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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

'Swami' Nithyananda's Boring Siddhi (Magic) Show - A Cult Trap!

'Swami' Nithyananda Marketing Genius!  Selling the Sizzle of His Siddhis (Magic)

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda.  How are you today?  "Feerrappadappa."  Oh, we see our Gruntanese translator said that you 'have to go'.  Sorry, there, Sri Nithyananda, but hold off on that 'disappearing act' of your for just a bit.  We want to get to the bottom of this fraud thing on why people actually think that you're a god (note the small 'g').  So, why, 'Swami' Nithyananda, do people actually confuse you with being Divine?  Is there any proof?  "Grabbadribble Science-raprra Shnap!"  Oh, our Gruntanese translator says that you say that there's 'scientific proof' that you are Divine.  Nice.  Sri Nithyananda, do you know that there was once 'scientific' proof to why some races were deemed 'inferior'?  Why some poor people were poor?  Why global warming is not happening?...  and on and on.  Do you really think that we should blindly believe all of this 'scientific' proof, especially when it comes from your printing press?  OK, Sri Nithyananda, we see that you're not going to budge on this one.  Fair enough.  We thought that would be your answer.

What's this here, Sri Nithyananda?  Why looks like the test publication from the Oklahoma medical doctors you did back in 2005.  It was called "Mind of the Mystic". We think that it should have been retitled to be called "Mind of a Mistake", but we won't let our personal opinions influence such valuable 'scientific' research. Sri Nithyananda, do you know that our readers can still view this piece of 'scientific' research on your website at this URL:
Or, if they want to download a PDF version, we just stumbled across one on the Guruphiliac Fourm.

Wow, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. Those researchers from Oklahoma seemed mighty impressed with the findings. Just a quick recap, it looks like they ran two tests. The first one measured your brain's activities through a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) device. It was like a fancy X-Ray machine that produces images of the function of the brain through the metabolic activity of cells. The researches said that your frontal brain was heightened immediately upon going into meditation. And, when you went into your deepest meditation, they claimed that 90 percent of the dominant hemisphere of your brain was shut down and in deep rest as if it was on vacation. Wow. They also said that your lower portion of the mesial frontal areas lighted up significantly and that this was the 'third eye' region which one of the researchers claimed as the D-spot or the 'pleasure zone'.

The second test the researchers did measured the type and frequency of brainwaves. This was the Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG), and the researchers said that you were able to slip in and out different brainwaves as if you, Sri Nithyananda, were a pianist doing the scales. And, that you had complete control over all of this.

Look, Sri Nithyananda, the researchers just about gush over you in their report:
"Swami is a bridge between the invisible, ancient world of mysticism and the modern, visible world of science and discovery."

" we were watching Swami float from color to color within a rainbow."

And, the scientists end on a note of hope about your mystical state of meditation could possibly "bring balance and peace into people’s lives".
Wow, Sri Nithyananda, that was mighty kind of those researchers to do all those studies and do such a favorable report on you.  If this wasn't a scientific study printed in a respectable journal, it would seem that these scientists were your disciples.  Did you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, ever thought about including this study in your books so that other people can see? Oh, here it is, on page four of the Appendix of your book, Nithyananda Vol. 1, December 2006.

This having your medical report that you are no ordinary human being really is amazingly helpful to spread your divinity. Without you having to say anything, now even analytical types can see 'scientific' proof that you, Sri Nithyananda, are an 'enlightened' master. And, for those other devotees who just melted after you mystically mesmerized them, this is the icing on the cake. The proof they needed to quit their job, divorce their spouse, and do nothing but divine (note lower 'd') service to you, Sri Nithyananda, and only you.

But, wait, Sri Nithyananda. Before we get too carried away here, we had a few questions to ask about that study. 'Swami' Nithyananda, were you in a nice comfortable chair when you did these studies and went into meditation? Yes, Sri Nithyananda, we thought so. Perhaps, Sri Nithyananda, for your next study, the researches can measure your brainwaves when your doing some 'divine' service that exerts a little more physical activity than being all comfy on a nice chair. We think, Sri Nithyananda, that it would be really interesting to measure your brainwaves when you are whacking one of your beloved ashramites, you know, Sri Nithyananda, those people who gave up their whole lives just to help make you famous, with a cane or throwing furniture on them. To have that ability to make someone limp for a whole week must really produce some really mystical brainwaves.

And, Sri Nithyananda, we admit that those results really looked mesmerizing. In order to declare that you're really an 'enlightened' master as you would like to have anyone who reads that scientific study to draw that conclusion, did you, Sri Nithyananda, or the researchers ever have the idea of having a 'control group'. You know, Sri Nithyananda, not your ashramites, that's a 'controlled group'. A 'control group' is a set of people in the experiment to make sure that other variables in the experiment that lead to those incredible results are indeed significant or not. Also, Sri Nithyananda, it would be interesting to see you could get some plain old meditation enthusiasts and see if you're amazing results could be duplicated by some folks that are definitely not 'enlightened' or at least they have no presumptions of claiming so. Then, we would all know if those hypnotizing scientific results really are a super-human achievement beyond the reaches of non-enlightened mortals that are only attributed to you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda.

