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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Message to Past & Present Fraud-God Supporters of Nithyananda

Wake Up Call for All Former Devotees. Move Away From this Fraud and Heal!

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. How are you doing? Look what came in our inbox. It's a message to all past and present devotees, you know, the type of people who might have came to your acharya (teacher) training program or attended a two-day program with you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Let's take a look:
We come in peace. Yes, the last five weeks have been very difficult if not unsettling. Whatever has happened and your involvement in this process is not your fault, because this was all from the influence of the temporary circumstances. Yes, we can blame this on maya (illusion). It had us its grips too.

With sincerity, we would like to say that this is the time to realize the Truth and move on to the path of Dharma (righteousness). Yes, we are out of the dream state of consciousness, and I’m very sure that you are already awaken. Just listen to the divinity inside your heart. Do the right thing. And, leave this person (you know who) immediately. Please don't support his bad karma anymore.

Please understand that whatever has happened has happened for the good. Just move on with your life. This is not the time to regret. We are positive that you learned many things through this process and you can now move to the higher level of consciousness as a result from this experience.

The good news is that we all had a little experience of transcendental consciousness as a result from this learning experience. As a result, we can now move to Bliss Consciousness or God Consciousness and go beyond the emotional attachments of maya (illusion). We are now free to move about the spiritual world.

Finally, we just want to close with a small thought. Even though we might have had a difficult time with our family as a direct result with our involvement, we now can see and realize the priority that family has in our lives. From this experience, we can now look after our family members again with a real understanding of love and devotion. Yes, family and spirituality are both at home. And, there is no place like home. That is where we belong.

If there is any way that we can help, please let us know. Even if you just want to yell at us, we welcome the chance to help you with some cathartic healing. We promise to only listen.

Take care and sincerely hoping the best for you.
Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we sure hope that people wake up and heal. We imagine that many of them might think that there might be some glimmer of hope that you will come back, but the owner glimmer of hope we have is that they learned something from being around such a fake and a fraud. Sorry, there, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, but it's true. We just hope that all your former devotees go on with their lives a little bit stronger than they did before they fell into your cult trap.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 126: One Hundred and twenty-six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 148: One hundred and forty-eight days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. We forgive and love the ones who are out.Before the organization you were all nice people,but over time goodness took a back seat.Welcome back !

  2. Why should MedhanandaMayi live in the house of Seattle Temple Priest ?
    I don’t understand why she has to live with a family and not give them their personal space. The priest is very dedicated and Medhananda and Bhaktananda frequently visit them .The family has absolutely no personal or family time. The couple work the whole day and dedicate the rest of their time to the temple. The priest goes early in the morning , performs pooja and then attends office and comes home late in the night after closing the temple. His wife also has to make Prasad and take it to the temple every evening or find someone to do it and take it to the temple.The temple is a half an hour drive from their house. The priest also did not have a job for quite some time and no help in any way was offered to them. As we know from experience when you join NIthyananda the first thing that becomes empty is your bank balance. In addition to all this the wife has to take care of the children because as you can see their father has no time for them. I am sure this is something that most can relate to, next is Vaanaprasta, then Ashram and then the final experiment.
    We in Seattle are not able to talk to them openly because Medhanandamayi seems to keep an eye/ear on them. Unfortunately the priest is still in. It is sad that this nice and dedicated family is not being given their space by this witch. She should be KICKED out not only from their house but from Seattle. We never liked her.
    MedhanandaMayi, go to your Swami you so adore and perform all the tantric experiments and spare this wonderful family. NO one should trust you.
    If you are reading this mail Seattle temple priest and wife, please just say yes and we’ll come and throw her out. Under no circumstances should you allow Medhananda or Bhaktananda in your house. Please let us know when they are coming and we’ll welcome them with our slippers and boots and shoes.
    It is sad that the can’t openly talk about their thoughts in their OWN HOUSE. It is sad to see this once a very happy family struggling to find time and space for their own family.

  3. To inspire, a story about the historical saint (circa 1850s) Swami Dayananda Saraswati (who is a great maha acharya, and did condemn idol worship)-- so please do not condenm ALL swamis, or make generalizing statements about ALL of our great Vedas based on your impression of one person:

    ( -- again denying one of prior anons who says "no enlightened being beats others" )

    This great saint condemned idol worship, the caste system, the ignorant streak of "untouchables" in indian society, was crucified and condemned by hindu idol worships, was poisoned by one of them, was thrown bottles and feces by these people. Read the text and realize what a great man, he started schools, promoted gurukulas, pionereed the notion of a single language for India, and had many sanyasins.

    He also had an enlightened master himself (he was enlightened after being with his guru for many years), who beat him hard many times... Just goes to show how one cannot make sweeping generalizations as have been made by some comentators in this blog.

    Dayananda Saraswati (the historic one, not the currently alive one - although he is also a great swami) is unquestionable, and a great man, of the stature of Swami Vivekananda.

    So, if you don't like this Nithyananda, criticize him, hold him responsible do all that needs to be done. But do not condenm the Vedas, or anyone who is against some so called sacred (but false) precept of current hinduism... Or else, you might throw feces and glass at a great soul like Dayananda Saraswati.

    Remember, at his time, the brits did poison him, and did manipulate the world against him. So maybe there is only 0.1% chance of this being the case for Nithy, but at least one should not say things like "I am going to kill bla bla bla"... You could be on the wrong side even! Like many were at his time with the great Dayananda Saraswati.

  4. You might get better if you follow his verbal teachings. You will be destroyed if you follow his actions. Of course Guru needs to set a good example for others by his behaviour. Nithyananda clearly did just the opposite.

  5. The teachers menu link on lifebliss site
    is broken and goes to homepage.

    Wonder if they are in in the process of rebranding as tantric sex teachers. mentions April 24th/25th LBP class in Ohio.

    Is that a joke? Do they seriously think people will sign up?

    Meanwhile I see OsamaAnanda has added another joke of a video to his birth series.

  6. Here's a link to all the old acharyas (teachers) from the Life Bliss Foundation.
    (Note: This page might load very slowly, but it will render and it is safe.)

    To get to this link, go to the "Way Back Machine Archive" also known as the Internet Archive:

    and type in:

    Yes, Nithyananda's web team used a different domain than

    So, use and you'll find some old skeletons and maybe a former acharya. (Note all those helpful email addresses and phone numbers.) Have fun.

  7. Again, do you really think Bhatha, Sachit and Medhananda are going to come out of this cult? They are the main spiritual heads of this cult of Nithyananda and they probably own all cult assets in USA..

  8. Read about Nithy's sex pacts in todays deccan herald.

  9. Nithyananda's program economics!!!

    ASP: Rs.1000/-


    BSP & HEALERS: 8000/-

    NITHYANANDAM: 50,000/- ( its an 8 day residential program)

    KALPADARU: 1000/- ( A one day program)


    LBT: $ 8000

    PADA PUJA: Rs.25,000/- ( receips not given)

    ANANDA LINGAM: The small lingas which are found in Thiruvannamalai and in Bididi pond which are already installed and devotees who pay Rs.50,000/- their name plate will be placed near the lingam and puja for thie whole generation will happen till sun and moon exists. .Many many devotees have fallen for this crap.


    GURU POORNIMA: nITHYANANDA SAYS IF YOU GIVE biksha to guru on this day all the karmas are transfered to guru. Initially he said it has to be put into a towel which he holds on his lap. later it became online biksha too. cash , kind just flowed in. where are receipts for these loOting?

    OTHERS: Public discourses: the discourse is free but the organisers have to make arragements for at least 10 home visits per day , each visit costs Rs.1 lakh. atleast 25 Pada puja each day, costing Rs.25,000 each. . the other expenses of venue cost and floral arragements and others have to be met by the organisors. The organisors in turn torture all the devotees to accomplish this.

    For any other occation like medical camp or guru poornima or jayanthi, the devotees have to collect funds from the public, which used to be in lakhs.

    I hope chandan nandi publishes this in DH.

  10. Regarding this case, the Deccan Herald online has become nothing but a center piece of free speach and democracy. The owner/s of this blog and their associates, it appears, are not alone in their fight to bring this sex criminal to justice.

