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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

God-Fraud, Nithyananda Dragged Back to Bangalore, Stalls & Calls Nurses for Room Service

Nithyananda's Transformation Blueprint: From Fraud to Fugitive to Faker to Furlough to Freedom

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Boy, you look a bit stressed, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. We bet that you could use a little R&R to recoup and recharge yourself. We know just the place, a nice little sleepy town in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Himachal Pradesh. You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, will just love it. This time of year, it is so nice. Spring, birds, fresh air... and no one around to bother you... why there's even all the modern amenities such as wireless internet and cell phone coverage. Oh, my gosh! We're so sorry, 'Swami' Nithyananda. We forgot that you were busted because the CID Team was able to trace your phone number. Who do you, 'Paramahamsa' think gave them such confidential information? Sri Nithyananda, did you use this same phone to try to intimidate all those donors who recently left you after they lost their life savings to build your empire? Yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we agree. Those 'ungrateful' people are still stuck in the greed factor. Just imagine, they lost their lifesavings, and they got some strong words from you that no doubt, helped remove their ego. And, just because of that, look what happens. They probably were willing to call up the CID Team or even pass your cell number on to our friend, Chandan Nandi of the Deccan Herald, who probably then passed it on to the CID Team. Wow, we guess that how news travels.

'Swami' Nithyananda, it looks like your whole house has fallen on you. Just like this classic picture from the Wizard of Oz:

No, No, No, Sri Nithyananda. That is not Ma Medhananda Mayi under that house. She is still running loose out in the West, Seattle to be exact. That definitely isn't her. We hate to tell you this, actually, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that is you stuck under there with your smelly feet exposed. You're in the East now... and well, you seemed to be crushed by the house you built. But, don't worry, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, unless someone tents the house and fumigate, we imagine that you will be able to borrow down and slither out sometime before next winter.

For the record, 'Swami' Nithyananda, let's review all of the charges that have been leveled against you, shall we?:
  • Two cases under Sections 295A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs)
  • 376 (punishment for rape)
  • 377 (unnatural sex)
  • 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property)
  • 506 (criminal intimidation) 
  • 120B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC
That's quite a collection, 'Swami' Nithyananda. Will your threatening kal bhairava emails on your confiscated computers will show up on this list? We've already reported your threats to the FBI. Just a tip from us, next time in your 10-page sex contract, be sure to include a phrase about not being married and 'available'. That might help you look like a legitimate sex-craved sanyasi (renunciant). So, where do all the other charges fit it?  Let's see there's gold smuggling, excess foreign funds on hand (just a weekend supply, no doubt), more illegal forest products including tiger skins. Say, you go all out for your room service ladies.  Were those skins for your meditation or for more 'experiments'?  We agree, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  Nothing like a hot room service lady on a tiger skin. Yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, those new findings are not exactly extremely serious criminal acts. Small time stuff, like that of a petty criminal. But, we're sure that everyone knows that you did the violent crimes above, so the authorities will be able to keep you at bay until they get the evidence they need. Those crimes above should do the trick.

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, to be honest, we were a bit disappointed with your arrest. We were expecting to see you sporting handcuffs. You know, without handcuffs, you might have been able to escape from the authorities and continue your YouTube career. But, looks like the tables were turned. Instead of giving them the slip, someone gave you the slipper. Did they do this because, you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, had no sole? OK, we realized that was a low shot, but it was the thought that counted.

More seriously, 'Swami' Nithyananda, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and notify the Enforcement Directorate (ED). For all the laundering you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda did, you sure didn't have a clean act. In fact, take a look at you as you were arrested:

photo source:

Sri Nithyananda, your hair looks greasy, you're unshaved, your saffron cloth is wrinkled, and looks like you haven't slept all night. Why 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you look just like an ashramite! Welcome to our world, when we were brainwashed slaves of course. Is this your karma coming around? Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, let's hope not. Let's pray that the police don't break canes over your head and throw furniture on you like you did to your ashramites to beat them into a brainwashed submission. That would be very cruel.

