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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Fabricates an Osho Statue Story

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Statues of Crime; An Image of Osho

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, isn’t it true that you ordered a custom built statue of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) from a carver near Mahabalipuram (in Tamil Nadu) and claimed that you chiseled this by your own bare hands in a cave for the nine months as your first act of obtaining 'enlightenment'? That statement alone is very interesting. The first thing you claim to do after being 'enlightened' is to carve a granite statue of the controversial spiritual ‘leader’, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho).  Wow, I knew you would make good use of your 'enlightenment'.  We were afraid you were going to blow it all on ice cream or something.

Sri Nithyananda, can you please tell us where this holy cave is located? Are there any eyewitness villager names? You said that someone would bring you food every day, so there must be someone whose name you can give us to testify that all of these stories about lonely you being in a cave for nine months are all true. We really want to believe you and these stories.  Honest.

Sri Nithyananda, that statue must have been very heavy. After being chiseled, a man can barely carry it. Why you must have actually done some heavy lifting for a change.

You, Sri Nithyananda, being a renunciate can we please ask how you obtained a piece of granite that must have weighed around 100 KG? And, where did you get the tools to chisel this? Did you purchase them... with money? But, I thought you said you renounced handling money?  Oh, wait, did you teleport these things?  That must have been it.  But, didn't you, Sri Nithyananda, say that if you teleport something that doesn't belong to you, then that's stealing?  And you only had a begging bowl and the clothes on your back, and perhaps a few chisels and a mallet?  But nothing more than that.  So, how did you score all of this swag?  Maybe this is the new 'mystery of mysteries'.  Please de-mystify this for us.

And, how did you, Sri Nithyananda, carry this Osho statue with you after you moved out of the cave? Did you rent a U-Haul Truck?  And, where did you store this big heavy statue?  We didn't see any pictures of it in your humble first ashram at Erode on the Kaveri River.  In fact, we never saw it at the Bidadi Ashram even during the beginning years.  Did you, Nithyananda, leave this Osho statue at your parents' house?

Sri Nithyananda, did you have this Osho statue shipped out to your new Vedic Temple in Montclair, (Los Angeles) California in 2007 where you had it on display next to Lord Buddha and the 24 Jain enlightened ascetics called tirthankaras?  Yes, that is true.  Many saw it there.  And, Sri Nithyananda, didn't you have a lot of granite statues just made in short order especially for this Vedic Temple?  Why I bet you were negotiating with lots of carvers in order to make all of those statues in such a short time and then still be able to ship them out to your Vedic Temple in Montclair, California before the grand opening.

And, is it true, Nithyananda, that you gave this statue of Osho as your precise gift ‘enlightenment’ to a humble donor, Mr. Popat and Mrs. Kalpana Jain who are true devotees of Osho and donated over two million dollars to pay for your Vedic Temple in Los Angeles? Why, Sri Nithyananda, is this not cheating if it wasn't really you who carved that Osho statue?

Nithyananda, can you answer the questions to how you ordered this Osho statue, the location, time, and date of year? We know that you will not answer these questions. But do not fret. We have obtained the contact information of the statue carver in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu who actually made that Osho statue.  I'm sure you ordered this Osho statue from this carver as a 'backup' on top of the one you made, just to make sure that your carving was better. Right?

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. Run, Run, Swami, Run.

    Run before Justice catch up with you for fraud. Your next ashram may be the jail house.

  2. Nithyananda has nothing original. Everything is plagiarized. Nithya Dhyan etc.

    Even his unclutched concept is a distorted modification of Vedanta.

    Infact the word unclutched was first told by UG Krishnamurti.

  3. Holy cow. This site has 41000 hits till now. Spread the good word guys. Mail this website to all your friends who might get caught up with this cult.

