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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Respecting the Victims of Nithyananda, the Fraud-God, & His Cult

Beyond a Means to an End; Necessary Conditions for Healing & a Conviction; No Space for Shame

Hi there, readers. We're going to take a small break from our usual style of banter and ridicule against our the fraud-god, Nithyananda and his cult. And, actually focus on something that is at least near and dear to us.

Yes, there are lots of us, in growing numbers that would like to see an end of Nithyananda's crimes and all of his fraud that he has inflicted upon society. Agreed that Nithyananda has tarnished Hinduism, Vedic culture, spiritual beliefs, and all the good work of many sincere Masters as well as seekers. Equally bad, Nithyananda has brought on a lot of pain and broken up and ruined many families. This is very wrong and must stop.

A key component in being able to mete out justice to Nithyananda is the testament from some of the victims that he sexually exploited. We often took a lighthearted approach to these crimes and called them 'room service ladies'. Although it makes the topic approachable, we have to remind ourselves (especially to the one who is typing these words) that these women are victims. And, we need to respect these victims and see them first as human beings. These women should not be seen as the potential means to our ends of convicting Nithyananda for his crimes. These ladies have already been a victim once, they don't need to be the victim twice over again.

In the comments received (not all of them published) there seems to be a call for strong, independent minded lady, the embodiment of Devi Durga, to come forth and give a 'tell all' testament against Nithyananda. Indeed, if such a lady comes forward, she would require the strength, courage, and fearlessness unknown to most of us reading this blog. There's no denying that quality. If a woman testified in court her intimate crime on how she was exploited, then the story told would not just be Nithyananda’s affairs, but her affairs too. The anticipated ridicule, shame, and ostracizing could be unbearable for anybody, regardless of gender, regardless of martial status, regardless of culture, and regardless of age.

So instead of hoping that some lady with super human qualities appears before all, let's work on giving the conditions and support to all of these ladies whether they come forward or not. They are victims. Innocent victims. They have been taken advantage of, set up, drugged either physically or esoterically, and placed in a very well planned trap. Who helped to set this trap and pave the way for these ladies to be sexually abused? Sorry, guys. Looks like we can take a majority stake in that blame. Yes, we were well meaning, deceived, fooled, etc., and like-minded victims in the same game. But, we were not careful. We failed to protect those that were counting on our support. We allowed, and most likely, encouraged the sex crimes to happen. We allowed those who had the most to lose come right up to liar's lair. Their pain has to be our pain.

OK, our point is not to suffer shame and wallow in some puddle of despair. That's not going to help anyone. We would like everyone, especially us guys, to own up to our responsibility that these sexually abused victims are the making of our own shortcomings. We need to realize that this is our fault too.

Once this understanding that everyone, especially the guys, share fault in this crime, then the first step is to forgive our selves and especially the women who were abused. Yes, we are all victims. No one realized what a monster Nithyananda really was. Most of us thought that he could really help someone in ways that we could not comprehend or understand. We really thought that Nithyananda was divinely sent. That our daughters, sisters, wives, nieces, and friends would really benefit from being around his energy. From our own personal experiences, there were plenty of times we saw the ladies deliver food to Nithyananda's private quarters and stay there for hours. During those moments, the only thoughts that entered our minds were that Nithyananda was giving extra attention to that woman and that she was very fortunate to receive his undivided blessings. OK, we were fools, and many of you reading these words, also fell short.

So, regardless of whether these women testify or not, we need to embrace them as our sisters or as or daughters, and help them heal. They need to know that at least within the realms of the immediate families and greater family of those once trapped within Nithyananda's cult, that they are loved, respected, worshipped, honored, and forgiven as they suffered through our faults. We need to see these women for the beauty that they are not for the dirt that has been dished upon them. After seeing all of the romping’s on YouTube, yes, it is easy to dismiss the fact that these victims are human beings with real feelings, with real concerns, with real lives, who yearn to have a sense of normalcy and perhaps even a future in their now tainted lives. Becoming sensitive to the human side, remembering that these are human beings, and carrying that within your heart for the remainder of your life will do so much more to heal than any conviction of Nithyananda.

