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Friday, June 11, 2010

Nithyananda's Fraud Gets a Reprieve, Bail to His Bedroom

Sex-Scandaled, Fraud-God Nithyananda Gets Bail to Romp Around His Bedroom Again

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. Looks like you finally got to bail out of the women's jail to go back to your ashram. Wow, what will be the first thing you do there? Hmmmm... can we take a guess? 'Swami' Nithyananda, we sure hope the CID team didn't plant any other hidden cameras in your room... so you better play it safe and mosey on down to the brahmacharini's (lady's) dormitory to burn off that pent up desires. That way, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, you won't have your secret tantric sex practices being revealed on YouTube. Lord only knows what happens when devout masses view your ancient 'holy' practices and misunderstand them. It will take at least another interview with world-class cooking chef, Rajiv Malhorta, to give us the play by play, as well as the blow by blow, call on these ancient mysteries and 'divine' techniques before anyone can be convinced that you're not just having sex. Now that we know that these videos are confirmed by multiple sources as being legitimate, will we find from multiple sources of other illegitimate byproducts from your now legitimate videos? If yes, your gurukuls (religious schools), 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, might actually get new recruits.

And, speaking of YouTube, will you still be releasing new lectures on YouTube? I know you just love to do this... but part of your bail conditions is that you will not be able to lecture. Will lecturing on the internet count toward this? We bet the that the CID team will pounce on you for violating terms of your bail if there are new releases. So, it look, like you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, will just have to restrain yourself. We know that you're really good at doing that as you demonstrated that recently in the women's prison. So, we'll be all watching you.

And, even more good news for you, 'Swami' Nithyananda. Looks like your Vedic Temple in Montclair near Los Angeles, California is schedule to re-open this Saturday, June 12. Will you have some new surprises for us? We guess that your meditation technique of Nithya Dhyan meditation will have some new moves in it. For instance, during the chaotic breathing session, we imagine that you, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda will add some of your ancient tantric practices like hip swiveling and thrusting to make sure that the maximum amount of energy is collected and then released, in spurts of course. And then, 'Swami' Nithyananda, the chaotic breathing will also bursts of reciting the Nithya-Pleasure Mantras of "Ooooooo La La' and 'Whooooooooooo Ahhhhhhhh', said in such authentic ways of such a 'divine' holy healing master. And, during the humming section, Sri Nithyananda, we imagine that your participants will be asked to whisper out little unique-to-your-order slokas like "Oh, 'Swami' Nithyananda, you're such a god.", and "Ooooooh, Nithyananda, give me a deeper experience.", and that sort of tantric chanting you made famous. And, finally, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, we expect that during the final stage of giving gratitude to you, the master, there will be new moves and hand positions introduced into your meditation. All, we hope that the blindfolds are securely on and you keep that room very dark. Actually, we really don't want to know, 'Swami' Nithyananda, what you have planned as an act of 'gratitude', and even if we did know, we probably couldn't write about it here.
Hey, Sri Nithyananda, we have another idea to help promote your unique brand of 'enlightenment. 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, won't it be nice if your loyal team video taped and then published all of your still loyal devotees on YouTube entering the Vedic Temple and participating in all of your, ahem, rituals?  Wow, we bet that there will be no better way for all of your devotees to show their loyalty and love for you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, than having pictures of them all over the internet 'standing up' for their tantric sex master.  Wouldn't their employers just be impressed of their loyalty that they have for you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, that these employers just might think that your devotees could possibly have the same devotion for them? Why this will certainly help their careers.  So, posting videos and images of your devotees still praying to you will be a win-win situation for everyone.  Who would ever guess that being a fraud-god would actually do society some good?

'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, will you be attending the re-opening of your Montclair Vedic Temple? Oh, we're sorry to hear that the Indian Government took away your passport. So, we guess that means no more rendezvous with Rajiv Malhorta in Nepal either. Too bad. Also, we suppose that entering the United States will be a bit more difficult after the U.S. Embassy has placed you on that list. It will be up to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to revoke your U.S. visa a second time, but chances are, that they will.

OK, 'Swami' Nithyananda, we're glad that your out and available for the public to 'greet' you again. We hope that they all give you the nice warm welcoming like burning your image in effigy that you, as a geniune self-proclaimed paramahamsa (renunciant) deserve.

We would just like to remind you, 'Swami' Nithyananda, the little inconvenient matter that being out in bail is not exactly the same as being acquitted and exonerated from all the crimes of fraud, rape, and criminal intimidation that are charged against you. It's still a long road ahead for you and your corporate criminal organization. Good luck to you. Actually, it is much more fun for us to hit a moving target than one just sitting there in jail.  Sri Nithyananda, thanks for adding meaning to our lives.

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.


  1. c'mon guys, the chest-beaters and empty hot air gas bags ought to actually do something or just shut up and forever hold their peace...
    After 50 freaking days this is what we have to show for???

    read below, they cannot hold him on allegations alone, there are still no "victims"...this is the real joke, meanwhile the blog owner is trying too hard to be funny!

    "The High Court held that it can not keep the religious leader in jail based on just allegations and needed substantial material against Nithyananda to keep him confined.

    Nithyananda has been embroiled in a sex scandal ever since a sleazy tape of the godman's sexual romp with Tamil actress Ranjitha hit the media.

    The Karnataka Criminal Investigative Department (CID), which is probing into the case, is yet to submit any evidence or reports against the Swamiji.

    The CID faces several roadblocks as the victims of Swami Nithyananda are yet to come forward while Ranjitha's whereabouts are still unknown.

  2. Not a single witness. Not a single solid evidence of crime. What can the judge do? The CID tried everything. News media threw in everything. Yeah, it is one thing to be a criminal, another to potentially have sex with an actress. Now obviously the blog has to say that the court is wrong. Even if he was proved innocent you will still say he is guilty :)>

  3. Not necessarily. The blog could say it's not for long, I think it actually did.
    The blog could say it's not the court's decision that matters, but that the people will never forget or forgive.
    The blog could say the heavenly court, or whatever they believe in, will avenge us.
    Don't forget everyone's been working for weeks nonstop, going to courts, witnessing to the CID, closing temples... Surely you can feel that impact, and surely nobody has time to come up with excuses.

  4. To anaona above,

    It's not over yet. You have to be patient! Wait and see. Don't throw a party yet!

  5. We can say Nithyananda is guilty because we don't need some court certificate. We can see with our own eyes that he had sex. So, he is always guilty regardless of what court says!

  6. So you have taken punishment and judgement to your own hands. How different are you then from those you accuse? They also seem to have their own ethics and methods... All in all, it just goes to show: so goes the master, so goes the disciple. Disgruntled or not, each one is born with the master they deserve. Hate mongering and "I am going to kill you" chants are considered second class even when we say them to those who slay our children... How about when all you saw is some man doing some potential sex?