  4. Om Namah Shivaya.

    Hi all. Thanks for noticing the hits. Yes, we are blessed. The Divine Mother has found away to keep the word out. The devotees of Nithyananda's cult have tried their best to shut us down with the 'report abuse' feature. At one time, we were completely delisted from Google's search engine... and right now we're penalized on Google's search rank listing and only a few of the pages seem to be indexed, (although should instantly list ALL of the pages, being part of Google.)

    Anyway, we received lots of support from other truthful seekers who were kind enough to give us a link on their web pages and blogs. Big thanks to all of you! Such tools as 'tweet this' and 'share this in facebook' also have paid off.

    When I added the little amp below to count the views just two days ago, we were only at 17,000. In just two days, we have exceeded 25,000 views that in spite of the setbacks. We're almost at 43,000 and counting.

    Yes, please email this page to friends and families. Let the Truth be out, and hope that seekers can find their way back to a Divine path before it is too late.

    Thank you all for your support. May Divine bless you.

    Jai Maa!

  5. Keep up the great job! Anything the readers can do to prevent this site from being taken down by Nithy henchmen?

    Jai Maa

  6. Om Namah Shivaya. Thanks for the support. Today, we're doing better. We have a better listing in Google's search engine ranking than we had in the past. In the last two and half days, we also received 53,000 views. Almost to 70,000.

    Just the same, the more links to this site, the better chances of keeping our site up and viewable for all. So, if you know any blogs, tweet, or do a Facebook or MySpace page, please add a humble little link. Google counts these as legit 'votes' and makes a site harder to 'discredit' and take down.

    Thanks again for all of your support.

    Jai Maa!

  7. ok folks. let me tell you my experience. i have been to inner awakening program and it has definitely changed me and i have become more meditative and love it as it has transformed me.

    his nithya dhyan works (even though its ripped from osho). i agree that most of his talks are similar to osho as well. and if people continue to donate and act unintelligently what can he do. he has never forced anyone.

    now, since truth is silence people cannot understand and that is why he has to talk using language and uses words from osho or jk sometimes. it is perfectly fine.

    i would not blame him but the people following him without their intelligence. take the good and his blessings and move on. even university facts showed he moved into samadhi easily. that is englightenment (no-mind silence) what more proof is required.

  8. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Part 1:

    Thanks for the anonymous comment. We're glad that you found meditation to improve the quality of your life, and we would always encourage everyone to do some meditation, yoga, and pranayama daily. (We know that Sri Nithyananda doesn't encourage pranayama under the pretext that it 'deepens' someone's samskaras [engraved memories], but in reality pranayama strengthens your will and ability not to be brainwashed.) That aside, we welcome Sri Nithyananda's ability to bring meditation and yoga into people's lives.

    What we have issue with is Sri Nithyananda's use of marketing these 'feel good' truths that were developed by rishis 1,000's of years before Sri Nithyananda, as a way to build personal empire, absurd levels of material wealth, and servitude to him. What a puppy dog is to a pedophile, meditation and yoga is to Sri Nithyananda. So, the trick is to learn how to pet the puppy, but don't go home with the stranger. Unfortunately, many have 'disappeared' and fallen into the trap. Yes, you are right. Sri Nithyananda doesn't force anyone... he tricks them. This is called fraud.

    And, yes, you are right. Sri Nithyananda has borrowed heavily from Osho, Nithyananda borrowed Osho's borrowed meditations... and especially Osho's stories. Very little, if anything, of Nithyananda's is original. Which is fine, just that Sri Nithyananda is not very honest when he claims these stories to be his. I personally don't want to be around dishonest people, and honesty (being established in Truth) is a spiritual quality. Sri Nithyananda seems to be very lacking in this department.

