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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Disgraced 'Swami' Nithyananda Gets His Sex Scam Message of Fraud Out in English YouTube Videos

English YouTube Videos of Defamed 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Available - Fraud Exposed!

Hi there, 'Swami' Nithyananda. Remember how you wanted to inspire people across the world? Good news for you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Now there are YouTube videos of you and your sexual shenanigans available on YouTube. Let's take a look:

Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you sure did inspire all of these devotees to do pada pooja (foot washing ceremony). Such an inspiration you are! But, really, Sri Nithyananda, this is sort of sad. Now you have a whiff of da feat. But, a few good smacks, and a few stomps and you'll really get the full experience of all these devout souls and their collective thoughts. But, for now, just the bottom of all those souls will do.

'Swami' Nithyananda, will you claim a copyright violation on the English language, because we imagine that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, at one point invented English in a previous life time, so we can just see you, Sri Nithyananda, placing a copyright violation to try to get this video taken down. We understand, Sri Nithyananda, that you've been working very hard to claim copyright violations with the images used in these videos. But, tell me, Sri Nithyananda, were are they going to find something that ugly? Ugliness like this cannot be found in a zoo. Those critters are cute in comparison. But you, Sri Nithyananda, posing as a holy man but behaving like a savage beast in heat, well, we think you belong in a zoo. In an isolated cage where you cannot do any harm to the other animals. OK, if the zoo is not equipped for your type of ugly, deceiving animal that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda are, then we understand. Perhaps a maximum security prison would be already equipped to hand your type.

Oh, what's this? This looks like the official statement from your spokesperson.

Clutching straws again? Funny, we already wrote this up long ago and made fun of it our blog in the post titled, "More YouTube Videos About 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Fraud". You are so Web 1.0, there, 'Swami' Nithyananda. Time to revise your information and the laws that govern karma. Because it's payback time. We wish you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, everything you deserve. Whack! Whack! Whack!

This just in. You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda found a scapegoat. Bahhhh. Bahhuhh. According to the Times of India, you, 'Swami' Nithyananda are blaming an inmate in your ashram Premananda alias Lenin Karuppan, for the morphing your (ugly, lustful, and deceiving) face (it couldn't have made it worse, actually) with the idea of defaming you. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you're serious about slaughtering this goat, we mean inmate. (Soon, you 'Swami' Nithyananda will be a real inmate, but for now, you're just a disgraced playmate.) Looks like, you, Sri Nithyananda have filed a phony petition filed on March 8, 2010 for a hearing against your loyal lackey. Do you know, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that screwing with a court of law is a big crime? And, will you, Sri Nithyananda, put one of your 24K golden thrones in a pawn shop to raise enough money to pay off the judge and jury? If you decide to do this, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you better do it quickly Looks like there's a big group already to confiscate all your ill acquired wealth from your fruits of fraud. We hope that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, will attend the court hearing so that all of your pada pooja (foot washing ceremony) followers can be greeting for you respectfully, with their shoes off. And, we read in the article, that the police already cordoned off your ashram premises. So the only way out is to tunnel? Sounds like a title to one of your books, 'Swami' Nithyananda. Perhaps your roped-off ashram will make for a makeshift jail until everyone can be housed properly.

Here's the Times of India article: "Swami's devotees roughed up in Karnataka, TN after TV sting" published on March 4, 2010. 

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 87: Eighty-seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 109: One hundred and nine days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Here is an article that came in a reputed Indian Newspaper in 2002:

    According to this article Swami Nithyananda was 27 old at that time - which makes him 35 years old now and not 32 as his followers claim !

  2. Nithy getting up on the bed - lifting both his legs up and then jumping - i think i want to try this acrobat. LOL

    For this move you will need to learn "Nithya Yoga" by paying only $5000 for 1 week program, that's all! Then Nithyananda will take care and you will know how you can make such moves! You don't bother!

