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Monday, November 16, 2009

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Fails Basic Math with His Enlightenment Record

'Swami' Nithyananda Has Trouble Counting to Six or Greater

Sri Nithyananda, are you really 'enlightened' and can make other people 'enlightened'? "Of course, I'm a genuine Paramahamsa. I came down just do that job, and if people compensate me with big generous donations, I will be able to 'enlighten' over 100,000 people in just a few years." Nice effort. Wow, money might not be able to buy love, but it can buy 'enlightenment'. Just amazing. "It's true! I should sue you for slander! We'll be getting lawyers and everything!" Cool it there, Sri Nithyananda. If others see you, Sri Nithyananda, lose your cool, they won't think that you're 'enlightened' anymore. We'll be sure to give your idea of suing other people and dragging them to court the attention that it deserves in a future post. We're not very worried about your empty threats, Sri Nithyananda. Just like your wandering years or engineering diploma, we know that you're good at make things up. Did anyone ever tell you that you are very creative? Actually, Sri Nithyananda, to be honest, we're more worried about your next wardrobe appearance. Sri Nithyananda, will you be wearing something that needs to be plugged in or will batteries be part of the get up? A jet pack perhaps? That way, you can make claims that you fly too, other than first class.

OK, let's keep on track. So, Sri Nithyananda, let’s hope for the best and just assume that you really are god, 'enlightened', and that you can make other people 'enlightened'. Let’s then look at your track record. In June of 2007, was your first batch of people that you 'enlightened' were 25 ashramite in Los Angeles? Then you replicated this miraculous accomplishment a few months later in Bidadi. There you outdid yourself, and 28 people became 'enlightened'. That comes to a total of 53 people that you claim received your 'enlightenment' in 2007. Do you agree to these calculations? And, because of this amazing feat of making 53 people 'enlightened', you, Sri Nithyananda, have became qualified to sit on a 24K gold throne?

Sri Nithyananda, of that first batch of 25 followers from Los Angeles that received your 'enlightenment', how many really became 'enlightened'? Did you not tell one senior devotee in Singapore, Ram Ramanathan, that one (let us check again, that is ‘one’ as in ‘1’) of your 'enlightened' disciples “just did not get it.” Too bad. Sri Nithyananda, of course the fault lies with that one devotee, correct? It's a little confusing. You said that they were all 'enlightened' at the time, but now you were saying that one of them was not 'enlightened' after all. What happened, Sri Nithyananda, did your 'enlightenment' wear off?

Sri Nithyananda, didn’t you have your first batch of 25 'enlightened' followers practice right after receiving your 'enlightenment' what to say if anyone tried to take their 'enlightenment' away? Why you spent a few hours on this topic, with lots of role-playing. Everyone had to practice how and what he or she personally would say, remember? Then, Sri Nithyananda, didn't you have all of your newly ‘enlightened’ people announce in front of all the other newly ‘enlightened’ people that they were now ‘enlightened’? Isn’t this a brainwashing technique called ‘group think’?

So, back to your record, you, Sri Nithyananda, admitted that one of the 25 ‘enlightened’ followers really wasn’t ‘enlightened’ a few months later after you declared that all 25 'enlightened' followers were really 'enlightened'. Was saying that 'one person didn't get it' was some sort of social control to keep everyone guessing, who might have a thought or had a fraction of a doubt if he or she might not really be ‘enlightened’? Sri Nithyananda, in other words, was this just a method to keep your 'enlightenend' followers under your tight mental influence? Sri Nithyananda, that would have been very manipulative, so I doubt that it was that, was it?

Almost two and a half years later after receiving your ‘enlightenment’, of the 25 ‘enlightened’ disciples, six (6) of the ‘enlightened’ followers have left you, and declared that you, Sri Nithyananda, run a cult or were just disgruntled. Basically, they claim that your suitable-for-hanging certificate of 'enlightenment' was false, and went on with their lives without you. Rumor has it that at least one defector was upset that your ashrams have became a hot bed for illicit sex and debauchery. Instead of brotherly love, you, Nithyananda, offer brothelly love. Nice. Is this the type of love we can expect from you, Sri Nithyananda?

