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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stop Nithyananda's Fraud; Please Come Forward

Victims, Please Come Forward and Prevent Others From Suffering Your Fate

We interrupt our normal blog style to ask all the victims of Nithyananda's fraud to come forward and tell the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) your story. We are at the tipping point of a long journey. At this juncture, we could either gain a legal conviction against Nithyananda and his cult or Nithyananda can be acquitted due to a lack of witnesses.

Please, please, please, for the sake of humanity, this is your time to come forward and prevent others from having the unfortunate fate they we shared. The CID Team has expressed concerns that not enough witnesses have come forward to reach a judgment against Nithyananda. The case, as it is right now, is weak. Not weak due to moral grounds; not weak due to allegations, but weak due to too many other people think that someone else will do the job for them. The strength to stop all of these wrongs comes from the ones who are reading these words now. This is the time to act. There is only a few more days that Nithyananda can be held in remand (jail) unless someone comes forward. If not, Nithyananda will be back on his 24(K) throne, making more brainwashing YouTube videos, and calling more mesmerized ladies to give him more of his tantric room service experiments.

Therefore, if you have any sense of moral values as well as have information that will be of interest to the CID team, please, please, please come forward.

The CID Team needs this information:
  1. The crime needed to happen on Indian soil. If you received fraudulent sales calls or threats from India but received them in North America or Malaysia, please come forward.
  2. Victims of Nithyananda's tantric experiments.   These were just wrong and unwholesome.  No one should have to go through what you went through.  Please help prevent other people from suffering the same abuse.  Please help other victims of the past to heal.  But, only you can do this.
  3. If you have information on the financial dealings of Nithyananda's fraud, please come forward.  Do not discount anything.  If you have a receipt for a Shiva Lingam that was supposed to be installed, but never was, and if you have the receipt for this 'donation', please come forward.  The CID Team needs your help.
To all the ladies that were victims to Nithyananda's tantric experiments, please gather your strength.  This is the time to act.  We have spoken directly with the Banglore CID Team in charge of investigating Nithyananda,  both Sri KN Yogappa and top CID Administrator.  They are men of their word.  They have promised that anyone coming forward will be treated with dignity and respect.  They have female police officers that you will be able  to confide with and tell your story if sharing your story with a man is too difficult.  The top CID Administrator has promised that your identity will be protected.  That your testimonial will remain confidential.  He also promised that anyone coming forward will receive police protection against any harassing or physical threats that Nithyananda and his rowdy swamis might try to use to intimidate you.  You will not be alone.

Furthermore, top CID Administrator promised that anyone who becomes a witness (also known as an approver) will not be prosecuted for any legal irregularities that might have occurred on your side.  Yes, Nithyananda and his crafty management led by the likes of Swami Nithya Sadhananda, must certainly tried to intimidate you and threaten you.  Do not worry.  The one-sided ten-page contract is illegal and void.  It will only be used against them, not you.  Even if you helped bring others to receive Nithyananda, your innocence will be maintained.  And, even the few that helped schedule these encounters for Nithyananda, as long as you come forward now, your innocence  will be maintained.  You will be protected, and your innocence is guaranteed.  Yes, this is both the time to forgive and to act.  Unfortunately, this is a shrinking window, one that the opportunity to come forth and do the right thing is vanishing.  We only have a few days more.  We really need your help, to do the right thing, and to bring this heinous crime to an end.  No one, including you, should have to go through this.  Please act now.

On a personal level, we at this blog and the team that we have collected will try our best to make your life good again.  We expressed our opinion of all the ladies who have fallen victim to Nithyananda on our blog post two weeks ago:
Respecting the Victims of Nithyananda, the Fraud-God, & His Cult
We haven't changed.  We will never change.  Our opinion of you will only go up if you can come forward now and help the CID team.  Sorry, there isn't much we can offer in terms of compensation or reward.  But, as soul brothers, we will try to look after you if you would like our help.  If you are single and a victim of Nithyananda's crimes, we know that there are a lot of men who will worship you and want to marry you just as you are.  These men value the strength of a woman who can come forward and take the dharmic action and be bold when society norms pressure the weak to look the other way.  True spiritual beings love those that have the fearlessness to face down evil and ensure that it is stopped.  Many really good men are out there that will hold you so high that they will never let you down.  They know that they could never get anyone better in life than someone like you.  These men are not interested in dowries, societal approval, and other material nonsense.  They want solid partners to go forward in life, to have a mother of their children that will teach their children the same qualities that you demonstrated.  To these people, there is no stigma, only glory.  We cannot promise you a match, but we will promise you, as our sister, that we will look and network tirelessly for you, if you want us to do so.

So, please, we ask all victims of Nithyananda's crimes, please come forward and let the CID teams hear your story.  Good things happen to those that uphold dharma.

Here's the information again:
Report A Fraud-god
Contact: Sri KN Yogappa, Superintendent of Police (CID-Special Inquiry)
Int'l Tel: 011 91 94-808-00123
Int'l Fax: 011 91 80-223-81894
In India Tel: 9480800123
In India Fax: 080-22381894
Mail Address: Carlton House, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560 001

Tamil Nadu:

Good News! Tamil Nadu has re-opened the case and wants to hear from you. Best to inform both the Karnataka CID and the Tamil Nadu CID Teams.  (The Karnataka CID Team is urgent.)
Website: Criminal Branch, Criminal Investigation Department of Tamil Nadu (CBCID)
At this website, all the contact information to make a criminal complaint and press charges against 'Swami' Nithyananda are right there: email addresses, phone numbers, and mail addresses, etc.  Be mail a signed original, preferably notarized, to them, just to make it nice and legal.
May the Divine Mother bless everyone.  Jai Maa.
Latest Headlines:
Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.


  1. Dear Mr. Yogappa,

    It seems Sri Ayia and his wife are the once signed the sex contracts for Nithyananda. Please catch them and they will sing like caneries.

    They were the once brokering for Nithyananda.


  2. Dear CID Team,

    Please catch Pranananda and Gnanananda who seem to have all the information.

  3. Dear Victims,

    There are other brothers in USA like me that are definately going help you once you come out and testify. Please don't consider this as empty promise. Contact this blog owner below privately and his network will help you financially also. This blog owner is being very honest when he is saying this. Please stop this fake Sanyasi. Yes, he may have done some good healing to you or others but, sex by master is a spiritual crime and unforgivable crime by the master in law of the land.

    Please come forward.

  4. To the relatives of the victims:

    We understand in India taking this stand against big spiritual master is a big matter, but, you will be helping hundreds of women latter and saving them from this trap in future.

    Again, in US we will do all that is possible to take care of you as your families do. It seems there are others who are affected by many acharyas aslo. This need to be stopped or else this sex saga will continue. Also you will be eligible to come to USA as protected person.

    Don't blame yourselves for this but blame Nithyananda as he should not have sex with you. There is no way for you to know because you were in his control and hypnotised.

  5. MR. Yogappa,

    Find out from Nithyananda and Aiya, who drafted these sex contract documents and how many people signed them, their nemes, who then were approached, their addressess and signed without reading and you will have all the answers.

    Then privately contact those persons and offer protection and voila, you will have witnesess.

  6. TO CID

    Nithyananda used to beat his devotees with cane untill it breaks, so please give him a few slaps and he will talk like a crow.

    This way he will pay for this karma of beating his devotees is taken care in this janma.

    Also, please interrogate Bhakthananda aka Gopal Sheelam Reddy, his right hand man and all info will come out.

  7. Forget about all other people, just ask Pranananda and Aiya and you will have the names and tel numbers of the people that signed and later had sex with swami under pressure..

  8. CID

    For all financial crimes ask Nithyananda's brother and you will get it all including money stached in foreign banks.

  9. Please find the Layer who drafter these sex contracts so that we can dis-bar him from legal council in india or in USA.

  10. You guys advising the CID and Yogappa through comments here, please stop being ridiculous. They are professionals and know exactly what to do and how to handle the case, thank you very much.

    The post is a call to the young women to be brave and contact the CID. The post was motivated by REAL concern, it is a FACT that Nitwit will go scott free if nobody comes forward in the NEXT FEW DAYS.

    Rahi (formerly Ma Nithya Maneesha) and the rest of you female former devotees, YOU can help convince the girls, nobody else can. If you have a shred of conscience left, you would bend over backwards to ensure justice is served in this matter. DO IT!

  11. I think Sachitananda and Ma sachit have all out of country businessess with Nithyananda, so they should be interrogated for all financial crimes of where millions of dollars are.

    Ma Sachit must be nithyananda's defacto manager of money and trustee of Dyanapeetam and Life bliss foudation in usa also. If the law catches these two people, all the money cheated will come out for usa. This way the victims in USA can be compensated for their loss.

    As soon as Ma Sachit comes to US please complain to attorney general of california folks. This way Ma Sachit will pay the victims in LA the compensation and return money paid for Shiva Lingas. My family has paid for two shiva linga's in LA. So, I can't wait for the board of trustee Ma Sachit to come out and I'll sue her personally for cheating.

  12. Sri Gurumurthy ji & Sri Manohar Shinde ji,

    Please come openly and give your thoughts on Nithyananda sex contracts and his psychie as a person after the scandal broke out, so that more pleple can come out of this organization. You came out of this organization, we understand but, learned men like you should come out openly and tell us your feelings so that more hindus are saved from this sex contracts.

    We really hope you will do the right thing and not hold out and protect this swami any more. The more you protect the more long term damage will be done to hindu dharma.

    Most hindus look and think very highly of you.

    So, please, please come out open and give your stand.

  13. To former insider..

    I like your tone. Please tell us more who has the clout to convince these vitims.


  14. Former insider,

    Please let us know, who are the other people like Ma Maneeshananda that we can approach confidentially and other women can hear and take their advice seriouly and would be bold enough to come out?

  15. Can somebody please approach Ma Gopicananda? She can be of great help. This would be a great redemtion for her.

  16. These ashramites have the gall to put Ma Sachit's (Ragini's) MOM, aka Ma Nithyananda Jesus (ROFL!) on camera talking about her grandchildren (Sachit's daughters).

