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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Punching Holes in Nithyananda's God Fraud - A Critique of Rajiv Malhotra's Essays

Fraud Coverage by Independent Researcher, Rajiv Malhotra

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. We haven't seen you in the last couple of days. Where you been? Oh, we understand, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. You've been doing that vow of silence to heal all the pain, that you are sure that someone else caused. Did you, 'Swami' Nithyananda ever find the source of all that pain?  After all, there's quite a few leads there.  And, Sri Nithyananda, don't you think that you might need some penicillin to really  address the root of your personal pain?  OK, we agree on something there, 'Swami' Nithyananda. Silence is golden. Is that why you're sitting on it?

OK, Sri Nithyananda, we saw that 11-page article that your independent and sometimes, but prolific writer, Rajiv Malhotra did about you and your cult. Here it is, 'Swami' Nithyananda, "Lessons from The Swami Nithyananda Saga". Perhaps he should have titled it "The Rise and Fall of Nithyananda's Civilization". That would have given the readers a good idea of the amount of coffee they would need to consume before starting to read it. Anyway, Sri Nithyananda, we'll take our turn to rip it up. But, why should we have all the fun? So, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, for today's post, we're going to publish the comments from one of our loyal readers. Here it is:
Rajiv Malhotra recently wrote an article “The Lessons from the Swami Nithyananda Saga” which makes excuses for Nithyananda’s behavior of sexual misconduct. Mr. Malhotra’s insights are based upon his personal experiences with Nithyananda, other spiritual gurus, and historical knowledge of various religious organizations. Though Mr. Malhotra claims that Swami Nithyananda is not his guru, citing that “to be classified as a devotee/disciple of his, there are two criteria, neither of which applies to me. First, there is an optional program one can sign up for, to do “paada puja” at the guru’s feet, in order to develop a special link with him. The second is that one can ask to be given an initiation with a new name...I did not do either of these steps. So my relationship is not as a devotee or disciple.” Ah, but it is Mr. Malhotra! You do not have to specifically change your name to be a devotee, there is no Hindu scripture that says this is mandatory! Furthermore, the “paada puja” program was only recently instituted as another profit center in order for Swamiji to generate additional revenue and did not exist before this past year. Are you saying that all the people who have been with him for many years and consider him as their guru are not true devotees because they weren’t able to do the “paada puja” this past year? And if someone did waste their money on doing “paada puja”, let me assure you, there is no “special link with him” other than the “link to his bank account.”

It is obvious that Mr. Malhotra idolizes Swamiji since Swamiji gave his undivided attention for 2 days (each 12 hour days) listening to Mr. Malhotra’s educational lectures and insisted that his top people, including acharyas to attend as well, which obviously has swelled up Mr. Malhotra’s ego to the point where it has clouded his judgment of Swamiji setting up an approving liberal slant in his favor. Mr. Malhotra himself has described “the interactions were intense” and that “no other guru in the world has invested so much time with me to try and learn.” You were also enamored with Swamiji because “he bought a couple of hundred copies of the book, “Invading the Sacred” at the full price, and made it required reading for all his ashram residents.” So it is obvious that Mr. Malhotra is biased toward Nithyananda and is not an independent researcher as he states. Don’t get too proud Mr. Malhotra because Swamiji also resold those Invading the Sacred books in his centers for more than the full price he originally paid and Swami Nithyananda also made the cult scientology book Dianetics required reading for his ashramites as well. Notice that Nithyananda did not require his ashramites to read or learn sanksrit, Sanskrit slokas, meditation techniques (they weren’t even given time to do these), any Hindu texts like Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, Upanishads, etc. I guess Dianetics enhances Vedic knowledge much more than any of these outdated ancient texts. I’m sure Swamiji knows best since he’s enlightened and all.

Mr. Malhotra claims that he “found that the sensationalized media reports were too one-sided, and none of them had a single statement to report from the swami himself.” Gee, maybe that’s because Swami went into hiding and was nowhere to be found. I remember the media desperately pleading with Sachitananda at the first news conference to have Swami appear and answer questions.

Mr. Malhotra said, “another point that is worth noting is that the techniques taught by Swami Nithyananda are not his original ones; he has made it clear repeatedly that they are from the Shiva Sutras which have a long history in our civilization.” No, actually, most techniques that Nithyananda taught and stories that he regaled were ones that he claimed original authorship and asserted to have “downloaded” from Existence.

Regarding the sex acts on the videotape, Mr. Malhotra explains, “This was consensual sex between adults, and that too backed by a formal written contract between the parties... And if it was done under the Tantra portions of the Shiva Sutra, it was also an act within the Hindu tradition despite the controversy surrounding Tantra today.” There are many problems with this statement. First, it could never be considered consensual sex between adults because one person is clearly at a higher level of authority and power and the other is a subordinate. Would it be okay for an employer and an employee to engage in sex? There is a certain duty that Swamiji had, as a head of a religious organization, to be the ultimate bearer of moral responsibility. In other words, he should have known right from wrong even when his devotees didn’t. Also, all inner circle insiders clearly know that Swami Nithyananda always covers his legal bases by making his people sign all sorts of legal waivers. So the formal written contract means nothing since it is usually signed by a person who is under duress and not thinking rationally. Mr. Malhotra says that “it was an act within Hindu tradition.” What Hindu tradition says that adultery, premarital sex, or sexual relations outside the confines of marriage is acceptable?

