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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Response to "Nithyananda, What Fraud??"

A Straight Response, Yes, Nithyananda is Fraud; Here's Why:
In contrast to most of our other posts, we will try a straightforward approach. After receiving a rather polite and engaging pro-Nithyananda message, we decided to post it and address the general concerns. Here's the posted comment:

What Fraud??
Nov 24, 2009 9:24 pm
I have been following your posts for sometime. I must say that you give the impression of being an ex-"insider" who knows more than he is saying. Be that as it may, I do not find any solid evidence of any kind to back up your contentions being put forward, and your conclusions appear to be contirived. I have been a devotee of the mission for the last 5 years and have never seen the kind of abuse and tyranny you speak of. The volunteers at Bidadi and LA whom I met (and continue to meet) are happy. Some amount of disciplining and harshness is part of the Guru-Shiksha parampara, maybe you should not over-stress it without specific evidence. In any case, a sadhna or spiritual journey is undertaken by each one for his own development, be it linked to empire or not. If people find the benefits coming to them, they stay, otherwise they leave. Its like the lamp that lights your path on a dark night. What do you see? the lamp (its colour, make etc) or the path? What do you respect more - the lamp or its light? Nithyananda has always said that if you have found your inner Guru, by all means follow him and go beyond the form of the Master. I do not want to get into involved spiritual wranglings. The truth he expounds is part of ancient wisdom, he is a powerful catalyst who can makes its relevance apparent to each one. Does it really matter who said it first - he or Osho or Ramakrishna or whoever? Don't we need only the light?
I don not know if you will publish this. Its my hope that you will...
Thanks and best wishes on your journey.
And our response:

Om Namah Shivaya,

Thanks anonymous for the post titled “What Fraud?”. We appreciate your seeking to understand and openness of dialog, and we will certain try to reply with the same respect that you have shown for us. We are glad that you are happy, and we acknowledge that you see others being happy and involved with Nithyananda’s order. We also recognize your point that it doesn’t really matter where someone gets their spiritual ‘nourishment’, whether that be from whole wheat bread or dahl (lentils), as long as they are able to grow. Yes, on one surface, we have to agree that it seems not worthy of disturbing happy people who are getting, as it seems, spiritual growth. If Sri Nithyananda were a spiritual teacher that taught with some purity, then we would wholeheartedly agree. We would close up shop and never bother with this blog. Even if there were points that we disagreed with that Sri Nithyananda did, as long as he held up the basic tenants of dharma (righteousness), we would recognize his grace and only receive our support.

Yes, you are right, we are insiders, and there are several of us. We came to Sri Nithyananda with trust, and to use your analogy, we have no issue with the lamp. But, we do have issue with the light that illuminates from this lamp. Instead of pure light, we found poisons gas, and therefore, we feel we must warn others and try to get those that are near this dangerous ‘light’ away. Yes, this does not make us very popular with those that under the ‘bliss’ of this lamp. At the end, it will be their choice to experience this deadly ‘light’ or not, but at least they can base their decisions after from hearing our findings, as unpleasant as it might seem to them at first.

To address some of your points, yes, we agree this statement:
If people find the benefits coming to them, they stay, otherwise they leave.
And, that has happened. Already six of the twenty-five followers who received Nithyananda’s first batch of ‘mass enlightenment’ have woken up and left. As the light of Truth hits the collective years of programming combined with the loyalty these followers shown by ‘donating’ their savings and years of service, there will be conflict. Their minds were in comfort zones, and now they are being questioned. This is true ‘churning’, and it is not just some humiliation that needs to be ‘swallowed’ as ego submission to the master. This struggle is their very beings fighting for existence.

The subject of your message was “What Fraud?”. Although we feel that we have been very clear in our past blogs, we welcome the chance to highlight what we consider to be fraud that Sri Nithyananda has done. First, we feel that Sri Nithyananda by borrowing other people’s works and claiming them as his own violates a standard of ethics. A true enlightened master would never plagiarize. There’s a red flag right there. Then, Sri Nithyananda uses his claim that he has ‘written’ all of these truths as a way to strengthen his claim that he is indeed enlightened. Red flag number two. This is much like the way that Sri Nithyananda has embellished his stories about himself, which we feel most if not all are fabricated. Red flag number three. The easiest ‘story’ to prove as being false is Sri Nithyananda’s claim of wandering for the nine-years that supposedly happen from 1995 to the January 1, 2000.

In defense of Sri Nithyananda’s claim for these nine years, one of his supporters commented in the Guruphiliac Forum, that Sri Nithyananda actually ‘wandered’ from 1994 to 2003, to account for the nine years. Well, if Sri Nithyananda’s wandering included ‘obtaining’ enlightenment, settling in his body in a cave for nine months, setting up his first ashram by the Kaveri River, moving his ashram to Bidadi, and in July 2003, arriving to the U.S. This just does not add up. We have sincere doubt to all of other Nithyananda stories, which include but not limited to carving a statue of Osho as his first act of enlightenment, graduating from a polytechnic school, his 360 degree meditation experience which still allows him to see from behind, etc. We really would like to believe Sri Nithyananda, but sadly, none of these stories make logical sense, and Sri Nithyananda’s validity of being grounded in sathya (truthfulness) is deeply in question.

