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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fraud-man, Nithyananda, You are Busted!

'Swami' Nithyananda's Den of Fraud Gets Raided by the Police
Extra! Extra! Read all about it, The Deccan Herald does it again. Scoops the big bust in Nithyananda's Bidadi Ashram. It's jail time for Nithyananda and his henchmen.
Police from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) raids Nithyananda ashram at Bidadi

Acting stealthily, the Karnataka Crime Investigation Department (CID) on Monday conducted raids at the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram of sex scandal-tainted self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda, now on the run, and searched the premises before seizing documents.

...Read the full story at the Deccan Herald.
Hi there, Sri Nithyananda.  How are you doing?  Oh, samadhi (trance) this early?  We haven't even started.  The last few days have been quite a ride.  First your site goes blinkty-blink.  And no sooner than the Deccan Herald wrote an article on it, poof!  it's back on line.  Just like magic.  Now, who suppose tipped off the Deccan Herald about such inconsistencies.  Hmmmm.  We better put our thinking caps on for that one.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, you won the shell game prize for that switcheroo.  But, you have another website that seems to be permanently boinked-out.  At least it will be in this state until you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, read this and yell at someone who still left in your ashrams, and who has the capabilities of restoring your web stuff.  So, the odds or at 50-50.  Anyway, we noticed that your is not only down, but all the redirects that you had placed are incorrectly configured.

Say, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, wasn't the your events webpage?  You know, where you will be next and what you will be doing?  Well, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we imagine that we know what you will be doing next.  That's easy.  Make more inane YouTube videos to try to convince anyone still left in your cult that you really are an 'enlightened' healing master that is able to make YouTube videos while under a vow of silence and seclusion.  That's a lot of talent that only an 'enlightened' healing master could accomplish.  But, where these video are coming from, is anyone's guess.  We imagine, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that you probably really don't want to let people know where you are now and where you will be, unless of course, jail life looks even more promising than fugitive life.  But, we need to tell you something, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  The alluring term of 'jail bait' does not exist inside jail.  So, don't think you're going to get any upgrades any time soon by going behind bars.  You better be content with what you have right now.  By the way, how is Bhaktananda?

But the next question, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, is where will you be next?  Why it looks like your calendar is completely cleared except for those annoying dates in court.  Will you be going to those, 'Swami' Nithyananda?  We're sure that the television stations will produce the whole event into a YouTube video, so your video production team can take the day off and video tape some terrorist instead.

Wow, Sri Nithyananda, no sooner than our regular contributor, Douglas McKellor came out and filed in two Indian states against you, then the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was raiding your ashram.  As much as we would like to attribute this raid to his contributions, it was probably this interview with Lenin, remember him?, yes, him, that helped set off the fishing expedition.  Here let's watch that interview with Lenin, shall we?:

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that sounds pretty aggressive move on the part of the police.  But, it isn't all that bad, Sri Nithyananda.  You said yourself that you always wanted to get that front-page news.  Well, be careful what you wish for.

Anyway, back to that police raid.  It's reported that the police took one full day just in your ashram including your bedroom.  Now, that was brave of them.  Is nothing sacred anymore?  Maybe, 'Swami' Nithyananda, the police were just conducting a scavenger hunt.  (Note to readers, a scavenger hunt is game played by children in the U.S. to go out looking around the neighborhood or asking neighbors to for odd items such as a clothespin, and the first team that finds everything on the list, wins.)  So, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what items do you think were on their scavenger list?  Let's take a look:
  • illegal forest products
  • hidden 24(K) gold ingots
  • stash of marijuana seeds
  • human hair (must be found around the fire pit)
  • red chili stems (must also be found around the fire pit)
  • forged land documents
  • DVD on the hot babes' guide to tantric yoga positions
  • bogus accounting ledger that converts extortions and profits into donations
  • guide on how to cover up a murder and make it look like an accident
  • fake coroner's reports
  • book about samadhi for success
  • broken 'enlightenment' canes
  • warm paper shredder with shards of bank statements
  • lighters and gasoline (petrol) cans (must be found near burned buildings)
  • lady's panties (must be found in Nithyananda's bedroom)
  • brass knuckles
  • partially 'converted' Deepak Chopra book
  • bottle of happy samadhi pills
  • video on how to look and act like a 'swami'
  • Bermuda checking account
  • Barron's Guide on how to ace the state lie detector examination
  • DVD's on how to possess friends and influence spirits
  • secret deal contract with Shri Shri
  • donation receipts to judges' favorite Swiss charity trust
  • fake "official" gold ceremony objects (for traveling out of the country, but not into the country)
  • Five-year, framed certificate of participation from the Ramakrishna Mission during the years of 1995-2000.
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, that was quite a list.  No wonder it took all day before there was a winner from that scavenger hunt.  It looks like your room, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, wasn't the only room the police searched.  It looks like the police were very interested in the dealings with your so-called Secretary T Dhanasekaran, alias 'Swami' Nithya Sadhananda, a.k.a. Aiyya.  Did the police find any thing of interest in his bedroom too; you know, like inflatable love objects?  Just imagine, there, 'Swami' Nithyananda, if the police are able to link everything together, the new required 'Nithyananda' bracelets that your cult members will soon be sporting will look like this:

Updated Nithyananda Bracelets:
remember, cult members, only an 'enlightened' master holds the key

And, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, wasn't that some special quote from the Chief Minister (CM) of Karnataka, you know from the BJP party?  Lets see, he said that "emphatically that his government was not taking a soft stand on the Nithyananda controversy."   Say, isn't the CM from the Hindu party?  So, let's see if we have this straight, the Hindu Party says that you, self-proclaimed 'Paramahamsa' and keeper of Vedic traditions as a controversy and most likely a major liability in any upcoming election.  Wow, that means the Hindu Party completely disowns you, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  You've been excommunicated by politicians!  We don't even think that a 'thick envelope' can save you now.  Unlike you, Sri Nithyananda, who could never do the math, obviously the CM can.  He added it up and can see that being associated with Sleazyji (that's you) will end his political career faster than you wrecked your followers' careers and family ties.  Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you really do have an impact.

