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Thursday, November 5, 2009

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Performs a Red Hot Chili Ritual; Fire Away with Dark Tantric Magic!

Nithyananda Likes It Hot and Spicy
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you ever do fire rituals? You will answer, “Of course”. Do you ever be creative with your fire rituals, and add things that are not known to be sattvic (pure)? You will say, “Of course not”. I must be new to this field, for I am not familiar with such items as red chilies, marijuana seeds, and human hair as being known as pure. In fact, in your book, “Formless in Form” on page 59, there is a picture of you dumping in 1,000’s of red chilies into the fire ritual. Here, take a look:

If this image is broken, just CLICK HERE TO VIEW the picture of Nithyananda dumping 1,000's of red chilies into the fire ritual.  FYI: This image is hosted on; not on
Thanks to the Guruphiliac Lefora Forum for hosting this picture on their site.

Sri Nithyananda, what happens when you place all those chilies in the fire ritual? Is it true that some say you can capture departed souls and use them as part of your enlisted supernatural arsenal? Oh, scary. I bet you, Sri Nithyananda, could then fake it to a lot of people that you're really 'enlightened' with all of that ghastly help.  Is this something akin to getting the help from a ghostwriter or maybe a ghost-teleprompter?  Maybe you actually help those departed souls become ‘enlightened’ just like you do to the living souls through your hot and spicy techniques.  Sri Nithyananda, was this something you learned while you were doing all of that graveyard stuff in Tarapit, Bengal with your Osho sanyasin friend, Ms. Bhairvi in the graveyard?

And, Sri Nithyananda, do you remember your first batch of your mass produced secret formulated ‘enlightenment’?  Of course you do.  That 'enlightenment' stunt was the best marketing technique to get lots of people to donate serious money, time, and resources.  When your targeted onlookers saw all of those close followers sporting those bright saffron wrist bands, they turned green in envy.  Those wrist bands must have cost less than $3.00 for the whole sheet, and look at all the money and donations that just came flooding in. Sri Nithyananda, you're a genius!

During that mass 'enlightenment' boot camp you used something that sure looked like marijuana seeds in the fire ritual. Sri Nithyananda, was this part of your unique for-medical-use-only-tantric knowledge? Not surprisingly, those participants felt very dizzy afterwards.  Like, wow!  That must have been the 'enlightenment'. I bet that some of them even followed the speed limit after experiencing that head rush.

And, Sri Nithyananda, did you not collect hair from each of the 25 disciples and place that into the fire ritual too? So, that means that you preformed a hair burning ritual. That must have smelt nice, Sri Nithyananda. Absolutely, a hair-raising experience... or was it Vedic Culture hairesy?

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. Even I heard about the stupid living enlightenment program. It is just bogus.

    Never in the history of spiritual masters has mass enlightenment been given. Only crooks and frauds like Nithyananda can attempt such a thing to gain publicity.

    I was in the teachers training program where he proudly announced that he had 50 enlightened disciples. What cheap publicity and what an irony. The Master himself is not enlightened and he is making others. What cheap quality enlightenment that must be...

  2. Those wrist bands probably cost less than 5Rs or 10Rs form the whole sheet in India. No more than 25cents when he brings the whole Indian sheet to the USA. lol

    After Nithy had the 25 enlightened disciples, he could push for his Ananda Samajis program big time. Ananda Samajis are devotees who contribute 10% of their gross or pre-tax income to him. Nithy said that he wanted his true devotees to work 3 days a month for him.

    No, Nithy didn't mean this to be 3 full days each month volunteering for his mission. What he wanted was to give him 10% (3 days of work in a 30-day month!) of your gross income working your regular job. For the low-wage workers struggling to make ends meet in their everyday life, they are out of luck. You can't work your 3 full days for his mission to become Ananda Samajis. Hard currency contribution is required.

    By the time of his first (and ever?) Mission Training in September 2007, Nithy claimed he 53 enlightened disciples. Nithy was nasty to the many who came to the Mission Training - esp those who were termed "senior disciples". Scolding them that they lack devotion and commitment or they would had been enlightened - like the 53 he had granted enlightenment already.

    In his Mission Training, devotees in the program were pushed to become Ananda Semajies or Ananda Sevaks. Ananda Sevaks worked for Nithy 7 days a week, usually 7am - midnight or later. They were provided food, but no housing. Nithy had money for his golden throne but not even a dorm bed for his full-time volunteers!

    Some acharyas (or aspiring acharyas) come for retraining, were sent away (excluded from the main hall) where swami held his programs. There was no refund for those who wanted to leave. "Doing business with the Master" was a no no. True devotees were supposed to pay for the program and accept exclusion for unexplained reason without refund - not even the partial tuition refund! Some had flew in from faraway, paid for their training to do pujas or to may be becoming meditation instructors (acharyas) but told become sevaks instead. A few of the less devoted were upset as they didn't pay $1000 USD to be train to do seva (volunteer work) - many were already doing seva back home!

