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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Gets Busted in Sex Scam. Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!

Video Available!

'Swami' Nithyananda Caught with His Dhoti Down
Hey, there, Sri Nithyananda, looks like you had a rough night.  Get any sleep?  We heard you've been in samadhi for the last nine days.  Is this, like, your version of nine-nights of prayer?  But, what type of goddess do you, Sri Nithyananda, pray to?  Oh, we see, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda pray to film goddesses.

And, before we forget, Sri Nithyananda, Happy Holi! Yes, Swami Nithyananda, Holi happened right at the time of all this excitement. It's very colorful, just like you. We love the story about how the innocence of the little guy was able to send the wicked demon to her fiery death. 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, do you see a connection here?

Wow, your mission is sure getting famous.  You, Sri Nithyananda, have been giving personal energy darshan to hot actresses.  You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, sure have upgraded your room service.  Looks like you're getting more than just food.  Dinner and a show.  There's a big feature about you on SunTV, let's look:

And, here's a Telugu Version of the same video:

Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we never saw you give energy darshan with you legs that way before.  That poor lady must have been very sick. She even got mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. But, lucky for her that after receiving all of your healing energy, she was able to jump right out of your bed, oh, we mean, energy circle, and look as fit as a fiddle.  She even had the curves of a fiddle.  Wow, Sri Nithyananda.  My grandmother is not feeling so well.  Will you give her that special healing too?  And, was that a new yoga pose we saw from you?  You, Sri Nithyananda, sure seemed flexible.  Like a human rubber-man.

And, Swami Nithyananda, what was that you were petting?  Were you taking away some negative energy? Or was it part of your holistic approach to healing? We thought your initiated healers were supposed to use 'healing sticks' in that region.  We guess that since you are an 'enlightened' master, those rules don't apply to you.

And, on your computer, Sri Nithyananda, what video were you watching?  Looks like it involved some sheep.  Was that part of your flock or just more fleece?  And, it looks like all of your donors really were fleeced.  But, the video you were playing wasn't that clear.  And, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what was that you were popping into your mouth, at least twice?  Was that medication?  What type of medication, Sri Nithyananda? Were these 'Bliss Pills', He-Man pills, or just not-feeling-very-well pills?

And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, judging by all the little knick-knacks around the room that was no hotel.  Was this sacred healing happening in your pad at the ashram?  Wow, Sri Nithyananda, maybe one of your inner-circle, you know, probably one of the folks that you beat again and again turned on you and planted that spy camera. Why would they ever do that, Sri Nithyananda?  We thought that you were a big hit with all of them, at least the ones that you broke your cane over their heads.  And, Sri Nithyananda, was that a peek of the famous 'paramahamsa' bird we heard you talk so much about?  Was that the same bird that never really touched the ground and never went through all of that teenage angst and hormones?  That really was a glimpse of the master.  We're glad we didn't miss.

And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, are you still experimenting with immaculate conception like you bragged about in 2007?  Did you get any results from this immaculate conception?  If you did, you, Sri Nithyananda, really should help pay for child support.  It is only fair.  Judging by this video, Sri Nithyananda, you still do practice immaculate conception.  Just look how clean and tidy your sanyasi dhoti cloth (renunciate monk clothes) still was.  We bet you did the whole exercise routine without even taking your dhoti off, and still we bet it doesn't even need to be washed.  We guess we can just call you Mr. Clean from now on.  Will you come clean, there, Sri Nithyananda?

'Swami' Nithyananda, nothing really surprises us with you any more.  It used to, but not any more.  That shock factor just seems to have slipped away.  But, there was something today that really did surprise us, Sri Nithyananda.  That was how nonchalant you were during the whole yoga and healing exercises that you did.  It looks like you have done this many times before.  So, Sri Nithyananda, how many times have you done these yoga and healing exercises and how many different women got to experience the 'inner' you?  We bet that could be a pretty long list of just about anyone you thought was worthy and willing to experience your 'energy'.

And what is there here, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  Is this one of your videos?  Is it called, "From Lust to Liberation (A Discourse delivered at Inner Awakening & Life Bliss Engineering LBE)"?  That sure looks like some great advice.  If we follow these techniques, Sri Nithyananda, will the goodies of divinity just unfold in front of us and surround us with its pleasurable healing effect?

So, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, are you still a 'Paramahamsa', you know just like Paramahamsa Ramakrishna?  And, Sri Nithyananda, what's going to happen at your ashrams?  Will there be a big charter bus to take everyone away?  Will you, 'Swami' Nithyananda attend the Kumbha Mela festivities?  Will you, Sri Nithyananda, lead the procession?  We're sure that everyone will be able to recognize you now.  And what about your programs, Sri Nithyananda?  Is there a new awakening in your Inner Awakening program?  We bet the participants never thought that they would get so much churning.  And, how are all the ashrams doing there, Sri Nithyananda?  We understand that there are a lot of people out there that would like to do a big fire ritual and burn the whole place down.  Maybe you, Sri Nithyananda, can add some red chilies to the whole affair so it won't be a total loss.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 86: Eighty-six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 108: One hundred and eight days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. The video has been removed by user..guess this one works

  2. Nithyananda Foundation, LBF, ---all are so over now! How long did you think swami that you will hide this under covers!

  3. And still we have idiotic devotees like this one, completely in denial:

  4. As they say in tennis, "Game, set, match!" I would like to say you have done beautiful work revealing the truth. Its sad that he has deceived so many people and I hope "N" can make up for all the damage he has done.

  5. This is a clear write-up

  6. Dear loyal readers,

    The videos keep getting removed but search for Nithyananda Sex Video and there are plenty of links.

    Also we have downloaded a copy to post someplace just in case all YouTube videos get removed.

    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team

  7. does anyone know what is done by Indian Govt/police to such swamis busted in sex scandals?
    Are they jailed ? what's the law. So many swamis are caught in such scandals. we should know what happens thereafter?

  8. Here it is

    Please archive

  9. As we say in the streets, "Game recognize Game." Ladies and Gents, the GODS OF KARMA has just entered the room, and THEY are not leaving until THEY receive payment for goods and services rendered. In the immortal words of the movie Friday, "Its your A**, Mr. Postman!"

  10. Hello, Bhaktananda, Medhananda, Sachidananda, Sadananda and xyzAnanda and 'Swami Is God' (SIG) etc...

    Please hang on there. This is the time your Swami needs you!! to tell the world the video is a lie !!

    Thanks to the Sun TV team. All along I was under the wrong impression that all people of Tamilnadu, except my friends, are idiots.

    Great! There is some real investigative journalism happening In Tamilnadu!

    Jai Hindu Dharma. You saved your self from this fake swami.

  11. I couldn't help but cry when I saw this!!!! all this while I was praying for a miracle that will bust him; this is more than I asked for. Now I can rest in peace, being assured that my loved one will awake now. Thank you GOD and thank you! blog have been a great support while i was in pain...

  12. I know I have not commented in a while, but WOW !!!! What can I say ? I have watched the video over and over and over again, I must say the video looks pretty authentic. Waiting to see how the ashram responds this time? (If at all it responds !!) PS: Thanks bloggers for appreciating my commenting style and mentioning it.

  13. Om Namah Shivaya,

    OK, the other shoe has dropped. Although we are very glad that this harmful charade of Nithyananda’s cult should be coming to an end, we would like to extend to the followers of this blog a message of forgiveness and nonjudgmental guidance to the innocent victims of Sri Nithyananda's trap. There have been many people hurt, and there should be coming out now. Those with loved ones inside the cult, please offer:

    1. Forgiveness
    2. Non-judgment
    3. Unconditional Love
    4. Financial assistance

    Yes, many of us made mistakes and followed him. Please remember that this is probably a very devastating blow to the close devotees and their whole lives of living a myth will be crashing down. Please do NOT add to this pain. It will be very easy and tempting to say "I told you so." Please resist. Instead, do figure out ways to help someone transition out of this trap.

    That is our plea to help those who have been caught and are now ready to come out. This is the time they will need your help and love.

    Jai Maa.

  14. This is surreal...

    Is there any chance the video might be fake? I want to know before telling anyone about this.

  15. The organization will probably say something like "Swamiji was only caught during an intimate moment with his consort - this is the incarnation of Anandeshwari... and...uh...this is the embodiment of Parvati, Devi, um...yeah! that's it...and...uh...let us welcome her"!

    ...and the devotees will probably believe it.

  16. Parents, husbands, wives, friends, brothers, sisters: IF YOU STILL CARE, please do reached out to your loved ones who are still inside to let them know you would welcome them back if they choose to leave. Or if they may need a place to think things over away from the cult environment.

    It may be hard for someone you care inside to ask for help, esp if they have to hear "I told u so" form those who were in their lives before they join.

    We all made mistakes at some point of our lives. Many followed him out of sincere spiritual longing. We were deceived.....