Sorry to say, 'Swami' Nithyananda, but actually, we're not all that impressed with the scientific findings from your meditation research. Sri Nithyananda, lets just assume that you, a self-claimed Paramahamsa, were able to make your brain behave differently from your meditations. That's what you, Sri Nithyananda, want us to believe. Fine. You see, 'Swami' Nithyananda, as you know better than us, when someone meditates and does it often enough, some 'unseen' channels just open up. Since most people never give any attention to doing something like meditation, then these channels never open up or if they do, they are ignored or suppressed. But, if someone did pay close attention to meditation, then these channels will just naturally open up. If a meditator concentrated on certain meditations that are known to open up certain channels, then those certain channels are very likely to open up and be cultivated. It's no big deal. Sri Nithyananda, we have contributors to this blog that have had their breath stop for a period of four minutes or so, all thoughts just completely evaporate to the extent that a period of 30 minutes didn't even seem to register, body heat given off that people next to them had to move because of the heat, heard whispers across a hallway, etc. These things just happen.  No big deal.

In fact, Sri Nithyananda, we're pretty certain that most illusionist like David Copperfield, Harry Houdini, etc. are able to tap into these channels and produce an entertaining show or at least get fifteen-minutes-of-fame on programs like Ripley's Believe It or Not. You see, Sri Nithyananda, these illusionists must have been pretty good at tapping into different channels and then performing in front of people. Harry Houdini would be able to hold his breath for over three minutes as he picked locks from a regurgitated key and free himself from all the chains while being suspended upside down underwater.
Harry Houdini gets lowered into the Chinese Water Torture Cell, which is much easier to escape from than 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda's Ashram.

Just recently, an illusionist from Israeli named Hezi Dayan broke David Blaine's world record time in ice. He stayed in ice wearing only a t-shirt and jeans for 66 hours. We don't know Henzi Dayan's secret, but David Blaine would say that he would do a 'fire meditation' and warm up his body. So, we imagine, Sri Nithyananda, that all these magicians knew how to tap into these siddhis (esoteric magic) and utilize them. Yes, 'Swami' Nithyananda, they knew how to put on quite a show.

Say, Sri Nithyananda, with your management style, you know, how you kick and scream and hold your breath until you get your way as well as all that bedside swimming you seem to do, we think that you would be a natural for doing at least one of these magic tricks. How about this, Sri Nithyananda, we have you enter a big tank full of big sharks. You break out of some chains, then ride a bicycle around the aquarium floor and then come up to greet the spellbound audience.
We bet that Surfin' Swami Nithyananda can do this trick with bigger sharks and no air tank!...or at least we would like to see him try.

We know, Swami Nithyananda, that would be a dazzling hit with the ladies. You could bill your act as "The Death Defying, Shark Mesmerizing, Surfin' Swami". Don't worry, Sri Nithyananda, we doubt anything will happen to you like Siegfried & Roy.  Remember, they weren't 'enlightened' like you are, and besides, we know the sharks would never dream of touching you out of professional courtesy. It's an almost guaranteed solution.

But, Frankly speaking, Sri Nithyananda, you're siddhis (esoteric magic) doesn't really lend itself to a good show. Those other illusionists are able to command premium dollars to have people sit and watch them do things like disappear, reappear, escape from some immediate danger, saw beautiful ladies in two (well, you sort of do that), etc. All you can do is make some test scientific equipment produce some interesting scientific reports. Just imagine that if you had a show in Las Vegas, what would you do? We picture something like this, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that you would have Swami Bhaktananda open the act by telling some jokes and perhaps do some juggling. And, then you could have Swami Medhananda come on stage and he would do a soft shoe act. No, no, no, that just isn't going to work. Not with his feet. OK, we'll skip the soft shoe act, and have him sing a song or something. Then you can have some of your room service ladies come out in cute little matching uniforms and do some choreographed maneuvers. And, then the star, that's you, Sri Nithyananda, gets wheeled out on stage in a 24K solid gold hospital bed with a bunch of test equipment hooked up to you. Then scientist looking guy in a white lab coat, Paramananda will do, turns on the special equipment and holds up the result. The announcer then says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just witnessed Swami the Great Meditator change his brainwaves from Alpha to Theta. How about a big round of applause for Swamiji, the Mysterious Mystic!" You, know, Sri Nithyananda, we don't know too many people who would really be willing to pay to see that.  There's just no pizzazz.

But, wait, Sri Nithyananda. We just realized that you already thought of the answer to save the show from being a complete dud. Do you remember, Sri Nithyananda, when you went to Microsoft back in 2005 and poached many of Microsoft's talented employees who now work just for you? Well, Sri Nithyananda, we were wondering who was really teaching who that day. Let's face it, Sri Nithyananda, you, like Microsoft, have an inferior product. You know, your siddhis (esoteric power) are in par with products like Vista, Bing, MS DOS, and Bob. Do you remember Microsoft Bob? We guess that you couldn't call it MS Bob; what would the ladies think. Oh, let's not get sidetracked.  Anyway, even if you have an absolutely worthless product, with enough marketing, cash, and muscling, even you, Sri Nithyananda, like Microsoft, can dominate the world!

We see, Sri Nithyananda, that no one goes around and worships David Copperfield and entrusts his or her life to him. Now there are some ladies that try to sue him, but that's about as close as it gets. But, you Sri Nithyananda, by having your enthusiastic slaves, we mean volunteers, pass out that medical report to anyone and everyone, you Sri Nithyananda, can transform your second rate siddhis (esoteric magic) and turn into an 'Enlightened' Healing Master that no one should dare question or suffer the wrath of Microsoft-like lawyers.   Brilliant, there, Sri Nithyananda. You now qualify as a legitimate 'god'.  So, anyone who can be impressed with that lab report, would now be doing your unique form of 'guru pooja' and worship to your feet every morning.  Now that's real inner awakening.  'Swami' Nithyananda, you're a marketing genius.  We even bet Mr. "You're Fired", Donald Trump, multi-millionaire, you know, that guy with the plastic hair, would be impressed with your ability of 'selling the sizzle'.
Donald Trump shows 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda how to sell the sizzle even with dead charred animals, kind of like what we expect to find at the cremation grounds that Sri Nithyananda hanged out in during his youth.