    I bet she knows very well how her own daughter acted as the Madame (female pimp) in serving her horny Master. I have heard even Sachit's daughter was well aware of this Master(bater)'s proclivities for blowjobs and other pseudo tantric shenanigans.

  17. To @expose nithyananda and the rest who feel that nithyanand will go scot-free, rest assured that this campaign against the tainted swami will never stop. I am and will be actively involved in not letting this die down. It does not matter if nithy is not jailed, his career in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is FINISHED. His supporters do not even count in the statistic. Having a few 100 supporters do not contribute to his credibility(if he has any left).

    We Indians may be gullible but we cannot forget the sleazy videos, i have already downloaded his videos and i will upload them whenever the memory of the public fails.

    Supporters who claim that he is an avatar purusha are fools and they will understand that after three years when they will begin to rot under his shade of blessings.

    People of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are very furious!

    In any case whatever evidence gathered now is sufficient to nail him. Criminals in India eventually escape the jail through the lack of evidence clause... it has being going on for decades, look at Chandraswami.. that criminal was jailed but he is back in business. Recently Chandraswami was seen in the same ashram where nithy was supposed to be staying with the help of the ashram head.

    There is a big network of fraud swamis in India, they all support each other in their nefarious activities. That is an unfortunate reality.

    The only way to see that they dont raise their ugly hood is to generate public opinion, look how the swamis in India cowardly kept quite about nithya. No one dared to speak because all of them are scared sh1t. Let that be the eye opener for all.

    Thats the reality of India, we dont have a national character, we dont have unity.

    When i say 'we' i dont refer to the general public but so called intellectual community of India. My fellow brothers and sisters of India, who are smart & intelligent, let us come forward and educate our fellow citizens in our own small way the reality of fake gurus.

    You have earned your money in a hard way, it is/was not easy for you to do that. Save your money, do charity in a small way, go to the temples and read scriptures directly without the commentaries of swamis. The scriptures are very simple and straight forward. Why do you need someone to spoon feed you their essence?

    Dont you have intelligence to understand them directly? Do you have to inspired by some one else? Are you so weak minded ?

    Every day you face new challenges in your work and family and you are doing well ! Then why you need some rascal swami to guide you.

    All these swamis NEED YOUR MONEY to survive, Lord Bhudda and many gurus have asserted that no guru can give you realization, you have to seek it by your own self effort, doesn't the word 'self realization' convey that?

    It is very evident that nithy has paid out money to the people who have signed the sex contract and none of them will come forward as they have been made to shut up. The list was gathered from the PC confiscated by the police, all this while the victims were contacted by nithy and paid money to shut up.

    But Iam determined to keep this fire burning as long as i live!

  18. I seriously believe that you should be publishing this appeal in Tamil too, particularly in the local press in Tamil Nadu. Who knows! - the ladies in question who signed this English pact probably dont know to read a word in English! pls try and reach your English blog to the target audience in the target language. Many thanks for your good work.

  19. It's been nearly 2 months since the IDIOT was exposed and despite the hundreds of bravado-comments and calls for N's "death" why is it that not one of you has filed a single lawsuit here in the US? Many of you are making tall claims for a refund for a shivalinga or some such statue (typical of NRIs), making broad appeals that his blog owner will provide financial support to the female victims and will be brought to this country, etc. But where is the lawsuit? Has anyone hired an attorney here in the US yet? Is the FBI really investigating this case or is it just one of those imaginary tales from the locals, who just want their money back but won't testify in a court? You all willingly and knowingly played along with that monster's games, and now you are bawling for your money back!! If N is out on remand by the end of the day Monday in India, he's pretty much will stay out of jail, save for a few sham court appearances and police noise. So don't make hollow promises to those already traumatized women, if they were really so in the first place.

  20. The so called swamis turn out to be legally safe. But what about morally safe?? We all have our degree certificates. Who gives them titles and certificates of Sri and Parmahamsa etc? People never ask questions on these. Is there a committee and who are the qualified members therein??? They are just influential smart people who have learnt a subject called spirituality. If only they adopted villages around them instead of each 24k thrones and hi fi jet rides, they would be morally safe too. All the so called food drives they boast of, is by donors of local areas; definetly not their own pockets.

  21. If Shiv Bhagwan is bholenath, who never acquired wealth, how can a lover of 24k be his avatar? Put his frame above him? And change all God's names to nithyashiva; nithyasurya etc

  22. Swami made followers sign 'sex contract'
    TV9 Mumbai

    Watch the fake smile.

  23. Here's a nice title for Nithy from Twitter - The monk who sold monku-boodhi(Dumb Ash, in Kannada) !!

    Those blind ashram bhakthas are talking nonsense on youtube, while the smart ex-devotees who have awakened really are showing themselves as dumb !!

    Come on Ram Advaith, Ma Divoja, Atmananda, Doug and others in US/India and give it back (tit for tat) in the form of audio/videos and personal complaints to the CID team in person, what you feel about the ‘present’ only and talk specifically about :

    1. Nithy’s sleaze video and how it hurt your deep rooted devotion and what made you think that the direction/focus in the current state in Ashram is not good for spirituality, for the good of any individual’s evolution, after all the pathological lies from the Master himself about sex contracts(which nobody had spoken about earlier including Ranjitha, who said it’s service !! ) and all this is fraud circus coverup orchestrated by Nithy and gang with help from Rajeev and Aiyya - who seems to have signed all the contracts in a hurry recently as the coward Nithy was hiding elsewhere and he should be put on the third degree to vomit the truth asap.
    2. The LBT/LBE and IA program brainwashing frauds by definition and how it’s the root cause and breadbasket for Nithy’s golden thrones/real estate expansion in US/India (loots from HNI’s families/ divorces) and after realizing what do you suggest to stop these programs.
    3. Nithy’s bogus talks/words about his timelines from the date of birth, parivrajaka days and enlightenment experiences down to the truth about his RK mission days now out in the open – how much fooled you think you are now and as ex-Acharyas/Mahaacharyas how much you had impacted by cascading the same LIES to millions across the world and what it means to you now about these innocent wrongdoings ?
    4. Openly speak about what’s the truth behind all the current insiders – Gnana, Prana, Sanchita, Bhakta, Medha, Aiyaa and their good ladies who are still continuing the conning/brainwashing work on innocent people/devotees in/outside the ashrams even now in US/India – their misconduct, atrocious behaviors and covert plans/programs to boost the false popularity of their Master thru mass media and devilish threats/propaganda.
    5. Lastly, on all the financial/Land frauds in detail for ex : program donation recipts/tax evasions/Galleria/Global initiatives account manipulations, Book/video/Audio copyright violations – whatever you know.

    Rest will be taken care by Nature thru public fury that’s already opened all of their third eyes and you will see their volcanic ash spewing in all directions shortly with your trigger blessings in the form of proper complaints to the CID teams asap and it will block all funds landing in Bidadi ashram too shortly plus bonus convictions of 2-3 top insiders of Nithy too in the process, to completely seal the fate of Nithy asap.

  24. Nithyananda NemesisApril 24, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    In the link video linked here, the look on Nithy's face is enough (watch from 9 secs to about 25 secs). That shows the shame on his face. That shows how "enlightened and unclutched" he is.

    Nithy had the gall to fool people so openly. Even if he escapes this now, he cannot live a peaceful life for the rest of this life or perhaps janmas to come. That look on his face, gives me peace in knowing that he is going to suffer for his consequences even if not legally, inside in his inner space he is going to rot.

  25. I am just seeing one of the "Ashramite experiences" video. This one here...

    I recognize this girl about half way through the video. Her name is Gayathri/Gnanatmananda. She has also got the Nithyananda lying disease it looks like.

    This idiot moved to Bidadi in November of 2009 - so just about 5 months ago. And here she is saying she has been living there for 1 year. What a f**king liar!

    She has given up her job at Microsoft and lost her Visa now and she cannot even come back here to the US. So now she has to justify her actions and hence it is much easier to pretend she is with the "divine avataar", rather that accept that fact that she has made a huge mistake.

    1 year in Bidady my ass! Brainwashing is powerful indeed. So why bother with facts at all. Be honest at least say you have been there for 6 months. What nuts these fools are!

  26. To anon FOOL @ April 24, 2010 6:26 AM

    Do you really think we are fools? We are not going to tell when, where and how we are going to sue Life bliss and Dhynapeetam in US by giving away our legal points here. It will all come as big surprise when the right people are at LA Montclair temple. Be patient my friend, we are not just ranting, but, time is on our side. We know whom to sue as Nithyananda is not the trustee of these institutions. He has puppets liike Sachit and Ma Sachit, Bhaktha etcetera. Time is on our side. Rest assured we are going to have our lawsuits againt them for cheating. I have sent my complaint to atttorney general, but, I'm not going to give out all points here. We already have attorneys ready with lawsuits ready to go and to be served, but, more than that I'm not going to reveal all our startegies here.

    So. stop your stupid questions as you are going to get more people upset and sue the foundations that cheated. You are inspiring us more by your rants.

  27. Dear Loyal readers of this blog and CID team,

    Please read the entire article by Sandhya Jain on Nithy’s murkier background political/Religious clout at the link : ( and also go thru the comments on the same listed below, FYI/A.

