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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fraud-Man, Nithyananda Plays Dead & Resigns - Hints to Rise Again

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Goes Into Spiritual Hiding - Resigns; Let's His Band of Criminals Continue; Aims for a Comeback

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda.  We just heard you break your vow of silence.  But, that doesn't surprise us seeing how you broken just about every vow possible that relates to integrity and Dharma (righteousness).  Let's watch you say that again:

We get it now. You're playing possum which means to fake being dead, while you let all your trusted criminals still hang on to all the loot your plundered... and then when the heat is off, then you can resurface again.

Just like Nithyananda 'playing possum' from his own vices.

So, who are these jokers, that will continue the Trust?  The only signatures on the so-called Trust for the Dhyanapeetam land is you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, and that scraggily little hermit crab without its shell, 'Swami' Saddhananda (who also seems to be in hiding) and his wife, Jamuna.  That doesn't seem to be a very trusted Trust.  Does that make your film actress room service lady, Miss Trust?  Perhaps you'll give it over to the very loyal protectors of you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, the body guards of Truth, such as Swami Bhaktananda and sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda, who promised us all kinds of information, like the report on the murdered Canadian that has not yet been posted on your website.  'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you might as well give your so-called legacy to the Mafia.  At least that would be upfront.

And you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda said that you:
"...met some of the leading Acharyas of Hindu Dharma at Hardwar. 

I had also undertaken that I would act entirely in accordance with their counsel."
Hey, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  We though it was very clear that they, (these people you said you met) threw you out.  Did you cloak Rajiv Malhotra in some saffron?  Well, the reason we ask is that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda and your so-called swamis seem to slip in and out of saffron like an hourly striptease show.  Yes, we still remember those videos, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  So, you, Sri Nithyananda, act as if this was some meeting of equals, of other like-minded holy saints.  Well, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, if you wanted to meet other like-minded peers, you should have hanged out at the water front, the gold shops, Madoff scammers, sing-sing, and of course the likes of Osho, Shri Shri, and Bhagavan Kalki.  These are your peers, 'Swami' Nithyananda. We don't think that your peers would be hanging out with the saints at Kumbh Mela.

Boy, this scandal thing has really roughed you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, up. Why, you don't even have those room service ladies to straighten your mala (rosary). Were you actually using your mala (rosary) for japa (prayers), not just for show? 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we think you have a lot to pray for. We can hear it now... "Oh, God, please forgive me and let me keep my ten 24(K) gold thrones and my harem of room service yoga chicks. I promise only to brainwash people using Osho techniques and not to use many ghosts as I have used in the past."

And then, Sri Nithyananda, you say:
"I have decided to live a life of Spiritual seclusion, for some indefinite time."
Well, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we agree that you should go into a prolonged period of seclusion. But, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we still disagree on where you should have this seclusion. You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, probably think that you should be secluded in some little penthouse complete with room service (you know which type) and a remote control to channel surf all of those stations.  But, we think your seclusion should be in solitaire confinement in some penitentiary.  Then, we know the world would be at least safe from you.  Perhaps there will be an opening in Guantanamo Bay.  And, why you're in seclusion, who will get to sit on all of your 24(K) golden thrones? They probably need to be scrubbed down first. No telling what yecky stuff has dripped off your saffron robes on to these chairs.

And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, sorry, your band of merry men are not exactly worthy of being trusted. These are the partners in your crimes too. We think that all your inner-circle thugs deserve the same scrutiny that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, and after the authorities has investigated them, then the guilty ones (we think that will be a lot of them) should join you in a life behind bars, since it looks like they were joining you when you were 'the life at bar', or where every you did your sleazy romping.

'Swami' Nithyananda, do you think they can dedicated one wing of the prison to as a family wing to house all of your inmates? Sri Nithyananda, are you there? Oh, drats. Samadhi (trance) again. OK, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we seen you go into samadhi (trance) again, but this time, don't do anything naughty. We have our video camera rolling.

So, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we need to ask some questions to to make sure this is not some charade to sidetrack the investigations and public outcry: 
One: Why was there no apology for all the inappropriate behavior and shame that you have given to Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism, and Vedic Culture?  You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda looked about as sincere and remorseful as a grinning crocodile with a leg still stuck in his mouth.

Two: Specifically, which Trusts and Organizations have you resigned?  You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, have more so-called nonprofit organizations than you have room service ladies, well maybe not that many, but quite a few.  So, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, if you are sincere, which we know you are not, would you mind naming all of these organizations that you are now resigning?  Yes, see, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we think that you will say "this not that" when it comes time to scooping up money and making your calculated comeback.  So, we just want you, Sri Nithyananda to be honest, maybe just for once.

Three: Where is this 'letter of resignation'?  Why isn't it on your website, 'Swami' Nithyananda?  Until it becomes a legal document that is visible for the public to see, this just might be one more of your not-so-famed stories like your wandering, your enlightenment, and your Paramahamsa title.  So, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we'll just regard this as one more of your antics until we have seen that letter, signed and dated by you.