    To be eligible for enlightenment, one has to accept everything and expect nothing. What a great deal for you! Swamiji.

    How many of the the 53 early enlightened disciples( who were totally obedient and expected nothing) are still convinced they are enlightened today? Quite a few had waken up and left.

    You could give them a temporary high - that wears off after some months. Is that really enlightenment? Swamiji?

  3. Tantric practice are not bad by in and of itself. Many great Tibetan lamas practice tantra. It is the misuse of tantric powers that gives tantra a bad name.

    Like science, tantra can be put to good use or bad use. Nithy use it to deceive the public and trick seekers to obtain big donations and free labor.

  4. Does anyone have pictures of Marijuana seeds that were used in the living enlightenment program.

    That will really expose Nithyananda.

  5. Om Namah Shivaya. Thanks everyone for the quality posts. I would like to answer and comment on them.

    First, sorry, we have no pictures of marijuana seeds or human hair being offered in the fire ritual. Sri Nithyananda does not allow any personal pictures taken for very obvious reasons. However, we do have eyewitnesses that will be glad to testify in court about these ingredients used in these fire rituals if needed.

    A comment, which we declined to post, wanted to clarify that red chilies were sometimes an acceptable offering in the fire ritual as 'Devi Sadhana'. Although we recognize that different regions will have different practices, we still feel strongly that red chilies do not belong in a sacred fire ritual even to the very forgiving Divine Mother.

    Second, thanks about the insights and comments about tantric practices. Although we do not endorse tantric practices, we do agree that there are degrees of tantric practices. Just as there is 'white' and 'black' magic, someone could say that there is 'beneficial' and 'dark' tantric practices. Much like fire can be used to help heat and cook (beneficial) or destroy and harm (destructive). The same energy used with bad intent will indeed burn. That is why we will be sure to redo all of the posts and qualify the type of tantra we feel that Sri Nithyananda has used for his own gain. All reverences now will be qualified as 'dark-tantric' practices where appropriate.

    In future posts, we'll be going over the record of the first 25 'enlightened' followers of Sri Nithyananda. We will also highlight at least one of the most 'senior' devotees that did tremendous sacrifices to Sri Nithyananda only to get a truckload of Nithya-Nastiness. Should be interesting.

    Any ideas for future posts, please send them to us. We welcome your ideas.

    Jai Ma!

  6. I read your blogs late. I met people at his ashram. I was there one day. I touched his feets one time. People told they felt some energy but i did not. Even my son is fed by him(first food). I dont have words to say. I dont really believe human those who tell that they are god. I still believe the concept of GOD in pure Bhagavat Gita. This is bad time to Hinduism. Immatured people become monks because innocent people round these people in mass and make them god. People must understand the concept of Nithyananda AKA Rajasekaran that people are god when they get godly nature. You really have to understand Godly nature. I dont have much to say about godly nature. Today I saw the video of the sex scandal of Nithyanandha..finally this is called nature. Nature cannot be supressed beyond a small span of time. I dont really know why people are behind these guys. You made a good research. One has to be spritual for good things and needs to be analytical to find the good master. No Good master says and trains and enlightens sisyas. They teach them and let the sisyas to understand GOD. But nithyanantha has short term courses to reach god. somehow that did not workout. I have respect to Paramahansa..But still dont believe few things of paramahamsa also..because they had their own views and teaching techniques. Thanks for your serious and deep research. It is good to have people like you to make fake people come out of their shelters. I read about sanyasis who cant even throw their bowl(called as thiruvodu) then how they can throw everything else???. I have seen some comments about you as christiam people. It doesnot matter whether you follow christ or alla or krishna. When one says he can help others spritually, he should prove that he is eligible and true. But nithyananda AKA rajasekaran failed and cheated people. Let the god forgive this guy and let him live his life for which he is made for...


  7. Mr. RAM, you told “I dont really know why people are behind these guys.” But I guess you should be knowing why you were behind him. Travelling form far to him for touching his feet and giving your son 1st feed.
    Its not the bad time for Hinduism it’s the people like you who is seeing god in these type of swami. Can I ask you a question? How much did you paid to Nitya for your son first food from his hand.

  8. Wow...if I didn't know better, I would say these comments were all left by the same 5 year old. Marijuana seeds?! Really?! Surely you can't be that clueless. Anyone stupid enough to burn marijuana, there is actually no one that dumb. You would get about as high as a frozen rock by smoking seeds...


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