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we heard the CID team was very nice to you. In fact, they even cleaned and fixed the toilet in your 8' by 5' cell. Wow nice of them. Perhaps that preparation was for their benefit, though. They must have watched your YouTube channel and knew that if that 'content' couldn't be flushed down and then the stench got into their air conditioning unit, it would be torture for them. We're beginning to catch on to their logic in receiving you, Sri Nithyananda. And, we understand, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that the CID Team went out of their way to make your feel at home. Why they even installed a little camera and a one-way mirror. But, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, don't get too excited. This isn't going to be the type of bar and grill you're used to. Quite different, we're sure.

And, 'Swami' Nithyananda, is your little cell nice and clean? Is the mattress they slip in during nap hours to your standards? We hope that everything is to your liking, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Just imagine that if there were head lice that infested your hair, then they would have to shave [hint, hint] everything off, well maybe not everything. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, we bet if they shaved your head, then you would look just like a common criminal, exactly like Bhaktananda. By the way, how is he? Oh, that's right, we heard that he's no longer in the air-conditioned lock up but in jail for a couple of weeks. That ought to cool him off, or will it? Anyway, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, if they do shave your head like Bhaktananda, do you think we'll be able to see that little birthmark that looks like a '9-9-9' symbol upside down! And, if you didn't have that birthmark, then do you think that at least one of the good-natured interrogators would be willing to tattoo that symbol on you just for authenticity?

Wait a minute, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, there's smoke coming from our computer and sulfur fumes belching out. Yuck. Disgusting. Look, an email from The Devil! And, the email is written in crimson blood. Boy, we didn't know that it was possible to send an email written in blood, but here it is:
Dear Blog Owner,

Sorry to say that I am very offended by your humor.  Please note, as the caretaker of pure evil, I want you to be aware that Nithyananda Swami does not meet my already very low standards.  Just like Osho, I don't claim to be anything that I'm not.  In this way, Nithyananda Swami, has tried to hide all of his shame behind a veneer of holiness.  Nithyananda Swami is undeserving to be associated with our registered up-side-down 9-9-9™ symbol. Any further violations of our Registered Trademark, and I will make sure that the search engine ranking for this site sinks to the bowels of Nithyananda's abode.  Have a nice day.

Yours cordially,  The Devil
Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we've gotten all kinds of threats from all kinds of characters, but this was the first time that The Devil has threaten us. We guess that even The Devil will have to go to the back of an already very long line if he wants to sue us or do anything to stop us. Sorry, no special treatment; not even for your peers, Sri Nithyananda. But, wait a minute, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what's this criticism here?:
"Only a house-holder is entitled for tantric sex. Claiming to be a monk and using so many people for one's pleasure is unpardonable,"

"(Nithyananda) has violated UNAIDS guidelines as well as the rules of tantra."

“He (Nithyananda) should have had one partner and announced himself as a tantric guru. It has caused damage to the faith of people in the institution and traumatized many.”
Who said that, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda? Oh, that was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Wait at minute, that makes two devils in one day!  It was bad enough that The Devil condemns you, but when you have a truly evil, cult personality and renown closet womanizer, like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, come out and publicly denounce you, then you know, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you really need to get your marketing team in overdrive. Otherwise, donations are going to dry up into the bottomless pit you seemed to dig for yourself in, and then you'll have no choice but to sell your ashram and other assets to Sri Sri at a fire and brimstone sale rate. Scandalous.

So, 'Swami' Nithyananda, how are you going to recover from this setback? Oh, we see, you're going to start a campaign to have everyone recite a mantra for your acquittal. How enchanting.  And, you're actually going to lead by example. How innovative.  We're not used initiative from you, Sri Nithyananda. Which mantra are you going to use? Oh, yes, your standard house mantra:
Om Hrim Nithyananda
But, wait a minute, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, there are only about sixty people in the world that are still willing to say that mantra. But, don't worry, 'Swami' Nithyananda; there's close to six million people still willing to chant for you. But, Sri Nithyananda, you'll have to modify your mantra just a bit. Don't worry, it will still be close to your original mantra, but just slightly different. Here it is:
Om H-Ream it up your backside, Nithyananda
Since you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, seem so at ease changing sacred mantras to substitute your name, we knew that you wouldn't mind this slight alteration. It kind of makes it a little more joyful to say. You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, should give it try. We would like to see you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, smile again. Honest. It gives us great joy to imagine the CID Team telling you again and again to wipe that stupid smirk off your face. Oh, don't cry on us. Boo Hoo. Really Sri Nithyananda, we've seen crocodiles with more sincerity.

