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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Divinity Celebrates Swami Nithyananda's Jayanti (Birthday) with a Mirror Universe of Truth Website

A Birthday Bash or Bashing?: Nithyananda's Fairy Tales through the Mirror of Truth

Hi there Sri Nithyananda. Happy belated jayanti (birthday). Is this the right day to celebrate your birthday?

We know that you advertise January 1, 1978, but we also seen your passport document that says March 13, 1977. So, perhaps we're a few months early, not late. Yes, figuring out your birthday is a mystery of mysteries if you ask us. Perhaps we should just celebrate your 'enlightenment' day, that too lands on January 1, 2000. How convenient. We can watch football and then head down to nearest Life Bliss Center and hear some real creative stories, just like the one that 'gotta' away1. So, we'll save the jayanti / birthday celebrations for another time.

Hey, Sri Nithyananda, did you know that Existence must have decided to celebrate your jayanti / birthday, we mean 'enlightenment' bash with a special gift? We mean that since you launched the Parallel Universe Blog and the Perpendicular Universe Blog, it seems that you've been blessed with a Mirror Universe of Truth Website. "What!?!" Yes, you heard us right, there, Sri Nithyananda. This is a Mirror Universe of Truth Website. It is not like those mirror universes in Star Trek. This Mirror Universe of Truth Website reflects not what you want the world to believe, but it tells the Truth. "Gribba Gribba!" Oh, we see. Our gruntanese translator said that we might be put into a orbit around some distant universe if we're not careful.

Before, you, Sri Nithyananda, get too upset, let's just place that Mirror Universe of Truth Website out in the open so everyone can see: (Will be back soon!)
OK, Sri Nithyananda, we'll try to explain this concept to you as carefully as we can. See, a mirror reflects things as they are. A mirror doesn't bother what 'angle' to cast things, what kind of 'light' it needs to shed on the subject, it just reflects. A mirror is not interested in how much money someone has, what sort of value can they add to build someone's empire, or even what type of service this person would give while, ahem, delivering food to your personal quarters late at night. A mirror just simply reflects the Truth. It doesn't bother about worldly matters.

Sri Nithyananda, do you remember that fairy tale story about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  Yes, that was a fairy tale that Walt Disney made famous in an animated cartoon. In that fairy tale, there was also this power-hungry old queen that had a big thing about looking youthful and the hottest thing in her kingdom. Does this sound sort of familiar there, Sri Nithyananda? "I am NOT a queen!" Oh, really, Sri Nithyananda? Do you remember the time that you dressed up in a silk sari in Mother's Day 2005 for all of the participants in acharya (teacher) training in Krishnalaya, California? Wow, you were sure a big hit with the ladies. Now we always suspected that you, Sri Nithyananda, wanted to crawl into a silk sari, but we never dreamed that you would actually wear one. Sri Nithyananda, do you remember how you gave a piece of your sari to all the ladies there, but what we really think they wanted was a piece of... perhaps we should write that here. Anyway, they really fell for that that you were just beyond all this he-she thing. Some of the guys at the training program thought that perhaps you, Sri Nithyananda, had become the embodiment of a he-she thing. Oh, well, different perspectives.
And, do you remember, Sri Nithyananda, the Inner Awakening (IA) program in Bidadi, when you came out sporting all of the 24K golden accessories, you know, like earrings and other girlie stuff?  Wow, that was quite some theatrics there, Sri Nithyananda. You even wiggled a little. It was kind of nice to see that you enjoyed all of that 24K gold, even if it was fetishly so. And, you did this all under the cover of being 'Devi' (Divine Goddess). Wow, Sri Nithyananda. After witnessing that, someone might think that you've turned into an imposter. A female imposter, that is. Why you even threatened everyone after your vampish 'Devi Darshan' antics with 'bad karma' unless they 'promise not to tell'. You remember, Sri Nithyananda, you made it as if it was 'our little secret'. Was this part of karmic law? Sri Nithyananda, we think that it might fit under Megan's Law.  Come to think of it, Sri Nithyananda, threatening people not to tell the Truth with bad karma is a bit of drag. In your case, you dressed it in drag. It's still a drag, though. Back to that queen.