    If you continue to promote "I am the mighty justice", you are no better than him. Just the same. Same notion of your own ethics, based on your emotional needs... At least he wrote some books and left some positive things for humanity.

    What did you do last week? :)

  7. Rajasekaran aka Nithyananda was and is a cheat, on day 1 and now.

    Latest stint is to do pancha tapas to clear negativity that has engulfed him in recent times.

    Is that the level of understanding of an enlightened master?

    I do not know why people/followers are such idiots. Why they can not see a conman as a conman even now?

    Even the post by Montclare devotee addressing this con guru, is a surprise to me. How they can not understand that they have been cheated by a hypocrite. It does not matter if he has some elevated Kundalini. It is all dust when one does not have Knowledge of the Self and when one is so badly enmeshed in worldly issues of greed and lust and fear.

    How are people accepting him as a Guru and doing pranam, and addressing this conman as Swamiji even now, who himself said that he was just wearing Ocher/Safforn as he fancied it, and also that he never took sanyas.

    People! please wake up. Run away from such cheats. Don't waste the precious life. Find better Gurus who adhere to Truth/Satya, who does not lie. Don't waste the precious gift of God i.e this life. Know the Truth. Don't fall prey to this cheat or other such men of deceit.

  8. @ Slave worker JUNE 12, 2010 5:09 PM

    So you have taken the place of a defence lawyer for nithy. Who gives you the right to come and advise anybody on what they should do...

    "Hate mongering and "I am going to kill you" chants are considered second class"

    If according to you these chants are second class then what class would you or nithy be placed in?

    You though if the anon who commented to kill and all is second class, then a cheat, unholy fraud who fools people like you to have sex with him and exploits in the name of ancient sages and their work and brings disrepute to this country's great guru culture... is all ok? Eh?

    I dont what the anon has done last week but you definitely have wasted your already worthless time in trying to defend that rouge.

    Hmm... i know who you are... from the previous blog post.

    You have the audacity to preach goodness to protect the cheat. Well, dont underestimate the intelligence of people who are visiting this blog and all.

    "If you continue to promote "I am the mighty justice", you are no better than him."

    Very funny ... no one is saying that... what they are saying that your guru is a fake and you are the sucker he was looking for all the while. Any way whats your interest in all this, i mean what is your point? Oh you are the mighty mighty judge who can comment like this.

    You know your writings have a pattern...feels like a rat bitten by a scorpion caught in trap and going to be eating by a rattle snake.

    Why so much fight with the truth ?

    "At least he wrote some books and left some positive things for humanity. "

    Yeah? you probably are those type of people who rope in other people for this fraud cause if you were sincere seeker you would have known that whatever he has written has been already spoken about. He just took advantage of the goodness of the people.

    Of course you must have heard the word 'plagiarism', nithy has not demonstrated anything spectacular to even call himself as guru.

    There are many many many and many great speakers than nithy and they are not cheats!

    Does a human have to be a mass leader to prove that he/she is any better than 'ordinary mortals'?

    Yes, he left many things for the humanity, his life will serve as the greatest example how man(sanyasi) tries to cheat people assuming himself to be god and how he enjoys all the fun, while all his slaves work for him day and night.

    Nithy is a product from the ashram factories, we are going to see many others too, but thanks to nithy they will not thrive.

    Wake up(or whatever) from you intoxicated slumber and understand that its people like you who promote man worship for the sake of the gold, people like you are responsible for what nithy is going through, cause if you just shut up and sleep then we will not have this wonderful opportunity to meet an 'intellectual', 'realized' slave of nithy.

    Keep it up !

    P.S. @ Expose Nithyananda

    Congratulations! One prominent nithy's slave visits this blog everyday and probably every hour!

  9. "I dont what the anon has done last week..."
    I presume you meant to say you don't know. Well, don't let that disturb you: unless anyone cares to confirm the opposite, my guess is that he has done nothing.
    "...what they are saying that your guru is a fake..."
    That's no problem if they're just stating an opinion. When they begin imposing this view on everyone around them, with the "if you're not with us, you're against us" mentality so discouraged in this blog, that's when it hits the fan.
    "One prominent nithy's slave visits this blog everyday..."
    Ah, now that's its true purpose! A distractor, how cunning!

  10. In the recent propaganda video of pancha tapas, we see the crooks Jnanananda in Orange clothes. I thought Jnanananda married, as per earlier blog postings. Is he back to his Guru's ways?

    Why does an Avatara purusha need to do pancha tapas. Why does a Jnani need to do pancha tapas?

    Does the world need his healing? purification? He could not tie his loin cloth tight. He needed special meal even in Jail. Why he could not do tapas in Jail? Ever eager to get out. Now this video tapas. Why does he want devotees back?

    It is most appropriate for him to shut up and read Ramayana, and learn what is 'character' essential to become a Mahatma. No tricks work. Rajasekaran can not help the world. Let him learn to be honest and humble. Learn to speak Truth. Leave people alone.

  11. Something tells me this slave worker at JUNE 12, 2010 5:09 PM is this new "bhakta and devotee" of Nithyananda from Seattle named AC. Something about the tone of manner expressed in this statement reeks of the way this idiot speaks.

    This AC chap is so dumb, he does not realize what a ride he is being taken for by Nithy and Medhananda Mayi. He is becoming one of the leaders of the Seattle temple now. He is blinded by this because he has spent something like $20,000 in less that one year with Nithy. So instead of accepting that Nithy is fraud, he is delusional and thinks he is the only one with "Vitharka" and all those who were part of Seattle temple and left are people with "Kutharka".

    AC - this is directly to you. Get this and get this straight. A day will come when you will also be thrown out of the organization like Sahaj or others have been. That day you will give me a call and I know for sure and regret what you are doing today. You are just paying your dues to Nithy right now. Spend, spend, continue your nonsense. One day you will wake up!

  12. Hi Anon @ June 11, 2010 2:13 PM ,

    Now that Nithy is free and in his ashram, let him call a press conference to clearly air his views and blow the lid off the Ranjitha sleaze video ? Does he have the guts to face the public..... ney...because he's a coward and a pathetic liar.... grrrh ?
    He will need all kind of protection you know where..*&*$... from now on to even spell anything in public, otherwise he will be caught napping in his undies then and there, fyi.
    This is a crticial and painful time for him to convince his core disciples on what happened in the last 60 days and why was he not bothered to utter the truth... which will be vomitted out soon by his other inner circle cronies soon and then see the next tamasha... he will have to straight go back to Parivrjaka days on his own.. no choice, eh... take it or leave it !!

  13. It's stupidly trivial, but I still can't get over the fact that Gnanananda straightened his hair, which is naturally curly. Aren't sadhus and sannyasis supposed to be above these petty concerns of body and appearance? Cosmetic surgery next? A nose job, perhaps?

  14. "...let him call a press conference to clearly air his views..."
    "... but part of your bail conditions is that you will not be able to lecture."
    You know, I doubt he'll dare checking if that counts as lecturing.

