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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More YouTube Videos About 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Fraud

'Swami' Nithyananda is a Riot! and His Spin on His Sin Has Spun Out

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda.  We don't know where you are, but we know that you can hear us.  We imagine that you, Sri Nithyananda, are hiding in some closet some place.  It might be a foreign country, but definitely a closet.

Hey, Sri Nithyananda, those videos just don't seem to go away.  You were successful in knocking off the very first video, but then they just kept coming.  Maybe this is the 'Blue Ocean' strategy at work.  It's just too many too soon and it's swallowing you.

We're tired, Sri Nithyananda, but we would like to get a few more of these videos up for everyone. In this video, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, sure certainly inspired and transferred a lot of energy.  Look!  A riot in your honor.  Why we bet that Swami Vivekananda never inspired followers quite like that.  We're sure, that you, Sri Nithyananda, can brag about that in your next book.  Perhaps, that book will be published while you're in jail, but that's a minor detail.  But, don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, jail isn't so bad.  Your idle, Osho, spent some time there.  And, you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, can now claim that you were crucified just like Jesus Christ.  Well, not many people will believe you, Sri Nithyananda, but some of your followers might relate.  Here, let's take a look at all that rioting:

Sri Nithyananda, those guys look pretty angery. Were these the husbands of the ladies you, Sri Nithyananda, gave your special 'healing' energy? Were they the brothers of these ladies? Were they the cousins? The uncles? The parents? You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, sure know how to make people come together and really accomplish something.

Look, here, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Do you remember about how you lectured about not chiseling people? Well, apparently these rioters all have their muladhara chakras (root centers) locked. Look, they are really chiseling you. And, look! Further proof that their muladhara chakras are locked. They still have burning desires that never seem to tire. Don't let all that smoke get into your eyes, Sri Nithyananda. And, look, there's a very efficient person. He's cleaning his shoes and your mouth at the same time. Isn't that touching, Sri Nithyananda?

And, in this video, Sri Nithyananda, we have more of the same, but at 6:09, we can see your spokesperson came out and defended the indefensible. It reminded us just like Karna in the Mahabharata. You remember, Sri Nithyananda, he was the 'good guy' on the wrong side. As great as he was and generous as he was, he still went down with the sinking ship of the Kauravas. Sri Nithyananda, we really don't want your good people to drown in your Blue Ocean Strategy. Please offer them a lifeboat and a chance to get out. Anyway, here is the video:

Here's a full transcript of what your spokesperson said @6:09:
This is in response to the defamatory video on Paramahamsa Nithyananda aired by SunTV on the night of March 2nd, 2010. At this moment, we feel that a mix of conspiracy, graphics, and rumor are at play in these recent events (or trends) that have unfolded. We are working on a legal recourse of action and will come up with updates in due course of time. These times, we would wish to assure the laks (100,000) of devotees, and well-wishers, whose sentiments have been deeply hurt by this conspiracy. We thank all devotees and disciples for standing with us during these times.

In the past seven years of his (Nithyananda's) public life, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been a transformation of force in the lives of over two million people across numerous countries, around the world. The powerful truths he lives and shares and his personality and authenticity have made his teaching relevant across religion and class. Those who have experienced the compassion and ways of Swamiji, no further proof is necessary.

Yet, we request that you recall the life solutions of Swamiji that have provided a powerful spiritual anchor for millions in these turbulent times. Let the clarity of your experience speak for itself and give you the inner-strength to tie you over the difficult times.

For those whose allegation might be your introduction to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, we wish to convey that Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam is a worldwide movement, which is committed to bringing a true awakening to all irrespective to race, gender, or nationality. Reviving the timeless Vedic wisdom, in the light of modern living, the Mission creates opportunities for powerful transformation for the individual and the community. In keeping with Vedic culture, the Nithyananda Order includes married couples and families from traditional and reputed families. All brahmacharis (male monks) and brahmacharins (female monks) are enrolled only with the written consent of their parents.