Yes, that queen in the fairy tale Snow White had this magical mirror that would tell the Truth about how she was looking old and middle aged. As you can probably relate, the queen wasn't too happy about this. But, what to do? That was the Truth. Hey, Sri Nithyananda, speaking about getting around that middle-aged thing, you know, if you told people that you were not born in 1978, but instead you were born in 1948, then all of your worldly devotees who identify with you as being a material body would think that you really are 'enlightened'. They would say something like, "He looks like he's just in his forties, but really he is in his sixties! He must be 'enlightened'." And, that's all the proof you would need to convince them to donate whatever you need to your empire. We suppose that it might be difficult to go back and restate your birthday, but it's just an idea. After all, you were fairly convincing when you reduced your wandering from nine (9) years to just six (6) years. Even though that still didn't make sense.

Maybe you could still pull it off and say that you had a 'divine re-vision'. Sorry, we digress. In the same way that queen in the fairy tale had a magical mirror that reflected the Truth, you, Sri Nithyananda, now have a new website that also reflects the Truth, you know, the stuff you don't want to hear, but you need to hear, just kind of like the stuff in this blog. And, in that mirror of Truth, the Mirror Universe of Truth Website to be exact, reflects all of your fairy tales perfectly, as they are, as fairy tales.

In this new website, the Truth about all of your fairy tales is presented up front and isn't cluttered with lots of details or jokes that your brainwashed devotees never think are funny. By the way, does seriousness block the agna chakra (third-eye center)? Just a thought, for all of those who don't have time to meditate. Anyway, your devotees can now get the Truth about your fairy tales up front and one clean interface. They no longer have to navigate through all of the blog entries, and they can see your most famous and illogical fairy tales as a one-stop-shop. Just think how easy it will be for your devotees to email other devotees and say that these Truths about your fairy tales are just not true. Why, with a little effort and just the right words, they could stop all the Truths about your fairy tales in just one shot. Will you, Sri Nithyananda, let them give it a try?

One of the great Truths that this website reveals clearly is your Never Never Land fairy tale of your time line. This Mirror Universe of Truth Website illustrates in a graphic visual that you have reached the magical youthfulness of fantasy that even that fairy tale character, Peter Pan, would be jealous of. Here, take a look:
Yes, Sri Nithyananda, this image is small and distorted, unlike the image of yourself, which is huge and distorted.  There's a difference, you know.  If you want to see a clear vision of what your fairy tale of a timetable looks like, you need to go directly to the Fairy Tales of Paramahamsa Nithyananda website to see this beautiful graphic in its full size. (Note, that once you are on this site, you need to click on the image to see the full image.) And, as an extra bonus, the webmaster of that site created an image of what a 'normal' person might experience if he or she had the same events as you, Sri Nithyananda, described in your autobiography. Either way, Sri Nithyananda, the Truth becomes crystal clear and your Fairy Tales become more entertaining. We're sure that there are children around the world who will quickly fall asleep during bedtime once your fairy tales are narrated to them. This will make your fairy tales actually useful. You, Sri Nithyananda, should be happy about that.

Click Here! to get a closer look of modern fairy tale of an 'enlightened' master looks like in the Mirror Universe of Truth Website: (will be back soon!)
Anyway, Sri Nithyananda, we have to go.  But, we do want to wish you a very happy belated birthday, and many more.... Truths that is.

1 note: "the one that got away" is often said after 'fishing' trips, where the fish that got away was very big, but there was no proof the fisherman ever came close to catching it.)

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fraudulent cult.

Day 30: Thirty days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 51: Fifty-one days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Dont forget that Nithyananda tells that he spent some time at the Ramakrishna Mission Chennai. When was this?

    Was this a part of the 6 years or separate. If it was a part then his wandering years should be reduced even more. It would be good if someone from India can visit Ramakrishna mission and ask about when Nithyananda was admitted there and why did he leave. We might hear some startling stories.

