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Friday, April 2, 2010

Banglore Police's CID Gives Nithyananda's Fraud a C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) Payment

Calling 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda on His Fraud, Simple as 1-2-3

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. How are you? Oh, we see you still have your thick gothic make up on and doing some more psycho-babble that contradicts anything and everything. Is that your siddhis (black magic) or some really good stuff that you scored, you know, up from the mountains. Hey 'Swami' Nithyananda, do you know what day it is? Why it is April 2, of course. This is the three-year anniversary that you were denied entry, with prejudice, to America in 2007 as you tried to sneak in unnoticed from Canada. We bet that seemed like the good 'ol days in comparison.

Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, even though you are under a vow of silence and you resigned from all of your foundations, you, being an 'enlightened' healing master, sure do put out a lot of new videos. We don't know how you do it. Maybe you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, really are enlightened after all. Do you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, think that these can be used as evidence against you? We think that they just might come in handy for your big day in court.

Speaking of your big day of court, which you seemed to have gone missing, we imagine that you would love to hear from all of your dear devotees that you managed to separate their cash from them, wreck their lives, cause divorces, ruined careers, etc. So, we just want to highlight the offer from the Karnataka Police, Crime Investigation Department (CID). It seems that the Superintendent of police (CID-special Inquiry), KN Yogappa, would really like to hear any stories of fraud that involved you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, and any of your cult lackeys, oh, we meant to say Swamis. These stories do not need to be direct experiences, Sri Nithyananda. If someone had a spouse or family member who went to your ashram in Bidadi and then came back all crazy such as talking in tongues, wanting to kill themselves, threatening to divorce, and wanting to donate everything to you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, then the Superintendent of Police would like to hear these stories.  These stories might even build on your living legend, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.  Your legend in the Indian Penal system, of course.

In fact, we called Mr. KN Yogappa ourselves and found him to be very professional and friendly. The type of police officer that really cares about people and wants to protect them against fraud and wrecking their lives.  You, know, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, someone who is both sincere and honest.  Oh, we're sorry, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  We forgot that all you know is people like Bhaktananda, Sachitananda, Sadhananda, Medhananda, etc.  Well, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, Sri KN Yogappa is just the opposite of those people.  He's a man of his word.

So, if all you devotees have a bit of time and a story to share that happened in Nithyananda's ashram in Bidadi, please contact the following:
Report A Fraud-god:
Contact: Sri KN Yogappa, Superintendent of Police (CID-Special Inquiry)
Int'l Tel: 011 91 94-808-00123
Int'l Fax: 011 91 80-223-81894
In India Tel: 9480800123
In India Fax: 080-22381894
Mail Address: Carlton House, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560 001
Important: Please be willing to give your real name (for the record) and contact information. This is the only way that Nithyananda and his cult can be brought to justice for all the fraud and crimes they committed.  

Remember, Indian time is 12.5 hours ahead of Pacific Time, so if it is 8:00 PM in California, it will be 8:30 AM in Bangalore. The police office is open on Saturdays, so tonight might be just perfect to tell your story. Loyal readers, if you are afraid of the long distance charges, there's lots of great calling cards like Mother India that will allow you to expose the crimes and fraud of Nithyananda for only two cents per minute. We think that's the best 'enlightenment' investment someone can make! But, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, our 'enlightenment' is like bolt of 'in-lightning-ment' straight down in your muladhara region. Sri Nithyananda, are you there? Sri Nithyananda? Oh, samadhi again. 'Swami' Nithyananda, seems to have last his sense of humor lately.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 117: One Hundred and seventeen days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 139: One hundred and thirty-nine days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Dharmananda: At Seeragapadi near Salem, Nithyananda charged me with possessing some CDs. He later slapped me and tried to strangle me,” Karuppan said, adding: “He said he would kill me if I did not part with the CDs.”

  2. Dear Mr. Yogappa,

    Hopefully you are reading this Blog and understanding the fraud and emotional stress Sri Nithyananda caused to sincere hindu seekers and to hinduism at large. Please do justing to this situation and punish Sri Nithyanands. We Hindus are sick of this kind of gurus who are doing so much of damage to world seekers of our rich vedic dharma traditions in the name of Tantra.

  3. Wow, read this!

    "Karuppan claimed he had enough evidence of widespread sex acts of Nithyananda with male and female ashramites. “I will furnish them to the police and courts as and when required,” he said emphatically."

    Deccan Herald
    Godman whistleblower has 2 more CDs

  4. As they say in the late night commercials,
    But Wait, there is more !

    There are two more videos which will go public any time now. This nithyananda is the most shameless charlatan among all the bogus Indian gurus. He has been caught boinking a women on TV and instead of getting lost he stages the fake resignation and keeps posting videos filled with meaningless drivel. I curse him on behalf of the parents of innocent children who took vows of sanyasa from him. My sources tell me that he and Rajiv Malhotra did a threesome with another lady the night before Rajiv 'interviewed' the swamy. That is why Rajiv was looking sleepy in the second video.

  5. [warning warning warning: can cause brain damage, epileptic seizures, insanity and violence]

    Nithy releases new video talking about his 9+ years of spiritual travel, and about karma

  6. Technically, Nithyananda is a fugitive now. Police are on the hunt for him in India. I am going to ask Youtube to shut down the life bliss channel because he is posting videos when he is wanted by police.

  7. What a coincidence that a Yogappa (roughly translated, means 'father of yoga' ) is going to bring this fake yogi Nithyananda to justice.

  8. Hilarious Nithyananda's Youtube Silly Parivrajaka Explanation:

    He says now that from 12 years old he is going to temples in his town which he called Parivrajaka. Then what is it special about? We all go to temples alone, with parents and with our relatives. How is he differrent or special from us? He lies and changes his statements however he wants. But, people are not fools anymore! We know his entire biography is a lie. Then, probably I did more parivrajaka than him according to his definition! What a lie!

    Again, I see, he is not sitting on Golden thrones? What happend Nithyananda?

    He says he does not curse! What a lie!
    How many time we have heard him curse others from idiots to Buffalo to othter bad names including beatings even more worse than cursing!

    He says he will provide evidence of his parivrajaka soon. He is collecting it! Like the sex video he has sent to Londen for testing!

    What a fake!

  9. Why is Nithyananda not enlightened?

    It is important to understand that Nithyananda though he claims enlightenment is not enlightened. You may have had experiences with him; or may have seen some miracles; but that has nothing to do with enlightenment.

    His deeds prove that he is not even close to enlightenment.

    See through his actions in the past. That is enough revelation. First he threatened Lenin. Later he said video was morphed. After that he said, he was in Samadhi. Then he started saying that the act was consensual and he was practicing Tantra. Now he is saying that he created this situation for true seekers to experience Nirvikalpa Samadhi? Please see the shallowness in his explanations and realize that he is a con man.

    At-least Jayendra Saraswati had the guts to come out in the open and face the police and any criminal investigation. Why is Nithyananda hiding like a rat?

    Ask yourself these pertinent questions...

    Can an enlightened man cause suffering to so many people?

    Can an enlightened man exploit so many women?

    Can an enlightened man brag about his own enlightenment?

    Can an enlightened man call his disciples who had dedicated their lives for him as unconscious dirt?

    There are so many such questions that we can ask.

    Remember my friends; nothing has been lost yet. But even after this; if you continue to follow him it will only mean ignorance.

  10. I know you all hate the swami. But where is the ILLEGAL stuff he did? Immoral is one thing, illegal is another... It is sad to listen people writting about "shutting down youtube" and so on. Are you all dictators and terrorists too?

    I like the video.s I learnt a lot from them. On the other hand, I would like to see the nazi commenters also shut down the "catholic church" videos... They were raping kids.

    Re, the swamis exploits, were you all in zombi state? It was quite obvious he was practicing tantra all the way through. Not that it is wrong... Of course, he did take advantage of his position to grow his message but is that even a official crime?

    Being sold a lemon car is not a crime, making a profit isn't either... Just the level of hatred is amazing. It comes from internal weakness. Since you cna never learn to see that and assume responsability for yourself, then you will just fall pray to somethinng else..

  11. I am going to ask Youtube to shut down the life bliss channel because he is posting videos when he is wanted by police.

    Great idea. We all (all the regular readers) need to report to YouTube to get his LBF channel shut down as he is a fugitive. Thanks for the idea, I will report right now.

  12. Sahajananda and Jyotir are staying to finish the close down formalities only since a non-profit has to get approvals to close down. I have confirmed this directly with both of them. However there are others like Medhananda and his wife, Bhaktananda and possibly Sachitananda, who are trying the other route of taking over the temples. Not sure at this stage which side will win. Rooting for Sahaj/Jyotir who are doing the dharmic thing by closing down!

  13. Hi,

    Thanks to Lenin and this woman ashramite in his quote below, the curtains are down for Nithy's fraud team - all the inner circle cronies and the outside leeches included - who are blood suckers of the worst animal kind !!! --- > "In this operation “I was helped by a 35-year-old woman ashramite. She helped me fix the camera in his bedroom,” Karuppan said, refusing to disclose the name of the woman. "

    We should all join together as a huge forum to demonstrate publicly infront of Vidhana Soudha or major Govt public event place to get national TV news coverage to seek immediate arrest of Nithya and all concerned and confirmation of the same from CM himself !!

    So, let's also seek and ensure the safety of Lenin and the woman ashramite - from the goons of LaLa deserted land... quickly.

  14. Hi I am new to this site, I watched Mr Nithyananda perform bad acts on tv. It is very shameful for swamis to indulge in petty acts such as sex in the name of Tantra. He is bringing disgrace to swamis and Hinduism by wearing "kavi".
    Lets stop his Lifeblissfoundation videos and propaganda,
    Lets blow the whistle now, Report Fraud.

  15. Sahaj or Jyotir or Sevaka can't close anything. They have one board of director who is out of State guy and Gopica is one of the main signer for Nithyananda. So, you have wrong info my friend. Gopica will never do anything without Nithyananda's permission.

  16. To Anon @ April 2, 2010 11:31 PM

    Man, you are a complete moron. You said "He was practicing Tantra all the way through". Wow! What an ignoramas you are!

    According to DH and Lenin "Nithyananda was a equal opportunity sex tantra practitioner of males and females and according to Rajiv Malhotra he has signed documents from these men and women he had sex with. Advith also confirms this in his letter and statement to DH"

    Please ask Nithyananda to provide those concentual document first. First of all, you moron, you should understand Guru can't F**K the deciple even if the deciple asks for it. That is wrong in all present and past ways or under the law because the deciple is submissive to Guru and under the influence of the Guru. This is ILLEGAL iN INDIA AND IN USA regardless of their age and consent!

    So, you Baffalo, like your guru says, first know the law then post here. M0.Yogappa, I hope you are reading this post. You have groungds here to arrest you know whom!

  17. To anon who said " But where is the ILLEGAL stuff he did? Immoral is one thing, illegal is another."

    It is illegal in India and in America to have sex with your devotees even if you have agreements. Ask any attorney. Can a university teacher have sex with his girl students? No. Most Univessities have policies against this! Can a emplyer have sex with his employees? No. Can a high school teacher have sex with a 18 year old in school premises? No. Because it a school regardless of the age. Plus it is religious cheating and deceiving public, Nithyananda being a public figure! PUBLIC CHEATING SEX WITH KAVI/SAFFRON CLOTH is a major violation of law and inflamming religious sentiments according to Indian Law!

  18. Dear Fellow Bloggers,

    Please fax a letter document of all that happend to you at Nithyananda's ashran in USA and India to MR. Yogappa. Let him have these letters. Provide your info as they promised that it will stay confidential. This is the best opportunity to do so! Please don't lose it. Even a crime is committed in US, still send your complaint to India. Pour your emotion and tell the complete story as to how you got taken by Nithyananda.

