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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Not-So Tactical Retreat of Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami (Ayya)

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Right-hand Man, Swami Sadhananda, Comes Up Empty Handed

Note to readers: This post is a continuation of our blog post three weeks ago titled:
'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Sends Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami (Ayya) to the Rescue
Hey, there 'Swami' Nithyananda. How's things going? Oh, dear. More silence. We take it that in your case silence isn't golden. We think that might be the only thing of yours that isn't golden. Perhaps, of course, with also the exception of your reputation. But, that's another story.

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we noticed the Swami Sadhananda a.k.a. Ayya is rounding up his tour of North America. How did it go? Oh, more silence. Gee, Sri Nithyananda, since both you and Swami Sadhananda (Ayya) are businessmen (who you both conveniently say have renounced everything), did you set some objectives and even quota of how many people Swami Sadhananda was going to sign up for your pricey 6K 'Inner Awakening' program? Sri Nithyananda, please understand that the economy in North America really sucks right now, and people can't just leave their job for almost a month and except to have them back when they return. And, those that still have income, they probably want to hang on to that $6,000 just in case... Actually, Sri Nithyananda, if a family of two goes plus airfare and everything, they are looking at dropping at least $15,000. That's a lot to ask for when your job might not be there tomorrow. Yes, we knew, you were going to say that they need 'unclutch'. But, perhaps you should 'unclutch' a little from your greedy business objectives... and your cut-throat business model. You know, Sri Nithyananda, they are the ones who are taking the risk, not you. After all, how many 24K golden thrones do you really need?

And, Sri Nithyananda, we really need to talk about having all those other 'enlightened' followers who did your 'Inner Awakening' program market the next potential batch. Sri Nithyananda, they might seem enthusiastic like Amway / Quixtar distributors, but any conversation beyond the "Wow, it was great!" someone can easily tell that these people are not 'enlightened', but just mesmerized. There is a difference, you know. They just don't seem that credible, almost as if they were just pitching for a fraud. But, then again, Sri Nithyananda, having these 'graduates' talk about 'Inner Awakening' suits our objectives very nicely. So, forget what we said earlier, have these people talk to potential new suckers, we mean seekers, for hours on end.  Let them tell everyone how great your pricey 'Inner Awakening' program actually is and how their lives have all changed because of it. They will do great service for everyone.

But, what really puzzled us, Sri Nithyananda, is that your web team, under your orders, we presume, dropped all support of Swami Nithya Sadhananda's (Ayya) tour on your main website, You, Sri Nithyananda, used to have this nice Osho logo, we mean 'paramahamsa' bird, that linked to Swami Nithya Sadhananda's (Ayya) schedule. With still three more stops, you removed this link. Why 'Swami' Nithyananda? Is this some sort of tactical retreat? A recruiting defeat? A marketing error?  A defense against fraud? We are just baffled.
Oh, we think we get it now, Sri Nithyananda. Perhaps you are offering up a nice excuse for Swami Nithya Sadhananda (Ayya) for not making the numbers. This way when he gets back to India, Ayya (Swami Sadhananda) can then conveniently blame your web team for the poor results. Yes, you and Ayya (Swami Nithya Sadhananda) are still 'enlightened', but your web team is not, and therefore, they can take the blame and leave your reputations intact. Brilliant, there, Sri Nithyananda. Will you beat them all with a big stick? Or will you just reduce them to tears with your mind games?  How about a combo pact?  As, in reduce them to tears and then beat them.  That way you, Sri Nithyananda, can claim that they were cry babies to begin with and that your violence didn't bring them any real harm.  Like right.

And, why Sri Nithyananda, did you remove the last scheduled day on Swami Nithya Sadhananda (Ayya) for Saturday, February 27, 2010 in San Jose / the Bay Area in California? Is it too risky for your, an almighty 'enlightened' healing master to have Ayya's San Jose/Bay Area appearance visible to everyone on the internet? Was it cancelled outright or just pushed in the shadowy underground (kind of like all those dead people you disturb)? Don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, the welcoming party that some of our readers were going to organize for Swami Nithya Sadhananda (Ayya) was going to be very peaceful. They were just planning to have some picket signs, a little demonstration, some video footage for YouTube, the press from the local papers, and perhaps someone to attend the event and ask Ayya all those questions about your claims to be wandering for nine years then reduced to just six years but really you were in the Ramakrishna Mission the whole time, etc.
You know, Sri Nithyananda, without this practice with Swami Sadhananda (Ayya), it might be really hard for our readers to do a professional job of protesting when you come, or shall we say if you come back to North America. Oh, well, we guess that they will just have to be spontaneous and remind themselves to keep it peaceful at all times. We hope that they can remember all of that.

