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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Part 2: Nithyananda's Record at Healing

Nithyananda Gets a Doctor's Note

When we last left you in our blog post from yesterday, "Part 1: Nithyananda's Record at Healing" (recommended to read first), poor Sri Nithyananda seemed to have passed out from the very thought of us posting information on how someone who has attended his programs at the Vedic Temple in Montclair, Los Angeles, or suffered from a loved one who has attended any function in the Vedic Temple in Montclair, which is close to Los Angeles...

(Please note that we purposely repeat the term Vedic Temple in Montclair / Los Angeles so that Google will nicely index the keywords "Vedic Temple Montclair Los Angeles" so that anyone who does a search for "Nithyananda Vedic Temple Los Angeles exactly in Montclair" will be able to find this post about Nithyananda and his Vedic Temple in Montclair within the greater Los Angeles region. We apologies for the repetition of using the keywords of Vedic Temple Montclair Los Angeles.)
Where were we?... oh, yes, if anyone attended a function at the Vedic Temple in Montclair that is close to Los Angeles, that person could make a legal claim against, you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the Vedic Temple in Montclair, which is just a few miles from Los Angeles, and his cult. (Stay tuned for a future post.)

To help Sri Nithyananda come out of his 'instant' and convenient samadhi's, I brought along some pictures of some very attractive ladies to help him regain his awareness. Let's see if this works.

Sri Nithyananda, I'm so glad that we're back together again to continue this discussion about your healing record and help to clarify it. Sri Nithyananda, are you going into samadhi already or are you just rolling your eyes? Sri Nithyananda, since you claim that you are an 'enlightened' healing master, do you ever get sick? You will say, "No." OK, I thought that is what you would say. After all, if anyone ever sees you, Sri Nithyananda, get sick, that would kind of ruin the market, kind of like being a pregnant prostitute, wouldn't it? Sri Nithyananda, you can't go into samadhi this early. We barely got started. OK, Sri Nithyananda, could you help explain the special ingredients that must help an 'enlightened' master that specifically found in Airborne®? Yes, we know that you munch on Airborne® as if it were popcorn or something. Is that why you're packing all those extra pounds? Come on, Sri Nithyananda, you have to admit that your face has grown chubbier than a chipmunk. Sri Nithyananda, where do you get your supply of Airborne®? Do you have your 'trusted' devotees bring them to you? Of course, you do. Why, we even know some of the people who supplied you all this Airborne® before you gone off on you journeys, you know when you sit in the first class cabin of some big jet, why you make your assistant, Ma Nithyananda Gopika, sit in the cattle cart section of economy coach. I'm sure the attractive flight attendants give you all the attention you need to help make it through that long, lonely journey.

Speaking of Ma Nithyananda Gopika, how's she doing, Sri Nithyananda? Does she still carry all of your oversized luggage and your big, big, big gold accessories? That's pretty heavy lifting there, Sri Nithyananda. And, Sri Nithyananda, why does your luggage sound like a pair of maracas? Oh, that's her luggage, not your luggage, Sri Nithyananda. OK, so why does Ma Nithyananda Gopika's luggage sound like a pair of maracas? Let's take a look. Oh, it is full of extra strength painkillers. Why would anyone around an 'enlightened' healing master be carrying around bottles of painkiller?

Sri Nithyananda, you're going into samadhi again. Here, look at this picture of this pretty lady. She is a traditional belly dancer. Maybe you can have her do a performance at one of your traditional functions? Oh, yes, you're right. Perhaps you, Sri Nithyananda, better have a private screening first, just to make sure of her qualifications.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, I'm glad you're out of samadhi. Now, why does your personal assistant, Ma Nithyananda Gopika carry, all those pain relief pills on her? Oh, that's right. She has severe back pain. You, know, Sri Nithyananda, you might want to give her a little attention and heal her back. That would be a nice thing to do for her, after she has done all of this work for you; you know, Sri Nithyananda, she works almost 24x7 just for you. It is only fair. And, that way, Sri Nithyananda, others won't ever question your healing abilities.

Sri Nithyananda, Ma Nithyananda's back problems are not attributed to you, are they? After all, it is a well-known fact that you do break the backs of all your ashramites. Do they ever get any rest? Do they ever stop working? Do they ever have a day off? OK, Sri Nithyananda, we'll save that one for another post.

