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Friday, December 11, 2009

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Turns Away Those In Need Out of Greed

Swami Nithyananda has the Compassion of a Sex-Starved Boa Constrictor

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. We just watched some of the YouTube clips about your autobiography and wow, you sure do seem like a genuine Paramahamsa. With all those bright lights and onlookers, you just go out of your way to radiate compassion. No wonder you're so successful. Sri Nithyananda, is there a price for this success? "I make everyone pay. Is that what you mean my price?" Well, actually no, there, ah, Sri Nithyananda. That is not what we meant, but wow, that was a great self-disclosure. In fact, someone from Toronto just emailed us this story about you earlier today. Here, have a look:

On Friday, December 11, 2009 at 5:23 a.m. P.S.T. Anonymous said...
A sweet story of compassion from so called Nithyananda monks oh sorry monkeys..

During his first visit to toronto there is a family who has a small little cute boy with life threatening cancer. Volunteers in toronto tried best to accomodate them for free for kalpataru programme as they did not have any money left and belonged to poor family. They had immense faith in Masters and that turned them to put a request to nithyananda organisation. Mr Bhaktananda...famously called as " ROWDY SWAMI" denied entry and finally the family with other volunteers help had to borrow money and let the family in for just a 2 second darshan. The boy could not sit for the whole day...and what the family just asked for two second darshan for free.....But The so called compassionate monks..oh again sorry monkeys charged 200.00$ for a 2 second darshan....IS THIS COMPASSION FOR NITHYANANDA ORGANISATION. The monks including Bhaktananda are monsters who only talk about money in each meeting, they are concerned about only numbers how much people paid for programmes. Rightly They are called as "ROWDY SWAMIS".

Please stay away from this rowdy swamis.....
Well, Sri Nithyananda, what do you have to say about that? "I wasn't aware." What? You, Sri Nithyananda, were not aware? Don't you give the impression that you know everything about everyone at every single moment? That all your minions wouldn't even think about killing a spider unless they have your approval (actual story)? So, how can you say that you, Sri Nithyananda, didn't know? Don't say that it was their 'karma'; you said yourself that an 'enlightened' healing master can change someone's karma just be moving his or her foot. We agree. We seen you change someone's karma just by moving your foot. Being kicked, and by such a stinky foot as yours, is not what we consider good karma, but it does change someone's karma. But, we digress. Sri Nithyananda, somehow we are not surprised by this antic, but are still sadden. It shows that you, Sri Nithyananda, have all the compassion of a sex starved boa constrictor.

You seem to want to squeeze the last drop of money, time, or life-force from everyone. Very cold-blooded indeed.  When will this nonsense stop?

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

Day 5: Five days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 26: Twenty-six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. It's true that Swami Nithyananda has NO compassion whatsoever - he's a great actor and acts like he is compassionate in public only!
    Let me tell you a true story that happened -
    my relative was super stressed over bad things happening at work, so he went to get some "healing" energy from Nithyananda. He was made to wait about 5 hours and meanwhile other people who were Ananda Samajis went into Swamiji's room in a steady stream. Once he was inside, he explained his very high stress level to Swamiji. Swamiji laughed at him, glanced at his inner-circle rowdys (Sahaj, Sevak, Shiv)and they all laughed at him as Swamiji said, "What do you think? (Asking the rowdys), Shall we help him?" After my relative had recently spent at least $30,000 out of his own pocket doing some promo work for Swamiji and this is the way Swamiji cared for him. Swamiji finally and reluctantly touched his head for about 3 seconds to "heal" him and the total time he was in Swamijis room was about 20 seconds. I think the only reason he was even allowed into Swamijis room was because he was a relative of an Ananda Samaji.

    Another time this same relative asked Swamiji (in private quarters) how we should try to best help the poor and destitute with charitable donations and other help. Swamiji told him, "oh, you shouldn't bother about them because it is their karma [to be poor]. They have to get rid of their own karma."

    This is the true compasssionate nature of Swami Nithyananda! Everything is a big act in public in order to swindle their money to make big golden thrones and build his empire! This is where your money is going - not in charity, not in helping people, not in any religious activities. Swami Nithyananda is an extremely selfish, egotistical man.