  2. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, anon, you must be 'enlightened' because that's the post we're working on now! How did you know? :-) We received some information from several people from the Ramakrishna Mission, some who personally knew Sri Nithyananda during his 'pre' enlightenment years. Stay tuned.

    Jai Maa.

  3. Please I would love to hear more about Nithy's stay with the Ramakrishna Mission. I remembered Nithy mentioned that he was not allow to do puja at the Mission because he was not of Brahmin birth.

    I very much suspect this was another made up story of Nithy's.

    I very much doubt the mission discrimite a


  5. LONELY LADIES - is this a joke? Link please.

  6. I guess younger lonely ladies need more "energy balancing" perhaps? Just a thought.

  7. To Anonymous:JANUARY 7, 2010 11:32 AM

    Do you have proof of your assertions or are they mere allegations? Allegations not backed by facts can destroy your cause sooner than later. There are tons of people out there undecided about Swami Nithyananda. They are impressed with his teachings but turned off by the volunteer behaviour, marketing, greed of money etc. You are not helping by throwing more mud.

  8. Is someone seriously working on a law suit or are these just talks for fun?

  9. Nithyananda told my friend "I will give you Sanyasa. People will touch your feet and give you Gold ...".

    I thought Nithyananda would become icon of Hindu dharma, but after seeing all this, i am sad.

    As per Bhagavatham, soul transmigrates 8.5 million bodies before getting human body.
    We might have enjoyed with our senses in all these 8.5 million bodies.
    Let us give one life for God-Realization and see what happens.
    Shall we?

    There are Gurus who stay away from Gold, Sex and Fame.
    We just have to pray and look around.

  10. It seems that Nithyananda's "star birthday" or "nakshatra(m)" was celebrated only yesterday 8th January. Therefore the authors need not worry about wishing him "belated" birthday. It was actually "advanced" birthday wishes. The nakshatra for Jan 8th in Tamil calendar system was "chitthirai". The nakshatra for his official birthday Jan 1, 1978 was "utthiram" according to People having access to tamil panchaga can verify nakshatra and let us know all.

  11. How much would Nithyananda charge for cowdung cakes? Check out this new story published on

    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Website


  12. I found it hilarious that the Birthday Bash is called 'Brahmotsavam' ! 'brahmotsavam' is clebrated during the Dassara festival since Lord Brahma starts the utsavam by washing the ffet of Lord Vishnu.

    its totally illogical to use these terms for their fancy needs.

  13. If there is any insider escapee willing to speak to the news media, may be time to call Dateline NBC and American Greed to ask them for a story on the Nithy scam.

    This will expose him to the Desi community as well as non-Indians interested in the Vedic tradition.

  14. Every insider "escapee" who was deeply committed to the path (formally initiated into either Brahmacharya or Sannyas) has moved on with his/her life and is not interested in supporting this agenda (talking to the media or taking it to court). If you feel I am wrong, I challenge you to name any.

    Deepak Chopra, after leaving Maharishi Mahesh Yogi because of disagreements, didn't file lawsuits. Instead, he continued to respect and revere the profound shift the association had brought to his life, and enriched his own Dharma - of being a teacher/author.

    Even Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who parted ways with Maharishi under less-than-amicable circumstances - leading to Maharishi subsequently refusing to meet him for the rest of his life - attended the Maharishi's Mahasamadhi ceremony with devotion. Despite all the pain of ostracism and finger-pointing he had had to endure.

    That is the way mature disciples act, with devotion and grace, not with pettiness and bickering about the past.

    Each one of you who is bitter and indignantly self-righteous about the truth was also benefited through your time spent with Nithyananda. You just choose to ignore or gloss over that aspect. Any deep act of surrender and faith DOES produce transformation. That's the way grace flows - the object of faith is immaterial. If it did not in your case, maybe your application was faulty.

  15. Rediff news is also something desi's follow; an article there would reach many desi. Guess, its time to spread the word; sooner the better. Also the Nithyananada Dhyanapeedam website is worth looking at. One can understand how our hard earned US$$ is used! Look at the "latest updates" Nithy's fancy dress and pomp in display there.....and....what does he think he is, Lord Shiva????.... see him dressed up like Lord Shiva, Meditating....what a mockery of Sanyasam!!! and abuse of vedic tradition.