Mr. Malhotra professes Swamiji was only being scientific, “This [Tantric sex] he [Nithyananda] considers to be like any R & D done in a lab for developing a product.” Any scientist can elaborate that the scientific method requires strict, controlled conditions in order to conduct any research and development. It was pretty obvious that the conditions that Nithyananda was in were not controlled in any way. In fact, even Mr. Malhotra says, “She took the sexual initiative with him on the occasion shown in the videotape, at a time when he was not fully alert.” Why would she do that if she knew it was a strict scientific experiment? And why would Swami allow any of the events to occur if he was not fully alert? It would be unconscionable to any scientist to conduct any part of any experiment if he were not fully alert. So Mr. Malhotra, let’s drop all your excuses, stop supporting the guru you claim is not yours and admit that this was not any scientific research whatsoever. Stop believing everything Nithyananda tells you because he is doing nothing more but trying to justify his immoral activities.

Mr. Malhotra suggests, “Also, as a matter of principle, regardless of whether or not he is guilty of the morality charge, I felt opposed to spurious criminal charges being piled up by the irresponsible media just to create sensationalism.” In what way was the media irresponsible? They took a very credible videotape and aired it for the public to see. It’s about time that everyone knows what a sham operation Nithyananda is conducting under the guise of religion. Swami has duped thousands of people in so many ways. This is just one that happened to get exposed. Don’t blame the media. Blame Swami Nithyananda for engaging in less-than-moral behaviour. No one is “doing” this to Nithyananda, he did it to himself.

Mr. Malhotra spins a tale of conspiracy that Nithyananda was “targeted” for being very popular, healing many people, and not being a Brahmin. I have to point out the obvious that he actually isn’t that popular. The reason for the high YouTube ratings was because Nithyananda’s people were told by him to constantly click on the highest star rating for all his video and to surf the web regularly and squash any dissent immediately. As far as healing goes, most if not all of the stories of healing are exaggerated claims by Nithyananda’s people and none can be verified without any doubts. Not being Brahmin is one of the most ridiculous claims because there are thousands of non-Brahmins who are in the Hare Krishna movement all over the world and no one harasses them for being non-Brahmins.

Talking to Nithyananda’s people, Mr. Malhotra felt, “I had a difficult time to get dependable information, and the stories kept changing not only over time but also between one person and another within the group. I could not tell if there was a cover up and if new lies were fabricated to cover prior lies. In such an atmosphere one cannot tell which individuals might have a separate stake and vested interest from the group.” Yes, Mr. Malhotra, welcome to what the rest of us already know – that this organization run by Swami Nithyananda is a cult and nothing that is said by him or by his people is credible. Most everything is either a lie or an exaggeration!

Mr. Malhotra says in his article, “One factor is that the swami’s approach was too conservative for some and too liberal for others. It is too filled with deities, symbols and rituals of a very orthodox kind for the aesthetic taste of modern global gurus who propagate a whitened, Westernized “clean” Hinduism that is abstract and metaphysical but devoid of imagery associated with “primitive paganism.” At the other end of the spectrum are orthodox Hindu leaders who find his idea of youthful dancing, celebration, and liberal atmosphere to be not “real” Hinduism.” You see, Mr. Malhotra, Swami Nithyananda intentionally embraces all forms of Hinduism so that he can appeal to any individual anywhere and attract them and their accompanying dollars into his fold. Don’t misunderstand me – Swamiji doesn’t care about Hinduism, he only pretends to embrace Hinduism in order to profit himself in any way he can.

The best part of Mr. Malhotra article that we can all agree on is where he stated, “I have personally recommended to Swami Nithyananda that the best course at this stage would be for him to resign completely from his organization.” Finally, Mr. Malhotra, we can agree on something! "While it is understandable that you have an eager interest in supporting Hindu dharma, please support real Hindu dharma and do not be blinded to take the side of a false guru like Swami Nithyananda."
Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 104: One Hundred and four days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 126: One hundred and twenty-six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Mr. Rajiv Malhotra,

    While we commend your interest to keep Dharma alive and it is the best interest of all Hindus like me, your arguments have major inconsistencies.

    1. What went on the Sex tape of Nithyananda you claim as R & D of Tantra and your points on this subject is incorrect. Tell us how is it different from any pornographic movie? Why would he be watching TV, when Ranjitha, is performing sexual act and you call it as Tantra? Are there real R & D conditions of test being done with clear instructions or explained before in that room? If there were R &D Tantra conditions, why can't Nithyananda come out and tell us what they are?

    2. If Nithyananda has Siddhis as you claim of a healing master, than, why is that he taking tablets? Can’t he self heal if is the Avatara Purusha or Shiva or Krishna as he calls himself

    3. Why are you giving excuses to Nithyananda "to say that intercourse is not done so he is not practicing sex but Tantra?"

    All these unnecessary things you mention in your article take your credibility away.

    Please save Dharma, but save people with Truthfulness not fakes. Vatican did this to protect Fathers who sexually molested Children for their cause. But, ultimately it backfired!

    Mr. Malhotra, please protect your credibility first before you vouch for Nithyananda!

  2. Rajiv Malhotra ji:

    You are a good debater, but your argument lacks merit on Siddhi and Tantra argument of Nithyananda. On controlled environment Nithyananda never showed us that he can heal, also many times he said that " I only put another Ingram in your brain by sainy YOU WILL HEAL NOW, to heal people". So, Nithyananda is counting on placebo effect. This was open secret to all of us his ex-devotees. So, your Siddhi or healing argument is not proved scientifically by Nithyananda, so please don't say as if he has proved. That's all anecdotal evidence not repeated in controlled environment.