And, what's this here, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda?  In the same day, the Deccan Herald posted another article about you.  But, this one didn't make the front page.  Sorry.  Let's take a look:
Nithyananda petition: HC Defers Hearing
Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, this article has some damaging information about the medical records at the BGS Apollo Hospital.  Isn't that the hospital that you sent the murdered, ooops, we mean to say the accidental death of that Canadian in December 2008?  Well, according to those official hospital records, a person named Azhagan staying at the Bidadi Ashram tried to commit suicide.  Was this the person that swallowed all of the Nithya Sleeping Pills®?  Was that, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda the only way someone could get a good night's sleep in your ashram?  Sri Nithyananda, we don't understand.  Since you are obviously an 'enlightened' healing master full of the most blissful energy that can be cultivated from dark tantra, then why would anyone want to try to attempt suicide in your ashram since it is the most Blissful Place On Earth™ ?  It just doesn't make sense.  Did someone have too much of your bliss?  Could someone not live up to the business objectives of your bliss and complete their blissful deliverables set against the impossible deadline?  Did someone receive one too many bliss-whacks from your blissful stick?  Or, did someone find out that his wife was receiving your special blissful energy late at night, just like in all of those videos we watched?  Well, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we are interested to know.

And, seems that the "complainant was also under threat, which is why the complaint was filed in Chennai and not Bidadi."  Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you sure do a good job of roughing people up just to try to shut them up.  Does that now make three (3) complaints against you, just in the state of Tamil Nadu?  And, looks like you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, and your legal team are quietly accepting that it really is you, in that video.  The article states that your petition "had not disputed the identity of the person revealed in the video clippings".  You're such a stud.  We know that you would come out of the closet now that every thing was laid out in the open.  Maybe too much was laid out in the open, but it is out.  Actually, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we can't wait till you're not out in the open any more, but sitting nicely, indoors, in a secure prison cell.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 121: One Hundred and twenty-one days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 143: One hundred and forty-three days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. That photo with such a sad face made my day)
    Looks like it's falling apart for him, all of a sudden. There's no way he could've covered all the evidence.
    Also, nice that McKellor had the patience to do the dirty work. Let's hope some of the readers here now do so, too - they've just wasted that thread with jokes, even though funny ones.

  2. from the news in deccan herald.
    >>Sources said they are also trying to find out how instrumental Nithyananda’s so-called secretary T Dhanasekaran, alias Sadhananda, alias Aiyya, was in the godman’s land acquisition deals.

    This is great news !

  3. I Thank you for all your efforts in bringing the fraud swamy to justice. I am a frequent visitor of the temple ( Vedic temple )but my visits are strictly for paying my worships for Hindu deities. I am not at all impressed by fraud swamy or his teachings and I thank God for giving me the maturity to judge who is a philosopher and who is dogmatist.
    In spite of my monthly visits to the temple I never enjoy the ambience there with loud music. I requested them several times to turn it down when we are offering prayers and they refused.
    One of those occasions I noticed all of a sudden the sound volume is going still out of control. I knew what is coming and I saw that fraud swamy coming along with his " disciples" entering into the temple hall laughing and joking.
    I was shocked for the rude manner and behavior of their disciples who are pushing and showing an old disabled lady ( on wheel chairs) into the corner so that swamy will get eveyone's attention. Not to my surprise that self styled 'godman' didn't stop him from doing that. I thought of going there and reprimanding those ruffians and teaching them courteousness but realized that the old lady is only sorry for what she did - standing infornt of God and offering her prayer without noticing the unholy man and their entourage entering the room.

    That was the only time I saw him at the ashram. I am glad that we won't see him again any sooner.


  4. The story of Paundraka Vaasudeva is a somewhat bizarre episode from the Bhagwat Purana. Yet the discerning will find it relevant to our own times when image-building has developed into a skilled profession. Believing that the common name, Vaasudeva, was a forceful take-off point to achieve the attributes of Krishna, his sycophants helped Paundraka build up his new public image so insistently that Paundraka Vaasudeva started believing in it himself. He mistook the shadow for the substance and fell into disgrace and disaster.There is a moral in this for all of us who live in an age of doubles and stand-ins. If the end of Paundraka was only pathetic, it was because his encounter was with the benign and omniscient Krishna. Those who are not so fortunate may meet with an end which could be grim and tragic.

    Paundraka Vaasudeva had his name common with that of Krishna Vaasudeva. His sycophants led him to believe that he was as strong and powerful as Krishna. How he fell into disgrace and disaster is told in this story based on the Bhagawat Purana.

  5. "Society does not go down because of the activities of criminals,

    But because of the inactivities of the good people."

    - Swami Vivekananda

  6. Finally....

    Lot of activity at Bidadi...

    but absolute silence at the virtual Bidadi.

    I am still skeptical anything concrete will come out... especially when politician's plant themselves into investigation...

  7. I think there is some credibility in the rumor, immediately after the scandal broke out, that the cult was responsible for the fire that damaged part of the ashram properties.