Wow, 'Swami' Nithyananda.  Just think.  Instead of having your fans just pay $300.00 dollars to be in the front row, with this report legitimizing that you are divine (note the small 'd'), you, Sri Nithyananda, can now charge $3,000.00 dollars for front row seats.  [Thanks to our friends in Nithyananda Fairy Tales site who posted this great related story on Sri Nithyananda's tiered pricing at his programs.]

And, instead of being just a one-off event to see you, Sri Nithyananda, your fans can now start enlisting in your multi-level marketing programs that costs thousands of dollars.  Soon they will either be 'donating' for their divinity one-tenth of their salary or earning 'salvation' by doing only volunteer work for you.  From fan to indentured slave, all just from one report.  Say, Sri Nithyananda, that's a pretty good deal.  Soon, you and your franchise will be ruling the world, just like McDonalds.  Sri Nithyananda, does that make you the new Ronald McDonald of the spiritual world?

Ah, oh, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we hate to be killjoys, but we just thought of something. What if there are people in the spiritual world that are not impressed with super natural siddhis (esoteric power)? Yes, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, these people are crazy to miss such an 'enlightened' healing master such as yourself. But, what if they have different criteria for measuring divinity such as:
  • Compassion
  • Inspiration
  • Humbleness
  • Humility
  • Overflowing Generosity
  • Unconditional Love in One's Heart to Embrace All, etc.
As strange as it might seem, there 'Swami' Nithyananda, these seekers don't use the yardstick of magic tricks and manipulation of a medical exam to judge if someone is Divine or not.  Using their criteria, in some cases, you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, might not score as high as, say, a Mother Theresa. You know, Sri Nithyananda, Mother Theresa never wanted to have her image on anything, not even the malas (rosaries) that she could have marketed and made a fortune if she wanted to. But, instead, Mother Theresa just wanted to serve the poor. That's it. Swami Vivekananda and Paramahamsa Ramakrishna were not interested in writing books, making YouTube videos, having photo ops, etc. They were way too busy transforming lives. Their followers, long after they left their bodies, later compiled all of the speeches, etc. and made them available to spiritual seekers. But, not as they were living. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna strictly forbade any show of siddhis (esoteric power) no matter how small or innocent or even how much a devotee desired in his or her heart to experience one.

So, Sri Nithyananda, we need to work on your image. It couldn't be that bad. Let's see. You beat some of your close followers with a cane and throw furniture on them until they can barely crawl away. Well, we'll need to work on that, but those acts of violence were out of compassion, right?  And, you tell devotees in some cities like Toronto that you, Sri Nithyananda, will open up some big temple if they donate... but that money disappears, but pictures of you sitting on some shiny new 24K gold thrones are on your website. Sri Nithyananda, that doesn't look so good either. Let's see, then there's that big 10,000 seat stadium your soliciting funds to build in your ashram, so even more people can hear you. Oh, dear. This image thing is getting harder by the moment.  Oh, yes, there's your Vedic temples. That should be a strength we can build on. But, then again, there's those mantras where you inserted your name in them, those idols that are specifically made in your image so people can worship just to you, while the other legitimate Hindu deities you renamed with your name attached to them, your thrones have images of Divine Deities right on the seat so you sit firmly on top of them, etc. Gee, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we thought that your Vedic Temples might be a strong point, but then again, maybe not. We know, how about your devoted volunteers? You, know, the ones that haven't reached absolute poverty and divorced upon you recommendation. Yes, their enthusiastic brainwashing just might work, but you'll need to hide those 'undesirables' in the back.  You, know, Sri Nithyananda, the ashramites that look old, tired, and fat.  Those are definitely not photo op material. You know, Sri Nithyananda, to work on you image, we think that you might need to hire the same public relations experts that Union Carbide hired after the Bhopal Disaster in 1984. We think that might be your only salvation.
Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Day 72: Seventy-two days have passed since Sri Nithyananda's bloggers of the Parallel Universe of La-La Land have not answered our simple chronological questions. We'll keep on reminding them.

Day 93: Ninety-three days have passed since Sri Nithyananda and his organizations have threatened a baseless lawsuit against us. We'll keep on counting.


  1. Dear blogger - thank you for exposing this aspect of our wonderful Mr Nithyananda. How he is using cheap Siddhis to pretend he is some divine being. Any meditator who is able to go deep into meditation can get such results in scientific studies. That by itself does NOT mean the person is some "divine Avataar" as Nithyanada claims.

    See for example this Buddhist monk. He is a former scientist turned Buddihst monk named Matthieu Ricard

    They have done experiments on him and his other fellow Buddhist monks and they have gotten astounding results. This is long video but if you get a chance watch it.

    Matthieu Ricard Mystical Brain

    Matthieu Ricard is a very humble man who is able to show altered states of the brain too. There are two wonderful videos of his talks that I have seen - one given at TED and another at Google. Just do a Goole search and you will find them. But anyway, he is not going about claiming he is "God", "Enlightened", "Avatara Purusha" and other donkey balls.

    Nithyananda is a disgrace to humanity. Fraud in business is somewhat acceptable. Fraud in personal lives is tolerable. Fraud in relationships can be forgiven. But fraud in the name of spirituality to me is the highest crime. Because he is taking millions of people on a ride. Not that he is the first one to have done this or will be the last one who will do this. Many such fraud Gurus have come and gone.

    But in this lifetime for me he has totally betrayed my faith and trust and made me despise all spirituality. And for that he will get bad Karma in some way, shape or form.

