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The Nithyananda Dog and Pony Show

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Sends Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami (Ayya) to the Rescue

Swami Nithyananda Gives His Dog and Pony Show a New Lift

Hey, there, Sri Nithyananda. How did you like that last post? Quite a discussion going there, and of course it was all about you! Your favorite subject. Yeah, Sri Nithyananda, with you around, we're sure that it is the only subject. But, we already know that the Life Bliss Foundation is just all about you. It's no secret.

So, how's the enrollment going for your next batch of 'Inner Awakening'? "Growwable." We don't even need our Grunatenese translator to know that means not so well. Yes, we can see that you're in for a rude awakening with you 'Inner Awakening' program. Is there any way you can do a 'short sell' on this program, like on stock that is about to tank, and make some money? We think, Sri Nithyananda, after everyone knows about the Truth and all of your, well, inconsistencies, no one with a brain is going to pay $6,000.00 and take over three weeks off just to get your certificate of 'enlightenment'. You better act quickly, there, Sri Nithyananda. Perhaps you, Sri Nithyananda could warm up the crowd with the dog and pony show like you did during your last visit. Oh, yes, we see. The crowd is tired of Bhaktananda and Medhananda. We just knew people were going to ask Medhananda about his smelly, infected feet and get distracted about signing up for your 'Inner Awakening'. And, Sri Nithyananda, you really need to get Bhaktananda a new joke book. His jokes weren't funny the first time we heard them.

Oh, look here, Sri Nithyananda. You actually did something proactive. We see that you're sending your very first Ashramite, Ayya, you, know, your Secretary to the rescue. We guess his new identity, which is really your identity, is Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami. So, Ayya or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami is going to sludge through the cold winter instead of you? Smart move there, Sri Nithyananda. No wonder you're a Paramahamsa. We sure wouldn't want to be going through Toronto in the middle of the Winter unless we had to.
So, Sri Nithyananda, is it true what one of our posters said about Ayya or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami:
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 6:11 PM
Anonymous said...

In the recent US marketing season/tour, in the program called "Kalpatharu darshan', where people are made to pay $ 250 and made to listen to marketing stuff, a recruiting turf for Inner Awakening ($ 6000 program) etc. when one of the participants asked Sadhananda, "Are you enlightened", he said "Yes" . . . . . Nobody asked any thing further. Probably they knew, there was no point in talking further. LOL.

Let me narrate one incident which corroborates Sadhananda's enlightenment. In one Himalaya tour, one Tamil lady from India who came on the tour, made an agreement with the Khacchar owner 'owner of donkey used for travel to Yamunotri', to pay Rs. 1500 or so. After the trip was made, she escaped without paying that fellow, and the buses came off to the base/hotel. The poor donkey owner could not let it go as Rs. 1500 would probably make a fortune for their life. (People who traveled will know how hard their life is.) He along with 2 of his friends came to the hotel by searching and locating the party, traveling in the night, and spotted the lady and demanded the money.

Sadhananda and some other goondas were ready to beat that fellow as he insisted for his agreed amount. Finally, poor fellow had to go away with Rs. 500 or so, because he could not fight the enlightened man and others!!

This is Sadhananda's enlightenment. LOL!
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you better tell Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) not to get into any more fights about ripping off poor people over donkeys. We remember your last donkey, Sri Nithya Medhananda Swami, started to yell at someone in the audience in San Jose just because she was taking notes. Doesn't he know that he should only yell at people when they are doing acharya training (teacher training)? And, that big scene in the San Jose parking lot where he was yelling and fighting, that's legendary. Oh, well, we guess that's the type of 'enlightenment' we can expect after 'Inner Awakening'.
And, Sri Nithyananda, what is this here?  This just came through our comments:
Sunday, January 31, 2010 10:10 AM
Anonymous said...
This is one example of Nithya Sadhananda the chief Goonda's enlightened compassion. Let me narrate another one.

I attended Nithyanandam program in Bidadi about 2 years ago. Nithyananda had finished one session and it was a break now. Some people had left the hall for a refreshments, but many of the people were still sitting in the hall in a 'meditative' mood.

Suddenly some commotion happens and we the audience, see a young lady brahmacharini run into the hall from the side doors seemingly in distress and throws herself down with her head on the foot stool of Nithyananda and is weeping. It looked like the lady was in deep distress and she fell on the foot stool of Nithyananda for 'blessings or solace of the divine' although he was physically not there.

And within seconds, a man (I will tell you who this man was shortly) comes seemingly in pursuit of this girl. This man is totally oblivious to the fact that there are over a hundred people in the hall. He grabs this girl by the arm and starts dragging her out of the hall towards the side door and the girl was in total distress. Suddenly after dragging the girl quarter of the way through the hall, he realizes, oops there is a crowd here. He lets go of the girl and gets his bearing quickly and then kind of smiles sheepishly and says to the audience "Oh this girl is not listening and is insisting on going on a Paravarajika, so I was trying to advice her not to do such a thing at such a young age". Meanwhile the girl left the hall.

Really Mr Man - this girl was not listening and hence you were 'advising' and had the right to drag this girl half way like she was a dog on a leash?

By now you probably guessed or are in total denial that this even happened. This wonderful man who was being ever so compassionate to the girl was none other than the great Mr. Aiyya or shall we say Nithya Sadananda Swami. To me from that I decided he is the biggest crook.
Sri Nithyananda, this sounds like quite a tradition you've started... a tradition of not being what you seem.  Wow, we imagine what it takes to be a leader in your organization is good stage presence with gritty determination to get the job done at all costs.  Wow, no wonder your organization has grown so fast so soon.  Sounds like Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) is a rowdy swami's rowdy swami.  No wonder he's the al-Zawahiri of your organization. He seems so mild-mannered otherwise.  Must be that super graveyard energy that brings out the beast, we mean best in people.
And, what is this here, Sri Nithyananda. Look, another Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) story by one of our faithful readers. Let's take a look:

Friday, February 5, 2010 12:12 AM
Anonymous said...

Ayya is the guy who was saved by Nithyananda from his death bed and that's how he became a man to spread his mission...right? So in this case should'nt his family members be greatful and loyal for saving Ayya from the so-called death bed?

If so then why? Only his wife - (Jammuna Amma) – is the only person who is in the ashram and not his sons? or his siblings? or rest of their family who knew this story?