    Now the CID thinks that this fake godman might have destroyed some of the incriminating evidence.

  8. After reading Karuppan's allegations of finacial and tax fraud I did a search on the web and found bills of lading for large shipments from Nithyananda Imports & Exports to Nithyananda Foundation in LA, one company in India funneling tons of tax free goods to a non-profit corporation in the US which doesn't have to file tax records. Then the statues are sold for very high prices. I also found at least 8 corporations in the name of Nithyananda but why would a simple monk need so many corporations? The govt in India will have an easier time and a much more solid case if they follow the money trail. The two brothers sre on the run with the cash and the accounts.

  9. I'm not as "involved" as you and other here.......though I have followed your blog because of certain thoughts and experiences.....Perhaps you and Nithyananda are doing an elaborate dance of Shiva's energy here.......bringing down one another for dispelling of glamour and dissipating illusions........maybe, maybe not......just a thought.......seems like a dance! I'm not Hindu....

  10. "I'm not as "involved" as you and other here......."

    then why would you care to write something here? Isn't that also some sort of a dance?
    No one here minds neutral people making informed & intelligent comments? Don't just make some vague comment about everyone "involved" & expect to be treated with respect!!

    So bottom line is..

    Get the f... out of here!!

  11. "I have followed your blog because of certain thoughts and experiences"

    What kind of delusional experiences have you been having? Can you share those with us? May be we can get some shrink to help you out!

  12. I am now getting reports from multiple contacts in the US and India that the new set of Nithy videos have done more damage than good for Nithy. Many who were on the fence about Nithy, now conclusively decided he is a nutjob in how he is defending his actions. To say this act was to help people go beyond form was pathetic. Also his threats of bad karma actually backfired on him. This is the word from those who were on the fence previously.

    Also I am told that organizers in cities like Chennai are furious about Nithy and so are many wealthy former devotees. They apparently want to make sure Nithy does not return to business again!

    Nithyananda/Rajasekara - thevidiya pulle, yennada sollare? Nalla irruku ille inda lilai? Mavane, veliya va, unnakku irruku pujai!

  13. Venkata, you said "strictly for paying my worships for Hindu deities", But, the problem is they prey to Nithyananda mantras to those dieties, so you don't have that specific God energy rather Nithyananda's dark energy. Did you hear any Lord Venkateswara or other diety prayers there? No! Because it's all offered to Nithyananda. So, be careful.

  14. To confirm some more details of bills of lading on Nithy's import / export business:

    related google search:

  15. Hi,

    Here's Ram's mail for transaltors/co-authors help for 2012 publication target of 1000 books...
    From: Ram Ramanathan []
    Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 4:53 AM
    Cc: 1 akhila; Ma Nithya XXXXXXXXX; Nithya XXXXXXXXX;; Prabha XXXXXXXXX; Nithya XXXXXXXXX; Ma San XXXXXXXXX
    Subject: Publication Meeting

    we shall be meeting at 11 am for about an hour and a half at Dr. Nirmala's clinic / center on saturday 31 October with Ma Bhaktika , ma Achala and otehrs from Publication division at Bidadi to chart a plan of action for the 2012 publication target of a thousand books.

    Whoever is interested and can, please do attend. Books will be in english, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and any other language.

    We need writers, illustrataors and any one who can take up existing published material to generate more book options. This can be done at home, at your leisure and using your own creativity. Existing books can be reformatted and written based on Swami's teachings for women, children, teenagers, executives, students etc.

    please do circulate to others who i have miised out and would be interested.

    if you know a good writer or illustrator who has not attended any of swami programs but would be interested and would be of value, you can invite them, as long as you can atke the coordination responsibility.


    nithya advaith ananda aka ram s ramanathan,
    XXXXXXXXX, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034, India
    cell Bangalore 91 XXXXXXXXX, land 91 80 XXXXXXXXX, fax 91 80 XXXXXXXXX

    Ram is the main culprit and truely solicited in Nithy's fraud hand in hand and covered up beautifully in new books/CD's/New programs/techniques for excellent marketing using co-franchisees and MLM money sharing - unaccounted and simply doled out to right hands thru Galleria corporations as informed by Lenin in his TimesNow talk !!
    So, it's good we are nailing the main anchorman and once he bleeds, the inner circle will bleed automatically since he will spew out incriminating evidence like Nithy did to defend itself..... so gun for him... asap.

  16. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, anon @12:15 AM for giving an important piece of evidence. We did have to scrub the email. Hope you don't mind. Although we appreciate the spirit and transparency of this comment, we would like everyone's comments to be balanced with privacy and consideration. Not everyone deserves to have their email address, full name, and cell phone broadcasted to the world just for being on an email sent to 'interested' parties. Therefore, we needed to touch up this comment.

    In regards to Ram, we feel that he should get the benefit of the doubt for now. First, we are interested in shutting down Nithyananda's operations, not anyone else's life or privacy. Second, we (as in blog admins) have all had experience with Nithyananda's siddhis (esoteric powers). They are real, and the thought control that can happen as a result is scary. It is very hard to think and see clearly when we were under Nithyananda's spell. So, it looks like Ram has now freed himself from these tantric shackles. We would like to give him the chance to come forward and to help stop Nithyananda's fraud. From what we can tell, he is cooperating and doing the right things. We would like this trend to continue.

    We also hope that to everyone who has been a victim of Nithyananda, including Ram himself, can offer forgiveness to each other as well as support in coming forward and making the important disclosures. In some way or another, we have all help perpetuate Nithyananda's fraud. We are very sorry to those that we hurt as a result from our direct involvement. We would like to be forgiven. Wouldn't it be fair to also be able to forgive those victims even if they might have had a high profile position but now can see clearly? We hope that our readers can do exactly that.