  2. Positron Emission Tomography or (PET Scan)is not a scientific study unless they test a controlled group of other meditators. I'm sure in all good meditators you will find same findings.

    This is not a scientific report. This guy did not do a similar control group study to compare Swami Nithyananda's findings. Also, in 2005 this PET SCAN could be interpretted by three readers differrently. Swami Nithyananda found a sucker who performed a PET SCAN with out a control group of meditating Swami's..

    Go read the validity PET SCANS readings and interprertations in Google search. Just now scientists are learning how to read these things correctly!

  3. What 2012? Disaster already struck in 1978. Or was it in 1977?


  4. What 2012? Disaster already struck in 1978. Or was it in 1977?

    Very well said, rolling on the floor with laughter with this comment!

    Sad but true. the arrival of the fake Swami was a disaster enough :-)

  5. Some body should file a class action law suit against the organiztion so that all the ex devotees who gave their money can recover it back since the money was taken under false propaganda such as kapatharu and other BS reasons. At least there will be some solace for people who lost money attending the Life BS programs.

  6. The fake swami probably arrived some years before 1978 or 1977. Please read earlier post. There is indication that he is several yours older than his fantasy age.


  8. Man are you really pissed off?
    I wonder what he did to you to be so relentlessly be on Nithy's behind like a pitbull. Whatever it is and if all of the above is true then he is misusing his Sidhhis. From what u say I think u agree that he had attained some Siddhis.

    As far as I am concerned - I plan to stay away and stick with the masters and their books from the bygone eras.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Anonymous said...
    Wow! That was just a 3000 word post about showing us that Nithyananda’s siddhis are nothing!

    Keep on running your great ideas, mr blogger!

    Unbelievable. You just lost ALL respect from me for publishing this FAKE comment. You took my comment, didn't publish it, appropriated my words and twisted them to suit YOUR agenda, and conveniently posted the fake altered comment anonymously.

    Pot [you, blogger] calling the kettle [Nithyananda] black?

    [My original comment said that you wrote a 3000 post about... nothing, and wondered if you have run out of things to say - it looks like you have, considering how much of the post has been repeated ad nauseam here previously]

    Just how many of your "commentators" here are sock puppets?

    Don't insult the intelligence of readers of your blog. I wonder if this will be published?

  11. Om Namah Shivaya,

    HA! HA! HA! Anonymous above, with the dirty socks puppet on your head. We had great fun at your expense! Now you know that if you submit a low value comment, we’ll send it right back to you.

    Here’s your original post sent on February 17, 2010:

    That was just a 3000 word post about...


    Running out of ideas, mr blogger?

    We’re tired of all the nasty little comments from Nithyananda supporters, so we’ll send them all right back to you on their head. So far, we have three other comments that have been converted. You’ll have to guess which ones. (Hint: look for lots of CAP keys and other signs of uncontrolled anger. And, for the record, we also reposted one comment that had someone's e-mail address in it. Even though that was a Pro-Nithyananda comment, we didn't want that person to get lots of spam.) Perhaps later, we’ll have a blog post dedicated to our ‘before’ and ‘after’ comments exposing the fools who sent them.

    Message to Nithyananda supporters. Improve the quality of your spam, we mean comments, or we’ll have great fun with them and drive you crazy.

    Please read the revised content under our 'Post A Comment' box. We were very clear of our intentions, but, pitty, not everyone bothers to read. Now you know.

    And, yes, we have lots of respect to our readers of our blog. We’ve just protected them of unwanted trash. And, how can we possibly insult the intelligence of the Nithyananda spammers when they don’t even have enough intelligence to see that 1995 plus nine years does not equal January 1, 2000?

    Just the same, if the Nithyananda supporters send us quality comments like ‘Swamiji is God’ did, then, of course, we’ll post those (with respect) and have a discussion.

    We’re glad that we all now have this understanding. Happy blogging.

    Jai Maa.

  12. We’re tired of all the nasty little comments from Nithyananda supporters


    So you can dish it out but can't take a little criticism, huh? My comment was hardly "nasty" compared to the stuff you've written.

    Grow a thicker skin. And don't expect people to take you seriously as a blogger when you post fake/altered comments.

  13. The Yoga and the Hindu system has 8 siddhis. We have not seen Swami Nithyananda becoming minute/small like in story of the Surasa demon while Hanuman was crossing the ocean, light weight like Hanuman perhaps while flying, becoming big like Hanuman say in the incident of fight with Lanka protector female demon, becoming heavy like Hanuman like in Hanuman story with Bhima, Nithyananda is no Lord (Isvara) as he has to do meditation programs with false propaganda and collect money - without name and fame he feels like he is nothing, so no Isitva, he does not get get whatever he wants instead he gets what he does not want -- such as this blog, he can not accomplish what he wants - such as not able to get to US from Canada via Vancouver, so no prAkamya and prApti siddhis.

    The only power seems to be his vasitva siddhi i.e taking others under his control. He seems to succeed more easily with female than male. Here too he can not control real seekers of truth. None who has proper previous religious background remained with him, after initial excitement. Most of the devotees male and female who are there are mesmarised with the idea of 'enlightenment in youth' attached to him. Most devotees do not read basic books on philosophy and lack critical thinking; neither does the organization encourage people to read any thing proper other than false interpretations and Osho-plagiarism published by Nithyananda organization. The people are slowly brainwashed by telling 'Swami will take care'. So, it is not hard to control the people with the charisma, propaganda, lies, make-big stories weaved around Nithyananda. Ultimately people may remain at this great/grand experience stage for some years/lives just like Nithyananda himself.

    No doubt Nithyananda has Kundalini power which can help seekers to get to some different state of mind. For that people can empty their pockets, rock families, and become a menace to society and future generations.

