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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nithyananda Needs Breath Mints After Eating His Fraud

GruruSwamiG Blasts 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda for His 'Sincere' Smirk Fraud

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda.  How are you doing?  "Rrrrrrrrrrraf."  Oh, our gruntanese translator says that you're doing rough.  OK, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we're beginning to understand your grunts.

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, do you remember GuruSwamiG?  Of course you do, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  We featured her videos on our blog just a week ago.  Yes, we know, it is all about you, Sri Nithyananda.  We know that this world is all about you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  Let's watch her again, shall we?:

GruruSwamiG on Nithyananda's Fraudulent Resignation Part I

GruruSwamiG on Nithyananda's Fraudulent Resignation Part II

Say, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, looks like GruruSwamiG's Truth cuts through your pile of so-called sincerity like knife through butter.  Let's recap that last part of the second video, shall we?
"All I can say to Nithyananda, shame on you! I went one time to see you and told you what you are giving is dangerous and you pooh-poohed it. OK.  OK, well, the universe is showing you for what you are. And, I thank the universe for putting it out there exactly what it is. And, thank you (Nithyananda) for giving that most insincere speech about leaving and how spiritual and holy you still think you are, and how you are stepping down for the "good of the community". No, you are stepping down to save your own hide.

Please (Nithyananda) stop playing games with people. And, more importantly, Nithyananda, stop playing games with yourself.  Be honest.  Because the first, three pointings to this path is honesty, integrity, and transparency.  Until you (Nithyananda) are honest with yourself, you won't be honest with anyone else.  OK?

So, have the integrity now, to turn yourself into the police rather running and hiding. And, be transparent with the actions that you have done. Don't try to make a spin on it and say that it didn't happen. Don't abuse these women (room service ladies) any longer. Don't abuse them any longer. Give them back some sort of self-respect that you have taken away from them.

And (Nithyananda) take off the saffron clothing. Be what you are. Not as what you would like to believe you are, because you are not that."
Wow, we couldn't have said it better.  'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, are you happy with this?  You seem to have a big grin on your face, but the rest of you looks a little out of place.  Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that sure is a big grin on your face.  Have you been eating well?  We hope so, because, you are what you eat.  And, what does fraud taste like?  Does it leave a good taste in your mouth? 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we hate to break you the news, but you really need to do something about that breath of yours.  Can we offer you some breath mints?

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 114: One Hundred and forteen days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 136: One hundred and thirty-six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. the biggest crooks bhakta and sachit in tow with their families are leaving India and heading to the US ...expect them there in a few days time ....make sure they pay for aiding and abetting .

  2. You are right @2:40 AM. Bhaktananda and Sachitananda not only wrecked their own lives, not only propped up this heinous criminal (Nithyananda), not only knew and participated in the evil sexual and financial crimes of Nithyananda that destroyed 1000's of lives, these two idiots, Bhaktananda and Sachitananda, knowningly mortgaged the lives of their own children. Now their kids get to be scarred for life by such a monster (Nithyananda). For Father's Day, maybe their children can visit them in prison.

  3. I'm no fan of nithy but there is no shred of evidence behind most of the stuff posted here. Why don't we ever see hard evidence of the supposed evil financial and sexual crimes? If this blog wants to claim credibility, there must be something to back up these claims.

    I'm asking for this because we need to put an end to these fake godmen hucksters once and for all, and help stop more deluded fools from getting their lives sucked out.

    Why am I so sure my comments will be censored or trashed?

  4. Check this out -- >

    The Panjiva Report of Dhyanapeeta Chartiable Trust Includes…
    ■Complete verified contact information (address, phone)
    ■Complete list of Dhyanapeeta Chartiable Trust’s U.S. customers (1-5)
    ■Verification of current certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Social Accountability International (SA8000), Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP), Oeko-Tex, OHSAS 18001, and GB/T 18885)
    ■Full detail on shipments from Dhyanapeeta Chartiable Trust to U.S. customers

    Some of the 1-5 shipments from Dhyanapeeta Chartiable Trust contained...
    books devote devotional statues devotional stone hanuman marble marble stone shiv statue stone

  5. In regards to people like Sahaj, Jyothir etc. (or even more Medha, Sachit and Bhakta) potentially leaving the org, I am very very suspect on this. These guys knew very well what was going on. So this might be just another "lila" they are doing by pretending to be shocked and leaving. They have been "acting" so far, you don't think they can continue acting and pretending innocence?