While Ayya recruits Volunteers for the 1yr program (Cheap Labor who drives the organization) and Nithyananda mesmerizes his devotees to become ashramites and opens Gurukulam for their children, why does Guyya (sorry Ayya) needs to send his son’s to UK for their master’s degree?
So, Sri Nithyananda, did you really initiate Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) Purna Sanyas (full renunciant)?  After all, he still has his business, factories, wife, children, and expenses of looking after children.  Yes, those MBAs abroad aren't cheap, unless you, of course, get an 'honorary' PhD from the Hindu University of America (HUA), then it is dirt cheap.  Sri Nithyananda, are you still passing out 'honorary' degrees from HUA to your rich and influential friends, now that you are no longer the Chair of that prestigious trailer park?   After all, if  Ayya's (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami)  children get one of your 'honorary' PhD degrees, then that will guarantee that they will never get a job anywhere else except your Ashram.  That way, you save the money and guarantee the scion of Ayya to be slaving for you for generations to come.  Now, that would be a guaranteed solution.  And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, isn't initiating Purna Sanyas (full renunciant) into your order, but letting them still have all of their worldly ties, isn't that making a joke of the Vedic Traditions?  You really must be an 'enlightened' healing master to be able to do that.  All us regular morals would probably be screaming "FRAUD"!
By the way, Sri Nithyananda, will you be giving Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) all of the respect that you get when you go on tour in North America? We mean will you be hiring burly body guards and arranging that special room service that you always get, you, know, we hear that Ayya only eats certain types of Tamilnadu food. We guess this rules out Taco Bell.

So, Sri Nithyananda, while Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) is making the rounds, can we encourage our fellow Truth Seekers to attend and ask the questions that you never had time to reply back to us? We promise to be polite, courteous, but persistent. Sri Nithyananda? Oh, drats. Samadhi again.

OK, everybody, if you attend one of these programs, be sure to ask Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami):
Is Paramahamsa Nithyananda above the Truth?
If you get anything other than a straight up and down "NO", then you don't need to ask anymore questions, because, well, Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) while representing Paramahamsa Nithyananda will probably not stick to the Truth. Sad. Sad.

But, if you still feel like asking Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami), here's our five (5) basic questions that no one from Paramahamsa Nithyananda's camp has answered for us:

  1. What was the exact day, time, and year your Dear Leader, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, was born?
  2. When did your Dear Leader finish your public education, e.g. Senior Secondary School (i.e. high school), Standards IX to XII? What year, what grade level, and how old was he?
  3. What years (from when to when) did your Dear Leader attend the three-year polytechnic in Engineering? Did he actually graduate? Was he really just a twelve-year-old boy when he started?
  4. When did your Dear Leader leave home to start his nine-years, now just six-years of wandering? How old was your Dear Leader and what year was that?
  5. Where (exact place) did your Dear Leader reach his final stage of 'enlightenment' that 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda claimed happened on January 1, 2000?
And, we have a couple of special questions just for Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami):
Where did you first meet the 'enlightened' 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda?
The reason we want to ask that, Sri Nithyananda, (oh, we forgot, he's still in samadhi ) is that we heard that your story about meeting Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) at the river bank near your first ashram, was just that, a story. You, Sri Nithyananda, meet Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) at the Isha Foundation. Don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, we have someone in India right now checking up if this is true or not... so if it is too painful for Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) to recall this, we'll find out without his help. But, it would be nice to get it straight from the source.
And, while we have the opportunity to have Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) undivided attention, we would like to ask him:
Is it true that if white bird flew above, but if the so-called 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda said, "Look, Ayya, there goes a black bird."  You, Ayya, would actually see a black bird.  The thought of even questioning if you saw a white bird just wouldn't be there, because you really did see a black bird?

If yes, how is this different than being brainwashed?
Yes, Ayya, (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami), we would really like to know.  Actually, with perceptions like that, we're terrified if you, Ayya, ever had a gun in your hand.  I'm sure the cult followers of Charles Manson were told that those 'black birds' needed to be disposed of when their cult leader hatched his plan of action.  And, yes, indeed, Charles Mason's followers gleefully followed his orders.  Sad to say that those cult followers really regretted their actions later, but it was too late... too late for everyone.  We hope that you, Ayya, and Nithyananda do not suffer a similar fate.

And, as an EXTRA bonus, if anyone is in Toronto, perhaps you might like to ask:
Where is all the money we gave to have a temple made? Did that money turn into another 24K golden throne?
Well, we just checked the website and looks like perhaps the devotees who had all their money taken in Toronto might not get a chance to ask Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) where all their money went. On the Canadian Life Bliss Homepage, it looks like Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) will still be at:
Canada Sri Ayyappan Temple
635 Middlefield Road,
Scarborough, Toronto
But at the other Nithyananda website, Yogam, there's no mention of that. Oh, well. All Truth Seekers, please register at the Nithyananda site and remember to be courteous, but don't leave until your answers have been answered. And, at the breaks, be sure to strike up conversations about 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda’s wandering, how much time he spent at the Ramakrishna Mission, how old he actually is, how many years did he wander, how many miles he covered during his wandering, etc. Have some fun with this. But, please be nice and peaceful. Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) might have some bodyguards with him.

As a courtesy for our Truth Seekers, and as a way to make sure the search engines help the people know a little bit about 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, his cult, and his fraud of selling fake 'enlightenment' scam, we'll include all of the addresses of where Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) will be appearing. But, be sure to check 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's website and call just to make sure. Don't forget to register too.

So, if you live in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday, January 31, 2010, you *might* be able to see Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) at:
Canada Sri Ayyappan Temple
635 Middlefield Road,
Scarborough, Toronto
Now, the devotees at Canada Sri Ayyappan Temple in Toronto will know more about Swami Nithyananda from this blog.

Or if you life in Vancouver, British Columbia, you can catch Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) on Tuesday, February 2 (say, that's Ground Hog's Day, eh?) at:
Unity Church of Vancouver
5840 Oak Street, Vancouver (Oak St. / 42nd Ave.)
Now, regular attendees at Unity Church of Vancouver in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, will know more about Swami Nithyananda from this blog.  Hopefully, we can reach them before their Unity Church of Vancouver becomes the Dis-unity Church of Vancouver.  Divorces, separation, career-stoppers, everything. A one-stop wrecking company is invited in.  Damage control, please.