  16. It would be worth it to warn Temples like the Ganesh Temple, Flushing, NY and Meenakshi Temple, Pearland, Houston etc not to promote Nithyananda as a spiritual leader to the public; These temples are powerful bodies and if they stop promoting and supporting him, it will go a long way. Again, if these Temple raise a red flag about Nithy, a part of the battle is won!

  17. What amuses me the most is how one who is completely against Paramahamsa Nithyananda can spend SO much time writing about Him. It's one thing to "educate" the masses and another to come across as a freak!

    And yes, obviously you need to "review" our comments, because you wouldn't want those visiting your waste of a website to know what Supreme Power Nithyananda actually is through our comments!


  18. Since I know Nithy is an wicked fraud, it is a responsibility to warn others about him.

    Nithy has done a lot of harm. I don't want to see others fall victim like me and several friends. We have since escaped, I thank the real God for helping me see his wickedness for what it is. Exploitation and abuse is not tapas!

  19. Reading "Once Upon a CULT" by an ex-AoL insider, I feel that what is written may be helpful for ex-Nithy followers, insiders and devotees.

  20. This is a comment addressed to Shiv or Sri Sachit. In couple of meetings which you addressed you told that the Banyan Tree in Thiruvannamalai and the Banyan Tree at Bidadi are from the same seed or they carry the same Gene and you have forwarded both the samples to a Genetics labs in Hyderabad. What happened to those results. Can you please publish the name of the lab and also the results in the website if the whole story is really true!!! We would really like to know the truth.

  21. Oh the story we were told were that it was already *proven* through genetic testing that the two trees originated from the same parent. The story was stretched further to have us believe that Nithyananda himself as avatar in 3 different lifetimes planted those 3 different trees! (there's a third one somewhere else I forget).

    What I want to know is whether parents of plants can be proven with any certainty. What lab assay is used, PCR? RFLP? If anybody knows, please chime in, otherwise I have friends in this field (plant genetics) I'll ask.

    And since the Nithyananda gang is using "science" to prove their case, while they are at it, why not have carbon dating performed on the incredible aging Banyan Tree, so we can be confident of its actual age? :) :)

  22. So I got around to researching some more - I asked a friend who is in genetics, and here's what she said:

    "The answer to your question is DNA sequencing. If one is the offspring of another, certain regions are identical [as also seen in human DNA paternity tests]. All this will work if the offspring is not a hybrid [where multiple genes (good traits/qualities) from different plants are integrated in the construction of 1 plant]"

    So, it appears that it would be very difficult to prove the Banyan trees are genetically related.

    But here's why I think the story (as always) is a BIG FAT LIE...

    From the Banyan Tree entry on Wikipedia:

    A banyan is a fig that starts its life as an epiphyte when its seeds germinate in the cracks and crevices on a host tree (or on structures like buildings and bridges).

    The seeds of banyans are dispersed by fruit-eating birds. The seeds germinate and send down roots towards the ground, and may envelope part of the host tree or building structure with their roots, giving them the casual name of "strangler fig."

    So, these trees cannot be planted conventionally in soil (which is what N probably claimed to have done). In fact , I wonder whether those saplings that were handed out to so many people were actually planted conventionally. I bet they all died haha

    And oh.... about the age of the Bidadi tree...

    Again, when you read the Wikipedia entry, it names a couple of prominent, well known Banyan trees of India: The Great Banyan Tree of Kolkata, and the Banyan tree on Kabirvad island, Gujarat. Both trees are estimated to be 250-300 years old. Wonder what a 300 year old banyan tree actually looks like? Not a pygmy (relatively speaking) like the one in Bidadi. Both trees cover such a huge expanse, that it almost appears like a forest, and you cannot locate the central main tree in case of the Kabirvad tree.

    The Bidadi tree is probably not more than 100 years old.

