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Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Cult Marketing Business Secrets in Healing Initiation Scam

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly: 'Swami' Nithyananda's Healer-Sticks Get Devotees Stuck in His Cult's Bad Karma Distributorship
Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. We had quite a few readers interested to know about what actually happens with your healer's initiation and what happens when one of your followers actually does some healing. Do you mind, Sri Nithyananda, if we talk about this? "Wrrrak!" Boy, that was curt. We don't even need a Gruntanese translator to inform us that you're displeased. OK, Sri Nithyananda. If you don't want to hear us, you may cover your ears.

The Good
But, actually, Sri Nithyananda, it isn't all bad news for you and your cult. You, Sri Nithyananda, actually do some good by 'encouraging' your followers to heal. In fact, one of our contributors used to be one of your healing enthusiast. You name, this person was healing it. Mom's arthritis, a friend's back, a sick tree, snails. If it moved, it got your 'branded' energy. We're surprised, Sri Nithyananda, that this person didn't get arrested for groping while doing your 'service'. During this healer-energy process, this healer's hands would warm up like cooking burners waiting for the skillet. So, there's something going on. What is it?
Oh, we researched it, Sri Nithyananda, and yes, you taught these initiated people how to tap in and then channel the Parashakti Energy by meditating. That's a good thing, Sri Nithyananda, we mean the meditation part. We'll give you full credit for that. Yes, spiritual masters are suppose to help your followers tap into the unseen world of the Divine Energy and get connected. You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, specifically taught the meditation called 'Shakti Dharana', and we found the original Sanskrit name of that meditation and it is called, 'Davatma Shakti Dhaana'. Basically, it is the same meditation, so, we won't split hairs and acknowledge your contributions. You also taught your initiated healers to be in the 'Ananda Gandha'. We haven't found the Sanskrit name for that meditation, but for those new to this meditation, basically the meditator channels Parashakti Energy through the regions of the solar plexus and that energy then radiates throughout the body. The benefits are that the meditator's body becomes energized with the Parashakti Energy, and the meditator can be lead into samadhi from these meditations. As an extra 'benefit' the Parashakti Energy can also be transmitted onto something else through the meditators hands and that's how 'healing' process is done. OK, Sri Nithyananda, another 'good one' on you. We certify that teaching seekers how to be in the meditative state of what you call the state of the 'Ananda Gandha' is a very good thing indeed. So, the mediation portion is very sound, indeed. But, with the healing 'byproduct' from this mediation, we have some reservations on. Mind you, readers, there's additional ways to 'plug into' the Parashakti Energy, but these two ways taught by 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda work just fine.

The Bad
But, wait, 'Swami' Nithyananda, there's more to the story here. Yes, those were the good things about your healing initiation, but now we need to tell the other side of the story, 'the bad'. Sorry. Sri Nithyananda, you mention several times that this is the Parashakti Energy, but then you make it sound like this is also your private energy as if you were the controlling shareholder for Parashakti Energy Utilities, Inc. For instance, Sri Nithyananda, you often refer to this as 'your energy'. And, the instructions for the 'Ananda Gandha' meditation is to focus on your 'smiling' face and let the energy start to flow. Then to drop your form. OK, we give you credit to say 'drop your form', but why use your 'smiling face' to begin with? If you truly don't want your followers to be attached to you, then why even say that? As you know, there's lots of followers who are attached to you, your form, your mala (rosary), your paduka (feet), your picture and so on. You seem to encourage this behavior as we have pointed out in earlier blog posts. Sri Nithyananda, you claim to control this energy as if the seekers never saw electricity before, so they come to your house and see your electric outlet and think that this energy comes only from you. That they now have to get your permission and a very long extension chord before they can 'hook up' and 'connect' to 'your' energy. These seekers seem ignorant of the powerful electric grid and the cables that go directly to your house from a much more powerful and Divine source.

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, how were you able to do this? You, know, claim a monopoly on something that you didn't even own. Oh, yes, we remember now, you, Sri Nithyananda, at your programs, you loved to tell about that story during your nine-years, we mean now six-years (actually just four-and-a-half-years) of wandering that concurred simultaneously with your stay at the Ramakrishna Mission. In that story you talked about your 'First Miracle of Healing' as written in your book, The Formless in Form, p. 44 2004. You, Sri Nithyananda, talked about hitching a ride in a roughshod army truck. The truck hit a bump and the sudden jerk caused you, Sri Nithyananda, to experience a sudden spasm (quite unlike the sudden spasm that your room-service ladies experience from another type of jerk). Anyway, the army doctor wanted to place your lower body in a caste (sometimes we have the same sentiment), but you refused. All you needed to do was place your hand on your back, and the meditate. Then you said that you went to of all places another Ramakrishna Mutt in Hardiwar (PDF Pamphlet: Yet to be Discovered, 2003, p. 49) and had your back X-rayed. And, sure enough, presto. Your back was healed, although you, Sri Nithyananda, claimed that the doctor at the Ramakrishna Mutt, could still see the fracture. Funny, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that you later made no mention that you had your back X-rayed at a Ramakrishna Mutt in Hardiwar. Your later stories just sort of dropped this whole Ramakrishna Mutt thing out. Is there a pattern here? [Note to readers: View blog post called "Paramahamsa Nithyananda Wanders in the Ramakrishna Mission for Five (5) Years"]

And, then 'Swami' Nithyananda, you then talk about how you tried 10,000 keys to open up this channel and you figured out how to do it, and you, Sri Nithyananda, can do it instantly for anyone who's willing to plunk down $150.00 and give up another day of their life to be with you and your enthusiastic followers. Yes, this is called the 'Healer's Initiation', that only you can initiate or even take back on a moment's notice. You know, Sri Nithyananda, this is a pretty good deal. You always have these 'Healer's Initiations' right after your big expensive two-day weekend programs. So, you catch all the new people while they are still fresh and mesmerized by you. And, since the Monday after a program is a 'down' day that usually means that you will travel to another city later that afternoon, why not capture the newly dedicated crowd for a few hours and collect another $5,000.00 cash? Just too easy. And, since you always hold the venue in some place that is not going to have an expense associated with it, this is just pure profit. OK, Sri Nithyananda, we know that you sometimes still have these initiations in a hotel, but not to worry. You usually stick the expense of hotels, food, and that sort of thing to your city coordinators. After all, its up to the city coordinators to find sucker, oh, we mean devotees willing to show their servitude to you by picking up the tabs and sundry expenses. Otherwise, it isn't worth having that city as part of your circuit. Didn't you once say this about the Bay Area, you know, San Jose, when the city coordinator dared to even ask for you to pick up some of the expenses because it was draining that person's savings? Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you sure know how to scam, we mean show people what true spiritual practice is all about.
And, yes, Sri Nithyananda, we agree. There is an additional expense of having to give out trinkets to each newly initiated healer. You see, Sri Nithyananda, you make this very clear that the $150.00 involved is strictly a 'donation'. It is not a money making scheme. In return for this 'donation' people get initiated to become healers and they get a kit that will allow them to convert their homes into healing centers. Let's see, this kit includes a big picture of you (with no frame), a healer's mala (rosary), some pamphlet on healing and the chakras associated with that healing, a healer's chanting plug in box that plays corrupted mantras that are distorted over the cheap speakers (but it has your face on it), a bracelet with your name on it (healers are suppose to wear the mala [rosary] and bracelet at all times), maybe you even throw in an overstocked book. Oh, yes, you include in a pair of wooden chopsticks and say that these are healer's sticks. Anyway, the fair value worth of these trinkets for the 'donation' would be about three dollars at a garage sale. So, that's pretty good money you make, there, Sri Nithyananda.

However, the real worth, in the eyes of the newly initiated healers, is not the trinkets, but he opening of the 'Ananda Gandha' (the portion around their solar plexus). That is priceless, and the rest of the stuff, Master Card can take care of it. Yes, this is the true value of your Healer's Initiation. You, Sri Nithyananda, make it very clear that it is only you who can open this channel up and you can easily take it back. (OK, technically, you say that the Parashakti Energy flow could still happen if you, Sri Nithyananda, take back the ability to heal, but the ability to heal, is fully in your control.) Then after practicing one of the meditations, you, Sri Nithyananda, have the healers-to-be come up one-by-one, and you click your fingers near their solar plexus and say something like, "Go and heal."

Hey, Sri Nithyananda, we hate to blurt out your business secrets, but really, do you do anything special when you snap your fingers and say "Go and heal"? We have found, Sri Nithyananda, that anyone who does the meditations on a regular basis is going to be able to channel the Parashakti Energy, and be able to transmit it as 'healing' energy through their hands if they care to do so. Anyone can do this whether they even heard of you or not. And, we would like to remind you that this is the Parashakti Energy, that is the Divine Mother's Energy, or the Universal Energy, and it is something that even you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, cannot place a trademark symbol on. In short, this does not belong to you, so don't try to sell it as if it did.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, maybe we were too rough on you. We could say that someone could give you the benefit of the doubt and if someone didn't pay, excuse me, we mean to say donate that $150.00 and go for some ritual with an 'enlightened' healing master, then that person probably wouldn't value the benefits of the meditation or even do any of the meditations on a regular basis. Your healing initiation, Sri Nithyananda is like passing out skyhooks and telling potential swimmers that they need them in order to float. Maybe with those spiritual skyhooks, they will now have the confidence to swim. Yes, that is the dirty secret of modern society. So, maybe there is some merit in your charging, oops, required donation and your empty ritual. Fair enough.