Going back to Sri Nithyananda’s borrowed teachings, we also found a common trend of all of these ‘Truths’ to have certain embellishments added to them. Red flag number four. These embellishments consist of self-serving themes such as ‘only an enlightened master (him) can lead you to enlightenment’, ‘true devotion an the enlightened master will lead you to see a white bird as being black’ (ironically this seems very true to what actually does happen under Nithyananda’s sway), ‘never questioning anything about an enlightened master’, and ‘unclutching from all social relationships, careers, and families and then aligning oneself to the master’. If Sri Nithyananda was a software company, he would copy another company’s product and then add his own virus to it, and then sell it as his ‘own brand’. You might say that these Truths are universal and could be shared. That is a point. Mind you that other spiritual missions, in order to keep the knowledge of their past masters alive, need the revenues from the sale of these ideas, which Sri Nithyananda, has borrowed almost line-for-line.  So, it could be said that Sri Nithyananda is draining these masters' resources. In addition, it seems that Sri Nithyananda does not use these Truths to help people grow, but uses them to ‘capture’ new recruits for either financial contributions or labor. We find this very troubling.

We also found that Sri Nithyananda claims that he can give mass ‘enlightenment’ and gladly sells that to his ‘devout’ followers through a series of expensive programs. Yes, we would all love to be enlightened. No doubt. Troubling to see that six of the first twenty-five close followers that Sri Nithyananda made ‘enlightened’ have left him for they no longer claim that Sri Nithyananda’s certificate of enlightenment was valid. The remaining 19 followers seem to have worldly problems or at the very least have symptoms of worldly problems. Red flag number five. Selling mass ‘enlightenment’ that is not valid.

Another deeply troubling aspect of Sri Nithyananda seems to be the source of his siddhis (powers). There have been countless stories of ghosts and preciously few stories involving divine deities. Placing non-sattvic (non-pure) items in fire rituals such as human hair, marijuana seeds, and red chilies also points to a less than pure divine practice. Leading followers in cemetery tours late at night makes, in our opinion, no doubt that Sri Nithyananda’s source of power is from the graveyard and not from the Divine. Red flag number six. So, what can someone do with all this power? Masquerading dark forces as a Divine presence will have huge karma. Sri Nithyananda might be able to give lots of people very ‘unique’ experiences, which might lead them to believe that Sri Nithyananda really is that ‘divine’ force. This is sad, and we’ll call it fraud. It is our collective experience that Sri Nithyananda’s practices leads to a ‘solid’ and ‘real’ experiences of something that is beyond logic, but results in absolutely no knowledge. This is akin to ‘feel good’ and ‘hallucinogenic’, but zero growth. Even more troubling is that Sri Nithyananda seems to cultivate 'loyalty' and 'gratitude' upon peole who have experienced his sidhis (powers). Addiction to these types of experiences are a disaster to spiritual growth and adds dependency to his followers on Sri Nithyananda.

This source of his siddhis (powers) ties directly into the claims that Sri Nithyananda has made about being God himself. Since he practices graveyard spirituality, how can he possibly claim that he is (or was once) 1. Lord Krishna, 2. Devi Meenakshi, 3. Lord Subramaniam, 4. Lord Ayyappa, 5. Lord Shiva, etc.? How can Sri Nithyananda justify replacing Lord Shiva’s name with his name in holy mantras? We feel that this is Divine identify theft and is red flag number seven.

Similarly, who could doubt that healing practices are not something good? After hearing stories about Sri Nithyananda healed his back after breaking it on a truck ride, etc., who wouldn’t want to reach out and be healed of all those diseases we carry or have our love ones healed? Unfortunately, we have experienced first-hand plenty of times Sri Nithyananda's healing did not work. Even more damaging were his excuses that followed. Marketing himself as an enlightened healing master is at best questionable. We consider this red flag number eight.

Then, there seems to be practices of Sri Nithyananda that nicely fit in the realms of a cult and certainly not in Vedic traditions. These include sleep deprivation, public humiliation, required legal name changes, etc. These collectively break down a follower’s free will and mind to become submissively subservient only to Sri Nithyananda. In addition, we have witnessed his techniques to break up families and play people off against each other. These divisive methods of achieving ‘spiritual growth’ and label it as ‘churning’ or ‘master is working on you’ is manipulative, and these practices are as far away from anything that resembles spirituality as we know it. Sri Nithyananda tricks people into thinking that they are getting spirituality, but instead they get a cult. We consider that fraud. That is red flag number nine.

One of the most quick and effective ways to break up families, replace people’s identity, obtain their savings, and indenture their services, skills, labor, and lives in one clean swoop is to give them sanyasi (monk) initiation. Sri Nithyananda has given out perhaps hundreds of sanyasi (monk) initiations to people who are not qualified for it or have obligations in this world that would preclude them from this practice. To a true enlightened master, giving out sanyasi initiation is no joke; it requires dedication of the master’s life in this life and beyond. Sincere masters often wait years to ensure that the person is qualified and has no other conflicting obligations. To Sri Nithyananda, giving sanyasis initiation it seems to be one more mass method of as an ‘end’ to achieve his ‘means’. Red flag number ten.

