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Monday, March 8, 2010

Edited "Unedited" Press Conference Video - Nithyananda' Cult Stonewalls, Stalls & Denies His Sex Crimes & Fraud

'Swami' Nithyananda Hints of Red Herring Conspiracy Theory as He Plays the Victim; Fraud Still Exposed

Hey there, Sri Nithyananda.  You're really making your true followers really work overtime.  Is defending the indefensible a new type of tapas (penance)?  Did you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda promise your cult followers that they would be departed into an 'enlightened' plain if they can maintain your innocence?  We think, Sri Nithyananda, that they will be deported into next aeroplane and the rest will go off in some big paddy wagon. And, we think, Sri Nithyananda, that you've really fallen off your wagon.  And, why 'Swami' Nithyananda, even have this press conference?  Was it just another delay tactic?  You, Sri Nithyananda, raise the expectations that questions will be answered and that clarity will be given.  All we got was more of the same.  "Nope, cannot comment on that."  "Wait till Swami comes back." "We're still getting facts."  "This is not clear."  "Cannot comment on speculation."... You, know, Sri Nithyananda, we think there should be a new name for your spokesperson, the sometimes-Swami Sri Sachitananda, and that is, sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda.  You know, Sri Nithyananda, he really does make a good stonewall.  Rock solid. But, here, let's just keep to the facts. Let us all, Sri Nithyananda, watch this 'unedited' press release together, shall we?:

Wow, Sri Nithyananda, the first thing that we would like to ask you is this really an 'unedited' unedited press release? The reason we ask is that just as that reporter begins to ask the tough questions like is that porn star in the video you or not? if you, Sri Nithyananda knew in advance that this video would be aired?, and if there was some 'black mail' was involved?, precisely at 42:35 (on YouTube) and at 14:47:43 (on your video log), there's a skip of 17 seconds. And magically at 42:36 (on YouTube) now displays on your video count at 14:48:00. Was this another example of your time continuum miracle? In those 17 seconds as we, Sri Nithyananda, were suspended in another dimension, what exactly happened? Did the cameras catch sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda picking his nose? We imagine that something really embarrassing happened, (like right, as if we haven't already seen something real embarrassing with you before), and you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, keeper of Truth, and firm encourager of Truth (as mentions @27:40 YouTube) decided that portion should be edited out. But, why, 'Swami' Nithyananda? Why now an 'edited' 'unedited' Press Conference? Are you, Sri Nithyananda, trying to project to be something that you are not?

Well 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we hate to tell you this, but this censorship makes your credibility even lower. We really thought there was no where lower you could go, but some how you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, managed. Perhaps this is proof that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, really are 'enlightened' after all. We mean, that lowering into the lowest must have taken some special siddhi (magic power) to go that low.  Are you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, and your cult now anti-matter? And, once again, Sri Nithyananda, the parallels with the Watergate scandal and edited tapes is eerily the same. Are you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda an incarnation of Richard M. Nixon, a.k.a. Tricky Dick?

So, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we see that there seems to be a shift in your shifty strategy. You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda first declared that the video involved 'graphics' and 'morphing'. We would agree that your video, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, was very graphic and involved morphine. 'Swami' Nithyananda, what were the pills again for? But, now, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you seem to do your best to discredit our hero, Swami Dharmananda a.k.a. Lenin Karuppan, and claim that he didn't even finish the twelfth grade and had financial motives to 'blackmail' you (@20:02 YouTube). Perhaps, 'Swami' Nithyananda, he was not a super motivated genius as you were and finished the polytechnic school in Gudiyattam at the tender age of fifteen.

And, 'Swami' Nithyananda, why wasn't Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda able to answer the simple question of when you attended the Gudiyattam Polytechnic? Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda seems quite flustered. Is it right to put your close followers through such torture? Anyway, sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda said that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, will answer all of these questions when you emerge, (translates, after everybody has been bought off with bribes with hush-hush money, then we'll see your tired face again. For now, we just have to look forward to more of your terrorist-quality YouTube videos of self-denial and deceit.)

And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we also detected another shift in your shifty strategy. Before you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, claimed that you were out somewhere in Kumbh Mela doing some 'holy' work with other like-minded saddhus (renunciate monks). Now, sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda is claiming that you're a no-show because of safety and security issues. Sri Nithyananda, we think that if you're in a jail some place with armed guards that you will then be very safe and secure.  The sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda said that they are really worried (enlightened?) about your security (@16:02 YouTube).  Actually, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we think he almost said it correctly.  They are really worried about your securities and other assets.  Won't they be confiscated?  And, as any good foot soldier, sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda is willing to take the blame and say that 'Swami' (that's you) really wants to be here, but it is us (sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda and cult cronies) that are concerned about his (your) security.  Hey, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you've done a really great job of brainwashing some followers with advanced education.  Was that the reason for the parade early in your 'Edited' 'Unedited' Press Conference of ladies with degrees?

And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, forgive us if we're wrong, but didn't you once say that if someone was upset with you, that you are also at fault because your actions created some conflict that caused the other person to get upset? And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, didn't you also go on to say that since you are an 'enlightened' healing master, that you were so 'light' that you would not cause any conflict at all? Well, 'Swami' Nithyananda, can you then explain why is it that there's people burning your image in effigy? Are they reenacting your supernatural 'enlightenment' energy?

And, Sri Nithyananda, why do you claim that just two weeks ago there were already mentions of your hanky panky by some blogs, like ours perhaps (@18:13 YouTube)? Remember how sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda kept on saying that this was a conspiracy carried out with "laser like surgical precision" (@18:05 YouTube), that you implied involved a whole team, not a single lone ranger.
"Do you feel that an operation of this magnitude, which has been conducted with such precision is the work of a single, dissatisfied individual?" (@18:55 YouTube)
Oh, we get it now, Sri Nithyananda.  Besides stalling, stonewalling, posturing, playing victim, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, now want to get the press to start investigating a red herring 'conspiracy theory' that all the people in the world that you screwed over are now acting as one to return the favor.  Nice try.