But, wait, there, Sri Nithyananda. You give the newly initiated healers all of these regulations and say that they are now initiated in your order. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, so you do something empty and worthless, and then you trap these people. It's like you are now licensing those vary same skyhooks! Does that make you a sky crook? You, Sri Nithyananda, tell your newly initiated following that they now have to wear your bracelet that has your name on it, your mala (rosary) that has your picture on it, set up a healer's room by hanging your oversized picture in a prominent place, meditate on your smiling face, etc., etc., etc. Sri Nithyananda, you have tricked these people to join your cult! They are now in your trap and bonded to your physical body. And, wait, Sri Nithyananda, you have all these rules that if they don't follow, then their ability to heal is taken away. One of these rules is if the have any non-vegetarian food, then they have to stop healing immediately until they see you again. Now, Sri Nithyananda, we agree, that people should not eat non-vegetarian food. But, in modern society, this is really hard not to accidentally come up against now and then. Why Sri Nithyananda, we once saw you chomping on some pizza at the airport in New Jersey in September 2004. Did the cheese on that pizza have vegetarian or microbiological rennet? [Rennet is the enzymes from the stomach-linings of calves that is used in cheese to help it coagulate or become hard and firm. Rennet is definitely non-vegetarian, and is found in most cheese.] If that cheese did not have vegetarian rennet, then you, Sri Nithyananda, had non-vegetarian right before our eyes. Likewise, you even offered several pizzas to the San Jose devotees in March 2005. Are you sure that had vegetarian rennet? One of your devotees even asked you if this cheese had animal or vegetarian rennet in it, and you said, "That you will take care of it." Even in your ashram in Los Angeles, Duarte, California to be exact, yogurt with gelatin in it was floating around. [Gelatin is made from cow or pig hooves (feet) unless it is made from seaweed.] We remember even one ashramite purchased, then hid the boxes that had the ingredients printed on it of some frozen pies that had egg in them. Just be 'unclutched', we were told. So, Sri Nithyananda, we see that people, with the best of intentions to remain vegetarian, can on rare occasion accidentally have non-vegetarian food. It is nearly impossible to avoid. But, you, Sri Nithyananda, make a big deal out of this, and tell these people to stop healing until they have seen you and re-taken 'Healer's Initiation'. Why Sri Nithyananda, you seem to found a way to have total control over people's behavior and set their whole lives so they are pointing directly to you. Yes, this is spiritual dependency or just a plain old cult trap.

Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you heard us right Cult Trap. That is exactly what you operate. You see, Sri Nithyananda, in order to become a healer and de facto 'initiated' by you into your cult, the follower must be willing to share your 'proprietary' energy with anyone. That's OK, but they also must wear your mala (rosary) with your picture, your bracelet, have your big picture prominently displayed, recite your 'corrupted' mantra, etc. in order to channel 'your' energy. How nice. 'Swami' Nithyananda, it looks like the scooping up the easy cash after a program is sweet, but your real gain is locking in devotees that are now 'programmed' just to broadcast your message. And, as these 'programmed' messengers are now feeling that tingly sensation on their hands, they are thinking that all of this is nothing but a miracle from you. And, as your initiated healers are sharing 'your' proprietary energy with their friends, family, other cult members, and referrals, these 'receivers' of your proprietary healing energy are going to hear nothing but how 'Divine' you are and how you changed their lives, etc. That's quite a scam, there, Sri Nithyananda. Imagine this. Desperate and sick people are going to hear nothing but infomercials and testimonials about you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, and you only. It's almost like right out of the Amway Quixtar 'lock-them-in' strategy playbook. With this marketing strategy, you, Sri Nithyananda, will be sure to fill up your expensive workshop the next time you come to town. Great marketing techniques. You sure know how to hone in your business senses while whoring up the Divine Energy.

And as an extra benefit, a benefit to you, Sri Nithyananda, is that with each initiated healer, you can now claim their house as a healing center or just plain Nithyananda Center. Is that how you, Sri Nithyananda, can boast on your website all those 'Nithya Centers' just by doing some healer initiations. Why that makes you, Sri Nithyananda, sound almost as big as your ego.

But, wait, Sri Nithyananda.  Someone reminded us to say that since mid 2007, you usually just initiate new followers to be self-healers.  That is they are initiated only to heal themselves and no one else.  Yes, Sri Nithyananda, that's a coy move.  You still get these people to part with their cash and get them to be committed just to you by wearing all your accessories that say "Hey, I'm part of the Cult of 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda."  And, with just a little nudge, they be attending all your expensive programs and doing work, work, work in the name of service.  But, as I'm sure you know better, all these people are attracted to you for your 'easy' enlightenment.  You, know, Sri Nithyananda, the mantra for these folks is "Swami will take care", which really means to them, "I don't have to do anything."  Yes, this works great in getting lazy seekers to part with their cash and eventually sucked in to doing hours of slavery, but when it comes to channeling the Parashakti Energy, they really need to do the meditations daily.  We have seen, Sri Nithyananda, right at your own ashram, how rare it is for anyone in your Order to actually do a meditation.  Yeah, we know, they all are suppose to do the 'Nithya Dhyan' meditation in the morning, but we really can't blame them for skipping it after being up working for you until 3:00 a.m.  So, to actually have that tingly sensation and warm healing palms brimming with the Parashakti Energy, someone needs to do these meditations daily.  Otherwise, your healers are going to look like the fools they really are when they go to heal someone and no one feels anything.

Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you want people to have a good experience the first time they get your mass marketing and experience 'your' energy.  Later, after they are totally brainwashed, then you can roll out the empty promises and then blame them for not having them fulfilled.  But, for their first encounter, they really need a healer that can deliver the sensation.  So, you're right there, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  Make sure you have a dedicated person who meditates and is completely loyal to you before you 'initiate' that person as a healer.  Otherwise, just regulate them to being a 'self-healer'.  No harm in that. 

There's more good news, Sri Nithyananda, to just half-initiating your healers. In addition to not wrecking your market, but still locking in your clients, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, don't have to worry about any lawsuits.  We know the word 'lawsuit' just terrifies you.  Sri Nithyananda, we agree that it is much more fun to give than receive.  In your case, you don't give anything; you just threaten.  What are we up to now, 88 days since you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, first threaten us?  How the years go by...

The Really Ugly
'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Yoo-Hoo! Darn, he's falling into samadhi again. Just when we're about to get to the best part. Maybe he's faking it. Sri Nithyananda, can you hear me? In case you can, do you remember how you, Sri Nithyananda, told everyone that using 'your proprietary' energy to heal someone has zero risk of collecting karma? Are you sure about that? Our research has different findings. In fact, one loyal reader wrote this:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 10:48 PM
balabalan said...

Following is the opinion of Jaggi Vasudev of Isha foundation:

Physical existence is always happening between cause and effect. Suppose there is an infection, the cause is external, say bacteria. Now there is an effect : infection. So you are trying to take away the cause by taking antibiotics. You kill the cause with medication because it is external to you.

With other diseases that are not externally caused, the cause is so much deeper compared to an infection. For this type of disease to manifest, there is an imbalance or a malfunction in the energy-body, which manifests itself in the physical or mental body.

Now with something like pranic healing-or any kind of healing for that matter-you'r only appeasing the effect. With a little control or mastery over your own energies, you are able to put a screen between the cause and the effect. So the effect dies out, but the cause stays buried.

As far as nature and life energy is concerned the effect was only its way of telling you that there is a cause, a disturbance of energy, inside of you. Let us say you have asthma and i just remove it today. Without asthma, when you still have the same kind of energy in you, you may become some other calamity in a moment. The disease may not be there, but you could et into an accident.

Your asthma was only an indication of a deeper disturbance. This is because your energies arestill in the same situation, but the effect was removed. So it will take effect in a deeper or more acute form to inform you again. This whole activbity of trying to heal somebody is, in some way, trying to play God-trying to manipulate energvies in an improper way.

Unless you are able to take the very source of the disease from the other person into yourself, real healing is not possible. That will have a big impact on the system, and it is not to be done unless it is for certain specific purposes.

Healers of all kinds are ruling the roose worldwide right now. Big healing melas are being held on Marina Beach and other public places. But if you want to heal people, why don't you go to where the sick people are? If you have got cosmic energy in your hands, why don't you walk through all the hospitals in the world and ruin their business?
Nicely put, there, balabalan; thanks! Hear that, Sri Nithyananda? He's still faking his samadhi. Anyway, we do agree with 'balabalan', and we also believe that Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation is working hard to elevate spiritual seekers and that he does Divine work. He's good man in a bad neighborhood, and there's lots of criminal types that would love to discredit him and loot his ashram. So, we respect Jaggi Vasudev's words, and we fully agree with them.

