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Sunday, January 17, 2010

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Gets His Timeline Picture Perfect, Perfect Fantasy That Is

The Graphic Revelations about Swami 'Psychopath' Nithyananda - Fantasyland Captured in Two-Dimensions

Well, there Sri Nithyananda, did you see the latest post on our Mirror Universe Website? You remember, the website that mirrors the Truth? Yes, we know that you really don't seem to like others to know the Truth about you, Sri Nithyananda. We know that you much rather have your followers 'to be into you' than 'to be on to you'. Sri Nithyananda, are you there? Samadhi this early? Oh, Sri Nithyananda, we see that your heart is pounding way too fast to be in Samadhi. You're faking it again. OK, we know that you can hear us. So, anyway, the creators of the Mirror Universe of Truth Website made this smashing graphic, which compressed all your stories before your 'enlightenment' into one image. Let's take a look, if you care to open your eyes. Here it is now:

(Click on Image to see the details of fraud)

We think this is quite an accomplishment. We mean you had multiple layers of time continuums, overlapping dementia, we mean dimensions of 'achievements', and spiral logic that ends in a whirlpool to nowhere. You know, Sri Nithyananda, you would make Syd Barrett seem sane in comparison. We really have to thank the folks at to take all the trouble to untangle this mess and flatten it into one clean image available for the World Wide Web. Now people can see at a glance your creative psychopathic insanity or perhaps just how you took everyone for a ride in your Cult of Fantasyland Fraud. Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you heard us right. You run a Cult of Fantasyland Fraud; picture Bernie Madoff with Mickey Mouse ears. We can almost hear your followers sing now; "It's a Small Warped World After All, Fraud a-la-la-land-la-la". Yes, Sri Nithyananda, Facts and Truths just don't mean a thing once we have been 'enlightened' by you. What is important is that they believe in you. Just believing in you, Sri Nithyananda, will probably be enough to get them admission into your Nithya La-La Land. We think if anyone believes you now after all your fantasies have been made clear, that is more than enough to get admission into the Funny Farm. Sri Nithyananda, is it true that fantasy blocks the Muladhara chakra (the root energy center located on end of the spine/tailbone)? So, Sri Nithyananda, knowing about your fraudulent fantasy-filled timeline and still believing in you, does that lock or unlock this chakra? And, if it blocks the energy to the Muladhara chakra, then what is going to happen to all of your followers?  Will they be able to walk OK?  Actually, Sri Nithyananda, we really don't want to visualize that.

Hey, Sri Nithyananda, do you know that the folks at just added a bunch of new content? You should check it out. Do you remember the laughing meditation? Well, Sri Nithyananda, most of our readers are inspired to do just that once they read your biography. So, perhaps, you, Sri Nithyananda, might actually get someone enlightened after all. Ha Ha, Sri Nithyananda, jokes on you. Sri Nithyananda? Oh, you really went into samadhi this time.

Many thanks to the folks at:
for making this graphic available to everyone. Fraud never seem so clear. Please check out their website.

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult.

Day 42: Forty-two days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 63: Sixty-three days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. What happened to brahmachari Nithya Chidambarananda, bidadi ashramite? I don't see him anymore and was wondering if he too left the ashram. He was one of the bidadi "enlightened" ones (along with gnana, prana and a handful of others).

  2. The first smart disciple to run away was Vishwa. He later named himself Purna and started in Chennai (Madras)

    People from Chennai can find more details and post here for others benefit.

  3. Hi,

    There is no way one can complete SSC/SSLC (10 th grade) in India, before 15 years. Only because of that people change the actual date of birth to a suitable date that works for the school year. In most cases, one can take the date of birth on the passport to be the date in school records, because the school leaving certificate and/or birth certificate issued by local govt office has to be submitted for passport, as proof of DOB.

    Some time ago, in my wandering (?) I met one Swami (in India) who studied at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (India) who was a brahmachari in RK Mission when the present Swami Nithyananda too was in RK Mission. I am sure I will meet some time again in life. I will find out and let the public know.

    Another point that hurts me is that many Swamis in Karnataka are fooled or bribed by showing outward respect to them in public, that the credibility of Swami Nithyananda is established. I am concerned for the devotees of those Swamis and Mathas. Swami Nithyananda's organization will be eying for their properties and devotees, and destroy their long traditions. Most of those Swamis may not be able to read the camouflaged schemes of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam.

    Religious Karnataka people should alert those Swamis and warn them that their own traditions should not be allowed to be swallowed by this Osho Copycat.

    Which traditionoal Swami will be ashamed to mention his Guru's name and who gave him Sanyas, if he is wearing the ocher robes in the tradition of Sankara? specially if Swami Nithyananda promotes his picture on his devotees neck as in a 'missing person' advertisement.

    My gurus and books told me that enlightenment gives courage, in this case it produced a deplorable pack of lies, a shame that he is wearing ocher robes. It is possible that he attained some higher mental states and siddhis (occult powers) but not enlightenment of the kind which Vedanta proclaims.

    I think all this schemes based propaganda started because he did not have an enlightened Guru in his life, so he could not observe and also could not get trained on how to be a 'Sadhu' if he has to wear holy Ocher robes. Now, he trained a bunch of goondas (rowdies) as his disciples who had no background in spiritual science before they became Swamis in this cunning scheme.

    I am told, Swami Sachitananda, Swami Bhaktananda, Swami Medhananda were all working in companies until 2004 or 2005, engaged in ONLY making money, or promoting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (SSRS) or chemical factory and such, and after that they simply became Mahacaryas.

