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Monday, February 1, 2010

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda Gets a YouTube Video Message from Lord Shiva

From Booming to Brooming: Spiritual 'Business' Truths Revealed on a YouTube Video

Hey, there, Sri Nithyananda.  How are you today?  << icy silence >> Oh, cat got your tongue?  Not a problem.  We know that normally you, Sri Nithyananda, like to go on and on about how you met Lord Shiva and you know all of his secrets, even his business secrets... Sri Nithyananda, does Lord Shiva really have business secrets?  Sorry, to get distracted.  Anyway, we know that when you do all of the talking about Lord Shiva, and if you're really on, you sometimes are able to convince your hypnotized wide-eyed followers that you really are Lord Shiva.  We think that you really might be Darth Vader.  After all, Sri Nithyananda, when you walk by, you often snort that exact same sound, but that's beside the point.
Hey, look, Sri Nithyananda, it looks like Lord Shiva wants to get a message to you.  No worries, there, Sri Nithyananda.  You don't need to put on your big bling-bling or your self-titled 'Paramahamsa'.  Lord Shiva produced a YouTube video, so now you can add it to your playlist.  Here it is now, shall we watch?  Don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, we watched this too.  It is 'clean' video... especially at the end... it cleans up a lot of dirt on a filthy picture.  No, no, it is not that type of filthy picture.  Here watch:

Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. We hear that your spiritual business went from booming to brooming.  Is it a clean sweep?  You really are a master at Vedic traditions. You even reminded the video maker to take off his shoes at the very end before doing something very Holy. Just like our hero in Iraq. We only hope for your sake, Sri Nithyananda, those weren't the shoes from Swami Medhananda. That would have been hard to absorb for even an 'enlightened' healing master. Maybe you're an 'enlightened' healed master. Is there a difference?

For more YouTube Videos about the fraudulent practices of 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda and cults, check out this YouTube playlist:

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult.

Day 57: Fifty-seven days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 78: Seventy-eight days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Nithyananda Fraud GuruFebruary 1, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    Aanandam Aandandam Nithyanandame!
    Nithyanadam Broom Poojaya Namaha!
    Anandam Shoe Pujaya Namaha!
    Aanandam Aandandam Nithyanandame!

    Nithyananda - it is time pack and close your "business". No more "Blue Ocean Strategy" and no more "making the competition irrelevant". These blogs and youtube videos are making YOU irrelevant. You fooled so many people, those karmas are catching up with you now - payback time my friend.

    You are a fraud, scam, cult running fake Guru. You enjoyed the uphill ride using the Internet. Now enjoy the fast downhill ride, thanks to the same Internet.

    Perhaps history will say, you peaked in your popularity in late 2008/early 2009, after that the lies caught up with you and you had a bad fall, thanks to your own excessive greed. You wanted to capitalize on the upcoming 2012 frenzy. That frenzy is likely going to get you in jail soon.

    People are leaving in large numbers; this may not be obvious to you now, but soon you will find out as US devotees ditch you in large numbers.

    If Shiva wants to forgive you, let him, but most people you abused for your narcissist benefit are not likely to forgive you so easily.

    Good luck to you Nithyananda! May the divine be with the people who were truly honest and deal with the dishonest (i.e. you) appropriately.

  2. Nithyananda is getting his ass handed on a Golden plate from these blogs, videos and severe "churning" that is going on around the world.

  3. Swami Nithyananda must have hurt somebody really badly to get that person to post that kind of video where his photo is beaten by broom and shoes! What a shame? Nithyananda went from where to where in just few years!

  4. Wow! Somebody must be really pissed off at Swami Nithyananda to be throwing shoes at his picture face!

    I wonder what kind of Karma has he accumulated in recent years? Swami Nithyananda went from growing big to going down in just few years! I don't think there are many Hindu masters who went down this fast in recent history with so many blogs and youtube Videos against him in the net.

  5. Don't forget, we need Tamil videos and a blog! Even if it is a few summary points. Any Tamil can get it started....and it will grow to inform all of his scams....

  6. Poor Medhananda is putting his head in the sand. I tried to send him this video. He has blocked me.

  7. Check out their new website!!!!

    They have changed it all!!! all the references made to their website in this blog is now gone!!!
    Hope someone has saved the webshots with the controversial claims.

  8. He hurt people really bad? ?

    Nithy is the Madoff of Vedic Tradition. He broke up marriages and ruined sincere spiritual aspirants. How many golden thrones does he need? I had ripped up throw out that picture of his. I find another picture somewhere for a doormat.

