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Monday, March 22, 2010

Nithyananda Fakes He Didn't Know - Total Fraud; Tried to Murder Lenin, Then Buy Him Out

Phoney Baloney!  Self-Proclaimed Fraud-man, Nithyananda; Caught on the Phone Begging to Buy Lennin After Cult Tried to Murder Him

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Wow, look at you? You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, look like something that cat wouldn't even drag in. And when was the last time you, 'Swami' Nithyananda bathed? Oh, yes, that was several days ago. Boy, are we sure glad we weren't downstream in the river when you 'released it all'. Don't worry there, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you'll get another chance to be in the river again. Very soon, the authorities will be sending you up the river. That's a good place for you and your senior cult members. But, then again, that means we'll be 'down the river' from you, and that gets a bit messy. Oh, well, it's a trade off.

But really there, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we really want you to start looking good again. We mean there's no way we'll be able to see you in great videos like the one rumored about you doing some birthday suit dance with yet another film actress. [OneIndia]. You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, sure do now how to party. Right now, we'll just take it as a rumor. But, as you are now, Sri Nithyananda, not even the house special, Ma Gopika, will want to come near you. You'll be on your own.  In solitude.

And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, what's this here? Why it looks like the English transcript of that fraud phone conversation you had with your former driver, Lenin. Let's watch together:

Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you sure sounded desperate. It looks like you were willing to give Lenin everything, money, fame, power, and probably even a hot yoga chick if he promised not to tell. We know that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, respond to these things, so it makes sense that you offered them to Lenin. And, sorry to say that you 'Swami' Nithyananda, clearly knew that if these videos surfaced on YouTube that it would be the end of your 'experiments' and dream-like 'samadhi' (trance) and that stream of hot room service ladies you had coming into your private quarters. Boy, this sure blows some big holes in your 'conspiracy' theory. Wow, did sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda was really surprised by all of this conspricacy and suddenness? As he said? Sounds like you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, and your PR spokes person haven't been transparent like all those ghosts you capture with your red hot chili fire rituals in the graveyard.

By the way, sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda promised all kinds of things to be up on your website, you know, things like the death reports of the Canadian that died under 'mysterious' conditions. You know, 'Swami' Nithyananda, but nothing happening with all those promises of transparency... in fact, things are disappearing from your website like those claims that your caught-with-your-pants-down videos were due to graphics and morphing. So is this more cover up? But really, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we really wished you covered up a little bit more and showed us a little less. Anyway, there's a nice little YouTube video that showed the world that it really was you and that hot married film actress in bed together and that there was no morphing. You, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, can watch it here on YouTube:
Nithyananda 's Lie Exposed - VIDEO PROVED LEGIT
And, 'Swami' Nithyananda, did you really try to murder Lenin Karuppan in Salem? Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that would make two murders and then two murder cover ups for you to be charged with. That would be even more fraud on top of all the other fraud. We think that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda would be extra careful to ensure Lenin's safety. Just imagine, Sri Nithyananda, the slightest little scratch on Lenin's face, and everyone will assume that you, 'Paramahamsa' and your gundanandas (you know, those rowdy swamis that like to rough people up and even kill them sometimes, like that Canadian man) would be in big, big, big trouble. As if you weren't, Sri Nithyananda, already in big trouble. You, seeker-of-fame, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, finally got the whole world's attention and they are all after you, but not after your autograph.

Lucky thing, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you know where some caves are from all of your stories that never happened, so we imagine you might want to start living your myth and camp out there for a long, long while. Maybe a whole lifetime. That would be good for everyone, except for those poor bats. We're sure that they'll get used to the smell, after a while.  After all, what really are bats?  Rats with wings.  So, maybe, 'Swami' Nithyananda, if you are really nice to them, they'll teach you how to fly.

And, look 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Just to make sure that your online thugs keep their skill set of knocking any legitimate website down, here's a few more targets for them to work on:

Standup For Dharma
Yes, Sri Nithyananda, this is Lenin's Blog. You can send him a private message and promise even more nifty things. You said that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, would touch his feet. Sri Nithyananda, that really isn't going to help matters. Lenin would then have to wash his feet, and he really doesn't feel right charging people to do the job like you charge $2,000 U.S.D. He would rather do it himself. Next time, come up with more practical solutions, like a spy video camera that records sound too. Now, that would have been useful.

Shockan Blog
Sri Nithyananda, we really don't know Tamil very well, so you'll have to visit this site and tell us what it says. Way down in the bottom there's some nice pictures of Ma Nithyananda Gopika whose checking your temperature. Sri Nithyananda, you were smoking hot in that steamy video. After all that strenuous activity, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, must have really been sick and under samadhi (trance). So, why did you do all that experimenting? 'Swami' Nithyananda, you really should look after you health. You know, Sri Nithyananda, this is really a gift that a real, genuine Paramahamsa has come down to help us all get enlightened and if you blow it all off just for some experimenting, then think of all the people who are not going to get 'enlightened'. Shameful.

And, in this same blog, we can see that very nice letter or recommendation to Lenin Karuppan that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda wrote after you tried to kill him. You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, have such a nice heart. If you have so much anger that you want to murder someone, then you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, can easily turn around and write a glowing letter of reference about his character. That was so nice of you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. We really see the meaning of forgiveness now. But, wait, Sri Nithyananda, if you were sincere about the letter, then why did you have your PR guy, you know, sometimes-Swami Sri 'Stonewall' Sachitananda denounce Lenin as having a criminal record? 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, were you trying to discredit Lenin Karuppan by using some dirty tricks? Wait a minute, dirty tricks, a cover up, a conspiracy theory, a taped phone calls, a truck-load of fraud, a man who-thought-he-was king? 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you must be Nixon 2.0! And, all the time, we thought that you were Osho 2.0. 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, this gets confusing. You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, really are a man of mystery.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 106: One Hundred and six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 128: One hundred and twenty-eight days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. With all due respect, there isn't that much reason for believing the video, as, indeed, it contains no voices. There's no actual footage in it.
    Also, it is strange Lenin survived the attack. If it had indeed happened, why on earth would he have survived? That's poor planning from Nithyananda's team, something we can't expect.
    Moreover, why would the video get published as late as March, 2 if the hunt for Lenin began even before February, 23?
    Still, should the letter's existence be confirmed we may be able to find a credible explanation. This does not undermine the existing accusations in any way; it's just that, given a number of compromising materials against Nithyananda, we'd better only use those with rock-solid evidence behind them.
    I'm looking forward to a coherent explanation from whoever possesses more knowledge of the subject.

  2. You should stop posting translations on this blog. That could be fake too. Just like that video with Youvarani which turned out to be a rumor. Except for that video with Ranjitha, there has not been any solid proof about any other charges.

  3. Is the second sex tape scandal real?

  4. "Enlightened Paramahamsa"March 23, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Oh goodness how many times I have to tell here to people to use the right words to describe "divinity's" actions?

    He was not trying to murder Lenin. The right way to say it is "Enlightened Master was trying to burn off the karmas of poor unenlightened soul Lenin". See how quickly that sounds much better doesn't it?

    Advaith - if you are reading the above, use this for your "Glimpses of My Master".

    On a different note, the 18th of March has come and gone. Where is our divinity? Where is his "strength" and "unclutching to face any kind of situation". What a farce he is! Oh sorry, I made the same mistake. "Enlightened Master is right now in 'Shambala' balancing the energy of the globe". That sounds better.

  5. Nithyananda pleads K'taka HC to squash charges

  6. The fraud org is now drumming up support:

    So, one guy drools about nithy and adds this PS:

    (P.S. Just in case if Swamiji personally goes through all these posts in the future, and calls everyone who stood with Him for a special darshan, I am counting myself in! Yes!! :) )
    With Gratitude,
    Sri Ananda Karmanya (Satish)

  7. Shame on you, Anon. How could you have posted that link to "standup..." without warning the readers of possible brain damage?
    BTW, is it just me or have they deliberately tweaked the voting bars on the left? The "no" bar, black on white letters, reveals only 3 digits, that form "220". Pretty weak compared to 3800+ who voted "yes".
    But if you highlight the whole bar, you'll find one more digit, giving us 2200+. And well, to find the "yes" voters having merely a twofold advantage on a site so heavily pro-Nithyananda means a lot.
    ...That "silent meditation" was a clever move. Now he can wait until his hearings without having to say anything more and thus expose himself to more uncomfortable questions.
    He may, of course, choose not to speak in his defence during the hearings, but that isn't going to help him.

  8. Check this out:

    High Court rejects sex swami's plea

    What Rajasekaran - now what are you going to do? Try to pay off someone else? Or forever be in some caves? May be you can move to Pakistan or wherever Bin Laden is and you both can "experiment" with each other!

  9. Why can't nithy simply surrender & face punishment ? All that he needs to do is retire into his alleged samadhi. After all he was in alleged samadhi while practising tantric sex . Restore all stolen properties , land etc to the aggrieved in the same alleged samadhi state.

  10. Why can't nithy simply surrender & face punishment ?

    He does not have that much grace or courage to face it. He is a lying scoundrel and he is showing more and more to the world what a cheat he is. In fact all these antics since Mar 2nd are making lot more of his devotees drop off.

