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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fraud Protection: Nithyananda's PR Machine in High Gear

Nithyananda's Cooking Class with Cult Master Chef Rajiv Malhotra, First Cook the Books, then Grease the PR, and Wait and Wait and Wait...Until Roasting is Done

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda.  Wow, we're really glad to see you looking very chipper and lively.  That is quite a change from your last terrorist-quality video.  In that video, you, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, looked like something that the cat wouldn't even bother to drag home.  See?  Just a little bit of abstinence does wonders!  Will you be including these personal findings in your next talk?

And, the production qualities of this video are a major improvement.  We see the lights, the sound, the backdrop, everything is very professional.  How did your crew find you in Kumb Mela?  Your spokesperson, sometimes-Swami 'Stonewall' Sachitananda, said so sincerely that you were 'somewhere' in Kumb Mela.  Did you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda have their malas (rosaries) beam into you?  Just amazing.

Wow, that was quite a grilling from one of your followers.  'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, so you really think it is a good idea to impart such knowledge that could later be used against you like Rajiv Malhotra did?  Wow, shivering.

And, 'Swami' Nithyananda, why were you squirming throughout the interview?  Some of our readers thought you should be called 'squirmiji'.  When we saw that, we instantly remembered one of our favorite Indonesian sayings:
"Kaya cacing kepanasan"
which means, wiggling like a heated worm.  'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, were you tapping into one of your hidden energy centers or were you just missing your room service ladies?  Let's take a look at your interview now:

So, back to back to your friend, Rajiv Malhotra.  Let's see if we have this straight.  Rajiv Malhotra is an independent 'researcher' and writer from Princeton that has taken the 21-day "Inner Awakening" program who came running to interview you and never once ask the 2,000-pound-elephant-in-the-bedroom question about if that was you, the porno star, doing all those steamy things in those blue movie videos.  Not a word.  But, we did hear the blueprint of strategy.  Delay.  Post 'facts' on your internet, and wait till the next big scandal takes away all the steam and attention that is on you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  Wow, he said he was going to ask the 'tough' questions, instead, you had another yes-man agreeing to your strategy.   Hmmm,  we found that Sri Rajiv Malhotra is the President (nice worldly title) of the Infinity Foundation.  But, after palling around with you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, inside that little harem tent of yours, we really wonder if Sri Rajiv Malhotra is not the President of the Infinity Foundation, but actually the President of the Infidelity Foundation.  Then, we would know, Sri Nithyananda, that indeed Sri Rajiv Malhotra really is your disciple.

Just in case any of our readers have a problem that independent researcher and writer (yes, we saw those blogs he does, dreadful) Sri Rajiv Malhotra is supporting and legitimizing a proven sex offender (that's you, 'Swami' or was it Squirmy Nithyananda), we thought that we should include the contact to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Princeton University, just in case our readers also wanted to do some independent research and writing about Sri Rajiv Malhotra:
Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Princeton University
9 Nassau Hall, Princeton NJ 08544-5264, U.S.A.
Phone: 609-258-3021
Fax: 609-258-2168
'Swami' Nithyananda, we hope that through all these times that we mentioned Sri Rajiv Malhotra name, that if anyone searched for Sri Rajiv Malhotra, then they will know that he stood by you to the very end.  Now that's a loyal follower.

To be continued...


  1. What sort of a charade is this trumped up interview ? Not a word on what really matters. Not as much as a word about the video. Nithy's spin factory expects the viewer to be so credulous, as to lump this farce. They hope that by highlighting these so called issues, they can make everyone forget about the video. Any half sensible person, would come away from watching this video with the firm conviction that Nithy has no answer to any of the questions that really matter. This is like three fools who lost a ring in a dark spot but decided among themselves to search for the ring under a street lamp a few miles away- just becaused it would be easier to search there. For most of us it is now just all too obvious- the scales have fallen and it just gets worse with each moment.

