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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nithyanandam: The Tale of Three Posts Reveals Our Intentions

Tell-Tale-Signs Help Define Our Response to the Cult of Nithyananda

Yesterday, we had three comments from obvious supporters of Sri Nithyananda. Two of them were like slow balls pitched underhand that said 'hit me' all over them. One of the comments, from "The Anti-Anti" really raised the ante, and was opened for genuine dialog. We'll discuss all three of them in this post.

OK, first up is blogger number one, Sri Nithya Anonymous Sr.:
Dude! Go get a life! If you want to save innocent people from Nithyananda then you should also have raised your voice against all the politicians around the world. They have been looting innocent people around the world. I can't believe idiots like you who have made it fashion trend only to go after spiritual masters. why don't you go after a fraud doctor, politican or somone. Don't give me the BS saying Nithyananda ruined my life. BTW I would have never read this useless blog. Someone other idiot forwarded it to me. Nithyananda or Sathya Sai Baba are doing enough to the community to be cheaters. If people are getting free food and medical facilities by the cheaters then please let these cheaters rule the world not loosers like you who keep writing these huge blogs.
Well, there Sri Anon, there's actually plenty in your post that we agree with, although we must admit that probably wasn't what you meant to write. Let's see, we almost agree with this sentence:
If you want to save innocent people from Nithyananda then you should also have raised your voice against all the politicians around the world.
Hmmmm, if we add the word 'crooked' in front of the word, 'politicians', then we mostly agree. Let's try:
If you want to save innocent people from Nithyananda then you should also have raised your voice against all the (crooked) politicians around the world.
Yes, much better. We actually think that some politicians really do have the good of the people and the world in their hearts and minds first and not just focused on their constituents or their own self-interest. And, at times, they might all seem crooked, but we know this just isn't so. For instance, we feel that Obama is doing his best to help as many people as he can. On the other hand, we have serious questions for the Montclair Mayor, Paul Eaton, who allowed the occupancy rate at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple to more than double without clear cause. Was there a 'pay off' in terms of political promises? We don't know, but feel that it is worthy to investigate. Yes, something smells fishy. We also know that some of the world's corrupt politicians, like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe probably has had little contact with Sri Nithyananda. So, to make your sentence fully in line, we probably need to add 'that have dealt directly with Sri Nithyananda'. Let's take a look:
If you want to save innocent people from Nithyananda then you should also have raised your voice against all the (crooked) politicians around the world (that have dealt directly with Sri Nithyananda).
Yes. We are highly curious to know why Sri Nithyananda allowed the disaster relief check, of unknown amount, to be presented to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. B S Yeddyurappa, and not to a known NGO with an established track record. With an NGO, there could be complete transparency to how funds are spent with a known track record to how it helps which people and why. With the government, there's not always that level of transparency, and there is definitely the factor constituents that does not allow for all people to be treated fairly and openly. (To be fair, this happens in all countries, including the U.S.A. and India.)

Handing this check over to the Minister, however, did allow for a nice photo op, with no less than four pictures on Sri Nithyananda's website. Was there any other political gain from this transaction? We wouldn't be surprised if yes.

Back to your comment. Then you say:
I can't believe idiots like you who have made it fashion trend only to go after spiritual masters.
Well, we are not going to go after you for the inflaming term 'idiot', but you will probably get a much more receptive audience if you didn't use the term. We'll ignore it this time. Likewise, we are not interested in 'fashions' or 'trends'. Plenty of magazines are devoted just to that; it's a crowded market. For the record, we are NOT going after spiritual masters. We fully respect TRUE spiritual masters. Shirdi Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, etc. we hold in the highest esteem. In this blog, we are only after one so-called spiritual master, who seems not so spiritual and certainly not a master. That is the self-proclaimed Paramahamsa Nithyananda. We feel strongly that true spiritual masters are embedded in the Truth and do not need to embellish their 'credentials' like birthdays, time wandering, diplomas obtained, etc. One lie in these matters, and just on simple chronological logic at that, his cover is blown. Fake. Phony. Fraud. We have a deep problem with someone who entraps sincere people to slave for his empire and defrauds others by selling fake 'enlightenment'. Why so many of Sri Nithyananda's early followers have left him, deeming that their 'enlightenment certificates' from Sri Nithyananda were not valid? This is our point, and we'll stand by it as Truth. We're not interested in going after other petty thieves such as fraudulent doctors, etc.