  15. His interview with TOI

    Cant believe that he says that he did not even know about the '$ex' NDA when everybody who was in the org knew that such a big document would not have been prepared without his knowledge. You dumb fellow - Dont you even know to lie properly? Its a pity that even educated people are still believing him and falling for him when it is clear he is so stupid! (leave alone being evil) I pray to the almighty to show mercy on all of you and free you from his clutches! What else can be said at this point?

  16. For all those suffering through this whole process, I would suggest "How to survive the loss of a love" by Harold Bloomfield. Maybe we don't agree on everything, but for sure, this is a great book on getting through turbulent times, and getting back onto one's feet.

    Yes, being angry is part of healing too. As it is forgiving oneself for the past. Just a tip from someone who has loved and lost.

  17. Can everyone stop calling him "avatara purusha"? He declared himself that he is not even a man. So let's call him "Avatara Eunuch" if at all he is an Avatara.

  18. So he did manage an interview. Back to normal service, it appears.
    "But let me ask you: has anyone come forward saying that they have signed that form and been abused?"
    I consider this the main question. There are quite a few people who have signed that form, and apparently not one has come forward. Well, no witnesses - no prison.

  19. To all the ashramite opportunists gleefully patting themselves on the back and pathetically labeling those of us with the strength and courage to leave this cunning, blatant liar as 'fair weather friends'-- dharma will win out. Inevitably. The more N gets away with, the more deluded, brazen, and dangerous he'll become. He is a master of only one thing: manipulation. Open your eyes. Mark my words. Just wait.

  20. hahaahaa "Avatara Eunuch"!!!
    What else can he be when he is having relationship with all 3 sexes? Don't ask me what the third sex is. LOL.

  21. Mallik Comedy - On Swamy Nithyananda Sex Scandal

  22. Hi Nithy and your followers,

    You are very much aware of Dr Emoto’s experiments with Water crystallization based on the human thought patterns and emotions and what’s the impact on them. Now, since you are aware that more than 70% of human body constitutes water, which is very much greatly impacted at the very first go just like anger, hurting herself first with all kinds of pathetic lies to the CID/Public etc.. due to the water crystallization inside your body. So, please be aware of what you are going to speak and how’s it impacting you and others in the long run, when you deviate from the truth and often ending up in long detours in life !!!

    Also, you are aware of being in the present and radiating now….. so you speak of the general tendency of public to be wasting their energy all the time – 80% talking about the past, 15% talking about the future and only 5% about their present state. You have ignorantly joined the public in your TOI interview as well… talking only about the past or future….. not knowing about the NDA copy signings and forgiving your insiders who did the videotaping etc… and when it came to the present… there was no comments about the Kumbha mela leaders suggestions to you and clearing your Ranjitha's sleaze video participation and why you erred and got slapped on your face royally…. Which will not be erased from public memory as long as you are on this Earth, however hard you try to con/brainwash new people, fyi !!
    So, please perform the greatest tapas ( not the Panchagni tapas - joke of the day) - DROPPING OF THE EGO, saying the truth and being in the present and also be guided by your true Master to be more humble and show some gratitude to the devotees who got fooled by you and did not get healed at all, inspite of your Tantrik versions/releases !!!

    You are aware that you cannot change others, since they are protected by their divine shields and at this point of time, please understand and try be more expressive to the devotees who have been hurt by your wrong doings and seek their blessings for your early transformation to a better human being and serve the humanity at large much more purely than ever !!

  23. Dear all,

    Please read some excerpts from ' The Aperture of Our Soul' at

    Light is illuminating whether the light is a slight flicker or it is as bright as the Sun. You are most likely here now reading these writings because you have some degree of light which guides you and you are looking for thoughts which will help you to discover the greater light that is already within you.

    “We stumble and fall constantly even when we are most enlightened. But when we are in true spiritual darkness, we do not even know that we have fallen”

    I believe that although there may indeed be times where we cannot see the light, that we as eternal souls come equipped with a pilot light of sorts and that our souls have an aperture with which we have the ability to control the degree of light we allow to infuse our being and light the way of our journey.

    One of the greatest lessons of our journey is to remember that we have CONTROL over the aperture that allows the light to flow and it is through our awareness that we choose enlightenment.

    (Using invertendo principle- What you want is what you get.... so be aware and unchoose what you do not want, to get what you want... !!)

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”

    Watch this - Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain... exactly depicting Nithy's status as 'EXPOSED' ...... !!!

  24. Dhyanapeetam offers entry level course ASP in which the 7 chakras are discussed extensively. It looks like Swamiji has all the 7 completely blocked all the time that we came to know now.

    Muladhara - He had sex. with lots of women and minors. unnatural sex. amassed lot of wealth. He is lustful and greedy.
    Swadistana - When in trouble he went into hiding. what a coward.
    Manipuraka - Confused. I am avatara purusha. I am not even a man. and all such utterances. Can't stand on one word. Always changes stance because of worry and confusion.
    Anahata - His love has only one goal. No men are allowed into Ananda Gandha area in the Bidadi ashram. Only ladies. You know why. His love is full of lust.
    Vishuddi - Always compared himself with Sri Sri, Osho, Bhagavan Kalki, Jaggi Vasudev, etc. He is worse than all of them.
    Ajna - Full of ego. Always shows off what he has. Blasts people in public. Mannerless brute.
    Sahasrara - Never felt greatful too his own ashramites who made an empire for him.

    If you line up all humans in this world according to the Enlightenment scale - he sure stands last. Everyone on this planet earth are better than him.

  25. Very accurately summarized by Anonymous at Jun 15, 2010 6:32 PM.

    Rajasekaran is blocked on all chakras. He is the lowest human being I have come to know. Sad indeed!

  26. Now that their ex-guru whose feet they licked is now on bail, this blog and its contributors have sunken to new depths of self-pity, anger and hatred, tsk..tsk..tsk!! No redemption for this crowd, who like to wallow in their own filth, swallow each other's vomit and vomit it out again...

    Don't talk about dharma if you don't know what it is...lot of people blathering things about things they don't understand.

    Haven't seen single positive thing come out of the stupid blog. All you ex-devotees should shutdown this blog and jump off a cliff...put yourselves out of your unending misery.

    Hey "expose nithyananda", you just regurgitated the "talking point" straight out of the bunghole of ex-devotee and current vermin Lenin, are you Lenin's butt-boy?? Lenin I guess is your new guru!! Have fun!! If all your pain and anger that you feel is too unbearable commit harakiri, don't vomit it out and call it a blog!!

  27. I have heard that the dhyanapeetam ashram has become a sex hub of Bangalore. What a pity! Why don't we hang such people to death who are again and again polluting our environment.

  28. JUNE 16, 2010 9:24 AM

    Sounds like Mr. bhakthananda lol....what a pity!