    I am wondering who is copying whom SriSri (Chee Chee) or Nithyananda.

    Both have gone down simultaneously. Both have siddhis of similar kind!!

    Enlightenment is different baby!!


  14. lots of CAP keys and other signs of uncontrolled anger

    Expose Nithyananda - didn't you know the above two: CAPs key and uncontrolled anger, are signs of Nithyananda devotees being completely UNCLUTCHED :-) LOL

    I think they are nearing the 0 (Zero) TPS state just like Nithyananda and hence they are exhibiting the same anger and violence that Nithyananda does in private. I guess these poor chaps are reaching the Nithyananda "enlightenment" state.

    You are right, we do NOT need such worthless trash on this blog.


  15. And don't expect people to take you seriously as a blogger

    Just be unclutched pal. Relax and don't worry about these blogs. As you say no one is taking these blogs seriously, so why are you getting worked up?

    Truth of the matter is in one US city (insiders know which city it is), at least 10 people who used to actively volunteer have left just in the last 2-3 months. So they and you perhaps know this blog is being very effective. And that is why you want to discredit this blog.

    Get your head out of the sand, and see objectively how many lies Nithyananda has told about his biography and so many things around it. But why would you? That would shatter your illusion that he is God!

  16. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. (Peace. Peace. Peace.)

    To the anon fan who we had some fun bantering, we have no bad will against you. Yes, you were right. What you wrote was neither nasty or even bad, just annoying. What can we say? You just posted at the 'wrong' time. Kind of like that one-millionth shopper. And, since your rebuttal to our prank was just too good...or maybe it was too alter. After all, we couldn't just change all of the phrases of 'you are' to 'Nithyananda is', but we actually had to think and respond. Your replies are the type of comments that we're looking for and encourage. So, we want to say thanks for making this blog a little more colorful and exciting to read.

    As a measure of goodwill, we'll even delete our one post that was made mostly from your words. That now just leaves three altered comments. Once we get a few more, we'll make a special post to highlight the 'before' and 'after'. (Sorry, you will not be included.)

    Thanks all for your patience, goodwill, and banter. We hope that you find this blog informative and entertaining. Unless of course you're brainwashed, then it will be neither. Oh, well. Can't win them all.

    Jai Maa.

  17. Dear blog readers,

    As many of you regular readers may already know, we at Nithyananda Fairy Tales, opened up our site for guest contributions few weeks ago. We are happy to have published the first Guest article today:

    Why many people refuse to believe Nithyanada is a fraud despite evidence?

    First of all, we want to thank this author for this well thought out article. Also we want to let you know we have a few more guest articles we have received. We will be publishing them in the coming weeks.

    We hope this trend continues as this enables us to bring to you a much broader perspective from many different people instead of our small team alone.


    Nithyananda Fairy Tales Team

  18. I heard Ayya (nithya sadadnada) has gone back to India. Looks like he did not get the required head count. I think this is a win to your Blog site. Good Luck.

  19. Do you guys know how much the Nithyananda Foundation donated to the Karnataka Chief Minister's fund during recent rains/floods?

    It was Rs. 1,00,000 i.e Rs. 100,000 i.e less than US $ 2,500. This was posted for about a day on their website, along with the photos in CM's office. Probably they must have realised the silliness, they removed the photoop details, the next day.

  20. I heard that Swami Vimalananda left the organization. One more down many more to go.

  21. Looks like ayya has not gone back...

  22. If I am near any of the places Ayya programs, I would had went and asked some about Nithy biograghy & other inconsistancies questions - politely. I am still waiting for a mahaacharya to visit my city. Not likely any time soon.

    I don't think Nithy would visit the USA any time soon. I will be surprised to see Nithy in the USA the next few years, if ever again.

  23. Looks as if he has got a new golden throne for his collection:-

  24. I left the Nithyananda organization about 3 months ago after a few years of being in it.

    At first it was tremendously painful to have left the organization emotionally and specially feeling extremely cheated by the organization. But now I am realizing each and every day how beautiful a gift life has been in general and how much I had ignored my personal and work life because of the Foundation.

    I am so happy to be getting my life back together again. Thank you to this blog owner, it has helped my get my life back.

  25. When I first met Swami Vimalananda in 2006 he was very dynamic, energytic and very active. When I last saw him in Bididi in 2009 he was looking very battered any humiliated. May be he was beaten by his master too. Who knows what goes on there???????????? Masters work in mysterios ways. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    [Editor’s note: Sorry, we edited out the reference to Vimalananda’s original name in the comment above. We would like to see good people, as is the case with Swami Vimalanada, who have left Nithyananda’s cult, to get on with their lives. We don’t want their original names to be tainted / associated with Nithyananda’s cult. We know from firsthand experience that it is hard enough to leave and to get re-started sometimes from scratch. So, naming the ‘Nithyananda’ name is fair game. Naming someone’s original name in most cases is off-limits in this blog. Thanks for your understanding. Jai Maa.]

  26. Yeah..that's right...bad mistake to take someone's annoying pro-Nithya words and post them on your blog! Nithyananda has told so many lies that no-one will take HIM seriously! You just proved that what you've said this whole time about Nithyananda is FAKE ..."All submitted comments become part of this blog, and we are free to do what we feel best with them." is REALLY a stupendous just shows how invincible you really the way...are you between-anger and joy? sounds like my kids would never fall for this dope thanks to your blog! Let’s hope that Nithyananda grows up and faces the TRUTH which he so proudly says to the world about but ends up exposing himself. He keeps on stealing someone else's words and using them, and even after he is caught he keeps on doing the same! (only he puts a real twist on them). Now that people no longer believe him, it isn't as "fun" as he thinks, yeah that's right, how credible is that? talk about playing with someone's mind..what does he calls that... brainwashing? and then I can picture that he actually laughs about it and thinks he’s so smart..and that he never thinks he will get caught while he sits on his golden throne! don't think so. Who's in control now? exposing this fraud, Nithyananda is on his way out. Maybe Nithyananda has got a real jealous streak going on and can't stand it that someone actually has the leadership capabilities to bring him down like you bloggers do!

