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Nithyananda's Criminal Trial Starts December 3, 2014. On July 2, 2012, a U.S. Federal Court found the Nithyananda Foundation guilty of Fraud with damages of $1,565,000 U.S.D. Peaceful Spirituality or Blood Thirsty Cult? Nithyananda's supporters are willing to die for his crimes. The untimely death of a Canadian citizen in Nithyananda's ashram.  An accident or murder? Nithyananda is not who he seems to be. Behind the scenes, Nithyananda's smile is quite different. Some like it spicy. Nithyananda is known to offer chilies, human hair, and marijuana seeds in his midnight fire rituals. Nithyananda the 'renunciant' was caught money laundering over $6,000,000 USD into his personal bank account. Nithyananda managed several hedge funds while in the U.S. on a religious visa. Spiritual practice? Tantric techniques? Or just plain sleaze? Sex Swami Nithyananda: Self-Idolizing and Cross-dressing Nithyananda's Healing: This won't hurt a bit. Your Soul is now mine; brainwashed and devoted to me. Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977? Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977? Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977?

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Make a difference! Dismantle Nithyananda's cult! We had Nithyananda in jail before. And, he almost got away scot free with murder, rape, sex with minors, fraud, violence, and other heinous crimes unspeakable, e.g. Nithyananda's Sex Contract. Don't let Nithyananda get away a second time. Don't let Nithyananda have another chance to ruin lives. If you're a victim of any of Nithyananda's crimes, report these crimes committed by Nithyananda and/or his criminal followers to the CID Police Team in India. Your information and identity will be kept confidential.
Direct Phone to CID Police: Tel: (011 91) 80-22381894 | (011 91) 80-22942602

Direct Fax to CID Police: (011 91) 80-22942602

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Thank you for helping to convict Nithyananda and preventing others from becoming victims of Nithyananda's horrendous crimes against humanity.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Part 1: Reporting Nithyananda's Fraud to the FBI & IRS

Nithyananda, "I am not a crook."

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, didn't you just make some big legal threat against someone, but haven't followed up yet? Did you forget to pay the piper? After all, you have all that money. How much could the services of a piper cost? "Aaarrrrrugh." Oh, I see, my Gruntanese translator said that you're thoroughly  annoyed right now. Sri Nithyananda, we would like to enlighten you about... "AAARRRRRUGH!!! How can you possibly 'enlighten' me!?! I'm PARAMAHAMSA Nithyananda, the 'Enlightened' Healing Master among other honorific titles!?!" Easy, there, Sri Nithyananda. Since you are surrounded by yes-saying-minions that you have thoroughly brainwashed, we just want to let you know that there is something in the U.S.A. that no one is above, and that's the law. "What!?! I'm above everything!" Well, not in this case, Sri Nithyananda. "AAARRRRRUGH!!! AAARRRRRUGH!!! AAARRRRRUGH!!!" Oh, oh. My Gruntanese translator says we better go lightly.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, we'll lighten up a bit. Sri Nithyananda, do you believe in transparency of your organizations? "Be very clear. I am a self-realized, and self-proclaimed, genuine, bona fide, and certified Paramahamsa! I do not answer to anyone, and all of the gods that I say that I'm not an avatar of, they answer to me!" Oh, dear. This might be a long night. Sri Nithyananda, yes, that might all be true, especially in the eyes of your devout following, but here in the United States, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Even Richard M. Nixon found that one out, the hard way. "I am not that crook!" Sri Nithyananda, that was almost the quote from Nixon. But, in the United States, no person is above the law no matter how high they have claimed to levitate. "I AM NOT A CROOK!!!" There you go, Sri Nithyananda. That is the correct quote of Richard M. Nixon.