    Viewing pornography by a so-called 'swami' is a "perversion"!!! Wow, I better seek help real fast in getting this criminal, Nithyananda, behind bars. And so should real all men I know should band together and drag Nithyananda's perverted a$$ to jail.

    You know, the "visual images" mentioned in the agreement could very well have been non-passive pornographic material but active pornographic activies, including rape. Nithyananda = SCUM!. Does Mr Chandan Nandy suggest that Nithyananda's practiced similar criminal sex activities inside his temples as part of imagery which is "pornographic" and "perverted" too? This just gets creepy.

  11. To Anon at 12:09 AM, April 13, 2010....

    Chandan Nandy has already written the story for DH long time back :-) Anybody with some explosive stuff on that fiend?

  12. Chandan Nandi always publishes information by fact checking or from credible sources. If I see a story by him, it already tells me what kind of a great journalist he is... he is always unbelievably great! No wonder, Barack Obama said journalism and free press is the key to democracy all around the world.

  13. Hi ALL,

    Today's Deccan Chronicle - Bangalore edition has some great news... The court has ordered to the counsel to get Nithy to come in person and explain all the case controversy and clear it with proofs !!!
    That's a straight bullet down the throats all Nithy's chamchas/rats who donot have any choice but to follow as part of Nithy's entourage to court.. then onto jail asap !!

  14. Hi Expose Nithyananda,

    Good, that you are piping it hot for the US cronies to come clean and leave the inmates to do what is needed to safeguard themselves and expose the threats they have been bearing so far from cult members as below :

    The next batch of information that we will forward to the FBI will also include the last holdouts of Nithyananda's supporters in the U.S. and how they are disrupting those insiders that are trying to take legal and responsible actions. These rogue cult members include:

    1. Sri Nithya Niranjananda, a.k.a. Mukku S.
    (Cheif Culprit and right-hand-man
    to Bhaktananda)
    2. Sri Yogadharman
    3. Ma Amudharoopini
    4. Ma Dhyanatma
    5. Ma Prematma

    We already collected the needed information such as telephone numbers and email accounts. So, we're good to go.

    Similarly for the Bidadi ashram inmates, is there any way of piping them out, or you anticipate Nithy the expert Pied piper ( always changing dresses in hiding ) to do his last bit and take everybody as his bodyguard entourage to the court in person soon for giving them freedom/enlightenment once and far all to cool their heels in the open air Jail on the Hosur road !!

  15. The God man pumping money to keep silent people and officials.

  16. @anonymous at 3:40 AM

    Can you post a URL? I don't see this in the deccan chronicle website.

  17. Please post the link to this article, could not find it:

    Today's Deccan Chronicle - Bangalore edition has some great news... The court has ordered to the counsel to get Nithy to come in person and explain all the case controversy and clear it with proofs !!!


  18. (Interview in Nakkeran from an Ex-Bhramacharini Part I.)

    Not only Nithyananda sexually exploited ashramites but other senior 'Anandas' in the ashram also did the same. I went to the ashram seeking spiritual practice and became a Bhramacharini but they used me as a sex toy for the 'Anandas'.

    The Bhramacharini started narrating the attrocities happened to her.
    The Ananda whose name is synonymous with the word 'Knowledge' and he is the main guy who compiles/writes nithyananda books.

    This 'Ananda' one time called me suddenly at midnight. He said that "I don't have the mood for writing now, come and sit next to me" and kept his hands on me on places I can't tell. I got angry and walked out from there.

    I went to Nithyananda next day and told him what happened. Nithyananda replied to me telling that "Do what he says, you will get advanced soon". I was shocked by Nithyananda's response. The same night, the 'Ananda' called me to his room. He told "Are you trying to complain behind my back to Swami? You know, Swami cannot do anything. I know all about this secrets and the leelas, so Swami cannot do anything to me. If you behave properly, I'll get you a very important post in the ashram, otherwise, I'll tell everyone that you are a theif and ashame you." Then he started hugging her and said "It's only good for you to adjust me". I asked him "Can you do this non-sense by wearing saffron-robe?"

    He answered me saying that "Do you know the story of Krishna and Sisubalan" and started removing my clothes. "There is a story in Bhagavath-Gita. Sisubalan thought that he was also enlightened like Krishna and told the Gopika's that I'll give enlightenment to you by enjoying them. Krishna had his own gopika's and did the same but Krishna had good name but Sisubalan had bad name. So a sannyasi asked Vyasa muni "Krishna is doing the same as Sisubalan, so why everyone is telling that Sisubalan is wrong and Krisha's activities are called as MadhuraBhavam". Ananda says in middle that "Do you know what is MadhuraBhavam, it is seeing God as a lover. i.e) rasa leela. Rasa leela means "The drama conducted by God". So coming back, Vyasa replied "The Gopikas knew that Krishna was enlightened, so the relation that gopikas had with Krishna was based on knowledge/Gynana. The gopikas did this to attain the state of god or enlightenment. But the relationship the other gopikas had with SisuBalan (non-enlightened person) was a mortal relationship and so it's wrong". Also having relationship with enlightened beings is a way to turn yourself into god said Vyasa. This is how the Ananda completed the story.

    This is how the 'Anandas' tell some story or the other and cheat the Bhramacharini's and ended her sad story.

  19. (Interview in Nakkeran from an Ex-Bhramacharini Part II.)

    She also told a story about another woman..."She used to very stylish, more beautiful than a cinema heroine.Her father is a homeopathy doctor, she also knew little about homeopathy treatment.She came to the ashram to do service. If anybody had muscle pains, she used to do massage treatments and cure them. She was also targetted by the 'Ananda' I mentioned before. She never fell for it. So the 'Ananda' started harassing her by shouting at her in public about the work she did etc. The 'Ananda' had an assistant whose name started with 'SU'. She was everything for him. So the 'Ananda' gave her the assignment to get the doctors girl for him.

    This 'Ananda' sang praises about the 'SU' assistant to Nithyananda whenever he gets a chance and got her a good position in the ashram. So with this position, the 'SU' assistant tried to brain wash the doctor's girl but she never fell for it.The assistant got angry and made her work at the cow barn to take care of taking the cow dung, getting milk in the early morning from cow etc.The doctors girl even did the job by thinking that 'In hinduism, Doing a service to a cow is serving god'.

    The same night the 'Ananda' called the girl and told "Can Goddess (Devathai) like you take cow dung in hands? Just accept my wishes, I'll get you a great respect in this ashram". After sometime the girl was never found in Bidadi. Later only I came to know that this girl got transfered to Salem ashram due to this 'Ananda' since she was not cooperating.

    The same 'Ananda' also sent out another girl giving her 'Prostitute' name since she did not cooperate with him. This girl who came to learn Meditation got in love with the Viruthachalam coordinator's son. This guy is from Dubai and they got love when he came to the ashram. But the 'Ananda' was sooo eyeing for her and started his games on her. She told the 'Ananda' that she is in love with another guy and let her alone. She told that she wanted to marry the guy and leave the ashram.

    The 'Ananda' told that "the guy will never know if you are with me just for a day, so take it easy". The girl refused, started cyring and ran away from him. The 'Ananda' immediately called the guy's father and told that "The girl used to be a prostitute in hyderabad and is spoiled". When the girl came to know about this, she was crying all day and did not even eat. But the guy who she loved was a very good guy and had much confidence on her, so they eventually got married and ran away from Nithyananda and ashram.

    Like this, there was another girl from bangalore who loved a guy named 'Kiran' who came to meditation workshop. When Nithyananda and this 'Ananda' came to know about this, they tried several things on them, but somehow the pair left the ashram

    Next, I'll tell more about the music studio team and their games in the ashram.

    Do you know what usually will be there in a music studio? You would think music instruments, but in the ashram's music studio, but you can see strips and strips of birth control pills.

    I'll tell more about this later.....


  21. Hi fraud Poojaacharyas,

    Stop this Global collaborative bashing of Hindu culture and using Google info to con innocent people by efficient networking to see cash flows...... come what may !!

    Request CID team to question both Indian Pujaacharyas - Swaroopananda and Poojananda living in Bidadi on their motives in in this collaboration and cheating/swindling people left, right and center ?

  22. Heh, I can't help wondering if the inner circle, or what's left of it, is going to dump Nithy should they finally be located, or rather to stick with him until the very end.
    Surely they'll want to preserve themselves in the first place... or maybe not.

