know many were LIES. Many took the decision to follow him because we thought that Enlightened Masters never lie. Now I remember so many of his stories that I feel are dubious that I can fill a few pages. Anyway, just in the last hour I remembered one more and I will share just that. In one of the programs where I was a volunteer, I remember when Nithyananda started telling about his wandering. A lady from Gujarat on hearing about something familiar asked him if he had been to the village that was closeby. I vividly recollect his face being stunned and him struggling to gather his thoughts. He just answered something general that was affirmative and moved on to other things. Those days, where I would be waiting for Nithyanada to talk about his wanderings, I was disappointed. I thought that Nithyananda would start talking more and we would have more information that all were eagerly waiting for. An enlightened being's experiences!!! Now I realize after going through this site that it may have been because he did not want to get into specifics with a lady who knew the terrain well and he not getting embarrased as she would know the facts.

  70. SIG
    You say "I will attempt to answer most of the questions in this post"

    But, you can't answer to our questions because you have not experienced the inner circle side of Nithyananda. You have the outer public side of answers of Nithyananda which we already know.

    Nithyananda himself used to say don't argue with the guy that has half knowledge. In this situation with all due respect to you, we say you have the theoretical knowledge but no practical knowledge of Nithyananda the so called enlightened master.

    For example when you study Medicine, first five years you learn lot of theory and book knowledge. You will get practical knowledge in House-Surgeoncy. You will actually understand the variables and small minutia that differentiates one disease from another in that period.

    Same here applies with Nithyananda. You are not qualified to answer yet at your stage of life and involvement with Nithyananda questions in our post.

  71. Funny that you say SIG that " all the material is available from ages" but in 2007 Nithyananda wanted and was trying very hard to trade mark and copy write his teachings when his teachings were in many places plagiarized word for word in material and music from other masters!

    Now you say it's already available from Shiva! Great, tell that to Nithyananda who wants to trade mark this material!

  72. You can’t have both ways SIG

    You can't pleasures songs that are purely made recently from recent movies for the Nithyananda. That is a clear violation of trade mark law. I see he does this with Madhurastakam , also which I hate when they show him and play this beautiful song. Play something that a devotee writes not use readymade ones. That is a violation of all kinds of laws.

  73. If your God have to shout and beat a surrendered deciple then their is something really wrong with Nithyananda's divinity.

  74. SIG

    The folloowing is not correct when somebody controls your body and mind when you say "BUT you have to realize that you took the decision for everything you did and you are responsible for all your actions, you can not blame anyone else".

    Surrenderd deciple is in full control by the Master and master is fully responsable for deciples action. If master is God he should know he is not right deciple or right time to join.

  75. Dear friend "SwamijiIsGod", One of the most profound statements ever made by Buddha was "
    Do not believe in what you have heard; Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations; Do not believe in anything because it is rumoured and spoken about by many; Do not believe merely because the written statements of some old sage are produced; Do not believe in conjectures; Do not believe in that as truth to which you have become attached by habit; Do not believe merely on the authority of your teachers and elders; After observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it".

    Take the current housing mess in US. Houses were sold like cattle using ideas that looked great. So many bought into it. By the time the real economists looked at what was going on and raised the red flag, it was too late. Many times, we get carried away by ideas which we would love to believe in but sadly are not realistic. For me, Nithyananda was one of them.

  76. It seems to me SIG is Nithyscamda trying to appear as though he is just a 23 year old boy with no affiliation to the Nithycult except a few overpriced brainwashing sessions and parents that are wrapped up in a web of lies.

  77. Ladies and Gentlemen:

    What a breakthrough news and photos from nithytales website. Now we know where the $6000 Kalpatharu money of Swami Nithyananda is going to! For the Golden thrones. Meanwhile the ashramites in Bidadi are living in diplorable conditions. I'm sure SIG will come up with an explanation for that!

    I hear that Nithyananda is constructing a big building that will support 10,000 people at one time kalpatharu program.

