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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Influences on 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda = Osho 2.0

Nithyananda Copies the Osho Channel

Speaking of Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you love Osho as an influence? Your answer might be something ambiguous now that we mentioned your order-to-made gift of ‘enlightenment’. But, we know the answer is unequivocally YES.  Would you, Sri Nithyananda, consider Osho, along with L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame, to be a custodian of Vedic Culture?  You, Sri Nithyananda, seem like you just lost something. Can I help you find it?

Sri Nithyananda, do you own any Osho books?  Sri Nithyananda, once again, you seem very quiet.  We know that around 70 percent of your personal library consists of Osho books. In fact, you had your indentured laborers drive to the Osho Book Distribution Center in Marin County, California just to pick up books that you had to get now. (Yes, a busy man like you, Sri Nithyananda, shouldn't have to wait for mail orders.) If the need should ever arise, we are able to reproduce some of those demanding emails like the one that requested to get 70 Osho books in Portuguese.

Just for fun, Sri Nithyananda, do you ever copy any of Osho's jokes?  Sri Nithyananda, why do you look so serious?  Why your jokes seem to be awfully similar to the same jokes Osho compiled in his book ‘Take It Really Seriously”. And, your lecturers. Many people commented that some of them were exact duplicates of Osho. In fact, your Shiva Sutras almost seemed like a verbatim of Oshos's Vignan Bhairava Tantra. Same with your Bhagavad Gita lectures; Osho never sounded so young, fresh, and sexy. I guess ‘enlightened’ minds think a like.

And what about your logo of the paramahamsa bird in front of a tilted circle?  Do you, Sri Nithyananda, remember talking about this in your book Glimpses of My Master, Nithyananda, first 'first' (original) edition December 2005 on pages 171 through 179? You, Sri Nithynanda, say, "Yes". We are glad that we agree. Yes, Sri Nithyananda, your book says it very clearly:

"Nithyananda as he terms it 'downloaded the vision of a Swan' soon after 'enlightenment'.  That Swam (sic) [you meant to write Swan] is now the emblem of the mission center Dhyanapeetam.... The emblem that one sees in the Dhyanapeetam website as well as on this book and other publications as the logo, is the Swan that Nithyananda envisioned." (p. 172)
Wow, that was fascinating. And, then you spend, Sri Nithyananda, the next six pages tell us all stories about how fish see this reflection of the swan and build ashrams, construct big, big temples, teach mediation (breathing techniques for sure), etc. all just to contain the reflection of the swan's image. Why this shadows the story to your legacy.  I get it now.

Sri Nithyananda, that was a lot of trouble just to get a logo.  If you just needed a logo, all you needed to do was look at the back of an old Osho newsletter (then Osho was known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh).

In fact, Osho had a logo just like yours. Except Osho's logo had a larger goose on it, or was that still a swan? Here it is; we knew you would find it inspiring:

Although both logos are interesting, personally, I kind of like the Osho logo better. It seems a little more original and fresh.

Nithyananda, did Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) must have made a big impression on you? You will say “No”. Wrong again. You forgot about your Osho statue, you know, the one you claimed to chisel as your first act of 'enlightenment', and other evidence. In 2004, one follower of yours from the first batch of ashramites in Bidadi confessed that you used to wear an Osho mala (rosary) complete with a picture of Osho on the pendant. Maybe it reminded you of that Rajneesh sannyasin from Osho's Ashram that you used to hang out with in the graveyard.

Sri Nithyananda, did you ever use any of Osho's meditation techniques?  You will say 'no'.  Wrong again.  Sri Nithyananda, do you remember your first program you taught called Ananda Spurana Program (ASP) or later renamed to the Life Bliss Program?  Of course you do.  Not only did it have two meditations that were exactly the same meditations that Osho had in his courses, the music that accompanied them were also exactly the same. This was confirmed by two former cabinet members of Osho who used to help Osho get dressed before he went on stage who incidentally took your Life Bliss Program course in 2005.  In this way, Osho's Dynamic Meditation became Nithyananda's Dukkhaharana. Likewise, Osho's Nadabrahma Meditation became Nithyananda's Maha Mantra Meditation. (Incidentally, the Rishis named the original humming meditation as Nada Pranyam over 10,000 years ago.) Well, what do you think the odds of such an original program from a Living Master like Sri Nithyananda having the same stuff that Osho had? Amazing.  It was like Déjà Vue all over again. Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you later slightly modified your meditations and re-recorded the music. I’m sure no one will really notice the similarities now.

Mr. Nithyananda, didn’t you almost hire Osho spiritual advisor in 2007, so that you could create a university? But, then again, you were able to obtain the Hindu University of America in Florida, so then his services were not really needed. But, it is the thought that counts.

And, didn’t you Nithyanada keep a big giant oversized coffee book about the building of Rajneeshpuram (Osho’s ashram in Oregon, USA) you, know, the one where Osho’s followers created the first act of bio-terrorism in the USA in order to 'swing' an election, and oh, yes, a really big parking lot for all the Rolls Royce's Osho collected? You will say ‘No’, but all of the ashramites in L.A. will remember that book, especially Nithyananda Dheera who you assigned to build a huge ashram like Rajneeshpuram. In fact, you assigned several books as ‘required’ reading from Osho. These included books like ‘Diamond Days’, etc. What a coincidence, there seemed to be more books assigned as required reading of Osho than there were books that you ‘wrote’. But, then again, you never wrote and maybe never read your books, so we agree that the Osho books would have been a better choice.