So, please, readers, we beg you to do exactly this. These women will need lots of space and time. Outwardly expressions of pity and restrictions will only make things worse. Please don't let the ego, which is so eager to show others that there's an 'understanding', smother the space of someone who is trying to go forward and cope. True love will understand and silently embrace. Compassion knows no words or restrictions. But, don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to let others know that you stand on the side of your sister, daughter, or wife. That is the time that your head needs to be raised and voice counted to silence those who are ready to shame via whispers or rejection.

Yes, we would be delighted if at least one woman came forward and would testify against Nithyananda. That would help bring an end to these crimes and ensure that no one else will suffer the fate that many of us have suffered. Just the same, our goals and objectives should not come at the expense of the victim's dignity, integrity, and respect. These ladies were already used once. They should not be used twice, no matter how noble the cause seemed at either time. Therefore, all victims of Nithyananda's cult and fraud should take a vow that any woman who is brave enough to come forward and stop these horrible crimes is a hero beyond our own means. The courage and determination to serve humanity and risk the humiliation of a society jaded by sensationalism and instant visuals goes beyond the imaginations that described the epic heroics in terms of the battles of dharma (righteousness) and adharma (unrighteousness). So, look, guys, you better fall at the feet of any lady who is clearly braver and has much more to lose than you will comprehend in your life time. And, fall at her feet, you must. If this lady is your wife, you need to serve her as the protector of humanity and always realize that she did something that you would never be capable of doing. If this lady is your daughter or sister, you need to hold her so high in your hearts and minds that she will never be let down again. And, for you Indian guys, if she is still single, you better make sure that only the best hearted, qualified, and capable male suitors are lined up a mile deep for her to select one that will serve her sincerely for the rest of his life. She has embodied dharma (righteousness) and should be regarded as the Divine Mother herself. No second best suitors for Divinity, please.

Well, these words are nice, but they are not going to do the job alone. We would like to ask the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to ensure a framework be put into place that will allow these victims to come forward to testify safely and with dignity. Assurances are needed that these women will not become a new victim to the ills of society. Please don't just see these women as just 'informants' or 'witnesses' that will help piece together the crimes. Instead, look at them with compassion that you would have to your own sister, your own mother, to your own daughter, or to your own wife. Find a way to allow them to tell their story but still be protected. For instance, is there a way that a victim’s identity can remain anonymous? That her name will not be in the press? That her face will not be broadcasted on television or the internet? Is there a way to ensure the dignity, privacy, and respect, so that the victim's story not her life will be disclosed? Can there be real penalties that will be levied against those who violate these terms including the smear tactics that Nithyananda's loyal cult members have exercised?

Getting a conviction against Nithyananda will help bring closure to a lot of pain that many of us have experienced. But, getting closure should be done in a way that does not create new victims from the old victims. Those who have experienced Nithyananda's pain have to ban together to ensure that any witness who testifies will be honored, cherished, and respected for the great deed that she has done. The authorities will need to create a framework to allow for system to thrive, and the media will need to show restraint in reporting the story without breaking the soul. We wish we had the answers, but at least we have an idea where to start.

For our readers that did not have to endure the pain of Nithyananda's crimes, we apologize for the personal blog post and perhaps the preachy undertones. Please just see this as a window through our thoughts, pain, and conviction.  And, if you have the compassion, please help us in our cause.

Special thanks to the person who sent us a two unpublished comments that helped sharpen our sensitivity to this matter.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 123: One Hundred and twenty-three days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 145: One hundred and forty-five days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. An excellent write-up by the blog owner. Very moving and very touching. And yet I think, for justice to all at least one lady, with some conscience and good nature, must step out and come forward. Trust me, I have been enquiring into the Nithyananda episode from March 3 and I know how important the statement of one person would be. It is not that the CID does not have the reference points to begin an extensive and intensive probe. So this is an appeal to your inner cadence, your conscience and please step forward....