    Any body has comments on that?

  78. By the way, Jody R of Guruphiliac is not against Vedanta or the Vedic Tradition. He speaks well of Vivekanda & Ramakrishna. Jody is only agaist commercial fake gurus claiming to be avatars. These commercials fakes is corrupting Vedanta. Jody care enough to expose them!

    Please go ask him in his blog if you don't believe me.

  79. Dear SIG, you really need to apply to become an ashramite at Bidadi. That would be the best way the serve your God. Seriously, talk is cheap. Do it, don't just talk.

    With all these gold and pricey programs, are the Ananda Sevaks ( full-time volunteers who work 7 long days a week for nothing more than food) in the USA are now provided with basic dormitory housing?

    Do Ananda Sevaks still need to come up with the $$$$ to pay for their own housing and transportation while working full-time (more than full-time!) for Nithy's Mission?

    Has anything improved since Dec 2007. I am very curious. Anyone knows??

  80. sig

    Nithyananda is wearing $20,000RS sherwani's and traditional suites with extensive designs in many pictures on the Golden thrones. Why would he need such an expensive clothes?

  81. Swamiji needs expensive design suites and golden thrones because he is a sanyasin!

    Is it so SIG ??

  82. All the Nithyananda music is plagiarized because it is produced that that no-talent hack, Kirtanananda.

    PS: Has anybody heard Nithyananda sing? Talk about being tone deaf :D

  83. Dear "Swamiji is God"

    We are looking for Dharma "practicing" Guru.
    Not Dharma "talking" Guru.
    Please convey this message to your Swami ji.

  84. Dear friend “Swamiji is God”
    Part I

    Please do not leave us that fast my friend. We were just warming up here. People have just started to get warmed up from you post. You are the most naïve person my friend. You are ready to believe what Nithyananda says in his videos, TV and print media. Didn’t somebody tell you yet that what you see in TV and Print media is not always true! Nithyananda is worse than that category.

    “ Osho is Materialistic, but again I beg to differ and who is detached mentally from all his possessions”.

    This statement is false because OSHO kept all his so called gifts and possessions! If he was detached like you said then how come OSHO did not sell the 99 Roles Royse and give the money to UN or some good charity, why did he do money laundering, why did he enjoy them and showed them as his prized possessions? Hypocrisy my friend!

    “have you seen a true one, who sets the guidelines/ yardsticks for a true master ?

    Yes, there are written and spoken guideline in ancient texts and other place in our Vedanta and Sanathana dharma scriptures. So, go and read them also, not just Nithyananda’s Books!

    “Regarding the graveyard, it might be a one off incident”.

    Not really my friend. This is not one incident, there were many incidents, people went crazy after Nithyananda’s cemetery experience.

  85. To Swamiji is God
    Part II
    1. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to eat fish, he called it Jala Pushpam(Flower from the Water).

    At 2007 December 2 day enlightenment course in Montclair, CA, USA, where Nithyananda had lined up many so called “enlightened people” on stage, Nithyananda said that Ramakrishna eating fish was wrong and that is why his health was probably affected and died at early age! What do you say for that!

    2. Swami Vivekananda used to eat Non Veg, Drink alcohol and smoke.

    People like us from Sanathana Dharma disagree with Swami Vivekananda if it were true that he eat meat and intoxicated with alcohol drinks and smoked carcinogens! With all due respect to his followers, I don’t want to go further as these behaviors are completely unacceptable to any real Hindu guru!

    3. Seshadri Swamigal (from Tiruvannamalai) used to chew some food and spit it in Devotees' hands saying it was prasadham.

    I’m sorry to say that this is absolutely unacceptable in modern day world and even then probably, that’s why I probably never heard of this guy! (Sorry to those folks who pray to him). Knowing what we know now in modern day science, eating food already chewed is a crazy sentiment and deadly contagious!!!