  23. Bashing out every other master is another stupid thing Nithyananda is doing. Jaggi Vasudev's Pranayama will put you in to depression, AOL's Kriya will do no good, it has got negative influence on your Psyche, Ramana Maharishi may be great but he enlightened only 11 people in his life time, Buddha was good but he could manage to awaken only 10,000 people,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is only a Mystic but i am a MASTER, total scrap.Ramana Maharishi never charged 10 Grand to visit homes, he never left his town and yet he is one of the great influencer in the 20th Century, which is world known. I am so sad to look at Sahaj, Medha,Sachit and good people like that caught in his grip. Wake up guys. The truth is always simple, can you not ask yourselves one simple question, if he is born on March 1977, why does he say his Jayanthi is on Jan 1st, 1978, what do you mean by he rolled up for our convenience, is it a corporate business organization to roll up dates and create summary lines, nonsense !! You don't have to jump out immediately but at least start asking yourselves these questions and it will do the rest. I can understand your minds, people who are very deeply involved have lost all the contact with society, all money drained out, no relations, no friends and basically you don't have anything in the outerworld. Beleive me i was also in the same boat, i was also wearing a kavi, it took me almost 6 months to reason out myself, it takes time, the brain washing is so deep that even after i am completely out of it, some strong emotions do come up, emotions of guilt, anger, frustration etc, all you guys are young and you have a lot of life left out, just because you wasted 5 years, it doesn't mean anything in the long run. Just come out and your family will accept you.Understand i am breathing fresh air now, no running after some guy promising something when i die. God or the intelligence which created you and me knows how to take care of us. Have you heard one Master like Ramana Maharishi or Vivekananda insisting that you should wear his picture as a mala or a bracelet, tell me guys. How many times you have been programmed to exaggerate numbers and tell something like, "this is an energy field" or this has been energized. Why this untruth, you were all sincere seekers, see where you are standing now, lying around, exaggerating numbers, what for ??? Ultimately the truth is inside you and no one in the earth (mark me NO ONE) can give you anything which you have already got. Thanks for reading.

  24. Regarding, banyan trees, not only they can be planted, but there are a few banyan gardens in Asia planted by kings and local officers... It is ok to pick on meaningful things. But don't get carried away and practice exactly what you have been preaching against.

    I think the biggest problem is believing in others. If the only sense in which you do something is due to believing in others, and not by experience, one is bound to have suffering. All masters, including Ramana and Ramakrishna had sufficient disgruntled devotees. These never make the biographies and stories... Buddha's disgruntled devotees made history though. The main issue, I don't think is just about warning, but why would you care if one planted the seeds or not?

    Even if Buddha was alive here today, why would it matter to you, if nothing special or different happened in your life by being near him? If it did happen, then does it really matter what are truth or lies? If it didn't, you shouldn't even believe, just run away...

  25. I also think that in the heat of arguments, various promises by past masters are being ignored. Ramana promised enlightnement and transmission to various devotees at various points. Ramakrishna promised Samadhis and Darshans, all unverifiable, as well. Maybe they were lucky, their disgruntled devotees did not have access to mediums to expound their grievances. Not condemning disgruntled devotees... Even Buddha promised enlightenment to his disciples. This exactly why he converted various other of his fellows as his first disciples, but were following other paths...

    Without promise of something, why would you learn with any being?

  26. DNA testing can be proved to check the origin of seeds and plants. Yes, hybrids and cross-polinization increase genetic differences, so the test cannot confirm same origin. Now, saying that "because of this a DNA test cannot be used" is wanting to believe to much on a lie as well.

    DNA tests are in fact routinely used to check the origin of coffee beans and tobaco leaves.

  27. The size of a fig tree depends also on the amount of water available in the deeper layers of soil, as well as humidity. Buddha's fig tree is not big, and yet is documented to have more than 600 years. Actually, there are not very tall palm trees that are documented to have 800+ years.

    Yes, expose anything proven as problematic. But do not proselitize as you criticize. Or it seems to me hypocritical.

  28. Regarding families that were separated due to a master/organization, it is worthwhile asking: who did separate? At the end, even if you are part of a cult, and you fell for it and so on, at the end of the day, no one pointed a gun to anyone else...