Four: Supposing that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda,  actually did submit a letter of resignation, who is this letter addressed to?  Who is the Trustees that the letter was addressed?  Did they accept your so-called resignation?  If they later secretly reject your letter of resignation, does that mean you get to keep your 24(K) golden empire built on your financial scams, your slavery scams, and the murder of a Canadian citizen?  Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we need to see that letter to.  Accepted and acknowledged, that your mistrusted trusted Trust actually accepted your resignation and that there is no chance of a loophole to wiggle out.  Yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, the only loophole you're qualified for involves a noose and a little stage.  You do like to be on center stage, correct?
Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 113: One Hundred and thirteen days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 135: One hundred and thirty-five days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. This is great! Atleast these folks know how to steal and keep it as well:-)Once the loot id drained out, they will strike again and agains all the fools like me will go into amnesia and offer at "his" stinky feet all that one mananged to earn till then(not just money;-0))

    Nithy is like"leave me alone and get on with your life" and suddenly all he did will be wiped out of everyone's memory and he gets away with crime.....I don't know whether to cry or laugh.......

  2. So Rajiv Malhotra's advise has been taken seriously by the gr8 guru 1008 maharishi paramhamsa nithyananda ji maharaj.

    Good job doug, you have won ! Really appreciate your efforts since you started this blog site, people who insulted you today have no place to hide. When they walk on the street they will bow their heads in shame.

    Sadly they were also let down by gr8 guru.

    Still i expect him to come back after 6 months and slowly revive his scam sessions.

    Meanwhile the law in India is sleeping, you all know how corrupt and incompetent is the law and the police here in India. Sometimes i feel ashamed of calling myself indian...

    At least i hope that the US law punishes the dyanapeetham and demands compensation for the losses and ensures that nithya does not enter USA.

    A false guru has been defeated, his resignation itself is confession - hope his supporters are reading this.

    Thanks doug, your single minded effort has paid off. Thats the result of perseverance, patience and purity.

    For all the supporters of nithya, dont come here and post nonsense,look, your guru has accepted his faults and has resigned.

  3. Nithyananda is mocking us with his laughs and smiles. This is a fake resignation. Why is he giving this to his deciples who are having a bad example and he can control this organization with his front. His organizations should be given to government so that they can give this to legitimate Hindu protecting entities.

  4. Don't put them next to each other. They might hatch up some other devious plans to cheat people when they get out.

    Ayya(#103), Sachit/Shiva (#105), Ragini/Mommy(#107), Bhakta(#109), Gopika(#111), Sevaka(#113)

    do you want other names? contractors, photo graphers, actresses etc?

  5. Extremely fake resignation with absolutely no remorse of his wrong doings!

  6. So, now Swami Sacchidananda and Bhaktananda will run his organizations! Oh my God!

  7. No body from Nithyananda's organization should run his cult fronts and money making machines in the name of Vedic dharma.

  8. Would be interesting to know the names of the trustees. If any one of following people belongs to the panel, we should collect money & get sopari(bounty) on them.

    Ayya, Sachit, Bhakta, Sevaka, Gnana, Prana, Gopika, Ragini(Mo Sachit)

    First three should defi. be in prison.

  9. so who is going to start sachitananda-cult blog now?

  10. AWESOME fakeG! cleary you are tired of doing same kind of tantric sex everyday. We understand that you surely need a CHANGE. Do you have a better plan to make more sin, and cheat more people?
    We think Guantanamo Bay-detention camp would be the best place for you, Ohh No! we have to worry about the inmates saftey after your arrival there. "WHAT TO DO" !

  11. Must have been really hard to come up with these spiritual names for him.
    Is there a book or website like baby-names?

    Or is it like Harry Potter movie? I bet he has a hat he puts on their head at the time of initiation which spits out the name.

  12. Nithyananda does not come us with spiritual names. He just says so. Gopica come with them and he brags!

  13. If what Douglas claims is true (that he was asked to guard Swami's room while he was pursuing his extra curricular activities inside), then everyone in Duarte should be aware of his sex addiction.

    Wonder what age does this obsession start? Can this be cured with therapy or counselling?

    Any psychologists here? Please enlighten.
    Wait, wait..not that kind of enlightenment. okay!

  14. Hi there,

    Congratulations ! on keeping your word. With the "guru" exposed, I am getting my life back and I'm loving it:-)

    Time to get back to "life" where I left it the Day my husband and I were introduced to the cult.... I have my life back!

  15. There is a song from old Hindi movie..Dev Anand movie..nau do gyraah..(the name literally abscond)

    Song goes like this..

    Hum hain rahi pyar ke
    hum se kuch na boliye..
    jo bhi pyar mein mila
    hum usi ke ho liye.

    I am a Traveller on the Path of Love
    Don't question me
    whoever I met on the way
    I screwed around with her

    (well..the last line's translation is my twist to the original song)


    Watch the song.

    You will understand the parallel.

    You don't have to undertand the lyrics(hindi). The guy hits on each & every girl he sees on the street. 1:30, 4:40 in the video.

  17. Look at his demeanor.. he is so calm and relaxed. No apologies.. no explanations..almost shows disdain for his followers.

    May be he has already hatced a plan to resurrect himself. May be he has figured out a way to keep the Indian law at bay by bribing the right people.. a month has gone by and nothing has happened. The criminal complaint in US might actually be able to achieve something.

  18. I am not a devotee of Nithyananda - have never been. But I have been the victim of cult members and their abusive practices. It was devastating. I commend the owner of this blog for the continuous campaign and keeping up the tirade of Truth and nothing less. I am with you all spiritually in this endeavor to destroy false spiritual teachers. I pray and send my Guru's blessings for your venture and He is a pure one.

