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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fraud-God Sex Swami Nithyananda Arrested in Himachal Pradesh

You Are Busted!

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda has been charged with four sections of the Indian Penal Code:
1) Section 295: Defiling a place of worship (including putting his picture everywhere)

2) Section 420:  Cheating and Fraud (for conducting 'holy' business as usual)

3) Section 376:  Rape and other hanky-panky

4) Section 377:  Unnatural sex with minors and goats. Bahhhhhumbug.
Looks like the police got quite a haul in its net.  After bagging one big bird, a paramahamsa, no doubt, the police got three turkeys and one vulture:
1. Parananda
2. Atmamaneesha (Mr. Tiwari)
3. Arpit
4. Bhaktananda (Mr. Gopal Sheelum Reddy)
(We're waiting confirmation on these arrests.) Sorry, you guys.  But when you sleep with a dog, you're bound to get fleas.  Updated possible list includes:
1. Nithya Sanatanananda
2. Arpit (Armpit) Sangil
3. Arun Raj
4. Bhaktananda (Mr. Gopal Sheelum Reddy)
Just like the old saying, a bird in the hand, is worth a self-proclaimed-paramahamsa in the bush. But, we saw that in the video already.

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Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 136: One Hundred and thirty-six days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 158: One hundred and fifty-eight days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. In Tantra sadhana there are eight diksha's. These are called abhishek's. They go as the following increasing order: Shaaktaabhishek, Purnaabhishek, Kromabhishek, Saamrajyabhishek, Medhaa-saamrajyaaabhishek, Divya-medhaabhishek, mahaa-saamrajyabhishek, ShaDamnaaya. The last one is also called maha-purna-diksha. After attaining the last one and after observing certain period a person is academically, spritually qualified to be called Paramhansa. These rules are explicit and taken as very very serious by Kaula-parampara. There are very few folks who really has these. One who really has will not put a website against his name - he/she is richer than any.

    Paramhansa is not just a name one can attach. All are documented in tantras. Tantra does allow "prabritti" inside the sadhana. But the we saw Nithya in the video is just far from the ritual tantra dictates.
    Secondly, because tantra does allow what most people term as "nonsense", it also sets extreme tough guidelines and penalty for one who deviates from it.

    The term vamachar derives its name from the fact that it is pratikul-achar. Because it is pratikul is has been strictly restricted to grihi's. A sannyasi is not allowed. Ramkrishna is a Kaula/tantrik, but look at the way Durga-puja is held in his ashram - its complete dakshin-panthi style, soley because it is done by his fellow sannyasi's. An unmarried man who is grihi has to do it with a natini but sannyasi's are disqualified.

    Tantra is sacred you believe it or not. It has ever gone through such damage right from its birth. But Tantra did not disappear. The folks who tried the nonsense disappeared.

    Nithya without having proper parampara has given purnabhishek to folks in his ashram. Such an activity is a serious crime charge as far as Tantrik's/Kaula's are concerned. Plus in order to dilute his crimes he even said Ramkrishna had same troubles, which is not even 1% true. When one tries to drag down the name of people even like Ramkrishna it is guaranteed his/her life will be hell.

    The first and foremost commitment one has to make in Tantra is "never abuse women whichever way". Versus what we saw.

    So please don't hate the way - tantra vedanta whatever. Hate the sin.

    Lord takes care of all he knows your pain, he knows what Nithya has done -

    paritranaya hi sadhunam
    vinashayacha hi duskritaam

    is promised in Gita.

  2. Sad.. Very very sad. Whatever said and done . Swami helped lot of people with his techniques and philosophy. He changed the lives of so many for the better. We are an ungreatful lot. Hope God stand by him during this time. His only crimes seem to this consensual intimate episode on camera. Rest all is just rumors until proved otherwise.

    Someone asked a catholic priest "When will jesus come".

    He said "He asked, If he comes today, are we ready to receive him????"

  3. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Anon @ APRIL 21, 2010 3:21 AM, proves that there will be those that will go down with the ship and ignore all the evidence that has been piled up against Nithyananda. Comments like these only make our conviction stronger to see that everything that is associated with Nithyananda ends now. Nothing is worth salvaging.

    Jai Maa.

