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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nithyananda's Sex Fraud Exposed, Nithyananda on (top of) Ranjita / Ranjitha

Nithyananda, the Holy Cockroach, Tells All About His Sex Scandal

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Wow, you still have a way to inspire us. Something about your charisma, no doubt. We watched your video titled "Nithyananda on Ranjita" wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we didn't know you would be that graphic! But, then the title embedded in your video was "Paramahamsa Nithyananda Speaks On Ranjitha" (We noted the different spelling of Ranjita/Ranjitha). Well, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we saw you do all kinds of things on, below, on top of, underneath, inside, etc. on Ranjitha, but not speaks on. By the way, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, this would be a wonderful way to get the children in your gurukkal (brainwashing school) to learn prepositions. We can see it now, 'Swamiji went ________ (of) Ranjitha.' No more stories of airplanes and clouds. Now it is just you and Ranjitha. See, Sri Nithyananda, you really do add something useful to this planet.

Anyway, let's watch you, a holy legal sex predator versed in tantra knowledge speak on Ranjitha before we comment more about you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda:

Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we just love the beginning. The nice female voice ask you on cue to say a few things about Ranjitha. Then at 11 seconds in, we get to see you give that big crocodile grin you made so famous and then it fades out! Cut! What happened Sri Nithyananda, were there some feelings expressed that were not suitable for YouTube? Only your editor knows for sure. But, back at 0:12 seconds, your back on track with a serious face on... saying "as I expressed earlier." Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, then you try to take the higher ground by saying that "I did not feel hurt for myself", yeah, like right. As you were whimpering in your hideout excommunicated by all the real sanyasi's. We really believe you. And all your sincerity. Honest. But, then you admit that you were 'gravely hurt for all the pain and suffering caused to your tantric partner, Ranjitha. Wow, a true holy man. Always thinking the best for your flock. Then, you say that you're always 'available' and that these 'revengeful' people should not take have 'ruined' the lives of your devotees, especially your beside fixture, Ranjitha.

Brilliant there, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. In a single stroke you make all the people who feel hurt and cheated by your actions seem like they are the culprits, and that you can now claim the higher ground. Look you really feel 'gravely hurt' for all the suffering 'caused' to Ranjitha and her family. So sincere. And, now you send your sincere prayers and blessings to her and her family. Wow, they must feel blessed now. Especially her husband.

And, then you 'Swami' Nithyananda, say "I don't feel hurt for myself at all... but hurting devotees is too much. People who hurt my devotees... that's what I really feel empathize." Yes, Sri Nithyananda, you are really good at hurting your devotees both physically, mentally, psychological, and spiritually. You, 'Swami' Nithyananda, of all people, should be able to empathize with this. It's just natural.

And, Sri Nithyananda, didn't you try to marry Ranjitha after the scandal broke out? But, she didn't return your calls as much as you tried? Wow, that would have been brilliant. Then it would have just been a 'private' matter between you and her... and just giving up that sanyasi title to those who know what it means, you would have been back on your throne receiving piles of 24K gold flowers like you did last Guru Poornima. But, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, there were a few problems there. First, Ranjitha was already married. You could have added to your title of polygamist as well as womanizer. Then, there was the tantric sex contract with multiple signatures, and the other videos with lots of other ladies doing even naughtier things on them... did you, 'Swami' Nithyananda buy all those videos back? Keep on helping the Indian economy, because we know where those videos are... and they just might be aired when you least expect them too.

Anyway, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. After you leave this body, we don't think you'll get birth anytime soon... but we gazed into our crystal ball and your next birth will be in line to the karma that you've collected and appropriate to your actions. Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda. You'll come back as a cockroach, a Nithya Cockroach, A Holy Cockroach. And, all your scampering, lies, manipulations, scampering, dark activities, lots of garbage, hiding, sewers, and proliferating will be well suited. In fact you're living that life right now. Here, Sri Nithyananda. Let's take a look at the video now, shall we?

And, for our loyal readers who might not understand the dialog of a loud and obnoxious cockroach sounds like here's the transcribed script:
Announcer / Title and Credits:
Nithyananda on (top of) Ranjitha

True confessions of a cockroach

A Nithya Cockroach

by self-titled ‘Paramahamsa’ Nithyananda, holy legal sex predator

Well, there Sri Nithyananda, can you say a few words about Ranjitha?

Nithya Cockroach:
Well, I’m a cockroach. A Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. I only know how to say one thing over and over again. Unless of course, I rip off somebody, but that’s one of my trade secrets us cockroaches vow not to tell. Ooops.

Oh, so you want to know about Ranjitha? That married film star lady? Why out of all my thousands of room service ladies, she was the best. You, see I have a third antennae. You, know, all cockroaches have two antennas, but I’m no ordinary cockroach, I’m a Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. That means I claim to be enlightened.... and there’s suckers out there willing to believe that. But, since I’m a Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. And, I have a third antennae just hidden that only comes out when you do secret ancient tantric rituals.

And, I can tell you that Ranjitha devotee of mine, did far and above the best tantric rituals I have ever seen. She is soooo sincere; my third antennae would just pop out, out of nowhere. There’s no way I could have replicated that for the CID Police team. Just no way. And, because of that, I told the CID Police Team that I didn’t know if I was a male cockroach, a female cockroach, or a neutered cockroach. But, let me tell you something. Besides scavenging for food and living off the riches of other people, us cockroaches know how to proliferate. Yes. That’s our specialty. Especially a Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. I average over 200 eggs a day. Wow, I’m such a holy stud... for a cockroach.

Yes, that married film star lady friend of mine, she was the best room service lady ever. She would work overtime, and I mean way into the wee hours just to make sure that the tantric rituals were completed just like they were in the days of Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh). In this way, she was far and above the most sincere devotee I ever had. I just love sincerity. I can’t get enough of it.

And that darn hidden camera just spoiled it all. You see, I’m a cockroach, a Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach... and I do my best ancient tantric rituals only in the dark. But, now that there’s light shining in on my operation and that secret camera filming, my best room service ladies go hiding for cover. Just like my hundreds of brothers and sisters. A light goes on, and they go scampering. Legs are flying everywhere. No more cover from my dark practices. Oh, it is such a pity; that had to go and ruin it all.

Well, there Sri Nithyananda, do you feel bad about what you did?

Nithya Cockroach:
Feel bad? Why I’m a cockroach. A Nithya Cockroach. A Holy cockroach. I never felt an once of remorse ever in my whole life. Never. Never. Never. Never. Do you think us cockroaches would ever feel bad about anything? Well, let me tell you. We cockroaches are scavengers. We know that we could never make it on our own. But, as long as there are people willing to believe that we’re enlightened, we can do just about anything. Sit on gold thrones, eat fine food, have big fat wallets, and get the best room service you can imagine. You should try being a cockroach. A Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach.

See if you were a cockroach, especially a Nithya Cockroach, someone can take a big shoe and whack you so hard that you go SPLAT. But just in a few hours later, you’re back on YouTube just like nothing ever, ever, ever, ever happened at all.

Well, there Sri Nithyananda, that’s very interesting. You mentioned about all the pain that was caused? Any words on that?

Nithya Cockroach:
Oh, yeah, that was just a trade secret of us cockroaches, you see I’m a cockroach. A Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. And, I have no problem climbing the biggest stinkiest hill of manure just so I can look down at other people and claim the higher ground. You see, I don’t give a rat’s tush about anything, especially my dumb-lanced devotees. They are my slaves. No sleep and no decent food... and work and work and work until they are hanging high and dry. That is the best way to turn their minds into mush. That’s all they are good for. These devotees are my special donkeys who I tricked into building and financing my entire empire in exchange for my special brand of ‘enlightenment’. What suckers. Totally brainwashed dolts to become ego fodder. My type of donkey-people.

You see, I’m a cockroach. A Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. And my skin is made out of Teflon®. Nothing sticks to it. I can go through a whole pile of garbage as high as the Himalayas and come out looking as clean as an angel. You see, as a cockroach. A Nithya Cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. I will make this whole big sex mess with my room service ladies look like it was the work of some other bad people who went and hurt my precious devotees. And after scampering in the cracks, I will turn it around and frame all those angry and cheated people and say that it is their fault, not mine. And, then my results? Hee, hee. Not only do I look innocent, but other people look bad and hurtful. They are the problem; not me. And, the best thing about it is that I come off as a holy cockroach. A Nithya cockroach. And I still am able to go about my dirty business as usual. Then AS I sit on top of that big heap of manure, I can say that I’m now the king of stink. Because I’m a cockroach. A Nithya cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. And, cockroaches just love stink. In fact, after this interview, I’m going to grab some of my room service ladies and I’m going to go hunting for some fish stink...

Well, ah, thank you there, Sri Nithyananda. I think that’s a little bit too much information. We need to end this interview in a hurry. OK, thanks for listening. Tune in next week for another addition of Nithyananda, the Nithya Cockroach.

(an aside): Ah, someone grab the mic away from that cockroach. I heard enough of him already. That’s one fifthly cockroach.

Nithya Cockroach:
I heard that. You think it’s easy being a Nithya cockroach. A Holy Cockroach. Why I have to go in the garbage everyday looking for things to eat, and laying eggs and getting laid... and sitting on my golden thrones counting all my millions of dollars and taking inventory on the personal parts of my room service ladies and...

Just shut up. Click.

You may find out more information at See you soon.
Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Special thanks to our super commenter, Anonymous, a.k.a. Ma Mark Jackson of Los Angeles, with a Comcast IP address of 67.188.196.# (Comcast Cable), operating in or near Fremont, using a Mac OS X 10.5, FireFox browser, screen resolution of 1440 x 900, and a color depth of 24 bits and who has political connections by claiming that her "Uncle is a serious high court judge in Chennai". Thanks for inspiring us to go forward to continue the battle against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. You were a real savior.