So, that makes six (6) followers that are no longer ‘enlightened’. Sri Nithyananda, is six greater than one? Were you, Sri Nithyananda, able to predict that these people wouldn't get it either?  After all, you, Sri Nithyananda have predicted some big things like the property market to fall, and 2012 disasters, etc.  Why did you, Sri Nithyananda, fail this time? Did their 'enlightenment' just wear off like the shine on a fake gold belt buckle?  Why Sri Nithyananda, here's a small tip for next time; if you give your 'enlightenment' in the form of a tattoo, I'm sure that it will take a lot longer to rub off.

So, these unexplained additional five (5) people on top of your 'revised' one (1) person who just did not 'get it', doesn't seem to be solid math, Sri Nithyananda.  Is this like your wandering years that accounted for nine (9) years but were shrunk into four and a half (4.5) years? Or like your engineering certificate that you claimed to have finished 'with the highest grade - a distinction' in zero (0) years? Why, Sri Nithyananda, we think you might benefit watching a few reruns of Sesame Street.

Sri Nithyananda, of the remaining 19 ‘enlightened’ followers still dedicated to making other people 'enlightened' like themselves, is one of them your priest, Sri Nithya Ajara? After becoming ‘enlightened’, didn't Ajara divorce (with your blessings) his wife and then was free to womanize with other ladies, which caused even more divorces? Unlike a lot of people you, Sri Nithyananda, rejected as being not suitable for your 'enlightenment', doesn't Ajara have a high paying job that brings in a lot of money into your organization? More importantly for your image, doesn't Ajara know Sanskrit, so he can recite all of the Vedic mantras nicely as he does your 'priestly' functions? Sri Nithyananda, does Ajara help make you look like you have a legitimate temple, which helps bring in even more donations, and brings in more followers, and brings in more candidates that, you, Sri Nithyananda, might deem worthy of your 'enlightenment' (if they have thick enough wallets, that is)? So, is this why you, Sri Nithyananda, allowed Nithya Ajara to stay in your organization even though he has harmed so many people? It must have been a hard decision, for you to make, being an 'enlightened' healing master grounded in the truth.

Sri Nithyananda, do you realize that many of your other ‘enlightened’ people have expressed their ‘enlightenment’ by getting very fat; (this also includes Ajara.) Do you agree that most people get fat by eating too much, poor diet, not exercising, and having many psychological problems like stress, low self-esteem, and a lack of fulfillment and love? But, Sri Nithyananda, wouldn't you agree that these disciples are ‘enlightened’ with your certificate? Do these followers stay in your ashram, eat your so-called ‘sattvic’ food, and do nothing but service to you? Sri Nithyananda, is this because their inner bodies are expanding in all directions so therefore, their outer bodies also need to expand in all directions in order to still stay in this world? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, that is really heavy stuff. Perhaps you can run a new program called, "Bloat Your Way to Divinity". But, Sri Nithyananda, the word is called 'enlightenment' not 'enheavyment'. This is counterintuitive.

But, honestly, Sri Nithyananda, how did your followers then get so overweight? Does your ‘enlightenment’ really work? Please tell us, Sri Nithyananda. You, Sri Nithyananda, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, have some splainin to do.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.


  1. Actually 6 enlightened people left the group...

    1) Nithya Vimalananda (Maha-acharya)
    2) Nithya Satyananda (Maha-acharya)
    3) Ma Nithyananda Radhika
    4) Antarananda
    5) Ma Nithya Mitrananda
    6) Sri Nithyananda Praba

    These are folks from LA Ashram. There might be others in Bidadi who left.

  2. You forget that Ajara (like Nithy) is now enlightened and beyond our worldly morality!!! lol

    Nithy said that the unenlightened is never to judge the actions of the enlightened ones. They have a crazy wisdom that is beyond our limited rational mind (aka common sense).

    Those who sees fault in Ajara or Nithy needs more brainwashing. You just don't make the grade. lol

  3. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, that looks like six (6) not five (5) 'enlightened' escapees. Maybe we'll be watching those same Sesame Street re-runs together with Sri Nithyananda.

    Thanks for the update. We waited to post this comment until this was confirmed; we'll now update the story with six (6) instead of five (5) 'enlightened' escapees.

    Jai Maa.

  4. I never heard of any guru who could grant mass enlightenment - my ignorance?

    Was Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna or Yogananda able to it? Nithy outshine them all!

    Too bad these ungrateful disciples escaped after obtaining their enlightment. Nithy, you aught to have foreseen all these. May be more will escape soon.

    How about the 53 enlightened disciple, how many had escaped?