    This might be some cunning trick from Nithy and gang as they are world class criminals and they have proven it beyond doubt. So they may be playing like "possums" while they let things cool down. I am sure they have all made enough money through this racket and by pretending they are shocked by Nithy's acts and pretending to leave, they may be escaping the law.

    The cases in the US need to investigate these thugs thoroughly for they have aided and abetted in defrauding all of us.

    So be very suspect of them, regardless of how wonderful your heart may be to forgive them.

  6. I wonder if tomorrow (April Fool's Day) will be the THE Day Nithy gets arrested.........oh! the wait is killing me!

    Breaking News: Nithy's bail plea was rejected.

  7. an important para from a mail from ram, the master editor and the maha acharya (ex). I couldn't post the entire mail as it is too lengthy. So i have pasted the important para.let me know if I can forward the entire mail to any id of yours.


    There is visual evidence that the sex acts were with sensory pleasure and with lust, evidence that these acts were not limited to ranjitha alone but extending beyond to other men and women, and proof that ashramites/ brahmacharis/ brahmacharinis were expected to be part of tantric sex practises based on documents that they signed. These are facts and the truth shall sooner or later will come out, now that the CID Chief has his given his contact numbers inviting people to contact him.

  8. Please ensure that Nithy disowns the land he's holding at Bidadi first and foremost on stepping down, since he's the sole owner - obviously bought from ill gotten money and cheating/frauds/threats to his dear devotees.
    Please read for more info -- >
    Also, please note the Bidadi land sellers names " The sellers of the land have been identified as Ramalinga Gupta, N Mukund, Shanth Kumar Gupta, K R Shashidhar, N Pratap, S Vinayak, H A Vijayendra and Inder Hari Inder. While selling the property to Nithyananda, these persons identified themselves as farmers. " - smell some US person's familiar name there ?

  9. This one is for April fool's day.... muguLnage - Swami Nityananda Scandal - TimesNow Interview .. good comedy spoof.
    Nithy : Stop fooling people, enough is enough.. pls show up and accept all your fake words/actions on April fools day atleast !!

  10. Hi Anon @ March 31, 2010 7:34 AM

    Please visit the fraud blogsite -> and see how the cheating/masking is done.. here's the unmasked truth after the polling is closed... 40% are against Nithy.. what more do you want ?

    Yes 4274 (60%)
    No 2602 (36%)
    Cannot Say 300 (4%)
    Votes so far: 7075
    Poll closed

    Also, Ask Nithy to have the guts to speak why he's been cheated in return so royally by his millions of his followers in this poll - Tit for tat... existential law, my dear moron ?

  11. Two more brainwashing videos on Dhyanapeeatm website.

  12. Tv9 - Nityananda in drugs scandal: Telugu

    McKellor name mention from 0.25 seconds onward explaining the effects of drugs at the enlightments rituals.

  13. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear Anon @7:34 AM,

    You do not fool us. All of you Nithyananda supporters always start off with "I'm not in support of Nithy" or "I'm not a fan of Nithyananda"... etc. It takes one second after that to see if you are sincere. Most of the time, these emails are anything but sincere, but just more opportunities to try to spin your lies as 'facts' and pass them off onto gullible bystanders. Sorry, there's no takers here. Your email is no exception. Just more lies and more fraud. In fact, you just look even more foolish in your web of lies and oily coat.

    So, you want proof? We had all of our statements notarized and sent to the U.S. and the Indian authorities. Financial proof? What more proof than the Shiva Lingams that never were installed but paid for? Perhaps Nithyananda’s phony 'guaranteed' enlightenment?

    We are sure that after the authorities have done their job, even more proof and concrete evidence will emerge. We will not be surprised if many of the inner-circle will be convicted and sentenced to prison.

    Do not use our blog as a forum to spread your propaganda and lies. No one here believes it, except perhaps you.

    See you in court. May the Truth get out and be decided by impartial judges and juries.
    Jai Maa.