  1. Thank you for remembering to pay your tribute on this holy occasion of Guru Purnima to the Guru, Avatara Purusha, Krishna, Shiva, Devi all at once.

    Thank you for reminding us also. Jai fake Guru, Rajasekaran (whose passport name is Nithyananda Swami, and who said who never took Sanyasa, and wears Kavi/Ocher/Orange cloth like a fancy dress).

  2. There is live webstream this time around!!!

    what a joke.

  3. "At the time when there was no internet, no mass media, Budha enlightened 10,000 people" (really?)

    "Osho was old, so he could give energy darshan only to a few people" (wow!!)

    "Imagine what can happen now, the possibilities, with the mass media, my young age etc. At least 100,000 people should be enlightened".

    What really happened ..... the first batch of enlightened members of the Sangha .. Sadananda, Satchidananda, Bhaktananda, Medhananda, and Jnananda (I mean Nobel .. Christian ?) other brainless xyzAnandas were born. ....

    and the Guru Rajasekaran gave special energy darshan to Ranjitha and a few dozen special sincere devotees, who did a lot of service to the ashram.

    (hhe... hhe...).

  4. Hi all,

    What great fun! You can see the stream of Nithyananda and chat. No restrictions. Feel free to add all your comments for about 75 brainwashed people (minus us). Here's your chance:

  5. Yes, the party is still going on:

    Add your comments now!

  6. Here is one that may be of interest to all...

    CID Seeks 4 Weeks Time to Complete Probe in Nityananda Case

    Bangalore, July 23, (PTI): CID, investigating two FIRs registered against self-styled godman Nityananda, on Friday sought four weeks time from the Madras High Court to record statements of two former disciples, suspected to have been subjected to ''unnatural sex'' by him.

    When the criminal petition filed by Nityananda seeking quashing of two FIRs, including one on rape, came up before Justice Arali Nagaraj, Investigating Officer and SP (CID) K N Yogappa said he needed four weeks to record statements of Nitya Vimalananda and Nitya Gopika residing in the US to ascertain if the godman had committed any offence under Sec 377 of IPC (unnatural offences).

    Yogappa said he would either seek the Centre's permission to visit US or try to bring the former disciple duo back to record statements, without which the investigation would not be complete.

    In his petition, Nityananda contended that none of the charges in the FIRs have been substantiated and prayed that they be quashed.

    After hearing the arguments, judge Nagaraj granted four weeks time to Yogappa to complete the investigation and adjourned further hearing to August 20.

    Nityananda, who was arrested from Solan district in Himachal Pradesh on April 21 following a controversy in March over local TV channels airing a purported video footage of him in a compromising position with a Tamil actress, was granted bail last month.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. After a long interval i am writing here, i saw some of fake guru's videos and it seems he has not learnt any lessons of those few weeks of jail stay.

    In Samadhi in jail but finished 70 volumes ???

    A realized soul needs to practice yoga to teach others...

    BS does not stop though...

    Few of my NRI friends visited Tiruvanamalai and they were advised by taxi drivers to avoid the nitty ashram. Local people dont like him and some of his posters have been covered with cow dung ! I requested a picture of the fake guru covered in dung, but it was too late.

    It's so easy to have a channel through youtube and not show the audience but make it feel like thousands have come to hear. LOL

    Nice try nitty(you like this name, dont you?).

    nitty! hmm... sounds like a cute dildo!

  9. 2500 attended gurupoornima according to the dhyanapeetam website...but knowing their penchant for inflating numbers i would guess abt 1000 maximum. ughh this whole charade of his disgusts me .

  10. Now in his new series of 'talks' with his flocks; he is blatantly denying everything he told - right from he was experimenting in bed when the video was taken; that he is not a man and all other things that he himself used to escape...

    still perplexed as to how - even though few - people are still putting up with the crap he is talking. He is only taking about all worldly things when he evaluates whether one is successful or not; whereas when he claims he is enlightened; he should be seeing brahma all around and nothing else?

    but he still believes that one who has many TV channels of his own; some one who has a hospital chain etc are 'successful'...

    Let God bring out the truth quickly so that no more people would get fooled by the is 'PARAMAHAMSAAAAAAAAAAAAA'

  11. *^$%Ananadam,
    In today's edition of Shockan (2nd article) it says-
    Nithy floated idea of foot yatra - no reponse.
    In India political parties gather crows by giving free food, water and transaportation to their rallies. N*$%@ is doing the same to gather people for Guru Poornima.
    Other devotees have been threatened bodily harm (like some off Nithy tales) to those self-respecting ex-devotees who refuse to attend.

    This corrupt organization must be squished before it can do any more harm.

  12. Nithyananda devotee lodges plaint against Lenin

    MK Madhusoodan & Srikanth Hunasavadi / DNA Tuesday, July 27, 2010 9:46 IST

    Bangalore: A criminal complaint was on Monday filed against Karuppa Lenin, who claimed to have shot a sleaze video purportedly featuring self-styled godman Paramahamsa Nithyananda and an actress.

    Police registered the complaint after receiving Nithyananda’s approval.

    K Yogesh, an advocate and devotee of Nithyananda, lodged the complaint with the Bidadi police, accusing Lenin of trespassing into the godman’s spiritual headquarters, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, in Bidadi.

    Lenin had on March 4 this year lodged a complaint against Nithyananda with the Chennai police commissioner, accusing his former spiritual leader and employer of several criminal acts, including rape. Lenin was previously working as Nithyananda’s driver.

    In his complaint, Yogesh said Lenin’s actions amounted to an “offence against the society” and forgery under Section 39 of the Criminal Procedure Code and Section 456 of the Indian Penal Code, respectively. The complainant further said that the former driver, being an offender himself, had no locus standi to lodge a complaint against Nithyananda.

    Lenin had earlier claimed to be behind capturing the controversial visuals, using a hidden video camera in Nithyananda’s bedroom.

    The visuals were telecast by a private television channel on March 2.

    Incidentally, the Bidadi police had initially refused to register the complaint on Saturday.

    After Yogesh had approached them, the police reportedly contacted the ashram. Nithyananda had earlier told the police that he would protect his interests, and his devotees need not be entertained in the controversial case.

    Following the police’s denial to register the case, the advocate approached the director-general of police, Ajai Kumar Singh, and senior officers in Bidadi, including the deputy superintendent and the superintendent of police.

    Several city-based advocates too supported Yogesh.

    The police registered the complaint only after receiving expert legal opinion, which ran into 20 pages.

    With the complaint being registered, Lenin would now face investigation, and perhaps, even arrest.

    “It is practically impossible for the law to forgive Lenin for his act of criminal trespass. Since Lenin himself has admitted to the same, nothing remains for the police, except to arrest him, record his statement and prosecute him for his acts,” Yogesh, a resident of Byadarahalli, told this newspaper.

  13. more updates please..................

  14. Here is one that the CID should use to get
    Nithy also his due...

    It will be a real shame if instead of that; the police end up putting Lenin behind bars for intrusion into Nithy's bedroom privacy - whereas Nithy says he is NOT THE ONE in the video.

    If so; then it cannot be his bedroom? or some one else who looks like him sleeps there whereas he sleeps under a tree or so like true sanyasi?


    Brit spiritual ‘Guru’ raised in Indian ashram, convicted of rape, sexual assault

    BY ANI
    TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2010

    LONDON - A spiritual ‘Guru’ Michael Lyons, alias Mohan Singh, who claims to have been raised in an Indian ashram, has been convicted of rape and sexual assault by the Wood Green Crown Court. He has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in Britain.

    Eleven women from the UK, the US and New Zealand gave evidence against Lyons, who denied all offences.

    Detective Sergeant Nicholas Giles, who led the investigation of Lyons for three years, said, “We heard in evidence that Lyons used a programme of sleep deprivation, psychological harassment as well as group social pressure. He sexually assaulted victims during this process.”

    According to the BBC, he has been made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order, which stops him from touching any female he has known for less than six months. He has also been placed on the ’sex offenders’ register for life.

    Lyons attacked two women who came to him for spiritual guidance.

    He had created a tight-knit group described as a ‘cult’ made up predominantly of female followers.

    However, during his four-month trial, he did not give evidence, but called 50 witnesses in his defence, many of whom were his followers. Some of them claimed that he could cure cancer while another woman said that he has an X-ray vision.

    Lyons, who wore flowing crimson and yellow robes, led a �lavish lifestyle. He owned flats in London, Los Angeles and Miami and drove Bentleys and Jaguars.

    He even claimed he was the Dalai Lama’s osteopath. (ANI)

  15. Wow..haha.. so they finally convicted this Mohan Singh character. What not many people know, is that this asshat actually showed up at Nithy's LA ashram, and also went to other Gurus programs in LA around the same time, probably hunting for vulnerable women to trap in his web.

    After Nithy's darshan, this clown spent several hours chatting up people in the ashram, narrating his stories and bragging about his connections to Osho and the Dalai Lama. He even gave some women there massages (to remove energy blocks, of course!) We only found out later about his sexual predatory behavior.

  16. "Eleven women from the UK, the US and New Zealand gave evidence against Lyons, who denied all offences."
    Somehow I get the feeling that this is what made the difference.

  17. Mohan Singh was probably in the ATSP program in March 2007. He was careful to avoid having any picture of him on the web. Here there is finally his picture and news article.

    He is as bad a sleaze as Nithy! Aother holy cockroaches!