  23. Now I understand why some senior inner circle henchmen can't leave Nithy. These so called "Anandas" as the girl in the story referred to them, were also guilty of rape - using threats to obtain sex form unwilling victims.

  24. Slain teen’s parents call for new law in her name
    ‘Chelsea’s Law’ named for girl allegedly killed by registered sex offender

    Read more:

    Maybe all US Vedic temple offenders can be reported under this new law. Shame on all of them.

  25. Bidid ashramites with dept details:

    secretary--Nithya sadananda-94482982019/9742203302

    PRO--NITHYA SEVANANDA---9341193444/9742203313


    IEC--NITHYA PRANANANDA---9742203304



    ACCOUNTS--NITHYESWARANANDA--9nithyananda's brother) 9742203309








    OTHER PUBLICATIONS in charge numbers will be provided if need be.

    the sanyasi who is supposed to severe all attachments and relationships, Nithyananda was different. he had even his earlier janmas mother with him in his close circle.

    they are all called mayiS, priya mayi, snaha mayi, gyaneswari mayi, and may be some more.

    the organizers names and numbers will be provided if need comes.

  26. I am very disturbed and furious, having read the interview of the Brahmacharini describing what Gyanananda (Jnanananda) did. Very sad. I pray to Hanuman to kill this fellow like he did in one go with all the demons in Lanka.

  27. There was LBP in montclair temple at the end of March. 0 people showed up even though it was free!

  28. Nithyananda should get death sentence. I pry that this happen soon. I am sure, India will make us all proud by doing so.

  29. Does anyone know the immigration of these cult recruter below. Because,if they are on Green Card and are doing illegal activities for cult, any complaint can go against their Citizenship application in USA as US laus are very strict in this matter.

    Ananymous said:

    1. Sri Nithya Niranjananda, a.k.a. Mukku S.
    (Cheif Culprit and right-hand-man
    to Bhaktananda)
    2. Sri Yogadharman
    3. Ma Amudharoopini
    4. Ma Dhyanatma
    5. Ma Prematma
    6. Bhaktananda
    7. Medhananda

  30. Hi Anon @ 6:35 AM, Hi Expose Nithyananda,

    LOL! Those crooks are probably hiding now.

    I wonder if all the rich donors that Niranja/Mukku contacts will now be scrutinized by the FBI? Don't these people know that contact from this fat a$$ will result in a probe by the FBI?

    Having a call from Niranja is like stepping in dog poop and then dragging it into the house. Best to leave your shoes outside and don't take his calls, unless you like the FBI to be looking into your affairs. Hahahahah. But, that will serve them right! So, Niranja, make lots of calls to fence sitters. It just might get them out, at a price of course.

  31. To anon who said "Anonymous said...
    There was LBP in montclair temple at the end of March. 0 people showed up even though it was free!"

    With Nithyananda and his cult members, nothing is FREE, it's only a cult trap to get out there to sell expensive programs to innocent victims and the brainwash starts.

  32. It's unconscionable that Nithyananda, his inner circle and the ashramites indulged in demanding sex for attaining enlightenment. The conversational details described in the Tamil blog links pains me to read that people have extorted these favors in the name of religion or spirituality. More than that, it is beyond my comprehension how one would oblige such favors, although by the accounts described that some have flatly refused and relegated to menial tasks. I'm aghast to read that men and women would go to these lengths in front of a proclaimed swami (however sane and pure he may be) in order to attain enlightenment.

    Are we living in a previous century or is this an age in which liberation through sexual acts is a new coinage and new world order?

  33. Dhyanatma is US citizen, Bhakthananda has Greencard

  34. This is worse than anything! Poor souls went seeking Moksha and .....beyond words...God Bless all the victims and restore their dignity and confidence in themselves; May this New Year(as per local calender) bring you all the "real" Bliss. Happy New Year to all readers.

  35. Oh Yeah! I also started of with the "free" programs and ended up wasting 3 yrs of my life, a lot of hard earned $$ and almost messed up my beautiful family...still recovering from the damamges....what a fool I was!!! Thank God for taking care of me during my "sani" phase of life. God help all the future "prey" to Nithyananda in case if at all..

  36. Bhaktananda, Medhananda, Niranjanananda -- all Green card. May be at the verge of Citizenship filing. people should call USCIS ASAP.

  37. I heard that BhakthaPriya is out, but does anybody knows about the smooth talker Sri Niranjananda?
    Man how he brainwashed us with Nutty tales:
    1. Bidadi's Banyan tree was planted by Nithy hundreds of years ago. It has same DNA as one in Thiruvannamali.
    2. Swamiji once said about his LA room "There are so many cosmic decisions made in this room than anywhere else" - Now we know what decisions he was making - how to get more room service ladies.
    3. "Without Swami's knowing some people found that within Bidiadi ashram boundaries there were more than 78 herbal plants - Sign of a devi's place." - Yeah right, May be a place where Devi and the entire feminity spits.
    4. "Nithy once told - He was the one who built Thiruvannamalai, Madurai now he has come to build Nithyapuri" - Man I used to belive the crap told by Niranjananda.
    5. "Swamiji made Rajeshwari statue come inside our LA temple by talking to her and reducing her weight."

    And the worst of all I was brainwashed to part with our hard earned $2000 (of course the usual fighting with my husband) by him saying " by doing Pada pooja all your karmas will be wiped out" . He called it Pratyatsha (private) pada pooja, but on the day there were 10 of us losers with families sitting around Nithy.

    Ahhhh - How can I not use my common sense? I keep kicking myself for it.

    Is this guy Niranjananda still sucking up to Nithy and his buddy, Bhaktananda? For a week after the scandal broke out, he was in LA talking about how the video was morphed. I have stopped going to LA cult temple. but curious to know what this guy is up to?

  38. It was Rajneesh who first sowed the idea that sanyasins/gurus can freely have sex irrespective of their vows or status. A number of Indian saints picked up on that permissiveness and went on to exploit women devotees. This crude monkey called Nithyananda is just the most egregious example of this rotten and perverse spiritual enlightenment business, completely negating the rich heritage built up over centuries in India. I'm glad this happened now and with the widespread dissemination of his crimes over TV, blogs and Youtube, I hope the educated masses everywhere will think twice before submitting to rats like Nithyananda, Kalki, etc.

  39. satchit is a US citizen too.....all these ppl are crooks ...bhakta,mukku,satchit,medha,medhamayi,snehamayi,dayamayi,ma satchit,gnana,prana,ayya,amma,nithyeshwar.
    the others i feel bad for prematma,dhyanatma etc....they are just silly and still believe nithya and all tht talk of vitarka ,kudarka etc.

  40. To Anon Lady @ April 13, 2010 6:33 PM who got cheated by Niranjananda by fraud and deceit stories of Nithyananda:

    You have a right to go personally against him in small claims court as he claimed Nithyananda was a true master and God.

    Any judge in US will give you easy judgement regardless of whom you paid the money to because Niranjananda is in that cult. You can easily get your money back. Be brave and take to the court Deccan Herald news print outs to show how fraud Nithyananda is and how he affcted your religious beliefs.

    Definately this is a conpiracy as by definition if more than two people knowingly do wrong against you in America it's called conspiracy. You can complain against him to FBI and California Attorney General, especially if he is still in this cult. It is easily showed to the California Attorney General how he duped the mass by this fraud and conpiracy by lying to you. THEY PERCIEVE THIS AS NOTHING BUT A CON JOB. CON MEN GET MAJOR PUNISHMENT. ALSO SEND A LETTER TO CNBC ON SHOW CALLED AMERICAN GREED.

    So, go for it and make your case againt this fraudster IF HE CHEATED YOU.

  41. Pratyaksha doesn't mean private.

  42. Dear all,

    Is anyone focussing on giving freedom to the young/innocent children from Bidadi Gurukul school or they are already freed by now ?

    The comments posted by a teenager from Gurukul in the link below is quite disturbing and needs some more probe... any one has got more info on the children's treatement/abuses... for CID team to probe that angle asap ?