  4. Please be the witness on the ramp show with XYZnandas from Gnana, Prana, Sanchit… to fight against the evidence from the ex-insiders like Dharmananda, Ram Advaith, Ma Divoja, Doug, including now Gopika… with some more Brahmacharinis and see where the truth is !!

    Bhakta and Medha will also be called by CID team and never to be sent back to US till court gives the final verdict !!

    From now on, the witnesses will be given proper protection and safety/security just like Dharma is getting and you will see the wisdom of exposing the fraud elements with Nithy with proper investigation to follow as the Yeddi government has given free hand following slush funds investigation and IT team involvement…and save Dharma for sure as in the full article below :

    Absconding 'sex-tainted' Swami Nityananda was arrested in Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday (April 21).

    The spiritual guru, who has numerous cases registered against him from rape to fraud, was picked up from a hotel in a small town named Arki, after several days of surveillance carried out in a joint operation by the Himachal Pradesh and Bangalore police.

    A non-bailable arrest warrant had been issued by a magistrate court in Chennai recently. The case had been handed over to the CID for investigation. Sriperumbudur District Munsif-cum-Judicial Magistrate S Gunasekhar on Monday had issued directions to the Superintendent of Police, Rama Nagar in Karnataka where the godman’s Bidadi ashram is located, to execute the warrant irrespective of whether or not he is available at his address. He also directed the SP to form a special team, if necessary, to arrest the godman and produce him before the court by May 20.

    After his arrest in a police raid on the hotel he was staying in, Nityananda is expected to be produced in the Solan district court, where police will seek his transit remand and then transport him back to Karnataka.

    Nityananda is accused in under many sections of the Indian Penal code, including murder, sexual molestation, rape, unnatural sex offences, hurting religious sentiments, fraud, threatening a life (a complaint by Dharmananda, the man who carried out the sting operation that first implicated the swami) and other sections. The cases are pending in multiple courts in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and one has been slapped even in California on the complaint of a formal disciple.

    Facing increasing negative publicity following a video sting operation exposing the 'celibate' swami's sexual indulgences and then several more serious complaints, Nityananda announced he was quitting as head of his ashram in Karnataka to lead a life of 'spiritual seclusion' - which in his case meant playing hide and seek with the police.

    In an interview to TIMES NOW in Uttarakhand while he was ostensibly in hiding, he maintained that there was no concrete proof to back any of the charges against him; however his refusing to surrender himself for questioning till now had been a major an obstacle to progress in the probe. His arrest now paves the way for a proper investigation, and he can be questioned by police in connection with all these cases.

    Hailing this arrest, we see the Nature prviding the real hailstorm in Bengaluru, soon after Nithy's arrest giving sure sign of gret clean-up action asap.

  5. Sex with minors is big offence in US,is there a way we can block his life bliss channel in you tube to be shutdown on the grounds of this offence ? ( I hate his face turning out in my video searches)

  6. Looks like rowdi swamy Bhaktananda was also arrested:


    Nithya Bhaktananda sayings:

    It cannot be taught
    But it can be caught

    Chewing the cud from the past
    Making the cud of the future

    Mind is a monkey
    Body is a donkey

    You guys have no past!

    Anyone care to guess about his future sayings from jail?

  8. From BBC: Nithyananda and Bhaktananda arrested

    "Nithyananda Swami was arrested at Solan [in Himachal Pradesh] along with his associate Gopal Seelam Reddy and they would be brought to Bangalore soon," the city's director general of police, DV Guruprasaad, said.
    On Tuesday, the authorities raided the swami's sprawling centre near Bangalore.

  9. Finally.............He is arrested. There are many of us in Canada who could wait to celebrate THIS DAY.
    Nithyananda and His stupid body guard Bhakta.....GOPAL and all others Should be Behind BARS...........:)
    I thanks mother Earth and Lord Siva.........There is GOD, for sure.

  10. What a wonderful day today! starting a day with a phone call from a friend saying Prononanda is arrested!! AWESOME! Now he should be given death sentence in no time..dangerous Fox like him are NOT deserved to be in mother Earth.