  18. sahaj's email to satchit

    Dear Sachit,

    Today – when people ask me – “Sahaj – what are you going to do next” – I tell them I am yet to think about it. How can I explain to them that the life I had thought of as forever has disintegrated? Sadly – not once, has that question come from the people “in” the mission – whom I had considered as my family and for whom I have now been labeled as an “outcast”.

    Just a couple of days back, when XXXXX (Mrs. Sahajananda) was setting up the new place – a single room with a borrowed couch and other items – I had tears in my eyes. Everything she had collected to make our home in Seattle – everything was let go. She lost one dog - Shadow – because Swami told us not to waste money on a dog shelter and she gave up the other – Reva – just because you and Ma Sachit called and told that there should not be any dogs in the ashram when Swami came to stay. She was crying the day she let Reva go “would they say the same thing if it was about their kids?” She gave her up for adoption with so much pain just because it was Swami’s instruction.

    I still have the mails from Bhakta Swami that I need to quit from SAP because Swami wanted me to be full-time volunteer. You can’t be an Admin-Head and still work – I was told. I listened and I quit even when the Vice-President of SAP was asking me to stay and promising all possible means – including working from home – to help me balance my work-spiritual life. It was my choice to listen to Swami.

    For the past 3 years, Sachit, – I have lived without a job and an income. In the software industry, it is a career suicide. I did that because I trusted. I trusted that Swami will care for me ... I don’t have to think about my life. That he will think for me. Even today – I have an outstanding bill for over $5000 for when XXXXX (Mrs. Sahajananda) when she had to be admitted to the emergency room – more than 6 months back - during Swami’s trip. I stayed at the temple trying to make sure that the next day we will have enough people for the Pratyaksha Pada Puja. We had, but I wasn’t there to even take her to the Hospital. I did – because I trusted that Swami will take care of her. Swami didn’t ask me even once since then – how she was doing and how we managed the expenses.

    Last 3 years, every moment of my life I was thinking about just him and the mission ... how else would you explain – working from the time temple opened at 7 am till we close past midnight, without a break? Sometimes it meant taking on the role of the Pujacharya, sometimes an Acharya, many times a Receptionist and sometimes a janitor including dumping buckets of sewer water in the drain when the bathroom got clogged. All this rested on just that one factor – trust.

    Now that you want me to leave, Niranjana (Mukku Subramanian) tells me yesterday – “yes we appreciate what you did so far – thank you and now you can go”. Why this use-and-throw approach in handling people? Even the other day when you called me, you were only interested in when I am going to go! “Give me a specific date” – you had asked me. Sachit – you know that we were vacating the apartment at Duarte and I had told you that I had a substantial credit card debt. Not once did you even think about asking me what I am doing about that or even where I am staying. It is sad that you are interested in going for “second”, “third” or even if necessary “a fourth” legal opinion paying out from people’ s personal money but when it comes to the people who gave their lives for the mission for the past few years, they are outcasts.


  19. continued......Look at the other side Sachit. The thyaga – the sacrifice – that this mission has been built on. I am just one voice – now speaking the words you don’t want to hear, of the people who are not “in” anymore and even those who are still in! This mission has been sustained on the thyaga of these people. People who left everything and came to the ashram; couples who ferried their kids and came to the ashram to serve; youngsters who had quit their fledgling career to come and do puja at the temple; people who didn’t care for their kids education because Swami’s mission came first; people who had to drive several miles to come and cook for the people in the temple; people who gave up their weekends so they can work at the temple; people who gave up their life outside of work – so they can serve ... Just for that one aspect – trust. I am asking for people to be treated simply as people, not as an asset /liability, not as in/out, not as friends/enemies. Can the mission show its gratitude for the people who have served it with their heart and soul. Gratitude is not just a one-way street.

    The video was not the only issue. The attitude in handling this situation – starting from Swami – has been that of lies, deceit, cover-up and false propaganda. I have heard everything including that Dr.Shinde wants to take over LA Temple; the women are alleging things to get back at Swami; that the women who are complaining have no integrity; that Swami is like a Kalpataru – he responds in the same bhava that a devotee has; that he is naïve; that he is impotent; that it is a tantric experiment etc etc.

    I came here to learn Sachit. Not to cover-up. I came here for a higher purpose. Not to be called a pimp. I came here to see dignity under adversity. Here was an opportunity for Swami to show how to handle this episode with dignity and honor. Instead he chose to run and hide. He could have shown us the true meaning of leadership; by standing by the people in their moment of great suffering – that happened because of the faith and trust they had placed in him. He could have shown us the meaning of Satya. Instead he chose to cover-up. He could have shown us the true meaning of Brahmacharya. Calling it as breaking frames, incurring bad karma or missing the master are just self-fulfilling prophecies that is adding insult to injury. This is not what I signed up for.

    Our legal correctness and accounting rigidity in running the US operations may have been often unpalatable to a few including you but today that is our biggest strength. However, litigation is often not based on correctness but on raw emotions. Tomorrow, if there is a lawsuit against the Foundation, who is going to be dragged for litigation? Swami is not going to show up. Ma Sachit and you would likely claim that you have never been a part of the US operations. Ayya, Amma, Bhakta and Daya Mayi are in India and are not going to show up either. Niranjana (Mukku Subramanian) will likely claim that he had a business to look after and had no part in the organization. When the scandal broke out and the legal issues were tabled, Medha and Medha Mayi were quick to throw their hands up and point out to me that they were not on any of the boards.

    Even though you and everyone have responsibility for everything, the only people affected by the litigations will be the City Coordinators, Aikya, Bhaktapriya, Jyotir, Ma Jyotir, Ma Girija and I, the people who had given their everything for the mission. It is only going to disrupt the life of the people who have decided to move on – dragging them away from their family and kids to answer questions, taking them away from work, being denied job offers because of pending litigations etc. And honestly, from the tone and language of the “in” people, I am not sure if the threat of lawsuit is only from the outside.


  20. continued....... it is with a spirit of gratitude and a sense of dharma that I and the people who you see as outcasts continue to do the work that has to be done. Doing the audit review, which we took upon ourselves, to show that the operations are clean. Consulting with the attorneys and responding to each and every issue. When it comes to moving murthies from a devotee’s house, I have to be there to supervise the move. When it comes to an anonymous threatening mail in Seattle, Jyotir and I have to be there to handle it for Ma Medha Mayi. In spite of the fact that we have decided to move on, and in spite of all the accusations and trauma that we have been put through, we are still continuing to fulfill our fiduciary duties to the best of our abilities and circumstances.

    Before you ask us to move on, please show that you care for what the people have given to make this mission what it is today. How can we protect them from having to go through the travails of any litigations and the aftermath? What can be done to help people move on with their lives and not have to revisit this chapter again? I have raised this issue time and again with you – to no avail. When it comes to this topic, there are no responses from you. You are not willing to agree with the solution that has been proposed but you have not come up with a solution as well.

    This mission, as I understand, is truly about the people – not the assets or the infrastructure. So many of us had uprooted our lives putting our own personal comfort and well-being aside in the interest of the mission. Now, what can Swami or you or the mission do to make up for what has happened? It is not just about the time spent, or just the opportunity costs involved. It is about feeling used. It is about being betrayed. It is about the breach of trust. And it hurts even more that it is not even acknowledged.

    Instead of harping on devotees’ sentiments being hurt by a closed temple door, please address the issue of healing those who have been hurt by the Swami’s actions or lack thereof. If the mission is truly about healing people, show that it is really living its purpose.

    Thank you & Warm Regards.


  21. Dear Sahaj,

    Thats the one the most painful life experience i have heard, you had been used so badly by the organisation run by a fraud swamy and the worst part is that they do not acknowledge your efforts .

    Atleast if you were working in some company that closed down you would have been compensated...

    God has given this experience as an opportunity for you to save other brothers and sisters from getting caught up in missions of swamis and all.

    Hope what you have written would be read by thousands and guide and prevent youngsters from falling for such traps.

    I wish you celebrate the day you woke up from this slumber of fake swami's missions etc as you new birthday and start your life again.

    Write about your sincere spiritual efforts and subsequent betrayal by swamis of ashrams.

    You have not lost anything ! You have gained great experience in running offices/ashrams and that will stand in good stead. Try for the software job again... Best of luck!

  22. I have tears as I Sahaj's letter. This letter needs a blog entry on its own, not just in the comments.

    Sahaja is right: the videos are not tissue. The deception and lies and the callousness that Nithya Scamie Roach is discarding those who devoted their lives to him. All Nithy cares is power, money and fame. What a Swami in kavi!


    Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, the letter from Sahajananda was touching. We had a copy long ago. Please be aware that not all is what it seems. Many of the cult members of Nithyananda are career liars. They know how to do this well and do it often. Even if the content of their words are true, look for the right action. We have not always seen these right actions. Their might be a reason to have others believe what is not.

    During the life of this blog, we have experienced many 'fremenies'. 'Fremenies' is a term of people who act like 'friends', but our really your 'enemies'. We have a long list. One day, we will call out and expose all of our known 'fremenies'.

    Besides deception, the Cult of Nithyananda preys on exploiting peoples' emotions. Please read with caution and always view what are the intentions and then most importantly the correct follow up actions. 'Sweet' words might hide a bitter intent. Don't swallow anything wholesale.

    Our unsolicited advice to our loyal readers is to keep an open heart, but even more importantly is to keep an open mind and your FULL awareness in check. This will help protect you from being duped and exploited again.

    Jai Maa.

  24. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We are very glad that justice has been brought to another vicious and exploitive fake guru, ‘Guru’ Michael Lyons, alias Mohan Singh.