  14. Hi Nithy... this is a mockery of your self..... ha,,ha...
    Today's quote in your website -- > "Only when an enlightened Master happens in your life will you start knowing what gratitude is!"
    Because there's no enlightened master in your life, you have started cheating, making young couples lives miserable and threatened them to give all their money/wealth and leave their family/children to serve you -- with consensual agreements !!!
    Accept that you donot know what gratitude is and that's your real status - fake enlightenemnt gure giving fake certificates and healing touches on videos !!
    Here's the one in gratitude for you - " It's easy to search God, but difficult to search hidden cameras " - Have a nice April Fool's day in Jail !!

  15. Kami Swami: Swamy Nithyananda Sex Scandal
    TV9 Kannada
    Minute 4.00 Rajiv Malhotra

    Swami Nithyananda sex scandal with actress Ranjitha

    More Karnataka Mutt leaders Critisizing Nithyananda about Nithyanand against hindu dharma: They are very upset that he has no parampara nor a a guru and he is doing and preaching many things that are not in Hinduism.

    Calls Nithyananda Hipocrite:

  16. Nithyananda sex scandal: Karnataka cops to visit Chennai

  17. From the latest Nithyananda videos is he really helping the devotees/ex devotees or its just another trick to cheat once again with sweet,soothing lecture.

  18. I have been giving him benefit of doubt all these days. But to come out & defend what he did with a snigger is his voice is just appalling.

    There is a saying in hindi
    "Ek tho Chori, aur upar se seena jori"

    Roughly translated it means, "First you steal, then you defend your act by force. ..."

    Alright guys, don't get emotional & engage in dog fights with them. Use this energy to gather concrete proof to nail him. Otherwise, this whole thing is going to go on. Try to get Popat, Ram on our side. Popat's phone number is out in public. Someone should get in touch with him & try to put an end to this with his support. I bet he would not mind getting his $2 mil back.

  19. Please, no Life Bliss posts here. We don't want to raise thier web hits or propaganda.

    It is easier to search for GOD
    but difficult to search hidden cameras
    -Swami Nithy..

  21. Those who are suing for damage need to have a freeze Nithy Life Bliss assets to prevent it from being laundered or transfereed out of country.

    Please ask your lawyers to ACT FAST.

  22. Ok the new video of nithya is hilarious, i feel iam dreaming, how can guilty man come and talk BS and expect the people to believe me. Nithya is playing with fire ... he will surely get burned by this new video where he hilariously gets confused between prem and frame(must watch).
    This guy is as cunning as a fox ... he has launched a campaign to confuse people with his statements... gosh i cant believe this 5h!t... i want to puke ... on nithya

  23. Web link for complete letter from Nithyananda's biographer:

  24. What the heck is he talking,is there any truth in it?????No marketing ha ha ha........

  25. Again, you are posting life bliss propaganda.

  26. All his 3 videos from Life Bliss Foundation are really more hurting.Could not listen to his voice and speech for more than a minute, Even though i had previously enjoyed his videos before scandal.

    If he had resigned from Organization and gone into Silent Vow, why is he still talking?
    Is it just to continue brain washing the existing trusting parties?

  27. Its is extremely sad to see how Nithyananda is spinning his usual BS on everything that is happening, and giving a very slick excuse for his behavior. Very conveniently saying that he is creating a situation to apply his teachings, to take a jump into the formless and become enlightened... pathetic!!

    We know he was always a smooth talker, but he amazes me everyday on just how low he will stoop and how far he will go to keep up this pretense! Clearly, he is planning to come back as soon as the dust settles, and start fooling more innocent people at the first instance. He should be kept in jail to ensure that there are no more victims of this most cunning clever criminal.

  28. I read the whole letter from the Auto Biographer of Nithya. I know he is a smart business man and he used to follow Nithya even to the USA. For him to come now and deny everything is not going to wash away his sins. He must be aware of the fact that Nithy was nailing all the good looking young ladies. If he wrote all his books, dont you think he would have a say in the contracts nithy made the ladies sign for tantric experince. I think this guy is wiggling his way out. He better a good attorney other wise he might land up in jail either in US or in INDIA. Just because he resigned a few days ago it does not mean he is not guilty.