  29. When I see the panch tapas videos with nithyananda sitting inside the fire few things come to mind.

    1. This is the first time nithyananda is actually meditating, or pretending to meditate. In all our 2 yrs in mission never saw him meditate even once.

    2. There are 2 -4 people sitting right around his circle of fire to manage the fire, whereas noone is checking the fire for all the other ashramites. Same second grade treatment to ashramites like before. Nothing has changed.

    Feels like a SEQUEL to the horror movie called nithyananda is on the way!

  30. How low can Nithy go? Using poor people's kerosine for doing his tapas? And lying again that it was all being organized by independent people who are ignorantly using kerosine instead of ghee? To tell you the fact when I did panchatapas in 2008 in the same ashram, the inmates used kerosine. Never did they use ghee till now. So Nithy, stop lying and accept what you've been doing sucker. You are now sucking on the very fuel the poor live on. what a pity? That comment above which talks about vomiting etc. is written by Baktananda. I know him well. I know his language too. That sure is Baktananda.

  31. That was Bhaktananda??! What a disgusting inner space he must have to utter such filth and retribution. Has anyone seen that episode of Star Trek where the "peacemaker" chooses a person to dump all his negativity into, and that person quickly ages and dies and then he chooses another? Looks like Bhakta is the reservoir for his Swami's negativity. Perhaps it is good that I am far from these "Swamis." Yuck! I now feel that I can be closer to God sitting by a river anywhere than in their presence. I was hanging around until just now out of sheer gratitude and respect for my brothers. But honestly, enough is enough. Farewell!

  32. Oh, please.
    Do you seriously think Bhaktananda cares enough to show up here and write comments, especially if you know his style so well? Do you honestly consider that he has no other tasks to occupy himself with?
    I'm terribly sorry if I hurt your confidence, but this blog is not exactly the main obstacle in Nithyananda's way. Not that it's completely invisible, but that is still very weak in comparison to the man's organization websites, and that monstrous YouTube channel in particular.

  33. Whaaat???? Nithy used Kerosene, what an outrageous thing to do? He might get seven years in jail for this?

    After not being able to convict him on illicit sex, rape, unnatural sex, foreign exchange violation, contribution to LTTE, him going to dance clubs, asking girls for a lap dance in USA, after not being able to get him for tax violation, on him building buildings on agricultural land, and whatever the hell else...

    finally we are going to get him on "blue" wonderful, cannot wait!! Who knows he might be wiping his ass everyday with the wrong hand, may be we ought to book him too on this, because using wrong hand that would definitely violate my religious sentiments...

  34. who the hell is baktananda? that's me byatch!!

  35. To those reading this blog on a regular basis and the idiots who still follow Nithy, if you have courage, read this book by UG Krishnamurti, called The courage to stand alone

    But I know very well 99% of you will not. Because you actually do not have the courage to read his words and have pre-conceived notions against UG. You deep down still hope that you will still get "enlightened" one day. You may feel perhaps Nithy cheated you, but somehow there will be some other "savior" who will take care of you or some other technique that is going to get you "enlightened".

    Do any of you actually know a single friend or family member who has actually gotten enlightened? We have always heard about some "avatar" some "gnani" getting enlightened and we have read this stuff in books. But not one of us has actually known a single person who has gotten enlightened (Nithy doesn't count. We know what kind of "enlightenment" Nithy has). You just keep thinking your turn will come someday, if you do enough "spiritual practice".

    Read this book and perhaps you will open to the great con job that all religion and so called spirituality has perpetrated on mankind.

  36. Dear Anon June 17, 2010 7:54 AM,

    Please understand that Govt. makes the law to protect public interest not just to go against your poor dear Swami.

    Officials of the food and civil supplies department on Wednesday seized 180 litres of blue kerosene stored at the ashram. “This is an offence under the Essential Commodities Act,” commissioner HR Srinivasa told PTI. “Blue kerosene, available under the public distribution system, is meant only for BPL ration card holders and those holding above-poverty line (APL) cards but possess no LPG connection, " He said.

    Your poor dear Swami certainly has violated the law. Yes, we understand that now he is under tight scrutiny. And every person might be breaking the law in some way or the other everyday. Agreed!! But he himself has brought this situation onto him. If he had controlled his lust and greed this wouldn't have happened to him.

    He should have used his power to uplift the society spiritually.


    He should watch good movies instead of watching South Indian melodrama!!!

  37. Guys,

    Cut Bhaktananda or Anonymous(JUNE 16, 2010 9:24 AM) some slack. If he is Bhaktananda, he has just come out of jail with a beautiful achievement in his resume and he is used to the vomit that he so thoroughly enjoyed in jail. If he is not Bhaktananda, he is an ideal devotee of the "Avataara Hijda" who is radiating his inner bliss and thus fulfilling his master's promise of a "Jeevan Muktha".

  38. "...because using wrong hand that would definitely violate my religious sentiments..."
    Especially if you're a Muslim, huh?)
    You may yet see it happen if he fails to spot another camera that could capture this, people never learn.
    And to the post right under yours - kindly drop it. We had a laugh the first time someone suggested this, but things like that get old quickly. Instead, try imitating the blogger (predict his next article, for example), that's much more of a challenge.

  39. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Time for us to chime in. To anon @9:15 AM, we agree that UG Krishnamurti is an original thinker who courageously tells his opinion. If all your spiritual experiences were with the likes of Nithyananda, Osho, Sri Sri, Bhagavan Kalki, etc., then we even might agree that UG Krishnamurti has some validity with his claims.

    We, however, know from direct experiences that religions and spirituality can yield great, even divine, results. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna is a good example of both validating other paths as well as being the validity of a realized soul.

    We would be very happy if our readers who got entangled with Nithyananda still continued on the spiritual path but learned the hard lessons that Nithyananda has given us. Nithyananda should not be a reason to quit, but a conviction to go forward, albeit a little wiser than before.

    At the end of the day, a guru or even religion cannot offer a 'technique' or a simple path to enlightenment. We feel that a guru should be seen as a coach or a teacher and the spiritual path, which is sometimes known a religion, should be seen as the game or the course curriculum. The seeker is the player or student. The seeker has to do the work and learn the lessons. Practice and studying with application to life will elevate the seeker closer to the Divine. Some might even get lucky in this lifetime, and achieve the ultimate. Just the same, the seeker has to do the work, play the game, take the exam, learn the lessons, and apply all of these to his or her life. No one, even an enlightened guru, can do that for the seeker. So, the real shift needs as UG Krishnamurti's book title claims, to take the courage and responsibility to stand alone and then connect directly with the Divine. Everyone and everything else is only a guide to facilitate the spiritual path.

    We're sure that UG Krishnamurti might not approve of us co-opting this idea, but we feel strongly that it is this way. And, yes, we know people who have become enlightened (not with the false certificates that Nithyananda dolls out after 'donating' huge amounts of money and being brainwashed). We, ourselves, have had some amazing spiritual experiences (post-Nithyananda) and are convinced that the Divinity is with and within us, and that we need to continue on.

