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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fraud-God, Nithyananda, Closes Up 'Vedic' Cult Temple (for now)

Another Crack in Fraud-God's Crumbling Empire

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. How's your USA breadbasket empire doing? Oh, we see. Instead of a 'bread basket', maybe you should call it 'dead in a casket'. Boy, that sure crumbled in a hurry. We drove by your once bustling ashram at 928 Huntington Dr, Duarte, California, and looks mighty deserted. A ghost town. But, knowing your dark tantric practices, it always was one. We don't know what type of energy the new tenants will find in your old quarters, no. 5. But, rest assured, we are pretty certain that the new tenant's bed will start shaking and there will be lots of moaning. Oh, scary.

So, what's the matter? No one wants to live there? Where's your marketing department when you need them, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda? It might be a tough sell. Let's see if we can come up with a pitch. "Come live with Swami Sex Offender and experience his energy field!" No thanks. We can see why there are no takers. We're pretty sure that the landlord will be glad to get her property back and start making money again. No telling how much she lost on that deal. But, don't worry; we're sure she'll upgrade the place even if she makes it into a slumlord. You know, even tenants that have jobs now and then will contribute more to society than the tenants before them. And, if there's drug usage, those addicts are only hurting themselves. So, that's a 1000-fold improvement right there.

And, what about that Nithyananda Vedic Temple, also the Head Quarters of your Western Empire? You, know, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, that place you spent so much time and energy 'transforming'. So what if some people injured themselves permanently while doing your slave labor and all kinds of other weird stuff that happened there? It was your temple, with your name on it, and with your ripped off Osho logo of a Paramahamsa (which you were not). 'Swami' Nithyananda, do you remember how you used to love bragging about how much better your Vedic Temple was than compared to all the other Hindu temples? You used to love giving specific examples like the murtis (statues) in the Norwalk Sanatan Dharma Temple were ugly... how the Malibu temple was completely mismanaged... and...on...and...on...and...on. There didn't seem to be a temple any where in the U.S.A. that was up to your high standards. Only your temples were so perfect. Divinely so. Heaven on earth. Say, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what's this in our inbox from Constant Contact sent by the Nithyananda Vedic Temple?:
Dear Devotees:

Beginning on Saturday, April 17 the Nithyananda Vedic Temple will be closed to the public. Our deepest thanks for your patronage over the years. We look forward to seeing you again when the temple re-opens.

With best regards,
The Administration of Nithyananda Vedic Temple

What? Closed? Are you trying to sell off the Vedic Temple to pay for all those legal fees, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda? How much are bribes to all the courts these days? We're sure the going rate has increased since all those pictures of you on your 24(K) gold thrones have been showcased on your website. How many of those thrones do you have? Well, it looks like you might be out one 24(K) gold throne very soon, unless there are some devotees that want to store in their garage. Mind you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that once it is in someone's garage, there's little chance that heavy piece of bulk is ever going to be moved. So, pick your garage carefully, and hope they still have enough money after experiencing you that they are not going to lose their home any time soon.

So, really, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what's going to happen to your Vedic Temple? Are you going to just keep the temple in mothballs until you can come out from hiding? Who's going to pay the mortgage? Who's going to pay the bills? Who's going to turn the lights on and off? Maybe 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you can rent your temple out to motorcycle clubs so they can have a big party there on the weekends. That just might make your temple popular again.

Actually, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we're kind of hoping that the community will take it over and make it a real temple that the Divine would actually love to call home. Who knows, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you might actually get some good karma if that happened. Yes, it is a long shot, but who knows, even you, Sri Nithyananda, just might be capable of doing the right thing.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 130: One Hundred and thirty days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 152: One hundred and fifty-two days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. It was just a matter of time before the sham empire came crumbling down. At a cursory glance, even their website comes across as shallow and fake. Look at this story of Nithy's supposed master "levitating yogi" who is the "incarnation of patanjali himself"

  2. Can any animal (worldly man) understand the value of faking to be an elevated being on this earth?

    I must sympathise on this blog (creator) and thank him for writing about what a sham Nithyananda's birth is on this earth. To write about this fake self-proclaimed 'elevated' person so badly is a real service to society.

    Before even writing anything about anybody on this earth who is as evil as Nithyananda, don't contemplate twice about it. Just do it. Thanks for your wonderful service to expose such a horrible fraud.