Finally, we have seen Sri Nithyananda’s other side. His private side. Yes, in public, Sri Nithyananda talks a very good talk, and seems convincing with his sincerity. In private, however, we have found a very different man. There seems to a strong inclination towards power (wanting to have his own country, as an example), strong desires for wealth, especially gold, and a flair for the private company of attractive ladies. If Sri Nithyananda markets himself as a renunciate, celibate monk, and holy man that is above all these worldly trappings and worthy of being declared as God himself, then it is with great sadness and deceit that the true nature of Sri Nithyananda has been revealed. Red flag number eleven.

To recap, we find all of these red flags (and we’re sure that there are more that our readers will add to this already lengthy list) to point toward a massive, well planned, and organized fraud. Be very clear, Sri Nithyananda’s followers do not benefit spiritually. Sri Nithyananda gains all the worldly benefits and everyone collects huge karma from such a scheme. Such acts gives a bad name to spirituality and tarnishes the hard work of real masters.

Now, some of you might think that if the Sri Nithyananda’s followers are happy to be part of such a scheme, then we should just leave things alone, and let Sri Nithyananda do what we feel is fraud without bothering anyone. That would be easy, and we would have probably experience more personal productivity than bothering to point all these inconveniences out. Yet, we cannot do this. To see what we consider as flagrant fraud, and to turn our backs and look the other way, is not in accordance to dharma. This is much like ignoring the crimes of a drug dealer. The drug dealer has a similar product and people have seemingly ‘good’ experiences from the dealers products, so why not? Well, when others get pulled in and when anyone tries to quit the addiction, they find themselves sadly robbed of everything, their lives, health, money, careers, families, everything. We feel that this is wrong, and we will not tolerate it. Yes, this is what fraud is and what it does, and we are quite convinced that Sri Nithyananda is guilty of this crime. We hope that he stops committing this fraud and starts a vitreous life and inspires others do to the same.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of why we are building awareness to what we perceive as a huge problem.

Thank you for your attention. Jai Maa.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

Day 10: Ten days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Thoughts
    I think your hate is just personal and your inability to go through with the tapas that spirituality requires. That has made you bitter and disgruntled and there you are writting such childish blog. Even to a novice this blog is really childish and nonsense. Hope you are not a chicken and will post this message on your blog.

  2. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We’re glad to see that at least one novice Nithyananda supporter can still have some (nice?) thoughts (that is unless this person was ‘told to’ write those comments above).

    To the person who wrote the thoughts above: since you obviously have a few years left in grade school, we suggest that you focus on your studies. That way, you will never be cheated in life.

    Jai Maa.

  3. What Tapas? Years of slavery with little or no sleep to help Nithy make big money big name defrauding the world?

    I will do tapas for spiritual growth, not to help a fallen yogi making money misleading the world.

    Happy Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving I give thanks that I am out of the cult.

  4. I am sure the great saints (such as Patanjali, Ramakrishna, Vivekanananda, Yogananada, etc) have no problem with Nithy or anyone else use their teachings so long as it is done without distortion.

    The issue with Nithy is not that he repeat these great teachings, but that he sneaked in his virus to encourage mindless slavery of his followers.

    As one commenter (Whatever was the username) put it so well: Ispiration is beyond reason, but never contradict it!

  5. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Wow, we knew that Sri Nithyananda hated white people, and now looks like his nasty supporters are ready to join him with racist remarks. This is what was in our inbox (with the name censored):

    [ name deleted ]!

    Pasty-faced white boy trying hard to be "Hindu" with the Namah Shivayas and Jai Maas, eh?

    You ain't foolin' nobody. I suggest you go get laid to alleviate the real cause of your distress lol

    Perhaps if Sri Nithyananda didn't give sanyasi initiation to all those who were married or not really qualified for it, mean little remarks like these would never be expressed. But, then again, this is Sri Nithyananda, and his cult, so we really cannot expect more than that.

    Perhaps this Nithyananda supporter is just 'churning' as Truths hit his or her brainwashing. Oh, well. Wish them all well. They are really nice people, even though sometimes we wonder too.

    Jai Maa.

  6. This is the best post I have seen till date. Hats off to the blogger.

    This should be made into a flyer and distributed outside all Nithyananda temple.

  7. I don't know if Nithy hates white people - he despise free-thinking people whatever theri race. He sure sees white Americans as a source of big income and slave labor for him. Americans are foolish enough to pay $6000 USD for 21 days in his basic Indian ashram run by volunteers. Almost pure profit for Nithy.

    As far as I know, the only white disciple-ashramite given enlightenment was married to an Indian. He has since escaped with 5 others. No more enlightenment for free minds!