  27. I want to write about the Wheel of Dharma as described by Swami Sachitananda. Every time in a large gathering he goes off with this story that the Wheel of Dharma has already started rolling and what we have to do is to just act as if we are supporting it, and if we do that we all will all get Moksha. Now let us discuss Dharma as understood by Life Bliss Organization.

    Tell Lies
    Do anything to Make a few dollars more.
    Beat people up
    Lure people to come and stay in the military barraks for $8000.00
    Tell people we will take care of any problems, just give me your money.
    Do not read any other books and if you read you will get ulcers.
    If you be my slave long ennough we will dress you up like an orange clown.
    Join the ashram and give all your posessions and this way you have no other way but to get moksha since you have no where else to go. In case you get sick we will drop you at the nearest bus station.

    With all the exposure about the real Swami I wonder what is Swami Sachit is talking about these days. Would like to be a fly on the wall when he is addressing the next group for more money.


  29. One Anon wrote: "...Join the ashram and give all your posessions and this way you have no other way but to get moksha since you have no where else to go. In case you get sick we will drop you at the nearest bus station. ..."

    Do you know any ashramite sent away for falling sick? Why no healing for them?

  30. <-< In case you get sick we will drop you at the nearest bus station.>->

    Thats not true. Come on, no need to make sh!t up.

    In fact, to my knowledge, he has never kicked anybody out, not even the freeloaders in the indian ashram who aren't too productive. Give him _some_ credit.

    [editor’s note: we replaced an ‘i’ with a ‘!’ mark in the comment above. Using profanity will delay or void your comments from being posted. Thanks for noting this in the future.]

  31. Freeloader? May be they work 8 hours a day instead of the 16 hours or more expected?

    How much it cost to keep to not-very-productive worker in an over-crowded dorm with so so food? They may be beaten for not working hard enough even if they are not thrown out outright . lol

    Some of the freeloaders may be from his native village, or sons/daughters of parents who contribute to the ashram, some older ones may be contributors themselves.

  32. Om Namah Shivaya.

    Actually we know of several cases that this so-called compassionate 'Swami' Nithyananda has given the boot to ashramites and close followers in both the U.S and in Bidadi. This is usually hush-hushed, and of course, those given the boot are blamed for their own fate and it is 'Swami working on them' b.s. that makes it acceptable to others who were once close to these people.

    We'll give this full coverage in a proper blog post in the near future.

    Jai Maa.

  33. Anonymous said :
    "Thats not true. Come on, no need to make sh!t up.

    In fact, to my knowledge, he has never kicked anybody out, not even the freeloaders in the indian ashram who aren't too productive. Give him _some_ credit. "

    Wow! We have a LBE graduate or a Jeevan Muktha here judging by the profanity.

    "productive"??? I thought Nithyananda was running an ashram. Thanks for clarifying that he is running a business.

  34. Someone corrected me on his ashramites working hours. I thought 16 hrs, now, it is often more than that, many get only a few hours of sleep workign 7 days a week. I stand corrected.

    I knew an older ashramite in Bidadi. She said she was lucky to get it early when older ashramites were accepted. She paid for an apartment there that was yet to be built last I heard. She volunteered there but also paid for her living expense. She couldn't work the long hours expected form those youngsters getting free dorm bed and so so food. May be this ashramite is considered a freeloader by an earlier poster?

  35. I used the word "freeloader" half-jokingly. And being "productive" is not opposed to spiritual growth. Heard of "Karma Yoga"? "Seva"? Well guess what they signify.

    It is well known, that just like in the real world, in any ashram or community - spiritual or not - many members are the hard-working, efficient, creative, disciplined types. The remaining are.. uh.. the slackers - they are along for the free ride. Doesn't mean that they don't do anything (I doubt that is possible in the Nithya org.)

    I guess some people were kicked out, I didn't know any. My point was only this: you have a much higher chance of being laid off at your real world job than you do in the Nithya ashram. Well, at work at least you get your 401K or a severance package :)

  36. Well, at work at least you get your 401K or a severance package

    Very true. At least with work and layoffs you do have some consolation. With Nithyananda usually your consolation is this:

    - No job or money and may be deep credit card debt
    - completely emptied bank account
    - Lost identity because you took on the name from Nithyananda
    - No friends or family as you have abandoned them in the name of this phony enlightenment
    - A feeling of having been completely cheated and you having run around for a false cause

    There you go. Aren't those rewards enought for you, when you lave Nithyananda?

    I can't even laught about this comment of mine, because it is mostly true in my case that this happened.

  37. Anonymous said...
    'And being "productive" is not opposed to spiritual growth. Heard of "Karma Yoga"? "Seva"? Well guess what they signify. '

    You mean you wish now to define "Karma Yoga" in terms of productivity? Did you read the Gita? Karma Yoga is when you do your work without attachment and not expecting results. Productivity is when you measure it against a scale. So in those terms, handicapped people will not be included as they cannot compete against able-bodied people in productivity.
    "Seva" is done from the heart. Not with a business-like mind expecting results or measuring it against some scale like productivity.

    "It is well known, that just like in the real world, in any ashram or community - spiritual or not - many members are the hard-working, efficient, creative, disciplined types. The remaining are.. uh.. the slackers - they are along for the free ride. Doesn't mean that they don't do anything (I doubt that is possible in the Nithya org.)"