Just think, Sri Nithyananda, in a two days, you'll be back on that 24(K) golden throne in your ashram waiting for a nice afternoon massage on your bed without any more surveillance cameras. Of course, with Bhaktananda in jail, you might have to give yourself that massage, but we know you'll manage somehow. So, just forty-eight hours of CID interrogation. That should be easy for you. In your book, Formless in Form, page 44, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, mentioned how you withstood days of doing the panchtapas (fire meditation), that in your own words:
"So extreme was this penance that none but the most courageous even attempted it."
And, you, 'Swami' Nithyananda go on to say how you were surrounded and went down, down, down, in ring a fire... and the flames got higher (just like Johny Cash) and placed a pot of smoldering embers on your head to boot. Wow! That must have been tough. And, then just to make sure you could outdo Clint Eastwood, in the same book you mention about doing the 'dreaded' traatak mediation where you would stare at the sun all day long without blinking. So, the withstanding the rigors of talking to a few non-brainwashed souls that do not carry your certificates of 'enlightenment' especially after being cooped in with the likes of Bhaktananda, should be a piece of cake.

So, what is this? Chest pain? Are you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, trying to say that the CID Team put the squeeze on your chest? We all know that you, 'Swami' Nithyananda were very good at doing that do others, especially after watching those videos. Is this part those karmic returns? If you really had chest pains, why weren't you able to heal them?  After all, in Formless in Form on page 44, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, talk about how you broke your back on a truck ride in an army truck from Tapovan, and how you healed your back with your own hands to the amazement of the doctors. 'Swami' Nithyananda, did you heal your back, but forgot to heal your spine? We don't understand. After all, in all your books, you included the article of "A Mind of a Mystic" which included all of those test results from some doctors in Oklahoma in 2005.  From this study, you, Sri Nithyananda clinically 'proved' your ability to control your brainwaves from the results indicated from Positron Emission Tomography (PET) device. The gushing doctor talked about how you effortlessly moved into the 'pleasure zone' by simply meditating at will:
"I believe the PET scan revealed what I call the brain's 'D-spot'. Whether you consider the 'D' in D-spot to stand for Delight, the Divine or even Dopamine (the chemical through which our bodies experience pleasure), initial indications are that the meditation can stimulate it."
So, Sri Nithyananda, why then did the medical results for your chest pains come back as 'negative'? Weren't you able to heal yourself? 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, were you faking it because all those chats with CID Officers were too much for you and it made you cry? Really? 'Swami' Nithyananda, where did you learn this behavior? I couldn't have been from any of your room service ladies. We doubt that any of them ever said, "Not tonight dear, I have a headache." So, where did you learn this? Oh, yes, one of our loyal readers gave a plausible explanation that you learned this from watching TV while, you, Sri Nithyananda, would go into samadhi (trance) and do tantric 'experiments', while you were not feeling well, of course. Yes, if you weren't watching TV, it would have just seemed like regular sex. But, now we know that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda were really not that interested in the sex, so you must have watched TV in a way to unclutch your mind while distributing all of that tantric energy. Anyway, Sri Nithyananda, next time you do this type of healing meditation, we suggest that you watch some educational television, instead of those cheap crime thrillers. After all, James Cagney as well as tips from Cosmopolitan [source:IBN-Live] are not the ideal roll model for a real genuine 'parmahamsa'.

OK, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt.  So, let's just assume that you weren't faking it. Just the same, we're still confused, Sri Nithyananda. If you're able to heal yourself, quickly get into the 'pleasure zone', and can stand the rigors of the toughest of tapas (penance meditations), then why did you still go to the hospital? Now we get it; room service ladies in nurse's outfits. Yes, that makes sense. Did they take your temperature with a banana? Well, they should have and filmed it too. That way, you would have had visual to show everybody if you ever try to tell that joke again. Sorry, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we hate to bust your fantasy, but as you probably found out, real nurses don't dress or behave that way.  We know, you, 'Swami' Nithyananda probably got those ideas from your DVD collection, but it is always good to become aligned with your reality.