  29. Nithyananda - Oh my God we are all going to miss out on Nirvikalpa Samadhi because of our Karmic action against the Enlightended Guru.

    And when your putrid tongue utters the Holy name of Sri Ramakrishna and Totapuri, I feel like taking the sword from Kali's hand and sever your head. I will leave it to Her as I am SURE She will do it one day. Is this blog not under the logo of the Powerful Durga.

  30. He has lost Viveka - doesnt know right from wrong anymore. I think he is LOST and has very little chance in this life to regain his opportunity to aspire and raise his consciousness. Layers and layers of justifications - so everyone who lies and victimizes now have the argument of frame and bloody crap . . .

  31. Vinasha Kala, Viparit Buddhi

    In the times of destruction, the intelligence goes haywire

    This is exactly what is happening to this JOKER...

    Anyways he is providing good entertainment...

  32. If Nithyananda resigned from Life Bliss Foundation, then why is he still publishing videos? So, he really did not resign. It is a mere ststement with our following acts.

    What happened to his silence meditation healing and Seclusion?

    Please write a seperate Blog Post on this Expose Nithyananda, as it merits that. Nithyananda claims he is separate but keep on publishing vidseos and more talks!

    What a liar he is! What happend to his seclusion?

  33. I head the Rowdies Sachit and Bhakta are coming to the US to take over the Montclair centre and run it. Ther is going to be a blood bath in Montclair. The winner takes all.

    My gutt feeling is that the two rowdies will make peace with some of the rich locals and start running the temple with a new flavour till their boss man comes out of hiding.

    Any way let us wait and see.

  34. I thought Nithyananda resigned day before yesterday!

    Why is he releasing videos!

  35. Why is Nithyananda still releasing lectures? What happend to seclusion?

  36. Stop Nithyananda's boring lecture!

    Enough is enough!

  37. Nithyananda is laughing at us and mocking the world.

  38. The latest Nithy videos are disgusting, could not watch more than a couple of seconds. Is this fellow smoking pot? This fellow needs some serious detoxification treatment, and also some serious electric shocks.

    It's unlikely that this fellow is going to have any truthfulness to himself. This fellow has to necessarily be taken out by the very heavy, heavy hand of the LAW.

    Also Sachit, Medh, Bakta, Sada, and other inner circle pyramid scheme gangsters need to be taken out by the heavy hand of the LAW.

    Authorities, why is it taking so long for the police to handcuff this criminal?

  39. To err is human and to forgive divine.

    Though lot of ashramites supported Nithyananda, now some have awakened to the truth. And I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them and thank them for taking this step of DHARMA.

    People on this blog should applaud these folks for coming out and telling other people to come out.

    So HAIL Sevakananda, Sahajananda, Paramananda, Jyotirmayananda, Ma Maneesha, Ma Divoja, Advaith and all other intelligent ashramites ananda smajis and volunteers who have come out of this dangerous CULT.

  40. Nithyananda is a very dangerous Psycho and should NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT be allowed anywhere near society and families.

    Put Nithyananda behind bars.

  41. To
    Anon @ March 31, 2010 6:00 PM

    The biographer, Ram is a nice guy personally. He just made the mistake of trusting Nithyananda's words completely, as many of us did. Clearly, now that he has seen more, he has realized his mistake as he tells in his letter.

    Most of Nithyananda's close disciples are in this boat. They are all very well meaning people with the best of intentions, who had no idea that they were being duped in the first place. And because of their firm faith in Nithyananda, they in turn ended up saying/doing things (which in their mind was) to help others. Only now, after so much evidence to the contrary has come out that many are slowly realizing their mistake.

    I just want to say that Nithyananda is the real criminal mastermind behind ALL the crimes. And those who are standing with him even now (under illusions of guru droha and such BS), are choosing to close their eyes, be foolish and blindly follow him. But those who have left him now are also victims of his fraud. They do need our understanding and support to deal with this devastating betrayal of their faith & trust! So please be kind to them.

    I say this because I am in the same situation and my heart goes out to Ram and so many other disciples who gave their life to the service of Nithyananda mission. Nithyananda's betrayal and breach of trust hurts so deep already... please dont add insult to injury! I applaud Ram and others like him for standing up for dharma/truth atleast now, for standing up against Nithyananda, at least now.