  8. Om Namah Shiavya,

    Wow, the best testimonials of what type of people Sri Nithyananda attracts are right in our inbox. We got a very confused, self-confession by someone named ‘Mufassa’. We must admit, that is hard luck to have a name like that. We thought that Sri Nithyananda would have at least named this person ‘NithyaMufassa’. Maybe next time. OK, here are NithyaMufassa’s comments:

    Nov 27, 2009 3:38 pm
    Waaaaah mommy he took my chocolate.
    Sounds seriously like grapes are very sour. You really have nothing but your opinion here.
    You sound like you were in the "inner circle", so you know where he was plagiarising everything from- whats stopping you, why don't you read Osho and become Paramahamsa I am too scared and angry to do this openly. But anyone who has any evidence please come forward as I obviously have none for thr FBI ooooooo mufassa...
    Move on!

    Yes, NithyaMufassa reveals the secrets of Sri Nithyananda. All you have to do is read Osho and a few other true enlightened masters’ work like Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Sivananda, etc. and mix it in with some Scientology and Krishnamurti and voila! You too can have an instant YouTube following. But, don’t worry, NithyaMufassa, Sri Nithyananda one day might give you some chocolate, but well, it might not be chocolate either. Don’t ask. You will find out. And, since you’re too scared to and angry to go to the FBI, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other readers who have been cheated, have plenty of evidence, and overcame their fear of doing the right thing like reporting fraud. So, just relax and move on. You’ll grow out of this cult soon, we’re sure.

    Jai Maa.

  9. Just wondering if this blog is a new publicity stunt by the Life Bliss Org? hahaha

  10. After leaving the Nithy cult, I started asking a lot of questions about what this enlightenment is all about. If Nithy, Medhanaada and Bhaktananda are any indication of what enlightened beings are, I have no interest in this kind of enlightenment.

    One big question: Can an enlightened person become wicked and totally selfish when it comes to money and power?

  11. BOGO...Its thanksgiving sale...Attend Kalapataru program, get 20% off on LBP program.For more details , contact Bhakta-crook-nanada,Sahaj-politician-nanda, Medha-lost-and-no-clue-nanda at Life Bliss LA headquarters. Call before you go in, because they may be dancing to music on their iPods.

    Seriously, for people who follow Nithyananda Paramahamsa :
    1)Do you think an enlightened master would SELL englightnement? Wake up!! Did any of the enlightened masters take money to show path to enlightnement? WAKE UP!! If you spend $250, you will learn some amazing things in Kalapataru. If you dont have money, just keep watching discourses in you tube and keep doing Nithya Dhyaan.
    2)Why would an elightened master create so many courses every few months? Is he not satisifed with his old courses?
    3)Why can't he just take flat money and send everyone to Bidadi and give them enlightenement? Why does he need tier courses that vary based on $ amount and not content in the courses?
    4)Can an insider please answer 'where are the 1008 shiva lingas?"
    5)Why can't anyone take pictures of the self-proclaimed enlightened master Nithayanada? Is it beacause he cant sell his own pictures in his Gallery?
    6)If Life Bliss Foundation is not for profit oprganization, than its accounts should be open to public. Can we see the accounts for Life Bliss LA Ashram?
    7) Why is the mantra replaced with Maha Mantra? I refuse to consider Nithyanada as a replacement for God. Which enlightened master would ask his discibles and attendess to recite a mantra in his own name?
    8)Which enlightened master would ask his devotees to wear a mala with his own picture? In India, Devotess wear by choice not by compulsion
    9)Which enlightened master would ask his devotees to leave his/her family,change the name and move to the ashram?
    10)Which enlightened master would sell books,Dvd's,malas, stones in the name of a meditation program?

    Guess what - we all know what would be answer. Only, our great enlightned master Nithyananda Parmahamsa can do all of these...wake up people...think. Did any of enlightened masters like Sai Baba,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda do any acts of such immense commercialization of their teachings?

  12. If what you believe Mr. Nithyananda is doing is fraudulent it will come under the category of consumer fraud. Consumer Fraud is investigated by three main agencies. First is the Consumer protection agency located most of the time in the State Attorney Generals Office. Second is United States Postal Inspection Service in case US mail is involved in mailing solicitations. Third agency is the Federal Trade Commission located in Washington DC. You can file compalints at these agencies on line. Also the local Better Business Bureau handles consumer complaints, compiles a pattern of complaints against a Business and this helps Governmental Agencies to take action. The FBI will get involved if the request comes from FTC or the Postal Inspection and fraud is being committed accross state lines or the toal amount of fraud is in excess of quarter million dollars, but all these agencies will require proof such as paymenst made cancelled cheques, credit card charges, what was promised by the organization versus what was delivered, any warranties or guarantees that were given prior to you enrolling in any program. Selling an enlightenment course is no different than selling a course on how to become a real estate millionaire overnight, the same governmental rules apply in regards to advertising, gurantees and consumer protection. Hope this helps

  13. why you need a guru is important. Gurus exist for exploitation of various kinds, but that is irrelevant. It gives you satisfaction if someone tells you how you are progressing, but to find out why you need a guru - there lies the key. Another can point out the way but you have to do all the work, even if you have a guru. Because you do not want to face that, you shift the responsibility to the guru. You cannot find truth through anybody else. How can you? Truth is not something static; it has no fixed abode; it is not an end, a goal. On the contrary, it is living, dynamic, alert, alive. No one can give you enlightenment.. nithyananda knows very well about that but people just wants solace and he is providing it. Thanks for your effort. 6 people came out but 6000 gone in. People wants solace and false security and the org will grow in a big way.

