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Monday, January 11, 2010

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Wanders in the Ramakrishna Mission for Five (5) Years

Marathon Champion, Sri Nithyananda, Runs the Breadth of India in Record Time (or in No Time at All)

Summary: 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda claims to have been wandering 'the breadth of India' until his 'enlightenment' on January 1, 2000. Apparently, he forgot about all the years he was at the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai (Madras) and for a brief time in Ramakrishna Math in Belur near Kolkata (Calcutta). It seems that these studies significantly cut into his wandering years if not completely overlapped them. Therefore, did any of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's stories, including his 'enlightenment' story actually happen? Read on...

Graphic Summary:
The graphic below nicely summarizes the inconsistencies in self-titled Paramahamsa Nithyananda's timeline:

(Click on Image to see the details of fraud)

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Before your became a self-declared Paramahamsa, how many years did you spend wandering? Oh, yes, we talked about this before in our post titled, "Backpedaling Keeper of Revised 'Truths', Nithyananda, Required to Embellish His Story (Again)".

You, Sri Nithyananda, now will say six (6) years of wandering, down from nine (9) years of wandering, and we figured out by using your dates within your stories that it is most likely just four and a half (4.5) years of wandering, or at most just four and three-quarters (4.75) years of wandering. OK, Sri Nithyananda, until you revise your story again, we'll have to agree to disagree over the number of years you did wandering.
Now, Sri Nithyananda, we would like to ask what do you consider 'wandering' as a sanyasi (ascetic monk)to be? Is that the time that you lived walking and traveling alone at their in the wilderness or holy cities without any ties at all and living only off the generous alms or donations of others? Or, does your wandering also include staying at a Math/Mutt (religious order) in some dormitory? "raaaaabhara?" Our gruntanese translator says that means "Why are you asking?" Oh, Sri Nithyananda, we're asking these questions because we want to know how much time you actually stayed in the Ramakrishna Mission during your wandering years.

In your books and website, it is really not very clear that you spent any time at all at the Ramakrishna Mission in Madras (Chenai) in Tamil Nadu, India.  For instance, on your website about the 'founder', Sri Nithyananda, there is no mention of ever being in the Ramakrishna Mission in Madras (Chenai).  It says that you started your sanyasi (renounced monk) wandering immediate from the get-go.  Let's take a look, on your website,, on this URL:

(also available with an attractive wrapper at this URL:

and then, click on 'founder' link to get the whole nested iframe experience)
we have this information:

During his teenage years, after a profound cognitive shift in his understanding through an encounter with a Siddha in Thiruvannamalai, the urge which he had since childhood, to leave home as a sannyasi (renounced monk), reached its peak. After completing his diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Gudiyattam, Nithyananda made the final resolve to set out on his spiritual journey as a wandering ascetic. He embarked on what was to be an arduous journey, stretching thousands of miles covered mostly by foot, over a period of 6 years, traversing the land of Bharat. From Tapovan in the Himalayas to Kanyakumari in the South, from Dwaraka in the West to Ganga Sagar in the East, Nithyananda wandered for several years in India and in Nepal, practicing intense austerities and studying with many sadhus.
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, that certainly is a brave new adventure.  We can see where your mother would be worried about her son being alone and wandering all those years without knowing where your next meal would come from.  Yes, we see that this information is consistent with your book, "His Name is Nithyananda" First Edition, November 2007 on pages 18 through 21.

Then again, in "Nithyananda Vol. 1" First Edition, December 2006 (remember this is the revised second first edition of the recalled "Glimpses of My Master Nithyananda", which was the original first first edition.) Anyway, on page 178 of the second first edition you wrote:
"Nithyananda told his parents that he wanted to leave in a week's time. Back then, he was clear that he would not come back to the South (South India in Tamil Nadu where Nithyananda originated) at all. His heart was set on spending his time in the Himalayan mountains."
and again, on page 177 of the same book, Sri Nithyananda, you wrote:
"They (Sri Nithyananda's parents) knew from the time of his birth when the family astrologer had predicted that he (Sri Nithyananda) would be a raja sanyasi (king of renunciants), that he would leave home sooner or later.  Their hope was that it would be later. They were concerned about how he would take care of himself, and where he would find shelter and where he would find food, since Nithyananda had rarely ventured out of Triuvannamalai."
and again on page 178 of the same book, it is written:
"Both parents did not know when they would see their son again or whether they would see him alive again at all."
and again on page 181:
"...she (Nithyananda's mother) was only worried about who would feed her son as he wandered in the wilderness."
And, here again, in your first big coffee table book, book, "The Formless in Form" first edition 2003 on pages 33:
"Two pieces of cloth to cover his body and a kamandalam (pitcher for water) were all that he possessed in the world.  Resolved not to touch money, not knowing where his next meal was to come from - if at all it was to come! - he lived a life of utter insecurity.
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you were really prepared to rough it.  A very sincere and hardcore seeker, indeed. But, Sri Nithyananda, you never gave it a mention about being in the Ramakrishna Mission in Madras (Chennai).  You made it look you were just staying overnight in Madras (Chennai) at an uncle's house.  Here it is in your book we just referenced on pages 182-183:
"An uncle from Chennai (known as Madras earlier), his mother's brother, suggested that Nithyananda stay with him in Chennai for a while before he decided to leave, Nithyananda thought that was a good idea.  Intuitively, Nithyananda felt that this would help.  He wanted to go north to the Himalaya.  He knew that he had to start from Chennai by train to reach the Himalaya.  It was also a blessing, since he had already decided that he would not touch any money once he started his wandering.  In a train in India it is still possible to travel without a ticket whereas in a bus it is impossible, and to reach Chennai he had to travel by bus, for which he would have no money.  Things were indeed falling into place!"
OK, Sri Nithyananda, we get it.  According to this revised second first edition of your biography, you went to Chennai (Madras) and straight off, you headed to the Himalayas to do your nine, oops, we mean now six years of wandering.

But what are these pictures, Sri Nithyananda, in your book, "The Formless in Form" first edition 2003 on pages 35 and 36, there's these nice pictures of you in what looks like the Ramakrishna Mission in Madras (also known as Chennai) in Tamil Nadu, India. Shall we take a look?

picture source: Guruphiliac Forum

picture source: Guruphiliac Forum

picture source: Guruphiliac Forum

picture source: Guruphiliac Forum

Sri Nithyananda, we noticed that you were always in white and not in the saffron kavi (renunciant) cloth. Were you just a junior at this institution? Why Sri Nithyananda, with all of your experience at the graveyards in Tiruvannamalai and that 360 vision, etc., you should have been teaching them. Why there are no captions under these pictures in your book.  The only thing that even hints that you were at a Ramakrishna Math or Mission was the header on page 35:
"Swami in his 'student' days"
That's it.  Oh, yes, you mentioned that you received Sri Ramakrisha and Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi's divine darshan (Divine blessings) on page 34 of the same book, but that's it.  You, Sri Nithyananda, didn't mention where this divine darsha of Sri Ramakrishan and Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi occurred.  It was nicely glossed over.  On nicely glossed pages of your picture book.  Oh, how mysterious, Sri Nithyananda.  You are a man of mystery.

Let's take a look at the book that you recalled, "Glimpses of My Master Nithyananda", which was the original first first edition, first edition, December 2005, which you promptly recalled and later revised.  Here on pages 165-166:
"Chennai and Beyond
In Chennai (Madras), Nithyananda stayed with his uncle for a few days.  Each day he would go to his uncle's factory with a person who acted as a guide and security guard, so that he would not run away.  After a few days, Nithyananda suggested to this man that they should go (to) the Kapaliswarar (Siva) temple in Mylapore and the man readily agreed.  In the temple, Nithyananda gave the man the slip and melted away in the crowd. His real journey had started.