  11. Hi,

    I shall sleep well tonight. Looks like the wicked still get punished and the good shall prevail... Hope he remains in prison and never comes out. the other day i was surprised to hear one devotee telling me that she was waiting for him to come and clear up things. And that he was innocent ....

    And imagine having 3 lakhs cash in hand... Some sanyaasi...yeah he is a raja sanyasi.. Will make a good biography.. truths abt the liar...

  12. Medha was/may be still is cooling his heels in Phoenix since the scandal broke out.

  13. So Bhaktananda is arrested with Nithy too? How about Medha?

    Those who were defrauded and abused by the cult please file charges while the police is holding Nithy and his henchmen.

    Abuse & fraud includes being pressured to work with inadequate sleep, or tricked into paying thousands for an "enlightenment" that was no more than a temporary high, paying for lingams that were never installed....etc etc...

    Please do not let him get away to harm others...

  14. TO Anonymous said... April 21, 2010 3:21 AM

    Nithy claimed Himself as GOD. He accumulated huge wealth as donations, fees, selling so called scared article in the name of GOD and spirituality. His act of sex is not at all a crime. The main crime is acting as celibate to the world and practising sex in private is the real crime. It proves that he is fake. He should be punished for his falseness and not for having sex. He betrayed millions of Hindu Dharma followers. By punishing such fakes Hinduism will be saved otherwise .....

  15. Fianally Baktha gets what he deserved.

  16. Oh, what a surprise. So one can find the man and arrest him when it's really necessary.
    Can't help wondering what took them so long.
    And the reaction time on this blog is commendable - the post has come just after the big news.

  17. Ofcourse he might come out soon, but this arrest even if its for 1 day is such great news!!! And even though I'm an ex devotee myself and was connected to Nithyananda once upon a time I never used to like the attitude and arrogance of that idiot Bhaktananda. Rot in Jail, SUCKER!!


  19. Whatever happend to Nithyananda's "I'll take care!" for everybody he met..

    He could not take care of himself..

  20. MR. Yogappa,

    Now that Nithyananda is arrested, we hope that you will do justice in prosecuting him to the fullest extent of law. By the way, you are the perfect person with a last name Yagappa meaning father of Yoga.

    Congrats on this major accomplishment..

  21. Hippie,
    Can you please list us for this post all the crimes Nithyananda has done against his devotees in US and India in this cult?

  22. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon @APRIL 21, 2010 5:39 AM,

    Thanks for the post and Bhakta quotes. We imagine that one of his new sayings might be like this:

    I followed my master to ja-el...
    now I'm living in Ha-el.

    Sorry, there Bhaktananda, you always were in Ha-el. At least you won't be exporting it to anyone time soon.

    Perhaps if you come clean now and tell about all the crimes Nithyananda has done, there might be some leniency. Use your brain, what little portion of it that hasn't been brainwashed yet.

    All you other hardcore supporters who are now making terrorist quality videos in support of your jail-bird 'master' and posting them under the Life Bliss Foundation channel in YouTube, you're not only suspects, but your information will be used against you. (That includes you too, Ma and Sri Sachitananda, Ma and Sri Medhananda, and Niranjananda.) Come clean now or pay, the Bhaktananda Way.

    Party is over!

    Jai Maa.

  23. I might not want to get personal here and demand the fraud man and his accomplices should be hanged or spend rest of their life in jail, but we as Collective mass of Hindus have a DUTY to denounce his property and intellectuality and see through his exile from all sanatana Dharamas of Hindu Mythology.
    At least Sukracharya Guru of danavas is always loyal to his Devotees( Rakshasas).
    This guy unholy man everyday living is a LIE.

  24. Assistant superintendent of police, Solan, Ramesh Pathania, said the swami was wanted by Kanataka police in two cases under Sections 295A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs), 376 (punishment for rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC.

  25. Two criminal cases
    The arrests are mainly in connection with two criminal cases. “The first case was registered by Lenin Karuppan, a former driver of the swami, related to rape and the second was from one Vishwanath of Coimbatore in which he accused Nithyananda of hurting religious sentiments. This apart, on April 20, we had also conducted a search operation in his Bidadi ashram and seized 22 hard disks along with some documents,” Reddy said.