    Second, as far as Siddhis, Nithyananda said that " you should not look for Siddhis and I don't want to teach you that because your ego will inflate". So, nobody has seen Nithyananda’s Siddhis. So, again you are wrong here on this point.

    Third, as far as Tantra you say that Ranjitha is doing Tantra on him and Nithyananda is somehow victimized and not alert. What kind of nonsensical argument are you giving in a major journal? Common Malhotra ji, speak the truth that there is no R & D tantra going in that sex video. If it is R & D don't you think Nithyananda will be also recording to later show the world, what a great teacher he is! Sure he will brag about his results. According to Nithyananda he always record all his R & D.

    Fourth, Nithyananda has lied to us that he was celibate. We all know that and he wears Kavi and asked Sanyas and said he has no lust. Then this Video no matter how much you say is edited does not make sense.

    Please do not cover up for Nithyananda for Dharma. Dharma can take care of itself. We all Hindus lose credibility if we say ok to these acts as Tantra and Kama Sutra and others.

  3. Rajiv Malhotra,

    We agree with you that Swami Nithyananda has cheated us many ways regarding his “tantric” practice and other major issues.

    1. He covered up his persona with Kavi and sanyas and saffron clothing.
    2. Claimed that he is a “Nithya celibate”
    3. Should have been open and transparent to the public at large regarding his OSHO teachings and opinions, to be fair in his dealings with public so no hypocrisy like this would come later
    4. Now working on cover up stories than coming with simple apology like tiger wood did to heal himself and people who trusted him with their time, money and life
    5. Failed to publicly clarify that he believes in OSHO practice of sex
    6. Never said to us publicly he has the big praise for OSHO
    7. If Nithyananda is such an enlightened master with so called mind reading, how did he go wrong? what happend to his 360 degree vision?

  4. To Malhotra

    Your sense is that “Nithyananda did practice Tantra with a very small number of persons”.

    Then why did Nithyananda not tell us that he is experimenting with Sex or Tantra and he like OSHO’s teachings. Why did Nithyananda lie to us? Is that fair to us? Especially, when he is asking us to take sanyas and not have sex with our wives because, unless we do that we are not going to get enlightenment! Isn’t that cheating? We really believed that Nithyananda was truthful in his statements when he told us that he does not need sex or he was a celibate. You give this guy lot of credibility when you have taken all kinds of classes including 21 days of brain wash! Do you really want us to believe now that you are a fair judgmental person towards Nithyananda. No, we consider you as a disciple when you have taken so much of this high priced courses especially with your background of so many gurus. Why do you need so many gurus? Are you a guru shopper? We see Nithyananda gave you a certificate “by listening to your 300 slides”. We are sure that was a great ego boost. We are sure Nithyananda knew how to play with your chakras!!

  5. Dear Mahotraji, you say "He (Nithyananda) could have openly said that he wants to select a few yoginis to experiment Tantra under mutual consent. At worst this would have upset many followers and pushed them away. In response to my concern over his lack of transparency, he could offer the argument that this was a private activity between adults who are under no obligation to disclose it to the public.”

    The problems with the above statement are:

    Nithyananda never informed that he was having sex with few Yoginis, so never had transparency. We agree, if he was a private person and he wants to experiment. But, Nithyananda is a public religious figure, always said he was a master with no lust and he has no need for sex or he is a sanyas and celibate. Now, that is lying to his devotees who have trusted him completely with their “tan, man, dhan”. Don’t you thing that is fraud, cheating and deceit?

  6. Rajiv Malhotra says “But I have concluded that the situation is now beyond repair for Swami Nithyananda and that his continued involvement can only damage the broader interests of dharma as well as jeopardize the ashramites. Along with two other sympathizers who are not ashramites, I have personally recommended to Swami Nithyananda that the best course at this stage would be for him to resign completely from his organization. He should turn it over to a small team of senior Hindu mahatmas, so that the assets can be used in the best interests of dharma. Further, under the guidance of these mahatmas he must live a quiet life as a sadhu devoid of any institutional responsibilities. Because the head of any organization must accept responsibility that “the buck stops here,” only such a move can salvage the organization and the reputation of dharma at large. Over several years, this resignation would hopefully reduce the massive pressure that has built up against him personally, and enable him to live peacefully as a sadhu. It is up to him to accept or reject this advice”.

    Finally Mr. Malhotra, you are providing some solutions! But, do you really think Nithyananda with his alter ego and God complex as Avatara Purusha will really listen to what you say! Dream on my fellow hindu who is working in the interest of Dharma.

    If only it were to be that easy, then, we would still be with Nithyananda. But, Sri Nithyananda is a very selfish money making business man to serve his alter ego and with selfish goals. His extent of lies to get to Sri Sri’s global level is amazing! Nithyananda thinks he is Shiva or Krishna and you think he will listen to you or some mahatmas or some organization? He travels in business class and first class, daily taken care by 10 people at any given time personally serving him and running for him, and you think he is going to give that up and become as sadhu! I don’t know what’s gotten in to you? Please come out of that dream. Nithyananda is not going to accept his faults or lies, and will continue his business in a different way.

  7. Rajiv Malhotra, If Nithyananda is God and healer than how come he is taking tablets and can't he heal himself before he heals others!! He is telling news media that he was sick when this sex tape happened and he was in trance (Because of Oral may be). Right?

    What a hypocrite Nithyananda is and you are taking his side for protecting dharma! Please!!!

  8. Rajiv Malhotra: Read this post from previous chain and answer to your conscience

    Anon March 20, 2010 12:05 PM said:

    For all the Nithyananda devotee fools trying to use "Tantra" as an excuse, what do you actually know about Tantra? Have you read any scriptural works on it?