  42. nithy is a slimy criminal...but people like ram and popat ...did not know abt his nefarious activities...........they are out of this organization....whoever stays back with nithy are just foolish and self destructive.................

  43. In India in our villages there is a saying about one blind person leading many other blind persons.

    What happened you may ask?

    All of them fell into a ditch.

    This looks like situation similar to Rajasekaran and his disciples. Really feel bad for disciples, for all their suffering.

    To all of Nithyananda's former devotees in America and all other countries, please accept sorry our apologies for all the cheating done by this crook.

  44. It is not just those ashramites. I hear Aikya,Bhaktapriya and Ajara are also leaving/left. They were the main pujaris and backbone of the temples. Is stupid Bhakta who doesnt know A-Z of scriptures going to do puja?

  45. Nithyananda, accept it that you have lost all your powers and have become an eunuch now, not that you were ever manly. Accept this Nithyananda, you know this really well, that you have been ruined now. Nithyananda you are now powerless and unable to defend yourself against anyone. So accept this with humility, and do not try to keep playing games on and on continuously.

  46. please, please, please no more stupid videos from Nithy.

    people why does Nithy want to keep on making a BUFFOON and CLOWN out of himself?

    Surely, someone, somewhere must be able to do something to shut this clown up?

  47. Ajara, aikya, bhaktapriya are out. Hahaha. Have you checked with them after nithyananda is distributing free nirvikalap samadhi. Are'nt they keeping a 21 days silence to get the nirvikalap experience. these power hungry priests, hypocrities are sure salivating on nithya's feet again. let us know if they are not and we will be surprised!

  48. MUST WATCH - Ultimate Response to Nithyananda's latest Videos:

  49. I really enjoyed N-ananda's latest videos...hahaha. Indeed, the people who imagined they got cheated are fooling themselves. They are the ones who followed him and took him as guru, now why blame him?

    As for the evidences that the Acharya mentions in his letter, I am curious to see those evidences are. Only when the full truth is out can anything be believed. Yes, it is clear that N is no "englightened master", and has cooked many lies to embellish his resume and to attract devotees. That has been very clear from the beginning. But whether he is a criminal and crook, only after proper evidences come out can one decide.

    Till then I am sitting on the fence about whether he should end up in jail or not. Who are those people who got abused? Why aren't they coming forward to file a formal complaint to say they were abused sexually. as for financial misappropriation, did these people willingly give N the money to get "enlightenement"? Or did N force the money out of their hands. If the people willingly gave money to N, then they were fools. Do they think Enlightenment can be purchased in a Market?

    As long as false seekers exist, false teachers will exist. Also I think N seriously believes that he is an Enlightened Guru. I have a relative who too thinks this way. They have had some experiences, which makes them believe they are "enlightened". 99% of gurus are like that. But just that does not make them criminals. But if they indeed committed crimes, they need to be behind bars. If not, I think they should be forgiven for minor things like having consensual sex.

  50. To the anonymus @6:00pm.
    Ram/advaith, was not a ashramite and so may not have known the details of what goes on inside the ashram.
    Even within the ashram very few would have know the workings of this charlatan. Anyone even faintly intelletual
    was kept in outer circles.

    However hard it might be for outsiders to believe it, the truth is many ashramites were innocent and have been duped and cheated just
    like you and me. Atleast the folks who have come out now surely have suddenly seen the daylight. Must have been in the dark all these days.

    And all those ashramites who are not out even after all this, then they already knew about nithya's bedroom affairs.
    It was no shock for them when they saw the videos and are totally accomplices in crime.

  51. Who said these people are out!? "So HAIL Sevakananda, Sahajananda, Paramananda, Jyotirmayananda, Ma Maneesha, Ma Divoja, Advaith and all other intelligent ashramites ananda smajis and volunteers who have come out of this dangerous CULT".

    Look guys, please don't post here with out confirmation. Except for Ma maneesha we have no confirmations from any body.

  52. To anon @ March 31, 2010 11:32 PM

    After all the proofs we have you still sre on the fence!Go read all the previous blog posts here.