  14. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi all, time for another round up of the recent posts. We appreciate your thoughts and efforts, but we cannot accept all posts. There were a few posts which were thoughtful and interesting, but off topic. This blog is about Nithyananda and his cult. And, we're determined to stay focused.

    - - -

    The comment above seemed to be against all gurus, and we still posted that one. We would like to make it clear that we are in agreement with a portion of this comment in regards that a seeker needs to do the spiritual work such as gaining spiritual wisdom, practicing techniques such as mediations, pranayama, yoga, etc., thinking about the Divine constantly, and integrating the Divine in one's life. It will not happen by being someone's indentured slave while building someone’s material empire, as it seems to be the case with Sri Nithyananda and his cult.

    Just the same, we are definitely NOT in agreement with the portion of this comment when it comes to 'all gurus exploit others', etc. Yes, there are many people who will exploit others for their own self-gain. This is not spirituality. These people are not gurus. These con-artist dress like gurus, talk like gurus, and act in public like gurus, but in private, the mask drops and a different face reveals the true intentions of these criminals. This is exactly what Sri Nithyananda is. Sri Nithyananda is NO guru. Just pure fraud.

    In contrast, real gurus will help someone along their journey and point the way. The seeker will still need to take the steps and make the effort on a 24 x 7 basis. A true guru will be able to help the true seeker sort out what is necessary and what is not necessary, and a true guru will have no vested interest and especially no material gain by helping a seeker along the path. We definitely place Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Ramana Maharshi, etc. on this level. At one point, we will dedicate a blog post specifically on what we feel is a true guru and how Sri Nithyananda is not a true guru.

    Regardless, just as a wolf dressed in sheep skin, con artists will use spirituality to mask their true intent. Yes, best to stay away from the likes of Sri Nithyananda. But, still discrimination is needed to be able to find Truths within the noise, just like a duck is able to find food within the mud. It is in this way, true gurus add true value. There are plenty of true gurus that are accessible now and even more whose teachings are accessible. We encourage seekers to embrace these opportunities.

    - - -

    Another post above had some great additional information of how to report the fraud committed by Sri Nithyananda and his cult. We'll highlight these agencies and give links to report them in a future blog post. We would like to emphasize that is our experience that the FBI is already very interested in Sri Nithyananda and his cult. Therefore, we would like to encourage people with concrete evidence to come forward and report your suspected tips to the FBI first and then report to other agencies. Since 9-11, the Federal Agencies have become much more integrated in sharing data.

    You can give a confidential tip to the FBI at this link:

    - - -

    Jai Maa.

  15. You really are pathetic...go get a life. All you do is receive posts and guess what? you don't post them because you cannot stand to hear the TRUTH about yourself as being a hypocrit! Basically you like to think that you have some sort of control. Nice try. Oh we only post comments based on being focused b.s. people can see through YOUR LITTLE WORLD why don't you just close up shop and stop trying to ruin "peoples lives" as you claim Nithy is doing...ever stop to think that the people who follow him are happy and content AND AWARE of what they are doing. In contrast you do not! Several posts have been sent in by different people regarding your motives and your deviousness maybe you should make a blog about yourself! and send it to the FBI!

  16. Your blog is intelligent and respectful.
    Glad to see that insiders wake up and make an effort to help others...without a fee for service!
    That's true spiritual sadhana!

  17. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Judging by the second comment above, looks like we're reaching the right target audience. Churn, churn, churn. We are sure glad that Sri Nithyananda's supporters all meditate and have perfected the art of 'unclutching'. That's good marketing.

    By the way, we do post most comments received as long as they are not 'off topic'.

    If any Nithyananda supporters would like to report this blog to the FBI, please, please, please do so. Be sure to fill out your contact information completely so that the FBI will take your claims seriously and be able to contact you if they have any more questions.

    Jai Maa.

  18. Jai Maa, jai ho!

    You are nearing the 1 million hits!!! Congrats! I hope this awareness will help a lot of people to un-clutch from Sri Nithyananda. Well, if the "master" take money from you to build temples and feed the poor and help the destitute, it would be such a novel thing to do and the Noble peace prize committee should be informed not the FBI...but if thatz not happening and the society/future generation is being exploited in the name of charity...and if you know thatz the truth... if you see something then say will save the world! or at least some lives from ruining! please make that call/email/visit to report this fraud TODAY.

  19. Please don't scare Nithy from returning to the USA. He is needed here to face Justice!


  20. Current & former Ananda Semajis: You have the right to ask about how your contributions was spent. Life Bliss Foundation awes you an account of the use of its funds.

    As a tax-exempt non-profit, it also has to open its books for public scrutiny.

    Anyone see the acounts of the Foundation?

  21. I heard Swami Ramdev exposes all his accounts to public every 10 days. He is building magnificent structure in Haridwar and he does show how every penny is being spent towards that.