  3. Nithyananda Sex GuruMarch 3, 2010 at 7:04 PM

    Folks, go check out Twitter and search for #nithyananda. He is having quite a puja being done there.


    Here are some example tweets flywing:

    Bhajan by day, Trojan by night #nithyananda

    Yoga positions by day, compromising positions by night #nithyananda

    Flowers by day. Deflowers by night. #nithyananda

    Andal by day, on doll by night #nithyananda

    You get the idea....

  4. Here is a new tidbit of info I found

  5. Hi,

    I am an Ananda Samajite and just realized that there was an emergency meeting of all ananda samaji's (people who donate 10% of their income) in the LA Ashram

    What a smart ass...knows whom to contact first...

  6. Hi Anon, the Swami may be older than 35. Who know if he had given the right age to that news article of 2002 that you posted above. You never know if a pathological liar claims is fact or make-believe.

  7. Did Nithy escape along with his consort Ranjitha? Or just alone?
    I hope this time he is not parivrajaka walking length and breadth of India.

  8. I should get my donations back. Do you guys know whom should I contact?

  9. I am beginning to wonder? could it be really morphed? I still cannot believe that he would stoop down so low......what a hypocrite!! For the goodness of Hindu Dharma, I wish he didn't even exist.

  10. This teaches a lesson for all the current and future Swamis not to consider Spirituality as Business.

  11. Can any of you answer - Nithyananda, Sadananda, Sachidananda, Medhananda, Sevakananda, Sahajananda, and other xyzAnanda

    Is there any more Cosmic Plan for 12/12/12 ?

  12. Sexy Sadie what have you done
    You made a fool of everyone
    You made a fool of everyone
    Sexy Sadie ooh what have you done

    Sexy Sadie you broke the rules
    You layed it down for all to see
    You layed it down for all to see
    Sexy Sadie oooh you broke the rules

    One sunny day the world was waiting for a lover
    She came along to turn on everyone
    Sexy Sadie the greatest of them all

    Sexy Sadie how did you know
    The world was waiting just for you
    The world was waiting just for you
    Sexy Sadie oooh how did you know

    Sexy Sadie you'll get yours yet
    However big you think you are
    However big you think you are
    Sexy Sadie oooh you'll get yours yet

    We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table
    Just a smile would lighten everything
    Sexy Sadie she's the latest and the greatest of them all

    She made a fool of everyone
    Sexy Sadie

    However big you think you are
    Sexy Sadie

  13. BS from Sachit..

  14. I see a possibility Nithyananda will commit suicide. To whom will he show his face? No doubt, sooner or later US temples and fund raising sources will be closed. In India people will spit on his face if he goes out. Not many will come to touch his feet. DMK or other local Govt and local people will create a legal hell and try to take away his ill-gotten wealth. So, the only option is, he has to die of humiliation. He does not previous training as parivrajaka also. He can not beg and eat like a REAL RESPECTABLE SANYASI. He may think, let me be reborn as a RAJA SANYASI, and try once more!!

  15. Came across this blog from the youtube videos that are percolating the net. I would like to put forward a request. Now that he has been exposed, it goes without saying that several of those who turned their lives upside down for him will first be in denial, then acceptance, and then want to leave. What are the options for them? How can they be helped to heal and return to a normal life in society? I think since this blog has achieved its primary purpose of exposing him, now it has to also provide a healing and clear path for those who wish to leave in a manner that respects their already hurt feelings. I have friends who practically gave up their plush jobs in the bay area to move to India/LA to be with him. Can you please provide a blog post to this regard without attacking them or ridiculing them for not listening to you. As you also were victims of his con for a while, you guys would surely be able to relate to what they feel. Let us do the real "healing" which is a human quality first and foremost.

  16. To the Anon who wrote " This teaches a lesson for all the current and future Swamis not to consider Spirituality as Business."

    To call Nithy's cut-throat SCAM a business is an insult to all honest business people running honest businesses providing real goods and services!

    Nithy runs a scam based on fraud & deception, it is not a charity nor a true business.