  17. Will Mont Clare temple be closed? Will Popat take away the money or stop paying mortgage?

    Who gets the money if the temples are sold?

    What will happen to the statues?

    What will the priests do?

    Will Bhaktananda and Medhananda and Sachitananda get jobs in US?

    Will the children in Bidadi ashram be liberated?

    So many questions .. I can't wait for answers ...

  18. I think now he will marry and take a new Avatar like Amma Bhagavanlu , the other famous guru Kalki. Then Bhaktananda and Medhananda, Sachitananda, Sadananda and xyzAnanda can change make-up and become new coupled Avatars and play scene 2 of the 'Divine Incarnation'!

    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team, does it hint at some new possibilities?

  19. Finally, Justice Prevails! The video seems very authentic. However, none of the indian news papers have any coverage about this scandal. Why is it so? Another option would be to start blogging the video in twitter and facebook. That way, this video clip will reach millions of people.

    Please start blogging, i will do so too!


  20. I DONT think the video is fake. All that we have said so far on this blog about Nithyananda is clearly seen from the video....

    1. Nithyananda does not have humble dwellings. check out the plush bed
    2. Nithyananda takes medicines/airborne etc to heal himself...where is the healing energy
    3. Nithyananda has multilple sexual partners with whom he practises tantra

    I feel sorry for all the folks inside the foundation giving their whole life for him. It must be such a shock for them to see this.
    God bless. But its never too late folks. Life is waiting for you all...

  21. Dear readers,

    Nithyananda's team has had our site shut down today because we got several thousand visitors to our website in just a few hours (normally we only a few hiundred a day).

    But that is ok, in due time, maybe will allow us to restore our site, or may be not.

    The main thing is our job is now done. What more to write about this fraud Guru Nithyananda! We can now rest in peace.

    Yes we are also in tears and gratitude to existence, the real God because dharma has been delivered today.

    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team

  22. Is there any chance the video might be fake?

    There is no chance the video is fake. It is very clear it is Nithyananda. Those who have been around him know his body language very well and is very very clear it is Nithyananda himself and the girl is also clearly Ranjitha.

  23. Yes, that girl defintely is Ranjitha. I have seen her in person at the ashram and the height and build are the same plus the way she ties her sari. Not that it matters but does anybody think Ranjitha herself is also involved in this sting? Because otherwise who could have planted the camera? Unless this video is fake it had to be one of the insiders. Also for those ex devotees who have been inside Nithyananda's quarters It should be easy to say if video is fake or not. They should recognize the bedroom/surroundings etc.

  24. Anyone who have access to Nithy's private quarters could had planted the sting. The all-knowing Nithy couldn't sense the hidden camera in his own room. hahaha

    Now he may start brutalizing those responsible for cleaning or guarding his private quarters...

  25. The video should be 100% authentic. There is not even a hair thin error in that judgment. We all know every move and body language of Nithyananda which he prides!

    Also, I guess it is his ashram room. Hotels where he stays will not have pedestal fans, bed-head-board with book shelf etc.

    Whatever it be. He has a lot of money. Even if we spit on him now, all the money is his .. I mean his non-profit charitable foundation !! And he has a young cute girl willing to give a kiss without asking!

  26. hard to believe but seems very convincing.

    Why don't Monks at Ramakrishna Math, Chennai declare or reveal this in Public(or in media)

    The main problem in India is, there are a lot of so called spiritual masters, and astonishingly no one interferes in others business (or service or whatever you may call) like a Group of DONS ruling the novice who want to know about spirituality.

    The other day, the drug lelas of "Kalki Bhagawan (amma bhagavan)" were revealed by MAHAA TV and now this.

    Why didn't Monks at Ramakrishna Math reveal this much earlier when he was just starting as a Paramahamsa and building his followers base.

    I see this as a definite fault on the part of Ramakrishna Math and Monks who knew about him coz if they have any social responsibility or Bharat Swabhimaan then they should have revealed the facts much earlier.

  27. Whoever has contributed for planting the video camera, he or she will accrue merit, as they have provided fun to all of us now and posterity.

    The prophesy of godman Rajasekaran aka Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, now popular as Nithy - wealthy bitch . . I mean raja Sanyasi, has come true, that in this Internet age, he has created enough foundation to make at least 100,000 people enlightened!! leave aside his own enlightenment!

    Will any other ladies be happy wearing the type of saree that Ranjitha was wearing! That is the ashramite saree, I guess.