    Ms Sandhya Jain, It takes guts to call a spade a spade. You have written your name in golden words and History of the Hindu civilisation will always look with pride on the Women including you. This truth is shocking but only truth prevails. Hindus will unite certainly the will fight for the Dharma but not for fradulent pakhandis like Nityanand and his alikes. - kamakhshi S
    Thank you Sandhyaji, to bring matters into the open. I recall the struggle the Bhakthas of Kanchi Acharyas faced in 2005 when SDS (Swami Dayananda Saraswati) and SG (S Gurumurthy) went overboard against the Acharyas to take control of the Kanchi Mutt. This expose lets the whole world know the intentions of SDS and the coterie around him. - Krishnan
    There is just one glaring omission in this list of manipulators - where was Subramaniam Swamy as this drama was being scripted? He too is close to Swami Dayananda Saraswati and he is the only component of the Chennai clique missing here. - N Vijayalakshmi
    Who helped Nityananda escape to Himachal and who found the house for him? Swami Dayananda and Rajiv Malhotra and others present must answer. Who paid the high priced Ram Jethmalani to come all the way to Haridwar where Nityananda was sheltered for so many days? We need to know. - Tushar
    The Nityananda story seems to be murkier than realised. He was 'created' in America and planted in India. The sex contracts were not made by lawyers, but by two professional Tamil diaspora in America, and signed by the manager as Rajiv Malhotra has said. This Aiya's name if T Dhanasekharan and his wife is called Ma. It is unlikely that those who picked him up from there and planted him here did not know his true life and did not have an ulterior motive. But no one is likely to speak the truth now, esp those safe in the United States. - Insider
    As someone who knows Gurumurthy well, I may sound a note of caution to those who may be celebrating anything. The BJP CM in Karnataka has been bullied before by one coterie in Delhi, and the Gurumurthy is powerful with same coterie, and so they may still go easy on the Nityananda scandal. The real test will be the arrest of all the ashram trustees and close down of ashram. Will Govt ask Interpol to hand over American crooks who drafted the contracts for sex - No. So nothing is over yet. - PSmith
    The real question remains - is Acharya Sabha and all respected Acharyas still going to tolerate Swami Dayananda as convener and R Venkatanarayanan as secretary HDAS? In March itself they knew about sex contracts - why did they call him to Haridwar and hide him for so many days and not call the police? Who called and paid Ram Jethamalani? Who were the other lawyers and Swamis present, which Malhotra says he called to meet (save?) Nityananda? In fact, GFCH (Global Foundation for Civilisational Harmony)and HDAS (Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha )must make a public statement. They are the laughing stock already. - Rashtradoot
    Earnestly request the esteemed readers to do some soul searching and see what best you can do to save Dharma and bring out the TRUTH.... In it’s TRUE FORM !!!

  28. To April 24, 2010 12:04 PM

    You are correct that Gayathri was here in Seattle until end of October 2009. See her in the 3rd picture from the bottom surint the Navrathri celebrations at vedic temple in Seattle-

    Looks like Nithhy's Kool Aid got to her! I feel really sorry for her.

  29. If you're unwilling to inform us of the legal points in your lawsuits (which is justified), why say anything at all?
    What could be more relevant on a blog like that?

  30. All of us in this blog know the legal points from fraud to psychological manipuation and deceit of cult leader and it's officers who worked as con men.

    We don't care if you agree or not. Just wait for the FBI to walk in to your place and arrest the con men.

  31. Right. You are not going to tell when, where and how you are going to sue Life bliss and Dhynapeetam in US by giving away your legal points here. Just like someone's said earlier.
    " walk in to your place..."
    What an old joke. Looks like it came from one of those jokesters who have so fortunately left the blog for the time being.

  32. இமாச்சலத்தில் நித்யானந்தா பதுங்கியிருந்தபடியே தன்னால் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட பெண்கள் பலருக்கும் மிரட்டல் மெயில் அனுப்பி இருக்கிறார். காலபைரவா என்ற பெயரில் அனுப்பப்பட்ட அந்த மெயிலில் ‘எந்த சூழ்நிலையிலும் சுவாமி மீது புகார் தரக்கூடாது. கொடுத்தால் விபரீதங்களை சந்திக்க வேண்டியிருக்கும் என்ற ரீதியில் எச்சரிக்கை வார்த்தைகள் இடம்பெற்றிருக்கின்றன. இதேபோல் அமெரிக்காவில் நிதி உதவி செய்த பலருக்கும் இதேபோன்ற மிரட்டல்கள் மெயில் மூலம் பறந்திருக்கிறது. அமெரிக்காவில் ஆசிரமத்தின் பேரில் திரட்டப்பட்ட பெரும் நிதியை கோபிகாவின் கணவரே நிர்வகித்துவருகிறார். அந்தப் பணத்தை பெங்களூருக்கு கொண்டுவருவது குறித்தும் தலைமறைவு நிலையிலேயே டீலிங் நடத்திவந்திருகிறார் நித்யானந்தா. இதையெல்லாம் கைப்பற்றப்பட்ட லேப்-டாப்பைத் துருவி கண்டுபிடித்த காக்கிகள்... நித்யானந்தாவின் கம்ப்யூட்டரில் சேமித்து வைக்கப்பட்டிருந்த வித விதமான செக்ஸ் படங்களை பார்த்து... ’இன்னும் இந்த ஆள் திருந்தலையே’ என அதிர்ந்து போய்விட்டார்களாம்.

    FROM SHOCKAN BLOG: from Himachal pradesh emails were sent to ladies who took part/ signed the documents in the name of KALABAIRAVA. It said if any complaint against swami is given, they might face serious consequences.

    Gopikas husband manages the US funds. arrangements are being made to get back that money to Bangalore.these were found in the laptop used.

  33. பிடதி ஆசிரமத்தில் நடத்திய ரெய்டின்போது பல ஆவணங்களையும் ஹார்டு டிஸ்க்குகளையும் கைப்பற்றினோம். அதில் 23 ஹார்டு டிஸ்க்குகளில் பதிவுசெய்யப்பட்டிருந்த பல விஷயங்கள் அழிக் கப்பட்டிருப்பது தெரியவந்தது. அவர்கள் அழித்த தையெல்லாம் ரெக்கவரி சாஃப்ட்வேர் மூலம் மீட்கும் நடவடிக்கைகளிலும் எங்கள் டீம் ஒரு பக்கம் களமிறங்கியிருக்கிறது. ரஞ்சிதாவைப் போலவே பல பெண்களுடன் நித்யானந்தா கூத்த டிக்கும் ஆபாச சி.டி.க்களையும் கைப்பற்றி இருக்கி றோம். ரஜனீஷ் ஆசிரமப் பாணியில்தான் பிடதி ஆசிரமமும் இருந்திருக்கு.

    From shockan blog: during the recent raid in bididi ashram, many hard disks were confiscated. In that details and recorded stuff have been deleted from 23 hard disks.police team is trying to recover all the deleted documents using a recovery software.

    more cds of Nithyananda with other girls have all been found.

  34. In the video and also during CID interrogation the scoundrel, pervert and sex maniac Nithyananda is rolling the beads of a rosary.
    Enlightened men will not roll the beads of a rosary.
    He is rolling the beads to feel secure.
    This is proof enough that he is not enlightened.
    The CID officials interrogating him should hit him on his knuckles for rolling the beads of the rudraksha mala.
    Also to bring out the truth from him they should feed him with rice/chapathi mixed with sand.

  35. I TOLD YOU SO.. READ ON!! 4th paragraph

    Nithyananda likely to be booked under FEMA
    Bangalore April 24 DH News Service

    Self-styled godman Nithyananda is likely to be interrogated by the Enforcement Directorate and booked under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

    CID sleuths interrogating Nithyananda at their Bangalore headquarters are almost convinced that Nithyananda is involved in a series of money deals abroad.

    His foreign donations, investments and assets are sure to come under the scanner.
    “We are aware that none of the cases Nithyananda is facing is going to hold water, but he is sure to be grilled and cornered under the Money Laundering Act. So, we will apprise the Government and seek ED’s interference," said a senior officer.

    Director General (CID) Guruprasad quizzed Nithyananda for more than two hours. Nithyananda was rolling the rudrakshi beads and answering the questions. For the last two days, he did not co-operate with the police.

    Later, a marathon review meeting was held and the officers involved in the investigations presented their updated papers.

    At the time of his arrest in Himachal Pradesh, Nithyananda was carrying $7,000 and during interrogation he failed to give a convincing answer and reveal the source.

    It is clear that the godman has not taken any sanctions from the Government of India.
    On Monday, Nithyananda will be produced before the court and, if need be, the cops will request for an extension of his police custody.

  36. Guys, Please let me know how can I file the case against the Shiva linga sponsor?

  37. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon @APRIL 24, 2010 8:24 PM,

    Thanks for the comment regarding how to report the Shiva Ligna fraud. If you are in India and the Shiva Lingam fraud occurred in India, please contact the CID teams in KA and TN.

    If you are in the U.S., you can go to:

    If you have the receipts handy, best if you copy them and then submit them along with a written report to your local FBI office. Mail would be suffice. Be sure to include lots of details such as when, where, what, check no., who, how much, etc.

    Be sure to write 'Nithyananda' in the subject line so that the evidence can easily be routed to the correct FBI team. Hope this helps.

    Jai Maa.

  38. Sex maniac Nithyananda is rolling the beads of a rosary

    I bet the ashram and the cronies like Gnana are telling the blind devotees something like this - "As you can see, Swamiji loves us so much, that he is forcing himself to stay in the body and rolling the beads to make him have his body consciousness. Otherwise, he will be in instant samadhi. If he had no compassion for us, he would have already left the body. There is no reason to stay in this body and try to explain to ordinary fools and police what he was doing bon!ng (practicing "tantra") the brahmacharinis"

    And the blind devotees/sheep are in turn probably lapping that up and saying - "Yes yes, surely he is an avatara purusha and there is no reason for him to stay in the body. He could be happily lounging in Shamabala. His compassion is infinite. He is such a great Master!"

    My guess is, Nithy is scared $h!tless, and is rolling the beads and trying to chant "Oh hreem Shivaya namaha, Om hreem Shivaya namaha...Oh God, please save me.".

  39. I agree, Nithyananda is finally praying to real God! He never taught japa, he said it's waste of time and guesss what, that's what he is doing, chanting God's name feverishly!

  40. "Sex maniac Nithyananda is rolling the beads of a rosary"

    That's all a show Niyhyananda is putting on. To get pity. He knows how to play with other peoples weeknessess on their chakra basis.