Then you go on and say:
Don't give me the BS saying Nithyananda ruined my life.
OK. We won't say anything about your life. We do hope that you continue your education to the point that you can at least express yourself a little bit better in your next post, and challenge us like 'The Anti-Anti' did.

Then you went on to say:
BTW I would have never read this useless blog. Someone other idiot forwarded it to me.
OK. So now that we know that you read things that idiots send you. Fine. Please give us your email address, and we'll be glad to play dumb.

Then you go on to say:
Nithyananda or Sathya Sai Baba are doing enough to the community to be cheaters. If people are getting free food and medical facilities by the cheaters then please let these cheaters rule the world not loosers like you who keep writing these huge blogs.
We fully do not agree with you that Sri Nithyananda and Sathya Sai Baba are on the same level. We all know that we do not have a high opinion of Sri Nithyananda. Obvious. In contrast, we do recognize that there have been some controversies around Sathya Sai Baba. Just the same, Sathya Sai Baba helps keep families together, doesn't do a 'divide and rule, then conquer' approach to his devotees, has done great sincere services in terms of hospitals free for ALL people of any faith as well as providing clean drinking water to all people of any faith, etc.

In contrast, Sri Nithyananda's Mission 2012 in his Nithyananda, Mission & Vision, downloaded on July 23, 2009, is asking for rs 208 Crores (one crore is ten million, rs 208 Crores = $44,559,000 U.S.D. (rate as of Nov. 20, 2009), all of which are for ego projects like stadiums, big university halls, or schools, which can produce more slavish Nithyananda followers. There is rs ZERO (0) Crores or any amount for feeding the poor or doing anything to help the needy of any faith. For the record, on November 7, 2009, we stood up in defense for Sathya Sai Baba:

For the Love of Money, Nithyananda and His 24K Golden Opportunities (Scroll down toward the bottom of the page.)

So, we do NOT feel that your statement represents Truthfulness in lumping two people who have very little in common together and then expecting us to 'buy into' that statement. Sorry. Wrong address.

But, we do fully agree in your words that Sri Nithyananda is a cheater. That we do not have any dispute with.

- - -

Next. Blogger number two, Ma Nithya Anonymous Jr.:
This blog is REALLY boring keep talking about the same OLD things...kind of like catty women..soooo you really think that anyone will continue to visit this site very much longer??? I mean after all you can only listen to the same crap once maybe twice,...Sri Nithyananda is long gone and living his guys are just bad bloggers and think you are onto "something" go get a life...did it ever occur to any of you that who's ever marriages broke up.... uh..maybe were on the verge of a breakup anyway??? etc etc..and whatever else you THINK went on behind closed doors...uh..pathetic...maybe this happened and maybe that happened...bad story writers..all hypothetical crap..ah..let's talk about spelling errors...oh yeah...that sounds like really good reading..blah blah blah...go sit on a toilet...and get your crap out that way...might be a bit more satisfying!!! yeah...that's's a wrap! print that
Our comments to your comments, are you sure you even pretend to be spiritual? Is this how you represent your so-called Master? There seems to be a tone here. As subtle as it might be. OK, we'll pretend that this is a genuine comment. Although our page-hit counter is not working, a few days ago we exceeded one half-million page views. Since you see the reoccurring themes that are within this blog, we can probably attribute a good portion of our half-million page views to you. In an ideal world, we would just need to post something like:
"Nithyananda and his organizations are not spirituality. They are a cult, and there is little Truthfulness that comes out of these organizations. They are designed to defraud you, rob you of your identity, enslave you to work to build Sri Nithyananda's egotistic empire. Careful. Sri Nithyananda acts very differently in private than he does in public. Do not fall for this trap. Stay away."
Unfortunately, there would be few takers to this message. We probably would never prevent anyone from falling for this trap or help anyone get out of this trap. So, we need to give details and reoccurring themes. But, honestly, we really don't say much more than that. So, we accept that you have some truth in your statement. And, we will keep on giving the same themes with the same message. If you really think that it is that boring and you have time on your hands to write replies that exceed 900 characters, then I would suggest a good time management book, or at least a hobby that gives you some satisfaction, like solitaire, rather than be pained by reading all the pages that burst your little bubble of being in La-La Land, and then writing about your 'pain' for everyone to experience your 'pain'. Is that what Nithyananda's 'enlightened' people do?

Yes, marriages are something special, and they should not be broken up over a cult or an egotistic leader. Perhaps one day, you too will value this, but being tightly wrapped in La-La Land, we recognize that it might be a little too much to expect from you at this point.