    4. Jesus fed an entire village with just a loaf of bread and few fish, he could also heal.

    Sorry my friend. You are wrong again. This may be propaganda also. Even your God Nithyananda does not believe this. Just ask him. Nithyananda calls Jesus a dropout bramhachari! Again, since he is your God you can ask him for yourself!

    “In the case of Enlightened masters/avatar purushas, who sets the standards, is it mere mortals like us ? "WE CAN NOT JUDGE A DIVINE PERSONS ACTIONS FROM THE HUMAN STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS".

    This is absolute BULL S**T. Us mere mortals have to figure out he is the avatara purusha by the way of this simple humble nature and in many other ways explained in Vedas! Nithyananda should not be shouting at us saying that he is god or continuously asking to pray for him or to his statues or other God statues in his temples but to pray to them his name. He has this silly “ OM HREEM---- Namahah” thing going on! This is nothing but brainwash and branding!

    “All the meditation techniques ALL in some form or other are mentioned in Shiva Sutras. Does it mean all masters copied it from Shiva”?

    We understand that but, Nithyananda has taken word by word or breath by breath plagiarized this matter. Many times word for word copying from other gurus. This is absolutely dishonesty for a spiritual guru who calls himself GOD to be doing this. If he is God, then bring own unique perspective. Why copy from OSHO and others??

    Very soon all the word to word copy writings are going to come out in the public by Expose Nithyananda, which I’m sure of and, Nithyananda’s show will be over at least in USA! We may not help the Tamilnadu villagers that are staying at the Bidadi ashram. Only existence will take care of them!

  86. Dear "Swamiji is God"

    Don't leave yet buddy! Be cool!

    You are the one personally attacked this Blog owner beause you think you are a born hindu brahmin and you have that birth rigth to ask what ever you want and some how you know more culture and traditions?

    Did it ever occur to you to ask the Blog owner what his syory is or how he and his family has suffered serving years at Nithyanand'a foundation? Or what kind of hardships he has sufferred or what he has lost?

    Please stay. Let's talk little bit more. We have to finish our chatting my friend.

  87. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Clarification needed. To the best of our knowledge, Swami Vivekananda NEVER drank alcohol, ate non-veg, engage in all the non-sattvic/ tamasic activities the so-called 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda claims, etc. Yes, Swami Vivekananda did smoke. That's all. Sri Nithyananda has told so many lies, that anything he says should be questioned. Sri Nithyananda has no shame either. He would gladly wreck a true Enlightened being's reputation just to either make himself look good or justify is evil practices such as his brand of graveyard spirituality. The opinion of this blog, Swami Vivekananda and Paramahamsa Ramakrishna are the real deal. The mean-spirited words from the self-titled 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda is just slander.

    In regards to the other Masters that have elevated this planet including Jesus, we feel that this is more lies from 'Swami' Nithyananda. We do not know anything about Seshadri Swamigal (from Tiruvannamalai). But, the cunning liar, Sri Nithyananda, probably has calculated that so no one would question him. So, we suspect that this is a lie too.

    The so-called 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda has told so many lies, we have cannot keep track of him. When you hear something so negative and so inherently wrong coming from this Psychopaths mouth, check your inner feelings. If something says wrong, then run. Otherwise, question and find the Truth. We have. And, we will be glad to say that 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda has come way short of that.

    Jai Maa.

  88. Even swamis/teachers of the Vedanta Center mention Swami Vivekananda smoked and ate meat. Vivekananda made himself ate beef when he was invited to a American/British devotee's home and the family had some meat specially prepared for him. He threw up.

    After the incident, he decided he better get use to eating some meat if he were to build a mission in the West. His times were different from our time. Very few Westerners were vegetarians during his time.

    One of the points he emphasized is devotion to COMMON SENSE. Vivekananda had great compassion for the sufferings of the poor in India. He would never said anything like their suffering is due to their karma or anything.

