The Nithyananda Dog and Pony Show

The Nithyananda Dog and Pony Show

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Nithyananda's Criminal Trial Starts December 3, 2014. On July 2, 2012, a U.S. Federal Court found the Nithyananda Foundation guilty of Fraud with damages of $1,565,000 U.S.D. Peaceful Spirituality or Blood Thirsty Cult? Nithyananda's supporters are willing to die for his crimes. The untimely death of a Canadian citizen in Nithyananda's ashram.  An accident or murder? Nithyananda is not who he seems to be. Behind the scenes, Nithyananda's smile is quite different. Some like it spicy. Nithyananda is known to offer chilies, human hair, and marijuana seeds in his midnight fire rituals. Nithyananda the 'renunciant' was caught money laundering over $6,000,000 USD into his personal bank account. Nithyananda managed several hedge funds while in the U.S. on a religious visa. Spiritual practice? Tantric techniques? Or just plain sleaze? Sex Swami Nithyananda: Self-Idolizing and Cross-dressing Nithyananda's Healing: This won't hurt a bit. Your Soul is now mine; brainwashed and devoted to me. Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977? Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977? Nithyananda: Born on January 1, 1978 or March 13, 1977?

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Diwali 2014 to Nithyananda and His Criminal Gang

Diwali Fireworks are Just Starting Now for Sex Swami Nithyananda and His Criminal Followers; Nithyananda's Criminal Trial Starts this Monday, October 27, 2014

Jai Parmesan Sri, Sri Nithyananda Salami Ki Jai!

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Just a short and sweet message to wish you, old holy one, as well as your close followers a very special Diwali Fireworks Show that will last for months to come.

An explosive show of Divine showering waits ahead in the upcoming weeks. Nithyananda's criminal trial is scheduled to start this Monday, October 27, 2014.

While we have your attention there, Sri Nithyananda, we want to wish you all the blessings that you deserve from Maha Kali and Kalabhairava, both whom you claim to be, as you and your inner-circle start your criminal trial for rape, unnatural sex, criminal conspiracy, threat to life, and fraud, which starts this Monday, October 27, 2014. Our sincere prayers will be with you or at least directed at you, Salamander Nithyananda.

And, as you, Sri Nithyananda, sit in the court thinking about all the families you broken up, and all the wealth that you have unscrupulously taken, and all the ladies and men you have sexually abused, and all the ashramites who you physically and mentally tortured, and all the dark practices you have done, may your personal idol, Asura Rakta Beejasura (Deva???) (who you, Sri Nithyananda, also claim to be) guide you through the same 'glorious' results that this Asura Rakta Beejasura had when battling the Divine Mother during Navratri. A Divine licking is guaranteed.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Special thanks to our super commenter, Anonymous, a.k.a. Ma Mark Jackson of Los Angeles, with a Comcast IP address of 67.188.196.# (Comcast Cable), operating in or near Fremont, using a Mac OS X 10.5, FireFox browser, screen resolution of 1440 x 900, and a color depth of 24 bits and who has political connections by claiming that her "Uncle is a serious high court judge in Chennai". Thanks for inspiring us to go forward to continue the battle against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. You were a real savior.


  1. Excellent! Your slide show exposes Nithy's fraud with just a few pics. Good work!

  2. Hilarious but in Tamil, there are 3 parts, enjoy.

  3. This is in Tamil; but the sorrow of the mother and father is so clear that one can feel it without knowing the language; such a shame that these things are done in the pretext of Spirituality....

    They would have removed all her organs before they handed over her body; so re postmortem can only prove that there was no organs inside the body...

    Such a sad incident. May God give justice to these parents.

  4. There is a part 2 as well...

  5. Hi I viewed both Part 1 and Part 2 of the you tube videos. The mother is clearly stating that there is no heart problem on her side or her husband's side of the family. Their older daughter passed away because of Jaundice. That Dr. Seetha is a GYNEC. How is she able to identify heart failure right away. Please Universe put all of them away. Please restore faith in human kind. The people in the ashram and the Devil Nithy are worst forms of life!!!!!