Nithyananda went straight to a spiritual institution nearby where they allowed him to stay for a few days, telling him that if he wished to stay longer, he would need to become an inmate of the institution, which the boy had no desire to do.  He did not wish to be part of an organization without a living master present.  When the masters are alive, then the organization around them breathes, lives, and flourishes as if it is a living organism.  Once the masters are no more the organism too dies and the dead matter becomes an organization that then flourishes in the hierarchy and bureaucracy.  Wise beyond his years, Nithyananda wanted no part of any such dead institution."
In the next couple of paragraphs, you, Sri Nithyananda, tell us about how someone spotted you at what you consider (but no one else considers) to be a 'dead' spiritual institution, and your parents went looking for you there.  You escaped this situation because that 'dead' (in your opinion) spiritual institution gave you a kavi (saffron rununciant) cloth.  Then, you, Sri Nithyananda, dressed yourself up in a three-piece kavi robe, carried a long walking stick, and a kamandalu (water pot) and off to the central railway station you went to head up to the Himalayas.

So, we are confused, Sri Nithyananda.  There's these pictures of you at some monastery that sure looks like the Ramakrishna Mission in Madras (Chennai), but you made no mention of it in your books, except for a few days at this 'dead' (in your opinion) spiritual institution in Madras (Chennai) that was rife (in your words) with hierarchy and bureaucracy.  If that was the Ramakrishna Math in Madras (Chennai), your words, Sri Nithyananda, doesn't sound very respectful to an organization that gave us a true Paramahamsa and several enlightened beings, non less, Swami Vivekananda and Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. And you said that you received Paramahamsa Ramakrishna and Holy Mother Sarada Devi's darshan (Divine blessings)?  So, Sri Nithyananda, that 'dead' spiritual institution couldn't have been the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai (Madras).  And, if that 'dead' institution gave you a saffron kavi (renunciant) cloth, that means that 'dead' intuition initiated you, Sri Nithyananda, into its Order.  It is our understanding, Sri Nithyananda, that this is not a light matter.  The Ramakrishna Mission usually waits up to ten years just to make sure that the aspiring monk they initiate into sanyasi (renunciate monk) initiation is a person of character.  They don't give this saffron kavi cloth out just so someone can escape from their parents.

But what is this here, Sri Nithyananda? In your pamphlet that you wrote sometime in 2003? It's called "Yet to be Discovered" What irony, Sri Nithyananda, we discovered your history called "Yet to be Discovered" on your website. We have to thank your web team for preserving such early digital treasures so we can see through an archeological perspective of how your 'divine' life story evolved. You, Sri Nithyananda, can refresh your memory by going to this URL:
(Don't worry, there, Sri Nithyananda.  We have a clean copy of "Yet to be Discovered' already to post on another website, so you don't need to remove this file.)
Sri Nithyananda, do you see in the middle of page 47 where it says:
"At the age of seventeen when he made this enormous decision to leave home & go out into the world, his mother wept inconsolably. His parent’s grief never resulted in refusal. According to the rules of the Ramakrishna Mutt at Chennai, both parent & child had to give in writing, that this boy would no more go back home, & that he had renounced all ties with the family. He studied the scriptures here at this Mutt."
That is interesting, Sri Nithyananda. Since it stated that 'at seventeen', that it was the Ramakrishna Mission (Math or Mutt) in Chennai (Madras) that you went to in the year of 1995. And, the fact that both parents and the child (we guess that the child means you, Sri Nithyananda) had to give your written word on the matter. Is this what your father did when he visited you at that 'dead' institution? But, you, Sri Nithyananda, clearly mentioned both parents. So, did your mother come there too, right before you escaped dressed as a sanyasi (renunciant monk)? Oh, Sri Nithyananda, this gets very confusing. Lucky thing that your mother lives with you in your kingdom, we mean ashram in Bidadi. Is she enjoying all of the fruits of your hard-earned fame and 'success'? Perhaps all of the ashramites, followers, and guests should ask her directly about your initial detour to the Ramakrishna Mission in Madras (Chennai) to get the clear picture. After all, Sri Nithyananda, you of all people, wouldn't want your very own mother to get bad karma for embellishing the Truth or telling lies just to protect her son's fame and wealth? That does not seem like something that a genuine self-declared Paramahamsa should do to his very own mother. So, Sri Nithyananda, let all the ashramites, followers, and guests ask her in private, and just let her answer honestly and without fear that you, Sri Nithyananda, will become upset or might even threaten to kick her out of your kingdom, we mean ashram. That would be the best policy, don't you think?

So, Sri Nithyananda, now that we discovered that you did start your wandering journey first at what you consdier to be a 'dead' institution, (oh, we prefer to say the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai [Madras]), exactly how long did you stay there?... you know, before you started your real wandering journey, you know the stuff that legends are made out of... like receiving the darshan (divine blessings) of Mahavtar Babaji, encountering that old bear in the virgin forest of Omkareshwar, having that out-of-body-death meditation at Manikarnika Ghat in Benaras (Varanasi), healing your own broken back after breaking it on an army truck ride in Tapovan, hiding from a man-eating tiger while in an ashram, vibrating under a big meditation bell at a Buddhist monastery, witnessing bees swarming into a honeycomb that stretched from one mountain to another, a distance of almost 200 feet, walking across a raging river with your eyes closed while miraculously always having your feet on the bottom, and 'realized yourself' (became enlightened) in the forests of Omkareshwar, as Sankara did more than 1000 years earlier, on the banks of the river Narmada. Wow, that was a lot of adventures. And how many miles did you cover in this journey, Sri Nithyananda? Well, we do want to ask, because it is not clear. In that pdf brochure "Yet to be Discovered" it says on page 48:
"He (Nithyananda) has traveled the length & breadth of India, covering a distance of nearly 30,000 kilometers of which 2,000 kilometers was covered on foot."
Wow, 30,000 kilometers is 18,641 total miles and 1,243 miles by foot. That's a lot especially when you, Sri Nithyananda, consider those miles by foot were in the dense virgin jungle or on some very steep trail in the Himalayas. And we're sure that there were some days that there was snow, heavy rain, and even national holidays that made travel impossible. But, Sri Nithyananda, we're not certain if this is the correct number or not. You see, in your book, "Nithyananda Vo1. 1", second first edition, December 2006, in the middle of page 54, we can see that the same amount of kilometers, 30,000 is given. Fair enough. But, 143 pages later, to be exact page 197 or page one of the Appendix of your biography, third paragraph, you, Sri Nithyananda, wrote:
"His spiritual quest started seamlessly as a child. At the age of 12, he had his first deep spiritual experience. At 17, he left home on a journey of self-realization and wandered the length and breadth of India and Nepal. He studied Yoga, Tantra and other Eastern metaphysical Sciences and had many profound spiritual experiences. Of the 70,000 miles that he covered visiting great shrines and practicing intense meditation, many thousands of miles he covered by foot."
Sri Nithyananda, is this a misprint? In just 143 pages, you covered an additional 51,359 miles! (70,000 miles minus 18,641 [30,000 kilometers] = 51,359 miles.) That miracle must have taken a lot of energy! Your vague about the additional miles covered by foot, but rest assured that "many thousands of miles" is greater than just 1,243 miles. Maybe this difference was a 'divine' editor miracle that your sleep-deprived indentured laborers missed? But, wait, what's this? Two years later, in your book "His Name is Nithyananda" first edition, November 2007 on page 19:
"Covering over 70,000 miles, many thousands of miles, he covered by foot."
Wow, so that wasn't a misprint after all. You, a Truth-telling, genuine self-declared Paramahamsa actually went the additional revised distance. OK, Sri Nithyananda, we'll agree that you covered 70,000 miles during your journey of nine (9), oooops, we mean six (6) years, but most likely just four and a half (4.5) years. Minus that brief stint at the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai (Madras), of course.

Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you really packed the miles and the stories in a very condensed time. So, how much time did you spend in the Ramakrishna Mission (which you, and you alone, consider to be a 'dead' institution)? It couldn't have been very long, in order to get all of these stories and miles in, correct?

Well, some of those very nice and sincere people who have given their whole lives to spread and preserve the teachings of Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, the Vedanta Society, and the Truth wrote about you, Sri Nithyananda, and how long you were at the Ramakrishna Mission. Let's take a look:
Ramakrishna Witness no. 1:
"Swami Nithyananda was in our Organization as a novice, probably during 1996-2000."