    These are stories I gather from talks at the Vedanta Center. I have the highest regard for Swami Vivekananda.

  89. You need to do better research. You are beginning to sound like many I know, for whom all dead Masters were great, and spiritually perfect, despite their human flaws, but living ones are suspect because they are not "saintly" enough.

    FYI, the Truth is "trigunarahitam" - transcends the three gunas, including Sattva. So, rajasic and tamasic outward behavior is no disqualifier of a man's establishment in the Truth.

    "Is God a nervous fool like you that the flow of His River of Mercy would be dammed up by a piece of meat? If such be He, His value is not a pie!", Vivekananda once wrote.

    Vivekananda on hearing criticism [about his eating meat while in America], wrote to Alasinga with humor, "If people in India want me to keep strictly to my Hindu diet, please tell them to send me a cook and money enough to keep him."

    Vivekananda famously said that what India needed at the time was "beef and biceps".

  90. Hi Swamiji is God", Read the article from about Nithyananda's copy right violations..

    Nithayananda Remixing (stealing) cinema songs to get people’s attentionJune 30, 2009 at 9:25 pm.

    Nithyananda and his followers sell loads of songs about nithyananda on cds/vcds/dvds.

    People love music,and this false guru is using that cinema music to influence his audience.They use famous cinema songs as background music and replace the lyrics with their own lyrics.Mostly the only word that is repeated all over is “nithyananda”.By mixing famous music and his name, he induces in people a kind of comfort that is related to his name,that may otherwise be only related to the song.

    I have access to several dvds of his nuisance remix songs.(actually my relative own them).People find a kind of false comfort with this nonsense.

    This is the way he operates.He associates himself with already famous and useful things,creating an illusion that he is famous and he can provide useful teachings.

    And, one more thing is that,they are doing this illegally.Film producers and music directors own the copyright to the music they compose.

    Who are these minions to use them without their permission, they pay no royalty,but love to hitch hike on the familiarity of the music.

    This is piracy,this is stealing. I hope some music directors goto court and sue this false messiah.Actually, the music industry can earn a big compensation because nithyananda have already sold innumerable copies to innumerable people.

  91. It is important that the blog owner and his team do not imagine themselves to be, and behave like 'A Know All'. I thought, it is the foolishness of people only in India who think that a Swami knows every thing including Obstetrics, Cardiology, Philology etc. (LOL). I thought it is only some Swamis who talk as if they know every thing.

    It is important to recognize that God is everywhere, as the Sanatana Dharma teaches us. Rather, everything is in God. Christianity or Islam do not teach that. So, it is immature to think that you get to Delhi if you get into a train going to Mumbai, starting in Chennai. A successful seeker figures out how then all is One. As I understand, Ramakrishna did not say that all religions lead to the 'same' realization. it is possible that all religions prepare a person which is equally important for final understanding. Ramakrishna experienced the essence of each of those paths, as proclaimed in those religions. He said when he did Christian practices, a white figure (Ghost! or God!) came and merged in him etc. When he did Hanuman sadhana, he behaved like a monkey etc. Finally, he only experienced Non-Dual Nirvikalpa samadhi and also gained knowledge of ONE, as all is Mother Kali (his way of saying things, as a Bhakta, I suppose). He did not say that he experienced Nirvikalpa samadhi when he did Islamic practices or Christian practices. Nirvikalpa Samadhi is applicable in the context of Yoga sadhana only. Vedanta has some support and criticism for that also.

    Eating meat, drinking alcohol, or tobacco, Sex etc., can not be a bar to knowing God. it is possible that any obsession may bar one from entering into Nirvikalpa state; because vikalpa means a mental mode of any thought, and an obsession is nothing but a strong fixated thought. Otherwise most of the Budhist monks will be in bad luck for knowledge, which the blog owner and Nithyananda, Osho champion for, and confuse the primary teaching of Sanatana Dharma which is opposed to Budhism.