    Good luck on everyone's journey.

    Jai Maa.

  40. "Officials of the food and civil supplies department on Wednesday seized 180 litres of blue kerosene stored at the ashram"

    Everytime we see the number of litres is getting inflated. I have seen news reports 120litres, 160, 170, 180 litres...why are the tabloid journalists trying to sensationalize everything? Who knows in the end it might be 10 litres or something, if that.

    Btw, do we really want to throw Nithy in jail for this? anything wrong in Bidadi premises then he is the culprit? if somebody lost their slippers in the premises then it is Nithy who stole it? Frankly this is childish to try to pin this on him. (Look at Nithyananda he stole kerosene from poor people, really? how stupid is this? If you are fair, you'd talk about how many poor people got free food and for how many days)

    Try and resist the temptation to demonize. People are hating not nithyananda but a grotesque caricature of him. Be aware of that.

    It is not about him, it is about our desire to hate and malign.

    Btw can somebody explain the speed in which the govt organization acted? Is this really characteristic of Indian govt.-al organizations? NOTHING HAPPENS like this in India, unless SOMEBODY IS ARCHESTRATING THIS...Truth of the matter is, this is somebody's vengeance drama writ large, sheep like you are pawns who will nod your heads vigourously, "yes, yes, yes, I know Nithy is very bad person"

    Think for yourself, when was the last time _ANY_ govt organization mobilized this fast. In this case there were multiple organization working like clock work. I'm amazed!!

  41. Let's see where we are now, Nithy is out because "NO VICTIMS came forward"... Looking at all the hyperventilation in this blog one would think that there are many many victims of Nithyananda.

    If that is true, why didn't anybody come forward to the authorities? NOT A SINGLE ONE???? Does this mean all victims here are gutless, backboneless, ball-less pricks who'd rather cower in the closet and sh*t their pants rather than come forward?


    None of you are really victims. If this is true, can you just cut the chatter? This is really getting tired. Go home and think about why you are doing this.

  42. Hmm.. now Naughtyananda's accounts are out of the freezer and he's free to use his money. What next? I guess it's only a matter of time before he's allowed to preach again? Thanks to the Indian justice system, we'll see the sun go nova before anything more happens.

  43. ego-filled crackpots like you (expose nithyananda) can't comment on who is an enlightened master and who is a seeker. if you were really a seeker, you would not be breaking the very first two parts of ashtanga yoga - yama and niyama. your language, your thoughts show the vengence and violence within you and it is known to everyone the various lies you have told in your blog. So there is neither sathya nor ahimsa in you.

    So stop preaching about enlightenment. Whether Nithyananda is enlightened or not is a different story but you certainly are not fit to advice others about spiritual path.

  44. Tv9 - Nityananda does Homam drama again

  45. Baktha has left for the US today (Friday PM) via Bangkok.

  46. Bhakta the Vultureananda will once again start his agenda of spreading the lies of sexananda & squeeze every penny out of the vulnerable U.S.A devotees.Beware watch out for new dramas

  47. Dear Nithy lovers/fools,

    Are you seeing or just looking/reading at something and visualising at the bullshit Doves story at the Pancha tapas... that's been tom-tom/relayed to all without any videos/photos.... it's all a humdrum to fool new folks...
    Can any one of you atleast have the courtesy to show the real facts of the doves -- inspite of all the TV crews, cameraman at the pancha tapas, that's not highlighted in any of the websites with photos on the first few days... only now... why do you need all this unnecessary tamashas ?
    May God bless you all to come out of this false image propaganda and walk the path of truth... and open your eyes to see something real !!

  48. To the Nithy hater/"not-a-fool" @June 21, 2010 12:26 AM,

    We all know you need some video on youtube to "open your eyes and see something real!!!" If you see in youtube then it must be true.

    FYI, TV/press etc are not allowed all day, according to the news reports they were only allowed during the beginning of the program at 6 a.m. in the morning.

    Not-a-fool like you knows that Doves didn't land because nobody took a picture of it...what a twat? If you had half a brain you might have argued that doves appearance were probably coincidental. If you want to fling feces, do it a bit more intelligently. I know you'll try again next time.

  49. Ha Ha this Nithyananda and his org - they are so stupid! Check their website - Taking statement of a Politician - that too an Indian politician - they are the most corrupt people of the society And posting it as testimonial and thinking that it lends some credibility! Nithyananda - has your state become so bad now that you need validation from politicians? What next? some terrorist organization will say that you are the greatest and your stupid devotees will buy that too. I dont even feel anger at those who are still trusting him. Really feel only pity for them. That itself shows how much confidence Nithyananda has in his own Dharma. Can you imagine someone like Adi Shankara or Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Ramana Maharishi needing validation from a politician or anybody for that matter?? This is really hilarious!

  50. "I know you'll try again next time."
    Heh, obviously. This particular poster has more comments here than I do - you can clearly distinguish them from the rest, for they all have the shape of

    "Dear Nithy ,

    ... ... !!! "
    The last two lines are repeated until all the points are exhausted; a space or two before the exclamation points is a compulsory attribute.
    Not that your request will lead to any improvement in his style, but I feel your pain.

  51. Looks like this blog is read by more of the Nithy's devotees now-a-days. I see the tone of the comments changing. One thing they should realize is that following Nithy, they are reading this blog more than they see Nithy's Websites. That itself is an indication that they are not truly Nithy's devotees in their own heart. So, they should just get out of his folds. They are only in denial and can't face the fact that they put their faith in a wrong man.

    To all Nithy's devotees, Nithy himself said not to go to this very blog and read all negative news about him. that will create a doubbt in your mind and will be a big stumbling block in your own enlightenment. In spite of his saying if you are reading and commenting on this blog, then you are disregarding your own guru's words, in which case you are not a true devotee. You have no respect for your guru's words. If you really want to follow him, just get outta here. The fact remains that you are still not following him, even if you think you are following him. If you even have the wish to respond to my comment then you are not a devotee. There is only one true devotee that Nithy got - bakta. Even when released, he was in jail saying he cant be out when his guru is in jail. Everyone else who were enjoying life when their own guru is sulking in jail is definitely not a true devotee.

  52. When Nithy was sulking in jail, his devotees were sulking on this blog. Nithy is now sulking outside of the jail, but his devotees continue to sulk here. Sulking is their true nature. they are all thinking they reached enlightenment but in reality they are only sulking. Nithy said he had 500 of his devotees enlightened. They all are still sulking. Enlightenment is easy - just go learn how to sulk from Nithy.

  53. Hey blog owner, can you put out a teaser as to what your next title will be and when it'll be out. I am waiting. This blog sounds more fun than watching TV or even World cup soccer.

  54. To June 21, 2010 2:40 PM who is yet another "genius" whose psycho-analysis in on overdrive! Keep writing...your comments are quite amusing to read.