Anyway, Sri Nithyananda, if there seems to be a lack of transparency and some, shall we say, some irregularities, there's a due and fair process to help ensure that every thing is kosher. It does not mean that you are 'in the wrong', but it helps shed light, and perhaps could even correct things that are in a gray zone, but need to straighten up before things go really wrong. Therefore, Sri Nithyananda, I would like to take a moment and let our readers know of some resources where they can get that process started. "WHAT!?!" Yes, you heard me, Sri Nithyananda, I just want to post a few resources so that our concerned readers will feel better and at ease to know that you and your organizations have had the proper guidance to be a legitimate contributor to society. "RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAUUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!" Oh, Oh. My translator in Gruntanese says that was a sound you never want to hear. I better put on this football helmet and extra thick kneepads. Today, I thought we would give some resources on how to report you and your organizations to the FBI and the IRS.
"RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAUUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!" Clunk! Oh, my. Sri Nithyananda, you just went into deep samadhi again. My Gruntanese translator just informed me that I'm lucky to be alive and that if Sri Nithyananda didn't go into deep samadhi, that I would suffer a fate of cruelty worse than his ashramites receive. Yikes. I would hate to think what that might be. OK, let's not get Sri Nithyananda out of his deep samadhi. He looks very peaceful right now. I wish his ashramites would get this kind of rest from time to time too.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

If you would like to initiate some investigations and transparency for Sri Nithyananda and his organizations, it is very important that you be fully grounded in satya (truthfulness). Only report information that you know is absolutely true, and that you have personally experienced. When giving the information, it is best to document these points to the best of our ability:
  1. When? Give the time and dates as close as you can.
  2. Where? Give the place and locations. Don't worry if this happened outside of the United States, but if it did, say so.
  3. Who? Give the names of the people involved.
  4. What? Be as specific as possible. Best if you have details such as check numbers, amounts, additional names, etc.
Poor information: Don't give hearsay info such as "My best friend’s brother had a girlfriend and this person said that..." That is weak and not helpful.

Good information: "I personally experienced on September 11, 2007 that Nithyananda said at the Ashram in Duarte, California said to me and these people around 8:00 p.m..... and the amount of the money was $3,000 U.S.D. with check number 588, etc."

Confidentiality: You really need to give your full contact information to the US Government. Your report will have much more credibility than just an 'anonymous' tip with no personal information. Most likely leads that do not have this contact information are discredited. The U.S. Government does an excellent job of maintaining privacy, so there's no reason to worry. You could request along with your information that you remain anonymous so that you do NOT face retaliation or retribution if your identity is exposed (which is unlikely). Your privacy will be fully respected. Guaranteed.

Nationality: Do not worry if you are a U.S. citizen, U.S. Resident, or even a foreigner residing in or outside of the U.S. The U.S. authorities have overseas branches. Let them decide if your information is relevant or not. That's their job. It is best to come forward and give this information when possible. It will be helpful.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

When reporting, it is best to include duplicate information to multiple agencies. For instance, information that is sent to the IRS should also be sent to the FBI. Although the U.S. agencies work well together and share information, this sharing and duplication will speed up the reporting process. Be sure to inform each agency which information has been shared with other agencies. For instance, if you send an IRS Form 13909 to the IRS, you should also send that form to the FBI with additional notes as needed.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Nithyananda's legal name is: Sri Nithyananda Swami

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Below is a list of recognized Nonprofit Organization under Nithyananda. The most important aspect is the Employee Identification Number (EIN). The name and address are helpful, but the EIN is the key. Be sure to include this if you mention a specific organization. Here are all of the charities under Nithyananda that are registered under the IRS Publication Form 78:

* * * * *
Hindu University of America Inc., Orlando, FL USA

Life Bliss Foundation Inc., Duarte, CA USA

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of Columbus, Delaware, OH USA

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ USA

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO USA

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of San Jose, Fremont, CA USA

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of Seattle, Redmond, WA USA

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Temple & Cultural Center, Duarte CA USA

Nithyananda Foundation, Duarte, CA USA

Nithyananda Foundation Montclair, CA USA

Nithyananda Yoga Foundation Inc. Duarte, CA USA
NOTE: listed under Form 78 with no EIN (not with status of a nonprofit charity) - STATUS IS IN QUESTION:

Nithyananda Vedic Temple of Oklahoma City, OKC, OK USA
We can thank our lucky stars.  By a stroke of luck, some Nithyananda supporter posted all of the needed public information about each of the above Nithyananda organizations on the Guruphiliac Forum.  To find the all-important EIN numbers as well as the full address of the registered charitable organization, just go to this URL:

CLICK HERE for EIN Numbers for all of Nithyananda's Organizations
# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