Sri Nithyananda, have you ever thought about writing a book from all of these recent experiences as a fugitive and now as an inmate? We think a titled called "Common Criminal Behavior to Uncommon Criminal Acts" just might capture the essence of your new life story. We'll be sure to purchase a copy and write a favorable review for it. We can't wait to read the upcoming chapters.  We'll be waiting.

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  1. - Very interesting video, tamil readers can enjoy, it looks Nithyananda asked for Badam and Pista to police and refused to eat chappathi on the day he got arrested.

  2. "Common Criminal Behavior to Uncommon Criminal Acts"...
    Nah, it should be "Under Arrest: Top 50 Enlightened Tips for Quick Liberation".
    I think the first five or so are pretty obvious.

  3. "Common Criminal Behaviour to Uncommon Criminal Acts" ..... whoever made up this is a genius and I would like to present you with the "Funniest quote of the year Award". I almost fell off my bed laughing, I am going to send it all the people still believing that fool and they will think it is true. LMAO :) Maybe it should be "Uncommon Criminal Behaviour to Common Criminal Acts"

  4. Maybe you should give a suggestion to Secretary Ayya as to what swamiji's next book can be
    It will become an all time best seller, pre orders for the book would cross the 2,50,000 copies(grossly exaggerated) record set by Jeevan Mukthi.

  5. Sex Swami smuggled Gold

  6. Yep i was right, nithy has been discharged from the hospital. It was gas... the cause of nithy's farts.

    And below is a nice read ...

  7. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for sharing the news of Gnanananda marrying an ashramite lady - Ma Nithya Supriyananda who can be contacted at 094422XXXXX, for clarification as per the contacts list in the link -->

    Also, read the benefits of being a volunteer as below and see how Gnana/Supriya have been transformed to be a part of Nithyananda family, so we wish the newly wedded couple all the very best in life !!!
    There are many benefits to being a Dhyanapeetam ashram volunteer, such as:

    You can make a difference in another person’s life;
    Helping others makes you feel good!;
    It allows you to give back to the community;
    You get to spend time involved in an activity you really love for the Nithyananda family
    You become a special member of the Nithyananda family.

    Nithy : It's 2 wickets down, clean bowled by 2 maidens from your harem, so what's next in the queue for radiating enlightenment... we are awaiting with bated breath just like your room service ladies...? But, in between you cheated as captain to ask Bhaktananda to bowl a bouncer and a wide - as we did not expect him to land up in Jail, he's missing massaging you and sure would have got de-energised in that low energy drain field as he must have got good real snares from his neighborhood randies there !!!


    Well, Hindu newspaper is saying he is cooperating with cops.

  9. Smiling all day long and chanting random lines when asked questions doesn't quite count as cooperating.
    The article does quote an officer saying that he's cooperated all right, but firstly, we can't be sure of the motives behind that statement, and secondly, he's been there for a few days already and they aren't done yet. Surely they can't have that many questions to Nithy, unless, of course, they've chosen to discuss the discrepancies in his 500+ books and think of a title for a new one. (I fear the suggestion from this blog is unavailable to them.)

  10. Some good writer please help update Wiki on Nithy's arrest:

  11. Ah, I wouldn't touch Wikipedia.
    Updating it will benefit our case, but it's not as transparent as it wants to look like. No matter how good your update is, a single editor who has anything to do with this can dispose of it at once. (See the talk page, get a feel of "behind the scenes".)
    As of now (April 28, just past midnight GMT), it looks very decent, perhaps even decent enough to be left untouched.

  12. All charges are BS. The powers that may be are trying to squeeze the juice (money) out of him.
    Thats all. Any other charges are flimsy. "Unnatural sex ?" - give me a break. There are worser thing going on.
    Everybody is corrupt and full of BS - including you - "Expose Nithy".

  13. Dear blog owner
    may i suggest that you kindly stop using Swami Nithyananda but instead use Rajasekaran aka Nithy .the reason being by using the name Nithyananda thousands of people are chanting this name thousands of times whilst reading your blog and you are creating the opportunity for subconsciously chanting his name

  14. To Anon - April 27, 2010 7:38 PM

    Wow - what a wonderful idea. You are smart aren't you. Wow...