    At 10/20/2009 3:19 AM, Anonymous said...
    i stayed in his ashram when he started gurukul for children for about 3 months in 2006....i was young that time-14 years old..The experience there for the first two months was incredible,however the following month when the temple was being build near the banyan tree,we(some of the gurukul students)realised something was wrong somewhere...We were required to work..imagine 7-year-olds and 8-year-olds doing heavy jobs like carrying huge rocks and stuffs like that...i've seen some bramacharis working day and night for swamy...they were tired but still had to work...every morning they were supposed to be present in the ananda sabha to do surya namaskar...i used think that they are being used but i was afraid to express my opinion...My parents brought me and my brother to M'sia after that because we find we are not suitable to stay there...i dont know the purpose swamy was treating the ashramites like that..and i'm still wondering..i live my life with simple principles...i believe in celebrating life every moment but in my opinion one really cant celebrate his life in that feels as if you are exhausting yourself physically and mentally for swamy...i feel like suppressing myself and it feels awful...Freedom is the best gift one can get and you lose the freedom when you are in the ashram...

  43. Anon @ 2:48PM saying:-

    " It's unconscionable world order"?.

    Absolutely. You have echoed my own shock.

  44. CID team,

    Please see the extremely effective planning, global collaboration and implementation of centralised conning/marketing ways followed by all Poojaacharyas of Nithyananda order for just money... money... money.... fyi/a asap :

    Krishna Jayanti Flyer and Puja :

    1.Inform your city coordinator and Temple Floor Manager regarding the Krishna Jayanti celebrations if you have not already done so! Inform all Swamis, Ashramites etc. and invite them to be there during the puja.

    2.If Krishna is not sponsored in your city, or his jewels etc. are not sponsored or any related deity like Venkateshwara or jewels is not sponsored, this is the best time to get something done!

    3.We need to find atleast one jhoola, and have a small krishna deity on the jhoola. You can see last years' pictures from our temples.
    4.We can have "unsalted butter" mixed with a little bit of sugar distributed as prasad by an elderly lady (Swamini of Nithyananda Order if available). Make sure people don't eat it inside the temple area. Announcement should be made before hand. So they should be given in a small bowl or something.
    5.Focus on Kalpataru registrations. Get registrations done then and there. If possible send people to other temples etc. where Krishna Jayanti celebrations are happening and get people to talk and register them for Kalpataru
    6."INVITE SPECIAL GUESTS" whom you want to come and meet Swamiji during Yogam Tour. Have one person do just this! and take care of them.
    7.Organize for people to also participate in Krishna Puja as sponsors. The sponsors' name needs to be nicely chanted during sangalpam. They should be made to sit in a reserved area. The sponsors need to be given prasad immediately after Swamis, ashramites etc. receive prasad. Have the sponsors offer some flowers for Krishna to whom puja is performed.
    8.The sponsorship amount for Krishna Jayanti is $101
    9.Have a lot of people cook for prasad. People especially Gujaratis like cooking for Krishna. This is the best time to involve many people.

    Focus on Ganesha Chaturthi and Navaratri. Ganesha Chaturthi there will be offering of 108 items. Get people for that already.

  45. Some of the Nithyananda verbiage which people picked up without knowing what the Sanskrit words really mean are tark - vitark - kutark.

    Nithyananda and his mesmerized silly devotees use these words ad nauseam.

    While conditioning the devotees Nithyananda is using kutark. Hope it is clear.

    Monier Williams Sanskrit dictionary gives the meanings as follows:

    tark = to conjecture, guess, suspect, infer, try to discover or ascertain, reason or speculate about

    vitark = to reflect, ponder, think, believe, suppose, conjecture, ... , to find out, ascertain .. (my note: vi would refer to vividham i.e many ways)

    kutarka = fallacious (tending to deceive or mislead) argument, sophistry, a bad logician

  46. Since we're comparing Rajneesh with this clown... Rajneesh was as scandalous or more, but he never pretended to be a sannyasi or paramahamsa. He openly declared to the world what he was.

    He has even openly said Jesus christ was a bastard in one of his videos on youtube, and another where he says marriage is stupid and everyone should get divorced and live in free for all communes.

    So.. people going to him openly know what they are getting in to. Don't compare rajneesh with this creature. I have seen quite a few Osho talks on video, and read his books but have not come across him telling lies like this.

  47. Anon @ April 13, 2010 8:03 PM:

    Liability is limited in small claims court. You will need receipts that show intention of money spent, and also evidence of misappropriation of that money.

    Only in the full court you can recover large sums with a legal case. By reading the comments, I am guessing some people must be doing that already.

  48. An awesome comment from Guruphiliac:

    New "Master" Card commercial

    Guru Puja...$300
    Paada Puja..$2000
    Romancing the master..Priceless

  49. Amuda Rupini [Pratima Sangapu] and Yogadharman [Shailendra Karuney] are wife and husband. They were at our LA temple few weeks ago. They have been called for citizenship interview at the us consulate last month. Their citizenship process is going on now.

  50. Yogadharma is a donkey disciple of the criminal Nithyananda.
    His photo is

    He was fired from Varian medical.

    Has anyone complained to USCIS yet?
    if not please do it ASAP.

  51. Does any one know where is Mukku (from San Jose) and Krishna Challa (from Seattle) are? I met them along with Gopal Sheelam, some other divotees and Nityhananda for some work. Never heard Nithyananda's name before that. I saw Gopal Sheelum in the video getting in the car with Nithyananda when the reporters were after them in Haridwar. When I met these people, one of them asked me if I follow any Guru. I told them I do not need one and never believe that I need some Swami to guide me. Every one has a mind of their own and that mind is always telling whats wrong and what is right. All I do is follow my mind. They did not ask me to join their group or put any pressure on me. I did not get their bussiness.One day a group of about 10-12 people was with me for about 5 hours. I did not like the way Nithyananda treated the ladies of the group.I did not think for a second that there was any thing Divine or Godlike with Nithyananda when I was speaking with him. Mukku Subramanian seemd to be very nice and simple person happyly married and had one son. But, he also seemed very confused and extremely manipulative. I hope he has left the cult. (I don't remember the names of the other people of the group.I remembe Mukku, Krishna, and Gopal Sheelam Because I had met them several times.) After that meeting I saw Nithyananda three times. But I was furious when I saw his statue placed above all the Gods and him sitting in the center while the senior swamis like the one from Chinmaya Mission sitting on the side on stage. I can't believe that educated, grown people are following these swamies thinking that they have a key to the eternity and make Gods out of ordinary people that think of themself as superior than all of us. My friends elderly mother liked his lectures and wanted to make some offering. They asked her to pay 2,000 dollers to wash his feet. How dirty are these feet? My friends mother asked to herself and left without even saying a prayer. Good for her.

    Oh, by the way, I heard that Adil D. and Vivek (from Seattle) left a long time ago. These are very nice people, especially Adil, and they had nice families too. I heard that they both wanted to become Ashramites in 2005, but Nithyananda said no to them. Perhaps you never know when you are getting good luck. So, I'm very happy to hear that they escaped long before the scandal broke out. God protects his children.

  52. Krishna Challa = Medha -> Where abouts unknown at this moment.. dont know why he is hiding..trying to protect his enlightenment proly!

    Mukku = Niranjana -> currently @Montclair

    Gopal Sheelum = Bhakta -> Absconding with Swami Nithyananda... Chor ka bhai ghanti chor..

  53. I called 1-866-347-2423 and gave names of Gopal Sheelum, Krishna Challa, Shiva Vallabhaneni. Gave Montclair temple address.

    The officer wanted to know the date of birth of the criminals, alien # and addresses, if you know.

    You can give any other information in the complaint. The officer was courteous.

    People please call and file your complaints citing credible details of the people and what immigration violation activities they are involved.

  54. CBI Crime Lab, New Delhi

    DNA Test Results: Swami Nithyananda, Ranjitha's child

    Dear Mr. Yogappa,

    The test came back inconclusive.
    Everyone in Bidadi has the same DNA.


  55. Some time ago, someone on this blog posted that Gopal and Shiva left India for US, to take over administration of MontClair temple. Did they not reach LA yet?

  56. What would Swami Nithyananda get if he took Viagra?


  57. One afternoon, three close friends named Hercules, Sleeping Beauty and Don Juan, sat by the river contemplating their lives.

    Bold and arrogant, Hercules exclaimed that he was surely the strongest person in the world.

    "That may be true", said Sleeping Beauty, "but I am better because I am obviously the most beautiful person in the world".