  3. Hi Anon @ April 16, 2010 5:09 AM ,

    You should ask your elevated person badly few things and come back to us with answers :
    1. Where is he in hiding and doesn't he have a face to show his devotees personally and give darshan for the last 45 days ?
    2. Why was he in the video with Ranjitha, was this for elevating Ranjitha or demoting himself to his current state ?
    3. An avatar is in hiding from a 10th std pass driver and threatening him from all quarters.... what for, if there's no fraud game and running like a coward from Kumba mela where he's thrown out like a pig, with $h!t smeared all over him from all Gurus, nobody wanted to talk to him ?
    4. Why did his close associate/disciple Atmananda run away and marry Kalleswari, due to the repression created by him to all his disciples for such a long time ?
    5. Why is his secret of life and birth not told to all the public and press in open public ground and see where he will be elevated to and sent once and for all ?
    6. Where's his mother/brother, who don't have the freedom to even speak openly about his life and birth ?
    7. Why did Ram/Advaith speak the truth, nothing but the truth and walked away from his netherland soul ?

    If you want more leeching questions, let us know asap.

  4. I heard from a reliable source that Phoenix temple and the surrounding land that was got for creating Nithyananda community homes will be sold at firesale price.
    Deities will be moved to someone's house as the 2 doctors who were bearing most of the financial burden do not want to take it all on them anymore.

    Looks like a sure slow bleeding death to Nithy's dreams of polluting the world with his Vedic temples.

    What is the status at other cities?

  5. As a staunch devotee and dedicated disciple of Swamiji, I must say that he'll soon make his appearance and begin his mission of saving the world through intense meditation training and revelations of his divine self. All those who are making false claims against him are doomed to their own perdition. I know, being the female tantrika in Swami's experiments, it his way of educating all of us. Very soon, all temples will be reopened, new energy centres created all over the world and Swami's full power as the reincarnation of Adi Brahma will be revealed. Just wait!!

  6. 1. He was hiding in Delhi, Katmandu, Varanasi and other places. He is in silent meditations and so no point in giving Darshans.
    2. He was with so many other women, but the driver chose to leak this video with Ranjitha. It was for practicing tantra.
    3. Nobody wants to talk to him, because he is in silent meditations. He doesn't threaten anyone. His people might. But he is not his people. Understand??
    4. That's more of a question to Atmananda, not him.
    5. Public is not yet ready to receive such profound news. See what happened when it came to know... there's misery.
    6. Read 5.
    7. That's the question for Ram/Advaith, not him.

    Any other questions, please ask and get clarity.

  7. Nithy,
    Just clear this one to close all your NSH/FIMT/LBT/LBE/IA/BSP/NSP/ASP programs asap :
    In your own words, we work hard to create and maintain our personality, but we forget that there is an individual within us, who is beyond all these roles. Our individuality is much more than our personality. We forget that we are not just a parent or a spouse or a boss or a friend. We are something much more than our relationships.
    This disconnection with our own self is the direct cause of all the stress, tension, worry, anxiety and depression we experience. Meditation is the key that unlocks this door to our self and puts us in touch with our self. With regular meditation you will find that you can do the same things better, quicker, more efficiently, in a more relaxed way, with more creativity and enthusiasm. Meditation transforms you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Meditation is not a quantity to be added to your life, it is a quality to be added to your consciousness. ( In your case, this is proven wrong by all your crap videos with Rajeev and other videos sent from your HIDING !!)
    Research shows that mediators experience very low levels of stress and live a healthy and peaceful life. Meditation unleashes a natural source of intelligence in you. The side effect of it is increased productivity, improved interpersonal relationships, and much more. Much scientific research had been done on meditation and its effects and benefits.
    So, hopefully you have done enough of meditation in HIDING, please come out and put yourself before the Agni pariksha of scientific tests - Positron Emission Tomography (PET) device, Quantitative Electroencephalography, or QEEG now to prove you are an enlightened being, by having an independent testing done, say at leading Bangalore hospitals – Wockhardt or Apollo, but definitely not at Dr Nirmala’s Infertility center, otherwise you will prove everyone right including yourself – you are that… so watch out your next steps carefully !!!
    Then, Can we learn from you how to activate what I call our D-spot, thus putting us in instant connection to delight or the divine? ( we know you are wonderful at activating the G spot of the other sex !!! )

  8. Are people in Ohio still under the influence?

    see this:
    An Offering to Our Master - Nithyananda
    Tomorrow, Wednesday April 14, Ohio will be celebrating the third anniversary of the inauguration of the first Nithyananda Vedic Temple in the USA! ... - 13 hours ago - Cached - Similar


    I don't know anyone, but I am sure SOMEONE visiting this blog knows OHIO people.

