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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Save the Purity of Fraud in Nithyananda's Cult - Sign the Petition

Signatures Needed to Help Counter the Online Attacks (like from this Blog) Against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda & His Fraud

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda, how are you doing?  Rrrababoo.  Oh, our gruntanese translator says that you haven't been with a room service lady for over two weeks now, and you're going through withdrawals.  Yes, yes, that would make someone grumpy.

Well, there's good news for you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  There's an online petition to:
Stop the Defamation of Paramahamsa Nithyananda
We noted that your goal was to reach 100,000 signatures to prove that being a sex fiend doesn't necessary preclude someone from defrauding others through spirituality.  Yes, being sex offender and dark tantric master can go hand-and-hand.  (Ah, just the same, Sri Nithyananda, not so close there; you don't need to touch us.  Thank you.)  So far your petition site has been up for almost two weeks, and you already have 592 signatures!  Wow, there's 592 people still willing to stand up and display their name online to show the world that they are strongly behind a pervert.  Well, maybe not too strongly behind, but they are there, nonetheless.

Anyway, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we were a little concerned.  If you goal is to reach 100,000 signatures, and you're barely getting 300 a week, let's see that will take you, 'Swami' Nithyananda about six and a half years.  (100,000 / 300 = 6.4 years).    Gee, Sri Nithyananda, we don't know if that petition website will still be up before you get those signatures.  Do you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, still have plans to build a big 10,000-seat stadium in your ashram?  Well, reason we ask is that it might be a little hard to fill it up at this rate.  Hey, we have an idea.  Why don't you order some 9,900 life-size dolls that you can quickly install around the stadium to make it look like you have that many supporters?  Hmmm, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what do you think we can use and where can you obtain all those life-size dolls?  Perhaps you can get some ideas from your pay-for-view television?

OK, why you're thinking about that, we just want to say that we really do like you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, and we really do want to help reach that goal of 100,000 signatures.  Honest.  So, to help you, we're going to encourage all of our readers to go to your site and sign the petition.  The best thing is that our readers don't have to sign with their real names.  Any name will do.  So, for all of our readers who secretly would love to have a Nithyananda name but don't want to have the hassle of changing it legally, now is the time for them to act.  Simply, they just need to sign the petition using any name they like, and voila, they're done.

Just think of the possibilities, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  Our readers could become 'Ananda Pornstar', 'Nithya Psychopath', 'Ananda Hooker', oh, that one is already taken.  Well, they can use just about any name that will remind them of you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  And, then, the best thing of all, 'Swami' Nithyananda, our readers can then leave a comment about how much you mean to them and how you, Sri Nithyananda, transformed their lives.  Touching. And, for those that really like to have a little extra exposure, our readers can upload a picture of themselves or anything that reflects their love for you.

Why look, here's a perfect example of one of your supporters from our blog now, Sri Nithyananda.  This petitioner is comment 588, but maybe he won't last that long, but we appreciate the effort.  Anyway, here is the comment:
Nithya Cockroach, California
All my brothers and sisters, 1000's of them, we all love Paramahamsa Nithyananda because he drops all kinds of food in his private room when he is alone with those curvy room service ladies. We always eat so well. Thanks! And, we can lay our eggs everywhere, just like the master does. So, please continue to support Nithyananda, because if he can no longer go back to the United States, our food supply is doomed.

"Nithyananda simply transformed me!"

Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that's very touching. That deserves a six-legged clap, much unlike the case of clap you have right now, don't you agree?  And, 'Swami' Nithyananda, do you really drop a lot of crumbs when you, know, are alone in your private quarters with your room service ladies? That sounds kind of kinky.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 111: One Hundred and eleven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 133: One hundred and thirty-three days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Dude! Not the best of your posts. I found it gross..

  2. Best way to deal with this problem is to write comments each and every one of us in every news release comment section with this Blog link so that they can come back and get the true facts. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is very, very important. Please post your commnets and truths about this blod post liknks by searching every news report and post in the comment section.