On Saturday, February 6, 2010 from 5 to 7 p.m., Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) will be at the ISKCON Temple in Chandler, Arizona, which is real close to Phoenix, Arizona. The ISKCON temple in Chandler (suburb of Phoenix, Arizona) is located at:
ISKCON Temple 
100 S. Weber Dr
Chandler, AZ 85226
Saturday, February 6, 2010
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Here's a wonderful chance for ISKCON devotees and other devotees to compare two types of gurus.  On one hand, there is A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and the other, the self-proclaimed 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  One lived a sincere and simple life, the other lavishly dressed and surrounded with gold.  One lived in poverty and with transparency unheard of, the other, with expensive programs and a 'secret' private life that seems to counter what he preaches.  One devoted his whole life to promote Lord Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita the other works solely to promote himself and shamelessly credits the work of others for himself.  Yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you are no Prabhupada.  But, readers, find out yourself, and attend this program at ISKCON in Chandler (next to Phoenix), Arizona if you can.

We see that you plan to have Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) sell your wares in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 7 and in Seattle on Thursday, February 11, but TBD.  Are you afraid, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that some of our readers are going to attend and ask him the questions you don't want to hear?

Oh, look.  There's an email from the Nithyananda (so-called) Vedic Temple from Montclair.  Dance Like Shiva?  Really.  OK, looks like Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) will be at the Montclair Temple:
Nithyananda (so-called) Vedic Temple
9720 Central Ave., Montclair, CA 91763
Sunday, February 7, 2010
Time: 5:00 p.m. to ???
Hey, Sri Nithyananda.  Since Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) is your right-hand man, and no doubt he is 'enlightened' just like you, will you let him sit on your 24K Gold Throne?  You know, that 24K gold throne that you have at your so-called Vedic Temple in Montclair, California.   Yes, that one, with statues of Lord Ganesha right by your feet, but most interesting (or offensive) is Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi right on you seat.  Here's a picture of you now on that very same throne:  
Lucky thing for the Hindu world is that you, Sri Nithyananda, we mean 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that you are an 'enlightened' healing master. And, in your very own words, 'enlightened' healing masters are above Hindu Deities.  In this case, Sri Nithyananda, you seem to be 'just' above the Hindu Deities, as in only separated by a cushion.

We just got a tip that Ayya will be at the Vedic Temple in Seattle, Washington.  Well, it isn't exactly in Seattle, WA, but it is in Redmond, WA. Say, isn't Redmond, WA. the same place that has that big bloated software company?  You know, the folks that don't even index our site in their pretty-skinned-but-useless search engine?  Yes, don't expect good things out of Redmond, Washington.  Anyway, you can ask Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) our questions in Seattle / Redmond Washington at the:
Nithyananda Vedic Temple - Seattle 
2877 152nd Avenue Northeast
Redmond, WA 98052
Thursday, February 11, 2010
Time: 7:30 p.m. to ???
On Sunday, February 14, hey, that's Valentine's Day and Tet/Chinese New Year, we see that Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) will be hawking your brand of 'enlightenment' in St. Louis at the Center For Spiritual Living from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Here's the address:
Center For Spiritual Living
12875 Fee Fee Road
St. Louis, MO-63246
Sunday, February 14, 2010
Time:  3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Hey, Sri Nithyananda, are you going to make Ayya turn the Center For Spiritual Living into the Center For Spiritual Lying? Those folks for St. Louis are from the 'Show Me' state.  Are you going to have Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) show them your timeline?  On exactly how nine year (now just six years) fit in just four and a half year?  We are sure that the seekers at the Center for Spiritual Living in St. Louis will love to see that.  We would love to see that too.

And, look here, on Wednesday, February 17 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., people can have an introduction to Nithya Brainwashing in Michigan at Kalakshetra (KTOA), the Temple of Arts, which is a suburb of Detroit.
Kalakshetra, the Temple of Arts (KTOA)
30687 Grand River Ave
Farmington Hill, MI - 48336
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Time:  6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you can practice the art of deception at the Temple of Arts, Kalakshetra, in Farmington Hill, Michigan.  And, since this region near Detroit, Michigan, is really hurting economically, we bet that the devotees at the Kalakshetra, KTOA (the Temple of Arts) in Farmington Hill, probably do not have an extra $6,000.00 dollars to attend 'Inner Awakening', especially, when they see the search results for such a program.

Perhaps, you, Sri Nithyananda, will have better results sending Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) to Columbus, Ohio at the Bridgewater Banquet and Conference Center in Powell, Ohio.  Here's the address:
Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center
10561 Sawmill Parkway
Powell, OH - 43065

Saturday, February 20, 2010
Time: 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Oh, Sri Nithyananda, we see that you are not having it in some church or temple, but a conference center in Powell, Ohio.  Is that because everyone spiritual already knows about you and your fraudulent operations from your center in Delaware, Ohio?  And, none of the spiritual places wants to see the goodwill of their followers hijacked by a cult?  Can't say we blame them.  Glad the word is spreading.

We see, Sri Nithyananda, there's a big TBD for both Houston and Dallas, Texas on February 21 and 23 respectively.  Yes, Houston, you do have a problem if you let Sri Nithyananda and his cult come in to town.

Maybe, Sri Nithyananda, you'll have better luck in New Jersey.  After all, New Jersey is known for its pollution and decay, and we think you'll fit right in.  Here, on Thursday, February 25, you'll be sending Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) to the Gayatri Chetna Center, in Piscataway, New Jersey, which is close to Newark, New Jersey and New York, New York.
Gayatri Chetna Center
240 Centennial Avenue
Piscataway, NJ - 08854
Thursday, February 25, 2010
Time: TBD
Sri Nithyananda, does the followers at the Gayatri Chetna Center in Piscataway, New Jersey, know about your graveyard spirituality?  Your mass initiation to sanyasi (monk)?  Do the priests at the Gayatri Chetna Center know how you insert or substitute your name into the holy mantras?  How some of the participants at the acharya (teacher) training programs went crazy?  Have the devotees at the Gayatri Chetna Center in Piscataway, New Jersey figured out that you were in the Ramakrishna Mission when you said you were wandering?  And, how you beat your ashramite in your ashram?  Yes, Sri Nithyananda, we guessed that they probably haven't found that out yet, or they would definitely not let you in their temple and give your lieutenant, Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami), a chance to indoctrinate them into your cult. 
And, finally, Sri Nithyananda, you have announced that you will send Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) to San Jose (or the Bay Area) in California on Saturday, February 27, 2010.  Sri Nithyananda, do you still have a so-called Vedic Temple there?  You don't seem to have that so-called Vedic Temple listed anywhere on your websites.  Was this the same temple that was closed for over six months due to violating the laws of the City of Milpitas?  Sri Nithyananda, is that a good thing to have your devotees willingly break the law in the name of service to you?  We can't wait to find out where this gathering will be.