Ramakrishna Witness no. 2:
He had joined the Ramakrishna Order at the Madras centre and then spent 3 yrs there, went to their headquarters and was thrown out after a year there (?? can't say for sure, some-time in 2000)."

Ramakrishna Witness no. 3:
"Before becoming the Paramahamsa Nithyananda he was a Brahmachari of Ramakrishna Order of India. He left the Order after 4 years of his joining."

Ramakrishna Witness no. 4:
"Before becoming the Paramahamsa Nithyananda he was a Brahmachari of Ramakrishna Order of India. He left the Order after 4 years of his joining."

Ramakrishna Witness no. 5:
"...he became a novice at the Ramakrishna Mission's monastery in Chennai (formerly Madras) in southern India. He stayed there for 4 years, and then after a few months at the monastic training center in Belur Math near Calcutta, he left the Order and started living independently."

Ramakrishna Witness no. 6:
"Paramahamsa Nithyananda joined as a novice (brahmachari) in our Organisation/Order. But he left the Order after 5 years."

Ramakrishna Witness no. 7:
"He (Nithyananda) was a young monk of our order for several years before he left to start his own group."

Ramakrishna Witness no. 8:
"Nithyananda probably joined the monastery in Madras (Chennai) in 1994 or 1995... He attended the monastic training college in Belur Math in 1999 (or 2000), and left the Order from there within a few months."
Wow, Sri Nithyananda. All those testimonials look pretty convincing to us. If in the 'best case scenario' (that is best case, for you, Sri Nithyananda), you left the Ramakrishna Mission on January 2, 1999, that allowed for you to travel "the breadth of India" in 364 days. No wonder you, Sri Nithyananda, call yourself the 'jet set swami'. Let's see. You said that you traveled 70,000 miles and several thousand of those miles were on foot.  If you remember, Sri Nithyananda, on your current website, you say that, "He (Nithyananda) embarked on what was to be an arduous journey, stretching thousands of miles covered mostly by foot..." So, we could set the distance on foot to 60,000 miles, which even applied to the revised six (6) years of wandering (down from nine [9] years of wandering) would be impossible. So, Sri Nithyananda, we'll give you a break. Let's set the distance for 'on foot' at a low number of just 3,000 miles. That's about the averaged distance between the West Coast and the East Coast of the continental United States. If we divide 364 days into these numbers, you averaged about 192 miles of travel per day of which 8.25 miles were from walking, but we really think that you must have put on some jogging shorts on and ran that distance. Still it is nothing short of a miracle!
Of course, after all of that traveling, you, Sri Nithyananda, then had to have time to have all of those experiences such as encountering Mahavtar Babaji, bumping into an old bear while camping out in the forest, having that out-of-body-death experience at a cremation center in Benaras (Varanasi), meditating under a big bell at a Buddhist monastery, hiding from a man-eating tiger in the Himalayas, breaking your back and then healing it with your own hands after back-breaking ride in the back of an army truck from Tapovan, seeing bees make a formation of a giant honeycomb that stretched across the mountains, a distance of almost 200 feet (which makes the mountains unbelievably close, but these are your words), walking across the roaring rapids of a deep river with your eyes shut while miraculously not falling, and becoming 'enlightened' at the banks of the Narmada River in Omkareshwar. Just amazing, Sri Nithyananda. Now, we all can believe that you really are divinity to be able to do all of these things in one year or less.

But, wait, Sri Nithyananda. Several of the witnesses from the Ramakrishna Mission said that you did not leave the Ramakrishna Mission until sometime in the year of 2000. That would mean, Sri Nithyananda, that on your 'enlightened' day of January 1, 2000, you actually were still in some dormitory being a 'junior' at the Ramakrishna Mission in either Madras (Chennai) or the Belur Math / Mutt. Does this mean that any of these wandering stories, including your 'enlightenment' actually happened? Does this mean all these stories that you tell to everyone to make sure that they come and pay your very expensive programs are still true? Does this mean that all of those volunteers, ashramites, Ananda Sevaks (fulltime indentured laborers), and Ananda Samajis (big donors) have been cheated? Does this still make you a 'Paramahamsa'? Paramahamsa, ah, if we may still call you a, ah, Paramahamsa, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, are you, Sri Nithyananda, still legitimate? Say it ain't so, Sri Nithyananda! Does this mean that we will not be able to get easy and pain-free 'enlightenment' from you and all of those pricey multi-level marketing (MLM) programs you offer! Our world is coming to an end!

Sri Nithyananda, we don't know who to believe. All of the senior people from the Ramakrishna Mission and probably most of the junior people at the Ramakrishna Mission are very honest. Sri Nithyananda, you were a junior at the Ramakrishna Mission, correct? So, you should know. After all, there's been few as pure and inspiring as Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. They and their disciples live and breathe the Truth. And, you, Sri Nithyananda, you're a self-proclaimed 'Paramahamsa' that sometimes revises and embellishes your Truths, but the very fact that you identify as being a 'Paramahamsa' should count for something. And, you have all of those very enthusiastic followers, over 500 books published under your name, and almost 600 YouTube videos under the Life Bliss Foundation; why that makes you, Sri Nithyananda, also Truthful, correct?

Sri Nithyananda, what kind of strategy are you going to take to stop this idea that your wondering and 'enlightenment' stories are just that, stories? Wait, Sri Nithyananda, if you discredit all of these very earnest and sincere people from the Ramakrishna Mission and make a case that they are lying and therefore are liars, then you, Sri Nithyananda, might be able to keep your wandering stories, your 'enlightenment', your enthusiastic followers, your big donors, your indentured laborers, and all those cute room service ladies. Will you, Sri Nithyananda, say that these witnesses from the Ramakrishna Mission are jealous of you, because you are a living 'enlightened' master, and all these people at the Ramakrishna Mission have are just dead 'enlightened' masters? Well, those worldly people who identify with you as a physical being and have your picture on the malas (rosaries) that they have around their necks just might believe this. Will you, Sri Nithyananda, attack the Ramakrishna Mission and say that it is a 'dead' institution that is filled with hierarchy and bureaucracy just as you wrote in your book, "Glimpses of My Master Nithyananda", original first first edition, first edition, December 2005, on pages 165-166? Yes, Sri Nithyananda, this strategy is consistent to your previous badmouthing of the Ramakrishna Mission and other spiritual institutions that you lashed out in front of your ashramites while you were 'establishing' your supremacy. Yes, this would be a consistent path. To help you, Sri Nithyananda, remember all of those 'truthful' revelations that you said about the Ramakrishna Mission and other living masters, we'll dedicate a blog post just on that. Maybe, we'll make it a series, so it will be easy to email to the specific right people. Does that sound like a good idea there, Sri Nithyananda? Sri Nithyananda? Are you awake? Oh, drats. Sri Nithyananda, you went into samadhi again.

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  1. Won't Get Fooled AgainJanuary 11, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    Fool me once...

  2. What?!! I can't believe you finally did it by exposing the truth about this so-called Swami Nithyananda's enlightenment. He is neither a Swami nor is he enlightened! I cannot believe the extent of lies that he has propagated to make himself look like he's enlightened. Now you have proved with all the proof and facts necessary once and for all without any questions. Nithyananda is now completely caught in his web of lies about the exciting stories of how he got enlightened and how he has wandered all over India. Hopefully soon people will realize this proven truth by you and remove his title of "Paramahamsa". Thanks for exposing the facts. Now we can say to Swami Nithyananda, “Liar, Liar, pants on fire” because now he’s caught literally with his pants down! or should we say dhoti? What a mockery of Vedic tradition by Swami Nithyananda!!

  3. I am still trying to digest this story. This is some amazing investigative journalism. The entire basis for Nithyananda's biography is blown to bits by this story.

    We had quickly concluded he was a liar based on his stolen OSHO logo etc. But to have gone to this extent of blatant lying is appalling!

    I hope this results in blowing up his entire Paramahamsa crap in the eyes of all devotees! This is too much!

