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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nithyananda Kicked Out of Kumbh Mela - Fraud, Sex, Scam & Cults Not Wanted Here

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda & His Sex Cult Sent Home From Kumbh Mela

Hey there, Sri Nithyananda, what's up?  Oh, we just heard on the news that the Kumbh Mela Committee decided to say bye-bye to you, your cult, your fraud, your sex, your lies, your scandal your rape, your crimes, your murder, your land grab, your fake propaganda, and your disgrace on Hinduism and Vedic culture.  Some how the Kumbh Mela Committee just didn't think you were up to it this year.  We have no idea why. According to this news video, the committee destroyed the land set aside for you and your cult followers, which was about 8,000 square feet.  Wow, that's great slash and burn tactics.  'Swami' Nithyananda, did the committee also burn you in effigy? or was this a big enough hint that they really didn't want you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda to turn your camp at Kumbh Mela into a massage parlor?  Don't worry there, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  The Kumbh Mela Committee still addressed you as a 'Saint'.  We think that they forgot they forgot the word 'tongue' at the end, as in 'Swami Saint Tongue, the Smooth Talking Operator'.  (Come on readers, say that real fast, and then you will know.)

So, we guess that means that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, really were at Kumbh Mela or at least intended to go there.  Wow, that's the closest thing to the Truth we've gotten out of you in such a long time.  We're really proud of you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  You're really making a lot of progress.  At this rate, we imagine that in about thirty years from now you might even be able to answer all those questions about your time line, your alleged wandering, your fake 'enlightenment', birthday, how many ladies, everything.  Of course, there will probably be a big book deal if you tell the truth then, but if you don't tell the truth now, we'll try to arrange another book deal.  We'll make sure that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, are booked for all the crimes that you have committed and that the authorities really throw the book at you.  Hopefully, these authorities will also throw away the key, but we can't be too hopeful.

Here, let's watch the video together:

So, 'Swami' Nithyananda, now that you've been tossed from entering your 'official' duty of Kumb Mela, what are you going to do?  Does this mean that you will take responsibility for every thing that has happened and face all those nice meek reporters that will ask soft gentle planted questions just like your devotee, we mean to say, independent researcher and sometimes writer Rajiv Malhotra?  And, we're sure that the police and other authorities will be extra nice to you if you be sure to give them enough of the right financial incentives. Wink. Wink.  Ou La La, Coop d'etat!

But, yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, this throws your schedule way off.  If you, Sri Nithyananda, arrive back at Bidadi now, all those wire transfers might not yet cleared into the right bank accounts, and then the authorities might even ask stern questions.  Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you better wait just a bit until it cools down a little as you implied in your interview.  But, where can you hide and still have all the comforts of home?  We know, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you can stay at the IPL Cricket Cheerleaders' Clubhouse.  We're sure that those ladies will be excited to have a real, live, legendary Paramahamsa to tell their fortunes and practice those meditations (and other special techniques) that awaken their muladhara (root) chakras just like you recently preached on YouTube.  Here, let's watch you, 'Paramahamsa' Studman Nithyananda tell it like it is:

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 95: Ninety-five days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 117: One hundred and seventeen days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Can you please translate what are they saying on this news video?

  2. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, please do. We went off the translation summary that was sent to us.

    Jai Maa.

  3. To the blog Owner..
    In case you havent noticed, This blog's visitor counter will sooon become 000000 !!

  4. The translation of the words spoken by the Official of Kumbha Mela is "One saint, against whom such things have come out in the media which go against the religious sentiment. For him about 8000 units of land was allocated. It has been thought that staying of such a saint in the Kembha Mela will not be good for the success of Kumbha Mela. So the land given to him has been canceled."

    Thank Gods, and Saints for whose blessings millions flock to Haridwar during the Kumbha Mela.

  5. you should add this cartoon to blog

  6. The news anchor also said that in the context of the recent broadcast of sex acts of Nithyananda, the sadhus in the Kumbha Mela agitated against Nithyananda. The sadhus criticised that he behaved in a way that is disrespectful to Hindu religious sentiment. They (the sadhus) disrupted selling of his books.

  7. In the above translations please read 'Dharmic notions/understanding' for 'Religious sentiment' for more accuracy.

  8. Purna (Full) or Maha (Grand) Kumbha Mela is held once in 12 years, and Ardha (Half) Kumbha Mela is held every 6 years in each place Allahabad, Haridwar, Nashik, and Ujjain. So, Kumbha Mela is rare.