    There is something wrong with you man unless you are a Nithyananda's patheitic supporter!

  53. Dear Nithyananda,

    I saw your 3 videos and I can conclude one thing from it.

    You need treatment for some serious psychological disorder. Probably you might get pardoned by the court of law for not being psychologically stable and might be sent into an asylum for treatment.

    What you are talking is B U L L 5 H ! T and only those whose head is filled with cowdung will accept it.

    Lets go point by point.

    1) this incident has been created by you for people to go beyond your form and enter into Nirvikalpa Samadhi

    Oh, your stance takes a 180 degree shift. I thought the videos were misrepresented, misinterpreted, morphed. Now it seems you made all this happen for a transcendental purpose. i.e. to push people into nirvikalpa samadhi. Wow - what a way to attain nirvikalpa samadhi. All this can lead to is Kama Samadhi the way you were in it.

    Do you understand the meaning of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. You haven't even attained Savikalpa how will you understand Nirvikalpa. You have experienced probably Ranjitha Samadhi.

    2) We do not have a marketing department.

    Oh really. Do you have anything other than marketing department? Please ponder.

    3) I gathered some unconscious people around me.

    Obviously. A unconscious person will always attract unconscious people. Only a real enlightened Master will attract evolved souls.

    4) People who dont stick with me now, will never find a Master again.

    Surely. They will never find a Master like you. And they should never find a Master like you.

    5) I never badmouth anybody.

    Din't you say in Living Enlightenment Program in Bidadi that Jaggi Vasudev must be on anti depressant pills. And don't you keep ridiculing Sri Sri all the time. Do you realize how much KARMA you have accumulated and probably that burden became so high that you were ripped apart by existence. Please ponder over these facts.

    Understand, IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE and all your STUPID EFFORTS are not going to do any good. The best thing for you is to just GET LOST. GO TO REAL HIMALAYAS this time and meet REAL BABAJI (not your fabricated BABAJI). THAT WILL BE BEST FOR YOU AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU

  54. Don't you realize what this great Swami has done? He has, in one fell swoop, destroyed the iron shackles of tradition suffocating us former believers and opened the floodgates of freedom. He is truly great. I worship this guy and will support him till all eternity.

    Swamiji, when are you releasing the next videos? Looking forward to more hot actresses... I want to join your ashram!

  55. To all the Bastards who think consentualsex is ok wearing Kavi the saffron cloth and claim he is celibate get your heads examined you morons.

    Go back to your books and read about sanathana dharma and what kavi or sanyas means!

    This Nithyananda never has any body other than to follow OSHO. That's why he screwd all hindus. If he had a real guru parampara this would not have happend.

  56. Resigned? Rubbish. Nithy will direct the drama through his henchmen bhaktananda, medhananda and those other scumbags. Wait a year till it's all forgotten and watch him rise like a phoenix from his grave of spiritual seclusion.

    I feel the first thing that needs to be done is find the truth behind all the lies, his date of birth, education, supposed wandering 20000 (or was it 70000) miles around the country and all the hobnobbing with "enlightened masters"... or was he shacked up with some psycho rishis smoking pot for 5 years?

  57. To anon @ April 1, 2010 12:44 AM

    Very nice post. Keep the anology going!

  58. We have just posted a new video to YouTube.

    Nithyananda - eternal curse from former devotees

    May existence take care and bring this criminal to justice.

  59. Hey Nithyananda,
    So you dint do anything illegal eh? Read the article below and get ready to be in spiritual seclusion(solitary confinement) ... read it !

  60. Anonymous said @ March 31, 2010 11:30 PM

    " MUST WATCH - Ultimate Response to Nithyananda's latest Videos:


    Cool the Johny Johny response has more than 1,125,700 hits, Hey Nithy this is something that you and your Marketing honchos can only dream of, now stop crying Nithy.

  61. Whoa there seems to be a flurry of MAD TV videos by Nithy and his gang.

    people whats happening here, why is Nithy in such a hurry???

    Looks like Nithy feels that the final end is near, so better to release all the MAD TV videos quickly before another final and fake samadhi.

    Of course after the inside job is finished, the final fake samadhi will be marketed as Imposter Nithy's "Maha"-Samadhi.