Call to Action for All Truth Seekers:
At the Nithyananda Yogam Tour site, there are only a few venues mentioned where Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami) will be featured.  The rest of the venues are "to be determined".  Perhaps the Life Bliss Foundation is really the Scared Sitless Foundation.  So, please do the following:

1. Please post a comment when you are certain of a local venue. Looks like the cult of Nithyananda is trying to hold it in as many 'outside' venues to reach out to a new crowd.  Talk about a Trojan Horse.  Let's do our best to warn as many people of this scam before they fall into the trap.

2. Write and warn the local venue especially if it is a temple or a church about how 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, the Nithyananda Foundation, the Life Bliss Foundation, Inner Awakening, Nithya Yoga, etc. is one big cult and how they defraud people by offering phony certificates of 'enlightenment'.  Even if the event has past, your letter will help the venue owners to wake up and prevent their temple or church from being hijacked or used as a recruiting launch pad for this cult.

3. Try to attend this function and politely ask the questions above.  Talk about 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda during the break.  Ask questions like "Do you really think he's 'enlightened'?  I read that he was at the Ramakrishna Mission the same time he said that he was doing his monastic wandering.", etc.

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult.

Day 56: Fifty-six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 77: Seventy-seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. OK now it's time for the US commentators to *do* something, not just rant on this blog. Do you have the guts to publicly mount this challenge?

    A friend I follow on twitter has done exactly something like this during a press conference with James A Ray, famous new-age guru from The Secret, who ended up with death of some participants on his hands following a sweat lodge retreat. These guys stood up from the audience and asked pointed questions. I think they were later hauled out (sorry, politely escorted out) of the venue :)

    I had suggested picketing outside the venues with placards showing the timeline and big questions. Here's another stealth way of doing it...

    You guys remember the glossy cards that volunteers hand out promoting upcoming tours? Well, spend some money and have these type of cards printed out (of the timeline graphic. have the url to these blogs at the bottom).

    And be sneaky. Here's how... :) :)

    Wear white kurta/pajama, wear kumkum and the mala (find your old one if you have it and haven't thrown it away), and stand like a devotee handing out the cards.

    I guarantee it will be a smash success :) :)

  2. To Canadian Life Bliss Foundation and Toronto Swami Nithyananda Followers"

    Please ask the following question to Ayya (or Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami)..

    Why Swami Nithyananda establishes fake Temples of Lord Venkateswara, Lord Shiva and other Hindu Gods but not perform any proper Poojas to them? Why only they read Nithyananda guru Pooja to these deities? Why can't Nithyananda just put his deity and let others pray? Why use other Hindu Gods for his selfish money making purposes? Why does Nithyananda go so low to make money? This is Blasphemy to other Hindu Gods!

    Why Nithyananda establishes a Hindu Temple or you call Vedic temple when Nithyananda ‘s disciples are not performing proper rituals of specific God's mantras? Why are they using Nithyananda’s mantras?

    Please ask these questions to Swami Nithyananda and Ayya. This is a very important question.

  3. Ask Ayya where all the Temple money from US and Canada is going to?

    What concrete charitable activities they have done?

    When are they going to be more Transperent with their accounting?

    Where does Nithyananda keeps his money? I hear he invests with big Business people in India and US, so, who are Nithyananda's business partners other than Sachit?

  4. After this tour Nithya Sadhananda 'Ayya' will forget the Guru Mantra and start repeating 'I was seriously ill with cancer, and Swami saved me' mantra!!

    This is a Cancerous tour!


  5. Quote from this blog entry....

    Sadhananda and some other goondas were ready to beat that fellow as he insisted for his agreed amount. Finally, poor fellow had to go away with Rs. 500 or so, because he could not fight the enlightened man and others!!

    This is one example of Nithya Sadhananda the chief Goonda's enlightened compassion. Let me narrate another one.

    I attended Nithyanandam program in Bidadi about 2 years ago. Nithyananda had finished one session and it was a break now. Some people had left the hall for a refreshments, but many of the people were still sitting in the hall in a 'meditative' mood.

    Suddenly some commotion happens and we the audience, see a young lady brahmacharini run into the hall from the side doors seemingly in distress and throws herself down with her head on the foot stool of Nithyananda and is weeping. It looked like the lady was in deep distress and she fell on the foot stool of Nithyananda for 'blessings or solace of the divine' although he was physically not there.

    And within seconds, a man (I will tell you who this man was shortly) comes seemingly in pursuit of this girl. This man is totally oblivious to the fact that there are over a hundred people in the hall. He grabs this girl by the arm and starts dragging her out of the hall towards the side door and the girl was in total distress. Suddenly after dragging the girl quarter of the way through the hall, he realizes, oops there is a crowd here. He lets go of the girl and gets his bearing quickly and then kind of smiles sheepishly and says to the audience "Oh this girl is not listening and is insisting on going on a Paravarajika, so I was trying to advice her not to do such a thing at such a young age". Meanwhile the girl left the hall.

    Really Mr Man - this girl was not listening and hence you were 'advising' and had the right to drag this girl half way like she was a dog on a leash?

    By now you probably guessed or are in total denial that this even happened. This wonderful man who was being ever so compassionate to the girl was none other than the great Mr. Aiyya or shall we say Nithya Sadananda Swami. To me from that I decided he is the biggest crook.

    And this Sadananda 'Swami' following the true Vedic tradition that he does, has been given Nihyananda's 'Purna Sanyas' - meaning a complete renunciant and can't have any worldly attachments and yet he still owns businesses. He will deny it and say he has written this off to his brothers.

    Anyone attending his "DCSP program - Damage Control Spurana Program" in Canada or US, please ask him what he has to say about his 'compassion' for this girl and also owning businesses as a Purna sanyasi.

  6. On Many occasions Nithya Medhananda said,"Here is a master who said I am here to prove you are God. Budha enlightened 10,000 people. In this internet age my enlightenment is a waste if I can not enlighten 100,000 people. I was excited. I found my master. So, I gave up my previous master (Sri Sri Ravi Shakar, another thief) LOL!!

  7. Looks like Ajara's marriage break-up by Swami Nithayananda's blessing may come back and haunt him if Ajara were to leave the mission and Sue Nithyananda’s organization for millions in US! I can foresee some major punitive damages.

  8. We all know, Swami Nithyananda can not read Hindi / Devanagari / Sanskrit alphabet (his learning was limited to learning from Railway station names in North India, as he said once). There is no chance he can read Bhagavad Gita from any source books, except Osho or such.