    And yes I noticed the "Support Nithyaannda" voting bars "scam" too. It is good that it is posted here. All of you go and click the "do not support" Nithyananda.

  11. Is it possible that some of the insiders in Bidadi could have conspired & done all this to usurp all the money from Swami?

  12. You would think that art imitates life. But in this case, life seems to be imitating art. Turning out like that movie "Usual Suspects"

  13. Yeah whatever...

    We are supposed to believe a powerpoint presentation. There is a lot of rumor, preconceived ideas etc.. floating around. Lets keep it real. By real - I mean it should be something substantial like the porno flick. Other than that its all BS and believe me there is a lot of BS around the truth.

    Is Lenin really a an ex-convict or is it just another rumor - I mean BS? You see what I mean right?

  14. There is a rumor floating around in Nithy cirlces.

    The deafing silence from the Nithy group is akin to a silence before a storm. Thats what I am hearing.

    I had posted previously regarding this. There is an effort to create a morphed video to demonstrate how easily morphing can be done to put whoever to be in the video that was shot by Dharma.

    Guys this going to be a big PR coup by Nithy folks.

  15. Nithyananda has already the accumulated baggage of bad karmas. He is now adding to them by defaming the great masters like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and Ramana Maharshi. He is ensuring his quick destruction. I am aghast with his lack of spiritual humility. Is he possessed?

  16. This one speaks volume about the support Nithy has among his devotees..

    check out

    From the time I voted at this site there were only 6239 votes about 3838 said Yes to support him and 2229 said no and 263 said can't say.

    That speaks volumes about the support he has about 61%. An enlightened Paramahansa is supported by only 61%. WTF.

  17. This is for all the fools who still think Nithyananda is "divine incarnation, great master, etc" - I am sure some of you have "spiritual" names given to you by Nithyananda.

    If your Bhakti is real, if your love for you Master is real and you honestly believe the Master is innocent, prove it by changing your name legally to that given by Nithyananda now. Do not make excuses now, do it now! If you have the courage, do it now!

    Otherwise, your talk about your bhakti is just completely empty just like Bhakta, Medha etc who are all walking around still with dual identities.

    If even one person has the guts to change the name and post it here, I will stop commenting anymore about Nithyananda on this blog. That's my promise!

  18. Anonymous@7:20 PM

    How would people know that you stopped posting on this blog? You don't even have identity currently on this blog. You are posting your views as anon.

    BTW, I know one person who has legally changed her name. I will talk to her & see if she is willing to post her name here. I cannot do it on her behalf. But again, you have to promise everyone that you will reveal your identity in addition to stopping the posts.

    Is that a fair deal?

  19. There is one thing I have noticed. All the posts that are against foundation(Almost all), are filled with hatred & anger. But you don't see anyone who is for Nithyananda showing vengeance here. I am not sure if they have enough ammunition left after what has happened. But still we have to give them credit for maintaining their dignity. I am referring to all his supporters in USA(almost all again).

  20. I bet you can find fair number of people who are against some or other enlightened masters. And again, who knows. Swami might be able to redeem himself & come out stonger after few years. You cannot rule out that possibility. Anything is possible. Who thought he would be caught doing what he did? Life is always full of surpises!!

  21. For 7:20 PM anon.

    Don't say words you're gonna regret
    Don't let the fire rush to your head

    Okay, guys..Let us have some fun.
    What song these lines are from?

  22. Is anyone trying to get the women who are at risk out of Nityananda's ashrams? Where are the parents of these young women? Aren't they afraid their daughters will be harmed? If Nityananda is abusing some of the women, perhaps some of his male disciples are doing so as well because of his poor example. I don't think his ashram is a safe place to be.

  23. To the Anon @7:20 PM:

    Back when I left the organization (I was deep inside), these people were all quick to judge; condemning me silently, and refusing to speak with me. Clasic cultish us vs. them behavior.

    And now...

    I see, within days of the scandal breaking, so many were quick to revert to their non-Nithya names on Facebook, like rats leaving a sinking ship.

    So that's the caliber of their Bhakti. I was a lot more genuine in my devotion that these pseudo-devotees.

    [Of course, in no way am I implying that those who continue to remain loyal, like all the LA ashramites, are necessarily making a smart choice. I feel sorry for them, because I know how easy it would have been to find myself in those very shoes if I hadn't used my God-given intelligence.]

  24. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon @8:28 PM,

    Hate to burst your bubble, but we get lots and lots of hate mail every day from die-hard Nithyananda supporters. We get less of it lately, for in these heat seeking missives, we began to change the "You are" to "Nithyananda is", and most of those vengeful Nithyananda supporters got the message... but not all of them. So if you see something that looks like it is dripping in hate, there's a very good chance that we turned the tables on who ever posted it.

    One day, we'll do a a whole post on the best of 'before' and 'after' comments, just for fun. Stay tuned.

    Hope you now have a better understanding.

    And, yes, we do appreciate your civility. Thanks. Therefore, your comment(s) get a pass. Take care.

    Jai Maa.

  25. Where are the parents of these young women? Aren't they afraid their daughters will be harmed? If Nityananda is abusing some of the women, perhaps some of his male disciples are doing so as well

    I spoke with the parents of a young girl Brahmacharini who were desperate to get her out of the ashram *before* the scandal was anywhere on the horizon (I had heard rumors, though of sexual activity).

    I'm sure they must be so thankful and grateful.

    HOWEVER - their daughter was extremely reluctant to leave, and Rajasekharan and his chief goon Ayya didn't make the process any easier, by saying things like well she is an adult and you will hurt her spiritual growth by forcibly pulling her out etc.

    I warned the parents that in such a case, she will become extremely distraught at being pulled out. And that's what happened.

    Many in the ashram feel SAFER inside, despite all the craziness that's now going on. It is difficult to get them out unless you have a proper intervention strategy. Exit counselors specialize in these sort of delicate situations.

  26. Regarding this...."BTW, I know one person who has legally changed her name. I will talk to her & see if she is willing to post her name here."

    Question is has your friend changed the name since the scandal broke out? I know several myself who have changed names legally before the scandal broke out.

    Also have you asked Bhakta, Medha, Sahaj etc, why they are still holding on to their older legal names? These are the super maha bhaktas! So why are they holding to other identities.

    Also about all those rats jumping ship. Of course it is much easier to jump the Nithy ship if your identity is not tied to Nithy and who wants to be associated with him now anyways?

  27. Why did Nithy required all who asked for a spiritual name to changed it within three months, yet this is not required of his inner circle ashramites?

    Something is fishy here.

    These inner circle henchmen can dropped their "spiritual names" in which they were known and revert to their old name easily, which is still their legal name.

    Those who changed their names legally are more trapped.

    I remembered Nithy mentioned that he had his reason for requiring the legal change, but he was not disclosing the reason.

    Thanks to what I observed during the 2007 Mission Training, I postponed changing my name ....and left the movement in 2008. At the time, I didn't realized that Nithy was such a devious monster, although somethings didn't feel right - such as the ever increasing price of meditation programs, exploitation of Ananda Sevaks, the Golden Thrones, to name a few of my troubling observations.


  28. Something is fishy here.

    These inner circle henchmen can dropped their "spiritual names" in which they were known and revert to their old name easily, which is still their legal name.

    Those who changed their names legally are more trapped.

    You are absolutely right about that hippie! Easy for these inner circle to walk away while innocent and sincere ones get screwed for losing their identities.

  29. The person who organizes and maintains this website should be an idiot and has no manners. I believe you are paid to damage the reputation of Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda. You keep on barking like a stupid dog at Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda. You are spending hours per day to do this for just to make your living (since you are paid to do so). You are worst than prostitute!

    I know you will not publish my comment or will remove it immediately as you did to some other comment (when the comment is supporting Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda) but I know at least you will read my comment.

  30. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hello Anon @8:28 PM,

    Look, as if it were right on cue. One of those loved filled Nithyananda supporters with sunshine in their heart and flowery words on the tip of their tongues.

    Hi Anon @1:27 AM,

    Guess what? We're not paid to do this. We be burned by this horrible criminal and his cult. This is pure fraud. So, we're doing our best so no one, even you, will have to suffer.

    Don't worry; you do not intimidate us. In fact, you slightly amuse us. And, best of all, you and your toxic comment did wonders in discrediting Nithyananda. Not that he needs any help right now, mind you. But, it is the thought that counts.

    Hope you won't be going to prison like Nithyananda and many of his senior inner circle cronies will be. We don't think they will be having a blissful life any time soon. Stay clean and happy.

    Jai Maa.

  31. @Anon MARCH 23, 2010 6:06 PM
    "a rumor floating around in Nithy cirlces."

    Even if such a video is released by nitwit it would not make any strong defence. This is because the video will be proved by experts as morphed. On the other hand the real nitwit antic video will be proved as genuine and that will destroy his credibility before the law.

    Only a foolish lawyer will advise nitwit to do such a thing. They should not play with the people or the law. People have tried such things and have failed. The law will take severe action if any attempt is made to make a fool of the court.