To be honest, Sri Nithyananda, we really don't know the full extent to karma, disease, and healing. We do know that people fall ill for various reasons. Some fall ill because they came in contact by chance to some rogue bacteria, bug, radiation, etc. Some fall ill because the have neglected their bodies. Some fall ill because they vata, pitta, and kapha (aruyvedic elements) are out-of-synch. Some fall ill because the energy through their chakras are restricted. And, some fall ill because of some past actions in this life or perhaps a former life. And, then there's a combination of all these factors.

Our contact with low key enlightened masters who are experts in healing people say that the act of healing is a very risky action. These enlightened people usually have to absorb the illness or karma and get sick themselves for several days as they take on and then 'burn it off' the disease or its cause. In the case of some severe illnesses, the enlightened healer cannot fully burn off the karma. In some incidents, the enlightened healer would need to make a decision of taking rebirth again just to rid someone of the disease and the bad karma that caused that disease in this lifetime.

Although this might seem cruel that someone has to go through a disease or go through some other suffering, that is the Divine Law.  We're not in the position to question it, but we should at least understand it.  Most people, and ourselves included, see that healing is something good.  Therefore, we initially perceive if someone can heal another person and take away the pain, that is doing a good act.  And, perhaps on the physical level, that is correct.  But, what if the person who has the disease did something in the past and the law was given that this person had to 'go through that' in this life, but the healer used Divine energy and intervened?  Divine Law says you might get some or all of that suffering to yourself. Using a different analogy, what if someone was suffering through a class at school with a difficult subject and with a strict teacher.  You can see that student is just miserable.  You get a job as a school administrator and fudge the student's record and voila!  That student is able to get out of the class.  So, the suffering ended?  What if that student needed that knowledge to go forward with his or her education, but now since you abused your position and intervened, that person is 'stuck' and will have to retake the class in another lifetime.  The lesson was not learned, because you intervened.  A different analogy could be made if someone went to prison and you helped them break out.  Not only did the person not learn the lesson, that also puts you on the wrong side of the law too.  Yes, in our hearts, we want to help everybody heal.  But when Divine Energy, someone also needs to have access to the Divine Knowledge in order to know when it should be applied.  Just because someone 'can' doesn't mean that someone 'should'.

Our point is that everyone should have compassion to those that are suffering, but be careful in your ways of intervening.  Channeling Divine Energy to counter Divine Law is an unknown that could have great consequences to the healer. The enlightened healers, that we spoken to, really try to discourage us regular folks from healing. It's not like they are interested in having the 'market' to themselves. These enlightened healers are aware of the karma that healers can collect as these newly anointed newbie healers practice their skill. They are interested in both the wellbeing of the sick and the healer.  Sri Nithyananda, on the other hand, exploits people's desire to help others become healed.  Eager followers see this chance to become 'healers' as being a Divine service.  It seems to us that Sri Nithyananda then locks these followers into his franchise without giving a second thought about the karma they can collect. Sri Nithyananda doesn't seem very concerned about his own karma that he is collecting to say nothing of the karma that his followers are collecting.  He just uses his followers and every opportunity available to build his worldly empire at the expense of everything else.  We feel that this is horribly wrong.

For the record, we don't exactly want to discourage anyone from doing Divine healing, but we do want them to be aware that there is definitely a strong probability that a healer can collect unwanted karma from the act of healing. Yes, healing is not always a karma-free activity. We also want to stress our views that we feel that it is best to always have compassion toward anyone who is sick. Although the illness *might* be from karma, to blame the disease and justify it on the sick person as being that person's fault and then just to walk away is heartless. We recommend that seekers use prayers, modern medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese herbs, herbalist, etc. before attempting to intervene through healing energy.  The methods that work on the physical level, do not conflict with Divine Laws and the Divine stratum, so no bad karma gets transferred.  With prayers, someone is only requested the Divine to intervene for them, but this person is not actually doing the intervention, so prayer is a very safe method too. (We honestly don't know about acupuncture, but we'll look it up. For now, we'll assume that it is 'karma-transfer-free' healing.) When all else fails, a little compassion goes a long ways.

'Swami' Nithyananda, why are you putting your followers who have trusted you so much in such a dangerous place? Sri Nithyananda? Are you listening? Sorry to say, Sri Nithyananda, but it looks like you care very little about your own future and well-being, that other people's future and karma are just stepping stones to build your empire. Is this correct? After all, Sri Nithyananda, we caught you lying on from everything from your timeline, your birth date, your wandering, etc. Do you think that you are now believed when you say to your initiated healers, that the act of healing doesn't collect karma?

Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we are a little disappointed in you. We see that your healing initiation is empty, the Parashakti Energy isn't yours, you use this energy to rope in and bind people to worship just you, and then you manipulate the misuse of this energy to recruit other potential victims. But, the worst thing of all, is that your victims who placed so much trust in you are getting screwed by collecting lots of unwanted karma. Nice.
And, Sri Nithyananda, we quoted this verse in the Bhagavad Gita over and over in this blog, here it is again:
Lord Krishna says:

Demigod-worshippers go to the demigods.
Ancestor-worshippers go to the ancestors.
Those who utilize ghosts, go to the ghosts.
And my devotees go to me (and are not born again).
So, Sri Nithyananda, we know you know better. Yet, you still go and cultivate graveyard energy and practice dark tantric rituals. As disappointed as we are with you, we really don't want to see you destined to be a ghost for thousands of years to come. It is not too late.

And, Sri Nithyananda, who we really have compassion for is all of your devotees that are following you with love and trust right down the same hole. You are just using them and wasting their lives and souls. If you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, really can't save yourself, at least don't let your followers go down the same drain. Stop this nonsense!

Did you hear us? When are you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, going to end this drama? Sri Nithyananda, are you listening?

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult.

Day 67: Sixty-seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 88: Eighty-eight days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Could anyone put forward the questions to Ayya? What was the response??? How is the vibe like (frenzy) at the centers? Are there still many unsuspecting victims? Very curious...Is Sri Nithyananda coming back to US anytime soon?

  2. Thank you for the great explanation on Nithy's healing initiation. Would please explain energy darsan when you have time. I was crazy about energy darsan!

    By the way, what Nithy calls Ananda Ghandha is what is more commonly known as chit-jada-granthi. You may be able to come up with some good info if you research on chit-jada-granthi, instead of using Nithy's new terminology to confuse us.

  3. With all due respect, according to Nithyananda and in the book You Can Heal, if one eats non-veg food one may no longer heal others, but one may still heal themselves. That is according to the healing system and program by Nithyananda. If one wants to be a "Nithya Spiritual Healer" one simply agrees to follow the guidelines of the system he put together. He does not claim that you cannot be a healer and tap into Divine energy if you don't follow his system.

    What is being claimed on this post is explained and clarified in detail during the healer's program, particularly during Q&A. There are many subtleties about this program that are not revealed or explained in this post.

    There are many true as well as false statements and/or errors in what is being claimed on this blog. Much of what is being said here appears no longer to happen within the organization or has changed. The claims being made here appear to be dated. These may have been the experiences of those creating the posts and these are certainly their opinions, but things appear to be changing, somewhat. It is obvious that those who are posting here have not been involved with and have not attended any of the programs in the last year or two. Much of what is being stated as being hidden secrets about Nithyananda and the organization, Nithyananda himself has spoken of and explained openly during the programs. This blog appears a little foolish when claiming it is revealing the "secrets" of the organization.

    Where are the comments of the thousands of people who have attended the programs to confirm what is being claimed on this blog?

    However, these posts appears to be making an impact on the organization, as evidenced by changes to the organization's website. Nithyananda's ashramites and volunteers are clearly reading the anti-Nithyananda blogs on the internet and fixing the mistakes they themselves have made for lack of skills and/or lack of proper research. Many of the ashramites and volunteers are simple, kind and devoted, but may not be schooled or have little schooling and therefore may lack skills and understand the importance of having accurate information stated on a website or in a book.

    As a suggestion, build-up the credibility of what is being claimed here by doing as much research as possible and stating only what there is evidence to support - not hearsay, not incorrect information, not what can easily be countered by what is found written in a book, not what Nithyananda openly speaks about in the programs. Should the authors of the claims being made on this blog be taken to court and should the statements in this blog be used as evidence, let the evidence be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  4. Since you have run away from the Ashram and obviously wasted enough of your life there. Why don't you get on with your life and get a job and a wife? You seem to be wasting one helluva lot of time ranting here???

  5. Swami Nithyananda always copies other enlightened masters and gives his own names and trade marks as if he invented it! Seeker, be careful of this Swami! Ananda Gandha was never his invention! It's a copy form Ramamna Maharshi!All his meditations are copies of others many times word for word and all the music.

  6. When I visited Bidadi ashram and attended one of Swami Nithyananda's discourse (In Tamil which I understood nohing), I was observing other ashramites. Many were very sick. 50% of them were continuously coughing. They really needed some healing.

    I don't know how many of you know this fact. When I went to bangalore Bidadi ashram eventhough it says certain healing hours are posted, no body really comes or heals. Swami Nithyananda bragged about these great hours and healing but we saw the Tamil villager ashramites really need medical care. You would think that atleast they get healing done free from these healers but, you don't see that.