    In the spiritual world, there are only seekers. And as one goes deeper spiritually, external world definitions start dropping by themselves and the person starts radiating the inner beauty. And the only thing a Guru does is guide him on the path and show him his "Sadguru". He does not get into useless arguments (or debates) like the one right now between you and us. The only criteria is earnestness.

    Look at your definition:"hard-working, efficient, creative, disciplined types". This is business not a spiritual organization. In that respect don't you think Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Ramana Maharishi and their earlier disciples who attended the Satsangs are disqualified by your "Nithya" definition?

  38. As usual, our friends from the Nithya organization jump in at some non-core points and discuss philosophies. No answer to the core questions.

    1) Born 78
    2) Did diploma in Mech. Average student. So, should have done by 1996/7.
    3) Wandered 70,000 miles for 9 years across the length and breadth of India learning from various masters. Should take it to 2005/6.
    4) After wandering, attained enlightenment on 1/1/2000.(???????)

    If this was a one-off slip, I can overlook. But he has consistently said this in his books, CDs, websites, articles and even in our personal meetings.

    You cannot also dismiss this as chronologically irrelevant. Remember, the Life Bliss foundation proudly markets how Nithyananda had visualized all these plans, temples etc for each year in advance and had executed them to perfection. If he can't even answer his whereabouts in his core years, what else should we believe?

  39. Oh God the Wheel of dharma and the Swami Sachit. What a true dog's life he is living for a false cause!

    As I understand apparently he was about to leave the foundation an year or so ago, but Nithy somehow convinced him to stay. Probably he used his Siddhis that enslaved him into staying.

    Sachit is a smart chap. If you are reading this Sachit, think about the 'quality' of life you have now propping up an indefensible and greedy pig. You call that enlightenment? Sure, it just helps your ego to think you are enlightened.

    Your life is worse than a dog's life. You once were a model family man and good provider, which has true spiritual value in itself, and now it will be very hard for you to get back into the Corporate life you once you had. And your current boss is a narcissistic dictator! I hope you are "enlightened" enough to know the difference and make the right choices.

  40. PART I

    Om Namah Shivaya,

    We normally do not post comments like the one above. We really would like our readers to focus on Sri Nithyananda. Cult members who focus on marketing, sales, recruiting, etc. such as Ayya, Bhakta, and Medhananda are fair game only because it helps others get out. Other cult members who have demonstrated harmful intent such as Ajara and Sarveshwar also should be named when concrete examples are needed. But, the root of all this evil is Sri Nithyananda. It is best to focus your comments on him. Nithyananda has captured many good souls, and we wish *most* of them well.

    However imperfect the post above is, we allowed it a pass this time, for it serves a purpose for greater discussion. We are very confident that Sri Sachitananda will be able to transition back into the corporate world and be very successful at it. We have the highest opinion of him and his family, and we wish them the best.

    Next time, we would like our loyal readers not to offer jeers and taunts (we get plenty of those ourselves), but instead to offer help in a very quiet manner. We imagine that one of the hurdles of leaving Nithyananda's cult is the financial barrier. A true corporation would offer a 'resettlement grant' for anyone who left the organization after so many years of service. Sri Nithyananda not only denies this, but has taken away every asset that his close followers had and spent it on things like golden thrones. Just imagine from car to credit line, you are started from zero. If you have dependents, this starting point is multiplied and the expenses are huge. Four one-way tickets back to the States is enough to break someone's will. In this way, Sri Nithyananda has not only made his close followers 'well frogs' but he has greased the walls of his well and entombed the top of these wells with concrete.

    (continued below)

  41. PART II (continued from above)

    Let's compare the hurdles of a family who has lived in Bidadi leaving the cult compared to someone like a single and very competent software engineer from Seattle who was fortunate enough to escape recently. It is a lot easier if someone is single and still had a professional employment history to leave than a whole family that has been fully focused on Nithyananda's Mission. A single person could 'crash' (sleep) on someone's sofa until the right job opportunity arose. If someone has a handful of dependents, then there are much fewer options; someone's living room is not going to do. Someone who recently has been employed has professional contacts and a recent career and credit history. Someone who has been focused on the mission, no matter how competent, will not have this strong of a professional network. A credit line will also be hard. The needs and expenses of a single person are much less than needs of a whole family. A young healthy person could probably skip on health insurance for several months. A family provider could, in good conscious, never consider that option. Add on transportation, clothing, education, food, etc., it makes a very daunting task for a family to get out Nithyananda's organization and get started without considerable outside help.

    So, here's our point. For our readers who are 'in the know' and know what it is like to get out of this trap, please don't offer jeers and taunts to our friends who are still inside. (Although some churning is needed, let this churning come from Sri Nithyananda and their own inner voice.) Instead, quietly and humbly offer some help. A place to stay for a whole family with access to a car would be a great place to start. Our friends who are still in the 'inside' might not ever accept your offer. But, it will still go a long ways. And, if some 'inside' members do accept your offer, don't place a lot of conditions on them. It takes time to transition from Nithyananda's Mission back into a normal family life especially if you were fully committed and living in the inside. So, if they ever accept your offer, let them have pictures of that 'leader' in their room. You don't have to look at them. Let them do that corrupted form of Guru Pooja, etc. Just let them be. Time will heal and their common sense and good rational will return. Make it easy for them to transition.

    So, readers, if you're really sincere, have the resources, and know what it is like to be in and then get out, please offer to help these folks in a very quiet and humble way.

    That is our plea.

    Jai Maa.