    Don Juan laughed at both of them and said that without a doubt, he must be the greatest person alive simply because he had been with the most women.

    After several hours of argument, they decided to consult a Guru for the truth.

    First, Hercules went into Guru's cave. A few moments later he came out with a massive grin on his face. The Guru had said that he was, in fact, the strongest person in the world. He was very pleased.

    Sleeping beauty came out of the cave with a lovely smile: "It is true! I AM the most beautiful woman in the world!"

    Moments later a distraught Don Juan came stomping out of the cave: "Who the hell is Swami Nithyananda!!???"

  58. There's a new Swami Nithyananda computer coming out soon. It will have a six inch hard drive, but no memory.

  59. Guys make sure that if these criminals try to enter US..shiv and bhakta, they are denied entry..

    call 1-866-347-2423 to report these criminals.

  60. Someone metioned "Why should MedhanandaMayi live in the house of Seattle Temple Priest ?"

    These people are known for taking others for granted. This happens in every city where the foundation exists. I have known someone who could afford to rent an apartment but preferred to stay on at devotee's house for months.

  61. to April 14 @ 1:54 pm.
    is it a joke or am I missing some information regarding some DNA tests?

  62. That was just a joke. I thought it was quite obvious. Boss, thoda light lo. Life mein masti maro

  63. six inch hard di$k not hard drive

  64. To the person that said Nithyananda said that Jesus was a bastard...please provide the link to this video to back up your claims

  65. Hi Anon @ April 14, 2010 3:05 AM ,

    This page has been removed... it' svery clear Nithy's team is hiding this info from the CID team... as many skeletons can be found there... like the one you found !

  66. For the comment on vitarka, here is a link about it:

    Not different from what Nithyananda claims. Just because he is involved in some things here and there, doesnt mean he is all out useless...

    It is like saying Al Capone had no redeeming qualities... Even that guy helped establish Las Vegas... Yeah, he ended his days in jail, but let us not get lost in rage... Clever will be to put those who deserve in jail, in jail, but also identify if there were any useful things.

    The blog owner was nice this way. At least he acknowledges the meditations work... No one needs to "invent" them... In fact, its like science. 90% is there somewhere, 10% is added to it... In this case maybe 100% was there somewhere, but maybe a not straight person did show it to you... So, it doesn't make it wrong.

  67. @Anon at APRIL 14, 2010 7:16 PM

    Can't read English? I never claimed Nithy said JC was a bastard. It was Osho. He also says "your god is a rapist, he raped virgin Mary without her consent".

    Check Osho's video on "Marriage and children" on youtube or here:

    Anyway we're digressing, let's get back to our dear Nithy.

  68. To Anon @ April 14, 2010 11:43 PM

    Wow! Man, now your are not helping your Master Nithyananda by comparing him with mass murderer criminal with Al Capone! Do you understand how bad it sounds like? Your analogy is what if a Police guy raped a few women, if helped caught hundreds of bad guys in his career.

    This Al Capone analogy is a new one..

    You are really bad for Nithyananda's PR guy..

  69. CID team,

    Please see the Dhyanapeetam’s tax exempt organizations in US, which is violating tax exempt laws, probe it and report to the concerned authorities asap.

    Organization Name Address
    (The city, state, and zip code for every address in this list is Duarte, CA 91010) Classification Reported
    Amount Reported
    Amount Form 990
    Amount Exempt
    As Of
    (c/o MAHARSHI MEHTA) 928 HUNTINGTON DR Charitable Organization
    ( Protestant) * * * 06/2006
    928 HUNTINGTON DR Educational Organization
    ( Religion Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C.) * * * 07/2009
    (c/o R K) 928 HUNTINGTON DR Religious Organization
    ( Hindu) * * * 06/2007
    (c/o GOPAL SHEELUM) 928 HUNTINGTON DR Charitable Organization
    ( Hindu) * * * 02/2007

  70. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon's @ April 14, 2010 3:05 AM & 11:20 PM

    Thanks for brining this damning email to our attention from the Nithya Poojari Team. Luckily, we had that page still in our browser, so we created a PDF of it and saved all of the attachments that were linked to it.

    We will pass this on to Sri Yogappa's CID Team as well as to Chandan Nandi of the Deccan Herald.

    Yes, that email clearly demonstrated how Nithyananda was void of spirituality and clearly just wanted to make a fast dollar by exploiting Hinduism. Shame on Nithyananda.

    Jai Maa.

  71. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, that Al Capone analogy was too much. Usually, we have to touch up a comment to make it that good. This time, no work was needed. Unfortunately, there's a lining of eerie truth behind that analogy. Al Capone brought entrenched organized crime in America. Even if Nithyananda gets hauled away by the IRS (who nailed Al Capone), Nithyananda still has his U.S. based henchmen (and hechwomen), Bhaktananda, Niranjananda, Medhananda, Medhananda Mayi, the Sachitananda's, and little fish (piranha variety). Until these people either fully quit or go to prison, our job is not done.

    In regards to the meditations, well, we agree that most meditations offer some benefit. Nithyananda's meditations were usually good for health and for giving someone an immediate tingly body sensation. Nithyananda's meditations usually were not so hot in giving Divine wisdom or opening up the Sahasrara Chakra. The Nithyananda meditations that had corrupted mantras (with his name replacing Divine's name) and cultivated gratitude and allegiance just to him as a 'god', those were harmful or at least of no value.

    So there's our official stance on Nithyananda meditations. We'll probably have to repeat this a couple of times, so bear with us.

    Jai Maa.

  72. No , whatever be the meditation techniques taught by nithy , they don't belong to him. Ditto for Sudarshan Kriya or Baba Ramdev's tummy tucking Kapalabhati. They are all rererecycled & rererepackaged Pranayama Kriyas already existing in our Scriptures.

    As Bhagavan Sree Krishna declares unequivocally " All Glory , All Knowledge both Para & Apara Vidhya belongs to God".

    Hence uproot completely whatever bit of gratitude one has towards this nithy.

    Thank God for FBI of America , Al Capone was punished. That way , America always commands my respect.

    But India with all its blustering about being a great civilization with a great heritage , stands forfeited of God's Grace for its stupefying proportions of all pervasive corruption.

    Do remember when shibu soren a politician was temporarily imprisoned for murder , extortion , bribe etc only to be released soon & come back to power, enjoyed his few days in the prison by playing cricket along with co prisoners. Indians always maintain (sic) "cricket is our religion".

    Hence rest assured , no God or Angel is in a tearing hurry to "save" most Indians.

  73. Hi CID team,

    Please call Rajiv Malhotra as the first witness for being on videos with Nithy and describing follishly how the Christian Church destroyed Nithy... and so on, while Nithy kept nodding his dumb head and oogling eyes to completely accept whatever crap was prompted to him on Videos, fyi/a.

    Next, please call the following Ashram folks who were giving press interviews and are still keeping mum on Nithy's whereabouts, whereas they know how the videos are being uploaded from where and not being transparent to their own devotees posting nonsensical videos on Q&A on secrets of birth.. etc, whereas everyone wanted to know was 'Was Nithy there in the videos or not and when is he coming openly to share his message of fraud with public' ??

    Sri Pranananda - 974 220 3304
    Sri Sevananda - 9341193444
    Sri Sachitananda - 9342203308 and most importantly the silent Gnanananda who knows all the secrets about Nithy - infact he's super duper Nithy in person !!

    Give them a cooling time in the CID HQ's and see the magic, overnight Nithy will be flown to your office !!

  74. Hi Nithy,

    This article describes your current condition and nails you down beautifully...

    One thing Nithyananda was careful about all the time was that he never preached Thirukkural, Naladiyar or Avvai Kural though he was a Tamil. ( This also expalins why all his recent videos are in English.... not able to tell lies to all the Tamilians in their own language/territory... what a strategy !!! )
    He knew the pulse of the people who controlled the Hindu spiritualism. Sections of the Hindu religious structure do not advocate Tamil treatises to stand at par with Vedas or Upanishads. With the help of his followers, Nithyananda climbed to the pinnacle of name, fame, wealth, spiritual and social authority. He wanted to become the next Vivekananda by shaping the minds of youth to follow the Vedanta path.