Sri Nithyananda, back to you. Have you ever gotten visibly sick? Not at least to the point that anyone ever has noticed? OK, Sri Nithyananda, I know you will say, "No." That response was pretty easy to guess, but once again, Sri Nithyananda, you're wrong. Sri Nithyananda, do you remember your first NSP program held in Newark, close to Fremont, California in the Bay Area / San Jose region of California in 2004? Of course you do. Why Sri Nithyananda, the air circulation in that hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, was way off, and everyone got sick, except for you because you are an 'enlightened' healing master, correct? However, you did hold a little orange handkerchief, and that little orange handkerchief did some magic trick around your nose about every 30 seconds. And, Sri Nithyananda, your voice sounded pretty raspy too. Was that due to some fire ritual or was it due to yelling at the people who you were traveling with?

And, what about that time in St. Louis, 2007 to be exact?  Your nose was running longer and faster than a marathon finalist during that final sprint for the finish.  And, all that coughing of yours; was that your special gift to attendees?  Why you, Sri Nithyananda, could market this as a special technique of 'hack' your way to 'enlightenment', but probably just being in your presence is enough.  And, that handkerchief that you used that day, what did you, Sri Nithyananda, do with that?  I hope you disposed of it properly.  I could just imagine some deluded followers of yours proudly displaying that filthy piece of cloth in their prayer room.  "Yes, you see all this snout and buggers?  That's from an 'enlightened' healing master!  It radiates energy.", and germs, no doubt.  Sri Nithyananda, did you ever release a video about the 'truths' you revealed in St. Louis in 2007 when you were so sick?  We thought you would say "no".  Better to re-record those after you had some Airborne®.

Sri Nithyananda, that seems to be quite a trap you worked yourself into. Now, you can never get sick or show any one that your not feeling well, or your validity vanishes even faster than your ashramites' life savings. What if you get high blood pressure or something? I bet you have to work extra hard to hush-hush that. I bet all it will take, Sri Nithyananda, is for someone to throw a couple of banana peels your way, and then you slip right into your own trap. I hope, Sri Nithyananda, you can escape from this. Would this be a new form of 'enlightenment'?

Wait, Sri Nithyananda, there must be a way out of this trap. I know, each time you get a common cold or something, you can claim that you have taken on the karma of a severe trauma patient who happens to be related to a big donor and say that I have taken on and am burning off that poor person's karma. This way, you can still be human and get sick, and get the gratitude of some big donor who will be glad to write a big check and hope that you get even sicker next time. Why this works with just about anyone, Sri Nithyananda. I bet you, Sri Nithyananda, can say things like "You would have gotten in a terrible auto accident, but instead, I got this cold sore near my lip. It is through my grace, as an 'enlightened' master that I took this cold sore on." Wow, Sri Nithyananda, I see the checkbooks opening now! Sri Nithyananda, you could now say that you suck up other people's bad karma like a big sponge.  Others might then say that you are truly a spiritual sponge.

Sri Nithyannda, do you remember shortly after you opened the Vedic Temple in Montclair and one of your followers came to you with their child who had a severe, chronic, incapacitating, debilitating illness? Sri Nithyananda, are you going into samadhi again? Listen. You did several 'healings' on this child, and at one point you boldly proclaimed that, "You are healed!" The mother of this child had so much trust in you and your healing capabilities that she took her child off the medication. Two days later, her child was in serious condition and almost rushed to the emergency room if the medicine (not your 'healing') was not resumed. Why that could have resulted in a big lawsuit and perhaps even criminal charges. Do you remember this, Sri Nithyananda? Sri Nithyananda, can you hear me? Dang. He's gone into samadhi again. Sri Nithyananda, I'm holding a picture of a very attractive lady in a nurse outfit. Boy, that hemline on her skirt seems very short for a nurse uniform; in fact, there's not much of a hemline at all. Do you think she's a real nurse just as you, Sri Nithyananda, are a real 'healer'? Ah, I knew you would come to, Sri Nithyananda.