  28. Who is filing law suit in the US? I want all of money back ($30,000) plus damages.

    This asshole ruined my life! I am now a divorced person because of his advise. I am fuming!

  29. The actress is Ragasudha...who is niece of K.R.Vijaya. Ragasudha is not acting nowadays and took sanniyasm with Nithyananda few years ago. Her emails were mentioned in Charunivedhitha's website:

  30. Rajasekaran aka Swami Nithyananda (self styled Paramahamsa) has now earned enough name recognition before Kumbha Mela 2010 in Hardwar, thanks to timely release of information by Sun TV, with video of hot smooch and kisses of (not so) famous Tamil actress Ranjitha, and some roll-over scenes. He has now 2 weeks time to go to Hardwar and claim title of Maha Mandaleshwar in the Nirvani Akhara of celebate monks!!

    All the US devotees -- doctors, software engineers, and other rich devotees, please do not miss the master, as Swami Sachitananda (Sachidananda), Swami Medhananda, Swami Bhaktananda, Swami Sahajananda, Swami Sevakananda, Swami Sadananda and other xyzAnanda have told several times.

    Rip your self up and donate to the famous holy man, so he can become Maha Mandaleshwar, keep giving Kalpatharu darshans in the evenings to dwindling devotees, and in the day time he will eat, sleep and have fun with Ranjitha or other room service cute girls!

    Your money is being rightly used!! Then you really go to heaven for helping this holy celibate raja sanyasi who came to save Hinduism.

    Is the casualness with which the Swami Nithyananda and Ranjitha the fim actress were going about their business, not shocking ? Of course, they are used to it. Ranjitha even came to US during his last US trip, and was helping devotees queue up for Kalpatharu darshan.

    Is there still some nut who doubts the video?

  31. Now he is my true guru..
    I am going to renounce IT and become his disciple.... HAHAHA

    Jokes aside - what a shame. Preaching is easy, Practicing it is harder and living by what you preach is even more hard.

  32. Will Kumbha mela even happen now?? i.e Him going to Kumbha mela. Obviously Kumbha mela will continue to happen. What about the next Inner awakening in march?

  33. I have a few ideas about how the Ashram should be in the future. Let us call it Nithya La La Land of Tantric Sex.

    1)Introduction to Tantric Sex. (Life Bliss Sex
    for beginners)
    2)2nd level - Nithya Sex Program ( LBS level 2)
    3) 3rd level - Self Gratification with Sex (SGF level 3)
    4) 4th Level - All About Tantric Sex (ABS level4)

    5) Sex Avekening (SA) 21 days of non stop tantric sex.

    6) SEX BLISS ENGENEERING (SBE) 3months intense program on Kamasutra along with intensive courses on Tantric SEX.

    With this curriculam the chances of making money is 10 folds. In fact more single people and frustrated couples can go and invigorate themselves and get a taste of Tantric cosmic bliss.

    This will be the act2 of Dhyanapeetam.

  34. Nithyananda Sex GuruMarch 2, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    Is there still some nut who doubts the video?

    Oh yes there are many nuts who question the legitimacy of this video. I had personal email exchanges with some fervent Nithy devotees and it made me cry seeing their response in how they are defending this act of Nithy too.

    He is a shame, he is a disgrace to:

    - India
    - to Hinduism
    - to Spirituality
    - to the Guru tradition

    He is the slime of the lowest kind.

  35. Who is enlightened?
    A person who has attained freedom from desire, sufferring and ignorance.

    Looks like this enlightened master has succumbed to all the three.

    His ignorance of sanyas led him to desire and now to sufferring.

  36. We can rename Swamigal as TIGER SWAMI. He is a compettion to Tiger woods.

    As Tiger Swami he had good pickings in the garden of Eden. Just like Tiger Woods he became too confident and arrogant but he lost his clarity.

    May be he never had. May be he was a poor swami and people mad him a god. And just like any ordinay business man he siezed the oppertunity and made a lot of money for himself.

    I think the people like me who have been fooled should re-examine their brain and look into their greed. Even greed for god should be in check.

    This has been a good lesson for me. For those who think that they have been cheated the fault is 50% on Nithya and other is on them.

    We should reexamine our selves why we went after him. Did we use him? If so then he used you also. We gave him money and he gave you apparent Solace.For some he went a little bit futher to satisfy their needs. Service is what he was doing, Please dont get upset. Remember if you are reading this blog then form a Ex-Nithya club in your city and go to happy hours and have some fun. It is good to have some fun. Well Tiger dose not mind.