Hey, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, just want to remind you that stories about your 'divine' date rapes didn't just crop up two weeks ago. 'Swami' Nithyananda, sorry if we seem boastful, because we really don't like to imitate your behavior, but we did post the information about your room service ladies staying for hours and hours sometimes up to 3:00 a.m. alone in your private quarters in your Los Angeles ashram way back on Saturday, October 31, 2009 with our blog post titled:
"Nithyananda Private Life is Very Different Than His Public Life
Nithyananda, Now That’s Entertainment! What's It Like to have a Cult Following?"
Here 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, here is our direct quote:
"With all those channels to select from your satellite TV dish, I wonder how you get any conversation in? Nithyananda, may I ask what you talk about when the attractive ladies bring your meal and stay in your quarters for sometimes four to five hours? You must chew your food very slowly. Perhaps you were getting nourishment, but I think you might have gotten dinner and a show. We know someone who has seen all these ladies come and go in your quarters, and if ever called to testify in court, under penalty of perjury, this witness would name all of those ladies. You’re quite a stud for an enlightened renunciate."
'Swami' Nithyananda, was this two weeks lapse just another time continuum phenomena? Perhaps it was just two weeks ago for another planet's lunar system. Sri Nithyananda, what planet are you really from? And, are you not a bit loony to expect us to believe all your stories?

But, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we do have some questions to ask you. About ten days prior to your famous blue video airing on YouTube, which made you a porn star, we noticed that you dismantled your Perpendicular Universe Blog, which we had loads of fun ridiculing with this blog entry:
Nithyananda Creates a Perpendicular Universe Blog
Nithyananda Tries to Bend Vedic Truths a Sharp Left Turn
Basically, that blog was your feeble attempt to claim that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda were the caretaker of Vedic culture. So, Sri Nithyananda, why did you dismantle the Perpendicular Universe Blog at least a whole week before the scandal broke, still you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, claimed that you did not know about this video until after it aired?

Another one of those little discrepancies, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that we happened to notice is that your right-hand man, first ashramite, Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami, a.k.a. Ayya, cut his visit short in the U.S. to quickly go back to India. Five days after his last advertised event, the scandal broke. So, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, keeper and encourager of 'Truths', can we really believe you didn't know about this video and that is was going to be aired on TV?

As if there wasn't enough proof already, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that you knew that video was going to bite your turban on TV, there was that very convenient samadhi that you went into during the NSP (brainwashing in disguise of a meditation) program starting on Thursday, February 26 on through the weekend.  A witness said on March 1, 2010, that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, were in samadhi for six days.  In fact, you, Sri Nithyananda, actually refunded everyone's money, or at least you told everyone you would.  But, since you have to pay for all those gold thrones and getting money is built into your system, we knew you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, wouldn't let an opportunity to pass up on all that cash.  And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you didn't disappoint us.  Other witnesses said they only got the run-around when they tried to get their money back.  Very consistent.  Appear to be honest so you can make any claims to the outside world, but still milk them for everything they're worth.  For the record, our witness said that you came out of your 'convenient' samadhi for the Kalpataru darshan after NSP.  So, Mr. Holy-man, was this a real samadhi or was this a Sear's samadhi?  Yeah, we already know.  We just want you, 'Swami' Nithyananda to know that we know too.

And, before we forget, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we want to say that we were honored with your recognition when you tried to discredit the information about your timeline revelations by having one of your chief acharyas (teachers), Swami Sri Nithya Gnanananda Maharaj, whisper to the sometimes-Swami Sri Sachitananda, as "blog information" (@25:25 YouTube). But, that inquisitive reporter kept on mentioning the true source of the Rajapoly Polytechnic website. Poor sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda just looked like a deer in front of headlights.

'Swami' Nithyananda, all it seemed like sometime-Swami Sri Sachitananda could do is just deny and delay, and of course appear to be as transparent as one of your ghosts. Sorry, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you failed again.  And, did all of these allegations make Swami Sri Nithya Gnanananda Maharaj's hair straighten and sytled? Oh, frightening. He now kind of looks like one of your room service ladies.  Does he now shave his legs too?  And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda with all of your 'godly' power, why did your video not play at the right time?  Was that delay intentional?

Finally, we had an anonymous comment that summed up a lot of our points.  Thank you, readers:

Monday, March 8, 2010 2:47 AM
Anonymous  said...

Here are a few things everyone should consider after this latest press conference:

1) Now they are neither confirming nor denying the tape? Nithyananda and his ashram have been continuously saying that the images were "morphed" by Lenin and are "graphics".

2) In this conference this guy said that Lenin didnt even get through 12th grade. So now are they saying that he is not intelligent enough to "morph" the video? They are flip flopping so badly that they are destroying their own credibility.

3) It seemed that this statement was also written using similar misdirection as Nithyananda does in his speeches. If you noticed, Sachitanana was trying to disprove the other accusations in order to disprove the video.. notice how he constantly goes back to those other accusations and the unacceptable "facts" he has given.

4) Regarding the death accusation, the 58 yr old Canadian's death is still suspicious because he fell out of a second story of a building! Its funny how Sachitananda could easily skim over that fact. Notice how Sachitananda called to attention his family's coronary heart disease history, when it has no relevance to his death. Also, obviously a post mortem report will show he fell a far distance to his death.. the mysterious question is how did he fall and what legitimate investigation did the police conduct afterwards. India is known for easily paying off police directly after an incident. That is what Lenin was referring to as mysterious.

5) Sachitananda again was using improper comparison to his brahmacharinis when he spoke of the 23 yr old alleged rape victim. Because his closest female ashramites showed their face in front of a camera, was he was implying that a traumatized rape victim should also be able to do the same? Nowhere in the world does a alleged rape victim like to be identified to the public. Also in most rape cases there is no solid evidence... if the ashram is denying a clear video of Nithyananda, you can imagine how they will treat anyone else who comes forward, especially in India. If Nithyananda has done this before I hope more people will come out just to add impact and force the justice system to act, since legally it will almost be impossible prosecute with the massive amount of secrecy and control in the organization. If you have listened to Nithyananda speak, you may have heard him repeatedly speak about how the logic of a legal system can go against showing the actual truth.. its ironic how now the organization is now hiding behind the law to avoid obvious truths.
Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 92: Ninety-two days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 114: One hundred and fourteen days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. This is how the story will unfold - the inner circle wants to keep nithy away for their own safety to avoid being exposed themselves. They will keep nithy (or dispose him) in a hidden place forever. They will shoot videos of nithy with a calendar in the background showing different dates. They will then release these videos in different times - of course people will believe it.. meanwhile the close circle will take charge of the $$ of the ashrams and continue to invest heavily in side businesses aimed towards their early retirement.. one fine day nithy's video that he has attained moksha will be released and that sachi is the next guru divinely chosen. No one will hear or see nithy again or ranjitha for that matter..