  15. It has been noted in some papers that the case against him is not holding much water (for lack of real victims coming forward) there for they are trying to nail him on one thing or the other, namely sitting on a tiger skin, having sandlewood in the ashram premises, "suspicion" of smuggling gold during foreign trips, holding foreign currency without declaring it etc...

    looks like they are desperate and this where we are right now??? These transgressions if they stick will amount to so much as a minor slap on the wrist...

    goodluck hyperventilating y'all...

  16. This is amazing. Atmananda gets married few days after Nithy disappears and now Gnananda? Wow, their celibacy wows sure worked miracles!

    May be Bhakta, Medha also have other women they are ready to marry? And Nithy will not know who to marry since he can't make up his mind.

    So much for celibacy, brahmacharya blah blah blah. They were all boinking all along and now they are openly getting married.

    Quite the "ashram" nithy was running. More like brothel!

  17. @APRIL 27, 2010 7:27 PM(filthy nithy supporter)

    If thats the case then why are u so bothered to write about it here? You think so there is no case eh? then why would the CID take the chance to arrest nithy ?

    let me tell you one thing... if nothing works and nithy is free, his audio recordings will be released for public to hear him begging for mercy from his driver. Not only that many other evidences of malpractices will be placed before the press and the public.

    You think the court or CID dont know what they are doing? The court will never entertain cases which have no basis. If thats not there then anybody can put blame on anybody and pull them to court. The court before issuing any orders see's the merit in it before dismissing it or accepting it.

    You seem to be an educated, uneducated fool of a supporter of nithy and no matter what, you will continue to send such emails to blog owner.

    The only thing you dont realize is that some people are really determined to bring the true face of this rat(nithty), and presently he does not have any self respecting citizen to support him, except disgusting people like you.

    Make nithy realize that he is the only paramhamsa in the history of mankind who has been caught in the act on cam.

    There is no doubt that he was running a sex racket in the name of tantra, the law will see to that all aspects of the case is probed fully.

    You are optimistic in believing that he will escape, dont be, you will be disappointed a lot in coming days.

    If a man knows he is not guilty then he will never hide, never act that he is sick to escape interrogation and will have no need to have a PR campaign. A truthful man never fears!

    Unfortunately you will never understand that.

    Your attitude is disgusting !

  18. The "devotees" who are still stuck with Nithy have lost it and they are trying to justify with whatever nonsense that comes to mind. See this (go to the link at your own risk - delusional playground ahead)

    When Man messes with GOD!

    The more appropriate title for this is, "When delusion takes over otherwise normal people".

  19. Anonymous said,

    Wat gnana married supriya!.....Cooollllllll daaa..IS IT TRUE ...dudes!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can someone tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the truth???????????????????:)

  20. From shockan blog: the police told rajasekaran that the police team has entered the locker room which could open only with finger prints of gopika and atma.

    they had recovered many cds where rajasekaran was in compromising position with many ladies.

    ""உன் ஆசிரமத்தில்.... ஃபோட்டோ, சி.டி.க்கள் இருக்கும் அந்த சீக்ரெட் அறைக்குள்ளயும் நாங்க நுழைஞ்சிட்டோம். கேமரா பொருத்தி எப்பவும் கண் காணிப்பிலேயே இருக்கும் அந்த அறைக் கதவை... கோபிகாவும் ஆத்மானந்தாவும் ரேகையை பதியவச்சாத்தான் திறக்க முடியுமா? போலீஸ் நினைச்சா... காத்து நுழைய முடியாத அறைக்குள்ளும் நுழைஞ்சிடும். பாக்குறியா அங்க இருந்து நாங்க எடுத்துவந்த படங்களை?'' என பல பெண்களுடன் நித்யானந்தா இருக்கும் படங்களை அவர் முன் அள்ளிப்போட விக்கித்துப்போனார் நித்யானந்தா.

  21. shockan blog even describes the sex class or whatever that program IS called with NDA. police have recovered 35 cds from the locker room. what happens in the class is too vulgar for me to even translate.

    Please go to the site to read it.