  2. Dear Blog owner,

    Your post says it beautifully - the need of the hour is to respect the sensitivity of harrassed women who like to come forward and present their views to CID team.
    For this to happen we need to create a via media with all old insiders forming a central team(in person or thru virtual mails)to liaison with CID team - by having a discussion to ensure that they arrive at a modest and clean framework to capture the witnesses inputs and also to work with the women witnesses to give the comfort level and assuring safety/security of their lives and ensuring they get their due respects from family memmbers as well.....
    Also, this team can send a separate mail as to how they would take this forward with timelines and good suggestions with step by step procedure to handle with CID team as well....
    In the meantime, any news about Nithy's whereabouts sharing would help to keep the detractors away from these witnesses and the earliest handing over of Nithy to Police will give the required level of security and safety to the witnesses.

  3. CID team,

    V.R. RAMANATHAN SHRIPURAM , 1 283 SHRIPURAM ST, THURAIPAKKAM CHENNAI 600 041 to know more details of Nithy's hiding.... quickly and also about all shipments worldwide recently !!

  4. Your article is very good from the point of a woman rights official. It seems someone is trying to bring in unnecessary sensitivity in the ongoing war of dharma, probably someone who is close to the accomplice(The Madam).

    The woman or women who are involved are indirectly or directly responsible for other victims to join the club. Its like one becomes a victim and convinces other to also become a victim so the group becomes big and very secretive.

    Few Qs i want to ask to the women who brought other women to nithya's fold...

    Dint u think about your husband or your loving children before you slept with nithya?

    What will happen if ur children see u in such a act to please the swami?

    What pulled you to this man? Was it the fame or money which attracted you? Or was it pure love? if it was love then what about ur husband or children what was that?

    And why did you pull other innocent ladies to this man?

    And to the lady who was caught.. Dont you realize that your comment like i was doing service is so insulting to so many other chaste women of India?

    The fakeswami said it was an experiment and u say service, who is right?

    Don't you see you fake swami has let you down with his conflicting statements ?

    You can come forward now as u have been identified and file a case of sexual exploitation to save ur self from a lifetime embarrassment, but it seems u still feel it was service.

    The woman or women who were trapped are the real victims and they can approach the Woman Rights Commission, they will ensure you identity is protected. You will be safe through them.

    If you want you can send anonymous letter, call, email to the police with details of the lady who trapped you into this special service sessions.

    That will be the the greatest service to humanity!

    I can understand some women can be victims but some are accomplices too.

    Let the blog writer also understand that there is larger aim for this war against dharma which will benefit millions of young woman in future to avoid getting into this web of deceit.

    This is nothing compared to billions other women who will follow this blog to protect themselves from such frauds.

    Collateral damage is inevitable and this is not the the time to be emotional Arjuna(blog owner)!

  5. Hi Nithy, wherever you are in hiding wearing a sareee - just like the coward and does... you will read your quote reproduced below and provide a quick solution....

    "For a total solution, you need to ask 'How?' Asking 'Why?' will only give you an answer, not a solution!
    You need techniques, not words - for life solutions."

    So, we will not ask why you did what the whole world from Youtube to village TV's showed you in that undies stuff....

    How are you going to come out of this $h!t... as you are only saying some gullible words - no actions apart from videos delivery, which is nothing as you can deliver more as we know you are not a celibate anymore... so what next ??

    Any marriage plans to atleast reward some good services of dear devotees atleast and go on vanaprastha and live a life of seclusion with the forest backdrop and nobody on a witchhunt to probe you.... like the internet thought mailer---> "It's easy to search God, but difficult to search hidden cameras ".
    Stop all this nonsense going on... once and for all... come out and give a guaranteed solution soon... so that the existence(Law/Police) takes you into it's lap and cures you in time..

  6. Fair post, I could only wish to see more comments with that level of depth.
    Everyone seems to forget that whom you're arguing with in the threads may actually be the very woman, the very Nithy devotee, that we'd better protect and look after. Anything that doesn't please the majority is met with all guns blazing.
    And one more idea: if there's enough accumulated on his financial fraud, he may get a fine prison term without the "help" of rape charges. That is, we only want to use that as a last resort.