    It was also alleged that Nithyananda was posing a great threat to Saibaba and Ravi Shankar Swamiji in terms of stealing their devotees mainly from the western world. Many of the devotees in USA started flocking Nithyananda retreat instead of Saibaba or Ravi Shankar’s gatherings. Nithyananda became a strong rival and alternative for other spiritual giants of India. In a surprisingly short span of time Nithyananda reached great heights which his rivals had accompioshed in a long time. He almost achieved the supreme state of fame and was just few hundred yards away from his goal of becoming the undisputed spiritual master.

    Many politicians manage very well in maintaining their secrets. Be it any Indian Chief Minister, deputy Chief Minister or MP, all of them are invariably clever enough to hide their secrets. Spiritual guru Puttaparthi Saibaba has managed to come out of scandals few times in the past. Though BBC reported with established evidence about Saibaba and his homosexual affairs, Saibaba cleverly planned and walked out of those traps. Saibaba is doing very well today among his followers and millions of Hindus. God-man Kalki Bhagwan has several charges, but every time he has managed to come out of those allegations. The greatest of all techniques is simply hiding one’s own fault perfectly.

    However, it is evident now that Nithyananda did not master this technique well enough and has taken this sudden and steep fall.

    A scholar quoted that every one in this world is a culprit, but what makes the difference is one who is caught and one who is not.

    CID team : Please investigate Salem/Chennai organisers of Dhyanapeetam and get the pulse of the Tamil people too, who are literally having red hot chillies in both their hands for Nithy's eyes puja .... as prescribed by Nithy himself...

  75. Dear FBI/CID team,

    Here’s the names/addresses of the Nithy cult organization centers/organisers and please interrogate them for their brainwashing of innocent folks who came to their Vedic temples/centers just for peace and prayers, but got royally swindled of their hard earned money and their trust with their loved ones and family members once and for all, never to return back…

    Here’s a quote from Nithy to all his chamchas still following him…
    “ It helps to know that each one’s path is different. To follow another on his path and to blame him at the end of it is mere folly ! ” ----- so beware and get out of this booby trap…

  76. Registrant:
    Siva Vallabhaneni
    928 Huntington Drive
    Duarte, California 91010
    United States

    Created on: 24-Nov-06
    Expires on: 24-Nov-10
    Last Updated on: 25-Nov-09

    Administrative Contact:
    Vallabhaneni, Siva
    928 Huntington Drive
    Duarte, California 91010
    United States
    (626) 205-3286

    Technical Contact:
    Vallabhaneni, Siva
    928 Huntington Drive
    Duarte, California 91010
    United States
    (626) 205-3286

    Domain servers in listed order:

  77. CID team,
    This is the biggest fraud from the Nithyananda Global Initiatives, which is making all fraudulent transactions to get more Golden thrones etc…, verified easily from the account registers and false claims made in their website as below, requesting for more and more donations with their motto – The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.. (ofcourse when your pockets are empty and such scandals are known now, there’s nothing much you can do except requesting donors to give their complaints and sit on top it )
    Below is the statistics of people visiting the ashram and the cost:

    Free Food being served 3 times a day : Rs.35,000 per day
    Free healing and counseling per day : 500 people per day
    Free programs & services per week : 14 per week
    Free medical aid : Rs.2,08,000 per month
    Ashram maintenance: Rs.6,50,000 per month (electricity, telephone, maintenance, administration, house keeping and Free food, clothing & lodging for students )

    Everything is bogus and secretive... especially the accounts and programs departments, fyi.

  78. godamit...Nithyananda beats even Eric Cartman in this soutpark episode.

  79. The nithya poojari list is closed...hahaha..cowards..

  80. Anonymous said...

    Next, please call the following Ashram folks...

    Way to hurt your own cause, Sherlock. Rest assured, now that those numbers have been made public on this blog by the Admin, those numbers won't remain active for long. A flurry of angry phone calls from readers here, and those Anandas will throw away the numbers and get new ones. They could also just shut off their phones, you know.

    Why the hell are you idiots addressing the CID via this blog? Can't you pick up the phone and call them directly? You guys seriously need good legal counsel on how not to blow your case.

  81. Dear FBI/CBI teams

    Here's the Board of Directors of International Vedic Hindu university, based in Orlando, who are still maintaining fraud activities in US/India, fyi/a.

    •Sri Nithyananda Swami, Chairman
    •Sri Nithya Medhananda, Vice Chairman
    •Sri Nithya Sadananda
    •Sri Nithya Bhaktananda
    •Dr. Kalpalatha Guntupalli
    •Ma Ananda Satyavani

  82. Dear Blog Admin? are u listening? are u still at it? Blog Admin dont you see what you are doing to yourself? How much of hatred will you carry and for how long will you carry it? 2 years is a long time! You need to stop doing this 24 hours a day and get a life for yourself. You have done enough to malign Swamijis name. What else do you think can happen to him? The worst has happened. Its time now for you to move on.

    [editor's note: Sorry, Charlie. We'll keep at it until: 1. The Truth is out. 2. Nithyananda is out of business now and forever. 3. Nithyananda's minions (you included) are out of business now and forever.

    You want us to stop? You come out, come clean, and testify against Nithyananda. Only then, we will stop.]

  83. Dear FBI/CBI team,

    See the false propaganda from Nithy's team, which is destroying Hindu culture by inducing innocents to become the pervert supporters of the lowest order…
    Swamiji's Nadi reading
    Believe it or not!
    The Parama Shiva, Parameshwara who protects the world from all the flares of the pancha bhootas
    Me, Agasthya and the rest of us including Patanjali, Nandi and Shiva vakkiyar, Matsya muni, Kamala muni. Sattai nadar, Bhogar, Pulipani sittar, Danda thiru maharishi Tirumoolar, Gorakkar (Gorakhnath), Konkanavar, Pampatti, Pattinattar, Narada and Roma rishi, Agni munivar, Marichi, Maadaanga, Markandeya, Kaaka bhujanda, Vasishta, Valmiki, The one in the world - Pattira kiriyar
    9 crore Siddhas who live with Shiva in Kailash All Live with Paramahamsa Nithyananda always
    In this world, before Nithyananda was born he made 7 crore people to be born. 7 crore people were born with him. After him he made 7 crore people born. After he was born he has invited 7 crore people to this world. Total, 21 crore people are born for him.

    In the coming times, Paramhamsa Nithyananda will create a religion.
    These 21 crore people have been born in various religions all over the world. They will join – these 21 crore people come from various religions, various castes all over the world. All of them will come
    and join Nithyananda.

    See the contradicting crap in the next link :

    In this great tradition of Adi Shiva, Shankaracharya, Ramakrishna and Vivekananda another such selfless ever compassionate great rishi descended on this blessed land and the world called him Paramahamsa Nithyananda!

    ( All ex/old/current devotees : Arise, Awake and rest not till this crap is stopped forever and some sanity/purity and love for truth/light is established sooner !!! )

  84. What a hell free food ? At least while i was there for a few months i saw very clearly how they were not allowing anyone to come from outside and eat for free. They were giving you food only if u were paying for the accomodation, which was 500 rupee per day for stinky dirty crowded room. And beside that untasty , watery teribile food they were giving you some other extra junk if you were willing to pay some more. Nobody from outside, like a poor, hungry person could get anything for free there. I once saw a smal hungryl little dog was sleeping in front of the kitchen and one of the bramacahri started kicking and beating him to go away from there. That made me really sad...
    Sorry for my english.

  85. Dear all,

    Do what's needed to boycott this event and stop this fraud racket hitting the innocent folks there...

    Readiness to fall is the confidence to walk. - Nithy in your own words.... come on.. walk your talk.. let's see.. 1, 2, 3,,, you stumbled again.. are there no lights in your hideout !!!

    Programs in USA
    April 24 & 25
    (Sat & Sun) Nithyananda Vedic Temple
    820 Pollock Rd
    Delaware, OH 43015. Life Bliss Program
    Contact :Sri Ananda Visesh
    Ph: (740) 362-2046
    Call/e-mail for details.

    The PayPal transactions have been removed now due to technical reasons ***** catch this one...

    Surely the Paypal folks have reported the fraud to FBI teams by now !!!