    Budhists, Jainas, Vedantins, and other schools of thoughts that originated in India have contradictory views about God and its role in our lives. All of them can not be Absolutely True at the same time. Yes, one can come to understand the right import of all those schools and 'somehow' come to understanding of the nature of One and Only Self (Budhists do not have a Self, and Jainas have many Selves! Yoga has many Selves!)

    All religions can exist and practice what they want. But, if it is a serious unbiased search, one will certainly be baffled by this question which one of them is True, or at least one has to entirely give up all such questions plucking from their roots. Budha has to be appreciated for that approach of discarding all help and starting a fresh investigation.

  92. Swami Nithyananda is lovable, admirable, and worshipable for the fact that he is human and born to a human mother and enlightened, ONLY if he can guide people out of ignorance. Hinduism is loaded with Gods, and we do not need any more. If he keeps saying he is a God, which one of the 30,000,000 Hindu Gods is he? He is not a better God than who I am or who you are. Only that he has Samskara (engrams) which make him behave as if he is a King and I understand this and accomodate that. But, there are other things which do not go well in the current society like looking at others will disdain, behavior of his goonda swamis etc. Unfortunately, he is not in that high state of Knowledge all the time. It appears, Ramana Maharshi was in that state all the time, Sahaja Samadhi. Nithyananda is no where comparable to that. But, he can be a Guru and bless people and help them on the path. But, the seeker has to be very careful not to get involved in his mission because they suck your money and energy, and corrupt the basic teachings of Sanatana Dharma. Family is the basis for Sanatana dharma.

    A Guru MUST have had a Guru otherwise these problems come up. Also, if one has not lived like a saint sanyasi, these desire prompted actions can not be rooted out and they will surface some how some where. This is what we see in Swami Nithyananda. In the modern context, we see the word sage meaning who had glimpsed the reality. A sage is not a saint. A saint may not have realization. One has to be lucky, I guess, to find a sage and a saint in one.

    The blog owner and other posters seem to be looking for a 'Sage and a Saint'. Yes, you won't get it in Swami Nithyananda. alas!

    Every thing Swami is doing is acceptable or can be accepted as a human flaw, and still some thing can be learned from him. After all, great Beings of perfection are difficult to come by in the world. But, speaking Untruth and trying to create an Image taller than himself and writing a dishonest Biography is very unfortunate. This shows how he feels about his own lack in life, the reality of his life shows up stark in his own vision. So, he is trying to patch it up.

    Today we read with reverence the dialogues with Ramakrishna or Talks with Ramana Maharshi or Sai Satcharitra, thinking that there is some thing to learn and improve in our lives by reading their lives. They are not alive, so we are forced to take it as trust worthy. In case of Swami Nithyananda such reliability is not there about his Biography. I wish and pray that such false propaganda ceases from his mission, and he does good things that people will remember him as a Good teacher after he dies.

  93. Please can I get an honest answer blog owner, did I not even receive one positive comment agreeing with my views and comments? If yes, I am ready to leave Swamiji (Just Kidding!)

  94. SIG

    Din't you read the replies? You need a "Certificate of Positive comment" from us?

    Common buddy, you are now putting shame on your teacher Nithyananda by asking for a certificate. Is that what you have learnt from your God?

  95. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi "Swamiji is God". We just wanted to say that we appreciated your coming forward and posting your opinion with your thoughts and feelings that you currently have. We know that this is not an easy thing to do in a blog that has a loyal following that is not going to be so welcoming to your thoughts. We admire your courage and your strength.

    Actually our team (and perhaps many of the people who are leaving comments on this blog) would have said the same thing as you did just a few years back... perhaps even just a few months back for some. So, we (our team) certainly see ourselves in your posts.