  41. Whatever happend to "Om hreem breem nithyananda namah" the savior manthra of mankind?

  42. There is no use of rolling beads now for nithy, he is doing the street smart act and fooling the officers.

    What nithy needs is a tight slap and he will sing like a Canary. It is only matter of time when he cracks under pressure.

    What officers need to know is that nithy is shrewder than them and he has been living a hollywood(hero) life style, you know like trying to be very swami type and at the same time being cunning and behaving as if he is innocent and having a false sense of a spiritual leader- The Messiah of the mordern age BS.

    Such criminals are very strong and no amount of pressure can break them. It is not a divine quality but a trait of a hardened criminal.

    The need of the hour is to devise tactics to break him and i think when the cbi officers become frustrated then they will surely try a different method of interrogation.

    I have few suggestions ..

    1. Let the most junior level officers interrogate him, let him be addressed as nithyananda and not swamji. Let no senior officer talk to him. No need to give him the sense of importance.

    2. He should be constantly asked the same questions by different officers at all times.

    3. Let the officers explaining to him that it is safer for nithy to stay in the jail than outside as lots of people are upset with him.

    4. He needs to be ridiculed by fellow prisoners.

    5. The officers must have already told him that if he does not answer their questions, it is going to lead to further stay in the jail.
    Unless he answers to the satisfaction of the cbi officers his detention will not end.

    6. The more nithy fights with the system the more he will face difficulties, his lawyer needs to be told that.

    7. Naturally Lenin can make an unofficial visit to the CBI interrogation ;-)

    8. Nithy seems to be very proud that youtube has listed him as most watched guru before the scandal, this, they need to shatter. His confidence springs from such childish thoughts. He can be brought to the earth by showing him pictures of the attack on his ashram and the wrath of the public.

    It is the test of the caliber of the officers, so no matter what, they should try to get the answers they seek. I personally think it is a wonderful challenge before the officers to they make themselves proud.

    I mean, breaking into the psych of a so called swami who was having millions of devotees with thousand hours of public speaking, who was associated with big shots of the world is not going to be a cake walk.

    If they do, that will be the greatest achievement of their career.

    I am rolling my beads in their favour...

  43. Hi Nithy,

    Do you have one single word of empathy, compassion and love for Ranjitha and others who have fallen into your lust net and now you are sliming away from the sleaze videos context thru the tantrik sex contracts(courtesy Aiyaa, the single biggest culprit and ofcourse the next one is Gnana in your absence doing what you asked him to do !!! ) ?

    What sort of Character formation is building inside you now.... come, show your real face to the world, accept everything or else the CID team and the public will skin your hissing lies thru words/snake features out and spread it all around the Banyan tree for history to record this punishment by Nature, for having demolished the tradition of a Sanyasi ( Pure embodiment of rigorous discipline of mind and body, or perfect order.)

    Do you still have any self esteem left after being tweeted, googled around the world most number of times for this ugly lust video of yours and the only way to be normal, sensible human being is to get married to Ranjitha asap or go into pure seclusion unto yourself without bothering anyone for any personal services.

    Don’t fall into the trap of BG swami or SDS or Sri Sri, they are all cunning jackals out to take their pound of flesh from your body, so instead give all the lands/money back to the innocent public/devotees to run it as a public free charitable institution – having freedom to do what is best for each individual’s evolution and manifesting love for all humanity irrespective of caste, color, creed, country !!

    Your action today determines what you reap tomorrow in the courts and keep it simple stupid ( KISS) by making a clean statement of truth and walk out majestically like a Lion to seclusion for your good health and parent/brother’s sake. You could hurt them even more if your ego rules you and still stake your claims for the golden thrones/ashram money etc.. but for whom to the likes of Aiyya, Bhaktha, Sanchita… who are giving you wrong advices/suggestions, which is only going to kill you inside day by day and rot quickly like the desert nomad’s faith in God while he’s thirsty and not able to see any oasis of water around. Now, you have the oasis infront of you welcoming you with love if you go by your heart’s call and shut this controversy once and for all, by saying the truth once !!

    Then, you are free to go back to Arunachala or Himalayas or wherever to sleep peacefully under a shady tree and enjoy the parivrajaka days for a blissful life ahead. The choice is yours to make today !!

  44. Not sure if this has been mentiond earlier, but if adultery is an offence in India, then NithyBaba is guilty of that too, having had sex with married woman/women.

  45. The savior mantra of mankind is only available from 7:00 to 7:30 AM/PM, as far as I can remember.
    Now that Nithy's become a busy man, he certainly doesn't have such a gap in his schedule.
    And yep, I think anybody would be insanely proud to get him to tell the truth. I'm only afraid they haven't advanced to more radical methods because they fear someone might find out, and then he might play the victim in court. After all, it's not the USSR, and the courts care not only about what a convict states, but also why he states that, and who could've forced him to.

  46. For all criminal cases in India police information looses its value in the court. Its very easy for the police to knock one down and the criminal confesses the police about his/her crime. However, when police declares the confession in front of the judge, the lawyer of the defense gets away by arguing that the police has beaten the accused and the accused has confessed in fear, unless a eye witness pops in.

    There is literally no way for the police to defend them in Indian judicial system. Every constable is even afraid of one who sweeps the court. In this case the whole story should be filmed by the police and presented in the court so that the defense council gets no room.

    Interrogators are special people, I know two. They wont come with a stick and beer bottle like the bollywood cinema, but they will place question in such a way that every 8th 9th or 10 th question has the same answer. A lair will unable to keep track between consecutive answers in the chain and finally exposed.

  47. I totally agree with Anon@ 3:43AM. If there is a way someone can translate this blog post in Tamil directing it to the target audience it will really help. I am hopeful someone will stand up especially with all the support that is coming from the blog owner and others comments. Thank you all for Standing Up for these victims for I'm sure it is a trying time for all of us especially them.

    I do call out to Ma Maneesha, Ram, Veena all those senior 'Acharyas' who stood up and left this cult to really come through for Dharma and assist those victims who have confided in them to do what's right.

    Kudos to Anon@ 3:12AM, Its people like you and the blog owner with such determination will assist the remaining cult members and those who have left NEVER to forget the injustice done to us. Thank you.

  48. Nithy,

    You being a mamool village goon had no choice but to stay in Mamleeg village, but you were so enlightened to atleast have intellectual IT experts loaded with servers, CD’s and pen drives to show your pale grins to the world on Youtube with occasional closeup smiles…..
    But you did not take expert advise on how to keep $7000 cash and travelers cheques before getting caught by CID team and post raids at the ashram accounts, showing clear violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) which is adding up to your woes.

    The CID team is now informing the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on these violations to take up another suo moto case for economic offences. When it came to the ashram finances, many transactions were in your name – it’s to be for sure..... as you don’t trust anyone including your brother and this was repeated vociferously by you so many times…. many will vouch for it !!

    So, here you have deeply evoked the Aiyya’s, Bhakta’s, Medha’s, your brother CFO’s presence in the TOI newsitem and have connected them to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) positively and continuously from now on and you may have to do the purashcharana yourself !!

    One such was the handling of non-resident bank accounts in Los Angeles where the swami had a sizeable number of followers. When his devotees wanted to contribute money, Nityananda used to raise invoices and receive payment in dollars as service charges.

    The money would be deposited in his personal bank account in Los Angeles. He would transfer this money to India, saying they were donations and claimed tax exemption for these large sums of money.

    CID sources said Nityananda had not informed the tax authorities about collecting these service charges from NRIs in the US, in which case it would become a business deal. The entire transaction had to go through the Union finance ministry but he didn’t ensure this.

    ‘‘The transaction is worth millions of rupees and sleuths are checking if he had many more such transactions in any other country or other parts of the US,’’ a source said. The breakthrough came when CID sleuths raided the Bidadi ashram a week ago and seized computers and laptops. Though some ashram transactions were deleted from the hard disk, account details were still there.

    Arunachala.... you only have to do something now !!

  49. Nithy,

    You have done one good thing for yourself, by opening the new a/c cell, coming in too early, so atleast this one was not stage managed !!!

    Nithyananda ‘blesses’ CID’s new air-conditioned lock-up :

    Swamy Nithyananda has poured water on the CID sleuths’ plans to perform a puja at their newly constructed lock-up to ward off tragic incidents like custodial deaths. After a magistrate in Ramanagaram on Thursday gave the investigating agency custody of the swamiji for four days for interrogation, the sleuths had no choice but to put him in one of the newly-constructed lock-up cells at their Palace Road office.

    The agency had no lock-up in its premises and used to keep the arrested persons in nearby police stations for safe custody. It was only recently that they got two air-conditioned lock-ups ready at their Carlton House headquarters on Palace Road.

    Nithyananda, of course, is not getting any special treatment here, for the air-conditioner in his cell is no luxury, but a necessity; it is located in a dingy cellar portion of the CID Annexe building. The level of suffocation here is so high that there is a risk of detainees choking to death.

    The new cells, located below the Cyber Crime Police Station, have attached toilets and provision for a guard to sit near its entrance. There is no cot or other luxuries in the cell. Beds will be provided only during the night.

  50. Nithy,

    Do you still believe your ashram Gnana on illusory Youtube viewership or live webcam telecast of stream of devotees at vedic temples/ashrams or the quote for the day in your website - "Your life is powerful enough to make whatever you want as reality" and if it’s the latter due to the current situation then you have hardly 45 devotees doing purashcharana and not 45 lakh devotees in 17 countries, fyi.
    And if you also believe Masters come down on planet earth only for devotees, well that’s true but in your case since you’re a mamool village goon, so you have come down on planet earth only for fooling people and landing in A/C locker cells !!
    So be it and enjoy tonight as it’s the last day of IPL and from tomorrow the public/media will be swarming like bees all around you… to smell all that’s fishy about you and your cronies, till the truth is out finally asap like in Mr Modi’s case who learnt the lesson hard at throwing stones on somebody’s glasshouse.