  19. Hmm.. such a serious step and nithya you are smiling ? This is fake too. You have resigned in paper but you will control all finances of the ashram. You have always being a fake and even now you are a fake. You know you are guilty but still smiling like an idiot.

    You have consulted the gr8 acharyas, that is a big lie. You have only consulted one man in haridwar the man who arranged your interview and stay.

    The announcement should not only come from you but also the leading acharyas of hindu dharma.

    What farce ! Hindu leader will not even like to think about you forget about any other thing.

    Your body language reveals all.

    sad lost soul.. you deserve it .

  20. I wonder which "saints from Kumbhmela" he is talking about? I heard he was kicked out from there!!! He is chronic liar!!! How could he smile and keep a straight face even when lying with his pants on fire???!!! Don't give me the crap, "thatz becoz he is enlightened". Is any Psychologist here taking notes? He will make a good sample ;-)

  21. I think he's off to patch some holes in his biography. He needs to do those nine years of wandering, right? Here's a perfect time to begin.
    And while he's at it, he may also sort out his trouble with Kumbha Mela. If he is to continue his business, he'll want to have solid ground there.

  22. Evan enna da Osama bin laden maathiri app appo video release panran... eppa da naaye veliya vanthu pesa pora??? (Why is this guy releasing videos like osama bin laden, hiding some where, hey dog, when are you going to come out?

  23. Nithyananda,

    Name all the entities and organizations where you are head of the organization and where you have direct or indirect control by many of your partners and deciples who follow your words and deeds.

    Name the Board of trustees and Board members of the organizations you oversee.

    Name the people or shadhakas as you said that are going to take over your position.

    Nithyananda, what would be your role in these organization now that you have resigned from?

    Who is paying you money for all your expenditure and your antarage that goes with you everywhere?

  24. Nithyananda,

    Which Hindu leaders did you talk to? Metion all names.

  25. Sri Nithyananda:

    Please answer the following questions raised from your Resignation Video..

    Who are these leading acharyas you met at the Kumb mala? Give their names and their credentials.

    You said you would act according to their council? Who is made of this council made of? Give their names and affiliations?

    How do we know that from seclusion you are not going to run your empire like many Don's are doing now in India?

    Who are the present Board of trust members? Who are this re-oriented board of trustees and Sadhakas you mentioned in your talk?

    Why can't you talk now as a present witness on what happend than future talking as independent witness?

    Unless you answer these important questions the media is not going to leave you alone.

  26. Where is Gopika is she with Nithy? Or is she back in the US and making out with her ex husband?

    I really feel sorry for her husband. Last time when I saw him he was driving Nithy around. I wonder what kind of a man will drive another man fully knowing that this guy was making out with his so called Sanyasi wife.

  27. We must not forget that Nithyananda is now a fugitive. His decision to retire and be in seclusion is simply a way to further evade arrest. Let us not be taken by a pity campaign (wooden chair and plain rudraksha as opposed to a gold throne and gold-capped rudraksha).

    The only way to put this guy behind bars in a criminal justice system and law enforcement as notorious as India, is for ex-disciples to chip in and put a reward on his head. Please consider this suggestion seriously, else justice will never be served.

  28. Nithya LiarAnandaMarch 29, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    I found this moron's statement around 2 mins in the video very comical:

    reorient the activities of Dhyanapeetam increasingly to undertake spiritually oriented service acitivities

    So what was Dhyanapeetam involved in if it was not spirituality? I guess we all know what that was.

    Also comical is how he says he will come back if necessary and report in an "independent" way what had happened! :-)

    And by "less controversial" people in his org, I suppose he means "Bhakta", "Aiyya", "Medha" etc.? :-)

  29. This story sounds similar to Ramalinga Raju one.

  30. Sexual addiction has little to do with sex. It is mostly connected to a desire for power. So the addicted person has multiple partners. He or she will continue seeking out new and more partners.

    The cycle Nity is going through will only get worse, unless he seeks professional help. He will continue destroying lives, through an insatiable lust for power and dominance. The people don't matter to him. They are just a means to a end. This is why he has no problem stealing from others.

    Many of the people who have these same problems as Nithy can be very charming, and convince people that they care. But it is only to get something out of you. They don't care about anyone.

    A criminal court case in the U.S. is a major problem for Nity. Although the courts in India are very corrupt, they aren't that way in the U.S. The charges against Nity are very serious. If found guilty, he could go to prison for a long time.

    It is also true that a case can also be filed against Nity in civil court in California, for somewhat similar charges, and other additional charges. The punishment in civil court is not prison time and/or a fine, but can be an unlimited amount of money he will have to pay in damages. If found guilty Nity could be paying out millions of dollars.

    This is why in the U.S. one of the first things that owners of companies do is to become incorporated or an S-Corp. This way if their company gets sued, they won't be touched. I assume Nity has non-profit organizations in the U.S. So if he is no longer the head of these organizations, any fines or penalties levied against him in the U.S. courts will not come out of or be attached to his organization. He can declare bankruptcy and get away with it, as long as he is no longer officially (on paper) tied to the organization.

    Yes, he is in trouble. Even if he wins the criminal case, he could still lose a civil case. And the cost for all of this could financially drain him.

    Remember, the courts in the U.S. are not corrupt, and there have been many religious people who have been busted. There is no mercy when it comes to crime.

    Nity could also be spending much of his time calling those he victimized in California and other places trying to buy their silence. This is the same thing he tried to do with Lennin.