    I know nothing about it, but one thing I am sure of, is that Tantric sex is probably very ritualistic, meditative, and deeply sacred practice.

    See Nithyananda's video again, if you have not. See how he pulls Ranjitha's hand towards his "paramahamsa bird", see how he strokes his own bird, see he gets a BJ while watching TV, see how he strokes her, see how he throws his legs over her.

    Does any of that seem remotely meditative? Does any of that remotely seem sacred the way approaches it? I can tell you this much as a grown man. I have more sacred and respectful intimate moments with my spouse than Nithyananda was in that video with Ranjitha.

    You are fools for giving him the benefit of the doubt that this was some "Tantra" he was practicing.

  9. Mr. Rajiv Malhotra,

    You said "he has healed a large number of persons of a variety of diseases. His healing powers are what brought together his core inner group of devotees from around the world – doctors, businessmen, IT professionals, corporate executives."

    The problem with the above statement is that neither you nor us have seen or documented scientifically with a doctor or in a medical establishment that actual healing had taken place. That is all propaganda and hearsay. If he can heal others why can't he heal himself? Why can't he heal in some medical setting so that we all can see that he can heal! He told our family that “you will heal. I have taken care of it. But, three years later still nothing happened”.

    Stop this bogus propaganda unless he can show us by taking 10 cancer patients from hospital and heal 5. We are only asking 50%. Can Nithyananda do that?

  10. Rajiv malhotra

    We have read your conspiracy theories but let me ask you a question. If, Nithyananda was to be transparent of his sex tape or his tantra experiments or his OSHO liking will this have happened? This is a blunder caused by Nithyananda to himself not by others. Others are pointing his hypocrisy and making fun of teachings and preaching and not following what he said. Can you blame them for that?

  11. Dear Mr. Malhotra,

    You say the Tamil actress is practicing tantra on him. If that is kind of Tantra Nithyananda taught her than we don't have to see much more Tantra from Nithyananda. I'm a lay man and I see the porno value but nothing spiritual and great above and beyond regular sex.

    Do you call this the real tantra experiment? Can you ask your heart and tell us the truth please?

  12. Rajiv Malhotra said "While on the one hand I blame those in positions of responsibility at the ashram, ultimately Swami Nithyananda bears the responsibility as he selected them, defined their roles, evaluated their performance, motivated and supervised them very closely. In this regard, his spiritual capabilities had failed to evaluate those very close to him as well as the external reality. An enlightened master must do better than this, or else he must not try to control everything so personally."

    Finally we are in agreement that an enlightened master has to do much better than what Nithyananda has done so far, may be because NITHYANANDA is NOT enlightened!

  13. I am not a friend of Rajiv Malhotra. But, it is important for us to recognize the possibility of other anti-Hindu forces wantonly enhancing and causing damage to Hindu Dharma, in the pretext of Nithyananda scandal. It will be important to recognize any such external forces, if they exist, so that the society can isolate them, and find a Hindu-solution to this problem. As such we are not blaming this scandal on anti-Hindu forces, but now they can exacerbate the problem in disguise.

  14. Hello bloggers, and thank you!

    I've followed with interest your detailed analysis of the flaws in Nithyananda's stories, his materialistic tendencies, and at last the coup de grace of the we-all-knew-it-but-couldn't-believe-we-were-seing-it video.

    From the first time my enthusiastic friends showed me a Nithyananda LB video years ago, I felt there was something a bit off about him. Politely declining more vids, I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt...but kept checking the Internet. Eventually your blog emerged. Still I kept mum, because one's friends rarely thank one for news of this sort. For example, how often does it work to run up to a Scientologist and say "Hey, Scientology is a big fat scam!" ?

    Now, of course, it seems as if the gig is truly up. Lots of folks are mad; the folks who aren't convinced by now that he's a phony never will be convinced. Their attitude is reflected by the statement "I don't care whether it's true, I just know it makes me happy." Can't argue with that, really.

    You've provided an invaluable service by collecting this info. Thank you.

    One thing I would like cleared up: it may be a cultural difference. Any input towards knowledge would be appreciated. I need to know what constitues "rape" in India.

    It's confusing for me, a woman in the U.S., to hear you describe what's going on in the video as "rape." Truly, the partners are not equal, and you make a good analogy to an employer/employee relationship. Here in the U.S., that situation would be prosecuted as "sexual harassment", not "rape." Unless the woman in question is under 18, then it would be prosecuted as "statutory rape" which is defined differently from "rape." And I'm certainly on board with the "unnatural sex" allegation -- I'm pretty sure that any kind of sex with a renunciate is unnatural!

    In the U.S. we consider adult women intellectually capable of and entitled to their own decisions about sexual activity. Not a criticism, just FYI: From a US perspective, it actually reads as patronizing towards women to say that an adult woman who is clearly initiating sexual activity is being "raped." It implies a (to us) very outdated notion that women don't like sex under any circumstances, therefore ANY sex she's engaged in must be beyond her control. It is, however, VERY TRUE to say that the woman is being taken advantage of, and her sexual favors coerced under fraudulent circumstances. Again, we'd call it "sexual harassment" or maybe even "statutory rape" if somehow the woman in question was deemed not to be mentally adult; that her reasoning was compromised.

    Also, describing the situation on the video as "rape" leads to a softening of that word. Looking at that video, and calling it "rape" might lead the (less intelligent) to think "Gee, rape doesn't look so bad!"

    Rape is very bad, as you know. When people hear that word, they should have very ugly pictures in their heads of people being held at gunpoint and brutally assaulted, or little children molested by priests (as you mentioned), not something that could pass as a late night HBO soft porn featurette.