    Sachi and others will try to diversify into pure yoga lessons as opposed to divine claims to divert attention.. they will then rake in the money and disappear laughing. A few bags of cash will exchange hands to politicians in karnataka and tamil nadu and all ends well.


    "Ranjitha comes forward; says it was her offering to Swami Nithyananda! "

    Bangalore: Ranjitha comes forward; says it was her offering to Swami Nithyananda! Ranjitha, the hottest and latest sensation of the Ranjitha-Nityananda sex scam video, says that Swami is innocent.


    What is shown in the video is her service and offering to her much-loved Swamiji. It is Swamiji who cured her prolonged panting trouble in just a single day.

    While speaking to a bi weekly through a telephonic conversation, Ranjitha stated that “Media unnecessarily blow the issue. I know Swamiji for past few years and my association with him is transparent.”

    She says further, “As a true devotee I offered my service like feeding food and massaging him regularly in his personal room. I used to stay with him during late hours but the inmates of the ashram also know this…”

    She further stated that “I know my Swamiji. He is a great Athma and will come as a pure Athma soon…”

  3. It is downright revolting. The smug repetitive insistence on all those scoundrels' " high qualifications , hailing from respectable families & the alleged 12th std ONLY education of God Bless Him Lenin Karuppan. We Indians know it is simply a cakewalk to get fake doctored post mortem reports , fake certificates of anything. Remember what happened when Arushi a young girl of dentist (again hiiiggghly qualified) parents & the not at all qualified Nepali cum servant were killed brutally. The people knew. Yet what could we do when such hiiiggghhhhly qualified influential unmitigated thugs & criminals are involved.

    My prayer is let the often repeated refrain come true. That India is facing threats from xyz flanking. There is no Justice at all in India.

  4. Here is a blog of uneducated supporters of Nithyananda who have no clue of eternal values of Religion and supporting a fraudulent CULT, which till yesterday said the video was morphed, without even knowing what is morphing.

    Now, that Ranjitha has opened the facts of her OFFERING, their song will change.

    Now, all the beloved ladies of fake Swami Nithyananda can stand in queue with their offerings. He is Pure Athma, you know!

    Only sad part is that there won't be anyone to film and share the joy with internet audience.

  5. funny this video of nithi tells of mastering manmadha (cupid the love god)

  6. Hear the latest statements from Dharmananda / Lenin Karuppannan. Please publicise this so that the world can know this! Nithyananda can buy off Media and politicians but he cannot stop the voice of truth from reaching the people.

    Here is a translation of the interview in Tamil:
    (sending this in parts as the whole thing is too big to fit into 1 comment)

    Nakkeeran’s Interview of Dharmananda (9th, Mar, 2010)

    Nakkeeran: Hello
    Dharmananda: Hello. I am happy to deliver these truths to the world through Nakkeeran. To tell you exactly, in 2006 I first join Swami as his disciple. Before that in 2004 I attended his meditation program. After that I did many of his programs continuously, one after another. I became deeply interested and from 2006 Aug onwards I became his direct disciple. Until I left recently in Feb 2010 I was living in his ashram only. I was following his teachings and practicing them. I was there because I liked his teachings. The reason for this video is, last year in November, I started hearing many things about him from some people. I was shocked by what I heard, because people see him and we also see him only as god. But the information I heard was shocking, I don’t even know how to say it!
    This video incident has happened before but there was no proof of it. How to tell the world about it? So many youngsters and women are coming in every day. There are some who have been affected, but they are unable to talk about this openly, because if they bring this in the open their personal family life will be affected negatively by it. Because of that fear none of this came to public view. If that mask has to be torn, this kind of video is needed as solid evidence. That is why this video was taken and released.

  7. Nakkeeran’s Interview of Dharmananda (9th, Mar, 2010) - Continued

    N: What did people tell you about how they were affected? You say women were affected. Was it physical?
    D: Yes. Women have been abused through their body [sexual abuse]. The worst part of all this is, they are not even aware that they are being abused, to that extent they have been mesmerized. That is the sad news. “I am God. If you are with God, you will also achieve my state”, this is what he has told them and kept them mesmerized. Because of that, they don’t even think there is something wrong in this. They don’t even realize that they are a victim [of this abuse]. This is the problem. Only because some people mentioned it, even I came to know about it.

    N: So he claims himself to be an incarnation of God?
    D: Yes. “I am Krishna. If you are with me like the Gopikas, you will also achieve their state”, this is what he tells them and mesmerizes them to abuse them.

    N: So he says this is a path to enlightenment?
    D: Yes, he says that. He says this is a tantra technique, that’s what he makes them all believe. I was shocked to hear this and I realized that only if this is proved with some evidence people will believe what is going on. Even after giving all this evidence some people still don’t believe it. If I had said this with mere words, nobody would have believed me. That’s why I decided that I have to collect evidence for this. Legally whether this can be punished or not, only the police and government has to decide. Whatever is his true face, I have showed it [to the world]. Now its for the law to decide.

    N: Is there any hidden motive for you to defame Nithyananda like this?
    D: Definitely not! I don’t have any hidden motive or agenda for this. People must know the truth about who he is – this is my only intention. There are so many youngsters from Tamilnadu, not only Tamilnadu they come from all around the world – young men and more importantly young women; and in addition there are many families that also come and join the ashram. I do not want any more people to be affected like this, that is the only genuine good intention with which this was done. There is no other hidden motive or conspiracy behind this.

    N: What is the reason for this video to be released so many days after it was shot?
    D: Due to certain safety, security and legal reasons it took some time.

  8. Nakkeeran’s Interview of Dharmananda (9th, Mar, 2010) - continued (part3)

    N: There is an allegation that he was blackmailed with this video for getting some money.
    D: No. This is entirely a false accusation spread by them. If I wanted money, then this news would not have come out at all. This accusation itself is wrong. If I wanted money I could have directly talked to them, I could have lived like a king. This news would not have come out at all.