    The problem with all of this is, if after 6 months to a year Nithyananda resurfaces and is still a sex-addict and thief, there will be no end to the people he will victimize, because he will have learned even more about how to cheat people and avoid being caught.

    If he is really sincere, and sincerely wants to get help, he needs to come clean about everything and then leave this phoney life he is leading behind. I don't get that sense from watching his recent videos. Unfortunately, I think he has another trick up his sleave.

    Followers who have been victimized by Nity, should not be afraid to speak to the authorities in the U.S. The men and women who have been victimized need to be brave and come forward. Tell the court officials in the U.S. the truth about what happened. If Nity or any of his close disciples try to approach you with a sweatheart deal to purchase your silence, don't do it. If you remain silent, it will only open the door for other women and men to be victimized in the future.

    Remember, the problem with sexual addiction is that it is not about sex at all, it is about power and dominance. If Nity gets away with this, he will seek new ways to satisfy his addiction, which means more violence and more victims. It won't end, unless it is properly addressed.

    Nity and his henchmen are waiting for the public to go to sleep, so they can start their dirty business again. I am telling you, if he was really sincere, Nity would leave everything and seek professional help. Just because he wears orange robes and turban, doesn't mean he isn't an uncontrollable sex addict and thief.

  31. Dear Blogger,

    When I read your posts in January, you appear like a very intelligent, restrained and compassionate blogger. Your recent posts show more anger, hurt and intolerance. May I ask what is the reason for the same?

    Yes, You are exposing truths and you have done a great job. Yes, you are understandably hurt by this false Guru. But now that he has been exposed, Why not move on and let your healing be complete?

    I personally took 3-4 weekend programs of his 2NSPs, ATSP etc Each time he would modify stories that he would narrate about his life, and I got tired of hearing several lies. He also said several lies about Ananda-ganda and how it was related to Ramana Maharshi, although not a single time I had read about Ramana mentioning anything about Ananda Gandha. I gave him the benefit of doubt that perhaps his lies were serving some purpose for others, and decided to move on.

    My best wishes and prayers to everyone who thought he was a true master, and followed him.
    But seriously, upon meeting him 3-4 times one could easily catch his lies. So I don't know how intelligent people got duped.

    Om shanti,

    News9TV Report

  33. Dear Doug and your dogs, seems like you and your filthy dogs are talking about nothing but this every day all day 24 X 7. :o) whos paying your salary ? which organization is paying you for this?

    hey everyone did you know that this doug started becoming dog only after his wife left him? she couldnt stand him anymore. All that you see in this blog is vengeance.

    compared to you the people in the organization seem to be very calm and composed and polite. Such a contrast you are to them.

  34. He looks so peaceful and calm doesnt he.

  35. Sex Scandal Swami Nithyananda
    Kannada TV9 report

    Watch from minutes @ 6.20

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  36. hey hey guys, seems like you guys are not happy even though the swami has resigned. That's smart, because that cheat is just buying time and trying to broker a slap on his wrist and return to all his ill-gotten loot.

  37. Now you can call your complaints about Nithyananda and his group directly to the CID. The phone numbers are in this article.

    Superintendent of police (CID-special enquiry) KN Yogappa said in a statement that anyone who wished to provide information on the self-styled godman could contact him over phone numbers 080-22381894 or 9480800123. Victims of Nithyananda were also asked to contact the investigating officer.

    CID seeks dope on Swami Nithyananda's activities

    Santosh Kumar RB / DNATuesday, March 30, 2010 12:23

    Bangalore: The criminal investigation department (CID) of the state police on Monday requested the public to share information on the activities of the tainted swami, Paramahamsa Nithyananda alias Rajasekharan.

    Superintendent of police (CID-special enquiry) KN Yogappa said in a statement that anyone who wished to provide information on the self-styled godman could contact him over phone numbers 080-22381894 or 9480800123. Victims of Nithyananda were also asked to contact the investigating officer.

    Statements could be directly made to the officer at his office in Carlton House, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560 001. A CID team, headed by Yogappa, was probing the cases against 32-year-old Nithyananda. Yogappa said that the identities of those who provide information on the swamy’s activities would be protected.

    The case was earlier transferred to the CID by the Bidadi police, who had filed a first information report (FIR) on March 18. The FIR was filed based on the documents provided by the Tamil Nadu police. The cases were filed against Nithyananda under sections 295 (a), 420, 376, 377, 506 (b) and 120 (b) of the Indian Penal Code.

    The cases were initially filed by the Chennai police on a complaint by Karuppa Lenin of Athur in Tamil Nadu’s Salem district. Lenin, a former disciple of the swamy, claimed that he had taped Nithyananda’s sex romps with a Tamil actress, suspected to be Ranjitha.

    CID officer Yogappa expressed hope that Lenin would voluntarily furnish his statement to the investigating team.

    After receiving the documents from Tamil Nadu, two criminal cases were filed by the Bidadi police, since those incidents were suspected to have taken place in Sri Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham, the headquarters of the swamy’s global spiritual empire.

    In a separate but related development, a US citizen lodged a criminal complaint against the godman before California state attorney general Jerry Brown on March 25.

    Douglas McKellor, also known as Swami Nithya Prabha for a brief period, accused Nithyananda of unnatural sex, fraud, financial irregularities and physical abuse of devotees in the US. In his complaint he alleged that he was made to stand guard in front of the door while Nithyananda was inside the room with a lady guest. McKeller was rechristened Nithya Prabha soon after the incident.