    "Looks like this blog is read by more of the Nithy's devotees now-a-days" Did it occur to you that the blog owner now chooses to publish more of the non-conforming opinions here rather than delete them? Your everyone in the world against Nithy is an illusory drama created artifically by screening for only negative comments!! Wake up and smell the coffee, you haven't taken down Nithy and the world is not against him.

    Also another gem, "then you are disregarding your own guru's words, in which case you are not a true devotee." Does it begin to slowly dawn on you that everybody who is posting here may NOT be a devotee??

    If you took your blinders off you'll see the world is not quite black and white and all comments here don't have to be "for or against" Nithy. If you look at every comment being posted as "is it for or against" then may be you are more obsessed with Nithy than his devotees!!

  55. Could I possibly clarify this last point?

    Nithy's devotees are sulking in this blog, and they sulked here when he was in jail, where he may or may not have sulked. They think they aren't sulking but they actually do sulk, because sulking is natural for them and they can't stop sulking even when they actually realize they sulk, and even if Nithy began sulking because they were sulking they wouldn't stop sulking, regardless of whether he sulked or not. In fact, for them it is unimportant where to sulk, or when to sulk, or why to sulk; it's a full circle of sulking really, and if they stop sulking for some reason then maybe Nithy won't sulk anymore, or maybe he will continue sulking, because we all know how much he sulks and how much his devotees sulk as a consequence, just because of the constant sulking.

    Did I get that right?

  56. "Can you imagine someone like Adi Shankara..."

    No, I really cannot imagine someone like Adi Shankara. Because he is a genuine saint. But, I could imagine someone like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He was a sad excuse for a guru who engages in sex to win over spiritual debutants one to many times.

    In a year or so, I can imagine YouTube videos about Sri Sri and all his sex videos in an infinite loop. (That's his form of 'endless' enlightenment.) I can also imagine sex tumored dogs mongering for some action and talking breathlessly about every committed manner, position, and move from Sri Sri's aggressive sexual offense. When Sri Sri does it, he is committed. What a rotten sex swamy he is.

    I can also imagine, people who know next to nothing and who fell for Nithyananda will pontificate new lies about true masters like Adi Shankara did and put those lies on a blog and claim that this is what a renunciate should do or shouldn't care about vis a vis sex!!

    Truth continues to be, many pro Nithyananda posters in this blog don't have the faintest clue about what they are saying. Since when did that stop them? Take me, for instance.

    note: original comment violated our terms of agreement, so be warned. This is what happens to comments that badmouth true gurus.

  57. "expose nithyananda" shame on you, for you misunderstanding my comment and maligning it.

    The remark about Adi shankara isn't "bad mouthing". Read some history on Adi Shankara to know whether it is true or not.

    In a nutshell for you, Shankara used to travel the length and breadth of India debating various schools of thought, this was important for the renaissance of Advaita Vedanta. One time he debated a king who was about to lose, the king's wife took over and in order to defeat Shankara, she asked questions for which a lifelong sannyasi was not supposed to know the answers. The story goes, Shankara asked for sometime to answer the questions, only for that night he transmigrated his soul to a King's body, in the morning at the debate Shankara new details that let the queen admit defeat.

    THe point was made not to "bad-mouth" Shankara but to point out that common people like very many of us are quick to judge and it wouldn't be surprising if people reacted the same way as they do now, even if it is Shankara.

  58. "Does it begin to slowly dawn on you that everybody who is posting here may NOT be a devotee??"
    Look a dozen posts back. You'll probably find a clear separation between "Nithy devotees" (those who disagreed with the general trend, regardless of what their objection was) and the rest. You should be thankful that there's just one person who doesn't understand the concept of neutral observation and not all of them.

    To another poster: why would you need a teaser? You know all too well how the next article will look like:

    Hi there, Sri Nithyananda. We noticed you seem to be enjoying the newly-granted freedom. No, Sri Nithyananda, not in the same way you enjoyed your nights in the ladies' jail. With no hidden cameras set up in the place, we, unfortunately, cannot discuss exactly how pleasant it must have been. Oh, our gruntanese translator tells us you're furious, not that we didn't know that.

    By the way, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda, is it true that your loyal servant Bhaktananda has left for the USA? We can easily guess that you need him there to milk more money by brainwashing more devotees. No, Sri Nithyananda, your excitement about the word "milk" is premature.
    [And well, you know how each article ends.]

    That's pretty much it.

    "This is what happens to comments that badmouth true gurus."
    Remember kids - one swear word and your comment will be subject to eternal damnation!

  59. The blog cannot even keep its principles for a few months, how can it claim to go after some swami? The anon@5:21PM makes baseless claims against Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who is a candidate for a NObel Peace prize. Obviously such prizes are never given based on someone being enlightened or a celibate... In any case, if that guru has so much merit, why continue to promote difamation?

    This blog is just promoting various insidious lies. The excuse of defending Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and Shankaracharya does not fly. They are all dead. So you can always claim to "defend them", and then attack all the living hindu gurus... So strange the ways of the detractors...

    But all religions in the world are continuously having scandals. Yet, how about the press? So many blatant lies. Where is the face of those scandalous reporters? TV and media are immune to promote their own private agendas, be them hindu or christian (usually the latter).

  60. Question: why we never got statements from Swami Vimalananda? When I met him, he was definitely in a high energy plane/experience. Did it last? Where is he now? What happened to him? How about Sahajananda and Jyotirmayananda? Did they never see anything wrong?

    It is all too strange... I remember them selling others into the idea of sanyas...

  61. Dear Nithy mongers,

    Please read the book "Plugged: Dig Out & Get the Right Things Done " by Krissi Barr and Dan Barr availbale with Clerisy Press © 2010 (128 pages)to get unplugged from wrong-doings for humanity at large....
    Here's a few excerpts from the book for you to ponder...
    Google says, “Give the proper tools to a group of people that want to make a difference, and they will.” The company’s goal is to “strip away anything that gets in the employee’s way,” and they do that with first-class dining facilities, gyms, car washes, laundry facilities…even massage areas. Has your company taken responsibility for rubbing your employees the right way?
    Nike is now not only the top athletic shoe company in the world, but a leading sporting goods and apparel company as well. They took a multi-million-dollar inventory loss when they severed ties with football star Michael Vick over his dog-fighting scandal. One could argue that they were forced to drop Vick and their decision was merely a shrewd business decision. But the reality is that taking responsibility to do the right thing sometimes means taking a painful step back to ensure the long-term viability of the brand.
    Another example of taking responsibility is Cintas, one of America’s most respected business services companies (and in the spirit of full disclosure, the employer of one of this book’s coauthors). As the nation’s largest renter of business uniforms, Cintas uses a lot of soap to wash shirts and pants for its five million customers. Despite higher costs, the company recently switched to a new environmentally friendly detergent formula. Is your company ready to clean up by doing the right thing?
    We’ve all read how Enron, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, and others crashed and burned because they simply didn’t take responsibility to do what’s right. Make sure your organization is never included in this list. How? By letting everyone know what you stand for and reinforcing those values every chance you get. If you simply do what you say you’re going to do, people will trust you and your organization… and that approach will reflect in your culture and bottom line.
    True responsibility also means not just talking about what you’re going to do but taking action on it and being accountable for the results. The bottom line is that people understand what it means to “own the outcome.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s a person or a company that owns a result—the same principles apply.
    Individual owners need to understand that they are the only ones responsible for the outcome, even if they are working with others to produce the results.