  2. This interview is a joke!

    I don't think Mr.Rajiv Malhotra is on the same planet as the rest of us.

  3. This video is an insult to an average human being's intelligence. They are making fools of themselves.

  4. We should call him "Squirmy Ji." He can't wait to run away from that camera toward the end there ... Jai Hanuman!!! This is completely ridiculous. I only hope that his bribe money does not get him out of what he deserves. Truly, I have come to know Ravana. Thank you for posting this and for providing this forum. It is very helpful for those of us transitioning away from the "la-la" lifestyle under his spell.

  5. "Swamiji will be arriving from Kumbh Mela soon. He will be addressing a press conference. Stay tuned."


    Stay tuned for more evasiveness and more spin doctoring.

    His Horniness will wax eloquent on how many free meals are served everyday (did Goddess Lakshmi produce the money to buy the food, or was it stolen from poor devotees?), and how many "thousands" of people are given free "healing", yada yada.

    "Sex scandal? Vaat sex scandal?"

  6. Latest - Filthy Nithy Oil Massage Video - ~30MB file of 8 mins and 58 secs of Filthy Nithy Oil Massage.

    Although link says 'message' the video is of Filthy Nithy Oil Massage

    click on free download and then download

    This should be posted on desivideonetwork and youtube all over the place

  7. This video has damaged LifeBlissFoundation more than they think. Do they think we are nuts? Honestly, if Nithyananda admitted his faults, seeked forgiveness, did penance and came back, I would have respect for him. But this charade?

    Rajiv is objective and independant, of course as he claims!!!The guy admits in the end that he benefitted immensely from Nithyananda's programs. Wow, that is objectivity!

    He heard about the scandal, flew from US in 3 days, went to Kumbha mela and guess what? He has finished his thorough investigation. This guy will put Sherlock Holmes to shame.

    He keeps on looking at his notes..Of course, the questions were prepared so that only the answers for which Nithyananda was prepared could be put forth. No questions on the video, his birthdate, wanderings, chocolate miracle claims etc.

    LifeBliss, Please continue posting such nonsense as now it is confirming that you are losing your sanity. For us, only Truth matters and we can judge sense from nonsense better than the crap you post like these nonsense interview.

  8. adding a note to previous post of latest filthy nithy video oil massage

    it was disgusting to watch how the poor woman was hypnotized into being a slave to the filthy nithy sex predator and perverted hedonist.

    all while watching the disgusting clip please do NOT treat it as entertainment, please imagine the poor woman to be our own daughter, sister, wife, mother.

  9. Question to Nityananda :
    1. If Nithy is in Kumb Mela, show us the video or any proof of Nity currently in Kumb Mela.I guess, Kumb Mela, has never been an event where photography or videography is banned. So Nithy, if u r genuine, publish pics or vids of u attending the Mela.Hope this can not be stamped as a security issue. Please be genuine in publishing,u attending the curent Mela and not any other religious festival that may give an impression of Kumb Mela.

    2. If Nithy is so genuine and true and this man Malhotra is an independent writer, why there is not a single question about the video?

    3. In the previous press conference from Nithy's senior inmates, the video event was referred as a laser precision tech. and said it was made by hiding the camera in the A/C and with satellite connection etc. And also it was told and questioned by Nithy's spokesman, that this could not have been done by a single poorly educated person like Lenin, and some more hands are behind. So, that means, you are indirectly accepting that this event has taken place.

    4. Nihty has been commenting that he has not done anything illegal. Yes, 2 concerned parties indulging in sex in not illegal, but the question here is whether u indulged in sex with that lady in that video or not.

    5. Your willingness to put forward all ur accounts and documents about other allegations is appreciated. But make it clear, if the person in that video is Nithy or not. Make it clear, if you deny that it is not you and it is not Ranjitha. Place in your website, substantial evidence to prove that the video and the acts in that video is not by Nithy and Ranjitha.

    Nithy's body language in this latest interview, itself reveals how much he is trying to hide the truth an managing to put up a clean show.