    He also alleged that the godman issued fake enlightenment certificates and cheated people by charging millions of dollars.

  38. as i am reading this blog i am shocked at the lack of violence that i see coming across. I'm against this fake guru, and this lack of violence and lack bad language is not fitting for that ugly dog. Nithyananda deserves to be tarred and feathered! Makes one wonder, where in the world this dog is heading to?... hiding no doubt. I just stopped following this guru after this story broke out, thank goodness I have been following your blog. I was saved! For all the allegations thrown at him the ugly swami himself and the people in his ashram would say any thing to get out of the allegations, you know, lots of lies and their action, horrible, including violence; just an ugly scary bunch of thugs. But this blog and other blogs and the media seems to be getting the word out about how he rubbed up with his pound of daily flesh and all those room service ladies. he's just a very sickening guy. If you step out and watch this fake guru and his thugs for followers, you will see it in action. Its not good for you. Violence outside of his ashrams shows that there is violence inside his ashrams and that will only do you more harm and no good at all. I have said my bit. Its up to you guys to bring him to justice.

  39. Please continue the good work,

    No need to have compassion for Nutty Ananda.

    There are more compassionate people ( as seen in the videos ) to take care of him.

  40. Dear K,

    You said: My best wishes and prayers to everyone who thought he was a true master, and followed him.But seriously, upon meeting him 3-4 times one could easily catch his lies. So I don't know how intelligent people got duped

    I say: I understand your point. The problem is that Nithyananda has tricked 2 million people. Though I understand that you are not saying you are better than 2 million people, we all have a responsibility to expose actions that have done and are doing so much harm.

    I agree with those who say it is not just Nithyananda who has done wrong, that a number of his close disciples have perpetrated these wrong actions. This should also be exposed.

    It is therefore the moral and ethical responsibility of those who know about the wrongs committed, who have witnessed serious wrong doings by Nithyananda and/or any of his close disciples, to report this to the CID and other proper authorities in India and abroad. Otherwise, we will be responsible for these same crimes if know about them but remain silent.

    Forgiveness and healing needs to take place, but first the full extent of the cancer must be exposed and taken out, so it cannot spread. If not, the victimization will continue.

    As more brave people come forward and speak the truth, more light will cleanse this terrible situation.

    Nithyananda's new found seclusion won't help those who have been victimized by him. Remember many of the women he had sex with and/or forced himself on, (rape is a crime of force) are too afraid to let this be known because of the stigma. But we know he did not romp around with just one woman. Not at all. And those of you who saw the entire tape, know that he was having sex and didn't have all of his sanyasi clothes on the whole time. It is disgusting to think that anyone experimenting with so many women, having forced sex with a number of them, is still allowed to wear the robes of a renunciate. Especially when he still has not made a public confession of all of his wrong doings.

    If we don't speak out then what is anyone to say about the standard of spiritual leadership that exists? If we continue to let these rogues, liars, con artists, sex eperimenters and theives in positions of leadership, when we know this is wrong and should have spoken out, then we are just as responsible for the wrongs of these phony godmen as they are.

    When we are in the position to speak out and do the right thing, but remain silent, we just as responsible for the wrongs as Nithyananda is. There is no escaping this fact.

  41. NDTV has picked up the prized news of the hour. May victory be ours, those who are fighting this dark Vama Margi!

  42. Nithyananda absconding

  43. Just now got news that Gopika is in USA now, Ikiyananda is in Chennai, growing hair,staying with his parents and searching for a job, i am really happy to hear this news because that poor guy slogged a lot in LA temple, his parents are happy now, hope he finds a job soon and gets married. Devatta Amma who was responsible for decoration of dieties in Bidadi has also left the cult camp. Ayya has shaved his head and beard and is in Bidadi Ashram only. Atmananda (the man with beard and little handicapped leg) in Bidadi Ashram has also quit the cult camp. More updates to follow.....

  44. Hi Friend,
    I am not follower of Nityananda. I saw your blog history, you seemed to be first to talk about the facts.That's great.
    But, In spiritual journey, it's normal that we meet so many so called masters, and there is a responsibility on us in choosing a Guru. I don't know if you had read autobiography of yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda himself goes through several masters before choosing the one Guru for himself.
    I hope you will find the peace in your heart about this bad experience, and move on to your spiritual journey. Pray God so that you can forgive Nityananda, and ask God to send you a Guru. Meanwhile, you can find solace in some other spiritual groups like SRF,and Paramahansa Prajnanda etc.
    Fact that you once renunciated materialistic things, your heart is all set for Spiritual Journey. So don't let these obstacles/growing pains distracts you.
    I am writing this from my own experiences that the Self realization doesn't come instantly. It's a real deal that one have to develop a relation with God, and a wait for him to open the door.
    Any spiritual Guru that promises the instant enlightenment is making the seeker a beggar. It's a journey. There is no free meal. All free meals are bound to Karma.

    I will pray for you.
    God bless you.

    A Spiritual Seeker.