    In regards to his 'medically proved enlightenment', this is no big deal. Simple siddhis & meditations and you too can get these results. Please understand that there are different levels of enlightenment. In the intellectual level, someone could say that Sri Nithyananda has reached that level. After all, he is bright and easily understands complex material in seconds. Yet, he's dumb enough not to even do simple math when he makes up lies about his 'life story'. See the posts, "Do the Math - Nithyananda's Enlightenment Timeline Doesn't Add Up" and "Questions That Need an Answer by Sri Nithyananda". For a man who 'knows he's going to be famous' and claimed that his biological birthday is on January 1, 1978, but then it is reported on his passport that it is on March 13, 1977. (See the post "Nithyananda, Show Us Your Birth Certificate, Please"). Then, when the word gets out, (as if he couldn't see that people would have access to his passport, then he removes all of this information on his website (a future blog post), but this fraudulent is still there on all his books. You must admit, Nithyananda is not very bright.

    Then, there is the enlightenment level of being able to feel empathy to everyone. Nithyananda's physical and mental abuses are just abound. (more future posts.) But, the sweet side of Nithyananda that someone sees on YouTube or maybe at a program is quite different than the paranoid, psychopathic, and egomaniac person that emerges from private.

    The final level of enlightenment is being able to merge with divine but still be in this world, e.g. a TRUE Paramahamsa like Paramahamsa Ramakrishna. There is no question that Nithyananda is not even close in this category. Don't let his propaganda fool you.

    In short, we think there's a little more proof needed to be shown before we can say that Sri Nithyananda is worthy of praise. We would recommend that you get your knowledge elsewhere.

    Jai Maa.

  9. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Part 2:

    If you want to do a meditation, Nithya Dhyan is not a bad meditation if you do some minor modifications as follows:

    First part: Chaotic breathing. No change.

    Second part: humming. OK to focus on heart region AND your anja (third eye) chakra. OK to loop the energy in a cycle. (You really want to keep your awareness in the third eye region - that will make you strong and resist brainwashing.)

    Third part: As you focus on the different chakras, keep attention on the anja chakra and then loop the energy to the other chakras as guided. By the time you get to the sahasrara chakra (crown center) OK to let go of the third eye chakra. Reason is that you want to keep your awareness in the upper chakras. This is where divinity is and not worldly energy. The Nithyananda people will dispute us on this. That's fine.

    Fourth Part: No mind. Unclutching, a U.G. Krishnamurti technique, can be very effective way to reach the 'no mind' state. No change needed.

    Fifth part: Stop the CD. This is a corrupted mantra. Nothing short than egotistic blasphemy. The opening line goes:

    "Nithyanandam Parama Sukhadam..."

    that is wrong. The original written by the Rishi's over 10,000 years ago should be:

    "Brahmanandam Parama Sukhadam..."

    Since this these mantras are written in Sanskrit, these words create vibrations. At best, Nithyananda replacing his name with the Divine's name "Brahmanandam" negates the positive vibrations. At worst, this corruption creates a negative vibration that will harm you. But even on the egotistic level, these changes are very offensive. It would be on par if the disgraced evangelist, Jim Bakker, changed the words of the Lord's prayer to:

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.

    to become:

    Our savior, Jim Bakker, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be my name.

    Nithyananda has done something on par to this. Most religions, this would be unthinkable.

    We highly urge you to move on and study meditations, yoga, pranayama, and spirituality from direct and pure sources.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Jai Maa.

  10. Heh. "Unclutching" is not a UGK "technique". It spontaneously happened to him beyond his control. Read his story. You can't reverse engineer the state using your mind.

  11. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, some guy. I will agree that Sri Nithyananda has lots of stories.

    Later, I will prove that he ripped this off of UG Krishnamurti thanks to a helpful tipster. Look forward to a future blog post.

    That's typical of Sri Nithyananda. He rips off everything and claims that he either thought of it first or that he experienced it. Don't be fooled by his propaganda. He's as hollow as an empty glove.

    Jai Maa.

  12. Thank you Expose Nithyananda for uncorruped methods of meditation. What is your source of this knowledge?

    I am very interested in learning more about these meditations w/o the corruption. Is there any book, website on the original meditation in its uncorrupted form by the rishis.