    It would be better for Nithy, to maintain silence, so that at least in the silence people will try to forget and forgive your cheating.

    Nithy, the more you try to deny, the more you yourself will invite trouble.

    May God have mercy on you. Do not sin again. Go in peace and keep quite.

  10. I am laughing my guts out.. They seem to know themselves its getting tougher to cover-up & conceal the more they try to do so. I think they can instead try talking about some totally unrelated topic..that might help..Nithyanandam, try discussing abt US politics with your Princeton buddy.

  11. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks! Yes, the link posted by anon @8:03 PM:

    leads to a download of yet another Nithyananda video. This time he gets ready for a slick PR session. Maybe that was snake oil? Maybe he was getting ready to grease some palms? Ironically, it happened on Christmas Day (Dec. 25), so you know it was a holy act.

    To download the file, we did have to register, which was easy enough. No viruses were detected from the file. Please post on YouTube, but do it an expendable account. Looks like the cult's vigilant center has convinced YouTube to pull many of Nithyananda's self-revealing porn flicks. They probably claimed that they were indecent or that they violated copyrights for skin or something like that.

    Thanks for all of your support.

    Jai Maa.

  12. @ "we should call him 'Squirmy-ji'"
    How about "Smarmy-ji"?!

  13. Best Actor : The Oscar goes to "SexAnanda" sorry Nithyananda.

  14. Is this the kind of research that a Princeton Prof does?! He should be fired from Princeton for being an idiot!!
    Where are the questions about the REAL issue?
    What's with Swamiji overly acting, like a bobblehead doll?
    Stupidest interview ever!!
    "Independent" my @ss!

  15. My Questions:
    1. Mr.Sacchidananda said in his press conference that he knows nothing more about swamis whereabouts other than that he is attending Kumbha mela. If so, how did this suddenly flown down man go meet the swami all equipped for an interview?
    2. The scandal began and will end with the sex video tape. Why was nothing about it asked at all? Its a shame that the peetam had to setup an insignificant so called researchers interview to (TRY TO) convince the masses!
    3. On Sun TV, a concerned Police individual told the Tv that finding out thru lab tests about authenticity of such videos is a very simple thing these days. Now why has the report not come out as yet? Is money speaking all these while ?

  16. Did u notice that only 9 people have commented on the press conference video while over 20,000 people have watched it? Of course they deleted all the negative comments and comments regrding the EDITED UNEDITED part..
    But its funny they could arrange only 9 youtube users to sing praises!
    @Peetam people, its just a matter of minutes to setup a new id. Make more id's and sing praises in different words..wil look better and convincing!

  17. What a funny video! I thought Swami was smarter but here he is discussing about irrelevant stuff.

    Who cares about other details? The WORLD wants to know if it was Swamiji in that Sun TV video. If it wasn't him, why didn't he openly say that he didn't do it? Why was the interviewer asking only questions for which Swami had easy answers. They set up the whole interview and asked only stuff that were minor. And look at the way Swami says that the matter will settle down soon. Yes, he hopes all the "matters" will settle down if he "settles" a deal somewhere.

    He is indirectly accepting that it was him in the video and still some people trust him? I don't understand.

    The way he was answering questions somehow gave away that there might be many more room service ladies.

  18. Just another thought about the PIL against filthy nithy's videos on TV and also latest comment by Karnataka CM that filthy nithy's videos on TV is in "bad taste".

    If the same logic is applied why Indian Govt. or nobody else protested against degrading women in IPL cricket matches by using cheerleaders?

    Please imagine if you would want your daughter, sister, wife, mother being degraded in the IPL cricket matches as cheerleader.

    My earnest request, plea, begging from all you is to BOYCOTT IPL matches on ALL fora until degrading women as cheerleaders is STOPPED.