  45. Does anyone know if this is the swami who gave yoga lectures in the Hindu Temple in Flushing, NY in 2008?

  46. Nithy is small fry, and he is finished. Now we need to go after the pedophile child molesters in the Sri Sri's Art of Living (off of society). That cult has been controlling and brainwashing people long before Nithynanda, and people and they are also stupid enough to justify this criminal, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

  47. One thing about nithyananda is that he never lets smart people directly serve him for long saying efficient people are not dedicated. he likes to only have emotional people who will do his bidding without questioning. for example, as soon as the mission started getting big donations, he had sevakananda removed from his administrative responsibilities and made Sahaj become the head of all of US. Nithyananda may have realized that sevakananda is too legal and wont let swami do whatever he wants with the funds. Sahaj and others are more gullible and easy to manipulate and do things blindly without questioning. The bull 5h!t explanation he gave was that people like Sevaka should go out and do business on their own as his spiritual practice. i heard from a samaji this week that while their swami was sitting in golden thrones decked in all possible jewelry, his US ashramites were forced to live with no medical insurance, no credit cards, no bank balances, no income, and no security of any kind with the explanation that it is their sadhana. Most of them dont even have more than two pair of clothing to wear. I wont be surprised if all the US ashramites (sevaka, sahaj, jyotir, priya, paramanand, girija, mitra, mukku, usha) turn against and file a law suit against this fake swami - i am sure they lost all their wealth and possessions to this swami who looted them of their health, wealth, and dignity. that b!tch medhanandamayi however is still humping around here maybe hoping to be called for room service.

  48. What about the dozens of doctors from LA who were promoting this Swami? Are they still supporting him?

    Was Popat done by giving one-time $ 2 Million? Was Popat paying the mortgage or who is responsible for the mortgage?

  49. Yes, Bhakthananda and his team of 2 ladies were conducting the Yoga class (cult recruitment class) once a week in Flushing Temple NY.It is them. It was done under Life Bliss Foundation and they would Market their first product LBP level 1 with an invitation to come for a free (weekly)Satsung.

  50. i heard that sahaj, jyotir, sevaka, gopika, and several other US ashramites are leaving / already left nithyananda. so looks like nithyananda will now sending his henchmen bhaktananda and sahitananda (male and female versions) to US to take control. i know jyotir is an attorney. why does he not advise all ashramite to sue nithyannada? if ashramites are really in poverty now then they can at least get their money back from this cheat? when i went to india two year back i met sahitanandas two girl daughters. does he wonder what swami must have done with them?

  51. Sex Scandal Swami Nithyananda
    They call him KAMA SWAMI on News tv9

    At minutes 5.07 they mention many times Douglas Mckellor

  52. nithyananda is trying to call up imp devotees (ppl with money and clout) and tellin them a cock an bull story about how he is physically impotent , not to believe rumors about the other women(he himself has confessed to some ppl who know these other women and tried to pass it off sayin it was like kalpataru darshan) he was giving these women wht they wanted...i find his reasoning disgusting ,every word tht comes out of his mouth is a lie . people who still follow him obv are keeping their eyes closed ...his way was divide and rule ..he is now trying to hang on to some devotees by tellin them anything ...he will say anythin to get himself out of a bad situation ,he cannot be trusted at all,he s a smooth talking criminal mastermind ...i was once enchanted by him but now i just wanna kick his ass ....when ppl are confronting him about the other women ...he is more bothered about who told them tht information than the actual info...he is evading arrest ,evading the whole issue of tht video and his whole 1 st circle are acting like its taboo to talk abt this scandal....just remember your experience they say......well my experience sucks now so tata dhyanapeetam and rajasekaran...u and ur band of crooks can rot in delusion .doug i met u in LA ....i heard it was u who wrote the blog ....u and dharma deserve medals for your work ...keep it up

  53. In my opinion Sevakananda, Sahajananda, Bhaktananda, Medhananda, Satchidananda and other xyzAnandas of fake 'Nithyananda Order' where the Guru (main leader) himself never took Sanyasa authentically or observed the rules of Sanyasa, were never seekers of Truth. From day 1, I repeat Day 1, they were 'personality cult oriented'. People now may blame it saying brainwashing happened etc. It is not totally true; first they gave in to unholy imagination about spirituality, and thought that exhibition of power was all 'enlightenment'. If they had proper family and Hindu background, such gross mis-understanding of spirituality will not happen.

    Now the same un-educated and un-repentant brutes will run the 'New Dhyana Peetam'. Alas, without the moral strength not even the smallest service activity is possible.

  54. Who said Jyothir is an attorney? I think he takes care of legal matters for the foundation but he was basically a software guy from Microsoft. I know this blog is doing a great job but sometimes comments have to moderated. People just give all kinds of wrong info! Its almost comical.

  55. Jyotir is not an attorney. He was a software engineer in Seattle before he joined the cult.

  56. Jyothir's profile can be found here -

  57. One of the recent revelations is that the Bidadi ashram land is on his SOLE name and not on Dhyanapeetam. Is Nithyananda going to give the land which is on his name?

  58. During the opening celebration of the Montclair Temple in Nov 2007, Sevakananda claims that he made crores in business in India, and he donated all to charity before coming to the USA.

    Anyone knows if there was any truth to this claim?

  59. If jyotir has any brains he has to do the following things.

    1) Raja first got married to his classmate in Bididi. And this fool did what his master said.
    2) Then he made his wife incharge of all the money.
    3) I think jyotir's wofe is a spy for Raja.
    4) Jyotir is no attorney. He is coding monkey from microsoft.
    5) A programmer who was looking for excitement. I met him five years ago when he was just a waterboy.
    6) Jyotir as an individual is a sweat little boy. His wife is the plant of Raja. In case he quits the Cult, his wife should take the lie detecter test so that her loyalitie can be known.
    7) My advise to jyotir is : Stop that stupid grin, and become a coding monkey again. That is what you are good for.