    Thank you again.

  13. As far as the number of hits are concerned, I think 1/2 of it will be accounted for nithyananda insiders reading and trying to figure out how to do "damage control" because of these truths coming out in the open. Nithya's henchmen in the prowl to figure out what words to use against this site inorder to keep those who are in the cult, in it. They will try things like :
    - swami is shaking the tree of his foundation now just to see how many will fall out.
    - such allegations always comes for any famous enlightened master. Though they forget that there's no smoke without fire.
    - swami is testing you and your faith.

    The words that he speaks might to enchanting to hear, but the treatment given to people living as ashramites, ananda samajis etc is not music to any ear.

    Only money and fame is what matters to Nithyananda; and noone will ever understand this by just attending his lectures.

    As Nithyananda says to his disciples, "jump/take the plunge". Only when you enter in foundation as acharya/ananda samaji, ashramite etc you will start seeing the games that he plays with people.

    He might have powers to read minds or do a little bit of healing here and there; but those are all little gimicks or eyewash to trap people. Powers used this way can only be called black magic. Illicit use of power only to meet His own dreams and not to lead anyone to enlightenment, as he would like you to believe!

  14. Nithy probably only allow his most trusted henchmen to view this site. I very much doubt they cause half of the hits.

    If his ashramites are reading this, they may start asking questions and escape.

  15. Is there something specific and particular you want convey about Swami Nithyananda in this blog? I can't make head or tail out of your blog. Post something solid which shows Swami Nithyananda that he is not what he claims to be. I will be your first convert.

    I see in your comments you say om Namah Shivaya at the beginning and Jai Maa at the end - but your blog is filled with filth and hatred. Why?

  16. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, MMS, for taking the time to express your opinion. You asked if there was something specific that we want to convey about 'Swami Nithyananda'? We say, "Yes". We would like everyone to know the following:

    1. This is a cult, modeled off of Osho.
    2. Sri Nithyananda is not what he seems to be. His record of telling the truth is very much in question.
    3. Sri Nithyananda, although a gifted speaker, is not enlightened, and cannot make someone enlightened.
    4. Sri Nithyananda is defrauding people by selling them 'enlightenment'.
    5. Sri Nithyananda is breaking up families.
    6. Sri Nithyananda is enslaving people to do work or give lots of donations.
    7. Followers who become ashramites are not prospering, quite the contrary. They are trapped.
    8. Ashramites and especially the ananda sevaks (fulltime volunteers) are very emotionally abused. They lack sleep, proper healthcare, and get yelled at and humiliated. This is a major concern.
    9. Sri Nithyananda recruits young, impressionable children into his core following.
    10. Sexual allegations about Sri Nithyananda are certainly there, and need to be investigated.
    11. Followers who have left Sri Nithyananda have done so because his 'certificate' of enlightenment is not valid.
    12. Sri Nithyananda has corrupted Vedic culture by distorting truths, changing divine mantras by inserting his name or substituting his name for Divine's name.
    13. Sri Nithyananda is a prolific copycat. He has plagiarized so many people and credited it to himself (future post).
    14. Sri Nithyananda uses dark tantric practices which include graveyard tours that are not aligned with Sattvic and Vedic culture.
    15. Sri Nithyananda's healing record is at best 'spotty'.
    16. Sri Nithyananda has lied on his resume and not received an engineering degree at a polytechnic as claimed (least of our worries).

    You mentioned that this blog is full of filth and hatred. Yes, you are right. The criminal acts of Sri Nithyananda are certainly filthy. And, yes, we have hatred toward all of this adharma (unrighteous acts). We would be happy to see it all go away.

    If you would like to specifically show us what you feel is filth and hatred, we will be open to publish it and expose more truths about Sri Nithyananda.