    @Anon MARCH 23, 2010 8:33 PM

    "Swami might be able to redeem himself.."

    There are endless possibilities what can happen but one thing is sure that this blog and several blogs like this will intensify public opinion with credible data.

    History will not repeat itself this time.

    There is a fire brewing every where, the saints of Hardwar, the media, hindus, the corporate sector and the public.

    Mo other guru has been caught with such an act on video like this.


    Look out nitwit! Here come RUDRA!

  32. @ Anon MARCH 24, 2010 1:27 AM

    Hmm.. so this is your gr8 nitwit guru's education and teachings, your abuses dont have any meaning and it just reflect your present state of mind.

    Is it because you are doing nityha yoga? to all the readers, please observe the state of mind of this poster after he has done nithya yoga and understand that a blind man cannot lead another blind man.

    Yoga should lead the devotee to a state of divine union and not demon union, the poster state of mind is like a rapid dog, ferocious and offensive. I personally request all people to please study this unique specimen; a product of nithya dhyanam and please understand that it will dry out all the vital fluids from your brain.

    I thank the specimen to participate in this online experiment he has been a helpful guinea pig.

    Love to the blog owner ...

  33. nithyananda has betrayed a lot of peoples trust ...he is just playing with people s emotions ...when i read the comments on stand up for nithyananda i feel so many people are still in the dark . But the truth will come out prayers go out to all the young women he abused .

  34. Nithyananda seems to mimic Osho's teachings. But as far as I know, he never acknowledged the following.

    In the 1980s Osho, who was then mostly known as Rajneesh, was thrown out of a town in Oregon because of a number of illegal happenings. He had a lot of bad press because of the group sex he greatly encouraged and his own excessiveness. His ashram was open about this behavior. But many Americans did not like this stuff when they saw the news reports(and rightfully so).

    It was reported that Osho's followers were coming down with serious STDs at that time, and there were rampant abuses at the commune. The name Rajneesh became a dirty word in the U.S. His commune was eventually shut down. I lived in NY at the time, but I remember the torrent of bad press he received.

    Now it seems everyone calls Rajneesh by the name Osho and his past is somewhat forgotten as he appears to be accepted. It was not like this in the 80s when the investigations and negative reports on him reached a fevered pitch.

    I also agree with GuruSwamiG's videos about how a spiritual leader should behave. It is a shame that Nithyananda is still wearing the robes of a renunciate and has carried on in this way. There should be no experiment. A renunciate should be a renunciate, or else stop wearing the robes of a sanyasin and become a householder. Cheating others will result in very bad karma. Ultimately he can't escape this cause and effect reality. He is not a realized being if he lies and cheats. He is only deluding himself and others.

  35. Some one wrote nasty stuff about Jyotirmayananda & his wife.

    Let me tell you this incidence from Mission Training. Jyotir spoke in one of the sessions for about 30 minutes. There was an absolute pin drop silence in the hall. There were about couple of hundred people in there & he had everyone's undivided attention.

    I have always admired his clarity & the way he answers questions. I don't think his eating habits matter at all. Even George W was caught on camera talking to Tony Blair with crackers in his mouth. That doesn't necessary make him a bad person.

    And his wife is the sweetest person I have known. She NEVER EVER says anything bad about others.

    I think we should all learn to look at +ve side of people around us. No one is perfect for that matter. Sorry for doing a bit of preaching here. I don't think anyone here is looking for that right now.

  36. Now let me try to defend Medhamayi.

    Look guys, I am only talking about people who I have worked with very closely. So I hope this post also gets a pass. I never realized I had so much civility inside me.

    This lady is very easy going person and has a very good sense of humor. Never heard her trying to brainwash people around her.

  37. There is nothing to defend Medhamayi or Jyothir. These are all sweet talkers in front and that is why they get the "undivided" attention. behind the scenes they are snakes. Both these characters lie so easily it is scary. They don't even hesitate to lie to people to get them signed up for Nithy's programs. So don't be so quick to give them positive credit. I have seen both their darker side having lots of time with them.

  38. I am still going to stand by what I said. (That these people are very very nice folks)

    Everyone has dark side for that matter. The fact that you are calling someone a snake shows your darker side. I apologize for making this comment about you. One would not call others by that name if he/she was even remotely spiritual.

  39. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, we will certify that Ma and Sri Jyotir are wonderfully nice people. The best. Many truly outstanding beings have been caught in the web of Nithyananda's trap. We used to give shelter and not post any comments, whether they were good or bad, about the good people that Nithyananda has trapped. We have changed that policy. Now the Truth is out and clear for all to see. Even the good folks who innocently supported Nithya Ravananada (Nithyananda) are in the wrong for now it is their conscious decision to support such a criminal. That makes their actions also criminal. We want them to leave before they get into trouble with the law. So, we are no longer censoring these comments.

    In regards to Ma Medhananda Mayi, she is also a good person. Yes, sometimes her stories go both ways, but don't we all do that at times. Unfortunately, for her, she is married to Swami Nithya Medhananda, and for him we have truck loads of contempt. He knows Nithyananda’s dirty secrets and has vested interest in supporting that criminal, Nithyananda. Still he goes on selling and marketing his fraud causing ruin to thousands of sincere seekers. He also left his wife high and dry as he globally trotted around the world spreading Nithyananda's fraud. At one point, Ma Medhananda Mayi was out of Nithyananda's cult, but finally, she had no where to go because her husband had deserted her and Nithyananda had stolen all of her belongings and identity under the cover of sanyasi (monk) initiation.

    Message to Mr. Swami Medhananda: Support your wife and leave this horrible cult now! Your headed for a lengthy prison sentence but you just might escape if you start doing the right things now. Best of luck to you.

    Jai Maa.

  40. I have my flaws and I am not afraid to admit I have flaws. I also have very clear ability to see hypocrisy. And that is called being just plain aware. Something Nithyananda's org does NOT want you to be. They always want you to drop your intellectual and intuitive abilities. And that is the reason so many people have gotten fooled.

    Nithyananda and his cronies such as Jyothir and Medhamayi etc. have deep flaws and have pretended they are something while they aren't really that. That is called hypocrisy and cheating and fraud. They have pretended to be the protectors of dharma while they are the worst kind of frauds.

    As for if there is any spirituality in me, you don't worry about that. Team Nithyananda has ruined it for me entirely.

    Please don't come to these blogs and get "preachy" on what I should be and should not be. Clearly the organization which you are defending is anything but what it projected itself to be in it's marketing image.

  41. Why is Sachitananda referred to as a sometimes-Swami?

  42. My two cents regarding Ashramites being good or bad. I have the right to argue about this as i was an insider in Nithyananda camp for couple of years. Basically when i was an insider i also told lot of lies to people to sign up for programs even though my common sense was questioning my actions. we all know as insiders that we were forced to sign up people by exaggeration and lying about facts. For example Poppat Ji told the audience in San jose kalpatharu that the same program happened in Bidadi during IA program and 2000 people attended every day, the actual truth is only 40 to 50 people attended every day. Even though i am pointing fingers at him, actually i was doing the same thing and even more, so who has to be blamed for this, definitely not Nithananda, the Cult leader, what happened to my common sense, why it didn't work at that time, i cant believe that i was lying lying and more lying in the name of enlightenment, that i was promoting people to touch an idiots feet for 2000 dollars, what happened to me, can i call it brainwashing, and point the fingers at that Rajasekaran who spoilt my life now, who is responsible for that, even if he is a total fraud, why did i allow it to happen to my life, the same thing with Medha or Ayya. When people asked Medha to talk about his enlightenment, he used to have a sarcastic smile and say "what is there to talk about it" as though he is a big Gnani, my @SS, pure arrogance and Bull Shitting in the same of spirituality. We can say Ayya is simple and innocent, actually he is not, if he is really simple and innocent how can he keep on lying just to satisfy some idiot who is the leader. First of all we should learn to be humans then only we can even attempt to be superhuman or enlightened. Did we not learn in our 1st and 2nd grade schools the basic lessons, dont lie, dont cheat, dont con, speak lovingly etc etc, what happened to all those things. In the name of devotion and fanaticism we cannot keep violating all these basic human necessities.Who has to be blamed, so in my opinion, Medha, Bakta, Dayamayi, Jyothir, everyone are culprits, brainwashed, arrogant human being - including me. We all know clearly that his lady secretary was also abused, i should only blame her, as a Indian married girl, dont you know that when a guy touches you in a wrong intent, that you just come out of that place and tell your husband and rescue yourself in the first instant, what bullshit enlightenment you wanted, you deserve it!!. i am extremely sorry as i like and respect her so much, but why did you behave as though you have no spine or brains. Let me get back to my basics and talk of these lofty things later. Thank you.

  43. To all Sri Nithyananda CULT Supporters:

    Cult members are supposed to be very nice and be in perfevt the way they talk and preach their master's bull s5it. This is number one rule for any cult and for this one also!

    So, what are you guys taking about that "this member is good and that member is good"? Inherently, all people are good. But, once you join a cult you are working for an agenda. The cult leader's aganda! Get maximaum money out for the leader's fame.