    What a shame. Next time you sit when you are in Bidadi, observe for yourself like I did and you will notice severe coughing and sickness amoung ashramites. Very sad indeed.

  7. If Swami Nithyananda is barrowing this energy from Parashakthi, why is he lying that he is the provider of this energy and he is the one healing. This is a shamful lie!

    If he knows Parashakti is the supreme personality of Godhead then why is he asking everybody to pray to him with "Nithyanandaya namah". He should say, pray to parashakthi. Why does he have fake dieties of parashakti, venkateswara and Shiva and the pujaris pray at Montclair Vedic temple, Nithyananda's names to all those dieties.

    Looks like we hindus are suckers for a guy like this. What are other Hindu organizations doing about this? I don't see anger or outrage about this diety bashing from hindu protection leaders. Who will inform them.

    What kind of a person is Nithyananda who uses Hindu God dieties for show and milking money from innocent public showing them one diety statue when they are praying nithyananda name to that diety like Lord Venkateswara and Lord Shiva.

    Can somebody please do something about this? This is a violation of the sanctity of that Hindu God when you install him or her and never pray to him or her.

  8. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Watch that temper-temper there, anon @ Feb. 12, 2:19 p.m. Is being 'unclutched' that difficult for you to do? But we do want to say thank you for your sincere validation that 'Swami' Nithyananda really does break up families, cause divorces, waste lives, and ruin careers. Please keep on posting for us. You do a great job for our cause.

    Jai Maa.

  9. I liked your editorial on the initiation energy flow mechanisim. Very interesting. But you should know that more that 98% of indians or hindus are oblivient about all the truths. The only reason this cult is famous because it personlises the universal truth and brands them really good. How ae you going to counter the branding. With this branding and the bollywood themes in mediation halls the new Gen-y either Indians are Americans will devour this bull sh!t like nobodys business.

  10. what HAPPENED to THE confrontation THAT All of you BIG moUths WERE TALKING About? KIND of HUSH HUSH NOW HMMM! REMEMBER? AYYA!

  11. Cult Guru Paramahamsa NithyanandaFebruary 12, 2010 at 4:58 PM

    Talking of the Bidadi lies. Here is a propaganda machine in full action. Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami (the fraudulent one) loves to go on boasting. Check out this twitter account from one of his cronies:

    Suman on Twitter

    Here are two sample tweets:

    In 2009 1.8 million people were given free food, 45628 provided free medical aid,4902 children - free education, 600 Youth - free training

    1.8 M people fed, wow! This must be one grand lie! I have seen often how these numbers are exaggerated beyond proportion. Nithyananda, just round it off and call it 2M!

    Tiruvannamalai ashram feeds atleast 1000 people a day - great job

    1000 people a day! Anyone reading from India, please stop by the ashram and take some pictures. I am sure this is one huge lie too. There is no chance they are doing this daily. I have personally seen their feeding area in that ashram, it is quite small.

    Yes Nithyananda has no respect for facts whatsoever. Facts are like an inconvenience for him. So he will just throw out whatever number comes out of his dirty mouth. I am starting to think, he does not have control of his own mouth. He is a pathological liar and lying is so natural to him, that he cannot almost help himself from doing it.

    Another recent thing that I find quite questionable is that he claims the "technology for creating Nava Bhashyam" 1008 herb portion for his 21 foot linga is now gone. Because the last person who supposedly knew it, died right after creating enough of portion for Swami Nithyananda. Very convenient indeed Paramahamsa Nithyanada.

  12. A thought came to mind about healing: How about doctors, herbalist, accupunturists (who open up your chi or prana subtle energy) and other healers, Do they get the sick karma for helping the sick get well?

    I don't buy that Jaggi's arguement healing or treating an ill person begets the ill karma of the patient. I do not see how a just God would put the karma onto anyone who helps another person to get well - esp when the person doesn't know that she is violating the cosmic law of healing others - or if there is even such a cosmic law to begin with.

    If helping another begets the karma of the person being helped, this means that we are not to ever help another being in trouble - or we will get his bad karma. We would be leaving anyone suffering illness to his karma!!

  13. I visited Bidadi ashram myself in 2008 and was in total shock. Swamiji totally exaggerates everything!
    First of all, it is just a few small huts scattered about on the dirt land. You barely see any green plants growing at all. In these small huts, there are crammed many people/ashramites who are working like dogs. The couple who churn out the songs live in a tiny home/recording studio and they are forced to crank out an album a day or so (so let's cut them some slack about copying music - this poor couple is probably doing the best they can under these stressful conditions of forced labor).
    Next, the ashramites live in a filthy, disgusting warehouse looking structure that has bunk beds stacked up against each other with barely any room to move around.
    Third, there is NO soap anywhere you look. Even the dirty dishes are simply rinsed with water (that too by the person who just ate out of it) and set to be reused again. And this from a "healing" Swami who freaks out about his own health and takes airborne regularly to not get sick himself and who only drinks bottled water (even in the US).
    The ashram follows exact lunch and dinner times - you will see ashramites literally running to make it to get food, because once those hours are over, guess what?, no more food available to anyone. Whatever happened to Swamiji's claim during lectures that the ashram feeds anyone who comes anytime?? It's a big joke.
    Fourth, it is true that there's barely any healing being done - there is a sign with healing times listed and it's only like 1 or so hour in the morning and the same for the evening. And yes, I never saw anyone really there either.
    Last, how is it that the technology for creating Nava Bhashyam be gone if we have an enlightened Swami? Shouldn't Nithyananda be able to "download" the formula from the "other side" if he's enlightened??

  14. When I was in the 2007 Himalayan Yatra, many were very sick with bad couch and other ailments. Swamiji & his healers were not able to help the devotee pligrims. I also heard form some Bidadi sshramites that bronchitis was very prevalent in the Bidadi Ashram.

    Hi Swamiji, please heal those sick ashramites of yours before talking about healing the others. Those ashramites slave for you day and night, w/o any paid or adequent sleep, some are even severely beaten.

    Is this how you divine ENLIGHTENED MASTER treat those who trusted you and surrender themselves to be your obedient slaves? Perhaps they have bad karma so had to suffer in your ashram before eligible for enlightenment? Well, swamiji, your enlightened mysteries are truly beyond logic, beyond common sense!! lol

  15. It's Nava Pashanam, not Bhashyam :)

    Refers to Nine poisons. Hence it should contain those 9 classical poisons. The whole 1008 thing is a Nithya marketing number. I doubt we even have 1008 herbs left on this planet.

    The story I heard was that at Palani temple, where Nithy went with Mr Ayya, Nithy had some sort of cosmic teleconference call with Bogar, the dude who made the original Nava Pashanam in the Palani temple. And apparently Bogar, being such a nice Rishi guy and all, taught our hero avatar.

    Armed with that knowledge, that is how the legendary healing lingam came to be. :D

    To me it looks like the outer form of the lingam is just regular stone. You can't possibly have much Nava Pashanam inside (if indeed, it has any). The Palani statue is 100% Nava Pashana, so water and milk poured over it directly becomes charged (healing properties, so they say).

  16. Cult Guru Paramahamsa NithyanandaFebruary 12, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    So this is the problem as I see with all of Nithyananda's stories - that of total inconsistency. So for instance what anonymous wrote above:

    The story I heard was that at Palani temple, where Nithy went with Mr Ayya, Nithy had some sort of cosmic teleconference call with Bogar, the dude who made the original Nava Pashanam in the Palani temple. And apparently Bogar, being such a nice Rishi guy and all, taught our hero avatar.

    The story I heard him say at IA program an year ago was something like this. The Palani murthi (status) was starting to form cracks or deteriorating and they had to find someone to fix it. Many people who supposedly knew this technology tried to, but it did not work. There was one chap who knew the right technology and he said he can fix it. But the Palani people did not take him seriously.

    But Nithyananda the divine avataar that he is, recognized his abilities and asked him to prepare the healing concoction. And he prepared enough to make 21 statues. And right after he prepared this concoction, soon after he died. And hence the last person who knew this has gone and nothing more can be done.

    This version of the story is different from what the person above heard about the teleconference with Bogar (ROFL). Anyway, this again proves the pathological liar that Nithyananda is who just tells you any story that he can pull out of his ass at any given moment.

    Two other observations:

    - like the chap peanut_brittle said, can't this avatara purusha our hero not download this tecnology?

    - Interestingly every major incidente in his life has the same ending; which being that the possible witness dies right after. This is the only consistent part across all stories. Like take for example every person he has named in fake biography, none of them are alive. This fellow who supposedly concocted this magic potion, also died. Very convenient for Nithyananda, this way no body can go talk to them and find out if such a thing happened at all.

    - Regaring the "healing magic potion" - so there is one statue that has been erected so far and supposedly Nithyananda is going to install 20 more around the world. Where does he have this magic portion? I guess it does not spoil? Is there a large refrigerator in Nithyananda's bedroom where he keeps this in safe storage? ROFL :-)

  17. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, Hippie, for asking the tough questions on Feb. 12, @ 5:24 p.m., and we updated this post to incorporate them. Yes, we agree with you that we should always have compassion to everyone and never use the 'bad karma' excuse to look the other way. Healing using physical elements and knowledge is a very good thing and does not intervene with Divine Law. Prayers do not collect unwanted karma either. We honestly don't know about acupuncture. We'll have to research it.