    In that a saint (I mean tainted one) being expelled by taking away the allocated tent space is very rare, because the organizers are pretty accommodating. Also, Nithyananda used his PR machinery to get space allocated in Allahabad Ardha Kumbha Mela in 2007. But, sentiment of religious people is overwhelming, this time. So, they acted like a lash of Hanuman's langula (tail). Just with one lash Nithyananda's Maha Mandaleshwar dream came down.

    Even from this news it is not certain Nithyananda reached Haridwar yet. His paid program site seeing was to go through Varanasi, Gaya, Lucknow, Delhi and then land in Haridwar before Royal Bath on Mar 15 th. Of course, his blind followers and slave volunteers would have setup book stalls and displayed other merchandise before the Romantic hero arrives.

  9. I give you full credit for reading all his books with such a diligence & noticing all the discrepancies. Even some of his close devotees haven't read his books like you have. I agree they should have answered all your questions. But I have a question for you. If you are claiming that there are large number of people (including you) who have been duped by him, at least some of those should have courage to reveal their identity. I see large number of people who have been helped by him posting their experiences and their identity on their website. I bet some of those are in USA & they should not have any concern about their safety & security like Lenin does.

    If no one comes forward, this thing is not going to gain any momentum. If you are treating Lenin as superhero, then you should also follow his example.
    Again, I dont have any vested interest here. I am just posting this to get clearer picture of this entire saga.

  10. Hunt on to nab Sex Guru Swami Nithyananda
    Chennai: Breaking News!

    A massive manhunt has been launched to nab disgraced godman, Swami Nithyananda, who was exposed in a sex scandal by a local TV channel in Tamil Nadu. Nithyananda has been absconding since the exposure.

    Some latest developments have put the image of the Ashram in trouble. People now allege that their relatives are being detained forcibly at the Ashram.

  11. Main transalation of hindi statement .. "a saint has been caught and his video have come out in public which is against religious sentiments . The committee has decided that to make the kmbh mela a success this saint should not stay in kumbh mela. So land approx 8000sqft for him has been destroyed."

    Also check out a attack on his ashram today..

    It is telugu but video conveys the idea.

  12. So.. Is this POS going to be using "donated" money to pay for his legal defence? I have also heard that his brother is his accountant. I wonder which set of books he plans to put up on his website.

  13. Kumbha Mela is RARE and further rare is an incident such as withdrawing the tent space of a 'tainted' saint. RARE is an AVATARA PURUSHA such as Rajasekaran (aka Nithyananda of Bidadi).

    Do you get it Medhananda, Bhaktananda, Sadananda, Sachidananda, Sevakananda, Sahajananda, Niranjananda, xyzAnanda - your MASTER BASTARD is a RARE AVATARA PURUSHA.

  14. The previous interview by Rajiv Malhotra may not be from Haridwar Kumbha Mela site. It could be from some camp en-route, on his paid journey - site seeing - before Mar 12 th, 2010

  15. I wonder why it is taking so long for Tamil Nadu police to transfer the case to Karnataka police. The goons are getting all the time they want to run away with crime and come back and rape the society again! How hope all this wait will pay off with the Indian Govt. and the police put a grand finale by arresting the fellow and do real charity by actually using the fund to help poor victims of the beastly urges start a dignified life. This is my humble prayer to God. Atleast that way we can be at peace with having spend a lot of money and time to satisfy a narcissist greed.

  16. Rajiv Malhotra got a deal of sleeping with Ranjitha for 6 days and 7 nights. So people stop questioning his interviewing skill.

  17. Will we ever get to know who you guys are??? Why don't you submit the evidences you have to the police and help put an end to this agony. when will this saga end and how??? I am very anxious; hope the scoundrel will not get away with crime.

  18. Request to Anonymous at March 11, 2010 12:03 PM

    Please don't make jokes about Ranjitha, the poor woman has been hypnotized, this can happen to anybody, please imagine the other person to be your own daughter, wife, sister, mother and please be considerate.

    Please direct all the anger against the sex predators Filthy Nithy, Sachit crook and the other crooks at Bidadi and the two priest fellows at Montclair.

    Thank you

  19. To Anonymous at March 11, 2010 9:11 AM and March 11, 2010 12:50 PM:

    Looks like same person posted both these messages, if you are Filthy Nithy insider and posting this manipulative message even now, then it is indeed very sad that your conscience has not yet woken up.