  19. Can somebody post the person's name here who got beaten up by Nithyananda in Bidadi with a cane and the cane broke and then he through furniture at this devotee! This is important to Mr. KN. Yogappa. Mr. Yogappa can find where that person is and get info on this human rights viloation which is against law in India to beat an adult submissive devotee like slave times.

  20. @ joker APRIL 2, 2010 11:31 PM

    I think you are the same idiot who is posting in other articles as well.

    "I would like to see the nazi commenters also shut down the "catholic church" videos... They were raping kids."

    Only a mentally retarded would bring in the crimes of other religion to justify or to prove a point. So joker, if the 'catholic church' are raping kids and getting away, nithya should also get away eh?

    You sound like satan himself !

    Disgusting animal.. dont come here and give excuses or explanations on the case, dont worry their are many gr8 souls who are and will see to that nithya does not raise his ugly hood again.

    "Being sold a lemon car is not a crime, making a profit isn't either... Just the level of hatred is amazing. It comes from internal weakness."

    Were you born in a whore house? You seem to accept cheats and even consider them to be businessmen, well then you must have heard of consumer grievances, this is Cheating - Thats the biggest crime. You got it now!

    Everyday some(same)joker(nithy supporter) comes here and vomits like a pig and walks away...

    Yeah we should close down his channel ... the only way is to 'flag'it down. If many people 'flag' as fraud then the account can be terminated.

    Nithya also talks of the 'New Group' in his video which is now getting attracted to him.
    Well nithy the guru has never heard of scavengers or vultures, this new group knows that there is a vacuum formed after the exits of devotee, so they will take advantage of that vacancy and enter the organisation with even more devious plans. They will devour the organisation and also cheat others.

    Dont be fooled by this 'New Group" paramour Hams nithyananda, they are coming to cut your business to pieces. Dont be so happy, things are not so good for you ... to you too joker the gr8 a55 k1553r!

  21. It's just that some think everything is to be justified, and if they are unwilling/unable to do justice themselves they assure themselves there is someone to do that ("God/existence/... will take care of it").
    Others, however, know that life is an unfair thing, and they've actually learnt to deal with that instead of getting upset and depressed.
    Indeed, cheating is a crime, but haven't you ever heard of criminals who've never been punished for their misdeeds?
    And, for instance, do you really think you're doing a lawful thing by flagging Nithyananda's channel? I don't remember a law saying a person looked for by the police cannot post videos. Just because the authorities are looking for you doesn't mean you can't eat, drink, use the Internet, etc.
    Thus, doing so isn't quite fair from a legal point of view - but none of you care, since you've been hurt by his actions and you want payback, no matter what.
    That is no big deal; just don't think your actions are universally justified and cannot go wrong.
    And FYI, the proper way to take something down on YouTube is to file a DMCA.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Looks like school holidays can be considered as Parivrajaka life :)

  24. CID drawing a blank???????

  25. You are all cyber terrorists. I am following this blog doe quite some time, all I see is hate mongering, rumors , false allegations and what not...!! What a waste of effort this blog is. Nithyananda swami doesn't care about all your BS because he is enlightened master. Will god be afraid if dog barks? Stop this hate mongering and utilize this time in some productive work.


    What an idiot. I don't know whether to laugh or cry looking at this Moron and the way he is talking

  27. Dear Blogger,

    I never used to like you and your site before but not that is not the case anymore. Could you please post this link on your site.


    Let us all pray for each other to get out of the mess. I am sure our collective consciousness will lift us from this abyss. I am still not able to believe anyone in my life but somehow I have a glimmer of hope.

    I am grateful to existence!

    Love to everyone and be blissful.


    Get Answers!
    Also check out the latest updates of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's (widely mis-spelt as Swami Nityananda)

    So looks like Paramahamsa's can get involved in an orgy?

  29. Here's a question that's probably quite simple, but the answer is inaccessible for me.
    What does that "ji" ending mean, and what is the difference between "Swami" and "Swamiji"?

  30. Can anyone confirm whether Aikya, Ajara & Bhaktha Priya are still with this cult or out of this?


    What the f**k is wrong with this guy? He is the dirtiest material I have seen in my life.
    How can one stoop so low? Even Gods will cry in agony after watching this video.

  32. Looks like the meeting is not there. We are at the Mason park & there is no one here. May be it was not a good idea to post about the meeting on this blog.

  33. Nithyananda's money spinning machine!!

    For anon who wanted to know about 'ji' - its just a respectful way of addressing anyone, in Hindi (North India). So Swami and Swamiji are the same, except the latter is more respectful way of addressing a swami. Its very much like the term 'san' used by the Japanese.

  34. To Anon @ April 3, 2010 5:12 AM

    You said "know that life is an unfair thing, and they've actually learnt to deal with that instead of getting upset and depressed.". People have the right to be upset for all the deceit and cheating Nithyananda did. Thank you for your lecture! No body is depressed. They are all determined to do something for vedic dharma! So called Paramahamsa cheaters in future can't be doing this to public at large. We are doing service to society and to the vedic culture.

    You said "Indeed, cheating is a crime, but haven't you ever heard of criminals who've never been punished for their misdeeds?". That is why these bloggers are determined to stop this fraud and deceit now in this birth time to this fake master hipocrite, in saffron clothing, can go to jail and be punished for his misdeeds now! I see your crocodile tears about us! Why are you reading and following us and wasting your time? Because you are the truth squad of Nithyananda? What a joke you baffalo..Now, unclutch that!

  35. Can somebody post the person's name here who got beaten up by Nithyananda in Bidadi with a cane and the cane broke

    One guy I know his name is "Swaroopa Bhaktananda" - tall chap perhaps in his mid to late 20s. Don't know his legal name though.

  36. "Paravarajika" boyApril 3, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    Hello everyone; I am just returning from a few hours of "Paravarajika" - let me see...

    I went to the temple,
    then, I went to the barber shop, t
    hen I went to get gas for my paravarajika car,
    then I went to grocery store,
    then I went to listen to some bhajans.

    So that is about 5-6 hours of Paravarajika this morning. I will continue the rest of it for the remainder of my life :-)

  37. Unbelievable. As soon as I go off the beaten track and dare to post something that doesn't quite fit with the overall trend (I'm hinting at the 5:12 AM post), I'm ambushed and "revealed" to be a Nithyananda devotee.
    I won't even call it paranoid; I'll just start all my future comments with "I'm not a Nithyananda follower". I know the knee-jerk reaction triggered by that is enough for you not to read any further.
    And BTW, I fail to see any other activity other than armchair criticism here. This is proven by the fact that the CID has nothing but a few dozen phone calls yet. Simply posting the links to Nithy's videos and exclaiming what a bastard he is doesn't quite get the job done.
    To Anon at 2:59 PM - thank you for the clarification, I now understand this.

  38. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Here's a video link to the Times of India interview with Lenin:

    And this is a must-read article from the Deccan Herald:

    Jai Maa!

  39. Hey, I'm not a Nithyananda follower".

    Do you work for CID? Do you know what is happening inside? But, we are sure just in US, Nithyananda will get so many cases filed to Immigration and differrent attorney Generals of differrent states, I'm sure he will pay for his misdeeds. My question to you is why do you care? You have to give authorities some time. Once, more stuff comes out from all insiders from Mr. Yogappa's investigation, you will see! You have to give authorities some time. It's not all that bad in CID division. People are waiting to come out. It's just they are ashamed. Meanwhile you people call this as nothing is happening. Remember, Nithyananda's organization is a very secret organization. You will have to give atleast six months before justice is done. So, meawhile don't be down that nothing is happening! Things will happen in due time. Patience is required. This is the time authorities are gathering information. They are not caught up with Nithyananda or his broather yet, because they are obsconding!

    This Blog owner has already proved all the misdeeds Nithyananda has done and the damage. If you think nothing will happen to Nithyananda, let that may be. Meanwhile, the cult memebrs need to know what is happening out there. We don't need your negativeness!

  40. What is Nithyananda's broather's real name?

  41. Surprisingly, people like "I'm not a Nithyananda follower" do not see anything wrong with Nithyananda having sex with sumissive devotees!

    Very sad to see people like him/her exist, not knowing vedic traditions and the importance of saffron clothing.

    I would like to know what is his analogy to say nithyananda is correct in this video?

  42. Dear "I'm not a Nithyananda follower"

    You claim to be neutral but what is your point other than saying that we are wasting out time and Nithyananda has done nothing wrong?


  44. Is there an arrest warrant issued against Nithyananda - aka - Rajasekaran

    Anybody can you confirm with a link??

    Lot of BS going around - like "fugitive from law" etc..

    Lets not spread rumor - lets be objective - let truth prevail

  45. "I'm not a Nithyananda follower"

    Can you please tell us your background, where you are and whether you were raised in india, your age and if you were in Nithyananda's insider anytime, etcetera?


    is this the guy?

    One guy I know his name is "Swaroopa Bhaktananda" - tall chap perhaps in his mid to late 20s. Don't know his legal name though.

  47.!/profile.php?id=100000116814043 - this guy is not him. Swaroopa Bhaktananda is different.

  48. Enlightenment and Paravirajika
    Now that we know Nithyananda's definition of Paravirajika,here's HIS definition of enlightenment:
    Understand this,when I said enlightenment I said a state of no mind which means no thoughts(mind stops working).Another way of saying it is the brain stops working.That is the effect that I have given to my enlightened disciples.But when they started using their brain to DOUBT the master even 1 or 2 cells of the brain,they accumulated LOT OF BAD KARMA and lost their enlightenment.

    There, now that explains everything.Wasn't it simple?

  49. Swamiji's Brother's name is Sri Nithyeshwarananda. His legal name is Gopinath. One Brahmachari who left from the accounts department told me that the accounts were checked wholly by only Swamiji, his brother and Atmaprabhananda, not even the other ashramites from accounts department. His brother Nitheshwar finished CA and is in charge of accounts dept. Strange is it not ? The other Ashramites name is Swaroopananda, he is a very senior fellow, same batch as prana and gnana but is in obscurity because he is not as marketable like them. He was in charge of temple, but swamiji changed him to accounts and he was in a major turmoil due to this. He never liked accounts, loved aarthi etc, but Nithy changed him anyways. Swamiji's brother was a brahmachari before and sometime back swamiji removed his cloth and told him that marriage was his path and asked him to get married. He was even looking for alliances for his brother by asking asking a rich disciple's daughter also. But she refused.

  50. Hi,
    We know LA temple is going through power struggle.
    Any news about Nithy's temples in other cities?
    Are they disassociating with Nithy and going to continue as different temples?

    The temple in my city is continuing in its corrupt pooja and would like to know how other cities are doing.

  51. "Don't know his legal name though."

    Sounds strange!! doesnt it?

    I guess all names that contains either nithya or ananda are illegal names.

  52. I went to the temple,
    then, I went to the barber shop, t
    hen I went to get gas for my paravarajika car,
    then I went to grocery store,
    then I went to listen to some bhajans.

    few clarifications.
    he was listening to Bhajans on his iTouch when he was in Barber's shop. Swami would give new meaning to the word "iTouch".

    Anyone noticed the way Gopika backs off when he yawns.

  53. During the 2007 Himalaya trip ,somebody asked Nithyananda what he thought about homosexuals?
    He said that the persons involved are fine because they are above regular people.Their attraction is beyond the physical attraction and at a higher level,higher consciousness,BUT he was against them because once you start breaking one rule of the society you give way to break more.Hence he would not support it and he told this VERY strongly in his own style.
    Now how did NIthyananda himself break up so many rules of our society ?He is a cunning fox ,beware of him, don't fall into his sweet talks.I asked him a question in public during the same session and he said that he'll answer me in after the session and to come and meet him later.We were supposed to ask Sevakananda to help us meet Swamiji. Guess what happened?We were never given an opportunity to meet him. But somehow my intuition had told me that Swamiji was not going to answer my question (later also) .He was just taking me for a ride.He just wanted to show off in the session that he is helpful,he is capable of answering tough question etc.