    Jai Maa.

  17. That is the right attitude Expose Nithyananda !

    I am in complete agreement with you.

  18. Very interesting financial fraud details posted on Guruphiliac.

    [editor's note: we reposted Hippy's comment in order to fix Hippy's HTML link. Thanks, reader, who brought it to our attention that the link did not work.]

  19. Hi,

    Here's a nice article from Facebook - you may contact the person for direct evidence of one of the victims feedback !!!

    Cee Jay This so-called "Spiritual Seclusion" is called "Prison". He's going to jail and he knows it. You and your inner circle of swami goons are all going away for a very long time. You abused the trust and devotion of all of us, especially this "Support Nithyananda" group who holds on to "the idea of you". Substantial evidence is stacked against you and your swamis who covered up all the crimes you've committed, especially against young women. I stood up for you until the very end, until I directly heard from one of your victims. You claim to have accomplished so much at such a young age of 32. Well, first of all, you're not really 32. Second, your life is over at age 30 whatever. Be Blissful in prison as you pay for your crimes. You're a diabolical genius who used the Dharma, the name of the true Masters, and the Vedic Tradition to feed your greed and lust for power and money. And, in the last moments you were needed most, when the ashram was attacked and the property was on fire, you ran away, leaving the bramacharinis, the young bramacharis, the old, and those of us who were there for Kumbha Mela. You ran away and hid as a coward concerned for your own safety. You left us there as we continued to believe in you. You've been busted, and thanks to Dhrama/Lenin, Existence has placed an end on your evil. Dhyanapeetam should be completely annihilated and all the money you coerced people into giving for your spiritual programs should be distributed to smaller legitimate ashrams or refunded back to people. You've said that "hell is psychological, not geographical". Well, let's see what you think as you rot in prison.
    March 29 at 2:13pm

    Mr Yogappa... catch all this action mails... please...

  20. If this news is true, guess there is still hope of booking the crook!

  21. The CID raided them after giving them enough time to hide or destroy any evidence they would have had. This is typical of the way the govt works here in India, and I bet there were a lot of attempted backdoor deals and money changing hands too.

    What evidence the CID has is probably too little and too late, while our dear leader is probably camped out at a remote hole somewhere, never to return again, but will periodically release videos through his pirate station.

  22. Venkata, you said "strictly for paying my worships for Hindu deities"

    Venkata, please do not go to the Nithy temples even to pray to God. By going there, you are indirectly supporting Nithy's temples and giving them validity and helping them stay in business.

    The whole Indian community needs to boycott Nithy temples. Otherwise, if 10 people go to "pray to God and not Nithy", 100 more will follow and this is what keeps Nithy's business going.

    There are other temples out there, even if they are farther away, please go there or pray in your Puja room. Understand, finally God is within and the location you pray is unimportant. I have learnt this through life teaching me this lesson.

    So please, do NOT go to Nithy temples.

  23. Hi Anon @ April 7, 2010 5:20 AM
    That news is true from BJP sources... you see the pattern why BGS Global Hospital is leaking some secrets out... Nithy was having quite freely handshakes (transfer of kokas-money) with BGS Swami earlier, so that he can run the show at Bidadi without getting his buffalo skin ripped out by Muthappa Rai's Jaya Karnataka folks... Now, the tables have turned and the flow has dried out... GBS Swami's has hatched a plot with Yeddi to take over the Bidadi Ashram land, thanks to all of Nithy's video sayings.. that he's been counselled by senior leaders at Kumbha Mela blah.. blah..which has irked him.
    So, Nithy please publish the land sale papers quickly on your website, else BGS will come out with more skeletons from BGS hospital, from where all autopsy/reports of deaths/incidents in the ashram is secretly safeguarding your frauds... so hurry up and present physically to CID before BGS actually stamps on your land wiht CID's help...

  24. Anonymous said...Hi,

    Request all insider to come out openly and help please close the Bidadi fraud factory as you can see allround fraud practical trainings given to the innocent LBT( Life bliss technology)entrants to convert them into bonded slaves like the ashram inmates currently in Bidadi - which is worst scenario for them than in prison, if they have the eyes to see this lila/maya/illusion, which can be unveiled by ex-insiders comments on this blog... it will be interesting to see the flow from here and do the reality check..


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    Sri Nithyeshwarananda, Sri Nithya Nateshananda

    03 Marketing (Galleria) Sri Nithya Dharmananda

    04 Catering Technology Sri Nithya Prabhananda

    05 Computer Hardware Sri Nithya Sarveshananda

    06 Videography Sri Nithya Parananda

    07 Photography Sri Ananda Anugraha

    08 Web design Sri Nithya Sanatanananda

    09 Electrical Theory Sri Nithya Hamsananda

    10 Electrical Practical Sri Nithya Yogatmananda

    S.No. Ananda Sevak Incharge

    01 Construction (Civil Engg.- Practical )
    Sri Nithya Sathakananda

    02 Gardening (Horticulture - Practical)
    Sri Nithya Rajananda

    03 Sanitation (Housekeeping practical - I)
    Sri Ananda Anugraha

    04 Nithya Annamandir (Catering technology - practical)
    Sri Nithya Prabhananda

    05 Cleaning Ashram area (Housekeeping practical – II)
    Sri Nithya Natesananda

    06 Galleria (Shop Maintenance / Marketing - Practicals)
    Sri Nithya Hamsananda

    Yogappa is keenly watching all ex-insiders reactions to this to take next action !!