    Similarly, the public is fooled by repeatedly brainwashing that in Arunacala Mahatya, Lord Shiva said there will be a continuous presence of a living master, and after Ramana and Ramsurat Kumar, it is Swami Nithyananda (aka Rajasekaran). The point people forget is that Arunacala Mahatya does not say that such a person lives in Bidadi (?). Both Ramana and Ramsurat Kumar were par excellence. They did not leave Thiruvannamalai. They did not amass wealth. Besides, there are other enlightened beings in Thiruvannamalai. Nithyananda's band has bribed the Thiruvannamalai temple administration and priests by small gifts and energy darshan that they forgot their own commitment to Arunacaleshwara and are running behind this fake Osho copycat. The people in Arunacala temple should be explained this. One should warn those innocent brahmins that it is more important to keep their own traditions for posterity instead of being brainwashed by the goons of Nithyananda.

  4. It is not enough to send this blog and the Nithytalls blog to those who left. It is more important to send it to those who are still inside.

    I feel that we have a special responsibilities to those we recruited to inform them of what we came to know about this Nithy fraud.

    I sent questions to Nithy biographyer Ram and other acharyas. I also sent it to those I introduced to the cult - one actually left before me due to 2007 Mission Training abuse scam.

  5. If you guys have not already done so, make sure you scroll down to almost the bottom of the page on:

    Nithyatales website

    .....and read the "BONUS FEATURE" - the authors have tried to help out Nithyananda and his biographer Advaith - on how they could spin the story for the next version of "Nithyananda Vol 1". You will roll in so much laughter, it will at least be some catharsis for the pains caused by the lies of Nithyananda.

    It is a must read, hilarious!

  6. Nithya Chidambarananda ? You mean Vishwa ? He claimed that he got enlightened when doing sadhana under guidance of Nithyananda. Now he has his own organization (I guess it is in Thiruvannamalai) and does around providing life solutions to mere mortals :-)

  7. I do not think Nithya Chidambarananda is the same as Vishwa. Someone else may confirm.

    Vishwa is now called Poorna and has website It does not work now a days and always says some virus problem

  8. To Anon poster started with "HI",

    You hit many important points. Swami Nithyananda abused his power when he was elected as Chairman for International Vedic Hindu University, Florida, USA, by giving out good for nothing fake honorary Ph.D's to Karnataka hindu Mutt heads by proclaiming some how he was beyond them when all he did to this Hindu University was to take all resourses to use for his propaganda michine of enlightenment carrot and Nithyananda money making programs. I'm sure that's why Swami Nithyananda got terminated from that institution as Chairman. Did any of you see this video below where he was giving away Ph. D's to praise and get some free points to get in to Karnataka hindu board as a permanent member. If he becoes that, then he will be controlling many senior hindu swamis and mutts which will get in to major problems. hopefully some body will make them aware of that. see the youtube video link below.

  9. First Nithy changed 9 years of wandering to 6 years. Now it is show that the blogger and other investigators had show it to be 0 (zero) years. He now need to concoct some story like he did 9 years of soul or spirit wondering, while his physical body was in a Ramakrishna Mutt.

    Nithy has occult powers. I experienced it. There was some energetic high given in energy darshan. At the time I saw it as divine energy. Now I realized that even if that energy is divine, it was being misused by Nithy for for his own power and money.

    NEW BIOGRAPHY: 9 years of SOUL WANDERING by Enlightened Godman Nithyananda.


  10. hippie said...
    First Nithy changed 9 years of wandering to 6 years. Now it is show that the blogger and other investigators had show it to be 0 (zero) years. He now need to concoct some story like he did 9 years of soul or spirit wondering, while his physical body was in a Ramakrishna Mutt.

    The bloggers over at Nithyananda Fairy Tales website have already rewritten a story for Nithyananda and Advaith to cover up for this portion of his life. I hope Nithyananda would oblige and use this version. The bloggers really used their imagination well on "two parallel lives" of - Rajasekaran and 'divine light twin nithyananda'.

    It is super funny. Read it in the "Bonus feature" section of the home page.

  11. Does any one know more details why Swami Nithyananda was thrown out of International Vedic Hindu University, USA, chairmanship?

  12. I visited Nithy's website just now. Gosh, his new photos has a dark energy. It almost felt scary.

  13. I do not think Nithya Chidambarananda is the same as Vishwa. Someone else may confirm.

    Yes, not the same. Chidambarannanda was among the "living enlightened" ashramites from bidadi (wearing the orange knotted wristband). Vishwa left long before that. I think Vishwa was called Bhaktimayananda.

  14. Lighter Moments...

    Nithyananda Says (To a devotee): I will take care !

    Ha ha ha, Existence Laughs: Soon authorities will be taking care of you Nithy bubba :-)

  15. I surely know that Vishwa is in Chennai , Had started his own organization 1.5 years ago. Yes his website is down.

    Vishwa is the one Who was with Sri Nithyananda in RK Mutt also before joining him in Bidadi.

    Chidhambara's details not known.

  16. Thanks very much for yuor web site. My friend emaled me this web address. First I told her I am not intrested in such things and all. Again she beged me to check the web site address. 3 days ago I read all of it and I am crying from that every minute unctorollably. I divorced my husband after meeting swamiji because he told my prarabada krama is to do seva for his mison. My life has got spoilt now. My father had heart attack after my divorce. This swami has spoilt our whole life. Oh Shiva what did I do bad things for such punishment? I cannot type anymore.

  17. How to tell the kids that mom and dad was wrong about swamiji?

  18. Read this link. It throws light on additional info source of knowledge for both Nithyananda and Poorna


  19. Anonymous said...
    How to tell the kids that mom and dad was wrong about swamiji?

    Do not hesitate to do this and do it immediately. There is nothing to be embarassed about it. Be a good parent and do this right away. My son asked me the other day
    "Appa, why did you remove all Swamiji mala and pictures from our house?"

    I told him this:

    "Swamiji lied. Remember all the miracles like chocolates from his picture etc, I told you about? It turns out it was all a big lie from Swamiji.

    Whatever other stuff he has said about his life is also a lie and that is why we have removed all the photos, malas and puja items related to Swamiji from our altar.