  26. Nityananda's global movement for meditiation and peace headquartered in Bidadi also had its impact in faraway Los Angeles, California, where a former disciple Robert McKellor alias Swami Nityaprabha has fallen out with his former guru. "Even if there are complainants from the US or wherever they are welcome to register their complaints with
    us," said CID chief Guruprasad.,+Swami+Nityananda+arrested+near+Shimla+hill+station.html

  27. I am veer very upset about this!

    I mean not the arrest itself, but from what I understand they did not have a "Poornakumbha" and the nobody chanted "nakarmana blah blah" to traditionally receive the "enlightened master" in jail!

    That is just soooooo wrong :-)

  28. In SOuth India there used to be a True devotee of Sri Rama named Kancharla Gopanna. he is also known as Ramadasu by many. He was once jailed by the ruling sultan for misusing the public money by spending it all on repairing the Bhadrachalam Sri rama Temple. He was sentenced for rigorous imprisonment with chains and heckles. He sang sang for support of His God to come rescue him. His prayers didn't go unattended as the Sultan ( muslim ruler) came running to this Ramadas's prison set him free and apologized for incarcerating him. Well some devotees / hypocrites can wish they will witness such events in bangalore CID detention center.

  29. Wow! Nithyananda was already a jail bird hiding at a home..

    "Barring occasional trips by swami’s accomplices to nearby town of Arki to buy provisions and eatables, all of them remained confined to the house."

  30. This guy ran away so fast abondening his ashramites who depended on him and still they stuck with him. What level of brainwahsing?

  31. Lots of new material here in Tamil at with Nithyananda and some women face blurred out.

    Can somebody translate please

  32. What a day! Finally the fox has been nabbed. No more men and women will get duped by this bA$t@rd ever again I hope. He might have given all those stolen teachings to others but badly damaaged so many lives and souls permanently. Some to the point that their belief on religion, on bhakti, on any guru has disappeared. This man was a dangerous criminal on the run. Good work by the police at nabbing him. Bhaktananda, you deserve to be where you are today. Even after seeing so many signals of wrong doing did not wake you up. Such accomplices to a criminal should not be shown any leniancy.
    Sachit, you are another big fool. Believing that your master is not the aggressor. With 2 daughters to protect, you thought like this. What a shame! hopefully at least now you will see the farce and the lies your master has been showing you thus far.
    God bless.

    kudos to the blog owner & dharmananda again for making this day possible!

  33. In Telugu the TV report of Arrest

  34. Sex Swami' Nithyananda arrested in Himachal
    In Kannada TV report:


  36. Life bliss is releasing too many testimonial videos!

  37. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Anon @ APRIL 21, 2010 5:10 PM said:

    Life bliss is releasing too many testimonial videos!

    What else can they do? They knew that this day was coming so they probably planned to record all of these testimonial videos the moment Nithyananda was arrested. There probably isn't anything else they can do except pada pooja or some other nonsense. Sad, but some of these folks, like Sri Nithyananda Gnanananda, the sex molesting dentist, will be going to prison too.

    Jai Maa.

  38. How come these guys are not praying to " Om hreem Nithyananda namah"?

    This is about time they pray to real God.

  39. Open Debate to Bhaktanandas: If any of the devotees of this fraud guru are reading this article - Please come forward( even as anonymous) and explain us in these developing circumstances are you expressing steadfast devotion and loyalty to your master. We respect your opinion if that is noteworthy. Convince us why you think your guru is a true incarnation. His teachings show be bold. So now its time for you to follow your master and show us why you are clinging to him.
    Any one there?? Helloooo

  40. Nithyananda NemesisApril 21, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    Kancharla Gopanna......He sang sang for support of His God to come rescue him.

    Have you heard Rajasekaran sing? It is quite a cacophonous sound. It sounds awful. Even if God had some sympathy on him, he is going to run away on hearing Nithy's voice.

  41. To the Anon whose post was at April 21, 2010 2:44 PM

    What I know is only the tip of the iceberg about Nithy crimes. I was no insider. The closest I got was Mission Training where I saw abuse & fraud first hand. That was trivial compare to Nithy's other crimes. If you read this blog including comments carefully, you will have a fair idea of many of the Nithy crimes.