    If you would like to see some solid proof, as you suggested, please take a look at these posts:

    Do the Math - Nithyananda's Enlightenment Timeline Doesn't Add Up

    Questions That Need an Answer by Sri Nithyananda

    Finally, we think that you might be one of the sweet ashramites that are completely under Sri Nithyananda's control. Our hearts go out to you. If you are who we think you are, you once had a career 'of light' that brightened the hearts of young children, yet you chose to fall into Sri Nithyananda's trap. We offer prayers for you, and sincerely hope that you will be able to come out of this group and regain your life again.

    May happiness come to you.

    Jai Maa.

  17. Though I didn't make it to be ashramite or ananda sevak myself, I saw enough verbal and emotional abuse at acharya training/mission training to call it quits.

    That is not how any decent leader would treat his staff, esp volunteers who work so much without real compensation. Yea, I forget, they get to be in his energy field! Big freaking

  18. The "energy field" is like The Emperor's New Clothes lol

    A little pop quiz: Which "enlightened Master" coined the term first, calling it "Buddha field"? Hint: The same fellow also coined the term "energy darshan" ;^)

    Back when I was a true believer (Kool-Aid drinker) I tried to convert many, many friends to the church of Nithyananda. One friend who I would try to "spiritualize" once told me how she was completely disgusted by watching that other businessman selling holiness, Jaggi Vasudev, treat his close disciples like shit, using derogatory language.

    And I remember the mental gymnastics I would go through to rationalize when I witnessed Nithyananda behaving the same way.

    Thank God I slapped myself and woke up :)

  19. >I personally don't want to be around dishonest people, and honesty (being established in Truth) is a spiritual quality.

    well, i feel sorry for you, because, all people are dishonest to some extent. even you are dishonest to yourself many-a-times.

    "being established in Truth"!!!
    you are using bookish knowledge!
    What is truth?

    is stating facts truth? then whatever you say is a lie/falsehood.

    this reminds me of the story of mulla naseerudding, (yes osho's discourse, jin sutra):

    the king hated people who speaks a lie, so the king ordered that from tomorrow morning, whosoever says a lie will be hung on the noose at the gate. Then there was mullah laughed when he heard the king order this, king got annoyed, and asked why he laughed, mullah said, that this rule of killing the liar will not work! king said prove it.. mullah asked the king to wait till tomorrow morning when the rule comes into effect!

    Right at the dawn, mulla went near the gate, the soldiers there asked, "where are you going, mulla?"; mulla replied, "i'm going to get hung to the noose by the gate!"

    Now, the king can't hang mullah because he is saying a lie, as he is not going to commit suicide, but if the king orders his hanging, then mullah's statement becomes true!

    same with you! There's no truth or being established in truth as you think with facts and figures.

    all people, before they know anything "assumes" things to be "true" and fight for it.

    The "spritual quality - truth" is "that which never changes", "that which is eternal"; all facts and figures are momentary, transitory!

    And how come you mix transitory facts as spiritual quality which is totally against the spiritual teachings of all religions!

    >Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

    what dharma?
    what common sense?
    what inner-conscience?
    what truth?
    which trap?
    which fradulent cult? btw, which cult is not fraudulent?

  20. Hi fast_rizwaan, Nithy's birthday, age and life story would not have matter if he didn't LIED about it big time.

    Even if he doesn't know about his actual birthday and age, it is really not a concern so long the known FACTS are not changed completely to fix his fairy tale.

    It is not his birthday or age that matters. It is his lies and deception that matters.

  21. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks you, fast_rizwaan, for your opinions, and for letting us know that you love Osho 1.0, but not necessary Osho 2.0 (That's the so-called 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.)

    Since you are stuck on Osho, that's enough for us to understand where you are coming from. We will 'honestly' pray for you, and thank you for giving our blog a little color and excitement.

    Jai Maa.

  22. The so called "Osho Statue" was brought in mahabalipuram and i am the witness to it, we all went in a Innova to place this order - Cheat Rajashekaran


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