    Yes, our contacts at Nithyananda's ashram in Duarte, (Los Angeles), California remember him well. This little criminal came to about three or four of Nithyananda's programs when Nithyananda had an open darshan in the midday at the Duarte ashram in late May 2007. The little criminal, ‘Guru’ Michael Lyons, alias Mohan Singh, would be accompanied by one big thuggish looking criminal who was dressed in a Kurta shirt / outfit and both were always on their cell phones. They looked unfriendly, except when on cue they were very 'nice'. The bodyguard thug never bothered to hear Nithyananda's lecture are receive his darshan, which was a tip off for our contacts at the ashram.

    The little criminal, Mohan Singh, would then set up his operations after Nithyananda had left and hang out in the 'Sachit' suite, which was the 'reception' area where the old AV production and galleria were next to the hall. Perhaps other planted women followers of the little criminal, Mohan Singh, would help circulate the stories about how great this little criminal was, and what a 'miraculous' healer he was. (Similar to the tactics of the BIG criminal, Nithyananda.) The little criminal would then say such nonsense as "I could have become 'enlightened' but I delayed it in order to help others advance spiritually", and so forth. He would then do 'healing' on his victims and try to get them to go with him for private sessions at some undisclosed location later that night. Even one female ashramite began to fall for this little criminal's trap. (It goes without saying that all of Nithyananda supporters had already been cheated once by the BIG criminal.)

    The surprise hero who blew the whistle on this little criminal was no other than Nithyananda Niranjana (Mukku Subramanian). He quickly saw through this little criminal's act and immediately found the link about his various warrants in the UK. He then warned all the ashramites to take action as needed. Kudos to him! We sincerely hope that Niranjana (Mukku Subramanian) can continue to see the crimes that Nithyananda has done and return to being the loving and sweet family man as well as dedicated father we all knew him to be. (There wasn't anything that Niranjana wouldn't do for his son.)

    The reason the little criminal, Mohan Singh, was caught and Nithyananda (the BIG criminal) is still free are many. The laws, judges, media, and politicians in the UK cannot be bought (exceptions noted). There were many ladies who were brave to come forward and were not shamed by exposing the Truth; the cultural barriers were not insurmountable. (Note this is probably why Nithyananda developed the sex contract to scare the Western ladies into further submission.) In addition, Mohan Singh was just a small time operator. Nithyananda is a vast organized criminal syndicate. Nithyananda's cult has many stakeholders and 'investors' to make sure that Nithyananda succeeds and they too will profit from his crimes. As expected, Mohan Singh did not have large reserves of cash, thugs, and a well-oiled propaganda machine such as 700 YouTube videos, books, etc. (He did have some followers who lied and talked about his 'godly' powers, but not enough to sway an established uncorrupted legal system.) Because of Mohan Singh's lower presence, the glare of the media just made him out as another common criminal. Not exactly front page stuff.

    Anyway, one down. One to go. The next one will be a real doozy!

    Jai Maa.

  25. Sahaj letter looks painfully sincere. He had given up much and went thru a lot. Many ex-devotees, esp the ex-ashramites, may be confused for some time. If the person seem still loyal to the mission, it is more likely a case of Stockholm Syndrome than intentional deception.

    Still, this Nithya Roach seem to be able to trap the most sincere and fervent seekers, one cannot be too careful when dealing with his henchmen.

  26. Haha!! This little criminal had fixed my back. He even came to my aunt's place to fix her friend's back. He was not all that bad as an osteopath. Swamiji was not at all impressed by him though. Later a "fremeny" ashramite told me about him being a rapist.

  27. Does anyone have letter that Sevaka wrote when he left the cult?

  28. You know, when Sevaka / Sahaj wrote those emails, they were private and addressed to specific people. Yes, they did get circulated around, and they probably knew they would (I myself read both emails as they were forwarded to me). Still, I don't feel it is appropriate to post them here. I also think the idea about creating a blog post about them is in poor taste.

    If they were OK with making this information public, they would have published an open letter like Advaith (Ram) did.

  29. Oh..I didn't know that Advaith's letter is out in public. Was never posted on this blog. As far as I can remember..

  30. If Sahaj/Sevaka were not okay with their letters becoming public, they would not have sent those emails out to so many people out there. It is for everyone's good that this has become public. When a devotee like Sahaj can get this kind of treatment, imagine what would happen to a regular person working as a volunteer there.

  31. I spent countless number of hours volunteering there. And I admit it was for my own good. Kept my mind off the problems I had. But I always felt that Swami gave importance to people who donated large sum of money. He never really cared for people who put in lot of hours. I don't think Popat would have gotten the special treatment if he had not donated million bucks for the LA temple.

    I noticed that not many people were happy about preferantial treatment Samajis were given. Swami used to make this public by saying that these Samajis are like his right hand and so on. This samaji thingie started after Mission Training in 2007 and I know that lot of people were ticked off because Swami was rediculing those who chose to become just part time volunteers. He was very upset that only a select few signed up as Samajis. He even said..he had given so much to devotees ..why can't they donate 10% of their income?..

  32. I haven't watched any of his latest "discourses" but has he said anything about what exactly happened? Remorse/apology?
    or even flat out denial?

  33. Someone here said that all these charges are just one has come forward against him.

    I attended Manohar Shinde's speech just after he came back from India in 3rd week of March. He was in India when scandal broke out & swami was in constant touch with him begging Shinde to save his a$$..Shinde never was told what exactly had happened. Finally the day Shinde was leaving, he lost his temper & asked swami..
    "Just tell me one thing..was there only one woman or were there more than one?" Swamiji replied..Kaivalya..there were more than one.
    And that is when Shinde decided..This is it!! He cannot be on his side.

    This is first hand story. I don't think Shinde would have a reason to lie in front of so many people and that too inside the temple.

  34. Poor Lenin. Looks like he is going to get screwed. There is a saying in Gujarati..
    "Dharam karata dhaad padi".

    roughly translated.
    "his intention was to do good but the person got robbed"

  35. From the beginning, Rajasekaran (whose passport name is Nithyananda Swami) was all about himself. Nothing about devotees who came to learn. He would make some statement which may not agree with any body other than Osho, and make people believe that it is some mystical stuff. If you are logical then you will be ridiculed and kept away. He knows nothing other than Osho dialogues. He gave such stupid meanings to Gita, and people who never studied any thing worthwhile in life nodded their heads. Later, Ram Ramanathan and other brainwashed crew members compiled from all the Gita books available in the market and published as this fake Swami's teaching.

    Just Kundalini raising is not enough. One needs to understand life and God, as it is.

    Even if Sahaj seems very pained in this e-mail, though my sympathy is with him, he has not apologized to the devotees whom he has victimized, in his own enthusiasm and misplaced trust in the fake Swami.

    It was not only the fake Swami who exploited the people, Bhaktananda, Sahajananda, Sevakananda, Medhananda and others all , ill treated other people, all because they thought they were some kind of superior beings or more devoted than others. In fact they were and are more ignorant than others that they could not recognize this fake Swami, and even when they noticed some anomaly, they did not question, instead they harassed the visiting devotees. So, do they acknowledge their misplaced trust and apologize to the people unconditionally?

  36. i don't think sahaj is out. he is still stuck. I agree with the blog owner. he is just faking it & playing everyone for a fool.

  37. I suspect Nithyananda has hired a good PR firm, or someone really savvy to implement this post-jail strategy. I don't think any of his ashramite yes-men are capable of coming up with these ideas:

    Such as posting the QnA with ashramites to YouTube, where he glibly talks about religious persecution and lies through his teeth about everything from how he was perpetually in samadhi, with untouched inner space, to how Ranjitha was a "humble devotee" and nothing more.

    Creating a new program where he will give enlightenment experience (again! now with 200 tested yogic techniques! don't miss this rare chance!!) provided you have either done his LBE/IA (meaning you are already a sucker), or are willing to set up a center and preach the Nithya gospel for life. Brilliant!

    Creating those placards carried by his peaceful ahimsa-practising marching devotees.

    But the most audacious act was to create that "Spiritual Holocaust Museum" at Bidadi. I mean WTF??! Do these people even have the remotest idea about what the real holocaust was? You equate millions of humans being massacred with your shortlived public debacle?

    Aren't you already back to business as usual, with your leader gloating that you will have millions more disciples now, and you are getting ready for it? I'm sure it's been a wildly effective strategy to broadcast this nonsense to the captive audience of visiting devotees in your ashram, about how after Jesus, and Vivekananda, and Mirabai, and Osho, you've been persecuted.

    Steve Jobs is famous for creating the Reality Distortion Field, but man, Nithyananda takes it to a whole new level.

  38. Sahaj is OUT! I know for sure. He has left the city. I even saw Sachit wishing him good luck on facebook. Unless ofcourse this whole thing is just a drama! But again who know? anything is possible with these x-anandas!!

  39. I don't think Ram compiled Bhagwath Gita. It came to Swami at night & he dictated the meaning of every shloka to his disciples just like that(in a matter of few hours). He mentioned this during IA.

  40. To the Anonymous @ July 28, 2010 11:35 PM

    You are still fooling yourself. This fake Swami can not even read a letter of Gita correctly, forget about understanding the meaning.

    Simply to recite Gita it takes minimum 1 1/2 hrs, if one is fluent in Sanskrit and Gita chanting over several years of practice. Too much talker fake Swami can not give the meaning in a few hours. Even if he has done so, will it turn out to be 3 big books?

    Ram did not write the books. They just collated/ plagiarized/ copied others writings, with their own masala from other talks of fake Swami.

    Do you think, one who understands Gita correctly will be capable to create such a scam and indulge in cheating devotees, run behind money and women?

