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Sunday, November 1, 2009

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Tales of Fraudulent Anecdotes - The Aging Banyan Tree of Bidadi

Trees, Other Tall Stories, and Fraudian Slips from the Cult of Nithyananda

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you get confused often? I’m sure you will say “No way”. And, perhaps it is just me that gets confused for it is hard to understand some of your logic. Take for instance, that old banyan tree in your Indian ashram in Bidadi. In page 73 in your book ‘Formless in Form', you mention that three to be 300 years old. But, on your website, you, Sri Nithyananda, claim it to be 600-year-old banyan tree. Is this a case of fraud or does being around you, Nithyananda, make someone age very rapidly? OK, I should cut you some slack. After all, you, Sri Nithyananda, are only human.  Is this correct?

Breaking News!  On December 13, 2009, our readers brought it to our attention that the incredible, and we do mean incredible, aging banyan tree has aged another 400 years since we first posted this news on November 1, 2009.  The sacred banyan tree has now aged from a 600-year-old sacred banyan tree to now a 1,000-year-old sacred banyan tree (source: This miracle is no doubt the work of the great 'enlightened' healing master showing us that he is way above and beyond logic.  Sri Nithyananda, you must have performed this for your followers attending the Inner Awakening program.  Did you do this so they would feel that they have witnessed a miracle and will gladly fork over that ten percent yearly donation at the end of the program?  Sri Nithyananda, you have proven to take us beyond the realms of logic and burnish up your credential of being a great 'enlightened' healing master.  Since your ashram seems to be the epicenter of La-La Land and makes Alice in Wonderland look like a cold and dry documentary destined for only late night TV on some public funded educational channel, would this mean that Cheshire will be moving into the sacred banyan tree as part of its old-age companion package? 

And, where will you ever keep that sweet and innocent looking Alice? Will she become your next yoga chick, Sri Nithyananda?  We heard that she was not so good at serving tea.  But, under your guidance, anything can happen.  We can't wait for the transformation.

Sri Nithyananda, another interesting tree in your Bidadi ashram is next to the ‘Laughing Temple’. In page 72 of your book, ‘Formless in Form’, you have a picture of the Neem tree that sprouted from a Bilva tree. In your visit to the United States in 2003, you, Sri Nithyananda, declared that tree as the second most holy spot on the ashram (next to the big 300, I mean 600-year-old banyan tree). In a visit in 2007, that poor creature (both the Neem tree sprouting from the Bilva tree) was dead as a doornail. Maybe it was just hibernating. Now, this is strange. How can the second most holy spot on the ashram just die with you, an enlightened healing master, present? Does anyone bother at your ashram to take care of holy things?  Is anyone at your ashrams qualified to take care of holy things?  Did you, Sri Nithyananda, make a mistake in discerning what is holy and what is not? Or did your healing powers just take a break?  I sure hope this isn't another case of fraud, but I'm sure that it is not a case of fraud, because Paramahamsa Nithyananda is embedded in the truth.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, do you ever exaggerate your stories?  Just a bit? You will answer ‘never’. Sorry to contradict such a truthful man, but sometimes your stories just do not add up. Take the story about your panchatapas (fire meditation) while you still claimed to be a renunciate. Sri Nithyananda, during that time, you said that you wandered India by foot for nine years (or was it just for four and a half years) with a strong vow to never touch any money. In order to get the supplies (lots of wood) to do the panchatapas, Nithyananda, you said that some rich man gave several monks a gold pendent that you sold [understand] for money to purchase [understand] supplies which you then paid [in wages] to some local boys to keep the fire going. Nithyananda, did you wear gloves during all of these monetary transactions so technically you could say that you never actually touched the money?  I know you must have done so, otherwise this story could be seen as fraud.  You would never commit fraud, now, would you, Sri Nithyananda?

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. Man you are doing an amazing service. Whoever you are, looks like you are some x-ashramite.

    The nithyananda tyranny will end one day. This is just the beginning. No one is greater than the Ishwara and siddhi empowered Swami's are bound to fall.

  2. Keep a copy of this blog with yourself. Nithyananda crooks can report abuse and can try to get this down.

  3. Is there any evidence that this Nithy did any extended wandering on foot? Did he even do the four and half years? Don't forget that he spend a some months or years in the Ramakrishna Mission training. He also live in the Rajneesh ashram in Pune.