    Nithyananda should not get away with this kind of damage he did to hinduism.

  3. Looks like Nithyananda's goons are really creating false names and e-mail addressess and presenting their vote..

  4. Let's start discussing all the wrong things Nithyananda Swami did to us by recapping again here and then let's all post our bad experiences and how we lost our time and money and what kind of fraud and deceit happend, so that this could be very informative for the future readers.

    Let us expose the con job!

  5. Boring. running out of steam.

  6. Dear Blog owner.

    It's time to recap this Blog.

    You should be able to summarize all the bad things Swami Nithyananda did and a discussion forum need to be started so bloggers can discuss.

  7. Blog Owner:

    Please start a page where sign and we disapprove what Nihtyananda did for vedic tradition and Kavi/Sanyas. This way thousounds will sign up for our cause.

    Asap please..

  8. keep the good work.

  9. I don't think that petition needs any extra attention. It's pathetic enough on its own. Out of 7 million people for whom Nithyananda "has been a transformational force", they can't even find a thousand loyal followers yet.
    (BTW, I think we could do with an estimate of how many followers he had before the incident, and how many will be left in the worst-case scenario of him avoiding prison.)
    Speaking of steam running out... you can't have something new all the time. Besides, we've got hearings in April, coming up very soon. That'll give a lot to write about.

  10. From the Petition Site:

    # 597: 2:34 am PDT, Mar 28, Srinivasan Krishnan Ayyangar, India
    Nithyananda did not look like a Guru in the video shots! If he was tranquil and calm and disinterested like Sri Aurobindo or Ramana Maharshi, his Premananda would not have turned into Kamananda. Stop supporting anti-social, superstition breeding, dependancy promoting, self-obsessed pompous Gurus. Was he sorry - no, he was boasting that the youtube postings about his capers were viewed maximum number of times. A fifth standard kid would have demonstrated more remorse and shame! India does not need charlatans like this to be promoted on the web. Must be the laughing stock.

  11. From the Petition Site:

    # 598: 3:01 am PDT, Mar 28, Nutty Ananda, Congo
    Thanks for the Video Swami, We expect more from you. Is the Yuvarani number real or hoax ? Plz Plz release more videos ?

  12. From the Petition Site:

    # 599: 4:05 am PDT, Mar 28, Doesn't Matter, Afghanistan
    Keep on going, guys! You only need 99,400 more, you'll get there in a day or two!

  13. From the Petition Site:

    # 601: 5:26 am PDT, Mar 28, Donna Fernandes, India
    Nithyananda Swami has come as a great relief to we Indians. For this puritan, sex starved nation (never mind indicators like the population rise) - Nithyananda's contribution is a landmark. He deserves an award for opening the muladhara chakra of this nation of his devotees. His videos are not just entertainment but a call to be free from the shackles of sexual mores and inhibitions that haunt we Indians. Maybe it will be a revival of the Khajuraho style and new art expressions will be born (we shall miss the Quatari Hussain). Thanks Swamiji - I love you (dont lust you as I already have a boy friend).

  14. From the Petition Site:

    # 603: 6:53 am PDT, Mar 28, Nithyanada business Associate, Algeria
    Nithyanada Swami. I have a business proposition for you. Can we both work together and share a portion of your wealth? I can really make you richer than what you have now. Let us make good partnership. I have good contacts with Bolywood and Hollywood. We can get some good chicks from there as we... Think about my proposition.

  15. From the Petition Site:

    # 604: 7:13 am PDT, Mar 28, True Disciple, American Samoa
    Swamiji, After understanding your strength in enlightening people. I would also like to get enlightened from you. Could you also make me pregnant , so that I can have a enlightened family and also I can your enlightenment to my next generation. So I want no one to defame you. I will defend you for my entire life. Just FYI, I can use my tongue very well on you, If you prefer that way. I am looking forward to have a samathi with you.
    - your true disciple -

  16. getting desperate now.

  17. what's the Good Word?