  22. Just heard on Zee Tamil news channel that Nithyananda is going to be questioned with lie detector..or atleast thats what I understood.
    Because, he has been refusing or making excuses to answer the interrogation.

  23. Locker room? WTF? So Nithy himself had CDs of his sexual gymnastics in safekeeping at the ashram? Something isn't adding up. Was he a knowingly filming himself to watch later? A voyeur? (sorry, documenting the "Tantric meditations" for future generations?)

  24. Why is Ranjitha not being arrested and questioned?
    She is the biggest evidence. Let her at least say she was in consensual sex with this holy bastard.

    The rest will follow automatically.

    Hey Police, are you thinking people around are fools.
    Ranjitha will definitely know who else were doing the
    STICK PUJA. If Ranjitha denies then she can be accused too for obstruction of justice.

    How long the police will sit silent scratching their balls? Today chest pain tomorrow trance and so on. Under the law every one is alike. Why don't you guys question him and treat him the way "3rd degree interrogation" as it is done in cases of rouge criminals, murderers, burglars, a traitor to the country - Is his crime smaller than any?

    There are men women and children waiting - for some their sister, for some their wife, children were abused. These folks will not pardon this bastard as long as the force of gravity prevails. Come on Police - do something - would you sit silent if you have seen someone raping your mom?

  25. Well, can someone translate what's on the blog at

    There seems to be some new development which is described there in some detail, but what?

  26. APRIL 28, 2010 2:17 AM
    Where did you get this info?

  27. Lie detector don't work on pathological liars like Nithy. He is so used to lying that lying is normal for him. Nithy can fool the liedector any time.

  28. Is the locker room story on Shockan a joke? So they really need Gopika's fingerprints to open?

    Where is Gopika anyway? Is she still in the cult serving as Nithy attendant? Nithy had destroyed her marriage, worked her like a slave, but never heal her severe back pain.

    And what is her husband (or ex) Sevakananda doing these days? Any news?

  29. Guess what - that website (it's not "parallel universe", it's not "perpendicular universe", it's something beyond Euclidean geometry) still can't gather more than 60% votes of support. How feeble.
    I also wonder how the petition is doing, and how many more thousands of signatures they have to collect.
    "...which could open only with finger prints of gopika and atma..."
    Oh, 'course. Unless you think outside the box (pun intended), you won't figure out how to just crack it open. Even a flight recorder can succumb to something like a scrapyard crusher.

  30. Enlightenment is actually code word for orgasm in Dhyanpith.
    I have noticed that no new videos are uploaded by
    lifeblissfoundation since last 5-6 days. I am guessing that it was Nithya-Night-Ananda himself was uploading all these videos ? Let me give you all a different context for thought. Think some one ( Nithya ) smelled the potential of billion dollar spirituality business and formed a company ( corporate ). He has not registered as PVT LTD but for all practical purposes is was that.
    Any thing illegal ? No.
    Accordingly he made expansion plan , franchise plane, dealership network etc with surgical precision. Any thing illegal ? Not yet.
    He started giving sex class to disciple but he can not get licence to do that so he used the cover word meditation. It happens as some Ayurvedic spa supply Prostitutes as they can not get license for prostitution business.
    But if caught , you wull come under immoral trafficking act . Here Nithya was one extra step smart. He ran scenarios and done what if analysis . So he coined Tantrik sex ,roon services etc. Again legality has been covered.
    What is tantrik sex ? It is up to you to define and claim whatever you want.No good shastra are available on this so pretty grey area.
    So legality has been covered.
    To me, when he says enlightenment actually it's code word , it means orgasm.There are so many women who are not aware that there is something called orgasm due to lack of sex education and biological DNA of women.
    So Nithya gives these women good multiple orgasm and yes ask them did you enjoyed ? When they say yes, then Nithya says that is enlightenment. Got it ? Now just swap enlightenment with orgasm , Dhyanpitham as PVT LTD and you will see every thing will start falling in line.
    Hence you will find so many people even after the sleazy video are saying they don't care private life of Nithya, he still feel So called swamiji helped him achieving enlightenment . Because they misunderstood orgasm as enlightenment .I am not sarcastic rather have done some research on Babas/swami/paramhanse.
    I hope it will help you all to get a different perspective to slice and dice the events.