  25. I bought many idols from the LA temple and was told by the ashramites that portions of the money will be going to some charities in India.
    I was very much impressed at that time, but now with these recent enlightenment - I am not sure if the money we spend here in their ashram will ever ever reach the hands of many poor and homeless in India or anywhere?

    Any one have more thoughts on this?

  26. Hi N!

    Can you see how simply you have made your life complicated by your own quotes.... which goes on to say all this was accumulating and coming.. coming... coming... squirmish grown... it's out now !!!

    1. Truth is simple, very simple. Our lives are complicated by the lies that we build them on.

    2. The totality of all your past is the present, and the totality of your present will be your future - Fraud Nithy

    Just like Shoaib Malik told 5 lies as per TimesNow and in space of 12 hours, he came out openly doing a 180 degree turn to give the divorce to Ayesha since he wanted to keep his second wife Sania in good shape after the secret wedding in Dubai.. so, when do you want to reveal the secrets about Ranjitha - is she your wouldbe, or a wife/keep or slavish night standoffs that you regularly have with roster girls (Puja items as you call them) sponsored by Gopika... Bhakta...

    It's high time you come out of hiding, lest the CID team smokes you out Bin Laden style...

  27. In that case, it would be nice to give YouTube a little nudge from the authorities. Just so it'd cooperate and help tracing the source where the videos are uploaded from. (I can't believe they don't have the possibilities to do that.)
    And to be frank, if he spends the remainder of his life sitting god knows where and doing absolutely nothing but releasing new videos, that'd be OK to me.

  28. Yogappa,

    See this ashram website with photos, for the biggest mesmerising fraud/acting/collabarating with like minded singer celebrities/vedanta gurus....

    World Tour Feb - May 2006
    Swamiji commences the fourth Acharya training in the US at picturesque Camp Buckhorn near Los Angeles, CA

    May 11 - Swamiji blesses Los Angeles Ashramites with new spiritual names. The ashramites who received new names are -
    Sri Nithya Bhaktananda (Gopal[Sri Anand Roop])
    Ma Nithya Dayananda Mayi (Jyothi[Ma Nithya Roop])
    Sri Nithya Medhananda (Krishna[Sri Nithya Omkaar])
    Ma Nithya Medhananda Mayi (Kavita[Ma Ananda Maatrusri])
    Sri Nithya Sevakananda (Raj[Sri Nithya Shaaleen])
    Ma Nithyananda Gopika (Vidya[Ma Ananda Satyaprakashini])
    Ma Nithya Shaantananda (Suman[Ma Nithya Premanjali]
    sri Nithya Sahajananda (Sreraman[Sri Nithya Saadhak])

    Interrogate Gopika - seen in a black shawl/salwar to get to know more insider stories of bunglings happening in Nithy's den !!

  29. Hi Venkata @ April 7, 2010 12:38 PM ,

    The vedic arts revival and money being used for charities is all namesake.. pooh.. farts.... N! fooling US Vedic temple buyers like you and local Indian gullible sculptors by daily visiting them in front of the Bidadi temple as if examining and giving corrections to the sculptures carved out there... big BS !!!

    It's a million dollar business and Nithya Atmaprabhananda and Nithyeshwarananda - nithy's brother and overall incharge of Accounts at Bidadi needs to answer to CID cops and to public on their dealings as below :

    Subject: [Buy] marble statue wanted
    Post Date: Nov 22, 2009
    Category: Gifts & Crafts
    Country/Region: India
    Contact: Mr. Atmaprabhananda Sri Nithya

    We are inviting large scale suppliers of marble statues,from 72" to 9" inches sizes of Radha Krishna, Ganesha, Shiva, Devi and Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

  30. Hi,

    Here's the latest news... CID recorded statements from 7 smoked out ashram inmates....

    Nithyananda case: State police files objections

    The state police through the CoD on Tuesday filed objections before the high court on a petition by controversial godman Nithyananda Swami urging to quash the FIRs against him and stay the investigation. The police in its objections said: “Nowhere is it stated that the petitioner Nithyananda Swami has not committed the alleged offences.”
    “The statements of Nithya Swarupananda, Raghav, Nithya Achalananda, Nithya Sudhakunanda, Gnanananda, Nithya Sachidananda, Yogananthan recorded during the investigation refer to the presence of the swami in the video telecast on March 3,” it states.
    The complaint by K. Lenin says that the swami has cheated several people and also threatened Lenin. The objections by the police also reveal that the record obtained from BGS Global Hospitals in Bengaluru also supports the complaint that one Alagun staying in Nithyananda Ashram in Bidadi attempted to end his life on December 28, 2009.
    “The statement of one K.V. Narayanappa reveals that the swami has cheated him.” An email dated April 3, 2010 from Douglas McKellor supports the allegation that the godman was involved in cheating abroad. The high court adjourned the matter to Thursday.

    More to flow... as the N! sensex has dropped like Satyam stocks post scandal !!

  31. "We are inviting...of marble statues...of Radha Krishna, Ganesha, Shiva, Devi and Paramahamsa Nithyananda."
    What can I say? He sure knows how to pick the right company.

  32. I know that Microsoft matches the donations made to Nithyananda Foundation.Why was it matching and were the funds utilized for the said causes.Is it something we can alert MIrcrosoft about?