    I think the biggest issue is that we are also under other cults. The education cult, the company-job cult and so on. Every fantasy is a fantasy. But you can't blame others for your personal decision.. In fact no court in the US will rule against Nithyananda. Simply because, unless there was poisoning or something done against your will, he is not guilty. Someone cannot be condemnd because he lied to you, you believed it, and gave it all away... It is not against the law.

    If spouses are parted, whose fault is it? Maybe such a spouse shouldn't have married in the first place... What I say may sound harsh. But there are many people always just looking outside a lot. And so if something comes by, it works as a mechanism to part...

    Of course, the feeling of belonging and so on in a cult help. It is not the same as kidnapping though. Since you go there in voluntary fashion.

  29. Ramana did give his picture to various visitors... Maybe there was no easy way of manufacturing these at times... One should visit his ashram and read his literature, talk to the bookstore keeper there...

    Thinking this or that master will be different, is another trap as well. The truth is, the only measuring stick is what you felt, where did it take you...

  30. Dear Readers

    Regarding the Banyan Tree, we never asked Nithyananda about any details, he was the person who publicity announced that both the seeds have the same gene and a lab in Hyderabad has proved it, the question is why don't you publish the results. It is not about picking up small things, but why do you lie!!. Why can you stand for your own words!! No body bothered when he initially said the tree is 300 years, why are you keep on changing this simple data to 600 years old and 1000 years old. Master Disciple relationship is almost like a spouse relationship, just a small lie is enough to prove the other person is cheating!!.

  31. Its interesting - I see a mixture of compassionate comments and some that are todally rude and outright ignoring the TOTAL lies of Nithyananda (i.e. he did NOT wander at all).

    Ramana Maharishi may have been great, Ramakrishna Paramahamasa may have been great. And may be they also had some issues to, we do not know and we can't verify that today.

    But in Nithyananda's case, he has blatanly lied about his entire biography. So even for a previously very committed devotee - it comes as a total shock and feelings of being outraged are completely normal. How is one supposed to just accept that your Master is a complete liar and in that light when you look back and see - you can clearly see that the master is just doing this game for his own good and narcissistic benefit. (look at his love for Gold, just to name one).

    Don't make mockery of the feelings that people who have opened their eyes are going through - to say that someone's family broke up and that is nothing to do with Nithyananda or say that Sri Sri was ok with his Master's faults. You are just throwing salt into one's wounds.

    And by doing so, you are saying that Nithyananda's complete lie of a biography is no big deal at all. And you are giving a "free pass" to Nithyananda to make more lies up and get away with it.

    This was the icing on the cake for me. I told one devotee "hey Nithyananda has lied about his entire biography and he never wandered at all". To that he says "So what, I have the energy experience that is enough". So this is no different from saying "xyz person is a pedophile, but it is ok, because he gives my 5 year old daughter chocolates daily". For such people I say "Continue in your blindness, nothing can be done for you".

  32. Even Buddha promised enlightenment to his disciples. This exactly why he converted various other of his fellows as his first disciples, but were following other paths...

    Really? Do you have a reference, since the Buddhist canon is comprehensively documented thanks to Buddha's lifelong companion, Ananda?

    Without promise of something, why would you learn with any being?

    As far as I am aware, Buddha only promised: "If you walk according to my shall even in this present life apprehend the Truth and see it face to face." Even on his deathbed he didn't say, " Don't worry, I will be with you, I will take care." He said "Work on your own salvation diligently".

    Here's the thing. I know where you're coming from. I know that Nithyananda has a remarkable gift/talent/energy for inspiring people towards the path for Realization/Enlightenment. No question about it. So, is breaking all social notions of honesty, morality to achieve that end necessary? Perhaps, but it WILL have consequences, because the society he is instructing is still holding onto its dualistic ideas very strongly. Buddha didn't behave like an iconoclastic renegade.

    If Nithyananda preaches about Patanjali and Yama/Niyama, but flouts those precepts openly in front of his close disciples, even involving them in the process, you can be assured that his semi-enlightened or unenlightened disciples have a very shaky base, because they start to believe "anything goes, Master will take care".