    After understanding Gita, one will run and hide in Solan? or wants to wash sins in Ganga or do Pancha tapas which is the most rudimentary practice to train the body. Do you think such a person will still use Blue Kerosene (bought illegally from civil supplies dept) to make fire for pancha tapas?

    He is a cheat and incapable to produce any thing of value. I am amazed how still people are not out of their illusion.

  41. Nithy's lectures no longer sound like Osho. Did Nithy lose his ability to channel, oops, I meant to say 'download' the spirit of Osho?

    Actually, Nithy sounds more and more like the dribble out of Medhananda. Maybe Medhananda is Nithy's new ghost writer? At least it sounds more original if not a bit staid.

  42. And now for a refreshing change, read about this swami:

    Unlike the other 'high profile Babas', he does not believe in delivering sermons or travel in luxury cars.

    Instead he strongly believes in Rabindra Nath Tagore’s philosophy of ‘ekla cholo re’ (go alone if others do not support you).

    And following the same spirit, he rides a bicycle, carries saplings on his bicycle and spreads the message to keep the environment clean and preserve nature.

  43. What can anybody do if people still believe in this nitty chap?

    There are spiritual suckers born every minute in the world and fake swamis every second here in India.

    Let these id0ts suffer the consequences of their actions, so much has come out, Ranjitha is doing things which only a wife would do to a husband. And still fools believe that he is an avatar or the savior of mankind.

    And then they come up with a new philosophy and understanding that an avatar can do anything he wishes as he is free.

    So he is free to sleep with wives of devotees and will give ultimate realization to them.

    Meanwhile he will drain them out of their money and ultimately throw them out as paupers.

    Then the fake swami says that he was always in samadhi and that he is real paramhamsa.

    Nitty has no powers, he is a disgrace to us Indians and like him that joker swami from UK and many others.

    Nitty is a shameless guy, a liar, untruthful human and a fraud.

    If foolish people still believe in him then it is their bad fortune.

    Look at his latest videos, they dont show the audience only three of the ladies two of them are serious and one in the middle is smiling like an id0t when he is talking about his stay in jail. Yeah... looks like she was getting some energy darshans lately.

    Now he says that he is not a sanyasi and that paramhamsa state is higher than sanyasa.

    When will this charade end?

    Like they say in India "A dog's tail can never be straightened".

  44. "his intention was to do good but the person got robbed"
    Generally speaking, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

  45. Is Aikya & his brother Bhaktapriya is doing puja for Nithy? I remember Aikya as a nice kid newly out of college, I hope he is doing okay.

  46. The inside story of how the Bhagavad Gita volumes (and others) were written:

    Nithyananda would spend the evenings and nights browsing through various translations; he then had his assistants (ashramites) collate the key verses in English into his printed notes which he'd have stacked in front of him on stage.

    He can't chant most of the verses from memory, nor can he read Sanskrit too well (this is true for all the texts on which he has spoken - Vijnana Bhairava, Yoga Sutras etc).

    After having picked up enough jokes and general material from Osho prior to the discourse, Nithyananda would give his talk. Admittedly, he is quite good at holding his audience's attention.

    Later, the audio mp3s of the discourses would be made available to the team of dozens of transcribers worldwide (led and coordinated by Advaith), who'd labor at typing out, editing and cleaning up, and formatting the discourses into English fit to publish.

    Advaith was given the task of "chanelling" Nithyananda (aided, I'm sure, by Osho's books) for the remaining shlokas on which Nithyananda didn't speak. He then compiled the chapters into several volumes.

    On one occasion soon after Guru Purnima, I heard Nithyananda command Advaith to come up with 1000 books in the coming year (or some such ridiculously high number). Several other ashramites were also given such targets. The quality of the books churned out like this speaks for itself.

    At least several books have been directly "channeled" (aka ghostwritten) by a few ashramites including Sachit's daughter, Bhaktika etc.

  47. Nithy's inner-circle is a leaky vessel indeed.

    He paid the judge 5 crore Rs.

    Paid the Chief Minister of Karnataka 50 crore Rs.

    No one will believe, but it is the truth!!!! Just ask Nithy himself. He will be mad!!! Someone close to him is letting his secrets out!!! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!

  48. 50 crore to the cm of ktaka .... 5 crore to a judge .... I dunno if we can blive all this .... The CID seem to be doin their job .
    Sahaj s email was sent and fowarded to so many ppl am surprised it didn't get here sooner .why shld it be confidential ..only if such things are shared it sense. It was an email to satchit not an open letter so no quetion of apologizing to the public . It seems sad for all these ppl leavin jyotir an parama ma girija .... But don't forget they did their bit of arm twisting . The blog owner knows tht thts y the sceptism . Legal notices ,threats, jabs, etc were used ... Blog owner plss give us a lil big more info o. Wht tactics they used cause nithy is behind all these plans and his modus operandi shld be made known . Btw nithy calling the fence sitters up and meeting with them personally and swearing tht he is not the man in the video , it's a christian conspiracy , lenin is a catholic etc etc . He is also swearing tht he has never laid a finger on any woman in the ashram ..... LIAR

  49. You guys don't believe it. During IA there was whole night meditation. Swamiji sat on the stage whole night proof reading the books which were later published. It would be foolish to think that Sachit's daughter who is only 16 or so can come up with a spiritual book.

  50. Bhaktapriya & his brothers are out. haven't you seen his new dude pictures on facebook?
    Just search for Ramprasath Dorairaj. Yellow T-shirt with funky goggles..

  51. "Spiritual Holocaust Museum"
    Sounds so authentic!!

  52. Paid Judge 5 Crores..
    This is all just BS! Do you have a "pdf" document that proves it? :) Or can you make one up quickly?

  53. Sahaj is gone for real. Don't know why blog owner isn't able to take it. If Sevaka is gone then Gopika would be gone too. I think everyone left except Mukku. I think Mukku is the one reading this blog regularly too. If Mukku was the one who blew the whistle off for Mohan Singh, and there is a comment in this blog about it, then I am sure Mukku wrote that comment. nobody else would know that. Aikya and his brothers too left. Aikya is the sweetest person... I love him. I am happy they all left.

    Nithy is only interested in himself and promoting himself. None of the books were written by him. There was an alias where all these ghost writers and transcribers would communicate.

    Nithy was once telling that Bhaktika became immortal by writing "Guaranteed Solutions". "Living Enlightenment" is written by Bhaktika plus the other terrorist lady (can't remember her name, but you know the one who made that video shouting "WE DON'T HAVE MEDIA etc. etc. during NithyRoach's jailed days.) Manohar Shinde was telling the Samajis that Nithy gave his publication dept. some unpublished works of Osho and asked them overlay his style and language and publish them by his name. When asked why he'd do such a thing, it seems Nithyroach said that Osho appeared before him, gave him a darshan, and asked him to use his works and he retired on his tongue. Now you know who is writing all these Nithy books. It is not him for sure. He always retires to his room for some service and never has time for writing books. Remember what Lenin said? At least 40 women were affected in the one month of video capture. Obviously he couldn't capture all.

    Nithy is always coming up with ideas to suck the rich. He never cares for someone who can't contribute to his wealth or fame. So many people who wanted to become ashramites were turned down because they didn't have enough cash reserves. Only rich or educated were made ashramites in the US. Remember Muni?? He was entertained because he was rich. He was kicked out because he was not contributing. Popats & Shinde & Rambatlas & all doctors received attention because they could contribute well. All others were neglected because they can't contribute so much. For that matter within ashramites, Mukku never got any attention I feel since he hasn't contributed much. Nithyroach is just a cockroach. nothing else.

    I am happy for all ashramites, samajis who left the org. I was a volunteer for 5 years and am out now. I lost a lot of $$$$$ by just volunteering. Can't imagine Sahaj's life changed so much and what other ashramites have gone through.

    I don't think Sahaj and others need to apologize. They were all victims. If they did anything knowing the facts, then they'd be wrong.

    PS: Mohan Singh fixed my back so he did some good. But I am still happy he is caught. Rapist should be behind bars.

  54. Swamiji sat on the stage whole night proof reading the books which were later published.

    Sure. Proof reading isn't creating content. He made Advaith revise the biography many times. Doesn't mean he came up with the Gita books (or any other books) all by himself overnight.

    It would be foolish to think that Sachit's daughter who is only 16 or so can come up with a spiritual book.

    You have no idea. Let's just say I know what I'm talking about. The book "The Only Way Out is In" was written entirely by her. She's a smart girl.

  55. Om Namah Shivaya,

    In regards to Anon's comment @JULY 29, 2010 4:42 AM, 55 crore Rupees comes to almost $12.5 million U.S.D. 5 crore Rupees = $ 1,074,113.86 U.S.D. (judge) and 50 crore Rupees = $ 10,741,138.56 U.S.D (Chief Minister of Karnataka). Although that seems in line with 'approximate' rates from our experience in working in other developing countries, that still is a lot of money. Nithyananda only had a known reserve of about $ 7.1 million U.S.D. in the accounts that were frozen. All of these 'developments' such as getting his bail restrictions lightened, etc. happened after his bank accounts were 'unfrozen'. We doubt that there were big donors willing to come up with an extra $ 5.3 Million U.S.D. and we very much doubt that Nithyananda would spend all of his cash just to try to influence top officials. (Mind you, that this is a shady practice with no trail and no guarantee. It's honor amongst thieves.) We are very certain, but no proof, that Nithyananda has more reserves than the $7.1 million in his accounts, but to be able to access those that quickly and openly raises serious doubts.

    We'll look at this big bribe comment as an 'interesting' rumor, and we'll be open to the possibility that it could be true. Who knows, if a CBI probe casts a huge net, some really big fish might get caught along with the blood sucking piranha, that's you, Sri Nithyananda. Time will tell.