If you have specific information that fits this general category of possible crimes including:
  • organized fraud, e.g. selling 'enlightenment'
  • specific fraud, such as promising teacher training and then sent do menial volunteer service such as 'flyering', and then not offered a refund, etc.
  • illegal immigration racket
  • sexual abuse (best information includes first-hand accounts or direct 'eyewitness')
  • physical abuse, particularly to children and teenagers which mostly happened in India
  • mental and psychological abuse and other brainwashing techniques deployed by cults including sleep deprivations, yelling, humiliation, etc.
  • diverting of charitable funds from a 'promised' project to another project, usually outside the U.S. to India.
  • all other activities that seem 'fishy' or possibly illegal.
You have three options to report this information to the FBI:

1. Online:

2. By Mail:

3. In Person:

   If you live outside of the U.S.:
   (usually, direct3d through the U.S. Embassy)

Online: If you submit online, be sure to fill out the form properly. Unfortunately, there's no ability to send attachments.
By Mail: If you send by mail, it is best if you include both a hard copy (printed) and a soft copy (burned on CD) with your contact information and brief description of the content on the CD. This will help the FBI agent to place your information digitally (but it is not necessary). It is highly recommended that you call the regional office first to confirm the mailing address before sending the information.

Visiting the FBI Directly
If you plan to visit the FBI directly, be sure to navigate the FBI's location pages on their website. Most major cities have 'satellite' offices or 'resident agencies'. For instance, Los Angeles has ten (10) offices in addition to the field office headquarters. One should be very near you.

Although it takes a little more time, ideally, going directly to the FBI regional office allows credibility that a real and legitimate concerned citizen is coming forward with information. Be sure to include your contact information on all correspondence. As always, your personal information will be treated confidentially and with care. When submitting this information, it is best to provide both a hardcopy and a digital copy (if possible.)

Our personal experience is that the FBI Regional Office has always treated us with dignity, respect, and concern. Just a small etiquette tip, as friendly and helpful as the FBI employees are, they never give out their names. So save your self some awkwardness and don't ask them for anyone's name when you visit.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

If you see anything that looks suspicious that deals with finances (that includes any monetary transactions) with any of Nithyananda's charitable organizations, then you will want to inform the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (The Federal Tax Branch of the U.S. Government.)

You will need to fill out the IRS Form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form:

The instructions on Form 13909 are very clear. Be sure that all sections are answered as appropriate.

The most important piece of identification information is the Employee Identification Number (EIN). Be sure to include it for each organization reported.

If you are not certain which of Nithyananda's organizations to name in the 13909 Form, then send duplicates forms for each organization that is in question. For instance, if during the Mission Training 2007, you were promised to receive acharya (teacher) training, but were told to do menial service without the option for a refund, then you might want to fill out two (2) forms for both 1. The Life Bliss Foundation and 2. The Nithyananda Foundation. Although the information will be the same, it will help the IRS in sorting out which organization should be investigated. Do not worry. It is the same people with the same leader. The IRS will be able to figure it out.

You will need to fill out one (1) 13909 Form for every organization reported. For instance, if you fill out a complaint against the 1. Life Bliss Foundation, 2. The Nithyananda Foundation, 3. Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Temple & Cultural Center, you will need to fill out three (3) separate forms.
EIN Numbers for Nithyananda's Organizations Available Here
For the one Nithyananda organization that does not have an EIN number, that is the:

Nithyananda Vedic Temple of Oklahoma City, OKC, OK USA
The IRS recommends that you still fill out a 13909 Form and state that this charity does not have an EIN number.

In section 5 of the IRS Form 13909, under "Submitter Information", you might want to check the box that will make your information confidential, specifically, check the box next to: "I am concerned that I might face retaliation or retribution if my identity is disclosed." Your information will remain confidential.

Sending instructions are on the IRS 13909 Form. You may send it via hardcopy through the postal service or as an email attachment (recommended) to the given email address, which is on the form.

You might want to write additional information to the IRS on a separate document. Be sure to include your contact information and the charity in question, including the address, and especially the EIN on all supporting documents.

IRS Reward Possibility: You might be interested to know that there is an IRS reward that you could qualify for.  To be eligible you will need to fill out and sign the IRS Form 211 "Application for Award for Original Information" and male that separetly to the Whistleblower Office.  You may obtain that form from this link:
Multiple Copies to Other Agencies:  Once again, it is highly recommended that you send a copy of all IRS documents to the FBI.  You might also want to keep a copy for your own records.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Stay tuned for additional information on how to report Nithyananda and his organizations in future posts.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

Day 7: Seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Thank you! this is one big chunk of useful information.