  2. Who cares if Nithy is enlightened or not. His "enlightenment" and occult power siddhis doesn't mean a thing for humanity.

    It is the likes of Nithy that takes away the compassionate feelings of his devotees by telling them the poor and destitute deserve thier karma. Nithy equate spirituality with indifference to the suffering of others. This is the perverted spirituality of La La Land new agers.

    Nithy talks about Ramakrisna & Vivekananda so much. Does he know that the Ramakrisna Mission is there helping big time whenever there is natural disasters in thier part of the country. Vivekananda never forget the suffering of his country folks while he was living in comfort (no golden throne) in the west.

  3. All The rowdy swamis including bhaktananda, medhananda should be stripped of there saffron clothes....Why the arrogant rude idiots need a gold rudraksha in there neck......the saffron cloth has made them forget even how to be human beings first....they should be send for 3 years of service to clean toilets, septic tanks in rural india......All the money goes in to gold rudrakshas, golden throne and nothing for religious activities.....Its money making unit ...soon it will be closed.....never entertain bhaktananda or medhanandas in your town...they are blood suckers....

  4. **** Warning Stay away from nithyananda cult so called monkeys*************************

    God is Great..Even if he give enlightenement or powers to certain individuals he will never allow that to be mis used....When greed of money over powers what can be done.....Then god has to finish the empire.....It will be done!!!!!

  5. Om Namah Shivaya,

    A commenter, HonestSeeker, requested that we post a link to Sri Nithyananda's charitable website, along with a comment of "For all those wondering where your money goes..."

    Sorry, we will not post this as is. Three conditions must be met, HonestSeeker.

    First, your less-than-honest blogger of the parallel universe must answer our five easy, chronological questions.

    Second, Sri Nithyananda needs to account for the money that has been collected and promised for specific projects, like the Shiva Lingams and the temple in Toronto. Saying 'here's your money' for something they did not donate for is at best a red herring.

    Third, your charity site needs to account for money coming in and how it is being spent with specific outcomes. All we saw on you site was request for people to donate with results in anecdotal format. Telling stories is fine, and we would really like to believe them all. Problem is that Sri Nithyananda has told us so many stories in the past; these just look like more of the same. And, whatever results / budgeting is up on your site, it needs to be confirmed by some neutral third party source. This is standard certification to ensure that people's hard earned cash is going to fund what is stated and not be siphoned off into another 24K chair or some ego project like a stadium.

    Once these conditions are met, then we'll consider posting links that help Sri Nithyananda's market his charitable efforts. As it is now, please don't ask again.

    For those readers who would like to donate, we recommend giving to UNICEF. UNICEF has an exceptionally good return on your donation for both the physical product and for influencing governments to adopt and implement policies that really do help the poorest of the poor and those that are must vulnerable. In this way, your contribution is stretched and has greater impact.

    We hope this clarifies our stance.

    Jai Maa.

  6. This "It is thier karma to be poor" can used to justify not allowing the family with sick child to be admitted w/o paying the $200 that the family didn't have.

    The Rowdy Swamis (I would call them the Greedy Swamis) can use this "It is their karma" justification for almost anything. After all, these Rowdy Swamis were supposed to be enlightened. They obviously know what they were doing was the best for all concerned. lol

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for bringing fraud guru's like Nithyananda to light, he is spoiling the teachings of hinduism in west.

  8. Om Namah Shivaya,

    The more we think about this issue of Sri Nithyananda's rowdy swamis, especially, Sri Nithya Bhaktananda Swami, the more we think that the unruly behavior is less them than Sri Nithyananda's influence. Having some of our contributors personally know Swami Bhaktananda for many years, we've seen a much softer and gentler side to him than the impression that he gives to the 'public'. Reason for the rough treatment is easy. Sri Nithyananda needs to protect his god-like 'compassionate' image, but Sri Nithyananda's inner-nature is fierce, power-hungry, violent, and egotistic.

    So what to do? Get your right-hand man to do your 'dirty work' for you. Most devout followers of Sri Nithyananda seem not to have a problem with this. Service to the 'divine' personality figure is what seems to be important to them, and these little issues of 'rough' treatment are just minor inconveniences to 'true' service. Our contributors know first-hand that they did things that they would never do in order to 'protect' the master. Regrets are many.