    Jai Maa

  56. If Mukku was the one who blew the whistle off for Mohan Singh, and there is a comment in this blog about it, then I am sure Mukku wrote that comment. nobody else would know that.

    I made that comment, and no, I am not Mukku. I was actually present there, and personally spent an hour or more chatting with this Mohan fellow, because he seemed interesting, and I was a sucker for stories - he claimed he lived with Osho for many years. He was there with a blond European guy who said he was a model and who was carrying two cellphones.

    I also witnessed him give the back treatment to one woman (don't know if it's the same one who has commented here - she had short curly blonde hair) in the Duarte ashram reception area. The ashram used to be quite an open place during those days.

  57. I remember Muni was given Kavi clothes by Swami just after Duarte Ashram was in place. I once saw Swami scolding him for not covering his chest with Kavi.
    Later I guess Swami didn't find any use for him as he was not doing much for the foundation. Muni is a cardio surgeon & does heart transplants. Wonder why he couldn't change swami's heart!

  58. Curly blonde hair lady->has to be Mukta Pushpa. She is still an Ananda Sevak. Full time volunteer. Moved to San Jose recently with her husband.

  59. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Some general replies:

    The comments that specifically mention Mukku given @ JULY 28, 2010 4:35 PM:

    The surprise hero who blew the whistle on this little criminal was no other than Nithyananda Niranjana (Mukku Subramanian).

    were from us. We know Mukku as a wonderful family man, loving husband, and dedicated father. He excels in these areas. The Cult of Nithyananda has torn that apart from him, as it has done to so many. Sorry to say that Mukku had lost his way, but there is still time for him to regain his past. Like many of the very close disciples, Mukku became an 'investor' that bet the family farm on Nithyananda. Seemed like a sure thing even just one year ago. But, the lid came off. Everything is at stake. Sorry, Mukku, and others, it's time to cut your losses and regain the treasures that are still in front of you. Your wife is a wonderful being, no-nonsense lady with a big heart. Your son is another you. We're sure he misses you and needs you. Your guidance at this age is so critical. Please be there for him. Forget this nonsense with Nithyananda. It will only lead to ruin. You are still young and employable. You will quickly regain your losses, but you will never get your son and family back if you wait much longer. Regret lasts a life time. Financial losses just a year or so. Please choose. Time is running out.

    Yes, Sachit's daughter is brilliant and we hope that she can free herself of this trap too. We understand that she co-wrote the book, "The Only Way Out is In" along with Chinmay (Santosh) who of course is Bhaktananda's son. Both of these young adults have great potential and dim prospects. The shadow must be removed.

    Jai Maa.

  60. I wish someone informs this to Rambhatlas if they are not reading this blog...

    This has happened right in front of me. No hearsay...

    When Nithy organized a conference of doctors in a tent for the university to be built in San Diego; he was very upset with Rambhatlas as they had donated only a hundred thousand dollars for the university. He said, "these CHANDALAS have so much money. still gave only a hundred thousand dollars." He started playing games with Rambhatlas by giving more attention to Popatji and Kurwadiji.

    Finally Rambhatlas got manipulated and gave a check of million dollars. At that time, Nithy said to Mrs. Rambhatla "Ma, whatever you have is all mine".
    Nithy noticed the discomfort in her eyes and immediately added "And whatever I have is all yours. And trust me whatever I have is much more than What you have."

    Poor couple got convinced that they were getting much more in return.

    Nithy had collected a lot of money for building a vedic university and a vedic city around San Diego which never got built.

    I guess people got fooled by The university(? it was a joke) they acquired in Florida for free and forgot that the money they had donated was not used for the cause.

    Please share more of such experiences so that brainwashed devotees such as Rambhatlas who are still "in" can see things as they really are.

  61. Back in old days, just after Duarte Ashram was started, they had offered LBP for free. That was few days before two day swami workshop(NSP?). Some 40 people attended that LBP. LBP used to be $100 in those days. I overheard Sachit complaining to Bhakta about it asking him why it was offered for free & it is a loss of $4000.

    Bhakta replied ..don't worry..this is a trap. All those people will feel obligated & come back and attend two days workshop and we will get $10K out of this(40x$250). This is how it works in USA. I could see the evil smile on Bhakta's face.


    Om Namah Shivaya,

    We stand to be corrected. To the best of our knowledge, Sahaj is now definitely OUT of the cult. Repeat. Sahaj is OUT of the cult of Nithyananda.

    We apologize for the inaccuracies posted yesterday. Although this is not much of an excuse, there have been many 'fremenies' trying to suck information from us. In addition, other cult members are in the 'process' of escaping. This is usually not a straight forward path. It swings back and forth. One day they are nearly out, next day, back firmly back in. We've had so many attempts to extract information, so many attempts to harm us, and so many lies that it is hard to keep track of who stands where at one point. Anyway, we must stand up and acknowledge where we erred and correct the information that we now know.

    We are happy for Sahaj and glad that he can go forward. We give him our best wishes and prayers for a bright future ahead.

    Jai Maa.

  63. Sahaj is out! That is the best news I got today. I know he was no fake. His letters was so painful sincere and sad. I knew him a little before he became head of LA Ashram. He was one of kindest and most thoughtful ashramites ....I am glad Aikya is out too.

  64. Lenin claimed that he had few more DVDs of Swami. Why didn't he give those out to media?

  65. Apologies accepted Exposenithyananda, you had your reasons to suspect that writer.

    I want to ask Sahaj... what made you throw your life like this, quiting a good job(SAP) after being married... with commitments?

    I mean... din't you think anything about your future and the future for your family?

    You had to ask people for help when your wife was in the hospital, you were without income for three years etc. Did you have any support from the ashram ?

    If educated people like you can be so naive, what to speak about the millions of uneducated Indians!

    Sahaj, if you dont have any job, you can as well write a book titled "The Sticky Web Of Nithyananda Cult" and please list out the reasons which pulled you to his cult.

    This sob story and sulking is pointless, make your life worthy by exposing nithy's tricks.

    I know some software chaps associated with the nithyananda mission in Chicago, these shrewd chaps are holding on to their jobs and also promote nithyananda at the local Hindu temples. Their job is to get people to visit the ashram once and volunteer. Subsequently they will be conned to join a course... and the whole story repeats.

  66. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time for us to jump in. Thanks anon @ JULY 30, 2010 3:02 AM for your comments.

    We would like to clarify from our firsthand experience, it is very hard to leave a cult once you are in... and the extent and the deepness of this trap goes beyond fathoming. We encourage you to look at one of our earliest posts where Nithyananda is performing a fire ritual using thousands of red chilies. This is very dark stuff, and not many, very few in fact, want to acknowledge it. That's OK.

    Sahaj, being out is enough. We're happy for you for that.

    For everyone else, its a lot of pain to reflect on how your life got turned upside down. We were in it deep, but not as deep as others. It took us a full year of being out completely before we were strong enough to fight back. Our lives our still chaotic. It is not realistic to think that someone who comes out will immediately be publishing a book or holding press conferences. Perhaps a better place to start is seeing a dentist, getting a job, etc. That is enough.

    Those that are curious to know why well-educated people can fall so deeply? It puzzles us too, and we were there. One reason (out of many) is that logical people who were not rooted in spirituality and developed a true relationship with the Divine Mother (or other form) or in some ways more easily swayed. Watch out all you software engineers. Your logical might fail. Develop some roots now or our fate could be yours. Nithyananda had it so well planned out. Another way was to get spouses to join and willing to leave the other spouse, then those spouses had little choice but to follow or look at separation. Once in the trap, then these folks are sucked in to.

    Yes, we need to have several posts on ways that fake gurus, particularly, Nithyananda, would suck in people. For those who got out or are getting out... give your self time. It takes lots of it, and there is not always a lot of support. Just being out is a HUGE accomplishment. Take care of yourself first. No one else will do this for you.

    Those that are out, have some patience and offer forgiveness to those that are out. I really will help a lot to heal.

    That's enough for now.

    Jai Maa.

  67. Personally I feel very happy to see that Swami is out and free. You guys got to understand that he is out only because of you. There were no organized efforts to make a strong legal case. Except Dharma and his team and the blog owner I don't see anyone doing anything concretely. You all are just keyboard jockeys.

    You did not help because it did not happen to YOU. You do not have any compassion to understand the pain of the victims. I am happy that the victims did not trust you guys and came forward. Otherwise they would have ruined their lives.

    Evil will prevail when good people do nothing.

  68. Any idea about the St.Louis centre?The Acharya there Ma Satyavani ( mrs.akhila balram) as a very sweet person and I know some people who sacrificed so much to take care of the temple there and got duped heavily , so to speak.I hope they all managed to come out of this mess.

  69. What about Rajiv Malhotra? What does he have to say about the whole episode now.

  70. Now there is e-Prathyaksha Pada Puja..
    Wow..these guys don't waste any time.

  71. NAKKERAN MAG EXCERPT::Even when he is aware that his own Karmas are raising high against him, Nithyananda has started his dance/play thinking that he can get away from everything with the money power. This is statement from one of the CID’s enquiring Nithyananda’s case.

    What the CID meant by play is the guru poornima hungama.

    Nithy had made arrangements for the gurupoornima program on a Sunday at the ashram. Gurupoornima is the day when the guru takes/ accepts the sins of devotees. For the guru who takes away their sins , devotees offer rice, dhal, and also currency, gold, diamond at gurus feet.