And Nithyananda, were you inspired to dress up like Osho on many occasions when you were on stage? Your answer will be ‘No’. But, lucky for us, there are many videos with you wearing some colorful customs. The best ones looked like a cross between ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’. Sri Nithyananda, you are definitely one cool dude.  No wonder all the ladies like you.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. Cross between Star Trek and Sgt. Peppers LOL!

    Even the term "chaotic breathing" is an Osho invention. Nithya Dhyan is nothing but a patchwork of various Osho techniques.

  2. Haha, I just came across this website from somewhere else. Several months ago I watched a video of Nithyananda speaking on the Shiva Sutras. I knew immediately that he was copying not only th inadequate translation Osho used but his entire commentary on the text, adding his own worthless contributions, and passing the whole thing off as an original discourse.

    If he had said "I read this in Osho's 'The Book of Secrets" it would have been different, but he presented the same stories Osho told in first person as his own, such as when Osho mentioned that he practiced a certain technique for 9 months, Nithyananda said he practiced for 11 months.

    I also spoke to someone, seemingly insightful and intelligent, who told me that Nithyananda was basically "the real deal" meaning god-realized and enlightened and so on. For an enlightened guy he seems remarkably poor in his own ideas and take on things. I don't consider myself enlightened and I could discourse on the same text that Nithyananda lifted from Osho better than both of them, simply through actually studying the text and not bullshitting my way through it like Nithyananda and probably Osho did.

    What a scam these idiots have made out of meditation. It's a real shame because meditation as a process of introverting mind is not bullshit at all but the most natural and spontaneously occuring things and with each new phoney indian guru they reduce the credibility of geniune approaches to meditation and meditative spirituality. They have made India, Indians, and Indian spirituality (and music, too, with the overflow of people picking up sitars) embarrassing as far as I'm concerned - and I'm someone who very much is interested in traditions mostly originated from India!

    The opportunity for fame and personal glory, and money, is what drives these people to con the idiotic masses of naive spiritual seekers. They are basically cons and crooks. I'd say they should be exposed for what they are but they didn't come with the glory, their fans gave it to them, so they get what they want. They want the guru game, they get it.

  3. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, anon, for the post and tip that Sri Nithyananda is copying Osho line for line. Could you please let us know which Shiva Sutra that Sri Nithyananda copied the Osho experience? I wouldn't be surprised if Sri Nithyananda will get massive lawsuits for copyright violations in the near future.

    We wait for your reply.

    Jai Maa.

  4. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, after storming out of the Ramakrishna Mission, where would an angry young rejected (but aspiring) sanyasi go? Is it true that you went to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s (Osho) ashram in Pune, Maharashtra? (This is now known as Osho International Meditation Resort.)

    I don’t recall that you, Sri Nithyananda, wrote this in any of your books. To help you remember, we have witnesses that will help recall the attractive female Rajneesh (Osho) sannyasins (female renunciant followers) that you flirted with. Those yoga positions you learned, Nithyananda, must have come in handy.

  5. Nithyananda Practices Bhairvi Sadhana (Osho Tantra) in Graveyard

    Bhairvi or Graveyard Girlfriend?
    Paramahamsa Nithyananda, is this true that you took some female Rajneesh (Osho) sannyasin (female renunciant follower) with you to practice an Osho Tantra in Tarapit, Bengal? And with this young sannyasin, you, Sri Nithyananda, did Bhairvi Sadhana (practice)?

    Can you, Nithyananda, explain what this Bhairvi Sadana is? Does this involve midnight sex in the graveyard with a girl? And, that girl is known as Bhairvi?

    Could you please clarify the name of your Bhairvi? If you cannot remember, that is OK. Later, we can post it for you to help your memory.

    Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I'm confused. Is this Osho sannyasin your Bhairvi or your graveyard girlfriend?

    Paramahamsa Nithyananda, can you tell us the name of any enlightened master who practiced this Bhairvi Tantra in the graveyard? This will be helpful to support your 'enlightenment' claims that you, Sri Nithyananda, are a living master. I’m sure that you are the real thing, and can give us some examples.

    Isn’t it also true that followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a.k.a. Osho, practiced tantric sex? Could you let us know the details about this practice? It would help us all with our enlightenment if we practiced what you, Sri Nithyananda, practiced, won’t it?

    In addition to Osho’s (Rajneesh) tantric sex practices, can you, Nithyananda, mention any living master who received enlightenment in the graveyard?

  6. Go ahead and delete this post, the truth hurtsAugust 24, 2010 at 6:06 PM

    So Oshoism got a taste of its own medicine from a poorly pieced together melange of different philosophical traditions + sex and money.

    Its all about money, L Ron Hubbard knew that to make a million you should start a religion, people who sublimate the painful process of thinking always look for a guru as the solution to all their problems. What man of wisdom every committed himself to the putsuit of profit? The path of wisdom is not one which requires expensive phoney courses. Rajneeshism is little more than a middle class new age cult as insidious as scientology or its correlates.

  7. I know this nithyananda is fake as hell,being a sanyasin of Osho myself i knew the minute i watch him that he was just reading and trying somehow to act as enlightned,sad for the people following and adoring him...


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