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam services includes meditation, anti-addiction (??) centers, and castes (??) touching over 2,000 people. Over 7,000 ordained healers, healing over 20,000 people globally everyday. 10,000 meals distributed every week at ashrams, schools, medical camps, and to the needy. Over 30 Vedic temples and ashrams worldwide. Meditation programs in prisons and in schools.
Boy Sri Nithyananda, we agree with your spokesperson about the graphics part. Seeing you share all that energy with that lady was certainly graphic. And, Sri Nithyananda, what type of updates will you really being coming up with? We don't think that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, should be up on any more dates until this blows over. And, you, Sri Nithyananda, are thanking all those people who are standing by you during these times, but how about all those ladies who are not standing by you but instead they are laying besides you. Will you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, thank them too? So, when you, Sri Nithyananda, said that you share powerful truths were these same powerful truths you, Sri Nithyananda, shared with that lady? And, when you said that your teachings were relevant across religions and class, does that mean that you, Sri Nithyananda, would do just about any lady who is willing?

And, when you, Sri Nithyananda said that those who have experienced your compassion and ways, such as beating, hitting, torturing, mind games, etc, no further proof is necessary. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, we agree. No further proof is necessary to show us that you are pure fraud and should be placed in a prison. And, when you mention about the transformation for the individual and the community, does that mean what happens in your bedroom (for the individual) and the riots (for the community)? Yes, we can agree to that. And, Sri Nithyananda, when you say that you 'touched over 2,000 people', is that the same touch we saw in your bedroom? Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you get around more than Wilt ChamberlainAnd, what exactly do you mean by "healing over 20,000 people globally every day?" Is this the same globes you're healing like on that lady friend in that video?

And, finally, Sri Nithyananda, we have this video of you giving one of your lectures side-by-side with that graphical illusion that some high tech person who obviously works at Pixar must have created to make this conspiracy look so realistic. Here's the video:

Wow, Sri Nithyananda, we can remember one of your best lectures is where you mentioned that people always project something much greater than themselves in the outer world than they really are in their private world. We have to thank you for demonstrating this so clearly for us. It must have been a real effort to look so ridiculously silly, we mean only an 'enlightened' master could possibly stoop so low just to give us that graphical understanding. We are all in your debt, Sri Nithyananda. In fact, there's lots of people in debt because of you. Some of our contributors are on the verge of losing their homes and have lost their families because of you. Perhaps, Sri Nithyananda, you can repay your debt to society sooner than you think. Don't worry, Sri Nithyananda; we'll work hard for you on that issue.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 87: Eighty-seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 109: One hundred and nine days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. After all this - there are ardent believers who are still in denial.

    An email sent by an member in distress vedictempledallas& (of which I am a member too) asking for the truth was rebuked.
    See below...

    "I can not view the actual stream due to my security settings but I can say one thing.
    Sending out messages like this and in this format is not the way to go.
    Are we measuring the implications of sending a misleading link to the whole yahoo group, especially a spiritual group?
    The yahoogroup should not be misused like this."

    The member asked a simple question...

    "Is this true??"

    with a link to the video

  2. Existence has really come through on this! After leaving Nithyananda few months ago after realzing it is a fraud, I had lost all hope on all Gurus, spirituality, religon, God etc.

    At that point I said to existence/God - if there is divinity, if there is any dharma in the world at all, this Nithyananda should go down, and go down really badly to put big huge stop to all fake Gurus. Little did I realize my wish would come true so quickly and so wonderfully! (I thought this would never happen in my lifetime and I am in my early 40s)

    And my wish came true in ways I had not even imagined. Thank you Divine! I never imagined this blog or Nithyatales etc. will be successful in bringing Nithy down. I thought at the most they can do some harm to Nithyananda but not much. Sun TV and the sting operation have really come through to bring Nithyananda crashing down so bad, this is just simply amazing. A moment to celebrate, quite honestly.

    I am sorry for those who had to realize Nithyananda was a fake yesterday and how much this hurts, but people like me who left before and were completely ostracized by the organizaiton and former so called friends, this is vindication at its best. I am sorry to write this.

    But for a fake Guru, where the organization continously without qualm lied about his biography, his logo and every other thing, this is simply the most deserved thing to have happened. they spin everything into something so easily, that they think all people are fools. The bitch who is the city coordinator from city in the US, spins and spins and spins. And now she has the adacity to call close devotees and tell them, this video is fake and do not watch it. This bitch too should go to jail. I sorry to use such language. This is organized fraud just like you guys have been telling for months now in this blog. They are all involved in this fraud.

    So finally yes March 2nd shoudl be celebrated. All people including those millions hurt on Mar 2nd, once you all heal, literally March 2nd should be celebrated as the "Fake Guru busting day!" annually. We can have Nithyananda's effigy and burn it every year on this day.

    Thank you Divinity for restoring my faith!