  4. I was present on one occasion in the LA ashram when he began narrating the story of his life to Ram S Ramanathan (Nithya Advaithananda), who was taking notes to edit, and later publish what was to be "Nithyananda, Vol. I".

    On more than one occasion, Nithyananda claimed that a "traffic jam" of memories from several different lifetimes was happening all at once, and he had to sort out which ones belonged to this life! That's when he would have Ramanathan stop taking notes for the day.

    Real truth: He probably was trying to mentally fudge facts inside his head before spinning his tall tales. Unfortunately, discrepancies still remained.

    Ram Ramanathan, WAKE UP!! You've been HAD!

  5. Heh, the RK mission might have hierarchy and bureaucracy, but not only does the Nithyananda mission also have those two undesirable qualities, it also has two ugly traits which the RK mission doesn't:

    Autocracy, and hypocrisy :)

  6. This is the most complete investigative report that I have ever seen on a cult leader! Swami Nithyananda has proved that he is a pathological liar. He does not even care what he told one time to one author and another lie to another author. This blatant lies are proof that Swami Nithyananda is not enlightened and he is ready to exaggerate at all cost to self proclaim that he is enlightened to make money for self-enrichment and egotistical goals. If this time line report does not convince the onlooker, I don't know what will. My God! Everything he said about his enlightenment experience is a lie! His time line is a lie! His books are not his! His songs and music are copies from movies! His Nithya Dhyan meditation is copied! His mantras are copied and modified! His meditation programs are copied! His logo is copied! His entire lingo is copied and modified adding “Nithya” word. His charitable events are fake and photo opps! His devotees who he claimed enlightened left saying they are not! He causes divorces by giving Kavi at young 20’s and thirty years!

    How much more wrong he has to commit before he is punished by Dharma and Karma? When will Swami Nithyananda get arrested for this fake enlightenment story? When will Hindu Vedic societies in India form a coalition where they test these self proclaimed paramahamsas before they go and rob people in the name of Vedic tradition and false enlightenment?

  7. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time to chime in. These words are from Nithyananda and not from us "hierarchy" and "bureaucracy" and that is what Nithyananda used to describe the Ramakrishna Mission. We honestly do not have any direct experience as an 'insider' with the Ramakrishna Mission, but we doubt these negative words based on our other positive findings. We will say that we have communicated with many of the senior members and each one 'walked the talk' and fully represented Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi with par excellence.

    Furthermore, to anyone who has escaped from Nithyananda's cult and is ready to read spiritual books again, we highly recommend anything from the Ramakrishan Mission and the Vedanta Society. These books are the Truth. You will see and experience the difference.

    Jai Maa.

  8. Minor quibble, but for the sake of accuracy let's be clear...

    You say, the organization (RK Mission) "gave us", a Paramahamsa (Ramakrishna), Vivekananda and Sarada Devi. It didn't. Vivekananda founded the mission after RK's Mahasamadhi to unite all the close disciples (who became sannyasis) and to bring about social and religious change in India.

  9. Dear Blog Writer

    I literally fell off my chair ( i meant it) after reading this article. Oh my god!! i was conned was 4 years. Thanks a ton for you. I am following your blog for quite some time now and as a person who was following and attending his programs, i always had a slight belief at the back of my head that he may be true, now that all the dots are connected, he never wandered, never got enlightened or any of that scrap. I am shedding tears as i write this. I totally lost 38000 dollars in the last 4 years, lost all my good friends, opposed my parents, hurt them, lost my lovely wife ( i am doing my best to get her back), fooled my friends and relatives that i am a healer and a very blissful person and all that scrap....emotions are really welling up...cant write any further.

  10. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks Anon for sharing your experience in the post above. Believe us, you are not alone. Many of us all had huge financial losses, interrupted careers, broken families, and divorces. Please don't kick yourself for this. It is part of a larger learning process that we're all going through. The fact that you shared it here, shows that you have the strength to go on. Your comments will motivate others to take the right action and most importantly heal. (See, you are a healer!) Please forgive yourself first, and then work really hard in getting your family back together. We pray that you will get your wife back and your life back in order.

    Jai Maa.

  11. How do you connect in timeline, the visit to Pune Osho commune, which you mentioned in some blog earlier? What is the time spent on that pursuit? When did it happen? Is it after leaving Belur?

    I heard Nithyananda say once that he did not take sanyas in RK Mission; some old swami (who was probably connected to RK Mission. I do not know how) gave him sanyas outside RK Mission. Supposedly that old swami left Kavi on the floor and said, 'you are very qualified, so I can not give you sanyas; you take the kavi by yourself.' He surprisingly gave the same name Nithyananda by which name Mahavatar baba called him earlier.

  12. Sri Nithya Lavadakananda SwamigalJanuary 12, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    Like the anonymous above - I want to share my experience too. I spent nearly 4 years with the Nithyananda organization. Left my job/career and did part time contract work so I could "work for the Master". I spent countless hours with his organization, away from my spouse and kids. I changed my name legally in my passport, DL etc. And even naturally at work at the cost of looking like a fool - a grown person changing their name is of course looked at oddly at work. I came close to walking away from my spouse and kids, because the Master was the only thing I cared for.

    Naturally when all this has come to light the world just shattered for me. I feel violated, cheated and swindled. On the talk of swindling, my losses are around $35,000 (yes thirty five thousand). I was willing to drop away family and go on a paravarajika because this fellow made it seem so wonderful in the spiritual journey.

    Yet he is so low to have lied about the entire thing. What surprises me is the way people are finally seeing the picture. For me the stolen OSHO logo was enough - that he claimed it was "divine vision" and then when I started putting 1+2+3 together it was very clear within seconds what a ride this fellow has taken all of us on.

    This is highway robbery, this is rape in broad daylight that he is carrying out.

    For this I CURSE HIM with the whatever divine shakti that lives within me, that he pay for this string of lies in this lifetime. I don't want him to have consequences in another lifetime, rather I want to see this happen in this lifetime.

    With that, I resolve today, that I will do everything in power to awaken more people to the fraud that he is, and hopefully get him in prison sooner rather later. May he suffer most miserably for fooling so many intelligent and gullible people.

  13. This is America, get a good lawyer and sue Nithy and his organzation for fraud. You may recover your money with damage! The lawsuits will further expose this crook to prevent others from falling prey. I have emailed this blog and other info to all those I was aquianted with when I was in it. If care, please send thw blog to all your local satsang members acquitance!

    Dear bloggers, thank you so much for your great service.

  14. Nithy may not have the guts to come to the USA again. If he does, he may well end up in jail. Perhaps all one can do is to sue his organzation here and wake up those who are still trap.

  15. Dear Expose Nithyananda,

    Is there a way to help the blogger above "Sri Nithya Lavadakananda Swamigal" who has lost $35,000 from nithyananda organization cult practices and brain wash? Can you give him and others in his place some resources especially some names of attorneys to consult who specialize in Cult leader abuse so that he can recoup his loses atleast monitarily....

    Thanks for this post which takes care of enlightenment lie Nithyananda has made everybody believe.

  16. For attorneys, Jody of Guruphialliac may know some. So are those who file suit against Dahn yoga. Besides the two commenters who lost USD $35000 & $38000 each, these are many others in similar situation.

    Many others had thier careers and family destroyed. Anyone who changed their names legally is creating a strange situation at work, or when looking for work!

    Also think all the time these volunteers slaved away.

    Please do share legal and counseling resoure here if you have them.

    Nithy does have occult powers (this may not mean anything in the courts), he can put a spell on people, so please don't blame yourself for being defraud.

  17. I have introduced some of my friends to him and do not know what to say now to them..

  18. Anon who introduced friends to Nithy. Please have the courage to tell them you were wrong. Send them this blog. You were sincere but you were wronga bout Nithy.

    I wish the acharyas who recruited me had send an email to us satsang members when they left. Instead, I was left wondering what happened for another 8 or more months, all the while suspecting something isn't quite right. These acharyas need not had say anything more than they were leaving, but they did nothing. It was total silence.

    Since you brought them to Nithy, please have some sense of responsibility to let them them you are leaving - with your reasons if you care about them at all!