    Here, you have thrown muck on so many else’s body and covering it up thru forged illegal tantric sex contracts and riding high based on the slush dollar funds which is going to be investigated by FEMA soon and will freeze the cult’s operations soon in US/India…….. oh what a transformation you have brought in a month and a half - Modi style to pull the carpet and unravel all invisible faces true stories soon !!

  51. Is this man going to walk away? Is Dharma's expose and his efforts all going to come to nought? What will become of Dharma after public interest is abated and the memory becomes dull? It is very difficult for the women to come out and file cases against Rajasekaran, not because they dont feel the pain and the foolishness, but because of the stigma attached. He, Rajasekaran is taking advantage of this. He will probably walk back into the ashram, after bribing the officers in charge, and victoriously proclaim to all the fools still waiting for him that this whole issue was media hype and a conspiracy. There was only one woman, and he needed sex(sorry, tantric practices) to contain himself in this body, for the greater good of man. And then, he will play his healing card, (how does he do it?) and the crowds will start flocking again. What then of Lenin? who will suport him? give him a job? what about all the abused women? Why doesnt Lenin expose those of them still in the ashram- declaring their devotion for him? Is there no justic in this world?

  52. "Though some ashram transactions were deleted from the hard disk, account details were still there."
    How can Nithy act so intelligently under some circumstances and be completely careless in other situations? That's not the first thing he's got wrong.

  53. yes anon @ 8.10am. that was me who suggested it under anonymous. I dont know how many of the tamil speaking victims will read this english blog and respond to our calls.
    As I read about NithyBaba being taken to Pondi for interrogation, it seems like more and more cases are being filed against him, which is a good thing. What I fail to understand, however, is if adultery is a punishable offence in India, why wait for witnesses.Arent the sex videos with the various married women enough to nail him?

  54. US agency seeks info on Nithyananda case progress

    Bangalore: Even as the criminal investigation department continued to interrogate the tainted swami, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a US security agency made “casual” enquiries on the progress of the case.

    The US agency, it was learnt, showed interest on getting information related to a complaint filed against the swami in that country. It was also interested in knowing the flow of funds from Nithyananda’s ashram, Dhyanapeetham, in Bidadi, about 35km from Bangalore, according to CID sources.

    Douglas McKeller of San Jose, US, had accused Nithyananda of sexually exploiting his devotees, fraud and financial irregularities.

    It was suspected that the swami had routed funds to the now-extinct militant organisation, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, of Sri Lanka. Sources indicated that they would be looking into the self-styled godman’s international connections as well as financial transactions.

    The CID would be writing to the central enforcement directorate (customs) to charge cases against Nithyananda under the provisions ofForeign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Foreign Exchange Regulatory Act (FERA). “We are not authorised to file cases under FEMA and FERA. So we have decided to write to the directorate of enforcement,” a CID officer said.

    The CID had found that Nithyananda and his brother Nityeshwarananda were holding joint accounts in Canara Bank's Ramanagara branch, besides several others in Corporation Bank. The accounts revealed that the duo had received money from foreign countries.

    Meanwhile, the director-general of police (CID) BV Guruprasad and DIG Charan Reddy quizzed Nithyananda on Sunday afternoon. The swami was cooperating with the investigation.

    Nithyananda underwent medical examination on Sunday morning at the CID headquarters here. The interrogation started around 10 am. The arrested swami had lunch, brought from the Bidadi ashram, around 1.45 pm.

    The CID would produce him before the Ramanagara chief judicial magistrate on Monday, to seek a four days’ extension of his police remand.

    Nithyananda would also be taken to his Bidadi ashram to collect evidence. Sources in the CID said the swami would be travelling under tight security.

    MK Madhusoodan / DNAMonday, April 26, 2010 10:28 IST Email

  55. Seized tiger pelt could spell more trouble for Sex Swami, Monday April 26, 2010, Bangalore

    The CD, which was seized from the swami's Bidadi ashram, has visuals of Swami Nithyananda using wildlife
    products including a tiger pelt, skin of a leopard, spotted deer
    and a wild dog.

    "The CD is with forest
    officials. The swami will land in deep trouble if wildlife sleuths decide to investigate how and where he procured the wildlife products," said a source from the forest cell of the CID.
    He added neither swami nor the ashram had declared any of the products that are seen in the CD.

  56. Nithyananda’s associates trail runs cold in Himachal

    Shimla: While the state CID did nab Swami Nithyananda from a village in Solan district, last Wednesday, but efforts to track down his close associate Shailesh Tiwari, who is still believed to hiding in the state have failed to make headway.

    Sources in Himachal CID disclosed that that the Karnataka police have sought assistance in arresting Tiwari as they believe he was still hiding somewhere in the state.

    Laying hands on Tiwari was important because he is said to be privy to all the financial dealings of the organisation, said the CID officer.

    Prior to the Swami’s arrest, Tiwari, a resident of Uttar Pradesh renamed Munishananda by his Guru was spotted in Arki village but went missing when the police raided the place.

    To track him down, the police are retracing the movements of the Swami during his month long stay in the state.

    They have questioned the owners of the house and its caretaker where the Swami was arrested and pulled out details of mobile phone calls made to locate other contacts in the state, but so far the leads have run cold.

  57. Yaikes.. Nithyananda is in more trouble..

    Nithyananda may be grilled in Pondicherry

    PUDUCHERRY: After Justin Devdoss was brought to Puducherry for interrogation in connection with the JBJ construction scam, it is now the turn of swami Nithyananda. The swami’s second trip to the old French town, after his last visit in January 2009 to offer darshan for his devotees, may not be a patch on the first one.

    The police have moved the Puducherry court seeking custody of Nithyananda and he may be brought here next week.

    This move came after seven advocates from Puducherry filed a complaint alleging that the Nithyananda ashram on Puducherry outskirts had swindled money from the people in the name of meditations and blessings. A case has been filed under section 402 for cheating and 295 (A), for exploiting the religious feelings of the people.

    “The entire Tamil society had suffered an erosion in morality and decency. The swami had received money from the people in the name of religion,” said advocate Aladi Mahendran on Sunday.

    Investigation had revealed that during the swami’s visit last year, tokens priced at Rs 1,000 each were issued for a devotee to receive his blessings.

    Over 2,000 devotees had attended this worship meeting. Besides, Rs 700 was charged for the weekly meditation classes in the ashram at Eambalam, but no receipts were issued.

    People in denial mode: According to police sources, the people are still in support of the swami as during investigation none of the devotees (who had paid for the meditation classes and the darshan) admitted that they were cheated (in the name of religion).

    Instead, when asked about the lack of receipts and the video, most of them said that they had donated the amount willingly and would still donate and that they were not interested in the swami’s personal matters.

  58. Hi Nithy,

    ‘It was suspected that the swami had routed funds to the now-extinct militant organisation, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, of Sri Lanka. Sources indicated that they would be looking into the self-styled godman’s international connections as well as financial transactions.’ – you are filling up your sackful of cases against all your senior cronies now, for sure !!

    You had been happily quoting that you belong to the continued legacy of enlightened masters from Tiruvannamalai, but now you are such a disgrace to the same legacy and you have no right to even mention your birthplace anywhere..... so where would you go… except to Tamil Eelam…. Maybe the Canadian ashramite can help you route for sure with some slush funds to deport you there safely !!

    Help Slain LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran's ailing mother, Vallipuram Parvati who was deported back to Malaysia soon after landing, by doing a long distance healing, so that some funds will flow from your Malaysian and Canadian ashramites, which will help CID team to trace the other slush funds flow thru MDMK party cadres asap.
    CID team : Ask Lenin/Prana/Aiyya/Gnana to spell out all Nithy's conections with LTTE and MDMK and why did MDMK backfire recently ?

  59. If Shiva indeed "did not acquire wealth", surely his devotees did. Has anyone been to Chidambaram? Millions of dollars flow through the temple...

    Religion is never measured through money, but through what the people involved acomplished. Jesus was a cattle man, but the church became rich, because christians became rich.

    So, judging someone by "gold" is not very smart either. Take any mission in India, if it is mildly successful, there are millions of dollars flowing through it, and many disagreeable choices being made.

    Not only in India, but around the world. The only difference is in our imagination about things. One gives money to buy Windows 7, a product, Bill Gates becomes rich, but also donates his money... Dalai Lama lives very very comfortably both in Daramsala and when he visits Stanford etc...

    So what is the major difference? I would say, maybe Bill Gates wiped out his days with prostitutes, Dalai Lama doesn't talk much about the sex monks in Buddhism, and Nithy was playing to the wrong audience...

    Why can't anyone here be real instead of just angry?

  60. "People in denial mode: According to police sources, the people are still in support of the swami as during investigation none of the devotees (who had paid for the meditation classes and the darshan) admitted that they were cheated (in the name of religion)."

    Why does it need to be cheating, if you don't feel cheated? "Admiting to being cheated" only applies if you FEEL you were cheated... You can say they are idiots, they don't think like you, but they are not wrong. Maybe some of these people just wanted a meditation class, or a different experience. They don't care really.

    I know many people like that. But this subliminal "everyone was cheated" is foolish. Maybe you were cheated because of what you expected/was promised... But lots of other people might have expected much less, and didn't mind the spending.

    This is not supporting any swami. It is not ok to gang up on others... Or else, would the US even be a free place for african americans? This gang up behavior was promoted in the 50's ...

    You want' to catch this swami find people willing to "convert" from "I like" to "I hate"... Or more simply, find out how funds were managed, where did they go to, and what was promised.

    One has to wonder, who opened the bank accounts, where, and why. In India ANYONE can open a bank account in the name of anyone. Who is the hack in the story?

    This swami seems to be too dumb to be the "mastermind"... If he was so smart, he would be in Canary Islands long ago. Why go on? He would have had a hidden room for all his activities. Why do it in his ashram room?

    Logical questions... Maybe there is a lot more to this story than what is coming to the forefront. And please stop bashing the name of my guru Dayananda Saraswati.

