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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nithyananda's Fraud -- Some Words on the Scandal by GuruSwamiG

GuruSwamiG Tells It Like It Is - 'Swami' Nithyananda, You've Been Exposed as Total Fraud!

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Boy, this job of exposing you as a fake, fraud, serial liar, worldly person, sex criminal, hypocrite, demonic mind, etc. has gotten much easier now that there's a whole legion of resources to draw on. Is this part of a greater conspiracy? We're sure you and that PR spokesperson, sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda will say 'yes'. But, honestly, links to these videos were emailed to us just an hour ago.

Anyway, we never even heard of, well enough met, GuruSwamiG, but boy, she doesn't mince any words. She sincerely speaks the Truth. And you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, could certainly stand to hear what Truth sounds like after listening to your own (oops) we meant to say your ripped-off-Osho-me-too words on your Life Bliss YouTube channel, slurping up the drool of your little yappy lapdog, Malhotra, and all the spin you, as a soul sucking spider, have been spinning.

Yes. GuruSwamiG speaks the Truth, and you, Sri Nithyananda, need to experience it. So, we want to get out of the way, 'Swami' Nithyananda, and let a real swami call you out as what you are, total fraud:

Part 1: Exposing Nithyananda's Fraud

Part 2: Exposing Nithyananda's Fraud

We like to give special thanks to GuruSwamiG for creating these excellent videos.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 105: One Hundred and five days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 127: One hundred and twenty-seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Pranam to GuruswamiG!

    She spoke in this video so clearly and stressed the point that these are all not the qualities of a satguru. Also said that the realised person won't act like the way he did. She requested the people to be careful in selecting the Guru and do not go after them seeing their popularity. Very well said. I too request the people not to loose their money and family believing such fallen souls. :(

  2. Rajiv Malhotra,

    You became a bigger fool covering up for Nithyananda! Watch these simple videos of what the Actions of Sat Guru are! In your mind Malhotra, anything can be ok if the person speaks Vedas and Osho material and can do any sexual act and it is called "Tantra". Please Mr. Rajiv Malhotra, do not insult our intelligence.

  3. Dear GuruswamiG,

    Thank you very much for your simple and plain explanations of how to chose a right guru and are the actions of a Sat guru.

    Hopefully Nithyananda people are not going to pull the race card on you.

    You have spoken the truth, so, let the truth be the truth.

  4. Wow!

    Folks, you see here a real contrast between Rajiv Malhotra who blames everything on others and Nithyananda did not do any thing wrong and in comparision to this SwamguruG who speaks plain english and no spin. Why can't Rajiv Malhotra be simple and straight forward! It is almost Malhotra is clutching on to his enlightened guru Nithyananda!!

    We need more Hindu guru's from India who should come out and be speaking plainly like this and catagorically deny his kind of behaviour. Looks like they are scared.

    Tantra and experiments my a@@

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this on this blog.

    I really hope people who are still deluded and stuck in the cult see this. Please forward the links to these videos to all people who you know so they understand the fraud of Rajasekaran.

  6. All So called Swami Nithyananda's Devotees:

    This is the time you have to pray to real God like Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva if you want to save Nithyananda from going to jail. Only real God can help him.

    If you keep on praying " Om hreem nithyanandaya namah", you will send him to jail faster!

    Think about it... If he was real God, he would not have be in this mess or doing this deceit to hemself because of his arrogance..

    Wow! Nithyananda is Demonic she says in this video. Well put SwamiguruG!!

  7. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon @9:12 AM,

    Thanks for sharing your comments. Yes, GuruSwamiG did an excellent job speaking the Truth. And, yes, in India, there are plenty of True Holy people who have come forward and also spoken the Truth. They have condemned Sri Nithyananda and called him on his fraud. For example, the whole Kumbh Mela committee voted for Sri Nithyananda to stay away (which Sri Nithyananda defied) and made a public statement that Sri Nithyananda was not worthy to wear the sacred kavi (saffron) cloth. Another very strong Indian guru was willing to say on record that Sri Nithyananda deserved the death penalty for the crimes that he has committed against Hinduism and humanity.