  19. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, anon, we all introduced many people to Nithyananda. It really hurts when you see those families that we introduced Nithyananda to, now become separated due to this cult. It does take courage, but to let the people who you introduced to the organization know that you have 'second feelings' (some reservations) about Nithyananda and his operation. If you had awareness that you have now, you would not have spoken highly of Nithyananda. (Or something like that.) Just a thought. But, somehow let them know where you stand, and they will gauge and perhaps follow.

    Jai Maa.

  20. You are doing the best help to the humanity by exposing this fraud. All the best and keep up the good work in saving those innocents who fall in trap of the Nithyananda cult.

  21. To anyone who reads this and are still involved with Nithyananda - no matter how tempting it may be to legally change your name to that given by Nithyananda, please do not do it.

    Just like "Nithya Lavadakananda Swamigal" above, another friend of mine went through with changing her name, and now she regrets that decision so much, after having learnt the fraud of Nithyanadna. It is easy to walk away from this fraud somewhat easily when you have your original identity.

    In my friend's case, this name given by Nithyananda will hang on her head for the rest of her life and be a daily reminder for how she got conned. She plans to change it back to what she originally had, but she needs to find the right time for it - she cannot do it now as she is in the same workplace and feels like she will be looked at as the biggest fool, for having changed once and now changing back yet again.

    Incidentally, you may or may not know this. Not one of the inner circle members (at least that I know of) have changed their name legally. They maintain an "outer world" identity and an "inner world identity. And I would not be surprised if this is something recommended by Nithyananda, because when some legal cases do come his way, he surely does not want any "Nithyas and Anandas" names involved in a legal mess does he? It will be much easier to say "Gopal Sheelum a former devotee of Nithyananda is in prison for fraud" rather than "Swami Nithya Bhaktananda a former disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda is in prison".

    Nithyananda is more cunning than a wily jackal.

  22. Please encourage your friend to change her name back as soon as she can. She can explained to her co-workers that she is not getting use to the new name, etc. Or that she is not longer so fervent about the guru, or spiritual leader, or whatever - use a term that doesn't seem weird to Americans in the the workplace.

    She need to start using your old name again - even if she can't get it changed back legally yet.

    This Ramakrishna Mission info exposes that the whole wandering years were a sham. It is not longer a question of how many years he wandered.

    About the birthday, the lie isn't being off by some months, but may be off by several years! No wonder it appears Nithy went to college at such an early age!

    He might had claim a much younger age to impress the public with his knowledge and cunning.

    Good luck to your friend and to all who was mislead by Nithy.

  23. I personally knew Rajasekaran's father. He is a nice man but an extravagant guy with severe coffee addictions. He never cared much for his family and lived his own life with no meditation or anything like that. He was so scared to visit the Ashram in the initial days as he was worried that his son will make him a Sanyasi. Rajasekaran claiming that he gave enlightenment to him after his death is just a gimmick to prove he is on par with Ramana Maharishi or other masters. I personally witnessed how he stood with his toe on his Agna chakra and standing and posing like Shiva, it was a joke. Never heard any body giving moksha to a dead body.

  24. Even if Nithy never return to the USA, he has siphoned off many millions to developed his power base in India & SE Asia, etc. He has ruined many careers, breaking up families causing financial ruin to many. He is a fraud & a criminal.

    This work is not until Nithy is in jail. He is no different from Madoff.

  25. Hi blogger,

    Thank you first of all for taking the time and effort that you have put in to organize these facts and truths and presenting it to the world. 10 years ago, one individual (or a small group of individuals) would not have been able to take on an organization in this way. Thanks to the internet, every voice can be heard (especially if it has the ring of truth to it).

    I watched many youtube videos and was drawn to Paramahansa Nithyananda. I attended some programs - the meetings with him were very inspiring. However, there were many red flags. The volunteers were very aggressive in marketing and some of the "senior" disciples wearing ocher robes didn't know how to behave. When I volunteered, the attitude was that its an honor to be serving for the "mission". So my time and money was not valued. At one point I started following this blog which was consistent with my observations.

    Here is my dilemma - since the meeting with Paramahansa Nithyananda, I have been practicing Nithya dhyaan every day. I have struggled for many years to have a daily sadhana (practice) but now I really have it. I don't have to force myself to sit and meditate. Its a joy! After being disillusioned with the organization, I have started doing the Guru puja to Shakthi but I am continuing Nithya dhyaan (except for the chaotic breathing which I have replaced with bhasktrika / kapaalbhathi).

    Is it ok to continue this? Aren't these techniques still good (similar to the ones prescribed in the Tantra Yoga or Kundalini Yoga path)? Should I abandon them and move on to something else? I dont want to lose the beautiful daily practice that I have.

    Thanks and keep up the great work. May Truth Prevail.

  26. Anybody in the know how, please send this to media both in India and abroad; You have come so far, please do the needful to complete the task. Also, it will be good idea to run a news column in " free desi newspapers" like Desi talk ect. There are still 1000s in the dark waiting for his return in summer:-(

  27. Hi there is corrected version of Nithya Dhyan on this blog by Expose Nithyanada. Remember that these method did not originate with Nithayananda, though he modified it to bind people to them. Don't use the guru puja mantras at the end, they were corrupted. I can't find it now, here is the excerpts I saved:

    ----this was written by the blogger, not me! ------

    Part 2:

    If you want to do a meditation, Nithya Dhyan is not a bad meditation if you do some minor modifications as follows:

    First part: Chaotic breathing. No change.

    Second part: humming. OK to focus on heart region AND your anja (third eye) chakra. OK to loop the energy in a cycle. (You really want to keep your awareness in the third eye region - that will make you strong and resist brainwashing.)

    Third part: As you focus on the different chakras, keep attention on the anja chakra and then loop the energy to the other chakras as guided. By the time you get to the sahasrara chakra (crown center) OK to let go of the third eye chakra. Reason is that you want to keep your awareness in the upper chakras. This is where divinity is and not worldly energy. The Nithyananda people will dispute us on this. That's fine.

    Fourth Part: No mind. Unclutching, a U.G. Krishnamurti technique, can be very effective way to reach the 'no mind' state. No change needed.

    Fifth part: Stop the CD. This is a corrupted mantra. Nothing short than egotistic blasphemy. The opening line goes:

    "Nithyanandam Parama Sukhadam..."

    that is wrong. The original written by the Rishi's over 10,000 years ago should be:

    "Brahmanandam Parama Sukhadam..."

    Since this these mantras are written in Sanskrit, these words create vibrations. At best, Nithyananda replacing his name with the Divine's name "Brahmanandam" negates the positive vibrations.

  28. I am doing my part sending this blog with an my own intro to sites/groups/temples/newspaper that I can find contact info on. If each of us do our part in this effort, it will help a lot. It is good that groups get info from several people, so don't assume that another has done it.

    The devotees/temples in Singapore & Malaysia need to know about this too.

  29. To Anon Jan 14, 2010 12:16 PM

    To get an idea about some of the practices/sadana, you may read these books from Bihar School Of Yoga.

    1. A systematic course in The Ancient Tantric techniques of Yoga and Kriya.
    2. Sure ways to Self Realization.

  30. This is the most interesting blog I'm reading. Firstly let us analyze a little before attacking the Gurus.

    You the blog owner. ARE YOU A BORN HINDU? Answer this simple question. We will then continue.

    Jai Ma.

  31. You seem to know nothing about Hinduism or mantras.

    The comment says

    Fifth part: Stop the CD. This is a corrupted mantra. Nothing short than egotistic blasphemy. The opening line goes:

    "Nithyanandam Parama Sukhadam..."

    that is wrong. The original written by the Rishi's over 10,000 years ago should be:

    "Brahmanandam Parama Sukhadam..."

    Since this these mantras are written in Sanskrit, these words create vibrations. At best, Nithyananda replacing his name with the Divine's name "Brahmanandam" negates the positive vibrations.

    What lack of knowledge and badgery of Hinduism. Go to any traditional monastery like Sri Kamakoti peetam or Kamakshi Temple, read books of great pandits like 'ANNA' from RK Mission Mylapore.