    Nithy mentioned on several occasions that during his wanderings, he heard of the serious illness of Lakshmanjoo ( ). Young Nithy wanted to visit Lakshmanjoo before his passing. However, young Nithy vowed never to touch money. This prevented Nithy from taking the train or bus. Lakshmanjoo passed away before Nithy could get to him. This was one of Nithy's regrets. Nithy mentioned this incident during the Shiva Sutra talks at Montclair temple in Nov 2007.

    Lakshmanjoo passed away in 1991. How old was Nithy in 1991? He must be about 13 or so - assuming that he was born in 1978. Does Nithy claim to begin his wanderings at 13 or so?

    Nothing adds up Nithy. Either Nithy transands space and time or he is a pathological LAIR.

  4. Wow, I didn't think about that. I was there when he spoke about missing the chance to meet with the late, great Swami Lakshman Joo before he died.

    I think this exposé is unprecedented in Guru history. Welcome to the internet age, Swamiji, where truth travels at the speed of light (or is it the speed of thought?)

  5. Does Nithy even know when did Swami Lakshmanjoo left his body when he made up his tall tale?

    What a cunning *pathological liar*!

    Watch his Jain Sutra discourse, He spoke about the absolute demands of satya (truth). He preach one thing, while doing the opposite.

  6. Have any of you attended the "Kalapataru" mediation camp organized by Life Bliss Foundation? I was there recently,or you can say I was one of the fools. The meditation camp was a money making scheme for another 3 week meditation camp. It was all about selling more stuff to people. Stay away, if you are seeking peace, donate some money to a organization that takes care of orphans rather than going to this fraud organization.

  7. That is called "upselling" in marketing circles. All the big boys, like Tony Robbins, do it. Once you are a captive audience, adequately primed with psychologically persuasive talk or feel-good meditations and exercises which cripple critical thinking, they hit you with upsells for their more exclusive, high-end programs. The testimonials from former participants are designed to wear down your resistance to buying.

    James A Ray, that huckster from the movie The Secret, who managed to kill 3 people and injure many more in his recent retreat, is also well known for aggressively upselling his $10,000 programs.

    Hey, who can resist "guaranteed" (non-money back) enlightenment after only 21 days? But in a year, you will need to take another refresher course for $10,000, because your old enlightenment is wearing thin and your life still sucks despite your claims of "bliss".

  8. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, Hippie, about the insights of Swami Lakshmanjoo leaving his body long before Nithyananda left his house to start his 'wanderings'. Just as there is B.C. and A.C.E., Sri Nithyananda has to be aware that he received his 'enlightenment' during the period of B.G. (Before Google). As a result of many blog posts and YouTube comments, Sri Nithyananda 'updated' his website. Be tuned for future posts that highlight these changes. (Unfortunately for Sri Nithyananda, his books, which we have plenty of, cannot be updated so easily. Pity.)

    Yes, Orange Clown, Sri Nithyanana is the master of preaching one thing (and aggressively marketing this aspect) and living another thing. (Maybe that is his idea of 'Living Enlightenment'). Fortunately for us, this hypocrisy creates an endless supply of future posts, just like mishaps from politicians become fodder for late night comics. Thanks, Sri Nithyananda, we'll never be short of posts.

    Yes, Orange Clown and 'anonymous', Sri Nithyananda tries very hard to up-sell his programs. We suspect that was the purpose of the one-day 'Kalapataru' program, to give a 'glimpse' of the so-called 'Master' and try to get people to come to the pricey programs in India. Even then, Sri Nithyananda couldn't resist gouging. That is why the 'Kalapataru' program went from $150 to $250 in just a span of a couple months. Be very clear, when you sign up for an 'up-sell' you're really getting a 'down-sell', but who knows, it might lead to Sri Nithyanda locked down in a cell one of these days.

    Jai Maa.

  9. Please let us know about Nityananda's scientific experiment done in lab under expert medical practioners.

  10. How authentic his experiment on Samadhi under the medical condition is. Is that something real or taking drugs and doing experiment and presenting to the world. Please if you have any information let us know. And what about his occult power to heal other.

  11. Hey, I don't who you are but one thing I am sure is that you might have experienced Nithy's fraud and got vexed up and started this blog. I appreciate your extraordinary service to make the brainless, educated innocent people realize the true nature of swami and vedic culture.

    I am still wondering how could you get the very fine dteails of this fraud Nithy and his doings? Anyway keep going man.....You really rockz



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