    PLEASE BOYCOTT following any IPL cricket match info on ANY website, newpaper or TV

    Thank you very much

  19. Wow, do they think public are sooo dumb that this pathetic pathetic attempt to drive away the attention from the scandal will help them? And they choose some random devotee of theirs to ask these 'honest' questions..?? LMFAO... You guys are pathetic..!

    I cant for the (un)edited press conference footage of nithy.. That for sure will be the last nail on his coffin..

  20. Rajiv Malhotra said he went to India when he learned about the allegations, to do his own independent research, and after the investigation he landed in Nithyananda's camp to conduct interview. Does anyone believe this? I believe, he already signed up for Nithyananda's Kumbha Mela program, and all this interview business is setup as an eye wash. Nithyananda knows how to use people for his advantage. Otherwise, a smart independent researcher goes all the way in a 18 hr flight and does not ask the most important question. Rajiv, do you want the viewers to believe this?

    Also, you have done this Nithyananda's all programs including 3 week $ 6,000 program, and still want to call as independent researcher? How can you say that the career reporters of Deccan Herald or Times of India or The Hindu are other news papers are not independent.

    Please know that because they are very smart and how to come up with list of issues very fast, the news came out that Nithyananda owns 21 acres and 10 guntas land, which is against Karnataka Land rules. You did not raise this sole owner issue after your thorough independent research, having gone all the way from Princeton.

    If you have courage, ask him can a Hindu Sanyasi of Sankaracharya tradition have sex ? Can a Guru use female disciples and devotees for sex? Can a Sankaracharya tradition sanyasi have land on his name ? Is this called renunciation or sanyas? Ask him how many women offered themselves just like Ranjitha ? Ask him about several other issues that are highlighted on this blog. You are an independent researcher. So, you must have done some preparation. If you still need help, please let me know.

  21. Anybody who is intuitive enough and perceptive enough will notice Nitwit's much ballyhooed body language

    It screams out loud: "I am a LIAR!"

    Here, watch this edited version and note the fake emotion - "Oh poor me, they are framing me" Boohoo.

    Watch his hands also - he is not telling the truth.

  22. The interview with Rajiv Malhotra is a joke. (go to the exact 12m25s)
    I am Rajiv Malhotra an "independent" researcher and I have taken classes
    from Swamiji and benefitted a lot, so came to independently research.
    How many flowers will you put in our ears.

    Rajiv Malhotra started the Church conspiracy theory.
    "Someone posted the following comment at a website" - how convenient!
    A quick google search reveals these postings originate from Mr. Malhotra
    picked up and propagated by other nithy's followers like this one and sarve samachar etc.

    So Mr, Rajiv Malhotra fuck u and your independent analyis.

    Nithyananda's follower files advance bail plea

  23. Dear Rajiv Malhotra,

    We have many questions to ask about so called Swami Nithyananda sex scandal.

    1. How did you find out where swami is in Kumbh Mela when no police can find him?

    2. Why are you not asking anything about illegal sex acts of Nithyananda when he is cheating public under the name of celibacy?

    3. Why Malhotra a simple question of Nithyananda's acceptence or deniel would be sufficient and you did not ask?

    4. Why are you supporting Nithyananda's sex acts with married woman?

    5. What kind of a "independent thinker" are you when you don't ask the sex video question?

    6. Who gave you Ph.D for this stupidity?

    7. How much money did Nithyananda gave you?

  24. Anonymous @ 8:12 PM ,

    Exactly. It is so obvious she is an unwilling victim. Her smile is forced. She looks thoroughly exhausted. Us indians are so cruel that we still sit , discuss about Ranjitha's doctored interview.

  25. Nithyananda’s Ashram: First Sex And Now Forcible Detention?

    After the sex scandal that got Nithyananda’s ashram into trouble, now it is a complaint lodged by a couple that has further dented the image of the Ashram.

    The couple alleges that the Ashram has forcibly detained their son. They have registered a complaint with a Tiruchi police station. A police inspector from Tiruchi came to a Bidadi police station on 10th March to discuss the matter. Bidadi police authorities however say, "It all depends on what the boy wants to do. He can either go with his parents or stay back. We are only assisting the Tiruchi police."