  31. Where is Gopika anyway? Is she still in the cult serving as Nithy attendant?

    Still in the cult? Unlikely. You haven't wondered, how did the NDA with Vidya's (Gopika's) name and signature specifically get leaked?

    Also, remember, Lenin mentioned in his TV interview that he was assisted by one "35 year old ashramite" in his sting operation. Vidya is 35 or 36 and obviously had direct access to the swami's room (she's in one of the videos too).

    And there's talk about an FIR filed by Vidya V. (Gopika).

    Do the math, hippie.

    And what is her husband (or ex) Sevakananda doing these days? Any news?

    I heard he has moved on and is taking care of his business.

  32. Thanks for Gopika info. I didn't know she was Vidya V. What is FIR ?

    I am very glad she is out of the cult - if this is true. She has been badly used and exploited. I saw Gopika carrying heavy audio equipment following Nithy during the 2007 yatra. She was working asleep. May be she under the spell of Nithy siddhis.

  33. Nithy made 174 phone calls to Ranjita, says CID in today's Deccan Herald update. So the monkey was still in touch with her even after the expose.

  34. NEW NITHYANANDA UPDATES: Nithy names the Girls

    Court extends Nithyananda’s police remand
    Bangalore Apr 28 DHNS

    Despite coming up with a range of theatrics, from feigning illness and periodically slipping into meditation, self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda was remanded to two more days of police custody by a Ramanagara court near here on Wednesday.

    The CID has reportedly been able to locate Tamil actress Ranjitha, with whom Nithyananda was shown in secretly recorded videos having sex with, somewhere in Thiruvananthapuram.

    It is learnt that while in hiding, Nithyananda made 174 calls to Ranjitha. Sources, however, said they would examine her as a witness.

    Although subjected to rigorous interrogation during the last six days, Nithyananda has part resisted and part cooperated with CID sleuths. He has named most of the women ashramites who attended to him in his private quarters and who had access to his room at the Bidadi ashram.

    But the CID sleuths have investigated other aspects of his activities and is closely following up on the non-disclosure agreements two of his close devotees signed with several ashramites for indulging in tantric sex, watching pornography and other forms of perversions.

    Apart from interrogating Nithyananda, the police have also examined Lenin Karuppan, alias Dharmananda, whose secretly videographed sex romp of the godman blew the lid off the unsavoury activities in the ashram, and some other former devotees. The police continue to be in search of Vidya V., alias Gopika, suspected to have knowledge of the godman’s sexual relationships with other women.

    Sources said the police was getting “sketchy information” from certain quarters in Tamil Nadu about the godman’s sexual activities. The inputs, though valuable, might not amount to forming any complaint related to alleged rape and unnatural sex with female and male ashramites, the sources said.

  35. Swamiji in a Wheelchair...feigning illness. The latest circus trick this picture.

  36. i read the news on Shockan and i felt very depressed and sorry for the women. if the news that Gopika has come out is true it is good and God bless her. i hope the husbands , brothers and fathers of these victims come out in the open to assist the police.the one who should come out is Ranjitha's husband as she is still married to him.this amounts to extramarital affair regardless of whether you call it tantric experiment or otherwise

  37. It is Ananda Semanjies who give up 10% of their gross income. They still hav eto pay for programs.

    In USA, Ananda Sevaks slave day and night, weekdays and weekends without even a dorm space to crash! They have to use up any savings they may have while slaving away for Nithy. Some lucky (or unlucky) ones were selected to become ashramites.

    Ananda Sevaks were "ashramites-in-waiting". They have to prove themselves, devoted, hard-working slaves who expecting nothing from their master for their dedicated slavery.

  38. Those of you who know Gopika well please give her comfort and support. She may well be quite conflicted and confused now after many years of slavery with very little sleep.

    Her FIR will help the CID. Glad she has the courage to do it.

    I don't know why Medhananda & Medha Mayi are still helping Nithy with the cult. They can't be so stupid that they still can't see Nithy for who he is. Perhaps they had knowingly helped Nithy with his criminal activities so they are trapped. Does the FBI know their activities ?


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