    Yes, we would like to heal everyone using every means available. Some of our contributors to this blog used to be healing enthusiasts until they became aware of the danger that they were putting themselves up against. In spite of knowing this, sometimes they still do healing if someone is in immediate pain, etc. So, we would just like to build awareness to those that have the ability to transmit Divine Energy that they could be picking up unwanted karma, so be careful and heal at your own risk.

    Regardless, have compassion to all that are suffering and try to help them get well through medicine, herbs, and a lot of TLC (tender love and care).

    Jai Maa.

  18. Mr. AnandaCoconut..

    What else you know about Swami Nithyananda's severe beating of ashramites at Bidadi, Bangalore ashram. Please explain.

    I came to know that Nithyananda beats for possible future mistakes an ashramite "possably" might commit! This is very sick.

  19. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear Anon on Feb. 12 @ 11:42 p.m.

    When you say, "Sorry. I still don't get the fuss.", we have visions of James Baker in 2000 trying to justify the stolen election of George W. Bush. We don't think that you are being very honest with anyone well enough yourself.

    To be honest, Anon, we resent your condescending tone and your attempt to drive a 'cultural' and 'religious' divide to discredit this blog. This is exactly what Sri Nithyananda does, he divides and rules, and we will not allow it here.

    Understand, Anon, Sri Nithyananda is sneaky. He would much rather have others express that he is god, which then makes him look almighty. He has said to one of our contributors that he was the incarnation of Meenakshi on June 29, 2007. Sometime in March 2006, he referred himself as being 'god' to one of our contributors when he said, "god (himself) is calling you.", etc., etc., etc. He's generally very careful in the public and at most discourses not to 'utter' his so-called godly secret. You, Anon, obviously never had a chance to really be around him. Otherwise you would know.

    Yes, meditation is a wonderful thing. (We recognize your post from a few days ago.) Everyone could benefit if he or she meditates on a regular basis. Sri Nithyananda's meditations are generally 'feel good' with some spiritual and health benefits, but rarely do they lead to Divine Knowledge. Most of the meditations that he advocates do not place the meditators awareness on the ajna chakra. This allows meditators' awareness to drift to different regions, which isn't bad, but it is not going to make for Divine consciousness. Furthermore, Sri Nithyananda discourages pranayama, which strengthens the mind and the body. If his followers had strong minds, they would less likely be brainwashed.

    Just as candy is to a pedophile or a puppy dog is to a child abductor, meditation and spiritual truths are to Sri Nithyananda. If seekers can take his bait without falling into his trap, then that is fine. Problem is that he has built a very well planned trap that is very difficult to escape. We know, we have all been in that trap. It is very ugly, immoral, and wrong.

    Sri Nithyananda's teachings are a mix of Osho and Ramakrishna and whoever he ripped off at that moment. Yet, he twists these to always lead to sayings that 'only an enlightened master can...' In this way, he manipulates these Truths to make people dependent on him. This is dangerous, and we want to warn the world.

    If you read any portion of this blog, we have detailed numerous lies and inconsistencies that Sri Nithyananda has told. Since he is not grounded in the basic realms of Truth, how can we take anything serious he says? This man has no validity and no integrity, and he is just pure scam. Nithyananda is no guru. He does not deserve our respect.

    Finally, to you anon, kindly improve the quality of your comments or please take them to another blog. You said that you would not post again. We would welcome it if you kept to your word.

    Jai Maa.

  20. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, Sri Nithyananda beats, as in physical violence, ashramites in India. Some are only in their teens. Sri Nithyananda is scared of lawsuits, so he never has (to our knowledge) physically abused an ashramite in the U.S. He has in both continents mentally abused his ashramites and followers. He is a natural for that type of abuse.

    We will dedicate a whole blog post to all of the horrible abuses this man has created. Yes, he is SICK! SICK! SICK! He should be incarcerated until his violent and destructive behavior is cured.

    Please save your comments about Nithyananda's violence so we can have them all on one post. We promise to do this in the next ten (10) days.

    Jai Maa.

  21. Don't worry Om Namah Shivaya. I will not post anymore comments to this futile blog. But its quite ironic that you want to avoid any kind of substantive debate by not even posting my previous comment to which you so self-righteously needed to respond. Now c'mon - thats not fair on the part of an anti-cult blog administrator is it?? I would go so far as to say its quite cowardly. I expected at least a bit more transparency and accountability especially when you are so committed to exposing "the Great Fraud". The quality of my posts are quite good I think. I recommend you do put them up. Sadly, seems like these ant-cult bloggists are themselves just as blinkered and would rather stifle any genuine, constructive debate than have their own views challenged. I am not fooled by your mock offense. Again, please read the papers and find a much more worthwhile cause to advocate, and maybe meditate to open your mind some. See you never in la la land. But I do however appreciate the way your vocabulary has improved in response to each consecutive post of mine.

  22. Swamiji was bragging about beating the ashramites during the 2007 Yatra.

    Afterwards, I learned form those closer to Swamiji that on an occassion, he beat some ashramites so badly that he broke his last tandan (stick, bambo), so Swamiji resorted to throwing furniture at the ashramites. These guys seem to think that Swamiji knows what he was doing for the good of the ashramites.

    Beating ashramites with a big stick was bad, throwing furniture? You never know if the furniture may not fatally or permanently injure the person.

    In the 1997 Mission Training, Swamiji said that he could only shout at us here in America, in India his pujaris get puja (beating) when they didn't do everything exactly.

    I never see the beating myself, but had heard Swamiji brag about it at least on three separate occasions. I also got witness account of the brutality from our ex-satsang leaders whom I know are very truthful people. They had all since escaped.

  23. Om Namah Shivaya,

    OK, post about Nithyananda's violence. We might move some of the comments over to the abuse / violence page when we have publish it. Hope that is OK with everyone.

    Jai Maa.

  24. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear Anon of February 12, 2010 @ 1:30 p.m.

    We appreciate your civil tone, but we do not appreciate your attempts at pure manipulation.

    You will be glad to know that we updated this post to include the self-healing aspect that Sri Nithyananda now advocates in his healer’s initiation.

    Sorry, you missed the point and then you tried to bring your fuzzy logic back against us. Shame on you. The truths we declared are Nithyananda’s business secrets. He misuses the healing initiation as a way to build loyalty and allegiance to him. This is one of the many traps he uses to ensnare innocent seekers. That is our point. Understand you are in his trap too.

    Your attempts to discredit us by being ‘out dated’ are disgraceful. This is fraud. Any way you look at it, from whatever angle you view it, from whatever date is stamped on it, it is still fraud. You, by supporting Sri Nithyananda, are at best complicit to fraud. This is a crime. We would rather see you and others in Nithyananda’s trap get out before it is too late.

    Do not waive your empty threat of a lawsuit at us. Nithyananda has done this for over three months. Either bring it on or shut up. We will love to tell EVERYTHING we know in the court so it becomes a legal and referenced document that will be quoted and published everywhere.

    Also do not claim that these are ‘innocent’ simple people who made ‘innocent’ simple mistakes. We know that Nithyananda is a micromanager and has to approve of every little detail before anything happens. None of these ‘mistakes’ are innocent. Yes, we know that the impact of this blog and other websites have lead Nithyananda scrambling to delete/hide the evidence. Sorry, we have plenty of screenshots, so scrub all you like. Some of his worst mistakes are in his books. Good luck in hiding those. The people who are behind these ‘mistakes’ are well educated and hold advance degrees. We will be glad to name names if you like. Understand, we do not believe that his ashrams are the ‘Valley of the Smurfs’. His ashrams are where innocent girls loose their innocence. Room service, anyone? So, if you are not willing to come clean about his operations and be honest with yourself, then we will be glad to do the job for you. Just be aware that it will come at a price.

    Finally, your taunt for us to ‘do more research’ is just the same manipulative excuse the oil and chemical industries have given in response to their impact in global warming. Are you from this industry? Perhaps a better strategy like cleaning up Nithyananda’s criminal organization would have a better impact for everyone.

    Please be aware that your low quality comments will not be tolerated next time.

    Jai Maa.

  25. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Anon of February 13, @ 1:02 a.m.

    We knew that you would be back and not keep your word. That is common in Nithyananda's Order. For your information, we publish almost every post that comes in. Even your posts, which have a certain quality about them. We do not publish posts with lots of profanity or badmouthing of other gurus that, in our opinion, elevate society. We probably should not have posted the comments that had a URL to private pictures of Ayya's son. We will screen those type of posts more carefully in the future.

    Some posts we wait until we have our response ready. Such as the case of anonymous comment on February 12, @ 1:30 p.m.

    We know that our blog has had an impact. It even got people like you to post. That must count for something.

    Anyway, good luck to you. Goodbye.

    Jai Maa.

  26. Ananda Coconut said:"In the 1997 Mission Training, Swamiji said that he could only shout at us here in America, in India his pujaris get puja (beating) when they didn't do everything exactly."