  86. I was sharing a room with a lady. She was actually an Osho devotee. But she came to spend few weeks there to heal her i don t remember exactly her disease. Once she asked a person from the ashram a chair to seat and they didn't want to give her, they said they don't have. And this nice lady offered to buy some chairs to donate it to the ashram. And they told her she should give them the money instead of buying anything because they know better what to do with it. And of course she ended up donating more money that she was planning to pay for the chairs that i never saw afterwords.
    This are just small incidents but they reflect very well their greed and hunger for money.
    And i saw very clearly how swamiji was reacting when rich devotee were coming to see him. If it was kalpataru the vip s were always giving priority. If it was a important donor Swamiji was kicking us everyone from the temple to give the rich guy a private tour and impress him with his divine vision and make him pay.

  87. Paramahamsa Sri Sri Nithyananda swami ki Jerk!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Here is an email I got from Dheera about fun times at Bidadi. Looks like they had a 12 course meal at Bidadi, I sincerely hope their next meal is in prison.

    Also looks like OsamaAnanada is not going to quit releasing videos any time soon. So much for seclusion, we need seclusion from Nithy.
    The last few days have been really exciting at the ashram.First of all it was Tamil New Year, and also 9 years to the day of thestart of the whole Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. Ayaa told stories aboutswamiji and how he started it, from a small thatched hut on the banksof a river.We had a 12 course meal eaten on banana leaves and served by manymany ashramites who insisted in making sure we were all full. ( Sayno more)We also listened to a friend of Swamijis tell stories about them beingtogether in a monastery, before Swamiji was enlightened. These werevery funny. Swamiji was so on fire with energy and life he was quicklyput in charge of the kitchen, and the serving of all senior swami sand visiting swamis. He was renowned for his energy, laughter,abilities, and caring. His devotion to the vedic practices, chanting,dressing deities, puja were beyond belief for others at the monastery.There were lots of great stories!MORE NEWS!There is a new series of discourses being released from Swamiji in thenext day, go online to see the preview. They are amazingYou will see new web, new blogs and many more free downloads.. we havebeen busy!!! Enjoy!In Nithyananda,Dheera

  89. i think swamiji is a reptilian ...

  90. Dear FBI/CBI teams

    Here's the Board of Directors of International Vedic Hindu university

    Dear clueless commentator, IVHU is long dead. Nithyananda is no longer chairman, Kalpalatha left long back. Satyananda left the organization (following me) in 2007. Please do some fact checking.

  91. I was an Osho follower for 25 years and have heard hundreds of his lectures in the 70s & 80s. I realized that Nithyananda is plagiarizing Oshos lectures. He is even steals the Q&A in his last videos (Secrets of Birth) from Osho in a paraphrasing stile. All the Shiva lectures are from Oshos "Books of Secrets". Whatever Osho was, he at least had brains compared to this Nithy-DoDo.

  92. Dear Doug, i now realize you are a b@st@rd, will always be a b@st@rd. Go ahead and waste your life buddy. May your God help you when you grow old and gray. I rest my case.

    [editor's note: sticks and stones may break our bones... wow, you just now realize that? Sorry, you are slow. Must be all that brainwashing. Next time, sweetlips, at least clean up your bad words. It causes delays in posting, but does allow us to make our direct reply to your comment. Best wishes to you.]

  93. B@st@ard? Who?

    Doug is providing a great service helping Nithy followers to get out, and also preventing others out there from falling into this Nithy trap. He is certainly not wasting his life.

    Doug has taken the initiative to start a blog to expose what needs to be exposed, and helping ex-devotees undertand what happened.

    Jai Maa

  94. MedhanandaMayi should be kicked out. I went to Prasad Malladi's house and you're right, they are going through a hell. They have absolutely no personal space. Sarita is out and Prasad is scared of MedhanandaMayi. She is not a witch, she is a b!tch. She is a parasite. She just piles on. She lives in someones house, eats someones food, uses someones car, takes everyones help, hides things from everyone, has some disease god knows what. She is just a parasite, nothing else. I heard that Jyotir and Sahaj came from L.A. to talk to all of us, but this b!tch kept us all away from meeting them. We didn't even know they were coming. Only after they are gone, we came to know they came. She is a cunning politician. I never trusted her. I never felt comfortable around her.

    Prasad/Sarita, if you need any help, let us know. And please get rid of that b!tch and get back to your happy lives again.

    Jai Bajrang Bali

    [editor's note: If you want to get rid of someone who might be a physical threat to your safety and well being, just get a restraining order. You can file for one directly in a court for just a small fee of less than $50.00. To get rid of a wayward tenant, most states require one-month's written notice. But if someone's safety is at stake, then let the courts do the bouncing. Adios parasites.]

  95. I remembered Medhananda & Medhamayi as good folks. I couldn't quite believe what I am reading here. How much Nithy had changed them!

    Enlightenment had took away their humanity and simple human decency!

    I don't think Medhamayi's host family are free to read this blog with her in the house. Someone who knows these people need to talk to them in person or via phone if you can get hold of them without Medhamayi being there.

    Please help the host family undertand what happend if you know them.

    The Nithy inner-circle holdout most probably had committed fraud and other crimes that prevent them form leaving and coming clean. I don't believe they are so stupid that they still cannot see what Nithy is about - after all that has happened.

  96. Dear all,

    "It is said that all that is required for evil to thrive is for good men to keep quiet. "

    It’s a bemoaning fact that people in India believe that God will have to
    incarnate and put down evil and restore virtue. This is a curse from which
    we suffer in our country.
    Goodness becomes useless if it stays dormant. It has to become dynamic and flow
    towards others manifesting love and compassion. Our heart
    should open to the poor, the exploited and the oppressed. This should give us the
    courage to speak up when injustice is being done to someone in our organization
    or work place.
    “I am not my brother’s keeper” is the biblical saying typifying an average man’s
    attitude towards others in his community. So when someone is in trouble, we
    tend to keep away. Who wants to get into trouble? Such an attitude often results
    in gross injustice and cruelty being meted out to our fellow men and, finally, we
    ourselves are bound to have the same experience. The following is a famous
    poem that has been in circulation since World War II. It refers to the conditions of
    fear and terror in which people lived and died in Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule.
    First they came for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up,
    because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me,
    and by that time there was no one
    left to speak up for me.
    (Poem attributed to Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945)

    So, wake up and support those who need help around you and also testify to the FBI/CID team against the fraud happenings in Nithy’s organization asap.

  97. The above reverend could start by adressing
    the sexual rape of kids by priests in churches
    and orphanages...

    Whatever said and done, at least nithyananda was
    not raping children but having consensual
    sex with man and women.

    And to all idiotic gay bashers in the comments
    who say gay sex is perversion or evil, you
    are a shame to any truth. Just because
    my country is in the stone ages for prosecuting
    someone for having gay (aka unatural sex)
    or the secular courts for "religious sentiments"
    don't feel righteous...

    It is moronic. Catch a person for true proven
    crimes. Not because he "astraly projected into
    me and made me give money"...

    Just sad to see the type of support such incidents
    bring... By the way, self righteous ones
    to be fair should also look at the finances
    in ch school in chrebnai

  98. Here's an update on the case :

    The government had earlier submitted that it has enough material to prosecute Nithyananda for the offences of rape, unnatural sex, cheating, showing disrespect to religious sentiments and abetment to suicide under the IPC.

    The court had asked the government whether the investigating agency had recorded the statement of the victim in the case of alleged rape, to which the government had said that it had yet to do so.

    However, the government strongly contended that it had sufficient material against Nithyananda.

    In the cheating case against the godman, the police have recorded the statement of T Narayana, a former devotee of the Swami.

    According to his statement, Nithyananda had cheated him of Rs 50,000. The hearing of the case continues on April 21.

    Nithyananda’s counsel has taken time to submit a counter.

    Nithyananda’s counsel asked the court to restrict the media from writing about the court proceedings in the case. But the court turned down his request. ( *** We would request Nithy's team to update us on the court proceedings in unedited form in their websites !!! )

    Request all ex-insiders/devotees to file a complaint with CID team and give more and more evidences openly....