  3. Nithyananda Fraud GuruMarch 3, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    For those who know Telugu, watch this:

    Telugu news preort

    This is surely the biggest Guru busting in history I think!

  4. Swami Nithyananda gets a Blow Job

    Check this video hosted by Nakheeran's more improvised!

    Guess YouTube should mark this video as "Adults Only".

    BTW Kudos to Expose Nithyananda. Job Well Done!!

  5. You are being boring. And you put so much attention to this "battle" you created in your mind.

    I ask myself if these news are that big... If this is really important? Or the beneficial of the master's words are important? It depends on how you want to see things. (I see clearly how people create their own hell...)

    Only fantasious people give so much importance to this negative things... Life is bigger than that Nithyananda Mission Battle Cruzade you want to maintain. Wake up! Is this all you have? What is really important in this life? To have control of your own mind and life is important. That's all.

    Play no more with this fantasy you created. Be in peace with yourself and with others. If you feel you won this battle now its time to run your life, to do nice things, go for the right feelings and actions.

    So what will you do now?

    Be in peace.

  6. This is an interesting link

  7. OMG!!! I'm freaked out. This is the HIGH time for the ppl to escape from this expensive Cult.

  8. You guys have done a great job .This is the time to come out and Sue these fraud(frauds) for the financial losses so many have faced .The truth is out and there is no harm in coming out in to the public and support each other.I'm sure there are so many victims (who lost thousands of dollars in the name of donations)are ready to sue .Thanks a lot to" Expose" nithyananda.

  9. totally agree. They (Nithyananda foundation) think they will get away with such ridiculous explanation - graphics, my foot! I agree the sting operation would had to pay such hefty sums to pixar animation to create this LOL.

    I have heard volunteers are telling the followers 'never to see the video". Why, may I ask? Are you scared they will not believe your "graphics joke" after they have seen it for themselves.

    I agree that his insiders(like sachit and others) need a way out, but Sachit is digging his own grave by this public statement of support. Of course he is just supporting his Master.

    Yes, Sachit is fully aware of girls going in and out of his room, along with Gopika who does the arrangements for the same. They are convincing themselves of some make belief excuse that enlightened masters are allowed all this! These people will not get it till they are all jailed with him.

    How dumb of all ashramites and followers to still be connected with the mission. They are so blind as to not question this. If they dont wake up now, trust me they never will!

  10. BENGALURU: Angry devotees and local villagers vandalized the ashram of Swami Nithyananda at Bidadi near Bengaluru after a television sting operation exposed his romp with a Tamil actress.

    The swami was caught in a compromising position with the actress in Tamil Nadu, where he has a huge following..

    Nityananda got into more trouble with the forest department raiding his ashram and seizing sandalwood stocked in a hideout.

    An inquiry has been initiated and appropriate action would be taken, said a senior forest official. Several irregularities at the ashram have also come to light.

    Villagers attacked the ashram at Bidadi and similar attacks have been reported on his ashrams in Coimbatore and other places in Tamil Nadu.

    Huge boards and pictures of the Swamiji were pulled and torn by protestors. Glass panes of the ashram were damaged.

    Some houses near the ashram were destroyed in a fire. It is not know whether it was an act of arson.

    Although Nityananda has not reacted to the scandal, some of his devotees said the video was a mix of conspiracy, graphics and rumour.

    One of his followrs Sachidanandaswamy said"We are working on a legal course of action...In these trying times, we wish to reassure the lakhs of devotees and well-wishers whose sentiments have been deeply hurt by this conspiracy"

    The romp show was first telecast on Sun TV.

    Some reports identify the actress to be Ragasudha while some others identify the woman as Ranjita.

  11. Check the 2 parts 10 minutes each in youtube
    search "nithyananda nakkheeran" will point to "gautamcool" users videos. There is one more person posted the same videos.

    R-Rated especially after 6 minutes

  12. If this fraud is a healer why is he taking pills to get an erection. Why does he not heal his erectile dysfunction? I suspect a hearty kick at his family jewels will correct that problem permanently.

  13. I hope Ranjitha and other ladies that are involved are going to be safe.

  14. It seems Nithyananda's organization is fighting on copy rights violation of that video.
    What a joke :)

  15. Nithy might say "Lord Indra got jealous of my name and fame. Sent Menaka (Ranjitha) to disturb my tapas".

  16. IT looks like Nithyananda Swamigal has gone to hiding!

    The following info is form Guruphiliac:
    Jody - This is the safe and best youtube link with 2 parts complete by user gauthamcool on youtube (R-Rated for sure)

    The latest information is that he is missing based on PTI reports: Press Trust Of India
    Bangalore/Chennai, March 03, 2010
    First Published: 22:03 IST(3/3/2010)
    Last Updated: 22:08 IST(3/3/2010)

    A self-styled godman has gone "missing" after video footage of his alleged sleazy acts were aired on a leading Tamil TV channel in Chennai, which were dismissed by his ashram as "morphed images".