    On the other hand, Nithyananda does not show how the donation money is being spent. This needs to happen and public should be aware about where the donation money is going.

  22. Is there a 'Fraud Nithyananda' I can be fan of on facebook? When lots of people join, it will give the world an idea of how many people are agaist him.

  23. I am amazed to see such a loser who has nothing else to do but to waste his time writing about great souls in foul language. Anyways, as a devotee who has been giving donations to the Foundation, I can tell you that every single penny is accounted for. THe whole system is TRANSPARENT. Don't you see in front of your eyes all the great things happening through Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and each penny is given back to society for a noble cause. If you want a detailed break up, they'll tell you happily, may be you never tried asking! I second the comment above "Go get a life man! It's pathetic what you're doing!

  24. There must be enough evidence to take some legal action against him - in the state of California or even at Federal US level!

  25. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time for another recap.

    - - -

    Poster 'R', sorry, we do not have any new comments from either the 'Post a Comment' or 'Leave Us a Message' inboxes form someone named 'R'. There are also no comments pending that have an argument about "experiential" vs. "intellectual". If you send it again, we promise to look it over, and if it is of the same quality of your last comment of "What Fraud??" and relevant to this blog, we most likely will post it.

    - - -

    Great idea about Facebook. We're working on an account now along with Twitter. We'll announce it sometime soon in a post.

    - - -

    Unfortunately, we get called all kinds of names and accused of all kinds of distortions. We don't mind, really. We know that the cult member of Nithyananda will experience churning and will try to attack using anything no matter how baseless. It is just part of the process.

    To the one person who said that Nithyananda can account for every single penny, we comment with 'yes, that is true to some extent. In money laundering that is the name of the game to set up a nice paper trail. We'll dedicate a post just to that sometime soon.

    A message to all of the very vocal Nithyananda supporters who leave low quality posts: In the spirit of Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who once said, "Ask me an undiplomatic question, and I will give you an undiplomatic response.", we reserve the right to make fun of your posts when you get nasty. If you really can't take this, then please don’t come to this blog and don't send us your nasty-grams. You discredit Sri Nithyananda even faster than he discredits himself.

    - - -

    On that happy note...

    Jai Maa.

  26. What a great suggestion! Fraud Nithyananda would be a more suitable nickname for Facebook and Twitter.

    Do you know that names on Facebook and Twitter can be changed easier. Have fun twitting!

  27. Its interesting that the cults uses brainwashing techniques that cause temporal lobe dysfunction. The so called "out of body experience" is nothing but a dissociative disorder esp the subtype depersonalization disorder. So, what Sri Nithyananda claims to have experienced is true and what he is doing is also valid... one sick person trying to instill the same kind of illness (mental illness) in the mass (through intensive "therapy" aka brainwashing sessions). Technically he is not lying. Whatz required here is treatment esp. psychiatric treatment! All the "research" literature he has published only validates the changes in the brain. There is no surprises here; so have mercy and get him the much needed treatment...this will save the world from a mass nervous breakdown!!! i bet a lot of psychiatrists out there should start working...

  28. Talking about the brain and cult techniqs to get an out-of-body or oneness experience, here is an insightful video from a brain scientist who had stroke:

    What she experienced as a left-brain-damaged person feels like what many would say is an "enlightenment" or oneness experience.

    Meditation may induce a similar experience by quieting our left brian temporarily, giving our right brain some chance as our culture is a left-brain dominant culture.

    Back to Nithy, I don't think it is just brain damage. There is wickedness, deception and meanness of spirit. Sometimes I sense a double or multiple personality - or may be he was possessed by the spirits that gave him his occult power siddhis giving brilliant talks. Other times he is his normal self not smart enough to keep the lies about his life story straight.

    These are my *musings* on the brain, Nithy and spirits he worships in the graveyard and elsewhere.

  29. To the person who is bashing to the owner of the blog. Let me say that,i disagree with you . I was once a volunteer,have donated money and seen the real Life Bliss Foundation.If Nithyanada was handing over his books free of cost,i would say he is doing a noble cause.
    This forum is our inspiration,if you can't handle it ,dont post on this blog.

    I am thankful to the owner of this blog.People should know the facts.This This blog is very transparent.

  30. Sorry, there was a typo in the brain video link. Cut and Paste doesn't quite in the comment box.

    Here is the corrected link:

  31. To the Anon who bashed the blog owner:

    You called Nithy a Great Soul? More like Great Con! And please point out the foul language that you mentioned. I don't see any foul language here.

    You need to take a closer look. Open your eyes and ears big.

    The blog owner is doing the world a great service warning seekers of Nithy. At least he makes the seeker aware so that he would look more carefully before he leaps.

    If a seeker still decide to jump in, this blog would serve as a reminder when she starts seeing Nithy doing the opposite of what he preaches.

  32. To the anonymous who bashed the blog owner..

    Dude - please provide details about how the shiva linga donation money was spent..transparent my foot ...