  44. I am extreamly sorry if I hurt your feelings & I apologize again for that.

    Again, I am not defending the organization in any ways. I am just defending few nice individuals (which again is my opinion). I see that you think otherwise & that is perfectly okay.

    No preaching this time. okay! That is not my forte anyways.

  45. All the xyzAnanda-s (Bhaktananda + Dayananda Mayi, Sri Medhananda + Ma Medhananda + Jytirmayananda + his wife + Sachitananda + his wife Ragini, Sahajananda , Sevakananda + his wife Gopika, Niranjanananda + his wife ) --- all are CROOKS and CULPRITS. They organized and ran the SEX scandal in USA, procuring girls/women secretly and participating in cheating and money swindling scheme. They covered it up. Whether it is brainwashing or some thing else. Reasons do not matter.

    All have a chance even now to accept the mistake and move on. But, they have not done. What other reason is needed for people to single them out.

  46. All cult members's are fair game whether good or not because they are tring to sell and con nice people.

    In this case it is proven to world that Nithyananda is a fraud in many ways from lying autobiography, fake vedic temples installation where they pray to their cult leader not actual dieties, wandering, pada yatra 80,000 miles, 1200 year old banyan tree, celibate to sanyas to sex scandal.

    Any body still in this cult is a fair game because they still are promoting this cult for recruitment and deceit.

  47. Looks like the cult supporters have forgotten that Nithyanada is changed with 7 charges including rape. Express Buzz says"Bidadi police have taken over the Nithyananda case and have registered cases under seven sections against the godman, including rape.

    So, if you are a cult member and still trying to sell the same Nithyananda is God and Enlightend master then you are a fair game to talk here.

  48. Why is Sachitananda referred to as a sometimes-Swami?


    a) He was never given formal sannyas with full rites (viraja homa).

    b) The sannyasi status of his Guru is questionable, because Nithyananda has never disclosed the name of the Swami who initiated him into sannyas, and in which dashanami parampara.

    c) He wears and removes his kavi as and when he or his Master finds it convenient.

    d) He still runs businesses in the Middle East and elsewhere, and supports his wife and two children financially. AS a true Swami one takes vows of poverty and renounces all family ties.

    e) He has no clue about the PrasthAna Traya scriptures. As a true sannyasi, one is expected to proficient in these three scriptures.

    f) Ask him the simple question, what does "Swami" mean, and what is the etymological origin of the word, and I bet he will stumble and not be able to answer correctly.

  49. Hello Rajasekaran, you arrogant sex addicted maniac, listen to me, i know you are reading this, i know you are already in hell, for spoiling my life, for separating me from my family, for losing my hard earned money, please go to hell, please swamiji why dont you commit suicide, please please, dont ever come back, kill yourself please, even now, many innocent people are believing you, please die, please die, how much i believed you, how much i trusted you, everything vanished in a minute, please swamiji go and commit suicide, dont spoil the name of Kavi cloth or sanyas anymore................see what you have done to me, i was such a loving and kind hearted person in my life, see what you have done to me in the last four years..i cant believe that such hatred and vengeance is coming out of me...oh god...i am not even able to appreciate going to temples or reading slokas any more, you son of a @itch...please die, you brought a huge disgrace to your mother actually, that simple innocent village lady, oh god, you have spoilt the image of much my mother cried after i became an ashramite leaving them in are going to hell man...son of a you know how difficult it is to earn even a will you know, you cheat, you con man,all my fate, my day you will face the pain i am facing dude, you will die a dogs death, chased and eaten my street dogs in chennai or bangalore, i want to see that photograph published in internet, i will take a printout of that and wake up to that everyday and laugh all my hatred out, that will be my energy darshan..

  50. I was introduced (by youtube videos) to Nithyananda by a collegue of mine, who is (was) a devote follower. I could see that Nithyananda is neither an eloquent speaker nor an intellectual - typical of a new age guru.
    Some of his lectures on conciousness were at best be described as psychobabble.
    Also, he was using scare tactics (if you defame your guru, you will suffer this and that...) and appeared clearly delusional.
    Now, what interests me, is the kind of personality that gets attracted to or fall prey to people like Nithyananda.
    How are they different from the groupies of a rock band?

  51. It will be real fun when all of us identify ourselves as who we really are..under the anonymous umbrella. Reading comments from insiders, i keep guessing who this guy must be. Lot of names come to my mind...very interesting..

  52. Deccan Herald is doing a really good job..

  53. To the fool who said this'Anonymous said...
    Some one wrote nasty stuff about Jyotirmayananda & his wife.'

    Both these people might be nice. But they cheated every day. Since both these people ceased to be humans and took charge of cheating people. Both have to go to jail and serve long prison terms.

    May be you should be the guy visiting them. Dont write any more crap on this blog.

  54. Happy Sree Rama Navami to all Bloggers here.

    For a minute reflect on what kind of character and moralistic God Sri Rama is and then decide if your God Nithyananda comes anywhere near Lord Rama in any one matter!

    Jai Sree Ramji ki!

  55. To Anon @2010 1:37 PM

    I apploud for your coming out and telling us the truth that "The Nithyananda Cult" uses lies and exaggeration to make his persona the way it is to get people in to the cult.

  56. The way things move in Indian courts, I doubt if anything will ever happen. I seriously doubt if cops have anything tangible they can use to file charges against him. No wonder he has filed a petition to squash all charges against him in HC. I would be highly surprised if anyone else is involved in this sexual scandal. Look at this Yuvarani thing. It turned out to be a complete hoax. I bet almost everything else (except for that video) is just a speculation.

  57. Rajasekaran is beyond delusional and completely pathetic. He and his lawyers have lost their minds. Check this out:

    Times of India article

    Here is a quote from the above article. Trying to get a stay order on the case in the Karnataka Hight Court, this is what team Nithy filed:

    ""With modern technology aid of graphics anything can be manipulated and concoted as was done in the alleged video clippings…."

    Here is the order of how team Nithyananda have reacted so far:

    1. Conspiracy and graphics
    2. Nithy admits it is him
    3. He was not sick (we we know he is really sick psychologically)
    4. He was in samadhi and trance
    5. He was experimenting
    6. Now he is back to graphics and manipulation

    He needs to be put in prison and needs a psychiatrist to check this very unique specimen of delusional nutjob who cannot even stay consistent with his lying even now. He is pathetic!

  58. Nithyananda's Anticipatory Bail rejected by Court

  59. Thanks to Anon @ March 23, 2010 6:28 PM, who exposed the true Nithy standups(especially organisers... read organ risers not in Millions please.. ;)) and the fudging/masking done by Ashramites at helping to keep the trishanku status of all those millions wondering what to do -this way or that way.
    As of now, the standup poll status is as below :
    Yes 3960 (60%)
    No 2369 (36%)
    Cannot Say 275 (4%)
    So, the 40% vote against Swamiji is masked deliberately, but when you click and drag, it's exposed.
    Now, with DH article on the birthdate fudging clearlyu shown with passport photograph, the fundamental structure on which xxxnandas... have constructed the legend of Nithy has crumbled and fallen like the Berlin wall... so the gates are open for Ashramites to cross over to the other side and be free and fly high as true paramahamsas.... to the eternal truth - love/compassion/humanity and be more human than showing split personality of divine masks, which will anyway be removed soon on the path to hell/jail soon.

  60. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon @6:04 PM,

    Yes, Ma and Sri Jyotir are nice people. We know that. And, yes, if they go to prison for the crimes that they have done, we would be the glad to visit them and welcome them into our homes when they are released.

    Honestly, we hope that this does not happen and that they will leave the cult before then. We also hope that they will realize the crimes that they have done, and will try to do good things for society to atone for all the souls that they helped to cheat.

    Jai Maa.

  61. Do anyone know/guess the whereabouts of Nithy - hiding Bin Laden style and reading this blog !!!
    What a shame - a self claimed called avatara purusha not able to be in one place - Bidadi ashram with his dear ashramites and XXXnandas and tell the press - here I am exposed and not God anymore !!!
    The inner circle also seems to be in hiding - no more visibility to the press and coverups... seems the vital juices have dried up as reflecting in the ashram websites... it's good atleast they are enjoying much needed sleep now after all those years of slaveness and torture... Sanchita karmas are being added without self control by those ashramites who are not deciding to breakfree from this bondage and still conning people with threats/calls ..... shows nothing but lowest perversion of self-beliefs.
    Let the light dawn on them to wake up and walk out from this sleazy cult soon.

  62. Raj going to striptease parties with cool gals!!!

    Is is true? How reliable are these news??

  63. Yesterday I met with NIthyananda's devotes returned from Kumba mela show. They never went to Kumba Mela. But Swami took their money and cancelled the Kumba Mela program and never returned a penny.

    These devotes eye witnessed Nithyananda's ashramits burning few huts inside Badadi Ashram. It is very shocking why Nithyananda gave instructions to burn his own place inside ashram.

  64. Nithyananda may have forged birth documents
    Bangalore, Mar 24, DHNS

    There is now emerging evidence suggesting that self-styled godman Nithyananda may have forged his birth documents. He has certainly misrepresented his date of birth.