    His original Gita lectures were based on ISKCON book, which has no head and tail. You can see the pictures on the videos. The books which are sold now are compiled by Ram Ramanathan (The guy who wrote 'Nithyananda - My Master') and team of plagiarists, based on books of others. But, Swami claims he dictated them. he keeps releasing them in every city, with a hope to sell some copies.

    Does any one on this planet earth believe that? If a man such as Nithyananda can speak, will he not arrange a big (I mean expensive) program and deliver?

    Of course, he is now in Gita Yatra, so he can go around lecturing on 'Sathya'.

    Nithya Sadhananda will go on his recruitment attempt, speaking all 'Sathya' only. He will say 'Don't miss this opportunity. Don't believe others. Come and experience yourself. Just pay $ 6,000) !!

    Good luck Sadhananda. This is a real test for your business skills which you were once proud of! Do all you can to pull off a last minute victory, for the sake of the man who saved you after all. If you need Tamilnadu food, take some MTR, Iyengar etc. prepared meals from Selam, chennai etc. Your illness should not recur.

    But, selling people a $ 6,000 program based on cancer cure miracle may nto fly always. After all they do not have Cancer. LOL!!

  9. One basic fact which most Indians/Hindus can not clearly understand is that Budhism and Jainism are not Vedic. Both Budha and Mahavira opposed the authority of Vedas.

    Probably, Budha did not learn from the Vedic masters of that time. That is why he lacked commonsense, and spent a long time to even know that death and desease exist in the world and are unavoidable. As I can not see into the past, I have to leave behind the notion that Budha was enlightened. His ideas of 'Sunya' and others were argued at leangth by Vedantins. (Plople who have a doubt should search on Budha and Sankara or Ramanuja etc. and do a comparitive study). Because those ideas were so flawed that Sankara and mimamsa (vedic ritualists) spends half of their time arguing against those concepts.

    But, Budhism picked up in US because of Tibet and China issues, and compassionate character of the present Dalai Lama.

    This confused state of the society is picked up now by Nithyananda, to put Budha and Mahavira and other Hindu Gods in one Temple, so he can become Guru for all people. Dollar of Hindus, Christians, Budhists or Jains is the same color. Tolerance for all religions is good, but it should not be a technique to make money, and increase their flock.

    Lovers of Budha and Mahavira, wake-up! save your own traditions! Does not your Mahavira and Tirthankaras have a shelter, tehy are sitting in Vedic Temple which they opposed in their lives? Jainas, do you want to learn Jain sutras from one who roams around in luxury, where Mahavira lived fasting and naked?

    Lovers of Budha, wake-up. Do you want your Budha wearing a turban and giving energy darshan every where and no real dharma teaching, but copies the concept of sangha, as a technique to spread his name and fame?

    Hindus, Wake-up, know what is Vedic.

    Om ShantiH ShantiH ShantiH

  10. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Although we appreciate opposing views, we want to clarify to all readers that we have deep respect and love to all Truthful religions with special reverence to Buddhism and Jainism along with Hinduism. The great saint, Paramahamsa Ramakrishna validated that Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity could all lead to the ultimate Truth of Enlightenment. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna used to keep a statue of Lord Buddha in his private quarters, (or so we have read). I'm sure that He would extend his warm embrace and validity to both Buddhism and Jainism. These paths follow the Truth.

    We believe that the poster above is trying to make the point of keeping to the core of these three separate religions and not to let someone's sweet rhetoric lose sight of the essence. We believe the poster above is not trying to divide, but simply wake people up and have awareness. Yes, we agree, do NOT sell out your traditions and inner faith. Follow the path that you are familiar with and that sits best in your heart.

    As the poster above, we do have deep DISrespect for anyone who tries to hijack another religion. The so-called Paramahamsa Nithyananda is doing just that... and trying to get away with so much more than he can chew. Please so yourself a Divine favor and spit him out.

    Jai Maa.

  11. are you really planning to something big to expose the org. Because we want to know what the results are like ayya's answers to questions about swamiji's timeline etc.. I am very curious , i am still a devotee and the org's response may help me decide.

  12. I loved the comments by Anon @ JANUARY 31, 2010 10:30 AM.

    Ram Ramanathan and his team of plagiarists :) Ain't that the truth! LOL!

    Some of the books with Nithyananda's name on them have ZERO content spoken (not even regurgitated) by him. It was all "inspired" by some ashramite's mind. I used to be on the publications email list, and at one point there were clear instructions to add our own jokes to clarify some point. WTF?

  13. The fellow who spoke about Buddha, Mahavira etc is correct. Technically, Bauddha Dharma (Buddhist philosophy) is considered Naastik and non-Vedic, because it argues against Brahman (or any Divine principle). The Astik philosophies are called shad darshana, or the six schools: Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya, Yoga, Mimamsa and Vedanta.

    So, for Nithyananda to call Buddha and the Tirthankaras "Vedic" and to club them with his motley crew inside the temple, is disingenuous at best.

    However, Buddhist thought certainly influenced Sanatana Dharma, which is an organic, evolving process which has historically assimilated the best of ideas which originated from the spiritual genius of the land.

    Patanjali's Yoga sutras, if you examine deeply, are certainly influenced by some Buddhist ideas (Buddha predated him).

  14. One question for Ayya (or Sevakananda):

    If your Master(-baiter and switcher)'s BUSINESS claims to be supporting VEDIC tradition, why is your parent organization registered as PROTESTANT in the State of California??

    DUARTE, CA 91010-2444
    Charitable Organization
    (Protestant) * * * 06/2006
    EIN: 651273065

    I wonder if this tour will be canceled after all this pre-publicity. Muahaha.

  15. Hello,

    I want to thank you for this brave service you are doing to Humanity, by bringing the truth to the surface and exposing the fraud perpetrated by Nithyananda. He is a criminal in the disguise of a holy man, claiming himself to be GOD and fooling all innocent people.

    I recently came across a video on You Tube, I thought you can share it with all your fans and others who stumble upon this blog:

    I do believe most people in his organization are sincere and genuine. They have just gotten carried away by his charisma and believe him to be a true enlightened master. It will be the saddest day of their life when they realize what a big blunder they made.

  16. A correction to the number of goden thrones in nithyatales website:

    Its totally 10 in his possession all over world, not 6.

  17. Hi Orange Clown,

    Buddha pre-dates the compilation of the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. However, the methods metioned in the Yoga Sutras existed many centuries before Buddha. Buddha might had experimented and used methods that existed during his time.

    This makes hard to separate the two and decide which view/method is first. This is a debate historians. I am only interested in a way that isn't too dogmatic or authoritarian.