    Please remember that the barrier to create YouTube videos requires tech skills and capital. Computer, digital video camera, digital editing software, fast internet connection, and know-how, etc. to put it all together. Many holy people in this world (not just India) would probably see their time better spent in doing prayers and true service to the Divine in the way that they know how. Likewise, many of the true spiritual people are not seeking name and fame, so they might be reluctant to start a YouTube channel featuring themselves.

    So, all of you techie folks with these tools and know-how who want to help promote any holy person who speaks the Truth (not just bash Sri Nithyananda and his cult), this would be a great service that you could do to help bridge the gap. Please let other holy people who have dedicated their lives to reach audiences who otherwise would be stuck listening to the likes of Sri Nithyananda on YouTube.

    Jai Maa.

  8. Concur with all the above and also GuruSwamiG has nice tattoos. Wonder where and when she got them!!

  9. I am very surpised at why educated people end up becoming followers of Godmen and Godwomen. Why is there a need for some middleman between yourself anf god? I am truly impressed by the blog owner EXpose Nithyananda. The literary eloquence and the skill set of this person or group clearly demonstrated that the person would have to be well-educated and perhaps had a good upbringing and family. Why would such a person follow blindly someone like Nithyananda and now waste most of the trying to expose his fraud. I would really like to know leads people to this kind of guru worship. Is is lack of self-esteem, is it insecurity, is is stupidity? ... What is it? No one needs a middleman between themselves and god!

  10. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon, the Nithyananda Supporter @5:06 PM,

    Thanks for yet another nice try to get us to stop. We just covered our reply to another one of your comments or similar comment just a few minutes ago.

    Since you don't really realize this, we're dealing with a criminal organization. Murder, rape, fraud, degrading religious sentiments, brainwashing, imprisonment, assault, black mail, land fraud, smuggling, plagiarizing and other copyright violations... it's a very long list here. And, sorry to say, a lot of people will be spending a lot of time in prison from all of these crimes.

    And, yes, we feel very secure in spite of all the threats we have received. Our feet are solid and our knees are strong. We will continue to expose Nithyananda and his criminal operations without second-guessing or intimidation by fear, shame, ego, etc.

    So, keep up your taunts. They will be used against you and your cult in the court of law. Better for you to run away now, before it's too late.

    Jai Maa.

  11. To Anon, the @5:06 PM,

    Look smart Alec, if you are an atheist then no explanation is necessary. People like you think you are smart and ask stupid questions like that. Your arrogance is amazing. Regardless of Nithyananda on should continuously see for spiritual guidance unless you are already with the divine. Stop the nonsensical question making you somehow grandstand as you are already know all somehow. If you already know everything you would not be asking this stupid question and now you definitely with no doubt proved to all of us that you are a moron.

    Tell us who you really are?

  12. Just now heard that Ma Maneesha has left the Cult

  13. I am just curious why should we even listen to this lady now? I am tired of listening to anyone or anti Nithyananda..

  14. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To the anon @10:06 PM.

    Thanks for your comment. We placed back-links to GuruSwamiG's videos and her site as a courtesy for using her videos on our blog. These links are for your reference only. We are not promoting GuruSwamiG as your 'next' guru. We do think her talks about Nithyananda are spot on, and those are definitely worth viewing.

    To the person who posted the comment, you are either one of two people. First group, you are a Nithyananda devotee who has escaped or is on the verge of escaping. Then it is fine if you give all spirituality discourses, books, materials, etc. a break for many months. Listening to any one else, no matter how trusted of a source it is, you will immediately compare that person's information with Nithyananda's corrupted information. And, that will make your memories with Nithyananda strong. So, if that's the case, just do activities that bring you joy and volunteer to do things that you know will help society. Volunteering to help feed the homeless, volunteering at animal shelters, volunteering to help pick up trash at wilderness places, etc. are going to get you out, meeting kind and gentle people, and assist in getting your mind off of Nithyananda. This will be very good therapy. Continuing to do meditations and yoga that do not include reciting corrupted 'Nithyananda' mantras are also very healing.