  62. Dear all,

    Can you see any parallels in Nithy's organization from a few excerpts from the book ' The Ring in the Rubble' below ?

    Values are collective and enduring beliefs about what matters most in how to conduct business from day to day, from year to year, and beyond. They permeate every aspect of an organization and outlive the people who work there. These corporate heirlooms become the organization’s glue, connecting past generations with succeeding ones. More importantly, these unchanging, enduring values become a source of practical guidance in times of difficult change when the company’s leaders are forced to make difficult decisions without a safety net.
    The classic example of this is the Tylenol tampering scare in 1982 that led to several deaths in the Chicago area. Executives at Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Tylenol, reacted quickly by standing on the unwavering platform of values established by the company’s founders years before the crisis. They recalled the product, cooperated with investigators, and gave the media full disclosure. By taking responsibility, they eventually turned the rubble of a potentially crippling PR crisis into a ring of better product safety and a positive public image for the company.
    How many times have we seen just the opposite? A company gets caught in a difficult situation, and rather than rush to resolve it, the executives run for cover. Rather than stand up and take responsibility, they hunker down and start pointing fingers. There’s no need to cite any one particular company; we’ve all seen this happen too many times.
    The same applies to individuals at work, too. The best leaders always stand by their values. They let their standards dictate their actions rather than following the whims of popular passions. In contrast, poor leaders choose the popular response that might be expedient, but is wrong.
    So, one of the best ways to handle constant change is to be clear about your unwavering values. The first step is to establish these principles; you can’t adhere to a set of values if you don’t know what they are. During times of change, these ethics become beacons as you consider the actions and next steps that need to be taken.
    Nithy - your actions now clearly show your feelings to the public and devotees - you cannot hide your shame and dirty linen - which is now being thoroughly cleaned up in your websites !!

  63. Could you possibly post a list of true gurus that mustn't be badmouthed?
    I ask this because it is so heartbreaking to see one's comment ridiculed and mocked, especially since this means distracting the moderator and spending his invaluable time.

  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. Amusing... you can imagine videos going in an infinite loop, yet you cannot imagine someone like a genuine saint.
    Tricky thing, imagination.

  66. Here is an upcoming workshop for those who want to get out of a cult:

  67. "can you put out a teaser as to what your next title will be"

    Here is one, the way it is going it not that unlikely.

    Title: All cases against Nithyananda suspended due to bribes.

    Having logged a suo moto case against Nithyananda, the authorities are hard pressed to convict him due to lack of evidence and testimony from real victims. All of Nithyananda's payments, bribes, threats, and blackmail have taken their toll. Earlier he was released on bail and the freeze on his funds were lifted. Now with all cases suspended including lifting of the ban to preach or teach, dhyanapeetam is back in business, after only a break for a few months.

    Nithyananda flashing his ever present crocodile smile said that to the reporters that he is welcoming all his ex-devotees back into the fold, especially the young cruvy ones. He added that he has nothing but 7.1 million dollars for all and he has already forgiven and forgotten any transgression by ex-devotees, except the ones he wants to bring false criminal charges against - which is a very long list. He further added, they acted that way because they felt hurt and they were in pain from his wrongdoing. That statement could then be used as an ommision of guilt in the court of law. I have already apologized to all whom I may have caused hurt, now we continue on our seeking and towards our goal for a more enlightened society. He closed with his ever present, live and radiate bliss from his pancake makeup. Sachitananda then hands the judge and the media person a big bag of money. He then goes on lecturing with the same garbage as before, ripping off Osho and others. Herpes sores on his lips and his close inner circle seal the close solidarity of Nithyananda's form of enlightenment.

  68. So many weird comments... J&J medical company is a known repeat offender, having also committed its share of "slips" and abuses. The Tylenol fiasco is the standard approach to avoid the multitude enormous fines from the government for Medicaid approved medications...

    In any case, if you are willing to trust a company so blindly, a company which is after profits and such, and makes huge payouts for politicians in third world countries, why are you going after a swami?

    It makes no sense. Either you are a naive idiot, or you are just being hypocritical. In all honesty, there was no rape, no molestation of minors, and maybe some la-la-la magic bull$h!t from devotees on special powers. Everyone was happy to take a cut, and be part of something other than their own boring lives...

    Now, it seems some disgruntled people are in favor of existence of la-la-la magic powers, but against their fairy tale. It is so crazy. Be clear minded: either there is no magic powers, and let us cut the cr@p. Or there is magic powers, and then at least you paid and got an experience of them...

    If there is no magic powers, then let us also fall hard on all the chimes from the Vatican and the spades from Mecca. Let us bring down the whole establishment. If there are magic powers, than shouldn't you value that more than all the bullcr@p about pseudo-ethics? Because, your own country and countrymen would very quickly want to use these powers to control the world rsssss That is, if there was such thing...

    I really believe we have more energy in the body, and we can experience that. But no miracle cr@p. All that is just crazy talk and some hipnosis. In fact, all our past saints call on it, and say, you shouldn't hanker for it (which equals they don't exist!!!). Hanker for truth and joy...

  69. Om Namah Shivaya,

    No sooner than we start posting the old comments then the same old low-quality comments come from the same brainwashed Nithyananda supporters. No change in that area.

    Hello, anon @ JULY 6, 2010 6:18 PM. Amazing you are able to still type.

    Just a few reminders so that your brainwashing cycle can be set to cycle again and again:

    1. Nithyananda runs a business.
    2. Nithyananda's business model is based on greed, lust, power, and personal benefit.
    3. Nithyananda takes no responsibility for himself. He wouldn't know what is the 'right' thing to do even if it hit him over the head. Just look, he didn't even have the foresight to come up with a 'plan b' just in case he got caught. He got caught with everything: lies, sex, plagiarism, etc. He is the embodiment of fraud.
    5. He did commit rape. His victims are either brainwashed into still thinking that he is 'divine' and therefore allowed themselves to be compromised, or they are cowed into submission from Nithyananda's threats or the glare of the media.
    6. You say that the responsible companies make bribes? How do you think Nithyananda got out so easily? The judge and politicians in Karnataka can be bought. They are cheap and worthless people, just like Nithyananda.
    7. Nithyananda had (past tense) dark siddhis (esoteric power) and used them for his own personal benefit. He will pay a huge price for this abuse.
    8. True the Catholic Church has had some documented offenses in its 1600 plus years-of-service, yet Jesus remains pure. Nithyananda, in his little empire, is both the Pope and Jesus. Nithyananda is rotten to the core and so are all his inner-circle criminals. There is a huge difference. You try to use this as a way to divide and rule. That is a typical tactic of a cult.