  54. His sexual appetite is so high even after eating Satvic food. Imagine if he was eating Garlic, onion & green chillis. He would not have even spared Bhakta. By Bhakta I mean "Bhakta" not devotees

    Reminds me of Ace & Gary from "The Ambiguously Gay Duo"

    Swami [patting Bhakta on the buttocks] : Good job, friend-of-friends!
    Villains/Popats [gasps, and ghastly stares]
    Swami: What's everybody looking at?
    Villains/Popats [in unison]: Nothing!

  55. Imagine if that disciple's daughter had agreed to marry that bafoon. Now don't ask which one?

    did you people know he started a matrimonial website called

    Modified version of one of his jokes..Hell is always eternal..So is marriage!

    And if it is with his brother, you can imagine that girl's plight.

  56. Why do these renunciates have facebook accounts? Isn't internet access a major distraction to their Sadhana.

  57. @ The "I'm not a Nithyananda follower",

    Your getting away from the beaten track is not the right choice, you see people who are neutral wont bother to post anything, people who have been effected by this fraud or friends of his/her have been effected will come here to vent their anger, and naturally supporters of nithy's tantra club would come here subtly praising him and his work.. if you are not these three then you can only be a 'TROLL', pls dont come here and waste our time and blog space. We all are working here and we dont like people coming here and playing the fool.

    If you want to advise then advise urself by standing b4 the mirror and repeating a hundred times "I should understand other feelings- develop empathy for sufferers and never be a troll".

    P.S. Check out the meaning of Troll from wiki.

  58. I don't know about other cities but I heard that in Seattle temple is still running as if nothing has happened. ofcourse I'm sure not many from general public show up. That cunning lady Medhamayi has not even disclosed all that is happening in LA to the volunteers and is nicely brainwashing them to help her keep the temple open.

  59. Om Namah Shivaya,

    That was pretty funny, But, then we remembered that Nithyananda talked about starting something like that, so we did a whois query. And look what we found:

    WHOIS results for

    Registration Service Provided By: DHYANAPEETAM
    Contact: +91.4146251143


    Nithyananda Jobs
    Sri Nithya Hari Ohm (
    Viveka Matriculation School
    Tamil Nadu,605602
    Tel. +91.9994254322

    Creation Date: 21-Jul-2008
    Expiration Date: 21-Jul-2010

    OK, so it expires in less than four months. Doubt there will be a big demand to renew this domain. Perhaps,, or might have greater prospects due to recent events.

    Jai Maa.

  60. This is "not a follower" speaking again.
    Some of you have got me quite right. My point is that coming here to vent off anger is unproductive. It does exactly what you've accused me of doing: it wastes time, blog space, and it doesn't speed up the process.
    I'm sincerely hopeful that you're all working "for great justice". I'm well aware that it takes time, I know you will prevail in the end.
    I'm just disappointed that a lot of users do nothing but paste links to Nithy's videos, jokes, etc., while the CID reports there's nobody to talk to in person.
    Perhaps it is possible to move such content to a different place, specially designed for the former insiders and all those who have taken damage from the cult, while this blog would be left for those doing actual business.

    On a final note, I'm bemused how that "not a follower" has, indeed, drawn some wild assumptions from you, and I wonder if there is any way to assign a number to each of the comments. This timestamp thing isn't that convenient.

    Thanks to everyone taking the time to reply. Good luck in your efforts.

  61. Is there an arrest warrant issued against Nithyananda?

    Google search of Nithyananda arrest warrant does not give links to any credible news source other than every "Jack and Henry" demanding his arrest.
    Is there a reason why no arrest warrant issued?
    Where is the delay?
    It has been a month since the scandal broke out.
    More the delay - more is the chance of spinning this out to be some sort of conspiracy.

  62. Book:
    "Light on the Guru and Disciple Relationship"
    written by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
    Bihar School Of Yoga / Sivananda math
    Page 18

    How do you judge the guru's consciousness?
    It is a very simple matter.
    If the Guru has an evolved consciousness, then his teachings and his life will not contradict each other.
    His thoughts , words and actions will be in total conformity.
    His life will be free from hypocrisy and sham.
    If he does not meet this standard, it is better to withdraw from him.
    You are all familiar with the adage, 'practice what you preach', and you can have no respect for a Guru who has one set of rules for others and another for himself.

    A Guru who has a philosophy of convenience, who leads a double life, one image for the public and another behind closed doors, can hardly have a stable personality.
    If his consciousness is awakened and stabilized in the truth, it will reflect deeply in his personality.
    There will be no erratic behavior and whimsicality, rather there will be consistent stability.

  63. Can we request closure of the seattle temple? The general public is really disgusted with this. If the seattle priest is not seeing this can someone pass on this message to him, his wife or his son? Its an insult to the intelligence of the seattle community that the temple is still functioning.

  64. Another article by Rajiv Malhotra.

    There are some valid points - but hey - irrespective of any conspiracy - imagined/real - all that happened is due to Nithyananda. He is solely responsible for the $h!t hurled at him.

    [editor's note: Yes, Rajiv Malhotra, is one sick man. He's not able to see clearly what is right in front of him. Unfortunately, this is the type of person that Nithyananda seems to attract. A person that cannot tell 'right' from 'wrong' no matter how solid the evidence is.]

  65. That cunning lady Medhamayi has not even disclosed all that is happening in LA to the volunteers and is nicely brainwashing them to help her keep the temple open.

    And for these actions this witch also popularly known as "dragon lady" among ex-Foundation people will get some really nasty karmas. She is not disclosing things to the temple people in Seattle and continuing to let them live in the La la land. I am sure she and so called Swami Medha have financial paybacks from Nithy to keep this sham going.

    These two need to go to prison for their wrong doing.

  66. Ah, more drivel from Malhotra. Not that fresh (March 22), but still worth taking a look.
    He's actually produced a coherent piece of writing, as the comments below the article miss the point completely. There is just one flaw.
    If there is no base to this attack, if all the accusations and allegations are untrue, then Nithyananda should have an easy time getting out of this, which is not the case.
    This implies he is in some legal trouble, and you can't wriggle out of that. (More precisely, we will be watching him trying to do so very soon.)
    And either way, if he had a weeks' warning and still failed to do anything at all, then it's all his fault. Today's world is harsh, and it's his problem he didn't brace for impact properly. "No forward thinking", as one of the commenters pointed out.

  67. So-called-Swami Nithi is posting many more videos. Absolutely pathetic, desperate attention seeking "swami". We have to shut down our brains to actually believe the BS he is spewing.

  68. Please see 2 TV interviews of Lenin Dharmananda:

  69. Yes, I am amazed at how the Seattle temple continues to function as if nothing happened. For the love of God, someone should write to the mayor or someone to request closure of this cult-temple. I feel bad that we are requesting shutdown of a temple, but God is really better off somewhere else and will also not prefer being around nithy's presence and his silly ass cult followers.

  70. The comment about Nithyeshwarananda (Gopi), Rajasekaran's brother and about the accounts dept. is among the few 100% accurate comments made here.

    Here is a photo of all the old-time Brahmacharis back in the day with their boss:

    Brahmachari team

    Left to right: Dharmananda [Lenin K.], Nithyeshwarananda, Gnananananda, Swarupananda, Vishwananda [among the first to leave, went on to found his own Guru business], Pranananda, unknown Brahmachari.

  71. What is going to happen to the American Hindu University in Florida that's owned by this wunderkid of enlightenment?

  72. Considering the enormous damage caused, it is apt to confer the title Parama-Himsa on Nithyananda?

  73. As an avid watcher of this fake empire's collapse, I talked to a leading lawyer in Bangalore about Nithya's chances of seeing the Central Prison in Bangalore. Chances are it's virtually nil! The local police are just mollifying the outcry because they don't have a real tight case. They feel that the case won't hold up to a higher court's scrutiny. They'll drag this on for a while until the tempers cool down and won't spend too many resources on an otherwise unimportant case.

  74. HOW CAN THE CASE BE weak? Are we people following the vedic dharma ,good for nothing ? We let a fake master make fun and disrespect our Kavi, sanyas and family structure and values? HOW CAN THIS BE ? Is it possible that the people don't trust the police system in India and hence are not sure about their safety.Also are they asking people to come to Bangalore and write the statement ?

    WHAT CAN WE ALL DO TO STOP THE TEMPLES IN US at least ? Who is supporting it financially? (other than donations made by innocent devotees) Ananda Samajees ? Any ideas ?

  75. To the annom who wrote at 2.51 PM.

    There could be a case for Sales tax evasion and other kind of stuff. As regards Sex there is no case unless a victim comes forward with a rape case and there should be evidence for the same. Having sex is not a crime. Looks like all the ladies were enjoying it since they were all sex starved to begin with. All the Brahmacharinis ( so called) were always trying to get his attention and laughing at all his stupid jokes.
    When some body complained that nithy did not spare the married ones, yes he knew they liked him more that their husband and he used to say it in public and none of the husbands did not object to that. Well Nithy bieng a sex addict made sure he took care of their Mooladhara enlightenment.
    Nithy's fall can also can be blammed upon the overly enthusiastic women who loved powerfull men. Since Nithy said he was god, they fell for him and having sex was an icing on the cake. This will make some women very upset but by and large when I saw these young women the way they were looking there was more sex than bakhti in their eyes.

    You are talking about Kavi and other stuff. This might be write but there is no law saying that a person who wears Kavi can not have sex.
    Just look at all Nithy's inner circle people they used to look so happy and arrogant at all times, may be they were getting their share of the offerings too.
    Looks like you are a Sex cop. So if you want to put Nithy in jail you have to go an do some investigative reporting.

  76. Indeed. I'm not familiar with the actual Indian laws, but I doubt things considered inappropriate in religion can breach the boundaries of civil law.
    Therefore, to put Nithy behind bars for a reasonable period of time (2-3 years won't make enough impact on the public, I fear), one must concentrate on simple, legal charges: tax evasion, violence (human rights anyone?), cheating, rape.
    If possible, the police should be contacted and provided with the information they may lack to strengthen the case.
    Also useful would be to put the US courts to work. Who knows, they may handle the matter with fewer difficulties.

  77. Rajiv Malhotra,
    you are good for nothing.Please shut up.Look at how NIthyananda doesn't keep his own word.Where is his spiritual seclusion?He said that he was going to be silent and meditating to heal the devotees,All the time he was making calls and talking to people all around the world.
    (Did the devotees or the christian missionaries ask him to do the following?)
    Did we ask him to make up stories on Parivarajika?
    Did we ask him to to give certificates of enlightenment?
    Did we ask him to follow tantra and have SEX ?
    Did we ask him to wear a Kavi ?
    Did we ask him not to disclose that he was a trantrik ?
    He conveniently decided to give his Kalpataru darshan to the devotees who wanted to have sex with him. If he had the guts to have sex behind closed doors let him have the guts to come out and say he is a tantrik and follows the black magic techniques too.
    If anybody has an opportunity I would request you to approach a poojaacharya and please go through the mantras and techniques used in their temples,they are different from our regular vedic mantras, at least the last time I saw them.
    As devotees we even gave him the benefit of the doubt.We are still waiting for the papers on the Bidadi land that YOU and NIthyananda so emphatically said will be loaded up immediately. JUST SHUT UP.

    NIthyananda brought his own downfall.If he really cared about the vedic dharma he would know that he has to follow the simple moral values laid down by our wise masters.He should have some integrity.