    If you are not Filthy Nithy insider, then sincere apologies for assuming that you are one. The reason why nobody wants to identify themselves should be obvious to a simple child also, don't you see all the vulgar jokes on the internet about poor Ranjitha. If you are still not able to feel in first person for poor Ranjitha, please at least try to feel in second person shoes by imagining the poor woman to be your daughter, sister, wife, mother. Surely all of us have a Mother otherwise we would not be born and alive, so at least try to imagine the poor woman to be your Mother.

    Please direct all the anger against Filthy Nithy sex predator and all other sex predators at Bidadi and Montclair Sex Dens.

    Please protest, protest, protest till these are fully shut down, Govt. will only protect Bad and Wicked people nobody cares about common people and innocent people. So please protest and force Karnataka Govt. and Indian Govt to shut down Bidadi Sex Den and also shut down Montclair Sex Den.

    Thank you.

  20. adding another note to Anonymous at March 11, 2010 9:11 AM and March 11, 2010 12:50 PM:

    There is no need for personal identity and ego boost, the person/personality is irrelevant the principle is what matters. This is the essence of spirituality to sublimate the raw and arrogant ego. There are so many unknown soldiers who die in the battle field, did they ever want their names to be remembered????

    Right from Krukshetra to so many wars in our history so many children of our Sacred land laid their lives down without any expectation of name, fame and all that filthy crap.

    The end goal is to shut down the Sex Den at Bidadi and Montclair and put the sex predators in Jail for 2 life terms. It is irrelevant who scores the goal and who makes the passes and assists.

    Thank you.

  21. I'm from Los Angeles, USA and had noticed several things that seemed quite 'off' at the temple here. At one of Nithyanandas visits that I attended, I noticed that he was treating one of his helpers in a disgusting manner. He could not contain his temper at the girl and behaved in a cruel and degrading way. How very 'unenlightened' of him. It stuck with me enough to make that my last visit.

    That he has appeared in many videos 'pretending' to be non-sexual, or celibate is enough proof that the man is obviously a fraud. Many people here in Los Angeles have been adversely affected by the turn of events. Thousands of dollars have been wasted, and some people are going through a real spiritual crisis. I have one friend who's marriage ended due to the cult, and now she is lost beyond hope. If people are not coming forward from America, it is because they are so ashamed at having been duped, that they are too embarrassed to do so. And many more of them are still too brain washed to accept the truth about this man who claimed to be God. It is my greatest hope that this will not simply 'blow-over' but will be kept at the forefront so that this cult will stay exposed for what it truly is.

  22. I am the March 11, 2010 12:50 PM:poster and an ex-cult member. You got me wrong there. I am only asking you guys to provide the "we have a lot of witnesses and proofs and shall provide it if called to the court of law...." something of this kind stated by you in your earlier posts. Now is the time to act so that the monster will get the maximum punishment and insult. I sincerely hope we will see that day soon....the sooner the better.

  23. I am neither an insider nor an outsider. I am just a person on the sidelines. If you are treating Lenin as Superhero, then go with him. Why have him face the fury alone? Doesn't he need your support? You can't claim to be a patriot by waving a flag at home. Go & fight the war out there. If you are truthful, more people will come forward & join you.

    And there is no need to feel sorry for Ranjitha. She made that choice & she is facing the consequences.

  24. To Anonymous March 11, 2010 2:18 PM:

    Please learn to FEEL, FEEL, FEEL my brother, then you will not be on the 'sidelines', once you are able to FEEL you will spontaneously sacrifice yourself for others and not watch things are entertainment.

  25. I don't know why you get the feeling that I am doing this for entertainment. I have absolutely no intention of doing that. Only thing I am saying is that people who think that they have suffered emotional pain due to being part of foundation in past should come forward in public. That will give this whole movement a lot of credibility & help clear up this whole mess.

  26. And do you think people are sacrificing something by writing the comments on this blog? If you call that a sacrifice, then the word needs to be redefined! Again, I have absolutely nothing against moderator or anyone who has been through agony. I do FEEL for them. And what way do you want me to express that? By cursing people on other side of the fence? That is not my style.

    I am not trying to justify their actions either. What I am trying to say is that writing comments on blog without solid proof is only going to provide some entertainment to people. Nothing more than that. This thing needs to be addressed logically leaving all the emotions aside to get the records straight.