    Second group: If the person who wrote that comment is still a die-heart Nithyananda supporter and just wants to try to get people not to view GuruSwamiG's videos against Nithyananda, you're out of luck. You just brought even more attention to her videos and that will bring more viewers. And, your post is buried way in the bottom is not going to gain many eyeballs. Our advice would be to keep on sulking and leave the cult. We know you will eventually. Just hope it isn't by wearing handcuffs.

    Jai Maa.

  15. Just now heard that Ma Maneesha has left the Cult

    I hope this information above is right from the anonymous comment. That would be a great blow to the Nithyananda cult and will help many more wake up from this nonsense!

  16. Yes , GuruswamiG speaks with clarity.

    For those seeking Real genuine Guru the following come to my mind.

    Kaanchi Paramaacharya & His 7 volumes of Deivathin Kural தெய்வத்தின் குரல் ( translated into many languages original in Tamil)

    Ramana Bhagavan & His Writings , Talks etc etc.

    Sri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsar. 2 volumes of Gospel of Sri.Ramakrishna.

    Sri Nochur Venkatraman's Srimad Bhagavatham , Bhagavad Geetha , Hrudaya Vidya etc tec. He is simply superb !!!

    Sri. Swami Omkarananda of Theni Chidbhavananda Ashram . I simply treasure His elucidation of Upanishads , Bhagavad Geetha , Kaivalya Navaneetham & all. One can stay & learn. Or purchase the CDs , listen wherever you live & work. But only in Tamil.

    Praying to Icons or Pictures of God in our own house is equally potent. God is all pervading.

    His Guru Sri Paramarthananda in Chennai also conducts classes . All in English. One can buy CDs if not in a position to sit & learn.

    Start with Tatva Bodha to familiarise oneself with certain technical terms used. Both Omkarananda & Paramarthananda's CDs on Tatva Bodha are available.

    About the healing. Select a good homeopath , preferably classical. It worked for me.

    Psychiatric medication is equally toxic wreaking permanent damage to one's nervous system , kidneys in fact the entire body.

    It is PERFECTLY OK to feel angry , hurt , depressed , despondent. It is perfectly alright to cry. Ensure that you cry inside your bathroom. In our society I don't understand why crying is considered abnormal. We are forced to posture & smile . THAT suppression is extremely harmful.

    There are safer alternatives to pranayama.

    Any silent mental chanting of any sloka or Japa ( if one has been initiated into it by a genuine Guru) without one's volition controls prana.It could be in any language.

    Being engrossed in any fav activity/hobby reading , painting , gardening , listening to music etc also controls prana.

    Feeding crows , sparrows ,pigeons , cows, buffaloes, pigs, dogs, cats including taking care of them in whatever ways convenient , keeping bird bath & so forth is tremendously fulfilling than falling at the feet of nithys ravishankars etc.

    Walking at one's normal pace without talking daily also uplifts one's mood.

  17. Mr. (Aa)Medhananda is in seattle to brain wash followers.

  18. I was the anon 10:06 PM. It is true that I was a Nithyananda follower but I don't want to hear anything for (pro)him or against him unless he has something to say. Honestly, his teachings have changed me completely as a person but I am not able to take or chant his name comfortably anymore. I really don't care where you fit me in but my comment was sincere. I really don't think this lady means much. I felt the same with Rajiv Malhotra after his initial youtube interviews. I felt he was a Nithyananda "Yes" man. Everyone who says something has a vested interested in a subtle form. Your blog has lot of reasonable stuff but I would never agree with the above lady or even with Rajiv Malhotra. It is just obvious one wants to sell the book and other wants to glorify herself by bashing other gurus.

  19. T0 Anon @ 10:06 PM

    If you are tired of listening, why are you surfing for the pro or con?

    Spend time on prayers or other activity..

  20. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon @10:06 PM and again at 12:18 AM,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, our whole team has gone through the process of leaving Nithyananda but perhaps under different circumstances. We know that it is not easy, and we appreciate your honesty in your comments.

    We thought GuruSwamiG did an excellent job of succinctly giving all the key points and we loved her advice of taking lots of time to choose your guru carefully. We did also notice on her site hourly rates for consultation. And well, we felt a bit uncomfortable with that, so we removed the links except for one, which was out of courtesy of using her videos. So, we are not promoting her. But, we do appreciate her two videos.