    Documents available with Deccan Herald show that in at least two official documents Nithyananda provided different dates of birth, bringing into question not only his age.

    There are already question marks over the mechanical engineering diploma that he had supposedly earned from a Vellore polytechnic college.

    A copy of the US visa issued to him from the US Consulate in Chennai in 2003 shows his date of birth to be March 13, 1977. This means that at the time of applying for the US visa, he had provided the Consulate authorities with document(s) that showed his date of birth as reflected in the travel paper stamped on his passport (No E2122927).

    But in two other documents –– petitions filed along with sworn affidavits –– in the Karnataka High Court last week he has stated that his date of birth is January 1, 1978. In the petitions, praying for “quashing the entire proceedings including the investigation” pending against him at Bidadi police station near here, Nithyananda’s lawyer claims: “The petitioner was born on January 1, 1978, in Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu.”

    There is more about his age in a Nithyananda biography, relevant sections of which are available with Deccan Herald. The author writes: “Nithyananda was born on January 1, 1978, at 32 minutes past midnight in the holy town of Tiruvannamalai in South India.” The same author writes that Nithyananda was born in the Tamil month of “Margazhi” (December-January) and likens his birth to that of Krishna.

    A city-based advocate Siji Malayil said furnishing two different dates of birth for official purposes could invite criminal action for cheating and forgery. Malayil added that in the case of Nithyananda, the Indian Penal Code’s Section 420 (cheating), 468 (forgery for purposes of cheating) and 471 (using as genuine a forged document) could be evoked.

    In view of suspected forgery of birth documents and misrepresentation of his date of birth, the American authorities are believed to have begun to look into the manner in which Nithyananda obtained US visa. This enquiry could form the basis of a wider probe into the activities of his cult organisations that operate out of several American cities.

    Incidentally, the US visa (B1/B2 type) Nithyananda obtained in 2003 was “cancelled pursuant to with prejudice” by American border officials on February 4, 2007, while he was trying to cross over from Canada to the US.

  65. To Anon @March 24, 2010 3:08 PM
    My heart goes out to you for all the distress & agony that you are experiencing. Please be optimistic & work on healing your hurt. I hope you will connect back with those loving members of your family & allow their compassion & love to heal you. Please do it now, & start the journey towards getting your life back. You might have lost a lot, but you still have a lot left in you. Please do not hurt yourself with harsh judgments . Forgive yourself & start the day new , everyday.We will pray for you.
    Love & Peace to all

  66. This episode is turning out to be very "enlightening" indeed. Check this article from DH:

    Nithyananda may have forged birth documents

    Also here is a lovely quote from there:

    "A city-based advocate Siji Malayil said furnishing two different dates of birth for official purposes could invite criminal action for cheating and forgery. Malayil added that in the case of Nithyananda, the Indian Penal Code’s Section 420 (cheating), 468 (forgery for purposes of cheating) and 471 (using as genuine a forged document) could be evoked.

    In view of suspected forgery of birth documents and misrepresentation of his date of birth, the American authorities are believed to have begun to look into the manner in which Nithyananda obtained US visa. This enquiry could form the basis of a wider probe into the activities of his cult organisations that operate out of several American cities."

    So hopefully this seals his deal with the US authorities too! :-)

    And another really fun thing. Go to the deccan herald main home page. Bin Laden and Nithy's story are right next to each other. Two world criminals on one page. What a beautiful sight!

  67. I don't think anyone can blame Nithyananda for the hatred they are vomiting. It was probably there inside them right from the beginning. Lot of times people blame their ex-spouse for all the negativity inside them which we all know is not true.

    When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out - because that's what's inside. When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside...(Wayne Dyer)

  68. That doesn't feel right. Surely a website has better means of rigging a vote than just colouring the results in a confusing fashion. One must wonder why they care so little about it.
    Still, kindly give credit where it is due. This voting trick has been reported before March 23, 6:28 PM, as stated above; namely, it appeared in a comment posted on the same day, 2:09 PM.

  69. To the Blog owner:

    You are addressing the current cult insiders as Ma's. what do you mean by that. We all know that they were and they are nothing but MADAMS arranging the girls to have Synergetic energy Exchange with the master. I think we have to start addressing them as Madams which is what they are. Like Gopika is the Chief Madam for all the other Pimps.

    This is a kind of rude awakening. Truth hurts.

  70. Ask him the simple question, what does "Swami" mean, and what is the etymological origin of the word, and I bet he will stumble and not be able to answer correctly.

    Sachit knows nothing about being a Swami. Only thing he knows is business and that is why he kept talking of "blue ocean strategy" to spread the mission. Google "blue ocean strategy" and you will learn what it is. It says BOS is "systematic approach to make the competition irrelevant and creating uncontested market space". Now doesn't it sound like something you would find in one of the Upanishads or Vedas? ;-)

    Nithy, Sachit and the rest of the crooks were running on "pure Vedic wisdom".

  71. Is there any way any of us , (especially those who payed thousands for Inner Awakening of Life Bliss Engineering Programs), can get their money back??

  72. Going back to "Usual Suspects" movie analogy..

    First you would think Sachit is behing all this..

    May be not, it is most likely Ayya.

    Hmmm..I think it is not Ayya..It is Bhakta..100%

    Ooops..made a mistake..Think it is Gnana..absolutely sure this time.

    Damn..turned out that it was Prana behind all this. Who would have thought it would be him?

  73. "Reading comments from insiders, i keep guessing who this guy ..."

    Yes, you are absolutely right. Human mind LOVES mysteries (Hey, mind is an action..not a thing..How can an action love an object? doesn't make sense at all).

    This is one of the reasons I am following this blog. It basically tells you how aware you were when you were interacting with the people whose path crossed that of yours.

    I don't want to sound like a saddistic person. But I love the drama going on here. Much more amusing than watching that video.

    I have to give credit to the moderator. He has been fair to most parts as far as allowing the posts from neutral parties are concerned. I am assuming that I am a neutral party here with no vested interest. Don't you guys agree? block in my Anahata chakra..Looking for attention need(approval).

  74. Hi everyone,
    Good on ya for those who are maintaining this blog. Check out this webpage
    The piece which seems like a promo for Nithy's business claims that Sadhananda is a cancer survivor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a load of c***.

  75. Tamilnadu advocate seeks CBI probe into Swami sex scandal

    Chennai, Mar 23: Hurt by Swami Nithyananda's sleazy acts, an advocate has moved the Madras High Court seeking a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the sex scandal which emerged in early Mar 2010.

    City advocate R Karthikeyan who is one among the 45 lakh followers of Swami Nithyananda said that he was hurt by the godman's act.

  76. The Sparta article is dated Feb 18, 2010 which was before the real story unfolded. That was when Sadananda was still on his IA recruiting challenge.

  77. Going back to "Usual Suspects" movie analogy..

    LOL. Good one. I'm glad you mentioned Gnana, though, because in all this excitement, people seem to have forgotten just how much of a right hand man he is to Raja. Raja trusts Nobel aka Gnanananda more than any of his Brahmacharis or US ashramites.

    I remember clearly when I was in the bidadi ashram as a Brahmachari, how one day while discussing strategies to grow the devotee base, Gnana explained how Christian missionaries put up ads on porno websites and attract people any which way. He then said "of course, we should not be doing it, but we also need to be aggressive on the internet... "[I am paraphrasing here]

  78. Hi Anon @ March 24, 2010 4:49 PM - thanks for sharing the DH article on exposing the forged birth documents in the press.

    Hey Advaith and gang - please read your namesake comments below on the same article, at least he's not doing ' Ram.. ram.. ram ) to avoid going to jail and posting the real status of Nithy as of now - exposed in true ishtyle...

    By: Ram S.
    On: 25 Mar 2010 12:45 am

    Folks: It is time to forgive him. He is ready to suck the p3n!5 of anybody who is willing to forgive him. For politicians, he will suck their p3n!5 twice !!

    [editor's note: OK to quote from another blog or site, but please give recognition of your source. Thanks.]

  79. Dear Expose Nithyananda,

    Can you please NOT pass through comments such as these:

    "I don't think anyone can blame Nithyananda for the hatred they are vomiting. It was probably there inside them right from the beginning. Lot of times people blame their ex-spouse for all the negativity inside them which we all know is not true."

    The reason I say that is because such "goody goody" moralists and "so called spiritual" nut bags are plain annoying on this blog and it is like they throw salt the wounds of others.

    They have no right to judge a person's character or call into question whether the person had hatred or not and say this is not Nithy's fault. I can totally relate with the chap who felt so much pain and hatred for Nithy. It has taken me close to 9 months to heal now after leaving. Nithy has conned and defrauded us and violated our trust. The reason I was able to heal was because I was able to get the junk out of me through venting (it is kind of like the gibberish meditation). This blog does provide that opportunity to those who are hurt.

    I simply despise such nut jobs telling us how to be spiritual and not judge others or have equanimity or this or that. If they want to get preachy let them go elsewhere; may be they can become acharyas for Nithy and teach him to have some moral, ethical standards and some semblance of factual accuracy. This is truly annoying that they have to be the "gatekeepers" here and throw salt on a person's wounds. This actually shows total lack of any compassion on their part.