    Our point is that you would definitely see a much more compassionate, caring, and gentle soul in folks like Swami Bhaktananda and Swami Medhananda if they were not associated with Sri Nithyananda’s organization and asked to do its 'dirty work'.

    Let's hope that these folks can see with clarity that it is not OK to treat people roughly in the name of the so-called master and that they get the strength to leave the organization and be their sweet selves.

    Jai Maa.

  9. I have known Swami Bhakthananda for a while and seen his softer side as well;he is now well trapped and don't see an exit and worse, must be terrified about the consequence after having put his life,spouse and son into it. Such people get trapped into such cults beginning with their innate fear of unknown aka death. Such imprints happen in their subconsciousness especially from personal experience and those shared by their loved ones. Their search for answer somehow get them into such traps and they struggle with themselves and looses track. Its sad that they continue to remain in the dark inspite of seeing the light in the hope that their Master will liberate them at the time of death esp.from the pain of death and grant a possible enlightentment. Swami Bhakthananda, if you are reading this,my humble request to you, is to lead the way for others to follow by exiting from the cult yourself. There is lot you can do outside this.You are a born leader,why not do some really "good" work by getting yourself, your family and several others who got into this cult listening to you.Please,won't you do this for the sake of the little children abandoned by their father or mother who got into this cult. For the sake of mothers who lost a child to this cult. For a wife,whose husband "changed" after attending a YOGA class organised by you. I live in such a pain...

  10. Please if any escapee knew Medhananda, Bhaktananda and others as friends in your cult days, please do talk to them if you can.

    These were fervent spiritual aspirants who got trapped by Nithy. There are many others too.

    Let's hope the story here helps Bhaktananda see the trap he had fallen into.

    It is very sad.

  11. We need to get this criminal put in jail.

  12. After Nithyananda, I don't care about enlightenment any more. I just want to live my ordinary life, enjoy whatever I still have in the world.

  13. Like Anon said above - the Nithyananda experience has completely turned me away from spirituality. In one way that is very sad. But on the other hand, it has brought me back to my family.

    Living our dharma - loving your family, being good family people, good human beings is far more important than being stuck in this Spiritual Multi-level-marketing scheme that Nithyananda is running.

    I hope he suffers in hell for this. And the way these blogs are going and the comments, I would not be surprised if he gets arrested the next time he steps his foot in US soil. I think many people are waking up.

    I am on the East Coast of the United States, and the news about these blogs has spread here....the strangest thing was when I was at a Desi party and I overheard a conversation about Nithyananda and it turns out they were talking about these blogs. Another friend who had not talked to me in ages (he did not know I had done Kalpataru with Nithy), randomly calls me to tell me, to warn any of family and friends who are in involved with Nithyananda to step away immediately.

  14. It's interesting all this talk of Nithyananda and jail. I just did a quick web search on OSHO and found this

    1.5 Move to America: 1981
    1.6 Oregon commune: 1981–1985
    1.7 Arrest: 1985

    So it took 5 years for OSHO to get arrested. Since Nithyananda copies OSHO to the dot, I think he is tracking to almost the same schedule. I believe Nithyananda first came to the US in 2004. Now it is 2010. So if he gets arrested in this summer when he apparently is planning to come to the US, that will be just great joy and relief.

    Nithyananda - are you reading this? Get ready for US prisons my friend. You can get some disciples in there I bet!

  15. Well, the one big difference between how Osho allowed his commune to be run and the way Nithyananda manages his organization is their leadership style.

    Osho famously never got involved with the everyday details. He trusted his sannyasis to run affairs intelligently (unfortunately Sheela with her greed for power led to the commune collapsing after the famous food-poisoning debacle).

    What really lead to Osho's arrest and deportation was the fact that he was growing very powerful, and was openly outspoken about religion (Christianity), and the Govt.; he was seen as a threat by the powerful lobbies which controlled America.

    Nithyananda's leadership style is all about micromanagement. He almost never trusts any of his ashramites completely, not even his most senior ones. This leads to a more centralized power structure, as opposed to Osho's. Nithyananda doesn't command the adulation of a half million white Americans/Europeans, like Osho did.