  7. The blog owner has his heart in the right place.

    Let us not forget many of the victims were drugged that disabled their intellect.Nakkeeran posts interviews of a few female victims who were all caught unawares. And are emotionally shattered. They deserve nothing but empathy & healing.

  8. Let us not forget that Ram Ramnath's e-mail and other news reports indicate the presence of brahmacharis ( male) in the sexual exploitation. These brahmacharis could be the victims too. They can come out of their shell and help the investigation and protect dharma since the social stigma may be less for them in India.

  9. Watch this

  10. hi guys... our sis website guruphiliac is a blank page now. wht happened? Do any of you know anything abt this?
    So Mr expose nithyananda a.k.a Mr Douglas Mckellor, since u will be flying to India to justify this case, we assume you will be posting news here as hot and spicy rite?
    Im sure many people are still wondering why u havent edit your real name in the profile here...
    I ve got a question here, which i hope after reading this you wont delete this post or edit this part..

    1) Since your aim here in this blog is to expose the frauds done by Nithyananda and you want people to share their experience of being cheated by Nithyananda and expose all the frauds here... when are you going to share your part of story? which i assume carries a lot of pain for yourself? why not your share your experiences which resulted in the formation of this blog? Im sure you would have experiences with Nithyananda specifically and thts why u created this specific anti-blog and not a general blog for all gurus.
    So share your side of story?

  11. beautifu postl ...nice to see tht u understand wht these girls and their families are going thru.. ive heard 1st hand accounts of the abuse. he was a sicko,when the girls didnt want to do any stuff with him ,he used to say" this time around him they wont get...and tht its not for him but its for their own spiritual growth....ewwww. he totally mesmerized them ,he spoke of no tantra ,he just said tht the energy was tht of devi and radha etc and tht the being required it....the poor girls stood no chance... the ones resisting him were ignored and treated with contempt,then they gave in to him because of the great fear of "losing the master","missing the master"etc......all he cares abt now is holding on to his organization. he actually needs to die cause i dont believe he would stop his nefarious activities ...he s a megalomaniacal sex addict...sad

  12. For lady victims there is already a movie.!
    They should watch it for healing.

  13. Hi Nithy,

    Read this very good article from Desh and work with common sense…...and not being held by dichotomies …. That’s your level now…

    “ Path to Spiritual liberation is a tricky one. It has two aspects: Experiences and Dissolution.
    The former is easier to encounter. Many have. Even rudimentary healing powers which normal people using taught techniques can learn are part of that realm. But that is not the real thing.
    Further experiences could be like feeling of "Oneness" or experience of "Nothingness".. etc. Even that, as amazing as it may seem, is still just an experiential aspect. Its not liberation. Liberation is far beyond that.
    Unfortunately, when people encounter such experiences, which defy mind and logic and the "normal", they assume Enlightenment or Liberation. And that leads them to lower the guard. They are "there", they think so they are invincible and untouched.
    ( This is where you were hit LBW or got caught by Ranjitha due to Dharma’s googly....)

    If experiences was everything, then it would have been very easy to startle the hell out of the critics and beat them up by sheer miracles of the most rudimentary level. But that is not all. Something else is even more important and critical in this journey. It is not to do with relationships or with others.. but with Self. One's own self.
    All relationships are "unspiritual" in the way they are practised and lived. Relationships in the general society entitles the related a right over other's mind and body. "My so and so (sister, daughter, brother, son, friend.. ) cannot do that!" is a common refrain. Such sentiments are a reflection of a yearning to have ownership. - as told by Osho.

    Becoming a Guru is not a trivial act. It is very serious. If one runs out to declare at the first experience about what the "Truth" is, then the chances are that all will be lost for that person. That is why, students used to wait years after the first experiences of Enlightenment before they were asked by the Teachers (Rishis) to leave the ashram and go out on their own. The wait was not to quash competition but to make sure, the person going out won't hurt others and get hurt himself.
    Such discipline is, unfortunately, absent now. And as for Nithyananda, he has not failed anyone.. but himself !!! ”( In hiding… a most degenerated state … light years to enlightenment !! )

    Request all ex Osho/JK lovers to read this article to come out of their current situation….. and I pray to Mother Kali to inspire all Radhas to come out openly in the court against you like Radha who wrote about her mother’s sexual relationship with JK for 25 years and gone thru multiple abortions to say the truth and nothing but the truth...!!