  6. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Swamiji. People that we have seen at the Ashram are genuine. There is no cult. There are people who have been cured of disease. He gives shaktipath and there is no talk of sex in or out of the ashram.

  7. Hi received an email from Fake Nithy. It is about auctioning his turban and sandals. I have posted the content here.

    Items used by an enlightened being like Jewels, cloths are called Pushpa Samadhi.

    If you keep such an item in your house, your house becomes a temple!”

    - ParamahamsaNithyananda

    Any item that has been worn by an incarnation becomes an object worthy of worship, and the place it is preserved becomes a temple, protecting and blessing the entire space around.

    Throughout human history, we have honored the tradition of preserving items used by great spiritual masters, including Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi and Gautama Buddha.

    Now, you also have an opportunity to take home a turban personally used by Swamiji, Padukas personally used by Swamiji and transform your home into a temple & Padukas is only one of this kinds!

  8. You haven't covered this in your blog:

  9. Looks like Nithy has escaped scratch free and got cases booked by Madras High Court against the whistle Blowers? He is busy dipping at the Kumbh and enjoying the third eye awakeing siddhi that he plans to encash now!

    He looks to have beefed up a bit as well.. lot of desi ghee..

  10. So, apparently Nithy now has two "nieces" that look exactly like him? Like Mickey & Minnie, Nithy & Ranji have "nieces"? Hmmm....

  11. This "guru" is still in business. A dear friend just pre paid about 3000 Us Dollar to join Inner Awakening seminar in Thailand (dec 15) She could not come up with the rest of the fee (7000 USD), and lost her pre paid money. How many did the same around the world? How long can this man go on with this fraud? No process in sight to stop this man?

    1. no. she can still use it for other programs or she can get back the money.

  12. A dear friend of mine just pre paid 3000 USD to join nithyanadas Inner Awakening in Thailand Dec 15. She could not come up with the rest of the amount of700 USD!) so could not attend. The pre paid money is lost. How many did the fool around the world? Can this criminal fraud just continue, can no one stop him?

  13. Why there are no new posts? Nithy has really blotted up and now has a beard and a long 7 feet wig as well! Apparently the case was to start on 29th but no updates on this so far anywhere.

  14. Swamiji is the most loving guru I have ever met. I attended the 2016 Dec Inner Awakening and had a great experience. Please don't judge him without knowing him personally.

    1. OM Namah Shivaya,

      Ryan, yes, we know this Fraud up close and personal. We lived in his ashram prison in L.A. We saw him demand personal room service from any lady that ever stayed at the ashram; married and unmarried. And, even a few men/boys. Nithyananda is the Devil. We want the Devil to go to Hell; his true home. If you follow a Devil and let your mind be deceived, you too, will have a hell in this life and beyond.

      Do look after yourself. For your own sake, leave!

      Jai Maa.

  15. My sister in law is now a follower in this cult, she is trying hard to break up my marriage because I have shown my wife the fraud & criminal history of this false God man. How can this be allowed to continue? Does he pay off officials to allow him to operate in Bangalore?

    1. OM Namaha Shivaya.

      Happy Janmashtami.

      I am very sorry to hear the fate of your sister. Do try to do everything to get her out. The more entrenched she becomes within the insular and dark practices of Nithyananda's cult, the worse the situation will be. Expect her to disown everyone in your family and to have her name changed.

      But, even if things turn to the absolute worst scenario, do not give up hope. Leave a line open and a clear path that you will accept her back unconditionally. There have been many people entrenched into this dark abyss, and surprisingly, they have left. Love will eventually conquer Nithyananda's ego and dark siddhis. But, it could take time, and a lot of patience.

      And, once she is out, it takes even more love and even more patience. Yes, in many cases it is a long journey. But, hang in there. She needs you. This is your time for her. Much like Ram in exile, you both will be able to return to Ayodhya once Ravana is defeated.

      Jai Maa.


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