  2. How a cult works? Interesting links:

  3. After reading this article that reminds me. I had donated $2500 for Shiva Linga with my name inscribed on it in the Montclair temple.

    This donation money was specifically for the Shiva Linga.

    I have not seen the physical Shiva Linga yet with my name on it. Unless Nithyananda has installed it in some other loka...or some etheric space around Mont Clair temple.

    What a fraud organization. This report should definitely go to the FBI.

  4. Wow, someone even post all the EIN's for our convenience. Please do save a copy of the EIN's in case that posting gets removed.

  5. Do you have a twitter account? You can get on twitter so easily and twit any new postings and comments so more will be aware ot it. Get a name that let teh world you are about cults & Nithy and many moe will know about your site. I will be the first to follow you.

    You can start folllowing the Nithy followers - even if they block you, they will notice you in order to block you! It will be fun. It takes only a min to join.

    Guruphiliac is on twitter. Nithy is on twitter. Facebook takes a little more work to setup, twitter setup takes a min or two.

  6. Money was collected for 1008 Shiva Lingas for the Montclair temple. Cost per Shiva Linga was $2500. Which means around 2 Million Five Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars was collected to install the Shiva Lingas.

    Where are the Shiva Lingas? This is a big fraud a spiritual organization has done. This needs to be reported to the FBI & IRS.

  7. Here is a joke:
    An innocent devotee walked in to the LA Temple for the first time and curiously looking around the temple .One LA disciple came and greeted him and asked are you looking for something?He replied I've donated $2500 for Shivalinga but I couldn't find it here.....

    "Immediately someone(may be Bhakthananda/Medhananda) was shouting from behind"UNCLUTCH.....UNCLUTCH..."

    PS:This joke is not copied from any of the OSHO's books by the way.LOL......

  8. For all those who post comments. Do not use short forms like Nithy.

    To increase google hit count, use exact words like Nithyananda etc.

  9. Some of you are too attached to the Shiva Lingams with your names on it. lol

    Jokes aside. Please report this to stop the fraud. The fraud is much bigger than the shiva ligams...It is the perversion of Dharma.

  10. Hasn't anybody noticed, Life Bliss Foundation Inc. is listed as a Protestant organization. Not Hindu. And the contact person (registered under his name?) is not an ashramite, but a good friend of the million dollar donor of the LA temple. Interesting.

  11. Awesome joke which apparently must be true.

    We should ask Nithyananda Foundation to UNCLUTCH from gold and money...what about that?

    Idiots of the first century..without any understanding of Vedanta, these fools are just blabbering nonsense into peoples mind. UNCLUTCHED is a foolish concept that too is plagiarized from U.G Krishnamurti.

    I have met lot of Nithyananda Swami's. They have ZERO understanding of Vedanta. Just bind devotion filled with ignorance. Cannot even call it devotion because devotion is never blind. In devotion there is freedom to see the TRUTH as it is.

  12. Please everyone who has been rip-off or knows of the fraud please report the fraud. Please do not proscrastinate.

    Any delay would lead to more harm to spiritual seekers and their families. Even if you do not care about having your money back, your reporting will help prevent further fraud.

    If his sleep-deprivation slavery programs had caused emotional harm to you or members of your family, you may have grounds for a lawsuit as well.

    Let Justice and Righteousness prevail. Let us all stop this fake swami Nithyananda.

  13. I am glad some one came forward. My daughter attended a Nithyananda program in Salem a few years back. She first could only think of this guru. She then quit school and joined his ashram. She nver call us. She forgot us. We miss her. Please give our daughter back. She is a good person.

  14. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time to chime in. Thanks, everyone, for all of the support and comments. We would really like to keep to the topic of exposing the fraud of Nithyananda and his organizations.

    Yes, topics like Software Engine Optimization (SEO) or how we can do better in Google are interesting. Just the same, we don't want to place limitations on anyone. Quality comments will be our ticket to getting a wide and loyal audience as well as a decent placing in the search engines. So, please don't worry if you use certain key words or not in your comments. Just write what you feel is important (with some thought and quality), and we'll post it as long as your comments keep on target.