    N: How true are the scenes in this video? Nithyananda’s people have been continuously claiming that this is a forgery.
    D: The original source CD, I have submitted to Tamilnadu police and government. Let their lab report become available. I am saying that this is definitely original. Let them prove that this is fake, then legally whatever punishment they give me, even if they give me death sentence, death by hanging, I am willing to accept it. I know this video is entirely true. It even has date and time on it.

    N: There is an allegation that Ranjitha and you conspired together and created this video.
    D: No. No.

    N: There is also an allegation that you were accused in the Magnetic Therapy Bed case.
    D: This is false accusation. In 2003 there was a company that was promoting Magnetic Therapy Bed. They had many lakhs of distributors. I was also one of the distributors who was cheated by that company. I was also a victim who lost money. There is no police complaint against me in that case. This is a false allegation meant to defame me and show me in bad light.

    N: In the middle of all this, you said you were afraid for your life. Was the ashram such a place where you had to be concerned for your life?
    D: Yes. Ashram is about 40 acres land. In that Swami stayed in approximately 2-3 acres land. In that area nobody can enter, even ashramites, disciples, no one can enter. Only those who are chosen by Swami can go into that area. It is a high security area. For example, you can even visit American President’s home, but it is very difficult to go into Swami’s quarters.

    N: Will only specific people be allowed there?
    D: Yes. Yes, definitely. Only those whom he chooses, ladies only will be allowed there.

    N: Is that for doing service to him?
    D: Yes. Only those who do service to him are allowed there.

    N: Who selects them?
    D: Swami. Only Swami selects them, no one else interferes in that.

    N: After this video was aired what kind of feedback have you received?
    D: Many friends and relatives although they could not contact me directly, they expressed that I have done a good thing. Many people from around the world, including some ashramites, feel happy that a person who has been fooling the society, a womanizer in the disguise of a Sannyasi wearing the kavi cloth, is exposed. Many emails and phone calls appreciating this have been received. People have been expressing a strong support through Nakkeeran and all other media also.

    N: Thank you.

  9. உதவாத காளைகளை காயடிப்பது போல் ப்ருமசாரி சாமியாகளையும் காயடிக்க வேண்டும்

  10. Ranjitha's statement is a highly interesting development - and while I've originally believed it to be a good move by Nithyananda's team I now consider it merely an average one.
    It is likely she made it to preserve her reputation and to clear herself of the shade that might've been cast by this incident. But had things truly been as she stated, she would've done so immediately after the video appeared. Instead, she lets a whole week elapse, and then goes public, which indicates it was a third person's idea.
    Should Nithyananda's team accept the statement as the truth they will have to admit the video has not been morphed after all. They aren't out of trouble yet, though, as even calling that 'service' will result in severe damage to the guy's reputation. The whole story will anyway, though.)
    Should they deny it, they will have to disprove it and also answer all the morphing questions, an arduous task nonetheless.

    ...This looks like a huge chess game, and we've finally broken through to the endgame. Nithyananda's not getting out of this story that easily, and it's all about whether he escapes with just a tarnished image or with a prison charge. Even intuitively, I cannot predict that much.

  11. Wow. That is an amazing interview. Dharmananda/Lenin. You are indeed great. You put yourself in harms way and released this to the world to witness. It required lots of guts, courage and intergrity to do this. You are one of the greats and will always be no matter what conclusion the govt. or police come up with.( We all know how indian govt and police are) I know for a fact that what you are stating is true not just because of the video, but also because of being a ex-devotee and from my experiences in the foundation, I know it is all true!

    Thanks again Lenin. Thankyou very much!

  12. There is a new blog coming up about Life at the ashram.
    Being ex-ashramite, ex-devotee we should post our day to day experience as we had seen in the ashram too. Moderator, lets have an article on that.

  13. The new blog started before Ranjitha's statement and Lenin's Nakkeeran interview. There is no need to post on that site. If you write any thing it will be deleted any way. Also, I would rather leave it to be the private affair of some uneducated non-thinking slaves.

  14. Please write to the Home Minister of Karnataka about what you know about Nithyananda. Please ....this is one time we can probably get the Indian Government to do something about him. He has harm lots of devout Indians and Westerners.

    Home Minister of Karnataka Govt. blogspot and email address:


    People, please, please, protest and force Karnataka Govt. and Indian Govt. to put this filthy sex addict women abusing in the name of God Nithyananda in jail for 2 life terms.

    Please email the Karnataka Govt. Home Minister as much specific and relevant information all of you have.

    Please protest otherwise Govt. will only protect Bad and Wicked people, and nobody cares about common people and innocent people.

    Please don't think this is somebody else problem, today it is somebody else daughter, wife, sister, mother, tomorrow it can be anyone of us daughter, wife, sister, mother.

    Even if you were Nithy's victim, please speak up so that others are not victim in the future to this confidence trickster. Please remember that even least amount of good done for welfare others will remove great fear in us and make us fearless.

  15. Thoughts on Fraud Experience

    It is easier to fool so called educated people like us than trying to fool ordinary illiterate and uneducated people in India. This is from first hand interaction, even our old maid in our home would accurately identify these fake teachers more than two years ago. The thought is that the ordinary village people in India are far wiser when it comes to spirituality and are better at recognizing a fake crook vs a genuine saint.

    However it looks like educated people like us are more susceptible to such fake crooks as we have too much personal ambitions and hidden desires, so we end up in the clutches of these fake crooks due to our own ulterior motives and desires for some future punya in this birth or next birth.

    However, when we start donating money to such fake crooks for their programs for poor people we will definitely get some little punya, however we will also definitely end up with tons and tons of papa or demerit, for all the immorality and immoral exploitation of innocent girls and boys that is going on.

    Also our education system in India is flawed, i.e. most of us just memorize stuff by rote without any critical deep thinking and then when we get degrees and jobs our egos are unnecessarily bloated up for no reason. And this fake crooks have mastered the psychology of how to exploit egoistic people like us and then launch pyramid fake schemes to build immoral wealth.

    It was astonishing to recollect that even the illiterate uneducated maid in our home who came from a remote district village was able to accurately identify fake crooks. Please note that she is a very pious and simple old lady even though she is not literate.

    It was even more astonishing to correlate our maids observations to what my physics teacher had advised me when reporting some lab experiment results to him.

    He said : "never let your education overtake your commonsense."