  14. To the annonym April 9 4.20 A.M

    He is correct. The Blog owner seem to be too sympethetic to women who slept with Nithy. They choose beteween their husnbands or lovers and decided to exeperince the intimacy with Nithy with a selfish intent to attain enlightement. So there was greed. Some times greed involves money and sometime it involves fame. Now after true Nithy's stories came out I can recollect some of the looks of the women who used to live in the LA or in the Bididi ashram and the special air they used to have about themselves,is comparable to an executive Secretary who sleeps with the Boss. This was more evident for the Yoga chiks who were hanging out with Nithy all the time.

    Enough for all the Sad stories there are tons of women who were his concubine and were proud of it every second and that is the reason this could never come out in the open until the tapes surfaced. Gopica hs to be interviewd by the CID since she was the Chief Madam. The Grand Mama and the Concubines ring leader was and is Sachit's wife MADAM RAGINI. This lady has the keys for NITHY's secrets.

  15. CID team,
    Are you looking into this meaningful lead to take the probe right into Nithy in hiding and interrogate all inliving ashramites, especially brahmacharinis asap ?

    At 3/05/2010 2:06 AM, Anonymous said... in

    I have nothing but admiration & compassion for Ranjita. For risking herself to this extent in exposing the charlatan. Considering she has no clout like say an Aishwarya.

    Indians live in denial about the existence of casting couch.

    She is the daughter of an Army Officer.Married an Army man settled down in Chennai. Due to some personal problems ( we all have don't we) was counseled by many to approach this Nithy with a manufactured halo. She went with her husband but got lured inside by Nithy for "private energy transmission". And the rest is history as the cliche goes.

    He has a lot more actresses under his spell. Someone I know personally also lost his wife (to Nithy) with his son committing suicide in the ashram. They went believing him to be God incarnate.

    Who do you turn to redressal in this lawless chaotic India? Why blame the hapless victims repeatedly ? When do we hold the perpetrators guilty instead of condoning & accepting all injustices as one's inevitable karma??

    Am sure the Karnataka CID will bring the fugitive Nithy to justice soon.

  16. Hi Nithy,

    What a fraud guru you turned out to be…… you always said ‘ Don’t do what the Master does, do what he says you to do….. that’s really not missing the Master and it turns out to be true ironically with all your ashram inmates now !!!
    Read this ....

    You explained what the word 'initiation' means to the new Brahmachari/nis : Requesting the Master to channelise all your energy in one direction, towards the direction in realising the Truth. Brahmacharya Initiation is the intitiation wherein one makes a strong commitment in requesting the Master to work on oneself and help tuning the mind and body towards the single minded pursuit of Truth. You once again explained the vows that the Brahmacharis need to follow once initiated.
    The five vows are: abstinence from meat and drugs, renouncing all personal property and relationships, abstinence from physical relationships, total commitment to the Master and his mission and surrender to Existence.

    Are you living by it now ? What a Master cheat !!

  17. Personally I do not know of any married lady who had slept with Nithyananda. But what do I know. My contact with this group has been very brief and none of my friends (ladies and gents) who are deeply entrenched would ever have agreed to such a situation.
    But for those ladies - which is now very much confirmed - who had slept with Nithyananda, they might not have been in right state of mind or they made a conscious decision to go through with it. Either way nothing is wrong - the ladies shouldn't be blamed. The blame rests totally on Nithyananda for having taken advantage on them. Criminally whether he can be prosecuted for his is irrelevant. He has lost in respect to the eyes of millions.

    Having said that - there was a post earlier about Ayya dragging a distressed girl away from a hall. Anybody know the identify of this girl? Where is she now?