  17. Can somebody list the crimes he had committed?

    Putting aside the moral transgression of a Swami (did he also claimed to celibacy?) I only see two consulting adults in the video.

    Are there any professional lawyers looking at this blog? Can you list out the possible violations of law which the now soon would be ex-believers can bring on him?

  18. I just sent them a response in their blog

    Here is what I askd..

    "On a mission to re-establish the science of inner bliss in every individual. " Now how many indivuduals can afford a USD 6000 - 8000 course? " Here I see that the amount is distributed across luxurious facilities, travel & sight seeing and multiple course food affairs!
    Now is this a luxury cruise we are talking about or some form of spiritual stuff! I’d like to go here on my honeymoon!
    What if I really wanted to take the course, but would happily choose to sleep under a tree and eat whatever my little pocket can afford? Now won’t that sound sane and humane for a humble humane cause that you are propagadising?
    Or are you gonna say that the rooms are spiritualized and the food that is served has cosmic potentials (maybe they dont become shit or something!).
    It’s funny you bring it out that you are actually at a loss of USD 250 per individual. WOW! A Damn Divine sacrifice ! Impressive!
    So the course is actually free, but I have to pay for the mandatory luxuries!
    I like how you silly yourself like a looser by comparing Nithyananda to some meditation leader to justify the fees! Atleast that chap walks around as a smart gentleman free from orange disguises!

  19. If only Nithy had read this - the basic essence of spirituality - everyday

    Look at the damage he has inflicted on Sanatana Dharma and spirituality in general.

    Adding to my earlier post about the laws broken by Nithy - There should be a website for Swami's in training. Apparently, for modern Swami's Veda's, Bhagawad Gita and the Upanishad's are not enough to control their moral behaviour. They need a stick too - LAW OF THE LAND.
    Can somebody list the laws broken by Raja (I think its time we refer him by his original name)?
    This way we get some morality and legitamacy instead of ridicule, which is what Christian and Islamic ponitiff's are looking to exploit.

  20. " Those critters are cute in comparison. But
    you, Sri Nithyananda, posing as a holy man
    but behaving like a savage beast in heat,
    well, we think you belong in a zoo. "

    It was more the actress forcing on Nithy rather than he on her. Lets accept that. It looks like he has some problem down there.

  21. The Cosmic plan 0r 12/12/12

    Scene 1:

    Mr Rajashekaren probably will be released from prison around may be 11/11/11.

    Whith in a year he will start a Tantric work shop in the Ashram. By the time all the remaining Orange Clowns will be so sex starved and they will be looking for their Tantric awakening Workshop.

    Of course the huge buildings will not be there but who needs that any way.

    Few shaks are enough. Since he is so smart he will figure out a way of making money from both the Americans and the Indians.

    Tantric sex will be a big hit with the New age generation and this will fit with his revised lifestyle as an ex con.


  22. I want to know what is going in LA Ashram. I heard they are conducting business as usual.Since Karnataka and Tamil Nadu govt wants to arrest him and he is on the run, all his bank accounts would have been frozen. Is there any lawers amoung us who is knowledgable enough to file a law suit in India or USA so that we can recover some of our donations back.

    These people have to pay retribution. I think we should sue Popatji since he is the guy who runs the LA temple and must be one of the signaturies on the account. We can not stop at this. Let us go for the kill befor the Orange Clowns devide the money amoung them selves.

  23. My opinion :

    I think this is a fact. Yes, for lakhs of followers and Hindus in general who think that he was promoting Hinduism it will be a big loss and disappointment. It is mind shattering.

    But, I am not surprised by the news videos. He has not been an orthodox Hindu teacher from the beginning. He has been more of Osho style, except that he has Orange clothes, unfortunately. He started his career as a sanyasi in Hindu tradition. So that impression remained in people's mind. Though he later marketed himself as Nithyananda or Paramahamsa, and repeated that the rules do not apply to him, his public image remained as that of a sanyasi. He did not explicitly completely change his style and and image to a non-sanyasi. He did not declare that he has sex just like other males. If he had done that there would have been no damage now.