    There are more reports of people being detained forcibly at the ashram. There are also reports that suggest that the ashram abuses human rights and indulges in sexual abuse.

  26. District authorities serve notice on Nithyananda

    Bangalore March 11: The Ramanagara district administration has served notice on the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam near here, seeking an explanation from the sex scandal-tainted self-styled godman’s organisation on why action should not be taken against it for violating specific provisions of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act.

    The self-styled godman Pramahamsa Nithyananda has been untraceable since last Tuesday when a Tamil TV news channel broadcast video footage showing him allegedly in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

    Speaking to Deccan Herald on conditions of anonymity, district administration sources said “someone on behalf of the organisation’s management received the notice” which has listed land-related violations by Nithyananda, who is the sole owner of over 21 acres of land in Hallegopahalli in Bidadi taluk, where his sprawling ashram is located.

    Besides, the notice has also questioned the absconding Nithyananda why he chose to violate the law by constructing several buildings on agricultural land. Sources said the godman’s organisation cannot deny it has not undertaken construction activities on agricultural land.

    At the same, time Nithyananda will also have to explain why he preferred not to take steps to convert the agricultural land. Pointing out that the land owned by Nithyananda, who is not a farmer and claims to be a religious and spiritual preacher, could face forfeiture, sources said an appropriate decision on that would be taken by the State government soon.

  27. I just saw in a page for people to vote and stand up for Nityananda. What the heck? How would supporters of him in anyway counter the accused scandel.
    Now that the actress has commented that it was her way of offering to her Guru, I would like to ask the supporters..
    When you support your swami, understand that you are indirectly saying YES to this question!
    It should be understood that beyond any doubt (how much ever they try and if they get manipulative about finally concluding that the sex scenes were digitally added on), the video is true. It is an almost impossible task to replace a face or to add that kind of alleged effects onto a video of this length. Even Hollywood's budget would burst for something thus clear!

  28. If you have courage, ask him can a Hindu Sanyasi of Sankaracharya tradition have sex ?

    Oh, you wanna know what his answer will be? He will say that Paramahamsas are not bound by rules for ordinary Sannyasis (Swamis). He will also say that Paramahamsas are not bound by any social laws, morals followed by regular society.

    True, Mr "Paramahamsa", but then if you must strictly follow the rulebook, Paramahamsas are also expected to live outside regular society, completely naked, like an outcast who doesn't care for this world.

    I am sure you remember Ramakrishna used to often be publicly naked and unashamed. His disciples used to be more embarrassed than him. And of course Ramakrishna's guru, Tota Puri was famous for being naked, so much so that Ramakrishna would refer to him as "Nangta" - the naked one.

    Paramahamsa Upanishad

  29. I am one of the very first followers of Nityananda when he first started in Bangalore. He used to stay in house in Raja Rajeswari temple and used to come to Infantry road everyday to a ashram setup in a Studio. He got a lot of Chettiars contact thru which he grew, infact the land in bidadi is cause of a Chetiar family only.

    First he Crooked a Lawyer by name Nagaraj to gift his land in Bidadi, and he fell to it. Infact if you go back to the videos the very first celebration in Bidadi was held to the other side of the ashram only which belongs to the lawyer. At the time of registration the lawyer noticed all illegal activities and he pulled out in the last min.

    Then they caught the person in the other side of the land with the help of the Chettiar family and fooled him to give him part of land as gift without any money being spent. Then slowly he began occupying the entire stretch just like that and the landowner just had to part with it cause of power and blackmail.

    There have been many people who joined and left the organization in the past couple of years - WHY? i also left him in about a years time....something for everybody to think about.

    Why is he interested in money - and money only, there were no public service done, i aggree some is done with all the cameras just for publicity.