    The only thoughts that you expressed that we had any issue with was with two points. The first one was regarding the background. Yes, one of our team members is a white guy who was born into a Christian family. However, this guy turned to Hinduism over 20 years ago, became a full vegetarian over 15 years ago, does about two hours of meditation, pranayama, and yoga every day. And, constantly chants the Divine Mother's mantra: Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce Namah So, although being born a Brahmin family could certainly be a jump forward into one's spiritual path, it doesn't mean that someone else couldn't also become very connected with the Divine. But, don't worry, you had the courage and the honesty to express what lots of people quietly think. We did not take offence, but would encourage you to think outside of your safe parameters and use your 'head start' to help your growth, not to hinder your path.

    The second part was in regards to the sensitive area of divorce and other personal calamities that were brought on through the association of being involved with Nithyananda and his organizations. It is good to want to hear specifics. For without this proof, these words just seem empty noise and false allegations. Just the same, having personal losses are, shall we say, personal. It really hurts people. Some wish not to talk about it, others do so by lashing out. Our team has gone through the whole cycle and then repeats the process. It is part of the healing process. Just the same, it is best to view these incidents openly. For denying that they happened at all probably brings on the most pain. So, just have awareness and open to the possibilities that others really did get hurt and suffer huge losses, and then gently probe for the specifics.

    Anyway, although there weren't a lot of comments (none in fact) that came in support of your ideas, please look at all the thought and energy that you got all these posters to bring up. Collectively, I'm sure that several days' worth of pure energy was given to your words and the chain reaction that followed. Few have been able to achieve that. At the very least, you got a chance to state what you believe in. Although, perhaps you didn't see the transformation that you hoped for, you still were able to build character and take on a position that was not popular and stand by that. That process builds character and will suit you will for the future.

    Once again, 'Swamiji is God', our team gives our gratitude to your contributions. We have nothing but goodwill to you. Good luck on your journey.

    Jai Maa.

  96. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Poster, 'Swamiji is God' had questions about Jody Radzak's blog and the intentions behind that blog. I have copied a reply that Jody gave in defense of the Guruphiliac Blog and the intent behind it:

    Source: "70,000 Miles of Nothing: Nithyananda Caught in Huge Lie"
    On 1/28/2010 7:53 PM:
    jody radzik said...

    Your blog is biased against hindus. You do not expose frauds committed by churches and fathers as eagerly as you blasphemise hindu gurus. For balance be fair

    My blog is biased against any person of any religion who makes the claim that they are specially divine, and thus capable of performing miracles. To be self-realized is to know yourself as the Atman. What you understand when you know yourself as the Atman is that you are not any different—and especially not better—than anyone else. To use the idea that you can perform miracles is a tremendous insult to the teachings of Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda. No wonder Nithy bailed at Belur Math. He was just too bubbling with hypo-manic narcissism to stick with the program. I imagine the folks at the Math were quite relieved when Nithy embarked upon his "wanderings."
    - - -
    Jai Maa

  97. Thanks mr blog owner for posting all of my comments against that human trash pile, Nithyananda....just like in is a big cheat a druggist and criminal.....and anti hindu....but still you directed and posted pro-Nithyananda comments and information on your that you can kindly avoid posting comments which supports Nithyananda....please dont add to your karmas by posting pro-Nithyananda comments as he has done enough damage to great saints..........Thanks........

  98. Dear Expose Nithyananda,
    This comment is dedicated to the person who said that they don't do this because it is easy, but because it is tough and it is needed to awaken people.

    My comment to you is - Thanks; You are my hero along with Nakeeran and yes (I thought I would never say this) - Sun TV.

    I have been in the cult just about a year as a volunteer, did not believe a word of your blog when it came about and generally, would have done anything to destroy you (Had I had the power which I did not) because you to me epitomized those who brought ridicule to our great tradition by insulting such a great swami.

    Fast forward to today and I think of you as the most wonderful person on earth. Your website has helped not only by preventing numerous people from getting in but also a depression therapy for a lot of people like me who are looking for answers. And I was able to clear my head in a day.

    I would also like to add a few insights with my newfound clarity, thanks to you.