  60. Ex Swami sues Sex Swami

  61. If Sachit or Bakthananda come to usa, some one has to file charges against them, so that they can be arrested. Once they get arrested evryone will start singing and the real truth will come out. We need to report all the ashramites who were involbed in the Devine prostituion ring called Sex for enlightement. The Women were so stupid, they did not want to have sex with their husbands but they were prostituting for enlightement,and all the Ashrimite anandas were acting like pimps.

  62. I am from La and i heard that there was a big meeting at one of the rich doctors house and it seems they have decided to convert the Montclair temple as a regular temple so that they can make some money out of it.

    Now the doctors are getting into temple business. May be we should sue these Montclair doctors. They probably behind nithy in this fraud. Since these guys are here and have the money may be they will pay up.

  63. I have been following your blog to get updates on nithyananda.

    I feel that you are spending way too much time and energy writing about him. I am not his devotee or anything. he may have done sinful things. let's leave it god. he will take care of everything. every action has a reaction. so whatever nithyananda does, he will be responsible for his actions.

    Seeing the length of each post, I am worried that you may damage your wrists.

    again, i am not supporting nithyananda. i am just saying that you are spending lot of time writing about him. rather than doing that, you can do something else that will give you peace and happiness.

  64. Anon Supporter of Nithyananda @8.00 PM

    Get out of here you moron. We don't need your you to worry about us.

    Stop crocodile tears about our wrists. Nithyananda is making you work overtime I see at 8.00 PM!

  65. Anon @ March 30, 2010 8:00 PM ,

    What do you mean by that the God will take care of all the issues. Be practical. How many such instances have you seen in your life?

  66. Swami renounced robes, not wealth
    By: B V Shiva Shankar Date: 2010-03-31

    Mid Day Archives
    Sources say Nityananda is working hard to ensure his property worth crores stays with him

    While reports suggest that Swami Nityananda might consider giving up his saffron robes, he is in no hurry to renounce his wealth, according to sources.

    However, a source in the ashram said it was unlikely that the swami would renounce his wealth. "He has nothing to lose by resigning because all of Dhyanapeetam assets are in his name," he said

  67. @ anon MARCH 30, 2010 8:00 PM

    So you feel about the blog owner but you dont feel about the thousands of people cheated by this fake G eh?

    You are worried about the wrists but not of the souls who have been destroyed by nithyananda.

    You are disgusting... you dont have to worry about doug, he is doing fine and in fact he is the Dharma King, his stand is vindicated by the resignation of the nitwit.

    Reading these post gives me and many others peace and happiness, so there !

    I feel elated that such a blog is doing gr8 service then hundreds of so called gurus.

    It is true awakening! now you sleep,why do you have to come here and waste our time and blog space.

    hear the lulla baby of nithya....

    ooo baby child of nithy sleep sleep till i spin a yarn so that you and others can kiss my feet.
    ooo baby child of nithy, sleep sleep till i finish blessing all the apsaras who seek me.
    ooo baby child of nithy, sleep sleep till i empty your pockets and steal your chain.
    oops baby what did you you do? you shat on my lovely kavi!

    Sleep Sleep Sleep nithyananda supporters sleep
    sleep sleep...

  68. HIGH COURT says no to interim order

    BANGALORE: The high court has once again refused to pass an interim order in the nature of `no arrest' in the Swami Nithyananda case.

    The court on Tuesday adjourned to April 6 hearing of the criminal petition filed by him, asking the government advocate to give objections with regard to averments in the petition.

    "This court can't grant such a relief (no arrest order) in a petition filed under section 482 of the Criminal Procedure Code. You can seek bail by filing a petition under Section 438 either in the lower court or here. I have made myself clear on this issue and it is on record," Justice Arali Nagaraj observed before deferring the hearing.

  69. Help us find the Sex Swami, say Bangalore cops, Tuesday March 30, 2010, Bangalore

    Several weeks have passed since the sex tapes involving Swami Nityananda surfaced but the Bangalore police is still clueless on his whereabouts.

    The cops have now decided to approach the general public for information on the disgraced swami.

    Yogappa, Superintendent of Police, CID (special enquiries), in a release, has appealed to people who have either been victimised or have any information about the sex swami to appear before the CID.

    He has promised to keep the identity of the informants confidential and also assured them that they would be paid travelling expenses.

    "We are getting calls from Madurai, Shimoga, Hubli and Dharwad. Though people claim to have information about Nityananda, no one has testified as yet."

    He added, "We are specially concentrating on Tamil Nadu, which is believed to be Nityananda's area of operation. We have advertised through various media and have sought the help of local news channels in the state to trace the swami."

    Meanwhile, sources claim that CID officials do not have any information on the swami beyond a copy of the complaint that was filed against him. CID officials are said to be desperate for information on him.

    However, Yogappa refused to comment on the issue. "We cannot divulge details regarding the ongoing investigations. We'll submit our report in the High Court as we have been directed to," he said.

  70. Nithyananda are you kidding #1

    Nithyananda are you kidding #2

  71. Nithy's successor's name is announced, is this true ?

    Sources said the Dhyanapeetha Charitable Trust has asked Swami Nithyananda to step down as its head and hand over charge to another spiritual leader in the organisation, Nithyananda Mariswamy, named as his successor.