  62. The story of Paundraka Vaasudeva is a somewhat bizarre episode from the Bhagwat Purana. Yet the discerning will find it relevant to our own times when image-building has developed into a skilled profession. Believing that the common name, Vaasudeva, was a forceful take-off point to achieve the attributes of Krishna, his sycophants helped Paundraka build up his new public image so insistently that Paundraka Vaasudeva started believing in it himself. He mistook the shadow for the substance and fell into disgrace and disaster.There is a moral in this for all of us who live in an age of doubles and stand-ins. If the end of Paundraka was only pathetic, it was because his encounter was with the benign and omniscient Krishna. Those who are not so fortunate may meet with an end which could be grim and tragic.

    Paundraka Vaasudeva had his name common with that of Krishna Vaasudeva. His sycophants led him to believe that he was as strong and powerful as Krishna. How he fell into disgrace and disaster is told in this story based on the Bhagawat Purana.

  63. What is infuriating is that this Nithyananda is behaving as if he has earned all the wealth he is sitting on. It's infuriating that his arrogance and wealth is paid for by the endless hard work of so many people.

    Has this Nithyananda ever earned a single honest Rs 1 in any birth at all???????

    You rascal Nithyananda, first go and work hard and earn some hard earned money, then you will know how difficult it is to find a job and earn a living. When you have so many lustful desires, then go find some real work first to fulfill those desires, once you get the blows of the world then your lust will die down naturally, then you can naturally think about renunciation later on.

    Shed the saffron robes now, enough is enough.

  64. Read this news:

    Nithyananda is holding on like a drowning man clutches the straw!!

  65. Thats one set of super hilarious videos at tat B@$tards youtube..
    In the "Nityananda - Cult or Culture?" he grins n says "I've successfully created a situation for you to jump quickly into enlightenment" WOW!!
    So now he was creating this situation purposefully for all his devotees! Man..this guy is insanely saintish :P Can somebody pierce his belly to see if its blood or water or maybe tar that seeps out!
    This really looked like a spoof video to me. Heights of irrational nonsense and all thats needed for us and people like GuruswamiG to make more discussions.
    Notice how he says ME, I, and MYSELF so consciously trying to project himself still as a superior human being. The bugger (yes, i know the real meaning of it) is promoting himself even now !

  66. For Blog owner and everyone who comments.

    Please do not compare Osho with Nithyananda.
    Be real when you do something.

    Please accept you haven't followed through Osho as much as Nithyananda.


    1. Never Forged Birth Date,
    2. Never Claimed being celibate, on contrary accepted that he loved women all his life.
    3. Criticized all bad things in every religion and society, every religious leader was against him on this and osho never cared for those.Not only Nithy, does anyone else have cuts to do this?
    4. Challenged all the Popes for debate on religion. Can Nithy do this?
    5. Never claimed that he was sanyas and never weared kavi (not even while having sex). Spoke abt sex widely openly and especially abt tantric sex (try to look into some youtube videos on what he said abt this).
    6. Didn't get $6000 or a penny for producing enlightenment certificates.
    7. Osho went in for a silent period of 3 years, where he dint produce any form speech like resignation or blah blah.
    8. Read his biography you will see what is what.
    9. Never accumulated any land on his name not even any wealth. But he openly enjoyed wealth in the form of diamond watches and cars.
    10. Never asked anyone to change name legally.
    11. And many more, but no where Nity could not be compared with Osho. Read osho's auto biography and then you will come to know.

    Pl Pl Pl Pl Pl do not compare Osho with Nity.

    But if guys are through with Osho, and done some investigative journalism and feel real then fine.

    I again request you all , please be aware of what you write and talk.

    Osho is dead, he is not going to worry, but the point is pls dont let people imagine that osho is similar to complete 5h!t Nithy.

    Bcos all the real gurus and their speech should not be hidden and falsified when compared nithy being in front.