  33. BTW, excellent metaphors in the post. Just like always.
    One thing you probably shouldn't have done is tell exactly which site went down. (Strangely, it's still offline.) Nithya's well-trained monkeys, pardon me, web administrators could've spent a few happy hours checking the 1000+ sites of his organizations in search of the missing link.
    Next time then.

  34. I have been following your blog since the scandal.

    My interaction with this swami has been only through youtube. I was laid off from a major investment bank in NYC back in oct of 2008, and looking for some meditation techniques to get some peace of mind. The one video I have watched repeatedly is the third eye meditation technique and also his first samadhi experience talks. (bluffs now )

    Not sure how many got a doubt that he was not for real by watching his first samadhi experience video, but something bothered me a little bit at that time. Most folks here seem to have had a one to one contact with him and have found things amiss about him.

    I probably watched a few of his vidoes until March of 2009 and then lost interest. The next time I heard anything about him was after the scandal broke out. It was at that time only (a month ago ) when I found this blog in the net.

    Back to his first samadhi experience video...This is what bothered me with the video.
    First he builds up a good background for that first samadhi experience narration, and later on tells that he felt like he was sucked inside and then he could see all 360 degrees. He goes on to say that he was scared to tell anyone and confided in one of his close friends when they met up at the Thiruvanamalai temple.

    He tells in that video that his friend did not believe it at first. But he said ' look there is a tree behind me and there is an ant walking up'. This statment sounded a bit off to me. You can see him grinning as if that was a joke. First he said that it was his first experience and took him sometime sitting on a rock for an unknown amount of time and something happened to him involuntarily. But then to make his friend believe his story, he is able to 'see' what is behind me whenever he feels like it. How was that possible? This is the doubt I had. I just chose to ignore that piece since I probably wanted to believe in the narration.

    that aside...
    I am reading a lot in this blog about folks who have lost their spouses because of his brainwashing techniques.

    I sincerely hope that spouses who left their life partner, because of him seriously start making an effort to see beyond the maya this guy has created to disillusion them, and try to get back in touch with their ex.

  35. We are giving credit only to Nithyananda but we should also give some credit to his deciples who worked very hard by cheating people. It will be helpful to Mr. Yogappa if we share what we know about the following cult members.

    Bhakta - Who used to force how to do marketing and bring more donations/participants to the pgms.
    Ma Dayamayi - who used to sell Galleria stuff with 400% profit.
    Sevaka - Who cheated seekers with his Shiva linga sponser scam.
    Gopika - Who tried to pull other ladies in to the cult.
    Medha - Ha ha.. What a joker :). Mr Dummy Yogananda, The dummy enlightened disciple who speaks S@#t and all bad words inside the temple.
    Ma Medha - who used to force for donations and tells all kind of lies to get more and more donations.
    Shiv/Ragini - There should be lot of stories to share about these two. Don't think he is innocent.

    Bhakta/Shiv/Ayya/Ma Dayamyi/Ragini/Medha/Ma Medha/Jyotir/Ma Jyotir, Sahaj
    are part of Nithyananda's Cheating Game. Please share any of your bad experiences happened with these cult demons.

  36. I am sure they have cheated Microsoft by getting lot of matching from Microsoft employees. I am sure there are lot of AnandSamajis who works for Microsoft.
    Microsoft AnandSamajis, check with Lifebliss foundation about your contributed donation. you have right to question them. Don't sit quiet.

  37. This Sri Nithya Sachitananda (Siva Vallabhaneni) should be taken to task.

    He is the Spokesman for Nithy. After 6 years of hanging at the ashram he can not say that he did not know anything. He wrote all the lies and made people spend time and money for fake enlightenment.

    He should be taken to task by the U.S. Govt since he is a citizen there. The CID should talk to him to get to know the secrets.

  38. We need to inestigate if the goons like Sachit, Baktha and Medha had their way with the female ashramites either in Bididhi or in the USA. Some body in Bididhi should know their night time Sexual activity. Since these three goons new that their Master was getting laid evry day, there is no way in hell they were going to keep quite without experimenting their own Tantra on some ladies in Bididi or in LA Ashram.

    Let us start investigating this angle, this way some more new dirt will come up.

  39. Wher is "Swamiji is God' I really miss this guy.

    I hope he did not take Sanyas after he heard the truth

  40. Did Bhaktananda and Satchidananda reach LA? Is Jyotirmayananda out now? I only see Sevenananda and Sahajananda names removed from LifeBliss website.

  41. Looks like LifeBliss site removed the teachers page!

  42. Anon @April 7, 2010 7:03 PM,

    Don't expect much for Ma and Sri Jyotir. Sri Jyotir is a goofy little man with a weak mind. Even when he can see the difference between right and wrong, he will hedge, make up excuses, and rationalize until he sees something which is not. Perhaps when he is in jail, he will regret his indecision and inability to leave.

    Ma Jyotir is not any better. She upheld Nithyananda's lies from day one. She is an invested stakeholder. She knew Nithyananda's true age, but told lies instead. She squawks like some big monkey bird in heat and is very annoying to be around. Maybe she can be placed next to Nithyananda in prison and drive him crazy.

  43. Nithy the drag queen! LOL!
    After confirming with several inner-circle ashramites the precise utility of the feminine dresses, the CID sleuths have come to conclude that Nithyananda was a transvestite or a cross-dresser -- person who assumes the dress and manner usually associated with the opposite sex.

  44. Here is the archive of the removed webpage

  45. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon at April 6, 2010 7:20 PM.