In regards to your comment about sitting on a toilet, is that the latest meditation from Sri Nithyananda? Perhaps this would be the first meditation of his that could actually lead to a solid experience. But, then considering all of his plagiarized dribble, and judging on the response from some of his followers (that's you), there is no guarantee of this cohesion. Perhaps if you concentrated, with intensity, a bit more, you will obtain the desired results.

- - -

And finally, we have "The Anti-Anti", where two negatives equal a positive, or is it two wrongs make a right? ;-) Anyway, we saw some real dialog, and will be glad to answer your comments, "The Anti-Anti" with the respect that they deserve.:
Anonymous said...
let us be more compassionate while writing blogs as we should remember all are humanbeings ..rather than being against everyone who is favouring sri nithyananda.....lets be compassionate to everyone...

Finally one [published] voice of reason. Look people, it is all well and good to band together because of perceived injustice or whatever it is you are angry about. But, before raging against the Machine, don't forget it is a collective consciousness you are also attacking. That consciousness contains human beings with emotions and feeling and beliefs. They have a right to those feelings and beliefs as much as you have a right to yours.

To the creator/divorced associate of this blog:

Think about how your/your friend's former wife must feel reading all this. Is she still devoted to Nithyananda? If so, are you not hurting her and causing her emotional pain by being so harsh? You label certain individuals "henchmen" and "diseased", forgetting that they are human beings who hurt just like you on the inside? You proudly say "Om Namah Shivaya", but where is your humanity (forget spirituality)?

Because this anti movement is so young, I can see it is still very immature. You guys have NO idea what other large movement insiders have had to endure. I know. We seek resolution in our own lives first by coming to terms with the past. Let us bring healing to our own wounds before attempting to rescue others. It is better to focus on the Self as the world. Because it is.

Disclaimer: Before I am accused of being a "henchman", I have a long personal history with new spiritual movements. I have seen more than my own share of inside dealings. I am speaking from personal experience with no agenda.
Thanks, "The Anti-Anti". We will not accuse you of being a 'henchmen'. We'll elevate you as "Senior Spokesperson for the Henchmen" and will give you diplomatic immunity at least for this post. ;-) We do appreciate your attempt to give real dialog and an air of civility. And, we hope to address your comments and concerns.

First, we're happy that you approve that we had posted something that you consider to be as 'a voice of reason'. Honestly, most comments do get posted. As, long as they are not off-topic, there is truthfulness in them (sometimes they are delayed, as we check), and that the comments do not slam Hinduism or slam spiritual leaders that we consider to be raising consciousness even if there might be some controversies around those people. Note that Osho and L. Ron Hubbard do not fit this model and are fair game to make fun of.) We gladly post comments by Sri Nithyananda's supporters. If they are not polite, your comments will nicely reflect Sri Nithyananda's impact on his followers, and therefore add value. If the comments are well thought of, (like yours, 'the anti anti') they allow for an opportunity to discuss our differences, and show where we are coming from.

To be honest, there have been some requested comments that directly mentioned some of Sri Nithyananda’s followers (both past and present) by name that we have also censored. In those cases, we felt that mentioning these people by name might help bring awareness to the pain that Sri Nithyananda caused, but didn't feel that it was necessary to drag those specific individuals into the fray. So, yes, we censor those comments on a case-by-case basis. On the whole, we do strive to give everyone space, which is sadly not always done on blogs maintained by the Life Bliss Foundation and the Nithyananda Foundation. You know that in your heart, this is true.

The first point we would like to make is that we feel that you do have an agenda and that you're not being neutral to the whole notion. Well, we really do not believe your claim, and we doubt that many of our readers will believe that either. But, in a tempt to balance your integerity and not to discredit you, we feel that you made these statements in order to be heard and to have your ideas listened to. We accept that, and quite frankly, we do listen to all comments. Yes, there is an understanding that is applied to all comments, and when you have a degree of civility, it makes it easier to have dialog.

So, here's the dialog. 'The Anti-Anti', there's a few points that you made that we would like to clarify. First, we completely reject your notion that we are 'young' and 'immature'. We are quite aware of what we are doing, and we're going to go out and do it. These ties into your other point that you labeling us as very 'angry' and to be fair, you didn't use this word, but you also seem to label us as being 'revengeful'. Let the dialog begin. No, we are actually very happy, happy, happy and completely at peace with ourselves. Now claiming that we are happy is going to be reacted with disbelief and maybe even a bit of sarcasm. Fair enough, but we are.  Yes, we do appreciate that you, The Anti Anti, did write these points, for we feel that you made these points not to discredit us, but to fit us in a model that you could understand. At least that is what we sensed from your comment. We respect that, but still don't accept that. We don't have anger.