  80. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon @5:39 AM. Thanks for the comment. We agree there seems to be some energy with Sri Nithyananda that is carrying out into realms of exaggerated fantasy. We don't know the motive of this rumor, but did find it very entertaining. As we stated on March 24, 2010 12:27 PM (in the post before this one), we think that it would be very unlikely that Nithyananda would risk everything for a night out on the town where cell phone cameras could capture 'god' under the disco ball.

    Nithyananda always was very careful, and many in the ashram never suspected that anything was going on at all. All our contacts agree with this conclusion. But, then again during his last (and maybe his final) romp into the United States, we had no eyewitnesses on the ground. Since no one has successfully sent this video to us, we regard it as a hoax. But, with the right 'morphing' techniques, we might even become believers.

    Jai Maa.

  81. I agree with the first response under the DH piece, about lack of journalistic ethics on part of the Deccan Herald. Quoting the man's passport number is entirely unnecessary, and just goes to show the malevolence of the media in the handling of this affair.

    I have very little respect left for the media. As a former insider, I am in a position to provide solid information, but after seeing how they put their own spin on facts, I think I will pass.

    Also: It reads "Canceled with prejudice pursuant to... [some reason]", not "Canceled pursuant to with prejudice" as they have published. Looks like they first need to take English 101 classes.

    Funny aside: The Captcha word for my comment was "Asuracat" LOL

  82. Question "Expose Nithyananda"

    Is there any way we can get donated money back from Foundation in US? Do we have right to ask them to request our donations or can I take legal Action ?

  83. The Sparta article states 'Sadhananda is a husband, father and CEO of a business of over 2,000 employees.' - Can anyone highlight whether some of the ashramites in US who had been teleported from India had been H1B processed thru Sadha's company and been used as slaves for marketing Nithy stuff ?
    Also, request all old insiders who have come out of late to clearly spell out why senior swamis like Sadha, Sanchit and others were allowed by Nithy to wear Kavi dress and still continue to run their overseas businesses profitably, with their masking divine frontage to innocent ashramites in US/Bidadi ? Also, did anybody asked them earlier on their privileged status and what was their reaction ?

  84. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi anon @10:32 PM,

    Thanks for the comment. We agree that this was a nasty little remark from one of the cornered rats known as an inner-circle ashramite. Here it is again:

    "I don't think anyone can blame Nithyananda for the hatred they are vomiting. It was probably there inside them right from the beginning. Lot of times people blame their ex-spouse for all the negativity inside them which we all know is not true."

    We suspect that this comment was directed to one of our key contributors of this blog. We posted it just to let this commenter know that we don't really care about the little names and games. If anything, the comment exposes just how warp and sick these cult members are. They are through. Finished.

    And, if this comment did come from an inner-circle ashramite, this will give that person something to meditate on as he or she spends time in prison. Yes, that will be a sad reality for many of the cult's inner-circle. Just wait and see.

    Jai Maa.

  85. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To the anon at 10:54 PM,

    Yes, there is a precedent of the cult members of Nithyananda refunding money when they are scared. Just ask the ground thugs, Paramananda and Sri Jyotir. We are sure that this was blessed by the criminals behind the scene, Sahajananda and Sevakananda. And nothing happens unless that master mind of their underworld, Nithyanada, approves of it. We doubt that they will give any money back now, for Nithyananda looted all the accounts as he left for India during the Fall of 2009. And, since he's hiding, they are not able to act on their own. Also, we're sure that donations have bit a bit down this month. But, it doesn't hurt to ask. It might even help them, to leave.

    Otherwise, you can wait until there is a class action lawsuit, and see if a portion of your money comes back then. You might have to wait until the Vedic Temple in Montclair is sold or at least demolished.

    Jai Maa.

  86. Honestly speaking, I like to send all inner circle to Jail rather than Nithyananda. The reason is, these folks lied hundreds of times and screwed lot of seekers. Atleast I wud like see sending the following fake business sanyasis into Jail.
    Ma Jyotir

  87. To anon @ March 25, 2010 10:54 PM:

    Who asked " Is there any way we can get donated money back from Foundation in US? Do we have right to ask them to request our donations or can I take legal Action ?"

    Yes, you can sue Swami Nithyananda, if the money was taken on false grounds and a simple proof of articles published in various publication can be used against his organization.

    In USA any small claims court with $25 dollars filing fee and $25 for serving by marshall you can sue in many states up to $5,000 and in California up to $6,000 dollars. Especially if you have paid for Shiva lingas it's slam dunk case as they do not have proof because it is years that they did install any shiva linga.

    If it is more than $5,000 and unpaid wages, then there are many attorneys who will accept on contingency recovery, especially if you can prove this was a cult and if you can bring eye witnessess and especially if you can show many facts published here already. Donation in the name of false pretences is gainst many US charitable Laws.

    Hope this helps.

  88. To Anon March 25, 2010 10:54 PM

    First, call the organization with a certified mail asking for your money back and all the reasons behind them. Be polite in your writing. Write how you were duressed in giving this money and explain their fardulent things very briefly. Give them 10 days to respond.

    If you don't receive payment then go to small claims court. Take as many facts as possible and explain the judge the facts slowly and clearly. Explain why and what happend to you in this cult.

    Good luck.

  89. Nithyananda Case More Charges Filed, HC Wants Papers

    "The judge, Arali Nagaraj, also posted the matter for further hearing to Mar 25."

    Does any one know what happend since it is already 26th in India?

  90. Vivek's connection with swami Nityananda exposed
    26 Mar, 2010 11:08 am ISTl MUMBAI MIRROR

    It emerges that Vivek Oberoi was a staunch believer in the Swami and had met him several times. Vivek had been introduced to the Swami by his aunt back in 2005. Now, one hears, he is underplaying the connection.

  91. Hi Nithy in hiding, Cult insiders and Bidadi ashramites,

    Here's Jill Bolt's recovery story (, which took eight years, but it was anything but time lost. In her subsequent book, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey, she relates: “What a wonderful gift this stroke has been in permitting me to pick and choose who and how I want to be in the world. Before the stroke, I believed I was a product of this brain and that I had minimal say about how I felt or what I thought. Since the haemorrhage, my eyes have been opened to how much choice I actually have about what goes on between my ears.” ---> message for the Nithy, inner circle folks and others who are not able to decide what to do now, as they are still enslaved by themselves..... sadly !!!!

    Maybe the following quotes from Jill bolte may help erase their pains .... soon :

    1. “We essentially have two very different brains (like the two wolves story) in our head. Wouldn’t it be nice if we really had an understanding of how
    to capitalize on the whole organism. . . . "
    2. "The more we understand our own brain, the better chance we have of figuring out how to live a happy life. And ultimately, the mental health of our community is established by the mental health of the brains making up that community. I hope we choose to spend more time tending the gardens of our minds."

  92. Hi Nithy,

    "99% of your worries never come true. The 1% that come true is good for you!"

    This is your quote on the ashram website today, fyi if you have not seen it, maybe there's no power in the cave you are hiding as of now... !!!
    So, what you are suffering is just 1% only now, which is good for you.... but the public will ensure that the other 99% also comes true debunking your own saying soon...

    So, you don't have any option but to come out asap from silence/hiding and accept the reality to finish your quota of 99% worries/pains while young and fast forward them to go into Grihastha ashrama soon and live with your own family/kids, which will help all those estranged/divorced families of your dear ashramites also to roll back to their normal lives soon .... atleast this much compassion you should have for humanity...atleast for sevaks who have done blind services to you for long.. and some in no return land as of now, maybe taking care of you.... in the wilderness.

  93. Hi Anon @ March 26, 2010 12:10 AM ,

    Here's the good news for you... at

    Court refuses to entertain Nityananda’s bail plea :
    The Karnataka High Court on Thursday refused to pass orders on an anticipatory bail application filed by self-styled godman Nityananda, against whom police have registered cases for his alleged involvement in sleaze activities.

    After hearing the counsel for Nityananda, Justice Arali Nagaraj termed as ‘unfounded’ the godman’s apprehension that he could be arrested, pending disposal of the case and directed him to approach the proper forum to seek anticipatory bail.

    The court also rejected his plea for staying of all the proceedings, including investigation.

    Justice Nagaraj ordered CID SP Yogappa, investigating the case, to submit all documents after translating it from Tamil to English and Kannada, to the court before March 30.

    Nityananda has already moved the jurisdictional sessions court in Ramanagar two days ago for bail.

    Nityananda is at the centre of a controversy after video footage of his alleged sleazy acts was telecast on TV channels in Tamil Nadu on March 2. The swami, whose whereabouts are not known, has claimed that the images have been morphed and he had not done anything illegal or against the law.

  94. Raja,

    Where are you... we need you for the Kumbabhishekam at Bidadi - which is postponed from 21 March 2010 by your Pranananda to a later date in Bengaluru asap... where's your enlightenment discipline after the Kumbha mela tuss puss strutting in Le Grande hotel incognito.. then immediate samadhi mode... ?