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 80: Eighty days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 102: One hundred and two days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Wow! You mean you guys were really planning to demonstrate? You guys are way ahead of me. Unfortunately, my town is a bit far from the closest Nithyananda Center. And the guys that I have been canvassing with are reluctant to come out and protest. But I think if anyone from any city were to set one precedent by demonstrating, we may also follow suit. I admit this is not my personality but I would be more than willing to help.

  2. Our Paramahamsa Nithyananda's greed is so excessive, he gives a damn if a person leaves his job, borrows money or puts it on a credit card just so Nithyananda can fulfill his Golden fantasies and the fantasies of his big huge stadium project.

    The way I see it, Nithyananda is probably desperate to make a quick buck. He apparently told city coordinators in some meeting that apparently 45 Million dollars (the cost of his stadium project) was going to be donated by one single devotee. He knows this is a big fat LIE like everything else. I don't think he has a billionaire devotee who can just write Nithyananda a check for 45M. Even Popat does not have that kind of money.

    So to make that kind of money, Nithyananda has increased the pace of IA programs, Home darshans and pada pujas. Now the trouble is people are starting to wake up thanks to these blogs.

    Talk about the IA scam. I know at least 5 people who attended IA (from one city) and they have all left realizing the phony scam this IA program. They all felt great for a few months, but soon realized, it was NOT enlightenment :-)

  3. Wow, read this about Dahn Yoga and see the similarity with Life Bliss:

    CNN produced a special investigative program on Dahn. How shall we get an investigative news program on Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamigal?

  4. How shall we get an investigative news program on Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamigal?

    We should collectively file a class action lawsuit against Nithyananda and soon there will be plenty of media coverage!

  5. Since some here are afraid to identify themselves, we may need to find a good class-action law firm in which we can trust with our stories and our identity.

    May be a good idea to check out the law firm that the ex-Dahn students/volunteers are using for their case. Any other suggestions?

  6. Hi Genesan, the 5 persons who realized it is a scam can start a class action lawsuit to recover the fees and to expose Nithy further. There is a huge suit against Dahn yoga and there is CNN investigation on it. soon it will be Nithy's turn.

    One of the "enlightened" maha-acharyas who escaped also said to experience a high for some months, which faded. It was not enlightenment.

  7. You want to know why CNN picked up the story? It is because the group is called Dahn YOGA and they have a mostly white (read: mainstream America) target audience. Newsflash: Yoga is hot in the US. Mention of Yoga attracts viewers -> higher ratings. It's all business, folks.

    And if you think mainstream media picks up stories about obscure groups without one of you having connections to them, you are being naive.

    Note that the judge in the Dahn lawsuit dismissed the case.

    Also note, that the Federal court in lawsuits against the TM organization, "dismissed without trial the claims of negligent psychological injuries, dismissed the claim of intentional infliction of emotional stress, and dismissed the claim of punitive damages."

    So yeah.

    You want some free advice about your realistic chances? Chat with Jason who writes the Salty Droid blog. He is a lawyer, and much better informed than you guys.

    [ - *caution*: his blog is filled with expletives. But it's fun! ]

  8. To the anonymous person who left a comment about the Salty droid, thanks a bunch!

    We looked through the site and found this link to this amazing video on how to be a cult leader

    It is uncanny how similar this is to the Nithyananda organization! We just published this short story in our blog so readers to our blog get to see this too.

    Anyone who has left Nithy will immediately recognize how similar Nithy is to what is described in this video. Those who are still his "devotees" will miss the point entirely.

    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team

  9. Hello, it is us again.

    We have just published an article which is already getting many hits and also comments have started coming in. The article is Nithyananda poops on other Masters

    You can see all the "wonderful and divine" things that Nithyananda has said about other Masters. True sign of divinity from our "Enlightened" Master! :-)

  10. AnanadaCoconut...

    Here is the information of the attorney who takes care of class action law suits against Dahn Yoha.

    Attorney Name is Ryan Kent in bay area but will accept cases from anywhere:

    More articles:

    Many of you who lost money can easyly win.

  11. I saw the following comment at Guruphiliac under the blog of " Nathyananda is not who he claims to be"

    It starts as :

    At 2/18/2010 10:40 PM, Anonymous said...

    Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha, fools it will take time for you to understand the workings of the master.

    First understand that you go to him with guilty conscience and with big ego that is your problem.

    He can only help you if you have complete love in him and that love has to come out naturally and should be natural. He has no option but to help those people who have complete faith, devotion and love in him.