    That is if basic commonsense was used on my part it was clear that the experiment results were way off the expected behaviour. However I failed to use my commonsense in the lab experiments instead just blindly following whatever steps were there in memory instead of tallying the actual behaviour in front of my senses.

    There is a video on youtube on "Recognizing a Genuine Teacher"

    It brings to memory the quote that "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God"

    Please note that an old maid from a remote village was able to accurately identify various fake crook teachers, however so many of us educated folks continue to do mental gymnastics to identify and accept a fraud crook for what he is, i.e. a fraud crook.

    Once again the link to the youtube video on "Recognizing a Genuine Teacher"

  16. There is a video on youtube on "Recognizing a Genuine Teacher"

  17. anonymus @March 9, 2010 1:57 PM
    I am not asking to post to that blog. I am asking all of us to post our old day-2-day experience at ashram here!


    he owns the bidadi land as per the news above....

  19. Yes, if it was Govt land, the whole ashram would have been leveled soon. Nithyananda owns this land is not a very bad news. As 'Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam' does not own it, and it is in excess of 21 acres, such transaction is NULL & VOID. Govt has all reasons to take over, if other reasons for leniency do not exist.

  20. Here is Wiki explanation of morphing for those of you who are curious:

    Only Nithy's henchmen, and followers who put their heads in the sand would insist that the Sun TV videos of Nithy scandal was morphed.

    Gosh, some religious folks say not to say bad things about a swami/master/guru. Are they going to let a fake swami/master/guru ruin people's live by being silent about his criminal fraud?

    In any case, Nithy is a fake with swami robes. He is a devious monster, not any enlightened master.

  21. Another former insiderMarch 9, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    Aarrrggh. Why are these interviewers so imcompetent?

    We still don't know:

    1) How many more women / men were filmed in encounters with the swami in his bedroom

    2) Whether sexual coercion was caught on camera

    3) Whether Dharmananda managed to gather other evidence before he fle the ashram (such as photographs, financial data, audio files etc)

    To the Anon who posted the translation: Thank you!

    PS: Please fix your comments section: It gives an error and I had to retype it because it was lost. The Preview button gives the error.

  22. I am convinced that there is more to this than meets the eye.

    Lenin I think is in co-hoots with Christian missionaries and considering the recent scandal at Vatican and considering India is predominately Catholic - this video has been perfectly timed to divert the attention of Indian public away from the Vatican sex scandal.


  24. There is no need to retype if Preview or Post Comment buttons gives an error while posting your comment. Simply summit the message again - try each of the buttons. Also, please scrolled all the way bottom after you post your comment. You willneed to type in some funny letters before your comments are submitted. I sometimes forget that final step so I had to type my comments later if I still want to post it.

  25. To Mr.Zing,

    You sound like a guy who do not take responsebility for your actions. Why do you blame the Vatican for this. We Hindus have to first learn to keep our noses clean before you point at some body elses stinch.

  26. Another point to know:

  27. Guyz..

    I guess Nithyananda is trying to get a twist here..

    Ranjitha made a stmt that she used to serve him but says that the video was doctored as far as the sex clips are concerned..

    I guess Nithyananda is going to come out with similar statement.

    His is a f*ucking CRIMINAL if he does that...God will never forgive him and will RUST in hell for this behavior...

    To all his devotees...

    REMEMBER..Karna was helped by Dooryodhana...and Karna decided to stick with him inspite of his know that he perished along with Dooryodhana

    You guys should not become Karna..Wake up my friends...use your MIND...dont be mesmerized by the false illusion that this narcicist monster is trying to put you in...

    Spirituality does not mean giving up the mind. It means witnessing the mind. Ask yourself. Am I the WITNESS...NO you are are a slave of Nithyananda..THINK THINK THINK...apply your mind to make right decisions in your life..dont be a cult stricken idiot..

    Remember..all your actions till now will be pardoned by God..but if you support this criminal even now..then even God cannot save you..just the way Krishna could not save Karna...

  28. Please everyone check out Lenin's first interview about his intention and what Nithyananda was doing with other women. I truly believe this guy because he had absolutely nothing to gain by doing this and everything to lose. And people I've spoken to who know him said he was one of the nicest most honest guys around. Check out this interview on YouTube:

  29. To Zing,

    Zing, please wake up, what is this perverted logic that you are using, the religion, sex, caste, creed, nationality, language, of Lenin or any other person is irrelevant. True Spirituality transcends all such barriers and is universal. Lenin is doing Hinduism and our Sanatana Dharma a great service. May Lennins Mother be blessed and may his 7 generations past and future be blessed for the service he is doing to the great spiritual land of India. May the Catholic or whichever Church denomination Lenin belonged to be blessed for many generations.

    Zing, if you are insider, please speak up and expose the Filthy Nithy, please remember your entire parents, families, past ancestors and future generations will have to suffer for the papa that you are doing either knowingly or unknowingly. This is the law of Karma, this is law of cause and effect, and it has to necessarily apply to all phenomena in the Universe.

    Zing, please, please think of the all the immoral suffering caused to others, please feel for others. Please feel for others and for once say it doesn't matter if "I" suffer for millions of births but another being should not suffer. If you are able to genuinely and sincerely say this, then this itself is enlightenment, if you can say this then where is the need to go here and there to fake crooks like Filthy Nithy and do voodoo crap to get enlightenment.

    Zing, my brother, I sincerely pray that you gain true spiritual knowledge and that your ignorance is removed. If you have true spiritual knowledge you will not care at all about any of these siddhis that Filthy Nithy might have promised you and you will also not feel any need to cheat others or for material crap, I sincerely pray that you are able to feel for the welfare of others.

  30. Regarding Link pasted by Anonymous at March 9, 2010 8:03 PM

    i.e. about PIL to TV Channels.

    What nonsense is the MLA taking about now? As if this is the only obscenity, over past 15 - 20 years obscenity and vulgarity has pervaded every space of public life. Go out on the streets, the hoardings, newspapers, TV advertisements, all the bollywood, kollywood, tollywood movie channels, there is vulgarity and obscenity everywhere.

    What were these politicians doing for past 15 - 20 years?????

    There is crisis of character, crisis of leadership, crisis of culture everywhere, and this fool crook MLA is now trying to file PIL in the very instance where the obscenity is going to help clear the scum and filth of our society???