    Nithy is very secretive. You may have to go to Mission training/Archarya traing or be a full-time Ananda Sevak or Semanjies to to see the tip of the iceberg of his fraud and abuse.

    Before Mission Training, I saw him as a realized saint - a wise kind divine being. After Mission Training, many things didn't feel right - but I stayed ...

    Even ashramites may not know what is really going on. Some still see Nithy as God.

  42. Chandan Nandy ki jai ho!

  43. the SACHITANANDA's, the MEDHANANDA's, and NIRANJANANDA should also be caught here for helping him run his operations in USA. and NISHCHALA off course.

  44. I heard Sachit is in town. May be he cam here to avoid arrest. May be Sachit and Medha will hang out together and start their own Peetam. They will get arrested if they go back. I heard Sachit saying to the crazy devotees in LA that Swami is a child and he does not know what he is doing. May be this is the line he uses to get girls. To day I saw some of Nithys Room service girls giving testimonials about their pernetrating master. I recall Nithy using this very word 'Penetration " all the time. He use to say that he has to penetrate your bieng to get you the experience.

    Little did I knew then he was penetrating girls and goats and youg boys.

  45. Does anyone have any information about the ohio vedic temple ??

  46. So Nithy penetrate girls and young boys.

    Goats? Is it a joke? The police have evidence of him penetrating Goats?

  47. I know the 2nd girl featured in this video

    She used to be in Seattle with Microsoft and have seen her in the vedic temple. Is she Gayathri?

    It's sad that they do not mention why this hoax is sleeping with women. They are all selfish talking only about their experiences and how they benifited.

    Yes it's media. However can you ladies explain about the video Lenin prodcued?

  48. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Hippie @7:43 PM,

    You wrote:

    Goats? Is it a joke?

    Well, we wouldn't put anything past Nithyananda and his experiments, but as far as we know, he hasn't experimented on the four-legged variety of goats. Just the same, some of his room service ladies were not exactly spring chickens* and some of these two-legged variety also seemed to have personalities that exactly matched those of their four-legged kin. Maybe these were not billy goats, but were actually belly goats. Baaaaaaahumbug.

    *(and therefore could be seen as old goats)

    Jai Maa.

  49. From Shockan blogspot,
    "Nithy arrested with 3 lac Indian rupees and $2000 in traveler's cheque."

    Nithy, you are not going to anywhere with those traveller's cheques huh?

    Also the reporter is saying that there is a sex case filed against Nithy in one of his ashram cities (It says ashram at Kenkari US ????). Can anyone throw light on this?

    I will translate the details from Shockan site when more ia available.

    Never a dull moment with Nithy.

  50. Whatever happend to his Samaadhi threat he was using left and right on his followers!

    I guess the real "seclusion" starts now!

  51. I hope this shuts him up for good. Or will he start producing videos from his jail cell?

  52. The corrupt godman, Swami Nityananda was arrested from Himachal Pradesh. He will be flown to Bangalore from Chandigarh today.

  53. Nityananda on way to Bangalore to face sleeze charge

  54. Rajinder Singh, who is heading the police team from Himachal Pradesh, said they zeroed in on the accused after information provided by a local taxi driver.

    ‘They hired a local taxi to visit some nearby areas a few days ago. But Nityananda and other accused Gopalsalesh Reddy rarely moved out of their residence. The three others accompanying them used to visit the nearby market to procure items of daily needs,’ he said, adding ‘Nityananda these days used to don saffron clothes only’.

    Another police official M.S. Hussain, who came from Bangalore, said: ‘Nityananda and Reddy reached Himachal Pradesh from Hardwar and they stayed in the village.’

    He said Nityananda and Reddy have been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, while three others have been arrested as they were accompanying the accused.

  55. You can see the picture here:

  56. one more closeup picture

  57. Hi CID team,

    The Dhyanapeetam has released self incriminating evidence of continuing 'Mind Control' fraud with the release of 'Voices of ashramites -2' Videos in closed and confined quarters inside the ashram.. not anywhere in open air, without the timelines when it's shot/recorded !!