    Dear friend, Can you clarify the year? It does not seem right. Is it a typo?

  27. Dear friend anonymous,

    The last time someone from your camp tried to change our minds(SwamijiIsGod), he left getting upset when a link was posted about Ayya's son. Honestly, the pictures were harmless in my opinion (just a youth showing his exuberance). But the posts were removed and I let the admin of this site exercise his privilege without expressing myself further.

    Now let us look at some of your statements:-

    " But its quite ironic that you want to avoid any kind of substantive debate by not even posting my previous comment to which you so self-righteously needed to respond. Now c'mon - thats not fair on the part of an anti-cult blog administrator is it?? I would go so far as to say its quite cowardly. "

    Substantive debate? Your camp can't even answer the basic facts that your leader was shooting from his mouth for at least 4 years (maybe more). I was a volunteer for 4 years and I remember his statements in public as well as the private meetings. I will elaborate on a basic one which is pretty public: 1) Born 78 2) Did his diploma (Mech). Average student. So should have completed it at age 18 apprx. That takes it to 1996. 3) Wandered for 9 years travelling 70,000 miles learning from various yogis and saints. That should take it to 2005. 4) After wandering for 9 years, got enlightened on Jan 2000. (???????). These facts he has reiterated over and over. I did not pay much attention till I saw this blog though something was nagging at the back of my mind. I remember "9" very well though there are attemts now to change that number.

    " maybe meditate to open your mind some"

    That's how I got to see the truth. Not sure about where meditation is taking you.

    "Sadly, seems like these ant-cult bloggists are themselves just as blinkered"...
    " But I do however appreciate the way your vocabulary has improved in response to each consecutive post of mine."

    Thanks! You admit that you belong to the "cult" camp since you mention about vocabulary at the end of your post, I am assuming that every sentence on your end too was well thought out.

  28. The correct Sanskrit word is nava pAshAna, nava = nine , pAshAna = stone. So, it represents a stone which has nine different minerals in the stone. I do not think any ordinary mortal will know and identify such stones without scientific chemical analysis. So, any talk in the present days about installing a 'special statue or linga' is bogus. Yes, it may be a strongly bonded stone. Even for making statues the sculptors use their tools to recognize the strength or shallowness of the stone, before beginning carving. Otherwise the statue may break in the process. But, they do not use any specific scientific analysis for this. they use 'experience' and general information they have.

    See the following links:

    In this second link also pAshAna is used wrongly as poison

    As many people will know we use panca loha (five metal) idols for worship. Similarly this nine mineral stone may be special that it has some medicinal value.

  29. Cult Guru NithyanandaFebruary 13, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    "I will not post anymore comments to this futile blog. But its quite ironic that you want to avoid any kind of substantive debate by not even posting my previous comment…………….I would go so far as to say its quite cowardly."

    Dear anonymous chap who posted the above. So you want this and other anti-Nithyananda blogs to open and be transparent?

    Sure then open up the comments section on your blogs too and there are lots of such pro-Nithyananda blogs. I have posted on those and not even one, I mean not a single anti-Nithyananda comment has been approved on those blogs. Also see the amount of censorship that goes on all YouTube videos of your great Guru. You can see how many comments are deleted by the Admin. What do you call that? Transparency or great cowardice?

  30. To Anon Nithyananda Supporter of February 12, 2010 1:43 PM:

    You said “Much of what is being said here appears no longer to happen within the organization or has changed”.

    That means: Many things did happen according to you or Nithyananda figured out these were wrong and he asked to change. Please let us know what things did happen or what has changed?

    You said “These may have been the experiences of those creating the posts and these are certainly their opinions, but things appear to be changing, somewhat.”

    That means: You agree yourself “‘ According to you things appear to be changing with Swami Nithyananda” but people that I know, I can line up all LA and San Diego Ex-Nithyananda web team who will testify that all smallest decisions and wording of any posting came from Nithyananda or from his top Maha–Acharyas for any of his web pages and youtube videos! So, again your statement is wrong. Now let us know what has been changing and what has changed at Swami Nithyananda’s ashram or mission??

    You said: “It is obvious that those who are posting here have not been involved with and have not attended any of the programs in the last year or two.

    Answer: Again, this is not a true statement. Let us know what Nithyananda has changed as many people left as early as in last few months are saying differently. This blog and blog for the first time are exposing all Nithyananda’s shady and cunning business secrets. They are nothing but money making machines. “Swami’s” don’t need business secrets, first of all, why do they need any business? But Nithyananda openly says I have lots of BUSINESS secrets. Nobody in Vedic tradition needs to run as business.

    You said: “Where are the comments of the thousands of people who have attended the programs to confirm what is being claimed on this blog?”

    Answer: That’s why this blog has one million hits my friend! Very soon hundreds of people will post. This will be one of the biggest Blog for the annals of History for Nithyananda’s legacy and for the history book.

    You said: Volunteers at Nithyananda’s mission “ they themselves have made for lack of skills and/or lack of proper research”

    Answer: Are you kidding me! “Lack of proper research!” That’s pure cow dung my friend! These are exaggerations directly from Nithyananda himself. Please don’t make excuses for Nithyananda. Being a cult leader everything comes from “Swami Nithyananda’. Don’t blame poor volunteer slaves! They do what Nithyananda asks them to do. Like every six months the Tree becomes few hundred years old or they have another million people as followers or they have another 500 centers! All these comments come from Nithyananda’ himself. He asks openly to go and exaggerate. So, please don’t give us bull Sh*t excuses. Devotees don’t make any mistakes. They follow instructions.

    You said: “Should the authors of the claims being made on this blog be taken to court and should the statements in this blog be used as evidence, let the evidence be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

    Answer: This will be the best thing that could happen to the blog owner. Everything is going to be a public record. Every devotee that has left the ashram will be subpoenaed under the court order and they will have to tell the truth under oath or go to jail. Let the games begin my friend! I can’t wait for that to happen!

    LASTLY: I dare you tell us how many years of inner circle experience you have at Nithyananda’s mission and which area you belong to and what is your approximate age?

  31. To expose Nithyananda,

    You keep reffering to Room service. I dont think it is a good idea to talk about this unless you have bullet proof evidence. Please be cautious about this. If a deciple who is on the edge reads this kind of insinuating half truths might decide to stay in the cult.

    This is my opinion........

  32. Nithyananda Fraud BusterFebruary 13, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Every devotee that has left the ashram will be subpoenaed under the court order and they will have to tell the truth under oath

    Oh goody, when is this going to happen? I am salivating at this thought. I and several others from my city are eagerly waiting for this glorious moment to bring down the Nithyananda fraudulent enlightenment business scam.

  33. So about that "nava pAshAna lingam". So Nithyananda knows as much about nava pAshAna as my 4 year old child!

    Nithyananda said during IA, this is the great healing nava pAshAna linga. The reason this cannot be replicated is because it has 1008 herbs. Sadly because none of us know what this nava pAshAna even is, we just take this scumbag's word for it. He probably read the nava pAshAna in some book, and then vomited that on the audience.

    Each day I start realizing more and more in shock how much of a ride this scumbag is taking all of humanity on.

  34. Dear Expose Nithyananda,

    After some time, you can make this blog into a book. It will be super hit.
    How about this title for the book -->
    "Dharma Dollars" ?

  35. Why is research ever needed? Nithy claimed that he could download everything: past, future about any person or events.

    Now he said his mother recall his birthday as Jan 1, 1978? What a joke! What about the birth horoscope done with exact birth times that foretold his becoming a raja sanyasin (king of renonciates). The horoscope must have his exact time & date of birth recored for that.

    Is the horoscope lost too?

    It sure looks like Nithy had taken several years of his age to attract a younger crowd and to impress the wrold his knowledge at a younger age.

    My feeling is that is closer to 40. There is nothing wrong for his being 40 or older except for his lies and deception.

  36. Hello Anandacoconut,

    I also heard about Swami Nithyananda's throwing furniture after he has beaten the ashramite by very hard bamboo stick. I also think this is a very sick practice for so called an enlightened master to do whether in India or USA. These poor people have no where to go. I heard he says " this is father and son relationship so it starts with puja and a stick".

    May be somebody should start a fund to help these people who are stuck in this situation because they are depending on Swami Nithyananda and can't get out of there. Once they know there are support services, may be they will leave and go to local police at Bidadi, Bangalore. Somebody got to do something for this physical violence of Swami Nithyananda.

    Any idea folks? I don't mind donating through paypal if someone wants to start helping these folks who don't speak English and no where to go.

    I don't see too much outrage from the fellow Bloggers here. I don't mean any disrespect to fellow Bloggers.

  37. "Paramahamsa" Swami Nityananda's Physical violence against ashramites in India..

    I just checked major sites and found out that what Swami Nityananda is doing is considerd against commonly known as " Human Rights Violations". It seems India also has signed up as where no one surrendered should be beaten or physically threatend under this International Law. It seems Swami Nithyananda is violationg world human rights and definetly Indian human rights law.

    Once some body surrenders to you and you are in control of mind and body of that person, you have the duty to take care of that person as humanly as possible. You can't abuse physically or mentally that person against internation Law. Even POW's are given this basic dignity and respect. What I hear is above and beyond my comprehension.