    If you publish anymore bashing of him, I will make sure the owner of htis blog is sued.

  61. Hi Nithy,
    Here’s your new Bangalore co-ordinator's introduction – Shakthi Gandha taking over from Ravi Aiyya, who has left you forever as his innocence was breached by your lust of late …. And for readers of this blog, this is Shakti’s background of uploading videos and increasing combined viewership thru his array of blogs/websites/links ( no wonder you had overtaken Deepak Chopra’s most watched status on Youtube thru these dubious ways !!)
    Here’s an interesting article posted by him for your eyes only, with some internet help from CID team to decipher the truth happening with Gnana/Sanchit/Prana/Aiyya’s wrong advices/suggestion, fyi !!!!!
    Sex, gurus and conscience keepers
    Posted by Shakthi Gandha at 04:17 PM on April 04, 2010

    So, sex per se, is an accepted Indian norm. Out-of-wedlock sex is an acceptable norm too. And even gurus and gods having sex is ok. (The burden, if any, has fallen on women — Kunti, for instance, for having borne the misguided hero Karna in a pre-marital relationship with the Sun god.)
    What, then, is the Nithyananda furore all about? Cutting the Edge is not interested in his criminal activities at all. If he has broken any law (cheating, for instance, to get sexual favours), the law and a jail term await him. But if all he’s done is had consensual sex with a woman (or many women, as is alleged), then the issue becomes one of morality. As a public person, Nithyananda should have known better, I suppose.
    Irrespective, this moral expectation has no place whatsoever in the pursuit of god. A moral man is not necessarily a spiritually awakened soul. And the reason is simply because morality is a function of society and man’s laws, while the laws of spirituality are beyond any man-made grid.
    While being disillusioned with him, Nithyananda’s followers need to distinguish between the two. If as his disciple you are uncomfortable with his sexuality, cease following him and find another guru. A reminder, though: your ultimate guru resides within you and an external guru can, at best, be a medium to get there.
    Don’t allow self-styled conscience keepers to divert your attention from the seat of your inner quest — the reason why you go to gurus. Understand that the Nithyananda controversy is mere titillation. Join in, engage and enjoy that distraction in kitty parties and morning walks, if you wish.

    Here’s a classic example of your very own radiating living enlightenment way of distracting many of your followers to leave you and join elsewhere. Anyways, how many subscriber devotees you had for Lifebliss foundation - 8404 only..... and most of them will run away if not for your daily editions/tamashas of your CID team investigations and court proceedings ----fyi.

    Your tribe is dying fast if not for better insights to radiating enlightenment from your personal diary to be revealed soon by CID team !!

  62. There is a wholesome mantra paath going on in Nithya's harem to get him out of the jail. My msg will not go in their front desk but if you could inform them I am running the thing too but while counting my pubic hair.

    Harem walas rendi dalal's are counting Nithya's name, while Nithya is is asking pista badam as energizer. Did he ask breast milk too?

  63. CID team,

    Can you ask ED team to check all Paypal transactions of Nithy’s Lifeblissfoundation/Dhyanapeetam/Ashram transactions before Feb 2010 for any personal payments done to and from India so that you know where the money came from and whom to Nithy’s personal accounts.

    Please read for more Paypal info from the link :

    Also, India users can use use Xoom for withdrawing money from PayPal to their Local Bank Account

    So, please check this XOOM as well for any FEMA violations asap.

  64. Nithy aiding LTTE? I can believe most of the other stuff about him, but the LTTE? This sounds more like the sort of stuff the Daily Mail or some other tabloid trash cooks up.

    What next? Nithy funneling his ill-gotten dollar wealth into Goldman Sachs?

  65. I just heard that in Indian TV channels there is a breaking news that Nithyananda is hospitalized due to heart pain!!!!

  66. Nithys jail sojourn extended by 2 more days

  67. If the cases about the sexual abuse do not hold any ground due to lack of witnessess, can we not hire a lawyer to file a public interest litigation against him? After all he did consistently fool the public. his bithdate, his parivarajika, his initiation, his enlightenment certificates, his claims that he is god, his expensive 'donations', the payment for the lingas, the holding of agricultural land, the FEMA violations, the manipulations of ancient vedic prayers(if any)

  68. To Anon April 26, 2010 2:30 AM

    This Blog owner is not scared of law suits. You are not the first one to threaten. People express what they want to express, so it's not the Blog owners's fault. Even if you sue him, since he did not express it, it comes umder first amendment of "you are free to speak". So, get out of here as we see that you are for Global Gurus who loot innocents in the name of Yoga and Meditation programs. Many of them make ton of money and they do not even share 1% of their revenue.

  69. To April 26, 2010 2:30 AM

    Go and try to sue Sandhya Jain and Rajan first! Then come here and talk..

    Sandhya Jain is severely criticizing Dayananda sarawati for not coming out and critisizing Nithyananda for his fraud towards hindu dharma.

    Good luck in your sueing efforts..


    New York, April 26 (IANS) Disgraced self-styled godman Swami Nityananda violated the rules of tantra by “using so many people for one’s pleasure”, Art of Living Foundation head Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said Monday.
    A Foundation statement quoted him as saying in Cincinnati in the US that Swami Nityananda, now in custody, “has violated UNAIDS guidelines as well as the rules of tantra.

    “Only a house holder is entitled for tantric sex. Claiming to be a monk and using so many people for one’s pleasure is unpardonable,” Ravi Shankar said.

    “He should have had one partner and announced himself as a tantric guru. It has caused damage to the faith of people in the institution and traumatised many.”

    Several criminal cases relating to obscenity, criminal intimidation, rape and hurting religious sentiments have been slapped against the 32-year-old Swami Nityananda.

    Now in police custody in Karnataka, he was on the run since March 3 after television channels showed footage of him in bed with two women.

  71. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....the jackass complained of "chest pain" and was admitted to a hospital where all tests said everything is normal.
    Man, this piece of refuse is proving that what he never was. The miracle man, the paramahamsa, the god, the enlightened master.....khik, khik, khik....What a pathetic creature this fellow impersonation of malignity.

  72. To nithy supporters(C@$K SU@KERS)

    READ what Rajiv Malhotra has said ..


    "Time will tell whether this NDA will provide legal protection as proof that any alleged sex was between consenting adults. A couple of parents told me of their daughters being compromised by SN. So it was not just in the case of Ranjitha. But there was no intercourse claimed by them; they charged other kinds of sexual contact and inappropriate touching.

    I would like to separate two periods in my understanding of SN – before March 2 and after March 2 of 2010. That was the date when the scandal broke out. Until that date, I had no clue of it, and like most others I was very impressed by his meditation teachings. I cannot comment on the charges being made because my information is indirect via various others, and every account I heard seems to have missing pieces in the story. So I will wait for the courts to do their due process and will not take the media reports at face value. But after the March 2 event, I do have direct information about how SN has conducted himself. His post March 2 track record of making judgments has been very disappointing.

    For instance, he is now in jail only on the charge that he failed to show up for a court summons to answer questions. There was no FIR (criminal complaint) against him, only a summons to answer questions. Why did he not show up and answer questions as a free man, rather than being arrested for not showing up and then having to answer questions? Also, why did he persistently approach the man accusing him and try to negotiate a settlement, even though he was being taped all along? Why did he disappear from the scene rather than address his followers when the scandal broke? Most disappointing is his judgment of who he selected and trusted to be close to him, his vacillations on various positions when questioned, and the erratic way he jumped around on what course he would follow. I found him confused, not the crystal clear teacher he had been earlier."



  73. Nithy,

    Thanks to Anon @ April 26, 2010 10:24 AM
    for sharing the news about Sri Sri, your friend and admirer - who has made it very clear your excesses and he's put you on the CROSS for the same :
    1. You have violated the rules of tantra by “using so many people for one’s pleasure”.
    2. Only a house holder is entitled for tantric sex
    3. It has caused damage to the faith of people in the institution and traumatised many.

    Also, read there are 2 FIRs on you - one from your very gopika !!


    TWO FIRs
    At present, two FIRs have been filed against him, one by his former driver, Lenin Karuppan, who has accused Nithyananda of forcing him ‘to indulge in unnatural sex and rape’. The second one is filed by Vidya Vishwanathan of Coimbatore, who has accused him of ‘cheating and outraging religious sentiments’.

    So, the noose is tightened for you unless you want your cronies also to give you company and enjoy the quickie with you !!!

    Bangalore, Apr 26 (PTI) Controversial self-styled godman Nityananda Swami, arrested on rape and other charges, was admitted to a hospital here tonight after he complained of "severe chest pain", hospital sources said.

    Nityananda was taken to the government-run Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology and was admitted in the ICU, the sources said adding, his condition was stable.

    "His condition is being monitored. The doctors will decide the future course of action tomorrow morning," the sources said.

    Earlier in the day, Nityananda was produced before a court at Ramanagaram, about 40 kms from here, which extended his police custody by two more days.

    Nityananda's close aide Nitya Bhaktananda alias Seelam Reddy, who was also produced in court, was remanded to 14 days' judicial custody.

    The self-styled godman landed in a controversy last month after TV channels telecast video footage purportedly showing him in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

  75. Interesting comments at 2:23 and 2:30 AM. I think I have something to say before the bashing team does its job.
    Firstly, everyone can't quite be real because this blog is where all the angry ones gather, simple as that.
    Secondly, comparing Nithy's misdeeds to those of others does not lessen their burden. Just because Bill Gates or anyone else may be guilty of anything doesn't mean Nithy isn't.
    Thirdly, not everyone has, indeed, been cheated, but there are people who both feel themselves cheated and have been cheated from a legal viewpoint. That is enough.
    Next, ganging up is all right. We aren't playing a board game; life is unfair, and whichever way you fight for yourself is acceptable.
    Finally, Nithy may be quite smart or quite stupid. Don't forget he has a team behind him that's supposed to guide him to the proper course of action. At times it does fail, and accurate moves are often followed by huge errors.
    You're probably right there's more to this story than meets the eye, but what we see is quite enough to act.
    And please, quit the suing joke, it's getting old.