    Looks like for most of you the time has not come yet.

    What makes you think he needs so much money? Is he married? Does he have children? Does he have big desires except wearing those golden rudrakshyas? Don't you fools except that being in human bodies he also has some human attributes.

    Do you fools think that you are the only ones that have right to have share of earthly pleasures and not him. Have you had loved him you would have excepted him with totality. I cannot say that is your fault or not but i can say time is not ripe for you yet.

    I would have believed him if he even said he roamed the length and breadth of earth for 30 years on bare foot. If you find no connection with him i should suggest you accept it and move ahead and let other try for themselves instead of babbling all those nonsense here in the web.

    I pity your foolishness and as of compassion for you all i tell that Only with total love and devotion to master will he have ability to illuminate your path.

    Just trust your instincts that is he a true enlightened being or not? if he is than no other things are of concern and should make no significance. if he is not enlightened than even he renounces the total world he will be of no help to you. Later is your choice to make.


    Looks like a very arrogant person. Please post your comments. He speaks with no experience. Thanks.

  12. Anonymous, who left the Guruphilia comment - this is a great example of why the "fraud Guru enlightenment business" thrives despite all allegations.

    People like this will believe in anything because they are so desperate and ripe with greed for "enlightenment" and hence they will believe any phony that comes along. I bet he has never read any works of any real Masters like Ramana Maharishi.

    May be if Nithyananda sleeps (excuse me, gets room service) with this chaps wife, sister or mother, then he will wake up. Or may not even then. He will say Nithyananda is doing to remove their karmas.

    See how blind these fools are, that they will buy any crap that Nithyananda tells them. Sad state of affairs indeed.

  13. Hi Ganesan: Not all who follow Nithy were all greedy for enlightenment - though may be the ultimate goal for many.

    Some I knew simply felt a powerful connection (before all the lies surface) to him and his talks and want to be part of something greater than ourselves.

  14. "Lying to people to get their money is not just unethical, it is illegal. It is called fraud."
    Quote from a website exposing Scientology as a cult.

    During Sadhananda's tour he and other swamis claimed that you WILL achieve enlightenment if you 'take the next step towards the master' and attend the 21-day program. They are telling people that enlightenment can be purchased.

  15. Some of my personnel views of about the type of people or couples who join the mission and why it is so difficult to stop these people from following the Fake guru:

    I will list some of the categories:

    1) Couples who are tired of their marraiage and whant to have a new purpose. (Age 50 and above)

    These people can not go any where. In fact they have bought a common friend( Nithya) and can use him as a focal point to hang on with each other till they die and get enlightened at the same time. ( enlightement is s bonus here)

    2) Young couple suddenly did not find each other compatible sexually and had to find a life raft in the stream of the river called life. They then latched on to this Nithya guru since he advocates splitting couples and this way if that split happens they dont have to be gulity nor even get a divorce since they are sworn to not to have any more relationship with each other.
    This way they can tell their parents they have become devine and dont have to go thru the torture of defending thier actions.

    3)Single women who can not hold relationships.

    I hope I am not offending any body here. But is true. Over several years I have seen single men and women hanging on to swami Nithya since he is the only one who can hug them really good. For single women this is a bonus.

    4) Rich people who have proplems which they can not control.

    These people want to get all their problems fixed by donating some money and also get enlightement as a bonus.

    If this is the market place where we are operating it would be very difficult to stop the Nithy express.

    The above mentioned category might read this blog but will not belive it since this fake swami is the medicine they are looking for. Actually this blog messed up their happy lives. They might no that the questions raised in the blog are credible but who cares they are not going to give up their dream world which hey are living in.

    What I mean is that the people who stick with Swami Nithya knowing fully well tht he is not wnat he claims to be, have no other choice. If they leave Swami at this time the lie they are living with will crumble, and this they will not allow it to happen.

    I want some suggestion from other people who read the blogs, How can we help these miserable people? May be by a new program called the " The Nithya seperation trauma program" Some body should come up with this online program so that they can use this as a crutch when they are getting off the 'Nithya Frauddhani Express'.

  16. Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha, fools it will take time for you to understand the workings of the master.

    Mu guess is this sounds like Bakthananda.

  17. They are telling people that enlightenment can be purchased.

    What a joke this Nithyananda organization is! I am one of the people who got "enlightened" by realizing that Nithyananda is fraud. And I did IA and paid the scumbag $6000 :-)

  18. During Sadhananda's tour he and other swamis claimed that you WILL achieve enlightenment

    Achieve "enlightenment", eh? That's such a ridiculous statement, that I can't help snickering.