    How is his method acceptable? Nithyananda gave the status of Brahmachari/Brahmacharinis to people and these people are involved in sex ? You break up with your husband or wife and then have sex with me because I am God.When you have sex with an enlightened master you'll also become enlightened. Now that is one desire of yours that will be always accepted because it is very NOBLE.

    Tantrik sex is not for main stream society. Nithyananda may not have lust but what about the disciples ? It can be very widely misused and we also know that Nithyananda preaches that abortion is fine. So people can openly have sex and then openly have abortions.

    In his over enthusiasm for creating enlightened masters he will bring complete downfall of our main stream society and values.Values which I have started to respect a lot after coming to the west.Already we have lot of problems in our life but a family staying together is one security which most of the people from vedic dharma possess unless they are influenced by people like NIthyananda.

    Just giving Vanaprasta and saying now you are friends doesn't cut it out. What about all the inner thoughts and turmoil? There are sanyasis and Brahmacharis (not from NIthyananda) who have sincerely followed the principles and then fallen back to the family life. What about these couples who are forced into it? Please understand it is not forced on them directly but couples are very cleverly manipulated.
    When couples are ready they will go into vanaprasta by themselves,they don't need a kavi or certificate to tell them that. It can be a very personal thing between them.

    A husband wife relationship is so beautiful, just like a TRUE master and sincere disciple. A true master should try to bring more beauty to that relationship than try to break it.
    Can you guarantee that non of the Vanaprasta couples had any ABORTIONS after taking Vaanaprasta?

    What happened to your brain Rajiv ,please use it a bit.Get away from Nithyananda ,he's mesmerizing and using you.

  78. See the web page for Nithyananda Youth Foundation:

    Pay attention to the 3rd oath as given below:

    3. I am adding purity to the society and culture by raising my intelligence and discipline. I hereby declare I will keep myself away from all kinds of socially illegal activities or illegal sex.

    Conscience is a poor substitute for consciousness.

    Anything done out of a sense of morality is only skin-deep.

    When we do not realize the spirit of the traffic laws, by nature, we are tempted to break them, given a chance. See a red light at the traffic light, no cop around and we are tempted to break the light.

    When we do something with understanding, we will naturally follow it with our heart. It is no longer a rule which will be broken.

    Today, HIV is a global threat consuming millions of lives in its wake. What is the root cause of these problems arising from improper sex? It is an underlying disrespect for the partner. We degrade the person to an object of pleasure, to dead matter. We are divine beings; we are energy.

    We are not human beings having a divine experience. We are divine beings having a human experience.

    When we realize our inner divinity, we respect ourselves. We respect this wonderful body-mind system and the pure gift of life.

    The body is the temple of God.

    When we disrespect the wonderful energy we are, we start creating problems and interfering with the natural laws of life. We then directly contribute to the collective negativity of the universe. Lethal diseases like HIV are physical manifestations of this collective negativity.

    It is therefore the responsibility of each one of us to realize the vision of a beautiful planet Earth nurturing and being nurtured by our collective positive consciousness.

    If we bring in awareness and intelligence, discipline happens naturally. By raising our consciousness, we can enrich our society and culture.

    Therefore, I take the oath that: I am adding purity to the society and culture by raising my intelligence and discipline.

    I hereby declare I will keep myself away from all kinds of socially illegal activities or improper illegal sex.



  79. What is going to happen to the American Hindu University in Florida that's owned by this wunderkid of enlightenment?

    Nothing. He is no longer Chairman, nor does he "own" it. HUA has reverted back to its original name (from the Nithyananda annointed, fake PhD giving, "International Vedic Hindu University" which boasted of so many "campuses" - read: his ashrams with no facilities).

    Now, thankfully, people can still get a real education in Hindu studies not sabotaged and taken over by the Nithya agenda of fake Vedic "lifestyle" and university pseudo-courses created by his brainwashed minions (sorry, "faculty").

  80. The police officer, Yogappa that everyone religiously quotes here, has come out and said that not a single caller who purportedly claims to have knowledge of Nithy's illegal activities has come forward even a month after the expose, making it very difficult for the police to put together a case (check Bangalore Mirror 4/5/10). So all this breast-beating here, does anyone of you have the balls to provide legally admissible evidence or are you just preening and showing empty moral outrage, based on hearsay and vague allegations?

  81. If the case is so weak why is your great master absconding? He has nothing to fear.Let me see him live his teachings first.Trust the existence and face everything face to face and not behind cameras.
    Nothing changes the fact that he had sex with ashramites,whatever reason you want to give. Look at the post APRIL 4, 2010 6:59 PM.That is enough for someone who is ready to use his brains a little bit and see Nithyananda for the fraud he is.All of us here may not have legal stuff to put him in jail but we have enough to put him out of our lives for sure and hopefully others who might get pulled in the future.Our purpose is served .
    What are you made of,still supporting this cheat.

  82. At the Precipice, We Change.

    Not Nithyananda!!!

    Where are the aliens? Why can't they come & take him away?

  83. Another video

    Its business as usual - looks like it. Lets hope the purpose of everyones life here catches up with Nithyananda and puts him in jail.

  84. During one of the Himalaya trips, he said this in front of his disciples..

    Gopika was one of the Gopis in one of her previous births. She didn't come out of the pond when Krishna hid all Gopi's clothes. And that is the reason she did not get enlightened.

    Anyone surprised? shocked?

  85. Looks like he is confident that police can not do anything against him. You can sense that from the way he is talking. How can people who are still supporting him (Sachit, Bhakta & gang) sleep at night?

  86. Being in USA, only thing we can do is to not let him keep the organization going in here.

    Cut off its life support. Picketing outside his temples every weekend. Writing about his activites in local Indian newspapers. Any ideas?

    Someone is right. Armchair criticism & chest beating is absolutely of no use.

  87. ** PRIVATE **

    Feeling unsecure Mr. Expose Nithyananda - you had edited my post and added " and puts him in jail".

    When small things like this happen - the question of your motive pops up. I know everything is not black and white on your side and you do have a personal agenda.
    What is it?


  88. I agree with what "Anon said at April 4, 2010 7:48 PM "

    The blog owner and the ex-devotees here are nothing but empty tin cans making a lot of noise and just that - only noise.

    I have couple of questions...
    1) Was there an arrest warrant issued against Nithyananda? From the gay abandon with which he is posting videos I conclude - there is none.
    2) Has there been a case failed against the organization in US? I have no evidence to believe that there has been one. Please correct me if I a wrong.

  89. I strongly feel America should crack down & deport this harmful idiot called rajiv malhotra. Confiscate all his property in America. Let he & his coterie lick the feet of nithy.

    The strident support hindutva brigade is giving this unethical scoundrel is shocking.

  90. Hi Anon @ April 4, 2010 9:59 PM ,

    Do you support Mr Lenin for exposing all the skeletons out from Bidadi ashram or not ?

    If it's YES, then you may ask for more details from your inner circle friends to support Lenin's cause asap as requested in his recent interview with Timesnow and in the report below :

    A Deccan Chronicle report says that Premananda has told the police that he was given a hot chase by Nithyananda’s men from Bangalore in Karnataka right up to Salem in Tamil Nadu and that he was lucky to escape to Chennai.

    According to police sources, Premananda and his accomplices distributed around 86 copies of video on DVDs to media organisations, other institutions, few important people along with Nithyananda ashrams and foreign devotees.

    The DVDs were sent with a five-page unsigned letter, which reveals some very disturbing details about the Karnataka's Bidadi ashram.

    Claiming to be from a 23-year-old woman inmate of Bidadi ashram, the letter seeks action against guru for abusing women devotees sexually. The letter also alleges human rights violations. It also alleges that in Dec 2008, a foreign devotee died in the ashram.

    Police Commissioner T Rajendiran was reported as saying that Lenin had said in his complaint that he had shot the video and submitted a CD of the purported act caught on camera.

    "We have filed a case under different sections of Indian Penal Code (including rape and criminal intimidation) based on the complaint. The case does not come under our jurisdiction, and it would be transferred to Karnataka police," he was quoted in Tamil media.

    Truth shall prevail, so be it in your case too !!

  91. To post at 7:48 PM:
    Be more careful about this. You're coming out of the general stream. Read the thread, and you'll know that "everyone is working hard", etc.
    You may even be labelled a Nithy supporter, for good measure. (See April 3, 2010 6:36 PM, and also April 3, 2010 11:28 PM for how it's done.)
    To post at 8:07 PM:
    Are you so sure everyone will be happy if
    he's merely put out of our lives, but not behind bars? That I doubt.
    And, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that last comment, specifically marked "private", supposed to be hanging here in the public?

  92. Om Namah Shivaya,

    If anyone expects to hide a taunt behind the words *private*, just forget it. We will make them public.

    Looks like another criminal complaint was filed against Sri Nithyananda through the CID in Bangalore.
    (read toward the bottom of the article.)

    We received a message that Douglas McKellor would like to thank all of the Nithyananda supporters who motivated him to do the right thing. We hope that others follow suit, as in law suit to Sri Nithyananda. Please keep them coming.

    And, yes, our agenda is to put Sri Nithyananda out of business permanently. As if that needed to be explained to the bright person @9:25 PM. But, then again, when you are that brainwashed, so we recognized that you do need to have everything explained. So, we do understand. Really.

    Jai Maa.

  93. Guys! looks like we are running on a steamy one here!! Doug has solid proof which the law wants. Lenin is angry to see so many people being cheated, he’s got Nithy hiding like a scared rabbit. Well, there is cheating, again, Nithy is trying to set up his shop again and sell his "fake" pleasure holy business again. Its a pathetic world!!! Nithy is one narcissist pig....he will be so, no one can change him. So he needs to be placed in jail for the rest of his life or simply killed. (I like that last option the best.) No matter what you do, all his dependent brainwashed cult dogs will continue to lick up his $h!+. Its Kali yug, what more do you expect, duh!

  94. Woooooooooooooooo! boooooooooo!
    super editing!@##$$%%^&

  95. go get some sleep........the law of the universe will take care of Nithy; its OK to be so restless, even I am, as it is taking for ever......but like the saying goes....if you can wait till it cooks why can't you wait till its just right to eat.........don't burn your mouth......take it easy!

  96. After reading Doug's story, I see a pattern; I know a lawyer in Houston who got divorced thanks to Nithy. I feel for the kids involved in such blood shed...what a Monsters Nithy is:-( This stupid lawyer and his sister is trying hard to make other married peoples life miserable on a similar note. I think such people should be put in jail first. How they conspire one spouse against the other in an unsuspecting way....they have imbibed their master well.

  97. Interesting talk by Baba Ramdev on Sex & Spirituality. Unfortunately, its in Hindi... so if u can understand Hindi, pls watch.

  98. The big question - where is he now? How come he keeps releasing videos from his hideout like Osama? Will the justice league ever catch him? Knowing our Indian police system, he could very well be working hand in glove with the corrupt cops, who will shelter him for all eternity.

  99. No one here has guts to reveal their identity. So I doubt they can even come out in front of temple & protest. Not even this "Jai Ma" fellow.

    Barking dogs seldom bite!!

  100. Brain washing someone's wife & causing a rift between husband & wife. That is not a crime by any means. Judge will laugh at Douglas & throw his case away right on first day.

  101. I think it'd be nice to re-state the rules, adding something like:
    "The tags used to mark comments as private will be ignored if the latter contain:
    a) ...
    b) ...
    Just for fair play.
    I'm not quite sure about that last piece of news from Deccan Herald. The website looks quite all right.
    Let's hope McKellor's complaint makes some impact. I think it would be a fair relief to halt Nithy's operations in the States.