    1. I have been a long time follower of Yogi Ramsuratkumar from Thiruvannamalai, even though I never saw him in person when he was alive. However, i have read plenty of literature on him - Not once did I hear of him throwing a stone ON someone, ever. I heard it the first time from Nity. Of course I believed this then.

    2. Nity time and again said that dead masters cannot provide enlightenment. This forced me to stick around to him even though in my heart, I had to struggle to get over the image of Yogi. I now know this is false. To all of you who have a deep connection to a physically dead guru, please go back as a starting point if you are struggling.

    3. Also, remember Nity said Nama does not help without meditation? That is 100% BS. The name is the most powerful tool in the Kali Yuga per multiple traditions including the advaita tradition, whether it be Om Nama Shivaya, Om Namo Narayana, or Hare Krishna mahamantra. Remember even Adi Sankara composed Bhaja Govindam and Sivananda used to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra all the time. The one good thing that I did was not consider that I needed to stop chanting Raam naam as advocated by Yogi Ramsuratkumar. I did this constantly even when attending the Sangha, which also gives me the clarity today to recover.

    4. Only a few select gurus advocated the chanting of their name as a part of a mantra - such as Yogi Ramsuratkumar and that too to close devotees and never as a substitute for Raam Naam or Krishna Naam. What the Yogi however said was that it was not his name that you were chanting but that of his father, and referred to himself always as the beggar.

    Nity must have used this and come up with his own name's chants - Which I foolishly started substituting as well.

    5. During one of his discourses, when a question on the Yogi was posed to him, he referred to the Stone story that Swamiji is God referred to and how he would kick people (Such a story was more well known with Shesadri Swamigal)and they would make plenty of money that day - Once again, I never came across anything other than an ocean of compassion in the Yogi's stories ; In fact, the hindi agitation movement in TN would kick and beat up the Yogi because he was in Tamil Nadu and spoke about Mahatma Gandhi ki Jai in loud hindi.

    6. Annamalai swamigal was a great saint, just like Ramana Maharishi and Ramakrishna. For those that may not know Annamalai swamigal, he was a close devotee of Ramana Maharishi - based on what I am hearing about Nity that is finally getting across, I wouldn't trust any of Nity's stories on Annamalai swamigal or on Yogi Ramsuratkumar (Or anyone else for that matter).

    Hope this helps in adding to clarity. Om namo narayana and Yogi Ramsuratkumar Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jaya Guru Raya

  99. Dear Anon at March 4, 2010 7:05 PM

    You said "The name is the most powerful tool in the Kali Yuga per multiple traditions including the advaita tradition, whether it be Om Nama Shivaya, Om Namo Narayana, or Hare Krishna mahamantra. Remember even Adi Sankara composed Bhaja Govindam and Sivananda used to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra all the time"

    I agree with you in regards to this statement.You have proven mantras and chanting from real masters and Gods. You don't need Nithyananda namaha. This guy Ranganathan once told me in Duarte temple that since I chant holy names of Narayana, I'll never make it to enlightenment and be born in earth again and again unless I meditate on swamiji's systems of brainwash! I hope people will not fall in to this trap again. There is nothing wrong in chanting! That is kind of a meditation also.

  100. Ayya never had cancer just hepatitis ( chronic liver disease) . He was sick and got better but hepatitis and cancer are just not the same thing. The 1 st circle thugs are only in for the money , nithy only selected the ones with crooked minds to be around him . Even pimp Madame ragini ( ma satchit) used to cook up some bull abt a breast cancer disappearance . I gag at their horrific lies . About bidadi,the land was chosen carefully after lot if deliberation and bought for 90 lakhs in 2003 or 2004 . The owners were paid in cash , tax free for them . Swami is not god , he is a selfish deluded sex addict. Wake up sig

  101. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thank you Anon @OCTOBER 30, 2010 5:21 AM for your quality post. You will be glad that commenter, 'Swamiji is God (SIG)' has long ago left Nithyananda. He, like us, fell deep into Nithyananda's trap. Seeing Nithyananda in the sex videos woke up 'Swamiji is God (SIG)', and he thanked us for our efforts.