    The following is the Wikepedia's first sentence of definition of Human rights: " Human rights are the "basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled." [1] The doctrine of human rights aims to identify the necessary positive and negative prerequisites for a "universal" minimal standard of justice, tolerance and human dignity that can be considered the public moral norms owed by and to individuals by the mere virtue of their humanity".

    Swami Nithyananda's definition of human rights may be differrent. But, we the people from all over the world should condemn that kind of behavior from even " Paramahamsas and Enlightened masters."

  38. A book with the contents of this blog will make great spiritual literature. It will help warn seekers to stay away from commercial guru cults.

  39. To the Anon who is concerned about the abused ashramites in Bidadi:

    Do you think these ashramites don't have the means to leave or if they were brainwashed to stay believing that Swamiji is blessing them with his beatings. I am not joking about this, I have heard some ashramites seem to think only the most devoted disciples gets beaten. many of these youth have families that want them back, some how they are not going home. Many have skills that would get them jobs in Bangalore. The Indian recession is nothing like the USA. Many can get jobs if they have some temporary shelter - if they really want to get out.

  40. This Great Swami has had many infamous sticks that he has used to violently beat the crap out of his disciples. One such one was called the "Dubai stick" - because it was brought to him from Dubai by Medhananda I believe. The same compassionate Medhananda also brought a stick to Nithyananda from Africa which was also used to beat the brahmacharis.

    Medhananda - I hope you or your former wife (who conveniently calls herself a Brahmacharini when it suits her and married when it suits her to con people into doing expensive programs) are reading this. Medhananda scumbag, if you had gotten beatings with that stick you would have known. But of course your Paramahamsa would not do that since you are already "living enlightened" and he needs you to spread his business scam around the world. It is those poor village boys from Tamil Nadu who get beaten. As far as I know, I don't think Nithyananda dared to beat any of the NRI (non-resident Indian) boys in the Gurukul because their parents would have filed a law suit.

    Yes Nithyananda is not only an evil fraud but a complete human rights violator.

  41. Dear blog readers,

    We have just published a new story for your reading pleasure on our site:

    Nithyananda programs and Tiered pricing


    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team

  42. Here is my healing story ...

    I mentioned about my health problem to Sri Nithyananda swami couple of times personally.
    Also i took healing from several of the acharyas in Life Bliss Foundation.
    Almost 2 years passed.
    But my health have not improved.

    Then i started reading books on Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda.
    Started following Ayurvedic principles/medicine and practicing Hatha Yoga.
    Now my health improved a lot.

    To effectively adjust/fix our Koshas (layers):
    1.Annamaya Kosha (physical layer) - Ayurveda
    2.Pranamaya Kosha (Pranic layer) - Hatha Yoga
    3.Manomaya Kosha (Mental layer) - Meditation
    4.Vignanamaya Kosha (Psychic layer) - dont know
    5.Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss layer) - dont know

    Books on Ayurveda:
    1. Ayurveda The Science Of Self Healing by Vasant Lad
    2. Ayurveda Life Health and Longevity by Rober E. Svoboda
    3.Prakriti Your Ayurvedic constitution by Rober E. Svoboda

    Books on Hatha Yoga:
    1. Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
    2. Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya by Niranjananda Saraswati
    3. A systematic course in the ancient techniques of Yoga and Kriya by satayananda saraswati

    Books on Karma:
    Law of Karma by Robert E. Svoboda

    Ayurvedic hospital:
    Arya Vaidya saala, Kerala

    After speaking to several Yogis and reading ton of books, here is my understanding on healing:

    1. If Healer takes the health karma from the patient, healer has to suffer for that.

    2. Or Healer has to push that current health karma to another part of life of the patient.

    3. Some of the Yogis have the ability to take karma from others and they know how to throw out of their system with minimal suffering.

    Either a Deity or Nithyananda swami have given me the intelligence to read the above books and fix my health.
    So you can also try out Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda.
    Do not completely depend on Healers.

  43. Parents beating children and Gurus beating disciples is common in India culture.
    This done out of love, in order to discipline and to remove ego/karma.
    But if it is done for wrong reasons/motives, then it is questionable.

  44. Hello hippie,
    Bidadi ashramites don't leave for both reasons you mentioned.

    In this first catagory where these Tamil Nadu villagers are brainwashed to belive that if Swami Nithyananda the "enlightened master" beats them theit Karma goes away as they are the special chosen onces to get beaten. This was I'm sure started by senior Nithyananda's deciples to conrol the emotions of the person geting beating and to control others who may want to show sympathy to the person getting beating. Also, this is a tactic mafia uses to control their people to punish for a small mistakes or no mistakes at all by beating somebody to show full control. But, also, these people are stuck there with no alternatives many times as they have left the job market and may have insecurites to go back and take that leap. Also, they may be embarassed to go back to their families to get that "I told you so.."

    By educating them that there is an organization out thre to help them if they come out of Nithyananda's trap till they go back to job market, may be this gives them hope. More importantly, somebody must educate them in tamil that this is not a blessing but a cult tactic. Till that myth breaks there, it is going to be tough for some people. But, my guess is many wants to get out, but can't because they feel there is no other solution.

    I have been told that in USA also, Swami Nithyananda gave beating to many in his first mission training programs when he used to personally give that time.

  45. So someone mentioned that beatings had stopped.

    I very much doubt it. Nithy might had become more secretive, doing it behind closed odors so no one in the ashram sees it. Not even the inner circle guys. The obedient surrendered victim is sworn to secrecy....

    Sex with the female disciples was always behind closed doors. Now the beating of male disciples may go behind closed doors too.

    Sure he would pick those guys who were most trapped (brainwashed or poor ) with uneducated poor parents for his most vicious beatings.

  46. For those interested in taking action, Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected.

  47. Thanks for the details about healing. I agree with you that we do not need his form for healing. I havce been healing from the day one by just medidating on GOD into Anandagandha chakra. Last year, he touched Agna Chakara and inititated healers. To know more about ananda gandha chakra, we should ask other peple who do medidating to focus on AG chakra and explain their experience. I also feel that we should not connect this healing to Karma. Because we are just transferring cosmic energy. If cosmic energy heals them, then it is the decision/work of GOD; not us. we are just mediums. So please do not hesitate to do healing.
    Coming to Life bliss foundation; any body does seva there will come to know what their real motive is in few months. It is money. I also believed that he could be an enlighteneed master initially later I found that it could be their market strategy and a way to suck a lot of people's countless hours of seva for their own benefit. Some very good people are there and dedicating their life on the belief that they would get enlightnment from him. If he is fake, he should collect all these bad karmas of cheating innocent people.

  48. I remember one of Nithy's favorite stories I heard on several occasions:

    It was about a young disciple imitating his master.

    The master cut off the disciple's hand....and the disciple laughed and became enlightened as a result of his acceptance of whatever his master did to him.

    (Perhaps the disciple got the same kind of enlightenment as Nithy gave his 53 inner circle ashramites! lol)

    Nithy said it was the disciple's total devotion and trust in his master that makes this possible.

    This is a perfect story to brainwash disciples into acceptance of his sick sadism.

    Nithy seem regret that this is not legal in the USA..or any other country in the world today. He cannot cut off hands, but can beat his surrendered ashramites brutally with a big stick and throw furniture at them and get away with it....

    Eye witness said some of those beaten were not able to walk for a week.

    Nithy is SICK, SICK, SICK, SADIST.

  49. Some time back,one of the followers asked "Why there is so much hurry to construct 108 temples around the world?"
    Answer given was "2012".
    And recently followers were asked to watch "2012" movie.

    May be Expose Nithyananda can post a separate main article on "2012".

  50. To Anon who said " Parents beating children and Gurus beating disciples is common in India culture. This done out of love, in order to discipline and to remove ego/karma."

    I'm sorry to say this culture of most Indian beating their kids for wrong reasons is no good and we see beating children does not improve any thing. This so called " removing ego or karma" is invented by Swamis and not suitable for present yuga. If Swami Nithyananda claims he is God, just his simple grace has to inspire his devotees to work in his mission. In this present age, there is no reason to beat any adult in the name of love. Next thing you can say that you can "kill" for the love also. Karma can't be removed by anybody. That is hogwash also. This is a myth and is used by swamis to get control over illiterate people.

  51. Hippie,

    More than 50% of Nithyananda's lectures are on unconditional and unquestioning surrender. It is a continuous brainwash. After a little while you stop thinking for yourself and you stop questioning and that is what Nithyananda wants!

  52. Hippie said "Eye witness said some of those beaten were not able to walk for a week."

    It would be nice if we can get the name of this person and any other who got beaten. Thst would be useful information for future.

  53. Even if a Tamil blog gets going, it will not reach the most exploited/abused in the Bidadi Ashram. These slaves are over worked and sleep deprived, they won't have time to read any blogs - and few are allowed access to the internet. Many have little contact with their families or the outside world. Even if resources are available to help them leave, it is almost impossible to get the info to the most trapped and abused.

    Nithy is a very sick SADIST. Public concern will make him hide his violence. I don't believe for one minute that he would stop it for long.