    We are honest good people and we do not associate with people who lie and think it is ok to do that for any reason at all.

    It is good to be honest and nice and loving and caring, rather than lie to get ahead in life. That is not worth it my son"

    Kids are the most gullible and they believe anything we say.

    My son used to go to Swamiji's picture and sincerely pray for chocolates and ipod etc. But nothing happened. He is an innocent 4 year old boy. When he never got anything from the pictures I had to make excuses as to why it did not appear: "Son, pray a little harder, really sincerely ask".

    If he does not have "true Vitarka" I am not sure who else would? This little sweet kid could not have been more sincere in his prayers.

    Please do not wait to tell this. There is nothing embarassing to tell this to our kids.

  20. Be careful about psychological advice. I am sorry to say to the poster on jan 18th 2010, the best way to approach a kids worldview is not to necessarily say "it was all a lie". The right approach is to seek proper counseling. Children have much simpler notions of true and false, and saying something big is false, can take them to believe everything is false. Including mom and dad...

    I think people should be more careful before dispensing advice. Without clinical and psychological counselign experience, you can be hurting people more than helping.

  21. I cannot even fantom what I am just reading. My husband has used the same expressions and words. He thinks the whole thing is a big money making scheme. In fact my friend was pushing me to go for the three week course in India in March of 2010. I did tell my husband that I really would like to go. Even though I have been seeing the self-promotion by the swami, I wanted to ignore it. Why would a swami proclaim himself to be god??? I do go to another swami for teachings. He has never proclaimed to be god. In fact he is amongst the rare who never asks for donations. Yes, money is needed to run the ashram, but he does not collect money like Swami Nityananda. When swamiji was in the USA, I used to wonder what would happen to people who did not have the money for the Kalpataru session. Did it mean that these people would not be provided any healing? It seemed that you had to pay to be provided the healing.

    Thanks so much for this information. If I had not stumbled on this website, I would have done everything I possibly can to attend the 3 week course in March. By the way, does he really heal people???

  22. I am surprised!! In spite of all this evidences, no legal action is taken to stop this fraudulent act in India. Is the society deaf and blind??? Our culture and heritage is being abused so openly and still.....what a pity:-(

  23. Hi Anon who is considering his $6000 USD 3 week program.

    Nithy does a kind of doublespeak when proclaiming he is God. When he felt criticized, He would say something to the effect that he is god as all is god. I don't remember his exact words. At other times, he seem to imply that he is more GOD than the rest of humanity and the world.

    Please do read this blog in detail including comments if you want to know more. If Nithy indeed use the word GOD in the sense that all is god, he would have compassion for all. He is treating disciples like slaves and devotees are only welcomed as a source of $$$$$$ and glory for him.

    How does a 3-week stay in an rural Indian ashram dormitory run by volunteers cost $6000 USD? Please ask the question....think about it.

    You may well feel a high around him, or fall into deep meditation easily. He does have siddhis (occult or supernatural powers). I experienced it and thought that I had the good fortune of chanced into my satguru.

    I did everything I could to be with him, to attend his workshops, watch his videos over and over again. That was my life in 2007.

    I overlooked a lot of little inconsistencies in his stories and teachings. I saw his cut-throat money-grabing but I rationalized it as the need for money for the Montclair Temple.

    It took many months of soul-searching before I took off the mala with his photo and get rid of his big picture.

    I am weary of all commercial gurus charging big money for programs. I do not care if Nithy is enlightened (or not) since he is a cruel LIAR, breaking up families and ruining lives.

    I have become very skeptical of those who claim to be enlightened nowadays. I need to see wise compassionate action - more important that enlightenment as far as I am concerned.

    Though I didn't suffer ruin like some inner circle ashramites, I spent money I ddin't have for his pricey programs. What is worst than the money is mistaking a total fraud for the satguru!

    I sure wish a blog like this was available in my time of confusion.

  24. I feel it is fine for parents to talk straight to kids tactfully - esp if you are in Asia! If you are in America, school child psychologists may be available for consultation. These child psychologies may not have any sense of Asian cultures.

    Children are not stupid, they will understand. Mom & dad make mistakes.

  25. To the Anon who asked about the cost kalpataru sessions and those who couldn't pay.

    There is an article here in December 2009 on a Canadian family who couldn't pay for the Kalpataru session for thier very sick child with cancer. Browse thru the archives and u will find it.

  26. Glad to hear the anonymous poster say she has decided against IA program. In my city I know at least 5 people who were close to signing up who have decided in light of the information that has been exposed by these sites - they are not going for IA or any other program for that matter.

    They clearly see the big money game of Nithyananda now.

  27. A friend who is still stuck inside asked me when I told him about all this Nithyananda's scam: "How do you know these websites are not lying? I am going to ask my city co-ordinator and Bhakta Swami whether this stuff is anti-Swamiji propaganda."

    I said to him: "Good luck with that. That is a bit like saying, President Bush has lied about WMD and NBC news has done an investigation and shown that it was a lie. But I am going to ask the Press Secretary of President Bush, what the real truth is. Do you think the President's Press Secretary is going to tell you the truth? Same way, what do you think Bhakta or your city coordinator are going to tell you? They will tow the official Swamiji's inner circle line".

    People - just wake up. His fundamental Biography is a TOTAL lie. What more do you need? Everything else is naturally a lie too.

  28. You say that you are an insider. For how many years? If you have been there for enough amount of time and this is your idea of the timeline, then why did it take you so long to come to this conclusion? Did you ask these questions directly to the Swami during your time at the ashram as you claim?