    You will find 'Nithyanandam Parama Sukhadam' IS THE RIGHT VERSION.

    Go read 'Puja Sangraham' from Kanchi Mutt on this subject. You are the morons who destroy our Vedic Tradition by knowing little information. Why do want to comment on Mantras when you have no background YOU MORON.

  32. Hey Expose Anti-Guru,

    It is irrelevent if a person is born hindu or born brahmin. It is more important whether he or she is following vedic traditions. For studying vedas and upanishads you don't have to be a hindu or Brahmin. The tone of your comment says a lot about you as to how intolerent of others and their comments and your alter ego that you know knowledge Just because you are a born Hindu does not give you the right to be so arrogant in your tone level. Please don't use the words "Moron" and other abusive language unless you show me a certificate that you are "not a moron" from a psychiatrist. The minute you use abusive language you prove to others that you are the M***N.

    Let's be civil and comment in a civil manner. First respect others with out using abusive language and you will get respect in return.

  33. Expose Anti Guru,

    Before you take a shot at the Blog owner, first you go through the entire Blog and read all posts!

    This recent Blog post clearly takes the enlightenment away from Swami Nithynanda! Nithyananda is caught in web of lies! It seems like you don't want to believe it!

    You should first answer a question for us. Are you a present Nithyananda devotee or ashramite? If you are then it explains your angry tone!

  34. Expose Anti Guru,

    It seems you have nothing else to say to this post than attacking the fellow bloggers!

    Anger is not good for health!

  35. Expose Anti Guru,

    Please go and join nearest Nithyananda mission, in fact go to Bididi and spent 10 days and you will come here running telling us about what kind of person is Swami Nithananda. He will beat the crap out of you with a hard cane for just coming 5 minute late to Nithya Dhyan. Do you know that?

    Till then don't comment!People here commenting have gone through years of life with mission with lot of sacrifices.

  36. Expose Anti-Guru,

    Please understand that most of the blogger's have personal experience with Nithyananda for many years before they left him. They have seen his both side faces. A front face and a back face which is very ugly truth. They are not against all gurus. Only against Nithyananda. So, first, please go experience Nithyananda and then come back here and comment...

    Good luck to you..

  37. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Please practice peace and restraint to our fellow bloggers who express opposing views. These poor souls are still heavily under the influence of Sri Nithyananda just as we (and perhaps many of you reading this comment) once were. Please keep in mind that it is very painful to know that the person and Mission that you invested so much time, money, energy, soul, etc. is all based on a lie. Anger, denial, and lashing out, as we have seen, is to be expected. It is part of the healing process. It will take many months of prolonged exposure and contemplating on the shortcomings of Sri Nithyananda and how he has taken everyone for a ride before Nithyananda's followers will 'come out' of it. So, to the supporters of this blog, thanks for all of your help. Be patient, yet strong. True healing is happening.

    To Expose Anti-Guru, we'll be glad to answer any questions that you have once our simple five (5) questions are answered. Actually, we are going to raise the ante and ask Sri Nithyananda one (1) more question, and that is "How long were you, Sri Nithyananda, in the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai and Belur? From when to when?" So, make that six (6) simple questions. Then we'll be more than willing to have a dialog.

    Jai Maa.

  38. I am sure the owner of this blog, as well as people who have listened to discourses in the early years (2004-05), remember very well that Nithyananda himself would start his discourses by chanting "Brahmanandam Paramasukhadam...".

    So, my question to you, Expose Anti-Guru, is, if you are indeed correct about the "RIGHT" version, why then did your Master use the "WRONG" version in the beginning? And why did the change happen so stealthily?

    BTW searching Google for "Nityanandam Paramasukhadam" (the correct transliteration of the Sanskrit, not "Nithyanandam") brings up virtually no matches. I only found quotes by Sathya Sai Baba, and one obscure Upanishad. Maybe it's in the books at the Mutts you mention, too.

    However, the original Guru Gita shloka says Brahmanandam (and is the inspiration for the Guru puja you perform; your puja uses many shlokas from it, such as the famous verses praising the Guru, Akhandamandalakaram... etc).

    See the comment under the post Nithyananda Takes Transcendental Meditation to learn about where Swamiji actually lifted your original (Brahmanandam Paramasukhadam) Guru Puja from.

  39. To Expose Anti-Guru,

    You have displayed your ignorance about Hinduism and the Mantras. The Shloka in Nithya DHyan is Nithyanandam Paramasukhadam kevalam dhyan murti...this is copied from Guru Gita...but the words Brahmanandam has been changed to Nithyanandam..go read the Guru Gita....

    Go get your basics checked and then come and comment on this blog.

  40. Hello,

    Whether is it Nityanandam or Brahmanandam, it is not addressed for a 'person'. It is addressing the one-and-only Atma (Self).

    Nityanandam means 'eternal bliss'
    Brahmanandam means 'limitless bliss'

    It is dvandvaatiitam - beyond duality; vimalam - devoid of impurity;
    triguna rahitam - devoid of the three gunas

    The above three characteristics do not apply to any gurus who are after creating their own mark and wealth in the name of dharma.

    If devotees are praying to and imagining their own gurus in physical form, with this prayer knowing the correct meaning, it can be a helpful as sadhana though there is no iota of truth in it.

    But, it is certainly not applicable to the gurus who are exploiting common people, who respect anyone who wears complete white or ocher or other marks as an expression of personal discipline, using 'greed and fear' techniques as tools, and position themselves as 'better' gurus than other gurus in the market.

    Any scheme is bound to fail, when the recipient's well being is not main goal of service offered.

  41. Cont ..

    Brahmanandam is more often translated as 'Bliss of Brahman', meaning the guru is embodiment of Bliss of Brahman (Brahman is nothing but Bliss as its own nature; not like bliss comes and goes..)

    Also, in this sloka, the third line is ekam nityam vimalam acalam etc..' . As the word nityam, meaning eternal, is used in this sentence, there is no need to have nityanandam in the first sentence.

    But, I have seen nityanandam used in place of brahmanandam, in some other books.

    Ultimately it does not matter which word one uses, if the devotee knows the meaning and characteristics described there-in evoke devotion in one's heart for his/her own guru. It would be all the more good and appropriate, if the guru really lived and breathed life into those characteristics by exemplifying.

    Having said thus, now a days there are not many seekers who understand the language other than 'greed and fear'.

    It will be very hard to think of the kind of devotees Swami Nithyananda attracts, going to other more traditional gurus where they expect the disciples/seekers to be more committed to sanyas and give up wealth, family ties, learn sanskrit, do self-less service, and ultimately efface their identity. So, Swami Nithyananda found a way which appeals to such crowd who want to be Brahman but still be with their wife and children and wealth as limited individuals.

    Can you imagine a large part of the crowd in USA, and the majority of people in Tamilnadu, India (the place of sick politics and degraded religeous life style), being attracted to some form of spirituality other than what is offered by Swami Nithyananda?

    The same was the story with Osho or even Hare Krishna Movement.

    In this process some stories have been narrated, which are not factually correct. Some people knew the inconsistencies of these stories, from the beginning, but neglected those, with a goal to learn what he had to offer.

    People will be able to estimate pros and cons of the entire saga, and do what suits them best.

    For me I am benefited by Swami Nithyananda, immensely. It does not mean that I support huge marketing in spirituality. With or without marketing, Vedic tradition will survive. A few true followers are enough for the survival of Vedic dharma. One real practitioner will inspire some link to the next generation.

    But, Alas! eternal foundations can not be made on loose sands.

    More later.

  42. Expose Anti-guru would probably love whatever Nithy does to him as TAPAS. He would pay $6000 USD for the 3-week program in an overcrowded dormitory in his Indian Ashram and stay there as a slave forever, working day and night with little sleep 7 days a week, change his name, cut off contact with family and friends who are concerned about his being in a cult. And when he is too sick or old to be of use to the mission, he may well be cast out if he can't pay for his stay.