  9. whoever said Nithyananda's is going down hill must be in delusion. The truth is Nithyananda is amassing wealth and looting people at cosmic rate! Look at all the number of audience in his latest ventures....guys! wake up and move on! do you think any of this is affecting him?

  10. It is certainly legal to hand out fliers in public parking lots or put fliers on car windshields in most cities in America.

    It is also legal to ask Nithy or his acharyas in public talks questions they won't want to answer!

    I would even shout the the questions on his way out the hall if the speaker (Nithy or his rowdies) fail to answer the questions about his wandering years and other big questions at the talk.

    I will ask him

    1) Number of years it took him to do 70,000 miles of mostly-on-foot wandering.
    2) From what year to what year where his years of wandering.
    3) How old were he when he started and ended his years of wandering.
    4) What were his years at the technical engineering school.
    5) What were his years at the Ramakrishna Mission (he may deny this one here! lol).

    Nithy and his swamis/acharyas may well saysomething like it is too mystical for us to understand his life. You really have to "drop your mind" completely to understand these mysteries! LOL

    No worries, I won't do anything illegal. I would bring along some friends as a witnesses just in case his henchmen make false accusations. These rowdies swamis do not see anything wrong with LYING FOR THE MASTER! I know that, I am no a fool any longer.

  11. So it's okay to steal another's work and use it in your own propaganda, but Nithyananda's the one out to deceive us... how's that work exactly?

  12. this is all so convincing. But are there people actually leaving after reading all this ? Is someone really planning something out big time in the US ? I want to know what happened ?

  13. To Anon whose post is stamped Feb 2, 2010 at 9:13pm

    Even if the Nithy darkness is getting bigger, no reason why we can't shine some light on it. He can cast a spell on many people. Sooner or later many will wake up.

    I am posting some questions on Youtube videos praising Nithy by his devotees. These videos are not Life Bliss or Dhynapeetam official videos. Please help post some key questions on these videos and invite viewers to check out Nithyatales and this site. Please be courteous, just ask the question so that those who view or post the videos would ask them too. Jai Maa

  14. I remember Nithy claims to have given his own voice to a Bidadi ashramite after the ashramite had remained in total silence for over a year per the order of Nithy.

    Has anyone ever meet this Bidadi ashramite who now talks with the voice of Nithy? Could Nithy really give his voice to another person? Or is this another one of his fairy tale stories.

    I am very curious about this one if anyone knows the FACTS about it. Thanks in advance.

  15. But are there people actually leaving after reading all this ?

    I did and so did 8 other people in my city thanks to these blogs for exposing the fraud of Nithyananda.

  16. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Duncan, We just want to say that we did find your artwork to be interesting, and we especially liked some of your photography. We also would like to clarify that we did not create this featured video, but we did link it to our blog from YouTube.

    Anyway, we recognize that one image on the video looks like it was nicked from you, so to the best of our ability, we will give you credit for it:

    Duncan's Artwork

    Hope this makes things a little bit better.

    Jai Maa.

  17. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, we need to have as many sources, languages, and writing styles to reach as many people as possible and warn them of the fraud from the Cult of Nithyananda. We would be very honored if any or all of our content was used to help expose this scam. Guaranteed that there will be no ego trip from us.

    We do have plans to create a website that will be very straight forward with bullet point style of writing that captures all of the content we have on this blog. However, our bandwidth, time, and resources do not permit to accomplish everything we would like as fast as we would like. Therefore, if anyone wants to take up the effort using this content, we would be very pleased. Likewise, our support is there for sites in Tamil or other Indian languages. We promise not to get in your way, but to help you be successful and fast.

    Thanks for all of your help and support.

    Jai Maa.

  18. Please tell us whether we will get any "karma" by healing others.

    Because now I doubt Nithyanandha's words that " you will not get any karma".

    Until I know about this, I am stoping this "healing others"

  19. hippie said...

    I remember Nithy claims to have given his own voice to a Bidadi ashramite after the ashramite had remained in total silence for over a year per the order of Nithy.

    Has anyone ever meet this Bidadi ashramite who now talks with the voice of Nithy? Could Nithy really give his voice to another person? Or is this another one of his fairy tale stories.

    I am very curious about this one if anyone knows the FACTS about it. Thanks in advance.

    The ashramite/Mahacharya is Gnanananda. I don't know if Nithyananda said he gave him his voice, but I believe he said something to the effect that whenever you speak, I will speak through you.

    Nithyananda also says he imparts his Vaak shakti (power of speech) to all his acharyas, by initiating them by pressing their tongue with his thumb dipped in honey.