    Why this sleazy culture - is it drawn from Vedic books or from so called parivrajaka 5 - five years in RK mission, which was so boring that there were no colors around you.. since you were in whites and ofcourse if you had been given Kavi dress there, you would have managed atleast some entertainment later in the nights...

    So now, why are you counting your time sitting in dungeon cells away from press and dear devotees including your inner circle folks, instead come out and be visibly flashing your teeth in front of cameras and giving your sadistic split innocent divine face.. for all of us to see and give you nice Kumbhabishekam welcome kicks on your butt and straight to the courts and then jail - till all your inner circle folks join you and do pada puja seva freely in your cell - day in and day out !!!

  95. Anon at March 25, 11.07 : Pls let me know if you get any idea of getting(?) ur IA/LBE money back..

  96. Hey guys, Im surprised no one mentioned about Sivananda, she was even called as Mamiyar( mother in law) by raja! wonder what kind of a MIL is she?

  97. Another sleaze video of Swami Nityananda?

  98. is this nithy's next move? :O

  99. Hey Ram....

    This news about technical institute is NOT being set up by the ROGUE Nithy discussed here, so you are DEBUNKED... the next move by NITHY is to go to Ranjitha and get some solace or fall on Lenin's feet with full media glare to seek real forgiveness...

    This news is about the authentic Nithyananda ashram of Kanhangad, Kasargod district of Kerala, which is not related to Bidadi AT ALL, for bloggers info here...

  100. Nityananda of Ganeshpuri is a well known Guru who passed away long time ago. Let us not confuse him with Rajasekaran (aka Swami Nithyananda)

  101. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks anon @3:34 AM,

    Yes, that disgraceful dog of a copycat, Nithyananda has this quote attributed to himself on his website:

    "99% of your worries never come true. The 1% that come true is good for you!"
    - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

    Doesn't Nithyananda and his brainwashed web people know that this is quote from Paramahamsa Ramakrishna? Right up to the very end, that scoundrel Nithyananda rips off other True Masers for he has absolutely nothing original to say himself, except that he was just 'experimenting', 'under samadhi (trance)', and 'not feeling well'. Those words can be attributed to Nithyananda as original quotes. Everything else about this fraud is fake.

    The damage this fraud-man has done to real Masters and Hinduism is unthinkable. For instance, the news press about a legitimate organization that shares a very similar name to NitHyananda is now getting a bad rap. (Thanks readers who quickly corrected the comment and link on this blog.) Regardless, this just begins to show how much damage Nithyananda has done. For the next 20 years, the ashram / school in Kanhangad, Kasargod district of Kerala will have to be saying "No, we are not associated with that swami."

    Jai Maa.

  102. "capitalize on the whole organism"..

    Oh..I thought you said..
    capitalize on the whole orgasm

  103. LBE/IA money was paid to Dhayanapeetam . There is nothing you can do to get that money back. The charitable fund exists in India. And lo of people I know have claimed that money as deduction under charity which is not legal. Those people will definitely get in trouble with IRS

  104. One more thing, evryone was asked to fill up the feedback form in IA/LBE. Almost all of the participants wrote raving comments in there. So guys, we are out of luck there too. They can come back & say..why didn't ask for the refund then?

  105. To Anon Nithy supporters above:

    What you say is not true. You can get the money if back if you show legitimate reasons for refund. Also, the refund should be asked in reasonable time. Questions are a. Was there fraud involved? b. Were there any false statements or misrepresentations made? c. was there deceit? d. Were there side effects and bad things happend to you because of those LBP to you regardless of what others say?

    So, there are various factors. Please access your own situation. If you can explain your situation we can suggest better.

  106. Even when asked money back because of misrepresentations to Daivarupini, they did not give her money back in 2007 Mission training. She asked for her money back in second day if I'm correct. The only way to get money back is sueing in small claims court!

  107. I am a Nithy supporter. Obviously!

    They make everyone sign a legal consent form. This is a very standard practice in USA. Every Yoga studio, gym makes its members do that. All these people have malpractice insurance so you are going to have to deal with lawyers with deep pockets.

    Nothing can be done about this in small claims court. You will have to file a civil suit in a regular court and that costs a lot of money. Only people who end up making money in that case are the lawyers. $400 per hour. No point wasting time or energy there. Divorce proceedings are the classic example of that.

  108. Again Anon Nithyananda supporter,

    You are wrong. That is why the Small claims court is created and used if under $6,000 dollars in CA. Consent form signature means nothing if " misrepresentation or deceit" is involved.

    Doctors typically get consent for " possiblity of Death", but if the Doctor does wrong or misrepresents, then consent means nothing and what papers you might have signed means nothing. In small claims court, the Nithyananda's men can't bring high priced attorneys! That's what good about it.

  109. Dear "I am a Nithy supporter. Obviously!"

    Consent form only protects very little in this country (USA). For example in a Gym as you said there may be written consent form but, for example, the equippment went wrong, then consent does not work or they said we guarentee 10 pounds loss in 15 days and does not happen, then the consent form does not work or the teacher has no credentials for that Yoga and somebody gets hurt because of her/his negligence, then the consent means nothing,or false advertizing, because it does not protect wrong doing or deceit or misrepresentation. Consent only protects a very few strict disclosures but not misconduct or negligence.

  110. California Courts: Self-Help Center: Small Claims: Small Claims Basics

    The Small Claims Court, A Guide to Its Practical Use - California ...

  111. I am just curious about the following. Please comment only if you have genuine knowledge or can speak dispassionately

    1) Did you see anyone get healed by him?
    2) Did anyone in closed circle experience glimpse of truth?
    3) Did anyone experience miracles?

    I did experience few things with him directly which transformed me as a person. That is what is creating lot of confusion in my head now. I am not feeling the same connection despite the experiences. I promise what I experienced is not an illusion. I still have that silence within me. I can only say but cannot prove. Since then my Yoga/meditations have been beautiful and I can clearly sense the energy flow. However, I want to understand what my experience(s) has to do with his enligtenment or siddhas. Please provide an answer only if you have experienced something from this master or any other guru or point me to right scripture(s) or what other masters have to say about it. Again, my point is not to take a position against or for him. I want to understand why physical presence made such a huge impact and why worshipping masters who are not in the body didnt help much (on a time scale). I had about 6 to 8 energy darshans with him and I clearly saw difference in my being. In essence I am not able to discredit or discount him completely because of my experiences but at the same time I can't imagine going back to him with so many questions/doubts/incosistencies. Any help is much appreciated.

  112. To anon @ March 26, 2010 1:03 PM

    You said "LBE/IA money was paid to Dhayanapeetam . There is nothing you can do to get that money back. The charitable fund exists in India. And lo of people I know have claimed that money as deduction under charity which is not legal. Those people will definitely get in trouble with IRS".

    Let's take one statement at a time.


    b. "And lo of people I know have claimed that money as deduction under charity which is not legal. Those people will definitely get in trouble with IRS". AGAIN THIS IS NOT TRUE. IF THE US ORGANIZATION TOLD YOU THAT THE DHYANAPEETAM IS A CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION IN INDIA THEN IT IS LEGAL AND IS OK WITH IRS. NOW YOU CAN SUE IN US AND IN INDIA FOR FRAUD, DECEIT AND MISREPRESENTATION.

    Again, if this becomes a class action law suit then, nothing will stop from suing everybody everywhere!

  113. People making fun of Nithyananda real funny!


    Actress Yuvarani Sex Scandal With Nithyananda


    Check that the Organization Is Qualified — Taxpayers must make certain that they contribute their car to an eligible organization; otherwise, their donation will not be tax deductible. Taxpayers can use the IRS Web site to check that an organization is qualified by searching Publication 78 at eosearch.html. Publication 78 is an annual, cumulative list of most organizations that are qualified to receive deductible contributions. Publication 78 is also available in many public libraries. In addition, taxpayers can call IRS Tax Exempt/Government Entities Customer Service at 1-877-829-5500. Be sure to have the organization’s correct name and its headquarters location, if possible. Churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and governments are not required to apply for this exemption in order to be qualified. They frequently are not listed in Publication 78. Donations to these institutions are tax deductible.

  115. The reason I am saying that this is not deductable under IRS, that is what everyone was clearly told by Dhyanapeetam.

    You could still claim that but the amount is so large that it is very likely to get flagged & if IRS comes back and asks for receipt & notices that the Dhyanapeetam is not listed in USA, you could expect to get in trouble for sure.

    I am going to call that IRS 1-800 number & enquire about Dhyanapeetam (to see if it qualifies as charitable foundation under their jurisdiction) & let everyone know.

  116. Class action lawsuits may be brought in federal court if the claim arises under federal law, or if the claim falls under 28 USCA § 1332 (d). Under § 1332 (d) (2) the federal district courts have original jurisdiction over any civil action where the amount in controversy exceeds $5,000,000 and either 1. any member of a class of plaintiffs is a citizen of a State different from any defendant; 2. any member of a class of plaintiffs

  117. Again, I am a big time nithy supporter, duh.

    How are we going to get number of people to claim that amount in controversy is more than $5 million? Those class action law suits are bloody expensive. They have to be filed in federal court.