    Another PIL should be filed forcing TV channels to mention all other vulgar filthy acts of Filty Nithy provided by Lenin in 2 hrs CD and 5 page letter. This is duty of the TV channel, then have to show full 5 page letter and mention all vulgar acts of Filthy Nithy in 2 hrs CD.

  31. Zing..
    I don't know what your agenda is as i see you as Nithyananda suporter...

  32. Another former insiderMarch 9, 2010 at 9:40 PM


    Hitting preview takes me to an error page saying "incorrect blog ID" or something.

    Hitting the back button wipes out all I have typed.

    I now copy my text to clipboard before submitting because this has just started happening and I have lost thoughtfully composed comments. It's a nuisance.

  33. Spot on Anonymous !

    The so called illiterate & poor in India I have also seen really FEEL. The highly qualified big honchos , richierich, shastra pundits are simply heartless creatures full of information overload , statistics & non internalised quotations.

    Ranjitha is NOT guilty. Even this alleged "interview" on mobile by kumudam reporter makes me puke. As kumudam , vikatan all these media houses ( except for plucky Nakkeeran) were actively in cahoots with him. So much is at stake. Do you think there are people out there whose hearts bleed for helpless Ranjithas & more such traumatised victims in India:((

    Many of his spiritualised " contributions " in tabloids like kumudam etc manasae relax please kadavai thira katru varum were ghost written.

  34. I was once under the traumatising stranglehold of X ananda not nithy. Their modus operandi is all the same.He is very much a fugitive from Justice with lot more devotees from America to Malaysia etc. And a lot more arrogantly vicious. The sanyasi garb (or shimmering white as with SSRS) for many is the safest way of cloaking their ever tumescent mooladhara joystick. (Exceptions prove the rule)

    God Bless Lenin Karuppan & Ranjitha !!!

    It is NOT AT ALL that easy to come out & complain. Right from government level , lawyers , police , bank officials it is a nefarious network. "respectable women" chanting Lalitha Sahasranamam & "respectable men" full of slokas & Purusha Suktham just DON'T CARE ! It is india. Indians have mastered the art of shrugging their shoulders & blaming the brutalised victim furthet with karma/kaliyug gobbledygook.

  35. Zing..

    First you say, sex is ok in between two consenting adults with no disregard to Nithyananda's moral and ethical other obligations to his devotees claiming he is a celibate.

    This is a big deception. I bet you are not "zing" and a Nithyananda's supporter and posting what you want..

    Stop this nonsense. Go somewhere else and post your support Zing. What Nithyananda is doing is a crime to hindu tradition and if you are a westerner you thing sex is a common thing and cheating is a common thing in society because it is a urge so on ans so on..nonsense.

  36. Hi Zing, If anyone is helping the Christian missionaries, it is the likes of fake swamis like your Nithy.

  37. Zing,,

    You might be Sachitananda for all we care as you are saying "Lenin I think is in co-hoots with Christian missionaries ".

    This is an absurd statement. Another distraction technique to keep Nithyananda away from his moral obligations and fraud.

    Give us your backgrund before you speak in support of Nithyananda..

  38. Anon ,

    Thank you all so much for uploading this interview & providing a translation also.

    More information:

    nithy won the trust of some film studio owner in Bangalore. Started living in his house carrying on blessing business. Wanted to lure his pretty daughter in law; said giving water (tirtha) to a holy man in midnight would confer special blessings on her. He spiked that water with God knows what. After drinking the womenfolk ( he had by then gathered many women around) became drowsy started dancing to music played doing "ananda dance". When some of them found they were pregnant , aborted ; faced with a choiceless choice became brahmacharinis massaging & servicing him. It was when he attempted to confiscate the very studio the son discovered him a swindler in saffron & threw him out.

    Unfazed , he had a supply of people coming to him for troubleshooting. He has forged documents & stolen many acres of land belonging to poor villagers citing bad karma washing abracadabra.

    Deja vu ....yawn.

    I COMPLETELY believe in Lenin Karuppan telling he was threatened by ashramites.

    That X ananda who I confronted ( I am not computer savvy or professionally qualified , am financially dependent on my terrorist husband who dragged me to that X ananda. Even now I don't know much about use of cell phone. So he was kind of gloating over my wretchedness) threatened " even a drop of tea we will not give you when you come here next time". His ashram is atop a small hill a Lord Murugan Temple. He is quite capable of literally tossing me down & killing. None not even my husband is going to bother. I KNOW them all.

    One poor young guileless villager called Anandan with no paying job who would stitch the saffron upholstery for his chair , saffron loincloth suddenly died. Everyone said " he drank poison & committed suicide ". Who cares in India ??

    Subsequently , that woman kootchicooing devotee has been measuring his pelvis & making his saffron loin cloth , robe etc all with special expensive material called woollywoolly. Most often he would drive to her house , both of them devouring maggi noodles , puri kurma , cauliflower plantain fritters , aviyal ,fried pappads , murukkus , icecream etc...watching raunchy rompings of karishmakapoor govinda etc etc. The money I contributed for his alleged "goshala , annadhanam " he spent on buying not just her house but also a 45 channels beaming high tech tv launched those days.

    I can never prove. He never gave receipts. Always said " I am Lord Muruga , she is can you question God.." ???

    Just as SSRS has hiiiggghhhly qualified chartered accountants to fudge , he also has. Plus he is diabolical , can hit , kick with brutal force. Has done it. NOBODY bothers in this GODFORSAKEN india.

  39. Zing,

    Do you now believe Nithyananda is God or Human?

    Just answer this simple question.

  40. Blog Owner, do not allow the tamil language links unless you know tamil and verify that they do not contain material that is known and some special agenda

  41. In Malasia.. Tuesday March 9, 2010
    Ashram linked to scandalised Swami stops operation

    GEORGE TOWN: A centre in Kuala Lumpur which promotes the teachings of Indian spiritual guru Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is involved in a sex scandal has ceased operations until “the truth is revealed”.

    The centre’s spokesman said it had been flooded with calls from followers since the Swami’s alleged involvement in the scandal broke out.

    “We made the decision to stop operations for a while following advice from the Malaysia Hindu Sangam,” he said when contacted here yesterday.

    Nithyananda landed in trouble following the telecast of video footage by a television channel in India showing him in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

    The spokesman said the ashram in Taman Desa Gombak was the only centre in the country to promote the teachings of Nithyananda. It was set up two years ago.