  18. Close the door, let the sleaze (stay) in

  19. #611: 10:42 am PDT, Mar 28, Rushan Lal, California

    Nithyananda's sex scandal situation is not a rumor or hearsay. It is proven clearly to our eyes by the released video. We the public are no fools. We can see when a something is morphed! Only picture can be morphed not a video, not that easy to morph a video, especially by a 12th grader. For Nithyananda to keep on lying and saying this is Tantra experiment is a shame! At least I appreciate Tiger woods for being sincere and coming out and accepting truth. Instead of that you are making us more fools to think Nithyananda is correct is crazy. Who gave media an opportunity to criticize? That is Nithyananda himself. Don't blame the media for Nithyananda's wrong doing! Nithyananda, with his pride and alter ego and God complex did this to himself. Nithyananda cheated all of us the devotees by telling that he needs no sex and his muladhara chakra is perfect and he is a sanyas. Nithyananda lied to us and you expect media to sit calm and wait for him to come with phony baloney story? How dare you even have this approval of voting? To prove how many idiots are left in India and in the West? People, this Nithyananda has already done damage to himself and others. No cover up is needed. Just repent for your mistakes Nithyananda and I will vote for you. Lying will only give you more publicity in the media. Stop covering up your mistakes. People think that you are doing a lot to help poor and the humanity. But they don't know that you are not doing anything for free! Occasionally you give money to politicians for photo op and we all know how much that is, since you brag that in your website with pictures!

  20. It's amusing they want 100,000 people to sign that.
    Excuse a rather poor analogy, but, by their logic, when a fly sits on s**t, that means nothing; when 100k flies sit on s**t, that means they're sitting on the right thing.
    In short, "there are so many of us, so we are right". Not quite.


    American Files Complaints against Nithyananda !

    nithya's end of days ...

  22. American Files Complaints against Nithyananda:

    The complainant, who has identified himself as Douglas McKellor, formerly known as Swami Nithya Praba, is a resident of San Jose, California. In his complaint to California state Attorney General Jerry Brown on March 25, McKellor has brought serious charges of sex, fraud, financial irregularities and physical abuse of devotees in the US against Nithyananda.

  23. The original story about criminal charges filed against Nithyananda in the United States was from the Deccan Herald:

  24. Swamji, Swamji
    Oh, just where can you be?
    Where have you gone Nithyananda?

    The journalists do scry
    And ashramites to cry
    Where have you gone Nithyananda?

    You’ll enlighten us for sure
    Cause you’re so very pure
    Where have you gone Nithyananda?

    We’ve a pretty maid for your bed
    And a turban for your head
    Where have you gone Nithyananda?

    But the police may have a plan
    To toss you in the can
    So run while you still can Nithyananda.

  25. Way to go Mr. "Douglas McKellor". You have real courage. I am sure You will get support from others. I am also trying to get my money back but not sure where to start.

  26. Ouch. Looks like the article links this blog to a real name. Now I understand those YouTube comments about Douglas McKellor... they seemed complete nonsense at the time.
    Anyway, I hope this makes no difference. The article has been nice enough not to include an address)

  27. This is freakin hilarious

  28. That is awesome that Doug McK has filed the complaint with the Attorney General in California!

    We need to support him and also get a class action lawsuit going.

    Can the blog owner or Doug (if you read this blog), start a secure webpage to get the names of those supporting the complaint in California and those interested in a class action lawsuit?

    It infuriates me that the various Nithyananda temples and centers in the USA are operating as though nothing is wrong and everything is fine.

    If someone has links to Popat or other wealthy devotees and get their support for a class action lawsuit, that will all the more better.

    I will gladly support the lawsuit.

  29. Douglas,

    Great job on exposing Nithyananda ahead of all the media and Lenin.

    We pray for your cause and for peace.

    Keep up the good work as it is not finished yet. Nithyananda's web team is working double shifts.

  30. Really funny English video satire.

    Covers all Nithyananda' excuses or shall I say Sexcuses.

  31. Doug,

    I know soon Nithyananda’s people will start bad propaganda on you. Be ready.