  29. I am a devotee of Swamiji and am still am in spite of reading this blog completely. I have to agree with a lot of points on this website with the different contradicting statements. I want to clarify something with people who are in Tamil Nadu. Anyone who is from TN and is convinced that Swamiji is "Fake" and would like to help me out, please give me ur email add. I want to get some clarity. I am from TN also.
    But on the whole all this you have posted seems to be true, but I want to make my decision based on what the organization says about these blog posts. Most ashrams have details accounts of all the participants, applicants for brahmacharyam etc.. Can you get your hands on Swamiji's application to become a brahmacharya in RK Mission. If you can get your hands on that, it might help convincing me that you are actually having the truth rather than having around just "ramakrishna mission witnesses" say when he was there. And on the other note do you have proof of his stay at RK Mission during 1996-00. What about the graveyard meditation u said he did in tarapit, bengal with a girl. If you have any concrete proof, it might help people still inside to make a choice on their future.

  30. Won't Get Fooled AgainJanuary 20, 2010 at 2:47 AM

    If you have been there for enough amount of time and this is your idea of the timeline, then why did it take you so long to come to this conclusion?

    Have you heard of Steve Jobs and his famous Reality distortion field?

    Well, Nithyananda creates his own, very powerful Reality Distortion Field (Energy Field?)

    This field sucks in ordinary, trusting, somewhat naïve people, like us insiders once were, and causes said suckers to temporarily suspend all common sense and critical thinking (hey, drop the mind!). That's why we didn't realize, for a long time, that the Emperor wears no clothes. Oh well, better late than never, no?

  31. Yeah, asking Bhaktananda about the truth of this fable would be like making the thief the policeman :^)

  32. Please do ask Bhaktananda, Medhananda and the rest of them. I like to hear what they have to said.

    You might even get them to take a closer look to the Nithy fairy tales... wake up...and walk away..

    Please ask any acharya ....

  33. Anon asked, Does he really heal people?

    I would say NO. I was not healed even though I had full faith in him those days. Many were sick during out Himalayan yatra (pilgrimage). Nithy sure didn't seem to be able to heal any of the devotees with bad cough, etc.

    Time heals common cold and cough. Some with allergies get better by placebo effect. I don't know of documented case of real healing.

    Nithy has not been able to heal his personal attendant of her painful back for many years. Medhananda's bad foot is not healed either. Such is the Nithy record.

    By the way, there is an article on this blog (please check archive) by those who are much better inform than I am.

  34. Still, its worth asking Bhaktananda; at least he will start thinking, again! Please update if anyone hears back from the org.

  35. I bet right about now Nithyananda is pulling his "Karma trump card":

    "I am a divine Avatara Purusha here to save humanity and these blogs are bad mouthing me. They don't know what they are playing with. That's all, they are finished. Nothing can be done. They will get bad karma and their file will be marked permanently. Any Master they go to after me, they will not be helped because that Master will know this fellow has abused another Master".

    This is an example of Nithyananda's cheap fear tactis, which are blatantly there in one of the Youtube discourses. I can't stand to go listen to it again. But if someone cares to, please post a link to this "Missiing the Master, Abusing the Master" threat video of his.

  36. Is Nithyananda Vol 1 the only autobiography of Nithyananda so far? I think the book stops before his alleged wandering. I remember asking the volunteers so much for a book on his wandering. At that time, I thought it would be fascinating to see the travels and encounters of an enlightened being. Also, I could not understand why they would not release such a book. These people sell anything they can get their hands on. If they had released a book on his wandering, I felt it would have been a bestseller. I am thinking now maybe this is the real reason they have not released or even written vol 2. If there is a book on his wanderings, I stand corrected.

  37. I found the video "abusing the master" in an Indian Language, probably Tamil.

    Bloggers & contributors here are Exposing a Monster, a big fraud. No one is abusing any master. Nithy is no master, he is a pretender.

  38. To my friends from the Nithyananda camp: Thanks for coming down and posting. Anyway, I can't help but be amused by the fact that you guys don't seem to be addressing the core issues at all. Why are you guys just picking on some "sanskrit verse corrections" or "Rowdy Swami's Guru Pooja incident did not happen". These things are trivial compared to the facts that have being presented. I used to be with the organization from 2005-2009 and me, along with my friends, very well remember all of the stories that Nithyananda used to tell us about his wanderings. Fortunately, quite a few of them are in tape too. The facts being presented by this site contradict firmly what he has been saying. What's going on? Was he fantasizing? In that case, maybe he should do the "Mooladhara meditation" before opening his mouth.

  39. We all should read the following testimonial regarding Nithyananda enlightenment money making programs. This post is from Guruphiliac "Nithyananda is not who he claims to be".

    At 1/20/2010 9:48 AM, bhakthananda said...

    I was a close follower of Nithyananda. But when i got more closer and as closer to his inner circle then i found it was a big farce. The whole organisation is run like an enterprise, a business. What justification is that to charge $6000 for a 21 day inner awekening course? and at the end of the 21 day, he blesses everyone that "YOU ARE ALL ENLIGHTENED" now. I was one among them. Are we really enlightened??? God..
    Any dog will feel good if he is in an environment away from day to day worldly activities just doing yoga, meditation, eating sathvic food and listening to good things.. But is the dog going to be enlightened. I was part of the bunch of fools.
    During the course of this program, lot of marketing is being nailed into our heads on how to spread the word and how to bring more people for the next inner awakening program.
    It is like "speak good to 5 people" and 2 will attend.
    Dear Folks, please wake up. Please believe in reality.
    Money talks and if you have to get Nithya sir's special blessings you need to have money.
    What actually does he do to you or what has he done to you rather than just a feel good factor with his well prepared speeches???
    In Nithyananda, realised soul and a human being.

  40. For people who think that Nithyananda has occult powers..

    My personal experience about people who talk that Swami Nithyananda has occult powers and that they go in to deeper meditation, I think is false feeling. Once you are in relaxed state of mind you naturally tend to go in to deeper meditaion state. Of course you have a big placebo effect of all people brainwashing you once you are there. Only one power Nithyananda seem to have on very few people, is this energy he transfers only to one in 50 or 100 people who feel in their chakras for a few moments to few days which might be addicting according to them. This is very transient in nature and you stay in that organization is just because of that addicting feeling. I personally did not feel this despite Nithyananda touched my forhead many times. So, it is a not proven power or it works all the time. Of course he will blame that you are not ready if you did not feel it eventhough you are with him for years!