    Before Ranjitha CD is released, 15 to 20 thousand people used to take part in this event. At that time the offerings devotees make at Nithy’s feet used to amount to Rs. 50 crores. Nithyananda was basking in on the grand celebration of this event. This time , like political parties, he had to indulge in gathering people.

    People were picked up in vans and other vehicles. People of Karnataka were paid and were picked up to attend this event. Communities like Vishwa Hindu parishith were also brought for the function. Even then then there were hardly 1500 pleple. The pada puja collection was also very dull. Though Nithy was very upset with this, he faked a joyful appetence.
    Nithy was moving around in the ashram on a golden palanquin and was enjoying throwing chocolates at the ladies as usual.

    The ashram’s mega lingam had gumbabishekam in 2009. After that, this gurupoornima saw the kumbabishekam with 100 pots of milk and 100 pots of sandalwood water.All these were done to attract the media and they wanted this to be published in a big way.

    Nithy’s disciples met the press in Chennai. At that time they were repeatedly saying that Nithy-ranji Cd was fake.

    We (Nakeeran team) told the Bangalore CIDs that Nithy-Ranji CD is being denied by them on what grounds/ How dare.

    CID says we met Ranjitha in Chennai and spoke to her for may hrs. It looks like she also got brainwashed from the ashram side . she kept repeating that its not her and she does not know about the CD and that she and Nithy had not done anything. But there is solid proof that the CD is original.

    The Cd will speak for itself in the court to prove that the disciples are wrong.

    In the same way Nithy is repeatedly saying that, I have no property and business in my name: I am only a swami. All properties are in the ashram’s name’. ‘There are charges filed against Nithyannada in America’ said the CID.

    We ( nakeeran team) again and again asked the CID for the details of the case filed in America. Nithyananda has two trusts in the name of Nithyananda yoga foundation and life bliss foundation. The amount that got collected got exemption from the tax as it was declare that the amount was for service.

    Declaring himself as a sanyasi, he had fun with Ranjitha playing and rolling with her in bed against sanyas principle. Same way he was declaring that he is a sanyasi and that there is no property in his name, no business in his name, everything is in the trusts name. But against what he had declared, he was running a share market firm in America with some partners.

    In the company named ‘ Nithyananda Capital Management’, gopika’s husband rajesh Krishnan was the MD and Subinglin ( not sure of the spelling) is the partner. Along with them Nithyananda is also a partner with the name nithyananda swami. ( please refer to the proof).

    Like India’s share market fraud of Harshad Mehta, the America’s ‘ Nithyananda Capital Management’ where nithyananda is the manager, also is involved in too many frauds. The American police which has found this with all proofs is planning to bring Nithy to books /enquiry soon.

    So, looks like Nithy’s worst karmas is not going to leave him easily.

  72. Any chance that Nithy be brought to trial in the USA?

    By the way, Nithy didn't believe in karma - according to one talk he gave. I don't remember the exact words. The karma idea is for society to maintain order and conformity to its moral values. Karma has little to do with higher consciousness - this is also a new age concept.

    Nithy might had pick it from some New Age books.

  73. To Mrs Grumpy JULY 30, 2010 9:50 AM

    Stop telling people about what they could have done or not, i have been following this blog even before the scandal broke, doing my bit in waking people up.

    You wrote "Personally I feel very happy to see that Swami is out and free."

    That shows what sort of character you have, i dont think any self respecting person be happy if any fraud is free.

    Before the scandal you must have been sitting under his unholiness and singing his glory but probably you understood the futility of following this person, you never bothered to wake any of your friends up, you are a hypocrite, so stop telling people that they would have ruined others, personally you must have ruined many people with your attitude.

    All of us know that its because of the efforts of Dharma nithy was caught in act. It would have never happened to me because the first time i saw this nithy i knew that he is a fraud like many others, more so, the stories about his realizations/past life etc were ridiculous.

    Your sort of people were against this blog owner from the day one, still this person has emerged victorious.

    Todays victim's were yesterday's workers, they have to redeem themselves by not allowing others to fall in this vicious trap of 'promised realizations' or 'guaranteed solutions' and helping those you are actively involved(Dharma etc)in exposing nithy.

    And stop using capitals when you write blog / emails etc, thats shows lack of web etiquette.

    Coming back to the topic...

    Nithy is trying to copy Osho with all the hisses at the end(see video), but he sounds more like a snake.

    Like .. devoteesssss , empathisessss.

    He has been doing it in all his videos, hissing like a snake, at least Osho was original.

    The smile is clear giveaway to the naughty things this chap must indulged in.

    I like the last part about the videos ... "and they just might be aired when you least expect them too."

  74. Osho was original, and more importantly, Osho was HONEST about his philosophy.

    On the other other hand, Nithy did the opposite of what he preaches - he promotes celibacy and marital fidelity, but he practices the opposite. He talked of how absolute truth is to the extend that it is impossible to attain, yet his life story and everything else is nothing but a big lie.

    I am no fan of Osho.

    Those who know or saw has the responsibility to EXPOSE!

    The only way to eliminate or reduce the harm to future seekers (and those who are still trapped) is to let the truth out!

  75. "...i have been following this blog even before the scandal broke, doing my bit in waking people up."
    Brilliant. How many people have you successfully woken up, then?
    "...still this person has emerged victorious."
    I fear you have made a slight exaggeration. That sentence would be appropriate after placing Nithy behind bars, permanently. As of now, he's going on with his lectures and arrangements. True, that doesn't do as much damage now that his audience has been reduced dramatically, but I doubt you are to take any credit for that.
    "...they have to redeem themselves..."
    Having to redeem oneself implies that one is guilty of something. Do you mean Nithy's victims are guilty of being naive and gullible?
    "And stop using capitals when you write blog / emails etc, thats shows lack of web etiquette."
    Normally, capitals are used at the beginning of every sentence and every proper name. Abbreviations also consist of capitals only. A single word or a phrase may be written in capitals if the writer intends to stress it (not everyone is familiar with HTML, and hence not everyone can highlight by writing in bold or italic). Also, capitals are frequently used for Web acronyms - I could have started this sentence with "FYI".
    Finally, I'd recommend you to pay more attention to your spelling before you blame others for lacking web etiquette.

  76. To funny person AUGUST 2, 2010 10:16 AM,

    You are as dumb as your replies...

    First, i am not taking any credit for anything, get that right! Second, nithy's real victims are the people who were devotees and who believed in him to be an avatar and gave their hard earned money as faith so that he utilizes the money for good causes and also to have his blessings for their spiritual growth.

    They were betrayed by this liar, people who worked for him and today are out of the group should contribute as the blog owner has done and redeem themselves. If thats so difficult for you to understand.

    Lastly, reading your last comment i feel YOU lack great understanding of anything, to make it clear, the capitals i was mentioning about, was for sentences which have 'YOU' or something which indicates YOU are suffering from some mental disease due to lack of patience or due to the fact that YOUR views are not accepted or YOU just want to press/stress YOUR thought on someone (my apologies for using an example for the simpleton).

    Forget about getting the spelling right or what you meant was 'grammar', you have to do away with these egoistic replies and understand that we have a common enemy(not in HATE sense please).

    But then you could just be a dumb fremenie...

    @Hippie -


    Osho was very honest and nithy is nowhere near Osho in terms of delivering discourses too.

    Osho had tremendous sense of humour and i have enjoyed his talks even though i dont follow him.

    Nithy is a copy cat who tries to make people laugh with silly jokes, sporting the perennial fake smile, walking like a half man and woman, cross dressing and what not.

    I cant believe if some people still feel that he is a realized being.

  77. "First, i am not taking any credit for anything, get that right!"
    See, even you understand you shouldn't.
    "They... should contribute..."
    Do you think you're the person to judge what they should do and what they should not? I remember you stating you knew Nithy was a fraud all along; how can you be so decisive when you can barely imagine what his victims have gone through?
    "Lastly, reading your last comment..."
    That's a tautology. Quite a sin for a person concerned with web etiquette. You actually understand using capitals for stressing points well; I expected having to clarify again.
    "Forget about getting the spelling right or what you meant was 'grammar'..."
    No, perhaps I'm not as dumb as you think. I do mean your spelling, which isn't always up to the required standards. We'll go over your grammar some other time, if that concerns you. For now, just consider how ironic it is that you "reprimand" a poster for using capitals, and then ask another one to forget about spelling and grammar.
    "...understand that we have a common enemy..."
    This is just the perfect example, you'll have to live with that one. It's YOUR enemy, the enemy of this entire community that thinks it's doing something. I've never had anything to do with Nithy and probably won't ever have. I've been following this blog for almost a year now, and I was absolutely sure it would cope with the task. Now I merely observe what's going on, knowing all too well that, if Nithy does get jailed, nobody in here will have anything to do with it.
    "But then you could just be a dumb fremenie..."
    Well, yeah, there's one contribution this blog can't be denied. The F-word.

  78. Instead of people fighting the way these two persons are fighting, this blog should be more about presenting the facts. Not about what I think or what you think about some of things going around. It would be more helpful if we get reports like how many people attended Guru Purnima celebrations in various Vedic temples in USA; How did the grand opening of San Jose temple go? or did it even reopen after all?

  79. Well, yeah, there's one contribution this blog can't be denied. The F-word [fremeny].

    Yeah. Shame that it was spelled like a dyslexic :)

    Friend + enemy = freNeMy .

    I have too much time on my hands right now :P

  80. I was looking at the pictures on their website for Jul 27. I am surprised that few people from LA flew their to do Pancha Tapas. I see
    Terri Sun & Yi Yi Sun from Los Angeles in there. Also see Anjula Jackson(Ma Viroopananda) from Ohio in there. No sign of Natrajan couple from Ohio.
    Dheera is their with his girl friend Bharati.