    We wish you all the best and we thank you very much for helping many people in this blog with their coping. You are the most civil person I have seen in a Blog moderator. You are also extremely courteous to other people and never lost your cool. You are a better Hindu than most Hindus out there. After reading your blog, I understood you to be a protector of Hinduism.

    My God Shiva give you all the strength and my the divine mother give you her blessing, in your fight with corrupted gurus.

  32. Come on you all who lost money! This is the time to tell the truth to Attorney General of California. Don't fear anything. You are telling truth! All you have to do is write a simple letter with your facts and the deceit ot fraud.

    People with never received Shiva Lingas, time to complain now! Not next year! Ask for refunds fast!

  33. Some really weird stuff happening to that petition. Either they're deleting some of the comments or all those who don't support him mis-use the service.
    Without us, though, it will barely scrape 30 hits a day at the current rates.

  34. May the battle of Kurushetra start with a real hero Douglas M. who is fighting for exposing the truth of a fake hypocrite swami!

    May Lord Krishna be with you!

  35. Posts in the petition page are being removed - thanks for cutting and pasting some of them here.

  36. FLASH NEWS!!
    Just now heard in RAJ News that the Karnataka Government is openly calling complaints against Nithy.. So anyone who wants to complain against him from Tamil Nadu can approach and their travel expenses to n fro ( Bangalore ) will be provided as well. Confidentiality of the complainee will also be maintained.
    The news also said that Lenin who is supposed to be in Chennai at the moment has not given any complaint to the Karnataka Police or Government and that they are waiting for it to start any steady action.
    PLEASE FRIENDS!!! This is the right time ! Go ahead, cast you complaint against the fraud!

  37. Nithy resigns finally! What a shameless and remorseless looks he has!

  38. My dear Doug, looks like your time is up. All the karma u have accumulated over time will start telling from today..but sadly u will not be able to do anything, since you are up against existence itself. Existence will issue its notice to you.. and you will pay. And you will pay big time my friend. I am sorry. I wish it was some other way for you. But nothing can be done.

  39. Doug the Dog. Why you senseless idiot. Just because your wife left you are directing your anger against nithyananda is it? hahahahahahhhahhahaah! you poor idiot. You will suffer in hell. Its funny you direct ur anger soemwhere else. you dont know how to keep your woman padre?

  40. Is Douglas one of the blog writer? Just curious:-)

  41. To anon @ March 29, 2010 11:53 AM

    Shame on you for cursing being a Nithyananda devotee! Your master has just resigned and you curse doug for doing the right thing!

    Don't you have shame a little bit for your master's actions? What do you think existence is doing now to Nithyananda for his deceit? What do you thibk will happen to Nithyananda for splitting many marriages?

    Let's wait and see.