  99. CID team,

    Please see the comments from the blogsite as a sample , to get the pulse of the people… fyi/a.
    1. Nithyananda has gone crazy. He is mentally ill after whatever happened recently. He is dangerous for the society. If people are calling him so easily (hundreds of thousands of people calling him). He never had divinity nor dignity. He is afraid of losing money too so he says he is leaving everything so that nobody goes after the ashram funds suing him. Just catch this sucker and put him in a mental hospital.
    By: Nithyananda on April 3, 2010
    at 9:35 pm
    It doesn’t insults the intellects of followers. It hurst the people like you guys who always looking for news about people. If the bad news is on you or your nears or dears, you will say that the news is wrong. If it is on some famous person, without even thinking for a while, you guys try to gather a mass and spread the negative words about them….. If you see the laugh with your perspective, even your child laugh looks like a sex sadist laugh… hahahaha.
    By: Raman on April 3, 2010
    at 11:13 pm
    hello there, no child’s laugh looks a demented one!
    this man is just that and a pervert too.
    can’t you see the difference between innocence and perversion?
    By: ARUNAA ERANDE on April 4, 2010
    at 2:56 am
    Nithu ,
    It is now time for me to preach you philosophy.
    It is all Non sense . Escapism.
    You cannot cheat people no more.
    Just accepts the fact and live a peacefull life.
    By: sathya on April 4, 2010
    at 6:16 am

  100. Om Namah Shivaya,

    To Anon @1:23 AM,

    We don't remember any comments about accusing Nithyanandam of homosexual charges. If they are comments such as that, there are not many of them. Our direct observation is that Nithyananda did not practice anything like that at least in the LA Ashram. We also give him a clean bill of health of not sexually abusing children (mind abusing children, yes, but not sexually.)

    We greatly beg to differ with you in regards to consensual sex. Nithyananda due to his position, power (claiming that he was god)siddhis (esoteric powers from dark tantra), mental manipulation, etc. that this was not sex amongst equals. There are no incidents of Nithyananda signing a ten-page contract giving his consent for sex. None at all. Just his victims had to sign. This is abusive power of Nithyananda. The ladies are victims and deserve our help to heal.

    Finally, anyone claiming to be of 'Vedic Tradition' and wearing the saffron cloth of a renunciant should not be having any sex whether it was consensual, forced, or paid for. It is wrong. Nithyananda broke our Trust with just that act alone. He is not deserving of saffron cloth unless of course that is the color of a prison uniform, as bright orange is often used for those purposes in the United States.

    Jai Maa.

  101. I would only say

    for saving SO MANY LIVES FROM devastation.


  102. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Further to our comment @3:01 AM, we remove our certificate to Sri Nithyananda that he received a 'clean bill of health' regarding him not sexually abusing children or engaging in homosexual activities. He had some rather convincing private comments to counter our findings. So, we will continue to say that we did not find Nithyananda engaging in these activities from our direct observations with him. The possibility and testimonials received do cast an air of suspicion on this matter.

    Regardless, Nithyananda is a creepy man who has ruined many lives. We want to make sure that his exploits are over.

    Jai Maa.

  103. Dear Anon @ April 15, 2010 8:11 PM
    Thanks for your message reproduced below, you will give damning evidence to FBI/CID team if you can record and send the same to them, fyi/a.
    “ Dear clueless commentator, IVHU is long dead. Nithyananda is no longer chairman, Kalpalatha left long back. Satyananda left the organization (following me) in 2007. Please do some fact checking. ”
    Because as per the Dhyanapeetam news ---- > Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam offers education services from schooling to a university degree, under the guidance of enlightened Master Nithyananda. These include the loving and nurturing atmosphere of the Nithyananda Gurukul, the free one-year residential program for youth and the degree offerings in the rich Vedic sciences from International Vedic Hindu University.
    The University offers various certification programs, Graduation, Masters and Doctorate degree programs in a broad spectrum of topics related to Vedic traditions, language, enlightenment science, health and healing, yoga, meditation and Indian fine arts in the form of music and dance. The university aims to establish harmony among eastern religious thoughts and modern sciences, thereby contributing to better human understanding and global peace. Life Bliss Technology is a one-year residential program, offered free to youth from around the world to learn the inner science, ayurveda, yoga and various sciences of the Vedic tradition in the beautiful ambience of the spiritual laboratories called ashrams.
    So. All the LBT/LBE course are nothing but money spinning factories, do not have any authenticated degrees/Certificate from IVHU anymore, since the end bogus/BS product is ‘ Slaves being factory produced at Bidadi ashram for services globally’ right ??
    Similarly, FIMT (Morphing technology course) needs to be verified for the secret of it's birth - father/mother or a b@st@rd !!!

    This is another damning evidence for deliberation/investigation in detail and testifying in court asap.

  104. [Editor's note: we don't know where these brainwashed morons come from, but they are still out there giving 'quality' posts like this one below. Have pity on them. They are very confused. Yet, comments like these prove that there is nothing worth salvaging from Nithyananda's cult. The sooner it is dismantled, the better for humanity.]

    Expose, wrong is one thing. Bring down his organization. Crime is another. banding together with the worst retrogrades in India out of anger cannot be the right thing.

    Putting a guy in jail because he had sex with a man or woman? Regarding esoteric, it is not even a valid scientific truth. How can you keep on harping on such superstitions?

    There is no such thing as "person in power". IN a university campus, a prof can have sex with a 18+ student, and he will be kicked out of the university (if at all), but not sent to jail because christian radicals say it is "crime to have sex"...

    Yeah, they are just waiting to start sending all gay people to jail. Why can't once at all you write about this ?

    Try to catch this guy using the right means. The "right outcome" by wrong means cannot be truth. This is the charge against this "swami".

    Regarding someone claiming they are god, or even so-called siddhis (which do not exist according to science), if someone is dominated, it is not a crime!!! The person was fooled or weak minded... Everyone is exploited daily on tv with Coke comercials. Is it a crime? No...

    Is it ethical? Not either... That is the whole point. Maybe one should bring the guy's ashram down and all that. But not using the worst of backwaters of India... Associating with lame politicians seeking votes, and using laws against homossexuals, and in favor of muslim/christian minorities, to strangle someone...

    ANyway, I am too small to matter... But I learnt my lesson. I will never ever associate with so called "enlightenment seekers". What is the point if you cannot even overcome simple prejudice? I would have admired all of you, if just brought down the whole thing without the vitrolic afirmations against sex, against gays,
    and even pro-murdering or killing someone...

    If you cannot even refrain from wishing death on someone, how spiritual are you?

  105. To anon @April 16, 2010 1:37 PM

    You are sick man! You have a twisted mind!

  106. Yet, comments like these prove that there is nothing worth salvaging from Nithyananda's cult. The sooner it is dismantled, the better for humanity.

    But then what will you with your life, Blog Admin, if that lofty goal of yours is achieved? You won't have sense of "meaning" and "purpose" left anymore. Oh noes. You will have to get into the boring humdrum of a job, and the dating scene once again (if you're keen on again finding a companion and remarrying, that is), and trying to forget and let go of all the years of revenge-seeking that fueled this blog.

    My gut feeling: Nothing is going to happen to Nithyananda, he will return in a new avatar (pun not intended), and you will continue to seek revenge (sorry, "justice") for another decade or two.

    The fellow who made that comment above isn't a "brainwashed moron". Sorry, but his words express a lot more sanity and true spirituality than yours. Even Sevakananda has exhibited a lot more maturity in this matter; he isn't out demanding justice because his marriage was destroyed. He isn't playing victim and the blame game. He is hurt, too. Learn from him. Read the letter written by him while leaving, if you haven't already.

    [editor's note: yes, we know you are the 'brainwashed moron' who believes that Nithyananda "will return in a new avatar", if there is still a brain to wash, that is. And, yes, we will probably be seeing you go to prison along with Nithyananda. We'll make a point to be there when the court sentences you.]

  107. dear blog owner and lenin et al...don't forget you all were _enablers_ and partners in crime, some of us are not ready to forgive you even though you have turned-coat and pretend to be not what you are.
    Just because you want out doesn't mask the stench from the cesspool you have been soaking in all this time.
    Remember what you are dishing out will come back to haunt you, if not already. Spectators watching this train-wreck know that you are also someone who enabled your ex-guru. Shame on you for letting him put his feet on your head when you took "sannyas" from your ex-guru.

  108. i remember seeing something about nithyananda on the news recently. something about him being in a room with a female. i thought nithyananda went to jail? what is the latest about this guy?


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