  102. Dear Douglas McKellor a.k.a Mr Expose Nithyananda,
    To comment on your post @April 5, 2010 6:32 AM regarding the

    well, first of all SUPRISING.. the news is FAULTY & FAKE!! BECAUSE THE WEBSITE IS STILL IN FUNCTION. I clicked the url of while reading the article on Deccan Herald site. OH GOSH!! the website is functioning. It makes me to doubt the authenticity of news being written and published by Deccan Herald and at this BLOG also. I also got the news that readers already responding to Deccan Herald about the ERROR/MISTAKES/ or shall we call as INTENTIONALLY PUBLISHED NEWS.
    Well, Douglas, how abt the authenticity of your news ah??
    As you had suggested Doug, **(read toward the bottom of the article.)-- as refering to the same article published in DeccanHerald.
    I read till the end... WOWWWW.. you must have experinced a ruin domectic affairs which i guess you penned your anger in letters... :)
    Well, im not gonna comment on that as I will let the others do it for me...

    Well, Thank you in posting my comments.. and if it is DELETED OR EDITED .. well, it still goes to the question of AUTHENTICITY...

  103. Not sure if this is a leela of the Master and the devotees. The lifebliss website was down before and is back now.

  104. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Thanks anon @10:14 AM to let us know that the sex criminals operating under the name of the Life Bliss Foundation have restored their porn site, perhaps after reading the article in the Deccan Herald. It is true that from at least Saturday evening until early hours of Monday morning, redirected back to the cult's mother ship of brainwashing material,

    Now that is back up, we suggest to all our readers and law authorities who regularly visit our blog to go to the acharya (teacher) page:

    and note down all of those helpful names, phone numbers, and email addresses before they slip away. We noticed that already one person is gone.

    Yes, Nithyananda's organization is going to hell in a hand basket. We just want to help them reach their final destination as quickly as they can.

    Jai Maa.

  105. Actually the news is correct. i tried to go to Life Bliss Y'day and it went to dhyananpeedam....its one of their many games to discredit the press and have a say in their case ans appeal for bail etc. these guys are dangerous...oh God!

  106. there is a new young girl ashramite in LA who got divorced to join Param Hinsa N.

    It seems this girls husband and mom had asked N! in Kalpataru to save the divorce, but he paid no heeds to there plea. Does anyone know of the husband and mom of this BRAND NEW ASHRAMITE?????

  107. Hi Anon @12:16 PM,

    Yes, we know this poor girl. Her new 'spiritual' name is Ma Nithya MidnightSnackAnanda.

  108. Hello All, was indeed shut down and clicking the link took me to
    You know what guys, I sincerely believe it was a good idea on the part of the website administrator to bring the site back on for all the world to know what the frigging master has done. Let it be a constant reminder to people -- the dwindling present and former devotees, as also the rest of the rational world -- know what a humongous fraud was being perpetrated on them. Lifebliss and should be living testimony to a fake guru's exploits, both on and off the bed.
    I think was perhaps in "samadhi" like its founder who was actually boinking and watching tamil/kannada actors/actresses gyrating their hips and heaving their boobs on TV....The manner in which was shut down reminds me of an analogy: self-castration by a Nithy supporter who is then asked to sew back his gonads.... :)
    Bringing back on will not change peoples' perception of the devil incarnate! So relax people and let the pack of jokers cry their arses sore....

  109. RGV (Ram Gopal Verma)...famous Bollywood director has decided to make movie on him. This is going to be interesting..

    They can contact him to check if he is willing to act in this movie.

    Swami: I wouldn't mind at all if they throw in some steamy bedroom scenes.

  110. Discourse on Dhyanapeetam website..

    "What is the real moment of birth? What is the purpose of life?" Ground-breaking answers from enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda….

    Now we know who caused the earthquake in Mexico. Can we file a case against him in Mexican court?

  111. here is some updated information from credible sources in Seattle/Los Angeles. Popat Savla and Dr. Rambhatlas are of the firm opinion that nithyananda did fraud acts and behaves like a criminal. unfortunately, other than sahajananda, sevakananda, and jyotirmaynanda, there does not seem many who are willing to openly confront nithyananda. nithyanands is sending more people who recently joined him as well as one other ashramite who is from sanjose (cant remember his name but his wife name is nischala, the lady who was taking ayya around) to run things. i am expecting that sahaj/sevaka/jyotir will soon have a do not enter notice slapped on them to keep them away from the temple. i am planning to contact them and offer my help to get them a job since these people will soon be on the streets. i encourage others to do the same and reach out to them since they are getting bullied and threatened by nithyananda and his gang for sure.

  112. What is the status of the cult in New York City? Anyone from NY/NJ? Last Oct Nithy promised a vedic temple and went back with the ransom collected and the coordinator. Haven't heard from the cult recruiters laltely...not a word about the incident!

  113. I think LA ashram is the new "concentration camp" pun intented. Guess all the coordinators from various states in US are camping there. I wonder why? ;-)

  114. Whatever happened to the senior acharya known as Gopal? I met him in 2006 but have not seen him since.

  115. Granma is eighty-five years old. She tires easily, has little appetite and is sometimes confused mentally. So her son, Bhakta, calls for swamji for healing. He arrives shortly and goes up to granma's room where he undresses her, lies her down on the bed and gives her a complete physical examination. Half an hour later, the swamji comes downstairs.

    "There is no need to worry," he explains, "I am with her! She will be all right."

    Bhakta is very relieved and goes upstairs to see her.

    "Well, mother," he asks, "how did you like the spiritual healer?"

    "So, he was the healer, was he?" says granma with a smile. "a bit naughty for the spiritual guy."

  116. Only names of Sevakananda and Sahajananda are missing from the Life$h!t website.

  117. How did Swami & Ranjitha meet??

    Swami"ji" ran into a buxom south indian girl he had met casually at a bar a few nights before.

    "Great seeing you again," he said, "It just happens there is a groovy party happening tonight and I would like you to come. I won't take no for an answer.

    "Where is it at?" asked the pretty doll.

    "At my ashram, baby, and it is gonna be a gas. Lots of music, dancing and love. And it could last all weekend."

    "Sounds good," said the girl eagerly. "Who is gonna be there?"

    "Ah," said swami, "just you and me!"

  118. Bhakta is pushing the cart, when one of the wheels falls off.

    "$h!t!" says Bhakta.

    "You fool," scolds Nithyananda severely, "don't you ever say that again. If something goes wrong, you say, `Help me, Swamiji,' instead. Do you understand?"

    "Okay, Swamiji," says Bhakta. But the very next day, a second wheel falls off just as the swamiji is walking by.

    "$h!t!" says Bhakta.

    "What did I tell you?" shouts swami.

    "Okay, okay!" says Bhakta.

    Two days later, the remaining two wheels fall off. The Swami happens to be around, listening carefully.

    "Help me, Swamiji," says Bhakta. And immediately all four wheels jump back on the cart.

    The Swami jumps up in amazement, and cries,


  119. Rajasekaran is badly injured in a car crash and he has to have a brain transplant. A team of surgeons put him to sleep, remove his brain, and go into the next room to get a new one. But when they return to the operating room, the he is gone.

    The police search everywhere for him but without success -- he has vanished. The doctors contact the international police and they check throughout the world for a brainless guy.

    Finally, five years later(after 9 years of Parivarjika), they find him. He is wearing safron robe and turbon and is living in Bidadi!

  120. I have traveled with "Rambhatlas" and they were bitter Nithyananda had denied them special access... Yet, they did get a lot of healing for their son. So it is strange...

    I hope they keep the videos around. The meditations there really have helped me a lot, and although I never got involved in a deeper way (aka donating tons of my own money or home), I used these techniques for my benefit and health.

    Throwing the baby with the bathwater does not solve the problem at all. It is quite the opposite... It leads to Nazi Germany where the germans said it is ok to concentrate jews since they were though lenders (and were hte bankers at the time).

    Teachings are teachings, and if they work for you, they are indeed eternal truth. If they don't maybe something else is true... I would say that is what I think is vedanta.

    All the rest, is just christian bs, and soem fake morality being applied here and there

  121. The video currently on the site is a perfect example! THe meditation does work, and in fact, if everyone did follow that, I doubt many people would have jumped in the space daddy's cart...

    Quite the contrary... In fact, I met the swami in his very first trip to the US... Nothing of what he did was a surprise, nor seemed out of the things he preached.

    He said "he does not lust", where if you ask him in private or public, lust for him was defined as the violence of repressing our desires. He also said, to experience high energies, you should refrain from sex. Again check...

    Also, at that time he used to give healers initation and say that you had the same state as him... Indeed, if we weren't so greedy, that would have been enough. I never had that, but did benefit from the meditations a ton.

    It is sad that everyone is now going haywire over something so small... The real racket is the catholic church and imams that are using this episode to impose the same violent morality that has pervaded the west.

    Vedanta means: try out, practice, if it works great, if it doesn't move on... Really it is that...

  122. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi readers, looks like we got some real propaganda from Nithyananda's camp with comments from anons @2:13 and @2:18 PM (looks like the same person.)

    Please have a field day replying back to them in an appropriate way. hee hee. Have fun.

    Jai Maa

  123. Om Namah Shivaya.

    New quota. Only two (2) long jokes per day. We need to have room for other comments. No limit to very short jokes as long as they do not crowd out other comments.

    Jokes with bad words that have not been modified, e.g. $h!t, t!t, etc. will not be published. Sorry, we just don't have time to clean up your writing.

    Just the same, thanks for contributing, and still do post comments with jokes, for they add a light touch.

    Thanks for your help.

    Jai Maa.

  124. Funny thing in this Nithyananda situation is that everyone claims some secret knowledge about what happened and what's going to happen, but none seem definitive in their answers. This applies to Nithya, the assorted goons he hired, Lenin (he is Dharmananda or Premananda alternately) and the whole list of characters. I'm sure NithyaMonster reads this blog and is sending out videos from his well-kept hideout. If you want real action, you need to come out in full force and not in drips and drabs about whispered stories/accounts/allegations. That's the only way to get this clown out of business.

  125. Dharmananda in ENGLISH

  126. There is no REAL value in the version of Vedic teachings of Rajasekaran (aka Nithyananda).

    You already know his version of parivrajaka. In his recent video he defined his version of Jeevan Mukti. It is good, at least now people can know what they got for $ 6000. Via this video he is addressing what kind of Jeevan Mukti certificates he gave.

    This helps to establish in no uncertain terms the experience of Rajasekaran (aka Nithyananda). No wonder, with this perverted meaning of Jeevan Mukti he can scheme to have sex acts with 30+ women and men as Dharmananda said in his interview. After all this was the purpose of his life!

    How cheap is Rajasekaran that he took this birth on PURPOSE just to have sex and be spit by people just at the mention of his name!!

    People! please come to senses. Right from day 1, his teachings have been faulty. If there was any intrinsic value of his teachings, and if they really had a transformation effect, no devotee should be in sorrow because of this incident. Knowing reality can not cause sorrow in any case.

    People! know that his definition of Jeevan Mukti is faulty. Birth after birth is no Jeevan Mukti. Search and study what other Hindu religious books and teachers have to say what Jeevan Mukti is, and conclude how Rajasekaran is misleading people with his shallow understanding of life and death, and Mukti. Do not waste your life following his wrong knowledge.

    Why is he speaking in English only? Why not address people in Tamil and see how it works?

  127. Now here's the difference.
    The post at 2:18 PM is clearly from a Nithy devotee.
    The post at 8:45 AM - you won't believe it - is not necessarily from one, despite its not-so-gentle manner.
    And what's with the new quota? Exactly what valuable information could the jokes obscure? The 17th recap of who's left the cult and who's still there? Or, perhaps, some epithets describing Nithy's behaviour that we haven't used here yet?

  128. ** NOT PRIVATE **
    To post mine indicating your edit's is one thing. But passing on your edits as mine is something else.

    I don't have anything against your edits nor am I emotional about this whole episode. I am just a bystander watching the fun - poking and prodding both sides of the issue.

    All that your edits shows what you want your readers to post and read.