    Does this trust need to be open and transparent to the public thru their websites to disclose the members name legally ? If that's so, why is it not done so far ?

    If Nithy has really stepped down, why is the change not documented legally and the new members exposed to the public openly on their websites and newspapers ?

  72. yes, god indeed took care of nithyananda. if god did not observe his actions, today he would be continuing to do the same thing with the actor he did in the past. he did a mistake and god taught him a lesson.

  73. I think Baktha and Sachit are going to come back, desend on Montclair and get to gether with all the rich folks who were the devotees who still think nithy's 5h!t does not stink; and will back in business again with adifferent name. If this happens we need to sue the new owners for their cooperation with Nithya for their past deeds.

    We should not let the pressure off. Some of the existing cult members want to continue the cult practices with a new twist.

    We have to report about all the current Ashrimites to FBI so that they will be investigated.

  74. I have reliably found out from several credible sources in LA/Sanjose/Seattle/Houston that nithyananda,and his cronies like bhaktananda, medhananda, etc are calling all US devotees and saying that sevakananda, jyotir, and sahaj are mis-leading devotees against swami and they are going to suffer for their sins. They are asking all US devotees to kick out sevakananda/sahaj/jyotir. if they have indeed left the mission, then i am sure nithyananda will soon send his prostitute team headed by our very own local flavor medhamayi and assisted by sachitananda/bhaktananda to take over and run the temples. so pathetic that nithyananda is now turning against the very people who gave up their life to be with him.

  75. This version of Nithyananda's statement is HILARIOUS!!! Pls watch:

  76. I know Jyothir from my college days. He is a nice and intelligent person. We got in touch more than 10 years after graduation. It was then he told me about his wedding and his association with the Dhyanapeetam. He mentioned that his wedding was the first to be conducted in the Bidadi ashram under the auspices of his guru.

    He quit Microsoft to become a fulltime disciple in the LA ashram.

    When the scandal broke out, my first thoughts were about Jyothir. I was not sure whether I should contact him. My experiences with other members were that they were unwilling to accept this scandal. They continue to wear a bracelet with "Nithayanandam" engraved in it. One of them was very vehement in defending him citing he really didn't care about this guy's activities but was only interested in his teachings.

    I just pray that Jyothir comes out this.

  77. This guy is a shame to all Hindus. I don't know much of law, and I doubt the Indian govt. will do anything reasonable. All the drama that will happen is his arrest, a hearing in court and thats all. A huge money will be offered to the police, CID, judge, lawyers and all the folks who will prosecute him and the case will be closed. Thats the style of Indian prosecution.

    Some solid witness is required to drag this guy throgh the mud, as Ranjitha will say - she was doing the linga pooja and eating the holy nectar.

    I don't know his punishment by law but guess what - open 'Manu Sanhita'. You can find some Sharia type rules.

    There it is said - a 'bhrast sannyasi' is worser than a civilian crminal and should be tied to a ashattha tree and burnt alive.

    More worser are his followers. Some news said there was 'Enlightenment Certificate' given after the end of some course in LA. I mean, are people stupid? an Enlightenment Certificate. Does guru's move with certificate? - all trash.

    I am very well aware of traditions of sannyasi's. That this guy is junk, can just be understood from very simple observations. He names the female sannyasi's of his ashram by the names - Maa ****ananda. He is just crazy!! Thats not the way - men get ananda and women get devyamba for all Dashanami sampradaya established by Adi Shankaracharya.

    He begins by saluting all the Shankaracharya to be his guru. Thats trash again. Yes, Adi Shakaracharya is the guru of all gurus. He has re-established the Mahanta tradition of Sanatan dharma. Then how can one change these styles.

    Every guru or initiated person is identified by the names of his last four guru's (for Vaishnav's last five). Can he name any? Assuming that Rajasekharan has received purnabhishek (as he gives these, he must have these otherwise he isin't entitled to do so), and his guru being Shankaracharyas he must receive a sacred thread. It is true that in Tantra sadhana there is no difference between caste and creed, men and women - anyone is allowed. This just means everyone gets the status of a Brahmin right at purnabhishek, where is his thread.

    Please keep in mind brahmacharya is a way of life. But in order to become a paramhansa one has to go through vigorous Ashtabhishek; or 8 abhisheks which is not possible in his 5-6 yrs of wandering. Secondly, a person who has gone through even the lower level of abhishek is in principle greater than a sannyasi who has not gone through the same abhishek. Sadhana is not restricted to sannyasis. Grihi's can be monk; more bigger monks. Ramprasad Sen, Ramkrishna, Purnananda Tirthanath are famous grihi monks.

    Vam margi sadhana or pancha tattva sadhana is not for sannyasi. For sannyasi it is siddhantachar. I have done it, I know it. I am not having a Enlightenment certificate though.
    Secondly **ananda is the name one accquires during sannyas diksha. While a person entitled for tantra sadhana will identify himself not as some-ananda but anandanath. That slight little difference which is easy to ignore is the first litmus test you have to do to figure out who is what. There are many ananda rare anandanath's. But all say they know and do tantra.

    There are many more that asserts that this guy is not even veresd with how to do puja's... etc. And is Paramhans? 5h!t!!

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  78. Have you done Osho meditation techniques? Try before commenting.

    PS Jhand
    Zorba the Buddha


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