    The biggest mistake he did was to promote himself as GOD, a perfect One. To see this video is obviously infuriating to the people who have a different image in their hearts.

    He made the mistake of taking people for granted and thinking that he can do any thing and get away. He has to pay the price. He will pray the price. Most likely this is the end of his story.

    Enlightenment does not preclude one who has sex. Sex is no bar for Enlightenment. No single action or life style prohibits enlightenment. Samskaras (engrams) may/will bring one back to usual life style and level of consciousness.

    Enlightened man need not be a sadhu/saint as we traditionally prefer and imagine. A sadhu may not be enlightened.

    But, be sure that he is an accomplished Yogi who can impart Shaktipat and enlighten others. Probably, if someone with advanced state of mind goes to him his Shaktipat can open chances of enlightenment. I have direct experience of that (though I am not advanced in any way) and for that I am eternally grateful to him. But, this can not give him freedom to live as he likes, in the society. Society will and should punish him for failing their trust. That is how society works.

    This can not stop Hinduism in any way. Hinduism lives in those families who practice a Hindu life style daily. Yes, a new person has to come who can inspire again those who are Hindus only by birth and not practicing Hinduism.

    All is well.

  24. At the outset let me thank the blog for providing a forum for fair exchange of information on the subject cited without bias. One of the commenter wondered, how the victims, could be helped. As a person who has undergone similar shock and disappointment,when some one whom who elevate beyond doubt,load with respect, fall right before you eyes, like a crumbling cookie, you will be devasted. I felt the same way. I want to share my experience. How, it happened that I got over it. How it helpted me to be someone totally different, never again to fall for the same rut without being cynical or brittle.

    I took full responsibility for the mistake myself. I have none to blame. I trusted, I relied on some one. I thought here is a person, so appealing, based on my tradition, who could bail me out. I thought I can sail as a baby or a protected child . But when you stumble on the truth. It is totally different event.
    At first it leaves you, dumbstruck, numb, brittle . You feel cynical as if some one has cheated you and that you ought not to be cheated. But the truth is that nobody cheated me. I was trading my time, my resources, for an illusion. and what I ended up.An illusion. At this point , I want to quote,Nicholas Cage, in the movie, The Matchstick men, where he acts as a con man . He would say," I am not a con man. I am a con artist. my victims, willingly give what they have. All I need is appeal to the dormant greed in my victim." The rest is simple. That is what has happened in my case. Thank God, it was eye opener and what an eye opener that was. I have the greed dormant in me. The question is Can I live without it.?
    I seriously stated finding out if it is possible. I also questioned if it is possible to be at peace with myself without, conflict, without guilt, without hatred.
    It was not easy. Occasionally anger would surface. But you can handle it. No big deal.
    It did not make me hate my tradition, or the practices, I am born under and grown with. But I learnt a valuable lesson. Never, I shall yield to my greed. Never ever, I am certain, Nobody can ever take me for a similar ride again.
    It takes a while, but, please be kind to yourselves,please give yourself a chance. You can touch The peace. It was never not there. All my Guru-seeking and resulted in each self entertainment. All these robed monks and their sub-monks and clowns , help you to self hypnotize yourself.
    That does not mean you need to go about degrading every other monk. Let them mind their business. I will not be a victim again. That is for sure.
    I realized it. That which is beyond mind, what ever that may be, can not be expressed. Period. The following is what the event, taught me. Relax and be yourself and It will touch you. That does not make you fly or perform magic. But you would know that. You are at peace and nobody, I mean no force in the whole universe take that away from you. All you need to do is don't seek it. Don t mislead others.

    Life is short. Have pity on your fellow beings, they are as ignorant and greedy as you are and have been. Understand your plight , your state, your self, in that you will understand others, and other beings. It is not a rocket science. If you ever feel it, just keep it to yourself. As nobody can give it to you , you can not give it to others either. .If you attempt it, you will cause more damage to yourself and to others. That is what I want to share with you.