    Side note: Has anybody else noticed how Gnanananda and Swarupananda have straightened their hair?? Gnanananda used to have very curly hair. It's now straight!

  20. SO...........did any of your snitches have the guts to ask questions of Swamiji's representative during Canada's visit??? or are you afraid of the answers you may receive??? seems you are going for the statistics on your site! maybe your afraid of something posting this message!

  21. Thanks for the note. I'm glad it's not you who made the video, maybe next time the people behind it will ask permission first.

  22. The way I got introduced to this website is by an email I recieved by your otganization. If you can email the timeline alone with key questions more people will wake up.

  23. There is another reason for Nithy to send Ayya instead of coming here himself. He may be in FEAR of getting arrested for all the FRAUD and SCAMS that he pull here. I won't be surprised if Nithy stays away from North America for some years, may be for good.

    When I left the cult, I knew that Nithy was cruel, unscrupulous and cut-throat with money, fame & obedient slaves. I didn't suspect that his life story is a total LIE. I didn't realized that he never did the 9 (or 6) years of mostly-on-foot wandering, never meet Babaji, Shiva never came to give him food by the Ganges.

    He probably took several years off his age to attract a younger crowd or to impress the world with his young age. Timeline of his life story is very spooky.

  24. If anyone is creating a different language anti-Nithyananda site or blog, please feel free to use any or all of the content from our site Nithyananda Fairy Tales.

    You can copy entire content, pictures (usually we have gotten pictures from other posters on Photobucket, Guruphiliac etc.) and whatever else you would like. You have our full permission to do so for any anti-Nithyananda site.

    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team

  25. To anon FEBRUARY 3, 2010 1:57 AM - Healing Karma

    Read this book to understand implications of such things

    Aghora 3:Law of Karma - Dr.Robert Svaboda

  26. To the qn of anon Feb 3 2010 1.57 AM-enegry healing

    Following is the opinion of Jaggi Vasudev of Isha foundation:

    Physical existence is always happening between cause and effect. Suppose there is an infection, the cause is external, say bacteria. Now there is an effect : infection. So you are trying to take away the cause by taking antibiotics. You kill the cause with medication because it is external to you.

    With other diseases that are not externally caused, the cause is so much deeper compared to an infection. For this type of disease to manifest, there is an imbalance or a malfunction in the energy-body, which manifests itself in the physical or mental body.

    Now with something like pranic healing-or any kind of healing for that matter-you'r only appeasing the effect. With a little control or mastery over your own energies, you are able to put a screen between the cause and the effect. So the effect dies out, but the cause stays buried.

    As far as nature and life energy is concerned the effect was only its way of telling you that there is a cause, a disturbance of energy, inside of you. Let us say you have asthma and i just remove it today. Without asthma, when you still have the same kind of energy in you, you may become some other calamity in a moment. The disease may not be there, but you could et into an accident.

    Your asthma was only an indication of a deeper disturbance. This is because your energies arestill in the same situation, but the effect was removed. So it will take effect in a deeper or more acute form to inform you again. This whole activbity of trying to heal somebody is, in some way, trying to play God-trying to manipulate energvies in an improper way.

    Unless you are able to take the very source of the disease from the other person into yourself, real healing is not possible. That will have a big impact on the system, and it is not to be done unless it is for certain specific purposes.

    Healers of all kinds are ruling the roose worldwide right now. Big healing melas are being held on Marina Beach and other public places. But if you want to heal people, why don't you go to where the sick people are? If you have got cosmic energy in your hands, why don't you walk through all the hospitals in the world and ruin their business?



  27. Dear Pazaniappa - thanks for the detailed comment. I have read this about Jaggi saying this. So in light of that, Nithyananda trying to play God is a dangerous game.

    And about your comment - "Big healing melas are being held on Marina Beach".....this is just a marketing ploy by Nithyananda's team to attract new people into the fold. Innocent people get attracted to this and then they will start paying for Nithyananda's programs. Why would he send his "healers" to hospitals? He knows first of all that the healing is a pile of junk and nothing will happen or cure them from the stupid Nithyananda healing. So it is better for him to fool innocent regular folks.

    In the US he cannot play such games, that is why they are not making a big fuss with "healing melas". If they try that here, soon they will end up getting sued.

  28. Pazaniappa -
    Thank you for info on healing.

    Is Nithyananda copying several of Jaggi Vasudev's ashram programmes and activities?

  29. Again....all of your comments are just that."comments" have any of you read the words..SINCE NITHYANANDA'S REPRESENTATIVE CAME TO CANADA TO REPRESENT HIM..DID ANY OF YOU GO TO ASK YOUR TIMELINE QUESTIONS????? SURE...SILENT!