  42. Actually what's worse than adults being stuck in the ashram is that their children grew up there as well. And young people have normal desires and dreams just like any normal college going kid would have. Kids who grow up in cults have an especially difficult time if/when they ever leave and have to re-adjust to the normal outside world.

    The ashram creates a split-personality where you have two identities, one for the inside and one for the outside. As if life were not stressful enough managing one identity :)

    I now see many ashram folks on facebook and twitter using their non-nithyananda names. Huh? Whatever happened to your great spiritual gift of a name? Or are you following orders to appear "normal" and non-cultish to attract more sheeple?

    [Editor notes: We took liberties to edit the personal name(s) out of this comment.]

  43. You're site is sooooooooooo transforming !!! that's a great service to do with your life is turn other people around to avoid Nithyananda..that's really using your brain!

  44. that's a great service to do with your life is turn other people around to avoid Nithyananda

    To anonymous who wrote this comment above. I completely agree with you. This is such wonderful service these blog authors of this blog and other blogs are doing to wake up the people who are still blinded by Nithyananda.

    I also woke up because of these blogs and also know many people in different cities who are waking up thanks to this blog.

    May the real God (not Nithyananda) bless the authors of these blogs!

  45. Looks like we have more active participants in the blog this week. I fully agree with 'Expose Nithyananda' that we should help the returning swamis who are leaving the ashram with compassion and dignity instead of geering at them with contempt. Imagine that we were also once like them swallowing all the bullshit we heard ever raising a question.

    We were fortunate to get out of the mess with less emotional damage since some of us did not live in the ashrams.

    I thing it is just a question of time the old orange clowns will give way to the new orange clowns, similar to the corporate world which thrives on greed and fame. The LBF is not a NON PROFIT organization but a fraudelent organization which does not give anything back in return for the money people pay for.

  46. "<-< In case you get sick we will drop you at the nearest bus station.>->

    Thats not true. Come on, no need to make sh!t up."

    For the Anonymous who replied to my blog and picked up on my insinuating comments let me say that was a trap you fell into. It is so funny that you who bieng one of the faithfull devotee did not comment on the other facts such as

    "Tell Lies
    Do anything to Make a few dollars more.
    Beat people up
    Lure people to come and stay in the military barraks for $8000.00
    Tell people we will take care of any problems, just give me your money.
    Do not read any other books and if you read you will get ulcers."

    Since you did not get excited about these statements you and your cult do accept this as true isint it?

    I rest my case.

  47. Like anonymous said above, Nithyananda is exactly like a Corporation. When old ones leave, new ones are ready to take on the spots that are newly vacant.

    Two years ago, I was personally guilty of this myself. When some senior members who had inspired me to join had left and they warned me that this place was fraudulent, I thought they were just "missing" the Master. I thought "existence through Swamiji" was giving me the opportunity for spiritual growth and hence the new responsibilities were given to me in my city. And I even thought to myself, I was one of the "chosen" ones by existence/Swami. I really thought people who left were total fools. I used to be very impressed by the likes of Medhananda and Bhaktananda and think, true disciples should be like them. Too bad those who left the Master have completely missed.

    Sadly the history is repeating itself right now in my city. I left few months ago. Those who I had inspired, do not even want to talk to me anymore, because in their view I am "missing" the Master and am not "mature" enough. And these fellows are now in key positions in the my city. They are the new "chosen" ones, who are so ga ga over Nithyananda that they cannot see the fraud inspire of these websites exposing this fraud. And just like how I used to be impressed by the likes of Medhananda, these newbies now are impressed by the likes of Aiyya I am hearing; they say, you should see Aiyya, he is totally established and has complete clarity!

    When I heard this about their new key roles and them being enamored by Aiyya, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Because the parallel of this to my experience from two years ago is exactly similar. And yet I feel totally helpless to make these fools see the fraud and wake up.

    In due time, they may also wake up once they realize, no matter how many IA or LBE or God knows what other programs they do, Nithyananda enlightenment is one big phony scam. And when they leave, yet another new set of bright eyed "devotees" will be ready to carry on the "Master's mission" :-)

  48. It is so funny that you who bieng one of the faithfull devotee did not comment on the other facts such as


    It's actually even funnier that you guys take yourselves oh-so-seriously, that you can't realize that I was playing Devil's advocate.

    Guess you missed the sly humor in my 401K comment.

    Get a clue.

  49. And yet I feel totally helpless to make these fools see the fraud and wake up.

    Why are you bothered? "Existence will take care!"


    No seriously, who is helping whom? It's all a big cosmic joke anyway.

  50. Why are you bothered? "Existence will take care!"

    Anonymous, you are right; and I am trying to let go of this stuff of trying to "help" some of my former so called friends who are still stuck there. Some day existence will wake them up, if appropriate. But yet it pains me a little to see that they are believing a fake Guru.

    Oh the game of existence!

  51. The NSP c(onducted on 19th feb-22nd feb 2010)- with swami's "no show"...the fee was to be returned as promised by swami, but no one got any cash back, when i went to collect mine, the people in the office told me that they have donated it to the ashram in my name...huh??? They didnt ask me if i want to donate...nor was i given any receipt. All I got while leaving the place was my entrance ticket of 500 rupees each toaling to 5000 rupees.

  52. This blog is religious terrorism

    1. OM Namah Shivaya.

      In response. Oh, really?

      Perhaps to the fake-religion of hijacking True faith from the cult of Sex Swami Nithyananda.

      Now that would have some validity. But, all through peaceful, legal, and non-violent means.

      Humbly so for nearly nine years.

      Jai Maa.

    2. And, feel free to keep coming back again and again and reading every post and all the comments. It will help you in your spiritual journey.

      Jai Maa.


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