    BUT, as I mentioned at the outset, I do not know how "rape" is defined in India. If it is indeed defined differently that it is here in the U.S., a note of explanation of your use of that term would be very very helpful for Westerners.

    Sorry to be so long. Thanks if you've read this far. It's OK with me if you edit this or even don't publish it at all. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

  15. To Anon @ March 20, 2010 7:52 PM

    We agree with you in everything you said. You said "Hindu-solution to this problem". The problem is when our own Hindu son is making bad choices,how can we blame others. If Nithyananda did not participate in a sex tape or was transperant regarding his sexual tendencies like OSHO, then, they how can external or christian forces show fault to us. You have to follow what you preach. That's why Gandhiji became mahatma.

    Here were dealing with a differrent kind of breed.

  16. To anon @ March 20, 2010 9:05 PM "hello Bloggers"

    The rape charge may not be of tamil actress but may be some other person. We have to wait and see what dharmananda told law enforcement.

    But, anyways, regardless of legal consent, since the premise may be "I'm having divine tantric sex with God" it is taking undue advantage of a devotee who is under master's influence and control.

  17. To "hello bloggers" @ March 20, 2010 9:05 PM

    We may not know who the police are referring to regarding "rape" charges on Nithyananda.

    This is a special situation where a Cult leader who said to many that he was a celibate but may have given special instructions or innuendos by the way that "having sex with him is very divine thing to do". As long as devotee is above 18 years old and has no undue influence made, than the cult leader can get away with sex with the devotee. But, the minute she figures out that there were misrepresentations, than it will change everything. It's not harassment anymore. It's psychological manipulation by master who knew how to control a devotee who has surrendered. The cult leader is then looked "as having a higher responsibility then just consent".

    Also, did the devotees suffered severe weakness of mind characterized by severe impairment of autonomy and of the ability to think independently or disagree with cult master? Was there absolute trust and confidence? Was there unfair advantage taken by cult leader? Was there a conspiracy to commit misrepresentation to get somebody in bed?

    So, there are many legalities to think about in this case for the police. Only time will tell.

  18. Malhotra, the self styled champion of Hinduism is at his wits end trying to save the self styled God-man Nithyananda. In his arrogance and pride, Malhotra is trying to protect Hinduism but in reality causing more damage. "A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend". Santana Dharma does not need a prop to stand. It is idiotic and cowardliness to blame the external forces for the whole affair. I would rather have the evangelists take over the whole world than to be stuck with the 'blessings' of these scoundrels like Nithyanada.

  19. Mr. malhotra, you do not have to worry about Swami Nithyananda buying books and losing money on "Invading the sacred". We have purchased a book at Motclair temple for $25 where Nithyananda made 100% profit from us as it is now sold many places for $12.

    Nothing is free with Nithyananda!

  20. Rajiv Malhotra says "This is why Hindu leaders need a crash course on matters that are well beyond the traditional education in their own sampradayas (lineages)".

    This problem is Nithyananda never had a real spiritual guru and looks like he did not like Ramakrishna mission since they did not give him sanyas. Past five years once he came to USA he has become very reckless in dealing with his high tech Indian and Western devotees with his excessive greed which backfired on him.

    If only Nithyananda cared for them, this would not have happened. Also, dividing the couples and playing mind games on one against others kind of affected many people later turned very upsetting experience. These young people left everything for him and worked like slaves. Later, they figured out his game and left him for good. Many were branded enlightened who figured out they are no way near that!

    I think what really affected Nithyananda is his greed to become like a global leader fast at any cost and disregard to his devotees. The "I'm God" complex and some siddhis taken over his logical mind and his karmas added up. Now, existence is teaching him a lesson!

    Now he knows he is just another human being with his cunning intelligence. What a shame to go down in history like this!

  21. Malhotra said " I sent feelers to the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha as to whether it should offer to step in and take over the ashram and its related organizations, thereby bringing new management to clean up matters and bring stability to the enterprise"

    Nithyananda says he is the Shiva and Krishna. Does Malhotra really think Nithyananda is going to accept for less than what he has? He is the master of all MBA's out there. There is no way he will give a penny to anybody and get out peacefully giving up anything. No way sir! Dream on!

  22. Mr. Rajiv Malhotra, I can't believe you said "it seems that the mess cannot be cleaned without the swami leaving the movement and going into a strictly private life of meditation and self inquiry".

    Are you kidding with us Mr. Malhotra! This swami is way too arrogant for such things. He says he is already enlightened, so he needs no meditation. Why this nonsense " self enquiry" if he says he has not done anything immoral or illegal? He is not going to listen to you or Hindu mahatmas as he feels he is beyond them all.

    I say Mr. Malhotra, you are probably 1000 times better swami then he is because he masquerades as real swami when he is not.

  23. Please watch this video (2 parts) from a Western person (who seems to be some kind of spiritual teacher) speaking on why what Nithyananda did is completely wrong and fraudulent:

    Actions of Nithyananda Part 1

    Actions of Nithyananda Part 2

    She is honest in her views and minces no words.

  24. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To anon on Saturday, March 20, @9:45 PM.

    Thanks for your opinion and clarification regarding rape. True, Nithyananda does not impose physical violence or threat of gun point as he commits his rape on his victims. (And, yes, we see this as rape.) We are sure that Nithyananda's lawyers will argue during Nithyananda's day in court that this is between two consenting adults. Nothing could be further than the truth.