    As one of our loyal readers noted, we currently rank a big zero (0) in Google's page rank. This usually is the default for new blogs, and we'll get better with time. If you want to create 'back links', (those are links from other pages that link to this site), that would definitely help us do better. Although a plain hyperlinked URL that goes to any page on this site works fine, even better is to hyperlink specific text that you feel would make an accurate description of the landing page as well as contain quality key words. And, yes, they have to match, or Google gets made.

    Currently, we're getting tons of traffic, even though our 'page view' meter is on broken (out of my control). Yes, we could look for a new one, but this one uses the stats from Google, so we want to keep with it for now. And, yes, we want to use 'page view' rather than 'unique visitor'.

    Good news. We made the top ten in Google for "Nithyananda Cult" and "Nithyananda fraud". We're number one for "Nithyananda Truth", "Nithyananda Rajneesh", "Nithyananda Scientology", and "Nithyananda tantric", and no. 2 for "Nithyananda Osho". For "Nithyananda Thiruvannamalai" we're at no. 4. At one point, we were no. 22 for plain old "Nithyananda" and now we're 400 something. So, yes, we've been penalized in Google. That could happen from us over-using the word 'Nithyananda' or from something else including complaints from Nithyananda's followers. Either way, we're not concerned. We're being found, and the right action (conversion rate) is happening.

    Once again, I'm more passionate about visitors coming to the site and reading as many pages as possible than key words and rank. That looks like it's happening.

    Yesterday, we had a serge of comments that were in favor of Nithyananda. These comments ranged from anger and racist to thoughtful and thought provoking. We will post those comments with our comments attached in due time. So, Nithyananda supporters, be patient. Thanks.

    That's all for now. Take care.

    Jai Maa.

  15. I am so sorry for you and all the people supporting you. There are better things to do in this world rather than posting silly comments on on some indian saint.
    If you are truly a seeker, I am sure you would have learned something from this saint and now if you think you are done with him, it is OK. You just need to move on.
    Don't get stuck at the same place where you left. The longer you stay there, you will start stinking.
    Not only you will stink but also drag other people towards you and also make them stink.

  16. To all Sri Nithyananda Swami supporters, I'd like to say that we blog supporters were once in your shoes and know where you are coming from.
    Mahatma Gandhi said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
    In Swamiji's world, these things are not in harmony.
    We are attracted to Swamiji believing he will lead us to be more religious, less materialistic, and become enlightened. Ask yourselves, have any of these happened? Are you spending your time learning and reading religious texts, slokas, mantras, more meditation techniques, and not worried about how you look? Or are you spending your time copying books, cranking out DVDs and CDS, making malas, doing PR work, trying to get thinner and therefore look better, trying to recruit new and rich members and everything to please Swamiji and to promote Swamiji's mission. Ask yourselves, is this really religion, or spiritual, or Hinduism? Isn't it really Nithyanandism and nothing more?
    You and I both know that Swamiji says and acts the "right" way in the public eye and we all know his true colors in private settings.
    Is this the master you want to serve? You know you are only running after the enlightenment carrot on a stick in front of you.
    Please have true mental clarity and have the courage to walk away from his mission before it's too late and you sell out your soul.
    Best wishes and love to you all.

  17. Very well said "Whatever". We all were in the Nithyananda Supporter shoes at one time.

    But the perception changed and starting seeing the crookedness of the Nithyananda Foundation.

    The business runs on one simple principle. Do Masters work and you will get enlightened. That is a blasphemy and a serious sacrilege. That is a good way for the Master to achieve his ambitions riding on t he lives of innocent people.

    To Nithyananda Followers:

    I can go on and on..but give one chance to understand what this blog is trying to say. Sit back, RELAX and contemplate on what true spirituality means. How a Master should be? Dont get carried away by few Siddhi's that your Master might show you (even I doubt that, but Nithyananda tells some fancy stories about this wandering days and what not). Dont believe it. Be like Vivekananda, question him and see his response. If you dare to question his actions, I am sure you will get a kick in your a**.

    But all we plead is just take a break. Remove the Nithyananda Brainwash Hat, and use your mind to evaluate the things that are happening inside. Looting rich people, asking money for shiva lingas and doing nothing, exploitation of ananda sevaks, 6 Enlightened people (so called) leaving, telling lies about ones birth day, wandering days time etc., manipulating the disciples, sleep depriving etc. I can go on and on.