    Nityananda Swami, who is quite popular attracting a large number of devotees with his lucid style of interpreting philosophies of life and makes appearances on TV channels, was purportedly shown on the channel in a compromising position.

    "He is missing," said Devaraj, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Ramanagaram district, under whose limits the ashram is located at Bidadi near Bangalore.

    The Bangalore-based ashram manager Sevananda today filed a complaint with police, stating he had received calls from Chennai, threatening to expose the alleged sleazy activities of Swami, in his early thirties, hailing from Thiruvanamalai in Tamil Nadu.

    In the complaint, Sevananada said the caller threatened to provide the "footage" to the media and had demanded money not to release it. Sevananada said the clippings showing Swami in poor light are "morphed".

    The ashram has several branches across India and 13 abroad.

    After the video clippings were aired, many people gathered before the ashram.

    Meanwhile at Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, said a committee would be formed to look into what action can be taken into the incident.

    Endorsing the view that such incidents involving self-styled godmen are "on the rise" in the state, he said the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department "will see what action can be taken in such cases."

  17. To Nithyananda Fraud Guru who tried to post at 1:51 p.m. PST.

    Sorry, your first link to the article did not work. Could you please repost? Thanks.

    Jai Maa.

  18. I would like to address the process of rebuilding ,redefining who we think we are amidst the whirlpool of emotions of anger ,hatred,pain of abandonment which all devotees of this fake Swami are bound to feel.I left this organisation last year thanks to this blog which was a real eye opener.Today people asking "why did he have to do this?"in anguish.Some people are falling apart and others in denial still and don't want to see the videos.It is really sad.It's going to take time to heal and understand that this experience is coming to us at this time for some reason and not give up the quest to know God.Paramahansa Yogananda says "Everything else can wait but your search for God cannot wait" Nothing is said to be a coincidence in this universe. May be to know spirituality we have to understand what spirituality is not.First may be we can start seeing this swami who really was a seeker in the beginning and acquired some tantric powers and instead of progressing furthur fell into trap of power, money and sensual pleasures.He will face the consequences but one can feel pity for his human failings which led to his downfall.
    What can we learn from this dabacle?
    No one can give us enlightenment and the only path is to go inward and discover the divine self.I deeply wish that the divine will give solace,comfort and courage to every one to get over this calamity of the ultimate betrayal of the so called master.
    Om shanthi,shanthi,shanthi

  19. Looks like there is too much jubilation about the Rasaleela of Rajasekeran.

    I left the organization after hearing that his time line was fraudelent. I am not arguing that his actions were ok. Looks like Rajasekeran has a flaw in his character and something happened in the last two years that he became dangerous to himself.

    My argument is this if the room service was going on for sevral years then the clowns like
    Bakthananda, Medhananda, Sachit, Gopika, her ex husband, the orange clowns in Montclair have to be punished first. They were the people who were marketing him as an enlightened master to the public. These people are more guilty than the person who committed the act. These frontline people have to apolegise to the thousnds of people. They are infact more guilty than Rajasekeran.

    We have to ask these questions:

    What made them to be silent by supplying girls.

    In fact they were sending the girls to the room promising enlightenemnt?

    In fact I noticed the girls in Bididi were so gullible especially the local ones, they probably think they were going to have an affair with god himself!!!!

    Once again I am not supporting Rajasekeran but the first line of guards have to be interrogated. May be they were picking their victims and sending them to their destiny.

    I think these people have to be interrogated by the authorities and punished.

  20. Does anyone has any idea who are people close to him. The way things have been organised especially the courses ( various levels of courses) , powerpoint presentations and then correspondence course on meditation , and the organised marketing I suspect there must be some smart ( fraud) people working with him

  21. I agree with the comment above about grilling people around him.
    My thoughts are as follows:

    A>Medhananada etc are all fraud. I have attended one or two sessions where they always have created and told stories, most of them about wonders about Rajsekharan. Only the people who chose to be gullible would believe that.
    Once they are neck deep into it they knew that their success depends on succesful marketing, which they keeps on doing even now.