  42. Anonymous from SeattleMarch 29, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    I gave the benefit of the doubt to Swamiji, but no more.If he was clean he would PROVE that the video was morphed, manipulated, misrepresented and etc etc etc.BUT I don't think he can,because it is true.WHAT IS OUR POLICE DOING ??
    DHAYANAPEETHAM must end and it must end after paying back all (at least financially) the people who invested their all into their movement and now want to leave because they have been DECEIVED. Dhyanapeetham owes them that since the lead is going away they don't need the whole empire.Since Acharya's,Swami's,etc etc are sincere enlightened(spiritually elevated souls) people (who only want to do service) they can live with nothing unlike others who still have family and other obligations.
    Sprituality and morality go together.I cannot accept that people around him did not know about that.Even a non-insider ,a new participant saw that Swamiji was flirting with Ranjeetha in a program in San Jose in 2009 (as you might have guessed it was her first and last program with Swamiji).
    What can we do so that Dhyananpeetam/Life bliss foundation also ends??? Anyway their meditations can be found in other organizations from which they were "picked" up.All the core people are just arrogant, proud and selfish people.Not even one person who supports Nithyananda should get away with the crime.Not even one person was inspirational, part of my reason to leave the organization a couple of years ago. Sprirituality should bring in more Divine not "Rakshasa" qualities. You may argue that what's inside reflects outside,well then should happen with everybody everywhere.I didn't see this in other places,I didn't see this abuse in other organizations.
    One of the insiders told me that Swamiji says that there is nothing called MORALITY or conscience just CONSCIOUSNESS (another reason for me to leave). This kind of Guru is dangerous because he can bring total destruction to a community. No wonder he has many still supporting him since they have no morality.
    Let's talk about his 'best' product "Enlightenment". If people are enlightened they would not leave unhappily.So we know that this product has some defaults.Does it have side effects ? YES. NO MORALITY only arrogance,pride and selfishness and brainlessness.
    Another claim Nithyananda has is if you are enlightened "YOU"LL KNOW IT", Another contradiction to this is an insider told me that his mom was enlightened only she doesn't know it.Now how can both be true?
    DHYANAPEETHAM MUST END.What can be done so that we can right the wrong done by this instituition ? We need to expose each and every insider, poojacharya's, Swami's etc etc and only people who have walked out of these positions can help us.So please please help us put an end to Dhyanapeetham, It shouldn't exist.
    I wish someone could load up the video of Nithyananda's dad's death celebration ? Tell me which part of vedic dharma asks us to step on a dead body, dance on it and then press the 3rd eye with the toes ? We can celebrate death but we still respect everything even dead body.

  43. Anonymous from seattleMarch 29, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    " I am enlightened so I don't need to follow any rules." This kind of guru can be very DANGEROUS especially to his disciples and devotees and this kind of organization can ruin our culture and civilization and the order in it.
    Let's take a simple example,a county's flag.Why do we need to show respect? Nothing will happen if we step on it or burn it (when nobody's watching).It's a representation of something special to us,something that we all are grateful to.The thought behind it gives value to the flag not just the piece of cloth.In the same way the Kavi has been associated with morality and physical celibacy and mental celibacy.And the fact that Nithyananda chose to be disrespectful even if he might be enlightened is UNFORGIVABLE.
    They should come up with a new religion,have their own god,don't misuse the God's from any culture but come up with your own.Be truthful and see how many come for what you have to offer.Don't misuse other gods and make their temples to attract PURE,genuine spiritual people.STOP THAT.Don't use a temple as a front to attract the poor public to introduce to your fraud moral-less master .

  44. I am getting curious about this now!!
    Anonymous from Seattle said...
    " I wish someone could load up the video of Nithyananda's dad's death celebration ? Tell me which part of vedic dharma asks us to step on a dead body, dance on it and then press the 3rd eye with the toes ? We can celebrate death but we still respect everything even dead body. "
    Can you shed more light on this ? Is this true...with evidence ? That itself should be crystal clear as to how savage n CULT-ish his organisation is !

  45. See the response from Nithyananda , seeing him cornered by the Law of the land , Swami is getting into 'Spritual seclusion'. Does it mean 'Absconding' in Layman's language ?

  46. Hi

    About his dad's death ceremony. I have also read it in one of his books. It was written only healers & ashramites & acharyas cd attend that pert.

  47. A must read - this latest report on NDTV:

    Had no idea that:
    "The swami had named attractive girls 'flowers' and used to say that they are a must item for his puja."
    Very discreet Nithyananda!! ;)

  48. I just read the NDTV story: $400,000 for the workshop and the enlightenment certificate!

    Nithy has con too many big time. More need to step forward and sue. I very much doubt that Nithy would ever face justice in the USA. He may never come here again.

    Now, even the Indian authorities cannot find him. When will he face justice?

  49. Gopika, Sevika.... This dude just rock!

  50. Anonymous from seattleMarch 31, 2010 at 5:20 PM

    The video on Nithyananda's dad was for sale in the Ashram.I know that Ma Manisha was in it and also a lady from Ohio.I did not buy it the DVD,because i did not like what i saw.I am sure the insiders will have a copy of it.But it might be Dhyanapeetham property and we might not be able to upload it.


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