    By this tapas, he will cleanse his karma and receive enlightenment upon death. That is what the Master (Monster?) can do for a true disciple who refuse to see the fraud and exploitation, always do what he is told.

    Enlightenment attained in one life time! What a deal.

  43. To simplehindu: Dear friend, alas, though you may mean well, i disagree 100% with your justifications of the methods adopted by LifeBlissFoundation. I feel extremely betrayed by all these revelations. I don't want to get into what verses mean as that is not the point of discussion. It is being lied to and deception that I can't stand. And if that is made in the name of religion/spirituality, that is the worst sin that can be committed. It is obvious that Nithyananda lied about his wandering years. Remember Buddha's firm statement: "In certain cases a bodhisattva may kill, steal, commit adultery, or take drugs, but he may not lie. Intentional lying contradicts reality." I do not find any necessity for Nithyananda to lie. Even if he were to state that he was 40 years old, had no Guru, did no wandering etc, he has a good personality, good understanding of scriptures and a good message. The organization has created disgust with the greed, rudeness, deceit, marketing and many have had enough. Now, I wonder what other skeletons are in the cupboard. Is this what you do in the name of Vedic religion? I had introduced so many of my friends (after being prodded to by the organization) and many of them left disgusted. I have lost many friends. When I was doing some marketing, I was accosted by so many other organizations asking why we were doing vulgar marketing and destroying our religion. Nithyananda has created tremendous fissures in the Hindu fold in US already. No Avatar goes to bless homes for $5000 or $10000. This is a complete negation of all that we have been taught since childhood. Your well-thought out response does not seem to wonder where this is all leading to.

    "Having said thus, now a days there are not many seekers who understand the language other than 'greed and fear'."

    After reading so many of Nithyananda's books and listening to his CDS(Pearls of Wisdom etc), I can't believe your statement. He criticizes religions based on 'fear and greed' so much. So now, it is OK if he does it? What messages are we supposed to learn if he is not clear?

    The LBF organization needs to be more open and let us know the answers to many questions. These are not just posted by anti-Nithyananda people but are being asked by everyone. By the way, I felt like a slave with the organization with all the lies. Now, I am a remote observer wanting to know the truth and I will make informed decisions based on the information available at my disposal. I am still waiting for the poster boys of Nithyananda to respond to the questions.

  44. Hello,

    I am not asking or suggesting anyone to accept the lies of this Swami or any other Swami.

    I am not an insider, and I have no interest to suppress anyone's feelings, or justify the Swami's and his organization's or its representatives' actions.

    You must pursue and find the Truth and seek redress.

    It is the right of any individual who was mislead and misguided, to do every thing in their capacity, to demand and seek justice. It is not enough to write and express anguish in blogs. Pick up courage and ask tehm directly for compensation.

    But, ultimately one has to do some introspection and correct that uneducated step they took originally, and reconcile and find healing within and without.

    May Truth prevail.

  45. simplehindu:

    I really appreciate your balanced point of view. I agree completely. Please continue to contribute.

  46. What was Nithy's Brahmachari name at the Ramakrishna Mission? How old was he when he joined? There must some witness who have some idea of this.

  47. First things first ...

    Whatever may be the cause, some people are hurt. So, let us find a quick solution and start administering that. After that we can do root cause analysis, and find a permanent solution.

    It is believed in the Hindu tradition that praying to Lord Hanuman, who is an embodiment of Lord Shiva/Rudra, will remove sorrow and restore peace of mind. I have seen examples of people chanting Hanuman Calisa and getting healed. I personally do that too. Gosvami Tulasidas, the composer of this prayer promised in this Hanuman Calisa that if one chants it 100 times, all his/her bondages will be removed, and supreme happiness will result. It also says that one who chants it, will become accomplished, and Gosvami Tulasidas swears on Lord Shiva.

    If Hanuman can deliver happiness to mother Sita, save Lakshmana's life and bring happiness to Lord Rama himself, can he not help us recover our happiness? Surely, he can.

    So, all the posters who are crying about Hindu dharma and Vedic dharma . . . would you please chant Hanuman calisa 100 times, say in 5 to 9 days.

    Please share your resulting joy here, so we can know how you find healing, and validate the veracity of Hindu dharma and its solutions to life's problems.

  48. Dear friend simpleHindu: Thanks for your reply. I like your honest and civil replies. The only reason I addressed you earlier was because of my observation that you jumped in to correct what you perceived were fallacies on the interpretation of verses by the people who do not have a favorable disposotion towards Nithyananda. Of the umpteen core things which many people have been waiting for answers, you chose to ignore all save the one where the verses were questioned. You also gave your opinions on why Nithyananda may have uttered those statements which now look frightfully dubious. That's the reason why I addressed you. I don't want this thread to linger longer.

    Anyway for your suggestion that we need to address the organization for our grievances, it looks as if you are not aware of the organization and its functionings. I have been with them for 3-4 years and I can vouchsafe that they tolerate no dissent. Even if you question Nithyananda's divinity with a wellmeaning question, the answers are hostile. Expecting a favorable response for his whereabouts during wandering is asking for the inevitable. Anyway, there is so much an individual can do against an organization which has more powerful resources including financial ones at their disposal. All one can do at this point is to make people aware that there are too many questions that are unanswered and give people the information before they jump in deep. Time will be the healer. After all, many of us have given 3-4 years of our time, money etc and we have imbibed a lot (many good and many dubious). We were told to internalize Nithyananda's teachings and I have done quite a bit. And that is clashing with my direct and indirect observations. Eg: In our Satsang, we had this banner where there is a photo of Nithyananda on padyatra with the same wandering claim. Also, in so many sessins where we addresed newcomers, I too asserted the claim: He wandered thousands of miles from Kanyakumari to Tapovan and etc, etc. Now I feel like Colin Powel going before the UN claiming Iraq had WMDs.

  49. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, SimpleHindu, praying to Lord Hanuman is a very wonderful thing to do. Along with the Divine Mother, Lord Hanuman is the inspiration behind this blog. He destroyed Ravana's kingdom and brought an end to all of its wickedness. Yes, prayers to Lord Hanuman are daily practice here. All those who strongly believe in dharma and rooting out those modern day Ravanas (especially the one in Bidadi) will benefit from chanting Lord Hanuman's Name.

    Jai Bajrang Bali Jai Hanuman Ki Jai!!!

    (And, if you really want to make Lord Hanuman happy, chant a little to Lord Ram. That means everything to Lord Hanuman.)

    Jai Maa.

  50. Expose Nithyananda,

    It would be nice if you could recap your entire blog in to 15 to 20 bullet points and post that as a comment on this specific blog page and let all present and new bloggers to restart commenting on those bullet points. It would be very nice to refocus discussion towards Swami Nithaynanda's cult,fraud,deceit and abuse of power over innocent seekers of enlightenment.

  51. Hi fellow Nithyananda bashers,

    Did any of you notice that the Nithyananda Fairy Tales website has been updated with this current Ramakrishna Mission Version story now?

    And they have provided a very good picture of the biography: Biography picture

    I went ahead and emailed this picture at least 30 or 40 of my ex-foundation friends. Now let us see the fun! I can't wait to see what excuses they make that Swamiji did this or that and how it does not matter that he wandered etc.

    Please send this picture to your friends and family too. Most people are too lazy - so sending them this picture will hopefully get them to see it in a quick easy format and maybe wake up.

  52. If anybody has missied this Guruphiliac blog article about Swami Nithyananda titled:

    "Nithyananda Is Not Who He Claims To Be"

    You must read. The web link is:

  53. I think you guys need to know some basic sanskrit meanings. 'Pari' means 'final'. There are a few meaning for Vraja.

    From the website we see that Vraja has several meanings for example. It can mean 'wandering' as you see it as well 'road' or 'way'.

    So 'Parivrajaka' itself doesn't mean 'wandering monk' though that is the common meaning. It means the final path/way towards becoming liberated. You cannot say that the Swami is not a 'Parivrajaka' just because he stayed in the RK Mission for sometime during his years of seeking. This just doesn't seem the right way to address issues with a Swami.