Sri Nithyananda, what do you say when you cannot heal someone but there still alive? Yes, we already know your trick about saying that you healed their soul, but not their body, when they died. But, what if they don't die, but still not healed? Sri Nithyananda, you're going into samadhi again. Snap out of it! I'm almost out of pictures. Let me help you. One of our blog readers wrote in to tell us a story that you told in your book, "Guaranteed Solutions". You said that you went to heal the person and then this person's 'being' (I guess you mean soul) came out and talked to you. That conversation was in Tamil, even though the 'patient' never spoke Tamil before. Nandri. Vanakkam. And, according to you, that being said to you, "Hands off! I want to live a nice life being taken care of. I don't want to be healed!" Do you remember this, Sri Nithyananda?

Although I couldn't find this reference in my edition of "Guaranteed Solutions", first edition, Dec. 2005, I remember the first time that you said something like this was at the first acharya (teacher) training program in the Siddhachalam Jain Temple in New Jersey in September 2004. During the acharya training, there was a very dedicated and sincere family with an autistic child. Without mentioning their names, you, Sri Nithyananda, blurted out this 'truth'. The child's mother was very upset, naturally, and we all knew who you were talking about. Sri Nithyananda, did you really mean to pit off the parents of an autistic child versus their devotion for you? Now, families that have relatives or children that cannot be healed by you can now blame their sick loved ones for having uncooperating souls. That's quite a coup there, Sri Nithyananda. Are there other ways that you, Sri Nithyananda, go and break up families? (Hint: look for future posts.) I imagine that you need to be very careful before you play this card, because some families might even believe their loved ones more than the stories from an 'enlightened' healing master, Sri Nithyananda. At that point, these non-believers will just close their checkbooks and miss. Sri Nithyananda, that could really hurt. Neither do you get their donations and they miss your blessings. Scandalous. But, if you carefully plan and calculate the family's devotion to you, by using this tactic, you, Sri Nithyananda, go unscathed and still rack in big donations. Sri Nithyananda, you're quite a baller!

Sri Nithyananda, you say that it is lunchtime? But, we are not finished yet. Oh, I see there's a young attractive lady who has brought you your lunch. Sri Nithyananda, can we finish this conversation after you have your lunch? What? In five hours? But, it doesn't take five hours to eat lunch, does it? OK, OK, you look thoroughly not happy, Sri Nithyananda. I'll come back after five hours, but we need to get this clear so nobody will have any doubts about you, Sri Nithyananda, and your healing abilities any more.

To be continued...

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. Wow. Nithyananda takes Airborne. Either accept that you are human and can succumb to illness or stop taking Airborne.

    This is ridiculous.

  2. Mr. Nithyananda,

    You should learn some Pranayam from the great Swami Ramdev. Atleast he appears to be healthy as he comes on TV live everyday at 5am for the last 10 years. I have never seen handkerchief with him. You should seriously practice some pranayam to keep yourself healthy and fit.

    And also please do advise your followers to practice pranayam. That will take care of their grey hair. Dye is a poor substitute.

    Ramdev might come to the US sometime and you should make it a point to attend his sessions. It will benefit your immensely. If not you, atleast ask your followers to attend. They will learn a lot and will be fit enough to slog for you.

  3. I think this site is really really great in bringing out the Adharma that is being caused by Nithyananda and his cult. And sure more people will be aware of really what the truth is and atleast their lives will not get spoilt. But there are still too many close and staunch devotees, ashramites, ananda samajis, volunteers who have in them deeply ingrained that he is GOD, he is the ULTIMATE and they will continue to support him no MATTER WHAT they read or hear or see or listen. Unless something BIG happens legally against Nithyananda I think its hard to disband his followers and stop him.

  4. Hi BeTruetoYourself,

    In my local satsang, the staunch devotees, ashramites, ananda samajis, volunteers who were deeply ingrained that he is GOD, he is the ULTIMATE had all (except the pujari) escaped. Even the enlightened maha-acharya saw the truth about Mr. Nithyananda and escaped. This maha-acharya at one point said the he would obey Nithy even if ask to die.

    People will leave when they see Mr. Nithyananda for who he really is. I bet the writers of this blog were staunch disciple-ashramites at one time.....until they saw the light.

  5. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi readers, I took liberties to update this post. Look for the 'being sick in St. Louis' paragraph. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for all of your support.

    Jai Maa.

  6. Anon,
    Thanks! That is somewhat of a relief. Even I heard of one 'Swami' who was a Maha-acharya, an ashramite, spiritual head of a city and apparently he left the organization this year. Poor guy! It seems he never married and had antagonized his whole family , left his job etc.