  33. Your blog is just a whole bunch of crap!! Just seeing your language, it is obvious you have major problems in life - perhaps a womaniser yourself with lots of personal problems, illicit sex and broken relationships. If you don't know how to celebrate the happening of an enlightened master in your life, then atleast shut up and stop vomitting poison.

  34. What is interesting is that this guy doesn't want to take anything from anyone. He thinks he knows everything. Every other post, there is a reference to being an insider.

    I bumped into this other blog by the name that clearly shows that this blog owner is propagating lies and misleading information. This author certainly needs medical, psychological and psychiatric attention.

    One of the comments says - an ill person leading another ill person.

    The author of this blog certainly fits that comment very well.

    To see the truth (or should I say lies) behind this authors' "propaganda", visit

  35. Not is a great time to inform the FBI & IRS of the destructive cults abusing our tax code, calling fees donations and using the "donations" for public good. The only "public good" the Nithyananda cult does is for marketing and Public Relations purpose.

  36. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time for a round up. Thanks for being patient. Sorry for the delay of new posts. Many more will come soon. We got a tip off of a new parallel universe blog that supporters of Sri Nithyananda have made. We welcome honest debate and now have links to that site. Please see our latest post.

    We will be the first to admit that we don't know everything. But, we do know which questions to ask. Please use your open and critical mind. Questioning will lead you to wisdom. It is a sign of a seeker, not of a passive recipient who just wants spiritual growth or 'enlightenment' to be placed in his or her pocket.

    Apologies for the broken applications including the list of latest comments. That is not in our control. We hope that Google will fix these soon.

    We don't mind if you use character assault and call us names. We know the churning Sri Nithyananda's supporters are going through, and just see this as part of the process. We hope that they read this blog often and check for new comments.

    Jai Maa.

  37. i will not say you are doing great job by opening this blog....but you have the full right to question about how money is spend....If mission ask money for building temple ..then people need to know why the temple is not being started or what type of progress is done in that work...It will not be fair to ask money for one thing and people never see that thing happening............So may be by this blog ,atleast swamijis mission will work towards more transperency....i would like to thank this blogger as then there will be a true debate and true information will come out........It should not be a competion who is great swamiji or this blogger..if we get true information then obiviously truth will win.................

  38. My mail read very differently. And it was not anonymous, I do not fear standing up publicly for my beliefs (unlike some people).

    You twisted it between your words to read how you wanted it to.

    I say it again here- WHY HAVE YOU NOT READ ALL THE BOOKS AND BECOME A PARAMAHAMSA YOURSELF? If it is as simple as reading books, it sounds like you too can read enough.

    In Nithyanandam.

    Nisha Somaia

    Om Namah Shiavya,

    Wow, the best testimonials of what type of people Sri Nithyananda attracts are right in our inbox. We got a very confused, self-confession by someone named ‘Mufassa’. We must admit, that is hard luck to have a name like that. We thought that Sri Nithyananda would have at least named this person ‘NithyaMufassa’. Maybe next time. OK, here are NithyaMufassa’s comments:

    Nov 27, 2009 3:38 pm
    Waaaaah mommy he took my chocolate.
    Sounds seriously like grapes are very sour. You really have nothing but your opinion here.
    You sound like you were in the "inner circle", so you know where he was plagiarising everything from- whats stopping you, why don't you read Osho and become Paramahamsa I am too scared and angry to do this openly. But anyone who has any evidence please come forward as I obviously have none for thr FBI ooooooo mufassa...
    Move on!

    Yes, NithyaMufassa reveals the secrets of Sri Nithyananda. All you have to do is read Osho and a few other true enlightened masters’ work like Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Sivananda, etc. and mix it in with some Scientology and Krishnamurti and voila! You too can have an instant YouTube following. But, don’t worry, NithyaMufassa, Sri Nithyananda one day might give you some chocolate, but well, it might not be chocolate either. Don’t ask. You will find out. And, since you’re too scared to and angry to go to the FBI, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other readers who have been cheated, have plenty of evidence, and overcame their fear of doing the right thing like reporting fraud. So, just relax and move on. You’ll grow out of this cult soon, we’re sure.

    Jai Maa.

  39. HAHAHAHAH comments are visible after your approval...why the censoring????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    In Nithyanandam


  40. So many bust the cult anonymous bloggers but no evidence....waaaaaaahhhhh

  41. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Well, there, Nisha Somaia, a.k.a. NithyaMufassa, it must be interesting to be so brainwashed. All the evidence quoted right out of Sri Nithyananda's books pieced together with other hard referenced facts, and you still want to believe Sri Nithyananda's stories and deny that there is any proof. La-La Land must have its comforts.

    And, then, there's that attitude of yours. You sound like a good representative of what you will become after following Sri Nithyananda and his cult. If you really think that we censor so much, please take your comments and post on Sri Nithyananda's Parallel Universe blog. We see that they posted zero (0) comments. Maybe if you complain enough, they will make an exception for you and include you in their Fantasy World.

    Good luck in your spiritual journey, and if you really need to open up your emotional diaper, for humanity sake, next time, please do it some place that is far from here. Thank you.

    Jai Maa.