  54. Won't Get Fooled AgainJanuary 20, 2010 at 2:31 AM

    You cannot say that the Swami is not a 'Parivrajaka' just because he stayed in the RK Mission for sometime during his years of seeking.

    You, Sir, appear to have missed the point. Five years in an ashram/religious institution is a pretty long period of time, especially for one who claims to be born enlightened (avatar) and in no need of a formal Guru.

    The question regarding the parivrajaka is just when exactly did all the legendary and fabled stories take place?

    Just some I can still recall off the top of my head:

    * Meeting with the ganja smoking naga baba who would turn copper coins into gold, and who blew smoke on Rajasekaran's face, giving him intense experience of bliss.

    * Watching Tibetan monks who would put make you stand inside a bell and keep hitting it putting you into some kind of trance, and then would hammer a wooden piece into your ajna chakra area without causing pain.

    * Performing pancha agni tapas, a sadhana which typically lasts for months (at least one good month).

    * Meeting Shankar Baba (Shiva Himself) when sick, along the banks of the Ganga.

    Travels in Gujarat, Nepal, Rishikesh, Omkareshwar and other places.

    What we really want to know, is...

    Whether Nithyananda lives in some amazing Star Trek type universe? Does he say "Beam me up, Parashakti" when he needs to be back on Earth?

    Is the Banyan Tree really a space-time teleportation machine into another dimension like Nithyananda claims?

    Does he simultaneously inhabit more than one space-time continuum? Is he like version 2.0 (New! Improved! Now with 25% MORE BS!) of the "Saint with two bodies" of Yogananda's famous book?

    Are we just poor fools who lack the profound intelligence to understand these deep secrets of Existence?

    This just doesn't seem the right way to address issues with a Swami.

    Oh really? Do you have the guts to challenge him openly in public (or even private)? Do you know how he has mocked and ridiculed those who dare to question him in the least? Do you know how he then brags to his foolish disciples about how cleverly he shut someone up?

    Right now the only way for a person attending his programs to ask these questions is through notes handed to him. Do you think he is going to entertain the questions? Or will he just make a disparaging face and toss them aside?

  55. I am replying to the scholar who thinks that public on this blog or others in India or US would not know atleast as much Sanskrit as this Swami or his goodas who surround the Swami. None of them have studied Sanskrit in their lives, and can not read correctly and pronounce their own Guru puja mantras!! Even the pujacharyas do not know basic Sanskrit. If they have done that all this false propaganda and sin would not have come about.

    First know that it is 'parivraajaka' and not 'parivrajaka'.

    Please let us know which Sanskrit dictionary says pari = final. Monier Williams says - round, around, about, round about, fully, etc.

    Root vraj as in vrajati - to go or wander about, walk around etc.

    parivraajaka - a wandering religious mendicant.

    So, does parivraajaka mean - fully wandering ? (without stopping for 4/5 years in RK Mission)

    Also, the Swami himself has used it to explain 70,000 miles travels (LOL). So, do not discover a new meaning for parivraajaka!

    We do not have to discover contrived and covered up meanings of simple common words, such as what you are doing, to prove that a host of otehrs are wrong. Sanskrit has a established way if finding meanings based on word roots.


  56. None of them have studied Sanskrit in their lives, and can not read correctly and pronounce their own Guru puja mantras!!

    Mr Rowdy Swamy Bhaktananda, was making a fool of himself at the IA program as he was trying to teach everyone how to do Guru Puja. The fool did not know the Guru Puja mantras by heart. He screwed up few times and others corrected him on the mantra and the pronunciation. And finally he had to ask for a copy of the Guru Puja book and started reading out from there.

    When you are too busy hoodwinking the world, there is know time to know your own Guru Puja Mantra.

  57. Mr Rowdy Swamy Bhaktananda, was making a fool of himself at the IA program as he was trying to teach everyone how to do Guru Puja.

    I was there at the IA program. Nothing like that ever happened. It was a great experience learning from Bhakta Swamy

  58. Anyone notice the orb-looking things floating in the upper left part of the first picture? Interesting...

  59. The growth of Burnie Murdoff was nourished by the greed of his erstwhile elients (and now his victims). These Anandas are nourished by the greed of Nirvana, Satori, name it. Everybody talks about it. But nobody can give it another, and it is a fact!
    If that were to be possible we, would have Universities, churning ,realized souls! making money for themselves legally!(lol)

    But events like these that happen in a person's life, teaches us something , his limitation, his greed! Learn and be thankful to life for that. If possible do not commit the same mistake again!

    I sincerely thank you for exposing deeds like these!

    There have been several realized persons, walked among us, Gurdjieff, Marcus Arnelius., and there have been many in the past,and in our times I am deliberately not listing them. These great guys show that it is possible for a human like you and me to go beyond WHAT IS..

    Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps, are great swimmers. They achieved the highest, both demonstrably capable. Worshiping them does not make me a good swimmer. I have to swim and be good at it. Reading about their methods does not take me long enough. I need to have the force to break my own limitations from within. It is in each and eveyone among us. We need encouragement. Not crutches. If I go shopping for a product/service that does not exist. I am sure to be ripped.

    Thanks for the attention.

  60. Hi everyone

    I have been following this blog for some time, in fact I started following since I found out about this fraudster , which luckily was after the video tapes on sun news. First let me congratulate all of for doing this good job. Also my sincere sympathies and best wishes to all those who have been violated by this con artist, monetarily, personally, emotionally and spiritually. I wish I could do something to help. As I mentioned earlier I had never heard about this man before. Probably because I have seen few other such con artists so I run for my life when I see such high-fly living 'sannayasis'.
    Today I was reading about the " Yet to be considered" bit and noticed that on the website (Nithy's), in the pdf , there are quite a number of images are used ( which I am sure were not clicked during the 'wanderings'. So wonder where have these guys nicked it from ? Also as I noticed on all their websites, they are so full on about copyrights of images. Probably they pilfered it from the net.........umm just wondering. Hopefully the person who has copyright comes across it and takes legal recourse.

    Once again best wishes to you guys and hopefully this scamster is expoosed. I so hate to call him Swami, parmahamsa etc., even in a mocking tone because these are very sacred forms for addresses which this fellow certainly does not deserve.

    another anon

  61. Dear Friend, Excellent work. Can we "redistrbute" as-is with due refernce to the authorship?

  62. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear Thiruvazhthan and loyal readers. Anyone is free to use any part of this blog to help expose the crimes of Sri Nithyananda and stop his cult. We encourage you to do so. Back links to this blog are always appreciated to help keep our site in Google's reach, but is not necessary. We don't ask anything in return.

    We do ask our readers to forgive us for our early contributions to Nithyananda and his Mission. And for any pain that this early support might have caused you directly or indirectly.

    If you do profit financially by reposting these stories and it is in your heart to do so, we are always happy if people made selfless donations to help those in need, specifically to those organizations that help those that are very vulnerable in society including children and elderly people who do not have financial means or family to help them through. Just the same, we really don't want to know about any of your donations... just please keep it in your heart and make any your donations anonymously. That is more than enough.

    Jai Maa.

  63. Re: Nithyananda (or Mithya-nanda?): Rajasekhar was a brahmachari at Ramakrishna Math, Chennai. So he should be at least 18 years when he joined the Math. Ramakrishna Math does not allow a minor to join the Order. He had to fill out a form with his photo, and educational certificates. That form is sent to Belur Math for their consideration. So the form should be there at Belur Math. They do not destroy these records. He went to Belur Math for training at least after 3 years of his stay and work in the joining centre. That is the rule in the Math. The life was too hard for him there. So he ran away--as a brahmachari. He then went to Birbhum, West Bengal, known for its Shakti-peethas and learnt Tantra from a Tantrika for some days, may be three months. Then he returned to Chennai and Tiruvannamalai. The monks and brahmacharies in the photos, they are all monks now, are still alive and they will never tell lies if they are asked. These people, the followers of the Great Master, the real Paramahamsa Sri Ramakrishna, will not of their own accord come forward to punish or expose anyone, even though the man in question ridicules them. I have seen such greatness in these educated monks of the Ramakrishna Order.


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