  18. This is a true story that happened in the 1950s. A devotee was about to leave for Pondicherry. He lived in Madhya Pradesh. A very poor lady would be caretaker of his house. She gave him Rs. 1.25 (normally referred to as Chavanni and asked him to give it to the Mother (Mirra Alfassa)when he met her in Pondicherry. When the Mother received this amount She became very grave. The devotee asked Her why She turned so serious. She replied: By giving me her all through this chavanni, this woman has put everything on my head. What a responsibility, She remarked. So, imagine, Nithyananda throwing away people's trust or rather devotees' trust. More than the punishment that the court might give him, is that which presents itself as a dark descent into unconsciousness and being exiled from the divine grace and spiritual joys itself. It will be several births before he can even be given the opportunity to aspire for a spiritual life. From his video recordings, it appears that he it totally unaware of the karmas that he is building for himself. I remember how he once remarked in the new set of videos giggling - I wear all colors - white, red . . . See this total disdain for the true sentiments of the people of India for the Kavi Vastra. Now even he cannot save himself. Oh I forgot there is no karma for enlightened beings!

  19. The blog post titled "Beyond a Means to an End; Necessary Conditions for Healing & a Conviction; No Space for Shame" is excellent!

    For the 1st time IMHO, it reads like a grownup, mature, thoughtful and sensitive piece. What happened???

    Keep this up!

  20. To all victims of Nithyananda, please consider
    that though Swamiji claims these acts were "consensual", we know that they really weren't because Nithyananda was in the position of authority and has a lot of influence over you calling himself God. We know how Nithyananda likes to play a lot of manipulative games and that's exactly what he did with you - psychological coercion, manipulation, mesmerism, and hypnotism.

    You did not do anything wrong, it is not your fault, even if you were the one who approached him. He was in the position of authority and he should have known better and controlled himself.

    Nithyananda may say he's not the aggressor, but we know he is. Now, he's playing the victim which is bogus and dispicable.

    If Nithyananda made you believe he's Krishna and that this was some transcendental lila, you should know that he's nothing but a big cheat. You should come forward to report this - no one will blame you now.

    Don't let Nithyananda or anyone else let you think that you did something wrong. Nithyananda used his position of power and psychological manipulation against you.

    Please don't feel guilty for whatever was done. That's why you went to Nithyananda in the first place in order to be free of 'inner chatter' and guilt.

    When you reveal yourself as a victim to the authorities, you will find many brothers and fathers who will be on your side supporting you.

    Please be strong enough to do the right thing so that others will not continue to be victimized.

  21. In the name of God , it is extremely easy for any influential scoundrel like nithy to rape/exploit us gullible people. Do not underestimate the power of drugs he used.Also he made many sign a contract giving him sweeping unquestioned right to practise 'tantra'.

    When he set up base in some film producer's house in Bangalore he spiked the 'holy water/tirtha' with potent drugs that made women dance during midnight. Who later discovered they were pregnant , aborted & what else could they do save serving as brahmacharinis ??

    Rajasekaran alias nithy & his supporters alone are guilty. I am appalled we have malhotras & so called learned hindus trotting out warped selfstyled interpretations of 'tantra' 'yoni puja' to defend him.

    This body itself is negated starting with the gross annamaya kosa so breathtakingly by Sri.Aadi Shankara. Even a child would understand.

    To discern & understand that a pot is but a form & name , mithya , whereas mud alone is the truth we only require knowledge. We don't have to break a pot to turn it into mud or know it as but mud. Knowledge alone dispels ignorance NOT any kriya.

    Nithy invaded every victim's boundaries physical & emotional. He knows nothing at all about Vedic Scriptures. The very word Dhyana has been abused by him.

  22. Kaanchi Paramacharya very passionately & vehemently highlights the paramount importance of ETHICS , right values. Without the basic internal infrastructure of values the neo vedantis weave a web of verbiage misleading the masses.

    I would advise all not to read osho , deepak chopra etc etc. Most of what they say is shoddy recycling. None of them know our Shastras thoroughly. There is nothing like instant coffee , instant sambar in Spirituality.

    The values necessary are enumerated by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Geetha. Again , I warn always learn Geetha from a competent Guru. Never buy oneself.