    Actually, we feel what Nithyananda has done is worse than any act of physical violence and sexual assault, i.e. rape as you have defined earlier. Nithyananda has created horrible crimes of mental and sexual violence that will torment his victims for the rest of their lives with psychological scars that will dissect his victims' souls.

    Nithyananda has used his holy grandstanding to make his victims believe that he is 'god'. That sexual 'service' to this self-claimed 'god' is a divine act. That saying 'no' to 'god' is not only bad, but the victims will never be believed if they came forward. And, this so-called 'god' surely played to his victims' psyche to the point that the victim's family will be 'rewarded' or 'punished' accordingly. And, finally the mind-games Nithyananda plays on his victim if the victim says 'no'. In most cases, the victim's only 'support' network is other cult members. Imagine how hard it is to survive in the web of Nithyananda if a lady said 'no' to him. When Nithyananda's victims underwent all of Nithyananda's brainwashing techniques such as sleep deprivation, identity theft, dissolving family and marriage ties, etc., Nithyananda's victims have been softened up to the point that they are now 'willing' to perform sexual acts for him.

    Under these circumstances, young ladies gave up their innocence and married ladies gave up their faithfulness all for Nithyananda's calculated and well-plotted lust. Divorces have occurred over this criminal, Nithyananda. Illegitimate children most likely have been born thanks to this Nithya Ravananda. Now that the veil has come off, and Nithyananda is exposed for what he is 'as fraud', imagine how his victims will feel? Completely cheated, some that must now bare life-long consequences such as illegitimate children, divorces, and a life of shame.

    For this crime alone, Nithyananda is dangerous to society and needs to be locked up in prison for years and years.

    Those that helped perpetrate these crimes must also pay a debt to society. Nithyananda did not act his sex crimes alone. He needed help, as in go-betweeners, to fulfill his lavacious acts of rape and inner-space pillage. Criminal sentences should also be issued to these people. These are the ones that made the arrangements, made the approaches, and did the 'scheduling'. Those in his criminal organization that also give PR statements, stonewall investigations, and intimidate the victims so they would not speak out also deserve extended time in prison so they can regain their sense of what is right and what is wrong. This would include many of his inner-circle devotees. They are criminals. They are guilty in carrying out these sex crimes.

    In summary: This is a criminal organization and a malicious cult. The sexual crimes committed by Nithyananda are of the worst offenses. Many hands are involved in committing these sex crimes. All of these offenders need to be brought to justice, and the truth needs to brought out.

    Jai Maa.

  25. Rajiv, i thank to you for all the wonderful things you have written and done.

    Before you feel elated that you have received a positive remark, i would like to point out that you are the 50% cause of the fall of nitty.

    You gave him the advise to come on cam and blurt out out nonsense.

    You asked him Qs which proved your loyalty to him than the real truth.

    It was because of you that he was confused and
    blurted out different excuses at the same time.

    And finally your wonderful article which will be a gr8 resource for the prosecution lawyers to get nitty in jail.

    If i had not seen you in the video with nitty i would have had some respect for you, but sadly, at the fag end of your life you have failed miserably at honesty, purity, protecting dharma and goodness.

    Your article has been very diplomatic and shrewd. You knew very well that no one is supporting nitty but you wanted to play on both sides. So you come up with this article adding subtly the innocence of nitty and also admitting the fraud of nitty.

    You should have stayed in the USA or somewhere else, you have totally destroyed nitty professionally.

    Probably after 21 days of the 'god course', your brain cells underwent radical changes. hmm... just figuring out what went wrong with you.

  26. Nithy with his layers upon layers of lies at times unintentionally provides a sort of yucky comic relief.

    Whereas , this Rajiv Malhotra I have always found consistently boring & powerful yawns inducing.

    Earlier he was busy promoting aol Ravishankar. Hindus like Rajiv Malhotra are so full of spite towards America , Christianity, Western Civilization despite living there. His fav topic is " colonial mindset" of Indians yadayada.

    SSRavishankar is also of equally dubious credentials but smarter than Nithy.

    Trust them to play the caste card as nothing works more effectively in India.SSRavishankar also has a hindutva lobby bolstering him. But he is more crafty. For non hindus he is ever ready with appropriate soundbytes.

  27. The following is what another hindu journalist wrote about Rajiv Malhotra in Feb 2006.

    " The man’s at best a charlatan, using Hinduism as a prop for getting recognition. At one time it was rumored he wanted to be an NRI ambassador for India. Rajiv has blogged for several years now on You should definitely read those articles, and especially his comments to questions posed to him. His knowledge of Hinduism is functional at best. He is completely ignorant of various fundamental slokas and mantras and what they mean. Yet he seeks to defend them from misinterpretation by Western interests, mostly by coining catchy phrases like U-Turn Theory, Caste Cow Curry Theory etc. and then commissioning poor Indian academics and journalists to write a body of work under these so-called theories in return for grants. He has an ongoing battle with SAJA. He wrote to SAJA insisting that a series of articles be written about him in the mainstream press. SAJA laughed it off and he went on a personal crusade, trying to demolish SAJA members as anti-Hindu. SAJA is simply an umbrella of journalists working for a paycheck, whereas Rajiv is a very wealthy multimillionaire moonlighting as a philanthropist. I have met Rajiv at a seminar, he is a nice old NRI. But it is a sad day when we have the likes of him representing an ancient faith like Hinduism..... there are Hindus like myself out there and it does matter to us. Hinduism is a vast ocean of knowledge, it provides immense comfort and solace to its believers. But to Rajiv Hinduism is merely a body of work based on which he gets invited to seminars to debate Western scholars .... It is a sad world we live in ".