    After Nithyananda, I am staying away from anything that preach surrendering to another (call her/him god, master, avatar or guru, doesn't matter). I will use my god-given mind or COMMON SENSE.

    It is one thing to "quiet the mind" for meditative awareness, it is a totally different matter to "drop the mind" completely.

    The two principles that Vivekananda emphasized greatly on are TRUTH and COMMON SENSE.

    Use your common sense, don't tricked by a commercial fake guru.

    Nithy talks about the absolute demands of TRUTH, yet he did the opposite. So I don't trust whatever Nithy says any more. Nithy's mixing of truth and big lies only cause confusion. I have a feeling that the emphasise on SURRENDER and not common sence (mind) is part of the Nithy brainwashing that makes followers who are easily exploited.

  18. Another Sneaky one......February 1, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    I like the "Sneaky One"'s idea..

    I might do this in my town. I might also spend some money to print out the timeline and hire somebody to stick it on the car windshields. I urge everybody to do this.

    My motive

    I have a close friend who got sucked into this. He is obviously "blissful" about this and I am conflicted about letting all this out to him. He had spent about $8000 for the 3 month LBE program at Bidadi. Moreover he had resigned his job and moved to Bidadi with his family. My town is a bud compared to the others. I would like to remove this weed at the budding stage before more damage can be done...

  19. Are any of you readers of this blog in a position to start an Anti-Nithyananda blog in TAMIL language? That will be immensely helpful.

    Most of Nithyananda's devotees in Tamil Nadu cannot understand English specially that written with an American slang. Also most of Nithyananda's Brahmachari's will miss the important points in these blogs because of the language barrier.

    It would be great if someone can take the core points from these blogs and start a Tamil language blog. There are Tamil fonts available and you can install to your blogger account and do it.

    This will be immensely helpful to wake a lot more people from the Nithyananda slumber.

  20. Has anyone seen Sri Nithya Chidambarananda? Is he still at the ashram in Bidadi? Is he still with Swami? During my last trip there, I did not see him.

  21. Dear Anonymous, you said this....

    Its totally 10 in his possession all over world, not 6.

    Can you possibly dig through his websites and send us links to photographs of other thrones. It will be good document those.

  22. Hi Sneaky One, great idea. I will see about doing something if Nithy or his Swamis come to give programs in my city. I am not afraid of being carry out! I am a little crazy anyway. lol

  23. A Tamil language summary would help a lot of very devout village folks in India indeed. I wish I know the language!

  24. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We would like to encourage anyone planning on taking some action against the cult of Nithyananda to make sure that you operate peacefully and within the boundaries of the law. If you are planning a demonstration, you might want to check in at your local police station first. This will help you acquaint to what is legal and lawful action and what would be seen as transgressions. This rapport also will be helpful if the police do come, you then have a record to whom you spoke with at the police station. Please note that emotions might be running on high on both sides, so this knowledge and support will certain benefit you. Keep your cool and don't respond with violence even if the emotional cult members are violent to you.

    It is from our findings that it is lawful to have picket signs, demonstrations, etc., but you need to stay on public property and not block the flow of traffic or pedestrians. (Once again, check with your local police.) We highly recommend that you also have one person dedicated to video the whole incident. This will allow for any proof if any of the 'rowdy' swamis or their support groups act up. It will also get even more mileage as a YouTube clip and will probably inspire many more people to take similar action.

    We hope that you do get a chance to expose this fraud. Remember to have fun with it, and do so peacefully and respectfully to the law (both local and karma).

    Jai Maa.

  25. You guys MUST read this. Brilliant!

    Guru as God?

  26. Hey there!

    I have a couple of questions in mind...??

    Ayya is the guy who was saved by Nithyananda from his death bed and that's how he became a man to spread his mission...right? So in this case should'nt his family members be greatful and loyal for saving Ayya from the so-called death bed?

    If so then why? Only his wife - (Jammuna Amma) – is the only person who is in the ashram and not his sons? or his siblings? or rest of their family who knew this story?

    While Ayya recruits Volunteers for the 1yr program (Cheap Labor who drives the organization) and Nithyananda mesmerizes his devotees to become ashramites and opens Gurukulam for their children, why does Guyya (sorry Ayya) needs to send his son’s to UK for their master’s degree?

  27. Slimy Saint NithyanandaFebruary 5, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    The comment from anonymous posted FEBRUARY 5, 2010 12:12 AM, is brilliant!

    That is such a true statement. If Aiyya was indeed so miraculously saved, it is quite a mystery that no one else from his entire family is there paying gratitude to the scumbag Nithyananda.

    I suppose the Master's degree is also the "Master's grace" for Aiyya's son :-)

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  30. Nithyananda the SwineFebruary 7, 2010 at 10:05 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, 'Swamiji Is God'. You are right. We should not have posted that one comment that had a link to some private pictures of a close disciple's son. We shall remove it and all related comments. This blog is about Sri Nithyananda, how to avoid falling into his trap, and how to get out of his trap. Family members of disciples should not be dragged into the fray. They are innocent. We apologize for the omission.

    Thanks for keeping our good sense in check.

    For those of you that had other relevant information removed that was bundled with your comments about the son of a close disciple, please feel free to resubmit your comments again without references to the family member or his photos. Thanks.

    Jai Maa.

  36. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We see that the deleted comments are still showing in the side bar. In that case, we might need to delete them permanantly. (We will know in an hour or two.)

    Clarification. We feel that it is fair to mention that Ayya has sent his son overseas for a Master's program. We don't feel that it is fair to mention his son's name or anything of a personal matter. So, we would welcome the excellent comment about "Why not to send your children to Nithyananda's Gurukul when Ayya sends his child(ren) overseas for formal education". As long as the revised comment(s) didn't mention the son's name and was kept to a general level, we would gladly post it.

    Hope this clarifies matters.

    Jai Maa.

  37. Not a problem I apologize if I had hurted some one badly.

    But this is what I wanted to convey

    “The man who spreads Nithyananda’s mission has his own laws” Sri Nithya Sadhananda sends his children’s to abroad for their education. They go to one of the best schools in UK and they are having a real guys THINK BEFORE SENDING YOUR BELOVED ONES TO Nithyananda's GURUKULAM, THINK BEFORE LEAVING YOUR JOB, THINK BEFORE BECOMING AN ASHRMITE.”

  38. Hi Expose Nithyananda - You did the right thing by removing the comments about Aiyya's son.

    However I do want to ask SIG one thing.

    SIG - is this the type of language your 'Paramahamsa God Nithyananda' has asked you to use when you are upset? To call people names such as idiots and what not?