    A Tamil language blog will help some outside Tamil devotees escape and otherwise would-be followers asked some hard questions.

  54. I do not know the name of the guys being beaten. However, the inner circle eye-witnesses are in the USA. They are not longer with Nithy. I do not have permission to mention their names. The blogger may know them well enough to get more details from them.

  55. Yama and Niyama builds the foundation for spiritual journey.
    If we start doing sadana without Yama and Niyama,
    with the spiritual energy accumulated, we will be able to do some miracles/siddhis.
    That will inflate the ego and then downfall starts.

    You need to get your lamp, wick, oil - then a Sadguru will appear and light the lamp.

    Guru will only give the map/directions, Disciple has to walk.

    Remember there is no short cut to enlightenment.

  56. Do not loose financial freedom (job) in the name of surrender or devotion to Guru.
    You will have to live like a slave.
    God is not a sadist to see his children starving.

  57. Hi Chittar, the year for the first Mission Training was 2007, not 1997. Sorry for any errors.

  58. Another reason some poor beaten village boys cannot leave the ashram is that the Bidadi Ashram is distance from town. Without some rupees to pay for transportation, these ashramites cannot get away physically even if they want to. This fact alone would force many to accept their sleep-deprived slavery and beating as tapas, karma or for their own good.

    How does anyone have a clear mind sleep-deprived, eating so so food with little or no protein, with constant brainwashing?

    The those without the cash to leave, or to make an outside phone call or to get online, the Bidadi Ashram is no better than a total slavery camp.

    Parents, and anyone with family in Bidadi: Please do stay in contact with your loved ones in the ashram, please understand that they may not be able to keep in touch even if they want to. Please let your loved ones know that they will be welcome home when they decide to leave. Please let them know you still love and care....

  59. I do know at least two names of people who directly shared the beating incidents with me. In fact one of them had shared the same thing which is how the beating made him unable to move for a week or so.

    However, I hesitate to publish those names here, for the fear that they will get beaten further by Nithyananda. When needed in a court of law, I would be happy to share.

  60. Sampath, please if u know if the guys who were beaten want to leave the ashram? If so, is there any place they can go?

    Since they are working like slaves in the ashram, may be some local family would be able to give them room and board in exchange for work. This will help them escape the beatings and have some time to find suitable jobs.

    All these beatings, sleep reprivation and filfty over-crowded dorms, the demand for total obedience, not allowed to question anything is sounding very much like a Jonestown precusor. I read quite bit about the Jonestown.

    I certainly pray that this would not go that way. I am very sad to know the Swami who fools so many is nothing by a monster. I am sad....

  61. You keep reffering to Room service. I dont think it is a good idea to talk about this unless you have bullet proof evidence. Please be cautious about this. If a deciple who is on the edge reads this kind of insinuating half truths might decide to stay in the cult.

    Om Namah Shivaya.

    Thanks for your opinion, anon on February 13 @ 12:42 p.m.. We have an objective to get people out of this cult, to prevent people from being trapped into this cult, and to get the Truth about this cult exposed.

    We stand behind our allegations. We have seen many sweet, attractive, and wonderful ladies, who were sometimes married and sometimes single, enter the private quarters of the so-called ‘Swami’ Nithyananda alone under the pretext of carrying his food. We have also seen these ladies leave his private quarters in the early hours of the morning… and they were alone. Is this proper behavior for a Raja Sanyasi (King of Renunciants)? We don’t think so either.

    We also have a couple of new witnesses who have expressed that they will tell everything they know and saw regarding this spicy subject when called to court.

    If you recall in 2007, the so-called ‘Paramahamsa’ Nithyananda declared several times that he was ‘experimenting’ with immaculate conception. He said that more ‘enlightened’ beings need to come down into this world and that they are just waiting for a suitable body. We question what ‘Paramahamsa’ Nithyananda really meant by waiting for a suitable body. We also can visualize that there is nothing immaculate about Nithyananda’s immaculate conceptions. So, the question needs to be asked, how many children has he really fathered?

    So, if we get this information out now, at least family members are going to think twice before they let this ‘enlightened’ healing monster come close to their daughter, wife, sister, niece, cousin, etc. Prevention is key.

    We are very confident that sometime in the future there will be at least one of these ‘room service’ ladies, who has seen everything, will wake up and realize that her life has been ruined by this sexual predator. Then, it will all come out. From our count, ‘Swami’ Nithyananda has just been too active and seems to be too mercurial and too sadistic not to really upset some lady to the point of talking. Then everything will become exposed.

    If mentioning this crime now keeps some insiders, who are on the verge of leaving “Swami’ Nithyananda’s concentration camp, stay a little longer, then let it be. Perhaps they need to cook a little longer. When the Truth (along with everything else) does become exposed, they will run out of ‘Swami’ Nithyananda’s trap and never look back. It is much better that they fully churn and fully wake up before their exodus. It is our experience that it is better to be half-out while still in the sphere of Nithyananda’s cult than to be half-in while trying to deal with a ‘real’ world that is outside the fantasy world of Nithyananda’s La-La Land.

    In short, we stand by our statements, and we are not backing down.

    Jai Maa.

  62. People who go to him want SOLACE. People want someone to take care of them and give enlightenment too. Nithyanandha exploits this very well to suit his needs. All the people still hanging if they think all they are looking for is solace then there is a possibilities for them to see the truth. Transformation will happen only when individual know thier limitation and make a concious choice to go beyond it. As long people beleive some saviour is going to come and take care of all thier problems, many nithyanandha will come. Thanks for helping people to see through the exploitation. Many people will still hang on because it hurts thier ego to wake up.

  63. I for one didn't go to Nithy to have "enlightenment" handed for me.

    I went to Nithy because I found Nithy's talks inspiring and I was interested in Vedanta/Vedic wisdom. That was before I knew many of Nithy's talks were embedded with huge LIES and brainwashing message.

  64. Anonymous said...
    what HAPPENED to THE confrontation THAT All of you BIG moUths WERE TALKING About? KIND of HUSH HUSH NOW HMMM! REMEMBER? AYYA!

    FEBRUARY 12, 2010 4:54 PM

    I am totally agree with this Anon!!! WHY IS THERE NO NEWS ABOUT AYYA"S VISIT??? Is the blog "blocking" LOL

  65. I was physically abused by my parents as a child. This is a "sick" Indian culture were parents literally beat the hell out of the child and claims to have done it for its own good. I used to be beaten with sticks, belt, electric wire, shoes etc almost every day of my childhood. I used to have bruises and finger nail marks on my body almost always! Now, they justify it by saying that I am what I am only because of their vigilant disciplining!!I should be grateful/thankful and obliged to take good care of them... I thought those horrible days are over...but my spouse is no "Mother Teresa"....well , of course a Nithy Devotee:-( Physical abuse HURTS...

  66. Feb 12th was Shivarathri and it infuriates me that all Nityananda followers performed Gurupuja. These Blind folded cult members are taking it too far. I was never a big follower of Nithy. I attended a kalpataru program with a very skeptic mind and got the feeling that the whole thing was a fraud. An accidental find of this blog strenghthened my suspicions and there you got another strong follower for your blog, even though I do not post my comments often. To be honest, I am scared of being recognised - for my families safety. If this ***** can so openly cheat and get away with it even in a country like USA, my fears are valid.
    I admire your teams courage. Hope somebody does something legally about punishing this sick sadist man.

  67. Whatever happened to Nithyananda's claim that California would split from the continent 10 miles in from the coastline sometime in late 2009? Swamiji predicted this. He specifically told people who were searching for places in order to open up new centers to make sure that they are at least 15 miles in from the coast because this earthquake disaster will definitely occur late 2009. And yet, nothing every happened.
    Now, Swamiji is capitalizing on 2012 disaster?! He is really into profiting off of people's fears. He is a fearmonger and will jump on the bandwangon of some new fearful claim once 2012 passes without incident. Or of course he may use his classic claim that he, an enlightened master, saved all of humanity by averting us from disaster with his super powers. Or, if a disaster ever occurs, it will be because "Existence" decided it was for the good of everyone.

  68. I remembered Nithy saying (most likely during the 2007 Himalayan Yatra) that we do not need to worry 2012 as HE had taken care of it.

  69. Nithyananda is really laughable...there is absolutely no substance to his gibber jabber blah blah blah! how does he really expect anyone to believe anything that he does? ALL his fake stories are proof whatsoever, Nithyananda’s exploits might make a book someday that no one will be interested in! someone should come up and confront AYYA when he is here...why? because there are valid complaints...that's people are doing good when you blog for the sake of exposing this total fraud. Nithyananda has nothing good for mankind, he just exploits people who are truly pure in heart. And all that talk about GOLDEN THRONES..Nithyananda is so lame, he isn’t even solid or god! what a joke Nithyananda is really ... LOL

  70. I can't believe that you turned all of Nithyananda’s propaganda and words around and used it against Nithyananda!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS DISGUSTING AND FAKE! HE AND HIS CULT ARE FRAUDS AND YOU SHOULD KEEP ON EXPOSING THEM...NITHYANANDA IS SICK SICK SICK!


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