    Ditto for pranayama classes that are today's craze. Suspension of breath CANNOT erase vasanas. In fact the undesirable vasanas get powerfully churned up.

    None of the Ssiva Bhakthas in Periya Puranam . none of the Aazhvars- Vishnu Bhakthas EVER attended hatha yoga & pranayama classes.

    It is good for one's health agreed. But consider the treacherous pitfalls. Health alone is not the be all & end all of life. There are safer alternatives.

    Praying at home , going to Temples & praying to Consecrated Idols which is also the Same All Pervading God ( mercifully simply incapable of raping) walking , cooking one's own food & reading and/or listening to pravachans of lives of Sages.

    DO NOT hanker after " experiences " altered states of consciousness. There is but one state of consciousness for ALL. That one can never own or disown.

    Steer clear of people bandying words like super consciousness , supra or deeper consciousness.

    Our Maker gives everyone a taste of what we ALREADY are in dreamless sleep called Sushupthi. Where we exist in unalloyed Peace. Where the entire world & all superimpositions simply disappear. Ruminating over that has to be done in jagrat , in the wakeful state. With sharp intellect & receptivity. No special asana or apotheosizing of charlatans is called for.

  23. Expose Nithyananda - you / your team are real wonderful human beings for this wonderful article. Not only that, for having kept strong on this blog for months now. For this blog woke me up way before the Nithyananda scandal broke out. Now it is good for those who are on the fence.

    Dharamananda and you are just amazing in having woken up so many people. I do not remember Dharma from the ashram although I went there a few times. But just seeing him talk you can see his honesty. Contrast that with Nithy talking and you see a slimy thug who cannot even lie consistently.

    Expose Nithyananda and Dharmananda - you folks are awesome! Thank you for waking up the world! May the true divine always be with the you!

  24. Dear Blog Owner, way to go for being so harsh with the people who are ashramites!!! It's the only way to get their brainwashed behinds out. You clearly know what the Truth is. You have become so bold and understand to put behind all of your sentiments to all to ensure that this nonsense is stopped forever. Because you were screwed over, you realized that all of us and everyone needs to be saved from Nithyananda's hurt and damage. Do you think it doesn't pain us to see our master putting us through this? Do you even realize what you are doing and how many lives you have effected and saved? All this good work is not because you want revenge for what you think was done to you, but you want to save others from the acts of a horrible fake master, Nithyananda! You know very well that Swamiji was responsible for whatever happened to your marriage. If you really believed in the Devil, Nithyananda, you sure attoned for your misguided worship. Doesn't he think what he is doing is very wrong? It seems Nithyananda has no remorse and must be punished. Keep it up!!! Nithyananda claims to be standing for Dharma, but his language and actions doesnt show any sign of it. All i see from Nithyananda is cunning hatred and bad language against other Swamis but also against all who have been associated with Hinduism and Vedic Traditions. I feel very sad about this whole episode. I also feel sad that Nithyananda has become like this.

  25. one of the posts says that a son died in the ashram and a wife was abused by Rajshekharan, can that person be urged to make a complain with CID to ensure justice to Rajshekharan?? It is so strange that so many people know so many bad events and yet no police complaints? What makes everyone so weak now?
    I heard that under legal advice the LA temple insiders everyone is leaving 1 by 1? Can everyone escape so easily?
    I see that so many people are hurt, then it once again reminds me that what Vivekananda said "The world is in pain not because of the bad people but because of the inaction on part of the good people"

  26. look at this email from Rajshekharans CHAMCHA DHEERA - - this guy is soooooo brainwashed and still doing the bidding for that sex criminal, Nithyananda.

    Brand new video series from Swamiji
    View Contact
    To: LosAngeles_Ananda_Samjis

    Radiating Enlightenment?

    YES! is what I hear and see constantly in Bidadi!

    The news from Bidadi is that Swamiji has just released more BRAND NEW
    talks. The first series in on Birth, and is wonderful...

    In Nithyananda,

  27. Anon @ 1:28 AM ,

    In contemporary India adharma calls the shots.Recall what happened after the cold blooded murders of defenceless boys in Puttaparthi ashram.