  27. I am in America, in fact I live only a couple of miles from Hindu University which Nithyanada took over in 2007. If people are not responding from America, it is possibly because those who stopped attending his programs are not hearing about any of this. In fact, I would probably not have heard had the owner of this blog not found me on twitter. Those still in the programs are unlikely to come forward to explain they feel duped.

    I had been attending evening yoga and meditation classes at Hindu University offered for the public rather than students. I loved those classes but the teacher left when Nithy took over. But since the place is so close, I went to the Life Bliss Satsangs, which were offered for free. Medananda was "president" of the university at the time but traveled so much that I seldom saw him.

    Our local group was very small and consisted mostly of mature women, so I have no sex scandals for you. The people I knew from the group are wonderful caring people who perhaps believed too devoutly. But perhaps so devoutly that I began to feel uncomfortable. But that was mainly over issues of money. I attended the Life Bliss program over a weekend and, yes, I enjoyed it. But again, we were a very small group.

    When I registered, I was told that if I attended the LBP program, then I could attend again for free. But everyone was encourage to take the next level class which was arrange soon after. I did not attend that class because of the expense. The next year when the group tried to arrange a program, Nithy's people not only wanted to raise the price but only wanted to allow former students to attend if they recruited a paying student. The money issues kept sneaking in. The group kept raising prices and we were told that this was done because Nithy was so popular that charging more was the only way to keep the crowds down. To me, that sounded as if Nithy wanted to ensure that those entering is programs were wealthy enough to afford expensive programs. This made me uncomfortable and I ceased attending the programs.

    Another thing that those in India may be unaware of is that in America, Nithy's group does not present his beliefs or teachings as being Hinduism. This is to make the programs appeal to a broader audience. But do remember that many in America have only a limit exposure, if any exposure, to Hindu teachings. So there is often nothing to compare Nithya's teachings against. And his group seemed to want to keep it that way. When our group wanted to invite a Jain to talk about her beliefs, Nithy's group told us we could not because we were to follow Swamiji. This made me uncomfortalbe because the classes were presented as learning meditation techniques, not as joining a religion. Nithya's tape always said that there was no need to change one's religion and I had no plans to.

    (For clarification, I am not a Christian, but what is America is considered a Neo-Pagan. We are less a religion than a collection of non-monotheistic belief systems. And we are very much a minority.)


    second interview

  29. First they file a video trying to prove that video is morphed. That video has been removed. Now they are saying that there is nothign wrong with two persons in a room doing something with their clothes on. He is going to stop experimenting with things that society doesn't approve of. what a joke!

  30. Nithyananda Sex Scandal. India Journal

    We Have Gone Through Our Ups And Downs – L.A. Devotees


    LOS ANGELES, CA – While emails with the youtube link flooded inboxes, devotees of Swami Nithyananda in the Southland seemed stunned after viewing the incriminating footage showing their religious leader in compromising positions with an Indian actress.
    Those furious with him have expressed it through phone calls and emails. Eric Smith, in an email to IJ termed Nithyananda a “con man” and said, “I wish this had come out earlier, then many thousands would have been alerted and warn (ed) before they fall (fell) into his temple, disciples, and followers trap.”

  31. so Called Paramahamsa Nitiyanda was in toronto last year to conduct Meditation Seminar, most of the displaced Srilankan Tamils women who were emotionally is despair state being culturally displaced at the same time having suffered from torture of Srilankan Govt, paid $300 per head per day seminar conducted by this phony man in hope of gaining some inner peace. This fake man easily left canada with $$$$, may be even close to million dollars. Poor Tamils where ever they only get cheated and dump

  32. Godman’s ilk turn against ‘fake gurus’

    Chandan Nandy and Sanjay Pandey, Bangalore/Lucknow, Mar 11, DH News Service :

    The sordid episode surrounding self-styled godman Paramahamsa Nithyananda has prompted the country’s Hindu saints, gathered at the Hardwar Mahakumbh Mela, to cleanse their community of “fakes and frauds” who pass themselves off as religious and spiritual leaders.

    Nithyananda The All India Akhara Parishad, an apex body of saints and sadhus that represents India’s all-important 13 Akharas, has decided to launch a campaign to “identify” and “throw out religious gurus” who “cheat and dupe people” in the garb of spirituality.