  9. Nithyananda did not use force: CID to HC

    Express News Service
    First Published : 16 Apr 2010 05:14:00 AM IST
    Last Updated : 16 Apr 2010 09:31:22 AM IST

    BANGALORE: The state CID told the High Court on Thursday that the footage in the CD in which Swami Nithyananda is shown in a compromising position with a Tamil actress ‘does not appear to be an act done forcibly’.

    KN Yogappa, investigating officer and SP of CID stated that in the video, the identity of the girl was not revealed and that it was difficult to conclude that the Swami had used force.

    The government had earlier submitted that it has enough material to prosecute Nithyananda for the offences of rape, unnatural sex, cheating, showing disrespect to religious sentiments and abetment to suicide under the IPC.

    The court had asked the government whether the investigating agency had recorded the statement of the victim in the case of alleged rape, to which the government had said that it had yet to do so.

    However, the government strongly contended that it had sufficient material against Nithyananda.

    In the cheating case against the godman, the police have recorded the statement of T Narayana, a former devotee of the Swami.

    According to his statement, Nithyananda had cheated him of Rs 50,000. The hearing of the case continues on April 21.

    Nithyananda’s counsel has taken time to submit a counter.

    Nithyananda’s counsel asked the court to restrict the media from writing about the court proceedings in the case. But the court turned down his request.

  10. Editor's note: We will come clean with a conversion post. The 5:09 AM post was originally submitted as:

    Can any animal (worldly man) understand the value of elevated beings on this earth?
    I must sympathise on this blog (creator) and what a sham is your birth on this earth to write about an elevated person so badly.
    Before even writing anything about anybody on this earth do contemplate twice.

    And we posted the original comment for about 20 minutes, and then we converted it to the existing comment of 5:09 AM. During that time, one loyal reader posted his comment which is visible @5:16 AM. So, message @5:16 AM was aimed at the original message above, not at the converted comment you see posted now.

    As stated in our 'terms of agreement' some pro-Nithyananda comments will be postes 'as is', some not at all, and some will be 'converted'. One day, we'll have a post a collection of 'best of' conversions.

    Thanks all that pointed to this difference in the comments @5:15 AM. It shows that our readers really do read all the comments very carefully.

  11. His new name..

    Pornohamsa Nithyananda

  12. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Looks like Nithyananda's worldwide operations indeed have become worldwide operations... in closing. The dominoes now fall on Singapore and Malaysia as well as the Los Angeles 'the once spiritual nerve center'. Yes, a pinched nerve center, indeed. Ouch.

    Here's the latest from the Deccan Herald:

    Chandan Nandy highlights the impending power struggle where pro-Nithyananda forces, led by Bhaktananda and Sachitananda, might try to wrestle back control of the Vedic Temple in Los Angeles. This could be very interesting free-for-all or could turn out to be a nonevent if the CID team (police) in Karnataka restrains them from leaving India.

    Regardless, those paramahamsa wings look mighty clipped indeed - - looks more like a chicken.

    Jai Maa.

  13. Fairy Tales of Paramahamsa Nithyananda TeamApril 16, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    Looking at Dheeras email or other "Naadi joshyam" nonsense about Nithyananda being the savior of the world on the nithyanandaforever website, or this nut who commented at APRIL 16, 2010 7:19 AM it is very clear to us that the still intoxicated Nithyananda devotees really do like fairy tales.

    These nuts will believe any nonsense that Team Nithyananda throws at them, just to keep their illusion alive.

    In some ways we wish, we still had the "Fairy Tales of Paramahamsa Nithyananda" website live. But that's ok that it is not live anymore as Expose Nithyananda team have done a wonderful job here on this blog!

  14. Seattle Temple also closed and Its confirmed.

  15. To the lady who wrote on April 16th 7.19AM

    So you agree that you got laid by Nithy. Was he a good F%$#? Was he better then your boy friend are your husband? Of course you would not know the difference if you did not have any. How many times did he do it with you? I am really interested to know more about this experiment. This would be a good media to discuss his tantric part of his godlyness.

    I am looking forward for your answers. I am sure if you drop your phone # you will get a lot of calls so that you can do more experiments so that you can compare the enlightened F&$% to the regular human F$%#.