    Another user posted some good resources for the future. This person mentioned two references that we were not familiar with. So, as soon as we get confirmation with those, then we'll post that person's thoughtful list and suggestions.

    A lot of Nithyananda's teachings borrowed from very good sources. So, if you break apart the bits but not eat them as a full meal, you'll find that you gained quite a bit of spiritual knowledge. Probably the easiest route to transition into would be anything from the Ramakrishna Mission or the Vedanta Society. Nithyananda borrowed from these heavily, and these are solid material, without the brainwashing tags such as 'only an enlightened master will be able to...', etc.

    We really found that just giving everything a break except for some meditations, yoga, and safe pranayama is very healing. There's a whole great world out there, and it is waiting to be discovered again. Exercise is also key. Taking walks are very easy, free, and allow for all kinds of observations and healing.

    We hope your recovery is swift and fun. You'll find out how strong and resilient you really are. Just the very fact that you were honestly able to post comments on this site says wonders about your strength. Take care.

    Jai Maa.


    Nithyananda bedded Yuvarani too ?

  22. Ma Maneesha's message of leaving the cult sent to all LBE participants 2009

    Dears All

    thank you all for your individual caring mails...

    i wish to inform you all that i am no longer connected to Ashram or
    i am moving on...with gratitude in my heart for all the situations and
    the experiences that i have had with each and everyone of you...

    phalgun? dheera? whomsoever is the moderator please unsubscribe me
    from this

    just radiate your guys are the greatest...

    ma maneesha

  23. Nithta leela with one more tamil heroine Yuvarani.
    It seems this video is more hotter than Ranjitha one.

  24. Damage control message from Lifebliss foundation.They 're still trying to make people believe &follow their nonsense and brainwashing techniques.

    Dear Members of the Nithyananda Global Family,

    We are all going through really challenging times. And especially now is the time to remember and put in action all the beautiful truths that we have received from Swamiji.

    Swamiji’s message this year is “Radiate Enlightenment” – living a conflict-free, blissful life, creating a healing energy within us and radiating this beautiful presence to others.

    This is the time to express these teachings joyfully every moment, heal ourselves, and heal the world.

    Here are some techniques to remind us to radiate enlightenment throughout the day:

    1.At the moment of waking, hold your mala and make a sincere intention or sankalpa to live through the day blissfully. Remember, the first thought with which you wake up decides how the rest of your day will be.
    2.Nithya Yoga: Do 6 rounds of Surya Namaskar, with an attitude of gratitude to Existence. This fills you with energy to radiate enlightenment.
    3.Do the powerful Nithya Dhyaan meditation, preferably at 7 am. When we all meditate at the same time, it creates a collective positive energy that heals the world.
    4.If you happen to watch, read or hear any negative news related to recent events, remember Swamiji’s message and be unclutched. 5.Don’t carry any vengeance even against those who are responsible for this. Like Swamiji, let us feel and share only healing energy, not spread violence.
    6.Read an excerpt from Swamiji’s ‘Living Enlightenment’ book everyday. As He says, ‘Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes with this book each day. It can constantly rejuvenate you and give you deeper insights into living enlightenment.’
    7.Share with any one person any truth which has transformed your life. When we share, our own trust in these truths becomes stronger and we radiate positive energy to others.
    8.Watch the daily ‘Message for the Day’ clips on
    If possible, visit daily and read the inspiring posts from people worldwide. You can also contribute your true story to
    9.Do chanting of the poorna moola mantra ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya namaha’ 108 times everyday at any time of the day.
    7pm to 7:20pm is the time Swamiji has given us to directly connect to Him from anywhere around the world. If you are a Nithya Spiritual healer, do Ananda Gandha meditation in this time. If you are not an initiated healer, simply sit down and meditate on the Master.
    10.Before going to sleep, make a sincere prayer that everyone moves towards peace and bliss in this world.