    If you have to do Pada-Pooja u have to pay 1 lakhs. Now he would only have to wash his own foot.

    Where is he hiding, if anyone sees him in public they will throw Cows dung on his face for sure.

    The video is so authentic. He cant deny anything about it. Does he think all of us are fools not to believe it.



  31. Hahaha...


  32. Mr. Rajiv Malhotra, if there is HELL you will be giving company to this sexananda.

  33. I had some bad opinion on Nithyananda before the tape surfaced and the tape confirmed it. But what he has been doing in the aftermath shocks me..He is acting like a seasoned criminal.I am shocked at all his 'well educated' devotees who still support him.
    All the trivial issues aside,is it not the the biggest MORAL issue claiming to be a GOD and cheating all the devotees.. how shameless is he to give all this 'planted' interviews..I am disgusted with all the devotees who still trust and support him..Shame on you all.

  34. True Devotee of TruthMarch 11, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    Is Nithy not DEAD yet? Some one.. please kill this guy! I cant even stand the fact that he is still alive on this planet earth and have guts to say its all pure lie and morphing, blah blah..

  35. rajiv malhotra. You are a joke on humanity. What kind of indepenedent researcher are you. Give me your email address and we will mail you the details of how he has used many many girls in ways similar to Ranjitha.

    How can you support Nithyananda.

    It takes ages to build a reputation and just one small mistake to bring it all down. You interviewing Nithyananda will prove to be that "small" mistake. No one will ever trust you or your "independent" researches.

    Without doing any due diligence yourself, how could you just sit there and ask doctored questions. This any other dumb ass person from the foundation could have done.

    Anyone supporting Nithyananda NOW, please remember that all our curses will follow you!

  36. Some of the still-to-date-devotees and ex-devotees can recall Rajasekaran's (Nithyananda's) utter disregard for Lord Rama. He thought Lord Rama was incompetent that he left Kingdom and went on his father's words. He even had complaints on behalf of Sita. I guess, all because he did not understand the value of Dharma and eka-patni vrata (principle of only one wife). That is why you do not see any lecture when he spoke about Lord Rama in praise. If he praises Lord Rama, whatever he was doing was totally opposite. So, he conveniently skipped.

    After year 2007 Kumbha Mela in Allahabad, where people were singing glories of Lord Rama through Tulsidas's Ramayana, he got some sense of peoples faith in Lord Rama. Also, he had to install Lord Rama and Sita in the temples so as to attract some donors or rather attract all kinds of people.

    Instead he used to say Lord Krishna was smarter (than Rama and Siva?) that he made people worship while in body. For him Siva was some sage/saint/human who meditated and got enlightened (like himself?) When such thoughts were running through his mind in 2005/2006 or earlier, he executed the idea of his murti installation and worship of that murti. His own photo went on top of Siva's head.

    Attractive female disciples, and devotees became Gopikas. I mean prostitutes. Useless females became Moms. I do not know if Moms were also like Gopikas! In his world any thing is possible ! What is there in a name?

  37. Squirmishji and a$$h013 Rajiv Malhotra has second video out, this time talking about

  38. Followers of Stupid Jerk Nithyananda are at it again,

    Look at the rediculous video thats been circulated.

    Before good news goes out the door, bad news is known a thousand miles away.

  39. By the way from yesterday till today, several of the video clips relating to the sensational video have been removed from You Tube.

  40. Could 'collect all the facts and present to the public' comment by nithyananda also mean that they will prove that he was legally married to ranjitha at the time of the recording. Then Lenin and SunTV are in trouble.

    If asked why he did not come forward immediately with that proof, he will tell in his own style that he was worried about his safety. Already he has hinted in the video that the ashram folks felt that he was going to be killed by the public. And also he can tell that there was no time to do it with so much firefighting to do at the Ashram.

    He has all the money, donated by the public, to make this happen in India.

    Does anyone here feel that this is a serious possibility ? There was another post about this 'cook up' in this blog.


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