  16. The Singapore centre is still in operation. I drove past that neighbourhood and stopped on the road by the centre. It's a small house on a plot of land at the dead end of Lyndhurst road off Mountbatten road. The main gate was unlocked and the main door was still open. I didn't go inside, but could hear some activity. The sign boards and posters are still there, so it looks like there's still life out there.

    Their website appears down for a long time.
    It's just a Joomla landing page with a maintenance message.

    The people who run (were running?) the Singapore centre are very decent human beings, warm and hospitable folks - Sri Nithya Arpanananda and his wife Ma Arpana Nithyananda (I know their original names but prefer not to publish them to give them some bit of privacy) stay at the centre and take care of it.

    When the s**t hit the fan I hoped these two would not be too badly affected, would wake up and smell the reality. Unfortunately it seems that an incident like this pushes people two ways. These folks were probably so taken by master that they are now squarely in the pro Nithya camp. Their website at indicates that.

    There were even a few early videos released when the controversy started, I think the one in which Sachit and a few others held a "press conference" to "address the allegations", where I saw Sri and Ma Arpana.. so it looks like they flew straight to Bidadi from Singapore last month to support their master.

    I haven't been able to get through on the phone to the other Singapore members, but those non-volunteers or occasional helpers in the outer circle don't seem to know (or don't tell you) much.

    It's a pity. They should have stuck to simply teaching some yoga and pranayam instead of claiming to provide assembly-line enlightenment at the hands of Siva's incarnation himself. They'd have still done a lot of good, and could have been in operation for a very long time.

  17. Did Madhamayi leave seattle temple? If she is there means it's not over...

  18. To Anon April 16 7:19AM

    Wow, I don't even know what to say???? I do understand your conviction though, for at one time many ladies would have done anything if Nithy(god) said so and would truly believe it...Thank GOD for technology and our minds. I do want to thank you for having the courage to comment on this blog as your are giving the rest of us an insight on how some you 'experimenters' are thinking. you coming onto this blog site something is happening to you. Behind the frustration, anger and sadness of all those against Nithy, there is a small level of uncertainty ,otherwise, all this would not have shaken you, not even one Bit, to take time and leave a msg.

    For coming on here, I challenge you to meditate and look in on this whole situation. Truly BE Honest with yourself. Just for a moment put aside all that you have been told or not told. What do you know for certain? What is Your Truth? Its okay if you find your are not sure that's the first step in healing.

    If Nithy was the one and only you've ever 'been with' I understand your conviction, and if not look and the similarities of the situations. I urge you as a woman, to face your intuition as it will speak Loud and clear to you. For your body to be used as such, for 'experiments' no matter who said what to you, I know for certain there was something within you, that knew it didn't feel right. Simply, go within and look...after all isn't that what Nithy always encouraged?

    I will leave you with this...for you and many faithful Nithy devotees waiting for him to come back and save the world, I guess in 5yrs or something like that. Well....Christians have been waiting for Jesus to come back and save the world for decades....mmmh do you feel a pattern....

    I wish you the best and hope you are able to recover from all this...

  19. Looks like Bhakta and Sachit are still in India?

  20. Well, thanks for your comments. I, as a tantrika and a willing participant in Swami's enlightenment experiences, am happy that some of you read my viewpoints. I hope you sure got a "rise" thinking about these ecstatic experiences with Swami and the tantrikas. I do sure get "wet" thinking about those good times. Now my Swami is away somewhere in the mountains, of course, he has a small entourage of loyalists with him and is actively monitoring all activities - blogs, TV, court battles, police actions, etc. etc. That gives me peace to think that he is on top of things and will eventually prevail over this. Many will come to regret, but perhaps many of you here are not destined to be enlightened. Sure, Swami knows LA temple is closed and there's a big money fight coming here in the US. But he's confident that the Ashram in Bangalore will be intact and prosperous.

  21. Om Namah Shivaya.

    Anon @9:20 AM, we glad to hear that you're happy to get "peace to think that he (Nithyananda) is on top of things." (We got to see plenty of that already.) By the way, your type of enlightenment is not of interest to us, nor is it useful to anyone else except for Nithyananda's pocket book and perhaps bedroom.

    By the way, you were the inspiration behind today's post. We hope that someone drags you out of that pumpkin patch in a hurry.

    Jai Maa.