  25. May be Medhananda is in Seattle to sign up participants for the Sex Spurana Program of Nithyananda being conducted in an undisclosed location :-)

  26. From very reliable sources I have heard that Mr.Popatji in LA has left the org and also Advaith has left.

    If someone else can confirm this too, that would be great to have a double confirmation.

    Rajasekaran - if Advaith has left, can I please please write your biography :-)

  27. Advaith? Is he the Singaporean Mahaacharya who wrote the Nithy biography? He is wonderful human being. I am so glad that he is out....

  28. I heard Bhaktananda is ready to leave and start his own following. Probably is a desperate ploy to save his a$$ from going to jail.

  29. Here is some pre-reading on US jails for Nithy insiders in the US such as Bhakta, Medha, Jyothir, Sahaj etc.

    Incarceration in the US

    Inside Prison life, prison stories, prison conditions

    When you are in prison you can write your versions of the "Nithyananda Bible". I don't know if they allow you to do Nithya Puja there in US prisons. But you can make an appeal and see if they allow that. But I don't think they will allow chilli and human hair burning rituals in the prison.

  30. This guy Nithyananda started with "poorna moola mantra Om Hreem Nithyanandaya namaha’ 108 times everyday" in 2007 mission training with us.

    One year before he told us to stop chanting Rama and Krishna. We were surprised. He said chanting is for losers and only meditation works for enlightenment. Later we figured out he is branding us and asking us to do what a cult leader is asking. Of course we left him that year end.

    Basically, the chanting of his name is asked of you so that you automatically develop loyalty toward him in a subtle brainwashing way.

    My God! this guy is amaizing and I feel bad for poor people who are stuck and chanting his name as if he is the God when he is ready to go to jail with so many criminal charges files against him.

  31. Is Advaith Ranganathan or Ramanathan?

  32. Advaith is "Ram Ramanathan" from Singapore. Rajasekaran's biographer.

  33. Can the rape charge be made to stick?

    Is there a lady behind the rape charge? If at all there had been rape - we need somebody brave to come out and show the world for what he is. Otherwise it is just frivolous charges and gives fodder to Nithyananda groupie's to exploit.

  34. This Ram Ramanathan guy was very rude to me in 2006 at Duarte, ashram in California by telling me that if I do chanting, in his words, " I'm going to wrought in earth forever taking birth after birth and I better do meditations and meditations alone are the only way to my enlightenment". Later Nithyananda said chant him name profusely and feverishly to his moola mantra to my salvation and he will at the end take care. I see this guy can’t take care of himself and this Ram Ramanathan hopefully get to talk to higher authority as he is stuck in his own ways.

    What kind of people are we dealing with!

  35. Where is the nithya hamsa hiding? Is it trying to fly to Tibet/Nepal or die elsewhere.

  36. Yes Advaith/Ram is a rude jerk from my personal experience too. He probably has left the cult. to escape going to prison. This way he can say - "I did not know this was fraud, I got defrauded too". While that thug actually knows what went on and he wrote the cooked up biography. I trust him as much as a sex-starved boa!

  37. Anonymous said...

    A very important article pointing flaws of Rajiv Malhotra's article.

    Swami Dayananda Saraswati's reply:

    A slight error on your part. The response you quoted is from one Swami Devananda Saraswati. Although I am sure Swami Dayanandaji will certainly reconsider his position regarding Nithyananda.

  38. "Anonymous said...
    From very reliable sources I have heard that Mr.Popatji in LA has left the org "

    Any statement from Nithyananda is a pure lie. Nithyananda will be hung and then complete truth will come out.

  39. Won't Get Fooled AgainMarch 22, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Nitwit got his idea for the "poorna moola mantra" most likely from observing his cult competitor, Kalki "Kracki" Bug-avan, who used to have his followers chant his "moola mantra".

    Moola mantra means you get reamed in your mooladhara for life. :D

  40. An appeal to regular readers - please write down your thoughts and feelings about this fraud, why it is a fraud, why you think he has defrauded millions and cheated them in the name of religion and post them to blogs or if you are uncomfortable, create anonymous blogs.