As you already know, we really feel what is going on with Sri Nithyananda and his organizations is dreadfully wrong. You will say 'no', and we accept that. But, honestly ask yourself would a true enlightened master create nine years of stories in a four and half year time span? Would there be any controversy over the enlightened masters' date of birth? Would the enlightened master ever claim to have an engineering degree that he has no proof of ever obtaining? Would an enlightened master ever make up a story of creating a statue of Osho as his 'gift to enlightenment'? Would an enlightened master ever change his story of the location of where he received his final enlightenment (future post)? Just on basic logic, there are serious questions whether if Sri Nithyananda is based on the Truth or not. This alone should be a red flag.

Then even more questions need to be asked. What are some of the standard techniques of brainwashing? Would sleep deprivation, public humiliation, yelling, withholding attention and then showering it on others inconsistently be some of these basic tools (future post)? Has Sri Nithyananda and his key Maha Acharyas ever done this? Would slowly but intentionally separating followers from their families, spouses, children, their careers, and society be a good thing? Would this tend to make the follower even more 'indebted' and dependent to the 'enlightened' master? Why has Sri Nithyananda replaced his name with Divine's name in mantras and slokas (future post)? Is Sri Nithyananda above than Lord Shiva? Why doesn't Sri Nithyananda make up his own mantras instead of corrupting existing mantras? Why is Sri Nithyananda so obsessed with his image and fame?  Is he a spiritual leader or a rock star? Why does Sri Nithyananda have his own lawyer and bodyguards?  What actually is happening in fire rituals that use non-sattvic (pure) items are being used? Is something dark happening? Why all the devotee tours into graveyards? How come no other enlightened master before Sri Nithyananda was able to offer up mass 'enlightenment'? Why have six (6) of your original 25 'enlightened' followers left?  Does something not add up here? Please think. We beg you to do that.

Then the there is the message, why do so many of Sri Nithyananda's books and ideas that seem to have been borrowed ideas from others (future post)? Why is there always this subtle message within these scriptures to 'only trust an enlightened master', to 'unclutch' from everything except an enlightened master? What are the actions of the organization? Is true charity happening in proportion of the money coming in? Or is it just a few photo ops and networking opportunities, while the majority of the funds are earmarked to be spent on big projects that directly benefit or channel back into the 'enlightened' master's empire? And, finally, is it not wrong for the followers to know that this is lifestyle that is not offering 'Light' but darkness, poverty, and despair, but to actively recruit others to come into this trap (future post)?

We really do not like what we see. We know from firsthand experience that Sri Nithyananda has trapped some of the best people on this planet. We would like to see this stopped. No one, even those that have done dark practices, including Sri Nithyananda himself, deserve to be in this trap. So, we will shine the brightest light of Truth into this dark region. And, at times, it might hurt.

Let's use the analogy of a big burning building. There is urgency. Danger is immediate. We do not want anyone to enter that building (no new recruits) without at least letting them know what potential dangers are inside. The lure of a 'happy lifestyle' and 'easy enlightenment' are great. Who wouldn't want that?

The people inside the building are in a cocoon of La-La Land. They think they are happy when they know things are not as they thought they would be. Yet, the cling to this cocoon tightly while they sleep; refusing to see the danger at hand. As the building burns, do you think that a soft nudge and plead to 'rise and shine' will work? Perhaps a snooze alarm with nice, gentle music? We don't think so either. What is needed is a shove, a yell, a blow horn, an awakening. Do you think that this is a fun task to do? Do you think that there is joy in this? To go around, trying to awaken people who are deeply asleep in their cocoon and do not want to be awaken, and just let them burn... alive!?! Which is worse, to try to wake them up and receive their unhappiness, or just walk away and let them all burn. We know which one is easier. And, we do look forward to starting our lives over again. But for now, we cannot just walk away. We have to try. Therefore, we will do and say anything against whatever odds just to try to wake up these beautiful beings and risk whatever we have to try to get them to see, to move away, and to get out of this trap. Yes, this might seem cruel and heartless at times. We don't expect anything. No thanks, no glory, no fame, no cash reward. It pains us just to imagine the hurt of 'waking up'. Yes, we do have the expectation that we did the right thing and stayed on the path of dharma (righteousness), and let it go after our efforts have been made. We do realize that resistance to wake people up will be huge. Names have been called, mystery phone calls received, threats delivered, even legal procedures have been used to intimidate us. Yet, we cannot just look the other way. Saving just one person is worth any inconvenience or loss received. We think you know the identity of some of the contributors of this blog. That is fine. You need to ask yourself about how these persons behaved while they were near you and what was their character. Then ask yourself if this is consistent to these persons' intentions. We really want the best for you. And, we'll fight hard for you. You are worth it.