  42. From the following link

    a few points are clear:

    "A retired State Bank of India cashier, Raghupathy had initially taught the boy yoga, while a Devi Upasaki, Kuppammal, gave him the Deeksha (initiation), remembers Kumaraswamy. Rajasekharan did not show much interest in studies, though after completing his SSLC exam, his father persuaded him to join a polytechnic in Gudiyatham.
    Landing up in Chennai in 1995, he worked for a month in a private auto company when he decided to take the plunge to become a sanyasin and joined the Ramakrishna Mission much against his family wishes, says Kumaraswamy."

    Do you guys remember how Nithyananda made Patanjali incarnation out of Raghupathy aka Raghupathy Yogi, A retired State Bank of India cashier ?

    Also, looks like Nithyananda studied 10 th grade (SSLC in India) + 3 year Polytechnic, and then worked for 1 month. So, it is most likely true that he completed his Polytechnic, and not failed.

    He reached Ramakrishna Mission in / after 1995.

  43. See this latest video - Interview of Nithyananda by Rajeev Malhotra(supposedly happening at kumbha mela). What a farce, he tells Nithyananda that he is going to be direct but doesnt ask a single thing about the video! Do they really think people are fools? This Rajeev seems like a good guy. Why is he wasting his time sticking up for Nithy?

  44. Baba Sex: I massaged Swamiji regularly, says Tamil actress: Zopag News Network
    Published on Wed 10th Mar 2010 13:16:09
    New Delhi, March 10:

    After days of hiding since she was exposed indulging in sleazy acts with the self-styled godman Swami Nityananda, Tamil actress Ranjitha, came out open for the first time justifying her acts, reports Mid-Day.
    In an interview with a Tamil website, Ranjitha said what she did was just her service to the godman as a true devotee.
    The actress said, "The media has unnecessarily blown the issue out of proportion. I know swamiji for the past few years and my association with him is quite transparent.”

    “As a true devotee, I offered my services like feeding and massaging him regularly in his room. I used to stay with him till late and the ashram inmates knew about it."
    Further speaking about Swamiji, Ranjitha added, "I know my Swamiji. He is a great atma and will come out as a pure atma soon."

  45. "లేహ్యం" కల్కి భగవాన్... "సెక్స్" నిత్యానంద..!!
    ఆధ్యాత్మికత ముసుగులో అనేక వికృత కార్యాలు గుట్టుచప్పుడు కాకుండా జరుగుతున్నాయి. ఇవి కేవలం ఒక ప్రాంతానికే పరిమితం కాకుండా.. ప్రతి చోటా వెలుగు చూస్తున్నాయి. దీంతో భక్తుని గుండే గుభేల్‌మంటోంది. దేశంలో ఎలక్ట్రానిక్ మీడియా పోటీతత్వం పుణ్యమాని.. స్టింగ్ ఆపరేషన్లు జోరుగా సాగుతున్నాయి.

    దీంతో రాష్ట్ర "గవర్నర్" మొదలుకుని "దొంగబాబా"లు సాగిస్తున్న రాసలీలలు ఒక్కొక్కటిగా వెలుగు చూస్తూ సంచలనం సృష్టిస్తున్నాయి. మానసిక ప్రశాంతత కోసం ఆధ్యాత్మిక గురువుల వద్ద ప్రదక్షిణలు చేసిన సామాన్య, అమాయక భక్తజనం వీరిని చూసి దిగ్భ్రాంతికి లోనవుతోంది. దొంగబాబాల పుణ్యమాని.. నిజమైన బాబాల వద్దకు వెళ్లే భక్తులు కూడా ఇపుడు ఒకటికి పదిసార్లు ఆలోచన చేస్తున్నారు.

    నిన్నటికి నిన్న మన రాష్ట్రంలోని సుప్రసిద్ధ కల్కి భగవాన్ (వరదయ్య పాళెం).. లేహ్యం ముసుగులో యువకులకు మాదకద్రవ్యాలను సరఫరా చేస్తున్నట్టు ఒక న్యూస్ ఛానల్ బయటపెట్టింది. ఇదే విషయాన్ని విజయవాడకు చెందిన ఆశ్రమ మాజీ సేవకుడు నిర్ధారించడమే కాకుండా, ఆశ్రమంలో కొన్ని హత్యలు సైతం జరిగాయని చెప్పడం ఆందోళన కలిగించే విషయం.

    ఈ సంఘటన నుంచి భక్తజనం తేరుకోకముందే.. తమిళనాడు రాష్ట్రంలో "నిత్యానంద" స్వామీజీగా భక్తులతో ప్రత్యేక సేవలు అందుకుంటూ వచ్చిన స్వామి.. ఒక ప్రముఖ సినీ నటితో రతిక్రియలో పాల్గొన్నట్లు ఉన్న వీడియోను ఓ ప్రైవేట్ టీవీ ఛానల్ బయటపెట్టింది. ఈ స్వామీజీకి ఒక్క తమిళనాడులోనే కాక 33 ప్రపంచ దేశాల్లో వంద ఆశ్రమాలు ఉన్నాయి. ఇలా.. ప్రతిరోజూ ఆ నటితో నిత్యానంద "రసమయ" జీవితాన్ని అనుభవిస్తున్న బండారాన్ని తెలుసుకున్న స్థానిక భక్తులు ఆగ్రహోద్రుక్తులయ్యారు. ఆశ్రమంపై దాడి చేశారు.

    అంతేకాదు ఈ సెక్స్ బాబాకు పలువురు కోలీవుడ్ తారలు, హీరోలుతో పాటు.. అధికార, ప్రతిపక్ష పార్టీలకు చెందిన నేతలతో సైతం సత్సంబంధాలు ఉన్నట్టు తమిళ మీడియాలో పలు రకాల కథనాలు వస్తున్నాయి. దీంతో పూర్తి వివరాల కోసం పోలీసులు కూపీ లాగుతున్నారు.