    The reason I say this is because, I can see in 500 or 1000 years Nithy will likely be known as "great Master like Jesus or Buddha", "He went to prison for our sins" and all that kind of crap. When people see just his polished YouTube videos or just take a look at few of his books, they will not know the real Rajasekaran, they will instead think how "great" he was. Just see the delusional cult members today, they still think Nithy is a great Guru. So imagine when people only see his good stuff he will be known as some great "Avatara Purusha" in the absence of the true feelings that are out there today about him. They will only know the marketing BS and also the crap that delusional disciples like Medha or other nut jobs write about him in books to come. These writings from Medha and others will become the different versions of the Nithyananda "bible".

    While we have no control over how Nithy will be known in history 500 or 1000 years from now, or how much war and bloodshed will happen in the name of a "Nithy religion" (if a religion develops over time); at least we can contribute our sides of the story and there are a lot of us to tell the story of the real Nithy, aka Rajasekaran the great fraudster of the 21st century.

    So please do write your stuff and blog it. Or if you are really good at writing, may be you can even write a book on the Nithyananda fraud. I will be writing as well and finding places to post. The more blogs and places across the web this is available, the more difficult it becomes for historians to simply ignore this part of history (as "unknown years of Nithyananda/Jesus - from 1995 to 2015"). I think you get the point I am trying to make.

    Thanks for reading my comment.

  41. (originally posted @9:31 AM)
    A very important article pointing flaws of Rajiv Malhotra's article.

    Swami Devananda Saraswati's reply:

    I agree entirely with the points and specific demands Sandhya Jain is making in this article. Finally somebody is telling the truth and asking some serious questions (as did RR before her). >>Rajiv Malhotra's explanation for his involvement in this sordid affair is very weak and not at all convincing. He appears to be another dissembler and casuist in true Western Jesuitical tradition (see ). He has made a fool of himself as has his spokesman Swamijyoti of the Vivekajyoti Blog, and he is trying to cover his bottom with the bits of rag he might find here and there so that he can escape back to the safety of "civilized" Princeton . He is an American fixer with American money and an American point of view, and has little or no in-depth understanding of Hindu Dharma and its intrinsic and indissoluble relationship to Hindustan. We don't need anything he has to offer, thank you. >>Malhotra's understanding of Tantra also needs revision. All popular Hindu religious practice today is tantric in that it employs mantras, yantras, and images. This has nothing to do with sex. Sexual techniques are there in a small part of the Tantra and they have been exaggerated and taken out of context and sensationalized by Westerners and those Hindus who slavishly follow everything Westerners say or do. But tantra is and has never been for sadhus wearing kavi cloth. It was a practice employed by a very few under the strict guidance of a guru by yogis who were either married persons or otherwise had a legitimate relationship with their partners. Sanyasis are not to practice these obscure forms of yoga and, indeed, sanyasis are a distinct class different from yogis. So Tantra cannot be used to justify or excuse Nithya's intimate relationships with women. Please lets not hear any more of this humbug and hooey from the learned American from Princeton who does not seem to know the difference between a sanyasi and a yogi, or tantra and sex. >>His observation about the sky clad Nagas at the Kumbh is ignorant and foolish. Is he aware that the on initiation the Naga's penis is "broken" and the Naga can not have an erection even if he wished to? >>Nithya must defrocked and the relevant kriya performed to join him back into a family. This was done with another Nithya of Ganeshpuri, a disciple of Muktananda) when it was discovered that he was having sexual relations with women in the ashram. This Nithya so far has shown no remorse even though he has brought shame and disgrace on Hindu Dharma and has no more the right to wear the kavi cloth. As his sponsor, Swami Dayanandaji has an obligation to the Hindu community to see that Nithya's titles and sacred costume are taken away from him. Swami Dayanandaji also has an obligation to distant Nithya and his misdeeds from the rest of the sadhu fraternity - we are all being tarred with the same brush because of the mistakes of one randy young man. >>Nithya's properties can be returned to their original owners - after all he has abused their trust and cheated them. There is no reason why he should retain these properties when they were not put to the use the devotee who gifted them intended. And nobody else has a right to them including the American interloper and his various associations. >>And lastly, Nithya if he has any character at all must admit his mistake and ask forgiveness of the many people he has deceived. He will be forgiven - but how can we forgive an offender who does not admit his wrong doing and does not make an effort to change his lifestyle and licentious ways?
    Swami Devananda Saraswati
    21 Mar 2010

  42. Avatar Purusha? More like Avaturd Purisha [Sanskrit word for feces]

  43. In this matter not only Nithyananda did the crime. The following all did the biggest crime to the society in the name of Spirituality by supporting Nithyananda . I am 100% sure that they all knew what he was doing.
    They all should be punished by the law before Nithyananda getting punished.