    Our story is similar his. We once stood supporting Nithyananda and his fraud, unaware how nefarious and evil Nithyananda actually was. We cannot blame 'Swamiji is God (SIG)' for being fooled, and wish him the best.

    We always appreciated and respected his sincerity. Unlike other commenters such as Ma Mark Jackson, who write just to smear lies and propaganda as well as confuse issues, create doubt, fear, and confusion, we sensed from the beginning that commenter 'Swamiji is God (SIG)' is a sincere seeker who wants to know the Truth and support the Truth. Therefore, we were glad to give him/her space on this blog. Although we are not always right, we were right this time in assessing 'Swamiji is God (SIG)'s character. Upon seeing the Truth, 'Swamiji is God (SIG)' has been able to go on. We wish him/her the best and hope that this seeker has healed and is continuing the path of the Truth.

    We hope that this trend continues. That is our aim with this blog.

    Jai Maa.

  102. It is hard for me to fathom why people follow swindlers like Rajasekharan a common lowdown occultist. These kind of people (magicians and occultists with few siddhic powers) may have some occult powers at best which they abuse and misuse. After a while these occult powers leave them. Anything that is gained in the realm of the mind (waking state) will be lost.
    Nothing lasts, not even these occult powers.

    The best course is to follow the teachings of Ramana Maharshi who for 54 years taught everyone only few things like, Ask yourself constantly who am I? Find out who the "I" is. Ramana said all problems belong only to this "I" which imagines it is the body. Find out wherefrom this I arises in one? Ramana told them that this I springs forth from the Self (pure absolute consciousness or the Sad Guru or Parabrahman within) He said being the Self itself one imagines one is not the Self because of ignorance or maya on account of non enquiry.

    Ramana said that when one is able to trace this "I" to one's own Source, the Self then all problems are solved because this I (to whom all problems belong to) dissolves in the absolute consciousness of the pure Self.(just like anything that is put in fire is consumed by the fire) All problems of the I (triple karma) in turn gets burnt up in constant union with the pure Self within. (like the log of wood that is used to lite the funeral pyre itself gets burnt)

    So unless one solves the question who am I? then no amount of time spent with swindlers like Rajasekharan will be of any use because one will still be ignorant of one's own true Self. Rajasekaran aka fool Nithyananda himself has not sorted out the question as to WHO HE IS. So how can he help others to get enlightened when he himself is deluded by his overinflated ego?

    So to Nithya's devotees. Find out who you are. The Self or God you are looking for is wihin you in your own Heart. Why look for Self in swindlers like Nithya when the key to salvation is with you. Nithyanada does not have the key. You have it. Use it and be blessed.

  103. Dear Friends, almost 90% of people including lawyers,court and police know that this Sex swami is a fake and a lair who are wise enough to understand about it, except some blind belief followers and well paid persons who talk in favor of him,this fake sex swami gets all the certificate and false report from USA as he has a link of paid doctors and medical lab person who has this business who deal in false medical certificate and court certificates as there are so many like adds making person of false products etc, if well paid ,this fake swami is in India why he needs the certificate lab, medical report all from USA? more over he is from Tamilnadu and there itself he is chased away and his sex partner ranjitha who belongs to Tamil also is in Karnataka Ashram whom he made sanysi and gave his name as andanda and kept her for his needs,so many illegal activities and cries are so open any blind persona can know about it, but the court and Govt take no action just because this fake sex swami spend in crores and bribes all of them with political influence with ministers, if this is the condition then whom to blame, the Karnataka is in shame for Hindu tradition and culture miss used and the Govt, encourage crimes of such fake swamis to do whatever he can if they are paid, and the law and rules applies only for the poor peoples


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