    We recognize that writing as matching the profile of Zoro's mom. We were hoping that you were out. Why are you still vacillating between doing the right thing, which is leaving, and supporting a sex offender, who is not enlightened? Haven't you been cheated enough? Where is your savings? Did that criminal take all of your money in the form of slave labor to him? So he can have fun in bed and sit his 6utt on solid gold while you can have a ruined career and hardships? Wake up and smell the coffee. We know you don't like coffee, so smell it and run.

    Where are your fans? You use to do real service to humanity by making children so happy. They loved you. Parents loved you. You were a safe bolt of energy that brought tears of joy to many. Why did you quit? This was your calling in life. You have real talents and selfless service in this area. Why don't you get back and focus on making children happy? It is not too late. You are special and a wonderful soul. Please don't waste your precious gift that only you can offer to this world on that creep-of-a-fake-of-slithering-snake, Nithyananda. He only brings sorrow. He is not Lord Shiva. He is not dancing. The coward is running. Don't get lost in his hiding.

    Say hello to that guy in the monkey suit. We love him too.

    Jai Maa.

  46. Hi,

    Here're some probable options/actions that the CID/Government/BBMP/public may take post BJP's thumping victory in the recent BBMP elections, as the BBMP has already going ahead to have a meeting to discuss and take over the illegal Bidadi land, fyi :

    1. CID to investigate all archived videos - especially related to organisers/insiders meetings and if not provided it will be concluded that the incriminating evidence was purposefuly destroyed by ashram prison inmates, and co-relate to the statements provided by big goons - Gnana and gang... still holed out like disciplined soldiers for N!'s sake.
    2. Yeddi to try and thwart BGS group's bid to takeover Bidadi ashram land, even though the BGS hospital is giving free hand to CID on fake documents provided by N! gang... on all murder/suicide cases... inside the ashram... unless N! actions under the seat from his Sheep's den...
    3. BBMP itself is now strong enough to takeover the illegal land on it's own, is convening a meeting to convert it into a big Freedom park (just like the Central Prison one !! ) and public temple and allow freely all of humanity especially the local Bidadi/Ramnagaram village folks to do their age old customs/traditions to Sri Muneswara and no more BS and nonsensical OHNN... trances...
    4. CM to have a meeting with all ex-insiders/so-called Maha acharyas who have called it quits to N!, to come forward and have a joint venture with BBMP to develop the place, if not hand over to Nilekani's Akshaya foundation or something else or probably Ashok Kheny.... which might be of much use in the impending DLF/Reliance SEZ and Bidadi township, coming up shortly paved by the NICE corridor - Mysore expressway.

    Who needs what , time will tell... but please respond to this blog or to CID team asap and request blog owners to setup a poll to choose whatever the blog responders want from a choice of options like the above. It would be interesting to see the results, let's have the deadline by next weekend, if possible ... give a shot.... thanks for the posts.

  47. Hi Anon @ April 7, 2010 10:08 PM ,

    That's a good job of retrieving from the archives.... LOL u r a genius !!!

    Now, all old insiders should immediately file complaint individually to CID Yogappa, based on the LBT (Life Bull$h!t technology) program faculties, who are nothing but highly intellectual programmed cheats (XYZanandas) to inturn lead new incumbants to be the same xerox copy of the big leaders with their degrees dangling naked soon in public.... it will be street tamasha and naked parade for all these faculties.

    If old insiders who do not write complaints now, will not be having any face to show in public hereafter and all that BS compassion shown in this site will be negated by themselves under their own egoistic foolish trances... so request them to come out openly and have discussion/meetings at city centers and show their real face to the public and what can they do now rightly !!!

    None of them can deny what the LBT program was doing, who impactful and dreadful it is and mesmerising cascade to the gullible public, real conning stuff - DE-programming the mind (NSP - Nithya Slavery program) and RE-programming the mind(BSP - Bonded Slavery program) .... my foot.. how can the old insiders still keep quiet and not take this non-sensical things to closure asap ? Appreciate all your responses - including Expose/Jai Maa etc..

  48. watched latest GuruswamiG Video.

    I like what she said. Sorry to say this but I have to say this. She is really courageous person. What happened to all these Indian Spirtual masters (so called eMasters) who care very much about Spirtuality? No one came forward to speak courageously to question/comment about what Nithyananda has done. RamDev is exception. Does it mean that they all are same as Nithyananda or they like public to suffer? or they are busy in making money?

    Modern Gurus who run for money, learn something from GuruSwamiG. Sankaracharya always encouraged open debate. Why dont you guys come forward and do something right? Sri Sri, Sadguru(Jaggi) and other Gurus are busy making money . They don't have time to worry about seekers.

    Its time for all of us to follow Guru with in us.

  49. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks, anon @11:18 PM, for sending us the YouTube links.

    Please make it very clear that:

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    is not a guru. He is another cult, moneymaking, womanizing fraud. Rumor has it that Sri Sri is making an alliance to save Nithyananda's skin, so that Nithyananda will become his vassal serf. We hope that they both fail.

    We think that both Sri Sri and Nithyananda are culpable and a disgrace to real spiritual seeking. Avoid these fakes and obtain true happiness.

    Jai Maa.

  50. Won't Get Fooled AgainApril 7, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    09 De-Programming the Mind + (NSP free package) Sri Nithya Sadhananda B.Com.

    10 Re-Programming the Mind + (BSP free package) Sri Nithya Gnanananda B.D.S.

    Bwahahahahaa [shudders]

  51. Another news,

    Nithyananda is entangled in more tapes!!!

  52. the CIDs have taken their own sweet time to aggressively raid Nithyananda's ashram, giving enough time for the ashram people who have access to hide or destroy everything that could prove against Nithyananda.