    [editor's note: Since we had to clean up your explicative, we're going to comment. Too bad. We will compare. Perhaps what Mussolini was to Hitler, Nithyananda was to Osho. Agreed, Osho was a lot more original, smarter, and certainly braver than shaky-knees Nithy. Nithyananda certainly modeled much of his business model (and books) on Osho. Both used meditations that did not lead to enlightenment or Divine wisdom, but led to worldly sensations, which they passed off as being 'divine' progress. Just like Nithyananda, Osho screwed up thousands of lives and showed zero compassion. He was a master manipulator and enslaved his followers through mind-games and dependency. Like Nithyananda, Osho is cult, and he will never be glorified on this site even when compared to a lesser-rat like Nithyananda.]

  67. Simply put, the way Osho did it is what Nithyananda could have managed had he been a better student.
    Those 10 points stated in that comment (never forged birth date, etc.) are all mistakes that Osho evaded and Nithyananda was guilty of.
    He tried - and he's built a fairly decent
    empire. But at the same time, he made too
    many blunders: he should have never let this blog, or ant other resources of that nature, exist if he were to maintain secrecy of his activities; he failed to conceal his true nature in public; finally, he had no backup plan in case something went wrong. That's pretty clear nowadays: he thought it went all right, and now he's struggling.
    And the video was a classic. If he actually knew of its existence, he shouldn't have ever let it out. I fail to understand his actions: he has managed neither to bribe nor to dispose of everyone involved, though he sure knew what was coming.

  68. People forget that OSHO's main CEO, Sheela, went to Federal Prison for crimes committed in America.

  69. To the anonymus @March 31, 2010 11:32 PM

    You are a moron.

    you say "As long as false seekers exist, false teachers will exist"

    as long as idiots like you exit, false teachers like nithya will remain absocnding. some idiot like you must be currently giving shelter to that bA&tard.

    you say"Till then I am sitting on the fence about whether "
    still sitting on the fence. How naive. How foolish of you that you need more proof
    after seeing the video. Go talk to the ex-ashramites and ex-acharyas coming out
    right now if you need more proof.

    you say "I think they should be forgiven for minor things like having consensual sex."
    minor thing! what a blasphemy. on one side you say why dont abused people come out.
    Abused people will come out and tell you(buffalo-with a fat head) the story. why?
    when you dont believe the video, why will you believe someone's verbal/written story?
    why dont you goto raja, get abused and come and tell us your story!

    minor thing! you should be ashamed to make a statement like that.
    'consensual' you say. Did'nt you read that he told his disciples he was krishna and forced
    them to believing that whatever they were doing was for their upliftment. What kind of consensual is that.

    very easy it is to sit on that fat fence of yours like trishanku and talk. there are many vacancies in the ashram now both LA and India. Why dont you join them now and find out the truth for yourself.

  70. Anonymous said... @ April 1, 2010 5:31 AM

    To the Osho Guy:

    You must be some young green horn. An old timer can easily observe that in the Osho days the common public did NOT have any forum to expose the abuses suffered by Osho. These days everything is put to the sword ruthlessly and verified.

    With Osho what outsiders got was what was marketed via print media and word of mouth (that too in a small affluent circle). It is only after Osho's demise that the marketing strategy was changed to gain new captive audience.

    The new marketing stratergy used by Osho insiders was to focus on a select market segment of hedonists, instead of pursuing the mainstream society. Additionally the Osho insiders kept a low profile themselves while minting money in the name of Osho.

    Keep in mind the Nithy cult and insiders will also adopt this strategy after doing away with Nithy. So folks need to be always aware and always vigilant to wrap up the entire cult of Nithy cult from the root, meaning all insiders need to be completely rooted out if Nithy 2.0 is to be avoided.

    Osho also abused many of those people who lingered on after the hippy movement. Many ex-hippies were abused, but they were too beat up by the many cycles of exploitation to raise any awareness among others.

    Mind you, that a vast majority of the hippies and the ex-hippies were genuine seekers of a spiritual life to "begin with", however the hippies took an unfortunate wrong turn by taking to LSD, drugs and doping. Thus ending up in the clutches (market segments) of various cults.

    Besides, the Osho cult was significantly cut down in North America after Osho's demise. So the ex-hippies who survived the abuse under Osho had no reason to go after something that was already dead, instead they focused on healing themselves.

    It's quite strange that the Osho cult has gained popularity again over past couple of years. Nevertheless it will reach the same fate again no matter who is leading their marketing strategy now.


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