    దక్షిణాదిలో బాబాల పరిస్థితి ఇలా ఉంటే... ఉత్తరాదిన కూడా బాబాల పరిస్థితి ఇందుకు భిన్నంగా ఉందనుకుంటే పొరపాటే. శివ మురత్ ద్వివేదీ (39) అలియాస్ ఇచ్ఛాదరి సంత్ స్వామి భీమానంద్‌ జీ మహరాజ్ చిత్రకూట్ అనే దొంగబాబా దక్షిణ ఢిల్లీ సమీపంలోని ఖనాపూర్‌ వద్ద ఆశ్రమాన్ని నెలకొల్పాడు. తనకు తాను గాడ్‌మెన్‌గా ప్రచారం చేసుకున్నాడు.

    ఆశ్రమం ముసుగులో అమ్మాయిలతో వ్యభిచారం చేయిస్తూ వచ్చిన దొంగబాబా పోలీసులకు రెడ్‌హ్యాండెడ్‌గా చిక్కిపోయాడు. ఈ బాబాను పట్టుకునేందుకు ఢిల్లీ పోలుసులు పది సంవత్సరాల పాటు నిఘా వేయాల్సి వచ్చింది. దీంతో దశాబ్దం ముప్పతిప్పలు పెట్టిన గాడ్‌మెన్‌పై మోకా చట్టాన్ని ప్రయోగించాలని ఢిల్లీ పోలీసులు నిర్ణయించారు.

    ఇక్కడ గమనించాల్సిన విషయం ఏమిటంటే.... ఉత్తరాది పోలీసులు సెక్స్ బాబాల ఆటకట్టించేదుకు అవసరమైన అన్ని చర్యలు తీసుకుంటున్నారు. కానీ కళ్లెదుట రుజువులన్నీ కనబడుతున్నా దక్షిణాది సెక్స్ బాబాలను అడ్డుకుంటున్నవారే లేరు. ఎన్ని వీడియోలు వచ్చినా... ఎన్ని అకృత్యాలకు పాల్పడినా... అన్నింటినీ దొడ్డిదోవన మాఫీ చేయించుకుని హ్యాపీగా తమ కార్యకలాపాలను సాగించుకుంటున్నారు.

    వీటికి కారణం.. ఈ దొంగ బాబాలతో రాజకీయనేతలకు మంచి సంబంధాలు ఉండటమే కాకుండా, ఠంచనుగా తమకు రావాల్సింది వచ్చి చేరుతుండటమే. దీంతో పోలీసులు కూడా చూసీ చూడనట్టు వ్యవహరిస్తున్నారు. అంతేకాకుండా, తాము దర్శనానికి వెళ్లినప్పుడు.. రసమయ జీవితాన్ని తమకు కూడా బాబాలు రుచి చూపిస్తుండటంతో వారిని మరింత ఉత్తేజపరుస్తోంది. ఫలితంగా.. దక్షిణాదిలోని బాబాలు యధేచ్చగా తమ "ఆ"(ధ్యాత్మిక) కార్యకలాపాలను సాగిస్తూ, అమాయక భక్తులతో ఆడుకుంటున్నారు.
    సంబంధిత సమాచారం కోసం శోధించండి.

  46. This guy Rajiv Malhotra did not ask anything about Nithyananda sex video! Can you believe this guy? It's almost he asked what Nithyananda's asked him to ask these questions. All pre-prepared and practiced answers.

    What a joke this guy is.

  47. Does any one know the background of Rajiv Malhotra?

  48. " Does any one know the background of Rajiv Malhotra "?

    Anon , rajiv malhotra is one pompous anti American forever whingeing indooismisindanger ...onceuponatimeweall lived so aaapppileeee till the White Man came booohooo . Yeah , he is superrich , founder of some Infinity Foundation , alleged philanthropist , fawned over by RSS , indootvavadis , all IITians , IIMians firmly ensconced in America/Australia enjoying all comforts , good quality of life etc but because of this identity crisis their fav pastime is America bashing , Christianity maligning. Once upon a time he so vociferously promoted SSRavishankar. After Amarnath hindumuslim riots , turned anti Raviravishankarshankar asking " art of living or art of appeasing " duh.

    I am so gratified the holier-than-tho indians & the avatards they apotheosize are getting caught with turgid moooladhara....ROTFL...

    R malhotra's wordy papers are potent tranquilisers. After reading just a few can sleep like a baby:))

  49. Did Rajiv Malhotra go to India just to investigate the 'allegations' on Nithyananda? Was he not already in the list of participants for Kumbha Mela program organized by Nithyananda organization?

    He is already a devotee of Nithyananda and supporter. I do not know how he is an 'independent' voice on this issue. Instead of accepting independent media, with all the chaos, he wants them to slow down and give comfort to Nithyananda to break and destroy facts.

    Even though he is supposed to be a Hindu supporter, he did not ask important questions about Nithyananda's behavior with females, speaking truth, ( how about his date of birth and 9 year wanderings) the most important thing about Sanyasa dharma. Is this all he learned from Swami Dayananda about Hinduism? But, Rajiv Malhotra says he will ask hard questions.

    Crook for Crook.

  50. Suresh RamachandranMarch 10, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    And do you see this Nithy still has the nerve to wear the Kavi (saffron) robes.

    Nithy and crooks play with Kavi like these are toys! Which ardent Hindu "Swami" is outraged about this? Looks like none. Because most of these crooks do exactly that. Wear kavi, chant mantras while they carry on business, have sex, drugs/alcohol and every other illegal thing possible, while being fully supported by the Indian politicians who are just as crooked.

    I am so glad I left India 20 years ago. It is hypocrisy at its heights!

  51. Hi Suresh Ramachandran

    Thanks for your comments. Please note that not all swamis are perverted crooks like Sri Nithyananda. Most swamis really are sincere and want to help others and society at large. We will do a whole separate blog post to what a true swami is and compare Sri Nithyananda to that. We will agree that Sri Nithyananda has done great harm to true swamis and spiritual masters and has damaged their reputation tremendously. Just the same, do not get cynical or hardhearted. Keep an open mind and an embracing heart, and then right form of spirituality will enter at the right point in your life.

    You might be glad to note that one Swami in India is calling for the death penalty against Sri Nithyananda. Here is the news article:

    Although we do not want to see Sri Nithyananda receive the death penalty, we do want him to stop all of this nonsense immediately and try to undo all the damage that he has done. That will keep him busy for the rest of his life.

    Jai Maa.

  52. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Could someone please be so kind as to translate the anon comments @11:48 AM.

    Many thanks.

    Jai Maa.


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