    I am sure all of these frauds redirected all the money into their own accounts.

    This list should be displayed on Billboard

    Bhakananda - cheated seekers with his fault Marketing tactics and pretending that he is "Dali Lama" (by shaving his head).
    Dayananda Mayi - cheated seekers by selling Galleria stuff with 300% profit.
    Sachit - cheated seekers by not speaking the truth and acting innocent.
    Ma Sachit (Ragini) _ I dont know what to say. But she was the one who is very close to Nithyananda and she was the one who introduced Nithyananda several several Cities in US.
    Sadananda(Ayya) - Oh Man.. He is very dangerous Guy. With his tamil Accent , He gives an impression that he is very innocent.
    Pranananda & JnanaNanda : Dont know much about PranaNanda but JnanaNanda is a joker.
    Medhananda - Cheated seekers with his by hearted quotes from Nithy books and pretending that he is "Yogananda".
    MedhanandaMayi - Cheated seekers stealing money from seekers, devotees and followers.
    Sevakananda - Cheated seekers by telling his personal story about 260 crores of money donated to some organizations and joined in Nithy's group. Also he cheated followers by collecting $2500 for each ShivaLinga (3.5 Yrs ago he collected the money but nothing happened in LA temple so far)
    Gopika - Not sure what to say but she is fraud too. She cheated lot of Indian girls by hiding the truth.
    Sahajananda - Fraud by Supporting Nithyananda. He knows inside truth.
    Jyotirmayananda And Ma Jyotirmayananda - These two should be top in the Frauds list. Couple Years ago this stipid telling us what is Dharma and how we need to support Dharma by donating our 10% of income. I dont know how many of you remember this. (3+ years ago this guy also started giving energy darshan to the followers and he was telling the story at that time "he is one of the seven energy mediums of Nithyananda"). This stupid doesn't know anything other than telling lies and eating food like a dog.

  44. watch this :

  45. Hey guys, see this:
    Nithyananda is now linked with actress Yuvarani, a small time TV actress.

    Is this true?

  46. This You tube video has been made by Nithyananda devotee who has all his arguments. Please remove it as Lenin only says "Mmm" for everything. It's a fake.

  47. That shockan blog has circled the wrong person [Ragini aka Ma Sachit] in the LA ashramites group photo. Gopika is next to her in the photo.

  48. To Anon @ 10:53 PM who said:
    This You tube video has been made by Nithyananda devotee who has all his arguments. Please remove it as Lenin only says "Mmm" for everything. It's a fake.
    March 22, 2010 10:53 PM

    -------- This was transcribed from an original tamil conversation between Nithyananda and Lenin (published in the tamil magazine Nakkeeran), which has been translated into English in the video. It is not a fake. It could not have been made by Nithyananda's supporters, as it does not show Nithyananda as innocent or virtuous, as he claims.

    TO anon @ 1:59 who said...

    That shockan blog has circled the wrong person [Ragini aka Ma Sachit] in the LA ashramites group photo. Gopika is next to her in the photo.
    March 23, 2010 1:59 AM

    ------- The blog just reproduced the article from Nakkeeran Magazine. So the magazine got it wrong, not the blog.

  49. Hey guys, Please keep Dayamayi out of this. She is the nicest person on earth.

    It hurts to see people posting this kind of derogatory stuff here & moderator allowing it.

  50. Even the people who hate this foundation with passion would agree that she worked selflessly.
    So again, please treat her with respect.

  51. It was interesting to read the list of blames posted against each of the ashramites. Sure, I agree that most of these ashramites do know the lies and misconducts that are done "atleast" in their area of work inside the founation. Legally one might even be able to prove that these folks are accomplice in crime with Nithyananda. But that is in the law of the world.