    Parishad president Mahant Gyan Das told Deccan Herald that saints and sadhus at the ongoing Mahakumbh were concerned at the recent exposure of some “fake godmen” and “fake religious gurus” as their deeds have “tarnished the image of the age-old Sanatana Dharma”.

    Even as the saints reached this decision following two days of intense debate in Hardwar, it is now certain that Nithyananda is not at the Mahakumbh as is being claimed by his disciples at his Bidadi ashram near Bangalore. Additional Mela officer V S Dhanik told Deccan Herald over phone that Nithyananda’s land allotment at the Kumbh Mela venue was cancelled on March 8 after Hindu sadhus and saints gathered at the country’s largest religious congregation “raised serious objections” to the alleged involvement of the godman in the sex scandal.

    Dhanik said neither Nithyananda, who had applied in October last year for allotment of land where he could set up tents near Har ki Pauri, nor any of his disciple(s) have so far approached the Mela administration to inform them of their arrival at the Kumbh.

    The land that was earmarked for Nithyananda is located in Gaurishankar, which is about one-and-a-half kilometre from Har Ki Pauri, the centre of the Kumbh fair.

    The story of Nithyananda being at the Kumbh Mela was first spun on March 3, a day after the videos went public and when a building at the Kallugopahalli ashram was burnt in a mysterious fire. That day Nithyananda’s press coordinator Sachitananda had said the “swamiji is at the Kumbh Mela”.

    Nithyananda has been issuing statements from an undisclosed location. On Thursday, one Rajiv Malhotra, claiming to be a researcher, interviewed Nithyananda in a bid to create conditions for the scandal-tainted godman to “refute certain allegations”.

    The video was uploaded on the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam website with an alert that “Swamiji will be back from Kumbh Mela soon, he will be addressing a press conference; please stay tuned for more details”.

    The Mela administration’s decision to cancel Nithyananda’s application stems from a raging deliberation among Hindu saints who, Dhanik said, “are furious” with the Bidadi godman for his alleged sexual activities with a woman.

    “The saints told the Mela administration in no uncertain terms to reject and cancel his application,” Dhanik said. The saints, according to Mela administration officials, have also taken the position that Nithyananda’s entry to future Kumbh congregations be barred.
    The officials said “the sentiments expressed by the saints indicated Nithyananda has been ex-communicated by them”.

  33. Swami Nityananda’s another ashram attacked
    Thursday, March 11, 2010 AT 06:16 PM (IST)

    BENGALURU: Even as controversial godman Nithyananda Swami was slapped with a notice by the Karnataka government for land related violations, another ashram of his at Shamshabad in Andhra Pradesh was vandalized on Thursday by locals in protest against the Swami's sexual misdemeanors.

    Villagers shouted slogans against the Swami and tore down huge cut outs outside the ashram near Shamshabad airport in Hyderabad.

    They urged the Andhra Pradesh government to take over the ashram.

    There was more trouble for the absconding Swami as the Ramanagara Tashildar served notice on his ashram near Bidadi for violating Land Reforms Act.

  34. Guruprasad condemns Swami Nithyananda

    Mata fame director Guruprasad has condemned Paramahamasa Nithyananda Swamiji by saying that despite having alleged affair with Tamil actress Ranjitha, he continues to deny the fact. He said if he thought he was pure, then he should hand over all his alleged property to the government and re-establish his personality as a samyasi by sacrificing all worldly things.

    Buzz up!Three years ago, the director had predicted this kind of alleged act in his blockbuster movie Mata, which featured comedy king Jaggesh in lead. The movie deals with the purity of crimson cloth (Khavi dress). It depicts the illegal activities that happen in today's Ashrams.

    In an interview to Kannada news channel TV9 on Wednesday evening, Guruprasad said, “Although whole world has seen Swamiji's video footage, he denies it by saying it has been morphed. If he is clear and he has not allegedly made any property. Then he should give up all his belongings to government. He should give up his worldly desires and reestablish himself as a real Swamiji."

    Guruprasad also slammed at the devotee of Nithyananda by calling them 'foolish'. He said, “Despite seeing him involving in sexual act with actress Ranjitha at his Bidadi Ashram, they still believe him as their Guru. They don't think that he is a great actor. They still support him, adore him as a godman."

    The director said that there are hundreds of Swamijis like Shivakuamrji those who are serving the society. The people like Nithyananda are creating bad impression about them. He further said, "Finally, I would like to suggest his devotees they should wake and stop supporting him. For Swamiji, I would suggest his drama is enough and he should shed his mask and come out with clean hands.”