    What happened to being 'Unclutched'? Shouldn't you be unclutched and not bothered by these silly blogs which according to you are not being taken seriously by people any way? Why did your blood pressure go so high and you go so angry here?

    If Unclutch does not work for you here, where else do you think it is going to work? Since he is God, why are you even here still lurking in here and reading these blogs? Why don't you go recruit new suckers (excuse me devotees) to do Home darshans and Pada Pujas. Wouldn't that be more effective?

    After all, such a small blog with small traffic (which incidentally is close to a million hits in just a few months) should not affect you and your God from 'Transforming the world'.

    To me it seems like you have started to realize the fraud that Nithyananda is and that is why the anger (in your own disbelief) is coming out. How long are you going to keep your eyes closed and not see the fraudulent and power hungry ways of Nithyananda? If you are a true seeker, it will not take you much time. Give it a few more months and you will realize the falseness of Nithyananda.

    Please keep such nasty language and behavior out of these blogs. Learn to be a decent human being who can have a civilized conversation first.

  39. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We are glad that the side bar issue is resolved. The posts are gone. Thank you to those who reposted again.

    To the poster above, thanks for the information. Yes, you are right. It is best if *everyone* (including pro and con Nithyananda) keeps it light and civil. We're all in favor of banter and lampooning, but anger, although sometimes justified (from both sides) is best if it is meditated off. We'll also try to keep to that standard ourselves.

    We do appreciate statements from 'Swamiji is God'. On the most part, this poster has expressed restraint and courage in spite of coming to a forum that will not be so receptive to the views he or she expresses. 'Swamiji is God' has helped correct ourselves, so we have gratitude and appreciation for this person.

    We would also like to request that we keep comments to either 'anonymous' or some original name that makes your intentions clear. Posting under another person's name tends to diminish the validity of the comment. With that being said, we do hope the best for Ma Gnaneshwari Mayi. We have lots of spiritual goodwill and respect for her, and we do not believe the above comment came from her. Please correct us if we are wrong.

    Jai Maa.

  40. Suggestion:
    Have a post on this organization's programs where one who has attended the programs can leave comments on the experiences one wishes to share - both pro and con. This can be useful to those who are "on the fence" about attending and have turned to these blogs to read feedback about the programs offered and on the organization as a whole.

    In my opinion meditation programs can be powerful tools that can guide and help one on the path towards enlightenment/self-realization.

    However, meditation programs should not be understood as an opportunity to pay someone to make us become enlightenend instantly. Some people seem to believe that they can attend this meditation program and by the end of 21 days a Guru will turn them into an enlightened being WITH NO EFFORT OR WILLINGNESS ON THEIR PART (CAPS for emphasis, not shouting).

    Any meditation program and guidance from a Guru can be life transforming and, ALONG WITH ONES OWN EFFORT and WILLINGNESS (again, CAPS for emphasis), can help a person on their path to enlightenment, but one should be aware that it is unlikely that they will be instantly transformed solely by someone else (a Guru for example) during the course of 21 days.

    We have free-will. Someone else cannot make us become enlightened if we are not ready for it. If some part of our being does not want to become enlightened, it will not happen. One must be willing to become enlightened - one has to believe and one must go through a process. One has to work on oneself. A Guru can help us to help ourselves and guide, but they cannot do it FOR us. There is a saying in America that goes like this "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink." A Guru can guide, but cannot make a person do what they do not want or are unwilling to do.

    Also, be aware that the wording that is sometimes used in marketing efforts around the world encourages instant gratification. That is what the media sells and that is what many of us agree we want - a quick-fix for whatever problems we think we have. Just be aware of this.

    A suggestion for all seekers of the ultimate truth: Do the research, meditate on what believe you are seeking, ask for guidance, and YOU decide what is best for you AND for the good of all concerned.


  41. Hi Everybody,

    Ayya will be at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple in Seattle this Thursday, February 11, 2010 at 7:30 pm.

    The address to the Nithyananda Vedic Temple in Seattle is:

    Vedic Temple
    2877 152nd Avenue Northeast
    Redmond, WA 98052

    Let's all greet him with lots of questions. See you there!

  42. Life of the Cult Guru NithyanandaFebruary 10, 2010 at 7:38 PM

    To the Anonymous poster with the thoughtful comment at FEBRUARY 9, 2010 12:15 PM:

    I challenge you and anyone else to please POST here the moment they are "enlightened". To me this is a completely Stupid desire to "get enlightened". I know everyone here is not going to agree to this even in this blog. To me it is the BIGGEST desire instilled in us by fools like Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

    So instead of living life just as we have it, accepting what is there and taking what comes by, some narcissitic pig like Nithyananda comes along and says you will get "enlightened". This is such a sham!

    Greed and fear are supposedly two things that Nithyananda removes. And yet those are the two things he uses extensively with his disciples devotees.

    Get yourself "enlightened" now - realize that this "enlightenment" is crap and go live your life as it unfolds without having to pay some idiot Guru!

  43. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Looks like the brainwashing invader, Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami (or Ayya) had to cut his cult recruiting efforts a bit short. His visit to San Jose / the Bay Area in California has either been cancelled or driven way underground. Why did you cancel his visit, Sri Nithyananda? Aren't you the 'enlightened' master who can take care of anything? Even marketing fraud?

    Rumors had it that there was a 'big surprise' being organized in San Jose / Bay Area on Ayya's behalf. Perhaps Swami Sadhananda is a very sad Sadhananda after experiencing either direct confrontation or just plain disinterest in Nithyananda's expensive brand of worthless brainwashing bullsh!t. And, yes, we know that the San Jose / Bay Area devotees are regular followers of this blog. Hello to all of you.

    Also, it looks like has given up on marketing his visit too. All promotional icons, etc. have been removed from their website as of Monday, February 22, 2009. So, Nithyananda's web stooges pulled the promotional carpet right out from Swami Sad Sadhananda's feet with a couple of dates still left on his tour. Was his visit that much of a failure? Hope so.

    Take heart. Swami Sad Sadhananda still has one more visit in Jersey. Lets hope that we can make it very memorable for him. You know what to do. ;-)

    Jai Maa.

  44. why did you black out one of ayya's teeth???
    You should have blackened his eye. That would have made sense!!!

  45. Sun TV news channel releases scandal of Nithyananda. Hope he will get arrested.

  46. Hello, my name is Uma Kolandai and I am devastated at this blog. I have listened to Swamiji's speeches a few times, been to a lecture - meditation once in 2007 and a few months ago attended a puja done by the Swamiji's devotees called Srinivasa Kalyanam at the Dhyanapeetam in St.Louis where the swamiji released plans to build an ashram village around the temple.