Now, many of you insiders are going to read this with absolute amazement along with other emotions that will probably not vibrate very highly. That is fine. This is pure churning... when Truths hit all of the ingrained programming and all the time and money invested in this scheme. Living the lie of La-La Land and the thought of coming out will not be gentle. But, when things do not go right and you are able to claim that 'Swami is working on you' or 'Swami is churning me', and you swallow and submissively accept this as 'growth', why cannot you do the same thing here? Didn't even Sri Nithyananda quote Paramahamsa Ramakrishna when he said, "Ninety-nine percent of our fears never come true. The one percent that do come true are good for us." Still, we expect you to resist and create responses like the first two above. That is fine. We have no harm in mind, but we do know that it will hurt. And, it pains us too.

We will do anything to get you out of this trap, and if that means we need to name names, we will. If you can think of a way that does not seem hurtful to you and is effective in helping you see the Truth, we will be glad to adopt this tactic. Just let us know. We look forward to your input.

Yes, we have named names in the past. And, probably will name names in the future. We, specifically, will name the names of those that used the cover of Sri Nithyananda's protection to carry out actions of adharma (unrighteousness). We will also continue to name the names of those that know firsthand about the dark practices of Sri Nithyananda, yet actively and successfully recruit others into his sphere. The karmas that are being collected from these activities of actually knowing, yet still getting others to fall in this trap are huge. Even those that do not know, but still help to recruit others are collecting karmas. Although this might be an innocent act of not knowing and thinking that it is right, it still collects karma. We don't want you to see you obtain these karmas. Yes, as much as you will question this, our motives our out of compassion. Nothing more.

So, many of you inside Nithyananda's community will be glad to tell us what we can do with our compassion. Your sleepy cocoon of La-La Land is nice and warm, and it is no one's business, (lastly ours) to butt into your business. Before you fire off that comment, please take a moment to consider these points. As you are now with this organization, what will be your future? What if you have worked very hard for years with Sri Nithyananda, given him all your material wealth and assets, etc., but then decide to go back to 'civilian' life? Will you have the resources available to start over again? Will Nithyananda's Foundation give you a 'settling-in' grant for the years of hard work? What will your lives be like when you retire? Will Sri Nithyananda really take care of you? How has he treated old people before who were directly under him (his private life, not his public life)? Is Sri Nithyananda happy when old people come to his lectures? Really? Probably a closer example will be how does Sri Nithyananda treat others who still love Sri Nithyananda and worship him, but are no longer in his organization? Is this really the compassion of an 'enlightened' master? Is this worth a lifetime of devotion and service?

And, finally there is your own behavior of 'compassion' and 'humanity' that you have accused us as forgetting. Please look into the mirror and remember how your group treats others. If this is truly a spiritual organization with 'enlightened' members, then compassion, love, and forgiveness will a be abound. (No, I'm not expecting any handouts, thank you.) But, within your own group, are their any scapegoat victims that you referred to in your comment? If this is a cult, then there will definitely be the "Us" vs. "Them" mentality. And, when the churning starts, those in the cult now will be looking at others members who you were once held close in your hearts as a "Them". Is this the treatment that is going down there at the Ashram? If it is, mind you, you are in a cult. Don't mind the churning; it will pass too.

Thank you for your attention to this rather long post. May everyone be blessed.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

Day 5: Five days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. If any master tells you that no meditation is necessary and only doing mission work is fine, know for sure that the master is FAKE FRAUD & A CHEAT. He is a disgrace on spirituality.

    Nithyananda clearly falls into this category as I am told that he disallows meditation for the ananda sevaks who are slogging for his mission.

  2. Hi Blue Clown,

    I don't know if the ananda sevaks were disallowed to meditate. However, Nithy had them worked such long hours that most didn't have time meditate. They were told that work was their sadhana (spiritual practice). This was what I gathered from several sevaks in Montclair/Los Angeles in 2007. I do not know the situation now.