    Read what one Shenoy says abour SSRavishankar & how the police simply refused to register his case against art of living.

    Unlike say Islamic countries where the wrongdoer is simply punished in the most ruthless way , it is just the opposite here.

    There is a plethora of cases involving ragging of freshers driving them to suicides , cruel imperious teachers hitting the students leading to blindness , deafness the list is endless. We read , sigh & shrug helplessly . Who do you turn to ? There is no Sri Rama ruling in India though we are highly sanctimonious.

    The fence meant to protect the crops itself devours them.All the laws & rules of governance remain only in letter . NOT in SPIRIT.

    So many chief ministers from Yediyurappa , SMKrishna to Narendra Modi have been awestruck by him. Even Dayananada Saraswathi a respected Sanyasi is flanked by nithy & ravishankar in a photograph. This nithy was/is one of the alleged acharyas of Global foundation for civilizational harmony. Where nithy is praised as a (sic)" raja sanyasi".

    To my knowledge , Swami Dayananda has not expressed his shock or disapproval of this fake. If nithy is so smugly cocksure it is owing to the support he has from hindutvavadis like Togadia & Rajiv Malhotra. Now that reports of paedophilia by christian pastors are coming out , many hindus are gleeful.Nakkeeran also reported that it was allegedly Gurumurthy who had advised nithy to leave for Nepal earlier.

    One IITian audaciously compares & condones nithy. Is this how sane people feel & think ?

  28. About the alleged " healing ". Rajasekaran learnt these techniques in Hyderabad dunno acupressure or whatever. Add to that the placebo effect & overhyped claims by his sycophants.An ambience where marijuana seeds are used. Quite a heady potion.

    I have had certain ailments cured by my doctor. That did not make me frame his photo followed by worshipping.

    Read the following please :-

    " Yogi Ramaiah told Ramana Bhagavan:-

    " While travelling I saw a public performance by a magician...who was materialising a lot of things for the crowd.....was stunned & amazed how he could accomplish such feats.

    When the show was over , the magician went about asking for donations from each of us extending a rusty container. I asked him " you have the ability to produce whatever you want at the mere wave of a hand including why beg for money from us..why not fulfil your need with your magic ?"

    The magician told his sad story how he did penance to win the favour of a Spirit that could perform whatever he desired. His wish was granted but with a stiff condition he could never materialise anything for himself or his family.

    Ramaiah asked why he should agree to such terms wasting his life as a beggar when he could get no real benefit from his magic.

    He said the Spirit had made it clear to him that the karma of his penance being inexorable , he would reap its fruits; if he opted out he would get killed instantly by the Spirit.Hence was destined to beg for the rest of his life.

    Ramana Bhagavan remarked:-

    " The fate of all who run after miraculous powers/siddhis is the same as that of this poor man".

    So the good old counsel 'be careful of what you wish for' is never to be forgotten.

    Let us not forget all the asuras performed mighty tapas only to ask for such megalomaniacal powers.

  29. The document which every sanyasini and sanyasis have to sign agreeing for tantric sex experiment may be found in the following link. its a ten page document out of which front page page is given in this link. the whole explanation in tamil is about the contents of the document


  31. for those who can't read Tamil: vidya Viswanathan a.k.a. gopika has signed the sex contract document with Dyanapeetam, once in 2005 and again in 2009

  32. The dyanapeetam secret document published in A Tamil magazine has made nithyananda and his gang panic. the effect is seen in the number of postings in ' stand up for Nithyananda'. Anyways the law says such a document even if it has been singed does not allow dyanapeetam to go scot free. even if one person comes forward to complain, it will be treated as crime. A valid point for having pressed the gang's panic button.

  33. It's very tough to read the english version of Nithyananda's non-disclosure confidential contract in Jpeg format. Please, somebody who can read, post the language for our analysis.

  34. Anon @ April 10, 2010 6:05 AM

    Please translate the main few sentences in English of the tamil sex contract document in Tamil. We are really wondering what is written here?


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