    But, in the court of God, they will all be INNOCENT. They have been brainwashed by nithyananda into believing that WHATEVER they are doing, they are doing it for god. Sadly, to them nithyananda is god.

    Not just Dayamayi, but most of the people on that ashramite list are nice people, but are just in bad company. The company of satan whom they are worshipping as god.

    I am just hoping and praying that these people are able to get out of the foundation before its too late.

  52. To the Anon who posted list of accomplices for Nithyananda's crimes, please put Sri Nithya Sevananda alias Palaniappan, who is the ashram Public Relations Officer, on the top of the entire chart. He knows exactly what is going on with Nithyananda, and yet he continues to pull strings to help Nithyananda escape justice on the legal front!! He has been the sweet talking white collar thug from the very beginning!

    As a person, stepping aside from all this, he is a very nice guy. But now he has surely crossed the line by knowing the complete insider info and still working hard to make sure Nithyananda wins this war. In my opinion, he the the number 1 accomplice for Nithyananda, right beside Ayya or Sri Nithya Sadhananda.

  53. Ashramites will not be excused in the court of GOD. All will have to face retribution for their involvement in this cult.

    Dayamayi, though she is selfless, she worked for a false cause. And IGNORANCE will be punished.

    But I pray for innocent souls like Dayamayi that God forgives them and helps them to overcome this predicament.

  54. "working for a false cause"
    As if everyone who is posting views here is working for a good cause..Or the person who is moderating this blog is doing this just for a noble cause & not out of vengeance. I would find it hard to believe that he/she is doing this out of his/her love for humanity.



  56. The content from the link above(anon@9.30AM):

    The source revealed, "The two actresses used to accompany him to striptease parties in the US." Nithyananda used to don cool denim jeans and T-shirts whenever he was there.

    Is it true?Unbelievable!

  57. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time to chime in. The chances of Sri Nithyananda wearing cool denim jeans and a T-shirt well enough being spotted in a strip club are about ZERO. This is RUMOR, but fun to speculate. Sri Nithyananda had such a secret operation with receiving room service ladies in his private quarters that most of the ashramites that lived right next to him did not know what was going on. Nithyananda's pimps (two of them in LA) and madams (again two of them) did such a undercover job, that no one would suspect. Nithyananda, as bad judgment as he has, wouldn't dare risk his fake holy empire for a wild outing in LA. Now, anything is possible, but we think that this is just not the case.

    Perhaps life after the scandal (and probably after a lengthy prison sentence) then spotting Nithyananda sporting jeans and hanging out a strip clubs is very much a possibility, especially if the strip club is near a graveyard. Then he has a one-stop-shop.

    Jai Maa.

  58. Can you please stop using Shiva's name in vain? At least don't mix it up with all that stuff you are writing.

    This humble request is for that person who starts his posts with "Om Namah Shivaya" & ends it with "Jai Maa"

  59. Anything is possible.

    There is a devotee of Puttaparthi Baba whose sister is my friend. She is also Baba's follower. He visited my house with a brochure asking for money for some charity. He offciates as a local priest here for Baba's followers who do pada puja to silver , bronze models of baba's feet. I have always seen him clad in bifurcated dhothi , speaking in overchaste tamil , you know the typical orthodox who have never left interior India.

    I was zapped when he introduced himself in a shopping mall clad like a modern yuppie. With Rayban goggles , sneakers & speaking in a totally different way. I expressed my astonishment to his sister & she replied:-

    " Don't get carried away by external appearances. A person can wear any number of masks as he chooses to. My brother is certainly not what you take him to be ".

    But ofcourse he is no nithy conning people around. Nevertheless it busted this deep rooted tendency in me to be swayed by one's attire , demeanour. Have seen too much in my life to disbelieve this report outright.

  60. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear anon @4:23 PM,

    Perhaps you are new to this blog. We are the blog owners, the admins, and the content developers. We work for the Divine Mother and Lord Bhairava. We appreciate you wanting to keep things pure. Don't worry; we are.

    Jai Maa.


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