    Whats up with this School uniform (for 1008 children) press meet? Was no mention on that on any news.

    Did anyone notice Swami has started recylcing spiritual names? There is now a new Ma Maneeshananda.

    I have too much time on my hands right now :P

  81. Hisses that people think Osho used to make when saying words that end with 's' was due to his Madhya Pradesh Background. Lot of hindi speaking people from India tend to do this.

  82. "Friend + enemy = freNeMy ."
    Thank you. I do feel better now. Did you mean "dilsexyc"? :)
    I suppose having some info about "enemy deployments" would be more relevant than my concern over spelling and grammar, but neither are really useful. By speaking about such matters, or just about any other matters, one cannot provide new evidence for the CID, find witnesses or help the cause in any way.

  83. I noticed the recycled names too. There's an Advaitananda. For a moment I was confused.

  84. Interesting thing about the spiritual names is that on the site they are all spelled North Indian style: Nitya, not Nithya. Was the letter h intentionally dropped, I wonder.

    Another interesting thing: Pancha agni tapas is supposed to include 5 fires, including the blazing sun above (usually in the hot Indian summer). If it's raining and there's no sun overhead, is it still considered pancha agni? :D

  85. And also, there is new Ma Girija.
    What if any of these decide to come back?

    One thing for sure. No one can ever replace Ma Maneesha. She is the BEST Yoga instructor!!
    Very good sense of humor. 2 hours would go by just like that when she was teaching the class.

  86. What most people don't know, is that the entire Nithya Yoga system - the vinyasa krama etc - was put together by Ma Maneesha and G Mayi. They wrote the entire manual for it.

    Nithyananda's only contribution was inserting his name (Nithya) into the surya namaskar mantras :)

  87. I was laughing at the recycled names too. The old Annadata of LA temple - YXXXXX (who have thankfully left the cult , I'm so glad for their family) used to be called Girijananda. Now the name goes to the Amudharoopini lady who is probably in charge of the kitchen in Bidadi. Hilarious!

  88. recycled names ....girija ,parama , advaita,gopika,lolll too much

  89. Ma Maneesha told us N worked with her every day for six months in order for her to learn Nithya Yoga well enough to be able to teach it herself. She certainly presented it as coming directly from N himself. Wherever it came from, Ma Maneesha did an exquisite job of teaching it. Perhaps she was being self-effacing in giving N all the credit.

  90. Ma Maneesha might had learn form Nithy. Nithy knows some real yoga and have some yogic realization.

    He is a fallen yogi with siddhis. That is what makes him so dangerous. And many very smart sincere spiritual aspirants were fooled.

    Please read Sahaj's letter publised earlier. Sahaj is a very smart and sincere guy, he was tricked by Nithy and his siddhis. All ex-devotees were all deceived to some extended.

  91. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Some thoughts to the recent comments about Nithya Yoga and 'credit' do.

    No doubt about it, Ma Nithyananda Gnaneshwari Mayi (G-ma) and Ma Maneesha are very talented and wonderful beings (as are most, but not all, victims inside Nithyananda's trap.) They worked hard and smart to develop something really good. (We're sure they borrowed on other's work, but we saw lots of original 'blueprints', so this success, unlike Nithyananda's books, was not just a cut-n-paste affair.) Kudos to them.

    We can very much understand why they would never take credit for their hard efforts. While deep in Nithyananda's cult trap, it was never proper to say that "We did it." for any accomplishment. The only accepted lines were "It was Swami's energy." "It was master's grace.", etc. Otherwise, you were expressing your own EGO. Bad. Bad. Bad. Ego = bad. Ego = not enlightened. EGO = not close to Swami's 'energy'. Any form of expression that hinted someone or something other than Nithyananda getting full credit for anything good was not tolerated. Violators of this code were ostracized. No one was forced to wear a scarlet letter, but any comment other than the accepted lines would get whispers, indirect hits, etc. It would soon be clear to that person that you were 'not an 'inside' member of the organization' for expressing such matters. Social control if very, very, very tight with this cult. So, no wonder that Ma Maneesha and G Mayi would always claim that Nithyananda was the one who did everything. That's just being good company foot soldiers. Sometimes-Swami Sri Sachitananda would be proud. Yes, this is just one more way the cult of Nithyananda lived the lie and propagated fraud. Shameful.

    We're so glad that Ma Maneesha woke up and got out of this cult trap. We hope the best for her in her life ahead. We send similar prayers to Ma Nithyananda Gnaneshwari Mayi (G-ma) that she wakes up and gets out of this criminal cult.

    Encouraging news. We noted that her 'profile' is missing from the latest version of Nithya Yoga Sex Drones Teachers.

    Let's hope that she's out for good. Please send her our collective prayers.

    Jai Maa.

  92. Om Namah Shivaya,

    This comment is directed to all the other comments about 'new Nithya cult names' specifically to anon @ AUGUST 3, 2010 10:35 AM who said:

    "And also, there is new Ma Girija.
    What if any of these decide to come back?"

    Please understand. This is the lack of compassion that Nithyananda has. He does not give a rat's a$$ about anything other than himself. His compassion is limited to YouTube and other attempts to suck the life force, your bank account, and specific body parts out of people. He is a fraud and villain of the worst type.

    In the business world, when former employees leave, especially after years of service, there's generally an acknowledgement and a line of good will that the former employee might be able to at least get a recommendation. The retirement fund 401(K) also follows.

    With Nithyananda, there's no such thing. Your whole life could be breathing to prop up his life, and that's exactly the brainwash dribble that Bhaktananda teaches in the Bhakti Spurana Program. When you go, all is left is the shell of the person you were before being caught into the cult. Just one of the many tools that this evil man, Nithyananda, does is 'his name'. He takes that away as fast as you can. This is identity theft, and the cult treats you like trash. No matter how much you've done for them, you've become just a cheap and dispensable commodity. Quickly sold to the next sucker.

    On the brighter side, this horrible treatment ensures that once brainwashed cult members will be unlikely to return any time soon. Like cold turkey withdrawal, it is painful, but healthy. You never know when you're getting good luck. We hope that the 'old' Ma Girija castes her cult name in the trash and proudly wears the name her parents gave her for this lifetime.

    Note to Sri Paramananda. We know that you have done great harm to others, who are not so ready to let you off the hook. You cannot undo your past, but you can do the right things now. You are kindly requested to protect your family from falling into any more evil cults like Nithyananda's. Temples are fine; cults that are centered around a 'charismatic' individual with false promises are forbidden. Yes, act responsible. You are also to worship your sweet and loving wife as a representative of the Divine Mother herself (she is) and recognize all of her numerous talents and gifts to the world. You will be only committed to her and her alone to your last breath. You will also be committed inseparably to the wellbeing of your sweet and loving children. You will spend your weekends and evenings with them. Outings to zoos, museums, movies... everything that helps them become better beings and well-adjusted with themselves must be done. You will help them each night with their homework. You will take a sincere interest in every aspect of their lives, and talk to them with dignity and respect. You will be understanding when they stumble and fall. You will never 'parade' them for telling a lie as you once did, and always remember that you, yourself, came woefully short in your past. That is the responsibility that you forgot as you were mesmerized by the cult. Come to terms now, and that will certainly help heal the pain you caused to others. We will be watching and praying that you will be successful.

    Jai Maa.

  93. Was Ma Girija (the first one) married to Paramananda? Girija was a really sweet lady cooking for us all.

  94. "We will be watching and praying that you will be successful." Paramananda needs YOUR prayers to be successful!!

  95. From my new understanding, enlightenment is a profound experience, but it is not such a great deal. It improves your energy circulation, puts you closer to all things that are. But it does not produce ethics, or even the best and most frank way of handling people. If so many villagers are enlightened as it is claimed, then it shouldn't be a recognition of talent for handling the real world.

    My guess is that one has to go beyond the enlightenment. There is something else, which comes from reflecting on what we want life and society around us to be about. That is where Truth can be Truth. Sometimes it might hurt some people but mostly it will do good in the long run.

    I don't make any excuses for nithyananda, nor for any organized religion or even science. I think the way we have structured society and our goals, is out of sync with what would be best for the human race. But if that is the case, I am always on the look for disruptions. Be them through fake or true swamis, or true new ideas.

    This scandal also brought together with it, some of the hypocritical behavior of devotees. Of course, many were hurt. And I feel for them. But I also remember the arrogance and conceit they had while in the organization. They had their "living God" so others were s***. Now, life shows that a "living God", is first a man, and then whatever else...

    Since from the beginning many of these people could never be themselves, be proud and simple on their own feet, now the hurt is multiplied by so many times... I wish they can recover and have a good life. But at least now, let us each walk in our two feet.

    For the owner of the blog, for so long you trashed me and made me "public enemy number 1". This was the same us against them in NIthyananda church. I left this org a long, long, long time ago. Exactly for this reason. Yet, I never chose to reveal it...

    I left before knowing about any sex scandal, or even unfounded truth about his wanderings. All of that never really mattered to me, because I was learning some meditation. But when the devotees started behvaing like nut cases, with jockeing,lobbying, and being rude, I left. I can learn on my own...

    Curiously, I don't feel any remorse, hurt or even cheated. I spent quite an amount of money by the way. But it was my choice, and I will make more. We are all capable of following our lives with our own two hands and two feet.

    It is nice when you find some external inspiration. But that shouldn't be a medicine... I still am grateful for what I learnt, a bit mad for what I lost, but all in all, happy I have grown leaps and bounds, and now feel more in command of my own life.

    Anyway, you can retire public enemy number 2. For the record, I'm very much against Nithyananda. I hope he fails. He is a criminal.


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