    So, nothing is going to happen.

    What is the point in filing cases against at this moment? He is going to come out of all this Scot free and run his mission with the remaining fools and a new group of fools.

  53. It's interesting to hear Nithyananda say he is not "swami" but "paramahamsa" when his passport itself says his last name as "Swami"!

    What a liar this man is and he calls him self Lord shiva avatara purusha!

  54. It is very clear now Nithyananda has been allowed to stall the criminal case until the BJP and the BGS folks divide the property and enrich themselves. I've property near Bidadi and the BJP/Kannnada Sena goons are all eyeing this land for real estate development. The Bangalore North in-charge minister Katta S Naidu is a big, behind-the-scens player in getting this ashram land for himself and his son. I bet they'll make a deal where the BJP govt will stall the case, force Nithya-Mithya to sell the land and then parcel it out amongst themselves to build some ugly apartments.

  55. I've been following this blog fairly regularly. What makes this a special blog is that, it seems to have a lot of former insiders not just random folks reacting to the news. I look for tidbits of real truth amidst the colorful style in which the blog is written. I've always been curious as to the reasons why the ex-devotees/ex-ashramites were so enamoured with the swami to begin with so much so, as to surrender several years of their life and big sums of their money and what caused a fallout between them and their ex-Guru.

    It definitely comes across that the folks here are lashing out at their ex-Guru because of their pain, hurt, anger and sadness, much of it may be unrelated to the video incident. Independent of the bedroom videos it appears the ex-devotees have more personal grievances. For e.g. Mr. McKellor suffered a painful break up of his marriage, Mr. Karuppan suffered some sort of "humiliation" and demotion in the organization. It also seems the ex-devotees here suffered good measure of "ego-hurting" that was on going at the ashram that seems to have traumatized them a lot.

    There is a dimension of inner factions and organizational politics at play here. As such Lenin K surely didn't act alone he must have supported financially and with technical know-how to procure and install atleast 3 highly sophisticated camera. How bad was the rift?

    All the pouring out in this blog by the ex-devotees must be very cathartic experience for them. Well it sure is high times for the ex-devotees because their ex-Guru is roasting in living hell, thanks to each and every one of them.

  56. Hi Nithy,

    We are here to prove that you are not even human, but animalistic in nature - who work by only instincts...

    Read this article ---->

    Romans believe that those who bloom early in life, that is those who achieve greatness while still young, also wilt and wither away early. I do not believe this as history has many distinguished exceptions, but in the case of Nithy the Roman belief seems to have proven right. - What KB Ganapathy(Star of Mysore) is written is true... and lick your own quote to KB, which has boomeranged you for sure - “The journalist has abused his freedom, he has no intelligence and is a negative person, he is already in hell, his dictionary is different etc., etc”.

    You cannot be in freedom henceforth as you have spun the losing cycle so fast in hiding --> Law of attraction by existential grace !!

  57. *BGS Global Hospital Neurology department Most of the doctors are young and Inexperienced

    *They are not competitive enough to save life of a critically ill patients

    * Death is compulsory if a brain stroke patient is admitted to stroke ICU of BGS global hospital

    *They don't have a effective protocol to save the life of massive brain stroke patient

    *Each doctor gives different opinion for the same patient in neurology dept

    *They are very good at prolonging the life of a critically ill patient by providing ventilator,nor adrenalyl injection for heart to function , dialysis

    *They simply say that the patient is STABLE even though he is near to death

    *STROKE ICU is very costliest ICU in ASIA per day its almost more than 25000 RS

    *Please don't trust BGS Global Neurology doctors

    *If there is a need of surgery please take the openion of minimum 5 doctors and 4 of them says surgery is needed go ahead else think of alternative way

    *Please dont think of surgery in BGS global hospital

    *BGS Global hospital is costly and not worth to visit this hospital

    *BGS Global hospital is mainly to make a profit not for servicing the society

    *BGS Global hospital neurology doctors are not good at taking the decisions for surgery

    *they do surgery most of the time even if its not required

    *Never Ever take brain stroke patients to BGS Global hospital

    *BGS Global hospital is very far away from bangalore city

    *All the above information is genuine and I wrote above information by heart because I lost my father in BGS Global Hospital Kengeri

  58. Shiv Kumar, you lost me. What does your post have to do with Nithyananda?

  59. Om Namah Shivaya,

    We assumed that Shiva Kumar post was in connection with the BGS Apollo Hospital, the same hospital that allegedly helped to cover up the murder of the Canadian citizen in December 2008 as well as other shady connections with Sex Swami Nithyananda and his gang of criminals. (Read post and related comments.)

    We saw this as one more reason anyone who needed to use a local hospital would be wise to consider a different hospital than the BGS Apollo Hospital. Bad karma and bad practices seem to await patients in need.

    Jai Maa.


    1. OM Namah Shivaya,

      Thanks, Anon, for your 'good' post. We'll be sure to exempt you any future lawsuit since you are not associated with any 'bad' posts. We are flattered that cult members are reading all the old comments from over five years ago. Just to make sure that you have indexed the site correctly, please read and mark every comment that you consider to be 'BAD' that was posted on this blog since its inception.

      We're glad that Nithyananda saved your life. Really. Since you are alive and thriving (we assume), perhaps your guru now can help you with your grammar and written prose. As your ALL CAP sentence reads that the blogger should sue the heck out of the owner of this blog, which is Google.

      Nithyananda's enlightenment is a wonderful thing. Don't you agree?

      Feel free to keep reading and commenting. We welcome it.

      Jai Maa.


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