    Instead, please record the voices of Nithy's mother, brother, Aachis staying out there and let's hear from them openly what do they say on the videos, program frauds, tantric sex practices with signed undertakings etc..and why he's hiding all along so cowardly instead of protecting the same ashramites by staying in the ashram ?
    Why did he run away and hid himself so far as Himachal ? Why did he make threatening calls to so many folks in INDIA/US/ABROAD and asked the key organisers/ex-insiders to rally around and also spoke to Sri RR to covertly do his bidding in US, since his US Visa was blocked ? What a mockery of Gurudom and the hierarchy of Indian spiritual gurus... it's a black day for Hindu Dharma and for India... pray the law puts this on record and ensure Nithy is penalised for fooling around for such a long time !!

  58. "Open Debate to Bhaktanandas:" (5:54 PM)
    Bad joke here. The comment is, indeed, written in a fashion that exhibits intelligence, but it'd be foolish to expect the same from the rest of the readers.
    There can be no grounds for an open debate here. For every poster who will seriously take the arguments into consideration, there will be a dozen of those who are simply unable to do so - the bashing team.
    Your job is done. Don't start laying down gauntlets and throwing challenges around. Those who still believe Nithy will do so no matter what. Those who have seen the truth need no more assistance from you. Don't pretend you really need any opposition.

  59. CID team,

    Please read the article - Daily one Girl must attend Nithyananda Bed Room for worship at the following link ---- > http//

    Also, please interrogate the copyright violation accusation from Dhyanapeetam and release the video “Nude Nithyananda and Karnataka Police confusion to arrest him” in Youtube of this reporter asap !!

    For more info from a former devotee, please speak to Sri. Charu niveditha asap.

    Bogus Saint Nithyananda of Dhyanapeetam Ashram near Bidadi is now under the Karnataka police s c an n e r. While Ramanagaram DySP Devaraj has been appointed as the investigating officer in the case, the Bidadi police have registered a case against him under six sections of CrPC. The charges include cheating, rape, unnatural sex and outraging religious sentiments.

    Since the Police have taken the case, I never wanted to talk anything about Nithyananda. However, to my surprise Dhyanapetam has asked “Nude Nithyananda and Karnataka Police confusion to arrest him”.the “You Tube” authorities to remove my Video Speeches

    There is no infringement of copyright in that Video. Before telling any news about anybody, we must have some basic support records like pictures and name of the Newspapers that published the news. I have shown that clips and pictures only in my video speeches as my basic support. I do not know how this will come under infringement of copyright Act. Nithyananda Dhyanapetam is not the owner of the video and he is the accused.

    In the name of god and spiritualism, Nityanandha created an empire, an empire of wealth from the innocent people and collected money from them, and Sri. charu niveditha who was once his devotee has explained everything in the Magazine “Kumudam Reporter”. Junior Vikatan in its issue dated 31-3-2010 has also published News about Nithyananda Bedroom worship, which I have told in my present video speech.

  60. All Nithy Bhakthas,

    Nityananda produced in court :

    This is the quote of the day in Ashram website - "Your life is powerful enough to make whatever you want as reality" - so prove it to your Master... and change his reality of a coward, fugitive, mass rapist of all Brahmacharinis who did puja to him in his bedroom !!

    So, let's see whether the poornakumbha will be offered in court by all your Bhaktha's on one side - starting from the 3 charlatans - Sanchita, Gnana and Prana or from ex-insiders like Atmananda, Kalleswari, Ram Advaith, Ma Divoja who are not afraid to tell in the court how you lost their faith/belief and what fraud actions from your end made them distrust you and leave the cult ?

    Also, you may want to hear the real voices of US/India old ashramites who have been cheated royally and gone beserk with their families/spouses/children on account of your saying 'My Oooh Na...' which has become ' Aaal isn't well ' in your case now .... a nature's boomerang in full fury !!!

  61. Bididi ashram land is being claimed back

  62. Nithya is not at all worried with court and arrest; This is a wrong way to prosecute him, he needed public beating. Right now I'm sure he is just secured. There is no justice in any Indian court from 1947. He is going to the court to write a lum-some cheque to the judge, and its your money.

    What was needed was public catching him and throwing stones. If he can be prosecuted in US its different story.

  63. I am not so sure the story is over. The arrest doesn't look so straightforward. He will probably be out on bail in a day's time.