  30. Satsang - Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami
    This is a great oppurtunity to meet Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami, earliest ashramite of enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

    240 Centennial Avenue
    Piscataway,NJ - 08854
    Event Contact: Raj
    Phone: 908-418-0591

    Feb 25,2010

    Please be there on time.

  31. Though I am an ex-follower of Nithyananda, I think the video is a bit on the extreme side. I understand the anger but one needs to take extra efforts not to succumb to hatred or anger. It may backfire. Also, I don't understand why the image was picked from the photo album of one who is obviously a fan of Nithyananda. He has mentioned it in his page that the image should not be reproduced without his permission. Of course, one can see the irony. He gets angry that his photo was used though it was a honest mistake. But the fan seems to gloss over the fact that Nithyanada has plagiarized ideas, music etc and has even profitted from them. What a guy!

    As for some who want us to confront Ayya or Swamiji with direct questions, I don't see the necessity for confrontation. No need to disrupt meetings where many simple and innocent want to hear spiritual truths. All one needs to focus on is to spread the facts concisely and widely, make information to people and let them make their decisions, even if it means they want to remain dedicated to Nithyananda for the rest of their lives.

    This site has already moved many from Nithyananda (I know quite a few myself). This is a big achievement. Before this site, Nithyananda and his troupe were on cloud nine. Thanks to this site, now they are watching the ground. This can be seen from the withdrawal of the reference to Nithyananda from, mild praises in his Wiki, redesign of his website with references to wanderings etc removed. Te only thing is that all this needs to be documented by someone lest it go down in memory lane in a couple of years.

  32. Nobody was stealing an image of Nithy as a holy image for commecial gain. The use of his photo is considered fair limited in the Youtube video. As the bloggers had mentioned, the youtube videos were a separate production by others whom Nithy had harm.

    Consider the huge fruad and harm that Nithy has committed, I see no preblem in pulling a few jokes using his photograph. One pic is now a doormat for me.

  33. I heard from reliable sources that Sri Nithyananda is coming to US in August. So What is the plan?

  34. In the world population of 8+ Billion, some people will certainly continue in Nithyananda Mission inspite of best dissemination of the information presented in this blog.

    People are not that sensitive to the scams behind the 'Holy Men'. People want their benefit. They do not care if he lied in his Biography. Because of this blog, now they will be careful while recruiting new people into the cult. That itself is good.

    The mere fact that they had to redesign their website, re-print Biography, remove reference in, had to lose many admirers and early devotees who are potential donors, is enough of a slap. None is beyond social norms of honesty.

    After all if the Swami has gone down to such a level, and bring disgrace to his mother, father, spiritual Guru society, whatever he may say in public, he will surely not have pleasant sleep. Is any thing worth, if name is destroyed.

    Instead of being a revered Guru, the Swami made himself a greedy man in costly colorful clothes and some times Orange robes! He set fire for his own hut! He proved directly he has no semblance of divinity. He is no Krishna or Shiva. He is a mean trader who does not have his own honest goods even to sell.

    Shame ! Shame!

  35. "I heard from reliable sources that Sri Nithyananda is coming to US in August. So What is the plan?"

    --- Really? Sure let him come. Whether others join in or not I will file a law suit the moment he is here, and let him try to face the issues here.

    If Nithyananda is reading this, let it be clear, you will get sued and potentially face US prisons. Good luck my friend!

  36. Dear Readers - this is a call for your stories and articles from the Nithyatales website.

    We have a received a number of emails through our contact us page from readers telling us this or that horror about what they experienced in Nithyananda's organization. We would rather you write this in a nice clean article and send it to us.

    We are a small team and we want to expand and get more horror stories of dealing with Nithyananda. If you want to contribute, go to this page and see how you can submit your stories.

    We look forward to expanding the website with your contributions.

    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team

  37. To those interested in the Los Angeles area,

    You have a possible opportunity to ask Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami your questions. He will be at the Los Angeles Vedic Temple Sunday, February 7th.

  38. Hi Anon who plans to sue Nithy,

    Please don't scare him away. We need him to come to this country to face justice! lol

  39. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi all. We've updated the blog post of Sunday, January 31, 2010 (right before this one), called Paramahamsa Nithyananda Sends Sri Nithya Sadhananda Swami (Ayya) to the Rescue. There's new dates, suggestions, and a photo that will help let the Hindu community knew exactly to what extent 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda really is the keeper of Vedic Traditions and how much of it is just his ego.