  5. Wasnt Ma Nithya Mitrananda the wife(rather wife before they took sanyas or whatever) of Sahajananda? So he is still in the org while she left??

  6. Well, to be fair, Kalki "Bhagavan", that great fraud, claims (or he used to, before his org turned into a multi-million $$ business) that he is the avatar of the age whose USP is giving enlightenment.

    The Krackpot's original BS was that man cannot become enlightened on his own - we need his help (and that of his fat cow of a wife, his "divine consort"). He also was the mastermind of the original $5000 21 day enlightenment program. Ahem.

    Whirled Musings has details on his elaborate scam. Sarlo has some links too.

    Makes you wonder, if he's an avatar, why he spent his early years as an LIC clerk, eh? ROFL

    And Osho first made the exaggerated claim that Buddha produced "thousands" of enlightened Masters. Osho was the original Master of Hyperbole.

  7. Nithyananda is the way, and the only way, Nithyananda is the ultimate and divine, there is nothing else precious them him. So stop wasting your time and energy and creating such false materials. Nothing in this is TRUE, and STOP NOW and be positive with life. WHy so much negativity... this wont get you anywhere. ONly will make your life more miserable. IF you dont believe in something just leave it, you dont need to create all such things. Be positive and love your life, dont make others miserable. Thank you and hope you stop doing this and spend some valuable time with other important life matters. Remember this is only a blog and blogs are just blogs.....and the reputation of blogs are nothing but false. Take care and wishing you the best in life.... Be Blissful

  8. Wow, even this mass enlightenment for a big fee is a copycat idea! lol.

    All it takes to attain enlightenment is $6,000 USD for a 21-day program in a basic Indian ashram.

    It can't cost that much to provide basic food and accommodation - esp with the program is run slave volunteer workers.

    I bet it cause less than $600 to run the program for each fool who pays $6000.

    Very profitable business indeed, Swamiji. Too bad Kracki did not patent his business model.

  9. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, BeTruetoYourself, this is correct. To our knowledge, Ma Nithya Mitrananda and Sri Nithya Sahajananda are lawfully and divinely still married to each other. We know that these people are fantastically wonderful people that really should be together as husband and wife. Without Sri Nithyananda’s meddling, they really make a sweet and loving couple. Like most people that are caught in Sri Nithyananda’s trap, both Sahaj and Mitrananda are special people and good souls that are intrinsically aligned to dharma but got misguided along the way. We hope that Sri Nithya Sahajananda will find the courage to leave this home-wrecking cult and join his courageous wife before it is too late. Yes, good people deserve another chance. Let’s all pray that this happens.

    Jai Maa.

  10. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To the Nithya Anonymous, thanks for your opinion. Yes, you are right. This is only a blog. Very correct. This blog has Truths in it. Very true. If you can do simple math, just look at this page.

    Do the Math - Nithyananda's Enlightenment Timeline Doesn't Add Up

    And, then ask yourself if Sri Nithyananda is aligned with the Truth or not?

    Otherwise, you are free to close your eyes and look the other way... and no one is making you come to this blog. That is by your choice.

    Yes, it is true when Truth meets ingrained BS (we all know what that stands for), then it produces fear, worry, anxiety, and responses like yours. Just have an open mind... and be prepared to leave. You may leave this blog or Sri Nithyananda's cult. The choice is yours. You still have a free will? Let us hope. Best of luck to you.

    Jai Maa.

  11. I am so glad to see this BLOG! Last year, I paid $1000 to attend his 2 days session and really got a sense of how well meaning and intelligent people can be esaily trapped into scuh farudulent schemes. After expereincing this first hand, I was tempted to call Californnia Attorney General's office. But I was a loner there. All other people in the room were already "sold"! Hopefully this BLOG will result in something concrete so that some action could be taken sooner rather than later!

  12. Hi Niranjan, please do your part by reporting the $1000 fraud. You may well get your money back.

    Even if you do not longer care about the moeny, you do not want your money to help a cult that is destroying lives and families. Please report to the FBI, credit card for their fraud. Please write to them to demand your money back. You can say what you said here as the reason for not making a claim immediately.

    Nithyanananda is a SCAM, FRAUD CULT. This site now came up on top when I googled for "nithyananda, cult fraud". Now I am adding the SCAM world to it.