  28. It is joke when Rajiv Malhotra says he is not considered a deciple of Nithyananda after all those courses and doing "Nithya dhyan" every day after daY, which clearly mentions as Nithyananda's name in every sentence AS GURU.

    What does he think we are? Bunch of fools?

  29. Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and the present Cult members, Please listen to this videos and comeout of the cult. Just plain common sense!

  30. To Anon @ 9.05 PM Hellow Bloggers

    If Nithyananda used Hipnotism on any women, for them to perform the sexual acts, then it is also considered a rape regarless of age. So, let's see if any women come out and acuse him. The problem is many of them may be hiding because of backlash and scared to come to public as people may start judging them.

  31. World is maya. All these analysis , put downs, cursing is all happening in your mind. There is no way you will find out if this is real or dreaming. You have to ask yourself who is this person doing all this analysis and just wait, do not try to answer. This questioning alone will liberate you, then you do not need any gurus, or spend all your hard earned money chasing after Gurus and attending their expensive courses. Just be child like, observe all this chatter of the mind, and realise you are not these chatter. Liberate and Enjoy Life.

  32. Rajiv Malhotra,
    Tell us the truth why you have not done pada puja to Nithyananda!

    I bet it is because of $1,000 price tag and you are no fool to spend that kind of money! Everybody knows Nithyananda charges that kind of money for the pada puja at homes!

  33. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear Anon @11:33 AM,

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, Sri Nithyananda loves money and charges a lot for his empty services. Sorry to say that your price quotes need to be revised. They were too low. In the Fall of 2009 during his U.S. tour, Sri Nithyananda charged $2,000 U.S.D. for pada pooja (for about ten minutes at his feet) and $5,000 U.S.D. for a quick in-and-out drive-by 'blessing' in someone's home. Hard to believe that any self-proclaimed 'holy' man can be so greedy.

    Jai Maa.

  34. I would not call it greedy at all. If peaple are prepared to pay that kind of money, why not. Is anyone willing to pay that to anyone else. You are just accumulating more karma for nothing. If swami Vivehanda was here he would have said just leave the rope and be free.

  35. Hi Expose Nithyananda,

    Thanks for publishing my two other comments. I see that you have so much anger in you that you have created this Blog and you may even have the satisfaction of bringing this guy to his knees. From your profile looks like you yourself was affected and managed to come out of it. But I can not see how you can break this power of Maya with so much anger in you. Try to be still and remember that the chatter and all these bloggers venting their anger is all happening in your mind and in their minds. It is a shared illusion. Nothing is real. Everything is a big conspiracy. our senses are conspiring to create this maya which is creating all this mess. Only way I think you can break this Maya is being still and realise this chatter that is happening in this Blog is not you. Break the power of Maya and experience this Nithyanantham - this beautiful tamil word means eternal Bliss. This Bliss is freely available like the air we breathe, and its worth - you guessed it - No price Tag in (US$) or any currency - It is priceless. I hope you and all taking part in this Blog achieve this priceless Nithyanantham. By the way this I think is our mission and Goal - Break the power of Maya and attain Geevan Mukti. And I want to stress that you can not achieve that with critical thinking. Critical thinking will only get you more entangled - what you call accumulating more Karma. This is exactly Maya in action. So break the power of maya by simple technic of choiceless awareness and realising that you are not the thought.

    Good luck everyone with Maya Busting.

    Love you all


  36. To the blod owner:
    I read you editorial on the Rape chages about Rajashekaren. I have been prodding you several times who are the possible go betweens. Since
    you do not know, Let me list them out.

    a) Bakthnanda
    b) gopika
    c) Ragini
    d) Sachit
    e) Medhananda
    f) All the ashramite ladies in LA especiall the indian ones.
    g) Ayya
    h) Ayya'a wife

    Since you were on the inside before can you publish this list.

    I dont think you will. You have a soft corner for these criminals.

    Remember if you dont then you are breaking the law too.

    Good luck

  37. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To anon @3:32 PM,

    Nice try there. We are certainly impressed with Nithyananda supporters' resourcefulness and creativity in trying to get us to stop. We have to congratulate them for trying every angle, technique, name-calling, taunt, etc. possible to get us to stop. No we don't have anger. That is your projection. We do have a knowledge that there has been serious wrongs and serious crimes committed, and we want them to stop.

    So, if you really would like us to end this blog, Nithyananda and his fraudulent organizations have to come clean and confess all the crimes committed (including the murder and the multiple rapes), show a clear path that these crimes will never be committed again, try to compensate all the victims of this horrible 'experiment' of human manipulation, become a real supporter of Hinduism and Vedic traditions, eliminate all dark tantric practices such as graveyard tours and fire rituals using human hair and red chilies, operate with integrity and transparency, and do real service to humanity and the downtrodden. Only then will we call it quits and let Nithyananda and his organizations continue without exposing them further, for there will be no need.

    The other alternative for us to call it quits is when Nithyananda is serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole, and when the last bulldozer knocks over the last Nithyananda building, and when the cheated farmers are back on their land that was stolen from Nithyananda, and the last publisher stops their pirated material from being hijacked under the name of Nithyananda, Life Bliss Foundation, or any other existing or future branding of the same bunch of cult terrorists and cultural hijackers. At that point, we'll also call it quits. Until then, expect lots more posts that will expose a lot more fraud, violence, crimes, blasphemy, etc. Nithyananda has given us an endless supply of things to expose.

    Jai Maa.