  129. Those people who want to know what Vedic Knowledge says about conception and birth, here is some excerpt from Garbha Upanishad:

    1. in the seventh (month), it becomes united with jIva (Atma)

    2. In the eighth month, in conjunction with the five vital airs, the jIva gets the capacity to know its past affairs of past births. (The reason why it remembers them seems to be that the jIvatma is in pineal gland then, prior to its coming down.)
    3. Thus does the jIva within the mother's womb contemplate again and again the many kinds of miseries it had undergone and remembers always the miseries of the cycle or re-births, becomes disgusted , often fainting in the innermost center (heart).
    4. it is much affected by prasUti (delivery) vayu and ceases to remember anything of the past; It also ceases to see far and to be cognizer of the real.

    (it suggests a solution that by Yoga the jIva has to bring awareness back to pineal glands, so to say for liberation)

    So, you should be able to guess that Rajasekaran's (aka Nithyananda's) explanation that jIva enters after delivery is FALSE, against REASON and make-believe. It is not according to Vedic wisdom.

  130. People should remember the great sage Vamadeva who is sung in Rig Veda who proclaimed that he had knowledge when he was in womb.

    We also know the story of Sukadeva who did not want to come out of the womb of his mother for 16 years etc. because he did not want to get caught by mAyA, and on his father Vyasa's assurance that he will not be caught by mAyA, he came out and walked away. This is sung in praise of dispassion of Sukadeva, in Bhagavata.

    Do you guys remember the story of Rajasekaran's birth version # 1 told in the past? Seeing Arunachala .. Landing etc... and that he took 45 min to settle in the body etc! When did he enter the body? in the Womb or after delivery ? Remember the immaculate conception story?

    See the contradiction?

    This reflects his nature to keep changing the story and unsound philosophical understanding.

    His latest video on Birth is totally Inaccurate. Wait for his next corrections!!

  131. Sri Nithyananda abused 30 to 40 MALES & FEMALES! Wow!

    Dharmananda in ENGLISH

    They are probably ashamed to come out! He used dark powers and hypnotism on them!

  132. Does anyone know what is happening at the Ohio vedic temple ? The co-ordinator couple, the Rammohans, got so many families involved in this fraud organisation. They somehow managed to retain their family and private business while ruining so many other families. The ohio temple website has removed all event photos etc.

  133. Please remove this quota business on jokes..I am itching to post new ones.

  134. only two jokes a day..

    The moderator here is starting to sound like Bhakta. Bhakta used to treat everyone of us (during IA) like elementary school kids.

    His rules.

    You guys should not give any money(or food) to poor kids working as construction workers in Ashram.

    No one is allowed to walk around after 10 PM. (He was afraid we might catch Swami making out with Ranjitha near healing pond)

    Everyone has to be here at 6 AM for Yoga session. Otherwise I will come & drag you out of your bed. (Dude, first get your swami out of his bed!!)


    Bhakta has always been so freaking annoying!! Next time I see him, I am going to ask him to take his enlightenment & shove it up his fat arse!

  135. Om Namah Shivaya,

    OK, jokesters. You win. No Quota. But, we ask this of you:

    1. Give room for other people to post comments. A whole string of your jokes, especially if they are long jokes, mind you, can be a little much at times. We're looking for variety.

    2. Be sure that they are funny. If the jokes are long and not that funny (at least in our humble opinion), we might hold off on posting them.

    3. Follow the guidelines on dirty words. We really don't have the time to be doing something that you should be doing yourself. So, clean it up, or no post.

    The blog's authoritarian council on absolute humor on has spoken. OK, so let the yuk yuks begin.

    Jai Maa.

  136. Check out this latest news about NithyaRavananda on CBS News!

  137. By the way CBS News is so lame... how can they compare a swami sleeping with a woman, to priests molesting altar boys? Really?

  138. We all are grateful to lenin for throwing light on the true Nithyananda. Is there anything we can do to show our gratitude.

  139. @ all .. Joke 1

    Paramour Hams Nithyananda and bhakta died and reached the gates of heaven and hell .

    God came out and announced that both have to undergo some tests to enter.
    The test would be they have to spend some quality time with the opposite sex.

    Both were overjoyed..

    God first called nithya and sent him with a most beautiful lady to the room, Bhakta seeing this was very happy... he knew his days of loneliness were over.

    Next God called bhakta and asked him to accompany a dark,ugly,dirty,std infected and stinking lady to a room... seeing this bhakta cried out loud "god what is this .. you have given nithya such a beautiful lady and me such an ugly one"

    God replied "son this test is for you and the other test is for the lady"

  140. @ All Joke 2

    Nithya and Bhakta are sitting in a temple and talking about girls. Nithya says to Bhakta, " I never get lucky... I'm just too ugly..."

    Bhakta says: "No swami, you just need to go to where I live. There girls don't even care what you look like." So nithya says, "well lets go!"

    They take the bus and get off in the friend's neighborhood.
    Once they start walking down the street, nithya turns and sees this beautiful woman across the street, curling her finger
    towards herself and saying..."come here."

    Nithya turns toward Bhakta and says, "You were
    right... I'll meet up with you later...nithyanandam!"

    So he runs across the street and starts following the woman.
    She disappeared for a brief moment around the bend of a building
    and then reappeared signaling with her finger... "come here."

    He continues to follow after her. She disappears behind another building, then reappears once again... still curling her
    finger..." Come here."

    Finally, he sees her at the top of an apartment's stairs...
    one last time she curled her finger..." Come here." He went up the stairs and walked into the apartment which was pitch dark. He closes the door behind him, and suddenly the lights turn on.

    There he sees the woman pointing at three kids saying... "I told you if you were bad I was going to bring you the Boogie Man!"

  141. @ All Joke 3 ( iam sry taking space..)

    Nithyanada with two red ears went to his doctor. The doctor asked him what had happened to his ears and he answered,
    "I was ironing a shirt and the phone rang but instead of picking up the phone I accidentally picked up the iron and stuck it to my ear."
    "Oh Dear!" the doctor exclaimed in disbelief.
    "But...what happened to your other ear?"
    "The scoundrel called back."

    Rest later ...

  142. Apropos the new video from Nithyananda:

    Even Ayurveda says that the jiva (individual soul) enters soon after the union of sperm and ovum, resulting in formation of garbha (embryo). The jiva imparts intelligence and governs the rest of the development of the fetus.

    There are also well regarded ancient recommendations about what couples must do prior to the sexual act with desire for progeny, in order that they attract a high consciousness jiva. Certain times of the day, certain seasons, as well as certain nakshatras are recommended as optimal. The mother's state of mind and health of body during the act is vital. Why would all this matter, if the soul is going to enter only 9 months later?

  143. @ Dear Expose Nithyananda,
    Iam the one who posted the jokes 123, iam sry i have posted a string of them ... got carried away. Pls post one by one if you like it, i mean at ur discretion... :-)

    Thank you !

  144. The stories of Prahlada and Abhimanyu are so well known. Prahlada learned Vishnu Bhakti when he was in mother's womb being taught by sage Narada. Abhimanyu learned warfare when he was in mother's womb, being taught by his father Arjuna.

    Knowing so much people believe Rajasekaran's story of jIva entering after delivery. This is an example of how people lose their logical mind through his speeches.

  145. There is an old Tamil movie sung by Gantasala which goes thus:

    "Rajasekara en mel modi seyyalakuma
    Raja-tanthri neeyada"

    Roughly translated:

    "O Rajasekara, why do you play this trick on me?
    You are a cunning minister"

    Perhaps this song will be modernized in an upcoming movie on "Swami and his friends"

    With more spin videos from the master and the mesmerized devotees, the tune is becoming clear.

  146. From the way this moderator is responding to criticism & editing others' posts & twising it to his liking etc; looks like he also has massive ego. Swami must have rubbed it off against him. I can see that people who were contributing real stuff are backing off & he is going to be left alone bitching & moaning..

  147. Tiger Wood's spiritual advisor = Swami Nithyananda.

    Well, it was mutual I guess.

  148. the jokes are hilarious, keep them that the rat is out of the box!!! LOL


    If a pregnancy leads to a still birth or an abortion at a very later stage, whose Karma was it?

    Mother? as there is no jiva in the fetus

  150. What can one call the pathetic logic of Nithyananda as he stands exposed?


  151. If one were to pronounce "jiva" where 'j' is silent, it is in fact 'iva' which can be considered a variation of 'eve'. Perhaps the blissful swami intended pun here.

    So let's be very clear, as the swami illustrates his points in his discourses. 'jeevan mukthi' is the mukthi is attained through his associations with 'eve'.

  152. "rat is out of the box"...that was funny!!

    Here is one more

    A minister, Sri Sri Ravishankar and Swami nithyananda were discussing how they "divined" what part of the collection money each retained for personal needs and what part was turned in to their respective institutions.

    "I draw a line," said the minister, "on the floor. All the money I toss in the air -- what lands to the right of the line I keep, to the left of the line is the Lord's."

    The Sri Sri nodded, saying, "My system is essentially the same, only I use a big circle. What lands inside is mine, outside is his."

    The Nithyananda smiled and said, "I do the same thing. I toss all the money into the air and whatever God grabs is his!"

  153. A man who was a salesman of dictionaries and encyclopedias was telling the woman, standing on her doorstep, "This is the latest encyclopedia. You and your children, all will be benefited by it."

    But she said, "We have it already. You can see, there in the corner."
    The man looked in the corner. There was a book of the same thickness. He said, "That is not an encyclopedia, that is Guaranteed Solutions."

    The woman could not believe it -- from that far, how could he judge that the book was the Guaranteed Solutions? She said, "That amazes me. You are certainly a man of knowledge. How could you manage to see that that is Guaranteed Solutions?"

    He said, "Anybody can conclude that, seeing the layer of dust that has gathered on it."

  154. Women need a reason to have sex. Nithyananda just needs a place

  155. When the sun comes up, I have morals again.
    (Swami NIthyananda)

  156. I used to love the thoughtful comments by the blog creator and others here. But the most jokes I read here now are poor and are not original. I request the blog creator not to allow these and dilute the blog.

  157. @ Anon the grumpy APRIL 6, 2010 12:44 PM

    What do you want yaar?? When the blog owner offers his thoughtful comments you complain, when someone else offers some thoughtful comments then also u complain, and when i am posting jokes u r complaining. Whats wrong with you nithy supporter ???
    Oh u dont like jokes on the Paramour Hams Nithyananda you divine 'master' eh?

  158. Dear me, someone's getting a little paranoid in here...
    "A man who was a salesman..." - not quite offtopic, now is it?

  159. The Karanataka CID conducts raid on Bidadi Ashram:

  160. The Deccan Herald report on the CID raid mentions the following “We suspect he has destroyed some incriminating papers.”

    Now this raises the doubt as to whether Nithyananda's coeterie around the world have come together in an attempt to destroy evidence. If it is substantiated, it is criminal and should be dealt with accordingly.

  161. No master has laid any moral values in Vedanta. Please show me where? The upanishads and the sutras have no moral codes... Now if we are talking about the classical Rig Veda, then it was organized by society.

    It is funny that someone can say Yogananda, or Vivekananda were moral, when both were accused of various "immoral" acts, including having slept with women and so on... How can we verify? But if you look over all, we have carefully demphasized some of our "dirtier" masters, and cleaned up Buddha and others, just to make everything more palatable to our victorian friends.

    Morality is explcitly outside of the realm of our great Bharat tradition. If it was inside its realm, how could we accept and integrate so many contradicting religions and principles? Not even communism can bear it...

    Let us be open and honest. If you now want morality, that is something else. But accept it, and maybe find solace in Christianity or even Islam, which have a very severe moral system. Nothing wrong with it... Just let us not fake and want to pretend to embrace everything.