    What I am saying is don't get too emotional guys. Law suits only cause more pain & miseries(as if we don't have enough). Don't get carried away just because someone says it is possible. Those who make mere suggestions won't probably come to court with you. does anyone have time or energy to go through this hassle?

  118. To the Anonymous @ March 26, 2010 2:56 PM

    Some honest, dispassionate answers to your questions:

    1) Did you see anyone get healed by him?

    Yes and No. I am a doctor. I was very close to him, and he said he would heal me of my food allergies, as he had his famous disciple Bhaktananda. When I ate the trigger food in front of him, I developed full blown symptoms, and his repeated efforts at healing didn't work.

    At the time, because of my faith and devotion, I "believed" his healing helped reduce my allergy symptoms, but in all honesty, I was getting so ill at the time, one of his closest (also a doctor) devotees who was present even asked out of concern whether she should drive me to the hospital to get a shot of epinephrine.

    What was really cheap on his part, was that he went on to the next city and promoted the entire incident as his great healing success story. I know, because my mother attended his program in that city and she told me how he bragged about it.

    At the time I believed I was "healed", but now I can say that I attributed my natural slow tolerance to these foods to his powers. I still cannot eat certain kinds of food, and still fall ill (although not so severely).

    A friend's husband has anosmia (complete lack of sense of smell). After energy darshan, he regained a very acute sense of smell, but it did not last beyond a day.

    2) Did anyone in closed circle experience glimpse of truth?

    Yes, no doubt about it. And others who were close to him and known to me have as well. It is not "Enlightenment"; far from it. But I had had 10+ years of meditation practice prior, and was no newbie to exploring my own mind and consciousness, but beyond doubt, he pushed me into a much deeper stillness and awareness. I would be lying if I said it was only a result of my own devotion.

    3) Did anyone experience miracles?

    No. Heard lots and lots of exaggerated stories, though. LOL.

    There's much I can say, especially about your experiences and questions - I have been there myself. But I don't want to take up space here. If you'd like, you can find me on email via the old pro-Nithyananda blog I used to write. I think many former devotees would know who I am based on what I have shared.

    Good luck in your journey!

  119. To "Again, I am a big time nithy supporter, duh".

    LOL. you are a charecter man! Wait man wait! You will be surprised! You keep on thinking no body can do nothing because you have everything covered by consent!

  120. Dear Anon @ March 26, 2010 2:56 PM,

    As evident in your post you are very confused. You have had wonderful experiences but today your faith is shaken and that is why you are feeling so disturbed. Well the main reason for your present state is dependence on the gurus, the real guru is one who makes you independent and not dependent on him or his presence. You need to be confident, strong willed and enjoy your experiences without any negative thoughts.

    Generally, the mind games played by people in the business like this is very powerful. You have been pulled in by miracle stories and other cock and bull stories of the fake master - nithyananda, the propaganda was so strong and effective that people who come before him feel as if they are sitting before an ancient sage.

    What you need now is a dose of confidence and true experience of independence. No guru can command authority over this ancient knowledge, it is only god who can do so.

    If you need to know about other experiences then you should read the following books.

    Vevekachudamani ( Adi Shankara)
    The Siva Samhita
    Yogakundalini Upanishad

    These can be googled and read online.

    The first book (adishankar) will give confidence , the second book will remove your doubts and the third book will show the true way, the fourth book will be very useful for yoga practices and the fifth will clear your mind of all false knowledges. The last one is very interesting as it will give you the ancient instructions on sanyasa.

    nithyananda is responsible for so much pain...

    Visit the site below and read the post of
    'c' February 5, 2009 - 8:43 PM

    You will be surprised of the post and its contents, the person felt dark energies around nithyananda, hope that article will help you.


  121. 1) Did you see anyone get healed by him?

    I think of it this way. When you heal 50 people, because of placebo effect may be 10 will get healed. These 10 people are enough to create a big show about his healing powers. No one wonders what happened to the other 40 who dont speak up. I personally know many people who DID NOT get healed.

    Based on my analysis, in the initial days he had few siddhis with which he could heal people. But later he lost them.

    2) Did anyone in closed circle experience glimpse of truth?
    NO. No one had a glimpse of truth. Not even him. Firstly understand that Truth is not an experience. It is beyond experience. So glimpse of truth is a foolish idea. You can say that people experienced a higher state of consciousness due to their bhakti, meditations or other spiritual practices.

    Rajshekaran twisted these great spiritual truths in whichever way he pleased for his benefit. Have you wondered that in any meditation session if someone said that he had some experience, Rajashekaran would immediately stamp it as an experience that was given by him. This way he will slowly make you believe that you are dependent on him for spiritual experiences.

    3) Did anyone experience miracles?

    All hearsay. I never saw a single miracle. Infact on several occasions I saw that what he said or proclaimed did not come true. Also miracles are not a guage of enlightenment. They are mutually exclusive.

    I feel that Rajashekaran is a case of severe megalomania. And he has to be treated in an asylum.

  122. I think the following blog is created by this fraud himself.

    None of the posting has any comment from the supporters........SAD....DOOMS day for you and your cult the so called swami ji...

  123. To the annonymus at March 26, 2010 2:56 PM

    I was an ex-insider and spent a few years with the master.

    1) Did you see anyone get healed by him?
    Yes, I did see some healing happen. One of my family members did get healed. But the healing lasted for
    about a month or so and then the problem re-appeared. Just like the other experiences one has with him. It is
    transient. It stays for a short while and then disappears. Its either his siddis that make it happen, but
    its not permanent.

    2)Did anyone in closed circle experience glimpse of truth?
    If you mean satori or an experience with Master. Yes, I did have some experiences when sitting in meditation
    around him and know of some inner circle people having a satori too. I experienced the same stillness of
    mind, elevated silence and no desire state for a while. But as with the healing it was also TRANSIENT
    Even the living enlightenment program with him had the same short lived effect. In his words, it was a "click"
    that lasted just as long as a click would last. It was not a permanent state. He did give some experiences but what
    is the use of such child play. It was not our experience it was just a given. He never allowed ashramites and
    inner circle to medidate on daily basis etc, no pranayam also - just so they dont have their own experiences.
    Even that he wanted them to rely on him. How else would he get dependent slaves. All he would tell inner people is
    - just do my work and master will take care of your spiritual growth! What a blasphemy that is.

    3) Did anyone experience miracles?
    As the previous person mentioned. No. Only many many exaggerated stories.

    why physical presence made such a huge impact ?
    I think physical presence made a huge impact because these were tantric powers that he transmitted.
    The point here is he might have provided many experiences but I felt totally uncomfortable when I saw the
    intention why he was giving these experiences. Experiences are supposed to inspire one to move further in
    spiritual path. But, how would one move on that path, when he restricted you from meditating. He never
    wanted anyone to grow spiritually. Just wanted to show them some experience and prove his God status.
    What is the use of such experiences?

    My question to myself was am I courageous enough to leave the easy way of getting experiences and delve into actual spirituality.
    In his own words again - dont get caught with experiences. And that is exactly what he tried to do to people and is still doing.
    He is still telling people - support me because I transformed you. Transformed my foot. Come out of the nithyananda cocoon
    and all transformation will fall to pieces and you will see where you actually stand. I am not saying you will be at ground zero
    where you began before you met him, but you will find yourself more mature than before but definetly not in the hazy, hallucination
    of being enlightened etc.

    He does possess powers , or used to possess powers but he has mis-used it to serve his ulterior motives of self-propogation.
    He used his powers to build his own empire and not to devolop any disciple.

    As someone has rightly said- power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Self propogation has led to his self destruction, and has sadly destroyed many lives around him too!

  124. This site is sooo only post all the pathetic gossipers that go around and around and around and beat the horse to don't post anything legitimate you are phoney and fake and have turned my words you're all a bunch old women bitching about what you don't have ..just because someone else was enjoying their life ..YOU COULDN'T STAND IT AND HAD TO KNIT PICK someone else's ...yeah...that's it post this and turn it around to make someone else look bad...what's the matter ...can't think of anything else to say besides using everyones comments to make them sound like your own...again...pathetic

  125. Hey Ram and other Nithy supporters in the guise of providing innocent comments/feedback in this blog :

    Do you know the Realtime Number of Page Hits: Seekers Now "In the Know" about this Cult since October 21, 2009: 1029096 and growing by the fall of Nithy.... and your constant boomerangs in this site !!! LOL enjoying it even more now to debunk all old drooping shoulders of insiders...
    Just compare with this to Nity Standup blog... nobody goes there since it's smelling of Nithy's orgasmic slick... that even you guys have not gone and shown your red-faced support there atleast !!! But, the least you can do is atleast wear a pink lipstick and do a peck service of writing down your Ananda gandha experiences atleast ... this your conscience doesn't allow as you are spitting your ananda gandhagi in the form of innocent bystanders, confusing people who want to get back their hard earned money wasted for Nithy
    's programs. Show yourself as rock solid Nithy supporters with a name to brag as Mahaacharyas or Healers etc.. and then come to the forefront.. to see real tit for tat.. in true boxing/healing action.... blood for blood !!


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