    His lawyers in India and the US are gearing up for battle. It is quite possible that none of the cases against him will hold up in court. This is quite likely if he has some of the jury in his pocket (our Indian jury can be bought for money, specially if you have dollar$ and Nithy can obtain a lot).

    I won't be surprised if all charges against him are dropped and he comes back with a revamped organisation in less than a year. He has enough brainwashed brahmacharis and supporters even now.

    Honestly, how does the case in the US stand up? How does your system work? Can this guy be ordered (forced) to show up in a court in CA, or can he be extradited? Can he refuse to travel to the US? I really don't have much hopes in our Indian legal system, as there are enough holes to sail a convoy of 400,000 ton ships through them.

  64. a disciple of sri ramakrishna ashram has spoken about Nithyananda. he says from 1995 to 1999 they stayed together in the same hodtel of ramakrishna ashram.

    when did parivarajaka in himalayas really take place?!

  65. Comedy is in Telugu

  66. Bangalore : Nithyananda goes into Lock-up with Laboured Grin

    Bangalore, Apr 22 (DHNS) : The arrival section at Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) Thursday evening was a sea of Khaki - policemen armed with carbines and batons -- guarding Gate 7 from which was to emerge Nithyananda, the self-styled 33-year old godman, arrested by the state CID in Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday.

    When he did emerge, hands folded in a ‘namaste’, a rudraksh-bead necklace dangling from his wrist, and a cosmetic grin that for seven years was worn to charm hundreds, Nithyananda’s gaunt visage and his eyes could not conceal the fear and confusion.

    By his right was his bespectacled US head of operations, Gopal Sheelum Reddy, alias Bhaktananda (described by a number of former devotees as ‘Rowdy Swami’), also arrested in CID’s stealth operation at Solan in Himachal Pradesh. Reddy is a green card holder and a resident of California.

  67. In the utter pandemonium, when Deccan Herald asked Nithyananda whether he regretted it all, the godman stared but did not respond. One US-based NRI devotee who had met Nithyananda at the godman’s hideout told Deccan Herald over phone “the swami was without remorse for what he had done”.

    The Judicial Magistrate remanded him to police custody for four days. Nithyananda and Reddy were later driven to the CID headquarters in the City and lodged in a lock-up.

    Nithyananda’s bete noir Lenin Karuppan, alias Dharmananda, who exposed the godman’s sexcapades with a Tamil actress, will arrive here Friday evening.

    The interrogation of Nithyananda and Reddy by the CID will begin on Friday. The police will also analyse the laptops and the five SIM cards seized from the duo’s possession to find out leads for their case.

    Police sources said the laptops and SIM cards are likely to yield “valuable information”.

    The police are aware of the several calls Reddy made on behalf of Nithyananda to people in the US, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The police suspect that threat emails were sent out to some influential NRI former devotees in the US. One of the three associates is suspected to have made calls to an Andhra Pradesh-based devotee in a bid to “blackmail” him into silence.

  68. BTW, the links underneath the article contain a sweet story about the way they've traced his location.
    Makes me feel proud of the CID.

  69. Reference APRIL 22, 2010 10:29 AM and the video:-

    Rajasekaran's organization is being hit to the core. Is this the full video?

    His roommate definitely has a lot of good words about Rajasekaran. However, his memories are those of Rajasekaran's initial days
    when he was sincere and genuine. He has no idea how he has transformed into a diabolical, dictatorial, greedy, perverted and a megalomaniacal guy. Funny, this video is uploaded by LifeBlissFoundation. How conveniently they have forgotten his earlier claims(lies) of 9 years of wanderings.
    Also, his latest video where he tries to explain his wandering is disproved by this video. In that video, he claims that he never was there(mission) fulltime. Just a little bit here or there. Rajasekaran is being caught up in his web of lies and his desperate attemps to get credibility is spewing out more lies. We need to be alert and make sure this slippery worm gets squashed.

  70. Please post the mug shots.

  71. Seems Karnataka police arrested nithy fearing that Tamilanadu police would arrest. Finally after 2 or 3 years the case will be closed. For nithy police custody or jail is a safer haven than to face the wrath of public.

  72. when did parivarajaka in himalayas really take place?!