    Will keep you posted.

    Jai Maa.

  40. Chittar, whatever disrespect any ex-devotee/ex-disciple/ex-slave has done to Nithy's picture is nothing compare to the damage that Nithy has done to the live of many.

    Have some fun with the pictures!

  41. So did anybody catch Ayya and question him in L.A???

  42. Anonymous said...
    So did anybody catch Ayya and question him in L.A???

    Nope. Looks like everyone here is an armchair critic. All talk, no action.

  43. Even if you did not make the video, you're still culpable. Clearly you are using stolen imagery to make your point.

    Please explain how this is justified. You criticize Swamiji for using Osho's bird and terms like "unclutched" but you feel free to not only link to videos that use stolen imagery, but to actually embed another version of the same video when the original was removed from Youtube for copyright violation. It's quite hypocritical, don't you think? Actually, I can see that you already think too much so please nevermind; it is hypocritical.

    Still, the illustration is actually true likeness of the master, which is good.

  44. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Good and valid points, Duncan? or Creamaster?

    We contacted our loyal reader who re-posted this video and that person has agreed to purchase a FLV editor and edit out the portion of the video that featured your artwork. Then, that person will re-post the FLV video again. At that point, we'll link it to our blog. Should be fixed in a couple of days.

    Hope this helps. Take care.

    Jai Maa.

  45. To anonymous: February 19, 2010 11:35 AM

    You seem to be one of those who point out to firmemen's uniforms when a building is on fire. Did you understand the essence of the video?

    First, the image is not the core of the video. The point the video is trying to make remains the same without the inclusion of the image. It is neither enhanced nor diminished.

    Second, the image may be a good pictorial representation of Nithyanada but it is no Picasso. You cult guys seem to be excited over this. Without this blog, I guess it would not even be worth a mention.

    Third, the anti-cult persons have acknowledged their mistake when pointed out and are working on having that no-value image removed. Do you guys even acknowledge your plagiarism? You use sugar-sweeted words that a kindergartner can see through.

    Fourth, no one has made money off that. Can you say the same for your shameless cult organization?

    It is amazing that when you guys can't even answer basic math question posed, you seem to be hyper-excited over a mistake that any normal human being makes.

  46. " "Anonymous said...

    "Anonymous said...
    So did anybody catch Ayya and question him in L.A???"

    Nope. Looks like everyone here is an armchair critic. All talk, no action. " "

    Let me address this. You are right in observing that no one is confronting Ayya and I am glad it is so. We all have family and also other things on hand.

    First, there is no point in disrupting a spiritual gathering. Remember many are innocents who just are seeking spiritual truths.
    Second, we will most likely be ejected out. No point in wasting energies in a futile endeavour.
    Third, we will be seen as a nuisance and disruptionists by the attendees. Our point will not be made across. People do not like disruptions and there may even be a sympathy wave towards LifeBlissFoundation if untoward events happen.
    As I have been reiterating, our main objective is to disseminate information to the existing volunteers and people and let them decide. Let me be specific. I have already got out of the organization thanks to this blog. I have already talked to many people who I introduced to the organization. My approach with them is just this:- "You know, there have been quite a few rumours floating on the internet about Swami Nithyananda. They are questioning his wanderings and other stuff. There is even a website dedicated to this. And it is ''. What do you guys think? Is it true?". Of course, they take a look at the website and almost all of them are convinced that Nithyanada is a fake. Some even had heard about this site before I mentioned it to them. I see this as more effective than any "Rambo" approach.

    Of course, if there is a powerful person who is willing to take the organization head-on, then there will be nothing to beat that.

  47. What a joke Nithyananda is! what does he consider as powerful? Capturing your mind to have you think that he is divine?...let's face it..lame excuse after excuse about his wandering, birth date, etc...he has nothing substantial and basically he is just a dog and his followers are chickens! Just uncluck from him!

  48. Are you guys in the comedy business?...because your jokes just kill me! Especially when you mess with Nithya supporter comments. Much better than a night at YUK YUk's! Hard to describe happy this blog make me! Keep it coming!

  49. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Good news for you, Duncan? or Creamaster?

    Our loyal reader and YouTube enthusiast edited the above video and took out your 'artwork'. Now the video is pure and suitable for all viewers.

    We do want to thank you for many reasons. One of the best is that we now know how to edit .flv videos. The possibilities are now endless in the ways we can let Sri Nithyananda discredit himself thanks to you. Look forward to more surprises in the near future.

    Jai Maa.

  50. Hey.. new videos have come to support you!! Sun tv is helping you guys!!


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