    Also, so far he has not demonstrated any political ambitions in the US (India is a different story). The US Govt. or courts of law would be inclined see him as a mostly harmless Hindu religious leader - look at how many Hindu temples he has.

    Until real charges are leveled against him in a court of law, and there is real evidence of tax fraud etc leading to prosecution, all this talk of arrest is just wishful thinking. You can bet after having read this blog, all loose financial ends have been tied up carefully - he isn't an idiot.

    Bottom line: The US Govt. is only interested in protecting its OWN ass. You really think they are so concerned about a few Hindus complaining about some Swami?

  16. From what I know, Osho followers were not in slavery. They don't work 7 days/week suffering sleep deprivation. They were not there to make money for "the master". They worked to earn living in the commune inspired by Osho. It is their commune, their livelihood. They get the benefits of their work. Osho served as their inspiration.

    Osho didn't pretend to be a swami, he was honest about his sexual activities.

    The worse thing about Nithy is doing the opposite of what preach in public.

    I am no fan of Osho. Never was.

  17. Thanks for sharing the info on Bhaktananda. Yes, I known Bhaktananda for many years too. He is a leader and a genuinely good person. Much like Drona or even Karna in the Mahabharata, Bhaktananda is the right man on the wrong side. He should know better.

  18. Bhaktananda's family is also very nice. They are innocent people. I pray to the divine to help them come out of this dangerous cult.

  19. BTW I dont know about you westeners but In India it is not very common to have a different legal birthday than your actual one. My own dad has a different legal birthday for schooling purposes. That doesnt mean he is lying. So if you have something real to talk about do it otherwise grow up dont waste your time.

  20. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We know that the Nithyananda supporters are running out of steam when we get comments like this one above. Yes, the controversy around Nithyananda's birthday is not a solid slam dunk, but it is still an issue.

    Much greater issues than his birthday are all of Nithyananda's lies about wandering. We proved that to be a total lie. To the commenter above, if your father lied on his resume and said he had all of this experience that he never had, and was hired because he had all of the alleged experience, what would your father's employer do? Well, we're doing the same thing. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, you're fired. (And, we'll take away that Paramahamsa title too.)

    Avoid this scam, wake up, and get out of this cult. That is our message.

    Jai Maa.

  21. Dear Anon

    This is to the person who has written that it is common in India to change Birthday's. I do agree your point, but tell me logically, do they also change the year of birth??. If you follow this blog you will know that the Great Swan (i mean paramahamsa) has also fudged the year of birth. Can you please tell me why he did this !! As a Side note, do you know that there is a very simple and straight forward clue that he has fudged his year of Birth. The accounts head in LA Ashram was introduced in earlier meetings as Swamiji's classmate in Thiruvannamalai school and she told us in a meeting that Swamiji was 3-4 years senior to her and the fact is that she is already in her mid 30's now, which means the physical age of Rajasekaran is already in his late 30's either 36 or 37. Will your father do so much fudging, please answer, hello............

  22. First of all, interesting the classmate you speak of is that accountant lady at the ashram. I did not know she was in her mid-30s, that is very interesting. And I know first hand how Nithyananda was senior to her in school. So naturally Nithyananda is older than he claims.

    Additionally there is ample evidence for those who care to actually do some research and see that Nithyananda's birthday is not anywhere close to Jan 1st, 1978. He claims he was born with the following horoscope details given in Nithyananda Vol 1:

    - Margazhi month
    - ashtami day
    - chitra nakshatra

    I have consulted a horoscope expert and they looked up the charts and told me that Jan 1st 2008 and the details above - margazhi, astami, chitra do not add up for 1978.

    But rather those specifics match up somewhere in early 1970s. While I don't have anything in print to show this yet as proof. In due course I hope to have this clearly shown.

    So indeed, he has LIED about his birthday itself.

    Heck, his whole biography is a LIE - but the brainwashed will simple ignore all this and think of him as "divine avatara purusha" - such is the power of brainwashing.

    True seekers - please open your eyes and awareness and walk away from this now.

  23. This is too painful how Nithyananda is getting away with such lies.

  24. This fraud is worse than the Madoff fraud. Madoff didn't pretend to be God and tell you to drop your mind.

  25. @ whatever

    No offense, but your relative is a dumb-ass to believe that some swami can solve his stress problems at work!


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