    It never did. The whole Paravarajika thing is total lie. And so is everything that Nithyananda has ever uttered. He is the biggest pathological liar I have encountered in my life time and I am in my 40s.

  73. Nithyananda Arrested - ETV_News In Telugu

    Look at the face of Nithyananda and Bhaktha in red tee shirt..

  74. Nithyananda Arrested - TimesNow News

  75. Is there any picture of Nithy or Bhakta in handcuff anywhere? I love to see it!

  76. Nithy is arrested. Great. We had a day of celebration.

    It is not over yet!

    The next task is to help the Indian authorities convict him so he will stay in jail a long long time.

    If you know of his crimes, you need to inform the Indian authorities fast. Contact info for the police & CID was provided by the blogger in an earlier post.

  77. If you are capable of reaching samadhi/trance etc , you can do it in jail too. Why so much chest beating about arrest ? You taught how to do samadhi , just dial your ISD code ( of god ) , send your IP address ( in case of VOIP ) to god and keep talking to god in secluded place ( jail ).What is the problem ? Gotcha , room service will be missed ? Even Krishan left Mathura and Gopi and gone to Dwarika . As you claimed to krishana just enjoy the Dwarika ( jail ). In this century no baba has made such a good use of Youtube and internet.You can win padma award for that. Your total viewer ship ( views ) on all bull$h!t videos are less then videos of Nithya and Ranjtha B-lo-job. I suggest , buy ( or sue ) copy right of Lenin's DVD and sell it through your dealership network , you will be become super rich and chnage your name once more as Osho Nitya-night-Ananda.Right a new book my experiments with sex, it will super duper hit. Paramhansa Nithya Night ananda you have a bright business future. Om thoku baba namaya.

  78. Here is a nice video. Look at the idiot, some crony of his is protecting his face with a book. Shameful moron.

    Nithyananda arrest on TimesNow News

    He needs to be nailed to a cross or stoned. Don't rush to make a judgement that same thing happened to another Master 2000 years ago (you know who I am talking about).

    Nithyananda is greedy and materialistic. He not only wants the money, he wants the gold. There's a huge difference.

    So for those still hanging on to Nithyananda as the savior and comparing to the 2000 year old savior - wake up and smell the farce this whole thing is. Your "Guru", Nithyananda, is a criminal.

    [editor's note: We really just want Nithyananda to have a monopoly in offending religious sentiments, so we modified this post.

    We really try to screen these comments first, but sometimes we slip. We recently had to remove a post that was very critical of India, not just the government.

    Please read the user agreement if you have any questions on what is an acceptable comment and what is not. Thanks.]

  79. To Anon originally @5:06 PM then modified to @8:38 PM

    The standards are really going down..

    [editor's note: thanks reader for tipping us off that that comment was not acceptable. We modified it slightly in order to make it okay for this blog.]

  80. Copied the following from

    Far from the sprawling acres at Bidadi, the gold-plated thrones, gold rudraksh-bead necklaces, soft-cushioned beds and the presence of female attendants, a 5 x 8 square feet lock-up awaits Nithyananda at the CID headquarters here.

    The “sleaze godman,” who faces charges of rape, unnatural sex, cheating, criminal intimidation, criminal conspiracy and hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus, will be lodged in the lock-up which is being refurbished for him.

    The toilet, with tiled floor, that he will share with four other arrested associates is being cleaned. The commode and wash basin are being tidied up and the bathroom fittings are being redone.

    As soon as he is brought to Bangalore on Thursday, he will be produced at the Ramanagara court. If he is given police custody, Nithyananda will be driven straight to the CID headquarters and dumped into the lock-up. An adjoining second lock-up (also 5 x 8 square feet) is being cleaned up for lodging the godman’s four associates, one of them being Gopal Sheelum Reddy, alias Bhaktananda, the head of Nithyananda’s operations in the United States.

    The lock-up has no television but is large enough to hold one person. It has a simple cot with a pillow.

    Food, of course, will be provided by the CID. Next to this lock-up is the interrogation room where he will be grilled by a team of CID officers. The interrogation chamber has all modern equipment, including a one-way mirror from which officers will be able to monitor the proceedings inside. The chamber is also fitted with a CCTV camera.


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