    Or else you will have to mince words to explain lots of actions by the great Shiva, or even many of his famous worshipers... Similarly for other vedic traditions too...

  162. Anonymous said...
    These questions to "evaluate an enlightened man" are misleading:
    Can an enlightened man cause suffering to so many people?

    Can an enlightened man exploit so many women?

    Can an enlightened man brag about his own enlightenment?

    Can an enlightened man call his disciples who had dedicated their lives for him as unconscious dirt?

    In fact, if you follow Zen, and practice it, or if you have been to Tibet, the answer will be a clear yes to all three counts! In fact, the mistake here is that people are taking elightenment to mean saintliness in some moral code. It is disconnected!

    In fact, the great Dayananda Saraswati has already said that enlightenment is distant from morality, and in fact no one really needs it... Except most people tend to fantasize too much what it is.

    Amazingly, no one asks themselves why they expect victorian conduct from vedic yogis? They never were and never will be victorian... Buddha was mild. But even he was controversial, and considered very rude and impolite at times. His biography was considerably cleaned up for publishing. The original Tibetan stories are very clarifying in this sense...

    None of this to defend "Nithyananda", but just to say, why no one asks the question: do you really want "enlightenment", or are you seeking politeness? If you are seeking to establish a moral order to support your daily life, there are so many other institutions out there... Certainly, it is not going to be someone who plays with energies!

    In fact, there was a very famous tamil swami, certified enlightened, who use to throw $h!t at all passerbys... Literally... There are zen masters who used to steal gold! Others who used to take women in caves... Nothing like what you most likely concieve as moral or correct !

    Mahabharata even... Havent you asked how can one woman have multiple husbands? Is that really ok honestly by your standards? If it is, I can't see what is so bad... In fact even some of the conceptions in the Mahabharata were done by sages of the time, and then rewriten to tame it a bit for our current taste...

    Let us facing it: most of us are not seeking this crazy experiences, but really a more simple code of morality to stick to and work with. And maybe to find that you don't need to seek enlightenment, or even spiritual masters... Most likely you would have been equally disgusted by Ramakrishna trying to push his body against yours... Or having to give bath to a naked Ramana Maharishi... Or seeing Gandhi sleeping near 2 naked girls...

    Not condemning anyone here... It is just that no one ever talks clearly to us about all these matters.

  163. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear Confused Soul @6:22 PM,

    Nice try. We see that you're trying to shift the argument away from the crimes that Nithyananda committed and introduce some red herrings and fake comparisons. Your ploy of Nithyananda-is-not-so-bad-in-comparison-and-still-is-enlightened doesn't work on this blog. Try another blog. Sorry, the hot season has begun, and your school of red herring fish smell almost as bad as the deeds of Nithyananda. We don't believe your stories, and even if their were specs of truth in your stories, we don't care. Nithyananda is a criminal. Nithyananda has hurt 1,000's of families. Nithyananda has damaged the credibility of Hinduism and Vedic Truths. Nithyananda must be punished and stopped. Very simple.

    If you want to go and spread more lies and confusion, then we welcome you to join Nithyananda in a prolonged isolation, nicely confined in a federal prison of your disliking. Please rot there. It will be good for you both.

    Jai Maa.

  164. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear anon @ 5:34 PM, (who is the same sick mind @ 6:22 PM),

    Once again, you try to add confusion. You try to divide and make the ills of Nithyananda's crimes something that falls into the category of 'Victorian' and 'Puritan' ethics. You try to divide into camps of us vs. them. Hinduism vs. Christianity and Islam. You even drag great masters like Vivekananda into your muck. You are pure manipulative slime.

    How dare you represent Lord Shiva? As if Nithyananda's actions could be justified through His actions? It will serve you right that Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairava comes and sets your mind correctly. We just don't want to be around when this happens. But it will. You will go down with Nithyananda. It will not be pleasant, but it will be good for you both.

    Jai Maa.

  165. To Anonymous @ 5:34 PM and @ 6:22 PM

    First of all are you taking drugs that you are trying compare a Joker like Nithyananda to Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharishi and Swami Vivekananda?

    The motive behind the foul language used by you is to continue to brainwash people by providing invalid analogies.

    Regardless, of your motive here are some clarifications:

    Srimad Bhagvad Gita is considered by millions of Hindus and non-Hindus alike as a summary of the Upanishads.

    Sri Krishna specifically says in the Gita that he is the "Kama" in all beings, BUT the "Kama" that is unopposed to "Dharma".

    Just a clarification, as it is quite evident by your uncultured and impure thoughts that you were not well educated by your Parents and Teachers regarding our Sanatana Dharma.

    The four purusharthas or human objectives as classified by Sanatana Dharma are: Kama, Artha, Dharma, Moksha.

    Kama - Desire for Sensory Pleasure (includes food, etc., i.e. includes all types of sensory pleasures).

    Artha - Desire for Wealth to fulfill the Kama

    Dharma - Regulative Principle - i.e. my desire for Kama and Artha is legitimate as long as I do NOT infringe or encroach upon your legitimate desire for Kama and Artha. i.e. my desire for wealth is legitimate as long as I do NOT steal your wealth. same principle of dharma applies to all categories of sensory pleasure.

    So even a child with basic sincerity and truthfulness can observe that Nithyananda has perpetrated ADHARMA.

    Sri Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharishi had NO fear and were purity personified.

    Swami Vivekananda was FEARLESSNESS, PURITY and TRUTH personified.

    The great and pure souls about whom you have spoken ill of NEVER NEVER NEVER feared DEATH.

    If you had mentioned those foul words that you have said in your comment about Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharishi and Swami Vivekananda, in front of me, then in the name of Shiva your head would have rolled.

    In the name of Shiva your head will be rolled.

  166. Anonymous @ 5:34 PM and @ 6:22 PM asked:

    QUESION: "Morality is explcitly outside of the realm of our great Bharat tradition. If it was inside its realm, how could we accept and integrate so many contradicting religions and principles? "

    ANSWER: Are you crazy to ask if Bharat and her Sanatana Dharma is not based on Morality? Morality and Dharma is the very basis and bedrock of our Sanatana Dharma, Dharma and Morality are absolute musts to lead to Moksha.

    Ekam Sat Viprah bahuda vadanti - Truth is one sages call it by various names.

    This saying from the Rig Veda is the basis for Hinduism accepting, embracing and assimilating various traditions like Islam, Christianity, even Agnosticism and Atheism.

    The Hindu mind grasped this common thread in all traditions, in Islam and Christianity emphasized righteous living for the sake of delivering justice, this in turn is the pre requisite for leading a Moral and a life of Dharma. So the Hindu mind grasped this commonalities and accepted, assimilated and embraced various traditions.

    QUESTION: "Amazingly, no one asks themselves why they expect victorian conduct from vedic yogis?"

    ANSWER: How do you know no one has asked themself this question? The answer is very simple, what we (SOCIETY) seek from enlightened souls is PURITY, and the reason for this is that dirty water cannot be used to remove the dirt in a place. Only clean water is useful to clean a dirty place. So the eternal prayer of the Hindus is for pure souls to help them make all of us pure.

    Hope the analogy is simple enough and clear, and impure fellow like Nithy cannot give purity to others.

    QUESTION: "None of this to defend "Nithyananda", but just to say, why no one asks the question: do you really want "enlightenment", or are you seeking politeness?"

    ANSWER: Please see above what society seeks form englightened souls.

  167. First of all, it is not illegal to have sex with anyone above 18 years of age anywhere in the USA! If the statute of a school says you can't have sex and you do, you step down... That is all that happens. If at all happens. Actually, in most cases nothing happens. So many profs married to students (graduate ones obviously). Just ask around! I can point out at Berkeley for sure...

    As long as everyone is having consensual sex, I don't see any crime. The ethics/morality is a different issue, but it is not crime, no matter how your anger tries to twist it.

    It is definetly a crime to put someone down based on hearsay. In fact the affected party can go to court against you based on that. No wonder everyone here comments on "anonymous" !

    Let us separate the "exploitation" from the "crime' so one doesn't sound stupid or end up establishing the 4th reich in India, based on christian vlaues.

  168. I never spoke ill of anyone. And VIvekananda did face fears... Haven't you even read his life story? He had various fears, including about his life! Read his letters and so on...

    Not that I am a "cheerleader" for NIthyananda... But there is so much hatred here that it makes me really question what is the value of various hearsay people talking out of thin air?

    By the way, YOU expect purity from enligthened souls. It is not the promise by ANY enlightened soul... I want you to point out, in Buddha's discourses (not commentaries), where he did promise purity?

    All he says is he has no lust or violence. But yet, many of our sages did have sex, and conceived for kings! According to our shastras, they did without lust... How are you going to explain that?

    If you are going to condemn based on such victorian notions, let us condenm all of hindu! Why spare this or that? Why not condenm Shiva?

    Do you really think the cleansed biography that reached us describing divine Ramakrishna Paramahamsa tells it as it is? Of course not! You are just waiting to be fooled by someone else... Grow up or wake up... Before it is too late.

  169. Anon at April 5, 4:02PM, are you the beholder of what is or is not a vedic truth? Are you the one who gives a notion of value? Maybe you are a brahmin with all the special privileges? This is a non-vedic thought in fact. Actually vedanta says only truth is experience, nothing else. All else is just bla bla bla, doesn't matter if it comes from nithyananda or from you...

    Regarding your second set of comments, you are quite wrong. In fact, even Arjuna, or Vivekananda-Ramakrishna, are claimed to be rebirths of various saints for the purpose of delivering new teachings and new experiences...

    Moreover, Ramakrishna paramahamsa was constantly atrociously attacked and spit at... Not to defend nithyananda or any of his actions, but please let us not loose sight here of what "is" and "is not"... In fact, the corruption of hindu dharma is the lame cast system, and all of its alcoites, who say "what can" and "cannot be" Vedas.

    What is funnier? If anyone had read the story of Arunagiri Swami, from Thiruvanammalai, and who Nithyananda is supposedly a rebirth, would notice the following: he was a drunkard who dallied with prostitutes betraying his wife, before he almost commited suicide and was saved by Murughan... He became one of the greatest poets of Murughan in Tamil.

    The greatness of hindu dharma is exactly this: truths are truths. There is no "karma bank", "punishment", "unique morality code" and all that stuff that makes brahmins go haywire and make them look like catholic priests. It is quite the contrary. It is a religion full of contradictions, elemental aspects, and surprising twists and turns.

    Those who claim ill about Nithyanandas dalliances with tantra and so on, forget that even Ramakrishna Paramahamsa not only did that, but he also used to quite frequently let his naked body go skin to skin with the naked bodies of his disciples!

    I think the point is quite different... The organization of Nithyananda, has nothing to do with nithyananda's enlightenment. Actually, enligthenment is not such a big deal. Nor is organization. If we all were aware of this, there would be much less suffering...

    [editor's note: we were going to pass on this comment for it violated our terms of badmouthing Paramahamsa Ramakrishna. But, we'll still post it. We just think that this person is very mentally disturbed and not able to know the difference between right and wrong. One example out of many, Arunagiri Swami received the blessings of Lord Murugan after living a less than pure life, then he become pure and renown poet. The grace of Divine did not happen because he lived an impure life as Sri Nithyananda is living now. If Sri Nithyananda fully surrenders and gets the blessings of the Lord Murugan and starts expressing Divinity, we would welcome that, and fall to his feet. Right now, Sri Nithyananda cannot even surrender to the police. As it is now, we don't think this transformation will happen, and we know for certain, it hasn't happened yet. Therefore, there is very little value in what Nithyananda has done so far. Best to throw out everything of his and study the works of a real master.

    Likewise, Truth is not an 'experience', it is an absolute. But, those who have not experienced the Truth, will certainly not be able to live the Truth. And, so on.