  76. CID/ED team,

    Here's a list of swindling factory (read US vedic temple showing it in their website ) donation formats, achieved with 100% results from Nithy's marketing team using fear/threat psychosis/mind control scientology methods very effectively ,fyi/a....

    Ways to Give : (programmed by Nithy's Marketing team royally !!) Gifts can be made in a variety of forms including outright gifts of cash, securities, and real estate or through planned giving options such as bequests and life income plans. Our organization is designated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by IRS - all gifts are tax-deductible.

    Make a gift now
    Make a gift of securities
    Consider a Planned Gift
    Consider a major gift
    In-kind gifts (donations of tangible personal property or equipment)
    Regardless of where you direct your support, your gifts of every size make a significant difference. Together, with your continued support, we will create vibrant and peaceful communities, both here and around the globe.
    It's easy to make a gift…
    Make a Gift now:
    Give Online
    It's easy and secure. Use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Click here to make a contribution.
    Give by Phone
    Call us at 626-716-4135.
    Give by Mail
    Make checks payable to "Vedic Temple"
    Mail to:
    Vedic Temple
    9720 Central Ave
    Montclair, CA 91763

    Make a Gift of Securities
    Donating appreciated securities is simple. Click here for instructions.
    Make a Planned Gift
    Why A Planned Gift?
    Of the many ways of giving to the organization, a planned gift may offer special advantages such as tax benefits or a current income stream. At the same time, your philanthropy is helping to create better futures for our community, our region, and the world beyond.
    Together, we are partners in expanding education, sustaining our vedic culture and traditions, energizing the economy, and celebrating our diverse cultural richness and active civic life. The future holds the promise of advances we can only imagine today. We can help you by incorporating your philanthropic goals into your estate and financial planning. At no cost or obligation we can provide you, or your advisor, with information about the organization and a variety of gift-planning options including:

    Cash and securities donations
    Gifts that provide a life-time income for you or a beneficiary
    Gifts of real estate, tangible personal property, or other assets
    Bequests in a will or trust
    Gifts of retirement plan assets and life insurance
    To explore a Planned Giving option, please email or call Ma Jyotirmayananda at 626-716-4135.

    In-Kind Gifts
    You can also donate gifts of tangible personal property or equipment. Please call and check to make sure the needs of the organization match with what you are intending to gift. Call Ma Jyotirmayananda at 626-716-4135.

    Matching Gifts
    Does your company participate in an employee matching gifts program? Some employers even match gifts by retirees. Please contact your HR department to find out about your company's matching gift program.

    So, God save Nithy from FEMA !!!

  77. Hi Anon @ 10:52 am,

    Here's some more interesting pieces from Rajiv, who is spilling the beans for the courts to take cognisance and witnesses to come forward like Vidya, asap !!

    My theory is that there were three kinds of reasons for a person being attracted to him prior to the scandal.

    (1) Those whose closeness was based on having had experiences (in meditation or healing) had something to take away; hence their relationship with SN had not been a total loss. Such persons did not turn hostile even after they left him. Many of them continue the meditations and plan to do so – they can separate the techniques he taught from the rest of him.

    (2) Others did not get any such experiences and their relationship was purely based on blind faith that he was Paramhansa, hence infallible. It was bhakti based, which he encouraged. The crisis tore such devotees from deep within as they had become very emotionally dependent upon him. Some of them enjoyed a high status in his presence and this boosted their own personal egos and gave them stature. The downfall of SN became their personal downfall as well. They feel deeply betrayed so they lashed out.

    (3) The third category saw him as someone who had great potential to help dharma counteract some of the threats it faces in the modern kurukshetra. Their disappointment is not as intense as he is one among many leaders and they must simply move on.

    SN’s inner circle was also feeling tremendous personal stress and risk, and gradually, more and more persons started to walk away. Some had economic pressures to support themselves, once it became clear that the organization would not be teaching courses in the near future that bring the cash required to support approximately 200 ashramites. Others felt ashamed at the scandal as relatives and friends questioned their choices in life. There were those who felt betrayed that SN had abandoned them and not been in contact. Yet others felt side tracked because they no longer enjoyed the authority in the organization. Some left without a grudge purely to protect themselves. Others turned from bhakti and seva into virulent hatred against him. What he needed in the inner circle were logical persons rather than emotional ones, and strong personalities who could tell him what was on their minds rather than the blind idol worship commonly given to gurus.

    I was told that this NDA was drafted by an American corporate lawyer. When I confronted a senior insider for details (who is an elderly married man living in the ashram with his wife), he remarked that even he had signed the same NDA, though he never had sex with SN. It was something signed by lots of persons as a standard corporate NDA. So, contrary to all the media hype these days, merely having signed the NDA does not equate to having had sex. Time will tell whether this NDA will provide legal protection as proof that any alleged sex was between consenting adults. A couple of parents told me of their daughters being compromised by SN. So it was not just in the case of Ranjitha. But there was no intercourse claimed by them; they charged other kinds of sexual contact and inappropriate touching.

    So, there you go... Nithy... the truth is out from Rajiv's stable !!!

  78. As Eliza Do Little sang in My Fair Lady..."oh, it's loverly".....Bhaktananda is now virtually an under-trial since he has been sent to judicial custody which means he will have to be in jail for 14 days!! Oh, it's luverly!!"

  79. To counter Nithyananda's call for support through the power of intention (from the fools who still believe in him and his lies), Lenin and his supporters are also making a similar request!! ;) See:

    For those that believe in chanting and supporting remotely through your intentions, here is an alternative! ;)

  80. Good to see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar coming out and openly critisizing Nithyananda.

    When is Sri Dayananda Saraswasthi going to do this? After Nithyananda's confession?

  81. The ultimate healing master Nithyananda, who has direct link to existence CAN"T heal himself of heat pain?

    He told me he healed my back pain with his link which it never did..

    What a hipocrite..

    What a drama queen ...

  82. To anon who said "And please, quit the suing joke, it's getting old." April 26, 2010 11:13 AM

    No body is joking here man. If you think you have a case feel free to sue. After all this is America! But, don't forget about freedom of speech againt any public figure like Nithyananda, Ravi Shankar or Dayananda Saraswathi.

    When you put out, you are open to criticism at this blod or at All so called global gurus had a choice to make either to protect Nithyananda or critisize Nithyananda for his sexapades.

    Deal with it my friend..

  83. Ohh my God! I can't believe Nithyananda is faking heart pain. He is supposed to be 32 years young. He said he is going to live 130 years in 2007 mission training. What happend to his healing powers?

  84. What happened to that cute Aikya with his shaved head, chubby cheeks and unswerving devotion to the Monkey? Nithya's hospital stunt is run-of-the-mill trick used by all politicians/criminals in India. The skunk even has his food delivered from the ashram and sources in Bangalore say that they'll transfer this animal to Mysore on Thursday (probably closer to the zoo there).

  85. To the 2:03 PM post: my point exactly.
    Perhaps you've missed the comment I was replying to - your words would suit its ending perfectly.

  86. Interrogating Sex Swami was like a 'punishment'

    From a source who interrogated the monkey.
    The swami smiled at his interrogators as usual before getting into a trance-like state.

    "He was either slipping into sleep every now and then or kept chanting mantras whenever we asked him an important question," said the source.

    "It was horrible. Imagine having to repeat the entire exercise! It was like a punishment for us."

    Wow, looks like Nithy is in his own LaLa world. Will be interesting to hear what mantra he chants.

  87. Anons@ April 26, 2010 11:38 AM and @ April 26, 2010 11:13 AM are the first I can relate to. They are calm and compassionate, and make sense!

    I have met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in person, and he is not that different from Nithy... But he was much more capable in choosing an appropriate inner circle. One that is cleverer at managing facts and moral injuries too...

    Of course, one should remember that all religions, legal and illegal, good and bad, do the same: rewrite history, adjust and hide. The error is to get caught...

  88. Nityananda violated rules of tantric sex: Sri Sri

    New York: Disgraced self-styled godman Swami Nityananda violated the rules of tantra by "using so many people for one's pleasure", Art of Living Foundation head Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said Monday.

    A Foundation statement quoted him as saying in Cincinnati in the US that Swami Nityananda, now in custody, "has violated UNAIDS guidelines as well as the rules of tantra.”

    "Only a house holder is entitled for tantric sex. Claiming to be a monk and using so many people for one's pleasure is unpardonable," Ravi Shankar said.

    "He should have had one partner and announced himself as a tantric guru. It has caused damage to the faith of people in the institution and traumatised many."

  89. Nithyananda violted UNAIDS Guidelines: SRI SRI

    UNAIDS Guidelines: Working in Partnership with the Private Sector

  90. Nithyananda hospitalised with ‘chest pain’

    Police sources suspect Nithyananda is “feigning” chest pain “for he thinks this was one way to squirm out of the interrogation” which is taking place at the CID headquarters here. For the first two days, he told his interrogators that he did not remember anything relating to the sex video.

    Later, he is believed to said he “thought he recognised Ranjitha, but not the man (he himself)” featured in the video secretly filmed by a former devotee Lenin Karuppan, alias Dharmananda.

    On Saturday, Nithyananda is believed to have wept, though he tried to evade questions by giving his customary smile. He, however, stopped smiling when he was asked to do so by his interrogators. “He thought he could use the smile to good effect, but that didn’t work those interrogating him,” police sources said.

    Several former devotees told Deccan Herald that Nithyananda’s chest pain was “as fake”. One senior devotee said that during most spiritualism classes he would boast of his ability to work ceaselessly for five days at a stretch.

  91. Nithyananda taught "ABHAYA" means fearlessness of an enlightened person...

    Now, he is weeping and faking like a common criminal..

    What happend to his enlightenment state and memory?