    So, let's not give him that kind of credit.

  41. Om Namah Shivaya,

    *Disclaimer* Although we do not mind someone reposting relevant information from Guruphiliac, we doubt that the original post in Guruphiliac (above) was from the same Bhaktananda who is a close disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. (We do, however, hope that Bhaktananda and many of the other swamis in Nithyananda's Order find their way and leave; they are actually pretty people under bad management.) The message in the post, however, seems relevant from the experience that an insider who can suddenly see again; (we know plenty of those.) So, please, let's keep to anonymous names that don't imply someone else. That kind of takes away from the legitimacy and the power of the post. Thanks for noting this.

    Jai Maa.

  42. Nithy runs a business? Well, it is a more cut-throat scam that an ethical business enterprise. I can accept an honest business, like a yoga school or something similar.

    And about Bhaktananda (the rowdy swami) not being able to teach the guru pooja verses. Who cares if he can teach perfect Sanskrit if he won't let a very sick child with cancer in to receive blessings simply because the parents were too poor to pay for the Kalpataru blessing.

    Please don't call these fees "donations" when people who can't pay are excluded. It is a fee, not a donation.

    Stop calling it a donation and rip-off the taxpayers.

  43. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks for the quality posts, Hippie.

    Please keep in mind that 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda authorizes * * everything * * in his operations. He is Mr. Micromanagement. A key informant said that Sri Nithyananda had to give approval for even the smallest of things such as eliminating extremely venomous spiders in order to protect the children in his ashram.

    Unfortunately, everyone who follows through with 'Swami' Nithyananda's commands still collects unwanted karma. Yes, it is so not right to turn away people in need because they could not pay. But, to think that this is an initiative from Bhaktananda or from any of the other swami in Nithyananda's Orders is completely wrong. Let's be clear; the command came from Sri Nithyananda. He calls all of the shots, while he sits piously on his golden throne. Please understand, the ones who execute Sri Nithyananda's orders did not initiate them. Therefore, do not blame Bhaktananda or others if you see bad behavior. It is not them. It is not their inner-nature. It is all from 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.

    Let's hope that 'Swami' Nithyananda wakes up and corrects himself and his Order. Otherwise, we wish him an early retirement from these so-called spiritual practices.

    Jai Maa.

  44. Nithyananda is back in wikipedia; only without any adds, but sufficient links to trap people.

  45. Any updates on HUA's affiliation status with Nithyananda?

  46. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Quick notes: Thanks loyal reader who sent us the info about psychopaths. We will definitely feature all of this in an upcoming article about Swami Psychopath Nithyananda.

    Yes, the so-called Paramahamsa Nithyananda is back on Wikipedia. Feel free to log on to Wikipedia and re-nominate this page for deletion or at least add some referenced truths about Nithyananda's biography.

    Nithyananda, for whatever reason (we could think of some) is no longer the Chairman of the University of Hindu America (UHA) as of seven to eight months ago (around June-July 2009), after Sri Nithyananda gave out a bunch of Honorary PhD's to influential and wealthy people in India. The campus of the University of Hindu America (UHA) still has most of Nithyananda's curriculum. So, enthusiast of Osho and Scientology can secretly study these works with a Hindu cover. Poojas and prayers directly to that genuinely modest man, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, are still conducted there on a regular basis.

    If you like to go to one of 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's satsungs (gatherings), we recommend that you get there early. The whole campus of the University of Hindu America (UHA) is just a small parking lot and about three trailer-size buildings. Just one RV parked in the lot, and about 25 percent of the parking is gone.

    Jai Maa.

  47. You are very naive Expose Nithyananda to think that a person like "Swami" Nithyananda who is a megalomaniac,narcistic, pathological lier and who thinks he is Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and many other hindu Gods will some how "wake up and corrects himself and his order" as put it. With God complex and alter ego do you really think he is going to change his ways?!

  48. There is no need to be paranoid about a Wiki article. As far as I am concerned, this site has achieved its objectives. Up until now, the Nithyananda crowd used to move with arrogance. They thought that they and their Guru were invincible. This site has stunned many with the good information provided and has been able to pull many people away who were mesmerized by Nithyananda but had some doubts as they were not able to connect the dots because of information overload by LifeBlissFoundation. Good job! But do not rest. Please provide us with more information so that people continue to be aware of what is going on. Nithyananda will definitely have his die-hard followers and many sincere seekers as well as gullible followers. There is not much that can be done about them. All one can do is raise awareness and let Existence take care of the rest.

  49. Can we add this blog and the Nithyatales as counterpoint links to the Wiki article?

    I agree with the Anon who says that Nithy will not turn around. He is a big-time psychopath/sociopath to lie so convincingly, and to ruin so many lives without remorse.

    Nithy is very much a criminal like Madoff: A cunning con with no feelings for those he harm.

    Too Nithy, disciples/devotees are no more than a bunch of FOOLS, to be exploited for money and power.

  50. Did everyone notice that in the Wiki page, no mention is made of his education, wanderings, etc? I hope people following Nithyananda notice this. Here we have this organization and it's leader who have been proclaiming for the past 4-5 (maybe more) about his super achievements of wandering, Banyan tree, miracles etc. And then came this site which refuted many of those. And the refuted information does not make it to the Wiki page. Wow!

  51. Before you guys run and start posting links to this blog on Wikipedia, take a look at how these discussions are handled and educate yourselves. See entries on other controversial gurus, e.g Sathya Sai Baba. Wikipedia has its own rules and etiquette.