  7. I see lot of comments here saying that one of Maha-acharya left the organization. As I knew there are only two Maha-acharyas: Bhakatananda & Medhananda. Any one of you know Maha-acharya's name who left the organization?

  8. There were several Mahaacharyas: including Ram Ramanathan (Nithya Advaithananda), Gnanananda etc. The one who left was Nithya Satyananda, and also the Mahaacharya / Swami from Seattle.

    Any senior teacher who is authorised to take higher level meditation programs is called a Mahaacharya.

  9. Hi Anon, the said enlightened maha-acharya left in early 2008, right after his visit to the Bidadi ashram with his wife. They saw the truth there. He is from San Diego.

    Our city organizer (who also visited Bidadi with his wife), ananda semajies, and acharyas all left at about the same time. The only guy who is still with Nithy is the pujari, a brother of Ajara. The local satsang was disbanded.

    After that, a Canadian came here to run a meetup group and teach Life Bliss Meditation. I don't know the folks in this meetup group. I escaped too...hahaha....

  10. I remembered that Nithy was supposed to be in Seattle in April 2007 to give his Atma Spurana program. The program was canceled last minute (reschedule to a later date) without any explanation. Was Nithy taken ill suddenly and couldn't heal himself?

    Many had flew in from other cities for the program, only to find no Swami Nithy. No explanation whatsoever. A very secretive Swami.

  11. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Hippie, Thanks for the post about Sri Nithyananda missing the Seattle Program in April 2007. Yes, he missed it. Sri Nithyananda was not sick, or for clarifications sake, Sri Nithyananda was not physically sick, with a cold or something.

    In the next couple of days, I will dedicate a whole blog post to just this topic. Thanks for the idea.

    Jai Maa.

  12. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To the Anonymous Poster that mentioned about how Sri Nithyananda and his followers should do some pranayama (Vedic Breathing exercises).

    Sri Nithyanada discouraged his followers to do pranayama. He claimed that pranayama deepens the samskaras (engraved memories). Although to his credit, a little bit of pranayama is taught as an afterthought in his NithyaYoga (TM) programs, and Sri Nithyananda's "Health and Wellness" program also has some pranayama, although Sri Nithyananda never advertises these 'techniques' as pranayama. Also pranayama is in the first portion of Nithya Dhyaan medition, the part that has 'chaotic breathing'; that is also pranayama.

    The benefits of pranayama are huge. Health can improve and aging process slowed down. But, the greatest threat to Sri Nithyananda and his cult is that pranayama builds awareness and strengthens the mind. So what happens if devotees have greater awareness and their mind is strengthened? Well... they resist being brainwashed and come out of the cult. It is much harder to trap someone with these qualities. Therefore, Sri Nithyananda is going to do his best to discourage anyone from doing pranayama on a regular basis other than as an academic 'exercise' in one of his programs or a simple 'cleaning' portion of one of his meditations. Hope this is helpful.

    Jai Ma.

  13. Wasnt the Maha-acharya/Swami from Seattle - Vimalananda? I met him once in LA back when I was also a fool. Cant believe he also left! In the cult's own words he seemed so deeply connected to Nithyananda.

  14. Though I dont know what happened exactly I think at that time he was denied entry into the US.

  15. WHAT????? Vimalananda is OUT of ORG? oh... boy..

  16. I've been to his recent NSP program at montclair and he proclaimed that he never know what tiredness means and he is still trying to understand how it would feel to be tired,,blah,blah...I wonder if he is born enlightened or 'became enlightened' as per his version...many of his words are really conflicting. I admit that he has spiritual knowledge....but the way the organization is going is really fishy. In my first meeting with him in one of his program, he enquired about my caste, which is really mean and I still contemplate, why a spiritual person who claims to be enlightened should as for my caste.
    And ..oh man, the way they market for the inner awakening and LBE programs really pissed me. The capitalize with the word 'miracles' and make a wrong impression on people's mind that they will witness miracles if they attend these programs.
    If not for these aggressive, but cheap marketing strategies, I would have fallen prey for them.

  17. Hi Expose Nithyananda, Nice to know pranayam helps. Please post any website or book that I can learn some good pranayam? Thanks in advance.


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