    B>Other option, which I don't think can be true is the fact that they have been true followers of Nithyananda and whatever good happened to them has happened as an effect of Self fulfiling prophecy. Now with their trust level increased they might have seen this guy doing these things ( whether with girls or making devotees work like slaves at Ashram) and have passed them as "Bhagwan Leela"

  22. hey people....lets get on with our work and not make this worthless topic a priority. i understand it is a big disaster in many peoples believes,but for all you know it may be just another huge publicity stunt,u never know. lets stop wasting time on this and press on,get back to work and do our share of improvement for the country and humanity as a whole.

  23. Guyz. Please send email to Montclair Mayor and Mayors of other cities where he has temples.

    Educate them about what Nithyananda has done and how he has been exposed by Indian media. Also provide information about how he has been looting the IRS...

  24. Do you the devotees of ex-Swami Nithyananda remember how he used to say, how with his intelligence, he can build a 1 Billion Dollar company, easily?

    So much for his intelligence!!

  25. I remember him telling us that the jewels alone for the devi darshan cost Rs 1 Crore (more than 200k USD). That was required because he was in devi conciousness. Now I know where all the money I paid for IA and LBE went to- Charitable Causes LOL!!!! I was there on Dec 31st for the Devi Darshan and this female Ranjitha got up during the darshan and started clicking pictures of Nithyananda dressed as a lady using her own digital camera and no one said shit. I got another inside info from a brahmachari who recently left telling me that she had infinite power in bidadi ashram and nithyananda would just destroy anyone whom she complained against .

  26. I WAS WRONG, YOU WERE RIGHT ! HOPE THIS HELPS !!! Avatar Purusha - Lol!

  27. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Swamiji is God (SIG), thanks for the comment above. This is not a question of being 'right' or 'wrong' or a 'win' and or a 'defeat'. All of us that were at one time deeply committed to Nithyananda's Mission and the Life Bliss Foundation had suffered big loses or at best had very hard, but powerful spiritual learning opportunities. After experiencing such huge loses, we felt that it was best to try to warn others so that they would not have to endure what we experienced, and also, hope to get some of the really good people out from the cult’s trap. We would definitely include you as one of those really good people that made all these efforts worthwhile. We could sense your sincerity, and you expressed yourself with knowledge you had gained from your heart. No one can ever fault you for that. We're very glad that you can now see clearly, and perhaps a few more devotees can also see and wake up, and hopefully start new lives.

    We hope that you do continue your quest for spirituality, but only use this experience to strengthen your resolve. May Divinity in any form and all forms be with you to bless you on your path.

    Also special thanks for making this blog a better and richer experience. Your contributions made one heck of a good post with nearly 100 comments. That's our top one, and we could never have done it without you.

    Take care.

    Jai Maa.

  28. I think in order to help more people in India realize about his cult, Please create another blog stating only the points without the extended parts and do it fast, especially the posts with all his lies and how he abused ashramites, create one with the posts to the allegations about similar acts with ashramites in USA. Please do it fast and Email the following people before all this hype dies down and it will get immediately published and all people in india will get to know about all these things about him also. Send the new blog's link to the following people : Nakkeeran, Sun News and Dinakaran. Please do it. Tell them you are ex ashramites from USA and you realized long back that he was a fraud and you put up this site to warn people and lots in India are ignorant about his various wrong doings, please put this up so they will be informed. The police will arrest him once they read the contents of this blog.

  29. Thank you for your good wishes. I wish you also the best for your future and may you live happily ever after. It was a HUGE lesson for all of us involved. What hurts me the most is the betrayal of trust he has committed against so many devotees. Can you believe a couple of parents actually came and handed over their daughters to the ashram to become brahmacharinis ? Inspite of commenting on this blog I had my own apprehensions about the financial working of the org, so much of money is generated during IA and not one buck was spent on charitable causes. All the photos of various charitable activities conducted put on the site are bogus, all the funding for it is done by the local organizers and the ashram does not even give 1 Re. I was expecting a financial scam not a sexual one. Guess the real divinity will show you the way !!!

  30. All these private temples poping up everyday and temples like these are money making business, nothing to do with spirituality. I've seen many of such temples poping up in the united states. people should visit public temples not private temples. private temples are like nityananda asharams, where the owner priest is nityananda.

  31. At least OSHO had the balls to face whatever came his way. He didn't run and hide like a coward.

    Props to him for that.


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