  35. Nithyananda case lost in transit?

    While the Tamil Nadu police say the case has been transferred to the Karnataka police, the police top brass in Bangalore deny having received it.

  36. Please respect Ranjitha and all other ashramites. I am an ex-cult member! I know most long time ashramites really well, and they are all really really nice people as individuals. Ranjitha is also a victim here, just like all ashramites and many devotees. She was also mesmerized and fooled by Nithyananda. She just happened to be caught in this crossfire. She is not the culprit here, nor are any of the ashramites. I have the deepest sympathy for each and every ashramite who still trusts Nithyananda - it just means they are brainwashed beyond all hope! May be even God cannot save them now.

  37. Anon @3:12 PM,

    One can never LEARN to feel. That is called faking which Nithyananda alone excels in.

    Blessed is the one born with Empathy.

    One thing that gratifies me is Lenin CERtainly does NOT need hiiiiigh qualifications & degrees. His 12th std ONLY .....ROTFL...


    The latest bin laden style interview is really sickening, there is no limit to the perversion and ruthlessness of this psycho.

    This time he cannot cut and paste teachings from other genuine Saints and Teachers to impress and captivate audience to handle his predatory sex and hedonism. The cut and paste of teachings cannot be done this for the simple reason that genuine saints lead the most transparent and purest of lifes so there was no need for them to run PR sessions to handle their secret lives.

    All evil fellows had to always necessarily be defeated and die, always.

    Hope and pray that once their funding from US dollars is cut they starve and wither away from the society. Of course people in India will have other special treatment waiting for Rajashekaran and his gang.

  39. Take a look at this video posted in Dhyanapeetam website where there might be a clue that Nithyananda is accepting what he did as socially wrong!!
    Watch the clip between tracks 13:35 - 14:28.

  40. Thanks for making sure rationalists voice heard.
    Nit's followers are busy faking a poll at his site to declare Nit is innocent.
    The poll is based on google apis and I just created this page and hosted on free aspx server.( I do not trust Nit's gang to conduct an impartial poll)
    Please visit the link here and vote against the scumbag.

  41. Its funny that the so called researcher brushes off the video scandel as something we cant find anything wrong about! Well..who said we cant find anything wrong!
    Anyways, now that he thinks its so very OK..let me ask him,
    "Hey Mr. Rajiv Malhotra...Would you send your wife/sister/daughter/girlfriend/mother to service your guru in that manner we saw in the video?
    We think its a "YES" from you coz you already said so. We would like to see its video too..of course this time, arrange better settings, lighting, makeup and costumes(?), choreography, multiple camera angles and a suiting music. It'd be a super hit!
    Thats the best way you can reciprocate to your porn guru! He deserves it..dont u think so?"
    - another Rajiv

  42. This has all just turned into a joke now... honestly Nithyananda is now claiming that he didnt know that what he was doing was wrong and he wont experiment anymore? He is saying that there is nothing wrong with two clothed adults in a room, but can he explain the oral sex in the video too? He is trying way too hard to play the victim now and act like this happens to every "Master" as if it was a part of his plan. He should read a history book and see that the "Masters" of the past didn't have a sex scandal like this. I really hope that his funding from America is cut and the people of India give him their own justice, since it is most likely that the Indian government won't do too much too him like usual. Also, this Raj Malhothra seems to be a very bad "Independent Researcher". I really cant find anything "Independent" about what he has been doing. Ohh well he is only ruining his own professional credibility. Something also needs to be corrected in this blog about him being from Princeton University. He is from Princeton, NJ and I don't believe he actually works for the university... so don't contact the deans or anything.

  43. You get to do linga abhishekam first only if you pay $51. Otherwise you have to wait till everyone who has paid gets done & then you get the turn.

    Selling groceries inside temple. Groceries not cooked food. Ever heard of that?

  44. Is he trying to say that Vivekananda, Ramkrishna were all involved in sex scandals? Hard to believe. Can anyone do some research on this?

  45. The annonymous who wrote this:
    'Please respect Ranjitha and all other ashramites. I am an ex-cult member! I know most long time ashramites really well......'

    I see you are very sympethetic about your old frinds in Montclair and Bididi. That is all well. You left the ashram after you found something was wrong may be the Room service rituals. You are confirming that the rest of the gang knew but choose to look the other way.