  25. All that happened is for Good - All that is happening is also for Good, and all that will happen in the further is also for good. Thats that advice i would give.

    Just move on with Life. These things keep happening, people who have been affected would have to take only the positive learning and leave the negative things behind and not to repeat it.

    Life doesn't stop for any anything. Change is the rule of nature, the person who accepts it lives a peaceful and happy life, the person who doesn't accept change would always keep complaining and grumbling in life.

    I was one of the person who was with him during his initial stages of establishment - but due to some circumstances or i would call it luck i was out after 1 year. I am well established and in a very good job today, i would say the things that i learned during my initial 1 year of stay with him helps me a lot even today.

    For people who were with him until this episode happened, don't worry, keep moving on with life with all that you have learned, you would certainly become a stronger person in life with all this experience. It makes you stronger than ever before and you need to thank Nithyananda for having thought you this lesson the hard way.

    If you need to talk to me - send me a mail at planetanand at hotmail dot com

  26. what u said is 100percent correct. this bastard chutyanand should be hanged in public

    No, no please. Let us not stoop so low. He is a shameless fraud who defrauded millions of people. For this the better punishment is to just let him rot in jail. By hanging him (that is like crucifying) this slime ball will be known in history in few hundred years as another Jesus (I know nothing of Jesus and this is not meant to ridicule Jesus here btw).

    Just what I am saying is, us humans getting him hanged is making him a Jesus like person.

    Instead let him lead a dog's life in some high security prison. Either he will go into voluntary "Maha Samadhi" kill himself or will rot in humiliation.

  27. - Nithyananda wanted his face on every book he sold. He has it all now his ugly face on all videos in youtube demostrating his teachings very practically.
    - Nithyananda you wanted to own a country, now your dream is over. or wait maybe you will open a new country where free sex is allowed. Just like osho. go for it!
    - Nithyananda, you fooled people and duped them and snatched the precious years of their life. Now i hope the govt and law with snatch the same (wealth, property, and years) from your life.
    - Nithyananda just like osho you wanted your disciples to wear your mala to work, change their names legally to put in your name. Imagine the disgrace and mockery these people will face now. All people with your name are doomed now. What a fame.
    - Nithyananda you thought that the rule of karma does not work on you, how else are you going to explain this? Your pot of bad karma was full and broke to pieces now.

  28. I won't be surprised if he is never caught. I already have this feeling that he and his goondas have escaped to some remote island with all the money collected over years and having a ball of a lifetime. I heard that all over the world his ardent followers called for emergency meetings to discuss the next steps.
    I do realize that it is human to not rub this into the followers face, but what about the treatment they gave to non-followers. The Nithy-followers were so caught up in their obsession to their Guru that any fellow being not into their Guru was non-existence. In profane words they treated non-followers as shit. I am just wondering how they are going to face their friends and family whom they have isolated and ridiculed. Sorry to say this but I am waiting to see their reaction.
    However, I would give a big thumbs up to you guys for helping so many people on the borderline realize before making the biggest mistake of their lives.
    This Blog had become my few mins of entertainment each day. I will miss it.

  29. hi people ,
    having relationship in bed is noy wrong
    although alll the people have it
    but saying he is a god then it a wrong
    so nobody is perfect unless hhis story comes out so dont iamaite hom so much iam not a devotee of him but as a citizen i expressed my views

  30. A Tape recorder can play Bhagavad Geeta casette on and on.
    Does it make Tape recorder enlightened?
    No, it will not.

    Similarly we come across Swamis giving lectures on scriptures in a nice way.
    That does not mean that all of them are enlightened, they are more like "Tape recorder".

    Folks ... wake up.

  31. The REAL parivarajaka for Nithys is started..along with his darlin Ranji

  32. I guess his 360 degree vision didnt come in handy to detect the hidden camera....


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