    We wish you luck and better understanding in the future. Until then, don't knock those that have expressed the Truth in this blog, and show a little more respect to Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, and at the very least, do not compare him to that low-life asura (devil), Nithyananda.

    Jai Maa.]

  170. Anon @ 5:34 PM, and @ 6:22 PM

    Nithyananda and you do not have to educate the Hindu folks who learned Hinduism through their families in succession about the morality in Vedic traditions. Those families already thrive because they follow what came to them in the most reliable chain. Your new interpretation is not needed. You teach your version of morality to your mother, wife and daughters.

  171. There are various ways to stop something. Just see how the Catholic church has stopped sex molesting padres, without having to associate with anti-christians...

    That was my only point. Doing the right thing, through right means, is true Dharma. In fact, doing the right thing, through wrong means, is adharma. In any case, this is much more a Buddhist concept, since in Vedanta, everyone will pay for their sins, without the need for beheaders...

    BTW, I never questioned the validity of the feelings of the blogger. But one has to face up to simple facts, so they don't end up supporting some other cause in order to get the outcome they desire...

    Why not reflect about that as well? Why do you all think I am "a Nithyananda follwer", when I am not at all... In fact, I do not follow anyone. Just my simple conscience, and learning. And have the right to speak as mcuh as you do?

    I am your friend, who doesn't want to see you hurt. When trying to catch someone, do it smartly... That is all I was trying to see... But this is my last comment in the blog.

    I have followed it since inception, mostly agreeing with what I read. but now it has become a CULT like Nithyananda's... Maybe everyone here needs their cool aid. The same hatred, violence, threats... Can't you see?

    Anyway, you may ask why I read it? I did read books by the swami, and did meet various of his devotees and liked them. But more than that, I am a staunch vigorous defender of the right of everyone to speak up. First, those hurt by someone's mission. Then the mission man himself...

    That is true Vedanta. Not chopping heads, and saying that you kill a swami because he had sex. We do have many sages that fell due to sex, but we accepted them, and let them come back. Not saying this applies to your experience with Nithayanda, but let us not be bullies...

    I was not spreading any lies, nor defending Nithyananda's actions (what is there for me to defend??? I am not his "devotee"), nor needing your anger thrown at me... In fact, I like the blog and all of you and was just making a point about balance. That is all.

    Be balanced, so that your hurt can be truly compensated for, instead of a hype of anger, and very little results. Trust me, I am a lawyer.

  172. By the way, I have great respect to Ramakrishna (he is in my chest necklace), Vivekananda and some of the Nainar Poets. Why do you have to say I am mentally challenged?

    I was just making a point that they were criticized too... But you are right - no need to do this here, please feel free to delete any offending comments or so on by me, ok? Not out of spite or trying to disturb your rights or cause.

    Quite the contrary... I just felt you were hurt, and maybe, sometimes when we are hurt we can go overboard...

    So please could you delete all my previous comments? I don't want to take all the hatred for my words trying to show two sides of something... I am a simple person, with no agenda.

    Good luck on whatever you may do! But definitely, whatever Nithyananda has done, if it is adharmic, or bad, he can recover too... this is valid for all of us! Not only him.

    I would never be so harsh with anyone... But I can understand where you are coming from, and I don't question you, your rights, or your correctness in feeling this way. I would be angry if someone left me or took my money, and then i didn't really get what was promised...

    But please don't be angry at me... Just reread the comments, and forget about this Nithyananda for a moment... Did I say antyhing completely worng?

    In fact, I do not believe that a society can exist without morality! All I said is, WE TOGETHER build morality. No need for a Master to order us to do that... From a Master, a true one, you can learn more about yourself. Living, is already what we do. No need for him to teach us that.

    But again, I pray for Shiva to stand up for all the ones who speak the truth, and let the Sathya prevail.

  173. Before someone beheads me, I not only pray for Lord Shiva, but venerate all the great masters, and not even aspire to get where they are... They are way above me, and whatever I can say.

    In this particular incident, all I pray for is that the hurt ones get relief, but also that the chance for new ideas is kept alive. I love this aspect of Vedanta, and it is so much more than what is usually preached about...

    That is all I meant... No disrespect to any master, or to any God, or Bible or Koran. All great sources of knowledge if used with a pure heart and right mind...

  174. To Anonymous @ April 6, 2010 9:46 PM
    April 6, 2010 9:51 PM
    April 6, 2010 10:15 PM

    Nithy is a HYPOCRITE.

    What part of this sentence do people not understand?

    And no, this is not based on hearsay, this is based on SEEN VISUAL footage, youtube videos are all over the place. By the Grace and Will of God, very soon first persons will be testifying again Nithy in court, and by the Grace and Will of God very soon MORE DETAILED EVIDENCE of Nithy's FRAUD and SCAM will be exposed.

    Genuine saints were never mithyacharas, they did exactly what they said, they were lead the purest lives, they were never fugitives hiding and running away scared hear and there, they were fearless.

    Nithy marketing folks and strategists can now stop their mental gymnastics and accept that their end is nearing.

  175. To Anonymous @ April 6, 2010 10:32 PM

    Another one of your manipulative negationist logic.

    What is infuriating about negationist logic is that it is applied only for the filth and scum of the society, when the same logic needs to be fearlessly applied to clean out the crap in society then they are no where to be found.

    That is, how many evidences has the blog owner not provide already?

    Do you have cow dung in your head? Nobody is questioning about sex. It is quite normal to fall in pursuit of spiritual life, that is very human and can be excused, by trying to continuously justify is is infuriating. Nithy is still trying to pretend as if he is enlightened although he has clearly taken a fall in spiritual life, even a kid can see this, why then are you playing mental gymnastics about this issue?

    Besides, what does this stubborn and obstinate denial by Nithy tell about the person as such. He is a very dishonest person and very dangerous to society. There is no problem if accepts that he took a fall in his spiritual quest and apologizes to the disciples he cheated, does his time in jail, and then continues with his spiritual journey.

    However, none of this is the case, this egomaniac want to hold onto his empire of wealth and continue his evil ways. Whom do you think this resembles, to me this resembles a mafia gang don and criminal gangs.

    And what is law and justice supposed to do to mafia gangs, dons, criminals who become a menace to society?

  176. To Mr. Lawyer @ April 6, 2010 10:15 PM who said:

    "The greatness of hindu dharma is exactly this: truths are truths. There is no "karma bank", "punishment", "unique morality code" and all that stuff that makes brahmins go haywire and make them look like catholic priests. It is quite the contrary. It is a religion full of contradictions, elemental aspects, and surprising twists and turns."

    Answer: Again some more negationist twisted logic. By saying there is no "karma bank" are you refuting the Law of Karma?

    Are you crazy to say there is no "Karma"

    The Law of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect is intrinsic to Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma. Even a most ordinary uneducated person in our villages has a direct feeling for this truth.

    Without a cause there is no effect, and every effect must have a cause, the law of cause and effect is intrinsic to the very basis of Scientific Thought and the same has been ruthlessly applied by our ancient Rishis and Sages of the Vedic Ages to the Spiritual World.

  177. To Anonymous @ April 6, 2010 10:19 PM

    What evidence did you have to use foul language against Genuine Saints?

    Suppose someone comes in front of you and repeatedly keeps using foul language against your Mother, your Paternity, your Wife and your Sister, your Daughter, what will you do?

    Once or twice you will keep quiet after that if you have any spine you will roll his head.

    If you don't have any spine, then God save your family.

    Don't give me the crap that you will get a restraining order, etc. Also what do you think you will say in the restraining order petition to the court, you will say that so and so is deranged and mentally imbalanced and is continuously using foul language against my family.

    i.e. if you don't want to roll the persons head then you will have to end up saying what the Blog Owner has said about you, i.e. so and so person is mentally unbalanced and crazy to keep saying foul language against my family.

    Your negationist twisted logic can be ripped apart to shreds, but its not worth wasting time on people like you.

    In our villages there is a saying about a person who insists that a hare/rabbit has two horns. Even after explaining to the person, that no a rabbit cannot have two horns, he stubbornly and obstinately keeps saying, no a hare/rabbit has two horns.

    So wasting time to rip apart your twisted logic is like trying to straighten a dogs tail. It is much better to leave you to your own Karma and so that nature and life will help you straighten your own tail.

  178. To April 6, 2010 10:32 PM and others with similar thoughts:

    Vedanta does not give scope to new thoughts or speculations or experiments. It has nothing to do with such. It proposed and established what the absolute reality is, and what is the relationship of man is with that absolute. Vedantic analysis is for identifying baseless speculations and 'new' ideas, and bring real conclusive argument, so that one can 'SEE' that Absolute as one's-own-self. Nothing more. Before people simply use the words Vedanta in their loose talk, like Rajasekaran aka Nithyananda, they should study Vedanta systematically. People devote 3 to 12 years exclusively for that purpose. Does the poster have such background in Vedanta? We know Nithyananda did not have, as when he had to learn Absolute Vedanta in Belur Matt, he ran away.

  179. To post at 10:19 PM:
    You've done all right. There's just one principal mistake.
    You dared to object.
    You dared to claim what may be contrary to the views of the readers.
    You dared to point out what they could've done in a better way.
    You dared not to agree with everything posted by the "more loyal" ones.
    You dared to say that chopping heads in revenge is not the right way.

    This is something a lot of people are guilty of. And well, what can be simpler than accusing a person of being a Nithyananda follower, and giving him a proper bashing?
    ...Consider this blog as the following: we should keep track of the progress and, whenever possible, aid it with information we alone possess. And as soon as the job is done, we leave it and head for a more open-minded resource.

  180. To Anonymous @ April 7, 2010 8:19 AM who is the same person as Anonymous @ April 6, 10:19 PM

    Why are you trying to praise yourself with another proxy post? Same confidence tricks that Nithy taught you right?

    First of all nobody wants to bash Nithy followers, as majority of people on this blog were hypnotized and scammed Nithy followers, whose lives have been ruined. So full sympathies to them.

    The main objective of this blog is to bash Nithy and the inner circle. That's right all of us here, many who were ex-disciples want to really, really bash Nithy and the inner circle for all the fraud and scam.

    Second objective is to SHUT down ALL Nithy organizations, and eliminate ALL Nithy organizations from the ROOT. This is so that in the future other innocent people are NOT scammed and their marriages NOT broken by this dirty Nithy.

    Stop your dirty games by sympathizing with the Criminals instead of the thousands of Victims whose lives have been completely ruined.

    My guess is that you are one of the leeches sitting in Bidadi and eating the hard earned money of so many people.

    Instead of eating other peoples cheated money at Bidadi, go find a job so that you may understand religion and morality better after a hard days work.

  181. "First of all nobody wants to bash Nithy followers..."

    "Why are you trying to praise yourself with another proxy post? Same confidence tricks that Nithy taught you right?"
    "Stop your dirty games..."
    "My guess is that you are one of the leeches..."
    "go find a job..."

    Yeah, I see your point.
    If you are to bash, at least do it the right way.
    That is, don't say "my guess is..." or "I think..."; just state whatever you want as if you knew for sure.
    Act as if there were millions behind you. You're attempting that, but try harder.
    Add more insults; you're a well-mannered, intelligent person after all.
    And in general, there's not enough fiery hatred in your post. Check the thread for some decent examples.

    Two final thoughts. Firstly, I like the reasoning here. "I said we don't bash Nithy followers, but we bash his inner circle. I'll just say everyone who objects me is from his inner circle (surely they don't have anything more important other than trying to enter this blog and spy the top secret information about its participants, right?), and then bash normally."
    And secondly, consider the idea that this post and the one at April 6, 10:19 PM belong to different people. Of course, no sane person would even think of that, so that's kind of a joke for you.

    Keep learning, you're doing well. I'm looking forward to a nice, hate-filled reply.


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