    Do you think only nice innocent people do this.
    Due to these people hundreds of other people who were regular devotees are developing a distaste about Hinduisism and probably going to move away. As it stands both Nithya and your ex buddies are at fault. More fault always goes to the KING MAKER in this case SWAMIJI MAKERS.
    So dont feel sorry for them. They are not good people. They were but now they are SICK people.
    They can still pay their dues to the society if they resign from the CULT and announce thier decission via this blog.
    Call them up and ask them to wake up. This is their final call.

  46. the latest interview -the second one is the biggest slap on human intelligence.

    What does this Nithyananda fellow think of himself.

    1) How dare he compare himself to Vivekanada, Ramakrishna etc. At best he should be compared with osho, but osho at least was orginal and truthful.

    2) Nithyananda says this was a "attack" again and again. What nonsense. He is the one "attacking" women. he is the one attacking rich people to get money, pretty girls to fulifl his lust, intelletual people to spread his word. Bullshit of a man this Nithyananda is. He is the attacker. We have seen it all. I have been a personal witness to all his attacking/acting skills.

    Kshtriya dharma is lacking in the foundation. Rajiv Malhotra, you are a dumbb a**! The mission is neither following Brahmin dharma, not kshrtriya. It is only vaishya dharma that is followed inside. Its only a money making business. And business of the most corrupt order! Everything is about money, power and nithyananda growing his foundation. nothing else. and the intention is not to spread the blissful words as they state. Its to build gold thrones and grow the mission. Else, why is he charging exhobitant amoutns for programs to loot people.

    I can tear apart this lecture, literally. But will leave it to the moderator, who I know will do an excellent job at it.

  47. Another former insiderMarch 12, 2010 at 12:16 AM

    To the Anon who ranted on March 11, 2010 @ 11:34 PM:

    You, Sir, are an asshat. I am a former ashramite. To make blanket statements and label *all* ashramites as culpable just shows your lack of insight into the big picture.

    I left the organization a couple of years back, but not because I knew about any gross misconduct (as a matter of fact, I didn't believe until I saw the evidence in the video - although to be fair, there is very little sexual content and it has been blown way out of proportion).

    I never willingly or knowingly participated in any fraud while I was in the ashram. For every one Bhakta/Medha/Sachit, there are 50 innocent, naive, humble, simple-minded ashramites (especially in Bidadi) who have no idea about what goes on at the higher level power positions manned by Ayya, Sachit and co.

    To paint all insiders with the same broad brush is to miss the complexity of the ashram dynamic.

    The quality of comments here has really gone down the toilet (not that it was all that outstanding to begin with), so I will voice my unbiased views elsewhere.

  48. Hi All,

    Please be calm, some messages and some counter messages seem to be posted by Nithy, Sachit, Medh, Sada, Bhak, and co (?rajiv?) who are reading this blog continuously even as we post messages.

    We should also please raise our awareness level and out-think these crooks. Please stay united and scrutinize and anticipate their next moves.

    Please remember whom we are dealing with, these fellows are no ordinary scoundrels, they are master psychologists who know how to manipulate people on a big scale.

    Please stay united we need to get in touch with as many hypnotized victims as possible and warn them for their own safety.

    Please analyze and anticipate the strategies and tactics that these confidence tricksters might be using. This will help others in the future to be more wise, vigilant and avoid such con men and fake tricksters.

    Let us do the needful by contacting the various City Mayors, Cops and Lawyers, here.

  49. Guys.. for a moment think about the news alone and forget about who has published the news. if the news is real then it is definitely unacceptable. No true saint involves in sexual scandals. if he cannot controls his sexual desires when a girl aproaches him, then shred the saffron clothes and live like normal people.

    Those who say it is peoples fault in believing fake saints must understand the world has all kind of peoples and not everybody has equal intelligence. Thats why there are courtrooms ,policestation, government. do you support those who exploit the poor the unknown? Do you love god? or love those who cheat under the name of god?

  50. Wow..someones got a threatening tone here

    check the comments..

  51. Nithy and fellow henchman who are secretly reading this blog, please first answer:-

    1. As a self declared Sanyasi, wasn't it against your dharma for you to have sexual relations with a woman?

    2. Because of you, genuine gurus and aspirants of the Hindu faith have been badly affected. Don't you owe all of them an apology.

    3. Was it right for you to have sexual relations with another man's wife? That is adultery, which is even wrong for the family man, let alone a Sanyasi.