  22. To the lady tantrik participant who is brave enough to write on the blog.

    Can you enlighten us with the experiments. If it is good I might want to go to where ever Nithy is and do some servise. I am ashamed of you for leaving Nithy so high and dry in God knows where he is. I am sure Bakthata can not do any service to him. Baktha more are less looks like a predator hmeself then bieng Nithy's B$#@#. However why dont you go meet Nithy and get all the Tantra at this time. He could probably bless yous with his BLACK hose.

    Bye, would love to hear about the details.

    Hear from you soon tantrik B@#$%.

  23. To The Lady who wrote on : April 17, 2010 9:20 AM

    You're a Garbage !! If you had been in contact with tantrik's (and that's not the right way to call them although the whole world do it that way) you will be able to say the name of this guru given at his purnabhishek and the four gurus, I mean his guru, paramguru, paraparaguru, parameshthi guru.
    Under which dashanami sampradaya do you put yourself and Nithya? Before speaking garbage you should first know if you are speaking from your face or a$$.

    A kaula is recognised by the names of his four gurus without which nothing makes sense.

    The names of Kalua gurus does not end with ananda as is mistaken by all. If Nithya did knew any thing of Hindu shastra he would not have named women devotees by calling Ma ****** ananda - thats complete garbage style, it fits into no tradition.

    That you had the 'linga puja' with Nithya is different - don't say thats tantra, the antim tattva or 5th tattva sadhana in tantra is not entitled for sanyasi.

    For details check - Kaulavali which details the methods.

    Before making stupid comments keep in mind that therre are people who knows things.

  24. What can I say? I'm sincerely disappointed that not everyone is blessed with the gift to keep a conversation at an intelligent level, like the
    8:31 PM comment did it.
    Please take the time to read that post and the other ones, and see if you notice the difference.
    Oh, and that Jesus analogy is fabulous.

  25. Can't wait to hear about Nithyananda being denied entry in the US. while his " kingdom" is at stake Nithyananda has started his new series of " living enlightenment". He is not able to keep quite. He doesn't have a clue to solve his own problems but has stated giving " life solutions". He is such a laughing stock now.

  26. Just needed a little clarification from the tantrikas... I was talking with one of them personally and got a sense that "He" is both a male and a female in the same body. Maybe that's the reason, he went after some males too. The Press/CID doesn't understand this and termed it "unnatural sex". Probably some medical/physical examination should be done on Him to see if He really is a hermaphrodite. Or did I understand it wrong? Did they find the videos of Him having sex with the animals in the ashram?

  27. Wow, what a comment. Sounds like wherever there is a hole, Nithya is ready with his pole.

  28. "Nastyananda and the Psycho Swamis" or maybe "Swami Shim Sham and His Wham Bams".....hehehehehehehehehehehehehe.....This one takes the cake!! LMAO!!!

  29. There is no convention to naming disciples in India . Just show me where in the Vedas is written you give names this way or that way... I understand you hate Nithyananda because he had sex, but put your brains to work. Hindu is not Catholicism with a bunch of rules made up by someone.

    In fact, if you do travel around in india various traditions have various naming systems. And there are new traditions, of guys who never had a living master before! Some "traditions" are fake, some are authentic, and it has nothing to do with lineage.

    I will say, you are all so impure, as "impure" as your so-called master... No understanding of vedas, vedanta, or truth . In fact, no serious master will ever take you as a disciple. No wonder, you got Nithyananda. I used to dislike this guy, but after reading this blog, I can understand his market...

    By the way, the only reason there is an anti-nithy camp is because there is a pro, and vice-versa. Obviously, all of you do not appreciate any good he might have done, despite his bads, and also the pro camp, cannot appreciate the bads he has done despite the goods...

    I can see that no human being can every satisfy your lust for a "master"... Get ready for being cheated again.

  30. Swamiji is a robust tantrik yogi with a normal, hetero tent-pole. Don't you worry, because I speak from experience in all the rituals. I've heard from those at Bidadi that some form of training will be revived at the Himalayan retreat place, since the court cases in Bangalore are fairly weak and will be stalled or dismissed. At the moment, there are plans to open a spa, a meditation training center and a wisdom school after land acquisition is completed somewhere in the Uttarakhand state area (Pilibhit district area). He has enough well-wishers in the US who will make this happen immediately. Swami wins, no matter what you guys might bleat out!!