    You can be free from suffering, yes, you can trace and eliminate the source of suffering, yes. But you can never become "enlightened". That's just marketing bullsh*t. You are That. How can you "achieve" or "become" something you already are??

    Just like Tony Robbins and other fraud personal development gurus in America, Nithyananda and his "swamis" are selling states. The unfortunate poor fools buying into the hype are being sold feel-good peak experiences as a substitute for the plain, simple truth (which cannot be marketed).

    Save your money and go ride a rollercoaster or bungee jump for your thrills instead. Or cuddle up with your lover and have some sensual sex. Or join some other community which meets your need for a sense of belonging, where they don't try to sell you crap.

    Or go do Vipassana, where they don't charge you a dime, and don't do a marketing sales pitch with testimonials and covert persuasion. Yes, you can have some pretty amazing experiences of peace and bliss and pure awareness, too.

    Better yet, sit by yourself in silence and just BE :)

  19. It is amazing that all the Vipassana centers founded by Goenka do not charge anything and continues year after year. Participants donate after (not before) the program according to their ability and on how valuable they found the program to me. These are 10 day programs for beginners. Room and board for 10 days.

    If Nithy had run his programs on a similar donation basis, then only he can truly claim that he is running a non-profit spiritual-meditation service. His not only a business, but a cut-throat business based on fraud.

    Such fraudulent business practices are not only illegal, they are criminal here in the USA.

  20. Nithyananda organization has made a mockery of itself by making such foolish statements like "achieving enlightenment" etc. Firstly the cult leader is deep in ignorance. His ignorance proliferates within his organization in the form of a brainwashed jokers who have lost all sense of reason and critical thinking.

    Forget enlightenment or becoming a God Person, these people are not even good human beings.

  21. Dear Blog Readers

    I heard news from Bidadi that Swamiji went in to Samadhi for 6 days and so they had to cancel couple of programs. This is looking strange. What is this samadhi stuff?, looks like Ayya went back to India because of this. Couple of questions regarding this

    1. Why only Swamiji goes in to samadhi like this, why not his other enlightened disciples like Ayaa or his wife??

    2. Swamiji many times in his lecture says he is fully enlightened and is always in sahaja samadhi which means he is firmly established in that higher state, so what is this samadhi drama mean then??

    3. Why does this happen only in India and not in US?. There has been no record of his US programs getting cancelled because of his slipping away in to Samadhi, is it because US dollars is precious to lose, and so existence doesn't allow him to slip away like that???

    Any comments....

  22. To anonymous : MARCH 1, 2010 11:28 AM

    Nithyananda in samadhi for 6 days? There was a time when I believed this outright. Now I am very skeptical. I can't comment on his conscious level as he definitely is very advanced. But after the lies that have been disseminated, I am skeptical of everything coming from Bidadi and the organization.

    It is quite possible that he may have had some minor fever. After all, he too has a body and the body too is susceptible to natural causes as it is for everyone, including all saints. It is just that the organization want to create a hype pretending that his body is beyond even natural illness.

    It is also possible that for some programs planned, they did not get the numbers and so, instead of cancelling outright, they would prefer a more dramatical reason.

    Or, maybe the bad news is finally hitting up right through the top of organization and this is another show to wow the skeptics.

  23. Yes, I heard this too. A friend of mine was in Bidadi to do the NSP, and she said they refunded everyone their money and someone else conducted the NSP. Swami was there only for the Kalpataru darshan after the NSP.

    As Chittar said, I too don't doubt that he can go into high state of samadhi, but who knows what actually happened.

  24. Hmm...this 6 days of Samadhi business seems very suspect to me.

    As the above comments, either he fell ill badly. Or even worse, finally he is having some major headaches in India to deal with right now. Why else would Aiyya rush back to India?

    Nithyananda uses "samadhi" and "karma" like candy. Just throws them around so easily. I also was one of the people who would have believed this if I were still in the org. Now I don't believe this at all. This just seems like a convenient excuse to deal with other things.

    It will be fun if his "samadhi state" cancels the Kumbha Mela trip and IA program in March :-)

  25. Every true seeker should watch this.

  26. I like the Samadhi news:

    There could be several reasons why Swami Nithya
    has gone to Samadhi.

    1) One has to be in contact with energy source at all times. With what is going on in the Swami marke place and all the buzz he is catching regarding his credebility if it was me I would have planeed a trip to Thirupati to have a direct chat with god to save my 3$%.

    Since he ia an Avatar he still has to have a chat with somebody for some time to get over these problems. I can fully understand his predicment. Some of you bloogers have to have some kind of a soft corner to let Swami Nithya to be in peace at least for a few days.