    4. Its natural for people to blow things out of proportion. But your role should be to first come clean and apologise. Now you talk so much about media, conspiracy, etc. Are you saying that what you did is right if no one found out???!!!

    5. The first time I saw your face, I knew you were faking enlightenment. Of course I am sure you had some spiritual experiences and gained some knowledge and maybe some healing powers. But you give the impression as if you have reached full enlightenment and want to teach everyone how to do it...for a fee.

    6. If you want to atone for your misdeeds, first apologise to all the devotees you have let down. But tell them honestly to carry on with whatever good spiritual techniques you may have taught. Delegate an honest disciple to take over the organization. Then go back to society and live life like a normal person. Do honest work, perhaps get married. Raise a family and keep all your spiritual knowledge for your own upliftment.


  53. Swami Vivekananda traveled all over India with Nivedita, Sister Christine and others. His moral greatness and purity allowed him to do it openly at a time when India was still orthodox. He was not a funk like Nithyananda who could have used this moment to break down, repent and give up his self centered lifestyle for one which is truly founded in the deeper values. There is still hope but only if he admits he is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  54. Several spiritual personalities have Shaktis. Several like Lahiri Mahasay were married. Mr. Nithyananda also reveals his own deprivation with his choice of a woman. She is not a luminary like Sharda Maa, The Mother, Nivedita. She is a film actor who was reserved for sleazy roles. This is just my opinion.

  55. One has heard a devotee calling out to the Guru.
    Here is a case of Guru calling for help to His devotee (ha ha ha).

  56. Nothing is going to happen. Karnataka govt. can't do a sh!t. There is no illegal deed done here. So things will be back to normal in few days/weeks/months. Back to "business" as usual.

  57. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi all, we're late to comment, but had to say something in regards to this matter as highlighted a day ago at 11:34 PM 12:16 AM.

    Yes, we're really glad we got out of Nithyananda's cult in time. We couldn't just walk away without warning other people and trying to get our old friends out. Having lived in the ashram, Sri Nithyananda's set up is pretty slick. While there, it is as if a veil went over our heads and we couldn't see or think straight. Yes, we saw the room service girls deliver food and then several hours later they exited. The only thoughts that ran in our heads was that 'Swami was giving them extra attention. They must be special.' Special indeed. This veil of siddhis is so think that we imagine that the ashramites who reside in quarters no. 6, which is next to Nithyananda's quarters, no. 5, got their first glimpse of Nithyananda's sexcapades from the videos. Otherwise, they like most of us who lived right there, had no idea. This is even more of an issue in Bidadi, where their literally was an 'inner circle' for long time senior ashramites (trusted) and then gallows of bunk beds for everyone else. The everyone else in 'economy' class would probably never had a clue either unless someone whispered it to them. But the inner chamber of the inner sleep quarters was walled off high like a frontier fortress. So, most ashramites in Bidadi were sheltered from this sexcapades. I would put the number around 90 to 95 percent.

    In the past, I had shielded the names of those that had a hand of making these intimate arrangements. Some of them were very abused themselves and all of them were brainwashed. Since the video has come out, this is the wake up call. After much thought, we felt that it is best NOT to shield those that had engaged in arranging these intimate activities and are still 'insiders' who are not leaving the cult.

    It pains us to 'name the names', but now is the time for the tough love to get these people out of the cult. So, if these ashramites still cannot see, then perhaps if their names are here on this blog, their eyes just might open up a bit, and hopefully their good senses and judgment will return and jump off this sinking hell-hole of a ship of Nithyananda's making.

    We rest our position. May everyone, who is still trapped in this cult, awake, and get out.

    Jai Maa.

  58. I honestly think that there is no point holding back the names of the people whose identity you are trying to "protect". No point beating around the bush like swami. Just blurt it out. We are all with you. Nothing is going to happen to you. This whole thing is so huge that they will not have guts/grounds to do anything legal against you.


  60. The person who scolded Dough. Dude !! All this 'going to hell story' is boring for us, you are shivering in fear and leaving a comment in this blog, you go and jump man, who is in hell, your Master who taught fearlessness is running like a fugitive (ofcourse he is), hahahaha i laughed at him in the video, how scared he is looking, looks like he has cried a lot (looks at the dark rings around his eyes) abandon ship dude, it is Mayday in Nithyanada Camp, Going down in the water man, lol hahahaha


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