    I notice one person, Justice1977, has already re-nominated it for deletion and said on his Talk page "Wikipedia, in turn, should be warning others with hard facts about the truths..."

    This is laughable. You realize, Wikipedia is a neutral *encyclopedia*? It is not a public service announcement delivery platform.

    Also, this blog can hardly be called a neutral reference resource. All the forced attempts at humor will hardly be taken seriously, even if there is some real good content. Reference material must be actual books, media etc which can be independently looked up and quoted. Not "Swami in RK math said so and so".

  52. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Good points, there, Wiki Fan.

    There's plenty of references in this blog. So, we recommend anyone posting to Wikipedia use the references inside the blog, not this blog itself. In addition, Wikipedia is a bit disappointing that it is not a *neutral* source as it wants to appear as being. But, that won't stop us from going forward and exposing the Truth.

    Sometime in the future, we're going to create a 'mirror universe' of our self, and have a website that has just the dry, boring facts. That should add credibility, but it will not be as much fun. Stay tuned.

    By the way, call us naive, we don't mind. Many of you will probably not believe this, but we do not hate Sri Nithyananda. We are, however, very disappointed in his behaviour. And, we're even sadder to see what his behaviour has done to other people. We just want to see him stopped in peaceful and legal manner. And, yes, we want people to stop being abused by him or at least have awareness of what he really is and what he really does.

    Yes, realistically, there isn't much of a chance that 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda will change. But, as with everyone, a spec of Divinity is within. We have to honor and even love that spec, even if we do not agree with the 'ego' that is wrapped around it. So, we hope that spec inside Nithyananda can free itself (or at least get in touch with Nithyananda's mind) and correct his behavior in this lifetime. Once again, we cannot give up hope, but we also need to set our expectations accordingly. Hope this helps you know where we're coming from.

    And, as a side references, all the Ramakrishna references are legit. A contact of ours wrote more than 140 email addresses to the Ramakrishna Mission / Vedanta Society and forward the results to us. Therefore, we are not going to disclose the names unless we're called to court. And if we are called to court, then we'll do so and make these contacts a public document. Hopefully, one day soon, someone from the Ramakrishna Mission will make an official announcement stating the dates of Nithyananda's time with the Ramakrishna Mission. That Truth will be well welcomed.

    Jai Maa.

  53. The content in Wikipedia is a democratic effort. Any deviation from neutrality is due to the content writers not following the official Wikipedia NPOV standards. It is because Wikipedia strives to maintain its standards that the original Nithyananda article was deleted in the first place by one of their moderators

  54. The LifeBlissFoundation people are very cunning. As a volunteer, I recollect telling people to attend as many programs as they could. My friend did Kalpataru four times (2 in India and 2 in US). He had one desperate wish that was not complicated and which is commmon (like getting his daughter married, his son getting a good job, his daughter getting through a college etc). Of course it was only one wish but I do not want to reveal which one as a Nithya disciple may recognize me. I just gave those examples to show it was a common wish not a complicated one. In more than 2 years, the wish did not and has not yet materialized. When he desperately asked the volunteers to ask Nithyananda as to why his wish was not fulfilled, he was not allowed to ask that question. But in a subsequent Kalpataru, Nithyananda in an unexpected surprise told the audience that some people were asking why the wishes were not being fulfilled. He explained that during Darshan, he was in a highly conscious state and when he blessed, whatever was transpiring in our minds would come true. That is, if we were asking for a job, but doubting that Nithyananda could not do it, he would say "Thatasthu" and the doubt would come true (No job). JEEZ!!!! How can you counter such things? If his wish was fulfilled, then Nithyananda's reputation goes up and his volunteers get convinced. If his wish does not come through, then it is the requestor's fault as he was doubting the Master during that time!!!! What is the use of the Kalpataru then? Isn't doubt an inherent part of the mind which Masters are supposed to dispel? What is the use of requests through letters? And if we can control our minds so finely, we would be the greatest (Doesn't even Krishna agree with Arjuna that taming the mind is tougher than controlling the wind?). The LifeBlissFoundation people have gone too far in making a mockery of our longheld traditions through gross marketing, commercialization, deception, fraud.

  55. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To the anon on top, thank you for exposing yet another concrete example of fraud from 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda and the pressures that result from being involved in this cult. Yes. Doubting is perfectly fine and very normal. Swami Vivekananda doubted Paramahamsa Ramakrishna right up until the very end. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna understood this process and saw it as a strength. Even as Swami Vivekananda was openly doubting his guru, Paramahamsa Ramakrishna then merged himself into Swami Vivekananda. Perhaps this was the 'inner-voice' speaking to your friend in the form of doubt that helped save him/her and yourself. Please do not ever discount that inner voice. Your Divinity is within you. Your Divinity is not within someone else.

    We had two excellent posts that fully challenged our team. One was in regards to our comments on karma and the other was from someone called "Swamiji is God" who challenges us due to reconsider our views due to the tangible 'miracles' and healing that Swami Nithyananda has conducted. We will feature both comments as separate blog posts. That way, comments will be kept relevant to those posts. Stay tuned.

    Jai Maa.

  56. To Anon one post above.

    This is a classic example of "con job" where "swami" Nithyananda and his mission heads are counting on the power of placebo effect. "Swami" Nithyananda knows these facts and numbers very well. Indians in general are educated and goal oriented. He knows, their dreams will come true regardless of any divine effort. He uses this placebo formula, on victims of this Kalpatharu and other programs and statements like "I'll take care". If the wish comes true it's masters miracle and if the wish does't come, then it's the devotees fault for spending 21 days and $6,000 dollars and going through the brainwashing of scientology techiniques and finally getting blamed for his so called doubt. Your friend can sue Swami Nithyananda and his organization in USA as it is a CON JOB regardless of what they have told your friend or even if he has signed any document of disclaimer. The legal system understands it as a CON JOB.