  33. I had the energy experience with Nithy too. Nithy has occult powers. That was the reason I stayed on after seeing how he run his fraudulent cut-throat business of deception and exploitation.

    I am glad I am out now. His energy is not worth following his path of LIES & DARKNESS.

  34. Regarding, banyan trees, not only they can be planted, but there are a few banyan gardens in Asia planted by kings and local officers... It is ok to pick on meaningful things. But don't get carried away and practice exactly what you have been preaching against.

    A Banyan tree planted directly in soil would need great care and nurturing, to ensure it survives. Ask the Bay Area folks, whose Bidadi Banyan sapling died :) It's not a matter of a wandering Swami tossing a few seeds, and hey presto, in 10 years we have a nice big tree. It's not a weed.

    Buddha's fig tree is not big, and yet is documented to have more than 600 years. Actually, there are not very tall palm trees that are documented to have 800+ years.

    The Bodhi tree in Bodha Gaya is a 3rd or 5th generation descendent, not the original tree under which Buddha sat (although, for reasons of faith and devotion we consider it to be the same). I looked it up, and the common consensus is that the present tree is about 115-120 years old. Where did you get the "documented" 600 years number from?

    Your argument lacks serious merit and still doesn't answer the question, why has the "official" age of the tree increased from 300 years to 600 to 1000 years so suddenly? I smell bullshit.

    Yes, expose anything proven as problematic. But do not proselitize as you criticize. Or it seems to me hypocritical.

    I was very clear and analytical in my comment. Now "proselytizing" is something the Nithya defense team could be easily accused of.

    I think the biggest problem is believing in others. If the only sense in which you do something is due to believing in others, and not by experience, one is bound to have suffering.

    Agreed. But then, why would Nithyananda proudly announce to his various insider disciples, who had already surrendered to him based on their experiences, about various miraculous stories (like the Banyan trees being planted by him in various incarnations, like him being Meenakshi of Madurai, etc). I mean, why did he need to convince his already faithful flock? Is it because he knows just one lie is not enough?

    The main issue, I don't think is just about warning, but why would you care if one planted the seeds or not?

    Yes it's not the main issue, despite you turning it into a red herring. But all the little lies are adding up into a GRAND LIE. No wonder they called the video "Living Legend" - it's all a modern day legend, a fantasy fairytale spun in real time.

  35. To Anon who said Nithy is not guilty:

    Nithy is guilty of FRAUD. Madoff didn't use any gun either. Investors gave him money willingly, so Madoff is not guilty?

  36. "Living Legend" - it's all a modern day legend, a fantasy fairytale spun in real time.

    No wonder the
    Fairy Tales of Nithyananda website
    has been started :-)

    seeing how he run his fraudulent cut-throat business of deception and exploitation.

    It is quite interesting about the cut-throat business. In the last several months I have noticed Shiv (Sachit) keeps referring to the "Our is a Blue Ocean Strategy to spread Swamiji's mission". I never bothered to look up what "Blue Ocean Strategy" meant. I thought, perhaps it is just to ensure that his message reaches globally.

    But I just got reminded based on the above comment and did a quick lookup on this and it turns out, here is what "Blue Ocean Strategy" website says it is in a few words:

    Blue Ocean strategy - based on a study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 100 years and 30 industries, it provides us with a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant and creating uncontested market space.

    So there you have it! Nithyananda and his cronies, including Sachit (a former business executive) are here to make the competition irrelevant. What the F***!!! Is this spirituality or are they trying to be the next GE or Microsoft?

    Quick closing note: I am still on the inside and I quite enjoy these meetings as I watch these fools make a marketing business out of this. They have no clue that I am just having fun at their expense. Let them read this, they still will not be able to figure out that I am sitting in their meetings. No chance, I play the game quite well :-)

  37. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Just as a reference, we've covered and updated the story about Nithyananda's miraculous aging banyan tree in an earlier post:

    "Nithyananda's Tales of Fraudulent Anecdotes. Trees, Other Tall Stories, and Fraudian Slips from the Cult of Nithyananda"

    Jai Maa.


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