    2) The second reason could be that he is showing some temper tantrums to get some more attention from the current followers so that they will feel kind of sorry for all the lies he has told them and the same time forgive him because they love him.

    3)May be he wants to show the world that he can go into Samadhi and teach them a lesson by not talking to them. This way they can all clean up the mess he created.

    4)Last time when I was with him I was told that if Swamiji ever goes into Samadhi he might not return that is why he had to be fed every 4 hrs. What ever happened to that theory?

    I am sure all will be well and we will get our beloved swamiji back to earth. If he does not return I dont know about others since I need this blog for my entertainment.

  27. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To anonymous at 6:59 p.m.

    Could you please repost your comment and link to what you would like us to watch? Somehow, the HTML did not pick up in your post. Thanks.

    Jai Maa.

  28. I think the time is getting ripe for Nithyananda to get arrested and then he can do prison samadhi :-)

    Check this out, fresh news from two days ago of another sex-Guru arrest

  29. I was talking to my cousin who attended the recent LBE. And now she is having "churning" from all these blogs. And during that conversation in trying to defend Nithy she said this. Apparently during LBE Nithyananda said:

    "Most Gurus have a tough time during the 33rd year of life. Many Gurus have left the body during their 33rd year".

    Now why would Nithyananda say this? Seems very odd to me. Or rather coincidental considering these blogs, the increased negative exposure, and now Nithyananda's pretend 10-day samadhi.

    All very suspicious.

    Sure Nithyananda. This is your tough so called 33rd year (since your 1978 birthday itself is false) so suffer!

  30. It was a long since I met my friend and I came to know that a year back he had taken the course Life Bliss Programme and said that it was Swami Nityananda who had had founded. He told me details of programme it was a balant and corrupted form of the Divya Chetana programme which has been in existence from 1996, this I know for I had taken from one who was revealed this divine process at his sadhana kshetra. Rajasekharan was his name and he had travelled from Chennai to Bangalore and we had learned this science at Infantry Road Bangalore in 2000 for I too had learned this beautiful science from the Holy young saint who was living a simple life. Rajsekharan was inquisitive to learn the theory indepth manner which the young saint was simple to explain.This young saint has still a centre in Delhi and bangalore yet it is his simplicity that makes him separate for he lives a normal life with simple needs. The saint has a dream of building a place for humanity, I still revere this person for I have met his holiness many times and everytime I get the assurance that divinity has still not died among such greedy people who love to call themselves God.

  31. he is a fraud.he should be wanted to arrest.he is not a enlight person.he dont have rites to live as a man itself,he is a cheated fellow.want to close all the ashrams.wherever he opened.

  32. I guess this is the reason why Nithyanada has gone into Samadhi for 6days and Ayya's return to India!!

    Check this out guys

  33. Dear Bloggers

    The game is over, the goose is out. Breaking News in India in SUN TV which is the local channel of Tamil Nadu. Swamiji caught in video with Actress Ranjitha on bed, it is extremely shocking to watch that video. He went to Chennai recently to give his scrap kalpatharu darshan and it looks his he spent his time with that lady, and it was caught on video. Game is done!!! I wept on seeing the video. I have lost so much of money and i am left with a broken family, strained relationship with my parents and without job.
    Paramahamsa Nityananda Swamiji ki !! JAI

    Hope someone posts that video in youtube soon.

  34. How do we know that the video is authentic? People can make this up also. I am not a fanatic of Swami but there will be lingering doubt for the current follwers.

    This is the way the current die hard followers will say:

    1) Since he is enlightened he can do anything he wants.
    2) In our vedas it is said that the Enlightened masters have their own rules. They dont have to comply with the worldly rules.
    3) Swami always said do not do what I do. Do as I say.

    This would be the devine logic for all the orange clowns

    Long live the Master.

  35. Now we know why Ayya left USA early and that Nithy went into samadhi and canceled programs: Nithy knew that Sun TV was going to air this scandal video and his team was trying to stop them - to no avail.

    This is all very clear now.

    What happen to the slaves in Bidadi who may want to get away but too poor to escape?

    Some may not have the few rupees to get to Bangalore or back to their villages.

    If you have loved ones in the ashrams, please try to contact them or go there if you can't get hold of them. Nithy is very devious and may well forbid some ashramites outside contact - in case they wake up ceasing to be his slaves.

  36. Some of us paid huge amount of money as donations. I want the blogowner to start a campaign in USA to find ways to get the money back. Any suggestions any body??????????????

  37. I did the IA program. How can I sue him and get my money back?? Anyone know what grounds I can stand on?? I feel completely cheated.


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