  31. Hahahahahaha....animals in the ashram....that would be very natural sex....highly organic!! and then he would not spare the pigs in the pigsties or cows in the sheds and the chickens in the pens....

  32. your blog is getting out of control with fantasy's of people.

    some questions are valid and thoughtful, but most of the vitriol is just plain hatred.

    instead of wasting time in all this and creating negative energy all around you, why don't you all just meditate and realise yourselves?

    jay maa!!!!or was it? SRI SRI SRI Paramhamsa Nithyananda Swami ki jaiL !!!!!

    [editor's note: we see you're from the Nithyananda School of giving advice but not practicing it yourself. Please meditate on that.]


    Sri Sri telecon with Nithyananda from defunct Los Angeles temple
    Chandan Nandy, Bangalore, April 18, DH News Service:

    Art of Living Foundation guru Sri Sri Ravishankar visited godman-in-hiding Nithyananda’s now defunct Vedic Temple in Los Angeles on Friday and spoke to him over phone briefly before denouncing him in private to some of his former devotees.

    During the brief telecon, Nithyananda is believed to have “welcomed” Ravishankar to his temple which, along with another one in Seattle, was shut down on Saturday following an intense power struggle among his devotees a majority of whom have taken a dim view of the godman since the sex scandal broke early last month.

    When contacted with specific questions, Ravishankar's media relations manager at his Kanakapura ashram here, Charu Garhwal, admitted that the Art of Living guru did visit the Nithyananda's LA temple. "He met and talked to some of the traumatised devotees of Nithyananda."

    But within an hour Garhwal called back Deccan Herald, saying: "Actually, he (Ravishankar) is in Los Angeles to inaugurate a new temple where some of Nithyananda's traumatised devotees came to meet him." When asked if Ravishankar spoke to Nithyananda over phone, Garhwal said she would "check and get back". She never called back.

    Some former Nithyananda devotees Deccan Herald spoke to over phone said Ravishankar visited the so-called Vedic Temple on Friday evening. "He went around the whole temple complex, visiting all the departments," a senior former devotee said.

    While at the temple, whose possession has become a bone of contention among some former and a few last remaining devotees of Nithyananda, a temple attendant got the godman-in-hiding on the phone for Ravishankar to speak to.

    "The two talked briefly after which Ravishankar told the temple priest in private that if they needed help they could approach him," an influential NRI, who is a former Nithyananda follower, told Deccan Herald.

    Ravishankar has had past association with Nithyananda. On Nithyananda's invitation, Ravishankar had visited the so-called godman's Tiruvannamalai Dhyanapeetam on August 6, 2009. Photographs of the two together are prominently displayed on the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam website.

    Sources in LA wondered whether one of the primary reasons behind Ravishankar's visit to the LA temple was to "win back" devotees who are cut up over Nithyananda's sexual indiscretions. In this context, a former devotee said: "A few years back, no less than a dozen of Ravishankar's followers deserted him to join Nithayananda's order in which they became 'acharayas'. Ravishankar is returning the favour and trying to wean them back."
    Former Nithyananda devotees believe Ravishankar is trying to capitalise on the situation and may be looking for ways and means to take control of the LA temple and to have donors, who till lately contributed to the disgraced godman's coffers, make monetary offerings to his foundation. "This is almost like a corporate takeover," an Nithyananda ex-devotee said.

  34. "Just needed a little clarification from the tantrikas... I was talking with one of them personally and got a sense that "He" is both a male and a female in the same body. Maybe that's the reason, he went after some males too. The Press/CID doesn't understand this and termed it "unnatural sex". Probably some medical/physical examination should be done on Him to see if He really is a hermaphrodite. Or did I understand it wrong? Did they find the videos of Him having sex with the animals in the ashram?"

    Let us also examine my genitals as well to acknowledge what type of "being" I am after being in Nithyananda's tantric experiments... My God, if Nithyananda is not pure hatred, he is some kind of bizarre common criminal... If you accept science, then Nithyananda is a lie. If you accept tantra, and magik, then Nithyananda being above the law is absurd.

    But let us remember, all the people in this blog, got mad this guy had sex. Yet, Nithyananda continues his power trips, his "siddhas" bullcrap... How much dumbness and childness can there be in this fraud-god?

  35. so Maheshwara and all might come back? I really hope they don't! BTW to the anon who said bhaktapriya and his brothers are not out. I saw Aikyananda's profile on FB with his original name - Vivekanand D. and photo with normal clothing. So maybe atleast he is out.


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