    Shame on you. You fooled no one except yourself. Please donate your whole life to promote this criminal, Nithyananda, and you will enjoy the fruits of going to jail as well. We look forward to you rotting there.

    Jai Maa.

  70. Expose,

    Maybe you have also committed rape, since such an accusation can come without a victim. No victim? Oh, you have brainwashed them, so they don't feel they are a victim. Even after videos, jail and so on, not a single rape victim appeared. If that is not innocence then what is? Maybe he had sex, although if you saw an orgasm in that video, you are more dirty minded than the swami...

    Yeah, also, it is easy to say he "bought" the judges and politicians. This is the most lame part, because tv channels also can buy them. Who has more power? A small Nithyananda, with his few millions lost to the court, or the powerful media empire who goes after him? Another nonsensical argument.

    How do you know what Jesus remains? We don't even know who Jesus was, except for fleshed out documents from the second church council. Nothing is really known. It is an image, that could very well be false. If you choose to believe it, no doubt you are a lot more brainwashed than I am. At least I don't have 1000 year old martyrs, whose life was never scrutinized or properly recorded as a model.

    This is just a sick fetish for a weak mind. People are people. Most likely Jesus and Buddha, in today's internet age, would have been criticized, doomed and killed. Hey, Jesus was... I forgot that. But then, how can you use them as yardsticks? You were not there. There was no press. There were no blogs. No tvs. NOthing...

    I can also claim, a NIthyananda from past life was a great man, and make a movement around it. The only yardstick a person can use is: whathever I did, or learn, did it help me personally?

    If the answer is yes, great. If it is no, then ask yourself: what were the root causes? If it is because you believed in magic powers? Was it your greed and lust for a "second coming" of Jesus? Or is it because the guy is a fraud, and that is so hurtful because ______ ? It is funny because I am not even a devotee of Nithyananda...

    It is just that it shatters all logic the kind of arguments put forth here. They are all based on hurt and hate, and are serving as support to the ill begotten christian destruction plans of India... If Nithyananda is in on it or not, that is another issue. But, at least, don't call others brainwashed, when you are not unbiased yourself...

    You can believe anything that is in the distant past, or any person who is not near you. But once the truth is kind of different from what you would like, bam, you want to destroy or hurt...

  71. The funny part about Exposed's comments:

    Nithyananda had (past tense) dark siddhis (esoteric power) .

    According to our vedas, there is no "dark" or "white" energy/power. There is use of power by dharmic or adharmic means, which by the way, cannot be judged by regular human beings, but should be seen in the long run as part of a whole.

    Yet, you continue to insist in this delusion that some man had some magic power. Well, if he had such powers, he surely deserves his millions. I mean, why don't you go all Star Wars, and develop this powers and go against him instead of typing in a blog?

    It is such piece of crap, that we all know that (a) either you don't have the capacity to do that (so maybe Nithy is better than the rest after all) (b) such powers are all delusional or (c) there is no such thing as "dark power". If a siddhi brings joy, it is what it is...

    Now what is your pick? Your pick is the old christian adage of the "dark side". Everything that is not Jesus is dark, even the priests who were fervent catholics but dared to go against the money grabbing facist church leaders... And so life goes on. From crazy, illogical statemetns, to crazy illogical statements.

    Let us be honest. I really don't believe in any siddhi powers. I believe there can be energy experiences, but they are all caused by focusing our own mind energy... If Nithyananda was the external toy that allowed me to experience that, so what? I am not a devotee, have not donated my life to it, because i never hankered for such things...

    If your greed destroyed you, then be like Krishna: upfront and honest. Don't blame siddhis, and thitis, and lalala land experiences for such results...

    In my view, gurus are rarely wrong because I never met a single one that didn't answer my objective questions. Devotees are usually wrong, because they want mommy and daddy to exist well into their 50s...

    Be a scientist, a researcher of life, and you will never be bitter. Or else, go on blaming 'dark siddhis' and such obvious fallacies for your problems.

  72. By the way, you make another accusation without proof, just disrespecting India and our courts:

    You say that the responsible companies make bribes? How do you think Nithyananda got out so easily? The judge and politicians in Karnataka can be bought. They are cheap and worthless people, just like Nithyananda.

    My uncle is a serious high court judge in Chennai. He never took any bribes, and he is hardworking and honest. You are just taking desperate cheap shots without any proof, and even worse, don't even have the guts to go after the truth and uncover it... If you love India or earth, and the truth, and you believe the judge was bribed, go and find a way of finding the truth.

    Don't blaber because your outcome was not what happened. Yet, you can never imagine the judge could have been bribed the other way around, right? CID could have been bribed to frame Nithyananda... That is not possible, correct?

    See how much delusion... At least, don't offend hard working judges and policeman with such sweeping statements. One day, God will include yourself in a sweeping statement, and then what can you say? All that you do, is always done back to you... Such is the way life goes.

  73. Jai Maa!

    The Moderator i appreciate your confidence.The fraud fellow has come out on bail and there are people who are brain washed and following him still. The policians in India can be easily bought. So disgusting. Its a shame on our country law. But am sure he will be put behind bars soon. The authorities should not allow him to conduct public meetings like guru pournima and all. It should be banned.

  74. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Dear sick one @July 8, 2010 1:03 PM, @July 8, 2010 12:59 PM, and @July 8, 2010 12:50 PM.

    Thanks for the hint that your "Uncle is a serious high court judge in Chennai". We also know that your IP address is 67.188.196.# (Comcast Cable) which is located in or near Fremont. You also use a Mac. We know who you are. Next time we will name you.

    Your consistent low-quality remarks have inspired us to go on. We were about to go back to civilian life satisfied that the so-called Nithyananda will never be able to come back again as the 'great avatar' or some other nonsense, and we were prepared just to accept the fact that there will be some deluded idiots (like yourself) that will be forever in his sway. And, try as hard as Nithyananda might, place more YouTube videos up by ripping off Osho and some genuine masters.

    But, your comments just kept on coming. And, the ammo to expose this Fraud of Fraud is just ever so present. So, we thank you for putting fresh winds in our sails. We now not only go after this Fraud but anyone who stands for him, including you.

    Be prepared for some rocking posts. Get your helmet on. We'll see who lasts.

    Jai Maa.

  75. "We also know that your IP address is 67.188.196.# (Comcast Cable) which is located in or near Fremont."
    You should also have heard of such things as proxy servers and dynamic IPs...
    I guess you've already conducted a thorough search of Fremont and its surroundings. If so, where's the dead body of the poor soul who dared posting in here two weeks ago?


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