    Understand, Inspiration is beyond reason BUT BUT BUT it should not contradict Never forget the fact that it should not contradict. In Nithyananda foundation reason is severed by the Masters words everytime and it does contradict. This is an alarm. Step back, think, revaluate as here your life is at stake. Following a false Guru has lot of Karmic implications. Dont be a prey to that.

  18. Thanks for the touching comments; I have a dear one who is still out there and vulnerable. Only a huge miracle that will expose this fraud will make him see the light. I hope it will happen soon,before its too late.Life is precious,I understand it more now.

  19. What is the big deal if Nithy indeed has occult power siddhis? He is using to it defraud people and lead them astray. He is not using it for the benefit of the world.

    His siddhis has limitations. He cannot take down this blog, nor could he materialize the golden throne he wanted so much. He has to trick his followers into giving him the money for the throne.

    Real siddhis you have, Paramahamsa Nithyanada Swami.

  20. Hi Anon of November 24, 2009 10:56 AM post,

    I sure learned plenty form your "saint". I learned never to trust any spiritual "master" who charge big money for his programs while exploiting volunteer slave laborers.

  21. To the anon who says we've learnt "plenty" from nithyananda.

    Let's look at some of the laundry list we've been taught there and are trying to unlearn:

    1. Lie if needed for masters work
    2. Plagiarize from osho books to write books
    3. Forget about meditation. Master will take care of that. Lol
    3. Others who are not seeing masters divinity are fools. We have to recruit them, convert them doing whatever it takes
    4. While taking lbp doesn't matter how well meditations are taught. Only worry about 'conversion rate'. Or how to make them come for other progams. O o especially if they are rich
    5. Forget all about your family. They bind you. Don't talk to them , ignore them
    6. Wait for every oportune moment to take sanyas not because you want it but because it will make master happy. (cult cult written all over it)
    7. Function in less sleep as there's so much work todo else master will be upset. Also cos master sleeps only 2 hrs (what nonsense. What do you think he's doing when he is inso called samadhi
    8. If it come to it always take master's blameon your own head. (cult)

    the list is really long.....but I think you get the picture.

  22. To the 8 items on the list posted by Anon

    I like to add this

    9. Never judge the actions of your "Enlightened Master" - his actions are beyond the conceptions of your unenlightened mind. Do what he says, don't do what the "master" does! Nithy mentioned this many times with Vivekananda smoking story.

    Well, does this mean the enlightened disciples with their enlightened minds are now in perfect accord with their "enlightened master"?

    Yet so many saw the fraud and escaped!

  23. This must be the bigest setback for Nithyananda that 6 of his enlightened disciples left him after seeing the fraud.

    What kind of enlightenment was that?

  24. This is 6 out of the first 25 in the USA. There are also those who left in India that we may not know about.

    God willing, mass exodus soon....

  25. Hi Blue Clown, what kind of enlightenment was that?

    Nithy's Enlightenment = Enslavement to his cult

    Accepting his lies as truth and helping him defraud devotees and deceive humanity. If you don't believe me, take a good look at Medhananda and Bhaktananda.

  26. Your blog is fake just like to claim Nithy to be! You are discriminating just like you claim Nithy to be. You are all the negative things you claim Nithy to be. YOU! don't post all the comments just like you claim Nithy doesn't. YOU ARE THE FAKE! AND "YOU" PROVE IT EVERY TIME YOU DON'T POST THE COMMENTS!

  27. Om Namah Shivaya,

    The comment above is just another satisfied customer who is experiencing some 'churning' as Truths hit Nithyananda's brainwashing. We don't take offence. We, however, noted that many of Sri Nithyananda's close devotees do not seem to be very blissful these days, even though they are all 'enlightened'. We get a lot of these comments, and don't post every one of them. They don't add much value. Regardless, we would like to remind these angry people that this is our blog, and we'll post what we feel is appropriate. They will understand eventually.

    Jai Maa.

  28. There was the Inner Awakening program in Dubai and i was shocked to find that the more your paid the closer you get to sit in the hall and also a whopping 7000 Dhirams (about Rs.1 Lakh) to perform a padha pooja of the swami who is stayin the 5 star hotel crowne plaza.


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