  37. Yesterday I was praying that this fraud story you are tracking comes to an end logically and today my prayers are answered.

    Thanks guys for doing a fantastic job on this. Couple of my loved ones were mad fanatics. Their eyes are opened! And thanks to you...

  38. So, as an attende at NSP, let me tell you a few things. We did hear that one of the Krishnamurtis was not completely enlightend - which is why he says
    englightenment is painful - otherwise for totally englightened folks,
    englightnement is blissful. We also heard mircle storyies from the
    saffron robed ones. Yes, money was refunded thanks to Swami being in
    "deep samadhi". Inner awakening and kumb mela were marketed very well.
    There was even an audience question about online sites (presumably this
    one) which are spreading stories. And the response to this was "people
    spread negativity" - we spread positiveness or something.

    Thank you for doing this good work. A

  39. I had met a divine soul in Bangalore in 1999, who had been to the town for attending a official training and was staying near the Railway Station. I came to know about through a friend of mine in Kutch Gujarat and when I going another person also came along with me for his uncle knew me well his name was Rajsekharan.
    The divine soul told us that we can learn the programme called Divya Chetana while he is travelling to Tirupati for Darshan. The two days was wonderful for the divine soul was humble and open to queries and questions and he trained us in the programme. His talk on self is still echoing in my heart but Rajsekharan was more inquisitive to know more about the whole concept. After the two days he trained us on the ways of passing on the energy to others, it is sad affair that due to family issues I could not keepin touch with him after that. I had lost touch with Rajsekharan for long but then something happened recently that shocked me. I have a friend here who had taken a course from Dhyanapeetham it has a big centre somewhere near Mysore Bidadi. He paid some five hundred dollars for the course, then he forced me to take the course also. I knew this person, he is Rajsekhar, now he is known as Paramhamsa Nityananda, Ooh my god such a idiot he was when he was with us, he has changed; so many people now follow him. He was not there but a huge photograph and a golden chair was there and some person by name of Sri Nithya Sadhananda was conducting the programme. The more he talked about the programme I found it to be Divya Chetana and Nityananda had corrupted the whole thing and given it name Life Bliss Meditation. The divine soul taught us free and were telling that hope the world will remain free from the bondage of corrupting the methods shown by divine. I was fuming with anger and had asked Sri Nithya Sadhananda about meeting Nityananda then he said we have to give another $ 5000 to meet him, upon asking how he got realisation of the programme he said that Nityananda was born enlightened, bloody crock. More enquires forced us out of the centre here. The video shows his own corrupt ways

  40. I heard that all the Orange clowns are calling the volunteers and telling them not to belive any thing they see on the web. And never look at the SEX tape.

    What I dont understand is when the Chief is having fun with the plum pickings how come his Clown are barred from having relaionships even with their own wives.

    Isint this very interesting.

  41. I think the actress is involved in this sting.

    Can you somebody confirm what I think I saw?

    In the last encounter before the video ends - it appears that Swami Nithyananda to reach for something - may be switch of the light and it appears that the actress is trying to prevent him from doing it.

  42. like satyam Ramalinga Raju this guy was also got caught. But there are 1000s of frauds in the name of religion /spirituality and business are still out there. Recently i read a news item that a Bishop in Kerala has encouraged 1000s of farmers to get into organic farming and this I consider is a true service to human society - lets not heed to fraud masters and american business hawks.

  43. in this kali yugam ppl worship godmen instead of gods.... the point is that godmen worship money instead of gods... i believe in gods not godmen who are sellin enlightment as though it is a product bought at a store.... enlightment is somethin which will come to every livin being on this planet at some stage in their journey thru many incarnations as it is their destiny to obtain it... hats off to that brave soul who had the guts to film this and hats off to sun news for having the guts to broadcast it to the world....
    whenever dharma falls and adharma rises i will come to this world to regain balance - krishna in bhagavad gita.....
    my personal opinion is that whoever exposed this adharma to millions of his followers is an avatar of krishna only as they say god works thru men.... thank you for saving so many lives....
    as for the rest who does not believ this im sorry to say that your karma is too strong to let you unbind from this person even at this wonderful oppurtunity... so its your life if you wanna wash it down the drain please have the free will to do it....