  57. For those who have previously seen the Holy Hooker video on YouTube, this cartoon might interest you. Someone posted this over at GuruPhiliac forums:

    Pimp Bhaktananda and Holy Hooker

  58. Fresh of the press! Paramhamasa Nithyananda's "Secrets of Healing" revealed in this nice new story over at Nithyananda Fairy Tales blog:

    Secrets of Nithy's healing

    May you feel healed upon reading this.

  59. I was just checking the comments and saw that you did not post my comment. I then realized that you wrote you would do a separate post regarding the same. And please do not just justify it by saying it is placebo etc.. because Ayya is a very big intellectual who did not connect with Swamiji or even believe him in the first place and moreover the best doctors in Tamil Nadu had given up on him.

  60. Holy Hooker is funny. Many hookers provide an honest service, even though the occupation is despised in many societies. Nithy is a total fraud, a CON JOB - much lower than any hooker who gives you what you pay for!!

    Demand a refund if he doesn't deliver. If he doesn't give your refund, report him to the credit card company and let them help you getting your refund. When all else fail, sue for triple damage. $6000 is a lot of money for 3 weeks in an dorm in India if you didn't become enlightened! lol.

    YOu may take him to small claims court and do it yourself to get the Kalpataru and other fees back.

    Don't let the crook get away with it!

    At least talk to a lawyer who know fraud or damage. May be we can get a class action deal going in the USA.

  61. Nithyananda Spirituality ScamJanuary 24, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    class action deal going in the USA

    Now I like the sound of that. I think we need to do a collective class action lawsuit, to kick this scoundrel out of this country.

    Small law suits won't scare him enough.

  62. I too am waiting for the post of "Swamiji Is God". If this is one of the "Oh yeah...even doctor's had given up, but he defied the odds and came out of it. And the doctors are perplexed." thing, I am not interested. There are tons of inexplicable cases I have been reading over the past 15 years. Pick any self-help book and the chances are that you will hear a similar story with different explanations: faith in a diety, visualization, laughter therapy etc, etc. I just finished watching "The secret" and there was this case of a paralyzed individual who was given up for a vegetable but he came out of it through strong visualization. There needs to be 100% proof that Nithyananda's healing worked and needs to be scrutinized by the medical community. Also, it needs to be repeatable. Nithtananda needs to heal such similar cases and not hide behind this nonsense of "Kutarka, Vitarka". We were not born yesterday. The cases of non-healing are too high to ignore. By the way, "Swamiji is God", do you have any answers to the core questions that are being asked? Or is this just another evasive technique on the part of the Nithya supporters. The number of people offended by you guys is getting higher by the day and you guys better understand that it is your actions that are creating this and not blame innocent spiritual seekers and twist our age-old traditions in the meantime.

  63. To Swamiji is God..

    How naive your understanding is. Getting healed has nothing to do with whether Swamiji is god or not. It can be done by mere Siddhis.

    See his will know that he is not even close to even being a good human being...

  64. Looking for easy way to become popular??
    Pick up spirits in cremetion ground, perform Siddhis.

    Read chapter 7, "Spirits" in the following book:
    Aghora -1 by Robert E. Svoboda.

  65. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  66. Om Namah Shivaya.

    Please all, prepare your thoughts, but refrain from commenting (both PRO and CON) on the thoughtful posts from blogger "Swamiji is God". Either today or tomorrow, we will be creating a separate blog page just on that topic. (We promise that that page, we'll give our regular writing style a refreshing break.) It would be nice if all your considerate comments were on one blog page, so anyone can follow the threads. So, once again, prepare your thoughts, but wait until the page is created. Thanks!

    Much appreciation to user "Swamiji is God" for allowing both side to have a civil understanding and open discussion.

    Jai Maa.

  67. Thanks for posting my comments, this just dispels my notion that you just hate Swamiji and just post comments against him to create a feeling that everyone feels this way. You posting my comments just shows that you are trying to really get the truth out and do not have any vendetta against Swamiji. I am also preparing my arguments for the separate blog post and hopefully one of us sees the truth and moves on to bigger things in life ! Nithyanandam !


  69. To Anon with capital letters:

    Where do you stop following a PSYCHOPATH who is out to make money? It is mostly the fake saints/masters use your argument to make a fortune exploiting trusting pious folks.

    Shiva & many saints are unconventional but not so greedy cut-throat and frauduent like this so called Swamiji. Nithy is a SCAM.
    A very cunning FRAUD who knows how to to talk.

    What makes Nithy a FAKE is his total lack of compassion and his entire life story is a make-believe tall tale.

    So waht if "Swamiji is God"! He is no more God than you and me. He better treat all with the respect and compassion due to gods if he is indeed god!

  70. Dear friend GAJAVADANAN, if your intention is not to shout, then don't use uppercase letters everywhere. Yes, if Shiva came in front of us , we would doubt him.That is the way it should be. In Gita, even Arjuna doubts Krishna. But Krishna always smilingly guides Arjuna and dispels his doubts even showing his VishwaRoopa. By the way, Shiva would not charge 6,000$ or 8,000$ for some enlightenment programs. He would teach the eternal secrets only after confirming your earnestness and your current state. He would guide you slowly and step by step towards the higher path. None of this jet-speed, McDonald fast-food Enlightenment which will give obesity and acid-burns. Also, he would not be visiting people's home for 15 minutes if they paid him $5000 or $10000. By the way, your analogy of the three fingers pointing is outdated or naive. Many times Nithyananda has criticized the Tamil nadu politicians (you should be aware of this) for being responsible for the degradation of moral values in Tamil Nadu. Actually, he is right. But his three fingers are pointing back. So, is that Nithyananda's fault too? Learn to discern genuine criticism from irresponsible faultfinding. That is the difference between night and day, that is if you have your eyes open.