  42. Buddha left his palace but ultimately attained his enlightenment. Even at that bargain (which no one had asked btw) he found the bliss, the nirvana and didn't ever looked back towards becoming the worldly king.

    I haven't met Nithyananda personally, and also I am not any insider-outsider.

    The quest of enlightenment needs to be that tremendous that even if life is at stake, that should not be a problem.

    But today's mediocre mind and almost soul-less population, is more bothered about car keys, malls, vacations, movies and a quick fix enlightenment.

    Thats the root problem.

    And here is how two camps come up. One who become die hard followers because they are mediocre and the other who say the guru is fraud because he made me work or he made me few thousand dollars poor, which is another kind of mediocre mind.

    And whatever that can be stolen, destroyed how long one is going to handle anyway??
    Even AIG, Bear Stern and Lehman Brothers gets flushed with the winds of time.

    Death is not too far to catch up with all of us, in the mean time seek what needs to be be sought from the guru else seek on your own.

    Ultimately, don't miss to expand your consciousness. In the positive see the negative. In the negative see the positive. In life see the death, in death see the life. These are the foundations required for spiritual attainment.

    With immense Love!!!


  43. Hi Santosh,

    The root problem isn't just the slavery "tapas" or becoming thousands of dollar poorer!

    The root problem is that Nithy is a FRAUD who couldn't deliver! If he could deliver, I would gladly go into debt to pay for his 3-month programs! I would also gladly work day and night for his mission - if he could deliver!

    Many here had slaved for him, paid many thousands. A few had even been rewarded with his so called "enlightenment" - which was a joke.

  44. Where does Swamiji live and what kind of house does he have, does he live at the Ashram or does he have a palace???

  45. Swamiji ( if he is a real Swami!) has a special private apartment at the ashram with satelite TV and attended to his slaves ashramites.

    No real palace in America yet. He has a golden throne, and he also has these hugh parasols that slaves carries for him like he is some emperior of ancient times.

  46. In addition to what hippie said.....Sri Nithy has all the dreams of "being king"....honestly ask yourself. Does this picture look like a humble enlightened person or a narcissist pig?

    King Nithyananda

  47. It would be great if u people can put your own names on the blog, rather than "Expose Nithyananda". It would show the courage on your part.


  48. Dear Hari - I am not speaking on behalf of the blog author. This is just my opinion.

    It is actually very dangerous for the authors who are writing such blogs to expose their identity publicly. There has been enough controversy with "great avatars" such as Sai Baba, Ammachi etc.

    Just try some google searches such as these:

    Sai Baba Murder"

    Sai Baba fraud

    Ammachi murders

    These super-star Gurus have tremendous amounts of money, lot of political influence and "jihad devotees" who will do anything to protect their illusion of their Master being an Avataar.

    Of course your reaction (if you are still with Nithyananda) would be - "No way, Swamiji would never do something like this". Just wait a few more years, it won't be long before there will be news such as murders and other cover ups that will come in the public news regarding Nithyananda's org. Nothing may have happened yet. But once the pressure of such sites and news investigation and FBI investigations etc. build for Nithyananda, be sure Nithyananda will try to inflict harm on these Guru busters. Not directly of course - but his "jihad devotees - Nithyananda Dheera Seva Sena" will get into action.

    If you are really an honest seeker - just look at the factually inaccuracies in Nithyananda's life. Ask yourself besides the emphasis on Guru bhakti and mission work, do you actually get to practice any real meditation in the foudnation?

    Be sure of one thing, the bloggers are not not some nut jobs making these blogs. I was personally in Nithyananda's org for 5 years too (and I am not the author). I have seen enough crap that goes on in the Foundation. of course the Nithyananda insiders (I am not sure if you are one) love to say - "why are you not brave enough to put your name out there?". This is a way to taunt and try to get bloggers' identity to inflict harm on the author/s.

    This is a very dangerous game. Nithyananda has built a "Divine Avatar" empire - you think he is going to go down without silencing his critics? He will do everything in his power to destroy opponents.

  49. Jody of Guruphiliac had gotten violent treats form some fanatic Nithy followers (if not some insider henchman). Please read "Nithyananda's Love is coming to get us" on Guruphiliac.

    The bloggers here are very couragrous to put together this blog. It is a great service to those who had fallen prey to the cult but is starting to wake up, and it also helps other seekers from becoming victims. The lawsuits will be a way to further expose and damage the cult.

    It is very sad a brilliant speaker with some occult power such as Nithy had chosen the path of evil. Enlightened or otherwise, he could help society and guide spiritual seekers. He choose to mislead and exploit seekers instead. Very Sad.

  50. Hi,
    I've never heard of Nithyananda until the recent sex scandal thingy started. When I saw all those things in the news, though I personally (again, personally) never believed that any man can ever become guru / god, still it was hard for me to believe that a person in those saffron robes can do such unspeakable things. After I heard of the scandal, I was curious to learn about his work, followers etc. and just bumped into your blog. I feel sorry for you guys and all those people who have lost their lifetime savings with this cult. Thank God that the filthy guy was finally exposed with evidence.. I really pray he'll get what he deserves.


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