  44. Fraud nithyanada has collected Rs 4000 / for NSP which he conducted in the month of August 12,13,14,15, and 16 th at RAJARAJESHWARI ENGG COLLEGE and the food , accomodation, and all the arrangements are completely made by the RAJESHWARI ENGINEERING COLLEGE OWNER IN CHENNAI for free of cost but that fraud collected Rs 4000/ , for each and everything MONEY , MONEY, MONEY, MONEY , By this time he wud have earned 1000 lac crores from public in Indai and abroad.


  46. Are any of you feeling "living enlightenment" today? :-)

    Nithyananda has delivered "mass enlightenment" and "mass samadhi" with this one single video. He is a true "Paramahamsa" :-)

  47. Latest update from bidathi

    Tuesday afternoon, Sun TV and other press people started calling ashram-bangalore. On sensing the danger the fraud guru escaped from ashram. But hiding in some place, he kept telling the inmates of the ashram that the video is "graphics" and so they should not/need not believe it, and "swamiji will take care"

    There is a "vadivelu comedy" in a tamil movie...
    " intha ulagam innumada nammala nambikittu irukku"?

  48. This is my first time posting on this blog but I have followed it off and on since Inner Awakening in Dec. I came to my own conclusion that N was a fraud, prior to the video, and this of course seals it.

    However, I am urging all the readers to send love and prayers and forgiveness to those still caught in the web of lies, and to those whose hearts have been broken today. I know mine was weeks ago, and it took a lot of unclutching (ironically) and self-compassion not to be swallowed up by the grief and negativity.

    Thank you bloggers for your honesty, but I urge you to make efforts not to do the "I told you so" thing, but to have sincere compassion.

  49. I have actually seen and met that actress many times. She is a semi ashramite and was creating a documentary on nithyananda for the past few months and had "special access" to him. She is also married to a man in the Indian Army. What's sick is that girl actually brings her husband to the ashram to meet nithyananda. So when all that also comes out it will be even more disastrous for this piece of garbage. I wonder with how many other married women he has done this.

    Also, to freely see the video just go to YouTube since there are over 15 versions of it.

  50. update from Bidathi

  51. The slimy Saint running off to a foreign country. Wow! He has the nerve! Son of a dog should be hunted down and thrown in prison!

    He has caused so much pain to millions, it is shocking! The best part is he got busted right before Kumbha Mela!

  52. He has slept with many in the US ashram too. I hope now the ladies start coming out like in the case of Tiger Woods and spill the whole thing.

    His whole business needs to be shut down without any trace left for humanity of this disgraceful man who has disgraced the kavi cloth.

  53. check out the horrific counter that Bidadi ashram's Satichananda is giving here in this video at 6:07

    They just sound foolish defending this.

  54. Great you are in exposing this fraud for months by now. Guess you have some premonition power to see the fraud in him months ago... Go ahead follow this case and this rascal need to be given the harshest of punishment. BTW, the actress in that video they say is tamil actress Ranjitha might be true because I've read one article about her going into "spritiuality"

  55. Nithyananda Sex GuruMarch 3, 2010 at 12:27 AM

    Then Sachit is involved fully in the fraud if he is willing to stand for that scumbag today.

    To say that it is done using graphics and not a real video. What a f**king joke!

  56. Nithyananda daily joke! Today Sachit is on TV with a Kavi cloth. What an idiot! His Kavi goes on and off at convenience. Buch of jokers. Even Sachit should be jailed now. I used to think he was a good chap. Too bad, he should be imprisoned too.

  57. To the Anon who types with CAPITALS.

    This girl, the actress is already married. Isn't she?

    There is good reason for the swami to choose married ladies. If she gets pregnant, it is her husband's responsibility.

    What a deal for the swami!

  58. Ah, can't believe this!
    This blog won't have anything to write about in a few weeks' time! :-)
    Still, that looks an interesting development. A lot more that we could expect.

  59. It may be true that this blog may not have more to be written, but it has got enough content to make this into a real life documentary movie or a "ZODIAC" kind of movie. Perhaps the title could be "Making of N". Dude, am serious.

    This script is extremely powerful and would spread waves across world on how the Fake Avatars are created. Eg. More had been written on "How To Be A Successful Swami" blog.

    And the owners of this Blog can pick specific intense incidents from History which would be useful in screenplay and script making. I could see through an excellent movie with all these. No aspect of this movie would be UN-satisfying with regards to a Super hit Hollywood Movie.

    Also, currently many film industries are running out of scripts. So this is certainly an amazing opportunity. This film could be filmed @ Hollywood where the makers would have less problems in executing the project.

    Wake up blog owner, this is your time to shine.

    -Some person with little interest in movies


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