    I believe some people have taken offense to this Dhyanapeetam. I saw a strange scene during this puja. The puja did not start on time and ran late by a couple of hours. There were almost no Indians as was normal at the gathering. Only Americans were there and many of them were offering coconuts, without having done the puja. There were new priests who seemed to be in charge, I had not seen that before, Swamiji was always by himself. I also felt the priest who did most of the talking was openly ridiculing the word 'enlightened' on stage. I was curious how his own priests could ridicule swami's words. The priest had to announce that someone's car headlights were turned on and they need to go turn it off. That is when the priest with shaved head and red robes joked about the car being enlightened too much and all the people laughed.

    I felt strange with the entire crowd being American than Indian, though most of the preparations were done by the Indian devotees. The priest who had ridiculed the word enlightenment was asking for money repeatedly, to pledge every item brought as offering - even fruits and flowers. I had never seen Swamiji ask for any money pledged like that. I felt as if someone had taken the reins from him and they were doing all the money grabbing, but using his name.. Perhaps it could be those who are writing this blog and its a planned conspiracy to ruin the Swamiji's following and his name and call him a money grabber? Now I hear that there is a sex scandal and video a bout him. When I was at this puja, Swami repeatedly stressed that there are no divorces in Tamil Nadu and India in general and people should stay away from drugs and immoral conduct and children should stay at home until they get married to avoid many problems. He criticized Californians and other liberal minded folks and said India's divorce rate was very small comparatively and that is ancient vedic culture and it should be maintained. I do not think he would go and have sex with women and be compromised as they say he has. I seriously believe that could also be a trap to ruin him. I believe this is being done by those against Hindus and Tamils. I hope they get caught - I feel they are shaven and wearing red and are conservative crap out to ruin good folks by smearing and maiming tactics - like M.S. Husein did to our dieties. Only yesterday I had told someone that I wish him and his paintings be burnt. Today I read that Swamiji's ashram was burnt in Bangalore.. This is getting to be a hate filled terrible terrorist world..

  47. This is Uma Kolandai again. I am very worried at this trend against Indians, Hindus and Tamilians and it appears that this blog has bloggers who say Om Namashivaya at the start. If you meant that do not write such hate messages on public boards, you are helping those who already wish to destroy the Hindu relgion as a whole. If you have issues, please address the Dhyanapitam, or talk to authorities who can find proof and verify your statements. Do not write on blogs, without having proof. I am seeing more and more of Saivaites trying to trash Vaishnavaites and vice versa, it is not a good thing for Hinduism as a whole, it is like poking one eye to spite the other. If money is an issue, do not pay anything for the courses. Swamiji's talks are on You Tube for free, you can listen to them. If you do not find them enlightening, that is ok, there are others who have found them helpful to deal with stress, depression and profound sadness - me for example. His speeches brought me out of a very dark place when I was being tortured and humiliated by nameless entities. Swamiji's devotees gave me mental strength, courage and brought me back to the light. You will not understand all that, unless you go through with it. And better yet, they refused to take any money from me, even when I wrote a cheque, it was refused and given back to me because they knew I had no job at the time. I have seen the Dhyanapitam as it was before the shaved heads with red robes took Swamiji as hostage - for want of other words.. That is what I see. I feel someone has seen his success, and taken over by using some ruse and then done things in his name by force and given him the bad name. WHo is this Sadhananda? HE looks like that Husein guy who drew dirty pictures of our deities and Mother India.. I am sure he and those like him did all this and put the blame on Swamiji.

    I know Swamiji and his real devotees like a devout group I knew. They were very sincere, not about money, devoted voluntary time to social wellness and pujas at the temple, they wore only traditional proper Indian clothing to the temple and asked we all did that, you cannot wear scanty clothing and go to the temple. Swamiji is also supportive of protecting the environment, being free and happy, use less paper, meditate, eat only vegan food, and exercise and always let go of clutter and hatred. You just follow that, no need of a single dollar from any of you. Just let go of the hate..Learn to love and stop trashing everything that you can't see eye to eye with..


  48. Hi I am Uma again. I notice details about whether the yoga shastra was Patanjali's or Budhist or Thirthankara.. I am not knowledgeable on all that. What is important is can lay folks get some good out of the Swamiji's principles? I did. There is gold everywhere - in all religious places of worship it is present as a higher metal used as a mark of honor. If Swamiji should not use gold, no one should.. I had posted a previous comment about a puja I had gone to. Swami was not wearing a gold beaded rudhraksham he usually wore before. The shaved headed red robed giant of a monk was wearing it instead of Swamiji..

  49. What is your problem...
    Even if your are not agree, never critizise Master, you don't realize the big karma you are accumulating...
    Only the poeple who are not ready to receive the truth are shaken.
    You can tell all bad things you want but the poeple who know the truth and have a strong experience will always stand for Nithyananda.

    So just be careful at least for yourself!

  50. Mr/Miss/Mrs anonymus at March 5, 2010 8:57 AM
    "never criticize the master"

    Nithyananda, you truly are great. Your devotees are so blind that they fail to see all. Even if the big bright sun is shining with light of truth(as in the video), they being blind cannot see it!

    - Nithyananda fools his people with such statements never criticise.....just suck my d**k when I tell you to or what!! I am assuming thats how he would have convinced Ranjitha too. Just do what I say, dont ever question me. What brain wash!!!

  51. Mr/Miss/Mrs anonymus at March 5, 2010 8:57 AM
    "never criticize the master"

    Nithyananda is NOT a Master :) so no it

  52. I hadn't heard abt this crook until that viral video was circulated. Only after that I started watching his other video clippings on youtube.

    It was very clear to me from the language he uses. Either you be one of them and agree to what they say or be damned.

    From their standpoint you are enlightened as soon as you see Mr Nithya Ananda as re-incarnation of god :-).
    In one of his videos he says he saw paramahamsa flying high in the sky which his disciples couldn't see!! what crap. Either he was day dreaming or he really saw that lone siberian crane which came to ranthambore this season. Again, I am not enlightened as I see it as a crane and not as paramahamsa. Alas, I am happy to be not enlightened.

    I am impressed by the power these guys possess to brainwash common people. Truly people need help.

  53. very true. These rascals make a huge business by looting the public and abusing them esp. the womenfolk. They bring shame to womenhood. It is the educated people who support them the most for their selfishness. Expose every such frauds. My friend too was a victim to one such thing. Expose them and save the nation and innocent,


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