    Nithy said that some ashramites had been with for years decided to leave, they were forgotten the next day after they left. He has no attachment to anyone (he doesn't care?)
    He said he doesn't even remember their names. Nithy said this more than once. This is also recorded on the talks given at Angkor Watt in 2007.

    Nithy has no concern for anyone - other than their usefulness to him. This seems like a classic case narcissistic personality disorder. He has no consideration for the health or well-being of people slaving for him.

  3. Once Nithyananda Gopika complained to Nithyananda that due to the ananda sevaks meditating, work is getting impacted.

    Nithyananda immediately told Ananda Sevaks that work is meditation and no meditation is necessary.
    How convenient.


    I read this on Guruphiliac. Very much like Nithy's play book. It seems *commercial gurus* are all so similar.

    "The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power" by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad was a big help to me when I escaped this cult.

    Here are some quotes from the book:

  5. That comment from the Nithya Anonymous is very interesting.

    If he is comparing politicians and Nithyananda there implicitly he has admited that both are the same kind...

  6. your blog is dont even have courage to post blogs which are based on truth......readers like us will never trust you know.....a person who dont even have courage to post our blogs is going to fight...ha.....

  7. Very Interesting post. I am very much convinced that our famous guru is fraud. I can't believe that i spent so much time volunteering for a cause that is baseless and fake. The good news is - I am out of it. The bad news is - there are thousands of people still being cheated.During my tenure as volunteer, i have seen all these so called acharya's. Bhakthananda Swami(or whatever his name is - i dont care any more) is a crook, looks like a crook and talks like a crook. He has not empathy towards volunteers and all he knows is to insult people and yell at them. Medhananda does not have a clue what is going on,it is hillarious how he delivers discourses now a days. Sahajananda is a big politician always contemplating to meet and greet rich people. He is not interested in meeting common people.

    X Volunteer
    fraud bliss foundation

  8. I am thoroughly impressed by the patience and love with which the owner of this blog is replying to those crooks.

    I totally agree with you that this blog and effort maintaining it is worth it, if even a single life can be saved from the foundation.

    to hippie,
    Its a public lie that Nithyananda said once again that he forgets the disciples that leave him the very next day. He says that in public because enlightened master are not supposed to be attached.

    However, in private life he goes on and on for week and weeks discussing why an ashramite left, because even loss of one person is so many hrs(24 hrs x life of person) of free manual labour he is missing. Being a typical cult master he is worried about his followers leaving him. And mind you he's not worried for the persons welfare but instead of all the repurcussions one leaving will have on his foundation. how many lies he himself will have to tell " master is shaking the tree now...lets see how many more fall out". He is wondering how he will stop his ashramites from talking to the others who are leaving, lest they influence them!

    While being an ex-insider, I have heard many ashramites saying " master is a great businessman!"
    I am hoping they are reading this blog and understand that even after knowing these facts they cannot continue to be fooled by their Master. He makes you slog making CDs and DVDs and then humiliating you with yelling at you in front of everyone. He has used you and will lose interest in you as you age. Why, he has given the same treatment to his earlier primary care-taker?

    He will call you an "old hag" when you age.[mind you these are his own words in the quotes]

    Your enlightenment is FAKE! You know it just too well. You feel all emotions of fear, hate, jealously just the same as any other person and are not even living in awareness as you might want to fool yourself in believeing. How can you live in awareness when you are falling asleep all the time because of lack of sleep.

    Hoping the best for all you ashramites still inside! Please wake up and see light! Amen.

  9. Many thanks to Anon with post at November 24, 2009 5:46 PM.

    The cut-off age of 45 for his Vanaprastha program shows his view of older devotees. In the Vedic/Hindu tradition, Vanaprastha do not normally begin until one reach the age of 50.
    ( )
    This is a total perversion of sanatana dharma.

    Of the Ananda Sevaks who were selected in November 2007 to become ashramites, all were fairly young. Older Ananda Sevaks who had served much longer were not selected.

    Nithyananda wants young slaves. Older devotees better come with a lot of money.

  10. Not a defense for anybody or any facts.

    But just a small fact the original poster should know. In South India - you go to Polytechnic after 10th grade (and not after 12th grade).

    Whether the timeline adds up or not based on this is not my concern. But just wanted to point out this small little fact.

  11. what the heart is ungoverned by reason, charalatans have powerful tools to deceive.


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