  71. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thank you, Gajavadanan, for expressing your point of view. We sense your sincerity, and as one poster already mentioned that next time you might want to turn off the CAP KEYS. Online, this usually means that you're shouting and are perhaps angry. Although judging by the tone that you wrote in, we did not sense those emotions at all.

    Yes, you are right. If Lord Shiva was dressed in the way that we are familiar and we saw him outside the context of a temple, then He certainly would arouse our suspicions and doubts, and we would definitely miss. Agreed.

    When determining if a Master has some of the qualities of Lord Shiva or not, we would encourage you not to look at the 'outer appearance', which can be deceptive, but instead encourage you to look at the 'inner' world in which the drama is unfolding. Does the so-called Master keep to the Truth? Does he express loving compassion to all? Does he adhere to a code of non-violence? Does he seem to be very concerned about finances and other worldly items such as gold?, etc. Be an observer and just witness. The answer over time will come to you.

    Keep in mind, that doubt is not a bad thing. As mentioned, Swami Vivekananda expressed doubt in Paramahamsa Ramakrishna right up to the final moment that Paramahamsa Ramakrishna gave Swami Vivekananda enlightenment. True seekers are always questioning wanting to know the Truth. Please keep your awareness to Divine Knowledge and a connection to your inner voice or gut feeling, that is the abode of Lord Shiva. Yes, Divinity is within you, and it will guide you to the right choice.

    In regards to 'finger' pointing at Sri Nithyananda. Yes, we are pointing out the Truths that we have all experienced. We're guilty as charged. Our team of contributors have all had extensive experience with him, and we all found that Sri Nithyananda is not what he seems. To keep quiet on such matters and let him deceive others as he has deceived ourselves would, in our opinions, not be right. So, we are putting forward what we know, and then let the readers make the decision if they would like to still follow him or not.

    Hope this helps clarify matters. We look forward to more comments from you.

    p.s. We're working on our next post addressing the thoughtful comments from 'Swamiji is God' right now. Should be done tonight.

    Jai Maa.

  72. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To the anonymous poster who wrote about your divorce on Monday, January 18, 2010 6:25 AM.

    Sorry for the late response. And, thank you for sharing this very difficult experience. Please be aware that you are not alone. One of our contributors to this blog suffered a similar fate. Indeed, it is very, very, very painful. Devastating. Your strength in letting others know will certainly help other people, who experienced something similar, heal and prevent many others to suffer a similar fate.

    We wish that we could send you a private reply, so we hope you can forgive our public comments. We do not know if you still want to be together with your husband or not. If yes, the if your husband truly loved you before Nithyananda, there is every chance that he will still love you after Nithyananda. The point is to communicate to him that indeed, Nithyananda is no longer part of your life, that you made a huge mistake, that you assure him that you will never make the same mistake again, and that from now on you will be fully devoted just to him. Then, you need to make every effort to convince him that your commitment is true.

    Agreed, this is much easier to type than it is to do, especially after everything that has happened. And, there's every chance that he is still going to say 'no'. In this worse case scenario, then you will at least know that you did your best with the knowledge that you have now, and you will be able to go forward in life rather than looking back.

    If our words seem useful, we're glad to be of help. If this does not seem right for you, kindly just discard it. It is only our thoughts; we have no vested interest other than to see you be happy and get on with your life.

    Please do continue to share your experience with others, so that others will not repeat your fate, or if they decide to do so, they will do so with the knowledge of what can happen.

    Thanks again for opening up. We pray that you heal quickly and that you may be united with your family again.

    Jai Maa.

  73. To "Swamiji is God" and Gajavadanan

    This following is from Guruphiliac forum from a devotee who stayed with Swami Nithyananda's mission for a long time. May be this will open your eyes a bit.

    Nithyananda is not who he claims to be

    He has great videos on youtube. His talks can be mesmerizing and convincing. He does exude energy - I have felt it strongly. He is incredibly intelligent and knows how to say the right things to people. I had fallen for him quite strongly after feeling his energy throughout my body with just his touch on my forehead. I fell head over heels in love with him as much as someone could fall in love and devotion to a guru. I found myself doing everything he was espousing. I even legally changed my name, even my passport and driver's license, etc. I ran at every chance to see him, to be near him. I thought of him every minute of the day. I prayed to him and held him above all else.

    But, there were too many little inconsistencies that I noticed. What he said in public and what he did in private were vastly different. He does brainwash people - if we have any doubt in our minds about him or his movement, we are told to "drop the doubt, drop the mind" lest we never reach enlightenment because of our "own fault" in not have "dropped our minds." He knows how to manipulate each person - he is master of the way people's psychology is, the way people think and believe, our psyche. He doesn't allow his ashramites to sleep - they get anywhere from no sleep to a few hours a day. He makes them work, work, work to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. He only believes in propagating his name, and acquiring money - not true religion. Religion is only a front just for outward appearance. He actually disrepects Gods in private sessions saying bad derogatory comments about them. I've seen him belittle and berate his ashramites shamelessly - it is emotional torture and humiliation. He claims it is "for their own good" to help them "lose their ego" so that they become enlightened but this is just a bogus double-speak in order to ill treat them as he wishes. He is a very sick, sick man who is egotistical, interested in fame and fortune, enjoys torturing people in a number of ways-mental, physical, emotional, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He doesn't mind stepping on people's toes, nay their heads, in order to get ahead. And everyone who is still in the movement are a bunch of stupid fools because they (most if not all) can see the signs but fail to acknowledge them and only believe his double-speak. They choose to stay in ignorance because they have fallen for his total crap words.

    I urge those still in the movement to look past his words, and don't just believe what you see him do in public. He puts on a great humble and gracious act in public. See his actions in more private and intimate settings - this is a very dangerous man. Trust your gut instinct. Don't drop your mind - it's the only thing that is showing you the red flags to alert you to danger. Good luck to you and God Bless because now only the Real God can help you get out of this mess. I am thankful to the Real God for helping to show me the way out and save my life and my soul.


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