  13. I wonder if Sahajananda left too, because he is no longer listed as "Maha-acharya"

  14. This is in response to Dheera's comment for justification of the huge cost of the long programs conducted in India: $60 a day?????? For what???....FOR SHARING THE ROOM WITH 2 OTHERS.. YES :-(

  15. Dear 'Expose,'

    I have experienced the pain of emerging out of this. Its really intense, profound and scary. A loss of identity, time, faith, relationships and what not. I feel no one should have to go through this.

    With the lapse of time, the pain goes, and then the identification with the pain too, for sure and one wants to help others. I sincerely hope (am writing this to you with a very sincere heart: pls. disregard if not applicable and forgive me for writing, that: you are not identifying yourself with the pain in the process of helping others. The very fact that you took a plunge into this LBF organization means that you were finding a way into your own divinity: PLEASE REMEMBER THAT always (not implying at all that you have forgotten: pls. do not be offended in any way).

    There was a phase after the revelation happened to me where I thought that I needed to bring about this cultic awareness, but, the association with the project (even in the thought process), brought about a living of that pain. Its when I came across some other spiritual writings, like of Eckhart Tolle (eg.... that I realized why I was still suffering.

    The Universe is full of divinity and will look after all our brothers and sisters as it did for us. We learnt our lessons and probably they have to learn some more before they come across the information that you are revealing. I do not know why I write this to you even after constantly telling myself to not. Something pushed me to.

    Love to you and may BHOLENATH bless you always. With Love and peace~

  16. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon, directly above, thanks for the post. We're really glad that you were able to escape. Bravo! That was no easy task. We are also really glad that you still have spirituality in your heart and can look at other sources for inspiration. Usually, that takes a good period of time after escaping (at least six to twenty-four months) because when you look at some other master's work, the immediate reaction is to make comparisons to Nithyananda's works (or should I say his collective hijackings, because he just borrowed from others). This comparison will immediately remind the former follower everything about Nithyananda. So, taking a rest from it all is sometime a good idea.

    Regardless, you are right, that it takes time to heal, and this healing will have several stages that may or may not be linear. Just relax and have gratitude. Yes, at first, there is a tendency to want to lash back at Nithyananda. This can be cathartic, but also can make someone constantly 'relive' the emotional trauma.

    After a while, someone might feel 'at peace' with themselves. If they really have compassion that they do not want to see others go through the same trauma, then those people might want to help stop these negative influences in any capacity that they feel comfortable with. It is a thankless job. The same people that the former cult member shared so much with now has to receive 'love' mail, threats, and possible trumped-up criminal charges. So, do pick your comfort level before starting.

    We do want to say that it is absolutely wrong to think that 'Divine will take care of them' or 'it is their karma'. Such attitudes show that the lesson of being 'inside the cult' wasn't learned. Compassion with strength and resolve to help to others away or even out of this trap should be there. Whatever path and method used, the acts must be peaceful and accordance to dharma. Otherwise, the acts are no better and maybe even worse than received.

    We hope that your strength continues to grow, and that someday you can share a fraction of the blessings that Divine showered on you in helping others along this difficult journey.

    Jai Maa.

  17. hehe .. What a waste of time this blog is !! No proof no evidence just pointless rambling. I am not an insider or volunteer. I am just a devotee but I have experienced the magic of healing and these 1 - 2 day programs have been life changing for me. It has brought tremendous peace and happiness in my life, which is priceless. I am lookig forward to doing the 21 day program, infact cant wait for that ...

    My humble advice to the writer of this blog. If you spend a 10th of the time you are spending maintaining this blog, on your own spirituality you would have become enlightened yourself, with or without Shre Paramahansa Nithyananda. Also your blog could dissuade people from experiencing the tremendous healing, peace and joy in their life that I had the privilege to experience when I myself did those programs.

    Do some constructive things !!

  18. Hi HonestSeeker,

    Like you, I had similar experience when I first attended Nithy intro programs. Nithy has occult powers to pull people to him. It was not until I went to Mission Training that I saw the dark side of this organization.

    Even then, I refused to accept what my rational mind was feeling uneasy about Nithy's abusive and ethical treatment of some who were foolish enough to pay for a program. The unfavored were treated very unfairly and it was impossible to get a refund.

    Here are a couple of videos I like to share. The first is by a very devout person I know and I know what she said was absolutely true.

    Good luck to your $6000 program. Take care.


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