  38. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon @4:45 PM,

    You forgot the names of a few more criminals. For your future comments, perhaps a brief summary of the alleged crimes can accompany the name of each criminal. That way, the authorities will know who to question for what crime.

    Jai Maa.

  39. To anon at @3.32 PM JK,

    Please stop with this Bull5h!t of "Break the power of Maya and experience this Nithyanantham". Looks like you want to start "Swami and Guru" business as your Guru Nithyananda has failed. Do you guys really think we can't read in between line? After the second sentence reading, we know you are a Nithyananda's cult member!

    We are taking about lies, fraud, deceit and you are taking about Maya?

    We love you too! Get out of here.

  40. To the annonymous who talked about Maya:

    I was watching a indian movie called, Lucky. In this moveie a bunch of thugs were betting on humans who will stand in a circle, each one given a pistol with only one bullet in it. This is broacasted live to all the casinos and people were betting on who will survive. This show was to go till every one dies except one. And each day the organizers make a lot of money and no body cared about the death of the people.

    The Nithya CULT was no better then the characters in this ficticous movie. You and your goons destroyed lives of people mostly women and few men.and you are out there laughing thinking that we are the miserable creatures. I think the blogowner is correct. Your boss and his immediate goons will go to prison for several years and only then perverts like you will get your act togeteher and vanish from this scene.

  41. @Anon - JK - MARCH 21, 2010 3:32 PM

    MAYA and KARMA - are escapist's life/terms/motto/slogan/etc. There is nothing like maya and thats the real illusion.

    U nitwit nincompoop nitty supporters should now stop doing this PR job for your master as he is finished.

    Forget about jeevan mukti, you will never attain that status, infact non of the nitwit followers will achieve that status. You dont follow the basic steps of patanjali yoga(yama, niyama) and u talk about the heaven! lol

    Probably you yourself have paid lots of money to learn and thats is why you are stuck in the black hole... it happens, you need to take medical advice as soon as possible. Please! or you are just one of the losers who joined the nitwit foundation.

    Iam so connected to god even when iam writing this post, you know why ? because i follow truth ! I live in reality and iam pure.

    You dont have to come here of all the places and preach about your guru who has been caught red handed romping,lying,hiding and just making a fool of himself. Look at yourself now .. how does it feel to be a fool?

    God! i just dont get it, there are still some fools who believe this fraud, and they have the audacity to talk about bliss.

    This is classic, your post exhibits strains of brain washing techniques, slowly adding suggestions, promising the paradise within or using the fear factor of the whip of KARMA. You can do better than that.. you can tell your boss to confess and resign .

    LOOK nitty, entangled in maya, how your karma is racing up to you RUN RUN RUN !!!

  42. Another hot news : Nithyananda with Actress yuvarani! did anyone have any link to those videos? I cant wait to see his enlightened act with her.

  43. Actress Yuvaran video doesn't show Nithy doing anything. It is a silly joke, nothing more.


    The news item says the video was not released by the police and that the hero is naked in the video.

  45. the police and that the hero is naked in the video.

    Please, please use the correct words to describe the "enlightened" Master. Naked is not the right word. It is called "Vishwa Roopa Darshan"! After all he is Krishna's reincarnation, so he was showing his true "divine" form to all his mesmerized women devotees.

  46. That's funny! ""Vishwa Roopa Darshan"!


  47. Highlights from the Article: Debutante Dharma-Gurus: Violating a civilisational patent
    Sandhya Jain : Global Hindu-speak: Equating Hindu Dharma with Tantric Sex!
    21 Mar 2010

    Global Hindu (Rajiv Malhotra)took the most astonishing route to defend/explain Nityananda’s sex-with-a- married-woman act. I suspect this is part of a pre-planned agenda to sensationalise Hindu dharma by equating it with something called Tantric Sex, and thus demonise and diminish it in the eyes of Hindu bhaktas – something reminiscent of Max Mueller’s project to interpret the Vedas in a manner that would scandalize and humiliate English-educated Hindus.

    I have never heard anything so obscene in my life. This R&D obviously has a white western audience in mind; Devi alone knows what all he did and with whom. It seems fair to conclude that the perversion was on a fairly large scale, as Global Hindu reveals: ‘I believe that he even entered into written legal contracts with them to make sure that both parties were clear about the arrangement. The reason for this “Non-Disclosure Agreement” was to make sure that someone who willingly approaches him for Tantra does not later accuse him of physical contact..’

    This is appalling. A Hindu guru actually sought and took legal advice and ordered the drafting of a legal document that would ‘empower’ him to have sex with men and/or women disciples without legal hassles! To be legally valid, such documents would have been attested by a Public Notary or Oath Commissioner, this merits an official enquiry.

    It should be obvious that the category of persons calling themselves Global Hindus pose a serious danger to Hindu dharma on Hindu bhumi; all Hindu gurus and sanyasis and lay citizens must be on guard against this group which willingly serves the political agenda of the white Christian nations.

    Full article source:

  48. Violating a civilisational patent artice Point

    I found it distasteful that Global Hindu could term our Naga Sadhus as ‘completely naked’ (his italics). A native Hindu would know that the sadhu is digambar – sky-clad. He made it worse by saying he did not regard the sadhus as ‘either vulgar or primitive’ and that Hindu orthodoxy is contradictory because it rejects Tantra in public and respects Naga sadhus and various symbols and rituals rooted in Tantra. This is Christian gibberish at its best; it is impossible to answer such intellectual vacuity.


  50. The public is too focus on Nithy's sexual activities now that his more monstrous deeds (fraud, exploitation, abuse) are sidelined.

    Please don't let this scandal sidetrack the investigation into his real crimes.


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