  92. To All Nithyananda devotees,

    I am collecting volunteers for 24 hours nithyananda mantra chanting.
    Please send your email address to me, I will send you the tantrik sex contract, please sign and get it notarized ( 3 copies) and send back to me. Then you can participate in the chanting.

    yours in Nithyananda,


  93. I agree with the comments about Sri Sri.. He is no different from this, money, money!!

  94. Did he really cry and feign chest pain or is it another media crap? Lost trust in everything now (media, spirituality)..sad state. Really hoping for some divine intervention to help us out.

  95. The Chest pain is same ruse adopted by many criminals to avoid detention and interrogation.

    Indian law has got the provision to provide medical assistance to people in detention, there were many cases of deaths in custody of infamous people like Harshad Mehta etc.

    The best way to avoid interrogation is to say you have chest pain as that it is difficult to diagnose the cause and the accused person can be given good care like ICU etc.

    Unfortunately for Nithyananda, the doctor will announce that its only gas.

    The people who are advising nithyananda are actually dim clots or people who are helping CID.

    The more the delay the more the pain for nithyananda.

    It is best for him to avoid such tactics as he will get in to more deep well of hell.

    We should all be thankful to the people who are advising nithyananda.

    Gosh ! nithy is living in a dream land, he thinks he can use such out dated tactics to escape the law. He must have learnt from those B grade tamil/kannada movies he was watching when ranjitha was busy with his stick.

    Sex Swami is also a smuggler
    CID sleuths reveal that Swami Nithyananda would routinely smuggle 24 carat gold from the US

    There seems to be no end to the number of crime that sex swami Nithyananda is believed to be involved in.

    The CID sleuths revealed that the 33-year-old Swami Nithyananda used to smuggle 24 carat gold weighing several kilograms from the US.

    According to the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), Swami Nithyananda used visit the US quite often. During his visits, he used to carry objects that looked like gold.

    Soon after reaching there, he used to get models the objects made out of pure 24 carat gold and brought it to India.

    "He usually got things made in form of rosaries and sandals that he used to wear while returning to India," reads a DRI letter that was sent to the Bangalore airport authorities, a copy of which is in possession of MiD DAY.

    The letter also mentions that Swami Nithyananda misused his image of a spiritual guru to smuggle gold.

    According to the officials, the swami believed that he'd be never caught, as the custom officials never bothered to check him when he used to go on spiritual trips.

    DRI officials had also issued a look out circular to all the airports soon after sex swami went into hiding.

    The DRI sleuths suspect that Nityananda could have used the same technique for smuggling precious stones as well.

    Besides, the officials suspect that Ma Nithyananda Gopika, sex swami's personal assistant, helped him in the smuggling racket.

  97. Who knows what is what ? I wouldn't believe everything this news sites are saying... In India there is no real rule of law for news.

    In fact, the most reasonable person in this whole story is Yogappa from the CID. Everyone else just sounds crazy... How about the ruse by Lenin? Really, are all of you embarking in this guy's "savior" bandwagon? Most likely just another crook, running pyramid schemes and so on... So please, just because Stalin helped kill Hilter, it doesn't make him my hero or someone "i should support".

    In fact, the strangest part of the story is about all those who VOLUNTARILY signed those contracts for sex... I mean, how can you pretend you didn't know what you were signing?

  98. to Anon@ Interrogating Sex Swami was like a 'punishment'

    Indian CID is serious, not like these news outfits. They would never leak what they did in the interrogation room. In fact, I am quite sure they are still trying to find a "prosecutable cause" to placate the ire of the rich hindu community.

    Simple hindu people never went after a swami to give all their money or sign sex contracts... I can never imagine this in my grandparents village. Even if they go to a swami, they just get what they want, do a prayer, maybe donate some food, and leave...

    They were wise. The truth is, if you renounced your wealth to someone, be them royalty or crook, you will end up dealing with the consequences...

    No wonder, Buddha left his wealth to his family!

  99. To anon @ April 26, 2010 9:31 PM

    I can't agree anymore. I can't believe we used to follow this guy like God and used to wait for him for hours for his lectures.

    It seems Nithyananda also cried with Manohar Shinde. What happend to samadhi that he used to scare his devotees with?

    He turned out to be the common coward of all..

  100. Hi old devotees,

    Please can anyone throw some light on the ‘Learning from the Master Program’, which is not there as a regular program in Dhyanapeetam websites... or is it just another fraud found in the NDA agreement signed by Ma Nithya Sadhananda for foundation and Vidya Viswanathan, mabunder pressure from Nithy... so this is for CID team,fyi/a.

    Nithyananda’s course on sex

    April 23, 2010 04:10 PM

    Swami Nithyananda of Dhyanapeetam Ashram was arrested on Wednesday in Himachal Pradesh and the CBI sleuths have recovered valuable documents, computer hard disks, mobiles and laptops.

    It was revealed that the main program of interest called ‘Learning from the Master Program’ deals with practicing ‘ancient tantric secrets’ on physical intimacy, nudity and sexual activity.

    A non disclosure agreement was also found when the premises was raided by officials and it states that volunteers who are involved in the program may have to engage in ‘ancient tantric secrets’ related to “male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy, pleasure, harmony and freedom.”

    The volunteers, who were mostly women from Tamil Nadu, were made to sign this agreement and were forbidden from divulging any details or take to legal course of action after indulging in the course.

    The CID officials also confirmed that they had recovered more than 35 videos in which they found the godman in compromising position involving 5 women.

    The major clientele for the program included divorced women and NRIs, says official sources.

    This needs a major whacking demonstration by public infront of CID office.. anybody game for it... let's do it asap.

  101. Dear CID / FBI / IRS/ ED team,

    Here’s the evidence of POSSIBLE tax violations and Funds transfer to India from the US based Lifebliss foundation for so many years in US, fyi/a.

    The form 990 filed in US for 2007 in May 2008, which shows a revenue of $ 2,693,322 and expenses of only $ 394,929, so having an excess of $ 2,298, 393 alongwith assets worth $ 1,195,808, ending the year 2007 with net assets or fund balances worth $ 3,494, 201, fyi/a, which is a staggering amount for a registered non-profit ‘Church’ organization to receive such huge donations voluntarily !!

    It’s a huge scam of getting money by hook or crook from gullible devotees who have fallen prey and are stuck with it even now, some are 100% slaves irrespective of their own family’s financial $h!t/ruin due to the constant threats/mails from Nithy’s cronies !!

    Please question the following for more details :
    XXXXX Gallegos Ave:B
    Fremont, CA 94539
    Contact: Mr. Gopal Sheelum, Co-ordinator
    Telephone: (510) 490-XXXX
    Fax: (413) 812-XXXX

    Web Site:

    Chief Executive
    Sri Nithyananda Swami

    Name Title
    Vidya V. DIRECTOR
    Priyalakshmi J. DIRECTOR/CFO
    Jyothi S. DIRECTOR

    No wonder that Ma Gopika has signed the NDA tantric sex agreement and now counter-filed against Nithy for press/media sake, but the real meat/crux of the matter is in the above financial irregularities for the ED/FBI/IRS team to take this forward.

    Nithy : Please do chanting immediately for yourself and others, otherwise you will get chest pain on seeing this sweet news !!

  102. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Anon @APRIL 26, 2010 10:30 PM who is also the same person 10:33 PM.

    Understand (which you don't), Lenin showed much more courage and control under pressure and constant threats than you are that chest-pain-faking-wimp-of-an-excuse-of-human-turd, Nithyananda have shown. You are obviously a Nithyananda supporter (we recognize the writing style of a bunch posts we rejected last night), and you must have signed the contract and participated joyfully in Nithyananda's tantric 'experiments'. We're sure that you also encouraged your daughter(s) to sign the contract, your wife to sign the contact, and your sister(s) to sign the contract, and perhaps even your mother to sign the contract. Now you try to make other people feel bad. Please start to look within yourself and kindly go away. We will not tolerate your low quality comments any more.

    Jai Maa.

  103. @April 27, 2010 1:39 AM

    Sorry but the cops in the US can't question Gopal Sheelum because he's in the slammer in Bangalore now. He's not going anywhere in the near future.

  104. Are you folks sure that he had a chest pain?

    I thought he is having pain in his genitals for elevated levels of testosterone - he didn't have it in police custody right!!

    You could call it as withdrawal symptoms.

    Dear CID team please let few more hot chicks into his cell for the linga puja.

  105. Dear Readers,

    Here's some interesting reading and good laughs !!

    Here are some of the teachings of Sri Nithya Bhaktananda Swami (Gopal Seelam Reddy, a disciple of Nithyananda):

    It cannot be taught
    But it can be caught

    Chewing the cud from the past
    Chewing the cud of the future

    Mind is a monkey
    Body is a donkey

    You guys have no past!

    CID team, here's more info for good interrogations !!!

  106. HOT NEWS!!!!

    Sri Nithya Gnanananda (senior brahmachari and mahacharya of Bidadi ashram) is now married to Ma Nithya Supriyananda (a bramhacharini in-charge of Tamil Publication department in Bidadi, and also long time assistant for Gnanananda)!!!

    This is the latest news, but is it true??!!!

    First it was Atmananda, now Gnanananda... who's next?! Will it be Roopananda or Pranananda?! ;)

  107. Hi Anon @ 7:21 Hot news !!

    Please see the photo of Ma Supriyananda in the link below and confirm asap ?

  108. Whether Swamy Nithyananda has committed sacrilege or not. The Spirituality of India has taken a huge beating. There is a saying "THIS TO WILL PASS" and the Spirituality of India will rise again like a PHOENIX like in the past 5000 years, Under new future Swami Nithyanandas who will script a new future but has prove his credentials 100 PER CENT.

  109. Nithyananda, the sadhu who reads Cosmopolitan.

    Nice pooja he has received here.

  110. the video of the brother disciple talking was shot in 2008.....i know him personally....he says nithy should pay for his mistakes....dhyanapeetam has posted the video without his permission and are supposedly refusing to remove it!dirty what levels they stoop i say!


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